CodyCross Transports Answers

Transports Answers

Group 101

Puzzle 1 Answers

Child of your aunt or uncle.: Cousin

Traditional Australian soda bread.: Damper

Someone who rents land, house, office.: Tenant

Millennium __, Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars.: Falcon

Type of loose fitting men’s underwear.: Boxers

Type of car used in funerals.: Hearse

Two-toed mammals guilty of a deadly sin.: Sloths

Known by many people for something.: Famous

This computer key allows you to erase mistakes.: Delete

Van Gogh painted The __ Eaters.: Potato

Sung at Christmastide.: Carols

State of being angry.: Temper

Puzzle 2 Answers

American weekly magazine on current events.: Newsweek

Roster, timetable.: Schedule

Driving above the limit.: Speeding

Fear of __ in public is glossophobia.: Speaking

Worth a lot of money.: Valuable

Greek Gods and Goddesses eat this.: Ambrosia

Fast car designed for a type of race.: Dragster

Someone who makes it out alive.: Survivor

Natalie __, leader of 10,000 Maniacs.: Merchant

The person in charge of a gaming table.: Croupier

Cannon with short barrel intended for siege warfare.: Howitzer

Puzzle 3 Answers

Drawing intended as humorous; animated film.: Cartoon

General pardon for political offenses.: Amnesty

__ turtles have tiny yellow round spots.: Spotted

It covers a multitude of sins.: Charity

In Nature, only the __ survive.: Fittest

To make free from blame or guilt or consequence.: Absolve

Wood or ethanol, derived from biomass.: Biofuel

Michael __, won an Oscar for Wall Street.: Douglas

Hanging piece of cloth used to cover the window.: Curtain

Country in N. Europe by the Baltic Sea.: Estonia

Military troop that serves on horses.: Cavalry

Small, circular brown spot on fair skin.: Freckle

Greek creature part woman and part snake.: Echidna

Organ __ is the shut down of essential organs.: Failure

Winning big prize in bingo, casino slot machine.: Jackpot

Flavorless food that makes up jello.: Gelatin

Eternal, lasting forever.: Ageless

Puzzle 4 Answers

The Nazi air force during WWII.: Luftwaffe

Car piloted by the Dark Knight in the comics.: Batmobile

Japanese utility knife.: Kiridashi

A film directed by Pedro Almodóvar.: Talk to her

Adding flavors using spices.: Seasoning

Modern Korean martial art similar to karate.: Taekwondo

Managua is the capital of __.: Nicaragua

Technology entrepreneur who died in 2011.: Steve jobs

__ Airplane, known for the hit White Rabbit.: Jefferson

Someone who keeps official records.: Registrar

To work the land to grow crops.: Cultivate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction.: Carnival

