CodyCross Wild West Answers

Wild West Answers

Group 421

Puzzle 1 Answers

Rendered immaculate.: Perfected

Solo speech.: Monologue

Plates, glassware, cutlery etc.: Tableware

Limited product beer maker.: Microbrew

Car maker with Defender and Freelander models.: Landrover

1950s skiffle group created by John Lennon.: Quarrymen

Someone who lies out absorbing the solar rays.: Sunbather

Viral children’s song about a fish family.: Baby shark

Outspoken non-conformist.: Dissenter

__ Gaulle, French airport and general.: Charles de

Puzzle 2 Answers

Catastrophic failures or fiascos.: Debacles

Promotional booklet used to announce an event.: Brochure

Boringness, dullness, triteness.: Banality

Russian leader who signed SALT II.: Brezhnev

What the abbreviation EU stands for: __ Union.: European

Funeral attendees.: Mourners

Selling like __; flying off the shelves.: Hot cakes

Tiny reservoir for creatures that swim.: Fishpond

The __ crew keep stores free of dirt.: Cleaning

Wedge or heavy object keeps a portal open.: Doorstop

Religion based on Siddhartha Gautama’s teachings.: Buddhism

Puzzle 3 Answers

Telling the waitress what you would like to eat.: Ordering

Deception, deceit, sleight of hand.: Trickery

Switching.: Changing

Catherine __; 16th-century powerful French queen.: De medici

Mary Poppins advises a __ of sugar.: Spoonful

Capital city of Australia.: Canberra

Ricky Martin’s Latin pop anthem, Livin’ la __.: Vida loca

Keep information to yourself.: Withhold

Those up for an award.: Nominees

__ Lane; where the Desperate Housewives reside.: Wisteria

Periorbital haematoma.: Black eye

Sauce for a croque-monsieur.: Bechamel

Puzzle 4 Answers

Criminally dishonest or immoral.: Corrupt

Less full.: Emptier

__ Bell, Sousa tune adopted by Monty Python.: Liberty

Green headwear with a buckle, worn by leprechauns.: Top hats

Avian Batman nemesis Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.: Penguin

Person whom police believe committed a crime.: Suspect

Drivers take turns driving each other to work.: Carpool

Armistice of Mudros, in 1918, ended this empire.: Ottoman

Talkative birds.: Parrots

Revive, reanimate, reenergize.: Refresh

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ practice, improving shooting by repetition.: Target

Stuns, amazes.: Shocks

Saul __; rock guitarist better known as Slash.: Hudson

Nation whose 1st governor was Ioannis Kapodistrias.: Greece

Making noises like a pigeon – or a baby.: Cooing

Excessive pride or self-confidence.: Hubris

Musician and first son of John Lennon.: Julian

Boy __ or Robin, Batman’s faithful sidekick.: Wonder

Self- __; how one feels about oneself.: Esteem

Bugs Bunny always had one of these to eat.: Carrot

Dorothy’s home state in The Wizard of Oz.: Kansas

Group 422

Puzzle 1 Answers

Four-piece orchestra.: Quartet

Rabat serves as this N. African country’s capital.: Morocco

Whale spear.: Harpoon

Custom-made shells that improve the look of teeth.: Veneers

Supervise, preside over.: Oversee

Merriam-__; publisher of dictionaries since 1831.: Webster

Pierced with a long, pointed weapon.: Speared

Waterfall shared by the US and Canada.: Niagara

Cut or shortened, like a photograph.: Cropped

How most UK monarchs are now addressed: Your __.: Majesty

Puzzle 2 Answers

Emits a loud noise.: Resounds

Throwing out, dumping.: Ditching

70’s pop music with outrageous make-up and clothes.: Glam rock

The silvery metallic element Sm.: Samarium

Type of restaurant most likely to serve sushi.: Japanese

Changing direction quickly to avoid an accident.: Swerving

Edited (text) for publication.: Redacted

Capital of Sierra Leone.: Freetown

Someone who doesn’t belong, a stranger.: Outsider

Sudden electronic bugs or faults.: Glitches

City of the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.: Florence

Rocky’s species on Rocky and Bullwinkle.: Squirrel

Sowing a seed or an idea.: Planting

__ foul; violent personal violation in basketball.: Flagrant

Puzzle 3 Answers

Decorative stationery for sending by post.: Notecards

Gerard __, French actor of Cyrano de Bergerac.: Depardieu

Jack of __; someone who can master anything.: All trades

Institutions where books are held.: Libraries

Relating to the stomach or mid-section of the body.: Abdominal

Made an incorrect assumption.: Misjudged

Grumpiness, sourness.: Surliness

Cold, frothy dairy drink.: Milkshake

Lake used as a source of water supply.: Reservoir

Tool for hand-washing clothes, turned percussion.: Washboard

French government body 1799-1804, led by Napoleon.: Consulate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Small country houses.: Cottages

__ Macron, became president of France in 2017.: Emmanuel

Studied; tested.: Examined

Divorced royal couple: Prince Andrew and Sarah __.: Ferguson

1815 Belgian battle in which Napoleon is defeated.: Waterloo

Beating eggs until they become light and fluffy.: Whisking

Starred opposite DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can.: Tom hanks

Romeo __, one of Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers.: Montague

First Beatles hit in 1962.: Love me do

Battle equine.: War horse

Fenced in; included in a letter.: Enclosed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Most decorated Olympian of all time.: Phelps

