Codycross Train travel Answers

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Codycross Train travel

Group 701

Puzzle 1 Answers

An iguana, monitor or gecko: Lizard

Area, terrain, division of land: Region

Egyptian god of the afterlife: Osiris

Exams at the end of one’s university life: Finals

Felonies, illegal acts: Crimes

Lifestyle of wealth, fashion and a lot of travel: Jet set

Machinery for converting fuel into motion: Engine

Sign of the Times singer Harry: Styles

Steak and __ pie, a traditional British staple: Kidney

Valued highly: Prized

__ Candle; collectible scented candle brand: Yankee

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anonymous, unknown, without a moniker: Nameless

Baby geese: Goslings

Brushing lightly with fingers to make giggle: Tickling

Frozen dessert loved by many: Ice cream

Lack of light: Darkness

Lethargic, slow-moving: Sluggish

Like an icy path, dangerous to step on: Slippery

Oratory or addresses given to partygoers: Speeches

Recording to showcase a wannabe star’s talents: Demo tape

Walking aids for people with leg injuries: Crutches

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cognitive deterioration, generally in older age: Dementia

Disadvantage, negative aspect: Downside

Evergreen herb used in Italian cooking: Rosemary

Filled with disdain; scathing: Scornful

Groups of people made up of relatives: Families

Intentionally not giving attention to: Ignoring

Paid for a service rendered; given a prize: Rewarded

Protective or restorative treatment for tresses: Hair mask

Replacing an expired passport or season ticket: Renewing

Soothing gel from a succulent plant: Aloe vera

Spiny mammal; Sonic’s species: Hedgehog

Structures that support shelves: Brackets

Puzzle 4 Answers

Considerate and polite, well-mannered: Courteous

En route, on the way: In transit

Fellow crew members on a voyage: Shipmates

Love interest of Franz in Coppelia ballet: Swanhilda

Manual instrument used to whip up cream: Hand whisk

Members association for sailing enthusiasts: Yacht club

One who gives up time for free to help others: Volunteer

Readers’ page-keepers: Bookmarks

Showing off, flourishing, parading: Flaunting

Slow motion or frame-by-frame photography: Time lapse

Something inevitable or a foregone conclusion: Certainty

Treaties provide the terms of this: Agreement

Victorian item of clothing aka a crinoline: Hoop skirt

Vitamin B9; important for fetal development: Folic acid

Vitamin B9; important for unborn baby development: Folic acid

You’re playing it now: Codycross

Puzzle 5 Answers

An unnamed guest on a wedding invite: Plus one

Audible means within __: Earshot

Blazing fire: Inferno

Deposit put on a product that stays at the store: Layaway

Percussion set with cymbals and snares: Drum kit

Places for birds to land or stand on: Perches

Roman festival celebrated with song, dance, drink: Bacchus

Rope bed hung between trees: Hammock

Symbols, badges: Emblems

TV shows that follow and film non-actors: Reality

__ pie, citrus and cream dessert from Florida: Key lime

Group 702

Puzzle 1 Answers

3D gaming environments are described like this: Immersive

Absence of guilt, clear conscience: Innocence

Adaptable, an all-rounder: Versatile

Book that contains written works from many writers: Anthology

Correctness, stiffness, reserve: Formality

Extinct marine arthropod with a flat oval body: Trilobite

Greek goddess of love and beauty: Aphrodite

Imaginary instrument “strummed” by players: Air guitar

Incapacitated, immobile due to poor health: Bedridden

Pictorial greetings sent home from holidays: Postcards

She found the home of the seven dwarfs: Snow white

Short, fun journey or trip: Excursion

Substance that surrounds yolks: Egg whites

Women’s dress-up shoes, not flats: High heels

__ name; famous superstar known in every home: Household

Puzzle 2 Answers

A small fish sometimes found on a pizza: Anchovy

Flying assistant to the captain of a plane: Copilot

Local inhabitants, born and bred: Natives

Make new items out of old, tired furniture: Upcycle

Not enough of something, an insufficient amount: Paucity

Pencil and paper game, solved letter by letter: Hangman

People who use skills to access computer networks: Hackers

Secretive, cunning and calculating: Devious

Venetian boat, must be painted black by law: Gondola

__ of Paris, white powder used to cast busts: Plaster

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advertising a product: Marketing

Detailed schedule for travel: Itinerary

Disney movie starring Amy Adams as a princess: Enchanted

Lacking in confidence, afraid to speak: Diffident

Noisy siren that alerts people to smoke or flames: Fire alarm

Place where cinema tickets are bought: Box office

Quick system of taking notes, used by journalists: Shorthand

Rockfall or mudslip from the side of a mountain: Landslide

Rotisserie-style cooking, on a skewer over flames: Spit roast

Verifying, supporting: Affirming

Vessel powered by boiling water: Steamship

Woodwork: Carpentry

Puzzle 4 Answers

Crab that hides in others’ shells: Hermit

Develop and change gradually over time: Evolve

Hunger Games District 12 gesture, with 3 fingers: Salute

Illusions performed by magicians: Tricks

Infrequently, not all that often: Seldom

Large house on a lot of property: Estate

Pick these up at five, six in the counting rhyme: Sticks

Rags to __, rising from the depths to the heights: Riches

Relax, destress: Unwind

Someone new to a job or team: Rookie

Zombies feast on these head organs: Brains

__ room; team game with clues and puzzle-solving: Escape

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bubbly skin-cleaning liquid in a pump-dispenser: Hand soap

Can be trusted and counted on: Reliable

Eloquent, persuasive speaking or writing: Rhetoric

Forced to take an alternative route: Diverted

Friend who is a perfect match: Soul mate

Marked with lots of tiny dots: Speckled

Ornate food container to serve Japanese cuisine: Bento box

Outfit worn to conceal one’s identity: Disguise

Person who accurately measures land and buildings: Surveyor

Public track for walkers: Footpath

Race in which two win simultaneously: Dead heat

Something that is superficially attractive: Eye candy

Television stations: Channels

Traditional singing-speech of monks: Chanting

Upright furniture for hanging caps and beanies: Hatstand

Well-known celebrity, extremely famous person: Megastar

Group 703

Puzzle 1 Answers

Abandoned, on a desert island, say: Marooned

Creature that feeds on animals it has killed: Predator

Cycle trip for pleasure or leisure: Bike ride

Extra cut of metal item for opening a locked door: Spare key

Leg protectors worn by skateboarders: Knee pads

Lost island of antiquity near Gibraltar: Atlantis

Movement of eyelid over eye, often rapid: Blinking

Norway is poetically called the Land of the __ Sun: Midnight

Perusing web pages: Browsing

Prediction, foretelling of the future: Prophecy

Spanish word for breakfast: Desayuno

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bambi’s bunny friend, his tutor on ice: Thumper

Country fair lotteries with items as prizes: Raffles

Country with an old region called Transylvania: Romania

Fast skinny dog like a greyhound: Whippet

French composer of Clair de lune, Claude __: Debussy

Gentle-to-moderate winds, especially at the coast: Breezes

Given a royal headdress: Crowned

Grip around an upper limb in wrestling: Armlock

Hall of __, Versailles gallery for treaty signing: Mirrors

Immobilizing grip around an upper limb: Armlock

Italian anise liqueur: Sambuca

Mistake in filming, usually funny: Blooper

Not guided by good ethics: Immoral

Securing with key: Locking

Shifty, secretive, sneaky: Furtive

What kids worry about under their bed: Monster

Puzzle 3 Answers

Calm down, bring peace to: Pacify

Danny and Sandy go together in this musical: Grease

Exonerate from a crime: Acquit

Fruits such as lemons, oranges and satsumas: Citrus

Hint at, make an indirect reference to: Allude

Japanese short poems: Haikus

Meeting to contact the dead: Seance

Melted substance used in hair removal: Hot wax

Party __; guest lacking a sense of fun: Pooper

Queen Victoria chose this as Canada’s capital: Ottawa

Rudely interrupt or insult a comedian: Heckle

Soldier placed on guard: Sentry

Sour, tart, vinegary: Acidic

Standing prehistoric megaliths in NW France: Carnac

Weak hiss that ends something unspectacularly: Fizzle

__ Blahnik, maker of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes: Manolo

Puzzle 4 Answers

Card-playing expression, giving nothing away: Poker face

Famous Parisian palace and gardens: Tuileries

Hard-backed folder for protecting paperwork: Clipboard

Lavish performance, show or display: Spectacle

Loudhailer, cone to amplify one’s voice: Megaphone

Maestro or person who directs the orchestra: Conductor

Pay to bring attention to a store or deal: Advertise

Peach-like fruit with smooth skin: Nectarine

People admitted to a company or hall of fame: Inductees

Traffic-calming bump in the road: Speed hump

Truly repulsive: Abhorrent

Written account of historical events: Chronicle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bottoms of water bodies surrounded by land: Lakebeds