Germany’s largest battleship during WWII.: Bismarck

First public performance.: Premiere

Pertaining to the written word.: Literary

A long fork is used in this type of meat cooking.: Barbecue

American actor and political activist.: Sean penn

Having a very bad reputation.: Infamous

Collection of foot soldiers in an army.: Infantry

Severe snowfall.: Blizzard

__ acid, more commonly known as vitamin C.: Ascorbic

__ and gravy.: Biscuits

German luxury brand of your superior.: Hugo boss

__ Watch, captain-commissioned Rembrandt.: The night

A left-handed boxer.: Southpaw

Pass that allows you to enter the plane.: Boarding

Created the first cell phone in 1973.: Motorola

Invertebrates including snails, slugs and mussels.: Molluscs

Group 102

Puzzle 1 Answers

Copenhagen is the capital of __.: Denmark

Walked down the aisle.: Married

Ancient Japanese military nobility, swordsmen.: Samurai

Long-legged lynx-like cat with tufted pointed ears.: Caracal

Feeling of regret or guilt.: Remorse

Area not very high above the sea level.: Lowland

Creature which is part lion and part eagle.: Griffin

Partisanship.: Bigotry

Portuguese soccer club from Lisbon.: Benfica

Faye __, star of Chinatown.: Dunaway

Home on the Range is a 2004 Disney __ comedy.: Western

Place where beer is made.: Brewery

Antonym of static.: Dynamic

Batten down the __, for severe weather.: Hatches

Index term used to find information on Internet.: Keyword

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and __.: Mr hyde

Make sacred by applying oil in a ceremony.: Anoint

Insect with large pincers, found in all continents.: Earwig

Company’s items of value: buildings, equipment.: Assets

NYC’s largest borough.: Queens

__ Woman and her golden lasso.: Wonder

Military __, Olympics precursor to biathlon.: Patrol

Babysitter from a different country.: Au pair

Regardless, in any case, nonetheless.: Anyway

Underground passage for driving.: Tunnel

Residence of a king or queen.: Palace

Spongy scrubber used to clean your body.: Loofah

Damage of any kind to the body.: Injury

Star system with two stars orbiting each other.: Binary

__ Acar, Turkish artist.: Ismail

Yearly, occurring once a year only.: Annual

Label given to gritty 90’s Seattle music.: Grunge

Guard on a car used to protect the front or rear.: Bumper

Puzzle 3 Answers

Madama __, opera by Giacomo Puccini.: Butterfly

German model who was married to the singer Seal.: Heidi klum

Skiing event includes aerials, moguls, halfpipe.: Freestyle

French sauce made with butter, eggs and herbs.: Béarnaise

Medic emergency vehicle.: Ambulance

Soliloquy.: Monologue

Ruled by all; system started by the Greeks.: Democracy

The executioner of yore.: Deathsman

World’s only island city state.: Singapore

Lady __, holiday of Virgin Mary in Mexico.: Guadalupe

Rebecca’s home in Du Maurier’s 1938 novel.: Manderley

Outer space rock litter.: Meteorite

Puzzle 4 Answers

Large cat known for its speed and spots.: Cheetah

Tbilisi is the capital of.: Georgia

Being against the law.: Illegal

Air flowing through or past a car, plane.: Airflow

To obtain.: Acquire

Always the best policy.: Honesty

TV series based on previous series.: Spinoff

Village and civil parish in Cambridgeshire, England.: Stilton

Get Hard actor Will __.: Ferrell

Spice in the mint family, used in Italian cooking.: Oregano

Puzzle 5 Answers

Detroit car brand started by GM.: Cadillac

Unfinished __, 2015 Dave Franco movie.: Business

In-and-out movement of a threaded needle in sewing.: Stitches

Take time by the __.: Forelock

__ Japanese Army, World War II Asian force.: Imperial

Classification of any field of knowledge.: Category

Capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.: St pierre

Stanford professor known for prison experiment.: Zimbardo

Free from mistakes, able to be __ in reporting.: Accurate

To divide foods, set aside for later.: Separate

Mountain __ involves moving up to high places.: Climbing

A place where goods are displayed for sale.: Saleroom

The __ is the model for Chinese Foo dogs.: Chow chow

Dave __ Band, album Crash owned the 90s.: Matthews

Group 103

Puzzle 1 Answers

To aim for a goal, ambition.: Aspire

Asian river passing through India and Pakistan.: Chenab

Bacteria are __-celled microorganisms.: Single

Soft item used to clean dishes.: Sponge

Rumoured to guard the gates of Thebes.: Sphinx

French soup usually made with tomato and seafood.: Bisque

Biblical beings, usually depicted with wings.: Angels

Snow huts, snow houses.: Igloos

Bird with deep forked tail, long pointed wings.: Martin

Disney hit about tundra and sister’s love.: Frozen

Origin of something, starting place.: Source

Abbreviated form of a TV comedy.: Sitcom

Practice what you __.: Preach

A place of history, art and more.: Museum

Puzzle 2 Answers

His long hair was his doom.: Absalom

Erosion is the eating away of a __ or area.: Surface

Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways.: Asphalt

__ on 34th Street, movie with Santa Claus.: Miracle

Distress caused by the mind; fear of danger.: Anxiety

Red, Green, and Yellow bell __.: Peppers

It is used for pain and to prevent blood clots.: Aspirin

Gloria __, Miami Sound Machine, Cuban beat.: Estefan

What the rotten apple does to its neighbours.: Injures

Dardel, __ post-impressionist painter.: Swedish

Strolling vendor with food or souvenirs in circus.: Butcher

Puzzle 3 Answers

Leaving an airport, setting off for a destination.: Departure

__ Order, presidential decree, law without Congress.: Executive

Beef or pork tips, usually the ends of ribs.: Spareribs

Jane __, 30 Rock, Pixels actress.: Krakowski

Illumination found in front of a car.: Headlight

A due date is an __ date for a baby’s birth.: Estimated

Another name usually used by authors.: Pseudonym

Sword __, circus act that’s hard to stomach.: Swallower

Port Louis is the capital of.: Mauritius

Bat these little hairs when you like someone.: Eyelashes

Puzzle 4 Answers

Car safety device goes across chest, waist.: Seatbelt

2015 Chris Hemsworth, John Ortiz movie.: Blackhat

Opposite of positive.: Negative

The precipitous front of a tide-water glacier.: Ice cliff

__ Razor, foldable razor used for men’s shaving.: Straight

Another term for a broken bone.: Fracture

Boundaries in a sports field or court.: Sideline

__ headache happens when eating frozen things.: Icecream

Hasbro game of plastic donkey.: Buckaroo

What makes things perfect.: Practice

Tiny Iberian nation once had a large empire.: Portugal

Puzzle 5 Answers

To watch something doing something.: Observe

Italian Baroque painter of battle scenes.: Falcone

Region in central Italy, L’Aquila is its capital.: Abruzzo

Freytag’s __, dramatic structure for films, plays.: Pyramid

Pay received from retrospective date.: Backpay

Armament is the ship’s __.: Weapons

Truth in Latin.: Veritas

Shallow-draft boat, used in swamps.: Airboat

__ cheese and tomato soup.: Grilled

Anion is a negatively __ ion.: Charged

It precedes jazz.: Ragtime

Meat coated with crumbs and fried.: Breaded

Group 104

Puzzle 1 Answers

John __, former American tennis player.: Mcenroe

Distribution __, path from vendor to consumer.: Channel

Meat from ground pork or beef, formed in a casing.: Sausage

Place lined with trees, shaded.: Arbored

__ King, American author of horror, 54 novels.: Stephen

One of the planets of the Solar System.: Mercury

__ Bear, 2003 Disney film.: Brother

Recurring phrase or verse in a poem.: Refrain

1 person in every 2 __ will live to be over 116.: Billion

Something that hurts.: Painful

The capital of Guam.: Hagatna

Alcohol used in fuel.: Ethanol

Item placed on the floor to reduce slipping.: Bathmat

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Second Best Exotic __ Hotel, 2015 movie.: Marigold

Angler __, or flounder, has eyes on one side.: Flatfish

Decorating something with stripes.: Striping

Submissive, satisfied, docile.: Resigned

__ Fire, just as dangerous as enemy’s intent.: Friendly

Antechamber, typically serving as a waiting room.: Anteroom

Someone who performs illusions for a crowd.: Magician

Snowboarding is done with a board __ to your feet.: Attached

Part of brain controls vision, hearing, and more.: Midbrain

Long coat which extends below the knee.: Overcoat

28 days long (sometimes 29).: February

Extracting food flavors using solvents.: Infusion

First operational nuclear-powered submarine.: Nautilus

Enlargement of a body part from fluid.: Swelling

French writer attacked the Catholic Church.: Voltaire

Puzzle 3 Answers

Known by the Egyptians as the city of Waset.: Thebes

Psychological thriller based on a S. King’s novel.: Misery

Small round hills.: Knolls

Recommendation as a guide for action.: Advice

__ Lock, secures car from a distance.: Remote

Heat glass to take out internal stresses.: Anneal

Utterly illogical, untrue, senseless, laughable.: Absurd

Goldie Hawn daughter, actress Kate __.: Hudson

Impact spot on a planet, usually a circle.: Crater

South American rodent related to guinea pigs.: Agouti

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fall in prices of goods and services.: Deflation

A type of mudrock.: Claystone

Isolate.: Sequester

Uranus and Neptune are both __.: Ice giants

East London district within the Newham Borough.: Stratford

Skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold.: Frostbite

British psychedelic rock band.: Pink floyd

Fargo actress and Joel Coen wife, Frances __.: Mcdormand

Profession associated with books.: Librarian

Strong feelings of hostility towards someone.: Animosity

Lemurs are __ primates from Madagascar.: Nocturnal

Ship that brought the first pilgrims to America.: Mayflower

Corn tortilla dish originating in Mexico.: Enchilada

Monk of the “Yellow Hat” school.: Dalai lama

The study of winds.: Anemology

Puzzle 5 Answers

The __-Minded Professor is the first Flubber movie.: Absent

Material stretched over wood for paintings.: Canvas

__ Earhart, famous female aviator.: Amelia

Goats found in the Pyrenees.: Ibexes

Saying you’ll do something in the future.: Commit

Caffeinated drink lots of people can’t go without.: Coffee

__ cars, economical microcars produced in the 60s.: Bubble

Boy __, org. to teach young men life skills.: Scouts

Largest South American country.: Brazil

Moon with the lowest density in the Solar System.: Tethys

Group 105

Puzzle 1 Answers

Housing for gears.: Gearbox

__ Makeover: Home Edition, home improvement TV show.: Extreme

Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods.: Spatula

Language of Jesus, ancient Semitic language.: Aramaic

__ Zod, Krypton warlord and Superman enemy.: General

Floating __, poached egg whites and sugar dessert.: Islands

Charlie Sheen’s real surname.: Estevez

Grooves on the side of bowling lanes.: Gutters

Kiev is the capital of __.: Ukraine

This medicine will at least make you feel good.: Placebo

Someone who opposes a new legislation or change.: Aginner

Mass of tissue on both sides of your throat.: Tonsils

Puzzle 2 Answers

This __ actor, Jonah Hill.: Is the end

Quality should be over it.: Quantity

Illegal pitch in baseball, ball is lubed.: Spitball

Bailer is a device for __ water in the boat.: Removing

Insects known for their chirping.: Crickets

__ line, series of factory workers and products.: Assembly

American singer who has a distinguished voice.: Tom waits

Treated or spoken to insolently.: Insulted

Type of castles on high ground.: Citadels

__ Earth, battle strategy used by the Russians.: Scorched

Southern tip of South America.: Cape horn

Chefs hate it when steaks are ordered like this.: Welldone

Miming game; “two words, a movie”.: Charades

Large walk-through area with mirrors in carnivals.: Funhouse

Force applied over an area of an object.: Pressure

Puzzle 3 Answers

Philip __, a member of the Stuckists group.: Absolon

Box that is sent through the mail.: Package

Athlete’s workplace.: Stadium

Never-ending.: Eternal

Activity, flying object with no motor, Hang __.: Gliding

Emperor __, largest species and most unique.: Penguin

Writer famous for the creation of Narnia.: Cs lewis

Resembling an apparition, characteristics of one.: Ghostly

A chemical element and a song by Nirvana.: Lithium

Brazilian beach that inspired song about girl.: Ipanema

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who practices any type of science.: Scientist

To draft for a military service.: Conscript

Shot with medicine inside.: Injection

Lecherous, lubricious.: Oversexed

Can keep insects, animals and water at distance.: Repellent

Kid’s science toy with moving axis.: Gyroscope

Large axe used in combat.: Battleaxe

A kind of foster mother for seven short men.: Snow white

They will happen.: Accidents

Decay in morals.: Decadence

Puzzle 5 Answers

A computer thinking; making a car shine.: Buffer

Protrusion of tissue through its surrounding walls.: Hernia

Original high school musical with Danny and Sandy.: Grease

__ Watchers, most famous diet program.: Weight

Band that wrote song about lodging in California.: Eagles

National Hockey Stadium in major Pakistani city.: Lahore

Small restaurant, place where food is served.: Eatery

Desire to purchase a product by the public.: Demand

The prophet in the lion’s den.: Daniel

Milky __, cloudy common crystal structure.: Quartz

Capital of Russia.: Moscow

Type of stairs invented in 480 BC Sicily.: Spiral

Hairy covering of a mammal.: Pelage

A tower with batty bats.: Belfry

Very short cannon, throws high angle shells.: Mortar

Group 106

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dirty Harry’s Irish surname.: Callahan

