Codycross Tv station Answers

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Codycross Tv station

Group 601

Puzzle 1 Answers

Christina played Kelly in Married… with Children: Applegate

Demand for money with threat of revealing a secret: Blackmail

Experimental Billy Idol album released in 1993: Cyberpunk

Final demand of protesters: Ultimatum

First Englishman to prove the Theory of Relativity: Eddington

First film in martial arts series, stars Van Damme: Kickboxer

German Shepherd, beloved TV canine: Rin tin tin

Move in the game of chess when the king is trapped: Checkmate

Natives of Tunis or Sfax, for example: Tunisians

Skill of hand __ or calligraphy: Lettering

Trophy for the best college center in the country: Rimington

Yelling or bellowing: Hollering

Puzzle 2 Answers

1985 film about singer Patsy Cline: Sweet __: Dreams

Body parts on which people wear watches: Wrists

Educational name for a group of fish: School

For the good of, on __ of someone: Behalf

Fourscore: Eighty

Headquarters city of FIFA: Zurich

Miley Cyrus’ alter ego on TV was __ Montana: Hannah

She played a detective on The Mod Squad: Peggy __: Lipton

Spoil an appearance, disfigure property: Deface

Squished fruit for a drink: Juiced

To flip between computer operations or windows: Toggle

__ grass, vegetation planted to protect sand dunes: Marram

Puzzle 3 Answers

1982 film for which Jessica Lange won an Oscar: Tootsie

Ben __, Canadian sprinter stripped of 1988 medal: Johnson

Display case model of a 3-D scene: Diorama

Edible fish, popular restaurant species: Sea bass

Gun pocket: Holster

Jesse __, Civil Rights leader, 80s candidate: Jackson

Media term for comments from the public: Vox pops

Mythical woman with a fishtail: Mermaid

Person in an army: Soldier

Statler and __, Muppets from the royal box: Waldorf

The most sharp, e.g. pain: Acutest

Tidal river: Estuary

Violin player: Fiddler

Yellow pouring sauce served with crumbles and pies: Custard

__ Hobbes; Sex and the City lawyer character: Miranda

Puzzle 4 Answers

Author of Breakfast of Champions: Vonnegut

Betting, placing money: Gambling

Country where the Genghis Khan Statue is located: Mongolia

Hotel service to prepare bedding on a night: Turn down

MAS*H’s Benjamin Franklin: Alan alda

Michael J Fox’s 90s political sitcom: Spin city

Noise made by tap shoes tapping: Clicking

Paraffin fuel used in oil lamps: Kerosene

Père __, Parisian cemetery of Molière and Proust: Lachaise

Rejection, spurning: Brush off

Solid plastic; popular material for camping plates: Melamine

The __ In Me by Joan Armatrading: Weakness

The one who has the best manners: Politest

Turn a green rural area into a town: Urbanize

Very beautiful: Gorgeous

__ Parliament; government of Greece: Hellenic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another name for the Affordable Care Act: Obamacare

Deuce winner: Advantage

First prehistoric era to use metal tools: Bronze age

First president of the Philippines: Emilio __: Aguinaldo

Flat metal instrument for serving up gateaux: Cake slice

Predicting the future by studying someone’s hands: Palmistry

Rogen and Franco North Korean movie: The __: Interview

Sarah __ is Building a Mystery: Mclachlan

Sign off on The Waltons: “__ John-Boy”: Good night

Stubborn, not moving: Obstinate

The Last Man On Earth’s Phil Tandy Miller: Will forte

Traditional character at German carnival parades: Straw bear

__ oils, essences extracted from plants: Essential

Group 602

Puzzle 1 Answers

Beatles album and TV film: Magical __ Tour: Mystery

Countries on the Jutland Peninsula: Denmark and __: Germany

Cover to prevent scratches on a camera: Lens cap

Day of the week when the Melbourne Cup is run: Tuesday

Holy skies: Heavens

Ill-looking; peely-wally: Anaemic

Least sane: Maddest

Michael __, Moonwalker: Jackson

Most elderly-looking person (based on hair color): Grayest

Periods of ten years: Decades

Place on a farm where porcines live: Piggery

Seized without right, like a throne: Usurped

The Pokémon Charmander __ into Charmeleon: Evolves

Turned to a life of leisure, ended work life: Retired

Venus __; carnivorous plant with sharp teeth: Fly trap

__ Knee, South Dakota battle of the Indian Wars: Wounded

__ boot, ankle footwear with elasticated sides: Chelsea

__ lifetime; a one-off opportunity: Once in a

Puzzle 2 Answers

A system of government: Regime

American car with large, modified engines: Hot rod

Capital of Oman: Muscat

Expressions, turn of phrases, sayings: Idioms

Hannah __, Nanette comedian: Gadsby

Hard-__ eggs, used in egg and cress sandwiches: Boiled

Kept or stowed for future use: Stored

Looked after a plant: Tended

Person who sports clothing: Wearer

Played a high shot: Lobbed

Science of light, written about by Leonardo: Optics

Star of The Bride Came COD, James __: Cagney

The Voice’s season 15 winner, __ Shepherd: Chevel

The __ Board, 2013 Elton John album: Diving

The only English Pope: __ IV: Adrian

__ kiss; chilly nose-to-nose greeting: Eskimo

Puzzle 3 Answers

A group of these fast cats is called a coalition: Cheetahs

Actress-comedian from TV show of the same name: Roseanne

Agatha Christie mystery novel: Murder at the __: Vicarage

Alabama university founded by Booker T. Washington: Tuskegee

Armando __, comedy writer of The Thick of It: Iannucci

Black __; no-hues photograph: And white

Brawn or toughness: Strength

Combing the hair: Brushing

Famous LA’s band who covered La Bamba in 1987: Los lobos

Film mogul Sam Goldwyn’s aquatic surname: Goldfish

Goodbye, sendoff, parting: Farewell

Infections of fingers, caused by Herpes virus: Whitlows

Plastic-coated cardboard food carton: Tetra pak

Sweeping with a broom: Brushing

__ boarding, hilly hybrid of skate-, snowboarding: Mountain

Puzzle 4 Answers

1981-2003 British TV sitcom: Only Fools and __: Horses

Acted sleepy: Yawned

Axiom, cliché, maxim: Truism

Brown appearance of pale skin after summer bathing: Suntan

Capital of Pays de la Loire: Nantes

Decreed in court: Judged

Holiday occurring 50 days before Pentecost: Easter

Languages of Senegal: Wolof and __: French

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son born in 2019: Archie

Sock storage: Drawer

Spray with machine gun fire; anagram of faster: Strafe

Tight-knit group of Pretty __ Liars: Little

__ Rogers, Fred Astaire’s musicals partner: Ginger

__ fanciers, nickname for those who race birds: Pigeon

__ water, drink type associated with Wimbledon: Barley

Puzzle 5 Answers

“Upset the ” is to potentially disrupt plans: Applecart

Cervical collar support: Neck brace

Elvis’s colonel manager: Tom parker

Garden mounds left by articulated soil dwellers: Worm casts

Jean __, chronicler of the Hundred Years’ War: Froissart

Party where guests spend the night: Sleepover

Person, often a professional, who gives advice: Counselor

Police officer assigned to a specific area: Patrolman

Refusal to accept: Rejection

Rule added beneath a word for emphasis: Underline

Sarah Silverman’s character in Wreck-It Ralph: Vanellope

Seinfeld TV show last words: “See you in the __”: Cafeteria

TV reenactment of real life events: Docudrama

The inverse of an exponent; shortform: tree trunk: Logarithm

Where actors wait in the wings: Backstage

Solid; stealth action video game series: Metal gear

Group 603

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baked dish known for puffing up or falling: Souffle