Contemplate, think about doing something: Consider

French term for cutting veggies into fine strips: Julienne

Iconic TImes Square start to the New Year: Ball drop

Necrosis of human tissue leading to amputation: Gangrene

Person who helps forgetful actors with their lines: Prompter

Save an online photo or file onto your own device: Download

Shriveled, withered, diminished: Shrunken

Trial of pulling strength with two teams and rope: Tug of war

V-shaped insignia especially in heraldry: Chevrons

Withered, diminished: Shrunken

Won an Oscar for his performance in Forrest Gump: Tom hanks

Group 704

Puzzle 1 Answers

An actor’s speech or thoughts when alone on stage: Soliloquy

Astrological forecast based on date of birth: Horoscope

Exactly the same: Identical

Fasteners for holding back tresses on the head: Hair clips

Grand spaces for formal dances: Ballrooms

Russian site of the colossal Motherland Statue: Volgograd

Strengthen an item by adding extra support: Reinforce

Substance applied to limit perspiration smells: Deodorant

Tools or supplies needed for a particular task: Equipment

Trial period in a new job: Probation

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ancient art of turning non-precious metals to gold: Alchemy

Catching a fish on a line: Hooking

Cause to break into pieces: Shatter

Chunks of chicken coated in breadcrumbs: Nuggets

Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet: Epsilon

Greg Focker’s real first name in Meet the Parents: Gaylord

Normal hour to retire to go to sleep: Bedtime

Reviewers, pundits: Critics

Scottish wind instrument: Bagpipe

Sightseer; someone who travels for leisure: Tourist

Transparent sheen applied last to nails: Topcoat

Wood-eating insect: Termite

Puzzle 3 Answers

Catholic prayer and song that means Hail Mary: Ave maria

Condition that requires people to use insulin: Diabetes

Depositing eggs in a stream by a fish: Spawning

From or relating to the Middle Ages: Medieval

Infantile: Childish

Investigation into a topic to discover facts: Research

Series of games to determine a championship: Playoffs

Steal or misuse funds from a company: Embezzle

This type of sleeper always seem to be on sale: Mattress

__ Crusoe is Daniel Defoe’s castaway: Robinson

Puzzle 4 Answers

Abundant: Plentiful

Borders, boundaries: Frontiers

Household items for which IKEA is primarily known: Furniture

Intentionally misleading, for fraudulent purposes: Deceitful

Kids’ pavement game with chalked squares: Hopscotch

Make a situation palatable; dress with sweetness: Sugarcoat

Musical movie soundtrack: Film score

Not easily forgotten: Memorable

Totally shocked by an unexpected event: Blown away

__ witness; person who can vouch for you: Character

Puzzle 5 Answers

“In the lap of “: Luxury

Bad smell that lingers: Stench

Fleet of naval warships: Armada

Games played by Katniss Everdeen: Hunger

Load-bearing column on a building: Pillar

Person who owes money to a creditor: Debtor

Protective eye screens on helmets: Visors

Statements giving proof of someone’s whereabouts: Alibis

The effect something has: Impact

Those who show strong dislike of people: Haters

To enjoy or delight in; condiment made of pickles: Relish

Truman __ wrote In Cold Blood, a true crime book: Capote

footprint; impression left on the environment: Carbon

Group 705

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dig out a hole with a large vehicle: Excavate

Easily duped or manipulated: Gullible

Month when winter begins in Northern Hemisphere: December

Most abundant chemical substance in the universe: Hydrogen

Of bats or birds, settling to sleep for the night: Roosting

Portable money present for a specific store: Gift card

She portrayed Mikaela in Transformers: Megan fox

Shoot and ski sport: Biathlon

Small Italian toasts served with toppings: Crostini

Someone who gets angry when they lose a game: Bad sport

Spoken or written communication: Language

Traffic jam: Gridlock

Puzzle 2 Answers

Acid indigestion: Heartburn

Cash earned with very little effort: Easy money

Concluded, finished or done: Completed

Hair tied back, alluding to a horse’s rear view: Ponytails

Low boiling on the stove: Simmering

New York airport with code LGA: Laguardia

Overwhelming and sudden feeling of anxiety: Panic mode

Puzzling conundrums to solve: Mysteries

Set in action, caused: Triggered

Singer of Only the Good Die Young and Piano Man: Billy joel

System of dots and dashes for secret messages: Morse code

Trees or shrubs growing in swampy, brackish waters: Mangroves

Water-spraying safety mechanism in a building: Sprinkler

Way of meeting those looking for love on a phone: Dating app

Puzzle 3 Answers

Any software used for looking at web pages: Browser

Beverage-producing foliage: Tea leaf

Biggest imperial size of penguin: Emperor

Cannons and crossbows are these: Weapons

Capsicum fruits that can be red, green, yellow: Peppers

Ceremonial robes, finery: Regalia

Discount someone from a group of possible suspects: Rule out

Drive a hard __, be ultra-determined in business: Bargain

Earth, Venus, Mars: Planets

Filmed scenes that are broadcast on television: Footage

Mary __ filled a magical bag with impossible items: Poppins

Not using efficiently: Wasting

Round building covered with a dome: Rotunda

Throbbing of arteries: Pulsing

Using artificial lights for golden bronzing: Tanning

Waving a taxi down: Hailing

Wound dressing: Bandage

Puzzle 4 Answers

A hole in a tooth caused by decay: Cavity

Amazon’s eReader: Kindle

Arachnid-named monkey species: Spider

Climb up a rockface: Ascend

Eeyore’s bouncy friend: Tigger

Fizzy drinks with ice cream on top: Floats

High clef in music or triple soprano: Treble

His ghost haunts his former friend Macbeth: Banquo

Hit this button to delay an alarm: Snooze

Infection causing thickened nails: Fungus

Lively, spirited, aggressive: Feisty

Prince who married Sarah Ferguson: Andrew

Styrofoam plane to assemble and fly: Glider

Thin thread used in sewing: Cotton

__ note, in films it is made from cut-out letters: Ransom

Puzzle 5 Answers

A GB, or 1,024 MB: Gigabyte

Assignments that pupils complete after school: Homework

Bond villain from Moonraker: Hugo drax

Last-minute nerves leading to a change of heart: Cold feet

Liberal in giving, selfless: Generous

Lovers habitually attach them to bridges: Padlocks

Professional office gatherings: Meetings

Secret place, concealment: Hideaway

Tiger and man marooned in the Pacific in this book: Life of pi

Wax coating, applied to hands for softness: Paraffin

Where baseball players hang out: Bullpens

__ class, flight perks that can include a flatbed: Business

Group 706

Puzzle 1 Answers

Flatter, praise someone for one’s own gain: Butter up

Game played on a diamond: Baseball

Good-looking, like a fairy-tale prince: Handsome

Illuminated cuboid for tracing over: Lightbox

Measure of space between things: Distance

Old Shakespearean monarch: King lear

Ribbon-like, long parasite, can live in the gut: Tapeworm

Small version of a laptop, easier to carry around: Notebook

Smallest and least populated country in Asia: Maldives

Systematic body of concepts about human life: Ideology

This person is always right, in business: Customer

US rock group famous for American Idiot: Green day

Where passengers wait to board a train: Platform

Youngster, adolescent: Juvenile

__ notes, letters of gratitude: Thank you

Puzzle 2 Answers

A three-dimensional work of art: Sculpture

Balance, steadiness, constancy: Stability

Cells that detect salty, sweet, sour or spicy: Taste buds

Diagram illustrating stages in a work process: Flowchart

Expanding phone grip to stick on the back: Popsocket

Expression meaning something is unfortunate: Tough luck

Fumes and gases discharged by vehicles: Emissions

Large round trophy worn around the neck: Medallion

Lizard able to change its color: Chameleon

Lizard able to change its skin appearance: Chameleon

London recording studios used by The Beatles: Abbey road

Mishmashed recipe served in deep dish vessel: Casserole

Often brass vessel containing an artillery charge: Shell case

Period following a dramatic event, its fallout: Aftermath

Person who looks after historical records: Archivist

Study of disease and its progress: Pathology

Study of stars, space and the universe: Astronomy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bits and pieces that are left over from a meal: Scraps

