Codycross Trip to spain Answers

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Codycross Trip to spain

Group 841

Puzzle 1 Answers

An autoimmune condition resulting in hair loss: Alopecia

Clicking needles together to make a scarf: Knitting

Concentrated shot of coffee: Espresso

Friedrich __ wrote Ode to Joy and William Tell: Schiller

Giant plates that form the Earth’s crust: Tectonic

Irish ring with hand design, represents love: Claddagh

Killers, marauders, carnivorous animals: Predators

Name shared by actors Aniston, Lawrence, Lopez: Jennifer

Quality of a mythical creature who can never die: Immortal

Small metal or porcelain thumb protectors: Thimbles

Society where physical coins or notes are not used: Cashless

Swiss tennis pro Stan __ won Olympic gold in 2008: Wawrinka

The J.M Barrie character who never grew up: Peterpan

The amount of light that gets to a piece of film: Exposure

Video game company that created Mario & Luigi: Nintendo

__ The Palm; Dubai hotel based on mythical city: Atlantis

Puzzle 2 Answers

An irrational fear of animals: Zoophobia

Ancient Greek temple dedicated to goddess Athena: Parthenon

Another name for stomach pain: Bellyache

Breakfast food of shredded, grilled potato cakes: Hash brown

Given undeserved rave reviews: Overrated

Good luck wish before an actor takes to the stage: Break a leg

Subtitle of 2009’s Terminator movie: Salvation

This machine helps spot deception: Polygraph

Trip outdoors with fun things planned: Excursion

Tuneful musical show with audience participation: Singalong

Where Santa Claus lives: Northpole

__ Saints, movement founded by Joseph Smith: Latter day

Puzzle 3 Answers

Able to speak a foreign language like a native: Fluent

Artistic dance associated with slippers, tutus: Ballet

Award given to championship teams: Trophy

Code language for computers written in 0s and 1s: Binary

Detroit rap artist with a film called 8 mile: Eminem

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great __: Gatsby

Korean dish consisting of fermented vegetables: Kimchi

Large span of grassland used for grazing livestock: Meadow

Planet with rings next to Jupiter: Saturn

Tech company founded by Larry Ellison: Oracle

Puzzle 4 Answers

A boxer who is not good at taking it on the chin: Glass jaw

Austrian composer Franz __ wrote Ave Maria: Schubert

Blue Mountains on the western boundary of Eriador: Ered luin

Common allergy caused by pollen: Hay fever

Crime drama with a mobster named Tony, The __: Sopranos

Dangerous snakes are often this: Venomous

Document that allows entry into other countries: Passport

Eyes __; drama film with elaborate Venetian masks: Wide shut

The common name for thrombocyte: Platelet

The natural sugar present in fruits: Fructose

This Alaskan dog was bred for hauling freight: Malamute

To zip a large file to send to someone easily: Compress

Type of monk who meditates: Buddhist

Variety of desserts with dough, cream, and fruit: Pastries

Puzzle 5 Answers

“__ of the Opera” play based on the French novel: Phantom

Dance __, troupe of working dancers: Company

Hanna-Barbera’s Magilla is this type of animal: Gorilla

Important pads of tissue at the back of the throat: Tonsils

Jack Sparrow’s handheld naviagtion device: Compass

Mass punishment on society by a vengeful god: Scourge

Organelle containing a cell’s chromosomes: Nucleus

Power pack for feeding juice to electronics: Charger

Stumble over your words in a speech: Stutter

The island where Usain Bolt and Shaggy are from: Jamaica

Thick seafood soupy stew: Chowder

__ Concerto; Beethoven’s work for Archduke Rudolf: Emperor

Group 842

Puzzle 1 Answers

Basics needed to know how to play an RPG: Core rules

Bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice: Campanile

Gang lord, head of a mafia family: Crime boss

Kool & the Gang say it’s all right to do this: Celebrate

Layered cake custard mixes suffixed by Russes: Charlotte

Looking around a new location: Exploring

Moscow piazza: Red square

Not at the proper time; jumped the queue: Out of turn

Painting using melted wax mixed with pigments: Encaustic

Procurement and distribution of goods: Logistics

Said to someone about to embark on a trip: Bon voyage

Star Wars planet covered in Galactic City: Coruscant

What one might feel seeing their old picture books: Nostalgia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Adds information to written words: Subjoins

Archaic word for foodstuffs: Victuals

Botanical pictures and drawings: Artworks

Castrated male sopranos or altos: Castrati

Cramming, packing in a lot of people: Crowding

Dried, smoked jalapeño pepper: Chipotle

Final boarding announcement for flight passengers: Last call

Guests, people who come to stay: Visitors

Internet locations made up of linked pages: Websites

Person who buys something from a shop: Customer

Shaved skull hairstyle: Skinhead

Surname of Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter: Pevensie

Thick crepes with lemon and sugar adornment: Pancakes

Where prunes started life: Plum tree

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bourbon spirit: Whiskey

Click-__ rates, or CTR, a measure of website usage: Through

Comic action hero of the Interplanet Space Fleet: Dan dare

Could be the mean, median or modal value: Average

Doggie __, supervision for canines while you work: Day care

French tourist resort with a Picasso gallery: Antibes

Maggie in The Moon on the Floss, by George Eliot: Tuliver

Princess Buttercup’s true love: Westley

Takes clothes out of a suitcase: Unpacks

Weekly 5k run in a green space: Parkrun

Puzzle 4 Answers

Canvas shelter used in luxury glamping resorts: Bell tent

Common nickname for US marines: Jarheads

Communist Walter, who led Berlin Wall construction: Ulbricht

Health abnormality, e.g. metabolic or genetic: Disorder

ID document that allows international travel: Passport

MC Hammer has a “mind to rhyme” and two of these: Hype feet

Natives of France’s capital city: Parisian

Part of phone number that suggests location: Area code

Point or moment in time: Juncture

Sam Gamgee spoke fondly of them: Potatoes

Sikh Michelin-starred chef from Nottingham: Sat bains

Stimulant in coffee to be avoided at bedtime: Caffeine

__ ground; hotbed, forcing house: Breeding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Coca-Cola’s competitor to 7 Up: Sprite

Curtis Armstrong role in Revenge of the Nerds: Booger

Dutch satnav brand with GO and One models: Tomtom

How blood gets from the heart to the body: Artery

Places where lawyers and judges spend their time: Courts

Prickly plant associated with the desert: Cactus

Spanish word for nap after lunch: Siesta

The hilltop Castle, a Japanese World Heritage Site: Himeji

The month before Christmas in Christianity: Advent

__ Building, novelty-looking place for groceries: Basket

__ ships visit the Antarctica: Cruise

Group 843

Puzzle 1 Answers

A user of Twitter: Tweeter

Blue planet named like a god of the sea: Neptune

Deriding, making fun of: Mocking

Distance covered in imperial units: Mileage

Epileptic fit: Seizure

F1 venue: Circuit

Holds lollipops to guide a pilot when taxiing: Batsman

It’s easier to settle these when there’s a will: Estates

Its capital is Reykjavik: Iceland

Loss of ability to understand or produce speech: Aphasia

Movie franchise, The Fast and the __: Furious

Noah who was a dictionary editor: Webster

Person who bargains on price: Haggler

Peter, Paul and Mary are doing this on a jet plane: Leaving

TV’s star-performing dolphin: Flipper

Young green soybeans found at sushi restaurants: Edamame

Zig-zag pattern often found on floors, walls: Chevron

__ Roche, mother of Princess Diana: Frances

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alternative quick route: Shortcut

Carried out by organized criminals: Gangland

Chemical used in water to strengthen teeth: Fluoride

Corporate gatherings or forums to relay news: Town hall

Disney child actor also known as Moochie, Kevin __: Corcoran

Glittering nickname of Berlin Victory Column: Goldelse

Male lead singer of a band: Frontman

Political movement of early Victorian Britain: Chartism

Rituals where males assemble to dance for mates: Lekkings

Sans-serif typeface by a famous English sculptor: Gill sans

Style of government often led by a president: Republic

What books are doing as they give knowledge: Teaching

Worker: Employee

Puzzle 3 Answers

Comic __, US entertainment charity: Relief

Death notice author: Obiter

Drink packed with caffeine; cup of joe: Coffee

Fabric that burping cloths are often made from: Muslin

Museo __; Piazza San Marco art and history museum: Correr

Open shelter at beach or pool: Cabana

Quidditch player whose role is catching the snitch: Seeker

Surname of Allen, star of Grandma’s Boy: Covert

T-Bone __, blues guitarist famed for Stormy Monday: Walker

Therapy carried out with horses: Equine

Votes in a politician: Elects

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fracture in the ground after an earthquake: Fault line

Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure: Barometer

Joseph __, Pope Benedict XVI: Ratzinger

Monarch, supposed writer of Greensleeves: Henry viii

People often get cakes to celebrate these: Occasions

Place where museum visitors can leave their coats: Cloakroom

The dome-shaped muscle involved in respiration: Diaphragm

These folks are always right, apparently: Customers

This city’s airport named for Canada’s PM in 1960: Saskatoon

Thor __, Pacific explorer on Kon-Tiki raft: Heyerdahl

Puzzle 5 Answers

A condition caused by a vitamin B-1 deficiency: Beriberi

A file saved from the internet: Download

Billie and Willie: actor and Tory MP respectively: Whitelaw

Coastal city in Georgia, USA, also a girl’s name: Savannah

Debaucheries, profanities: Rakeries

Document necessary for international travel: Passport

Green leafy veg like cabbages and kale: Collards

High-value poker token or company on stock market: Blue chip

Home of El Capitan cliff: Yosemite

Kiss Me by __ None the Richer: Sixpence

Pissarro painted Landscape at __: Pontoise

Police label for an old and unsolved crime: Cold case

Thin tissue that connects animal or plant cells: Membrane

Tranquil, calm: Peaceful

__ the mark; say too much, speak out of turn: Overstep

Group 844

Puzzle 1 Answers

“The Brave Little “, 80s animated kids’ film: Toaster

1926 Preakness Stakes winner: Display

All __; jukebox musical featuring Elvis hits: Shook up

Chef who invented Caesar salad: Caesar __: Cardini

Layer hair with a razor, like a bird’s plumage: Feather

Lightweight hooded rain jacket, packed into a bag: Cagoule

Motorcycle from bikers in 1950’s California: Chopper

Old manuscripts in the form of books: Codices

Roads for planes: Runways

South American nation with government in La Paz: Bolivia

Texan senator/2016 Rep. presidential nomination: Ted cruz

Hall, Sunday Times crossword editor till 2010: Barbara

__ Stone, Irish wall bestowing gift of eloquence: Blarney

Puzzle 2 Answers

A king’s __, or a vast amount of money: Ransom

A sea anchor or a small parachute for planes: Drogue

Andy __, voiced Capt Haddock in the Tintin movie: Serkis

Devices such as a monitor, speakers, etc: Output

Heroine of the 1979 film Alien, Sigourney __: Weaver

Hurry, rush, speed up: Hasten

Martin __ starred in Space: 1999: Landau

Mirror and cabinet combination in a bathroom: Vanity

Occurs when your shin and calf muscles strain: Splint

Operation __, military deployment to NI 1969-2007: Banner

Opposites of liabilities: Assets

Refined evening do at home: Soirée

Scottish author who was Canada’s governor general: Buchan

Spicy condiment often served with sushi: Wasabi

Statue with human head, lion body, eagle wings: Sphinx

Texan city, probable home of margarita cocktails: El paso

Unit of angular measure, roughly 57.3 degrees: Radian

You ride in a car, but you don’t drive them: Trains

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arrange with a plan or system in mind: Structure

Companies put their logo on everything to do this: Advertise

Forges, like evidence: Falsifies

Frank Sinatra broke hearts with these eyes: Baby blues

Good manners, how to behave in public: Etiquette

Jerusalem: The __ of the Great Albion by Blake: Emanation

Luke Skywalker joined one in Star Wars: Rebellion

Nothing __; green Customs exit at airports: To declare

Sky Sports pundit Jamie, ex-Liverpool footballer: Carragher

The first sheet inside most picture books: Title page

The spotted dog breed Cruella de Vil wanted: Dalmatian

Youth-restoring surgeries that “lift” features: Facelifts

__ markets, festive Yuletide fairs in Europe: Christmas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ancient astronomer and Timurid sultan: Ulugh beg

City in Spain; type of orange that is sweeter: Valencia

Corncrake, Eurasian short-billed rail bird: Dakerhen

Egyptian bucketed waterwheels: Sakiyehs

Fried circular cakes with a hole in the middle: Doughnuts

Keyboard function for WRITING LIKE THIS: Caps lock

Most visited town in the Blue Mountains: Katoomba

Person who talks up a show to attract people: Pitch man

Photo ID required for international travel: Passport

Reveal, e.g. a plot twist or a film’s ending: Give away

Tiny organ where hair comes out: Follicle

Traditional stories, art forms of other cultures: Folklore

__ bees, super-pollinators, better than honey bees: Solitary

Puzzle 5 Answers

A dog breed: __ terrier or an English county: Yorkshire

Aliens often leave signs in the __: Cornfield

Another name for an integrated circuit: Microchip

Brokers buy and sell stock in them: Companies

Louisiana dish made with rice, sausage, more: Jambalaya

Name for ‘new’ Mexican coins from 1993 to 1996: Nuevo peso

Politician who advocates fighting other countries: Warmonger

Tube with mirrors used to see from submarines: Periscope

Well, that __ quickly: Escalated

What is below this clue: Underline

__ Truth, abolitionist, “Ain’t I a Woman?” speaker: Sojourner

Group 845

Puzzle 1 Answers

All work and no play makes Jack __: A dull boy

Andean __ cat; feline from South American uplands: Mountain

Automobile-based vacation: Road trip

Back workout of bending down to grab a barbell: Deadlift

Beastie Boys song that saves the day in Star Trek: Sabotage

Ben __, former US Federal Reserve chair: Bernanke

Berlin opera company based near Unter den Linden: Komische

Black carbon from burnt wood used to draw: Charcoal

David Livingstone 1855 discovery: __ Fallas: Victoria

Deceptive nonsense to trick or cheat: Flimflam

Having to do with funny stories with punchlines: Jokesome

Issues faced by characters in a storyline: Problems

Sesame seeds: Jinjilis

Set of spiritual beliefs: Religion

War poem by John McCrae: In __ Fields: Flanders

What a DJ is doing with their records: Spinning

What doctors are doing to patients in hospitals: Treating

__ and the Machine band; an Italian city: Florence

Puzzle 2 Answers

Animal emblem on Berlin coat of arms: Black bear

Central American country between Mexico, Honduras: Guatemala

Leaving dock: Embarking

Mellow Italian cheese originating near Vesuvius: Provolone

Mongol conqueror featured in Marlowe’s drama: Tamerlane

Never-ending, like mythological motion machines: Perpetual

Piles of farm food painted by Claude Monet: Haystacks

Someone who travels on a boat, bus or plane: Passenger

The brain lobe responsible for visual processing: Occipital

Three-leaved clover sprigs: Shamrocks

You’re fine if the top stops spinning in this film: Inception

Puzzle 3 Answers

A condition caused by a vitamin C deficiency: Scurvy

Cheek depression: Dimple

Colourful canine enters urban gardens at night: Red fox

French museum that opened in 1793: Louvre

Like the equinox in Spring: Vernal

Magic Kingdom’s principal roadway, Main __: Street

My Name is Mud rock band: Primus

Regret your sins: Repent

Short shot of espresso served with lemon slice: Romano

Slang for detective: Sleuth

The Greek Muse of astronomy: Urania

Tony Curtis to Jamie Lee, or Billy Ray to Miley: Father

__ & Me; comedy drama tale about a family dog: Marley

Puzzle 4 Answers

2009 Leah Andreone album: Avalanche

Dramatic speech where actors speak to themselves: Soliloquy

Leaving on a flight or train journey: Departure

Mary Poppins would recommend these full of sugar: Teaspoons

People between the left wing and the right wing: Centrists

Second-in-command in a mafia group: Underboss

Straining bowls: Colanders

The Dutch painter who created The Night Watch: Rembrandt

The Greek princess who married Perseus: Andromeda

The last word in many bedtime stories: Goodnight

Winner of the Battle of Bosworth: House of __: Lancaster

__ Drive, the 4W in 4WD: Four wheel

__ National Cemetery, military site for the fallen: Arlington

__ silence; keeping quiet to raise funds: Sponsored

__ the dyer’s son, character from Happy Families: Master dip

Puzzle 5 Answers

2006 play by Yasmina Reza: God of __: Carnage

Another name for the Netherlands: Holland

Athletic DC Comics scarlet superhero: Red ryan

Capital and largest city of Nicaragua: Managua

Former currency: Surinamese or Dutch: Guilder

Genetic material of organisms: Genomes

Knee cap: Patella

Long smoky pork sausage from Poland: Kabanos

Quaint establishment in which to take a cuppa: Teashop

The Scottish scientist who discovered penicillin: Fleming

__ St, Moscow, medieval street with many churches: Varvaka

__ of the Lost Ark: Raiders

Group 846

Puzzle 1 Answers

12 photographic months of holiday reminders: Calendar

Benedict Arnold was a traitor or this: Turncoat

Buy, take ownership of: Purchase

Colleague, especially in the US: Coworker

File __, yellow folder icon on Windows computers: Explorer

Final action of a snooker frame; TV snooker series: Pot black

House shoes worn for warmth and comfort: Slippers

Italian supercar and camera designer, Giorgetto: Giugiaro

Long-extinct woolly prehistoric creatures: Mammoths

Michael who wrote War Horse: Morpurgo

Scottish breakfasts: Disjunes

Sections of longer books: Chapters

Source of heat for tent occupants: Campfire

The organ which secretes insulin and glucagon: Pancreas

What many people wear on Halloween: Costumes

__ Pine, saxophonist founder of Jazz Warriors: Courtney

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alfred __, the director of Psycho and Vertigo: Hitchcock