Desert in Northern Chile: Atacama

Green gemstone: Emerald

Grew infant’s initial incisors: Teethed

Left something empty: Vacated

Marie Kondo’s pseudonym and brand: Konmari

Matthew Broderick was Ferris __: Bueller

McCartney tune written for Julian Lennon: Hey jude

Narrow, widening crack in a rock: Fissure

Plug, cork: Stopper

Shining, like embers: Glowing

The __; comedy talk show hosted by Adam Hills: Last leg

To obtain, to receive, to earn: Acquire

__ list; chronological list of football matches: Fixture

Puzzle 2 Answers

A member of the clergy: Cleric

Alcoholic beverage often served in a snifter: Brandy

Author Daniel Handler’s pen name: __ Snicket: Lemony

Betty __, film star pinup with famous insured legs: Grable

Dr. Who’s mode of transportation: Tardis

Electronic music genre that developed in Detroit: Techno

First Geppetto’s, then Minnie Mouse’s cat: Figaro

Hit a tennis ball without it bouncing: Volley

Lena __, Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones: Headey

Lengths of wood or plastic for measuring: Rulers

People die of dysentery in this Trail game: Oregon

Word affixed to proletariat, Marx’s underclass: Lumpen

Puzzle 3 Answers

A person of different status or rank: Nonequal

British politician who wrote the novel Coningsby: Disraeli

Broadleaf tree with keys: Sycamore

Chilling out, resting: Relaxing

Clay, plastic or ceramic container for vegetation: Plant pot

Dave __, Block Party and Half Baked comedian: Chapelle

G.I. Joe: A Real __ Hero 1985 Apple video game: American

Hair dryer fitting to keep frizz to a minimum: Diffuser

Kitchen utensil with lots of holes for draining: Colander

Mostly female, Spanish folk dance with clapping: Flamenco

Peaky Blinders and Taboo star: Tom hardy

Port on the Gulf of Mexico since the 16th century: Veracruz

Shortest war in history (38 minutes): Anglo-__ War: Zanzibar

Spend the summer in a torpid state: Estivate

The moment when to sit down for dinner or tea: Mealtime

Tooth __ is used to make your smile paler: Whitener

Top-level business that’s a solid investment: Blue chip

Puzzle 4 Answers

“A chain is only as strong as its __ link”: Weakest

1960s and 70s women’s rights activist: Betty __: Friedan

Begrudges, feels aggrieved: Resents

Biblical book that tells of the creation: Genesis

Book for recording life’s happenings: Journal

Gas emitted into atmosphere by landfill sites: Methane

Graphics, illustrations, pictures: Visuals

Innocence, naturalness, inexperience: Naivety

Irish county, largest town is Carrick-on-Shannon: Leitrim

It gives ouzo its typical taste: Aniseed

Made a duck noise: Quacked

Prospered in health: Thrived

Strong order: Command

The Little __ Girl starring Alexander Skarsgård: Drummer

Tom __, Magnum PI actor, producer: Selleck

Withdraw from an agreement: Back out

__ De La Cruz, Mexican musician in Coco: Ernesto

Puzzle 5 Answers

Agreeing to allow, in a regal way: Assenting

Balance done with fingers on floor, feet in air: Handstand

Connie Britton’s country music show: Nashville

Fisher-Price 1980s lightweight stuffed animal: Puffalump

Forms and documents new employees fill out: Paperwork

Kacey __, Follow Your Arrow and High Horse singer: Musgraves

Long tropical fish with sticky-out teeth: Barracuda

Loose Women panelist and Eamonn’s wife, Ruth: Langsford

Restored, set right: Redressed

Tenth President: Johntyler

The taste enhancer MSG: monosodium __: Glutamate

Thriftiness, careful spending: Frugality

__ of your seat; watching with great excitement: On the edge

Group 604

Puzzle 1 Answers

Balance your __, or personal banking ledger: Checkbook

Best Friends heart split in half on long chains: Necklaces

Exploring, probing, looking for: Searching

First name of SquarePants: Spongebob

Jacques __, composer of Orpheus in the Underworld: Offenbach

Liquid nut extract with a slight bitter taste: Walnut oil

Of a fretful, grouchy disposition: Querulous

Raised skin prickle, in fear: Goosebump

Royal elf in LOTR, she ruled Lothlórien: Galadriel

Self-importance, arrogance, affection, pretension: Pomposity

Sleight-of-hand guessing game: Shell game

Someone who enjoys doing dangerous things: Daredevil

Study of morality in medicine and life sciences: Bioethics

TV show starring the adventurer Bear Grylls: Man vs wild

The spiritual leader of Tibet: Dalai lama

To commemorate an occasion: Celebrate

Trademark for an early graphics copier: Photostat

__ tango, dance from Buenos Aires: Argentine

Puzzle 2 Answers

“I haven’t the __ idea”; slightest, least visible: Faintest

Any precious jewel used in accessories: Gemstone

Brain trauma leading to muscle spasms: Dystonia

Capital city of the United Arab Emirates: Abu dhabi

Child’s hopping game involving a cord and singing: Jump rope

Deliberately offer a lower price than a competitor: Undercut

Document granting permission to leave a country: Exit visa

Family of singers from The Sound of Music: Von trapp

French Prime Minister after de Gaulle: Georges __: Pompidou

He wrote the lyrics for musical Promises, Promises: Hal david

Judo move, opponent is thrown over an extended leg: Body drop

Lara Flynn Boyle 90s lawyer show: Practice

Multiply by six: Sextuple

Spur to action: Motivate

TV show about fictional US president Jed Bartlet: West wing

The small pointer on a clock or watch: Hour hand

Washes garments: Launders

Puzzle 3 Answers

1990s British murder mystery TV show: Cadfael

A player whose job it is to catch or stop the ball: Fielder

Author of the novel The Witness: Nora __: Roberts

Blinking an eye: Winking

Camera __, room where outside images are projected: Obscura

Emptying: Voiding

French luxury skin care brand: Clarins

Landscape, nature: Scenery

Language in which Ciao means hello and goodbye: Italian

Nanny McPhee and the __, a 2010 movie sequel: Big bang

Produce milk: Lactate

Removing from power or position: Ousting

Sailing, voyage by water: Boating

Southern African diamond miners and traders: De beers

Statement of rue: Apology

Swedish Ding Dong Song singer: Gunther

TV series that evolved from another series: Spin off

Walks unsteadily, perhaps in heels: Totters

__ around; playing the fool: Horsing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Book about Bruce Springsteen: Greetings from E __: Street

Bugs Bunny is on __ Tunes: Looney

Empower, allow someone to do something: Enable

Grace __, devised the first computer compiler: Hopper

He played dim-witted Gomer Pyle on TV: Jim __: Nabors

Imposing entrance: Portal

Inspects for quality: Checks

Most populated country starting with the letter M: Mexico

Pete __; third man to walk on the Moon: Conrad

Predatory watcher, such as Peeping Tom: Voyeur

Worn by nurses undergoing cleaning duties: Aprons

__ Owls was the first team in US to choose ‘Owls’: Temple

__ fluids include blood, saliva, urine etc: Bodily

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another name for Jack Frost: Old Man __: Winter

Apple device for making calls on: Iphone

Boston __, baseball team, plays at Fenway Park: Red sox

Capital of the Central African Republic: Bangui

Cold, leafy barbecue accompaniments: Salads

Construction woodworker: Joiner

Feudal relationship of homage to an overlord: Vassal

First country that Germany declared war on in WWI: France

Leah __, creator of Scientology and the Aftermath: Remini

Lose __; shed pounds or kilos: Weight

Marine mammal, related to Steller’s sea cow: Dugong

Rhododendron shrub that blooms in the spring: Azalea

Text correction or price increase: Markup

The least punctual: Latest

Water boiler for making hot drinks: Kettle

__ Dratch, SNL’s Debbie Downer: Rachel

__ cage, refers to living in glorious captivity: Gilded

Group 605

Puzzle 1 Answers

“I heart” __, apparel shows support for a city: Tshirts

1961 film starring Peter Finch: No Love for __: Johnnie

Candle-like named woodpecker: Flicker

Charting on a graph: Mapping

Dick Dastardly’s dog: Muttley

Fifth order of angels: Virtues

Four cheeses on a __ formaggi pizza: Quattro

Husbands and wives: Spouses

Informal word for bet takers: Bookies

KC Chiefs QB nicknamed “Showtime”: Patrick __: Mahomes

Keeping the body clean with water and soap: Washing

Long-handled pruning shears for snipping branches: Loppers

Military shoulder decor: Epaulet

Nozzled containers for carrying fuel: Oil cans

Phoning someone with Microsoft’s app: Skyping

Pull a pained face: Grimace

Roger __, friend of Poirot who is murdered: Ackroyd

Sid __, punk boyfriend of Nancy Spungen: Vicious

Unedited scenes captured on video camera: Footage

__ bidder; the one who wins an auction: Highest

__ words, the IO in IOW: In other

Puzzle 2 Answers

Archer projectiles: Arrows

Author of the WWI novel Birdsong: Sebastian __: Faulks

Car part that protects from minor damage: Bumper

Hat style of 1920s flapper girls: Cloche

Nursery that looks after babies while parents work: Creche

Popular 1986 song to a woman by The Damned: Eloise

Ring of flowers: Wreath

Scary TV show American __ Story: Horror

Shade associated with singer Prince, puppet Barney: Purple

Soft dessert made with whipped egg white: Mousse

The Y in CMYK in printing: Yellow

Track __; past achievements and performances: Record

Turk and J.D. are inseparable on this medical show: Scrubs

Puzzle 3 Answers

Container for storing Oreos, etc.: Cookie jar

Discovery and Defender 4-wheel drive car brand: Land rover

Jesus Christ __, theatrical show from 1971: Superstar

Lisa __ of House and Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce: Edelstein

