CodyCross Under the Sea Answers

Under the sea Answers

Group 21

Puzzle 1 Answers

Popular cocktail allegedly created in Mexico.: Margarita

Computer electronic circuit on small plate.: Microchip

Stimulation of action or determination towards one.: Incentive

Where the highest mountains are.: Himalayas

Spacecraft in Galaxy Quest.: Protector

HBO’s sensual version of vampire genre.: True blood

Another name for surgery.: Operation

Large maze, intricate paths, hard to solve.: Labyrinth

Bacteria that do not require oxygen.: Anaerobic

Unscrupulous tradesman.: Profiteer

A floating residence.: Houseboat

Meaning a prosperous or flourishing colony, “abad”.: Meherabad

Occupation of the fictional character Popeye.: Sailor man

The oldest tennis tournament in the world.: Wimbledon

Gentleman’s __, aka GQ magazine.: Quarterly

Vertical drop like the Niagara or Iguazu falls.: Waterfall

Puzzle 2 Answers

Company that first produced the gummy bear.: Haribo

__ pig: small rodent that is also a pet.: Guinea

Mauricio __, Peruvian politician.: Mulder

Everyone related to you is your __.: Family

Tiny nation called “The Warm Heart of Africa”.: Malawi

Fraternize with.: Hobnob

Shallow pond, natural or artificial.: Lagoon

James __, actor, filmmaker, author, speaker.: Franco

Moses separated this to free his people.: Red sea

Two or more people in agreement.: Mutual

Forza Motorsport 6 is a __ video game.: Racing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baseball position behind the batter.: Catcher

Person who confirms and certifies a person’s death.: Coroner

Center mass of a cell, holds chromosomes.: Nucleus

A long blade attached to the barrel of a gun.: Bayonet

Transparent quartz.: Crystal

Leo __, author of War and Peace.: Tolstoy

Tropical mosquito-borne disease; deadly.: Malaria

Hostile to rivalry; worries about unfaithfulness.: Jealous

Trading __, reality TV show about wife swapping.: Spouses

Art style of 17th century Europe.: Baroque

Standard.: Default

It is better to give than to __.: Receive

A bend in a sinuous watercourse or river.: Meander

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tight-fitting undergarment worn by ladies.: Corset

A __ was a common good luck charm in Egypt.: Scarab

To take something away from a place or area.: Remove

Child’s toy; dangerous desert snake.: Rattle

Clear protective coating put on some artwork.: Enamel

Helena __ Carter, Harry Potter villain.: Bonham

__ incident, Morocco site of French-German rivalry.: Agadir

A watercourse or creek in an arid region.: Arroyo

European river, once Roman Empire boundary.: Danube

Genderless term for husband or wife.: Spouse

Thin Greek pastry dough, also spelled filo.: Phyllo

A sort of Cajun-Caribbean blues.: Zydeco

Puzzle 5 Answers

Nobleman ranking next below an earl.: Viscount

To adorn something with ornaments.: Decorate

The word for 18 in German.: Achtzehn

Like a cauliflower with green heads.: Broccoli

Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City.: Brooklyn

Elastic protein of the skin, bone, and tissues.: Collagen

Woodwind instrument used in Hungarian music.: Tarogato

A large area of land covered with ice.: Ice field

Echinoderm belonging to the class Asteroidea.: Starfish

Custom device to hold teeth in position.: Retainer

A period of six months.: Semester

Nightcrawler and __ actor, Jake Gyllenhaal.: Southpaw

Group 22

Puzzle 1 Answers

Imaginative, artistic.: Creative

Estadio Santiago __, Madrid royal stadium.: Bernabeu

Legal, political drama about a cheating politician.: Good wife

Top element of periodic table.: Hydrogen

A naked-eye observation; __ horse-riding.: Bareback

They say he played possessed by the devil.: Paganini

Cinema __, film that is a homage to the cinema.: Paradiso

Fear of poison.: Iophobia

Difference between things having similar natures.: Contrast

One of the Great Lakes of North America.: Michigan

Christian expeditions to Jerusalem in Middle Ages.: Crusades

Puzzle 2 Answers

Closely trimmed curved bones of pork (or beef).: Spareribs

Brass, like a tuba, smaller; can have a second bell.: Euphonium

Dead without a will.: Intestate

Memorial and museum in Oświęcim, Poland.: Auschwitz

Hollywood dubbed him the Man of a 1000 faces.: Lon chaney

St. __, pre ER and Grey’s Anatomy medical drama.: Elsewhere

“Sandbox” building video game of textured cubes.: Minecraft

Estuarine __ is the largest living reptile.: Crocodile

Not the author’s real name.: Pseudonym

American health supplements brand.: Herbalife

Heavily-visited online encyclopedia.: Wikipedia

Christian holiday celebrated 50 days after Easter.: Pentecost

To check if the government is acting correctly.: Oversight

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mayor __, Springfield’s corrupt politician.: Quimby

Building where cars are parked.: Garage

Round container; unit of measure.: Barrel

To repeat words from memory; related to poetry.: Recite

Invertebrate with porous body, no organs.: Sponge

Mascara, lipstick, etc; usually worn on the face.: Make up

2015 Adam Sandler, Kevin James movie.: Pixels

To be scared.: Afraid

Express formal consent to a treaty or contract.: Ratify

Simplifies mobile electronic purchases, digital __.: Wallet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ira and George __, brothers and songwriters.: Gershwin

Fugu is a __ delicacy that contains a nerve toxin.: Japanese

Arthur __, Latin teacher of Goodbye, Mr. Chips.: Chipping

This element makes up 78% of the air you breathe.: Nitrogen

Long-distance running race, 42.195 kilometres.: Marathon

Island in California that used to be a prison.: Alcatraz

Something that does not vary.: Constant

Water falling over a surface; waterfall.: Cataract

It keeps hair in place.: Scrunchy

Reality show about people in the wild doing tasks.: Survivor

Sound, characters, or visual cue to gain access.: Password

Puzzle 5 Answers

Tube used to breathe underwater.: Snorkel

Bright purple-red, not fuchsia.: Magenta

Occurs in a specific region or population.: Endemic

Eel-shaped, slime-producing fish.: Hagfish

Walt __, American poet.: Whitman

Set of kettledrums in an orchestra.: Timpani

A love story.: Romance

Not up to __ = unsatisfactory.: Scratch

Doctor __, 1965 film starring Omar Sharif.: Zhivago

People who are able to break into computers.: Hackers

TV show about a family in Renaissance Italy.: Borgias

Sonar and laser are examples of this.: Acronym

Group 23

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ puncture, spinal fluid removed, spinal tap.: Lumbar

