Codycross Water park Answers

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Codycross Water park

Group 741

Puzzle 1 Answers

12 __, judicial argument with Henry Fonda: Angry men

Australian island once called Van Diemen’s Land: Tasmania

Brass player in a military group of musicians: Bandsman

Checked someone’s blood for diseases: Screened

Chemical element with the abbreviation H: Hydrogen

Concentrated coffee: Espresso

Dustin Hoffman’s role in The Graduate: Benjamin

Former President Obama’s wife’s first name: Michelle

Free stuff from a sponsor, with an entry: Giveaway

Independent, nonconformist, a rebel: Maverick

One who sees the glass as half-full: Optimist

Photographer’s device for viewing negatives: Lightbox

Recipe-filled reference work: Cookbook

Recording to showcase a wannabe star’s talents: Demo tape

Shoreline of a freshwater body: Lakeside

Shouted deep and loud: Bellowed

Source of heat and warmth, made from logs: Campfire

Strong negative reaction: Backlash

Type of Olympic gymnastics with a ribbon: Rhythmic

__ & Mabillard; Swiss roller coaster designers: Bolliger

Puzzle 2 Answers

Advertisement that aims to entice viewers: Teaser

Alcoholic beverage, anagram of pet lip: Tipple

Ballets __; Diaghilev’s traveling ballet corps: Russes

Caesar, macaroni, fruit, tuna are types: Salads

Crunchy and thin: Crispy

Desert that borders Mauritania: Sahara

Desiring a family, clucky: Broody

Famous ones include Shadowfax and Black Beauty: Horses

Fixation, object of infatuation or obsession: Fetish

Harry Potter and the __ Child: Cursed

Mike Wazowski is friends with this blue monster: Sulley

Murtaugh and Riggs find chaos in __ Weapon: Lethal

Pain __, tablet for relieving pain: Killer

Tables on which sacrifices are offered: Altars

The speeds at which music is played: Tempos

__ Coppola, Lost In Translation director: Sophia

__ Union, act that merged the Scandinavian thrones: Kalmar

Puzzle 3 Answers

A social media app based in the sharing of images: Instagram

Attendant or companion in the Royal household: Courtesan

Coming home, coming back: Returning

Customer support once a purchase has been made: Aftercare

Having mutual understanding with another: Simpatico

Hop-drying farm building: Oast house

In Melville’s tale, Bartleby was one: Scrivener

Novel by Herman Melville and opera by Britten: Billy budd

Outlandish or extravagant: Frivolous

Roasted skin of a pork joint: Crackling

Sea around Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico: Caribbean

Start legal proceedings against a suspect: Prosecute

State of consciousness: Awareness

Terry cloth garments worn after a shower: Bathrobes

The fundamental essence; the very basics: Bare bones

__ Box escape; Houdini stunt in a submerged crate: Overboard

__ and ashes, a show of repentence: Sackcloth

Puzzle 4 Answers

American __; antique collectors reality show: Pickers

Annual book with info on dates, weather, etc.: Almanac

Charles __, formed the Bible Students’ Association: Russell

Courses where dogs show off their sporty skills: Agility

Current name of Western Poland’s largest city: Wroclaw

Dead skin at the base of a fingernail: Cuticle

Destructive beetles of grains, flour stores, etc: Weevils

Disconnected from a computer network: Offline

Disregards, pays no attention: Ignores

Fred __, partner to Ginger: Astaire

High-ranking naval officer, like Horatio Nelson: Admiral

Italian ice cream with candied fruit and nuts: Cassata

One who is skilled in the secrets of anything: Adeptly

Sneak peak: Preview

Sound __; added noises to create extra drama: Effects

Splitting off from an iceberg: Calving

What people lay their heads on to sleep: Pillows

Puzzle 5 Answers

“Before you could say Jack “: Robinson

Applause: Clapping

Covering your eyes with your hand in embarrassment: Facepalm

Enter someone’s property without permission: Trespass

Face section between the eyebrows and the hairline: Forehead

Family home that features in Austen’s Persuasion: Kellynch

Flat dining surface: Tabletop

Last soft glow from when the sun has almost set: Twilight

Make something better with new ideas: Innovate

Margaret __, research chemist and UK PM: Thatcher

Run lines; practice for a performance: Rehearse

Run-off from packed ice crystals: Snow melt

Scottish term for irritableness: Fikeries

Someone who secretly boards a ship without paying: Stowaway

Surfeit, surplus, over-abundance: Plethora

The atmosphere in the morning before sunrise: Twilight

Use them for cutting paper or even pizza: Scissors

Group 742

Puzzle 1 Answers

1586 conspiracy to kill Queen Elizabeth I: __ Plot: Babington

Acoustic music, e.g. without electric effects: Unplugged

An evil clown created by Stephen King: Pennywise

Exciting, breathtaking: Thrilling

Graphic that shows relative prominence of words: Word cloud

Knocked into a __, means to outdo or defeat: Cocked hat

Little sausages in bacon make pigs in blankets: Chipolata

Medical determination based on symptoms: Diagnosis

Metal footwear for a large barn animal: Horseshoe

Month for Oktoberfest in Munich: September

Sentiments of welcome: Greetings

Vicarage or rectory: Parsonage

Video footage shot on a camcorder: Home movie

Wobbly sea creature with fronds: Jellyfish

Puzzle 2 Answers

A secret combination of letters and numbers: Password

Achieved this outcome, __ in this outcome: Resulted

Boiling hot water or super-hot coffee: Scalding

Constructive criticism; microphone signal issue: Feedback

Footwear that has sparked a subculture: Sneakers

Kitchen herb that grows in shrubs with thin leaves: Rosemary

Large group of people gathered for a presentation: Assembly

Offers advice or a shoulder to cry on: Counsels

Service that comes to your door with parcels: Delivery

Southern African round hut with conical roof: Rondavel

Souvenir sent without an envelope: Postcard

Stage; policy: Platform

Sunglasses and a fake moustache form this: Disguise

Sweet alternative to wax for hair removal: Sugaring

Theatrical plays with singing and dancing: Musicals

Title, introductory material at top of a newspaper: Masthead

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baby frog with a wiggly tail: Tadpole

Characteristic of a Russian dictator: Tsarist

Dance evolved between the Turkey Trot and Foxtrot: One step

Don’t Stop Believin’ band: Journey

Folded and filled pizza dish: Calzone

Good luck: Fortune

Married partner of a monarch: Consort

Nickname for UK-France connecting underpass: Chunnel

Not short in extent: Lengthy

Plans, instructions for building houses: Designs

Plant used to feed livestock, also called lucerne: Alfalfa

Rogers Centre’s old name, home to the Blue Jays: Skydome

Shouted at a comedian to disrupt the show: Heckled

Stained, blemished: Tainted

State of the ozone layer: Thinned

What Newton discovered when an apple fell on him: Gravity

With an obscure and mysterious meaning: Cryptic

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Living the life of __”: Reilly

Begin typing in from the margin: Indent

Capital of Oman: Muscat

Card suit that is also the name of a card game: Spades

Globe shape, like a bubble or planet: Sphere

Goal, bulls-eye: Target

Italian sweet pastries eaten at Venice’s Carnevale: Frappe

Knightly metal used to protect against swords: Shield

Magical or medicinal potion or solution: Elixir

Maverick loses his friend Goose in this film: Top gun

Metal plate in a printing press: Platen

More than one person: People

Physical proof to enter: Ticket

Pod Save America podcaster Jon __: Lovett

Secret __; undercover espionage experts: Agents

Small wallaby that lives on Rottnest Island: Quokka

Someone with a particularly high IQ: Genius

Waved, coiled: Curled

Puzzle 5 Answers

A glossy publication; often found in waiting rooms: Magazine

Canadian ISS astronaut Chris, who sang in space: Hadfield

Capital of Occitanie: Toulouse

Emollient in cosmetics; anagram of aqua lens: Squalane

Improvised rhythmic talking: Toasting

Looking after your own mental well-being: Self care

Male horse that has not been castrated: Stallion

Mark Zuckerberg’s claim to fame: Facebook

Mexican wide-brimmed hat: Sombrero

Online lectures brand: Ted talks

Personal characteristics, the essence of someone: Identity

Played by Attenborough in 10 Rillington Place: Christie

Puffed out, covered in whale meat: Blubbery

Reinforcement of this type rewards good actions: Positive

Stretchy tissue holding together muscle and bone: Ligament

Stretchy tissue that holds two bones together: Ligament

The highest form of quality or achievement: Prestige

The stone closest to the centre circle in curling: Shot rock

Worn by the Phantom of the Opera: Face mask

Group 743

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Thousand-legged” arthropod: Millipede