Melody to attract a penguin mate in Happy Feet: Heartsong

Prohibition importer of spirit from the Caribbean: Rum runner

Sat around, stagnated, slobbed out: Vegetated

Spoke in opposition to a proposal: Countered

The __, 70s sitcom about opposing personas: Odd couple

To examine and explain the meaning of something: Interpret

Wild grassland feline, also called the manul: Pallas cat

Worn at festivals to allow admittance: Wristband

Puzzle 4 Answers

2017 Michelle Branch album: Hopeless __: Romantic

Auctions where high prices are paid for pictures: Art sales

Bright sky arcs, seen after showers: Rainbows

Closed __, subtitles on a TV show: Captions

Deadly Portuguese carnivorous marine invertebrate: Man of war

Elegant, like the movements of a ballerina: Graceful

Extend lengthways: Elongate

Kenneth Branagh’s former wife and costar: Emma __: Thompson

Netflix series by Duffer brothers: __ Things: Stranger

Spheres attached by string that are hit together: Clackers

Suspend oneself limply from a handhold: Dead hang

Thumb __, English punishment at Boston Massacre: Branding

Vertical stripes are said to be this: Slimming

William __; astronomer who discovered Uranus: Herschel

__ is located on the eastern coast of Africa: Tanzania

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient fighter: Warrior

Asian staple of skinny pasta used in soups: Noodles

Baseball hit takes you around the bases: Home run

Chat even more than: Outtalk

Fluffed up cushions: Plumped

Islamic month of fasting: Ramadan

Leaf-eating African monkeys with long tails: Colobus

Makes money from: Profits

Sci-fi and fantasy book cover artist: Rowena __: Morrill

Ship’s hospital, such as on the USS Enterprise: Sickbay

Swills liquid in the back of the mouth: Gargles

TV station: Channel

Tirana country: Albania

Wanting a drink: Thirsty

__ Don’t Wear Plaid, Steve Martin spoof movie: Dead men

__ Nemo, 2003 movie: Finding

Group 606

Puzzle 1 Answers

Chairs, tables and sofas: Furniture

Chunks of timber to add smoky taste to food: Wood chips

Denim jeans brand with red diamond logo: Lee cooper

Eddie Murphy SNL character who sang Wookin Pa Nub: Buckwheat

Fell down, fainted: Collapsed

Foolish, futile: Senseless

Number of children born per year: Birth rate

Period of reduced economic activity: Recession

Third most populated city in Pennsylvania: Allentown

Watch What Happens Live! host: Andy cohen

__ box, red unit with communication dial-up inside: Telephone

Puzzle 2 Answers

1965 song by the Beatles: “__ Man”: Nowhere

An artist’s plate for mixing paints: Palette

Bendy: Pliable

Brandon Flowers’ band: The __: Killers

Decorative pieces for lower limbs: Anklets

Gorge in Tanzania with early skull discoveries: Olduvai

Hit TV series by David Simon set in Baltimore: The wire

Jim and Pam __ of Dunder Mifflin: Halpert

Knocked out: Stunned

Letters from devoted supporters and enthusiasts: Fan mail

Porpoise Spit is the home location of Muriel’s __: Wedding

Repel, by hitting the ground perhaps: Beat off

Seated office employment: Desk job

Spoke incoherently: Mumbled

Striker Henrik __, former Sweden captain: Larsson

Your dad’s dad: Grandpa

Puzzle 3 Answers

A country ruled by three leaders: Triarchy

Billy Lynn’s Long __ Walk, book by Ben Fountain: Halftime

Co-presenter of Top Gear with Clarkson and Hammond: James may

Disregard, ignore, overlook: Pass over

Dragonfly with a boat in The Rescuers: Evinrude

Europe-US golf comp played every two years: Ryder cup

Extremely fussy and attentive: Overnice

French meringues, tiny sweet sandwiches: Macarons

Granted power to someone: Accorded

Hair crinklers, name also of people who use them: Crimpers

Inability to hear: Deafness

Keyboard character (like an *) used in coding: Wildcard

Neil deGrasse Tyson’s late-night TV show: Startalk

Vocal group popular in the 50s: Dion and the __: Belmonts

Puzzle 4 Answers

A photographic enlargement: Blowup

Campsite for vehicles: Rv park

Carl Sagan’s popular science show of 1980: Cosmos

Cold __ are owned by people devoid of sympathy: Hearts

Demonstrated a fact to be true: Proved

Frontman of Motown group The Miracles __ Robinson: Smokey

Opposite of flowing: Ebbing

Restricted food intake, started eating healthily: Dieted

Road surface: Tarmac

Supervisory woman for old-fashioned school: Matron

__ Beeblebrox, president of the Galaxy: Zaphod

__ Kaye, listen carefully to René in ‘Allo! ‘Allo!: Gorden

__ about, fooled around (like a songbird): Larked

__ of honor; close married friend of a bride: Matron

Puzzle 5 Answers

Actors Beau and Jeff’s famous actor dad, Lloyd __: Bridges

Alexander __, Daniel Defoe’s model castaway: Selkirk

Bombard, hurl at: Barrage

Concentrated by evaporation: Reduced

Gift __, they handle the paper and bows for you: Wrapper

Jimi __, final act at 1969’s Woodstock festival: Hendrix

Joins the military: Enlists

Lucy __ always yanked the football from Charlie: Van pelt

One of a mammal’s front feet, a cat or bear say: Forepaw

Photo ID and permission to drive a vehicle: License

Recorded the proceedings of a meeting: Minuted

Show set in Manhattan, sometimes at Central Perk: Friends

Shrinking inland lake, east of the Caspian Sea: Aral sea

Sighed and moaned: Groaned

Smooth talker, flirt, ladies’ man: Charmer

Speech difficulty with s pronounced as th: Lisping

Group 607

Puzzle 1 Answers

Can’t be seen: Invisible

Canadian musician backed by Crazy Horse: Neil young

Coastal town of Murder, She Wrote: Cabot cove

Codex __ Da Vinci’s writings owned by Bill Gates: Leicester

Competitive winter sport of Monaco’s Prince Albert: Bobsleigh

Distributes portions to various people: Allocates

Hidden paper design, seen when held to the light: Watermark

Kenyan game reserve famous for its big cats: Masai mara

Last name of family who took in Bigfoot Harry: Henderson

Sugary yellow kernels: Sweetcorn

Using language figuratively: Tropology

Puzzle 2 Answers

African American folk magic: Hoodoo

Gambling house: Casino

Guitarist and political activist Ted __: Nugent

Red gems: Rubies

Royal (or ball) __, reptile that dozes in the day: Python

Self-esteem, gumption: Morale

The C in WC, otherwise known as a water __: Closet

This study takes closer look at bird eggs: Oology

__ Army, BBC drama that was spoofed by ‘Allo ‘Allo!: Secret

__ Bullock; won an Oscar for The Blind Side: Sandra

__ Pan Lake: one of world’s largest hot springs: Frying

__ Who or Strange: Doctor

__ ratio: width by height of an image or screen: Aspect

Puzzle 3 Answers

Brand claimed to be preferred by 8 out of 10 cats: Whiskas

Card game where pairs are collected: Old maid

FCI __; prison setting of Orange Is The New Black: Danbury

German school of art founded by Gropius in 1919: Bauhaus

Hindered, blocked: Stymied

Homicide detective played by Peter Falk: Columbo

La __, salt tax repealed in the French Revolution: Gabelle

Pull elastic: Stretch

Purple evergreen bushes that grow on moorlands: Heather

Samuel L. __, US actor: Jackson

Wearing away, hanging threads at a garment’s edge: Fraying

__ Greene, former 100m world record holder: Maurice

Puzzle 4 Answers

A small high-speed shell; first-rate: Whizbang

Battle of the __; key clash at Helm’s Deep: Hornburg

Big band singer and actress in Calamity Jane: Doris day