Customer of professional services.: Client

Someone who works in a home.: Butler

1960’s solo dance, knees bent, palms flat.: Watusi

Plants’ waste essential to human life.: Oxygen

To connect, to see eye-to-eye.: Relate

Berry Gordy’s music label.: Motown

Death’s walking stick, farming tool.: Scythe

Safety device in a car.: Airbag

Polished stone; glass ball used in games.: Marble

Mutant Professor.: Xavier

Puzzle 2 Answers

Singer/song writer of Candle in the Wind.: Elton john

Nickname of New Zealand’s rugby team.: All blacks

Fan worms strain water through their __.: Tentacles

The Spanish painter of Las Meninas.: Velazquez

Not made up of cells or complete cells.: Acellular

Cooking vessel used for preparing cheesy meal.: Fondue pot

One of the houses in the War of the Roses.: Lancaster

__ Carmelites, Spanish monastic community.: Discalced

Italian sweet bread loaf made for Christmas.: Panettone

A run-down hotel.: Flophouse

Greatest film director, in Bergman’s opinion.: Tarkovsky

Person responsible for where to go on boat.: Navigator

Large prized crab from western US.: Dungeness

Academic degree awarded by universities.: Doctorate

Dog from the underworld from worldwide mythology.: Hellhound

Puzzle 3 Answers

Blue whales are the __ marine animals.: Largest

Jerry __, Gooding Jr. shouted “Show Me the Money”.: Maguire

When you graduate high school, you get a __.: Diploma

Egg-based baked dish; means puffed.: Souffle

Stiff plastic strand on a toothbrush.: Bristle

Country in Europe, Berlin is the capital.: Germany

__ wrasse cleans parasites from fish.: Cleaner

Hugely popular modeling compound.: Play doh

Japanese technology company, laptops, TVs.: Toshiba

Palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain.: Alcazar

Grease __, aircraft mechanics.: Monkeys

Henri __ painted The Snail.: Matisse

Puzzle 4 Answers

__, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans.: Ostracod

Unit of measure of storage in a computer.: Gigabyte

Operation led by Germans to assassinate Hitler.: Valkyrie

Weapon that shoots bolts from a stock.: Crossbow

Someone who steers a ship.: Helmsman

Birth country of singer Rihanna.: Barbados

Determined, unwavering.: Resolute

A small deep cooking pot with a handle.: Sauce pan

__ chips and salsa.: Tortilla

Rio soccer stadium, venue of 1950 World Cup final.: Maracana

Cousin to dolphins with different nose and teeth.: Porpoise

Line that goes from one corner to the opposite one.: Diagonal

Puzzle 5 Answers

Infants cry a lot when these are growing in.: Baby teeth

Mechanical marvel used to cut yards.: Lawnmower

The plucking of strings. Also known as __.: Pizzicato

This professional keeps an office running.: Secretary

Staple of Central American cuisine eaten with rice.: Black bean

India’s movie industry.: Bollywood

Faithful to the end.: Love birds

Extinct giant shark, grew to 65 feet long.: Megalodon

Long car used to transport important people.: Limousine

What a company needs to pay; opposite of asset.: Liability

Ross seals are only found on the __ ice.: Antarctic

Capital of Nepal.: Kathmandu

He could turn the things he touched into gold.: King midas

Jingoist.: Warmonger

Group 24

Puzzle 1 Answers

Container for carrying water when outdoors.: Canteen

__ Brown and Snoopy are inseparable.: Charlie

Gift brought to a party.: Present

Comedy with Warren Beatty as a hairdresser.: Shampoo

Very intelligent social sea mammal.: Dolphin

Antagonist that actually means “farmhand”.: Villain

The science or study of the management of funds.: Finance

__ in the Sun, Violent Femmes hit.: Blister

The __ Link, TV game show first appeared in the UK.: Weakest

A closed space, usually a bedroom.: Chamber

A passage or path.: Walkway

The giant squid is one of the largest __.: Animals

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alaska was purchased from this country.: Russia

Doctor Who’s lifetime enemies.: Daleks

High Fidelity and Say Anything star, John __.: Cusack

Long romantic song.: Ballad

Connected to the Internet.: Online

Leafy herb can be used like lettuce.: Sorrel

Vertical support, usually decorative pillar.: Column

Nemertea; __ worms or proboscis worms.: Ribbon

Large endangered marine mammal.: Dugong

He serves food to people.: Waiter

The most recent item; current, new.: Latest

Puzzle 3 Answers

French pastry, puffy bread.: Brioche

Inigo __, a main character in The Princess Bride.: Montoya

Landlocked country in African Great Lakes region.: Burundi

Device used to light up an area, with oil.: Lantern

Tom Cruise, __ Impossible actor.: Mission

Cisco __, company sells networking equipment.: Systems

This rock monarch sang about a Blue Christmas.: Presley

Crustaceans in the ocean, similar to pillbugs.: Isopods

Homo __, primate about 3/4 size of humans.: Erectus

Unhappiness, grief.: Sadness

Arctic whale with long tusk on its head.: Narwhal

Waves that disappear quickly.: Ripples

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fruit; staple in desserts; flavoring for drinks.: Raspberry

Figurative Colombian artist, __ Fischer.: Alejandro

Right-hand side of a vessel on the sea.: Starboard

In a play, a member of the audience.: Spectator

Movement of a limb away from your body.: Abduction

__fish has lots of spines, can inflate.: Porcupine

Abstinence is a __ restrain.: Voluntary

Happening too soon or earlier than usual.: Premature

The Central Criminal Court in the UK.: Old bailey

Type of coding used to create links.: Hypertext

To catch, seize, arrest.: Apprehend

Puzzle 5 Answers

Form of baseball played with a larger ball.: Softball

What shouldn’t be mixed with pleasure.: Business

Non-commissioned Army officer.: Sergeant

Crustaceans with indigo shell, Maryland famous.: Blue crab

This Beatles’ wife was stolen by Eric Clapton.: Harrison

Lighter than air item, balloon.: Aerostat

__ seals have large, long noses.: Elephant

Where wealthy take their money to pay less taxes.: Tax haven

Country in western Africa, capital is Yaounde.: Cameroon

To lose consciousness.: Blackout

Group 25

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small fish eaten on pizza and other foods.: Anchovy

What both dying and living should be.: Natural

Boulevard, public garden, park having a walkway.: Alameda

Feeling when all hope is lost.: Despair

Rupophobia is the fear of __ or dirt.: Rubbish

A container in which food is cooked with hot vapor.: Steamer

One horned, mythical horse.: Unicorn

Samuel __, Irish avant-garde playwright.: Beckett

George Bush, the father, Middle East conflict.: Gulf war

Sabre-__ tiger, well-known extinct animal.: Toothed

Specialty item worn on a necklace or brooch.: Pendant

Eels are long-bodied fish that live in __ waters.: Shallow

Without help, relief, assistance.: Aidless

Puzzle 2 Answers

All things that occur in a certain environment.: Ecosystem

Russian Orthodox Church holiday observed January 7.: Christmas

Cryptid creature from East Africa.: Nandi bear

She was killed by an asp bite.: Cleopatra

Mickey Mouse __, animated series since 2006.: Clubhouse

Garment worn under a skirt or a dress.: Petticoat

Power to persuade someone to do something.: Influence

Lack of knowledge or awareness.: Ignorance

A small entrance hall or anteroom, lobby.: Vestibule

Tropical perch-like ocean creature.: Driftfish

Blockbuster based on Mario Puzo’s novel.: Godfather

Name given to an espresso with added water.: Americano

It’s the end of the world as we know it and __.: I feel fine

Spelunking is __ caves.: Exploring

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cord used to secure the edges of shoes.: Shoelace

May it really happen to one’s blood.: Curdling

Facial expression created with computer keyboard.: Emoticon

A position and form of affection between two people.: Spooning

Sons and daughters of human parents.: Children

World’s largest auditing firm, tax experts.: Deloitte

King __, or Kingfish, food fish in the Atlantic.: Mackerel

Greatest dog sled race in the world.: Iditarod

Early 20th century short documentary.: Newsreel

Birthplace of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.: Dartford

Tropical fish with dragon-like fins and eyes.: Dragonet

A death in war time is a __ of war.: Casualty

One that creates a new product style.: Designer

To coerce, make, obligate.: Pressure

Puzzle 4 Answers

Country bordered by Congo, Zambia and Namibia.: Angola

Serious disease also astrological sign.: Cancer

__ Davis, a pirate.: Howell

Territory.: Domain

Bugs Bunny is on __ Tunes.: Looney

A condition to guide present and future decisions.: Policy

Muscle in the mouth, contains taste buds.: Tongue

__ decompress as they float to the surface.: Divers

Scissors used to cut lambs wool.: Shears

To push or force someone to do something.: Compel

__ fish have wing-like pectoral fins.: Flying

Large piece of property; elaborate house.: Estate

Greek gorgon who could turn people into stone.: Medusa

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Arcimboldo, Italian portrait painter.: Giuseppe

Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift.: Jonathan

Widening of a blood vessel, can rupture.: Aneurysm

Jar or box in a kitchen to hold flour, etc.: Canister

Species of tuna highly prized.: Albacore

Marine carnivores like seals and walruses.: Pinniped

Baby transport contraption.: Stroller

The __, movie soundtrack included Mrs. Robinson.: Graduate

They are informally called ice.: Diamonds

A kind of menorah is lit during this festivity.: Hanukkah

Manager of a school, film, production.: Director

Paper item for mailing a letter in.: Envelope

People watching a performance.: Audience

Group 26

Puzzle 1 Answers

Keyboard made to be superior to standard one.: Dvorak

Chemical element with symbol C and atomic number 6.: Carbon

Largest rainforest in the world.: Amazon

Items for choosing, something that can be picked.: Option

Peter __ bought Manhattan Island.: Minuit

Leafy Sea __ has seaweed-like camouflage.: Dragon

Mr. Hyde’s medical counterpart.: Jekyll

__ Girl, TV show about a mysterious blogger.: Gossip

In finances, a __ asset can be converted into cash.: Liquid

Meal that serves as both breakfast and lunch.: Brunch

Dental piece made to replace a missing tooth.: Bridge

To reach a conclusion from the evidence shown.: Deduce

Puzzle 2 Answers

Reading of someone’s future from hand lines.: Palmistry

Disease with serious outbreak in Brazil in 2015.: Zika virus

Traditional beer mug, common in Germany.: Beer stein

Interest leading to inquiry.: Curiosity

Child sacrifice done by the Incas during famine.: Capacocha

Aum __, Japanese doomsday cult.: Shinrikyo

In business, person in charge of money.: Treasurer

Lance __, American former cyclist.: Armstrong

This gum is more known for helping addicts.: Nicorette

Annual gathering in a state with rides, etc.: Statefair

Swiss cantons __ Innerrhoden and __ Ausserrhoden.: Appenzell

Former US host of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.: Drew carey

