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Codycross Welcome to japan

Group 561

Puzzle 1 Answers

Force a ruling or law onto people: Impose

Free-standing pavillion in parks and squares: Gazebo

Grand __, red rock Arizona national park: Canyon

Nationality of someone from Copenhagen: Danish

Necessary household jobs: Chores

Open this on a computer or in a house: Window

Particle representing a quantum of light: Photon

Said of old foods that smell or taste unpleasant: Rancid

Someone who pens stories: Author

Stages in video games: Levels

Sweet __; bedtime utterance: Dreams

To make a hole in the skin with a sharp object: Pierce

Truthful: Honest

What to do with stocks and bonds: Invest

Puzzle 2 Answers

Acquit, absolve from blame: Exonerate

Bladed mixer on a bread machine: Dough hook

Dug up, brought to the surface: Excavated

Female head of an extended family: Matriarch

Firmly pressing to remove liquid: Squeezing

How often something happens: Frequency

Person whose job is to row boats in Venice: Gondolier

Slow-paced outdoor water park ride: Lazy river

Snowy peaks region including the Matterhorn: Swiss alps

Story titles in a newspaper: Headlines

Puzzle 3 Answers

A sample for medical testing: Specimen

Circus performers who keep balls in the air: Jugglers

Educating athletes about sports: Coaching

Expert in the scientific study of plants: Botanist

Growing vigorously, prospering: Thriving

Illegally moved contraband into a country: Smuggled

Part of a chair or sofa to lean against: Backrest

Person who puts money into a business: Investor

Scrape or laceration: Abrasion

To get in the way of something: Obstruct

Wishes that someone fares well: Good luck

Puzzle 4 Answers

A gift given, typically for charitable purposes: Donation

Being upright, on your feet: Standing

Devices that help asthma sufferers to breathe: Inhalers

Elevation; height of an object above ground: Altitude

Explorer who crosses oceans in a boat: Seafarer

Fried squid rings: Calamari

Informal name for the coccyx: Tailbone

Legal process of taking parental responsibility: Adoption

Like a boat that’s been turned over in the water: Capsized

Olympic sport that involves the butterfly stroke: Swimming

Put upside down or in the opposite order: Inverted

Singing father and son, Julio and Enrique __: Iglesias

Support structure on a staircase: Handrail

The ability to float: Buoyancy

Puzzle 5 Answers

A medium; clairvoyant; fortune teller: Psychic

An outline of buildings defined against a horizon: Skyline

High-pitched barking made by a small, annoying dog: Yapping

Made; invented: Created

Pairs: Couples

People who illegally access online accounts: Hackers

Take great pleasure in: Delight

The craft of forming fabric by interlacing threads: Weaving

The person who cuts and sells meat: Butcher

They work in financial institutions: Bankers

To enter and call the wrong telephone number: Misdial

Group 562

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arranging objects in a system: Ordering

Clear cooking broth with a French name: Bouillon

Main character of Homer’s The Iliad: Achilles

Make longer: Lengthen

Official summons to court: Subpoena

Person who encourages others to rebel or protest: Agitator

Person who follows teachings of Siddhārtha Gautama: Buddhist

Social network where others can react to a post: Facebook

Stealing of the world’s great masterpieces: Art theft

The monarchs of ancient Egypt: Pharaohs

Very weak and in need of food: Starving

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aware of one’s surroundings; awake: Conscious

Babylonian King whose Code was first set of laws: Hammurabi

Change radically: Transform

Deserted place with no remaining residents: Ghost town

Groups of performers, musicians or dancers: Ensembles

Hostility: Animosity

Part of a thorny flower, often strewn on beds: Rose petal

Person who accompanies & looks after someone else: Chaperone

Place of peace and sanctuary: Safe haven

Preliminary version or draft piece of writing: Rough copy

Scholarly paper of a single specialized subject: Monograph

Sky-divers open this after jumping out of a plane: Parachute

State of being legally responsible: Liability

The pelt of a bunny, once used widely in fashion: Rabbit fur

To begin or set up a company: Establish

Puzzle 3 Answers

A cavity in an organ; the heart has two of them: Ventricle

Block of charcoal used as fuel for cooking: Briquette

Can be healed with medication: Treatable

Competitions where free gifts are dished out: Giveaways

General agreement: Consensus

Not even or balanced in shape: Irregular

Official representatives at a meeting: Delegates

Philosopher who tutored young Alexander the Great: Aristotle

Settle on a deal after lengthy discussion: Negotiate

State of legally belonging to you: Ownership

Successful in producing an intended result: Effective

The use of aggressive tactics to boost one’s ego: Power trip

Those who compete in the Summer and Winter games: Olympians

Puzzle 4 Answers

A high fortress that protects a city: Citadel

Capital and largest city of Nicaragua: Managua

Carve a design onto a surface: Engrave

Damaging, destroying, rendering unusable: Ruining

Disney movie about a clownfish that’s lost __ Nemo: Finding

Genetic analysis done with one’s saliva: Dna test

Japanese therapy that focuses on pressure points: Shiatsu

Person of authority in sports: Referee

The upstairs seats in a concert hall: Balcony

Unable to escape; caged: Trapped

Puzzle 5 Answers

A long journey by sea: Voyage

A person who provides information to a reporter: Source

Ancient items of historical importance: Relics

Blows up like a volcano: Erupts

Circus tent where the performance takes place: Big top

Device that controls the spray of a hose: Nozzle

Embarrassing failure: Fiasco

Formal and dignified: Solemn

Goddess who sprang forth from Zeus’s cracked skull: Athena

Gunk cleaned out with a cotton swab: Earwax

In motion, not still: Moving

Manufacturer of the large A380 commercial jet: Airbus

Person who is exceptionally intelligent: Genius

Underwater blade used to steer a boat: Rudder

Group 563

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient Egyptian transport for pharaohs: Chariots

Dangerous, hazardous: Perilous

Debilitated; incapacitated: Weakened

Grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way: Flourish

Nanny McPhee actor, Emma __: Thompson

Palm slapping gesture of approval or praise: High five

Person who eats human flesh: Cannibal

Support sticks to help injured people walk: Crutches

Traditional stories and customs of a community: Folklore

Tunes, harmonies: Melodies

Women’s purses: Handbags

Puzzle 2 Answers

Another word for a fast-flowing waterfall: Cascade

Exact, meticulous: Precise

Exploiting; taking advantage of: Preying

Glass __, artificial barrier in business: Ceiling

Morally good or correct: Ethical

Result of not using protective lotion outside: Sunburn

Small skin marking, often found on the face: Freckle

Space __; spacecraft system operated by NASA: Shuttle

They’re blown out on a birthday cake: Candles

Tool used for flipping hamburgers: Spatula

Written instructions for preparing dishes: Recipes

__ shopper, consumer who works incognito: Mystery

Puzzle 3 Answers

A trained wine steward in a fine restaurant: Sommelier

All-consuming; fanatical: Obsessive

Detailed coordination of complex operations: Logistics

Entrance, fascinate: Captivate

Free to use, accessible: Available

He composed the 5th Symphony: Beethoven

Limb injury due to exposure to extreme cold: Frostbite

People who finance and manage the making of a film: Producers

People who live on land masses surrounded by water: Islanders

The action of misleading someone: Deception

The practice of spying or of using spies: Espionage

Twirling crepe paper decorations across ceilings: Streamers

What some animals do during the winter: Hibernate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Action taken to move food from mouth to stomach: Swallow

Beaming with delight and showing teeth: Smiling

Blurred, smeared, e.g. ruined make-up: Smudged

Claim, announce, declare: Profess

Gives to charity: Donates

Large container for growing flowers in: Planter

Large flightless bird that produces large eggs: Ostrich

Spending the night under a tent: Camping

Spheres of glass for playing games: Marbles

Trained bullfighter: Matador

Washing with clean water, then spitting out: Rinsing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bad spells from witches: Curses