A silly or meaningless, intricate tale: Shaggy dog

A written legal statement declared under oath: Affidavit

Bashful, self-effacing: Diffident

Feel-good chemical released by the brain: Endorphin

Figure-skating move in an arabesque position: Camel spin

Herbal drink leftovers used to predict: Tea leaves

Holding something very tightly: Squeezing

It keeps the grass cut: Lawn mower

Japanese carp streamers used as windsocks: Koinobori

Large, baritone brass instrument: Euphonium

Laughing softly or quietly: Chuckling

Lavish performance, show or display: Spectacle

Loyal Death Eater __ Lestrange: Bellatrix

Pocket knife with useful attachments that fold in: Swiss army

Sherman’s talking dog in 2014 DreamWorks movie: Mr peabody

Small progress in the beginning of a long journey: Baby steps

Substance that’s labeled as a risk to humans: Biohazard

Superhero with a metal skeleton: Wolverine

The California Gurl: Katy perry

The medical science of eyes and vision: Optometry

Work shift that starts around midnight: Graveyard

Puzzle 2 Answers

Animals such as llamas, alpacas and dromedaries: Camelids

Beards are made of these: Whiskers

Burt __, who starred in Deliverance: Reynolds

Habitual patterns or schedules: Routines

Irish nightly headless horseman: Dullahan

Japanese for goodbye: Sayonara

Meat, tofu, and veggies in sugary soy sauce: Sukiyaki

Painted using deft dabbing strokes: Stippled

Program telling a computer how to do something: Software

Set of songs lined up by a radio presenter: Playlist

Spock is a main character in this TV series: Star trek

Stickler, disciplinarian; anagram of emit rant: Martinet

The atmosphere or feeling created by a host: Ambience

Vampire book series by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight

Puzzle 3 Answers

A popular online platform for community forums: Reddit

Another word for smooches: Kisses

As a joke, not meant to be taken seriously: In jest

Australian city known for its Opera House: Sydney

Buddhist cave monuments in Maharashtra, India: Ajanta

Cancels, renders invalid: Annuls

Early movie cowboy, starred in Lone Star Ranger: Tom mix

Element 16 which often smells like rotten eggs: Sulfur

Facial hairstyles on lip and chin: Beards

Family Guy’s fictional, bivalve town: Quahog

First appearances for actors on stage: Debuts

Group of nameless background singers: Chorus

Humorous genre that uses irony: Satire

Italian ice cream: Gelato

Large cage or enclosure that houses pet birds: Aviary

Mark on skin left from blunt injury: Bruise

Middle Ages, hip-length sleeveless top: Tabard

Name of Poldark’s horse in the TV show: Seamus

Of or relating to killer whales: Orcine

Rum Tum __, a curious cat: Tugger

Site to find a room to stay in someone’s digs: Airbnb

Someone who doesn’t belong in a social situation: Misfit

What you see when you stand on the scale: Weight

Where an emperor or king lives: Palace

Berlin; songwriter who wrote White Christmas: Irving

__ Snedeker, 2012 FedEx golf champion: Brandt

__ machine, for making a cup of beans: Coffee

Puzzle 4 Answers

A small vessel for water with a motor attached: Speedboat

Cocktail of gin, Cointreau and lemon juice: White lady

Either the Arctic or Antarctic climate region: Polar zone

Fenced-in area for pets: Enclosure

Gary __; lead singer of Snow Patrol: Lightbody

Irons, wedges, and putters: Golf clubs

Japanese PM from 2006-07 and elected again in 2012: Shinzo abe

Musical about a mystical Scottish village: Brigadoon

Narrow passages between houses and streets: Alleyways

Overhead slide-displaying device: Projector

Provide amusement, put on a show: Entertain

Religious idea of redemption: Salvation

Ruling monarch: Sovereign

Sign up for regularly sent content: Subscribe

Walking unsteadily, wobbling: Tottering

Woody Allen’s movie named after his neighborhood: Manhattan

__ Ning, or Ning Cai, Singapore magician: Magic babe

Puzzle 5 Answers

A popular brand of permanent markers: Sharpie

Acts of watching stealthily: Espials

African biting flies, also known as tik-tiks: Tsetses

Athletes who keep the ball or puck from the net: Goalies

Aversion to something, not loved: Dislike

Central Asian sheep or common Afghanistan hat: Karakul

Chunky pens for writing on whiteboards: Markers

Cleanliness, sanitation: Hygiene

Consider again, alter original plans: Rethink

Direct phone number to donate to charity: Hotline

First and last name of the man lusting for Lolita: Humbert

French composer Claude __, wrote Clair de lune: Debussy

Giggles on stage, anagram of process: Corpses

Hotel __, NY establishment where Sid Vicious died: Chelsea

Revived, united, came together: Rallied

Spicy, not salty: Peppery

The Great __ Baking Show: British

Three-pronged symbol on the flag of Barbados: Trident

Video website owned by Google: Youtube

Warning signal for vehicles in poor visibility: Foghorn

__ freak; someone who needs to feel in charge: Control

Group 744

Puzzle 1 Answers

A freckle or mole on skin that’s always been there: Birthmark

A hexagon can be divided into six of these: Triangles

Antelope linked to the South African rugby side: Springbok

Bars, clubs, vibrant things to do in the evening: Nightlife

Belo __; vast Brazilian city with Mineirão stadium: Horizonte

Contract where no regular work is guaranteed: Zero hours

Crumbly meaty salad topping: Bacon bits

Finding Dory star Ellen: Degeneres

Individual after whom a literary work is named: Eponymous

Knitted head coverings with only the face exposed: Balaclava

Letter that isn’t a vowel: Consonant

Lewis & Harris town, center of the Western Isles: Stornoway

Members of the winning team: Champions

Ruler of one of the original states of India: Maharajah

Soap with no fragrance: Unscented

Space voyager, like Neil Armstrong: Astronaut

Spaceman, like Neil Armstrong: Astronaut

Superiority, of a higher rank: Seniority

Theme park ride with revolving observation deck: Gyro tower

Thrust or pushed forwards: Propelled

Warmly, like an invitation: Cordially

Yellow poplar, state tree of Indiana and Kentucky: Tulip tree

Puzzle 2 Answers

Administrative divisions of Switzerland: Cantons

Art of creatively shaping hedges: Topiary

Basque wall and ball game with throwing baskets: Jai alai

British Dairy Milk confectionery company: Cadbury

Columbian She Wolf and Beautiful Liar singer: Shakira

Decaying animal flesh: Carrion

Fabric with a raised design made from fancy thread: Brocade

Gone ! Sign to tell folks you are absent: Fishing

Hairdresser treatment to wash, dry, style hair: Blowout

Horses in chess: Knights

Light Japanese batter for vegetables or prawns: Tempura

Online local community and classified ads site: Gumtree

Parachutes for spacecraft or aircraft: Drogues

Seasoning created from evaporated ocean water: Sea salt

Shared correspondence with a foreigner: Penpals

Short interviews with members of the public: Vox pops

Small and inexpensive toy or trinket: Novelty

Smallest, most minute: Tiniest

Take in as food: Consume

The __, pool player Felson beats Minnesota Fats: Hustler

The area between chest and belt: Midriff

The stars aligning; meant to be: Destiny

Wall-hanging images: Posters

Puzzle 3 Answers

American sci-fi franchise including Mr. Spock: Star trek

Ann __, wrote Bel Canto: Patchett

Broadcasting frequencies on YouTube: Channels

Came into view suddenly: Appeared

Catholic leader chosen in opposition: Antipope

Chinese white copper: Pakfongs

Dark vinegar with strong taste: Balsamic

Entertainment company responsible for Baby Shark: Pinkfong

Initials on a towel, for example: Monogram

It ends with a period or with jail time: Sentence

Itemised desires, wants or needs: Wishlist

Kent town, the birthplace of Jagger and Richards: Dartford

Lake in Scotland containing a mythical monster: Loch ness

Like Rodin or Donatello: Sculptor

Lively 17th-century dance in triple time: Galliard

Long ornamental metal piece worn on a jacket: Stick pin

Phone brand that made the Razr: Motorola

Praise or criticism on a piece of completed work: Feedback

Relating to meteoric glass debris: Tektitic

Rise and fall, roll: Undulate

Shadows created on the face with makeup: Contours

Springing movement of gazelles and antelopes: Pronking

Support, shore up: Underpin

Symmetrical, five-armed sea creature: Starfish

The horizontal placed between goalposts: Crossbar

Thor character played by Tessa Thompson: Valkyrie

Young male member of Baden Powell’s movement: Boy scout

dance is made of partner dances only: Ballroom

__ tomato, old cultivars, often differently hued: Heirloom

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Seven for a __ never to be told”: magpie lore: Secret

Control for channel surfing: Remote

Department store and inland sea in Canada: __ Bay: Hudson

Italian dish made with flattened meat, __ Ragu: Barese

John __ Booth, assassin of Abraham Lincoln: Wilkes

Lars __; Metallica’s Danish drummer: Ulrich

Relating to lines, especially straight ones: Linear

Shrines welcoming souls back to the living realm: Altars

Site of university grounds and buildings: Campus

The Friendly Ghost: Casper

Thick mucus secretions, symptomatic of a cold: Phlegm

Type of food that’s a filling for tiropita: Cheese

Venomous tropical snakes with hoods: Cobras

Watch clowns and acrobats in action here: Circus

Where you lay your head at night: Pillow

__ Scott, who directed the first Alien movie: Ridley

Puzzle 5 Answers

70s scandal began with a Washington office block: Watergate

A detailed record of an event, usually historical: Chronicle

A device that measures how many steps one walks: Pedometer

Accidentally drooling while asleep: Dribbling

Asian mountain system with the famous Khyber Pass: Hindu kush

Candice __, South African catwalk model: Swanepoel

Cremoso cheese is from this South American nation: Argentina

Fondness, love: Affection

Former bus driver, sang From Russia with Love: Matt monro

Harlequin’s mistress in Commedia dell’Arte: Columbina

Horseplay, boisterousness, jolly japes: High jinks

In an energetic way, despite being elderly: Sprightly

Leathery swamp animal with large, snapping jaws: Alligator

Live bacteria colonies that support gut health: Probiotic

Native of Kinshasa or Brazzaville: Congolese

Pulp Fiction director Quentin __: Tarantino

Putting off, discouraging: Deterring

Repetitive; said multiple times in different ways: Redundant

Shorebird also called a snipe or curlew: Sandpiper

Talk show host who rose to fame in Hairspray: Ricki lake

Group 745

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Scottish knitting technique with patterns: Fair isle