Dancers’ or actors’ outfits: Costumes

Deadly sin of overeating: Gluttony

Highest rank of Ottoman kings: Padishah

Official rank of Ottoman kings: Padishah

One who writes the words for songs: Lyricist

Paths made just for cyclists: Bikeways

Played Lacey in Cagney & Lacey: Tyne daly

Requested official payment for work done: Invoiced

She played Carly on the TV show iCarly: Miranda __: Cosgrove

The E in LEDs in electronic displays: Emitting

Took one’s leave: Absented

Transparent enclosure for keeping reptiles in: Vivarium

Untidily written: Scrawled

What things signify; things intended: Meanings

Young males doing duties at tennis matches: Ball boys

__ Arcimboldo, Italian portrait painter: Giuseppe

__ a dead horse means to continue fruitlessly: Flogging

Puzzle 5 Answers

A combo of different things stirred together: Mixture

Distant skyline: Horizon

Insects that are even more common than flies: Beetles

Ivor __, composer, his name given to music awards: Novello

Knitted garment with long sleeves: Sweater

Looking for: Seeking

MTV reality TV prank show from the early 2000s: Jackass

Northern Irish Open-winning golfer Rory: Mcilroy

Probably __ beer in the world, Carlsberg slogan: The best

Reverberate, be filled with noise: Resound

Roguery, like a male picture playing card: Knavery

Secret police in period of Russian tsars: Okhrana

Sentence first, __ afterwards: Alice in Wonderland: Verdict

Social network with a bird logo: Twitter

Summer wind in the eastern Mediterranean: Etesian

__ Carbon, sci-fi dystopian show: Altered

__ is bordered by Brazil and Argentina: Uruguay

__ out; quit, withdrew: Dropped

Group 608

Puzzle 1 Answers

A monocle: Eyeglass

Assailed: Attacked

Buildings where businesses operate: Premises

Describes a needle with cotton running through it: Threaded

Dressy robe for a dinner and dance event: Ball gown

Hebrew prophet and author of a Book of the Bible: Jeremiah

High yielding, productive: Fruitful

Kentish man who led the Peasants’ Revolt of 1381: Wat tyler

Mid-broadcast: On the air

Rhetorical __, you know the answer already: Question

Self-indulgent, hedonistic: Decadent

Type of computer network that does not need cables: Wireless

Witch who wiggled her nose on Bewitched: Samantha

Wrestler: Grappler

__ crust, pastry type used in pork pies: Hot water

__ duster, they tend to the bones of T. rex: Dinosaur

Puzzle 2 Answers

Adjust instruments so they play perfect notes: Tune up

Angola’s capital city and primary port: Luanda

Cylindrical spaceship or firework: Rocket

Declare something to be true: Affirm

Get __; 1971 Michael Caine crime drama: Carter

Greatest, best quality: Finest

Having a pH level below 7: Acidic

Juvenile pigeons: Squabs

Restraining device: Baffle

Spanish fleet of warships: Armada

Three-headed giant; owned oxen stolen by Hercules: Geryon

Used a remote control to change TV channel: Zapped

Washington Irving’s pen name, Geoffrey __: Crayon

__ Weissman, Violet Baudelaire actress: Malina

Puzzle 3 Answers

Below zero; not positive: Negative

Bob __, famously the jockey of Aldaniti: Champion

Briefly halted 2017 ABC-TV show: Bachelor in __: Paradise

Dawn: Daylight

French cheese and also meringue dessert: Vacherin

Happy __, world’s most popular song: Birthday

Jean-Paul __, designer and Eurotrash presenter: Gaultier

Lasting for many months or years: Long term

Novel by Nicholas Sparks and film, Nights in __: Rodanthe

Power transferred from central to local government: Devolved

The __ shrimp-goby lives in mud or sand substrates: Ambanoro

The overheating of a nuclear reactor: Meltdown

Tiled pieces used in making mosaics: Tesserae

Young clover that is an Irish symbol: Shamrock

Puzzle 4 Answers

Avoidance, act of averting a necessity: Obviation

Björk nationality: Icelandic

Eddie Lane on The Path: Aaron paul

Founder of Gallery 291, married Georgia O’Keeffe: Stieglitz

Lead official at a basketball game: Crew chief

Leaving on a ship: Departing

Linking process of words in an e-book: Hypertext

Norm __ of SNL, Billy Madison, and Dirty Work: Macdonald

Once __; how fairy tales start: Upon a time

Superhero played by Hugh Jackman: Wolverine

Supplying: Providing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baseball’s repeat MVP Miguel (Miggy) __: Cabrera

Closest animal relative of the okapi: Giraffe

Evil, satanic: Demonic

First major battle of the American Civil War: Bull run

Former British TV show film adaptation: __ Abbey: Downton

Greek resinated wine: Retsina

Handel’s oratorio featuring the Hallelujah Chorus: Messiah

Harriet __ Stowe, writer of Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Beecher

Hew __; Scottish library facade sculptor: Lorimer

Large tufts carried by cheerleaders: Pom poms

Mistreat, abandon: Neglect

Multiple protectors that accompany someone: Escorts

Permission to arrest, detain someone: Warrant

Roaring __; strong Southern Hemisphere ocean winds: Forties

Sides of the head between ears and the forehead: Temples

Snap, __, and Pop, the Rice Krispies mascots: Crackle

The __ Race, global reality show competition: Amazing

Thermodynamic variables as temperature: Entropy

Group 609

Puzzle 1 Answers

Capital of the Hittite Empire: Hattusa

Copes; oversees: Manages

Decorative packaging for carrying a present: Gift bag

Got ready, e.g. ingredients for cooking a meal: Prepped

Max Greenfield’s New Girl character: Schmidt

Michigan capital is not even its county’s seat: Lansing

Not morning or afternoon: Evening

Relating to the glands above the kidneys: Adrenal

Scale of indentation hardness of materials: Brinell

Shirley __, Hill House and The Lottery author: Jackson

St __; hospital in St Elsewhere tv drama series: Eligius

The Jacksons’ 1984 tour of the US and Canada: Victory

Watched over, protected someone from evil: Guarded

Weigh up the pros and cons of two or more items: Compare

Yellow tops worn by Tour de France stage leaders: Jerseys

__ obliqua; prickly caterpillar with deadly venom: Lonomia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Charles __: claimed inventor of the “Monopoly”: Darrow

Highest point of the Dominican Republic: Pico __: Duarte

It is used for grinding powders and paints: Muller

Italian music notation meaning lively: Vivace

Jade __; Chinese lunar rover launched in 2013: Rabbit

Most sneaky or cunning: Slyest

Not prose: Poetry

One under par: Birdie

Seats: Chairs

Skeet __, from Riverdale and Scream: Ulrich

Skirmish: Battle

Star of the TV series Alias: Jennifer __: Garner

Swiss canton, with Rhine border with Germany: Aargau

Puzzle 3 Answers

12-time NBA All-Star and ex-Indiana Pacers coach: Larry bird

Dissolve into tears, cease functioning: Break down

Drawing pin: Thumb tack

Final outcomes; anagram of stimulate: Ultimates

Large Canadian island in the Arctic Circle: Ellesmere

Mr. Robot, Bohemian Rhapsody, Need for Speed: Rami malek

Quip, riposte, wisecrack: Witticism

Runny French cheese: Camembert

Specialty of Hewlett-Packard, Dell, et al: Computers

Star of The House Bunny and Mom: Anna faris

Used in organic farming, synonym of nitratine: Soda niter

Where a relationship might blossom: First date

Written statement from a witness: Testimony

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alberto __, Ferrari world champion in 1952: Ascari