Become dry and shrivelled: Wither

Become dry and waste away: Wither

Breath out: Exhale

Bunches of twelve: Dozens

Combination of several sources in music or video: Mash up

Distributed among several people: Shared

Groups of lions: Prides

Hang or swing loosely: Dangle

Linked, attached: Joined

Making well again; preserving meat with salt: Curing

Restrictive upper body garment with laces: Corset

Ring-shaped islands or reefs: Atolls

Wicker storage container: Basket

Group 564

Puzzle 1 Answers

A tale of romance: Love story

Add-on building giving more rooms to a home: Extension

Asian mountain range has the world’s highest peak: Himalayas

Bird frightener; character in The Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow

Business people use one to carry their documents: Briefcase

Country whose capital and largest city is Jakarta: Indonesia

Hateful, despicable, detestable: Loathsome

Intellectual property denoted by TM: Trademark

People employed to staff telephone switchboards: Operators

Stunt performer, one who takes risks: Dare devil

The loss of the ability to move due to injury: Paralysis

Unsettled; tempestuous: Turbulent

Puzzle 2 Answers

Brief __, very English weepie with dirt in the eye: Encounter

Dollond and __, optician chain: Aitchison

French Revolutionary month, the month of heat: Thermidor

Involves a sink and needs to be done after a meal: Washing up

Kentucky Derby cocktail with bourbon, fresh herb: Mint julep

Mexican __ Party, joined by young Frida Kahlo: Communist

North Carolina barbecue capital of the world: Lexington

Not manual: Automatic

Pulp’s “Common People” featured on album __ Class: Different

Seafood restaurateur with venues in Cornwall: Rick stein

Second largest country in South America: Argentina

Son of Edmund the Black Prince, ruled 1377-99: Richard ii

Very difficult or requiring a lot of effort: Demanding

Puzzle 3 Answers

Award given to a winning sports team: Trophy

Corroded, like metal: Rusted

Hire for work: Employ

Medical term for irrational fear of something: Phobia

Mix and make conversation with people at a party: Mingle

Part of the body removed in a nephrectomy: Kidney

Plant that pandas eat the most: Bamboo

Practical or functional: Useful

Remove the outer layer of packaging: Unwrap

Rule to be home by a certain time: Curfew

Spawning fish that has pink flesh: Salmon

The words in a song: Lyrics

Puzzle 4 Answers

Add sugar: Sweeten

Fly larvae used as fishing bait: Maggots

Framework for a jewel in a ring or necklace: Setting

French word for “good morning”: Bonjour

Lucky charms, talismans: Amulets

Marches, demonstrations: Rallies

Nuns’ living quarters: Convent

Profession associated with Florence Nightingale: Nursing

Regretful and embarrassed about one’s actions: Ashamed

She wears ruby slippers on her way to Oz: Dorothy

Social media site with a blue or white bird: Twitter

The trip down a mountain: Descent

When the sea edge is furthest from the shore: Low tide

Puzzle 5 Answers

An attempt without much hope of being accurate: Long shot

Band fronted by Chris Martin: Coldplay

Cosmetic operation to remove wrinkles: Facelift

Framework of all of the bones inside your body: Skeleton

Heath Ledger’s role in The Dark Knight: The joker

Huge houses for the wealthy: Mansions

Jewish festival during which a menorah is lit: Hanukkah

Makes small changes: Modifies

No longer legally married: Divorced

Period that preceded the Jurassic Period: Triassic

Shoe with slender heel or knife with thin blade: Stiletto

Sort into specific categories: Classify

Volcano that erupted and destroyed Pompeii in AD79: Vesuvius

Group 565

Puzzle 1 Answers

Add salt and pepper to food: Season

Cold, damp and humid feeling of the skin: Clammy

Cylinders of rolled, dried tobacco leaves: Cigars

Element with symbol C: Carbon

Empty: Vacant

Give someone the latest information: Update

Literary work that rhymes: Poetry

Nice hotel with a lot of amenities: Resort

Represent in a drawing or painting: Depict

Resting places in cemeteries: Graves

Roar, yell loudly: Bellow

Small, coarse stones used for paths and roads: Gravel

The opposite of rough: Smooth

__ the sailor, maritime hero of the Arabian Nights: Sinbad

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person involved in the trading of goods: Merchant

Academic experts or researchers: Scholars

Alternative name for a slow cooker: Crock pot

Blood vessels that transport oxygenated blood: Arteries

Came together again, joined up: Reunited

Cloth beds tied between trees: Hammocks

Connected with the sea or naval affairs: Maritime

Depression caused by collapse of land surface: Sinkhole

Expert in machinery or bridge-building: Engineer

Expressing disapproving comments or judgments: Critical

Feline role for Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer: Catwoman

Fictitious, legendary: Mythical

Forgiven for a crime: Pardoned

Formal celebratory event, sometimes with awards: Ceremony

Group of symptoms that consistently occur together: Syndrome

Painting of someone’s face: Portrait

People who box or wrestle: Fighters

Relating to the running of a home: Domestic

Spanish black pudding or blood sausage: Morcilla

Strips of cloth to bind injuries: Bandages

Terrestrial arachnid with lobster-like pincers: Scorpion

They give off sound from electrical audio signals: Speakers

Puzzle 3 Answers

A word that modifies or describes a noun: Adjective

Bushy-tailed nut-loving rodents: Squirrels

Don’t shoot this bearer of news: Messenger

Fantasy story that always has a happy ending: Fairy tale

Greek goddess of love: Aphrodite

Pardoning: Forgiving

Person who investigates a crime or wrongdoing: Detective

Revolt, insurgence: Rebellion

Shy person: Introvert

Strip at the top of trousers or a skirt: Waistband

Substance like ketchup, salt or mustard: Condiment

Sudden epidemics of infectious disease: Outbreaks

Symbols displayed for motorists: Road signs

Tall yellow garden bloom, with edible seeds: Sunflower

Wireless connection to smart devices: Bluetooth

Puzzle 4 Answers

A written outline of a movie or novel: Scenario

Belief system that is opposed to war: Pacifism

Clark Kent’s hero name: Superman

Coating such as Teflon, stops food adhering to pan: Non stick

Exemption from punishment: Impunity

Four-wheeled vehicle pulled by two or more horses: Carriage

Grace Kelly became one: Princess

Identify a disease or condition in a patient: Diagnose

Medical professionals who perform operations: Surgeons

Native of Lima: Peruvian

Occasion for candles and presents: Birthday

Productive; abundant: Fruitful

Projected 3D image formed by lasers: Hologram

Reduce speed gradually: Slow down

Retail client: Customer

Shiny as a result of being rubbed: Polished

Taking tiny bites, like a hamster: Nibbling

The result of dividing one number by another: Quotient

Unblemished, squeaky clean: Spotless

Puzzle 5 Answers

Artist who painted Les Demoiselles d’Avignon: Picasso

Bambi’s rabbit friend: Thumper

Bill of sale: Receipt

Conundrums; brain-teasers: Riddles

Domesticated birds; turkeys, chickens, quails etc.: Poultry

French chocolate and cream sauce glaze for cakes: Ganache

Honest, frank, heartfelt: Sincere

Mortuaries: Morgues

Nova Scotia’s capital, named after Montague-Dunk: Halifax

People who are outside in tents overnight: Campers

Receive money as a bequest in someone’s will: Inherit

Someone who is moved to safety in times of war: Evacuee

Unwanted folds in fabrics and clothes: Creases

Group 566

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bird with large, bright bill: Toucan