Cocktail made with Port wine: Portbgba

Diving, dropping to the bottom of the ocean: Plunging

John __, animator-producer who gave birth to Woody: Lasseter

Listing an actor in movie credits: Starring

Looking around a shop before making a purchase: Browsing

Operating system of a computer: Software

Photo film that develops quickly without chemicals: Polaroid

Ron Weasley’s pet rat in Harry Potter books: Scabbers

Roped off: Cordoned

Snooty, condescending, toffee-nosed: Snobbish

Strains, stresses: Tensions

The only Japanese song to top the Billboard 100: Sukiyaki

They are thought to hide under children’s beds: Monsters

World of university and learned people: Academia

__ news; major story that is happening right now: Breaking

Puzzle 2 Answers

A large, expansive church where the Bishop serves: Cathedral

A nursery, kindergarten or nanny provides this: Childcare

A replaceable container for film or ink: Cartridge

An ___ keeps the doctor away: Apple a day

Arthur __, British PM and Duke of Wellington: Wellesley

Briefness, concision, brevity: Pithiness

Drawing device and style with a nib and a well: Pen and ink

Examination by a professional to pinpoint an issue: Diagnosis

Falsified, bribed, acted dishonestly: Corrupted

Full-face wool garment for maximum warmth: Balaclava

James __; voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars: Earl jones

Large speaker with loud bass for techno music: Subwoofer

Last, winning move in chess: Checkmate

Leave a Light On and Just You and I singer: Tom walker

Order given on a parade ground: About turn

Ornamental summerhouse structures for plants: Pavilions

Pastoralists who tend lambs and ewes: Shepherds

Porcine diva of The Muppets: Miss piggy

The lineage of a family, particularly a royal one: Bloodline

The study of plant medicine: Herbology

This singer was born and raised in Connecticut: John mayer

Title of the ruler of Luxembourg: Grand duke

Type of parrots known for their monogamous pairing: Lovebirds

U-shaped body of water, also called a billabong: Oxbow lake

Unattached person, such as Bridget Jones: Singleton

Understanding without the need for explanation: Intuition

Vintage sparkling French fizz: Champagne

Warn, chastise: Reprimand

Puzzle 3 Answers

A trick to get attention: Gimmick

Actors in folk plays or mime shows: Mummers

Capital city of Arizona: Phoenix

Dried up, dehydrated: Parched

Egyptian tomb or 3D shape: Pyramid

Fiendish lackey to Horned King, The Black Cauldron: Creeper

Legal arm of the Israeli government: Knesset

Minoans’ written language: Linear a

Mythical, flying creatures that breathe fire: Dragons

One-eyed mythological creature: Cyclops

Patron, Cuervo, Voodoo Tiki: Tequila

Person who neatens and washes a home: Cleaner

Princess of Agrabah in Aladdin: Jasmine

Singer Frank, who sold over 150 million records: Sinatra

Software for looking at websites: Browser

Some say this is caring: Sharing

Tristan __, volcanic islands in the Atlantic: De cunha

Tutor preparing a student for an exam: Crammer

__ broadcast; not transmitted from a studio: Outside

__ of Paris; quick-drying gypsum powder: Plaster

Puzzle 4 Answers

A locomotive; a machine of moving parts: Engine

And you come to me on a summer __: Breeze

Architect for the Sacre-Coeur Basilica: Paul __: Abadie

British pop rock band named after Liverpool Doctor: Lawson

Country where the Mamara Sea is located: Turkey

Dashes that represent missing letters or words: Blanks

Kind of Blues that Johnny Cash got in Folsom: Prison

Largest sand island in the world: __ Island: Fraser

Name for the spinning rotors above a helicopter: Blades

Not long ago: Recent

One who performs stories: Teller

Shakespeare’s longest play: Hamlet

Weighted towards an opinion on one side: Biased

__ duck, classic Mandarin dish named after a city: Peking

Puzzle 5 Answers

2010 movie about dreams within dreams: Inception

A placebo tablet made of an innocuous sweetener: Sugarpill

A priority, the number one thing on the list: Important

A ridged metal surface to scrub clothes on: Washboard

Add two plus three to a golden wedding: Fifty five

Aromatic oil, linked with 60s hippies/Afghan coats: Patchouli

Carries on, does not stop or end: Continues

Dick __, flying ace/racing driver with pal Muttley: Dastardly

Don’t __, since you can make acne worse: Pick spots

Expression of an experienced card player: Poker face

Fast food-shaped telephone in Juno: Hamburger

Gangster, extortioner: Racketeer

Greek hunter that couldn’t stop staring at himself: Narcissus

Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Jamie __: Theakston

Hoofed mammals: Ungulates

Place where horses or fast cars compete: Racetrack

Scottish hill mentioned in Macbeth: Dunsinane

She’s known for Teenage Dream, Roar: Katy perry

Star, famous person: Celebrity

They break up the pronunciation of a word: Syllables

Tree that loses its leaves annually: Deciduous

What lessons on YouTube are called: Tutorials

What the chicken did to the road: Crossed it

__ D; Jack Black’s musical venture: Tenacious

__ Orbiter was world’s 1st non-stop balloon flight: Breitling

__ razor, old-fashioned item for cutting whiskers: Cutthroat

Group 746

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baked pastry with thin layers and fruit filling: Strudel

Distinguished classical musician: Maestro

Doors of a camera lens that open to control light: Shutter

Dublin’s Anna Livia statue, the Floozie in the __: Jacuzzi

Expressed gratitude: Thanked

Hug, cuddle, clasp: Embrace

Humility, lack of vanity: Modesty

Long-necked animal with brown patches: Giraffe

Mythical ancestral land of the Polynesian people: Hawaiki

Narrow cloths down the middle of formal tables: Runners

People who grade or rate a movie: Censors

Popular professional wrestler, The Ultimate __: Warrior

Power source; can be NiCad, NiMH or Lithium-Ion: Battery

Put back together, resembling the original state: Restore

Rule over people: Preside

Satirical English painter of A Rake’s Progress: Hogarth

The butler’s name in Top Cat, voiced by Paul Frees: Chutney

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ancestry records for a pure-breed dog: Pedigree

Classification group for putting things into: Category

Dancing at __, Brian Friel’s Olivier/Tony winner: Lughnasa

Fight or wrestle on a topic: Struggle

French for seasickness: Mal de mer

Human organ that can burst, causing stomach pain: Appendix

Ideas can be run up this staff: Flagpole

Jim __, aviator and husband of Amy Johnson: Mollison

Long ribbon of sticky tape to catch insects: Flypaper

Metric unit for measuring weight: Kilogram

Minor acting roles: Bit parts

Purple flower with a relaxing aroma: Lavender

Self-__ litter box, no poop scooping required: Cleaning

Stage name of heavy metal singer Marvin Lee Aday: Meat loaf

Swedish “royal” sponge cake topped with marzipan: Princess

The Evil Dead’s series director: Sam raimi

The __, Jane Austen’s final unfinished project: Brothers

The act of mesmerizing someone to control them: Hypnosis

The act of putting someone in a trance: Hypnosis

The use of more words than necessary: Verbiage

When someone wants you to relax, they’ll say this: Calm down

Puzzle 3 Answers

Auditorium, place where stage shows are performed: Playhouse

County __, westernmost Northern Ireland county: Fermanagh

Dirty Harry catchphrase, Go ahead, __: Make my day

Futuristic youth subculture in science fiction: Cyberpunk

Groups of performers, especially musical in nature: Ensembles

Hearth at the base of a chimney: Fireplace

Hydrogen, carbon, chlorine are all these: Chemicals

Lippy for use in freezing cold weather: Chapstick

Lucky food cake eaten during Chinese festival: Chongyang

Mammal with sharp claws and bony plates all over: Armadillo

Maximum bit-per-second rate for data transfer: Bandwidth

Nina, Pretty __; early ABBA hit about a dancer: Ballerina

Peaks, highest points: Pinnacles

Referees do this to decide who gets the ball first: Toss a coin

Refusing to see or look after someone any longer: Disowning

Showing bravery despite difficulties: Bearing up

Swiss hotel chain – and ice cream brand: Movenpick

US resident document for immigrants: Green card

Utilizes, makes use of , e.g. power, resources: Harnesses

Vilify, smear: Discredit

__ Camera, domed reading room of the Bodleian: Radcliffe

Puzzle 4 Answers

A term for people with brown hair: Brunette

Describes an actor messing up his lines: Fluffing

Excel or Photoshop are examples of this: Software

Film section of clips, anagram of megatons: Montages

Influential filmmaker of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull: Scorsese