Bahamian American actor and director __ Poitier: Sidney

Big Texan city or TV soap: Dallas

Consuming food: Eating

Examine patients quickly to gauge immediate needs: Triage

Forgive, pardon: Excuse

Heavy weight, weighing down a conscience: Burden

Laundry holder: Hamper

Low Japanese beds: Futons

Monty Python member, John __: Cleese

Prototype lunar rover named after a beetle: Scarab

Steven __, I Have a Pony standup comedian: Wright

There won’t be snow in __; according to Band-Aid: Africa

You aren’t gonna __, or YAGNI in programming terms: Need it

__ knots, embroidery stitch used in flower middles: French

Puzzle 5 Answers

As slow as __ (slow-running sweetness): Molasses

Avoid, dodge, bypass or skirt: Side step

Cowboy jeans brand: Wrangler

Deep nutty-brown hair hue: Chestnut

Deep, low noise of a hungry stomach: Rumbling

Deep, low noise, e.g. sound of distant thunder: Rumbling

Innkeeper: Publican

Janet Evanovich book: Fearless __: Fourteen

Last Man __ starring Tim Allen and Nancy Travis: Standing

Led __, sued in 2016 for copyright infringement: Zeppelin

Oldest independent country in Africa: Ethiopia

Put money into a project: Invested

Ratatouille’s harsh food critic: Anton ego

Revulsion, dislike, aversion: Distaste

Spoken communication: Language

Unique metal identifier of a vehicle: Vin plate

Whoopi __, 80s comedian, co-host of The View: Goldberg

Group 610

Puzzle 1 Answers

20th century artist Albert Namatjira’s homeland: Australia

Brass musician, plays an instrument with 3 valves: Trumpeter

Buddy cop drama of the 80s set in Florida: Miami vice

Glee’s choirmaster; Will __, aka Mr Schue: Schuester

Inexpensive sparkling Italian wine: Lambrusco

Made a loud, squealing noise, like an owl: Screeched

Made up or not real: Imaginary

Model or archetype of a functioning invention: Prototype

Pakistan mountain range, includes the high peak K2: Karakoram

Schooling; list of institutions attended: Education

__ indicator; solution that tests acidity: Universal

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aroma lamp: Diffuser

Battle of Hampton Roads rebuilt Confederates’ ship: Virginia

Deadly bacterial skin infection: Gangrene

Don’t go to bed on an __ (advice to couples): Argument

Fitted to a climber’s shoes: Crampons

Jerry was the focus of this funny show’s foursome: Seinfeld

Jobs a person has on their plate: Workload

Offspring: Children

Persistently, immediately: Urgently

Rita __ and the Shawshank Redemption: Hayworth

Sour seed pods used in South East Asian cuisine: Tamarind

Vent drilled into the ground to extract oil: Borehole

__ & Fortitude, stone lions at NY’s public library: Patience

__ Scott, one of the Property Brothers: Jonathan

Puzzle 3 Answers

90s TV show __ Lewis Can’t Lose: Parker

Bernie __, lyric writer with Elton John: Taupin

Boy genius with a secret laboratory: Dexter

Horse to be tamed in the book by Mary O’Hara: Flicka

Informal discussion; tête-à-tête: Confab

Male who always agrees with the boss: Yes man

Martial art and 1970s TV show: Kung fu

Most unique, least common: Rarest

Scottish meat delicacy with oatmeal: Haggis

Someone of younger age; Jr suffixed to name: Junior

Surprising U.S. election result: __ over Dewey: Truman

__ health, medicine of psychiatric disorders: Mental

Puzzle 4 Answers

An interviewer asks these to find out information: Questions

Circumference or outer edge: Perimeter

Cleverly, slyly, demonstrating high intellect: Cunningly

Dan Aykroyd plays the father of this alien family: Coneheads

Expression for shutting off lamps before bed: Lights out

Factory for processing pulp: Paper mill

Imaginary stringed instrument for rock music: Air guitar

Marjory __, Angela Thorne in To The Manor Born: Frobisher

Take advantage of, discriminate against: Victimize

These were received on the fifth day of Christmas: Gold rings

Underwater transport as blueprinted by da Vinci: Submarine

Puzzle 5 Answers

Also known as typical or common: Average

Bike taxi or rickshaw: Pedicab

Call __, TV quiz of guessing word definitions: My bluff

DWTS alum Joe Amabile, aka “__ Store Joe”: Grocery

Entered a country with an army: Invaded

German portrait painter commissioned by Henry VIII: Holbein

Inexperienced newbies: Novices

Jared __, US adviser, son-in-law of Donald Trump: Kushner

New Kingdom of __, 16th-century Spanish provinces: Granada

Newspaper, especially one listing official news: Gazette

Rapped on a door: Knocked

Robert __, actor, director; starred in Spy Game: Redford

Sale where customers bid on antiques, artwork: Auction

Steve Redgrave’s rowing club and England’s oldest: Leander

Super __; 1980 album and single for ABBA: Trouper

Thai cat breed, pale body with chocolate points: Siamese

The 15th letter of the Greek alphabet: Omicron

Where people sleep and keep their clothes: Bedroom

__ Cole, she’s a Dangerous Lady: Martina

Group 611

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arms of a tree: Branches

BC city whose name means meeting of the waters: Kamloops

Bryan played Walter White in Breaking Bad: Cranston

Exceptionally talented musical performer: Virtuoso

Expression of expert commentary, notably sporting: Punditry

Famous 1930s gangster, aka Scarface: Al capone

In working order, functioning without a break: Unbroken

Popular wriggly canary snack: Mealworm

Pub Thug leader and concert pianist in Tangled: Hook hand

Scandinavian pre-Christmas banquet: Julebord

Teaching Mr on South Park: Garrison

Vice President who completed Zachary Taylor’s term: Fillmore

__ vouchers, employee benefits redeemed for food: Luncheon

Puzzle 2 Answers

African-derived religion popular in Brazil: Candomble

Badges worn on jacket collars: Lapel pins

Creator of the Penguin series of book titles: Allen lane

Day, month and year on which you were born: Birthdate

Hit song by the rock band Paramore: “The Only ”: Exception

Looking at something, surveying: Observing

Prepped an interior wall: Plastered

Revamped version of Prisoner drama series: Wentworth

Town in SW Norway, capital of the oil industry: Stavanger

Town revolving around the Laura Palmer mystery: Twin peaks

Vegetarian meat alternative shaped like a chop: Nut cutlet

What defendants need to prove: Innocence

Puzzle 3 Answers

“What’chu talkin’ ’bout, __?”: Willis

Cause harm: Injure

Chat rooms, online message boards: Forums

Ending added to a word, e.g. -tion, -ing: Suffix

Hamsters and gerbils are illegal in this state: Hawaii

Herb, goes with Lettice in a Shaffer play: Lovage

Isabella __, housewife of the eponymous cookbook: Beeton

Jiggery __, dishonest messing around: Pokery

Old in a good way: Mature

Stevedore: Docker

island, iconic prison site of Nelson Mandela: Robben

__ salute; Star Trek hand gesture greeting: Vulcan

Puzzle 4 Answers

Area of Northwest China, with a large basin: Dzungaria

Back to __; start again after failure: Square one

Christmas Is __; festive hit from Love Actually: All around

Concealing the identity, going in disguise: Incognito

Decrease, fall in numbers: Reduction

Iron-and-glass tropical greenhouse at Kew Gardens: Palm house

Knighted English golfer, winner of six Majors: Nick faldo

Original name of Ian Fleming’s Jamaica estate: Goldeneye

Shortest of The Goodies: Bill oddie

Slang term for a small crustacean: Crawdaddy

Sympathy or indulgence for differing beliefs: Tolerance

What CJ stood for in Ms Parker’s name in Baywatch: Casey jean

Puzzle 5 Answers

Being green with envy: Jealous

British chef and TV personality: __ Lawson: Nigella

Cavalry regiment led by Custer at Little Bighorn: Seventh

Cuchulainn’s spear in Celtic legend: Gae bulg

Difficult to chew fibrous tissue in meat: Gristle

Diminish intensity to a state of calm: Assuage

Edina __, Jennifer Saunders’ Ab Fab character: Monsoon

Flair, flamboyance, a dashing style: Panache

Galloping off at high speed, running away in fear: Bolting

Nels __, Old Poison “showed little effort”: Stewart

On a party’s guest list: Invited

Performing a revolution with the body: Turning

Peter Parker’s high school: Midtown

Popular Toyota model, first made in 1966: Corolla

Small pebble on a beach: Shingle

Vince Clarke’s tale of love for Yazoo: Only you

__ box, glossy-coated keepsakes from Russia: Lacquer

Group 612

Puzzle 1 Answers

A month to give thanks: November

Boy and tiger share a small boat in this movie: Life of pi

Brits call it a lift, Americans call it an __: Elevator

Describes a football forward or warrior in battle: Attacker

Dressing or compress that wraps an injury: Poultice

Freddie __ of The Good Doctor and Bates Motel: Highmore

Homer’s goody-two-shoes neighbor: Flanders

Left in the shade; outshone: Eclipsed

Loafer, waster, dropout: Deadbeat

Maths man who first used an X symbol for multiply: Oughtred

Mughal mausoleum for the wife of Shah Jahan: Taj mahal

Natural patterns on an animal’s pelt: Markings

Not said: Unstated

Rock __; Belgium’s traditional rock music festival: Werchter

Rocky headland in the very south of South America: Cape horn

Settler, often on already occupied land: Colonist

The sea between the Italian Riviera and Corsica: Ligurian

Tree and the hairy red fruit it produces: Rambutan

Where in the kitchen to keep baked yeasty products: Breadbin

Puzzle 2 Answers

Act on stage: Perform

Adjusted to better suit surroundings: Adapted

Bored __; something is so tedious you could cry: To tears

Common orange, white, black pond fish: Koi carp

Director and creator of the Keystone Cops: Sennett

Fan of the Doctor who uses a TARDIS: Whovian

French editor of 18th-century Encyclopédie: Diderot

Grumble, mutter to oneself: Chunter

Love is a Battlefield singer: Pat __: Benatar

Marvel or wonder, can’t be explained with logic: Miracle

Most __, Living TV paranormal activity series: Haunted

Something edible, able to be eaten: Eatable

Toronto’s NBA side, founded in 1995: Raptors

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bushcraft expert, TV personality and author: Ray mears

Conor who is an Irish MMA fighter and boxer: Mcgregor

English potter who developed Jasperware: Wedgwood

Largest moon in the Solar System: Ganymede

Legal cases: Lawsuits

Musical grouping, such as the Original Dixieland: Jazz band

Oily fish used in pâté: Mackerel

One of Europe’s most influential royal houses: Habsburg

One of John Booth’s co-conspirators: George __: Atzerodt

Region of Northwestern France: Brittany

Sci-fi series featuring John Crichton and Scorpius: Farscape

Shock, amaze, surprise, flabbergast: Astonish

The Witches of __; 1987 comedy fantasy film: Eastwick

Unessential items, extravagances: Luxuries

Puzzle 4 Answers

Beekeeping area: Apiary

Creator of Hello Kitty and her friends: Sanrio

Football trickery named after a ground spice: Nutmeg

Most lazy, least active: Idlest

Muharram marks Muhammad’s move from Mecca to __: Medina

Nationality of writer Hermann Hesse: German

One of the Backstreet Boys: Nick __: Carter

Richard Chamberlain TV show about feudal Japan: Shogun

Sobbed loudly: Bawled

TV’s __ Little Liars: Pretty

Through a Glass __, Bergman film of 1961: Darkly

Youth __, low-cost accommodation to youngsters: Hostel

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bread and __, strange insect encountered by Alice: Butterfly

British tennis winner started a sports shirt line: Fred perry

Cowboy sci-fi classic with android theme park: Westworld

Dinner in a cardboard container. Just add water: Pot noodle

Germany’s highest mountain: Zugspitze

Hypothetical type of compact exotic star: Quarkstar

Joining an enemy country: Defecting

Kent sight, a conical-roofed building: Oast house

Old time movie cowboy with a horse named Trigger: Roy rogers

Paints wood with protective glaze: Varnishes

Power machinery for cutting lawn edges: Strimmers

Seasonal __ Disorder, or SAD: Affective

Someone from our planet; anagram of lathering: Earthling

UTC-1 in an Atlantic island group is __ Time: Cape verde

Group 613

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arachne challenged her to a weaving contest: Athena

Celebration march: Parade

Country of birth of ABBA’s Anni-Frid Lyngstad: Norway

Idiots, silly and stupid people: Twerps

Inventor of the pencil eraser: Hymen __: Lipman

Plants with tall spikes of individual blooms: Lupins

Precious stones, gemstones: Jewels

Shifted something heavy: Heaved

Showed courage; anagram of adverb: Braved

Sit an exam paper again: Retake

Small prawn: Shrimp

This Joss created TV shows Buffy and Firefly: Whedon

Winner of Last Comic Standing (2004): __ Bodden: Alonzo

__ Coppi; Italian champion of champions cyclist: Fausto

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actor who played Kojak on TV: Telly __: Savalas

Alkaloid used in medicine, known as physostigmine: Eserine

Animal __, a division to classify natural objects: Kingdom

Beware of Greeks __ gifts: Bearing

Chance for public to visit a place or institution: Open day

Distant cousin of the kangaroo: Wallaby

First name of Shakespeare’s merchant of Venice: Antonio

Love potion: Philtre

MLB team managed by Tommy Lasorda for 20 years: Dodgers

More content: Happier

Tree-like parts of a cauliflower or broccoli: Florets

Used with brown paper to patch up Jack’s head: Vinegar

__ Maslany, star of Orphan Black: Tatiana

__ print, sheet of mini photos: Contact

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capital of Namibia: Windhoek