Pasta made in solid sticks.: Spaghetti

Puzzle 3 Answers

Someone born to your aunt or uncle.: Cousin

Rugby event with less than half of normal players.: Sevens

To lie or sit in a relaxed position, spread out.: Sprawl

__ fish have long, thin bodies, long jaws.: Needle

McDonald’s classic with its own song.: Big mac

__ Canal, connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.: Panama

Computer key allows you to flee.: Escape

Someone training for a position, often unpaid.: Intern

Prawns are usually __ than normal shrimp.: Bigger

Base of Kronos and Titans during Titanomachy war.: Othrys

Voice change, rough, raspy, lower, strained.: Hoarse

Puzzle 4 Answers

Island country in Pacific, capital is Majuro.: Marshall

Milla __, actress of Resident Evil.: Jovovich

Small, rectangular-shaped gem.: Baguette

Black __, uniquely pigmented jaguars and leopards.: Panthers

Spoken primarily in the Kashmir Valley.: Kashmiri

Called hickey in America.: Love bite

Don’t open this indoors.: Umbrella

Yellowish skin caused by high bilirubin levels.: Jaundice

Predator fish from Australia’s rocky shores.: Mulloway

Enlarged veins usually found in the legs.: Varicose

Free from war, strife, commotion, or violence.: Peaceful

Small Andean stringed instrument.: Charango

Cod are food fish found in the __ Ocean.: Atlantic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Song turned into a hit by Aretha Franklin.: Respect

Wide-mouthed construction equipment.: Backhoe

George S. __, a bright Broadway playwright.: Kaufman

Baked dessert with filling and covered with batter.: Cobbler

Hole formed by the wave action of the sea.: Sea cave

Put this over a wound to help it heal.: Bandage

Papal home, landlocked nation.: Vatican

The brain is the head of the central __ system.: Nervous

Love interest of Pip in Great Expectations.: Estella

Bright red-orange; a player in the game Clue.: Scarlet

Very thoughtful, usually sad.: Pensive

Group 27

Puzzle 1 Answers

Feeling cold, shivering, usually with a fever.: Chills

Square cloth or paper mouth cleaner.: Napkin

Type of antelope in Africa, also a type of car.: Impala

Method of preparing food; preserved; cured.: Smoked

__ counter is used to detect radiation.: Geiger

House __, prisoner in one’s own home.: Arrest

Scooby’s human best friend.: Shaggy

An artist’s lifework.: Oeuvre

An official document conferring a right or privilege.: Patent

Queen Conch is a large __ sea snail.: Edible

Two-shelled mollusc, found on shoreline rocks.: Mussel

Hair style of Native Americans and punk rockers.: Mohawk

Jewish prophet who gave his name to a book.: Isaiah

Female mythological creature, Medusa.: Gorgon

Blues royalty with two initials as his first name.: Bb king

Puzzle 2 Answers

Device that cooks food by exposing it to radiation.: Microwave

NPC means Non-Player __.: Character

US salad made with eggs, meat, cheese and lettuce.: Chef salad

Plant Jack climbed in the fairy tale.: Beanstalk

A means of guaranteeing protection or safety.: Insurance

Produces, creates.: Generates

This saint is celebrated every February in the US.: Valentine

Rebel slave leader who fought against the Romans.: Spartacus

Ground force unit with two or more companies.: Battalion

Prime meridian used as reference for maps.: Greenwich

__ ship: designed to carry cargo.: Container

Someone who maintains a property.: Custodian

Draw with small dots.: Stippling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Two or more atoms combined chemically.: Molecule

__ is the largest ray in the oceans.: Manta ray

Important city in the Mayan classical period.: Calakmul

Discontinue little by little.: Phase out

Full-contact combat sport, precursor of UFC.: Vale tudo

Small upright swimming fish with equine head.: Sea horse

Skillful strategies for military movements.: Tactical

Chinese art of arranging objects for well-being.: Feng shui

__ Huston, star of The Addams Family.: Anjelica

Cut food into tiny pieces, like matchsticks.: Julienne

Puzzle 4 Answers

Western drama series based in Dodge City.: Gunsmoke

City in Nevada sung by Elvis Presley.: Las vegas

Separation, opposite of multiplication.: Division

Amusement park “home” to scare and amuse.: Funhouse

Long-handled bartending utensil.: Bar spoon

Supreme leader of Iran in 2016, Ali __.: Khamenei

Building where business is done.: Facility

Feeling of compassion or pity for someone.: Sympathy

Scrabble is a __ for two to four players.: Word game

Mollusc with spiral shell and tentacles.: Nautilus

Narrow topographic depressions on the sea floor.: Trenches

Alcoholic drink with wine and soda water.: Spritzer

A male that’s nice to look at.: Handsome

Flow of water moving in a particular direction.: Currents

Fear of jumping from high places: __phobia.: Catapeda

Puzzle 5 Answers

Post Civil War western series at the Ponderosa.: Bonanza

This horizontal line cuts the Earth in half.: Equator

Reverend __, Springfield’s pastor.: Lovejoy

Your parent’s father.: Grandpa

Tom __, Rage Against the Machine guitarist.: Morello

Accumulated wealth for business.: Capital

Sheets of soft material used for stuffing quilts.: Batting

Mary Poppins starred Dick __ as the male lead.: Van dyke

__ of heaven, ancient Chinese governing belief.: Mandate

A sign of an illness or disease.: Symptom

Edible sea snail.: Abalone

Group 28

Puzzle 1 Answers

The capital of Turkey.: Ankara

Black __, dark weekday after Thanksgiving.: Friday

Pickle condiment, or to enjoy some memories.: Relish

Sleepy __ was directed by Tim Burton in 1999.: Hollow

Queensland __ has comb-like teeth.: Blenny

Millions speak this language in Western Africa.: Yoruba

Football league intended for young children.: Pee wee

A sea __ is circular and covered in long spines.: Urchin

Reproduction of information without permission.: Piracy

Something you cast your vote on.: Ballot

Feel unhappy about someone’s actions.: Resent

Puzzle 2 Answers

Mrs __, movie starring Robin Williams.: Doubtfire

Electric cord makes it easier to use appliances.: Extension

To fall off a ship.: Overboard

Someone who maintains a website.: Webmaster

Acting on the spur of the moment.: Impulsive

Sweet board game invented by polio victim.: Candy land

Neurologists specialize in __ of nervous disorders.: Treatment

A dictionary of geographical names.: Gazetteer

Pirate port in Jamaica.: Port royal

Popular team sport in Asian countries.: Badminton

Conflict involving Greeks, a woman and a horse.: Trojan war

The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin.: Ascending

Pogo is a possum and Albert an __.: Alligator

Long, slender fish found in the Pacific Ocean.: Quillfish

French writer of the naturalistic school.: Emile zola

Puzzle 3 Answers

Popular fish in the U.S..: Herring

Cephalopod with eight arms and two rows of suckers.: Octopus

Samurai sacred rules.: Bushido

Bush, the son, got this Iraqi dictator.: Hussein

Lower part of the ear with large blood supply.: Earlobe

Place where foods are put into containers.: Cannery

Several shrubs, honeysuckle.: Abelias

A mechanical piece of equipment.: Machine

Failure to attend a class.: Absence

The most grumbling of the Marx brothers.: Groucho

He painted The Three Dancers.: Picasso

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sand timer; body type.: Hourglass