Krakens and minotaurs are examples of these: Monsters

Newspaper death notice: Obituary

Old-fashioned message, transmitted over radio: Telegram

Pick-me-up ingredient in tea and coffee: Caffeine

Poem by Keats about a mythological shepherd: Endymion

Root vegetables glazed with honey: Parsnips

Strong and with impact: Powerful

The #1 place to go #2: Bathroom

The study of time: Horology

This band is Still Into You: Paramore

Puzzle 5 Answers

1960’s solo dance, knees bent, palms flat: Watusi

Asian spiritual leader and founder: Buddha

Heated garden spa or Jacuzzi-style pool: Hot tub

In Harry Potter, one without magic skills: Muggle

Massachusetts place, the Athens of the New World: Boston

Nickname for an overnight flight: Red eye

Pink salad vegetable, sometimes eaten pickled: Radish

Producer Mark, co-wrote Shallow with Lady Gaga: Ronson

Quality of being extremely pleasing to the eye: Beauty

Sprinkler to stand under instead of taking a bath: Shower

The Italian title of Benito Mussolini: Il duce

Unsophisticated country folk: Yokels

When Harry Met Sally director Rob __: Reiner

Young people, adolescents: Youths

Group 747

Puzzle 1 Answers

A difficult, precarious or entrapping position: Quagmire

An animal that hunts other animals instinctively: Predator

Cable connected local wireless network: Ethernet

Cable connected to a network: Ethernet

Cartilage in the knee; curve on water’s surface: Meniscus

Classic TV series about lifeguards in Los Angeles: Bay watch

Dental device that holds adjusted teeth: Retainer

Edible sweet fancies, a must-buy French souvenir: Macarons

Film starring Alec Guinness: “Kind Hearts and “: Coronets

Imaginative in an artistic way: Creative

Inflammation of the bladder: Cystitis

Laundry bubbles: Soap suds

Long Russian island to the north of Japan: Sakhalin

Outdoor area to set up your tent and sleep: Campsite

Playing the odds: Gambling

Practice ahead of a performance: Rehearse

Shaun T’s hardcore workout video: Insanity

Siblings born about a year apart are — twins: Catholic

The Nike brand’s slogan: Justdoit

This part of the brain controls sleep, alertness: Thalamus

Travelling tour of performers: Road show

Victorian poet of The Charge of the Light Brigade: Tennyson

Woody climbing plants with showy blooms: Clematis

House, Dublin, home of the Irish legislature: Leinster

Puzzle 2 Answers

A tight fitting, soft fabric hat: Beanie

Country where women outlive men by the most years: Russia

Crude wooden platform for loads: Pallet

Device used to crush herbs in a mortar: Pestle

Fellow actor who appears in the same show as you: Co star

Italian canal city with St Mark’s Square: Venice

Margot __, Lois Lane to Chris Reeve’s Superman: Kidder

Martha __, the foremost ballerina of modern dance: Graham

Nicole the Honolulu-born actor in Big Little Lies: Kidman

Nuts that go in sweet pies: Pecans

The Sahara is the world’s biggest: Desert

Unit of pressure; 17th-century mathematician: Pascal

Villain actor, Dr. Cecil __, in Bolt: Calico

Webby, Streamy, Shorty: Awards

Wicker baskets used by fishermen: Creels

__ Phelge, pseudonym for Stones’ songwriting team: Nanker

__ of the King; last of Lord of the Rings trilogy: Return

Puzzle 3 Answers

Aquarium: Fish tank

Beatle song anagram of “got to cheer me”: Come __: Together

Embellish, enhance the appearance of something: Decorate

Exciting, holding one’s attention: Gripping

Face made from text, like :-): Emoticon

Famous Parisian jail and square: Bastille

German luxury vehicle manufacturer: Mercedes

He founded Tesla: Elon musk

Huge particle accelerator is the Large Hadron this: Collider

Hunting game animals: Coursing

Irreligion, or a heathen belief system: Paganism

Maghrebi staple of wheat semolina balls: Couscous

Marking with a hot iron: Branding

Opiate used in medicine for strong pain relief: Morphine

Peter Pan’s young male companions in Neverland: Lost boys

Soldier with a long-barrelled gun: Rifleman

TV series about the machinations of Thos Cromwell: Wolf hall

Take precedence over: Override

Technology that helps to achieve perfect pitch: Auto tune

The space, often at the front, between incisors: Gaptooth

This company has entertained us since 1889: Nintendo

Vital, key: Integral

__ Saving Time, or DST: Daylight

__ terrier, Yorkshire dog, the largest terrier: Airedale

Puzzle 4 Answers

A expert craftsman that makes things by hand: Artisan

Algerian or Namibian: African

Big cat that cannot change its spots: Leopard

Country in North Africa, capital is Rabat: Morocco

First to settle: Pioneer

Illustrations and other drawn material in a book: Artwork

Leif __ Day is celebrated on October 9 in Iceland: Erikson

Mythical flying horse, son of Poseidon: Pegasus

Reason for doing something: Purpose

Sanctuary or secluded place to go and relax: Retreat

Spanish tipple of wine, fruit juice and spices: Sangria

Terence Conran’s 1960s homewares company: Habitat

Traditional Russian pinafore-style folk dress: Sarafan

Welcome end-of-stage screen message for gamers: Level up

__ call, final bow at the end of a stage play: Curtain

__ disease, condition also known as the bends: Caisson

Puzzle 5 Answers

Author of play and movie Barefoot in the Park: Neil simon

Black-and-white seabird, with “William” origins: Guillemot

Built battlements: Fortified

Collection of an artist’s works in a folder: Portfolio

Covered something richly, like with jewels: Encrusted

Edible sea creatures: Shellfish

German city, scene of post-WWII trials: Nuremberg

Men who collect the rent: Landlords

Ones behind the ears and near the tail are loved: Scratches

Polish national dance in 3/4 time: Polonaise

Pulled out of shape: Stretched

Someone who follows behind, at the back: Tailender

Song version prepared for on-air broadcasts: Radio edit

Spinning device found on planes and boats: Propeller

They tip poorly: Tightwads

Thick, fleshy plant that easily retains water: Succulent

What a karate master wears: Black belt

White tiger that injured stage magician Roy: Montecore

Group 748

Puzzle 1 Answers

A baleen whale whose calls sound like singing: Humpback

Braces on library shelves: Bookends

Cher and Dionne love to shop in this nineties film: Clueless

Eva Green starred as Penny __: Dreadful

Garnish with designs that are pleasing to the eye: Decorate

Given; presented with: Received

Leaned one way, at an angle: Inclined

Linked to harassment, being followed too closely: Stalking

Making crinkly, wavy patterns in hair with an iron: Crimping

Month-long event where men grow facial hair: Movember

Name of US founding father Franklin: Benjamin

One who keeps watch or stands guard: Sentinel

Quick meals such as hamburgers, fries: Fast food

Shapeshifting human known as a lycanthrope: Werewolf

Simple, effortless: Very easy

Surfers’ resort in France, on the Bay of Biscay: Biarritz

Teachers hand them out in workbooks for good work: Gold star

Teachers stick it in a workbook for good work: Gold star

The R in a labratory’s R&D: Research

The capital city of Finland: Helsinki

To be appreciative; ‘The __ Dead’ 60s rock band: Grateful

Tropical, marine, legless venomous reptile: Sea snake

Type of orange or Chinese language: Mandarin

Weights on library shelves: Bookends

__ Club, place where Mycroft Holmes socializes: Diogenes

__ Lenin; first leader of the Soviet Union: Vladimir

__ Steve, film starring Sandra Bullock as a setter: All about

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actress star of Barbarella: Jane fonda

Adobe software for processing and editing photos: Lightroom

Also known as a record player: Turntable

Alternative name for Shakespeare’s Henry V: Prince hal

Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper: Crepe sole

Degree of plushness of a pet cat, say: Furriness

Exploding colors for evening spectacle: Fireworks

Fear of bees: Apiphobia

Film director responsible for American Beauty: Sam mendes

Good Golly __, Little’s Richard’s keyboard classic: Miss molly

Hannibal took them over the Alps: Elephants

Having sudden, fanciful or odd ideas: Whimsical

Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale had this protagonist: James bond

In a soft voice or under one’s breath: Sotto voce

Leonardo’s “angled” invention used on canal gates: Mitre lock

Person who rummages through rubbish: Scavenger

Skilled business negotiator: Dealmaker

Something that is chewed and then inflated: Bubblegum

Study of botanical plants for healing and medicine: Herbology

Those who grace Shakespeare’s stage, for example: Thespians

Toothed circle that engages with a bike’s links: Chainring

Tourist island south of Cape Cod: Nantucket

Undersea cartoon character with a red tie: Spongebob

You’re extremely happy on this numbered cumulus: Cloud nine

Puzzle 3 Answers

An embarrassing social mistake (French): Faux pas

Ancient city with Bronze Age ruins on Crete: Knossos

Build houses with __ for Humanity: Habitat

Cell division process starting with prophase: Mitosis

Cut short, trimmed: Clipped

Disposal of dead bodies underground: Burials

Eastern tube stop and Trainspotting song: Mile end

Escape __; performers who can wriggle free: Artists

Homes in the ground made by rabbits, chipmunks…: Burrows

Ian __ wrote the James Bond books: Fleming

Kahunas are traditional religious leaders or __: Priests

Keepsake, reminder item: Memento

Loop for carrying devices for locking doors: Key ring

Mary __; patented a retractable dog leash in 1908: Delaney

Obliging and useful: Helpful

Scaling the __, achieving incredible success: Heights

Someone with the ability to see the future: Psychic

This was Facebook before Facebook: Myspace

Twisted bread-like snack with salty glaze: Pretzel

__ plan, map drawn up for a wedding breakfast: Seating

Puzzle 4 Answers

A style of music from Jamaica with a distinct beat: Reggae

All __ Day is also the Day of the Dead’s first day: Saints

Chewy chocolate filling, made with nuts and honey: Nougat

Extravagance, expensive comfort: Luxury

Imperial measures; there are 12 in a foot: Inches

In Greek mythology, the goddess of darkness: Hecate

J-J __, Stranglers’ bassist with a French name: Burnel

Oldest daughter on The Brady Bunch: Marcia

Performing on stage; taking on a temporary role: Acting

Plant that makes up most of a Giant Panda’s diet: Bamboo

Principality at the South of France: Monaco

Ruling dynasty of Thailand since 1782: Chakri

The ghost in the story A Christmas Carol: Jacob __: Marley

The occupation of Lady Godiva’s Peeping Tom: Tailor

__ Land, the happiest place on earth: Disney

__ acid; aqua fortis, corrosive mineral acid: Nitric

Puzzle 5 Answers

Billy __, lead child with hawk in Barry Hines’ Kes: Casper

Clean-__, describes a male free from whiskers: Shaven

Fabric folds on the front of a formal jacket: Lapels

Fibrous tissue that tears and heals to strengthen: Muscle

Formula for area of a square is height times this: Length

Frozen Arctic landscape with mosses and lichens: Tundra

Futuristic combination of human and robot: Cyborg

I’m so hungry, I could eat __; ambitious idiom: A horse

It holds bricks together: Mortar

King Balak’s father, according to the Bible: Zippor

Kings had food tasters to test for this: Poison

Large measure of spirits: Double

Musical about Sandy and Danny: Grease

Online retailer; river in South America: Amazon

Ornamental, decorative knob: Finial

Personal male servants, like Jeeves: Valets

Poet’s ode to beauty or love in 14 lines: Sonnet

Poverty, destitution: Penury

Princess __, the heir to the Spanish throne: Leonor

Six-stringed instrument: Guitar

Sleepy, Happy, and Doc: Dwarfs

Souk, market: Bazaar

Speak ill of, slander: Vilify

Stephen __; theatre director of An Inspector Calls: Daldry

The boy in The Jungle Book: Mowgli

The upper part of a city, usually more residential: Uptown

They’re won for sporting or military achievements: Medals

Walking out deep into the sea: Wading

Words to songs: Lyrics

__ 4; first US spacecraft to reach the Moon: Ranger

__ Floss; website with facts and trivia lists: Mental

__ Gardens, Florence’s open-air parkland: Boboli

__ wabbit, how Elmer Fudd describes Bugs Bunny: Scwewy

Group 749

Puzzle 1 Answers

A passenger seat attached to a motorcycle: Sidecar

A ring on someone’s left hand shows they are this: Engaged

Accessory made of precious metals and stones: Jewelry

Alan __, dramatist of The History Boys: Bennett

Ancient Greek astronomer who wrote the Almagest: Ptolemy

Celsius temperature scales are measured in these: Degrees

Energetic Polish dance in triple time: Mazurka

Flat __; ultra-thin boy from children’s books: Stanley

Founder of Radiator Springs, he’s a Ford Model T: Stanley

Individual sitting for a tattoo: Session

Insect you hope isn’t chewing on your house: Termite

National animal of Scotland: Unicorn

Pail or container: Growler

Put something in with a letter: Enclose

Roman Catholic prayers for the Annunciation: Angelus

Sonic’s pink-hedgehog girlfriend in game franchise: Amy rose

Starts a fire with small sticks: Kindles

Takes part in, puts in an appearance: Attends

The original online streaming service: Netflix

Travel agents’ classically named booking system: Amadeus

Young person learning under the wing of another: Protégé

__ balls, hard sweets with a kernel inside: Aniseed

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__ of the fittest”, phrase of Herbert Spencer: Survival