Cyclophobia is the fear of __.: Bicycles

Brand sued to prove they weren’t potato chips.: Pringles

Vulnerable part of infant skull aka fontanelle.: Soft spot

__ spree, the urge to buy anything you want.: Shopping

Place for practicing on hobbies.: Workshop

Female demon slept with unconscious men.: Succubus

To jut out.: Overhang

Digital Voice __, used by journalists, students.: Recorder

Long coat made from waterproof fabric.: Raincoat

Baggywrinkle is a __ for cables to stop chafing.: Covering

Puzzle 2 Answers

Long thin ribbons of paper for celebrating.: Streamers

Cher’s former partner in life and music.: Sonny bono

Building with bunk beds, sleeping quarters.: Bunkhouse

Jafar is Aladdin’s __, villain in Disney movie.: Archenemy

The date a person is born.: Birthdate

This vegetable makes urine smelly.: Asparagus

Always lagging behind.: Straggler

Cables reaching from the stern to mast heads.: Backstays

America Ferrera show from Colombian telenovela.: Ugly betty

The capital of Pitcairn Islands.: Adamstown

__ Devil, carnivorous Australian marsupial.: Tasmanian

Jamaican religion associated with long dreds.: Rastafari

Puzzle 3 Answers

To feel embarrassed about something.: Ashamed

__ sour, hard liquor mixed with lemon juice.: Whiskey

Practices to keep your teeth healthy.: Hygiene

Automobile, car, truck, bus, SUV.: Vehicle

Street where the British Prime Minister lives.: Downing

Four periods of yearly weather changes.: Seasons

Royal teacher in Burmese Buddhism.: Sayadaw

__ clingfish live on sea urchins.: Oneline

__ Beam, one of the Olympic gymnastic events.: Balance

Matching pullover and cardigan worn together.: Twinset

Nemesis of Dalmatians everywhere.: Cruella

A room where young children can play.: Nursery

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rock The __, 2015 Bill Murray movie.: Kasbah