Undercover, clandestine, hush-hush.: Covert

Dolly __, singer and Dollywood theme park owner.: Parton

Nationality of a native of Warsaw or Gdansk.: Polish

Mother of Minos, the legendary King of Crete.: Europa

Talk rapidly and without making sense.: Jabber

Unfasten, separate.: Detach

__ Dumpty, nursery rhyme character was broken.: Humpty

Milk container made of cardboard.: Carton

The white outer layer of the eyeball.: Sclera

The month after July.: August

Group 423

Puzzle 1 Answers

Requires one to do their duty.: Obligates

Lasting, remaining, clinging on.: Lingering

What flows through royal veins.: Blue blood

The direction in which the hands of time move.: Clockwise

Access the Internet here while sipping coffee.: Cybercafe

Small bite-sized French cake eaten with coffee.: Petit four

Substance that slows down a chemical reaction.: Inhibitor

Sherlock’s role that involves workers and a queen.: Beekeeper

What a bicycle rests on.: Kickstand

US state where Baton Rouge is located.: Louisiana

A performance of a piece of music or drama.: Rendering

Puzzle 2 Answers

Designated a task.: Assigned

One who interrupts a sports event by running nude.: Streaker

Hanging loosely.: Dangling

This veggie is known as an aubergine in the UK.: Eggplant

Returned to the original status.: Reverted

The tendon connecting the calf to the heel.: Achilles

Did everything the law required.: Complied

Inventor of the first motorcar.: Karl benz

Horoscope arachnid creature.: Scorpion

Metal cuffs applied to prisoners’ wrists, ankles.: Shackles

Puzzle 3 Answers

Floppy-eared hopper.: Rabbit

Four in Portuguese.: Quatro

The American version of the Sindy doll.: Barbie

Employing, giving work to.: Hiring

The __ Connection, Hackman drove a Pontiac Le Mans.: French

The __ Girls; comedy about elderly house-sharers.: Golden

Tall cupcake, perhaps blueberry or chocolate.: Muffin

Revoke a law.: Repeal

Museum housing Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.: Louvre

Sea where the Greek island of Santorini is located.: Aegean

Lana __ US pop singer of Summertime Sadness.: Del ray

Puzzle 4 Answers

Musical genre to which The Sex Pistols belong.: Punk rock

Reaching a place.: Arriving

Able to perceive or feel things.: Sentient

Said the same thing more than once.: Repeated

Longing.: Yearning

Embarrassing mistakes.: Blunders

French couturier; designed Meghan Markle’s dress.: Givenchy

Place to pick up old car parts.: Junkyard

Relationship with a huge age gap: May -__ romance.: December

Popeye’s significant other.: Olive oyl

Scale to measure wind speed.: Beaufort

Oatmeal.: Porridge

A weight hung from a fixed point that swings.: Pendulum

Number of breakaway American colonies.: Thirteen

Puzzle 5 Answers

Striking something or someone.: Hitting

Something to say when leaving.: Goodbye

New York baseball team.: Yankees

Site of cave paintings in France.: Lascaux

Speed up, accelerate.: Quicken

The most savage animal, the least tame.: Wildest

Divergent actor Zoe’s famous singer dad, Lenny __.: Kravitz

Rick __, Ghostbusters, Spaceballs actor.: Moranis

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of __”.: Secrets

Observer, bystander, onlooker.: Witness

Morally sound.: Ethical

Curly or flat-leaf herb used as a garnish.: Parsley

Small perfumed bags used to scent clothes.: Sachets

Group 424

Puzzle 1 Answers

Unmarried man.: Bachelor

Symbol that represents initials on a personal item.: Monogram

Dwelled in self pity.: Wallowed

__ Syne, New Year tune.: Auld lang

Male skilled in DIY and household repairs.: Handyman

Elimination tournament at end of NBA season.: Playoffs

Round particles, droplets.: Globules

Providing liquid to plants.: Watering

Dog comes in types Dobermann and German.: Pinscher

Explosive device goes off at a set moment.: Time bomb

Major figure in the Cuban Revolution: Che __.: Guevarra

Electric tree-cutting tool.: Chainsaw

Shrinks, dries up.: Shrivels

Where a business carries out operations.: Premises

Puzzle 2 Answers

All-seeing, attentive.: Observant

Works, performs, operates properly.: Functions

Causing upset or distress.: Offending

Shot on goal that was not accurate.: Off target

Milliner from Alice’s Wonderland.: Mad hatter

Fun meet-ups for children.: Playdates

Brad Pitt manages the Oakland A’s in this film.: Moneyball

Substance to reduce friction, especially in cars.: Lubricant

Businessmen may use one to carry their documents.: Briefcase

From where nuggets of precious metal are excavated.: Gold mines

White Wedding punk rocker.: Billy idol

Puzzle 3 Answers

No rhyme or __.: Reason

Car maker with S-type and E-type models.: Jaguar

Back fin on a shark.: Dorsal

Jack the __, killer in London’s Victorian East End.: Ripper

Swiss city home to the Cathedral of St. Pierre.: Geneva

Capital of Haiti: Port-au-__.: Prince

Small pool left behind after a rain.: Puddle

Stroke in an affectionate manner.: Caress

Mediterranean island invaded by Turkey in 1974.: Cyprus

__ burner, lab equipment that has a gas flame.: Bunsen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who is jailed, kept in captivity.: Prisoner

Speaking a foreign __ might help you abroad.: Language

Promoted to Sir by the Queen.: Knighted

Spooking, harrowing.: Chilling

Pardons, excuses someone for wrongdoings.: Forgives

Central target on a dartboard.: Bullseye

Castle, Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth II.: Balmoral

Engage in pointless work to while away the hours.: Kill time

Internet __, Microsoft web browser.: Explorer

Tom Hanks played Woody in this Pixar movie.: Toy story

Geological time period of the first dinosaurs.: Triassic

Ocean-surface pollution from a tanker spill.: Oil slick

A coarse flour made from kernels on a husk.: Cornmeal

Welcoming and warm.: Inviting

__ car, temporary replacement.: Courtesy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Marked, scratched.: Scuffed

Posy of flowers carried by the bride.: Bouquet

Die __ Day, Madonna sang this Bond theme.: Another

The lower and back part of the hip bone.: Ischium

American Revolutionary long-barrelled guns.: Muskets

Suffocate; snuff out.: Smother

Digital media player from iPhone company.: Apple tv

Low seat that is also a storage box.: Ottoman

Sasquatch.: Bigfoot

__ cookie, Chinese biscuit with a special message.: Fortune

Trainees, often unpaid.: Interns

Group 425

Puzzle 1 Answers

Self-service lunchroom restaurant in a workplace.: Cafeteria

Parades first held in New Orleans in 1838.: Mardi gras

Fanciful, quirky, humorous.: Whimsical

General name for an egg-laying mammal.: Monotreme

Incandescent sphere in the home.: Light bulb

Portmanteau word for pals and adversaries.: Frenemies

Linked like twins born fused together.: Conjoined

Large glass vessels with stoppers for wine.: Decanters

Demand money in return for not releasing info.: Blackmail

The Dark Side of the Moon rock band.: Pink floyd

Early long-distance communication device.: Telegraph

Made by Mme Tussaud of those who were guillotined.: Death mask

Puzzle 2 Answers

One who works in clay.: Potter

Mother or father.: Parent

Official UN language that’s first alphabetically.: Arabic

NY NBA team that plays in Madison Square Garden.: Knicks

Sloped, leaning.: Tilted

__ of the Jungle, Tarzan spoof.: George

Appreciating a tweet by clicking the heart.: Liking

Wiener in a bun.: Hot dog

These are used to dry a person after bathing.: Towels

Surname of Barbie’s fashion doll partner Ken.: Carson

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Graffiti, with George Lucas’s yellow Ford Coupe.: American

A quick pause for rest.: Breather

Dead, scaly skin on the scalp.: Dandruff

Moustache with long drooping ends.: Fu manchu

Errors.: Mistakes

An order to make less noise.: Pipe down

Pink Panther inspector.: Clouseau

Daddy __, childish-sounding name for a crane fly.: Longlegs

Quick, inexpensive dining option.: Fast food

Cheap purchases, heavily discounted.: Bargains

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bobbing the head.: Nodding

Bird kept for its eggs or meat.: Chicken

Orange gourd.: Pumpkin

Foretell the future.: Predict

To wash and iron clothing.: Launder

To forgive past offences, “Let __ be __”.: Bygones

Supply, give out.: Provide

Medical term for German measles.: Rubella

Fill it with air or helium.: Balloon

Official who marks the route of a race.: Marshal

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aristocrat.: Nobleman

Spanish vegetable soup served cold.: Gazpacho

Traditional Mexican brass band.: Mariachi

Small hollows for snipers, say, or vixen and cubs.: Foxholes

Canadian city with the most French speaking people.: Montreal

Your visual organs.: Eyeballs

Film franchise with terrifying lizard beast.: Godzilla

Dutch exotic dancer and WWI spy.: Mata hari

Arthur __, Poirot’s sidekick and narrator.: Hastings

One who displays allegiance to the government.: Loyalist

Intended as a cure.: Remedial

Triangular tombs found in Egypt.: Pyramids

Privilege granted as a special honor.: Accolade

Tip-off play used to start every basketball game.: Jump ball

Not having a worry or responsibility.: Carefree

Group 426

Puzzle 1 Answers

Chemistry and biology fall under this subject.: Science

Telephone number set up for emergency use.: Hotline

Famous and respected.: Eminent

Sagrada __, Catholic church in Barcelona.: Familia

San __, geological fault that covers California.: Andreas

Shoulder blade.: Scapula

Hold something dear.: Cherish

Shiraz, Merlot or Malbec, for example.: Red wine

The Walking Dead is overrun with these creatures.: Zombies

Band known for Stayin’ Alive.: Bee gees

Long backless seats.: Benches

Puzzle 2 Answers

To water crops.: Irrigate

In tennis, after a 6-6 score, comes this.: Tie break

Extravagant, lavish, excessive.: Wasteful

Blinding headache.: Migraine

Owned up to, claimed guilt.: Admitted

Width of a plane or of a bird.: Wing span

He sat at a feast with a sword hanging over him.: Damocles

Non-alcoholic mixed drink.: Mocktail

Having a high temperature.: Feverish

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron __ with Will Ferrell.: Burgundy