Old-timer, senior citizen, elderly person.: Geriatric

The whales that sing.: Humpbacks

Greatest figure in Russian Romanticism.: Lermontov

The state of being spread out or transmitted.: Diffusion

Main Incan deity who created all living things.: Viracocha

David Bowie, the __ of rock.: Chameleon

Work done usually for a limited time.: Freelance

A system of living organisms; a barrier.: Coral reef

Side dish from Southern states made with maize.: Cornbread

Small southern African nation, Kingdom of eSwatini.: Swaziland

Puzzle 5 Answers

Most common pitch in baseball.: Fastball

Beauty is in the eye of the __.: Beholder

Process of producing books, etc by using machinery.: Printing

On site journalist.: Reporter

Famous stock market index first published in 1885.: Dow jones

Quedagh __, Indian ship captured by William Kidd.: Merchant

Saying hello to someone.: Greeting

A fancy delicacy or small trinket.: Kickshaw

Most common type of household battery.: Alkaline

__ Dead, band that had bears as mascots.: Grateful

Place where prescriptions are filled.: Pharmacy

Anna __, character who commits adultery.: Karenina

Equipment for breathing underwater.: Aqualung

Black cat said to haunt the Scottish Highlands.: Cat sidhe

__ teeth are also called premolars.: Bicuspid

Where military members live on base.: Barracks

Superficial compliance with the law.: Tokenism

Denoting grammatical person, a __ pronoun.: Personal

Group 29

Puzzle 1 Answers

Musical instrument with a small, key-shaped frame.: Jawharp

Significant city in Ancient Mesopotamia.: Babylon

Person who works in the army.: Soldier

When one thing partially covers another.: Overlap

Small areas off walls of larger rooms.: Alcoves

Superman home planet, noble gas.: Krypton

A popular way of dressing during a particular time.: Fashion

Patrick __, France’s 2014 Nobel of Literature.: Modiano

Mackerel is a food fish with __ backs.: Striped

Equipment other than a yoke of a draft animal.: Harness

Related to the Dugong, large sea mammal.: Manatee

Roman goddess of wisdom and divine counsel.: Minerva

Puzzle 2 Answers

To actively not notice someone or something.: Ignore

Bright bird, usually yellow or orange with black.: Oriole

Comes from a Greek word meaning choice.: Heresy

2015 James Bond star, __ Craig.: Daniel

Ren and __ loved toilet humor and craziness.: Stimpy

Plural of leaf, pile of them off a tree.: Leaves

The loudness of music on a device.: Volume

__ Island, South African prison that held Mandela.: Robben

Water __, appliance that makes warm showers possible.: Heater

__ Dodger, Oliver Twist pickpocketer.: Artful

Moveable symbol to show where pointer is.: Cursor

Casts protect __ bones.: Broken

Handgun with only one chamber.: Pistol

To hear what someone is saying attentively.: Listen

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Crusoe, novel by Daniel Defoe.: Robinson

Small onions, used in the same way as regular ones.: Shallots

Latin term often used to refer to another self.: Alter ego

Marky Mark __, actor, singer, rapper, model.: Wahlberg

__ Gymnastics, sport with balls, hoops and more.: Rhythmic

Name given to an abnormal curvature of the back.: Kyphosis

Road going over another.: Overpass

Coral live in __ and make up the reefs.: Colonies

To remove troops from a combat area.: Evacuate

Amusement park attraction aka log ride.: Log flume

Data that proves the facts.: Evidence

Sea __ is a squishy, sausage-shaped animal.: Cucumber

Puzzle 4 Answers

Scientist known for lectures on physics.: Feynman

The wicked witch of the west in a Broadway musical.: Elphaba

Verbatim.: Literal

Barophobia: fear of __.: Gravity

Country bordered by China, Laos and Cambodia.: Vietnam

Child-eating hobgoblin from Celtic mythology.: Bugbear

Eternal vigilance is its price.: Liberty

Something that is old and collectible.: Antique

20th __ Fox.: Century

Freedom from vanity or boastfulness.: Modesty

Strong Mexican liquor, reality TV star surname.: Tequila

Big mouth, stubby fish that can change its sex.: Grouper

Organic matter being recycled, usually a heap.: Compost

Puzzle 5 Answers

Web __, programmer of the web sites.: Developer

Charlie and the __ Factory starring Johnny Depp.: Chocolate

Father of Liberalism, inspired US revolution.: John locke

Ramallah is the administrative center of __.: Palestine

Folding fan knife with two handles aka balisong.: Butterfly

This act involves the performer’s disappearance.: Vanishing

Vague, uncertain.: Equivocal

Wooden, romantic cutlery.: Lovespoon

A rock and roll festival and a Peanuts character.: Woodstock

Etymologically, out of breath.: Exhausted

Mickey Mouse first appeared in __ Willie.: Steamboat

Underwater vessel.: Submarine

Group 30

Puzzle 1 Answers

First name of prodigious composer.: Wolfgang

__ Woolf, known for stream of consciousness writings.: Virginia

Hector’s little son thrown from a rock.: Astyanax

Super smart person; Superman’s android foe.: Brainiac

__ theft, stealing someone’s information; a crime.: Identity

Fop, dandy.: Popinjay

Food retailers.: Butchers

These lines will never cross.: Parallel

Tooth between canine and molar.: Premolar

Frying appliance uses hot air, not oil.: Air fryer

Wax used in pedicures and manicures.: Paraffin

Hake is a __ with a long body and large head.: Food fish

The starting points of philosophical arguments.: Premises

This game is known as checkers in the US.: Draughts

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __ Race: a world racing competition.: Amazing

Large marine mammal, not actually a feline.: Sea lion

Medicine used for pain and to thin blood.: Aspirin

Japanese hand drum that consists of a wooden body.: Tsuzumi

Hurricane __ devastated New Orleans in 2005.: Katrina

Timetables, programs, dockets, schedules.: Agendas

City where the NBA was founded in 1946.: New york

Meet the Fockers and Zoolander actor, Ben __.: Stiller

A symbol of Judaism since ancient times.: Menorah

Invasions, raids.: Attacks

File hosting service.: Dropbox

To share a ride.: Carpool

School’s caretaker, normally locks things up.: Janitor

One fourth of a year.: Quarter

Dry white wine from Burgundy.: Chablis

Hand implements used in food preparation or eating.: Cutlery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Violent conflict, fighting.: Combat

Widely cultivated legume; makes a famous butter.: Peanut

__ seals are small, earless, live in Arctic.: Ringed

Nautical unit of depth; to understand something.: Fathom

Application that communicates with a remote server.: Client

To perturb, upset, dishearten, daunt.: Dismay

__ Break, FOX TV show about escaping from jail.: Prison

Person who shoots a bow and arrow.: Archer

Crown-of-__ is a large starfish that eats coral.: Thorns

Flowers naturally associated with the Netherlands.: Tulips

Randy __ one of the best known film composers.: Newman

__ Dumpty, English nursery rhyme about eggs.: Humpty

Puzzle 4 Answers

Jellystone’s most infamous picnic thief.: Yogi bear

Braiding of narrow strips, crop hair style.: Cornrows

Government’s finance and taxation department.: Treasury

Small furry mammal from North Pacific.: Sea otter

Medieval play about the birth of Jesus.: Nativity

Spiders and similar creepy-__.: Crawlies

Agent, something causing diseases.: Pathogen

Stationary metal bells, hit by hammers for sound.: Carillon

“Jumping” frying, usually with vegetables.: Sauteing

Culture responsible for first written language.: Sumerian

Father of linguistics and developer of sign theory.: Saussure

Rocco and His __, movie with Alain Delon.: Brothers

Mad __, not so festive gathering with hatted man.: Tea party

Quebec’s largest city, former home to the Expos.: Montreal

Related to hens.: Chickens

Puzzle 5 Answers

According to the saying, what beggars can’t be.: Choosers

Torpedo-looking fish in the pike family.: Pickerel

Enrique __, Spanish composer of Goyescas.: Granados

Capital of Syria.: Damascus

On the day after today.: Tomorrow

Sea __ are huge creatures in many different forms.: Monsters

International __ Fund, aka IMF.: Monetary

Military foot soldiers, first wave of attacks.: Infantry

Alvin, the __, is the lead singer of his group.: Chipmunk

Italian artist and inventor, __ da Vinci.: Leonardo

Tailor-made costume for women.: Tailleur

Gigantic, huge, a __ effort.: Colossal

Group 31

Puzzle 1 Answers

Roaming about stealthily.: Prowling

Automotive doctor often covered in grease.: Mechanic

Mobster who crumbled to tax evasion.: Al capone

Military leave of absence for enlisted persons.: Furlough

Small marine animal of the Malacanthidae family.: Tilefish

Wealthy older woman in Dickens’ Great Expectations.: Havisham

There is no place __.: Like home

Spanish vegetable soup.: Gazpacho

Balkan capital on the Danube River.: Belgrade

Tiny marine organism, Mr. Krabs’ nemesis.: Plankton

Puzzle 2 Answers

Conch is a shellfish with a large __ shell.: Spiral

Winnie’s low-energy burro friend.: Eeyore

Lingua __, also known as trade language.: Franca

beat, cadence.: Rhythm

Self-portrait shared on social media.: Selfie

__ Heller, American novelist who wrote Catch-22.: Joseph

Solid floor or bottom of the ocean.: Seabed

Italian island where the Mount Etna volcano erupts.: Sicily

Not formal.: Casual

Large citrus fruit, great for juice.: Orange

Thick sideburns, __ chops.: Mutton

Small fork used for eating __ at wine tastings.: Cheese

Puzzle 3 Answers

Group of players who try to score points.: Offense

Proposed the term “schizophrenia” in 1908.: Bleuler

Large metal plates struck together or with a stick.: Cymbals

Centers for __ Control and Prevention.: Disease

Etch a design into a hard object, usually names.: Engrave

Prolific English writer of science fiction.: Hg wells

You can’t teach them new tricks.: Old dogs

Unintended facial hair, need for a shave.: Stubble

Duracell or Energizer are brands of this.: Battery

Oral or written description of events.: Account

Vizier to Djoser, healer god.: Imhotep

Title of ancient Indian emperor.: Samraat

Waterfalls on the US-Canada border.: Niagara

Sour liquid used for pickling and in dressings.: Vinegar

Puzzle 4 Answers

Baseball player known as the Iron Horse.: Lou gehrig

Holiday celebrated on December 25.: Christmas

They cling to you, even against your will.: Hangerson

Hand, foot, outer limb of the body.: Extremity

Fear of your home.: Ecophobia

“Peppered bread”, Italian Christmas cake.: Panpepato

American actor who died prematurely in 1955.: James dean

Area where land and water meet.: Shoreline

Substance created by mold that damages the liver.: Aflatoxin

Remains of a ship that crashed.: Shipwreck

Puzzle 5 Answers

Water spirit in the form of a horse.: Kelpie

Public road through a town or city.: Street

Ruud __, captained Dutch, 1988 Euro winning squad.: Gullit

Changes the sound of a vowel, in German.: Umlaut

__ Games, trilogy of books later on big screen.: Hunger

Ruling government in power.: Regime

SPAM, popularly short for __ ham.: Spiced

Japanese gangster or member of a crime syndicate.: Yakuza

Biblical character whose power rested in his hair.: Samson

Nerve layer in the back of the eye.: Retina

Tower built for 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.: Eiffel

Group 32

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ de Goya painted Witches’ Sabbath.: Francisco