Major language of Middle East and North Africa.: Arabic

Four-__ engine was invented in 1876.: Stroke

Most charming art nouveau tower.: Eiffel

“Skin” remover for fishermen.: Scaler

Highly-magnetized rotating neutron star.: Pulsar

Group of cells that produce something, sweat.: Glands

Large marine mammal, Arctic waters, huge tusks.: Walrus

Burns __, Scottish verse form.: Stanza

Country known for the Mayan Pyramids.: Mexico

Space __, David Bowie song.: Oddity

Viral infection carried by animals; can be fatal.: Rabies

Largest division of a state in the US.: County

Saltwater clam, valued for its meat and pearls.: Oyster

Puzzle 5 Answers

Edward __hands, character played by Johnny Depp.: Scissor

Dan Conner on Roseanne, John __.: Goodman

Strong smelling gas, nitrogen and hydrogen.: Ammonia

Elastic fabric that “expands”.: Spandex

Pitch variation in speech.: Cadence

Cherrylike fruit source of vitamin C.: Acerola

Device in a car used to start the engine.: Starter

__ Dolls represent Native American spirits.: Kachina

Another name for an oven or a furnace.: Roaster

Paris Saint __, French team known by abbreviation.: Germain

Group 107

Puzzle 1 Answers

Multiple __, disease of the brain, spinal cord.: Sclerosis

Someone you do combat against.: Combatant

Asian nation known for its tough stance on drugs.: Indonesia

Accessible, obtainable.: Available

Another name for Swiss Roll.: Jellyroll

US archetypal clarinetist who died in 2004.: Artie shaw

Brit middle distance runner at his peak in the 80s.: Steve cram

A very short skirt.: Miniskirt

Skills, aptitudes.: Abilities

Antony and __, a Shakespeare’s tragedy.: Cleopatra

__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins.: Reptilian

Puzzle 2 Answers

English punk rock band led by Joe Strummer.: The clash

Rene __ painted Golconda.: Magritte

The strongest tendon in the body.: Achilles

Life is not all beer and __.: Skittles

Someone who draws cartoons.: Animator

Top part of a seat, behind the head.: Headrest

Diseases that affect the tissues around teeth.: Pyorrhea

The Great __, Chaplin’s satire of Hitler.: Dictator

Clothing accessory worn around the skull.: Headband

Non-partisan, even-handed.: Unbiased

Puzzle 3 Answers

To leave something out.: Exclude

Group of travelers journeying together.: Caravan

Unit of two or more squads.: Platoon

A major throwing sport and leisure activity.: Bowling

Large waterbird with a long bill and throat.: Pelican

Huge US oil company merged with Texaco.: Chevron

Person who confirms and certifies a death.: Coroner

Poland’s longest and largest river.: Vistula

Calcium __, aka Norwegian saltpeter.: Nitrate

Musical drama starring Minnelli as Sally Bowles.: Cabaret

Food, beverage decoration.: Garnish

Female spirit of death in Irish mythology.: Banshee

Dan Castellaneta voices Homer __.: Simpson

Flying reindeer with crimson colored nose.: Rudolph

Repeat of a song in a play.: Reprise

Intentional, harmful or offensive contact.: Battery

Small ceramic bowl used for cooking and serving.: Ramekin

Right answer, not wrong.: Correct

Puzzle 4 Answers

A sort of word blindness.: Alexia

Muddy __, father of modern Chicago blues.: Waters

Noble born who is trained to fight.: Knight

Something added, attached to another.: Adnexa

DreamWorks Chicken Run starred Mel __.: Gibson

To make possible; to provide means or tools.: Enable

As a rule, drunk at Christmas time.: Eggnog

Wild cat, chic, sporty roadster.: Jaguar

Close quarters, military knife.: Trench

Player who distributes cards in a game.: Dealer

Eddie __, Donkey, Beverley Hills cop.: Murphy

Puzzle 5 Answers

To look at something with pleasure, approval.: Admire

Volkswagen bug, not British rock band.: Beetle

Items worn on the hands with places for fingers.: Gloves

Strip of cloth wrapped around a gift.: Ribbon

666 Park __, TV show about a haunted building.: Avenue

Hopper painted Girl at __ Machine.: Sewing

__, fantasy creature, flies and breathes out fire.: Dragon

Letters, numbers representing traded company.: Symbol

Tommy __, Pesci’s character in Goodfellas.: Devito

Someone who leads.: Leader

Capital of Central African Republic.: Bangui

Group 108

Puzzle 1 Answers

Meryl __, actress.: Streep

Instability in an area, leading to a drastic change.: Crisis

Cat bred from the Burmese cat, smaller.: Bombay

Type of cereal, corn __.: Flakes

Act of flying, trip on an airplane.: Flight

Can you tell me how to get to __ Street?.: Sesame

Half organic, half mechatronic being.: Cyborg

Overseas, in a different country.: Abroad

To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc.: Muster

God of the underworld for Egyptians.: Osiris

Puzzle 2 Answers

Minke whale are the second __ whales.: Smallest

Equipment and items used for a specific purpose.: Hardware

Called a hui in New Zealand.: Assembly

Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe.: Escargot

An item leaving an office, __ mail.: Outgoing

William __ was the 1st President to die in office.: Harrison

Winner of a contest, event, race.: Champion

Popular conifer used for Christmas decoration.: Pine tree

Cruiser that sank; named a series of movies.: Poseidon

Five-lined stanza.: Quintain

Soft layer of a bed.: Mattress

Puzzle 3 Answers

A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds.: Waterlily

__ Buendía, from A Hundred Years of Solitude.: Aureliano

A __ Named Desire, movie with Marlon Brando.: Streetcar

Music and arts festival in California.: Coachella

Cord connecting fetus to placenta.: Umbilical

Cocktail named after an island.: Manhattan

Syndrome that can affect kidnapped people.: Stockholm

In a certain way the longest month.: September

Signal __, aka Westfalenstadion, in Dortmund.: Iduna park

Doubt is not the end of wisdom, but the __.: Beginning

Social system of medieval Europe, serfs.: Feudalism

Female Wiccan role, can develop into “high”.: Priestess

Preposterous, laughable.: Ludicrous

The first meal of the day.: Breakfast

60s TV show about a modern housewife witch.: Bewitched

Child’s toy first used as a wall cleaner.: Playdough

Varieties of spinel named after Sri Lanka.: Ceylonite

Separator used to make cubicles in office.: Partition

The first O in COO.: Operating

People living in underwater homes.: Aquanauts

Study of the planets and the universe.: Uranology

Foreign contract workers.: Outsource

Cud-chewing animals.: Ruminants

Not high heels, comfortable female footwear.: Flat shoes

Puzzle 4 Answers

When something is attractive, it has __.: Appeal

Charm of African origin.: Grigri

Mila Kunis, actress, __ on That 70’s Show.: Jackie

Boneless cut of fish or meat.: Fillet

Building holding those who break the law.: Prison

Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent.: Biceps

This noble gas keeps balloons afloat.: Helium

“Sibling” relationship between cities, __ City.: Sister

Literal Greek meaning of coccyx.: Cuckoo

The __ cat is known for its hairless skin.: Sphynx

Lightweight, loose fitting shirt for women.: Blouse

Container used to haul drinks and keep them chilled.: Cooler

The __ Book, 2016 movie.: Jungle

Achy __ Heart, Billy Ray’s one hit wonder.: Breaky

If you have children you are a __.: Parent

Puzzle 5 Answers

Arabian __ bream have a jerky movement.: Monocle

Device used to transfer images into a computer.: Scanner

Famous sugary doughnut treats from New Orleans.: Beignet

Another name for mandible.: Jawbone

Study of the human bodies by examining them.: Anatomy

Large sailing vessel, merchants and soldiers.: Galleon

Saint celebrated on July 15, rain or shine.: Swithun

Player going first in __ 4 can win 100% of the times.: Connect

The Grass is __, movie with Cary Grant.: Greener

Something that can be healed.: Curable

Group 109

Puzzle 1 Answers

Goods delivered for pay; cargo.: Freight

Lively tempo in music.: Allegro

Slaughterhouse staple, looks like hatchet.: Cleaver

__ Princip, Yugoslav who murdered an archduke.: Gavrilo

Bird known for its huge, beautiful tail displays.: Peacock

Hell’s __, Gordon Ramsay’s inferno reality show.: Kitchen

To be filled with satisfaction about something.: Pleased

Tolerated, suffered, felt.: Endured

The most venerated saint in Ireland.: Patrick

Promised to be married.: Engaged

Chairs with a tune, never enough for all.: Musical

Pertaining to or involving atomic weapons.: Nuclear

Asian bread flavored with saffron.: Shirmal

Moves to a lower rank.: Demotes

Someone in charge of a museum, collection.: Curator

Won the 57th Academy Awards for Best Movie.: Amadeus

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cool, refreshing flavor used in gums and candies.: Spearmint

George Westinghouse invented it in 1868.: Air brakes

One of the longest one-syllable words in English.: Screeched

Mark Hamill plays Luke __ in the Star Wars films.: Skywalker

Substance formulated to prevent sunburn.: Sunscreen

Longfin __ is native to Australia.: Spadefish

Legend, tradition, folklore.: Mythology

Climate phenomenon can be category 1 to 5.: Hurricane

Usually worn for golf-playing.: Plus fours

Having to do with bacteria.: Bacterial

New Zealand’s largest body of water.: Lake taupo

Puzzle 3 Answers

Susanna __, famous for Jonathan Strange novel.: Clarke

Convertible motorcar.: Rag top

White, 8 Mile rapper discovered by Dr. Dre.: Eminem

Sani __, Nigerian strongman leader of the 1990s.: Abacha

Type of dog breed, known for plush coat, Lassie.: Collie

Pleasant gust of air.: Breeze

Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan.: Uganda

Small red fruit, also used as flavoring.: Cherry

The preserver and protector in Hinduism.: Vishnu

Your body’s lack of a normal response to antigens.: Anergy

Eye doctors __ eyes to make pupils bigger.: Dilate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Divine inspiration.: Afflatus

Mixing two colors or pigments together softly.: Blending

Cheesy beach drama starring Pamela Anderson.: Baywatch

Carbohydrates mainly come from __ and fiber.: Starches

Item to protect you from rain.: Umbrella

Emergency stopping lane on the roadside.: Shoulder

Patrick __, writer of the Kingkiller Chronicle.: Rothfuss

David __, known for his book Cloud Atlas.: Mitchell

The Righteous __, 60s hit was later in a movie.: Brothers

Quasimodo’s whale.: Humpback

Computer programs distributed without charge.: Freeware

__ and Broomsticks is a 1971 Disney film.: Bedknobs

The Da Vinci Code author was once a pop singer.: Dan brown

Someone you work with, colleague.: Coworker

Mrs __ is the very pineapple of politeness.: Malaprop

Loose __, main idea with modifying clauses.: Sentence

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ seizure is a staring spell type of seizure.: Absence