Your daughter’s boy.: Grandson

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ingrid Bergman & Great Garbo were born here.: Sweden

Rat or mouse.: Rodent

Nick __, British novelist of About a Boy.: Hornby

Articulate, eloquent.: Fluent

Ancient Egyptian sky goddess, consort of Horus.: Hathor

Hit, impacted.: Struck

African religion practiced in New Orleans.: Voodoo

__ agent, spy working for two opposing sides.: Double

Dutch beer brand named after the Dutch capital.: Amstel

__ Graf, former German tennis champ with 22 titles.: Steffi

Adam Levine’s band, __ 5.: Maroon

Not formal.: Casual

Puzzle 4 Answers

Soaking up.: Absorbing

Remove.: Eliminate

Instrument played by Bill Clinton.: Saxophone

The process of growth or increase.: Accretion

Suddenly shoot up high, e.g. prices.: Skyrocket

Tidal mouths of large rivers.: Estuaries

A flight of steps.: Staircase

Cracked or snapped.: Fractured

Damage done to property.: Vandalism

Dreadful, shocking.: Appalling

Puzzle 5 Answers

Capital of South Australia.: Adelaide

Portable.: Handheld

Selfless concern for the well-being of others.: Altruism

Feral feline.: Stray cat

Make up for __; compensate for wasted years.: Lost time

Lazy, slothful.: Indolent

Carved in stone.: Engraved

Commonly delivered off-speed pitch in baseball.: Changeup

Spice found in many pumpkin desserts.: Cinnamon

Foo __, Seattle rock band, members from Nirvana.: Fighters

Group 427

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient Egyptian queen.: Cleopatra

Stem from, derive from.: Originate

Solidifying, becoming tougher.: Hardening

Has the opposite outcome to what was intended.: Backfires

Food elements vital for good health.: Nutrients

City where the band known as ABBA originated.: Stockholm

Film with Kevin Costner protecting Whitney Houston.: Bodyguard

Island off the Massachusetts coast near Cape Cod.: Nantucket

Small white arthropods found in rock pools.: Barnacles

__ drive (4WD) are vehicles for rugged terrains.: Four wheel

Another name for a white blood cell.: Leukocyte

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Cars, love song by Snow Patrol.: Chasing

Warm up the oven.: Preheat

Bacterial infection sometimes known as lockjaw.: Tetanus

Fast-flowing stream.: Torrent

__ Diaries, TV show based on LJ Smith’s novels.: Vampire

Legendary winged horse born from Medusa’s blood.: Pegasus

More resilient, stronger.: Tougher

They’re used for steeping leafy beverages.: Teapots

Socialize, mingle, schmooze.: Network

Hire an aircraft for a particular trip.: Charter

Generating a mass of bubbles; __ at the mouth.: Foaming

Official who investigates suspicious deaths.: Coroner

Coiffure slicking product.: Hair gel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Where children store their sandwiches for school.: Lunchbox

Clean and hygienic.: Sanitary

Leaned back.: Reclined

TV bloopers.: Outtakes

City where Mozart lived most of his life.: Salzburg

Keeping out of view, waiting for drama to pass.: Lying low

A novel by Charles Dickens: “Nicholas __”.: Nickleby

__ and Broomsticks; 1971 Disney fantasy film.: Bedknobs

Mixed up the cards.: Shuffled

Small hole in a tire.: Puncture

The most exhausted.: Weariest

Puzzle 4 Answers

Both India and Bangladesh share this river’s delta.: Ganges

Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman were from here.: Verona

Smooches; the XXXs at the bottom of a love letter.: Kisses

Burst.: Popped

Brazilian town of shacks, very poor residents.: Favela

__ Renaissance, artistic flowering in 20s New York.: Harlem

Second thoughts, feelings of doubt.: Qualms

GPS tech company based in Switzerland.: Garmin

Famous Christmas carol: Hark the __ Angels Sing.: Herald

Doggy __, swimming stroke for canines and babies.: Paddle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Beach TV show starring David Hasselhoff.: Baywatch

Thought up a notion.: Imagined

Working from a distance, not in the office.: Remotely

A break in a bone.: Fracture

Religious travellers.: Pilgrims

Raised wooden platform for workers.: Scaffold

Radical group that devised the Reign of Terror.: Jacobins

Making clothes from wool using long needles.: Knitting

Benedict Arnold did this when he turned traitor.: Defected

Music sung by a man under his lover’s window.: Serenade

Illegally impeding the path of offensive players.: Blocking

Italian word for feud where revenge is sought.: Vendetta

Parallel lines on a map represent this.: Latitude

Label indicating how much a garment costs.: Price tag

Mountain range along the entire Italian peninsula.: Apennine

Facial decoration applied ahead of entering battle.: War paint

Group 428

Puzzle 1 Answers

Yoked, tethered – or even married.: Hitched

The opposite of success.: Failure

Italian saying meaning “cooked in the oven”.: Al forno

Oil that helps eliminate head lice.: Tea tree

Gouging a pumpkin for Halloween.: Carving

Car maker with Panamera and Carrera models.: Porsche

To rob using violence, like the Vikings did.: Pillage

Manolo __, the shoe designer.: Blahnik

Arachnids.: Spiders

Lands, estate.: Grounds

Become small and dry.: Shrivel

Poisonous plant given to Socrates in a drink.: Hemlock

Amateur singalong at a bar.: Karaoke

Puzzle 2 Answers

Hidden, tucked away.: Concealed

Those who marry while legally wed to someone else.: Bigamists

Superman’s archenemy.: Lex luthor

French breakfast pastry, half-moon shaped.: Croissant

Accentuates a mouth’s rim, a la Kylie Jenner.: Lip filler

Centre where plasma donations are stored.: Blood bank

Not deciduous.: Evergreen

To change, evolve.: Transform

Sending into exile.: Banishing

The fat priest in the tales of Robin Hood.: Friar tuck

Circular sideways handspring with extended limbs.: Cartwheel

Steroid hormone used as an anti-inflammatory.: Cortisone

Dame who won an Oscar in Shakespeare in Love.: Judi dench

Lacy iron ones adorn the Big Easy’s French Quarter.: Balconies

To follow a trend is to “jump on the __”.: Bandwagon

Puzzle 3 Answers

Not usual or standard.: Abnormal

Tepid, no longer boiling hot.: Lukewarm

Honoured, respected.: Esteemed

Shapes with a knife.: Whittles

A final showy performance by a theatrical type.: Swan song

City where the Blue Nile and White Nile meet.: Khartoum

Record label started by Madonna.: Maverick

The action of using campaigning for social change.: Activism

Bosses on boats.: Skippers

How to order a thoroughly-cooked steak.: Well done

Painful, sudden involuntary contracting of muscles.: Cramping

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bruce or Evan __; heavenly comedy films.: Almighty