Local stories passed down through the generations: Folklore

Never __, German movie aka Werk ohne Autor: Look away

Not given a top 32 ranking at Wimbledon, say: Unseeded

Painting lesson: Art class

Peruvian currency: Nuevo sol

Placed in a grave or tomb: Interred

Questioning the truth or reliability: Doubting

Red sauce used to dip mozzarella sticks: Marinara

Service in a court proceeding, often as one of 12: Jury duty

These give new episodes’ plots away: Spoilers

US river nicknamed the “Big Muddy”: Missouri

__ Howard of Hustle & Flow and Empire: Terrence

__ of Hainault; Edward III’s French wife: Philippa

Puzzle 4 Answers

Attachment to headgear to keep hearing organ warm: Earflap

British royal family name: Windsor

Creator of the fictional character Sam Weller: Dickens

Deep, narrow gorges: Ravines

Dropping from a height: Falling

Dutch gin that is medicinal and aromatic: Genever

Ferns used to entice tapeworms into leaving: Aspidia

Gelora __ Lautan Api Stadium, Indonesia: Bandung

Hotel in New York City, -Astoria: Waldorf

Instagram tagging sign: Hashtag

Metal food-preserving covering: Tinfoil

Removers of objectionable words with a blue pencil: Censors

Shimmering, glowing: Shining

Small barking deer species: Muntjac

The Immaculate Collection was her compilation LP: Madonna

Yearning, wanting someone or something: Longing

Yellow animated creature with an electrical shock: Pikachu

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baked in a cream or cheese sauce, e.g. potatoes: Scalloped

Buoyant rectangle held by a swimmer: Kickboard

Crafters’ decorative Japanese masking agent: Washi tape

Dolby co-invented this film/sound recording method: Videotape

Energetic Flashdance and Fame singer: Irene cara

French-speaking Swiss canton famous for absinthe: Neuchatel

Lobster __, the Mock Turtle’s song: Quadrille

Messenger, middleman: Go between

Peak TV viewing part of the day: Primetime

Romantic appointment with an unknown: Blind date

State clearly again, for emphasis: Reiterate

TV mogul: CNN, TBS, TNT and more: Ted turner

Tiny online diary: Microblog

Group 614

Puzzle 1 Answers

Big, brown, round tuber, aka Mexican potato: Jicama

Choose not to do something: Opt out

Danny __ played Louie De Palma in Taxi: Devito

Eddie __, cross-dressing stand-up comedian: Izzard

Former long pants: Shorts

French photographer of the first permanent image: Niépce

Martin who won an Oscar as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood: Landau

Rough waves that don’t break cleanly: Choppy

The Tailor of __, spy novel by John le Carré: Panama

Washington, jazz saxophonist from California: Kamasi

__ eagle, bird named after precious metal: Golden

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alan Rickman’s Galaxy Quest role, Dr. __: Lazarus

Awful, horrifying, shocking: Ghastly

BASE __; leaping from buildings or cliffs: Jumping

Cindy __, US snapper appeared as B-movie starlets: Sherman

In vino, __: Veritas

Jessie J feels this raining on her in Domino: Glitter

Life, __ and the pursuit of Happiness: Liberty

Lower-leg joint on a horse: Fetlock

Male who repairs or rents nautical vessels: Boatman

Nuts used to make marzipan and frangipane: Almonds

Paired with: Twinned

Prince __ of Kent, cousin of Queen Elizabeth II: Michael

Royal Canadian __ Police, Canada’s law enforcers: Mounted

Rubber boots named after British duke (short form): Wellies

Sound producers for music: Woofers

Stuffing or wadding for cushions: Padding

__ Brown and Snoopy are inseparable: Charlie

__ Leap starring Scott Bakula: Quantum

__ Routh, star of Superman Returns: Brandon

__ heat, rash of itchy spots caused by the sun: Prickly

Puzzle 3 Answers

Dean __, flawed hero of Kerouac’s On the Road: Moriarty

Eau de __; scented skin freshener: Toilette

Elton John hit on Moulin Rouge soundtrack: Your song

First and __; opening item on an agenda: Foremost

Large, slow-moving masses of ice: Glaciers

Least smooth and gentle: Harshest

Linford __, British runner: Christie

Muck __, farm apparatus: Spreader

Relating to a line of hereditary rulers: Dynastic

Romance novel and film: “The Trail of the __ Pine”: Lonesome

Saul __, Mandy Patinkin’s character in Homeland: Berenson

Thought curiously about something: Wondered

__ House, home for nurses in Call the Midwife: Nonnatus

Puzzle 4 Answers

A bringing together: Joinder

A bringing together under the law; a union: Joinder

Big foot stool, can sometimes have storage space: Ottoman

Creamy milk drink topped with sweet syrup: Steamer

Entertain at a party, making a website available: Hosting

First country where women could vote: New __: Zealand

French palace: Chateau

Gave, allowed access: Granted

Golden Girl, __ Getty: Estelle

Implicit, unsaid: Implied

Long-grained rice eaten with curries: Basmati

Mean __, Dastardly & Muttley’s car in Wacky Races: Machine

Northern Finnish region: Lapland

Pericles’ partner, who influenced Socrates: Aspasia

Rat in Mi __, UB40 song about eating room: Kitchen

Something received for no payment: Freebie

The study of nature; also a movie Weird __: Science

__ Birdeater; world’s largest spider: Goliath

__ dolls, series of hollow wooden figures: Russian

Puzzle 5 Answers

1971 Richard Matheson novel: Hellhouse

Bass tuba, sounds like an attack: Bombardon

Calista __ was Ally McBeal: Flockhart

Calm, tranquil, peaceful, unmoved: Unruffled

Descriptive word, usually before a noun: Adjective

It irrigated early society: Nile river

Li’l __, beloved horse on Parks and Recreation: Sebastian

Mob boss, don: Crime lord

She had Mary, Queen of Scots, beheaded : __ I: Elizabeth

Snack food with toppings in Southeast Asia: Kaya toast

The Father of Liberalism, English thinker: John locke

Group 615

Puzzle 1 Answers

Biennial festival celebrating West African masks: Festima

British __; flag carrier for the UK: Airways

French term for a young chicken: Poussin

High degree of pleasure: Delight

Let off, produced: Emitted

Numbers of viewers for various TV shows: Ratings

Phil __, played Sergeant Ernie Bilko in the 1950s: Silvers

Pine trees that are also deciduous: Larches

Player for both the KC Royals and White Sox: Bo __: Jackson

Small and long-tailed primates: Monkeys

Subject of an opera by Darius Milhaud: Simon __: Bolivar

The __, Buster Keaton as an engine driver: General

__ that, miscellaneous inconsequential things: This and

Puzzle 2 Answers

A portion of time in history, era: Period

Amy Wong’s boyfriend in Futurama: Kif __: Kroker

Brothers who created Stranger Things: Duffer

Camera accessory with a hue such as sepia: Filter

Don’t give this up if you have no talent: Day job

Major component of a turbulent flow: Vortex

North Texas Mean Green are from __, TX: Denton

Singer and guitarist for Nirvana: the late Kurt __: Cobain

Spins, rotates, turns rapidly: Whirls

Squeal on a sibling: Tattle

Tolkien demon in spider form: Shelob

Washington’s horse shares its name with an admiral: Nelson

Puzzle 3 Answers

Female of good fortune: Lady luck

Long-running science fiction TV series and movies: Star trek

Monstrous reptile with magical powers: Basilisk

On __; balancing on the very edge of a cliff: The brink

René __, Surrealist used apples and bowler hats: Magritte

Sending an electronic communication: Emailing

Southern Methodist University __ is a football team: Mustangs

Stackable soft toy range from Disney: Tsum tsum

The male steerer of a ship: Helmsman

Tight band at the end of a sleeve: Wristlet

Upper __; higher tiers or levels: Echelons

Wrote a novel: Authored

__ & the Blackhearts sang I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll: Joan jett

__ Goodwin, Snow White on Once Upon a Time: Ginnifer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Closest country to Kaffeklubben Island: Greenland

Detergents that scrub: Abrasives

Duke __, jazz bandleader of “Take the ‘A’ Train”: Ellington

Gary Cooper played the famous French Legionnaire: Beau geste

Home of Peter Pan where you don’t grow old: Neverland

Immature salad green: Microleaf

Landing tummy first in the water when diving in: Belly flop

Lizard that changes appearance according to moods: Chameleon

Not capital letters: Lower case

Old-fashioned coins thrown from floats at Carnival: Doubloons

Pressing the creases out of fabric: Smoothing

__ with the Kardashians, reality TV show: Keeping up

__: Murder; mystery series starring Dick Van Dyke: Diagnosis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Act that is not genuine, artifice, crookedness: Fakery