Agreed royally: Assented

Australian companion spread to Marmite: Vegemite

Chris Morris’s satire created alarm and fake news: Brass eye

Coccyx: Tailbone

Controversial method of drilling for natural gas: Fracking

Cosi __, Mozart opera about fidelity: Fan tutte

Disarming, making explosives safe: Defusing

Fruity and chewy, they don’t actually contain vino: Wine gums

Hard rock band known for songs Jump and Panama: Van halen

Harmless growth on neck and armpits in the elderly: Skin tags

High, Andes lake between Peru and Bolivia: Titicaca

Holey bowl for straining pasta: Colander

Illusion master, Las Vegas strip: Magician

Industrial factory to turn crude oil into fuel: Refinery

Ominous, eerie: Sinister

One of the first ways to communicate online: Chat room

One who resolves disputes between two parties: Mediator

Paradise and Rock of Ages actress, __ Hough: Julianne

Person believing no conflict is justifiable: Pacifist

Propaganda, factually questionable information: Fake news

Romp with another dog at their house: Playdate

Small colorful budgerigar: Parakeet

The Silent World: by oceanographer Jacques __: Cousteau

Time when an assignment is due: Deadline

Touch up photos of people, removing blemishes: Airbrush

Traditions and objects passed through generations: Heritage

US city known for casinos and shows: Las vegas

Walks in a weary, trudged, foot-dragging way: Traipses

Written collection of numbered entries: Listicle

__ whist, basic trick-taking card game: Knockout

Puzzle 3 Answers

An angle larger than 90 degrees; to be oblivious: Obtuse

Circle of greens put on doors during Christmas: Wreath

Cuteness culture in Japan: Kawaii

Detective in Dorothy Sayers novels: Lord Peter __: Wimsey

Engine requiring special fuel, also name of fuel: Diesel

FC __; popular Dutch football club from Enschede: Twente

Filthy obstacle course with murky puddles: Mud run

Foul-tempered food show host, Gordon __: Ramsay

Mike __, Luke Cage star: Colter

Ocean containing the Franz Josef Land archipelago: Arctic

Pivotal Libyan battles of the WW2 desert campaign: Tobruk

Pixar film about emotions: __ Out: Inside

Profession of Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King: Author

Samsung’s first smartphone to use Android: Galaxy

Slanderous remarks, slurs: Smears

Stared at open-mouthed: Gawped

Swiss city and convention: Geneva

Theatre of the __, works of Beckett, Ionesco, etc: Absurd

What a group of mammal babies is called: Litter

Wine and its region from Hungary: Tokaji

Zen meditations: Zazens

__ Who, alien who travels in a TARDIS: Doctor

Puzzle 4 Answers

Actor knight who starred as Scott of the Antarctic: John mills

Author of the Godfather novels: Mario puzo

Bonding activity with eyes closed going backwards: Trust fall

Degree of bubbles in a soft drink: Fizziness

Extinct marine arthropod, often found as fossils: Trilobite

Having lower limbs that curve outwards at the knee: Bow legged

Ink that can’t be erased: Indelible

Introduced or spread by accident, e.g. a weed: Adventive

Killers, marauders, carnivorous animals: Predators

Musical and film that centre on Tracy Turnblad: Hairspray

Political group during the English Civil War: Levellers

Pomegranate syrup used in mixed drinks: Grenadine

Progressive video, constantly opening new pages: Click bait

Putting money into the stock market: Investing

Ridiculously complicated and unnecessary processes: Rigmarole

State of being unclear or indistinct: Fuzziness

Students go to school to get this: Education

The space-time __: Continuum

To miss something from the past: Nostalgia

To think on the spot, often as performance: Improvise

Tunes from different cultures, passed down orally: Folksongs

Puzzle 5 Answers

A set with nothing in common: Disjoint

Cherry __, budding flowers on a tree: Blossoms

Continuous, without a break: Unending

Equestrian __; acrobatic gymnastics on horseback: Vaulting

Having no worries, being happy-go-lucky: Carefree

Men playing women’s roles in Japanese kabuki plays: Onnagata

Ring where one keeps their lock openers: Key chain

Teetering: Wobbling

They oversee safety at motorsport races: Marshals

Warm, milky dessert made from durum wheat: Semolina

Group 750

Puzzle 1 Answers

City of a Hundred __, describes Prague’s buildings: Spires

Dishonest tradesman, not only in the Wild West: Cowboy

Hardy __, doleful-looking non-laughing hyena: Har har

Luxury chocolatier named for naked horsewoman: Godiva

Multiplying shivers in song from Grease musical: Chills

Plunging into water and exploring the depths: Diving

Products like lipstick and mascara: Makeup

She __ to Conquer, theatrical comedy by Goldsmith: Stoops

Special stand-out painting for one or two nails: Accent

Spooky, unnerving: Creepy

Wage-receival date: Pay day

__ Corridor, interwar Polish route to the Baltic: Danzig

__ Kasady; Marvel supervillain, host of Carnage: Cletus

__ passage, coastal route from Seattle to Skagway: Inside

Puzzle 2 Answers

A chart of planetary placements during an event: Horoscope

A superfood, tiny black pods from salvia hispanica: Chia seeds

Done in a badly behaved way: Naughtily

Erasure EP featuring covers of SOS and Voulez-Vous: Abbaesque

Expressing passionate grief: Lamenting

Flame __, substance that slows the spread of fire: Retardant

Keith Waterhouse play about a daydreamer: Billy liar

Kent mansion, grace-and-favour home of Foreign Sec: Chevening

London art gallery of the Young British Artists: White cube

PCs or other data processors: Computers

Person who reads scripts to introduce radio shows: Announcer

Protuberance, extra extremity: Appendage

Spider who hyped up her pig friend: Charlotte

Variety entertainment shows of the Victorian era: Music hall

Vintage playthings: Retro toys

When a wound goes bad if not kept clean: Infection

Yowling, howling sound of felines: Caterwaul

Puzzle 3 Answers

A prison island in San Francisco: Alcatraz

Architectural spaces in a half-moon shape: Lunettes

Arms of a tree: Branches

Become less gloomy: Brighten

Bloodiness: Goriness

Crusting over of a wound or tattoo: Scabbing

Misty __; American Ballet Theatre principal dancer: Copeland

On-air mention on the radio: Shout out

Scribbles, notes, random thoughts: Jottings

Team with whom Lewis Hamilton won his 3rd F1 title: Mercedes

__ Islands; Islas Malvinas in the Atlantic Ocean: Falkland

Puzzle 4 Answers

6 times the amount: Sixfold

Ascended: Climbed

Carlos’s band with a 1999 hit album Supernatural: Santana

Film-set assistant to chief electrician: Best boy

First __; book copy from an initial print run: Edition

French beauty house, sounds like lengthy hairbrush: Lancome

Genre of television where the Kardashians thrive: Reality

Her makeup line was RiRi Hearts Mac: Rihanna

Long-distance triathlon race: Ironman

Philip __; Welsh inventor of the ball bearing: Vaughan

Protein molecules that work as catalysts: Enzymes

Small area or group enclosed in a bigger one: Enclave

Wildcat __, worker action of an unofficial nature: Strikes

Worshipped: Revered

Puzzle 5 Answers

Breaks into tiny little pieces: Shatters

Call __, be in charge of decision making: The shots

Conjurer, performer of tricks and illusions: Magician

Fungal skin disease with circular red patches: Ringworm

Italian region with its capital at Milan: Lombardy

Jokers, wags, writers of farces: Farceurs

Scottish __, style of Skibo Castle and Balmoral: Baronial

Spicy pepper that originated in Mexico (Spa.): Jalapeño

The 365 days just gone: Last year

Turns down, e.g. an invitation: Declines

__ films, or cartoons: Animated

Group 751

Puzzle 1 Answers

Afeared place of confinement for Victorians: Workhouse

Archaic/insulting term for a psychiatric hospital: Funny farm

Creasing, scrunching, collapsing: Crumpling

Highest mountain peak in Guatemala: __ Volcano: Tajumulco

Immature, childish: Infantile

Jesus Christ __ by Andrew Lloyd Webber: Superstar

Murder mystery in book, play or film form: Whodunnit

Online reference source with millions of articles: Wikipedia

The seeds inside the fruit in the Garden of Eden: Apple pips

__ Festival, famous Canadian theatrical gathering: Stratford

they rode their bikes at over 100mph!: Tonupboys

Puzzle 2 Answers

Absorbent porous pads used for soaking up spills: Sponges

Actor founded the Lord Chamberlain’s Company: Burbage

At a gradient, inclined: Sloping

Baiting; entrapping: Snaring

Billy __, the protagonist of Slaughterhouse Five: Pilgrim

Colour that closely resembles azure, cobalt, etc: Blueish

Fame and notoriety: Stardom

Long lasting, not fragile: Durable

Sea robbers: Pirates

Someone who is up with the dawn, a bird metaphor: Skylark

Strut or stride in an exaggerated manner: Flounce

The Dirty Old Town referred to by Ewan MacColl: Salford

US currency units: Dollars

Wool __, process of preparing fibre for spinning: Carding

__ of the Lost Ark, an Indiana Jones movie: Raiders

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advance reservations and tickets for concerts, say: Bookings