Dwelling on the top floor of a building.: Penthouse

Licensed dental professional; teeth cleaning.: Hygienist

Plastic popular in pipes aka PVC.: Polyvinyl

Sega’s final home console from the late 90’s.: Dreamcast

Pirates of the __: The Curse of the Black Pearl.: Caribbean

Too eager to offer advice not asked for.: Officious

Distance event includes running, swimming, biking.: Triathlon

Mecca of American country music.: Nashville

Wiener __, a well-known Austrian dish.: Schnitzel

A change to a constitution, US has 27.: Amendment

Papillae that sense sweet, sour, bitter, salty.: Taste buds

Puzzle 2 Answers

Croat capital on Sava River.: Zagreb

Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc.: Strake

A scientific principle to explain a phenomenon.: Theory

Group of sports teams that compete.: League

The city where Batman lives.: Gotham

Popular social media, blogging website.: Tumblr

Josef __, Soviet leader during World War II.: Stalin

All white cetacean with no dorsal fin.: Beluga

Mother or father.: Parent

Blanket-like cloak from South America.: Poncho

Person or company that sells items.: Vendor

Modest or meek, usually a coveted quality.: Humble

Ship or boat; a drinking container.: Vessel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Name of Edward and Bella’s daughter in Twilight.: Renesmee

Broadway’s modern operas.: Musicals

__ zone is the shore around a body of water.: Littoral

Where gasoline is placed in an automobile.: Fuel tank

To become in charge of a company or situation.: Takeover

Group of young actors in teen movies in the 1980s.: Brat pack

Davy Jones’ locker.: Seafloor

Face disappears behind hands in this child’s game.: Peekaboo

Polytheistic religion.: Paganism

Legal, world’s most popular drug.: Caffeine

It takes him 10 years to come back from the war.: Odysseus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Only living language derived from Doric Greek.: Tsakonian