Cave that Santa might inhabit: Grotto

Element added to food, especially salt: Iodine

Hannibal __, lover of flesh, Chianti, fava beans: Lecter

John Lennon’s 1970 exhibition of lithographs: Bag one

Largest island of the Zanzibar archipelago: Unguja

Looking glass: Mirror

Put down the phone, ring off: Hang up

Salvation Army newspaper, The __: War cry

Suzuki __; compact SUV first produced in 1988: Vitara

TV show __ & Greg starring Jenna Elfman: Dharma

Ta-Nehisi __, author of Between the World and Me: Coates

Teen anime warrior __ Moon: Sailor

__ as a bug in a rug: As snug

__ the People: singers of “Pumped Up Kicks”: Foster

__ walking; hiking with ski poles: Nordic

Group 616

Puzzle 1 Answers

Composer of Der Rosenkavalier: Richard __: Strauss

Feel-good __; things that make you happy: Factors

Founder of the Church of Scientology: L. Ron __: Hubbard

Knocked over; turned on its head: Upended

Leonard Nimoy successor in iconic role, __ Quinto: Zachary

Painter of well-lit domestic scenes: Johannes __: Vermeer

Poolside, not in the water, on __: Dry land

Protected by magic: Charmed

Temple __, animal scientist: Grandin

The M in HMV: Masters

Titicaca Lake: situated between Peru and __: Bolivia

Uncle __, “The richest duck in the world”: Scrooge

__ Coffee: tropical Irish coffee with rum: Jamaica

__ horse fly, toy-like insect seen by Alice: Rocking

Puzzle 2 Answers

Deliberately destroy for political gain: Sabotage

Finding problems with: Faulting

Fleeing song by Janet Jackson: Escapade

French dry-white, Italian sweet-red beverage: Vermouth

Heroine of a series of books by Susan Coolidge: Katy carr

Marriage ceremonies: Weddings

Padding that offers a soft landing for gymnasts: Crash mat

Silvery-white hair: Platinum

TV genre with prizes: Game show

TV program genre with prizes: Game show

Wetness, dampness, condensation: Moisture

What Rodin’s sculpted man is doing: Thinking

__ Development, TV show about the Bluth family: Arrested

__ Plot, conspiracy to kill King Charles II: Rye house

“Perch River” in eastern North Dakota: Sheyenne

Puzzle 3 Answers

1987 Gary Paulsen novel: Hatchet

Carrying capacity of a cargo ship: Tonnage

Funny mistake on TV: Blooper

How the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is better known: San siro

Last name of singer Elvis Aaron __: Presley

Moan, mutter under the breath: Grumble

Offspring from two different animals; mixed-breeds: Hybrids

Pancake like flatbread found in Beijing: Laobing

Portable securing device: Padlock

Putting money behind a venture: Backing

Ready, eager and prepared to help: Willing

Roman port city, once hosted the Temple of Artemis: Ephesus

The type of plant where Homer Simpson works: Nuclear

Uncommon way to say self-discipline: Askesis

Venting, expressing in speech: Voicing

WWI naval battle in the Skagerrak led by Jellicoe: Jutland

Wet-cleaning a floor: Mopping

__ film; standard-length movie, not a short: Feature

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alan __; ABBA-obsessed fictional radio host: Partridge

Ancestors, predecessors, grandparents: Forebears

Bronze pink seeded grape grown in Southeast U.S.: Muscadine

City where Cartman, Kenny, and Butters live: South park

Common name for digitalis flower spears: Foxgloves

Costly, or the opposite of cheap: Expensive

In over your head, unable to cope: In too deep

In the __; on show to everyone: Public eye

Knowledge that something exists: Awareness

Nagging wife of Socrates: Xanthippe

Painted with shine: Lacquered

Record producer, collaborates with Macklemore: Ryan lewis

The __; 2006 romantic drama starring Keanu Reeves: Lake house

Wife wed to Henry VIII the longest: __ of Aragon: Catherine

Young females gather up at tennis matches: Ballgirls

Puzzle 5 Answers

Antiquated term for abundance: Uberty

Car brand, also a big cat: Jaguar

Craving, sense of longing: Desire

From dawn to dusk, for 24 hours long: All day

Grammy winner, __ Grande: Ariana

John __; horseman featured in 1782 ballad: Gilpin

Six times fifteen: Ninety

Spanish city with Real and Atletico football teams: Madrid

Stanley __; Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask: Ipkiss

Sweet-tasting carbohydrates: Sugars

Top coating of teeth: Enamel

Winning coach of The Voice, 2019: John __: Legend

__ Tailor Soldier Spy, serial with George Smiley: Tinker

Group 617

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adult Swim cartoon Robot __: Chicken

Beer-selling sports mascot on The Simpsons: Duffman

Gus __; Apollo 1 commander who died during testing: Grissom

Impaired ability to process sensory information: Agnosia

Language usually sung to accompany Klezmer music: Yiddish

Lee, Anderson and Mauro Food Network series: The __: Kitchen

Less noisy: Quieter

Popping a blister with a point: Lancing

Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace, Uma __: Thurman

Shakespeare said it is the soul of wit: Brevity

Smallest U.S. state (in area) starting with “i”: Indiana

Someone who receives an honor: Honoree

TGI __, restaurant chain: Fridays

Table game with flippers: Pinball

The TL in TL;DR: Too long

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dance moves using claps and pat-a-cake: Hand jive