The third largest religion in the world.: Hinduism

Decency, virtue.: Goodness

Orange pet that swims.: Goldfish

Most succulent.: Juiciest

Least old.: Youngest

In Greek mythology, the city founded by Queen Dido.: Carthage

Art piece with three separated panels.: Triptych

Liquid fat that softens ear wax, found in kitchens.: Olive oil

The acquisition and sale of animal pelts.: Fur trade

Japanese jet ski and motorcycle manufacturer.: Kawasaki

Puzzle 5 Answers

Flower from which vanilla is derived.: Orchid

Tasteless and gaudy.: Vulgar

In tennis, score after 15.: Thirty

Shiny metal foil strips to hang on Christmas trees.: Tinsel

__ clock, Switzerland’s gift to history.: Cuckoo

__ Depp; DiCaprio’s on-screen bro, Gilbert Grape.: Johnny

Harriet __; abolitionist and political activist.: Tubman

Molly __; Irish folk song and Dublin anthem.: Malone

Japanese car company, makes the Celerio.: Suzuki

Doghouse.: Kennel

Horizontal trim above a fireplace opening.: Mantel

Spanish word for ice cream.: Helado

Rare-earth element and soft metal, symbol Ce.: Cerium

Usual color of an airplane’s black box.: Orange

Group 429

Puzzle 1 Answers

Beverage you get at Starbucks.: Coffee

Card shown by a referee when booking a footballer.: Yellow

Minister ranked below a Christian priest.: Deacon

Extracting coal and ores, say, from the ground.: Mining

Tall and lanky.: Gangly

Beer maker.: Brewer

__ of Fear, the last of the Sherlock Holmes novels.: Valley

Donna __, queen of 70s disco.: Summer

Lets, permits.: Allows

Cat with black spot native to Central & S. America.: Jaguar

Putrid.: Rotten

Howard __; billionaire played by DiCaprio in 2004.: Hughes

Puzzle 2 Answers

Interfering individual.: Busybody

Adding colour to walls with a brush or roller.: Painting

Provide a person with a reason for action.: Motivate

ABBA song about Napoleon.: Waterloo

Instructional meeting.: Briefing

Sweet green melon.: Honeydew

Term for the crime of killing a king.: Regicide

Phnom Penh is the capital of this nation.: Cambodia

Roman emperor, husband of Agrippina the Younger.: Claudius

Answering.: Replying

Alternative plan when all else fails.: Fallback

Puzzle 3 Answers

Winter statues of frozen water.: Snowmen

Stinging, burning insect that marches.: Fire ant

Temporary, provisional.: Interim

Dents on a golf ball or on a person’s cheeks.: Dimples

Vestal __ guarded sacred fire at Vesta’s shrine.: Virgins

Song by the Beatles: “__ Rigby”.: Eleanor

Suppose that something is true without evidence.: Surmise

Gripping tongs for delivering babies.: Forceps

An outing where you do not stay overnight.: Day trip

Join in.: Partake

Small tests of general knowledge.: Quizzes

Puzzle 4 Answers

Card game, also known as twenty-one.: Blackjack

Ladies’ jeans style with a relaxed fit.: Boyfriend

Someone who fights in a private army for money.: Mercenary

This band sings Hotel California.: The eagles

Rock where John Lennon and Yoko Ono married.: Gibraltar

In the manner of a male sibling.: Brotherly

Fear of bees.: Apiphobia

Limited time offer for cheap drinks.: Happy hour

Capable of adjusting to new conditions.: Adaptable

The person to whom a letter is sent.: Addressee

Puzzle 5 Answers

Place in a house for children’s toys and games.: Playroom

One who lives in a rural community.: Villager

Lively, spirited.: Animated

Taking off the top layer of paint with a tool.: Scraping

Steep plunge downwards by an aircraft.: Nosedive

False optical orb.: Glass eye

Not straight.: Indirect

Ingrid Bergman’s character in Casablanca.: Ilsa lund

Cyclist’s path.: Bike lane

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelp’s sport.: Swimming

Lands ruled by male royalty.: Kingdoms

To be filled with a deep, reverberating sound.: Resonate

Group 430

Puzzle 1 Answers

Move downward.: Descend

Hebrew name for god, used in the Old Testament.: Jehovah

80’s rock band that had a hit song, “Call Me”.: Blondie

Goes to get.: Fetches

Signs, gestures or sounds as instructions.: Signals

To confuse or fluster.: Flummox

Sean __, early James Bond, Scottish actor.: Connery

__ States, former name of the United Arab Emirates.: Trucial

Leather.: Cowhide

An empty hotel room, space for someone to stay.: Vacancy

Fruits rated on the Scoville scale.: Peppers

Fringes grouped together that dangle from cushions.: Tassels

Puzzle 2 Answers

Daryl Hannah mermaid movie.: Splash

Fraudulently copied.: Forged

Ancient Egyptian capital established by Akhenaten.: Amarna

Leave a lasting impression.: Impact

Family ruling Florence for most of the Renaissance.: Medici

__ Beth Moore; birth name of singer Pink.: Alecia

Acronym and name of a US stock exchange.: Nasdaq

Hairstyle: short in the front, long in the back.: Mullet

Three-line Japanese poems.: Haikus

Largest Italian island.: Sicily

Inventor __ Telsa.: Nikola

Every seven days.: Weekly

The core, central part of something.: Kernel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advice to help someone resolve a problem.: Guidance