Loudspeaker for low bass frequencies.: Subwoofer

Conscientious __ refuse to bear arms in military.: Objectors

Keyboard key commonly known as “and” sign.: Ampersand

A vessel designed to carry goods.: Cargo ship

Sports event, grand prize in French.: Grand prix

Paid time off for being ill or injured.: Sickleave

Followers of the Church of England.: Anglicans

Area of land surrounded on three sides by water.: Peninsula

Study of celestial objects for information.: Astrology

Puzzle 5 Answers

__fish swim vertically to blend in.: Trumpet

Roller __, amusement park mainstay.: Coaster

Capital of Brunei, Bandar Seri __.: Begawan

Thermodynamic variables as temperature.: Entropy

The end of a marriage.: Divorce

Ultimate goal in NHL, __ Cup.: Stanley

__ Millionaire, won the Oscar in 2009.: Slumdog

To violently burst, fly into pieces, break up.: Explode

Purchase at less than usual cost.: Bargain

Dom __, actor, comedian, chef, director.: Deluise

Plant with large, dark green leaves.: Spinach

Rubber container filled with helium or air.: Balloon

Female cone shaped hairstyle aka B-52.: Beehive

Room or area where food is prepared and cooked.: Kitchen

Arabic mathematical system.: Algebra

Someone who sells items in the street.: Peddler

Lower part of a river where it meets the sea.: Estuary

Group 33

Puzzle 1 Answers

Google’s parent company.: Alphabet

Tracks that trains run on.: Railroad

Game of vertical tiles and physical questions.: Guess who

Small mammal known for curling up in a ball.: Hedgehog

Ocean surrounding Antarctica.: Southern

Singer known for her bizarre sense of fashion.: Lady gaga

Oceanic trench noted for its very abrupt slope.: Kermadec

Single handed axe, long range missile.: Tomahawk

Pain in the head, many causes.: Headache

Resist change stubbornly.: Stand pat

A certain feline who hates Mondays.: Garfield

Comes from Greek words for bad and star.: Disaster

Puzzle 2 Answers

Holy __, sacrament for bishops, priests, deacons.: Orders

A sight for sore eyes.: Eyeful

Square root of 144.: Twelve

__ Nyong’o, won an Oscar for 12 Years a Slave.: Lupita

Robinson __, Daniel Defoe novel about shipwreck.: Crusoe

13 instead of 12 units round up a dozen for __.: Bakers

Former rebel who became Zimbabwe’s head of state.: Mugabe

Steve Carell and Ricky Gervais starred in The __.: Office

Planet with a distinct ring around it.: Saturn

Largest mammals in the world.: Whales

Brian May’s musical instrument.: Guitar

Cuban cocktail of white rum and lime juice.: Mojito

Short female hair style cut at the jaw.: Bob cut

Arid, bare region with little rain or vegetation.: Desert

Evening meal you might have with a loved one.: Dinner

To offer counsel, opinion, suggestions.: Advise

Puzzle 3 Answers

First Latin American pope.: Francis

Being or seeming to be without limits.: Endless

Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __.: Stripes

Someone who carries luggage to people’s rooms.: Bellhop

Pirate known as Black Sam.: Bellamy

Diabolical boiled egg dish.: Deviled

In mythology she is linked to a box.: Pandora

Etiquette blunder, embarassing social mistake.: Faux pas

Copper, Box, Grand and Todra.: Canyons

Decree, declare, pronounce formally.: Adjudge

__ Endearment, won the Academy Awards in 1984.: Terms of

Puzzle 4 Answers

Devoted love, worship.: Adoration

Jason was the Commander of the __.: Argonauts

Unexpected piece of news.: Bombshell

Fictional Brit spy better known by three digits.: James bond

Large fish known for its teeth and aggression.: Barracuda

A box of matches, in days of yore.: Vesta case

Typical Irish food made with sodium bicarbonate.: Soda bread

Your handwritten name on a line.: Signature

Cosmetic designed to remove dead skin.: Exfoliant

Russian instrument, triangle with guitar neck.: Balalaika

Captain Scott’s Antarctic ship.: Terra nova

Renovate, upgrade.: Refurbish

Lines of longitude.: Meridians

Puzzle 5 Answers

Firefox was developed by this company.: Mozilla

Game knocking balls through metal wickets.: Croquet

Bucharest is the capital of __.: Romania

Large crustacean, two claws, dish in US.: Lobster

Similar to a frying pan.: Skillet

Feature for comfort, pleasure, convenience.: Amenity

Breakwater, groyne.: Seawall

Time between flights before final destination.: Layover

A messenger who transports goods or documents.: Courier

Persian painter from Isfahan, __ Farshchian.: Mahmoud

Low-pitched wind instrument.: Bassoon

Group 34

Puzzle 1 Answers

Men’s formal wear, usually black pants and jacket.: Tuxedo

__ Kingdom, Disney’s nature park, zoo.: Animal

Attests who you are.: Id card

Whaler ship featured in Moby-Dick.: Pequod

Anagram of finder.: Friend

Home of Norsemen and “Nobel” men.: Sweden

Land plowed and left alone for a season.: Fallow

Mozzarella __, fried US snack to dip in sauce.: Sticks

Protective covering for the head.: Helmet

Solid surface to stand on; land, Earth.: Ground

JP __, investment bank with long history.: Morgan

Jamie __, British celebrity chef; The Naked Chef.: Oliver

2016 slang for hard core, badass.: Savage

Felix __ , animated series about a black feline.: The cat

Women singing in the sea.: Sirens

Puzzle 2 Answers

Second president of Indonesia, created a New Order.: Suharto

Jawless fish, eel like, sucks blood from animals.: Lamprey

Milk powder comes in chocolate and strawberry.: Nesquik

Feverish condition.: Pyrexia

Shows open contempt for the law.: Flouter

Travelling for pleasure.: Tourism

Means of transportation with two wheels.: Bicycle

One __ and One Dalmatians, a Disney animation.: Hundred

Homo __, modern humans.: Sapiens

Short but comprehensive explanation.: Concise

Thick as __.: Thieves

Puzzle 3 Answers

The __ Zone, TV show consisting of various tales.: Twilight

Channel where a river flows, or has flowed.: Riverbed

“Juiced” eel you don’t want to touch.: Electric

For a kid, the sound a train makes.: Choo choo

Fear of being tied up is __phobia.: Merintho

The act of looking out for the welfare of others.: Altruism

__ Kant, renowned German philosopher.: Immanuel

Recurrent headache that is often very painful.: Migraine

__ Buddha is especially lucky for wealth.: Laughing

Travel book that is technically government property.: Passport

Christian group that celebrates Christmas in January.: Orthodox

This band’s lead singer married Gwyneth Paltrow.: Coldplay

In IP address, the P stands for Internet __.: Protocol

Competed for the first time at the 2016 Olympics.: Refugees

Hope __ makes the heart sick.: Deferred

Puzzle 4 Answers

Male leader of a committee or board.: Chairman

Famous undersea explorer succeded by his son.: Cousteau

Cloth or plastic strips to cover a wound.: Bandages

Same as boldface.: Fullface

Brown spice used in baking, drinks, and desserts.: Cinnamon

Someone in charge of renting places.: Landlord

Frequent visitors.: Habitués

Chemical element meaning heavy stone in Swedish.: Tungsten

2016 slang for really good, on point.: Snatched

Dress with small shoulder straps; worn in summer.: Sundress

Close combat between armed aircraft.: Dogfight

This computer key gives you room to breathe.: Spacebar

Land along the sea or ocean.: Seashore

Long necked lute from modern Greece.: Bouzouki

Puzzle 5 Answers

Leader of the Tibetan Buddhists.: Dalai lama

Doctor’s identification of an illness, disease.: Diagnosis

Very large indeed.: Humongous

Prominent US author from 1920s, Lost Generation.: Hemingway

Organ of a worm or spider emitting silk.: Spinneret

Opposite of a dictatorship.: Democracy

The outermost part of the Earth’s atmosphere.: Exosphere

Works with law but not in the level of a lawyer.: Paralegal

Doubts, questions, dubitates.: Hesitates

Sea between India, Maldives, Lakshadweep.: Laccadive

Generic, adaptable.: Universal

Supply needed for a specific purpose.: Equipment

Burn scented oils aka diffusers.: Aroma lamp

Wife of pharaoh who started a revolution in Egypt.: Nefertiti

Something that is unclear, not exact.: Ambiguous

Founder of Ford Motor Company.: Henry ford

Raw material, crop bought and sold.: Commodity

70s romantic comedy starring Allen and Keaton.: Annie hall

Overall; made usually of blue denim.: Dungarees

Group 35

Puzzle 1 Answers

Reluctant to give or spend; hoarding.: Stingy

Beach currency, Sand __.: Dollar

Rules that dictate the structure of sentences.: Syntax

__ Private Ryan, WWII drama directed by Spielberg.: Saving

TV show centered in a hip-hop company.: Empire

Largest city in the Bahamas.: Nassau

Reanimated corpse that feeds on human flesh.: Zombie

Item worn by babies on their rears.: Diaper

Akinetic means loss of __ ability to move muscles.: Normal

Verb meaning to modify something to increase power.: Soup up

Puzzle 2 Answers

Circus act with muscular performer.: Strong man

Shiitake and Portobello are edible types of __.: Mushrooms

Sport where balls are thrown and must be avoided.: Dodgeball