Anything but king, queen or jack in a deck: Pip cards

As tough as __; very strong and resilient: Old boots

Bacharach and David tune for Dionne Warwick et al: Walk on by

Elizabeth __; developed anti-fungal drugs: Lee hazen

Leave No Trace actress Thomasin __: Mckenzie

Making a noise like a reversing truck: Bleeping

Miss, ignore, don’t see something: Overlook

One of the four fines herbes of French cooking: Tarragon

Sacha Baron Cohen played one who led Wadiya: Dictator

Theatrically striking: Dramatic

__ Bridge; home ground of Chelsea FC: Stamford

Puzzle 4 Answers

Andrew Rea’s online cooking show Binging with __: Babish

Auctioneer’s platform: Podium

BAFTA-winning actress, __ Bonham Carter: Helena

Disappointment, sadness, consternation: Dismay

First head of the Luftwaffe: Hermann __: Goring

Fizz such as Champagne, Prosecco: Bubbly

Flushed red in the face: Ablush

Literary usage to sweep a female away by force: Ravish

Red gemstone, not ruby: Garnet

Shaking and rolling of the shoulders in dance: Shimmy

Thin metal rod for cooking cubed meat on: Skewer

Tiny flies that live near water: Midges

Toxin, venom: Poison

Valerie __, of Rhoda and The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Harper

__ ball, fluffy, throwaway ball for makeup removal: Cotton

Puzzle 5 Answers

Disc __; radio broadcasters who play music on air: Jockeys

Huge cooking vessel in which to make casseroles: Stewpot

Italian sieved tomatoes for sauce-making: Passata

Judy __, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz: Garland

Make Mine Music is the 8th __ films of WWII era: Package

Milkweed butterfly with black and orange wings: Monarch

Poisonous plant of the nightshade family: Henbane

Queen Liliuokalani was the last sovereign this: Monarch

Royal __; grant issued by the monarch: Charter

Scottish folk song and dance gatherings: Ceilidh

Small jobs or chores to carry out: Errands

State bordering Montana on the south: Wyoming

Sugary term of endearment: Sweetie

Waist __, clothing item that pulls the midriff in: Cincher

Group 752

Puzzle 1 Answers

Combines ingredients to create a dish: Concocts

Devotees of the life and works of Jane Austen: Janeites

Engraved object that carries magical powers: Talisman

Family that contains plane trees: Platanus

Final performance before retiring: Swansong

First name of celebs Lopez, Aniston and Lawrence: Jennifer

Former emperor of Japan; father of Akihito: Hirohito

Grips in the palm: Clutches

Groaning, making a grating sound: Creaking

Hayabusa2 landed on one called Ryugu: Asteroid

John who is behind the music of Star Wars: Williams

Male kids fathered by one not their father: Stepsons

Roald __; first explorer to reach the South Pole: Amundsen

Slang for being drunk or decisively beaten: Mullered

Puzzle 2 Answers

Elias __, Freemason founded a museum in Oxford: Ashmole

Flexible kitchen tool for scraping out bowls: Spatula

Listening intently with undivided attention: All ears

Loving and friskily romantic: Amorous

Naysayers, people who analyse theatre plays: Critics

Naysayers, people who comment on stage plays: Critics

Pattern of usual daily habits: Routine

Prevents a yawn: Stifles

Rally driver Tommi __, world title-winner 1996-9: Makinen

Repeat performances: Encores

Showy flowers; anagram of pie nose: Peonies

__ and Dogbert, office worker and his sidekick: Dilbert

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adjusting a radio receiver to find a station: Tuning

Brings things into correct position: Aligns

Convicted criminal James Hanratty’s crime: Murder

Dancing lines that grow and wind around a party: Congas

Five-__ rule; hygiene myth for dropped food: Second

Hired, paid to use: Leased

Instructions at the start of a knitting pattern: Cast on

Lucky Number __; 2006 Morgan Freeman thriller: Slevin

North African Orthodox honorific title for bishops: Abunas

Not certain about something: Unsure

One who causes harmful or improper treatment: Abuser

Pasta strand from the Far East: Noodle

Pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my __: Pocket

Regal baseball side based in Kansas City: Royals

Resting on the buttocks: Seated

Spoon used for mixing cake batter: Wooden

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alkaline earth metal found in limestone: Calcium

Altered: Changed

Bertie __, Wodehouse’s foppish English gentleman: Wooster

Bread of Medieval Britain: anagram of “tech man”: Manchet

Breathing heavily: Panting

Give hope, ease the grief: Comfort

Humans recreationally returning to nature: Camping

Northern European country with many islands: Finland

Opera singer Jenny Lind: aka the __ Nightingale: Swedish

Pin __, sewer’s padded needle-holder: Cushion

Portable sun umbrella: Parasol

Put a comforting arm around someone: Console

Satisfy desires: Gratify

Someone up for an award: Nominee

Temple __: pioneered humane livestock restraints: Grandin

The Graduate Dustin __: Hoffman

Timmy, who had a cockatiel called Magic: Mallett

Puzzle 5 Answers

Allan __, foiled a plot to assassinate Abe Lincoln: Pinkerton

Another term for an elephant’s trunk: Proboscis

Cutting, edgy, sharp; anagram of ant trench: Trenchant

Every __; first novel in Charlie Parker series: Dead thing

French puff pastry tart filled with almond cream: Pithivier

Governance in the hands of philosophers: Noorcracy

Handed over a package to the correct recipient: Delivered

Identifying item worn at festivals: Wristband

Mughal emperor also known as Alamgir: Aurangzeb

Study aid with bite-sized information to revise: Flashcard

Superman villain, alias Mockingbird: Lex luthor

Group 753

Puzzle 1 Answers

An online journalist or writer: Blogger

Device for cutting shapes, holes, notches in paper: Puncher

Field, Ride, Struthers, collectively by first name: Sallies

Gothic Portuguese monastery and heritage site: Batalha

Line that separates North and South hemispheres: Equator

Marked-down, __ than the previous price: Cheaper

Norma __, faded star of Sunset Boulevard: Desmond

Novel with a happily ever after loving partnership: Romance

Pompous, useless official; Mikado character: Poohbah

Someone’s ruin or downfall: Undoing

Sons of a brother: Nephews

Vegetable whose red variety is purple and white: Cabbage

What’s left after ocean water evaporates: Sea salt

__ lamp, light source in a sun bed: Tanning

__ of Asha, hit single of 1997 for Cornershop: Brimful

Puzzle 2 Answers

Boar avatar of Lord Vishnu: Varaha

Describes different-colored yarn strands effect: Marled

In need of food: Hungry

Resumes, restarts: Renews

Reveal or disclose, e.g. a secret or criminal: Expose

Running, football and tennis are all these: Sports

Seeds and legumes: Pulses

Shout from the audience directed to performer: Heckle

Stinky, black and white animals: Skunks

Temple dancer who meets tragic end in La Bayadère: Nikiya

Puzzle 3 Answers

Agreeing to take something: Accepting

Birth nationality of actress Mila Kunis: Ukrainian

Contest between yachts over the same course: Fleet race

Describes hands or leaves shaped as a kitchen tool: Spatulate

Founder of Ford Motor Company: Henry ford

Name for newborn seals, describes their look: Whitecoat

Pair of entertainers who work together: Double act

Peggy -Hicks, Aussie composer of opera Sappho: Glanville

Scientist, he developed vaccines for polio and flu: Jonas salk

Strived or toiled: Struggled

The display on a wall-hanging timepiece: Clock face

Uni on the River Cam attended by Isaac Newton: Cambridge

Zapp __, captain of the starship Nimbus: Brannigan

Puzzle 4 Answers

Appoints, offers employment: Recruits

Feline character at Princess Aurora’s wedding: White cat

Frequenters of parties, discos, raves, etc.: Clubbers

Friends and __, the kin you spend New Year with: Families

Intoning, reciting a simple song: Chanting

Rendering insensible: Stunning

Same as GMT, according to the phonetic language: Zulu time

The God __, Richard Dawkins on lack of faith: Delusion

Those who are taking part in a competition: Entrants

cattle, red-white cows from the west of England: Hereford

Puzzle 5 Answers

A lens for only one eye: Monocle

Apollo’s twin sister; Greek goddess of hunting: Artemis

Bernard __; French cyclist with badger nickname: Hinault

Bring them an apple and you’ll become their pet: Teacher

Catalan-speaking Italian commune in Sardinia: Alghero

Comic book monster based on Algonquian legend: Wendigo

Fabric worn around sleeve, for identification: Armband

German chemist who developed the use of aspirin: Hoffman

Lacking rain: Drought

Love story, __ and Thisbe enacted by “Mechanicals”: Pyramus

Orinoco, Bungo and Wellington, The __: Wombles

Period lacking rain: Drought

Prickling feeling that makes you want to scratch: Itching

Square chocolate baked good: Brownie

Stunt in which David Blaine balanced on a pillar: Vertigo

To receive something from your ancestors: Inherit

Turned upside down: Upended

Group 754

Puzzle 1 Answers

A term for people with brown hair: Brunette

Barely, hardly: Scarcely

Dorothy __, first female to catch bullet in mouth: Dietrich

Gabbing, light talk: Chatting

Group of Mexican folk musicians that serenade: Mariachi

Holly __, played by Lois Chiles in Moonraker: Goodhead

Noisy device for power cutting or chopping trees: Chainsaw

Perfect reflection of a pattern: Symmetry

Sanskrit name for mountain posture: Tadasana

She was a spy during World War I: Mata hari

Someone who is easy to influence: Pushover

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who explores an unfamiliar place: Tourist

An event where people are married: Wedding

Dense bunch, like with stars: Cluster

Dominic __; Vin Diesel’s Fast and the Furious role: Toretto

Emotion, such as love, without end: Undying

Genre of television where the Kardashians thrive: Reality

George __, Bond of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service: Lazenby

Greedily taking something for yourself, like a pig: Hogging

Greeting that means hello in French: Bonjour

Hard worker, labourer: Grafter

Make someone feel alone: Isolate

Only English city excommunicated by the Pope: Norwich

The moving of palm trees in a breeze: Swaying

Unexpectedly halted vehicle engine: Stalled

Update with news on road and rail conditions: Traffic

__ wardrobe, restricted number of clothes items: Capsule

Puzzle 3 Answers

City of __, floral sobriquet for Florence: Lilies

Country that won the 2018 FIFA World Cup: France

Cousin of Beatrix Potter’s Benjamin Bunny: Flopsy

David __, lead singer of The Temptations: Ruffin

Feel sorry and repentant: Regret

Old term for the past participle of blend: Yblent

Quirk, peculiarity: Oddity

Screechy sound-making dial up device: Modems

Seam __, forked tool that tears away at threads: Ripper

Straight partner in a comedy relationship: Stooge

Together with hydrogen, it makes water: Oxygen

Undercover stooges placed in magic show audiences: Plants

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another term for a booking in football: Caution