Food with an appearance of sugar crystals: Granulate

Getaway after a wedding: Honeymoon

Horse-showing shows: Gymkhanas

King Arthur’s legendary sword: Excalibur

Photographers used to develop film in these: Darkrooms

Reciprocals of sines: Cosecants

Swiss hotel chain – and ice cream brand: Movenpick

The Irish name for the Irish prime minister: Taoiseach

White on white embroidery, with Norwegian name: Hardanger

__ machine, functioning smoothly and efficiently: Well oiled

Puzzle 3 Answers

Any visual medium of expression: Artform

Bangkok road known as a backpackers’ paradise: Khaosan

German city, site of an Allied conference of 1945: Potsdam

Having mass appeal: Popular

Mad shell for a pecan or almond: Nutcase

Official language spoken in the Philippines: Tagalog

Sentence a criminal to prison: Condemn

State of enlightenment: Nirvana

Tiny European nation with cattle on flag: Andorra

UK chemist Dorothy, penicillin scientist: Hodgkin

Warm-blooded animals whose babies drink milk: Mammals

What one does to keep a runny nose from running: Sniffle

__ Hawkins, aka “Hawk”, jazz saxophonist: Coleman

__ TV, fly-on-the-wall entertainment: Reality

Puzzle 4 Answers

A female warrior sent to the battlefield by Odin: Valkyrie

A title used to address royals: your __: Highness

Alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal: Aperitif

Altered Carbon and Queen of the South’s Martha __: Higareda

Close-up photos of criminals’ faces: Mugshots

Person from nation north of USA: Canadian

Singer Maren Morris finds holy redemption here: My church

Tables of numbers arranged in rows and columns: Matrices

The Las Vegas resort known for its fountain: Bellagio

When the economy gets better: Recovery

__ dress, lacy costume worn for Spanish dance: Flamenco

__ sound, enveloping cinema experience: Surround

Puzzle 5 Answers

“Sneeze on __, sneeze for danger”: Monday

1939 Wright novel that has no letter E in it: Gadsby

A chain of messages sent as replies to each other: Thread

Cream of this is often used in a fish condiment: Tartar

First name of temperature scientist Celsius: Anders

Game where players make words from dice: Boggle

Houses made from blocks of ice: Igloos

Instead of, e.g. days off __ of extra days worked: In lieu

Lennon peace lyrics: Everybody’s talkin’ about __: Bagism

Muscles in upper arms: Biceps

One-masted sailboats: Sloops

Ralph does it to the Internet in Wreck-It Ralph 2: Breaks

Restaurant Calle Ocho is translated as __ Street: Eighth

The 1,063 foot tall Parisian wrought-iron tower: Eiffel

Traditional Christmas songs: Carols

Where the manager and subs sit in a football match: Dugout

__ in the back, is to be traitorously betrayed: Knifed

Group 847

Puzzle 1 Answers

Annotation at the bottom of a page: Footnote

British defeat to Colonists in Revolutionary War: Saratoga

Country whose capital is Bridgetown: Barbados

Dark vinegar from Modena region of Italy: Balsamic

Describes sets of data with no common members: Disjoint

Dystopian RPG where Friend Computer is the master: Paranoia

Enclosed space used to display fish: Aquarium

Imitation crab sushi ingredient: Kanikama

Nickname for Qantas Airways: the Flying __: Kangaroo

Slim __, not much remaining to choose between: Pickings

Taken by force, kidnapped: Captured

Treatment for stress, involving total time off: Rest cure

Type of worship of repeating phrases in a group: Chanting

Unplugged version of a song; a hollow guitar: Acoustic

What picture books with numbers help teach: Counting

__ Seedorf; Dutch footballer who won several cups: Clarence

__ glove, for getting fur off pets quickly: Grooming

Puzzle 2 Answers

1964 film about a traveling fair heist: Topkapi

1995 Van Halen Album: Balance

Basins from which horses drink water: Troughs

Became CEO of Apple Inc in 2011: Tim cook

Group of people living together and sharing: Commune

Home that is towed behind a vehicle: Caravan

Survivor’s slogan: Outwit, Outplay, __: Outlast

The Greek hero who killed Medusa: Perseus

The Washington Monument, e.g.: Obelisk

The __ tower of Pisa: Leaning

Too much food, a celebratory meal: Blow out

Waldorf-__; luxury New York hotels built in 1893: Astoria

Puzzle 3 Answers

Christmas play based on the birth of Jesus Christ: Nativity

Commercial companies for global plane travel: Airlines

Constructed machines with their own energy source: Automata

Dissolvable cube that freshens and cleans toilets: Rim block

First name of German Renaissance painter Dürer: Albrecht

Foods like potatoes, breads, pastas: Starches

François __, key figure in French New Wave cinema: Truffaut

Havoc created by cheeky troublemakers: Mischief

Herb root used to treat insomnia: Valerian

Inside-out: Inverted

Members of cavalry units or mounted police: Troopers

Music by Grieg: In the Hall of the __ King: Mountain

Red-orange New Zealand apple variety: Braeburn

Separated into a different road: Diverged

Under __, Dylan Thomas’s “play for voices”: Milk wood

Walked off in a huff: Flounced

When a fallen champion returns, they make a __: Comeback

When moon pulls on ocean, causes water to rise: High tide

Puzzle 4 Answers

A pain-reliever known by the name Advil or Motrin: Ibuprofen

An animal that can live on land and in water: Amphibian

Books are delivered in boxes made of this material: Cardboard

Cocktail of vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juices: Sea breeze

Glossy newspapers or online feature collections: Magazines

Golden calf, revered object of worship: Sacred cow

Its capital city is Buenos Aires: Argentina

Makes power: Generates

Pages saved on a bar in your browser: Bookmarks

Pattern-style of ballroom dance: Formation

People who buy stuff: Consumers

Restored German parliament building in Berlin: Reichstag

Singer Harry who made The Banana Boat Song famous: Belafonte

The first New Town designed for London’s overspill: Stevenage

To get rid of or completely eliminate something: Eradicate

Wonder of the Ancient World found in Halicarnassus: Mausoleum

Puzzle 5 Answers

A passage in a contract that limits something: Clause

Chewing gum while chopping these may banish tears: Onions

Doge’s __; residence of the Chief of Venice: Palace

Gripping tool with serrated pincers: Pliers

Leg of __, sleeve shape that balloons at the top: Mutton

Prime of life, time of youth: Heyday

Silesia saint to whom Berlin cathedral is devoted: Hedwig

St __, Toronto subway stop, English patron saint: George

This head was a cult movie by David Lynch: Eraser

What type a file is, e.g. PDF, xlsx: Format

__ call; early morning contact from hotel staff: Wake up

Group 848

Puzzle 1 Answers

Benjamin __; US politician known as Pitchfork Ben: Tillman

Chart-topping Cuban singer Camila: Cabello

City in Turkey with ruins once belonging to Greece: Antioch

Fat __, squares of fabric for quilting: Quarter

Fixing things, mending broken things: Repairs

Genre of fairy tales: Fantasy

Henry Fonda’s character in The Grapes of Wrath: Tom joad

Land with a lot of potential for crop growth: Fertile

Mystical Church of San Juan Bautista Church state: Chiapas

Offer assistance to the less fortunate: Charity

Owners might take their dog on this light running: Jogging

Playing piece in a game: Counter

Purse: Handbag

Religious war: Crusade

Slanting, at an incline: Sloping

__ bun, doughy swirl with raisins from W London: Chelsea

Puzzle 2 Answers

2007 Jeremy C. Shipp sci-fi novel about travel: Vacation

A life insurance provider might make you get one: Physical

Argon, neon or helium: Noble gas

El __, Royal Site of the Spanish monarchy: Escorial

New __, nickname for rosy new balls in cricket: Cherries

Tickle the ivories or type a memo on this: Keyboard

Using string to remove food from between teeth: Flossing

Widespread hostile reaction to change: Backlash

Widespread mineral that crystallizes from magma: Feldspar

__ class; travel option chosen by executives?: Business

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bowls for draining pasta: Colanders

Gave public support or recommendation to: Advocated

Hued vehicle looked out for in travel game: Yellow car

Kid lit, delivered by subscription as they age: Baby books

Major UK-based tennis tournament: Wimbledon

Mammal that carries its baby in a pouch: Marsupial

Oriental foodie district in many major cities: Chinatown

Positive feelings, sent to someone psychically: Good vibes

Remove old skin from the surface: Exfoliate

The American crime film starring Al Pacino: The __: Godfather

Wackiness shown by many picture book illustrations: Silliness

Writer who’s the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos: Mackenzie