Bride-to-be in Mamma Mia!: Sophie

Closest Caribbean island to Florida: Bimini

Conserve this force to survive the shopping season: Energy

Everlasting item of inheritance: Legacy

Fabrics used for tableware, cloths and napkins: Linens

Mexican resort on the Yucatán peninsula: Cancún

Old spider home: Cobweb

Prepared written content spoken by a radio host: Script

Press this signal to answer in a game show: Buzzer

Red-haired star of comic strip and Riverdale: Archie

Seeded vegetable type grown from flowering vines: Squash

Solar __, they absorb the sun to create energy: Panels

Sweet fruits said to keep the doctor away: Apples

Tacky grin: Cheesy

__ loan, high cost, short-term money borrowing: Payday

Puzzle 4 Answers

Arrive at a hotel at the start of your stay: Check in

Bar attached to ropes used by aerial performers: Trapeze

Cheap plastic summer shoes, generally for children: Jellies

Defrosting: Thawing

Dog __; police officer responsible for canines: Handler

French archipelago near Mozambique: Mayotte

Give the wrong impression, deceive: Mislead

Japanese pocket monsters in games, cards, movies: Pokemon

To lie back, in a chair that does it for you: Recline

__ Valley, San Francisco technology hub: Silicon

__ around, fooling about like an equine: Horsing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Acknowledging all faults and moving on: Accepting

Artist who manipulates a toy attached to strings: Puppeteer

Athenian Doric temple of many pillars: Parthenon

Foundation that makes children’s dreams come true: Make a wish

Furniture piece for placing a drink or book on: Side table

Impetuous, quick to fly off the handle: Hot headed

Marshmallow, nuts and chocolate ice cream: Rocky road

Prequel to Silence of the Lambs: Red dragon

Singing without instruments: A cappella

Sphere in a pointing device that acts as a cursor: Trackball

Swimming stroke that is also a type of insect: Butterfly

Three-wheeled bikes: Tricycles

Typical example of a person, imitation: Archetype

Group 707

Puzzle 1 Answers

An evening for sociability and fun: Party time

Anxiety-causing factors: Stressors

Blackmail, demanding money through menaces: Extortion

Can be screwed and unscrewed: Twistable

Caused a division of opinion: Polarized

Fight back, be provoked to act: Retaliate

Flight personnel who give safety demonstrations: Cabin crew

Looking for something: Searching

Of clothes that are exceedingly close-fitting: Skintight

Players pass to them rather than the opposition!: Teammates

Revenge or retribution: Vengeance

Second largest country in South America: Argentina

Three-part book, play or film series: Trilogies

Three-part books, plays or movies: Trilogies

Use this for opening bottles of wine: Corkscrew

Yellow vehicle that whisks kids off to be educated: School bus

Puzzle 2 Answers

1986 movie about fuzzy creatures from space: Critters

Booked a seat in advance, e.g. a seat on a train: Reserved

Gave back the money: Refunded

Holding on for dear life: Clinging

Hour for eating, perhaps with friends, family: Mealtime

Lacking humility, no modesty: Immodest

Putting a message on Twitter; singing like a bird: Tweeting

Rio’s yearly dance celebration: Carnival

Sustained, brought about: Incurred

Troubling: Worrying

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bellow instrument with keys: Accordion

Elastic plastic headgear used to keep hair dry: Shower cap

Endorse a legal document with an autograph: Undersign

Gets to know someone: Acquaints

Gets to know, familiarises: Acquaints

Going to visit a place and coming back: Round trip

Illuminating object mentioned in derogatory jokes: Lightbulb

Official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby: Mint julep

Outline the different forms a verb can take: Conjugate

Rhyming phrase meaning ‘very simple’: Easy peasy

The arc of a narrative: Story line

Unaware, unconcerned: Oblivious

Puzzle 4 Answers

Climb aboard a ship; begin a journey: Embark

Friends share these through laughing: Smiles

Handbook, instruction guide: Manual

Island group of São Miguel, Pico, Flores, et al: Azores

Italian ice cream: Gelato

Jabbing someone with a finger: Poking

Jodie __, Bugsy Malone and Taxi Driver child star: Foster

Kids’ card game of collecting same-ranking cards: Go fish

Lounge for resting during sunshine hours: Daybed

Metal that’s a symbol for 25-year anniversaries: Silver

Mouse-like creature, lives beneath ground: Gerbil

Nickname for Mowgli in The Jungle Book: Man cub

Plant extract used to soothe bruising: Arnica

Show your emotions: “Wear your heart on your “: Sleeve

Very long nails might affect this computer action: Typing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Artwork and props that form an on-stage backdrop: Scenery

Boxer’s second: Handler

Camila __, Cuban singer of Havana: Cabello

Earphones or VR eye mask: Headset

Famous ocean liner wrecked by an iceberg: Titanic

French term for a young chicken: Poussin

Knobs or openers on furniture: Handles

Oversees a portion of employees: Manager

Point at which ice turns to water: Melting

Scheduled inter-island water transport: Ferries

Small wheels used on office chairs for mobility: Castors

Stiff necks of smart shirts: Collars

Submissive; non-violent: Passive

Tool for creating a repeated pattern or design: Stencil

Group 708

Puzzle 1 Answers

Basketball playing Golden Retriever film: Air bud

Blank space between a book’s two facing pages: Gutter

Chamber pot for a patient who can’t move: Bedpan

Describe the meaning or character of something: Define

Disruption of power supply: Outage

Egging someone on to take action: Urging

Exhaust stock of something: Run out

Feeling of sickness or queasiness: Nausea

Folding computer that’s portable: Laptop

Master of the bears in Inuit religion: Nanook

Onlookers gather around a performer in this shape: Circle

Our Last __; flashback song in Mamma Mia!: Summer

Photography rule dividing image into three: Thirds

Reddish type of wood; pitted fruit: Cherry

Shoulder __, large bones that support knapsacks: Blades

The head of a convent of nuns: Abbess

This type of rodent is called a pig: Guinea

Mary is made with vodka, tomato juice, spices: Bloody

Puzzle 2 Answers

African nation with the Serengeti National Park: Tanzania

Decorative ornament worn around the décolletage: Necklace

Feeling of unrest and unease: Disquiet

Interfering individual: Busybody

Light late-afternoon meal (before dinner) in Spain: Merienda

Making a rasping, rattling noise when breathing: Wheezing

Person who rents out property: Landlord

Poison __; bright amphibian with toxic secretions: Dart frog

Policies, written laws: Statutes

Predict, prophesize: Foretell

Security fence within a PC for blocking outsiders: Firewall

Puzzle 3 Answers

A near escape: Close call

Civil War general sacked by Lincoln after Antietam: Mcclellan

Compiled image or sketch of a sought-after suspect: Composite

Deep-fried Spanish snack usually made with ham: Croquetas

Detroit’s nickname, after its once-proud industry: Motor city

Hidden clues in an app, sounds a bit chocolatey: Easter egg

Holiday keepsakes, picked up from a beach: Sea shells

Instrument made of wooden bars hit with mallets: Xylophone

Producing at maximum with the minimum waste: Efficient

Promised reward, motivation: Incentive

Repair kits fix these for cyclists: Punctures

Self-obsessed person: Egomaniac

Someone who is present but not participating: Bystander

Switch off the illuminations, it’s bedtime: Lights out

Puzzle 4 Answers

Barbershop __ has a bass, tenor, baritone and lead: Quartet

Departs on a voyage by boat: Embarks

First artificial satellite to enter Earth’s orbit: Sputnik

Having supernatural or occult qualities: Magical

Herbs used to embellish a dish: Garnish

If you want a bit more in Costa Rica: “un __ mas”: Poquito

Rummy variant played with two 52-card packs: Canasta

Shakespearean poems: Sonnets

Smart, squeaky water mammal: Dolphin

The end of a relationship: Breakup

Type of photography in Vogue and Elle: Fashion

Unconscious absorption of an idea: Osmosis

Varied, from different backgrounds: Diverse

__ of the law; far-reaching power of authority: Long arm

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bespectacled mastermind behind Microsoft: Bill gates