Replying in anger.: Snapping

Margaret __, author of Gone With The Wind.: Mitchell

For outside storage on top of a car.: Roof rack

Mid-broadcast.: On the air

Dig a hole.: Excavate

State again strongly.: Reaffirm

Large water amphibian.: Bullfrog

Prison photos of offenders’ faces.: Mugshots

Products designed to clean dirty hair.: Shampoos

Type of cake with candles on top.: Birthday

Way of cutting hair; creating strata.: Layering

Puzzle 4 Answers

Remembering, bringing to mind.: Recalling

Emotional pain felt in the chest.: Heartache

Coarseness, rudeness.: Vulgarity

Dangerous mass of falling snow.: Avalanche

British director of Corpse Bride and Beetlejuice.: Tim burton

Having the qualities of a kid.: Childlike

Insect with taste buds in its feet.: Butterfly

Fashion leader.: Style guru

Basketball brand with Jumpman logo.: Air jordan

__ Gang, responsible for Rapper’s Delight in 1979.: Sugarhill

Lunar glow.: Moonlight

Citrus element in a margarita.: Lime juice

Puzzle 5 Answers

Singer of Subterranean Homesick Blues.: Bob dylan

Swords, guns, clubs, etc..: Weaponry

Zeppelins and blimps.: Airships

Mountain range situated between France and Spain.: Pyrenees

German Nobel prize winner who discovered X-rays.: Roentgen

Put up with, endure, bear.: Tolerate

Public displays in museums.: Exhibits

Having a very pleasant smell.: Aromatic

Making butter from milk by stirring constantly.: Churning

Subterranean living space.: Basement

Came before.: Predated

Group 431

Puzzle 1 Answers

So foolish it’s funny.: Ludicrous

Glass sphere with fake ice flakes and a scene.: Snow globe

Active at night.: Nocturnal

Published collection of poems.: Anthology

Robot, android, cyborg.: Automaton

Incapable of going wrong.: Foolproof

Disturb the normal position of a joint.: Dislocate

Extremely narrow tube; fine branching blood vessel.: Capillary

Charlie Brown was often heard saying this.: Good grief

Small pond of water left when the ocean recedes.: Tidal pool

Debonair Hollywood leading man of the 1930s.: Cary grant

Puzzle 2 Answers

Head over heels in love with someone.: Smitten

“Feeling a bit under the __”.: Weather

Religious colony established by William Penn.: Quakers

Popular guitarist of the Woodstock Era: Jimi __.: Hendrix

Bubbling, effervescing.: Fizzing

Waving air onto.: Fanning

Great happiness, euphoria.: Elation

Ability to speak and understand a foreign language.: Fluency

Swinging decade that followed the Fifties.: Sixties

You cut these out to receive discounts at a store.: Coupons

Ammunition for guns.: Bullets

Type of sugar found in milk.: Lactose

Puzzle 3 Answers

“The whole kit and __”, everything.: Caboodle

A noisy argument.: Squabble

Eyeglasses with two distinct optical strengths.: Bifocals

Deliberately confuse someone.: Befuddle

Boasting.: Bragging

Ancient trade route that connected the East & West.: Silk road

City where Catherine de Medici was born.: Florence

Ritual of clinking guests’ wine glasses at a party.: Toasting

One-piece cutout swimsuit.: Monokini

Located in your foot, it’s called the calcaneus.: Heelbone

Female who receives rent money.: Landlady

Deep male singing voice.: Baritone

The highest branches in a woodland.: Treetops

Insects flying in large groups.: Swarming

Canine-powered winter transport vehicles.: Dogsleds

Puzzle 4 Answers

Mulder and __, leading characters of the X-Files.: Scully

City that is home to the Royal Castle of Poland.: Warsaw

Rabbit wool.: Angora

Famous wooden horse taken inside the city walls.: Trojan

Largest city in Southern Italy.: Naples

Cusses, blasphemes, damns.: Swears

Shed for aircraft.: Hangar

Detective, private eye, anagram of hustle.: Sleuth

Theologian Martin Luther’s nationality.: German

Pimples and redness due to an allergy or shaving.: Rashes

Puzzle 5 Answers

Minimise the significance of something.: Downplay

Describes a wet bar of soap or a snake or eel.: Slippery

Descriptive keywords, title and abstract info.: Metadata

Supplies, furnishes with.: Provides

Medicine to clear or prevent otitis.: Ear drops

Baseball hit that doesn’t land in fair territory.: Foul ball

Shiny silver metal, symbol Cr, metal plating usage.: Chromium

Illness, condition.: Syndrome

A small arboreal nocturnal primate: galago or __.: Bushbaby

Black, dry Irish stout; famous beer brand.: Guinness

Group 432

Puzzle 1 Answers

Hydrophobia is a historic name for this virus.: Rabies

South American cowboy.: Gaucho

Household fabrics like towels, bedding, etc..: Linens

Former name of Beijing.: Peking

Shiny, like healthy hair.: Glossy

The driest desert in North America.: Mojave

Type of dry wine used in cooking.: Sherry

Shirt fastener.: Button

Deserves, earns (an award).: Merits

Small units or booths within a supermarket.: Kiosks

Gently, not roughly.: Softly

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ crab; seashore creature with curved shell.: Horseshoe

Keeping weight evenly distributed.: Balancing

Caring, protecting.: Nurturing

Medically, the post-childbearing years.: Menopause

Soulless creatures in Harry Potter film series.: Dementors

The hosts on a plane.: Cabin crew

Tactile formal greeting.: Handshake

Lively enjoyment; unrestrained merry-making.: Highjinks

A home when kids, or birds, have grown up and left.: Empty nest

People you don’t know.: Strangers

To pull oneself up by the __; be self-sufficient.: Bootstrap

Rectangular panel behind basketball hoop.: Backboard

Art __, formed a singing duo with Paul Simon.: Garfunkel

Uneaten food stored for the following day.: Leftovers

Puzzle 3 Answers

Strong, aggressive.: Forceful

Hard Italian sheep’s cheese, with Romano variety.: Pecorino

This animal puffs up when threatened.: Blowfish

Southernmost country where Victoria Falls is found.: Zimbabwe

No answers found.: Unsolved

Seafaring uniform colour.: Navy blue

Blank bound pages for writing.: Notebook

Seeing __; sharing the same opinion.: Eye to eye

Existing only in theory.: Notional

Hunger, a strong desire for food.: Appetite

Carrie’s surname in Sex and the City.: Bradshaw

Puzzle 4 Answers

Skilled craftsperson; user of traditional methods.: Artisan

Hand motion used for emphasis.: Gesture

Food without fake chemicals or growth stimulants.: Organic

Mislead by false beliefs.: Deluded

Forrest Gump was born and raised in this state.: Alabama

Barbed, like a rose’s stalk.: Thorned

Enchanted, supernatural.: Magical

In clothing, holes through which cord is passed.: Eyelets

A feeling of distaste or hostility.: Dislike

Little House on the __, popular 1970s TV show.: Prairie

“It ain’t over till the __ sings”.: Fat lady

Puzzle 5 Answers

Blocked from view.: Obscured

Jim Carrey plays a lawyer who can’t fib.: Liar liar

__ Bad, chemistry teacher Walter White goes rogue.: Breaking

Sea to the west of the Balkan Peninsula.: Adriatic

Put in the shade, outshone.: Eclipsed

Amount of precipitation over a timed period.: Rainfall

Skeptic or doubter of the existence of God.: Agnostic

In love with Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing.: Benedick

Essential substance also known as retinol.: Vitamin a

Country whose capital is Addis Ababa.: Ethiopia

Rock band with album American Idiot.: Green day

Where sailing vessels are built and maintained.: Boatyard

Monopoly command sees a player incarcerated.: Go to jail

Tossing.: Throwing

A given criminal’s behavior pattern: “modus __”.: Operandi

Group 433

Puzzle 1 Answers

Part of the eye that contains photoreceptor cells.: Retina

Without any limit or restriction.: Freely

Beneficial to all, and certainly not loss-loss.: Win win

Small lump of gold.: Nugget

Domesticated mammal from the Andes kept for wool.: Alpaca

In constant search for his precious.: Gollum

Ruler of China, Genghis Khan’s grandson: __ Khan.: Kublai

Spanish for dove, and a girls’ name.: Paloma

The Blue __, Attenborough explores the oceans.: Planet

Also known as Siddhārtha Gautama.: Buddha

Ice cream dessert with cream, nuts and toppings.: Sundae

__ Scale, measure of the strength of tornadoes.: Fujita

Nauseated.: Queasy

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ eat; unlimited dining option.: All you can