Ergophobia is the fear of the __.: Workplace

Received money after a loved one’s passing.: Inherited

Formal word for the term pirate.: Buccaneer

Chronic liver damage, result of alcoholism.: Cirrhosis

Sea monster referred in the Old Testament.: Leviathan

Deputy sheriff, gunslinger at the O.K. Corral.: Wyatt earp

A yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel.: Catamaran

Last name of the main character in Star Wars.: Skywalker

Puzzle 3 Answers

A well-known native-American tribe.: Cheyenne

Study of soil, natural environment.: Pedology

Viral infection that causes a painful rash.: Shingles

__ and Cheese, Thomas Jefferson’s favorite meal.: Macaroni

Winged creature that comes alive from stone.: Gargoyle

Small unimportant details.: Minutiae

Ball game similar to baseball.: Rounders

Agatha __, also known as the Queen of Crime.: Christie

Written piece of information.: Document

Long and narrow land next to the ocean.: Seacoast

British city best known for its Cathedral.: Coventry

Person who buys goods and services.: Consumer

Made of clay that has been hardened by heat.: Ceramics

Have eased worry or anxiety.: Relieved

Olive __ is an extremely venomous swimming serpent.: Sea snake

A room or compartment with a toilet and washbasin.: Lavatory

Puzzle 4 Answers

Biggest ocean on the planet.: Pacific

Medium-sized cat with beautiful spots.: Leopard

The __, launched Donny and Marie’s careers.: Osmonds

King Arthur’s castle, court.: Camelot

George __, won an Oscar for Syriana.: Clooney

To convict, sentence.: Condemn

To afflict with great bodily or mental suffering.: Torment

Council for advising a leader on a topic.: Cabinet

Large wave caused by underwater earthquake.: Tsunami

Charles __, notable writer of the Victorian era.: Dickens

Long upper bone in your arm, above the elbow.: Humerus

Equipped with talent or quality; money, resources.: Endowed

That’s how Moses crossed the Red Sea.: Dryshod

Magical influence; to bewitch an item.: Enchant

Someone who has a deep knowledge of a subject.: Scholar

Legume used to make milk for those allergic.: Soybean

Puzzle 5 Answers

Famous recording studio located in London.: Abbey road

Large ship used to carry oil.: Oiltanker

To make someone feel self-conscious.: Embarrass

Morpheus in The Matrix; CSI actor, Laurence __.: Fishburne

Cakes with icing, example is Twinkies.: Snack cake

A person who works with books.: Librarian

Don’t forget this tool when drinking wine.: Corkscrew

Study of sound, mechanical waves.: Acoustics

Title of an important Islamic cleric in Iran.: Ayatollah

Post Carnival celebration Ash __.: Wednesday

Group 36

Puzzle 1 Answers

Hero who killed the Minotaur.: Theseus

To care for a child while parents are away.: Babysit

Large, pale antelopes from North Africa.: Addaxes

The mysterious final word of Charles Foster Kane.: Rosebud

To cheer, clap; show approval or praise.: Applaud

Gem-quality olivine.: Peridot

Item with lenses worn on the nose to see better.: Glasses

Fear of __ is kopophobia.: Fatigue

Someone torn by an inner conflict.: Agonist

Simon and Garfunkel paradoxical song, Sound of __.: Silence

A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean.: Iceberg

A term for newspaper, The Phoenix __.: Gazette

Item or service a business offers.: Product

African leader was jailed for 27 years.: Mandela

Kitchen utensil to mix ingredients in high speed.: Blender

Puzzle 2 Answers

Italian word for writings on walls.: Graffiti

Colombo is the commercial capital of __.: Sri lanka

US car brand now controlled by Fiat.: Chrysler

The Texas __ Massacre, a cult horror movie.: Chainsaw

Don’t cut the bough you are __ on.: Standing

A piece of garment used by women.: Lingerie

Venomous sea animal, covered in stripes and spines.: Lionfish

Folk string instrument, played with a hammer.: Dulcimer

Clean, sharp edged cut; usually surgical.: Incision

Protective covering found on mollusks.: Seashell

Puzzle 3 Answers

Constitution, character, complexion, personality.: Nature

Sufficient amount for the purpose needed.: Enough

Bowler’s first goal; all ten pins in one roll.: Strike

Shrunken cucumber with a sour taste.: Pickle

Large white dog breed native to Turkey.: Akbash

Professional whose fingers travel 12.6 miles a day.: Typist

Related to the smallest component of an element.: Atomic

Arabic title; elder of a tribe.: Sheikh

Easing of pain, distress or worry.: Relief

Lily-livered, fearful.: Craven

Clear space around printed words.: Margin

Haley Joel __, actor in The Sixth Sense and Sex Ed.: Osment

Double-breasted jacket worn by sailors.: Reefer

Between first and third.: Second

Apple makes the __, iPad, and Mac computers.: Iphone

Wooden statue of a Greek deity.: Xoanon

A boat carrying passengers to a larger ship.: Tender

Crowded Taiwanese headquarters.: Taipei

Something expensive, high priced, lavish.: Costly

Demonophobia is the fear of evil __.: Demons

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sperm whales.: Cachalots

One type of dog training.: Obedience

Ancient Egypt history is divided into 31 of them.: Dynasties

Profession whose word origin means “star sailor”.: Astronaut

Jamaican speedster gold in Rio, London and Beijing.: Usain bolt

Exacerbate: to make a medical __ worse.: Condition

Later learners or bloomers.: Opsimaths

Special way of doing something; a skill.: Technique

Aquatic animal considered the largest on Earth.: Blue whale

Most common flower; also a breakfast drink.: Carnation

The capital of Palau.: Ngerulmud

Corrosive resistant element used in biomedicine.: Zirconium

Orson __, known for the sci-fi series Ender’s Game.: Scott card

Puzzle 5 Answers

Small bone at the bottom of the spine.: Coccyx

Aura that surrounds the sun and other stars.: Corona

Native American name for the blackfish.: Tautog

Substitute “baby” for “Jesus” in this music genre.: Gospel

Martin__, translated the Bible to German.: Luther

Devices used to stop a car.: Brakes

Ten years.: Decade

Etch a __, draw and then shake to draw again.: Sketch

Person who boats for pleasure.: Boater

The order that players are up to bat in baseball.: Lineup

Old time infantry firearm.: Musket

Group 37

Puzzle 1 Answers

Saltwater fish; food favorite.: Haddock

Strong insult, offense; extreme disgust.: Outrage

Legume plant with blue-purple flowers.: Alfalfa

Songs written for company commercials.: Jingles

Too deep in the sea for sunlight to reach.: Aphotic

Penelope Cruz, first __ actress to win an Oscar.: Spanish

What pompous people’s chests are like.: Stuffed

__ Finch, a Gregory Peck character.: Atticus

A section of a book, usually medium in length.: Passage

Robin Hood Olympic sport.: Archery

Puzzle 2 Answers

Four __ and a Funeral, a British comedy.: Weddings

Between ages 13 and 19.: Teenager

A little pause from work or exercise.: Breather

1st cruise ship to sink in Antarctic Ocean (2007).: Explorer

Leading GMO research company.: Monsanto

Salsa, bachata, waltz, tango.: Merengue

Jerusalem artichoke.: Girasole

The __ whale is one of the largest whale species.: Humpback

Brain __ is considered delicacy in Scandinavia.: Mushroom

Intelligence __ is decided by Stanford Binet scale.: Quotient

Former word for psychologist, from Latin & French.: Alienist

Four __, messengers of the Apocalypse.: Horsemen

Island nation of tiny people depicted in a book.: Lilliput

Social media website founded by Mark Zuckerberg.: Facebook

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.: Simpsons

Venetian lagoon island linked to Daphne du Maurier.: Torcello

Puzzle 3 Answers

Large and bright constellation listed by Ptolemy.: Centaurus

The land of the Philistines.: Philistia

Super fast vehicle; also used in races.: Sportscar

Ordained minister, member of the clergy.: Clergyman

Ship on which James Cook sailed to Australia.: Endeavour

Regular profit payments to shareholders.: Dividends

Greek goddess of love and desire.: Aphrodite

Type of water in the ocean; not fresh.: Saltwater

Unknown.: Anonymous

Looks like a person; set up to frighten birds.: Scarecrow

Puzzle 4 Answers

Time __: placing items to dig up in the future.: Capsule

Maya __, US actress of Bridesmaids.: Rudolph

Delete, erase.: Expunge

Dreamland.: Fantasy

One cannot make smoke __ fire.: Without

A high-ranking military member.: General

Tumor of the nerve tissue.: Neuroma

Poisonous gas containing carbon and nitrogen.: Cyanide

Dante’s hell with nine circles of suffering.: Inferno

Generous actions or donations to the needy.: Charity

Voodoo priest in Haiti.: Houngan

These type of novels are full of pictures.: Graphic

They used to infest the Caribbean Seas.: Pirates

Tomb of the __ Soldier.: Unknown

Respiratory tract that sends air to the lungs.: Bronchi

Ancient solar clock.: Sundial

Friendly, agreeable.: Amiable

Algae that grows in the sea.: Seaweed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baby pig.: Piglet