Bodily parts on which head hair grows: Scalps

Expensive stone used in sculptures: Marble

Legendary jungle-dweller, raised by apes: Tarzan

Metal joints on a gate or door: Hinges

Next to: Beside

People who are native to Gothenburg or Stockholm: Swedes

Separate; to remove part of something: Detach

Shonda __, creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal: Rhimes

Slatted wooden boxes made to carry bottles: Crates

The human soul, mind, or spirit.: Psyche

Third place Olympic medal: Bronze

Winter sport done on mountain slopes: Skiing

Puzzle 2 Answers

366 days are in one: Leap year

At a high level; not beginner’s: Advanced

Atmosphere and character of a place: Ambience

Atmosphere of a place: Ambience

Betrayers, back-stabbers: Traitors

Connective tissue that joins two bones: Ligament

Cowboy movies: Westerns

Curved metal for catching trout, salmon, etc.: Fish hook

Edible fungus: Mushroom

Finnish capital: Helsinki

Heaps of burning wood outdoors: Bonfires

High structure to transport water in Ancient Rome: Aqueduct

Margaret __; author of Gone With The Wind: Mitchell

Master of illusions, card tricks, and hand slights: Magician

Most terrifying: Scariest

On-screen depiction of no heartbeat or output: Flatline

Orange gourds, carved at Halloween: Pumpkins

Person legally responsible for overseeing a will: Executor

Producing or releasing: Emitting

The study of religion: Theology

Threatening, ominous, frightening: Menacing

To prepare for a public performance: Rehearse

Voting a person into office: Electing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bring to an end: Conclude

Ceramic ornament, often placed on a mantelpiece: Figurine

Elton John song: Saturday Night’s Alright for __: Fighting

Giant, radioactive reptile, star of many movies: Godzilla

Issues, troubles, worries: Problems

Item given away as part of a promotion: Free gift

Objective that takes preference above others: Priority

Social gathering for literary discussion: Book club

Superman’s girlfriend: Lois lane

Table Mountain overlooks this South African city: Cape town

The direction that skiers travel in: Downhill

To sweat: Perspire

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chairs that allow you to lean back: Recliners

Coming first, going ahead of others: Preceding

Cracks in bones: Fractures

Delayed until a later date: Postponed

Dutch master who painted The Night Watch: Rembrandt

Economic penalties for disobeying the law: Sanctions

Father __, he makes wishes come true in December: Christmas

High wire suspended between ravines or buildings: Tightrope

His given birth name is Reginald Kenneth Dwight: Elton john

In another place: Elsewhere

Initial design sample; preliminary model: Prototype

Pits from which fuel resources are dug up: Coal mines

Popular Nintendo driving game with steering wheel: Mario kart

Storytellers: Narrators

Studs for fastening shirt sleeves: Cufflinks

Study of ancestry and family trees: Genealogy

Super fast vehicle; also used in races: Sportscar

Tanzanian national park with migrations of animals: Serengeti

Tubes constructed to transport gas or oil: Pipelines

What you need to have to avoid being easily hurt: Thick skin

Puzzle 5 Answers

Attendant on a ship or plane: Steward

Direct telephone number for donations, etc.: Hotline

First lunar phase, seen once every 30 days: New moon

Highest mountain in Greece: Olympus

Hot springs in Iceland, the Azores and New Zealand: Geysers

Illegal hunter of wild animals: Poacher

Leisurely walks: Strolls

Lotteries held at country fairs: Raffles

Making food using heat: Cooking

Pledge, oath: Promise

Protein in hair, skin, fingernails and toenails: Keratin

Sketching with a pencil: Drawing

Spaces on the top, bottom and sides of a page: Margins

Group 567

Puzzle 1 Answers

A public declaration of policy and aims: Manifesto

Artisans who lay rushes, reeds, sedges on houses: Thatchers

Clear, salty liquid globules from the eyes: Teardrops

Daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Charlotte

Exhibited, drawing attention to the best features: Showcased

Gases released by vehicle exhausts: Emissions

Hidden lines in the ground for detecting intruders: Trip wires

Holly __; Breakfast at Tiffany’s free spirit: Golightly

Italian word for cheese: Formaggio

Making less restrictive: Loosening

Mind-to-mind communication: Telepathy

Respond with excessive emotion: Overreact

Roman amphitheatre that staged gladiator fights: Colosseum

Roman venue that staged gladiator fights: Colosseum

Sternness or severity of manner or attitude: Austerity

Technical equipment needed for a specific activity: Apparatus

The action of abandoning a military operation: Desertion

Tree cultivation area, a botanical reserve: Arboretum

Warehouses where manufacturing takes place: Factories

Puzzle 2 Answers

Declaring; professing: Claiming

Finance records for a business: Accounts

Fried squid, often served with a spiced dip: Calamari

Imagine, picture the future: Envision

Mechanisms that drive wind power generators: Turbines

Mocking or teasing: Taunting

Person who runs without clothing in a public place: Streaker

Ready in advance: Prepared

Striking with a fist: Punching

The length of time for which a person lives: Lifespan

Puzzle 3 Answers

A place of religious retreat in South Asia: Ashram

Astonished, wowed: Amazed

Feeling of frustration or tension: Stress

Get ready for the main exercise: Warm up

Grim __, personification of death with a scythe: Reaper

Group of words that create an expression: Phrase

Inactive canine that lies on a person’s knees: Lapdog

Long strands for connecting electronic equipment: Cables

Medical word for the tailbone: Coccyx

Ocean where the island of Mauritius is located: Indian

Ongoing light-entertainment TV series for laughs: Sitcom

Redactor; reviser of text: Editor

Statement of intent to inflict pain on someone: Threat

White animal that’s late in Alice in Wonderland: Rabbit

Puzzle 4 Answers

A false name used by an author: Pseudonym

A model to others, setting a good example: Exemplary

Absence from work granted because of illness: Sick leave

Actors: Thespians

Damaged or broken hairs: Split ends

Director of the thriller film Psycho: Hitchcock

First meal of the day: Breakfast

Greek temple on the Athenian acropolis: Parthenon

Habit-forming: Addictive

Phantom vessel with no signs of life: Ghost ship

Placed under a spell: Enchanted

Portable record of a round carried by a golfer: Scorecard

Professional driver: Chauffeur

Reach a climax: Culminate

Ringing, reverbing quality of a musical instrument: Resonance

Storage for a home’s H2O supply: Water tank

The action of withdrawing from a political state: Secession

Puzzle 5 Answers

A usual pattern of activity: Routine

Assign a job or role to someone: Appoint

Betrothed, pledged to be married: Engaged

Bright cotton scarf worn over hair or around neck: Bandana

Gambling arcades with blackjack, poker, etc.: Casinos

Hitchcock’s dizzy classic: Vertigo

Italian layered pasta dish with meat and cheese: Lasagna

Polishing, removing smudges: Shining

What opposites do; pull towards like a magnet: Attract

__ Cars; huge hit for Snow Patrol in 2006: Chasing

Group 568

Puzzle 1 Answers

A mineral and an electrolyte found in bananas: Potassium

Beautiful and elegant: Glamorous

City in England where the Beatles were discovered: Liverpool

Enduring pain or hardship: Suffering

Impassive expression that hides real emotions: Pokerface

La __, iconic Fellini film set in Rome: Dolce vita

Misshapen body part; abnormality: Deformity

Not smoothly or gracefully: Awkwardly

Open outdoor area surrounded by walls or buildings: Courtyard

Reward, motivation to make a purchase: Incentive

Someone who deceives or swindles: Trickster

Someone who makes wooden furniture: Carpenter

Temporary blocking structure in a street: Barricade

The dog breed kidnapped by Cruella de Vil: Dalmatian

Unclear, could be interpreted in two ways: Ambiguous

Unkempt, out of control, e.g. an __ garden: Overgrown

Yellow or green bananas eaten only when cooked: Plantains

Puzzle 2 Answers

A building devoted to religious worship: Temple

A round shape: Circle

Fin located on the back of a fish: Dorsal

Paper used to wipe noses: Tissue

People: Humans

Proper; correct: Decent

Quick feline siesta: Catnap

Rent out part of a rented property: Sublet

Vegetable used to make pommes frites: Potato

Wind-powered aircraft with no engine: Glider

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abdominal muscle used in breathing: Diaphragm