Serving as a temporary substitute.: Makeshift

Grown-up years.: Adulthood

In an unwise manner.: Foolishly

Diabolical, heinous.: Atrocious

Feathery ice crystal.: Snowflake

The right-hand side of a boat or ship.: Starboard

Actor employed in a very minor role in a movie.: Film extra

Avalanches of wet earth.: Mudslides

Person who believes in the supernatural and magic.: Occultist

Beatles song about the Liverpool of their youth.: Penny lane

Puzzle 3 Answers

These are alive with the sound of music.: The hills

Something dainty; an expensive food.: Delicacy

Pictures of how to do something.: Diagrams

Intellectual, scholarly, cultural.: Highbrow

Colourfully-named Madonna album of 1986.: True blue

Colony insects that eat wood and create mounds.: Termites

Oldest bridge across the Seine in Paris.: Pont neuf

Turn one when you want to ignore something.: Blind eye

Moves forward with a plan.: Proceeds

Deep pits where stones are extracted from.: Quarries

Puzzle 4 Answers

Subtle, not obvious.: Discreet

BTW to texters.: By the way

Instruction to keep a secret.: Not a word

Military aircraft.: Warplane

Ruining, having a detrimental effect.: Damaging

Liticaphobia is the fear of this.: Lawsuits

Wealthy, powerful person with political influence.: Oligarch

Doctor played by George Clooney in ER.: Doug ross

Marking with a hot iron.: Branding

The action of pulling or tearing away.: Avulsion

Puzzle 5 Answers

Oprah __, actress, chat show host and TV executive.: Winfrey

Bravery, valour.: Heroism

Fixed yearly sum paid to someone.: Annuity

Bob Marley sung about shooting this official.: Sheriff

Less smooth, bumpier.: Rougher

Fall off a surfboard.: Wipeout

Approved, thought highly of, appreciated.: Admired

Vintage, timeless.: Classic

Mean __, Scorsese film with Robert de Niro.: Streets

Sing and dance.: Perform

Written record.: Logbook

Surprising and welcome event; can’t be explained.: Miracle

Capital of Libya.: Tripoli

Group 434

Puzzle 1 Answers

Educational facility.: School

Kareem Abdul-__; retired LA Lakers center.: Jabbar

Carved or cast figure of a person or animal.: Statue

Fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces.: Stucco

The name of Pete’s Dragon in 1977 Disney film.: Elliot

Assistant.: Helper

Describes the feet of ducks.: Webbed

Capital of Angola.: Luanda

__ du soleil, travelling show for the 21st century.: Cirque

Rare, foreign.: Exotic

Chinese dumpling.: Wonton

Puzzle 2 Answers

Generally assumed to be the case.: Supposed

Facetious, frivolous, not taking things seriously.: Flippant

Canine battle.: Dogfight

Excessive pride in oneself.: Smugness

Month when summer starts in Australia.: December

Central America country; capital is Tegucigalpa.: Honduras

On or ahead of time; not late.: Punctual

Name given to 11 pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.: Ramesses

Top person in a commercial kitchen.: Head chef

Halogen light filled with water and coloured wax.: Lava lamp

Use someone’s to cry on.: Shoulder

Navigating a plane.: Piloting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Flinched, shrank back in horror.: Recoiled

Deliberately causing harassment online.: Trolling

The action of becoming wider or more open.: Dilation

The sudden spread of disease.: Outbreak

The B in the BMW car company (English translation).: Bavarian

CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.: Elon musk

Sideboard.: Credenza

Decorative paper for covering presents.: Gift wrap

Underprivileged; lacking basic needs.: Deprived

What a husband is to his spouse’s parents.: Son in law

Written souvenir from a traveler.: Postcard

Tool used to help put on footwear.: Shoehorn

Chuck Taylor basketball shoe company.: Converse

Travelling tour of performers.: Road show

Worrying, becoming anxious.: Fretting

Whirling masses of water or air.: Vortexes

Time-travelling car from Back to the Future.: Delorean

Puzzle 4 Answers

Block of frozen water used to keep a drink cold.: Ice cube

City destroyed by the lava of Mount Vesuvius.: Pompeii

The R in ROFL, “__ on floor laughing”.: Rolling

Put up with, suffered.: Endured

Emilio __, one of Martin Sheen’s sons.: Estevez

Small Hawaiian stringed instrument.: Ukulele

Losing candidate for president in 2017: __ Clinton.: Hillary

The medicine diabetics need.: Insulin

Meet the __, sequel to Meet the Parents.: Fockers

Sending word to a deity.: Praying

Mutual friendly understanding.: Rapport

Marking with a whip.: Lashing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Drew __, author of Wildflower and co-star on E.T..: Barrymore

Spanish translation of the word Spring.: Primavera

Inspiring love or affection.: Endearing

Made in celebration of a great achievement.: Triumphal

Any way the __; final line of Bohemian Rhapsody.: Wind blows

Attractive and repulsive forces between objects.: Magnetism

Force, compel; restrict or restrain.: Constrain

Large Florida reptile, like a crocodile.: Alligator

Chaotic event in a restaurant or school cafeteria.: Food fight

Sensors.: Detectors

Interpreted in a particular way.: Construed

Putting things in a specific order.: Arranging

“Caught between a rock and a __ __”.: Hard place

Plant-growing container for a sill.: Window box

Dancer who uses pointe shoes.: Ballerina

Proficiency, skillfullness.: Expertise

Group 435

Puzzle 1 Answers

Savage, fierce.: Ferocious

__ the Great rode upon his self-tamed Bucephalus.: Alexander

“__ roasting on an open fire” Christmas lyrics.: Chestnuts

Maintain a safe distance.: Keep at bay

The __; reality TV show, first aired on MTV in ’92.: Real world

Warning of flames.: Fire alarm

Gets the better of someone.: Outsmarts

Sparkling wine used to celebrate.: Champagne

Both an arid Mexican State and a tiny dog breed.: Chihuahua

A skilled user of prose.: Wordsmith

Puzzle 2 Answers

Shabby and untidy or dirty.: Scruffy

The original sporting games were held here.: Olympia

General __ Decimus Meridius or the Gladiator.: Maximus

Percussion discs that form part of a drum kit.: Cymbals

Educator, one who informs others for learning.: Teacher

Capital and largest city of Nova Scotia.: Halifax

Head supports in bed.: Pillows

__ room; where you sit until the doctor is ready.: Waiting

Stronghold.: Bastion

Highest point on a house or building.: Rooftop

Setting or situation, especially in literature.: Context

Puzzle 3 Answers

The action or process of sticking to a surface.: Adhesion

Associated with former times.: Old world

Small talk, casual conversation.: Chit chat

Dress code for a formal, evening event.: Black tie

Sounds made by a bell, or a fiery argument.: Dingdong

Containers for children’s playthings.: Toy boxes

Menu of grape-based alcoholic beverages.: Wine list

John __; played Danny Zuko in Grease.: Travolta

Scooping out mud from a river.: Dredging

Scorn, disdain, disrespect.: Contempt

Squeeze, flatten.: Compress

Puzzle 4 Answers

Researcher who developed polio vaccine in 1953.: Jonas salk

Walkway to a ship; pirates forced foes to walk it.: Gangplank

Energy expended while at rest BMP: Basal __ Rate.: Metabolic

Haikus have 17 of these.: Syllables

Bad __ __ __; wicked through and through.: To the bone

Grouped, bunched together.: Clustered

Tequila cocktail with lime juice.: Margarita

Mountainous location of the Reichenbach Falls.: Swiss alps

A person who designs buildings.: Architect

Clear, exonerate.: Vindicate

Captivated, enthralled.: Enchanted

Magical 2005 rom com starring Nicole Kidman.: Bewitched

Robustness, toughness, resilience.: Hardiness

Unopposed shot awarded after basketball foul.: Free throw

Puzzle 5 Answers

Feeling of sickness, especially when pregnant.: Nausea

Movement.: Action

__ rare; semi-cooked request for steak dish.: Medium

__ Keys sings about New York with Jay-Z.: Alicia

Helena __ Carter, plays Bellatrix on Harry Potter.: Bonham

Playful, friendly exchange of teasing remarks.: Banter

Four score.: Eighty

Make up something, create something new.: Invent

Large woolen garment with a slit for the head.: Poncho

Castilian city famous for El Cid and black pudding.: Burgos

Kin.: Family

Charles Dickens’ workhouse boy.: Oliver

Group 436

Puzzle 1 Answers

Christopher __, Italian explorer and discoverer.: Columbus

Where an HK Internet suffix leads you to.: Hong kong

The galaxy that contains our Solar System.: Milky way

Iron plates for cooking on.: Griddles

Someone who competes on the other team.: Opponent

Dilapidated, falling apart.: Battered

To lay out and get a tan.: Sunbathe

Singer and actress, starred in Pillow Talk.: Doris day

Type of guards that provide safety for a building.: Security

Main meal accompaniment.: Side dish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Interfered.: Meddled