Blade is this type of vampire: Daywalker

Four-__; sleeping furniture with upright columns: Poster bed

French greeting of welcome: Bienvenue

Latin-American two-step, marching dance: Pasodoble

Make, in a factory; invent a false story: Fabricate

Moving entry gate at a stadium: Turnstile

Paved walkway next to the sea: Promenade

Priest in Robin Hood story: Friar tuck

The Hateful Eight director Quentin: Tarantino

They are bigger than hills: Mountains

Vocal get-together, maybe around a piano: Singalong

Group 709

Puzzle 1 Answers

A leaved volume for preserving memories or tokens: Scrapbook

Ceramic that is walked upon in a bathroom: Floor tile

Detailed checklist of stock: Inventory

Detailed, elaborate: Intricate

Exhibition for industry product demonstrations: Trade fair

Fatty lumps on the back of the thighs: Cellulite

Goji berries or kale are this, beneficial to eat: Superfood

Grievance, protest, criticism: Complaint

Instance of breaking into another category, genre: Crossover

Officially confirmed to meet certain standards: Certified

Sudden and vivid memory of a past event: Flashback

Summon a person to a duel: Challenge

Swimming pool team sport: Water polo

The Count of Monte Cristo, by __ Dumas: Alexandre

Urban canine without an owner; stray pup: Street dog

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actor who was Madonna’s first husband: Sean penn

Authenticity, genuineness: Validity

Curtain lining that does not let any light in: Blackout

Emergency vessel that saves people at sea: Lifeboat

Floral accessories at proms or weddings: Corsages

Girl with very long hair who lived in a tower: Rapunzel

Having paid off all the money you owed to others: Debt free

Making devious plans: Scheming

Mammal nicknamed the Chinese firefox: Red panda

Monty Python musical, a Holy Grail ripoff: Spamalot

Narrow pathway component of a hearing organ: Ear canal

Security procedure at museum entrance: Bag check

Someone who functions better later in the day: Night owl

Specialist in eyesight and vision problems: Optician

Sports group playing in their own stadium: Home team

Strong, wide, silver roll of sticky adhesive: Duct tape

Take a user to another web page automatically: Redirect

Taking 40 winks: Snoozing

Wrongly sculpt, anagram of emphasis: Misshape

Puzzle 3 Answers

A salon of Versailles’ palace is filled with them: Mirrors

Betrothed, pledged to be married: Engaged

Black and white bird found in Antarctica: Penguin

Calm someone down, appease them: Placate

Capital of Wales and site of a castle: Cardiff

Commander of a fire station or police district: Captain

Container for bills and coins: Cashbox

Country whose foods include banh cam and bahn ran: Vietnam

Creating pictures with a pencil: Drawing

Describes people who are not genuine: Phoneys

Espionage program that invades a machine: Spyware

Long crack along a rock: Fissure

Protective jacket worn in science lessons: Lab coat

Removes obscenities from a book: Censors

Sequence of overlapping film clips: Montage

The little girl in The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy

__ station; where votes are cast in an election: Polling

-edge means at the forefront of a technology: Cutting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cartoon boy with a laboratory: Dexter

DC Comics TV crime series starring Ben McKenzie: Gotham

Entertained: Amused

Fellow actor who appears in the same show as you: Co star

Hat named after a water-carrying container: Bucket

Led by a local around tourist spots: Guided

Legally answerable, responsible by law: Liable

Long rod inserted into foods to hold while cooking: Skewer

Mattel doll who’s friends with Ken: Barbie

Musical frequency; eight: Octave

Only continent with land in all four hemispheres: Africa

Progression of eight notes on a musical scale: Octave

Seeds from cereal crops, e.g. rice, wheat: Grains

Sitting for a painting: Posing

Someone who gives information to a reporter: Source

Tags on clothing: Labels

Taster session before joining a sports team: Try out

Words exclaimed in joy or triumph: Woo hoo

bedroom; grandest sleeping area in a house: Master

Puzzle 5 Answers

A measure of public opinion (like the weather): Barometer

Behind-the-scenes worker in a theatrical play: Stagehand

Decorative covering for a mattress: Bedspread

Due to leave at a specific time: Scheduled

Flight __, a member of cabin crew on a plane: Attendant

Guarantee, legal certainty: Assurance

Inventor of the telephone: __ Graham Bell: Alexander

Irreverence for something sacred or inviolable: Blasphemy

Male who films TV shows: Cameraman

Online music tracks saved to a phone or computer: Downloads

Penitent statements: Apologies

Rust producing, causing destruction of a metal: Corrosive

Seductive, attractive: Beguiling

Shell-shaped, small French sponge cake: Madeleine

Supposedly, allegedly: Purported

Group 710

Puzzle 1 Answers

Book genre involving crime and excitement: Thriller

Freewheeling, cycling without using pedals: Coasting

Gently stretch to slow heart rate after exercise: Cool down

Group school assignments: Projects

In-depth analysis of a subject: Deep dive

Pain or throbbing in the temples or skull: Headache

Screens that cut a room into separate parts: Dividers

Social media for professionals and networkers: Linkedin

Step or stage viewed as part of a series of events: Instance

The range of someone’s abilities: Skill set

With no visible joins or edges: Seamless

Puzzle 2 Answers

Feather-shaped abstract repeating pattern: Paisley

Food rhyming with waffle but made with chickpeas: Falafel

Hypersaline lake in the Middle East: Dead sea

Nighttime beetle that produces light: Firefly

Restraining ropes used by dog walkers: Leashes

Rich, to have plenty of money: Wealthy

Smallest member of the flute family: Piccolo

Swollen and full: Bloated

To puzzle or confuse: Perplex

__ fasciitis causes pain in the arch of the foot: Plantar

Puzzle 3 Answers

A curtain hangs in front of it: Window

Bent or doubled over like with a piece of paper: Folded

Oath, promise: Pledge

Online shopping store or Brazilian rain forest: Amazon

Person who makes a living as a street performer: Busker

Register by name at a gathering: Sign in

Silly __; aerosol that sprays streams of plastic: String

Thick black ink used in lithography: Tusche

Turbulent, fast-flowing stretch of a river: Rapids

Used to stop vehicles: Brakes

Weight measure used for uncooked steaks: Ounces

Wild, out of control: Unruly

__ bee; industrious hive inhabitant: Worker

__ on a Plane, reptiles in the air movie: Snakes

Puzzle 4 Answers

A baker’s dozen, an extra bun: Thirteen

A witty retort: Comeback

Brand name for petroleum jelly used on lips: Vaseline

Confrontation with weapons, where no one can win: Standoff

Filled sacks used for flood control: Sandbags

Frame for carrying luggage on top of a car: Roof rack

It’s a __ when you’ve already paid, Ironic lyrics: Free ride

Publication full of gags: Joke book

Stature, build: Physique

Units that measure the loudness of sound: Decibels

Zenith, top point of something: Pinnacle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bones that make up the spinal column: Vertebrae

Branches and stems that are cut off: Clippings

Device for recording pictures and sound: Camcorder

Device to measure musical beat: Metronome

Diagram of rooms in a house, seen from above: Floor plan

Dr. Jonathan Crane’s alter ego in DC comics: Scarecrow

Fess up, own up to something: Come clean

Freezing point of water in Fahrenheit, __ degrees: Thirty two

Funny personal stories recounted by a comedian: Anecdotes

Italian equivalent of 50: Cinquanta

Rebel slave leader who fought against the Romans: Spartacus

Whistleblowing website by Julian Assange: Wikileaks

With zero value; unimportant: Worthless

Group 711

Puzzle 1 Answers

Glass container with screw-top lid, used for jam: Mason jar

Incoming flights or passengers: Arrivals

Instructed verbally: Dictated

Move across, navigate: Traverse

Observer, of beauty perhaps?: Beholder

Owl with call that greedily demands pig meat: Morepork

Prehistoric, from the earliest time: Primeval

Roman wine that can be dry, sweet or sparkling: Frascati

Sounds like a fire: Crackles

Take a file from the internet or a computer: Download

Tissue blueprints used to cut out fabrics: Patterns

Puzzle 2 Answers

Add flour to make a sauce less thin: Thicken

Charles __ Thomson; Challenger marine researcher: Wyville

Choice from what’s available; taking a chance: Potluck

Country __, a yokel or rural unsophisticate: Bumpkin

Georgia city venue for the US Masters golf major: Augusta

Institutions with displays of artefacts: Museums

Internal support beams in a roof: Rafters

King of England during the Restoration: __ II: Charles

Machine that plays music when a coin is inserted: Jukebox

Make nervous and agitated: Fluster

The __, sci-fi horror about military virus: Crazies

__ Island, remote place south of New Zealand: Stewart

Puzzle 3 Answers

Borussia __; German football side also called BVB: Dortmund

Canned __ from Portugal in bright artistic tins: Sardines

It goes inside a turkey before roasting: Stuffing

Moving around a planet in space: Orbiting

Nick Cave band, The __: Bad seeds

Ordinary, like something encountered routinely: Everyday

Photo prints that are hung on walls: Canvases

Rooks in a rookery, crows __; nature proverb: All alone

Someone employed to do a variety of jobs: Factotum

__ hours, time to see a patient in hospital: Visiting

__ rate; how much foreign currency is worth: Exchange

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ancient Greek dress made from a rectangular cloth: Chiton