Actress married to Ashton Kutcher: Mila kunis

Black Swan and Bad Moms actress: Mila kunis

Butter substitute: Margarine

Cartoon character with square pants: Spongebob

Chores around the home: Housework

Completely unaware of something: Oblivious

Disease caused by a virus or bacteria: Infection

Established custom passed on through generations: Tradition

Fleeting; momentary; lasting for a brief time: Ephemeral

Grave marker with inscription: Headstone

Long car, often hired for fancy events: Limousine

Mesh, keeps acrobats from falling to the ground: Safety net

Novel that you can listen to rather than read: Audiobook

Onlooker; eyewitness: Bystander

Oriental foodie district in many major cities: Chinatown

Pulse, number of beats per minute: Heart rate

Shoppers, buyers: Customers

Singer whose hit Despacito was remixed by Bieber: Luis fonzi

Wet product of dark clouds: Rain storm

Puzzle 4 Answers

Betrayer, turncoat, conspirator: Traitor

Body sacs in which kangaroos keep their young: Pouches

Lower facial contour: Jawline

Natural sugar in milk: Lactose

Pieces of land completely surrounded by water: Islands

The mid-point: Halfway

The most trendy or fashionable: Coolest

They copy something illegally: Forgers

Unimportant: Trivial

What the five little monkeys were doing on the bed: Jumping

Puzzle 5 Answers

Always on time: Punctual

Believable or trustworthy: Credible

Board game in which you can go to jail: Monopoly

Book genre all about personal improvement: Self help

Conquered: Defeated

Deep blue gemstone associated with September: Sapphire

Feelings of pity for someone else’s misfortune: Sympathy

Gas that makes up around 74 percent of the Sun: Hydrogen

Old King Cole called for three of these: Fiddlers

Reduction on a price: Discount

Spread over a wide area: Disperse

Sutures to close open wounds: Stitches

Tiny floating animals eaten by whales, etc: Plankton

To comb out knots in hair: Detangle

Group 569

Puzzle 1 Answers

A plane propelled by a gas turbine: Turbojet

A substance formed from two or more elements: Compound

Arguing for or against a motion: Debating

Complications, issues: Problems

Devices on which video games are played: Consoles

Explosive sticks for demolition: Dynamite

Left out: Excluded

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Founding Father hit play: Hamilton

Not permitted, illicit: Unlawful

Online button to click so you can pay for items: Checkout

Rebellions, especially by soldiers or sailors: Mutinies

Relating to veins, arteries and blood vessels: Vascular

The Hippocratic oath is taken in this profession: Medicine

Three-lobed leaf, emblem of Ireland: Shamrock

Puzzle 2 Answers

A junction between two nerve cells: Synapse

Angry, furious: Enraged

Audrey __ played Holly Golightly: Hepburn

Band that John Lennon was in: The ___: Beatles

Catchphrases used in ads: Slogans

Coastal areas by the shore: Beaches

Compel observance of or compliance with a law: Enforce

Extend the duration of: Prolong

Options to decide between: Choices

Powerful dog, with English and Neapolitan types: Mastiff

Puzzle 3 Answers

A mass departure of people: Exodus

Canoe-like boats: Kayaks

Challenges, missions: Quests

Cleaner that removes dirt through suction: Vacuum

Decayed, decomposed: Rotted

Expelled from one’s native country: Exiled

Hunting dogs with expert sense of smell: Hounds

Illness, sickness, disorder: Malady

Makes broader: Widens

Most recent: Latest

Offer counsel to someone: Advise

Oppressive ruler, dictator: Tyrant

Remote-controlled aerial vehicles without pilots: Drones

Sport on ice, with a puck and protective gear: Hockey

Swapped, exchanged goods: Traded

The study of plants: Botany

Puzzle 4 Answers

Close-fitting protective covering for a book: Slipcase

Coated medicine tablets: Capsules

Divided into two halves: Bisected

Exact copies: Replicas

Friendly, chatty, gregarious: Sociable

Powerful and uncontrollable burning of many acres: Wildfire

Silver roll of strong adhesive used in repair jobs: Duct tape

Small shells with medicine that are swallowed: Capsules

Successful singer or song-writer of popular music: Hitmaker

The opposite of plural: Singular

Underwear for women’s upper body with thin straps: Camisole

Use of poisonous gas to remove harmful insects: Fumigate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Circulation through veins and arteries: Blood flow

Disguised; under a false name: Incognito

Downhill surfaces for winter sports enthusiasts: Ski slopes

Expression of grief, pain or dissatisfaction: Complaint

Flower whose seeds are eaten raw and on foods: Sunflower

Flyers drag wheeled ones behind them at airports: Suitcases

Instrument panel in a vehicle: Dashboard

Noise, disturbance, ruckus, hubbub: Commotion

Not harmed, undamaged or unhurt: Unscathed

Number of countries in Africa: Fifty four

Protected from storms and other bad weather: Sheltered

Smaller, less noticeable text in a contract: Fine print

Strips of hair grown on both sides of the face: Sideburns

Strongly held, false beliefs e.g. of grandeur: Delusions

These are counted in a haiku: Syllables

To observe or oversee a project: Supervise

Group 570

Puzzle 1 Answers

Claw mark: Scratch

Decayed plant material used to help gardeners: Compost

Died out; no longer alive on Earth: Extinct

Industrial building where goods are manufactured: Factory

It is the spice of life, proverbially speaking: Variety

Not on time, running late: Delayed

Release from captivity: Set free

Snake __, persuades reptiles to rise up: Charmer

Strikes; ambushes: Attacks

Title of the Imperial ruler of Japan: Emperor

Up to date: Current

Puzzle 2 Answers

Annual celebration of becoming a year older: Birthday

Bacchus, to the Greeks: Dionysus

Breadwinner: Provider

City where the Uffizi Gallery is located: Florence

Countries containing the Thar Desert: India and __: Pakistan

French leader who commissioned the Arc de Triomphe: Napoleon

Making angry, provoking fury: Enraging

Place to trade items for secured loans: Pawnshop

Small bouquets pinned to clothing: Corsages

Small insertable devices that block noise: Ear plugs

Spanish city that hosts the Running of the Bulls: Pamplona

Puzzle 3 Answers

Assembled, gathered together: Grouped

Causing hurt or damage: Harming

Children of your aunts and uncles: Cousins

Drooping due to dehydration: Wilting

Examination to ascertain cause of death: Autopsy

Free from bacteria: Sterile

Grand French hotel chain, part of InterContinental: Mercure

Illuminated from behind: Backlit

In fashion, not just in France: En vogue

Jumping far and high: Leaping

Nail polish remover chemical: Acetone

Ozzy Osbourne-fronted band Black __: Sabbath

Painter of The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa: Da vinci

Person who tries hard to fit into a group: Wannabe

Removing the innards from a fish: Gutting

Section of a novel: Chapter

Puzzle 4 Answers

A characteristic, feature: Attribute

Assessing size: Measuring

Flexible connective tissue around joints: Cartilage

Four-digit code that allows access to bank account: Pin number

Medical vehicle: Ambulance

Reparation for a wrong or injury: Atonement

She was part of a girl group and married Beckham: Posh spice

Single males: Bachelors

Sleepy Hollow and Corpse Bride director: Tim burton

The ancient past: Antiquity

Puzzle 5 Answers

Deep holes in the Earth’s surface: Chasms

Difficult experience, trial, torment: Ordeal

Large Arctic marine creature with tusks: Walrus

Led by a tour leader: Guided

Low land between mountains: Valley

Pointed structures on church towers: Spires

Pretty and small; delicate: Dainty

Protective garments for cooks: Aprons

Release of a prisoner before end of their sentence: Parole

String of Roman Catholic prayer beads: Rosary

They can be acute or obtuse: Angles

Walk aimlessly: Wander

Group 571

Puzzle 1 Answers

A guess; rough calculation, ballpark figure: Estimate

Asserting ownership: Claiming

Build-up of debris at the bottom of a river: Sediment

Clover-like plant with three lobes: Shamrock

Escape route that’s flush with the floor: Trapdoor

Event that marks the start of summer or winter: Solstice

Homes for honey bees: Apiaries

Launch into space, e.g. a rocket: Blast off

Mechanical devices: Machines

Simple child’s toy moved by wind: Pinwheel

The art of preparing cocktails: Mixology

The quality of being poisonous: Toxicity

Those who committed the crime: Culprits

To suction fluid from parts of the body: Aspirate

__ Bing, Friends character played by Matthew Perry: Chandler

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Shall I __ thee to a summer’s day” – Shakespeare: Compare