Given a title like lord: Ennobled

Important part of a group (a naval allusion): Flagship

Jeremy __, outspoken journo, formerly of Top Gear: Clarkson

Kind of significant other: Paramour

Mirage or hallucination: Illusion

One-wheeled bike ridden by circus artistes: Unicycle

Pigs’ feet: Trotters

Port __, theme and thrills park near Barcelona: Aventura

Rubber-soled sports shoes: Sneakers

Saline evacuation from the eye: Teardrop

TV toy bear with special powers: Superted

The raw material of kozo paper: Mulberry

Type of pear also known as a Williams: Bartlett

Value of someone’s assets, minus debts: Net worth

__ like pie-crust, poem by Christina Rossetti: Promises

Puzzle 3 Answers

A crash, usually of traffic vehicles: Collision

An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks: World war z

Another word for mammalogy: Therology

Cajun rice dish cooked with sausage and shrimp: Jambalaya

Discounted home furnishing stores: Homegoods

Going uphill: Ascending

Hellenic, Augustan, Homeric, or canonic: Classical

North __, newly named country once called FYROM: Macedonia

Pay a fee to receive a regular service: Subscribe

Piety, religiousness, holiness: Piousness

Showy, finger- and palm-waving dance movement: Jazz hands

The Lieutenant of __, play by Martin McDonagh: Inishmore

__ Hermanos, Breaking Bad’s restaurant chain: Los pollos

__ Housewives, the lives of Wisteria Lane’s ladies: Desperate

Puzzle 4 Answers

A horned Big Five animal: Buffalo

Breaks free multiple times: Escapes

Canadian province to the west of Saskatchewan: Alberta

Ceremony that follows someone’s death: Funeral

Divided by 100: Percent

Failure to grant something: Refusal

Fast-paced Gaelic sport played by women: Camogie

Former Disney channel sitcom: Good Luck __: Charlie

Light switches with dials: Dimmers

Nigel __, Radiohead producer: Godrich

Only state where Vidalia onions are grown: Georgia

Professor-hero of The Da Vinci Code, Robert __: Langdon

Public agent: Officer

Red fish to distract: Herring

Sought-after top prize in a lottery: Jackpot

Spanish term for a cowboy: Vaquero

Squeezed between thumb and finger: Pinched

To get better seats on flights is to receive an __: Upgrade

__ 5; long-running space opera television series: Babylon

__ Richardson, actress sister of Joely: Natasha

Puzzle 5 Answers

Alan __, patriarch on Growing Pains: Thicke

Bad __; quirky actions you wish you could stop: Habits

Bruno Mars’ big hit with Mark Ronson: “__ Funk”: Uptown

Chemicals company where Carothers invented nylon: Dupont

L. Frank Baum’s Good Witch of the South: Glinda

Least lofty: Lowest

Overused expression, a hackneyed idea: Cliché

Red __; RAF aerobatic display team: Arrows

Transparent fronts of helmets: Visors

Type of radish that means “large root” in Japanese: Daikon

World’s most fearless animal: honey __: Badger

__ piece, a drama that is set in the past: Period

Group 618

Puzzle 1 Answers

Actor, Steve McGarrett in Hawaii Five-O: Jack lord

Early Blues singer who sang about a Black Bottom: Ma rainey

French Alps city, capital of Isère: Grenoble

German pre-Lenten “Karneval” season: Fasching

Injecting liquid into rock for gas extraction: Fracking

Large mattress, suitable for a monarch: Kingsize

Long-running Holby City Hospital British drama: Casualty

Main administrative building in a city: Town hall

Not containing any animal flesh: Meat free

Remember, remember, the fifth of __: November

Road going above another: Overpass

Small insects that eat through wood: Termites

Swap, switch, e.g. for a different size: Exchange

Whistleblower: Informer

__ Murphy; Clueless and 8 Mile actress: Brittany

__ strap, personal bag carrying handle: Shoulder

__ to Candleford, gentle novel by Flora Thompson: Lark rise

Puzzle 2 Answers

99 __ of beer on the wall: Bottles

Appeared on screen or in a play: Starred

Beyoncé’s gym brand: Ivy park

Comedian and spokesperson, __ Martin: Demetri

Cones for transferring liquid: Funnels

Country where the ski resort Tsakhkadzor is: Armenia

Early wide area computing network of the 60s: Arpanet

Extra helpings of food: Seconds

Mesh used to protect plants: Netting

Need, or specify as compulsory: Require

Patted down: Frisked

Red flowers, symbols of remembrance: Poppies

South African Nobel Prize winning author: J. M. __: Coetzee

Star Trek warrior species, for example Worf: Klingon

Sun __; bed for sunbathing: Lounger

The Elephant Man’s name, Joseph __: Merrick

Thin wooden surface layers on furniture: Veneers

Used flattery to encourage: Cajoled

Whistles heavy breaths: Wheezes

Puzzle 3 Answers

Action of petting a dog or cat: Stroking

Dick and Tommy, the __ Brothers: Smothers

House and oak tree where Charles II hid out: Boscobel

In sickness and __; traditional wedding vow: In health

Jamaica pimento; myrtle pepper: Allspice

Language of propaganda in Orwell’s 1984: Newspeak

London royal green space and rock concert venue: Hyde park

Manhattan side with Chelsea, SoHo, Tribeca: West side

Non-Jewish people, usually considered Christians: Gentiles

Starfleet battle tactic: Picard __: Maneuver

Vibrancy, energy: Vitality

__ buy, charity shopping that circulates goods: Bring and

Puzzle 4 Answers

Author of Brave New World: Aldous __: Huxley

Betty Gilpin’s character on GLOW: Debbie

Billy __; musical about a ballet dancer: Elliot

Korean fermented vegetables: Kimchi

Madagascan primates: Lemurs

Moon __ Probe (MIP); Indian lunar orbiter: Impact

Mrs Merkel’s first name: Angela

Old golf club, similar to a modern 5-iron: Mashie

Owner of the Resident Evil’s franchise: Capcom

Person in need of a nap or boring movie: Yawner

Prized, having worth: Valued

Recoil from painful stimulus: Flinch

Singing star of Moesha: Brandy

Softly: Gently

The landscape, things that aren’t artificial: Nature

Top-row keyboard letters, bad choice for passwords: Qwerty

__ Street, Roman road between London and York: Ermine

__ movement, military encircling tactic: Pincer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Actor who played Luther, Stringer Bell in The Wire: Idris elba

Boris __, Russian writer of Doctor Zhivago: Pasternak

Classic sitcom about a witch named Samantha: Bewitched

Florida-based sandwich chain: Miamisubs

He said “Roll over” when there were 10 in the bed: Little one

Indoor place for physical exercise: Gymnasium

Inferiority __; feelings of insignificance: Complexes

Making wealthy: Enriching

Mani-pedis are done at this type of establishment: Nail salon

Soft mineral: Fluorspar

Type of six-legged Saharan insect: Silver ant

Wobbling, about to fall, maybe off high heels: Teetering

Group 619

Puzzle 1 Answers

Edible molluscs with pointy, spiral shells: Whelks

Jim __, comic genius with a rubber face: Carrey

Metal end to a work boot: Toe cap

Moomins character who daydreams about police: Mymble

Operating __; OS in computer technology: System

Oriole Park at __ Yards, MLB in Maryland: Camden

Richard __, Tom in The Good Life: Briers

Schwarzenegger big car: Hummer

Sheet music for plays or musicals: Scores

Stephanie __, contributed to invention of Kevlar: Kwolek

Wooden garden dividing boundaries: Fences

Young and attractive: Nubile

Puzzle 2 Answers

Chinese egg dish with vegetables: Fu yung

Chinese egg omelet dish: Fu yung

Country for a Midsummer Night’s Dream: Greece

Daylight __; moving clocks forward in spring: Saving

Dudley Moore’s drunk millionaire character: Arthur

Future, past or present in linguistics: Tenses

In a welcoming way: Warmly

Joe __, Phantom Joe, early hockey player: Malone

King who was obsessed with castles: Mad King __: Ludwig

Russian seaport on the Gulf of Finland: Vyborg

Seller or trader, in cars or antiques for e.g.: Dealer

Shrub, or the street Harry Potter grew up on: Privet

Taylor __ was Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights: Kitsch

__ Shore with JWoww, Pauly D, and Snooki: Jersey

Puzzle 3 Answers

Asserted or insinuated: Alleged

Author of King Solomon’s Mines on colonial Africa: Haggard

Drives something to move onward: Propels

Huge shark-like creature of Japanese mythology: Isonade

Listing, sloping: Tilting

Robert F. __ Memorial, home to D.C. United: Kennedy

The __ Seal, Bergman film with Death playing chess: Seventh

Water of life from the Emerald Isle: Whiskey

Wicked’s Wicked Witch of the West: Elphaba

__ Anderson, flame-haired The X Files star: Gillian

__ Foods hosted by Andrew Zimmern: Bizarre

__ music, classical pieces played by small groups: Chamber

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bluey-green tone, anagram of quite sour: Turquoise

Bold, dramatic and eye-catching: Bodacious

Created with a holographic projector: Holograms

Green plain: Grassland

Hydrolyzed organelles that remove cellular waste: Lysosomes

Lacy headscarves worn by Spanish women: Mantillas

Multi-partner relationships: Polyamory

Original act to record La-La (Means I Love You): Delfonics

Small creature with a long thin body and many legs: Centipede

Snails served on a silver platter, perhaps: Escargots

Starz Scottish 18th century time-travel show: Outlander

__ Beacham; Dynasty and The Colbys actress: Stephanie

__ tank, saltwater device to aid calm: Flotation

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baggy __; Madness hit about school days: Trousers

Cartoon Bunch who lived at Wonderland Zoo: Hair bear

Children’s game where sticks hold up marbles: Kerplunk

Dressed extravagantly for a party: Dolled up

Easily fooled: Gullible

Freudian term, one of three terms along with id: Superego

Global computer network: Internet

Jim Cramer investigative show about stocks: Mad money

Lack of wind causing a boat to remain still: Becalmed

Mrs. Doubtfire and Dead Poets Society actor Robin: Williams

Of a Pyrenean nation: Andorran

One-fifth of the Saturdays: Una healy

Organizing a schedule or future activities: Planning

Skateboarding magazine: Thrasher

Spicy pepper eaten green and stuffed with cheese: Jalapeno

Striking post used in karate: Makiwara

Style of cutting gems in an unfaceted way: Cabochon

The O in OHP, __ projector: Overhead

Trumpet welcomes: Fanfares

Group 620

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Short History of Tractors in __: Marina Lewycka: Ukrainian

Agricultural land with milking building: Dairy farm

Created specially for an event: Exclusive

Crooner and radio host, known as Mr. C: Perrycomo

Expert in the Earth’s rocks and minerals: Geologist

Lucille Ball’s TV comedy with husband Desi Arnaz: I love lucy

Made understandable: Clarified

Most tired or weary; anagram of liberates: Bleariest

Piper’s girlfriend in Orange is the New Black: Alex vause

Scottish town, with a Festival Theatre season: Pitlochry

Testimony from a previous employer: Reference

Wake-robin; red trillium: Toadshade

Yours __; formal way to end a letter: Sincerely

Puzzle 2 Answers

12 photographic months of holiday reminders: Calendar

Expression from compere to elicit applause: Give it up

Marine hag, e.g. Ursula in The Little Mermaid: Sea witch

Middle Eastern salad of pita bread and greens: Fattoush

Process of emaciation from malnutrition: Marasmus

Reggae artist Snow’s 1993 big hit: Informer

RuPaul’s __, reality talent show: Drag race

Ruler of Greece from 460–429 BC: Pericles

Shake, with laughter perhaps: Convulse

Soccer kick, not of the toe: Back heel

Tea marketers with oldest logo still in use: Twinings

The constituent parts of a TV series: Episodes

__ Roth wrote the Divergent novel trilogy: Veronica

Puzzle 3 Answers

An apothecary weight, equivalent to 20 grains: Scruple

Country hosting the first FIFA World Cup in 1930: Uruguay

Crazy person, or fruit shell: Nutcase

Eagle-lion cross appears in Alice in Wonderland: Gryphon

Feeling, sentiment, sensation: Emotion

LK __, Catherine of Cambridge prefers their shoes: Bennett

Laundry time of the week: Washday

Lyric, “Green door, what’s that secret you’re ?”: Keeping

Nintendo’s successor to the Game Boy Color: Advance

Now, __, Bette Davis starred in this 1942 film: Voyager

Our __ in the North followed 4 Newcastle inhabitants: Friends

Someone who regards another person with wonder; fan: Admirer

Teri who played Susan on Desperate Housewives: Hatcher

The Death __, famous Revolutionary art by David: Of marat

Puzzle 4 Answers

Advice or information on how to do something: Guidance

Harmful substance, e.g. pesticide: Toxicant

Kids of supervillains set out to correct wrongs: Runaways

Major men’s team competition in tennis: Davis cup

Mozart’s first knowing name: Wolfgang

Mud pack: Face mask

Self-important constable in Much Ado About Nothing: Dogberry

System involves movement, posture, circulation: Muscular

The Voice judge, Kelly __: Clarkson

The back limbs of an animal: Hind legs

Trenches of moving water: Channels

Wavelength unit named after a Swedish physicist: Angstrom

Wearing a hat: Becapped

With no hurry: Unrushed

Day, date celebrates the Restoration of 1660: Oak apple

__ Wright, colonial era wax sculptor: Patience

__ egg, dehydrated substance for wartime recipes: Powdered

Puzzle 5 Answers

An outsider; someone who doesn’t blend in: Misfit

Boardwalk __ with Steve Buscemi: Empire

Buttonhole flowers attach to these: Lapels

Critically destroyed: Panned

Egyptian lake near Aswan High Dam: Nasser

Homemade ventilated cask used for barbecues: Barrel

Japanese period under the emperor Akihito: Heisei

Liqueur made from blackcurrants: crème de __: Cassis

Matriarch of the Rivera family in Coco movie: Imelda

Tiredness after a long-distance flight: Jet lag

Untidy writing: Scrawl

Younger son of Blake Carrington in Dynasty: Steven

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