Bring to mind, remember: Recall

Describes an infection spread by spores: Fungal

He tips or lifts his hat in greeting: Doffer

Intensely cold; freezing, arctic: Bitter

Inter-connected hotel rooms: Suites

Monitor lizard in The Rescuers Down Under: Joanna

More than enough: Plenty

Mythological Chinese mountain in Taoist religion: Kunlun

Riverbank homes constructed by beavers: Lodges

Stringed instrument, acoustic or electric: Guitar

Sub-unit of the zloty, Poland’s currency: Groszy

__ Ricci; Jesuit priest and missionary to China: Matteo

__ sweets include barley sugar and bullseyes: Boiled

Puzzle 5 Answers

A doss house; cheap lodgings: Flop house

Ancient playwright who wrote the Oresteian Trilogy: Aeschylus

Archibald Leach as an actor: Cary grant

Gloucestershire residence of Prince Charles: Highgrove

Largest city on Greece’s largest island: Heraklion

Monthly summary of bank account activity: Statement

Played a trick shot with a cue: Snookered

Pointless, unsuccessful, said of exercises: Fruitless

Saint Jean __, town close to the Italian border: Cap ferrat

Seen in big cities, leading a group around: Tour guide

Singing in a drunken manner: Carousing

Sirened vehicle for health emergencies: Ambulance

Triangular bodice piece worn by Elizabethans: Stomacher

Turning upside down: Inverting

Group 712

Puzzle 1 Answers

Art deco solar motif: Sunburst

Bullock and __ become unlikely friends in The Heat: Mccarthy

Colloquial name for a gooseberry: Goosegog

Computer hardware that stops unapproved access: Firewall

Diarist who had an affair with Henry Miller: Anaïs nin

Imported contraband: Smuggled

Make the air in rooms moist: Humidify

Making a hole in the skin for an earring: Piercing

Overnight accommodation in a frozen construction: Ice hotel

Scotland’s highest mountain: Ben nevis

South American river turtle with leaf-shaped head: Mata mata

Thoughts of things past: Memories

Tony __, starred as obsessive-compulsive Monk: Shalhoub

War planning: Strategy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Boatloads; parcels sent overseas: Shipments

City of the US’s traditional Monopoly game: Baltimore

Displaying a strong sense of national pride: Patriotic

Early name for a bowler hat: Billycock

French sparkling wine: Champagne

Indiscriminate killing at a murder scene: Bloodbath

Less offensive way of saying something: Euphemism

Next to, adjacent to: Alongside

Normandy resort with racetrack and casino: Deauville

Parallel lines along the length of a tennis court: Tramlines

Plunging theme park ride: Drop tower

Quilt made from scraps of fabric sewn together: Patchwork

The day before Boxing Day: Christmas

__ Dream, the Very Best of Crowded House: Recurring

Puzzle 3 Answers

Entertaining/fantastical distraction from reality: Escapism

Former Scottish capital on the River Forth: Stirling

In addition to: As well as

Include, constitute: Comprise

Marian __, African-American operatic contralto: Anderson

Nicholas __, portraitist of Queen Elizabeth I: Hilliard

Roller coaster where cars hang below the track: Inverted

Those who give advice: Advisers

Topping, along with royal icing, of a Xmas cake: Marzipan

Type on this at a computer: Keyboard

__ City, its roads are on the US Monopoly game: Atlantic

__ Falls, part of the Zambezi named after a queen: Victoria

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capital and largest city of Libya: Tripoli

Famous French caves with prehistoric artwork: Lascaux

Gazing at a focal point in yoga poses: Drishti

Global hotel group with HQ in France: Novotel

Imaginary delusion: Fantasy

Jason __, who sang Sealed With a Kiss: Donovan

Made a scary dog noise: Growled

Opposite of floor: Ceiling

Price of a plane ticket: Airfare

Small plastic packages: Pouches

Wearing, the tatty edges of worn material: Fraying

White flakes from the ocean: Sea salt

Puzzle 5 Answers

A bargain one sniffs out all the best deals: Hunter

Capital of Brittany: Rennes

Chinese mobile phone maker: Huawei

Describes a tacky, garish design: Kitsch

Desert of West Australia with Lake Disappointment: Gibson

Elton John song about a man on a plane to Spain: Daniel

Expose someone’s true character or persona: Unmask

Hurry up: Hasten

London street on which the art deco Savoy is found: Strand

Pupa with antennae, legs, wings glued to the body: Obtect

Ripple through body when scared or chilled: Shiver

South African barbecues: Braais

Three Mile __, site of nuclear accident in 1979: Island

Yogi Bear’s friend: Boo boo

__ Poots, Roadies and Green Room actress: Imogen

Group 713

Puzzle 1 Answers

16th-century French font named after its inventor: Garamond

A country’s armed forces: Military

Bodily pose adopted for prayer: Kneeling

Capital of Sardinia: Cagliari

Communication system used in a particular country: Language

External building that belongs to a property: Outhouse

Final boarding announcement for flight passengers: Last call

For hygiene, soaking the tools does this to them: Sanitize

Forever, for all of time: Eternity

Forrest __; pet collector in The Good Dinosaur: Woodbush

French term for very finely chopped vegetables: Brunoise

Hand-dyed batik fabric produced on Andros Island: Androsia

Inflammation; getting more turgid: Swelling

Meet __; opportunity to get a selfie with a singer: And greet

Number of seats in a sports stadium: Capacity

Puts into a certain order: Arranges

Secret or hidden way in or out of a building: Back door

Stop-motion creator or cartoon illustrator: Animator

The physical process of producing young: Birthing

Where old things are gathered to reuse or destroy: Junkyard

Puzzle 2 Answers

Crafting technique using thin metal sheets: Foiling

Gifts: Presents

Itinerant Aussie workers, camping by billabongs?: Swagmen

Lacus __; Roman name for Lake Garda: Benacus

Melodic: Tuneful

Metal rods for cooking kebabs on barbecues: Skewers

Noise a donkey (or MPs) makes: Braying

Placing possessions to move to another location: Packing

Religious day of the week: Sabbath

Rich, possessing a lot of cash: Moneyed

Run playfully like a child or small dog: Scamper

Spouse of a Russian dictator: Tsarina

Stutter, falter when speaking: Stammer

The __, the remote arid interior of Australia: Outback

Tippy __, nostalgic toy that did flips, badly!: Tumbles

__ City, nickname for Seattle, and Oz: Emerald

Puzzle 3 Answers

Consignment received from a supplier: Delivery

Corresponding to, equalling: Matching

Custom-made or fitted: Tailored

Duck species with citrus fruit name: Mandarin

NYC street, American theatrical mecca: Broadway

Removed impurities from dirty water: Filtered

Singapore’s literal meaning, a big cat conurbation: Lion city

Someone subject to removal from a country: Deportee

Surety, bond, guarantee: Warranty

Toddler’s tantrum or nuclear accident: Meltdown

Vacationers, visitors to landmarks: Tourists

Workers who stop parked cars from going anywhere: Clampers

Émilie du __, French thinker, translated Principia: Chatelet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alexander __, made complete crossing of N America: Mackenzie