French contemporary of Pablo Picasso.: Matisse

Banded scat is silver and black __.: Striped

A plug used to seal the neck of a bottle.: Stopper

Slang for paper money in the circus.: Alfalfa

Credit __, financial swap led to 2008 crash.: Default

Winter accessories protect the neck.: Scarves

Island in the Caribbean; capital is St. George’s.: Grenada

Riding a wave.: Surfing

Inflatable bags in cars for safety.: Airbags

Famous Gaul that resists Roman invasions.: Asterix

House of Cards, __ original series.: Netflix

Last man on the band.: Drummer

Group 110

Puzzle 1 Answers

Skeet __ , an Olympic event.: Shooting

Group of people belonging to the noble class.: Nobility

The Jeep __ is a well known SUV model.: Wrangler

UN General __.: Assembly

Volver, Vanilla Sky, and Blow actress, __Cruz.: Penelope

A physical desire, especially for food.: Appetite

Wake of vapour left by a fast plane in flight.: Contrail

Nurse shark is a bottom __ shark.: Dwelling

Someone who resides in a place, hospital.: Resident

First year of high school or college.: Freshman

Puzzle 2 Answers

Manet painted The __ Singer.: Spanish

Paraguay and __ are landlocked in S. America.: Bolivia

Google’s robotic mobile operating system.: Android

Language similar to Latin in terms of vocabulary.: Italian

Scrooge, in fact, was his creation.: Dickens

__ cats are a cross of hairless breeds.: Bambino

Spider-Man’s eight-armed enemy, Doctor __.: Octopus

It goes __ saying.: Without

Glassware, items used in a bar.: Barware

To walk or strut with defiant air.: Swagger

Brand name bandages.: Band aid

To untie the mooring lines of a boat.: Cast off

Formal word for illness, discomfort.: Malaise

Testosterone is the main male __.: Hormone

Puzzle 3 Answers

List of activities and the times they’ll be done.: Timetable

Mothership in Nolan’s Interstellar.: Endurance

American Megafauna is a board game on __.: Evolution

Only major tennis tournament played on grass.: Wimbledon

It can modify a wine or a leader.: Assertive

Ground beef stew common in Latin America.: Picadillo

Conscientious __ refuse to bear arms in military.: Objectors

Hay fever is another name for seasonal __.: Allergies

Someone who cuts and polishes gemstones.: Gemcutter

Elon Musk’s high speed tube transportation.: Hyperloop

Ship that takes humanity back to Earth: Battlestar __.: Galactica

Helena __, founded the Theosophical Society (1875).: Blavatsky

Piece of cloth used to dry fingers and palms.: Hand towel

Science of rainfall.: Hyetology

Puzzle 4 Answers

A penny for your __.: Thoughts

Zoroastrian cleric aka mobad.: Mobedyar

PDF: __ Document Format.: Portable

Antonio __, Spanish actor.: Banderas

The main ore of iron.: Hematite

Following cultural norms; conservative.: Orthodox

It glues and holds two surfaces together.: Adhesive

Number of holes in a full-length golf-course.: Eighteen

Green liquor made from wormwood.: Absinthe

Severe loss of intellectual abilities.: Dementia

Large lake between Bolivia and Peru.: Titicaca

Its storming is celebrated on July 14th.: Bastille

Rings around the ankles or wrists joined by chains.: Shackles

Puzzle 5 Answers

In Toy Story 2, Woody is __ by a toy collector.: Stolen

Blood vessel; carries blood away from the heart.: Artery

Oceans were formed in this period.: Hadean

Small, humanoid creatures that live underground.: Gnomes

Save oxygen, only natural element to start with O.: Osmium

To become visible, come into sight.: Appear

Pet __, Beach Boy’s psychedelic effort.: Sounds

Someone who authors.: Writer

Gulf __, current tied to the climate in Europe.: Stream

Charles Vane’s brigantine.: Ranger

Five __ of Grief, aka Kubler Ross Model.: Stages

__ Price, major toy brand a subsidiary of Mattel.: Fisher

Small candy covered with chocolate.: Bonbon

Computer key allows you to switch between modes.: Insert

Group 111

Puzzle 1 Answers

Requesting or enquiring.: Asking

Snow or water.: Skiing

Anticlimax caused by the trivial; literary term.: Bathos

Hero from The Neverending Story in 1980.: Atreyu

Wall separated capitalism and communism in Europe.: Berlin

__ Laboratories, famous pharmaceutical company.: Abbott

__ Whitaker, The Shield actor.: Forest

A deciding __ used to make a decision.: Factor

__ Bulldog is a cross between types of Bulldogs.: French

Trimming the corner areas of gardens.: Edging

Puzzle 2 Answers

The April ones bring forth May flowers.: Showers

Female god.: Goddess

Candy cane coral have red and white __.: Stripes

Showing no emotion, enthusiasm, expression.: Deadpan

__ Miss Daisy, won the Academy Awards in 1990.: Driving

Small items that hair is wrapped in to curl it.: Curlers

An idiophone hand percussion instrument.: Cowbell

State in Europe, capital is Zagreb.: Croatia

Dental __ is to prevent cavities.: Sealant

A central part in which other parts are grouped.: Nucleus

Initials representing a name, words.: Acronym

Large wardrobe with doors and shelves.: Armoire

A person trained in or skilled in gymnastics.: Gymnast

Puzzle 3 Answers

Science of examining the eyes.: Optometry

Left without protection.: Unguarded

She had a hit single “As Tears Go By”: Marianne __.: Faithfull

Coffee chain store first opened in Seattle in 1971.: Starbucks

Vitamin B good for pregnancy, folate.: Folic acid

Ancient Mesopotamian structures w/ receding levels.: Ziggurats

Long-bodied insect with two pairs of large wings.: Dragonfly

Place where water supply is kept.: Reservoir

Religious symbol transmitting spiritual power.: Sacrament

Horror author of Cthulhu Mythos.: Lovecraft

Yellow __, animation with The Beatles.: Submarine

South American country about the size of India.: Argentina

Brought from China to Europe in the 13th century.: Gunpowder

Dishes, utensils, glasses, coasters, forks.: Tableware

Puzzle 4 Answers

A very popular baked pastry in North America.: Apple pie

Complex situation; Family Guy character.: Quagmire

The kind of power that corrupts totally.: Absolute

Deep swimming flatfish; Ariel’s yellow friend.: Flounder

Happy __, world’s most popular song.: Birthday

In business these come in receivables, payable.: Accounts

Bacteria or virus that causes disease.: Pathogen

Person who examines boats for seaworthiness.: Surveyor

Filled with vengeance because of anger.: Wrathful

Country with several Mayan cities, such as Copan.: Honduras

__ Planum, Martian region of flatlands.: Hesperia

Egyptian goddess of water, consort to Set.: Nephthys

A concern for believers.: Doomsday

Way of painting using an air spray nozzle.: Airbrush

Anne __, actress of The Devil Wears Prada.: Hathaway

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Hitchcock film featuring Kim Novak.: Vertigo

Preferred fabric of bikers.: Leather

Cut of meat from the breast of beef.: Brisket

Heavy material put on ships to give stability.: Ballast

Love’s Travel Stops & __ Stores started in 1964.: Country

Old hand.: Veteran

Diurnal means it happens during.: Daytime

Moving oddly, no dexterity, clumsy.: Awkward

This bush in Saskatchewan has scientists baffled.: Crooked

Small mammal with a lemur face, a suricate.: Meerkat

Dukie __: vouchers given by management in circus.: Tickets

Group 112

Puzzle 1 Answers

One of the organs that processes the food you eat.: Stomach

High torque, slow speed vehicle.: Tractor

Whales and dolphins are __.: Mammals

Someone who makes an affidavit.: Affiant

Argo, Pearl Harbor, and Batman actor, Ben __.: Affleck

Flakey small bread eaten with gravy.: Biscuit

Bernini sculpted the __ of Saint Teresa.: Ecstasy

First man on Mt. Everest’s peak, Edmund __ Kiwi.: Hillary

Colorado, Utah, __, and New Mexico: Four Corners.: Arizona

Language used for all international transactions.: English

Principled, virtuous.: Ethical

Bronze Age people, language of Mesopotamia.: Hittite

Puzzle 2 Answers

To give responsibilities to someone.: Appoint

Miracle on 34th Street actress __ O’Hara.: Maureen

Fishing with a hook and line, not fly fishing.: Angling

Opposite of backward.: Forward

People who shoot with a bow and arrow.: Archers

South American capital on the Caribbean Sea.: Caracas

Sovereign ruler of an empire, a monarch.: Emperor

Natural substance that is found in food.: Vitamin

Tax imposed by a king on holders knight’s fees.: Scutage

Let the __ stick to his last.: Cobbler

Slang for a car that has a lot wrong with it.: Clunker

First probe to orbit Saturn.: Cassini

Puzzle 3 Answers

Starter aka hors d’oeuvre.: Appetizer

So strange as not seeming real.: Unearthly

Orderly historical written account.: Chronicle

Time when all the troubles seemed so far away.: Yesterday

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea.: Spongebob

German girl known best for her courageous diary.: Anne frank

1979 Ivan Reitman comedy starring Bill Murray.: Meatballs

The study of projectiles in flight.: Ballistic

Career where one enlists others for careers.: Recruiter

“All sound” Japanese electronics brand.: Panasonic

Isaac __ Wright plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones.: Hempstead

The smallest kind of blood vessel.: Capillary

Colombia’s main river, delta on the Caribbean.: Magdalena

Evening garment for women; worn around the house.: Night gown

2006: 400th birthday of the Dutch painter __.: Rembrandt

Jewish minor prophet; his Book follows Habakkuk.: Zephaniah

Zap __, Captain of the Nimbus from Futurama.: Brannigan

Butterfly still in its hard case.: Chrysalis

Cleanliness is next to it.: Godliness

Seemingly invisible; resembling a phantom.: Ghostlike

Puzzle 4 Answers

Separated from other persons or things.: Isolated

Tight-fitting stretch pants.: Leggings

Martin __, director of Goodfellas.: Scorsese

The capital of Tuvalu.: Funafuti

Container for waste.: Trash can

Greek god of wine.: Dionysus

Sea animal that looks like a star.: Starfish

World-weariness, scoffing.: Cynicism

Durable roadway surface, usually grey.: Pavement

Unplowed land near a fence or border.: Headland

Type of disease that spreads around the world.: Pandemic

Puzzle 5 Answers

To help someone do something.: Assist

Cheese popular with kids can be peeled apart.: String

Ringed planet; US car model.: Saturn

Mysterious affair at __. An A. Christie’s novel.: Styles

Test by a surgeon on a sample of tissue.: Biopsy

Spider’s masterpiece, hate to walk into them.: Cobweb

Ancient city, Turkey’s capital.: Ankara

Main character of The Jungle Book, Disney film.: Mowgli

Enlisted Naval member, below petty officer.: Seaman

“Cloak and __” stories of intrigue.: Dagger

Nearer.: Closer

Possibility of harm or injury, risk, trouble.: Danger

Group 113

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cirky is a circus __, used like carny.: Employee

It has the most Rolls Royces per capita.: Hong kong

Post, detail.: Stations

Month between October and December.: November

Concentrated melaninized cells, ephelides.: Freckles

Coral __ live on coral reefs.: Scallops

Words that look, but don’t sound the same.: Eye rhyme

Another word for a spring onion or shallot.: Scallion

American gangster during the Prohibition.: Al capone

Massive monster with strength and powers.: Behemoth

Puzzle 2 Answers

Josie & the __, cartoon about a girl-band.: Pussycats

Terry __, English writer of fantasy satirical novels.: Pratchett

To observe a holiday or special occasion.: Celebrate

Dogs apt to draw sleds.: Malamutes

People who travel to work in the city.: Commuters

Dublin stadium for Gaelic sporting events.: Croke park

Transatlantic ocean liner between 1936 and 1967.: Queen mary

Most secretive capital run by young dictator.: Pyongyang

Sweet fruit that resembles a large tomato.: Persimmon

What does it all mean, this study will explain.: Semantics

They harvest the ocean.: Fishermen

Puzzle 3 Answers

Not on the Internet or connected.: Offline

Animal known for its large claws and great taste.: Lobster

Tube that lets you breathe.: Trachea

Someone who takes by choice into a relationship.: Adopter

Attack an enemy with artillery fire.: Bombard

Rubber suction cup used to clear blocked pipes.: Plunger

Rare syndrome caused by pituitary tumor.: Cushing

Woman or girl who acts in a play or movie.: Actress

__ schooners transported pioneers westwards.: Prairie

Thai capital, setting for second Hangover movie.: Bangkok

Lord of the Rings, Frodo __.: Baggins

Puzzle 4 Answers

Easter search for candies and chocolates.: Egg hunt

Late night host who loves car, distinct chin.: Jay leno

Yerevan is capital of this country.: Armenia

The act of abuse, treating in a harmful way.: Abusing

As flat as a __.: Pancake

To run a ship onto the beach or on land.: Aground

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1941.: Rebecca

Type of fish known for its long whiskers.: Catfish

Type of food, with filling wrapped in a tortilla.: Burrito

Evil eye __ ward off Evil in Middle East culture.: Amulets

Highest-pitched instrument in an orchestra.: Piccolo

A baking container often used on birthdays.: Cake pan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation, etc.: Ebitda