__ Ball; New York festival on Randall’s Island: Governors

__ Chronicles, fantasy RPG with Shulk: Xenoblade

__ operations, military attempt to deceive: False flag

Puzzle 4 Answers

Brazilian stew of pork and black beans over rice: Feijoada

Carry-on luggage on a flight: Cabin bag

Conferred with a title in name only: Honorary

Greek biographer and essayist of Parallel Lives: Plutarch

Indiana Jones’ cracking leather braid: Bullwhip

Name of the Chinese currency: Renminbi

One might put one together for workout music: Playlist

Overconfident, arrogant, conceited: Cocksure

Robin Knox-__, non-stop, around-the-world sailor: Johnston

The Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe: Boudicca

Those laid on their backs in hospitals: Patients

To surgically remove a limb or digit: Amputate

__ of the Guard, daily regal ceremony in London: Changing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Annunciation in language, shows where you’re from: Accent

Brisk, spirited musical tempo: Vivace

Cheekily complimentary: Flirty

Containers in which butter is produced: Churns

Hartland __, politician, brewer and war hero: Molson

Horizontal crossword clues: Across

River that joins the Crocodile to form the Limpopo: Marico

Street in NY named by the Dutch after a farm: Bowery

The teen character played by James Van Der Beck: Dawson

Whovian idol’s medical moniker: Doctor

__ Kerk; 15th-century Amsterdam church: Nieuwe

__ paint, hues mixed with water for kids’ artwork: Powder

Group 849

Puzzle 1 Answers

A pause or delay before acting: Hesitate

Actor Charles, voice of Super Mario: Martinet

Collections of historical records: Archives

Desert sport, epitomized by the Paris-Dakar event: Rallying

Diver’s footwear: Swim fins

Flick’s tongue froze to this in A Christmas Story: Flagpole

If one is as slow as this, they’re incredibly slow: Molasses

Magical crystal ball in Tolkien’s legendarium: Palantir

Observances that are celebrated in picture books: Holidays

Plans, plots: Conjects

Plant life, grass and hedges: Greenery

Small red fruits used in Persian cuisine: Barberry

Sporting sweater? What Americans call a turtleneck: Polo neck

The Italian temple dedicated to Roman gods: Pantheon

Vanessa Carlton’s hit song, A __ Miles: Thousand

Via __, Rome road links Piazzas Venezia and Popolo: Del corso

__ ash, tree with red berries, also called rowan: Mountain

Puzzle 2 Answers

Beetles that spread a Dutch tree fungus: Elm bark

Female deity, Devi: Goddess

German scientist who developed diptheria antibody: Behring

Highest law officer, especially in American West: Sheriff

Kitchen cupboard or work surface: Counter

Long Walk for Freedom: autobiography of Nelson __: Mandela

MacGyver works for this foundation: Phoenix

Marks left on the stomach after pregnancy: Stretch

Navigational instrument for measuring distance: Sextant

Ploughs trenches: Furrows

Structural and functional kidney unit: Nephron

Thor Heyerdahl’s globe-faring raft: Kon tiki

Type of singing competition in the film, Duets: Karaoke

Vehicle frame: Chassis

What drivers encounter during rush hour: Traffic

Puzzle 3 Answers

A web browser; a tourist trip in Africa: Safari

Ancient Greeks called it an agora: Market

Bed covers that are fitted over mattresses: Sheets

Dawn __, early morning birdsong: Chorus

Gary __, spiky-haired chef of British cuisine: Rhodes

Lost in Japan singer: Shawn __: Mendes

Most light-skinned: Palest

Scooby-Doo’s best friend: Shaggy

__ offerings; items left in sacred places: Votive

-Élysées, prestigious Paris shopping street: Champs

Puzzle 4 Answers

An herb with a distinct taste used in Absinthe: Wormwood

Brings together two entities: Conjoins

Common type of glass used alongside silica: Soda lime

Dog breed named for its butterfly-like appearance: Papillon

Fish for frying or clumsy decision-making: Flounder

Illness classified by a group of distinct symptoms: Syndrome

Penny __, directed Big and A League of Their Own: Marshall

Plan of things to do, with timings: Schedule

Romeo’s cousin in Shakespeare play: Benvolio

Schiller poem set to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony: Ode to joy

They go next to a plate before a meal: Utensils

To deliberately ruin something: Sabotage

What parties are looking for in dungeons: Treasure

World’s tallest roller coaster, at an NJ Six Flags: Kingda ka

Teixeira, who played Gemma in Trigonometry: Thalissa

__ confession, owning up before one passes away: Deathbed

Puzzle 5 Answers

19th C dress style supported by wide steel hoops: Crinoline

A fictitious name, often used by authors: Pseudonym

A silly or meaningless, intricate tale: Shaggy dog

An archipelago of islands off the coast of Ecuador: Galapagos

Balanced sums in mathematics: Equations

Booklets featuring potential holiday destinations: Brochures

Communist party’s policy-making committee: Politburo

Institution for the destitute: Poorhouse

Max Fleischer’s 1930s character, oop-a-doop: Bettyboop

Mirrored surface on a bicycle wheel: Reflector

Non-acting crew for a play performance: Backstage

Outpourings of moving magma: Lava flows

TV drama about 1920s Atlantic City, __ Empire: Boardwalk

Using spies to gain intelligence: Espionage

__ of Hippo, North African bishop and philosopher: Augustine

Group 850

Puzzle 1 Answers

Biblical hunter and grandson of Ham: Nimrod

Country with Viking history and scenic fjords: Norway

Democrat nominee in 2000 US presidential election: Al gore

Exclamation: That’s a whole different kettle !: Of fish

Greek mathematician dubbed “father of geometry”: Euclid

Not out at sea, on the coast: Inland

Other name for the 2009 Collective Soul album: Rabbit

Pass, like time: Elapse

Played three shots on a par five: Eagled

R.L. Stine’s evil ventriloquist dummy character: Slappy

Star of The League of Gentlemen, Mark __: Gatiss

The place where royals live; Buckingham __: Palace

Puzzle 2 Answers

Artificial palm-shaped isle off Dubai’s coast: Jumeirah

Canal that flows through Berlin, built in 1840s: Landwehr

Describes fruits without the pips: Seedless

Device from which rockets are boosted into space: Launcher

Dickens wrote about this Nicholas: Nickleby

Freddy Mercury’s Rhapsody: Bohemian

Liqueur in a purple hooter shooter: Chambord

Nocturnal camouflaged birds with short beaks: Nightjar

Ryan’s __, married Irish woman, WWI affair: Daughter

Theatre, venue of the World Snooker Championships: Crucible

on something; decide to end or quit: Call time

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bird idiom meaning to admit you were wrong: Eat crow

Body __; security screening machine at an airport: Scanner

Celtic people of Iron Age Britain: Britons

City housing King Peter of Castille’s royal palace: Seville

Cor __, double-reed woodwind instrument: Anglais

Eat food: Consume

Growled with bared teeth: Snarled

Holy warrior class of Dungeons & Dragons: Paladin

Journalists have to write this: Article

Key ingredient in waterless hand cleansers: Alcohol

Roman name for French city of Orléans: Cenabum

They control Gringotts in Harry Potter: Goblins

This Peck won an Oscar for his Atticus Finch role: Gregory

Tropical __, tourist draw of orchids, tree ferns: Gardens

__ Group, male performers with azure skin paint: Blue man

__ Tower of Pisa, a listing building: Leaning

__ it, improvising, doing something on the fly: Winging

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another name for bird watching or ornithology: Twitching