Art or other medium that helps one release emotion: Catharsis

It causes food poisoning: Norovirus

Lowest rank of police officer: Constable

Marks, smudges: Blemishes

Moscow public space with onion-dome cathedral: Red square

Passed exams successfully, completed a course: Qualified

Payments made for use of copyright material: Royalties

Raw stick of sweetness from a plantation: Sugar cane

Regularly going on the ocean; a sailor’s life: Seafaring

Some Kind of __ with best friend tomboy Watts: Wonderful

The way to a destination: Direction

__ Vansittart, designed a ship propulsion screw: Henrietta

__ and __, said Alice, weirder and weirder: Curiouser

Puzzle 5 Answers

Almondy-sweet syrup found mixed in a Mai Tai: Orgeat

Bowl and plates, crockery: Dishes

Gymnastics pose with legs spread wide to the floor: Splits

Keep your __ up, stay cheerful: Pecker

Ocean between Africa and Australia: Indian

Rabbit wife of Stu Hopps in Zootopia: Bonnie

Reverberated, resounded: Echoed

Shouted like a lion: Roared

Slackens a thirst: Quenches

Take a position; have a view on something: Stance

Track __; how someone has performed in the past: Record

Using a rope to haul or pull a vehicle: Towing

__ Building, tower built for a sewing-machine heir: Singer

Group 714

Puzzle 1 Answers

Casual sport at Cambridge on the River Cam: Punting

Chromian variety of illite: Avalite

Cow shelter or barn: Shippon

Elizabethan London tavern features in literature: Mermaid

Leeloo is the missing fifth link: Element

Prolonged period with no rainfall: Drought

Scooby-Doo rides in the Mystery __: Machine

Seeds also known as Persian cumin: Caraway

Shoulders responsibility, takes the blame: Assumes

Stray off topic: Digress

Unclear, hazy, e.g. __ vision: Blurred

__ Wood, WWI battle in June 1918: Belleau

__ a flight; arriving too late to travel: Missing

Puzzle 2 Answers

A __ investigates a criminal case: Detective

A customer on a boat, plane or train: Passenger

A giant hero in a book by Rabelais: Gargantua

Abrasive cream for removing skin roughness: Body scrub

Alternative to a zip on a pair of jeans: Button fly

Dublin sporting venue, scene of a massacre in 1920: Croke park

Immoral and hedonistic, dissipated: Debauched

Italian Riviera tourist resort: Portofino

Line of linked metal securing a front portal: Door chain

London/Irish punk band of Dirty Old Town: The pogues

Option that allows quicker than usual service: Fast track

Plant called Anagallis, linked to scarlet: Pimpernel

Seafood such as lobsters, crabs and oysters: Shellfish

The first of the three periods of the Cenozoic Era: Paleogene

Puzzle 3 Answers

Apps and programs that are shared without a fee: Freeware

Elvis movie: he stars as a singing rodeo rider: Tickle me

Grand houses with many rooms: Mansions

Keep up, return for fixes: Maintain

Motor homes, campers: Caravans

Relating to a degenerating cell nucleus: Pyknotic

SeaWorld chain of water parks: Wet n wild

Thin bendy tube used to drain away bodily liquids: Catheter

Trees and shrubs with seed-bearing cones: Conifers

Venue of the first Harry Ramsden’s fish & chips: Guiseley

Puzzle 4 Answers

All-__; hotel board basis with all food and drinks: Inclusive

Caribbean plantations grew this vital plant: Sugar cane

Clogged pore or hair follicle: Blackhead

Concluding passage at the end of a book: Afterword

Contract or consensus: Agreement

Family members: Relatives

High-ranking university lecturer: Professor

Indian mystic who befriended The Beatles: Maharishi

Length of life: Longevity

NW range of the Alps, with Mount Leone: Lepontine

Network for passing on reusable goods to others: Freecycle

New civil engineering project traversing London: Crossrail

Pro-__ Soccer; PES sports video game franchise: Evolution

Resting places of soldiers who died in combat: War graves

Scottish architectural icon, scene of a disaster: Tay bridge

Substance from sperm whales, found in fragrances: Ambergris

Puzzle 5 Answers

60s artistic movement of John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Bagism

Dar es __, former capital of Tanzania: Salaam

Elmer __, Burt Lancaster’s hard-drinking salesman: Gantry

Flushing convenience: Toilet

Jude should make a sad song this: Better

Outdoor meal; often attracts ants: Picnic

Romantic partners: Lovers

Series of connected rooms in hotels: Suites

Short and stout container for brewing hot drinks: Teapot

Shrinking __; exaggeratedly shy person: Violet

Sullen and gloomy: Morose

Town near Rome, site of the Villa d’Este: Tivoli

__ noir, shorthand for Danish, Swedish TV dramas: Scandi

__ warehouse, where goods are held before taxation: Bonded

__ wave, MW; mid-range radio frequency band: Medium

Group 715

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bluey-green colour, from the Latin for green: Viridian

Dish __ Closet, dries dishes, fits with kitchen: Draining

Duty free shop fayre, a metal canister for cha: Tea caddy

Father __; troubled priest in Stephen King novels: Callahan

Grabbing a ball that is thrown: Catching

Harsh or blistering, e.g. __ criticism: Stinging

Mate, breed: Copulate

Money to fund a project; a US reel of paper money: Bankroll

More direct or quicker route: Shortcut

Pointlessness, often said of war: Futility

Reckless, uneconomical: Wasteful

Rough, scaly, mangy: Scabrous

Tricked out of money: Swindled

Two slices of bread with filling, a lunchtime meal: Sandwich

William __, 1st prime-minister of Irish Free State: Cosgrave

Puzzle 2 Answers

Area centers on sailing along rhumb lines: Loxodrome

Athletes stand on this while riding a wave: Surfboard

Caught in a trap, or in a difficult position: Snookered

Give up something valued, at considerable cost: Sacrifice

Hindu-Buddhist temple on the island of Java: Borobudur

Large regal sea duck with bright bill: King eider

Large regal sea duck with colourful bill: King eider

Movement of human hide to cover burns, say: Skin graft

Played Sonny Corleone in The Godfather: James caan

Record-keeper at a museum: Registrar

Relating to tailored clothes: Sartorial

Shining, making something glisten: Polishing

Sweet vanilla fizzy drink: Cream soda

The A in ATM, __ Teller Machine: Automated

Travel writer and author of Pax Britannica: Jan morris

__ Pilots; Tyler Joseph’s Stressed Out band: Twenty one

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alaskan port and gold rush frontier town: Skagway

Cotton padding used to stuff garments: Bombast

Created with frozen water, a carrot and a scarf: Snowman

How Great __; 1966 gospel album by Elvis: Thou art

Item hung from a horse’s saddle or part of the ear: Stirrup

Kidnaps and holds hostage: Abducts

Lack of vanity: Modesty

Look around a new place: Explore

Trudge, plod: Traipse

Wicked woman of the Bible, daughter of Ahab: Jezebel

__ horses, decorative wooden equines of Sweden: Dalarna

Puzzle 4 Answers

Area between eyebrows and hairline, often wrinkled: Forehead

Deviates, turns aside: Deflects

Fern __, romance and thriller novelist: Michaels

Fitness guru, Jillian __: Michaels

Flabbergast, shock: Astonish

Fly a plane close to the ground: Hedgehop

Main access road through a city or town: Arterial

Silenced, brushed under the carpet: Hushed up

With the least features: Blankest

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bay on which Captain Cook first landed in 1770: Botany

Deepest points, vertical extents: Depths

Electronic messages typed on computers or phones: Emails

Forgive someone’s sins: Pardon

Person in a forest with a gun, chasing animals: Hunter

Polecat-like animal kept as a pet: Ferret

Regular comic series printed in newspapers: Strips

Triplet with Hubert and Harris, brothers of Merida: Hamish

Use an alternative route, avoiding city centre: Bypass

__ Styles, particular items chosen: Select

__ hats, knitted Andean headgear with earflaps: Chullo

Group 716

Puzzle 1 Answers

British for feet in boots: Ockodols

City location of South African seat of government: Pretoria

Closed with buttons: Fastened

Crewed submersible that explored Titanic wreck: Dsv alvin

Gary Cooper’s Western film showdown: High noon

Most serious form of skin cancer: Melanoma

Northern British term for feet in boots: Ockodols

Separation of entities often attached, like chords: Disjunct

Severe traffic jam where no vehicles are moving: Gridlock

Stepping ashore, or making __: Landfall

Stimulating: Arousing

Tips, advice, handy hints: Pointers

__ up, talking to find out what you’ve missed: Catching

Puzzle 2 Answers

Georgi __, Bulgarian killed with poisoned umbrella: Markov

Hindu, Jain practice of not hurting living things: Ahimsa

Iconic Swiss clock emblem sought by tourists: Cuckoo

Masonic __ and compass symbolism: Square

Raided and stole booty: Looted

Ray __, who played Manny in Ice Age: Romano

Rebound, spring up and down on a trampoline: Bounce

Showing fondness for a social media post: Liking

So You Want to Talk About Race author __ Oluo: Ijeoma

Stiff, frosty: Frigid

__ history museum; interactive way to learn: Living

__ under, swamped with work: Snowed

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baby acorn-bearing trees: Oaklings