Device that puts a Word doc onto a piece of paper: Printer

Exchanged one thing for another: Swapped

Forecast something based on the current status: Project

Got something deviously, contrived, finagled: Wangled

Heiau are these ancient places of worship: Temples

Inactive secret agent for potential future mission: Sleeper

Includes peas, chickpeas, lentils, peanuts: Legumes

John Cabot’s ship in which he reached America: Matthew

Lake __, Rift Valley body of water aka Rudolf: Turkana

London’s Tony Awards equivalent: Laurence __ Awards: Olivier

Sea __, someone in charge of a merchant ship: Captain

Small-holed jars for salt and pepper: Shakers

Starring role, the most important one: Leading

Vow __, pledging marriage promises again: Renewal

Wolf whistle, jeer: Catcall

__ Bricks, bright construction toy with bristles: Stickle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Backing of creative types by wealthy investors: Patronage

Good Morning __, song from the 60s musical Hair: Starshine

Grossed out; turned off: Disgusted

Group of followers around a celebrity: Entourage

Illumination at the front of a car: Headlight

Individual costs of items: Price list

Mounds made by the wind on a beach: Sand dunes

Old name for margarine when introduced in England: Butterine

Oven that cooks via radiation: Microwave

The __, spoof musical with Springtime for Hitler: Producers

Vital equipment for a wave catcher: Surfboard

Group 755

Puzzle 1 Answers

90s song and dance from Los Del Rio: Macarena

A parent’s father: Granddad

Afterword or addendum in a book: Epilogue

Caught in a trap: Ensnared

Final showy public act or appearance: Swansong

Long, thin French stick of bread: Baguette

Loving thoughts and atmosphere: Romantic

Round collar named after boy who never grows up: Peter pan

Spot for pedestrians to get to the other side: Crossing

__ boards; wooden strips at the base of walls: Skirting

Puzzle 2 Answers

Adventures, capers: Escapades

Blue-flowered veronica species: Speedwell

Changing partners during a dance (a man’s name): Paul jones

Italian dish of veal and marrowbone: Osso bucco

John __, founder of international law firm in 1838: Linklater

Legally allowing someone to carry out something: Licensing

Machine for showing motion pictures on a screen: Projector

Queen’s 1984 hit frequently heard on the airwaves: Radio ga ga

Rear entrance for entertainment staff: Stage door

Sentiments of welcome: Greetings

Shiftily, attempting to avoid detection: Evasively

Strip of road reserved purely for bicycle users: Cycle lane

__ Island, piratical movie, a box-office flop: Cutthroat

Puzzle 3 Answers

A convenience at a festival or on a building site: Portaloo

Anthony Hopkins’ Dr. Lecter: Hannibal

China __, movie with Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon: Syndrome

Hit song by Destiny’s Child; perseverant person: Survivor

Made all the plans: Arranged

Soundly sleeping: Wakeless

Tramp waiting for Godot, he looks up to Vladimir: Estragon

Young male bridal attendants: Page boys

__ dirt; deep-rooted grime: Ground in

-up box, a repository for fancy dress items: Dressing

Puzzle 4 Answers

A tattoo shop or artist’s workplace: Studio

Birds of prey grip their victims with these: Talons

Cautiously aloof: Abeigh

Decorated women’s headgear tied under the chin: Bonnet

Deficits, money not recouped: Losses

Gary __, South African golfer, winning nine Majors: Player

Herbaceous plant used in Nigerian soups: Sorrel

James __, comedian who responds to spam emails: Veitch

Jelly Roll __, pianist who wrote King Porter Stomp: Morton

Lotus-, lazy and stupefied types: Eaters

Lower leg muscles found at the back: Calves

Paperwork for registering an invention: Patent

Ragtime dance; shakes hips and shoulders: Shimmy

Teeth-cleaning twig: Miswak

The __ Man, pagan effigy and a cult British film: Wicker

To be in a bad mood; rainy weather: Gloomy

Wreck, plunder or damage: Ravage

__ grass, vegetation used to shore up sand dunes: Marram

Puzzle 5 Answers

A large and luxurious home: Mansion

Advertising’s major New York avenue: Madison

Anne __, crime writer with novel Raven Black: Cleeves

Anne of __, queen, the so-called Flanders Mare: Cleeves

Became too big or old for something: Outgrew

Composer of “The Fairy Queen”: Henry __: Purcell

Con, lie: Deceive

Edible viscera of a fowl: Giblets

Jean __ worked with Perrot to choreograph Giselle: Coralli

Marks on the skin from bumping into things: Bruises

Rectangle showing off cross-stitching skills: Sampler

Verdi’s opera with Va, pensiero: Nabucco

Group 756

Puzzle 1 Answers

A, AB, B, and O are blood __: Groups

Ancient ocean between Gondwana and Laurasia: Tethys sea

Assimilate, take in and retain information: Absorb

Cloud--Land, an imaginary utopia: Cuckoo

Fox & __, UK pub name in former hunt areas: Hounds

Loose dry particles, like cosmetic foundation: Powder

Luke __; DiCaprio’s character in Growing Pains: Brower

Margaret __; “Lady Edison” paper-bag inventor: Knight

Most current: Latest

Night of the Long __, incident in Germany in 1934: Knives

Novel by Chinua Achebe: A Man of the __: People

Rational __ theory, a theory of economics: Choice

Sugarloaf Mountain country in South America: Brazil

Q. Harcourt, big boss of Milo in Atlantis: Fenton

__ ball; sphere that spookily floats under a cloth: Zombie

__ out; basketball technique to obtain rebounds: Boxing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Roald dahl

Comedy that involves clumsiness and embarrassment: Slapstick

First-named military man in The British Grenadiers: Alexander

Funny personal stories recounted by a comedian: Anecdotes

Grand spaces for formal dances: Ballrooms

Part of a toaster that catches the particles: Crumb tray

Pricey: Expensive

Saying one thing, but doing the exact opposite: Hypocrisy

Subdued, scolded Biblically: Chastened

Tinkerings, dippings into other people’s business: Dabblings

Witness that can speak to person’s good name: Character

__ shift, laconic term for working night hours: Graveyard

Puzzle 3 Answers

A castle, and a metonym for N Irish government: Stormont

A made-up alias used instead of the real one: Nickname

A traffic jam, especially on a motorway: Tailback

Author of the Da Vinci Code: Dan brown

Buzz Lightyear and other playthings come to life: Toy story

Circular mount from a slow flow of lava: Lavadome

Extinct flightless seabird: Great auk

Japanese assassin espionage martial art training: Ninjitsu

Rigid disciplinarian: Martinet

Startle someone: Surprise

__ in the Park, Neil Simon theatrical comedy: Barefoot

__ like flies, means falling in large numbers: Dropping

Puzzle 4 Answers

British Phonographic Industry’s music gong: Brit award

Childish, babyish: Infantile

Famous park and palace in Potsdam, Germany: Sans souci

Girlfriend of the Sundance Kid: Etta place

Having met specific qualifications: Certified

Men in Black lead actor: Will smith

One of D’Artagnan’s three henchmen: Musketeer

Overnight party for school friends: Sleepover

The __, paranormal horror starring Vera Farmiga: Conjuring

To have the __, be in an advantageous position: Upper hand

Very small, bright chalets at the seaside: Beach huts

Very small, colourful chalets at the seaside: Beach huts

Puzzle 5 Answers

Blanket-toting Linus’s last name: Van pelt

Cath __; British modern vintage brand: Kidston

Friendly and pleasant: Amiable

Hans __, German writer of Alone in Berlin: Fallada

Married, joined in matrimony: Spliced

Most profound or sincere; e.g. __ condolences: Deepest

Not yet discovered: Unknown

People in the military have to wear this: Uniform

Played two shots on a par three in golf: Birdied

Professional singer or dancer: Artiste

Steals salmon or pheasants: Poaches

Student cafeteria, or a store for food and drinks: Buttery

To be in __, to have secret nefarious arrangements: Cahoots

To put under a spell, like Samantha did: Bewitch

Woven recepticles: Baskets

__ Castellanos, Mexican poet and writer: Rosario

Group 757

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baseball players far from the pitcher: Fielders

Defensive structure at the base of a fortification: Bastion

Flightless bird with a long neck: Ostrich

Fragments of metallic plastic used to adorn: Glitter

Highest profile celebrity: A lister

Name of the moneylender in Merchant of Venice: Shylock

Siegfried’s stage performance partner: Roy horn

Teddy __; DiCaprio’s Shutter Island character: Daniels

Walk in an arrogant or confident way: Swagger

What you are do when you drink water: Hydrate

Puzzle 2 Answers

Chairs, tables, and desks: Furniture

Chorus line ladies singing and dancing on stage: Showgirls

Device that illuminates the front of a stage floor: Footlight

Evergreen shrubs that grow in the chaparral: Manzanita

Hand __, wound-on material protects punching hands: Wrappings

Land around a town protected as conservation area: Green belt

Mr __, loved by Harriet and Emma’s suitor in Emma: Knightley

Sudden, genius idea: Brainwave

Tackling problems in a sensible, practical way: Pragmatic

Teetering at the brink: On the edge

Thin atmosphere on the Moon: Exosphere

Tim , Keane singer-songwriter: Rice oxley

Underwater vessel used for exploration or military: Submarine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Broadway’s modern operas: Musicals