Audio tapes used before CDs: Cassettes

Holiday for breaking and sharing optalek in Poland: Christmas

Quick watercraft with a motor: Speedboat

Samuel __, founder of Quebec in 1608: Champlain

Speech/writing that is overblown with pompousness: Bombastic

Star of School of Rock and Tenacious D: Jack black

Surgery performed on a patient: Operation

Tabloid nickname for any ferocious dog: Hellhound

__ Platz, famous public square in central Berlin: Potsdamer

Puzzle 5 Answers

A workbook used for studying a subject: Textbook

Building layout with no internal room divisions: Open plan

Dressing gown worn after a shower: Bathrobe

Drive past another moving vehicle: Overtake

Gifts, wrapped parcels: Presents

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and __: Wizardry

Jennifer, Joey, or D. H.: Lawrence

Military codename for the Dambusters raid: Chastise

Round, edible berries from the nightshade family: Tomatoes

TV/theatre impresario, brother of Bernard Delfont: Lew grade

The sound of amusement: Laughter

These long-necked animals are born with ossicones: Giraffes

Trip including air travel and a rental vehicle: Fly drive

We looked like giants, said __ for Cutie: Death cab

__ stones, pathway across a river: Stepping

Group 851

Puzzle 1 Answers

An illness that quickly and uncontrollably spreads: Malignant

Astronaut played by Bill Paxton in Apollo 13: Fred haise

Comes with thunder: Lightning

Fast-paced, upbeat ballroom dance: Quickstep

Freshwater aquarium pet that is fully transparent: Glass fish

German sausage most often made from pork: Bratwurst

Myles __, 16th-century bishop and Bible translator: Coverdale

Ordinary/overused, like phrases in everyday speech: Hackneyed

Rear torso that men may want to wax: Hairy back

Songwriter and bassist of the Rolling Stones: Bill wyman

State __ Museum; Russian art museum: Hermitage

Tarantino film about diamond thieves, not dogs: Reservoir

What Zoom, Facetime enable you to do: Video call

Puzzle 2 Answers

A hotel room overlooking the ocean has one: Sea view

A meringue dessert with whipped cream and fruit: Pavlova

Annual event in Alberta, Canada: __ Stampede: Calgary

Brushing on fine powder to set makeup: Dusting

Charles __, formed the Bible Students’ Association: Russell

Fattened middles in which your trousers feel tight: Bellies

Floating, keeping something up in water: Buoying

Leave quickly, like a plane departing: Take off

People visit a tailor for this: Fitting

Rhett Butler: __, my dear, I don’t give a damn: Frankly

Send cardboard to a mill to be remade: Recycle

Sister isle of Nicobar isles in the Indian Ocean: Andaman

Someone without weapons is this: Unarmed

TV audience measurement rankings: Ratings

Won three paralympic golds with Charlotte Dujardin: Valegro

Puzzle 3 Answers

A thick blended ice cream drink topped with cream: Milkshake

Avian phrase for a direct path, “as the “: Crow flies

Canary Island closest to Fuerteventura: Lanzarote

Elvis’ home estate in Memphis, Tennessee: Graceland

Exercise machine used for running and walking: Treadmill

Found innocent through a trial: Acquitted

Healing application, removes buildup from scalp: Treatment

Military shoulder belt for carrying cartridges: Bandolier

Tabletop toy with pawns and cards: Board game

The opposite of an arrival at an airport: Departure

The science associated with the study of matter: Chemistry

To copy or reproduce: Replicate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Applies wet glue to a surface liberally: Pastes

Guinea pigs and capybaras: Cavies

Half a byte in computing: Nibble

Less bright: Dimmer

Reserved a ticket: Booked

The country where tequila originated: Mexico

The money paid for capturing someone: Bounty

The type of snow preferred by skiers: Powder

To gain a controlling interest through purchase: Buyout

Twist in tendons and ligaments that causes injury: Sprain

Venus de Milo was carved out of this stone: Marble

Wanting food and getting mad about it: Hangry

Work out, make sense of: Fathom

Puzzle 5 Answers

A plastic money equivalent for a certain store: Gift card

Burmese regiment commanded by Orde Wingate: Chindits

Con artist Harold Hill stars in this stage show: Music man

First name of German composer Brahms: Johannes

High-top eating surface for a small group: Pub table

Machine exercise, push weights up with feet: Leg press

Merida’s kingdom in Disney’s Brave: Dunbroch

Portuguese or Klingon are examples of this: Language

Shooting pain from the lower back into the leg: Sciatica

The A in API, required by some airlines: Advanced

Trapped on a (dark purple?) island: Marooned

Used to make samosa, brik, from Tunisia: Malsogba

Group 852

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animated dog originally named Happy Hound: Droopy