Breastbone: Sternum

Device that turns digital documents into paper: Printer

Equipment with straps and belts to hold a horse: Harness

Executives with large salaries, or tubby felines: Fat cats

Famous or successful contemporary musician: Pop star

Formal public discussions about policy: Debates

Funny or amusing: Comical

Illegally gaining access to someone’s account: Hacking

Neither for nor against: Neutral

Physical movement used to communicate meaning: Gesture

Questionable: Dubious

Someone who searches for food, a rummager: Forager

Strips of fabric used as hair decorations: Ribbons

Thailand flat noodle dish with chicken or prawns: Pad thai

The quality of being easy to see or hear: Clarity

The undead, brought back to life: Zombies

Wooden platforms used to move heavy things: Pallets

“Shall I __ thee to a summer’s day” – Shakespeare: Compare

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arguing or disagreeing: Disputing

Bewilderment: Confusion

Create a memorable impression; cause ripples: Make waves

Hand-held wind instrument with bellows: Accordion

Left without medical attention: Untreated

Offer motivation; boost someone’s mood: Encourage

Outdoor area with ramps for wheeled boards: Skatepark

Reductions in price: Discounts

Round in shape: Spherical

Severe snow storms: Blizzards

Term for artificial rather than natural fabric: Synthetic

Puzzle 4 Answers

A drawing representative of an idea or theory: Schema

Alice met a Mad one in Wonderland: Hatter

Attention to __; ability to spot small errors: Detail

Female sibling: Sister

Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, law and justice: Athena

Indelible felt pen: Marker

Military or police trainees: Cadets

Red Square is in this city: Moscow

Save from danger, remove from harm’s way: Rescue

South American river, largest in world by volume: Amazon

Stadiums, purpose-built sports venues: Arenas

To cause an injury to a joint by overstretching: Sprain

Transform: Change

__ frame; stop-start filmmaking technique: Freeze

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abductees: Hostages

Back boundary of a tennis court: Baseline

Brazilian black bean stew: Feijoada

Extremely hot; burning: Scalding

Fragment of wood caught in a finger perhaps: Splinter

Lower leg tendon, also known as the heel cord: Achilles

Planning, scheming: Plotting

Successfully complete a university degree: Graduate

To automatically add data to a list on a computer: Populate

Wise or practical: Sensible

Group 572

Puzzle 1 Answers

A group of similar things all close together: Clusters

Bladed utensils for chopping meat: Cleavers

Capital of Syria: Damascus

Determined in character or ideas; unwavering: Resolute

Envy: Jealousy

In all likelihood: Probably

Leaving a mark that’s difficult to remove: Staining

Medicines that fix health problems: Remedies

Tiny blobs of water: Droplets

To move closer to: Approach

Words that are sung or spoken in an opera: Libretto

Puzzle 2 Answers

Belly pain: Tummy ache

Disc-shaped cells in the blood: Platelets

Future aspirations: Ambitions

Hard, fired ceramic pots: Stoneware

No longer remembered; abandoned: Forgotten

One who watches: Spectator

Polite, unimportant conversation: Small talk

Putting nails into a wall: Hammering

Self-employed contractor: Freelance

Substituting: Replacing

Two-wheeled, engine-powered racing off-road: Motocross

Very tall and steep rock face or cliff: Precipice

Written names of persons of interest: Watch list

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fragrance used to enhance scent: Perfume