Clapping at the end of a show: Applause

Forename of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway: Clarissa

Hired help who tends to plants and shrubbery: Gardener

Part of what a chicken laid, not the yolk: Egg white

Religious rhyming exclamation said in surprise: Holy moly

Replying in anger: Snapping

Revive or reignite an old relationship: Rekindle

Town and county in Leinster province: Longford

Trait of being obsessed with yourself: Egomania

Puzzle 4 Answers

A channel for smoke to leave a fireplace: Chimney

Accessory made of precious metals and stones: Jewelry

Applicant, participant in a race: Entrant

Chopping down a tree: Felling

Eggs cooked shell-less in water: Poached

French island territory near Mozambique: Mayotte

Guarantees that something will happen: Ensures

Harsh noise made by dogs: Barking

Moderate, lessen, appease: Assuage

Paul __; British stage and television hypnotist: Mckenna

Peter, one of the original “Rat Pack” members: Lawford

Race __ time; battle to meet a tight deadline: Against

Staple of New York City: Statue of __: Liberty

The __ of the Western World, play by J M Synge: Playboy

Zack de la Rocha’s band: Rage __ the Machine: Against

Puzzle 5 Answers

Advance reservations for flights, hotels, trains: Bookings

Any army aircraft for battles: Warplane

Bird Island’s true name, located off of Oahu: Moku manu

End a meeting or book: Conclude

Group of supporting singers, dancers or musicians: Ensemble

Gyrated like a belly dancer: Shimmied

High priest who accused Jesus Christ of blasphemy: Caiaphas

Linda __, recording artist of Blue Bayou: Ronstadt

Makeup technique for smooth foundation: Blending

Slow-moving with exaggeratedly slow footsteps: Plodding

__ cry; rousing battle call: Rallying

Group 758

Puzzle 1 Answers

Devotional letters written to a star: Fan mail

Glamorous vitality, flamboyance: Pizzazz

In conflict or competition with someone: Against

Largest: Biggest

Late __, slow developer: Bloomer

Lessening, like a storm: Abating

Play __, entertainment from Queen: The game

Pretend to be another person to entertain others: Imitate

Removing fluff and particles from surfaces at home: Dusting

Shoemaker, Miguel Rivera’s dad in Coco: Enrique

Vanilla __, stronger than vanilla essence: Extract

Working out the possibilities: Scoping

Puzzle 2 Answers

A WW1 equine called Joey is central to this tale: War horse

Banana brand with blue-and-yellow sticker: Chiquita

Bicycle with assisted pedal power: Electric

Brash, cocky: Arrogant

Brothers and sisters: Siblings

Diver who performs underwater research: Aquanaut

Engrave a message: Inscribe

Government run by king or queen: Monarchy

King __; three-headed Godzilla monster: Ghidorah

This Is Us’ Randall Pearson actor __ K. Brown: Sterling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Attractive soup the Mock Turtle sang about: Beautiful

Huge fashion footwear, used on lunar surfaces?: Moon boots

Hurley, Banks and Montgomery, for example: Elizabeth

Inflicted public humiliation on someone: Pilloried

Keep people amused, like a magician or singer: Entertain

Pitman or Gregg, for example: Shorthand

Place where bituminous fuels are mined: Coalfield

Seasonal festive broadcast at the New Year: Tv special

Singer known as Little Miss Dynamite: Brenda lee

Using finger to indicate someone should approach: Beckoning

With a pleasant taste or aroma: Palatable

With a pleasant taste or aroma, appetizing: Palatable

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alternative to “fight”: Flight

Curtain __; opening act ahead of main attraction: Raiser

Cutlery items for putting flour into a bowl: Spoons

Dense wooded area where trails are formed: Forest

Feathers __, evil penguin, foe of Wallace & Gromit: Mcgraw

Flaw: Defect

Michel __, Russian choreographer of Ballets Russes: Fokine

Stripy-tailed primates on Madagascar: Lemurs

Thickos, like Laurel and Hardy at Oxford Uni: Chumps

Wavy lines: Curves

__ L Crews; NASA inventor of a space bumper: Jeanne

__ mushrooms. small rounded white edible fungi: Button

Puzzle 5 Answers

Eggy pancake, often fed to vegetarians: Omelette

Languid, restless, limp: Listless

Purple __; Horrid Henry’s club: Hand gang

Red carpet, first-ever film showing; a movie __: Premiere

Restricted, limited: Confined

Small hand-held piece of plastic for strumming: Plectrum

Something to do, such as swimming or painting: Activity

Tete de femme bronze sculpture by Pablo Picasso: Dora maar

Tips for making everyday chores easier: Lifehack

__ Up Baby, movie with Hepburn, Grant and leopard: Bringing

Group 759

Puzzle 1 Answers

Done as a knee-jerk reaction: On impulse

Energetic, hand-held dance form to swing music: Jitterbug

Entry paid to get into an attraction: Admission

Hoarseness rendering a person unable to speak: Lost voice

Lasting longer than usual: Prolonged

Literary awards for science fiction: Hugo award

Literary gong for science fiction: Hugo award

Loft, storage area in the attic of a house: Roof space

Sam __, director of violent Westerns with slo-mo: Peckinpah

Ship tilting dangerously: Careening

Sweet dessert food made from roasted beans: Chocolate

Tiny, dinky, miniature: Pint sized

To promote a product: Advertise

Venomous snakes like copperheads and rattlesnakes: Pit vipers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Act of tossing objects in a synchronized manner: Juggling

Act of tossing several balls into the air: Juggling

Average or typical: Standard

Emotions, internal reaction: Feelings

Increasing, e.g. confidence or self esteem: Boosting

Magician, illusionist: Conjurer

Matching outfits worn by military units: Uniforms

Professional food service providers: Caterers

Rival competitor: Opponent

Root vegetable looks like an oddly-shaped turnip: Celeriac

The B music on a traditional 45 rpm record: Flip side

They protect your tables from wet glasses: Coasters

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bent, not straight: Curved

Bird __; Henry Moore’s curved, bowl-like piece: Basket

Casino __ first Bond outing for Daniel Craig: Royale

Gallery of artefacts: Museum

Greek movement to unite Greece and Cyprus: Enosis

Headband with jewels, worn like a tiara or crown: Diadem

Jewelled headband worn like a tiara or crown: Diadem

Mobile phone app for photos and lip sync videos: Tik tok

Tavern in The Merry Wives of Windsor: Garter inn

__ at the hip: Joined

__ of Ireland, a classic reference for Belfast: Athens

Puzzle 4 Answers

Adjective describing a pleasant and attractive person: Charming

Be very noticeable, eye-catching: Stand out

Close caring relationship: Intimacy

Copied satirically: Parodied

Describes herbs that are used in cookery: Culinary

Eighth prime number: Nineteen

Hair-style technique to get a beehive: Backcomb

Posture such as downward dog: Yoga pose

Self-important constable in Much Ado About Nothing: Dogberry

Small, dark spots often found across the nose: Freckles

The hairs on a brush or of a beard: Bristles

The males of this ocean creature carry the babies: Seahorse

Timber from conifers: Softwood

Using a device to put a design from PC to paper: Printing

__ Mira, German actress, Emmi in Fear Eats the Soul: Brigitte

Puzzle 5 Answers

By the sea: Coastal

Composer of the opera The Barber of Seville: Rossini

Container for burning hot coals: Brazier

Design with repeated elements: Pattern

Expressed annoyance and irritation: Pshawed

Orange-mandarin hybrid grown in Cyprus: Mandora

Runs after: Pursues

Spasm of mouth muscles; symptom of tetanus: Lockjaw

Taking tiny mouthfuls of a drink: Sipping

This Train Don’t Stop There __, by Elton John: Anymore

Velvet __ satire with Russo and Gyllenhaal: Buzzsaw

White noise __, to help calm a baby: Hissing

__ bid; first bid for an auction lot: Opening

Group 760

Puzzle 1 Answers

A superhero or villain double personality: Alterego

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are this animal: Chipmunk

An advertising plan, political media: Campaign

Best of a __; pick of a poor selection: Bad bunch

Chief support, prop or strength: Mainstay

Kitchen tool to separate spaghetti from water: Strainer

Lego __ World is based on movie with same title: Jurassic

Lying with eyes closed and dreaming: Sleeping

Pallor, pastiness, sallowness: Paleness

Putting up a tent: Pitching

Waiting in __; an understudy’s position: The wings

Works out, notices: Discerns

Puzzle 2 Answers

A glittering flash of light, or to ignite: Sparkle

Ancient rabbit-sized Australian marsupial: Potoroo

Bestows or grants a title: Confers

La __, slave ship with famous revolt of 1839: Amistad

Repurpose ingeniously something seen as waste: Upcycle

Sir __ Branagh, British Shakespearean actor: Kenneth

The Rosetta Stone is displayed there: __ Museum: British

Turnover with pizza dough with meat, cheese, etc: Calzone

__ Peter __ Paul, playground tune about 2 dickies: Flyaway

__ and Makepeace; crime drama series set in London: Dempsey

__ of Saint Teresa; Baroque sculpture by Bernini: Ecstasy

__-sink drama, 1950s theatrical social realism: Kitchen

Puzzle 3 Answers

Air-powered building that grinds grain: Windmill

An ankle that isn’t broken but muscles are pulled: Sprained

French author. wrote about the giant Pantagruel: Rabelais

French word that’s the R in RSVP: Repondez

Long TV program to raise money for charity: Telethon

Nickname for Judson’s nature-loving bronze female: Bird girl

One __, basketball box score, 1 min and 12 zeros: Trillion

Secret spot to retreat to: Hideaway

Spike __, comic, writer and member of The Goons: Milligan

The captain’s family singers in The Sound of Music: Von trapp

Puzzle 4 Answers

2009 Jared Leto film about the last mortal: Mr. __: Nobody

Arts & __, design movement of strawberry thief: Crafts

Dairy slang for tacky, corny or uncool: Cheesy

Equines: Horses

Farmer Pickles’ tractor in Bob the Builder: Travis

Financial plan: Budget

Irish for mountain, such as appended to Donard: Slieve

Nationality of the playwright Moliere: French

Nickname for posh hat worn by men at Royal Ascot: Topper

Reflector, looking glass: Mirror

Robert __, director of Nashville and Gosford Park: Altman

Roti __, Malaysian street food, sweet flatbread: Tissue

Sporting penalty (benching) for bad behavior: Sin bin

Sporting penalty (benching) for rule breaking: Sin bin

The Incredibles Elastigirl Holly __: Hunter

Tropical, far flung: Exotic

Unhurried, supine, lacking urgency: Sedate

Puzzle 5 Answers

A patriotic hymn based on William Blake’s poem: Jerusalem

Beating leg movement in ballet: Battement

Chat while you are dozing: Sleep talk

Distorted and monstrous: Grotesque

Gale __, Seam resident in the Hunger Games: Hawthorne

Luke __, who was played by Mark Hamill: Skywalker

Poet who kept a bear in his Trinity College rooms: Lord byron

Teaching: Schooling

Warning that bad things will happen: Woe betide

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