Bite noisily into a carrot: Crunch

Bright blue hue from a metal chemical element: Cobalt

Doctors, people trained to administer first aid: Medics

FC __; popular Dutch football club from Enschede: Twente

Gary __, piloted a spy plane over the Soviet Union: Powers

German lyric poet of The Dance of Death: Goethe

Japanese raccoon dog: Tanuki

Katherine __, dancer and choreographer: Dunham

Lake __, the world’s deepest freshwater lake: Baikal

Mystery solved: the __ did it: Butler

Old-fashioned term for carriage house or cart shed: Remise

P. T., who started a circus: Barnum

Sculpture such as David: Statue

The __ King, Steve McQueen in The Great Escape: Cooler

When people visit other countries they go there: Abroad

Write untidily: Scrawl

Puzzle 2 Answers

Barbadian artist who sings Diamonds, Work and Stay: Rihanna

Blocking a river’s flow: Damming

Chapel in the Vatican with a painted ceiling: Sistine

Dissolution marriage: Divorce

Era of British history after George III: Regency

Hit cymbals together, past tense: Clashed

Nuts used in marzipan: Almonds

Seat made with pulses, perhaps: Beanbag

What you wipe your feet on before entering a home: Doormat

Itza; archaeological site in Yucatán, Mexico: Chichen

Puzzle 3 Answers

A painful rash caused by varicella-zoster virus: Shingles

An island off the coast of Spain: Mallorca

Are You __ Tonight? Elvis asks if you want company: Lonesome

Gratified someone’s every whim: Pandered

Painting, sculpture and architecture, collectively: Fine arts

Purses for Scotsmen with kilts: Sporrans

Real __; Spanish football club from San Sebastián: Sociedad

Took the film that captured JFK’s assassination: Zapruder

Weakening of an arterial wall causing it to bulge: Aneurysm

World’s first vertical drop roller coaster (in UK): Oblivion

Puzzle 4 Answers

A very light and steady kind of rain: Drizzle

Ballerina and a meringue dish: Pavlova

Boeing’s water transport with wing-like mechanism: Jetfoil

Charles, William, Harry, and George: Princes

Cheats never __; wise words on telling lies: Prosper

Foot-operated pedal, eg on a sewing machine: Treadle

Kid __; 1962 Elvis film with Charles Bronson: Galahad

Mrs __, she made great pies in Blackadder: Miggins

Piece of matieral that may be used to cover roofs: Shingle

Run aground and unable to move: Astrand

Ship that Captain Edward John Smith went down with: Titanic

Small, white dog breed named after origin country: Maltese

This Moscow monument means fortress inside a city: Kremlin

Travis Morgan’s comic book alter ego: Warlord

Within the law: Legally

Written thoughts, perhaps in search of a meaning: Journal

Puzzle 5 Answers

2010 horror film about a ghost and a young boy: Insidious

Aerial light show that ushers in a New Year: Fireworks

Aussie souvenir yellow diamonds with messages: Road signs

Common name for Rome’s FCO airport: Fiumicino

Crystal structure common in cold weather: Snowflake

Giant son of Gaia who fought Poseidon: Polybotes

Lacking pigmentation, but not fully albino: Leucistic

Nirvana’s second studio album with In Bloom on it: Nevermind

US novelist of A Death in the Family: James agee

Up to speed, clued up: On the ball

Group 853

Puzzle 1 Answers

1996 album by UK band Anathema: Eternity

Ancient Celtic religion worships at Stonehenge: Druidism

Cape __, headland in N Carolina with a lighthouse: Hatteras

Dorothy was searching for someone great and this: Powerful

Fruit that spells out Eat Me on Alice’s cake: Currants

Game bird with a long, feathered tail: Pheasant

Hormone that prevents blood sugar from dropping: Glucagon

Microsoft’s original web browser: Internet __: Explorer

One of four equal parts of a circle: Quadrant

Pair of pads worn on the head to keep warm: Earmuffs

Palm tree fruits with hard shells, white meat: Coconuts

Prague castle, home to the country’s president: Hradčany

The largest city in China: Shanghai

US gangster known for bootlegging in 1920s Chicago: Al capone

Yellow spring flower with trumpet shape: Daffodil

Puzzle 2 Answers

2007 serial killer thriller starring Shia LaBeouf: Disturbia

A balanced one provides energy in the morning: Breakfast

After he learned this, he did it better next time: His lesson

Another name for the Hydrangea flowering shrub: Hortensia

Grappling sport common in Ancient Greece: Wrestling

Holiday keepsakes, picked up from a beach: Sea shells

Long passages inside a building: Corridors

One who drops or sprinkles things, e.g. seeds: Scatterer

Pierced, perforated: Punctured

Rolling Stones song implies the band is not this: Satisfied

Royal house that fought in War of the Roses: Lancaster

Trademarked vehicle for sleeping and travelling in: Dormobile

__ Eddy, Christian Science Monitor founder: Mary baker

Puzzle 3 Answers

A truck with no sides for easy loading: Flatbed

Apps on a Mac Dashboard, e.g. calendar, weather: Widgets

Bender is bitten by a __ on Futurama: Werecar

Card game, known also as blackjack and twenty-one: Pontoon

Crossings over Venice’s canals and waterways: Bridges

Dame Evelyn __, profoundly deaf percussionist: Glennie

Force created by pressure difference: Suction

Halted, ceased: Stopped

Hungarian spice, bought in quantities by tourists: Paprika

Mongolia’s version of the dollar: Tughrik

Tim __, re-created the journeys of St Brendan: Severin

To move very quickly is to “go hell for “: Leather

Trevor __, boxer, a world champion heavyweight: Berbick

Vengeful Greek myth character with a complex: Electra

Water __, insect that skims across ponds: Boatman

Where a book’s story takes place: Setting

Without any backing, e.g. __ curtains: Unlined

Collins, teens fight to death in her books: Suzanne

Puzzle 4 Answers

Act of putting a body into the ground: Burial

An Italian frozen treat similar to ice cream: Gelato

Angle greater than 180 degrees: Reflex

European country with the most horse racing tracks: France

Game play that is done from afar, on the internet: Remote

Great __ owl, or tiger owl, with tusk-like ears: Horned

Leading airline of Australia: Qantas

Playwright of The Pittsburgh Cycle: Wilson

Round window at the apex of a dome: Oculus

The Kremlin is located in this city: Moscow

To react by cringing; to flinch in fear: Recoil

__ Barrier, innovative construction to save London: Thames

Puzzle 5 Answers

Describes the corners of picture books, for safety: Rounded

Excursion for no more than 24 hours: Day trip

Faint, lose consciousness: Pass out

Filled with grief, mournful: Doleful

Free __, corner space in Monopoly: Parking

Fridge __, holiday keepsakes for the kitchen: Magnets

Johann Goethe novel: The __ of Young Werther: Sorrows

Knee length shorts; British island territory: Bermuda

Mathematical statement proven to be true: Theorem

Ms Daw, found on a see-saw with Johnny: Margery

Roman Emperor who built a wall in Britain: Hadrian

The elongated teeth in extinct saber-tooth tigers: Canines

Title of Camilla and Catherine: Duchess

Turned milk sour: Curdled

Use this to enhance your nails or your furniture: Varnish

Villain of the Hellraiser series: Pinhead

__ Gallery, arts venue on London’s South Bank: Hayward

Group 854

Puzzle 1 Answers

A large airship; English rock band Led __: Zeppelin

A scientific term for any singular substance: Chemical

A system of morals and spiritual beliefs: Religion

Aragonese city and province once called Saragossa: Zaragoza

Disorderly, frantic rush (rhyming): Pell mell

French city that shares an airport with Basel: Mulhouse

Japanese rail hub, to be avoided during rush hour: Shinjuku

Kidney treatment to remove uric acid: Dialysis

Large, flat marine creature with a barb: Stingray

Len __, writer of spy books with hero Harry Palmer: Deighton

Lewis __, 12th-century gaming pieces: Chessmen

Motivated, fired up, raved, gushed: Enthused

Piazza __, venue of Siena’s Palio horse races: Del campo

The part of the forehead between the eyebrows: Glabella

Type of meat in the Finnish dish poronkaristys: Reindeer

Victorians wore black clothing to signify this: Mourning

Puzzle 2 Answers

A company providing regular air transport: Airline

Charles __, writer/thinker aka Lewis Carroll: Dodgson

Electric rotary tool for removing tough skin: Grinder

French sculptor and Paris nightlife district: Pigalle

Heavy: Weighty

It’s Now __, ultimatum hit for Elvis Presley: Or never

Like a lightning bug or a positive review: Glowing

Performers created from socks, dolls, papier-mâché: Puppets

Small onion used in pickling: Shallot

The fictional country where Black Panther is from: Wakanda

Puzzle 3 Answers

1967 film with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft: Graduate

Biggest city in the US state of Maine: Portland

Country where the baht is the official currency: Thailand

Crack in a bone; break on a hard surface: Fracture

Directing a friend to a subscription box you like: Referral

Headband with warm covers for the hearing organs: Earmuffs

High quality hotel, but not quite five out of five: Four star

Large species of marmot found in northern Asia: Tarbagan

Matthew __; circumnavigated Australia in 1802-03: Flinders

Messaging app with yellow logo, white ghost: Snapchat

Mystical, esoteric tradition stemming from Judaism: Kabbalah

Over the top gloomy and gritty campaign: Grimdark

Performer of tricks at children’s parties: Magician

The Princess and the Pea needed many of this: Mattress

__ fritters, popular Jamaican dish with ackee: Salt fish

-clop, the fanciful noise a trotting horse makes: Clippety

Puzzle 4 Answers

Books do this when they say the same thing twice: Repeat

Can be donated after death: Organs

Civil and religious leader in Muslim country: Caliph

Famous drawbridge over the Amstel in Amsterdam: Magere

Feeling a strong desire to have a baby: Broody

Gear used in fishing: Tackle

Mowgli flees Shere Khan in this Book: Jungle

Occupation protests by demonstrators: Sit ins

Oldest sister of Michael Jackson: Rebbie

Small weasel, sometimes kept as a pet: Ferret

Use a power to give an opponent a penalty: Debuff

Written with flowing ink: Penned

Indonesia, airline named after legendary bird: Garuda

Puzzle 5 Answers

Canada has a Northwest one: Territory

Elected leaders of the US states: Governors

It’s a __ Life, George Bailey and angel Clarence: Wonderful

Mary, who witnessed the Resurrection of Christ: Magdalene

Rome monument near the Roman Forum: Colosseum

Safely remove a program or an app from a device: Uninstall

Someone with the right training is this: Qualified

Somewhere over the rainbow, __, first line lyrics: Way up high

This spice is the seed of cilantro plants: Coriander

Timetabled plan of stops on a trip: Itinerary

Tips of chromosomes: Telomeres

__ mole; nocturnal mammal with nasal receptors: Star nosed

Group 855

Puzzle 1 Answers

A way to cook eggs popular in cartoons: Over easy

Beliefs based on Lucifer, Prince of Darkness: Satanism

Combustion __; engine components that burn fuel: Chambers

Dance with __, emotional hit for Luther Vandross: My father

Halfway landmark: Midpoint

James __, actor of Babe and The Queen: Cromwell

Japanese Star Festival, celebrated each summer: Tanabata

Jef __; champion Belgian track cyclist: Scherens

Memento brought back from a trip or holiday: Souvenir

Place to stay near nature, sleeping in a tent: Campsite

Queen of the __, one of many nicknames for Venice: Adriatic

Residential property: Dwelling

Returned a favour: Requited

Small furry monkey, also called a zari: Marmoset

Stroked lovingly: Caressed

The sickle-shaped moon: Crescent

Titled sounding perfumed tea: Earl grey

__ Milosevic, Serbian prosecuted for war crimes: Slobodan

Puzzle 2 Answers

Holiday atmosphere captured in a tin: Canned air

Italy is an example of this landform: Peninsula

Non-secular: Religious

Officer who liaises with newly released offenders: Probation

Public green space where the Berlin Wall stood: Mauerpark

Scottish author of Malcolm Fox novel series: Ian rankin

To fall off of a ship into water; to go __: Overboard

Type of yellow plum: Mirabelle

Worker equine used for carrying loads: Packhorse

__ arch, monument with curved doorways: Triumphal

Puzzle 3 Answers

Beatles song about paying the government: Taxman

Fatty substance found inside of bones: Marrow

Let Not Poor Nelly __, Charles II’s deathbed words: Starve

Mark __; Luke Skywalker in Star Wars films: Hamill

Mary __; pentathlete who won gold in 1972 Olympics: Peters

Medieval tales often feature a knight saving one: Damsel

Number of silver coins paid to Judas: Thirty

Principles like honesty, kindness, respect: Values

Red fruit often mistaken for vegetable: Tomato

SI units of electrical capacitance: Farads

Spanish location of Guggenheim art museum: Bilbao

__ Park, outdoor film festival in New York: Bryant

Puzzle 4 Answers

Art and craftsmanship of carpentry: Woodwork

Baked treat for Pooh, also nickname for a lover: Honeybun

City of Leofric and Lady Godiva: Coventry

Cooler patches on the solar surface: Sunspots

Crowing cockerels who sing cock-a-doodle: Roosters

Dense shrubbery and bushes: Thickets

Focus on strength not this: Weakness

French cow’s milk cheese: Vacherin

Hugh __, vocalist of The Stranglers: Cornwell

Kingdom of the Two __, political entity 1816-60: Sicilies

Runners go the __: Distance

The baseball player who married Marilyn Monroe: Dimaggio

The destruction of the world in Norse mythology: Ragnarok

Where everybody goes to catch planes: Airports

__ article, the not uncertain part of speech: Definite

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cape Angela is located in this N African country: Tunisia