Icons or pictures that represent game players: Avatars

Long metal or bamboo sticks for cooking kebabs: Skewers

Loving, worshiping: Adoring

Mandatory clothing worn for a job: Uniform

One that got away: Escapee

Rodent pursuit to earn more money than others: Rat race

Small device blown to make a dog come back: Whistle

Steep gradient: Incline

Puzzle 4 Answers

Calm, compliant: Docile

City-state that won the Peloponnesian Wars: Sparta

Cleaning a surface with a cloth: Wiping

French fashion house and maker of No 5 perfume: Chanel

Hair that is not smooth or neat: Frizzy

Not just: Unfair

Perform an act to excess: Overdo

Preserve a body with chemicals: Embalm

Sharks engage in this type of hectic feeding: Frenzy

To make something firm: Harden

Where the Andaman Islands are located: Bay of __: Bengal

Puzzle 5 Answers

A traitor or someone who abandons their homeland: Defector

Capital of Namibia: Windhoek

Fatherly: Paternal

Language of ancient Indian sacred texts: Sanskrit

Liquid that adds taste to meat before it’s cooked: Marinade

Make minor adjustments: Fine tune

Questioning; not trusting: Doubting

Second-in-charge in a kitchen: Sous chef

To swap one thing for another: Exchange

da Vinci’s first name: Leonardo

Group 573

Puzzle 1 Answers

Allocated, designated: Assigned

Amorous, loving and thoughtful: Romantic

Canine that froths at the mouth with hydrophobia: Rabid dog

Don’t __; say it how it is, show no restraint: Hold back

Fabric shapes sewn on to a bigger fabric piece: Appliqué

Facial features that are raised when surprised: Eyebrows

Flat voice that doesn’t change pitch or expression: Monotone

Mother of Dragons on Game of Thrones: Daenerys

Nationality of physicist Erwin Schrodinger: Austrian

Painted cloth used as on-stage scenery: Backdrop

Restaurant rating system that awards stars: Michelin

Shiny particles, some are sewn on clothing: Sparkles

Value of someone’s assets: Net worth

Puzzle 2 Answers

1993 film starring Meg Ryan: __ in Seattle: Sleepless

Communication in speech or writing: Discourse

Copy, fake, synthetic: Imitation

Cover furniture with cloth: Upholster

Deliberate blurring of a photo for romantic appeal: Soft focus

Game of X’s and O’s: Tic tac toe

Scars left by severe acne: Pockmarks

Sunken sea vessel’s ruins: Shipwreck

Taking air in and out of the lungs: Breathing

Taking place, scheduled: Happening

What tamales are wrapped in: Corn husks

__ diving, underwater in a box near great whites: Shark cage

Puzzle 3 Answers

Add up again: Recount

Admired, desired, sought-after: Coveted

Arsenic and hemlock are these: Poisons

Beach in Rio de Janeiro known for a certain girl: Ipanema

Best of friends, especially in a movie genre: Buddies

Can easily be read: Legible

Durable glazed cookware material: Ceramic

Palm tree fruit: Coconut

Professionals who make and repair suits: Tailors

Revolutionary; extremist: Radical

Samuel L. Jackson plays this Incredibles character: Frozone

Went off track: Strayed

__ Potter; creator of Peter Rabbit: Beatrix

Puzzle 4 Answers

Combine two liquids until they are smooth: Emulsify

Fixes an error: Corrects

Leaves a ship before it sinks: Abandons

Making a hole with a tool: Drilling

Male horse, used for breeding: Stallion

Naomi __, famous UK model: Campbell

People who sell puppies for a living: Breeders

Signed up for a course: Enrolled

Two openings at the bottom of a nose: Nostrils

Units of relative loudness: Decibels

Puzzle 5 Answers

Big spoons for serving soup: Ladles

Evening party or social gathering: Soiree

Hit song by the Bangles: Manic __: Monday

Irish dog breed with reddish silky fur: Setter

Longest river in India: Ganges

Most populated country starting with the letter B: Brazil

Negotiate the price: Haggle

Not in working order, defective: Broken

Thick lobster soup: Bisque

With great enthusiasm: Avidly

__ of life, medicine that prolongs your existence: Elixir

Group 574

Puzzle 1 Answers

Circular conveyor of luggage in an airport: Carousel

Fire up enthusiasm in someone: Motivate

Male who can sing an extremely high note: Falsetto

Moral stories from the Bible: Parables

No checks or credit cards accepted here: Cash only

Plummet steeply downwards: Nosedive

Portuguese explorer who circled the earth: Magellan

Processed meals that are made and sold quickly: Fast food

Quote or a reference in a scholarly book: Citation

Right to vote; sought by women in the 20th century: Suffrage

Skin bubbles created by uncomfortable shoes: Blisters

Spanish word for “castle”: Castillo

Sport played with sticks that have small nets: Lacrosse

They are handed out in a graduation ceremony: Diplomas

Puzzle 2 Answers

Davy Jones’ __, a resting place for drowned sailors: Locker

Demonstrated to be true by evidence or argument: Proven

Devices used to measure minutes while baking: Timers

Do this to a Facebook page to stop following: Unlike

Endure agony: Suffer

Every seven days: Weekly

Examined carefully to make sure someone’s suitable: Vetted

How James Bond prefers his martinis: Shaken

Male part of a flower with an anther and stalk: Stamen

Peace agreement, concord: Treaty

Sign of shame or disgrace: Stigma

Soak up moisture: Absorb

To eat or drink something: Ingest

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alternative routes that are quicker and save time: Shortcuts