Unit of liquid measurement, __ of milk.: Gallon

Long sticks circus performer walks with.: Stilts

__ Shop, Macklemore loves to find a deal here.: Thrift

The original four-legged swastika.: Fylfot

The capital of Eritrea.: Asmara

Reaction of the skin, itchy, swollen, scaling.: Eczema

90s popular haircut named after a sitcom character.: Rachel

__ 13, drama about the abortion of a lunar mission.: Apollo

Japanese religion with multiple gods, shrines.: Shinto

Three-__ toads are good luck in Asian cultures.: Legged

Group 114

Puzzle 1 Answers

Once known as love apple.: Tomato

Fourth state of matter, type of TV.: Plasma

Natural, sweet additives.: Sugars

Genre of low-tempo Latin music.: Bolero

Oral communication, expressing through talking.: Speech

Castro’s home, was Spanish colonial headquarters.: Havana

The Lion in __, Anthony Hopkins film debut.: Winter

Item in a car to see behind you.: Mirror

Martial art from Japan with many variations.: Karate

Small kitchen knife used for peeling.: Paring

Taking place in spring.: Vernal

German fairy tale, __ and Gretel.: Hansel

Puzzle 2 Answers

US has no relations with this Middle East state.: Palestine

A collector of fares in a public conveyance.: Conductor

The board behind the basket.: Backboard

Mix together while cooking, __ eggs.: Scrambled

Queen Victoria’s great great grand-daughter.: Elizabeth

Blade Runner is this type of science fiction.: Cyberpunk

Separates solids from oil in an engine.: Oil filter

Meet the __, 2007 film with Tom Selleck.: Robinsons

Having a favorable opinion of one’s abilities.: Conceited

Someone you went to school with.: Classmate

Puzzle 3 Answers

Social conflict between police and criminals.: Standoff

Cancer of the blood, bone marrow.: Leukemia

Tuscan city, birthplace of Renaissance.: Florence

A person who reports and conducts interviews.: Reporter

Jesus’ twelve disciples.: Apostles

American bird; makes a sound like its name.: Bobwhite

His Martian Chronicles are a landmark.: Bradbury

So easy, like __ candy from a baby.: Stealing

East Asian language has 125 million speakers.: Japanese

Escape from __ is a survival board game.: Atlantis

Small lagoon of seawater left rocks after a swell.: Tidepool

Romantic sitcom based on a cruise ship.: Love boat

Loose fitting pants that inspired a NYC team name.: Knickers

Puzzle 4 Answers

A heavy-duty tape has high levels of __.: Adhesion

Lion tamer, Indiana Jones favorite tool.: Bullwhip

Viscera, insides.: Entrails

Event describing increase of wavelength of light.: Redshift

Villa Jovis, Emperor __ abode in Capri.: Tiberius

It kills more than the sword.: Gluttony

Language spoken on the Horn of Africa.: Tigrinya

__ Robinson, American professional boxer.: Sugar ray

Manta rays have __-shaped fins.: Triangle

Place hands on ten and two on this wheel.: Steering

Inglourious __, WWII movie directed by Tarantino.: Basterds

Puzzle 5 Answers

The __ Wore Tennis Shoes starred Kurt Russell.: Computer

Gaming conventions __ new games.: Showcase

The list with passengers’ names in a flight.: Manifest

King of Serpents, kills with just one glance.: Basilisk

Animal with long nose known for eating ants.: Anteater

Unesco World Heritage Site in San Antonio, Texas.: The alamo

Letting foods soak in liquid overnight.: Marinate

Thrombocytes, they help stop bleeding.: Platelet

Hagar the __, comic about Viking man.: Horrible

A statement saying something is not true.: Rebuttal

Negatively charged subatomic particle.: Electron

Business networking website.: Linkedin

Group 115

Puzzle 1 Answers

Set of bells, metals, etc, musical when wind blows.: Chimes

Brand name for correction fluid.: Tippex

Houses made of ice.: Igloos

Islamic law.: Sharia

Country where Stefan Edberg was born.: Sweden

Modern __, TV show exploring family in comedy.: Family

The typification of something.: Byword

Grilled sandwiches with Italian name.: Panini

Social site coordinates real life encounters.: Meetup

Tile-matching vintage video game.: Tetris

Outward curve of legs, separating the knees.: Bowleg

Actor, not the voice, of Darth Vader, David __.: Prowse

To clean your throat with mouthwash.: Gargle

A free circus ticket is named after Annie __.: Oakley

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fragile state, peanut flavored sweet.: Brittle

House of __, part of the British Parliament.: Commons

Warhol painted Eight __.: Elvises

Making an exact replica of.: Cloning

The capital of Armenia.: Yerevan

Boxer with little finesse, swinging punches.: Brawler

Glossy varnish.: Lacquer

It will be mended if least is said.: Soonest

Machinery, wheels, etc, which supports the car.: Chassis

East Slavic language of the former Soviet Union.: Russian

__ coral are also called table corals.: Lattice

Storage unit for folded clothes.: Dresser

German poet who banished the letter R from his poems.: Burmann

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rough and inharmonious sounds, especially in music.: Cacophony

A person who grows or uses herbs to treat illness.: Herbalist

David Furnish is married to this pianist.: Elton john

Is there another word for this book.: Thesaurus

The __, Brit film about male strip-tease.: Full monty

__ Army, charity known for its Christmas presence.: Salvation

Mass of hexagonal wax cells built by bees.: Honeycomb

The highest peak in the Americas.: Aconcagua

Game with rackets, a net and a shuttlecock.: Badminton

Little gift thrown in on buying bigger item.: Lagniappe

Ski mask; knit cap for the whole head.: Balaclava

Puzzle 4 Answers

Never seen, opposite of déjà vu.: Jamaisvu

A French dish made from beaten eggs fried in a pan.: Omelette

Type of volcanic glass.: Obsidian

Cat cross of Chinchilla Persian and Burmese breeds.: Burmilla

Dance form of emotional intensity, foot stamping.: Flamenco

__ Curtis, The Scream Queen.: Jamie lee

__ Refrigerator: modern, intelligent fridge.: Internet

Maker of three-dimensional representations.: Sculptor

Company that sells something for retail price.: Retailer

Puzzle 5 Answers

What is left to heirs.: Bequest

Bubbleheaded, absurd, foolish, brainless.: Asinine

__ plot, dotted mathematical diagram.: Scatter

Captain __, Tintin’s tipsy friend.: Haddock

Algiers is the capital of __.: Algeria

Small, oily herring served in oval tins.: Sardine

__ Baldwin, youngest of the Baldwin brothers.: Stephen

Dashboard in a car with controls.: Console

Great secret of nature alchemists tried to find.: Arcanum

Empress, wife of the ruler of Russia.: Tsarina

Group 116

Puzzle 1 Answers

Study of space, stars, and objects.: Astronomy

Artists go acoustic.: Unplugged

Liquid swished in the mouth to clean it.: Mouthwash

Honey or sugar.: Sweetener

To sew a design on a piece of cloth.: Embroider

Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas.: Dodge city

Repugnant, sickening.: Abhorrent

The Monkey’s Paw is the world’s first __.: Bibliomat

Sentence that can be heard in a train station.: All aboard

__ painted The Picnic Party.: Vettriano

Puzzle 2 Answers

Greatly influence Earth’s climate.: Currents

Submerging in liquid, most common with eggs.: Poaching

Excited, frenzied, hectic, hyperactive.: Agitated

Rare golden yellow variety of beryl.: Heliodor

Courage, the __ Dog, cartoon about a wimp dog.: Cowardly

__ Tatum, Magic Mike actor.: Channing

Name of Alexander the Great’s mother.: Olympias

PIN: __ Identification Number.: Personal

Country where Cristiano Ronaldo was born.: Portugal

Preserver and makeup artist of the dead.: Embalmer

Eating utensils, plates, and dishes.: Flatware

Protagonist lacking noble qualities.: Antihero

Bipolar __ is a manic-depressive illness.: Disorder

Assigning name to a product or company.: Branding

Puzzle 3 Answers

Refrigerator predecessor; slabs of frozen water.: Icebox

Part of bag used to hold or carry it.: Handle

Ancient counting frame.: Abacus

Cave __ is exploring underwater caves.: Diving

__ Statement, company’s revenues, expenses.: Income

Cryptic, occult.: Arcane

__ Freeman, actor and narrator.: Morgan

Four-sided shape, city gathering place.: Square

Water nymphs that protected streams, rivers, wells.: Naiads

__ Hound is known for short legs and low bark.: Basset

Little __, 1931 film about organized crime.: Caesar

Frozen sweetened water, with fruit or liqueur.: Sorbet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Insults between two people online.: Flaming