Island group that forms part of Kiribati: Gilbert

Noah who was a dictionary editor: Webster

Patricia __, Molly Peters’ steamy Bond girl: Fearing

Ribboned badge won at gymkhanas: Rosette

Rodent kept as a pet; it runs on a wheel: Hamster

Service to mourn the dead: Funeral

Six-sided shape: Hexagon

The location of the French Quarter, New __: Orleans

The man or woman in command of a ship or vessel: Captain

To work so hard that you reach exhaustion: Burn out

__ Lambert, country singer of White Liar: Miranda

Group 856

Puzzle 1 Answers

Evening __, London newspaper since 1827: Standard

Greek muse of eloquence and epic poetry: Calliope

Irrevocable agreement: Done deal

Official declaration of love and marriage: Proposal

Portable baggage to pack for an overnight stay: Suitcase

Purple satchel friend of Dora the Explorer: Backpack

The first lady of Argentina from 1946 to 1952: Eva peron

Verifying; putting bags in at an airport: Checking

Without a mate: Makeless

__ vinegar of Modena: Balsamic

Puzzle 2 Answers

Documents that allow people to fish: Permits

Golf clubs used on the green: Putters

Greek afterlife mentioned in Ode to Joy: Elysium

Hen meat: Chicken

Horserace __, drops a flag to set things in motion: Starter

Hyatt __, premium leisure and business hotel brand: Regency

Non-belief in gods or higher powers: Atheism

Road to Hana is known for these terrifying turns: Hairpin

Sally __, actress of The Shape of Water: Hawkins

Vendors, traders: Sellers

__ Calderón y González, Frida Kahlo’s mother: Matilde

__ Is Lying tells story of five teens in detention: One of us

Puzzle 3 Answers

Anode or cathode: Electrode

Bad way to begin; get off on the __: Wrong foot

City where the Sagrada Familia cathedral is found: Barcelona

Experimental style of painting, not old-fashioned: Modern art

Fabric worn on the hips and genitals, eg by Tarzan: Loincloth

First name, surname of football-predicting octopus: Paul allen

Gathering background information on a suspect: Profiling

Gig economy includes this type of writing, editing: Freelance

Labyrinthine Polish salt mines with carvings: Wieliczka

Medical term for joint inflammation: Arthritis

Mistrust of someone: Suspicion

Omelette and salad eaten at the carnival at Sitges: Xanotades

One of seven rites of the Catholic Church: Sacrament

Paul Simon hit with Ladysmith Black Mambazo vocals: Graceland

Payment demand for H2O used by a home: Water bill

Sleep for a long time during the winter: Hibernate

__ pen, posh fountain pen named for a French peak: Mont blanc

Puzzle 4 Answers

First name of The Catcher in the Rye’s narrator: Holden

How many __ can dance on the head of a pin?: Angels

John who might sing All of Me to Chrissy Teigen: Legend

Liar, liar, pants __; children’s rhyme: On fire

Morals, principles: Values

Slides or flumes at water parks: Chutes

Soil type of coniferous forests: Podzol

Speed __; restrictions on how fast vehicles travel: Limits

The device in a bathroom that can flush: Toilet

The edible parts of globe artichokes: Hearts

__ Town, a slash gives Derry/Londonderry its name: Stroke

Puzzle 5 Answers

1968 album by Simon & Garfunkel for the literati: Bookends

Café __; strong Spanish coffee with steamed milk: Con leche

Curved strap to hold hair off the face: Headband

Disease-causing bacteria or virus: Pathogen

Flag carrier airline of Italy: Alitalia

Fortified palace complex in Granada, Spain: Alhambra

Hindu mythological evil spirit: Rakshasa

Inflated rubber orb for stretches or sitting: Yoga ball

Leading edge of a developing territory, settlement: Frontier

Manual for learning magic spells: Grimoire

Narnia dwarf who says “Whistles and whirligigs!”: Trumpkin

Nationality of Mother Teresa at birth: Albanian

Non-warring, a believer in peaceful resolution: Pacifist

Opulence and sumptuousness: Lushness

Painting of someone’s face: Portrait

Radio comedy with Sellers, Secombe, Milligan: Goon show

__ Girl; statue that stared down the Charging Bull: Fearless

Group 857

Puzzle 1 Answers

Feather-like arrangement of leaflets on a leaf: Pinnation

Hungarian dragons faced by Harry Potter: Horntails

Name of the ship that Darwin famously went on: Hms beagle

Place with many beds for hikers: Bunkhouse

Projected presentation for business or education: Slideshow

Scientific word for germs that could be infectious: Pathogens

Singer of Roar, California Girls and Firework: Katy perry

Stage of youth when you are read picture books: Childhood

The co-founder and late CEO of Apple: Steve jobs

Where tourists might keep valuables: Hotel safe

__ Square, downtown London with Landseer’s lions: Trafalgar

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accompanies, travels with: Escorts

Alain __, French director, Last Year in Marienbad: Resnais

An acid; Cockney slang for skint: “__ lint”: Boracic

Clothing subscription boxes improve this sense: Fashion

Ear bone also known as the hammer: Malleus

Emotion played by Mindy Kaling in Inside Out: Disgust

Famous, brainy sculpture by Rodin: Thinker

Forward movement, progress, “making “: Headway

John __, first governor of the Bank of England: Houblon

London debtors’ gaol on the site of the Old Bailey: Newgate

Oh I do like to be beside the __; summertime song: Seaside

Peppering with missiles: Pelting

Raw vegetable pieces used with dips: Crudités

Recommended action with plastic refuse: Recycle

Rio de __, city in Brazil: Janeiro

Things aimed at in archery: Targets

Vacation in the US, this in the UK: Holiday

a hybrid between a tangerine and a grapefruit: Tangelo

Puzzle 3 Answers

A CEO is expected to fill this role: Leader

Basin __ Blues, Louis Armstrong melody: Street

Capital city of Brittany; sounds like small bird: Rennes

Creamy hair product that styles and shines hair: Pomade

Gamblers place bets with this person: Bookie

Male child sponsored for Christian baptism: Godson

Miss World winners sport satin ones: Sashes

Pinocchio was this before he became a real boy: Puppet

Public squares or marketplaces: Plazas

Retriever dog with yellowish fur: Golden

Slender leg bone: Fibula

Spoil, on a spa day perhaps: Pamper

Team list, lineup of players: Roster

The Crucible playwright Arthur __: Miller

roll; caterpillar-style avocado-topped sushi: Dragon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Can have the outer layer stripped off: Scrapable

Caught a basketball after a missed shot: Rebounded

Cushioned bottom of a 50s brothel creeper: Crepe sole

Last Mythbusters option after Busted and Confirmed: Plausible

Material within a cell outside the nucleus: Cytoplasm

Not on the guest list for a party: Uninvited

Official currency of Bolivia: Boliviano

Railing: Bannister

Rule or control people in the style of a dictator: Subjugate

This girl group sings Black Magic and Touch: Little mix

Upper limit to wages: Salary cap

Winning move to end a game of chess: Checkmate

Written souvenirs that are sent without envelopes: Postcards

Puzzle 5 Answers

Animal that helps pull Santa’s sleigh: Reindeer

Another name for a Bavarian cream dessert: Bavarois

Arc de __, a monument in Paris, France: Triomphe

Beautiful Indian monument at the city of Agra: Taj mahal

British slang for broken and shattered: Banjaxed

Chris Morris’s satire created alarm and fake news: Brass eye

Deep, intense: Profound

Food delivery service owned by rideshare firm: Uber eats

Fooled or tricked someone: Suckered

Internet connection without cables: Wireless

Knee-length trousers worn by men in history: Breeches

Picture books promote this ability to read: Literacy

Precious metal found in catalytic converters: Platinum

Taking a chance in a card game: Gambling

The first P in PPE, before protective equipment: Personal

Unfinished Austen novel and 2019 UK TV series: Sanditon

Vain and conceited person: Popinjay

Group 858

Puzzle 1 Answers

A credit card company: Citibank

A simple tomato sauce commonly seen on pizza: Marinara

A transportation mechanism for liquids: Pipeline

Card game based on the personification of Britain: John bull

Cost of admission to a museum: Entry fee

Desert plinth feature: Pedestal

First name of Clueless actress Murphy: Brittany

Lose a match you were expected to win: Crash out

Sense of direction or tiny metal balls: Bearings

Shoe company which formerly made Shape-Ups: Skechers

Swiss vacation town on Lake Geneva: Montreux

This is good enough but not more: Adequate

Water-filled tank for fish: Aquarium

What Dervishes do in physical meditation: Whirling

__ sands, or an ever-changing situation: Shifting

Puzzle 2 Answers

A DiCaprio film about going into the subconscious: Inception

A tooth with 3 points or heart valve with 3 cusps: Tricuspid

Feeling of fondness: Affection

Leave office, quit: Stand down

Performing queries on Google or Bing: Searching

Swedish DJ who had a global hit with Call On Me: Eric prydz

The zodiac sign from December 22 to January 19: Capricorn

This Italian province was earlier called Maloenton: Benevento

Wave-catching float for a lying-down surfer: Bodyboard

__ exits; safety escapes on a plane: Emergency

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ in distress, a young lady in trouble: Damsel