Astrological forecast of someone’s future: Horoscope

Cuts, grazes: Abrasions

Decade that saw the rise of disco music: Seventies

Family name of Aussie actors Chris and Liam: Hemsworth

German dog breed with a long head and beard: Schnauzer

Grabbing something abruptly from another’s hand: Snatching

Iron Man’s identity: Tony stark

Italian pasta dish shared by Lady and the Tramp: Spaghetti

Novel by Emily Bronte: “__ Heights”: Wuthering

Occurring twice within a four-week time period: Bimonthly

Promoting, selling and distributing a product: Marketing

Racquet sport with a shuttlecock: Badminton

Remove; detach; become disinterested in: Disengage

Rock fragment from outer space: Meteorite

Shallow plate for growing bacteria cultures in: Petri dish

To cause great damage: Devastate

Puzzle 4 Answers

A nuisance; something that causes trouble: Irritant

Can be seen or watched: Viewable

Items that are won or earned, e.g. cups, awards: Trophies

Made from the hide of a doe or stag: Deerskin

Making artistic objects in a skilled way: Crafting

Making changes to a piece of legal text: Amending

Manufacturer of automobiles: Carmaker

Marine delicacies often made into bisque: Lobsters

Mountain range between France and Spain: Pyrenees

Old Spanish warships: Galleons

Penned in: Enclosed

Relating to the chest: Thoracic

Someone who lives or stays in a place: Resident

Tiny extracts of music or pieces of information: Snippets

Trends, clothing styles: Fashions

Puzzle 5 Answers

3D scene of a natural setting: Diorama

A person with flaming locks of hair: Redhead

Anna in the 1956 film The King and I: __ Kerr: Deborah

Foretell, forecast: Predict

Green vegetable used as the base of many salads: Lettuce

Hindu goddess of fertility, wife of Shiva: Parvati

It falls off a bird: Feather

Live alongside others of different beliefs: Coexist

Pulling on a rope: Tugging

Sleeveless upper body garment with a U-shaped neck: Tank top

Stucco: Plaster

The ability to understand another’s feelings: Empathy

The antonym of success: Failure

To ask someone for money or information: Solicit

__ Domingo; dubbed the King of Opera: Placido

__ knife, blunt flexible blade for mixing paint: Palette

Group 575

Puzzle 1 Answers

A country’s boundary with the sea: Coastline

A written record of historical events: Chronicle

Cautiously: Carefully

Composer of the Pastoral Symphony: Beethoven

Contaminant, such as chemical waste in rivers: Pollutant

Lifelike; authentic: Realistic

Medical term for inflammatory kidney disease: Nephritis

Preserved like an ancient Pharaoh: Mummified

Sopping wet: Saturated

Storage cabinets in houses: Cupboards

Worker in a book-lending institution: Librarian

Puzzle 2 Answers

An expert in a finance-related social science: Economist

Author of A Moveable Feast: Hemingway

Engage in conflict, like two bulls head to head: Lock horns

High-up business official: Executive

Identifying symbols stamped onto gold or silver: Hallmarks

Made clear, clarified: Explained

Misappropriated money from a business, for example: Embezzled

Noises made by owls: Screeches

Punctuation mark that separates two major clauses: Semi colon

Race run by the final runner in a relay team: Anchor leg

Removing paint from walls: Stripping

Soft drinks machine, for example: Dispenser

Sweated: Perspired

The conquest of Constantinople ended this empire: Byzantine

To prepare land to grow crops: Cultivate

Type of compact piano, not an upright: Baby grand

Way of living: Lifestyle

Written reminders that can be ticked off: Checklist

Puzzle 3 Answers

A rotating metal roller in a printing press: Cylinder

A spherical three-dimensional object: Cylinder

Beauty’s only __; look beneath the surface: Skin deep

Board game with scoring letters forming words: Scrabble

City that is home to the Hagia Sophia: Istanbul

Eyeglass maker: Optician

Insensitive or inconsiderate: Tactless

Keyboard symbol that shares a key with the 8: Asterisk

Of a drawing done without special tools: Freehand

Slumdog Millionaire and Lion actor: Dev patel

Topping salads with oil and vinegar mixture: Dressing

Widespread disease: Epidemic

__ line, linked process in a car-making plant: Assembly

Puzzle 4 Answers

A father figure, married to someone’s mother: Stepdad

Buyer’s __; feeling of guilt over purchases: Remorse

Curvaceous: Shapely

Gained knowledge with age: Matured

Ingenious technical devices can make life easier: Gadgets

Knock out, injure the head with a blow: Concuss

Mariners, seafarers: Sailors

Mounted nobles from the Middle Ages: Knights

One who establishes a company or brand: Founder

Relating to touch, hearing, vision, for example: Sensory

Swollen with water: Bloated

Workforce walkouts for better pay: Strikes

__ City is the home of the Pope: Vatican

__ To Hell; 1979 hard rock album for AC/DC: Highway

Puzzle 5 Answers

Connected to the Internet: Online

Dragged a heavy object: Hauled

Electronic devices that broadcast to listeners: Radios

Fortified old building where monarch might live: Castle

Lake __, North American 1980 winter Olympics venue: Placid

Large, bright parrots: Macaws

Lying low, taking refuge in a safe house: Hiding

Matt Damon’s alter ego in a film series, Jason __: Bourne

Most adorable: Cutest

Small plate that accompanies a tea cup: Saucer

Swiss city, United Nations’ headquarters: Geneva

Things someone does regularly and often: Habits

Group 576

Puzzle 1 Answers

A financial plan for a certain period of time: Budget

Acceptable, correct or formal: Proper

Apple’s famous mobile device: Iphone

Ben Kingsley played this leader in a 1982 film: Gandhi

Designer makes or names: Brands

Disease comes in bubonic and pneumonic forms: Plague

Energetic and rubbery: Bouncy

Groups of chosen people in a courtroom: Juries

Heavy drinking or eating sessions: Binges

Monopoly rule for collecting money at start corner: Pass go

Officials who preside over court cases: Judges

Plantations where lemons and oranges are grown: Groves

Scuba __, underwater swimming activity: Diving

Serpent in Greek mythology killed by Apollo: Python

Steve __, the man also called Captain America: Rogers

The Last __, da Vinci mural of Christ’s final meal: Supper

Typical; usual: Normal

What 24 hours equates to: One day

-Vous; 1979 ABBA hit with a French title: Voulez

Puzzle 2 Answers

Card game played alone: Solitaire

Computer panels with letters for inputting data: Keyboards

Condition or desire to set fire to things: Pyromania

Having qualities of a large underground chamber: Cavernous

Make up or invent a story to evade the truth: Fabricate

Prevalent, widespread, persistent: Pervasive

Pronounce clearly: Enunciate

She duetted with Lionel Richie on Endless Love: Diana ross

Sport associated with Japanese men: sumo __: Wrestling

The percentage of a hotel’s rooms that are in use: Occupancy

Thigh muscle, painful when pulled: Hamstring

Winston __, UK Prime Minister during WWII: Churchill

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abdomens: Stomachs

Burning pain produced by a bee perhaps: Stinging

Circus performers who keep clubs in the air: Jugglers

Cord used to secure footwear: Shoelace

Falls into line, follows a standard: Conforms

Former love: Old flame

Materials, fabrics: Textiles

Metal fastening locked around the wrist: Handcuff

Seriously afflicted by an undesirable condition: Stricken

Stand up __, a call to hold head up/shoulders back: Straight

Stranded, typically on an island: Marooned

Street in NYC famous for theatrical performances: Broadway

To take money out of the bank: Withdraw

Without imperfections: Flawless

Puzzle 4 Answers

A container for footwear: Shoebox

An aspect or detail that makes something different: Feature

Argentinian, Brazilian or Uruguayan cowboys: Gauchos

Arrow-firing sport: Archery

Book: __ in the Rye: Catcher

Breathing tube used underwater when viewing reefs: Snorkel

Fine locks of hair: Strands

French pilgrimage town: Lourdes

Kings, queens, princes and princesses: Royalty

Reflective objects: Mirrors

Removing lumps from flour: Sifting

Retail customer: Shopper

The Greatest __; film about the life of PT Barnum: Showman

To accept as true: Believe

Well-defined abs: Six pack

Puzzle 5 Answers

Acquiring: Obtaining

An avalanche or a runaway victory: Landslide

Based on feelings rather than facts: Intuitive

Bills of cash: Bank notes

Ejection from a group or club: Expulsion

Governed by rules and legislation: Regulated

Lack of objectivity, one-sidedness: Prejudice

Morocco tourist area with famous medina: Marrakesh

Patterns that follow a logical order: Sequences

Period that follows a terrible occurrence: Aftermath

Recurrent theme in literature or mythology: Archetype

Scooby Doo’s giant dog breed: Great dane

exits; safety escapes on a plane: Emergency

Group 577

Puzzle 1 Answers

A coffee maker in a coffee shop: Barista

Convert plain text to code to keep information safe: Encrypt

Deer horns: Antlers

Deteriorate after improvement in health: Relapse

Goods sent abroad to be sold: Exports

Largest planet in our solar system: Jupiter

Player of a large-framed stringed instrument: Harpist

Rectify a mistake: Correct

Served cold: Chilled

Small band that holds items that open locks: Keyring

Star of the 1954 remake of A Star is Born: Judy __: Garland

To reuse plastic or other material: Recycle

Trenches found at the side of roads: Ditches

Violent wind storm that occurs in the West Pacific: Typhoon

__ through; barely managed to pass or succeed: Scraped

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anne of Green __, book by Lucy Maud Montgomery: Gables

Beat, tempo: Rhythm

Beer maker: Brewer

Can be used for identification: dental __: Record

Cardboard file for keeping paperwork safe: Folder

Caught an animal with a cord trap: Snared

Country formerly called Portuguese West Africa: Angola

Dome on a building roof: Cupola

Dried grape: Raisin

Fundamentals; elementary parts: Basics

Gatherings or groups of witches: Covens

Put quickly into water: Plunge

__ Nature; personification of the Earth as female: Mother

Puzzle 3 Answers

Branch of nursing related to childbirth: Midwifery

Carried off by the waves: Swept away

Decoration or ornament: Adornment

Fast; moving at a rapid pace: High speed

In reverse: Backwards

Losing all sense of calm; being extremely worried: Panicking

Practice of assisting women during childbirth: Midwifery

Prosperity, wealth: Affluence

Reserving a ticket again: Rebooking

Small watery sea habitats made of stones: Rock pools

South American region shared by Chile, Argentina: Patagonia

Village person who proclaims the news: Town crier

Puzzle 4 Answers

Get involved in; step in to prevent trouble: Intervene

Mortify, make someone blush: Embarrass

Most populous city in Ecuador: Guayaquil

Move around freely; flow: Circulate

Name label that tells you where to sit: Place card

Not definite: Uncertain

Push-along device for trimming grass in gardens: Lawn mower

Putting meat on a stick for cooking: Skewering

Riding on someone’s __; relying on others’ success: Coat tails

Searing, burning: Scorching

Sensible on-off love interest of Bridget Jones: Mark darcy

Stepped down, gave up the throne: Abdicated

The Living __ : 1987 Bond theme sung by A-Ha: Daylights

Weather event with heavy precipitation: Rainstorm

Puzzle 5 Answers

A shiny black substance that is used in pencils: Graphite

A type of surgery to remove wrinkles: Facelift

Bogota is this country’s capital: Colombia

Divide, like the yolk from the egg white: Separate

Eavesdropped: Listened

Gives the nod of approval: Consents

Lumps of a hard black substance used in barbecues: Charcoal

Mouse-like household pets: Hamsters

Overhead window pane: Skylight

Someone chosen by a group to speak for them: Delegate

Sport of sailing expensive, luxury boats: Yachting

The story of a book: Plotline

Group 578

Puzzle 1 Answers

Any way the __; final line of Bohemian Rhapsody: Wind blows

Farming tool carried in American Gothic painting: Pitchfork

Formal international agreements: Protocols

Gathered things together to form a set: Collected

Loss of respect: Indignity

The act of not letting someone participate: Exclusion

To have cut off a limb: Amputated

To rise rapidly, spacecraft fashion: Skyrocket

Type of dance competition without many rules: Freestyle

__ Dogs, movie by Quentin Tarantino: Reservoir

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Double, double toil and “: Trouble

Chewing on a bone: Gnawing

City referenced in Empire State of Mind: New york

Ex-CNN reporter who married Prince Felipe of Spain: Letizia

Extremely old; from civilizations past: Ancient

Feeling, such as sadness or happiness: Emotion

Medical term for loss of ability to speak: Aphasia

Most courageous: Bravest

Newly established tech business venture: Start up

Pest __; service to eliminate unwanted creatures: Control

Rust away: Corrode

Short brawl: Scuffle

The F in F1, grand prix racing: Formula

Violent rotating wind phenomenon: Cyclone

Visited by ghosts: Haunted

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cleared of any criminal wrongdoing: Acquitted