Soft, thin paper squares used to blow your nose.: Tissues

Anger is a strong __, sometimes negative.: Emotion

Aquatic mammal of a sociable nature.: Dolphin

Country where the ancient Carthage once lay.: Tunisia

Jumped to conclusions.: Assumed

__ Homer painted The Fox Hunt.: Winslow

__ World, NBC soap that ran for 35 years.: Another

Italian sports car brand, Formula 1 team.: Ferrari

US Virgin __.: Islands

Puzzle 5 Answers

Only natural exit in the Mediterranean.: Gibraltar

Carried Norse heroes to Valhalla.: Valkyries

People who deliberately destroy or damage things.: Saboteurs

The __ Game, film on solving the riddle of Enigma.: Imitation

Kind of jam made from citrus fruit.: Marmalade

Greek mythological river where Achilles was dipped.: River styx

Importunate, pressing.: Insistent

Nationality of the fashion model Gisele Bündchen.: Brazilian

Act of insulting a deity.: Blasphemy

Ceramic material first seen in ancient China.: Porcelain

Heavy metal band most famous for Enter Sandman.: Metallica

Person who helps treat mental or emotional problems.: Therapist

Group 117

Puzzle 1 Answers

Rod with notches to indicate depth.: Dipstick

Pitch thrown at a batter’s head.: Beanball

Animal activist, acting legend of Pillow Talk.: Doris day

Trick somebody into doing something.: Shanghai

Throwing three or more things at a time.: Juggling

Target’s canine mascot, Spuds look alike.: Bullseye

Politician’s reversal; beach footwear.: Flip flop

Nickname of British soldiers in Revolutionary War.: Redcoats

First screen with top level choices.: Main menu

Single track railway, Disney has one.: Monorail

Headache disorder that can be recurrent.: Migraine

Puzzle 2 Answers

Memory is your __ to retrieve information.: Ability

British Prime Minister in 2015, David __.: Cameron

A region bound by two concentric circles.: Annulus

Authorization to arrest, detain someone.: Warrant

Make a movie with drawings, cartoons.: Animate

Aloft means above the rigging of a __ ship.: Sailing

By crossing it Caesar changed world’s history.: Rubicon

Software or app allows users to surf the Internet.: Browser

Father of your mom or dad.: Grandpa

The Wealth of __, Adam Smith book.: Nations

Puzzle 3 Answers

To cause physical harm to something.: Damage

Medium-sized cat found in South America.: Ocelot

Hand __, keeps the hands moist, hydrated.: Lotion

He said: “Hell is other people”.: Sartre

Chinese philosophy meaning the “way”.: Taoism

Katy Perry did this to a girl and enjoyed herself.: Kissed

A receptacle having a narrow neck.: Bottle

Inhale and __.: Exhale

TV show on a serial killer who kills counterparts.: Dexter

Chest pain caused by low oxygen to the heart.: Angina

They reigned in France from 1328 to 1589.: Valois

Decorative border with loose hanging strips.: Fringe

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Astronomy is watching the sky.: Amateur

Bartholomew Roberts’ pirate ship.: Fortune

Full of feelings of jealousy.: Envious

__ pin, utensil used for flattening dough.: Rolling

Highest registered instrument in the brass family.: Trumpet

Son of a Champion racecar driver, __ Villeneuve.: Jacques

Nike is the Greek goddess of __.: Victory

Abnormal reaction of the body to a substance.: Allergy

Fruit you will madly fall in love with.: Passion

Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists.: Cryptid

TV channel that focuses on the past.: History

To share a message on Twitter.: Retweet

Small patch of hair over your eyelids.: Eyebrow

Well known African country, capital Mogadishu.: Somalia

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish.: Coachwhip

Portuguese painter, Jose __, died 1887.: Rodrigues

Fructose occurs __ in fruits.: Naturally

Used by wizards and Harry Potter to make spells.: Magic wand

Row of stitches sewn on the face side of a garment.: Topstitch

When the bottom teeth close over the top teeth.: Underbite

System of organs for food in and out of a body.: Digestive

Large house in the city joined to others.: Townhouse

Occasion to wear strings of beads in New Orleans.: Mardi gras

A lad, a young man.: Stripling

Group 118

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dough, stretched, cut; pasta.: Noodles

Game played with ball, bats and two wickets.: Cricket

A disease or sickness.: Ailment

Capital of Northern Ireland since 1921.: Belfast

Postal markings that replace stamps.: Indicia

James __, actor from It’s a Wonderful Life.: Stewart

Risen out of the water, leaves, etc.: Emersed

Six-sided geometric shape.: Hexagon

TV drama about life of plastic surgeons.: Nip tuck

First probe to visit Mercury.: Mariner

Ice __, ship designed to move through ice.: Breaker

This person rings you up at a store.: Cashier

Large semiaquatic rodent with a musky smell.: Muskrat

Puzzle 2 Answers

James Earl Jones is __ in The Lion King.: Mufasa

Last bowler on a team, keeps team from drifting.: Anchor

Adjective used as a noun.: Adnoun

Perceived color of the sun.: Yellow

Large beings in Norse mythology who live near rocks.: Trolls

Beverage made with eggs, milk, cream, and sugar.: Eggnog

__ giant clam is bright blue with spots.: Crocus

Place for keeping files.: Folder

Found at the back, steers a ship, submarine.: Rudder

To put money to gain returns.: Invest

It modifies the verb, often ends in “ly”.: Adverb

Stringed instrument, forerunner to the guitar.: Zither

Steep-walled, bowl-shaped valley.: Cirque

Loose trousers for casual wear.: Slacks

Ragtime dance; shakes hips and shoulders.: Shimmy

Cone shaped item used to pour liquids.: Funnel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Layer of fabric underneath another layer of fabric.: Underlay

World’s largest wetlands found in Western Brazil.: Pantanal

They say it is a lottery.: Marriage

Gone with the Wind’s lead character.: Scarlett

Sports drink created for Florida college team.: Gatorade

David __, Californication star, Agent Mulder.: Duchovny

Cover cuts and scrapes on the skin.: Bandages

Lego __ is a popular hobby for all ages.: Building

Short scene, faded border in photographs.: Vignette

Green herb, small leaves, related to oregano.: Marjoram

History that has meaning and value to a culture.: Heritage

Small body cavity.: Follicle

Eight day Jewish holiday.: Hanukkah

Puzzle 4 Answers

Music emits from this in cars, stereo systems.: Speaker

Anne Rice is the author of Interview with the __.: Vampire

Narrow land strips connecting two larger landmasses.: Isthmus

Notorious Colombian drug lord.: Escobar

Until 2016 Pixar had produced seventeen __ films.: Feature

Used to improve signals.: Antenna

Rock formed by cooling lava.: Igneous

ADHD: Attention __ Hyperactivity Disorder.: Deficit

Island country, home of the leprechaun.: Ireland

Plant with broad leaves used as salad.: Lettuce

Area next to the outer edges of a coat of arms.: Bordure

__ Malamutes are bred for cold and sledding.: Alaskan

For a short period of time.: Briefly

Fastening, securing, joining together.: Binding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Strolling balloon vendors in circus.: Rubbermen

Without limits.: Boundless

Tubes that connect ovaries to uterus.: Fallopian

Darwin’s evolution islands.: Galapagos

The main room of a royal palace.: Great hall

The time from midday to evening.: Afternoon

German actor who played Auric Goldfinger.: Gert fröbe

Drawing a pattern in a hard, flat surface.: Engraving

A room in which coats and hats may be kept.: Cloakroom

Animated TV series aimed for the adult audience.: Family guy

“White Gorgonzola” with a hint of bitterness.: Pannerone

Group 119

Puzzle 1 Answers

Naval commander in chief of a large fleet.: Admiral

French-inspired Olympic sport requires a mask.: Fencing

Spoon for straining food, e.g. vegetables.: Slotted

To deviate from normal path, go another way.: Diverge

Mountain with highest elevation above sea level.: Everest

Garment worn by divers to insulate the skin.: Wetsuit

What one should do for the worst.: Prepare

Adam Driver, __ in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.: Kylo ren