Unlike anything else out there.: Unique

Grim __, personification of death.: Reaper

__ and Her Sisters, a film by Woody Allen.: Hannah

Sharp taste or smell; not sweet or salty.: Bitter

Substance that can damage organs and cause death.: Poison

Blacque __ Shellacque is a Looney Toon villain.: Jacque

Gestures, words and objects set by tradition.: Ritual

Crustacean with long body and tiny legs.: Shrimp

Grass field in a forest; large pasture.: Meadow

Group 38

Puzzle 1 Answers

Capital of Pakistan.: Islamabad

Edible snails, often on a French menu.: Escargots

Electrolysis is __ hair and root removal.: Permanent

Irregular soldiers that don’t follow rules.: Guerrilla

Can be verified by observation or logic.: Empirical

Almost certainly; highly probable.: Doubtless

Big seabird with the largest wingspans.: Albatross

Renaissance and Baroque dance type.: Allemande

Armed ship privately owned; hired to fight.: Privateer

Jedi played by Samuel L Jackson in Star Wars.: Mace windu

Puzzle 2 Answers

Something related to the sea or ships.: Maritime

Abhorred, detested.: Anathema

Letter pad on computers; can be found on a piano.: Keyboard

Crystalline form of aluminium oxide.: Corundum

Caliphate founded in the Arabian Peninsula in 632.: Rashidun

Flowers on a tree.: Blossoms

Beta, test version of a nearly __ product.: Finished

Produces digestive hormones including insulin.: Pancreas

A group of military aircrafts.: Squadron

Only this woman could love her demonic baby.: Rosemary

Money comes easily from it.: Milch cow

Ben __ won an Oscar for playing Gandhi.: Kingsley

Masonic group that wear fezzes and runs hospitals.: Shriners

Monstrous reptile with magical powers.: Basilisk

Irukandji is a tiny __ jellyfish from Australia.: Venomous

Large estate, used for farming or ranching.: Hacienda

Puzzle 3 Answers

The most famous Pokemon.: Pikachu

American Nobel Prize winning economist.: Krugman

Place on a website where you find old news.: Archive

__ Trench, deepest known part of the ocean.: Mariana

Michael Phelps is a retired __.: Swimmer

Breed of cat known for its size and calm attitude.: Ragdoll

Regarding something with esteem, love, honor.: Adoring

To prorogue, recess, suspend.: Adjourn

Large scale rotating air mass.: Cyclone

The usual time when someone sleeps.: Bedtime

Exaggerated movement.: Flounce

Rapid, brisk tempo.: Allegro

Mental disorder of two halves.: Bipolar

Gigantic tentacular monster created by Lovecraft.: Cthulhu

Flat heated surface found in restaurant kitchens.: Griddle

Geometric shape with nine sides.: Nonagon

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet.: Euphotic

Capital of Paraguay.: Asunción

Spend the summer in a torpid state.: Estivate

The act of cooking in simmering liquid.: Poaching

Intertwined sticks hold up marbles in this game.: Kerplunk

Max __, false identity used to deposit stolen gold.: Heiliger

Lighthearted, fun social news website.: Buzzfeed

Yellow fish friend of Ariel in Little Mermaid.: Flounder

Sir and one of the Knights of the Round Table.: Lancelot

Series of games to determine a championship.: Playoffs

Remnants.: Oddments

Below your hair, above your eyes.: Forehead

Free, exaggerated and highly energetic street dance.: Krumping

Christmas season house-to-house singing.: Caroling

HBO’s mafia series with Gandolfini.: Sopranos

Word seen same when upside down, like “swims”.: Ambigram

Anagram of oriental.: Relation

San Francisco transport.: Cable car

Puzzle 5 Answers

Public auction.: Vendue

Existing right now; physically being there.: Actual

Strike this tool with mallet to shape material.: Chisel

Homicidal cetacean aka orca; Free Willy.: Killer

Taiwanese-born director of Brokeback Mountain.: Ang lee

Largest Andean, Colombian city.: Bogota

German, three striped sports brand.: Adidas

Being allowed to do something, like fishing.: Permit

The smallest ocean.: Arctic

Large area controlled by one ruler.: Empire

Last major Mauryan emperor, promoter of Buddhism.: Ashoka

Group 39

Puzzle 1 Answers

Winter sport; dogs, horses or a motor vehicle pull.: Skijöring

__ in the Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy winner.: Strangers

Sick from overeating or drinking, hangover.: Crapulent

Good __, someone who helps another person.: Samaritan

Attachment to a helmet to stop it from falling off.: Chinstrap

Wrote a diary about the time she spent hiding.: Anne frank

Psychological evaluation method involving inkblots.: Rorschach

German waterway, flows through Essen and Dortmund.: River ruhr

__ manipulation is heavenly influence.: Celestial

Rough and inharmonious sounds, especially in music.: Cacophony

Champagne of choice of Patsy and Edina.: Bollinger

Said to a child who has fallen over.: Upsy daisy

Agnes __, actress of Bewitched.: Moorehead

Head of State or __; the leader of Vatican City.: Sovereign

Protects the body against infectious diseases.: White cell

Human __, department aka human capital.: Resources

Won the 73rd Academy Award for Best Movie.: Gladiator

Glittery mirrored sphere for dance parties.: Disco ball

Puzzle 2 Answers

Plan or outline to be done.: Agenda

Francesco __, Italian Baroque painter.: Albani

Gloria __, sang about surviving before Beyonce.: Gaynor

The capital of Oman.: Muscat

Young man who died when flying towards the Sun.: Icarus

Stitch used to hold tissue together in the body.: Suture

US tennis Grand Slam tournament.: Us open

Informal trousers for men or women.: Slacks

Where the devil usually is.: Detail

Sassy elderly “girls” sitcom starring Betty White.: Golden

Misfortune, reversal.: Whammy

Large heavy artillery that fires stone balls.: Cannon

In India, widow once burnt at husband’s pyre.: Suttee

Sea cradles, coat-of-mail shells, formally loricate.: Chiton

Outdoor meal often eaten at parks.: Picnic

Fluffs up cushions.: Plumps

Another name for the universe as a whole.: Cosmos

Puzzle 3 Answers

Small community in the countryside.: Village

Law enforcement officer; leader elected.: Sheriff

Extended mass of ice covering a large area.: Glacier

One who actually saw something happen.: Witness

Castoff with Hagar in the desert.: Ishmael

Base of an argument or theory.: Premise

A large vessel used to carry warriors.: Warship

__ Kerr, star of The King and I.: Deborah

Sports arena with tiers of seats for spectators.: Stadium

The capital of Cyprus.: Nicosia

Flaky, Mid East pastry with ground nuts and honey.: Baklava

Pong-like video game console sold 1 million units.: Telstar

The final step to becoming a practicing lawyer.: Bar exam

Constellation named after a mythical winged horse.: Pegasus

Type of romantic love originated from Geoffrey Chaucer.: Courtly

Ukrainian stringed lute-type instrument.: Bandura

Henri de Toulouse-__, French artist.: Lautrec

Another name for starfish.: Seastar

Controversial drug to control ADHD in children.: Ritalin

They’re usually in distress.: Damsels

Puzzle 4 Answers

Diana Ross and The __.: Supremes

World wide network of computers.: Internet

Teacher, professor.: Educator

The state or quality of being calm, tranquil.: Serenity

Constant __ wears away the stone.: Dripping

Synchronized __ is an underwater dance event.: Swimming

The game of poker usually requires that.: Gambling

Someone who practices law.: Attorney

It literally means the green of earth.: Verditer

Related to the father of psychoanalysis.: Freudian

Jennifer __, actress of The Hunger Games.: Lawrence

This city, not Rio, is Brazil’s capital.: Brasilia

Anything to do with a mother, grandmother.: Maternal

Faust’s love.: Gretchen

Woman spirit that shifts into a spider in Japan.: Jorogumo

Being recommended to another type of doctor.: Referral

Organ that grows throughout pregnancy.: Placenta

A much sweeter type of vinegar.: Balsamic

Miner stampede to San Francisco in 1849.: Gold rush

Puzzle 5 Answers

Get up from lying or sitting; move forward.: Uprise

Princess __, Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.: Aurora

Cloud of dust and elements in space.: Nebula

Capital of Czech Republic.: Prague

Apple’s app, online music store.: Itunes

Growth of abnormal tissue.: Nodule

Vessel commanded by the timelord in Doctor Who.: Tardis

Sharp utensils used in the kitchen.: Knives

To remember, recollect; bring out of memory.: Recall

Large sea duck mostly black.: Scoter

Sea __, found all over the world’s oceans.: Turtle

A paper size.: Quarto

__ O’Conor, Irish singer from early 1990s.: Sinead

Metal made of copper and tin; bright brown.: Bronze

Astrological sign represented by a fish.: Pisces

Ancient Greek name for clear upper sky area.: Aether

Group 40

Puzzle 1 Answers

Points one gets for currying favor.: Brownie

20,000 __ Under the Sea, a Jules Verne novel.: Leagues

One of the fundamental compounds of nucleic acids.: Adenine

Country of Tintin, Poirot and The Smurfs.: Belgium

Connie __, American Horror Story, Nashville.: Britton

Test used to ensure you are human and not a robot.: Captcha

Wrote the libretto for Così fan tutte.: Da ponte

Breast bone; bone in the middle of the chest.: Sternum

Even, moderately slow tempo.: Andante

Man someone is married to.: Husband

Pain you feel when your organ of hearing hurts.: Earache

Clothing to disguise someone.: Costume

Huge, long fish with a compressed body.: Oarfish

The meat of a deer.: Venison

Related to the shoreline.: Coastal

Having marks of an earlier period, antique.: Archaic

Puzzle 2 Answers

Uplifting, illuminative.: Edifying

1024 Gigabytes is equal to 1 __.: Terabyte

Villains in Another Brick in the Wall.: Teachers

Point farthest from the sun of orbiting space body.: Aphelion

Stone used by the Maya to enhance their weapons.: Obsidian

Used for injured optical; part of pirate getup.: Eyepatch

1st woman to get the Pulitzer for poetry, Sara __.: Teasdale

Made to be broken, just like piecrusts.: Promises

A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production.: Vineyard

The Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge is here.: Hatteras

Drainage bowl for pasta.: Colander

Popeye starred Robin __ and Shelley Duvall.: Williams

Infernal determination to achieve something.: Hell bent

Italian scientist with a gas law named after him.: Avogadro

Cooking in a gridiron with heat coming from below.: Grilling

Tchaikovsky’s failed ballet, now famous.: Swan lake

A basketball player.: Hoopster

Puzzle 3 Answers

The most notable inhabitant of the Sherwood Forest.: Robin hood

__ missiles have predetermined trajectories.: Ballistic

__ Tentacles lives next to SpongeBob.: Squidward

Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.: Cleveland

Pert little ones.: Whipsters

The __, 80s movie about a martial art.: Karate kid

Unduly held as faultless.: Sacred cow

In __, in bad condition due to neglect.: Disrepair

A private eye who grew orchids.: Nero wolfe

Someone who studies the past.: Historian

Fashion style, baggy clothes for women.: Boyfriend

EEG brain exam aka __ Test.: Brain wave

Popular hot chocolate brand, comes in packets.: Swiss miss

A bathroom sink.: Wash basin

Puzzle 4 Answers

Little Richard’s favorite flavor, Tutti __.: Frutti

Table __, aka ping pong; an Olympic sport.: Tennis

Character in Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities.: Sydney

Gaul who fell in a cauldron of magic potion.: Obelix

Where dead bodies are kept for autopsy.: Morgue

Cut and polished precious stones, gems.: Jewels

Large building in India.: Bhavan

They also built pyramids.: Aztecs

Power needed to do something.: Energy

Large area full of trees and bushes.: Forest

Roof of the mouth; referred to in wine tasting.: Palate

__ Burns, smoking comedian lived to 100.: George

Small dish to hold a cup or mug.: Saucer

Alexander __ Bell, inventor of the telephone.: Graham

Person who commits illegal actions at sea.: Pirate

To give approval, agreement, consent.: Accede

Memorial said to contain relics of Buddha.: Dagoba

The kitchen of an aircraft.: Galley

A smash hit duet by Santana and Rob Thomas.: Smooth

A goal a business is trying to reach.: Target

MP3 __, digital music device, iPod.: Player

Puzzle 5 Answers

They eat just about anything.: Omnivores

Anti-__: drugs to help control blood sugar.: Diabetics

Idiomatic expression regarding oceans.: Seven seas

A person who gives information on TV or radio.: Announcer

Formal agreement to stop fighting.: Armistice

Marine, transparent and with stinging tentacles.: Jellyfish

A hit by The Beatles.: Oh darling

Pain in the hands and feet only.: Acrodynia

A three-dimensional work of art.: Sculpture

Street food vehicle.: Food truck

Prehistoric giants.: Dinosaurs

Economic system where power is in the hands of few.: Oligopoly

A high-brow word for whiskers.: Vibrissae

Country with large oil reserves, ruled by Maduro.: Venezuela

Wrote one of the Great American Novels.: Mark twain

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton.: Manhattan

Leviathan is a monster from the Old __.: Testament

Used in everything from toys to remote controls.: Batteries

Person/object the name of which you can’t remember.: Thingummy

This device joins two pieces of metal together.: Crimp tool

Armpit perfume, fights body odor.: Deodorant

NASA mission sent to photograph Mercury.: Messenger

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