Opera type defined by woes, fighting and/or deaths.: Tragedy

Separated.: Divided

Paypal, credit cards & cash are all forms of this.: Payment

Places for birds to sit.: Perches

TV’s teenage witch.: Sabrina

Artist and second wife of John Lennon.: Yoko ono

James Bond film named after a ghost, an apparition.: Spectre

__ split, old-fashioned phrase meaning fast.: Lickety

Goddess of the harvest in Greek mythology.: Demeter

Fragile, delicate.: Brittle

Steak or fish served raw in form of a small cake.: Tartare

Puzzle 3 Answers

The Great __; informal term for the countryside.: Outdoors

Velvet-like fabric with ridges running through it.: Corduroy

Exploding, like a volcano.: Erupting

Liveliness, energy, lust for life.: Vitality

Site of the battle that took place on D-Day.: Normandy

Michael Jackson’s famous backwards dance move.: Moon walk

Small, red, peppery veggies added to a salad.: Radishes

Largest city in New Zealand, on North Island.: Auckland

A final point in space or time.: Terminus

Greek god of the sea.: Poseidon

Canine snow workers, pulling toboggans.: Sled dogs

Melanie Griffith’s ex, Zorro portrayer: Antonio __.: Banderas

The most serious type of skin cancer.: Melanoma

A thin, cylindrical glass container used in a lab.: Test tube

Disordered mixture of things.: Scramble

Expressed disagreement with.: Objected

End of conversation, final utterance.: Last word

Author of books.: Novelist

Puzzle 4 Answers

Emotional and exaggerated reactions.: Hysterics

John Oates’ performing partner.: Daryl hall

Invasion of the Body __; 1956 sci-fi horror movie.: Snatchers

Area sealed off with a barrier.: Enclosure

__ __ chase; foolish or futile pursuit.: Wild goose

They live where the pyramids were built.: Egyptians

Male lens operator on a film set.: Cameraman

Aim, plan.: Intention

Warship that carries missiles under water.: Submarine

Protective boards for hot plates on a table.: Place mats

They perform card tricks and create illusions.: Magicians

Puzzle 5 Answers

Scarcity.: Rarity

Bear-like marsupials found in Australia.: Koalas

A silhouette, a shape or template.: Cutout

Uplifting song identified with a particular group.: Anthem

Kitchen on a ship.: Galley

__ Easton sang Bond theme For Your Eyes Only.: Sheena

Tattered around the edges.: Frayed

Blossoms, buds, flowers.: Blooms

A band of actors.: Troupe

__ James, #23 plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers.: Lebron

French name for the English Channel: La __.: Manche

A knight slays this mythical creature.: Dragon

The D in DM on Twitter, __ Message.: Direct

Small bites to eat between meals.: Snacks

Legal expert.: Jurist

Group 437

Puzzle 1 Answers

Trial of pulling strength with two teams and rope.: Tug of war

Edwin __, famously painted The Monarch of the Glen.: Landseer

Monica __, famous White House intern.: Lewinsky

Schooled, taught.: Educated

“Sayonara”: how you say goodbye in this language.: Japanese

Get ready for a kiss.: Pucker up

On the outside.: External

A reserve of funds used for fighting a battle.: War chest

__ Tiger; 1982 hit for Survivor.: Eye of the

__ stars; rating system for fine-dining eateries.: Michelin

” ‘Cause baby you’re a ___”, sings Katy Perry.: Firework

This insect can spread malaria.: Mosquito

Puzzle 2 Answers

Stupendous, awesome.: Amazing

Skulking, keeping out of view.: Lurking

Difficult to track down.: Elusive

The religious have these, aka convictions.: Beliefs

Dish-shaped receptacle for smokers.: Ashtray

Early rock music with guitars and washboard.: Skiffle

Aircraft with two sets of stacked wings.: Biplane

Asked to be a guest.: Invited

Condemn to servitude.: Enslave

Touted, sold illegally.: Peddled

Nibbling grass on a pasture.: Grazing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Puts into print.: Publishes

Fans of the king or queen’s family.: Royalists

The black sphere in a billiards game.: Eight ball

Layout of living space.: Floor plan

Spaghetti sauce with minced meat, from Italy.: Bolognese

Unwelcome house pest.: Cockroach

Michael Myers horror film franchise.: Halloween

Freshwater ship.: Riverboat

Game of X’s and O’s.: Tic tac toe

Pretend or practice evacuation.: Fire drill

Wednesday in Spanish.: Miercoles

Little-known competitor who is victorious.: Dark horse

Opening something with a key.: Unlocking

Puzzle 4 Answers

The quality of being poisonous.: Toxicity

Combing, tidying hair.: Brushing

Copied, mirrored.: Emulated

Large retail store selling a wide variety of goods.: Emporium

Principles of right and wrong; ethics, scruples.: Morality

Meddled with, played around with.: Tinkered

Satisfying or appealing.: Pleasing

Sweater with long sleeves & buttons on the front.: Cardigan

Argentinian football legend Diego __.: Maradona

Without shoes.: Barefoot

Unable to leave home because of winter weather.: Snowed in

Tube called the external acoustic meatus.: Ear canal

Describes movement of vultures seeking out prey.: Circling

The __ Saga; Kristen Stewart vampire series.: Twilight

TV programme with guest interviews and chat topics.: Talk show

Slow cooked little cuts of pork, Mexican style.: Carnitas

Puzzle 5 Answers

Gruesome __, pair of monsters in Wacky Races.: Twosome

Hot chili paste or powder in North African cuisine.: Harissa

One on the periodic table.: Element

Ship’s captain.: Skipper

An ill-fated 1912 voyage took place on this ship.: Titanic

Glued, stuck.: Adhered

Gwen __, lead singer with No Doubt.: Stefani

Taxonomic group beneath genus.: Species

Could be done in the sun or the tub.: Bathing

Anonymous.: Unnamed

Country directly to the north of Estonia.: Finland

Actor cast as Wolverine in nine films: Hugh __.: Jackman

Group 438

Puzzle 1 Answers

Performed in a long, continuous curve.: Sweeping

To take someone’s words out of context.: Misquote

Falling on a banana skin.: Slipping

Incorporation, inclusion.: Addition

Chemical element named after dynamite inventor.: Nobelium

Where scalp meets forehead.: Hairline

Of or for cooking.: Culinary

Flames in a remote forested area.: Wildfire

Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith __.: Richards

Foolishly, lacking in wisdom.: Unwisely

One of the reasons for ending a boxing match.: Knock out

Natural patterns on animals’ coats.: Markings

Transformers mechanical lifeforms from Cybertron.: Autobots

Depression in the ground where water accumulates.: Sinkhole

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nickname for Mars.: Red planet

Illegal action on a basketball court.: Violation

Inactive, sitting, unmoving.: Sedentary

With no protection; defenceless.: Unguarded

A chemical substance released by an animal.: Pheromone

Ended, finished.: Concluded

Cuba and China both use this economic structure.: Socialism

Assurance, conviction.: Certainty

Book by Fred Gipson about a dog protecting a ranch.: Old yeller

Cocktail with bourbon, sugar and aromatic garnish.: Mint julep

Described in detail.: Explained

The dwelling of someone who lives in solitude.: Hermitage

Tag with washing instructions.: Care label

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ list: wishlist of things to do before death.: Bucket

Soft downy skin that covers a young deer’s antler.: Velvet

Katherine’s sister in The Taming of the Shrew.: Bianca

Tournament sport played annually at Wimbledon.: Tennis

Memorable, sticks in your mind.: Catchy

Polish Nocturnes composer Frederic __.: Chopin

Cloth interior of a coat.: Lining

Tom Cruise plays a fighter pilot in this film.: Top gun

Partial refund to someone who has paid too much.: Rebate

Flag or cloth bearing a symbol, logo or slogan.: Banner

Special slang used by a particular group.: Jargon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Writes messily.: Scrawls