Canine, Latino rapper of 2014 World Cup.: Pitbull

Agatha Christie’s character: __ Poirot.: Hercule

__ Party, overnight kid’s get together.: Slumber

Pizza topping despised by many.: Anchovy

Goddess of love and beauty in Hinduism.: Lakshmi

Puzzle 2 Answers

The 1st phonograph was invented by him in 1877.: Edison

__ of July, date of America’s independence.: Fourth

Congressional __ Office, aka CBO, nonpartisan.: Budget

Linux distribution means “I am because of you”.: Ubuntu

Olympic canoeing involves sprints and __.: Slalom

__ crabs are widely known as pets.: Hermit

Half the length of a diameter.: Radius

Paulo __, Brazilian best-selling author.: Coelho

Something done without anyone knowing.: Secret

Permanent __ is tattooed on the face.: Make up

Pavel __, Russian, “Davy Jones” Star Trek.: Chekov

Orange vegetable eaten raw or cooked.: Carrot

Lucky __ brings the receiver good luck.: Bamboo

__ cleaner, home appliance, cleans carpets.: Vacuum

Japanese car brand of the Altima.: Nissan

Puzzle 3 Answers

State created in 1948, after WWII.: Israel

First mass market touchscreen portable phone.: Iphone

The sport or act of fighting with the fists.: Boxing

Carpal tunnel affects this set of bones.: Wrists

Hill __ Blues, 80’s police serial drama.: Street

__ writing, open semantic; writing with no words.: Asemic

Queasy feeling, need to vomit.: Nausea

Person who creates visual pieces.: Artist

A Sugar __, a gliding possum that is kept as pet.: Glider

Money pocket in men’s pants, women’s purses.: Wallet

Small sharp piece, broken off.: Sliver

Stuff which every physical thing is made from.: Matter

Psychoactive spineless cactus drug aka mescaline.: Peyote

__ Gaye, smooth singer murdered by his father.: Marvin

Beam is the __ width of a ship; the midpoint.: Widest

Popular chip dish actually from Texas, not Mexico.: Nachos

__ Out, a 2015 animated film about emotions.: Inside

Creature part tiger, part carp in Japanese folklore.: Shachi

Small underground room, usually to store wine.: Cellar

Large metal or wooden piece carried for protection.: Shield

Puzzle 4 Answers

Literary work that defends author’s ideas.: Apology

Houses inhabited by ghosts, spirits.: Haunted

A very long time ago, pre-Roman empire.: Ancient

German luxury car brand.: Porsche

Anticoagulants are used to __ blood clots.: Prevent

Commander of a ship, plane, police.: Captain

Spanish sherry, usually medium dry.: Amoroso

Loud, compressed air at sports events.: Air horn

Rachel __, Sherlock Holmes actress.: Mcadams

Don’t Miss __, a Parker Brothers 1965 board game.: The boat

__ Skies, TV show about an alien invasion.: Falling

Appliance that can be found in a kitchen.: Freezer

Southern German region known for Oktoberfest.: Bavaria

Points of spiritual power along the body.: Chakras

They assemble in covens.: Witches

Second largest moon on Neptune.: Proteus

__ cichlids are also called Mbuna cichlids.: African

Puzzle 5 Answers

Natural understanding of need.: Intuition

San __, city famous for its suspension bridge.: Francisco

Hides blemishes, dark circles under eyes.: Concealer

Wife of Perseus, placed in the stars after death.: Andromeda

Widely planted grape helps make cognac.: Trebbiano

Stupid person with senseless cranium.: Numbskull

Place where a judge works.: Courtroom

Off road motorcycle racing.: Motocross

Tough flexible tissue found in parts of the body.: Cartilage

What Lisa plays in The Simpsons.: Saxophone

Person who does routine work in a business office.: Secretary

Canines that protect properties.: Watchdogs

Semi-precious gemstone similar to sard.: Carnelian

Two __ of Verona, a Shakespeare’s comedy.: Gentlemen

Shia holy city, Baghdad neighborhood.: Kadhimiya

Golden __, controversial exit payments for CEOs.: Parachute

Italian film director.: Mario bava

Apply this in rooms to decorate them.: Wallpaper

It never strikes the same place twice.: Lightning

New Orleans jazz popular with white musicians.: Dixieland

HTML: __ Markup Language.: Hypertext

Battle of __, between the Hindu kings and the Arabs.: Rajasthan

Group 120

Puzzle 1 Answers

If you __ the sixties, you weren’t there.: Remember

Someone who shares an accommodation with you.: Roommate

North African dish “named twice”.: Couscous

Feeling of regarding anything with disdain.: Contempt

Flying __, a legendary ghost ship.: Dutchman

Male horse, uncastrated, used for breeding.: Stallion

Software errors in games not caught by creators.: Glitches

A religion popular in India and Nepal.: Hinduism

Kingdom in SE Asia, capital is Phnom Penh.: Cambodia

Virtual band that released the hit Clint Eastwood.: Gorillaz

Place with no light used to develop photographs.: Darkroom

First European explorer to cross the Pacific.: Magellan

Puzzle 2 Answers

Straw hat with a flat top.: Boater

__ retriever, well known for its beautiful coat.: Golden

Arabic noble title; “strength”.: Sultan

Subatomic particle with positive charge.: Proton

This Saturn moon has a retrograde orbit.: Phoebe

First name of American President with ivory teeth.: George

Floaters are __ spots in your vision.: Blurry

To physically make something, art, music.: Create

To make a record of, systematic collecting.: Codify

Nut of a tree, usually English or Persian.: Walnut

Pocahontas, 1995 Disney __ American film.: Native

Large spade used for moving dirt.: Shovel

An average person spends 6 __ at red lights.: Months

Down the __ Hole, Alice in Wonderland metaphor.: Rabbit

Country with Athens and mythological gods.: Greece

Online searching tool.: Google

Okey, similiar to Rummikub, is popular in __.: Turkey

Puzzle 3 Answers

Steady, unwavering.: Assiduous

Fiery feeling in the chest; gastric reflux.: Heartburn

The carving or engraving on whale bones.: Scrimshaw

Thick piece of material used in handling hot pans.: Pot holder

Worn beneath pants.: Underwear

Action __ films include the Indiana Jones franchise.: Adventure

Only woman to get the RIBA Stirling Prize.: Zaha hadid

Large sheet of paper, printed on one side.: Broadside

Recipe prepared with thinly sliced onions.: Lyonnaise

Mesa is a land __ with steep walls and a flat top.: Formation

Charlie Brown’s avian pal, music festival.: Woodstock

Identical and __ twins.: Fraternal

Brightest Star in the constellation of Taurus.: Aldebaran

Puzzle 4 Answers

The one who shouldn’t be shot.: Messenger

A bambi rides this.: Motorbike

During this time.: Meanwhile

Once Upon a __, movie with Cary Grant.: Honeymoon

A person’s anatomy schedule aka circadian rhythm.: Body clock

Burn the midnight oil; highbrows do this.: Lucubrate

Popular US fruit juice brand.: Tropicana

Lanky, canine rapper known for love of weed.: Snoop dogg

The Count of Monte Cristo, by __ Dumas.: Alexandre

Montreal __ , hockey team member of NHL.: Canadiens

Love interest of Bridget Jones.: Mark darcy

Flight __, videogame about flying aircrafts.: Simulator

Type of ride in an amusement park using cars.: Bumpercar

Puzzle 5 Answers

Sport of shooting bow and arrows.: Archery

Attracted with something desirable.: Allured

Organic matter that can be made into fuel.: Biomass

Minister of Foreign __.: Affairs

Notable family of politicians hit by tragic events.: Kennedy

Body or organ wasting away from damage.: Atrophy

Chinese dominoes, only more complex.: Mahjong

A great distance, long way off, remote area.: Far away

Objects or representations, symbols, signs, designs.: Emblems

Legal dissolve of a marriage.: Divorce

Referring to the written work on a web page.: Content

When this is full, find a bathroom quick.: Bladder

Projectiles fired from a gun.: Bullets

Anagram of trestle.: Letters

Skilled gymnast in a circus, tightrope.: Acrobat

Mildly perfumed toilet water.: Cologne

Andre 3000 and Big Boi misspelled duo.: Outkast

Nazi secret police.: Gestapo

French sweet meringue-based confectionery.: Macaron

Aerial scavenger of the dead, carcass eater.: Vulture

First vessel to reach the bottom of Challenger Deep.: Trieste

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