American singer Maggie, who wrote Alaska: Rogers

Bourbon, scotch, or single malt: Whisky

Country on the Baltic Sea, capital is Riga: Latvia

He flew too close to the Sun: Icarus

Mileena and Sub-Zero are characters from __ Kombat: Mortal

Russian lake, largest freshwater lake globally: Baikal

Simple number with quantity only, not direction: Scalar

South American country with Carnival celebrations: Brazil

Spoken of in stories: Fabled

T-shirt sizes above mediums: Larges

Tom Hank’s volleyball friend in Cast Away: Wilson

Vowel change in related words or forms: Ablaut

the fur or wool of mammals: Pelage

Puzzle 4 Answers

A model of a kind of character found in literature: Archetype

Application of medicine to heal an injury: Treatment

Best or most exciting part of a trip or a day: Highlight

Cured cod, seen air-drying on racks in Norway: Stockfish

Deposit left behind by hard water: Limescale

Eager and willing (especially sexually): Hot to trot

Flatfish group including halibut: Flounders

Game played with a shuttlecock: Badminton

Holiday when stollen is traditionally eaten: Christmas

Lenin led Social Democratic Workers’ Party faction: Bolshevik

Mary __, twin sister of Marvel’s Billy Batson: Bromfield

Nearness, closeness: Proximity

Norwegian city with spectacular Nidaros church: Trondheim

Priests and clerics: Clergymen

Rhyming Zanussi slogan: the __ of science: Appliance

Van __, static-creating science lab generator: Der graaff

Virtual __, a helping voice such as Siri: Assistant

Puzzle 5 Answers

2013 movie with Clooney and Bullock in space: Gravity

Ancient stringed plucked instrument: Psaltry

Attendees should stay out of this and follow rules: Trouble

Bar entertainment where you sing to recorded music: Karaoke

Berlin site of the Final Solution conference: Wannsee

Capital of Libya: Tripoli

Day trips for schoolchildren or tourists: Outings

Disney teen with psychic powers: That’s __: So raven

Eating utensils, called flatware by Americans: Cutlery

Glare at someone from an angle; give them __: Side eye

Nursed, fed: Suckled

Old-fashioned beer vessel made of metal: Tankard

One who deceives with their card hand: Bluffer

Pest __, service that exterminates vermin: Control

Player of the lowest brass instrument: Tubaist

Relating to or containing iron: Ferrous

Russian sport of throwing a bat at skittle pins: Gorodki

Small, shiny discs sewn onto clothing for sparkle: Sequins

Sounds of words and letters: Phonics

Steampunk characters often use this eyewear: Goggles

__ Palace, Paxton’s famous glasshouse in SE London: Crystal

Group 859

Puzzle 1 Answers

2017 Dan Brown novel featuring Robert Langdon: Origin

Blood vessel; carries blood away from the heart: Artery

Capital of Poland: Warsaw

Grills, fries, cooks, or bakes: Broils

Halfway between morning and evening: Midday

Outcast, someone shunned by society: Pariah

Pale yellowish, similar shade to wheat: Flaxen

Place to play pinball, Skee-Ball, and video games: Arcade

Providence College athletes: Friars

Santa’s catchphrase: Ho ho ho

The Apartment star Jack, with a name like a citrus: Lemmon

The Lord’s begins “Our Father in Heaven”: Prayer

To empty a suitcase after your travels: Unpack

Warning from buyer beware: Caveat

__ Contostavlos, N-Dubz singer with cousin Dappy: Tulisa

__ ready copy, CRC, pages ready for platemaking: Camera

Puzzle 2 Answers

2019 action comedy by Guy Ritchie, The __: Gentlemen

Alternative name for Ursa Major constellation: Great bear

Arduous military punishment exercises: Beastings

Banking/financial organization, a US Big Four bank: Citigroup

Bold and self-assured; Demi Lovato song: Confident

German federal parliament, based at the Reichstag: Bundestag

Going to visit a place and coming back: Round trip

Heart Radio breakfast presenter, Jamie __: Theakston

Hotel basis with breakfast and evening meal: Half board

Italian bell tower: Campanile

Looped, coatlike dress of the 1770s from Poland: Polonaise

Partial floor halfway between two levels: Mezzanine

Pelham Grenville __, creator of Psmith and Jeeves: Wodehouse

Political power exercised by all the people: Democracy

Round wall target, often in bars, for arrows: Dartboard

Sugary, juicy oval-shaped candy: Jellybean

The Duke of Wellington’s name, Arthur __: Wellesley

Puzzle 3 Answers

2006 film about football tragedy: We Are __: Marshall

Blocks on which butchers prepare cuts of meat: Chopping

Colognes, pleasing smells: Perfumes

Greek flaky pastry with nuts and honey: Baklawas

He created detective Philip Marlowe: Chandler

Highly skilled, with a special ability: Talented

Incomes, wages: Salaries

Record producer and synth player of Roxy Music: Brian eno

Russian airline, the national flag carrier: Aeroflot

Ship location for the cheapest passenger tickets: Steerage

Social institution common in many cultures: Marriage

having the boys in blue at the heels: Onthelam

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aladdin’s love interest: Jasmine

Attaching washing to a line with clips: Pegging

Blake’s second wife in original Dynasty series: Krystle

Far-__, beyond the realms of reality: Fetched

Flight transport hub; scene of many fond farewells: Airport

Fluid-filled cushion on skin formed by friction: Blister

Lectures, speeches made by ministers: Sermons

Local authority that governs a town or district: Council

Plant used in herbalism, anagram of beer van: Verbena

Property title possessed for a defined time: Usucapt

Sound made by a burning bonfire: Crackle

Successful competition entrants: Winners

The astronomer mentioned in Bohemian Rhapsody: Galileo

The power to restrain people with bonds: Binding

The section between the hand and elbow: Forearm

Trapping a small wild animal: Snaring

Two tall pillars in St Mark’s Square, Venice: Columns

Unconsciously absorbed idea: Osmoses

What the emperor was missing: Clothes

__ hat, furry winter headgear with earflaps: Trapper

Puzzle 5 Answers

Actor plays this on TV, a role in a story: Character

Asian long and close-fitting trousers: Churidars

Australian water famous for giant oysters: Coffin bay

Boat with two parallel hulls: Catamaran

Chemically made imitation of a natural substance: Synthetic

Commander of Apollo 13 lunar mission: Jim lovell

Consequence, result: Corollary

Danish architect of the Sydney Opera House: Jorn utzon

Internet problem notification, like 404: Error code

Repetitive music and dance form of Cuba: Cha cha cha

River or stream that branches off another river: Tributary

Term for someone who needs to hurry up: Slow coach

The Kentucky Derby, e.g.: Horserace

The __, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow girl group: Shirelles

Travel documents that show citizenship: Passports

Group 860

Puzzle 1 Answers

Body part that gets sore with strep: Throat

British Museum gallery with the Elgin Marbles: Duveen

Calvin Harris “met you in the “: Summer

Canadian sitcom of the 2000s: __ Gas: Corner

Pointed peaks at the top of buildings: Spires

Priest Menno whose followers were Mennonites: Simons

Removed outer cover of grains and nuts: Husked

Thai taxi bike, an auto rickshaw: Tuk tuk

Warren Buffett is sometimes called this: Oracle

Whines, sighs: Groans

de change, currency exchange office: Bureau

Puzzle 2 Answers

Belgian capital: Brussels

Devon city, where Sir Francis Drake played bowls: Plymouth

French inventor of permanent photos: Daguerre

Illustrating a book page with brushes and oils: Painting

New Order formed after this band ended: Joy __: Division

Not the shortest route, not straight there: Indirect

Squatting with your back against a flat surface: Wall sits

Stuffed, like a nose during a cold or flu: Bunged up

The meaning of farce in a French restaurant: Stuffing

Watched or looked at: Regarded

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baby frog with a wiggly tail: Tadpole

Communications sent using radio waves: Signals

Doctor or surgeon’s medical knife: Scalpel

Expenditures, costs: Outlays

Hanging bar for acrobatic performances: Trapeze

Japanese pickled vegetable side, served with sushi: Oshinko

John, who wrote The Spy Who Came In from the Cold: Le carre

Kicks a ball through an opponent’s legs: Nutmegs

Latin-derived romance language spoken in Andorra: Catalan

Leaving the car on a meter: Parking

Non active, not initiating anything: Passive

Promises on oath: Pledges

Rideshare apps mean many people don’t hail this: Taxi cab

Top layer of a planet: Surface

__ up the sun, catching some rays: Soaking

__ wardrobe; essential mix-and-match garments: Capsule

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Can’t do it “, signals a (sweet) lack of talent: For toffee

Adds notes to a diagram: Annotates

Belgian glass-making and coal-mining hub: Charleroi

Carried by hikers: Backpacks

Garry __, comedian and author: Shandling

Neapolitan ice cream is vanilla, strawberry, __: Chocolate

Person you spend time with on February 14th: Valentine

Round woody edible fruits of the Corylus avellana: Hazelnuts

Schindler’s List director: Spielberg

Steve __, star of Benidorm and Whitechapel: Pemberton

Sweats: Perspires

The place in space where nothing gets out: Black hole

Victory by an overwhelming majority: Landslide

What is heard at a gig or performance with a band: Live music

hook; useful kit for climbers: Grappling

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another term for the Christmas season: Yuletide

Frank Woolworth’s middle name used in the business: Winfield

Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek’s reign of terror: Badlands

Perfecting something over time with practice: Refining

Residence of the Dukes of Marlborough: __ Palace: Blenheim

Scottish city sometimes called Granite City: Aberdeen

Second Hunger Games book: __ Fire: Catching

South African PM assassinated in 1966: Verwoerd

The World Wide Web: Internet

The science of growing apples or other fruits: Pomology

This young animal is known as a kid: Baby goat

Top these brown spice rolls with gooey frosting: Cinnamon

Walk-up price of a hotel room, no discounts: Rack rate

Washing or rinsing out water from one’s mouth: Swilling

Wide, flat back muscles on the back and under arms: Laterals

__ ring, Irish jewelry with clasping hands motif: Claddagh

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