Ellen __, sitcom star and TV chat show host: Degeneres

Formal physical gesture when meeting an employer: Handshake

Instructing verbally: Dictating

It killed the cat: Curiosity

Mark of expertise in martial arts: Black belt

Name of three of Henry VIII’s wives: Catherine

Naturally occurring warm water pool: Hot spring

Number of children born each year: Birth rate

Person or ship commissioned to attack other ships: Privateer

Short news broadcasts: Bulletins

Splendid, extravagant, opulent, luxurious: Sumptuous

Tropical silver fish, aggressive and predatory: Barracuda

Without boundary, unrestricted: Limitless

Yellow character from the Transformers franchise: Bumblebee

Puzzle 4 Answers

Baked, stuffed pizzas: Calzones

Divert, take someone’s mind off something: Distract

Fashion designer in The Incredibles: Edna mode

First name of the literary character, Scrooge: Ebenezer

Number of people in da Vinci’s The Last Supper: Thirteen

One who returns something to its original condition: Restorer

Replenishes with water: Hydrates

Replication of crucifixion wounds: Stigmata

Small laptop, or writing pad: Notebook

Thick fabric with a woven pattern or picture: Tapestry

What a shareholder receives: Dividend

When everyone has the same rights: Equality

Where passengers begin and end a journey: Terminal

Work in __; ongoing, constantly improving: Progress

Puzzle 5 Answers

A game designed to test your skills or knowledge: Puzzle

Chickpea spread: Hummus

Crystal that regulates time in watches: Quartz

Flat dishes for eating dinner on: Plates

Here, there, and everywhere: every nook and __: Cranny

Indifference, lack of interest: Apathy

Individual pieces of garlic: Cloves

Male hair-cutting professional: Barber

One who redacts obscene material: Censor

Puts a tennis ball in play: Serves

Rule of __ describes the classic photo composition: Thirds

Someone’s property, estate and worldly goods: Assets

Superior; a more excellent choice: Better

Two Gentlemen of __, play, cites an Italian city: Verona

Group 579

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adult who attends a party to watch over the kids: Chaperone

Character searching for brains in The Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow

Edible marine animals like crab or prawns: Shellfish

Fastening with discs, down the front of a cardigan: Buttoning

Leave one if they don’t answer the phone: Voicemail

Mix in with the rest of society: Integrate

Plant producing medicinal oil, or salves: Calendula

Public consciousness or knowledge: Awareness

Ruling a nation: Governing

Singer, band member aka Emma Bunton: Baby spice

Snow vehicle: Skimobile

To accidentally put a joint out of place: Dislocate

To remove dead skin by scrubbing: Exfoliate

Where a sling cocktail comes from: Singapore

attract, says the old saying: Opposites

Puzzle 2 Answers

Asked for a new court case to reverse decision: Appealed

Cold __; treat someone in an unfriendly way: Shoulder

Line joining two opposite corners of a square: Diagonal

Reading something quickly: Skimming

Roomie in jail: Cellmate

Seat pads or pillows: Cushions

Sin City, Nevada: Las vegas

Track event to determine who leaps the farthest: Long jump

Trilling song or call of a bird: Chirping

Type of restaurant serving udon noodle dishes: Japanese

Village People hit about a brute: Macho man

Well known to someone: Familiar

Writing that uses too many words: Verbiage

Puzzle 3 Answers

Angela __, actress, plays sleuth Jessica Fletcher: Lansbury

Chemical added to swimming pools to kill germs: Chlorine

Extremely hungry and desperate to eat: Ravenous

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of __: Penzance

Insects that live in colonies and eat wood: Termites

Keep up, conserve: Maintain

Movie where Tom Hanks talks to a volleyball: Cast away

Once a play finishes, the actors do this on stage: Take a bow

Overpowering, suffocating: Stifling

Process of putting a bush or seed into the ground: Planting

Space in a house for children to have fun in: Playroom

The most successful point or achievement: Pinnacle

Those in authority in the armed forces: Officers

Town or fortress that troops defend: Garrison

Without shoes: Barefoot

Word for pepper in Spanish: Pimiento

__ dog, upside-down yoga position to stretch out: Downward

Puzzle 4 Answers

Criminal act: Misdeed

Crying, weeping, sobbing: Tearful

Event with acrobatics in the sky: Air show

Extravagant style of 17th-century European art: Baroque

Harmful computer agents like Trojans and viruses: Malware

Heating gently: Warming

Make something worthy or important: Dignify

Month during which Halloween falls: October

Pour sauce onto a plate in a thin stream: Drizzle

Spectral, spooky: Ghostly

Puzzle 5 Answers

Below-ground storage rooms for priceless things: Vaults

City in Italy that had the first-known pizzeria: Naples

Disney musical famous for Idina Menzel’s Let it Go: Frozen

European capital located on the River Tagus: Lisbon

Hexed with a spell: Cursed

Modern and stylish: Snazzy

Recluses, outsiders, hermits: Loners

Shouted angrily, raved: Ranted

Someone people follow: Leader

The outermost part of an area or group: Fringe

The start of the work week for many people: Monday

To help, give support, aid: Assist

Where birds sit by windows: Ledges

Wildest members of the dog family: Wolves

Group 580

Puzzle 1 Answers

Agile with the hands: Dexterous

Bee-made treat: Honeycomb

Inspecting: Examining

Internet articles aimed to grab your attention: Clickbait

Little inhabitants of Emerald City: Munchkins

Making less wobbly: Steadying

Peaceful subtitle of John Lennon hit Happy Xmas: War is over

Someone who has fallen behind: Straggler

Wins; opposite of defeats: Victories

__ Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD: Attention

Puzzle 2 Answers

African lion hunting dog breed: Rhodesian __: Ridgeback

At this moment: Presently

Bring an escaped prisoner back into custody: Recapture

England’s tennis Grand Slam tournament: Wimbledon

Large London square with lions and fountains: Trafalgar

Mementoes, small valuable items: Keepsakes

Optical __; pictures that fool your eyes: Illusions

People who work machinery: Operators

Put into practice: Implement

Shortening a book: Abridging

Spa facility with hot, wet air; a sauna: Steam room

Spinning or rotating column of air: Whirlwind

The globe is divided into 24 longitudinal sections: Time zones

To obtain something through force or threats: Extortion

Version or performance of a piece of music: Rendition

Voice amplifier in the shape of a cone: Megaphone

Puzzle 3 Answers

Activities related to government: Politics

Barely hot: Lukewarm

Big charity that collects funds for disaster relief: Red cross

Impromptu gathering rallied by social media: Flash mob

Performing backstroke or butterfly: Swimming

Producing petals or flowers: Blooming

Selling like __; flying off the shelves quickly: Hot cakes

Shy; embarrassed: Sheepish

Sleeping mattress that is filled with liquid: Water bed

__ savings time, adjustment of clocks in spring: Daylight

Puzzle 4 Answers

A track, for mountain biking or skiing: Course

A vote, with options to choose between: Ballot

Adrenaline __; one who enjoys dangerous activities: Junkie

Chastise, discipline: Punish

Deep gorge in cliffs: Canyon

Dian __, US zoologist studied mountain gorillas: Fossey

Glacial period in time: Ice age

Highly attractive, enticing quality: Allure

Informal name for Champagne or other fizz: Bubbly

Marvel or DC publications: Comics

Recollection of a past experience: Memory

Rounded at the top like a doorway: Arched

To add someone on a social network: Friend

Treasure covered with earth, hidden underground: Buried

Weekly or monthly payment from an employer: Salary

Puzzle 5 Answers

A refuge from bad weather: Shelter

Business ID holder looped around the neck: Lanyard

Mountain containing lava: Volcano

Nationality of novelist Leo Tolstoy: Russian

Quick dish of sautéed vegetables, noodles in a wok: Stir fry

Ready and prepared to act: Willing

Removing soap from dishes with water: Rinsing

Signs, pictograms: Symbols

Spirit guides: Mediums

Taking a child off the mother’s milk: Weaning

WTG means this; well done!: Way to go

Wearable audio/video device for the police, say: Bodycam

What many people do before they exercise: Stretch

What was used before GPS or digital navigation: Roadmap

Winter sport for flying daredevils only: Ski jump

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