Bright colour associated with Barbie.: Hot pink

Makes a solemn promise.: Pledges

Anatomical term for the breastbone.: Sternum

Homo __, the human species.: Sapiens

Vehicles moving on a road or public highway.: Traffic

Bullfighter.: Matador

Type of lettuce in a wedge salad.: Iceberg

Set of straps used to attach a horse to a cart.: Harness

Makeup for eyelashes.: Mascara

In Harry Potter, Dumbledore’s pet is this bird.: Phoenix

Protracted; not short.: Lengthy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Moves from one’s home country to live in another.: Emigrates

Editing text for publication.: Redacting

Chit chat.: Small talk

Lucille Ball’s TV comedy with husband Desi Arnaz.: I love lucy

Material worn on the head while playing sports.: Sweatband

Not the best place for getting out of bed.: Wrong side

Worthy of veneration.: Admirable

Outdoor cooking facility for savoury Italian pies.: Pizza oven

Romantic tale.: Love story

Weather system with low temperatures.: Cold front

Plots where grapes are harvested for winemaking.: Vineyards

Independent city-state island in South East Asia.: Singapore

An evening for playing Monopoly or Scrabble.: Game night

Beatles tune about a dark-feathered garden visitor.: Blackbird

Motion used on Tinder to pass on someone.: Swipe left

Devised a plan in the mind.: Conceived

Leonard __; West Side Story composer.: Bernstein

Group 439

Puzzle 1 Answers

Place for parents to sit while at the playground.: Park bench

Tender, juicy, and tasty; type of plant.: Succulent

Construction vehicle for moving and unloading soil.: Dump truck

With traditional values.: Old school

Furry bird-like toy that pops out of an egg.: Hatchimal

Award category won by DiCaprio at 2016 Oscars.: Best actor

Annoyed.: Irritated

Ejection from a group or club.: Expulsion

Alarming; distressing.: Worrisome

Expensive and sumptuous.: Luxurious

Announcing or proclaiming, e.g. arrival of angels.: Heralding

Units for computer storage space; GBs.: Gigabytes

Puzzle 2 Answers

Act on someone’s behalf.: Represent

Director of the thriller film Psycho.: Hitchcock

Technical equipment needed for a specific activity.: Apparatus

Affection from young canine.: Puppy love

Paul Simon album of 1986; Elvis’s museum home.: Graceland

Above __; more than is required.: And beyond

Distressing, upsetting.: Harrowing

Tennis penalty for encroaching on serve.: Foot fault

Russian city formerly named Stalingrad.: Volgograd

Singing and drinking and having fun.: Carousing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Pure or clean according to Jewish law.: Kosher

Old name for Mumbai.: Bombay

An informer.: Snitch

Stage name of musician & DJ, Norman Cook: __ Slim.: Fatboy

Greek goddess of wisdom, symbolized by an owl.: Athena

Woman.: Female

Not a hat, but a very hot chili pepper: Scotch __.: Bonnet

City where West End is akin to NYC’s Broadway.: London

Tosses a ball.: Throws

Set amount of money designated for a project.: Budget

The __ Boy’s Progress: subtitle of Oliver Twist.: Parish

Insect that swarms and eats.: Locust

Move troops into position.: Deploy

Whichever person.: Anyone

Puzzle 4 Answers

U.S. currency bills.: Dollars

Oval-shaped nuts that can be coated in sugar.: Almonds

“Easy like Sunday __”, sang the Commodores.: Morning

Suitcases, luggage.: Baggage

Measure of loudness.: Decibel

Comments, analysis.: Remarks

Generally speaking, on the whole.: Overall

Someone up for an award.: Nominee

Sensible; based on facts, not emotions.: Logical

Fire lighters.: Matches

Pre-Christian faith.: Judaism

Video recorder positioned by a car’s front window.: Dash cam

It can help to heal dry lips.: Lip balm

Second person in a plane’s cockpit.: Copilot

Combat specialist in a tribe.: Warrior

Kicking the legs out like a horse.: Bucking

Puzzle 5 Answers

Leaves hurriedly and secretly to avoid capture.: Absconds

A shaped piece of metal used as a pattern.: Template

Checks over, examines.: Inspects

Moves forward, like an army.: Advances

Singeing, scorching.: Charring

To ride a sailboard fitted with a moveable sail.: Windsurf

Caution someone in advance.: Forewarn

Natural rays streaming from above.: Sunlight

Historical hatred or ill-feeling.: Bad blood

__ Never Dies, Sheryl Crow sang this Bond theme.: Tomorrow

Came into bloom.: Flowered

Group 440

Puzzle 1 Answers

Return.: Comeback

Five line verse; a city in Ireland.: Limerick

Major religion of Greece: Christian __.: Orthodox

Glad tidings.: Good news

Sits lazily.: Slouches

Month in which Leonardo DiCaprio was born.: November

Use these to block out sound.: Earplugs

Giuseppe Verdi’s profession.: Composer

Green alcoholic drink.: Absinthe

Two words: danger has passed, nothing in the way.: All clear

Ruler with the nickname Iron Chancellor.: Bismarck

Puzzle 2 Answers

A fly’s larva.: Maggot

Stitch used to hold tissue together in the body.: Suture

Transparent membrane at the front of the eyeball.: Cornea

Man of La __, Don Quixote musical.: Mancha

The first C in BCC used in emails, blind __ copy.: Carbon

The leather seat worn by a horse.: Saddle

Painter, sculpter.: Artist

Showing courage and resolve.: Gritty

Prominent vampire family in The Twilight Saga.: Cullen

Queen of the Goths in Titus Andronicus.: Tamora

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shrivelled or dried up.: Withered

Extremely light and fragile, delicate.: Ethereal

Places that give protection from bad weather.: Shelters

Female firefly.: Glowworm

Affected by a condition of swollen blue leg veins.: Varicose

Swaps for something else.: Replaces

Follower of the teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama.: Buddhist

Ring it to announce your arrival at someone’s home.: Doorbell

Manny __, Filipino boxer.: Pacquiao

Another name for Chinese parsley or coriander.: Cilantro

Person believed to be able to cast out demons.: Exorcist

Reaching up to the level of one’s patella.: Knee high

Puzzle 4 Answers

Winston, who served as the UK’s PM during WWII.: Churchill

Related to the lungs.: Pulmonary

He played Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad.: Aaron paul

Essential, fundamental.: Elemental

Text showing when exactly a tweet was posted.: Timestamp

Volte-face, complete change of mind.: About turn

Twisted, misrepresented.: Distorted

Fish that produce the best caviar.: Sturgeons

Altitude, height.: Elevation

An explosive invented in Ancient China.: Gunpowder

Able to be used or be effective over big distances.: Long range

Author of The Old Man and the Sea.: Hemingway

1984 dance drama with Kevin Bacon.: Footloose

Having knowledge of the existence of something.: Awareness

Puzzle 5 Answers

Vigorously, quickly.: Briskly

Forcing air through a tube to fill a tire.: Pumping

Likely to meet goals or deadlines.: On track

Predominant language spoken in New Zealand.: English

Taking part in an auction.: Bidding

Half man, half machine, a human-looking robot.: Android

People who discriminate against the old.: Ageists

Showing talent and aptitude.: Skilful

__ Mountain Dog, large breed from the Swiss Alps.: Bernese

Irrational fears.: Phobias

Best friends with Chewbacca.: Han solo

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