Born to __, iconic 50s dance breakout in Grease: Hand jive

Buoy or other item a boat is attached to: Makefast

Cape, promontory: Headland

Centre __; inside-out building in French capital: Pompidou

Chinese sport that combines squash and tennis: Qianball

Computer programs that aren’t hard: Software

Conflicts with battles at Ladysmith and Mafeking: Boer wars

Dance slide that’s often done at weddings: Electric

Driving very fast, over the limit: Speeding

Fail to impress, e.g. a lame joke: Fall flat

Fees paid for mailing packages: __ and handling: Shipping

French word for a dance slide or glide: Glissade

Most liked: Favorite

Of __ and kings, poetic line from Lewis Carroll: Cabbages

Place where one takes a shower, brushes teeth: Bathroom

Point in the day when the rubber ducks come out: Bathtime

Spencer __, assassinated British prime minister: Perceval

Substance that is refined to create petroleum: Crude oil

The __, show about bands and “76 Trombones”: Music man

United __, snack firm behind McVitie’s and Jacobs: Biscuits

Puzzle 4 Answers

Animal remains: Carcass

Excess __, luggage over the allowed amount: Baggage

Italian ornaments company with Latin script logo: Bulgari

Keepsake, or mystery movie starring Guy Pearce: Memento

Lattice for climbing plants: Trellis

Leave __, 1989 hit for Michael Jackson: Me alone

New York’s famous statue: Liberty

Pricy, small circular cake in many shades: Macaron

Small intestinal roundworms: Ascaris

Staying overnight in a tent: Camping

Three score and ten: Seventy

Untidy, bedraggled, messy: Unkempt

Upper-case letter: Capital

Puzzle 5 Answers

Actor who played conman in White Collar: Matt bomer

Decorative screen in the hearth for protection: Fire guard

Holiday trips: Vacations

Lepus europaeus, boxing, rabbit-like herbivore: Brown hare

Lepus europaeus, colourful boxing herbivore: Brown hare

Monetary awards towards university tuition fees: Bursaries

Plate __; motion of large pieces of Earth’s shell: Tectonics

Plumber, carpenter, painter, all-rounder: Tradesman

Profession of Jesus and his father, Joseph: Carpentry

Puzzlement or bewilderment: Confusion

Shop that offers manicures: Nail salon

Single-wheeled bikes ridden by circus performers: Unicycles

Someone whose power is due to their wealth: Plutocrat

Study of the origins of words: Etymology

Techie nickname of King Harald (940-985): Bluetooth

The seed inside a Jaffa or Valencia: Orange pip

Travel schedule, including route and planned stops: Itinerary

Wimbledon sportswear brand with panther logo: Slazenger

Wincing in pain, stepping back: Recoiling

__ glacier, Antarctic crossing on South Pole: Beardmore

__ of power, means the higher levels of government: Corridors

Group 717

Puzzle 1 Answers

Artist of Arrangement in Grey and Black: Whistler

Building or rooms that house important documents: Archives

Choose Your Own Disaster author Dana __: Schwartz

Dwindling or becoming more tired: Flagging

Global hotel chain, owns Sheraton and Le Méridien: Marriott

Helium-filled spheres for kids: Balloons

Italian breadsticks: Grissini

Peloponnesian War admiral and Spartan statesman: Lysander

Removing or pouring out contents: Emptying

Sky1 traffic police reality series: Road wars

Travel mail item: Postcard

Tugging your __ is to show too much deference: Forelock

Velociraptor is a quick and clever one: Dinosaur

__ and the Machine, Dog Days band: Florence

Puzzle 2 Answers

Airline, company that transports passengers: Carrier

Ancient flute-like instrument, ceramic with holes: Ocarina

Beguiled, won over: Seduced

Expressed in certain linguistic terms: Couched

Gatherings of people for fun: Parties

Hit or slapped hard with the hand: Smacked

Holy middle name of Jair Bolsonaro: Messias

Hopkins or Michael Hall: Anthony

Mafia-type expression for “Do you understand?”: Capiche

Non-believer in gods: Atheist

One-eyed monster of Greek mythology: Cyclops

Saturday and Sunday as a whole: Weekend

Trip __; website with holiday and hotel reviews: Advisor

Typical score calculated across a wide range: Average

__ Flagg, recurring figure in Stephen King novels: Randall

Puzzle 3 Answers

Admonish, chastize: Reprimand

Author of the novel The Cruel Sea: Nicholas __: Monsarrat

Commonwealth realms, e.g. Canada: Dominions

Danish acting brothers Lars and Mads: Mikkelsen

Decorative name plate at a formal dinner: Placecard

Decorative name plate at a wedding breakfast: Placecard

Extinct “big tooth” prehistoric shark species: Megalodon

Jovial, amiable, friendly: Convivial

Not a long flight: Short haul

Revolving symbols of a trip to the Netherlands: Windmills

Space and freedom to move about: Elbow room

Study of debating; now linked to police evidence: Forensics

Surname of Joey from Friends: Tribbiani

The person most fond of athletic pursuits: Sportiest

__ care; unit providing critical medical support: Intensive

Puzzle 4 Answers

Act that prepares the crowd for the main performer: Warm up

Austrian ski resort, and home to Ötzi the Iceman: Sölden

Chat, gossip: Natter

Complains squeakily: Whines

Ethiopian bread used as a substitute for utensils: Injera

Japanese Metal Gear video game corporation: Konami

Keep busy, distract: Occupy

Majory’s exclamation if Richard DeVere is around: Oh gosh

Old part of cities in North Africa, often walled: Medina

Placed away from or opposite to the mouth: Aboral

Table __, coverings to go under cutlery, plates: Cloths

__ Clark; romantic heroine of Me Before You: Louisa

Puzzle 5 Answers

1968 Beatles song written about the Maharishi: Sexy sadie

Colorful crepe paper lengths for celebrating: Streamers

Comedy tumbles on the buttocks for laughs: Pratfalls

Common cut of smoked or unsmoked pig meat: Back bacon

Flyers drag wheeled ones behind them at airports: Suitcases

Largeness, extent: Magnitude

Lotion or spray used to shield solar rays: Sun screen

Made larger: Magnified

Misled, deceived, stalled someone: Fobbed off

One who travels in search of warm weather: Sun seeker

Refuse to accept: Repudiate

Style with darkened strands of hair: Lowlights

US state where Breaking Bad was set: New mexico

Group 718

Puzzle 1 Answers

Graveyard: Cemetery

Place to put tootsies while on a plane or train: Footrest

Play devil’s __; see both sides of an argument: Advocate

Purple girl’s name shared by __ Cordery, __ Leduc: Violette

Rae __; Black Beatles hip hop duo: Sremmurd

Round cut of lamb, also name of browned butter: Noisette

Set off a bomb: Detonate

Similar to a body of water surrounded by land: Lakelike

Skittish, unsettled, on edge: Agitated

Small, white spring flower; Alice’s kitten: Snowdrop

Something that blocks or impedes progress: Obstacle

Tour __; company that arranges trips and travel: Operator

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arabic news network, based in Qatar: Al jazeera

Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague: Binnenhof

English executioner, famous for botched killings: Jack ketch

Gripping novels that keep readers guessing: Thrillers

High street health and beauty retailer: Superdrug

Kidnapping, taking someone against their will: Abducting

Metal animal allusion gives a steam loco nickname: Iron horse

Passed from generation to generation, like genes: Heritable

Skullcap worn by the Roman Catholic clergy: Zucchetto

Small, half a cup, used to serve an espresso in: Demitasse

Someone who dwells on problems and anxieties: Worrywart

The Bridge on the River Kwai director: David lean

These are taken by feet when walking: Footsteps

Turf accountant: Bookmaker

Unwellness, infirmity: Ill health

Very fast aquatic motorcraft: Speedboat

Yielding milk: Lactating

__ Gaulle, international airport in Paris: Charles de

Puzzle 3 Answers

12 males making judicial decisions: Jurymen

Adds pepper: Seasons

Areas with hotels and many tourist facilities: Resorts

Decorative technique for adding gold leaf or paint: Gilding

Evidence-based field of study: Science

Lose __; become confused, misunderstand: The plot

Lures: Entices

Movement steadily downwards: Descent

One-piece garment used in gymnastics or dance: Leotard

Ruddy-coloured cattle of East Anglian origins: Red poll

The child born on this day is bonny and blithe: Sabbath

Transamerica __ stands out in San Francisco skyline: Pyramid

Puzzle 4 Answers

Apply oil religiously: Anoint

Clyde __, male member of infamous 30s outlaw duo: Barrow

Cubicles for taking photos at parties: Booths

Describes sports shot using joint at base of hand: Wristy

Having a metal cutting edge: Bladed

Hired a cottage: Rented

Make someone angry by waving a __ at a bull: Red rag

Minted some metal money: Coined

Pierce someone with a sharp object, like a stake: Impale

Prosper: Thrive

South American country once called British Guiana: Guyana

Speaker’s __, Hyde Park place for public oratory: Corner

Puzzle 5 Answers

Animal with sharp quills: Porcupine

Appealing, charming, engaging: Endearing

Arctic island, home to the Thule culture: Greenland

Combustible, easily catches fire: Flammable

Comedic mute brother, he honked a horn to be heard: Harpo marx

Comparisons, parallels: Analogies

Driver of a limo who opens the doors: Chauffeur

Elective, without compulsion: Voluntary

First day of Lent: Ash __: Wednesday

Leaky ship that the Pilgrims had to leave behind: Speedwell

Name given to many hotels, meaning “mother city”: Metropole

Observation leading to identification: Detection

Supplying with tools: Equipping

Swelling, inflammation: Puffiness

Table game with balls and wooden pins: Bagatelle

Wartime efforts and experience of WW2 civilians: Home front

__ Eriksson; ex-England Swedish football manager: Sven goran

Group 719

Puzzle 1 Answers

Barrier on a toll road: Turnpike

Brazilian city dubbed the Paris of the South: São paulo

Cornish castle associated with King Arthur: Tintagel

Fitted lycra bottoms used to exercise in: Leggings

Fitted lycra-based leg coverings: Leggings

Got off a train: Alighted

Language once spoken in Scandinavia: Old norse

List of desired items for a shower or wedding: Registry

Memento, token of friendship, souvenir: Keepsake

Once every twelve months: Annually

Terrible place, underworld: Hellhole

The act of nitpicking: Pedantry

Visually __; having limited or damaged eyesight: Impaired

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Not tonight !”, Napoleon’s get-out clause: Josephine

Alternative name for the common murre: Guillemot

Book producer and seller: Publisher

Cancelling: Annulling

Carrying a youngster on an adult’s rear: Piggyback

Garments worn when in the open air: Outerwear

Inflammation of joints, causing tender swelling: Arthritis

Intention to be sincere and honest: Good faith

Luxury apartment on highest level of a building: Penthouse

Neil Armstrong or Jessica Meir: Astronaut

Orkney prehistoric village unearthed in 1850: Skara brae

Road in Rome celebrates an Italian victory in WWI: Via veneto

Swedish tennis player with underwear empire: Bjorn borg

Traditional holiday for Dundee Cake: Christmas

With little or no preparation or rehearsal: Extempore

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bouncy bed items rearranged by attentive nurses: Pillows

Country whose language has six different tones: Vietnam

Daily journals: Diaries

Describes a honeycreeper bird and a newt: Crested

Describes usual weather between spring and autumn: Summery

Directive or authority to govern: Mandate

Harry __ Jr., US singer who released Only You: Connick

Hotel refreshment box: Minibar

One who counsels others: Advisor

Plant-eating lice family: Psyllas

Remove the lime from a kettle, say: Descale

Roads for planes to take off and land: Runways

Softly spoken with the audible sound of exhalation: Breathy

Strong offshore current can drag you out to sea: Riptide

Subatomic particle with no electric charge: Neutron

UK’s most popular pub name, a ruddy feline: Red lion

Watch over, keep an eye on: Surveil

Iced Tea,Tokyo Tea: Nuclear

__ of the law; far-reaching power of authority: Long arm

__ zone (LZ), alighting on the ground after a jump: Landing

Puzzle 4 Answers

A Bee Gee whose twin was Maurice: Robin gibb

Card game played by the lonely: Solitaire

Central German state with its capital at Erfurt: Thuringia

From evening until the next morning: Overnight

Futile, irrelevant: Pointless

Literary creator of moustachioed villain Fu Manchu: Sax rohmer

Long stringy pasta that goes with meatballs: Spaghetti

Mammal excrement from elephants to mice: Droppings

Place for getting drinks in the middle of a pool: Swim up bar

Tailor’s dummy: Mannequin

Thawed out: Defrosted

Writing illegibly: Scrawling

Puzzle 5 Answers

8th C English ecclesiastic, also called Albinus: Alcuin

Ancient road-building people led by emperors: Romans

Approval, e.g. from royalty: Assent

Cantaloupes, honeydews, gacs: Melons

Gluey, tacky: Sticky

Inundate, flood, surround: Engulf

Italian music term for lively: Vivace

Large container, or even a ship, for liquids: Tanker

Linda Hamilton, Lena Headey both played this Sarah: Connor

Rods that span from the hub to the rim: Spokes

Stands from which market traders sell their wares: Stalls

Ticket without a return leg: One way

Undamaged, whole: Intact

__ route; driving through beautiful landscape: Scenic

Group 720

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another word for purchased: Bought

Common penguin species found only on Antarctica: Adelie

Doctors, professionals trained to treat ill people: Medics

Large dressmaking scissors, and garden choppers: Shears

Legally not fair: Unjust

Mother and son Mia and Ronan __: Farrow

National song, sung before international matches: Anthem

Oil-based skin care products that target wrinkles: Serums

Polish piano composer Frederic: Chopin

Scottish delicacy sold in Duty Free outlets: Haggis

Slang term for Paris, derived from a type of hat: Paname

The Amityville __, film series based on Anson book: Horror

Walk like a baby: Toddle

Washington Irving classic The Legend of __ Hollow: Sleepy

World’s largest museum, located in Paris: Louvre

Young people who are not old enough to vote: Minors

__ Underground, or LU, the Tube: London

Puzzle 2 Answers

Do You Know the Way to __, sang Dionne Warwick: San jose

Fakes, shams: Pseudos

Famished, denied food: Starved

Male sitting in judgement in a court scenario: Juryman

Medieval English poet wrote Parlement of Foules: Chaucer

Panes of glass in a house for looking through: Windows

Shape-shifting bird in Celtic oral tradition: Boobrie

Space to stretch out one’s limbs on a train: Legroom

Wailing in grief: Keening

__ Tunnel, grand engineering project of the 1990s: Channel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Annual celebrations of becoming a year older: Birthdays

Check-in desk at a hotel: Reception

Coming down with an illness; feeling unwell: Sickening

Describes arches, such as the Wellington Arch: Triumphal

Disrespect, impertinence: Insolence

Early homes of prairie settlers made from turf: Sod houses

Eddie Redmayne, Fantastic Beasts’ Newt __: Scamander

Flowers with spicy scent, also a shade of red: Carnation

Homes of the US Midwest built from turfs: Sod houses

Metal finders of hidden treasures: Detectors

Opposite of latitude: Longitude

Pink fish eggs, can be ikura in Japanese cuisine: Salmon roe

Rip-roaringly funny: Hilarious

Sentence that can be heard in a train station: All aboard

The third ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge: Yet to come

True crime podcast hosted by Christopher Goddard: Dirty john

Vertical counterpart of latitude: Longitude

Puzzle 4 Answers

1,024 KB make up this unit of computer information: Megabyte

Aircraft manufacturer, mostly helicopters: Sikorsky

Area in the UK where the Eden Project can be found: Cornwall

Awarding jobs and privileges to one’s friends: Cronyism

Car mirror allows driver to see behind him/her: Rear view

Glass debris formed after a meteoric impact: Tektites

Greetings, accompanied by the clink of glasses: Chin chin

Herbal remedy for constipation: Senna pod

Horizontally slatted window covering: Jalousie

Milk or cream substitute for hot beverages: Whitener

Mrs __, misspeaker in Sheridan’s The Rivals: Malaprop

Principles or general rules: Precepts

Roared speech, shouted loudly: Bellowed

Second-largest port in Spain, in Galicia: La coruña

Shape with three sides: Triangle

The D in COD, or cash on __: Delivery

The flag of South Korea: Taegukgi

Puzzle 5 Answers

A board for riding on water, pulled by a speedboat: Aquaplane

Broccoli, a green bean or a carrot, for example: Vegetable

Celebrity’s signature: Autograph

Church of the New __, founded by Swedenborg: Jerusalem

Concerning something: Regarding

Edward the __, pious Anglo-Saxon king: Confessor

Flexible lightweight outer clothing material: Softshell

French building style, the basis of NY’s Flatiron: Beaux arts

Groups of words ordered grammatically: Sentences

Kindle __; unrestricted access to selected e-books: Unlimited

North Welsh resort with a tramway and pier: Llandudno

Something experienced deeply and emotionally: Heartfelt

What cars can do when they hit water on the road: Aquaplane

__ Dream, German electronic band of the 70s: Tangerine

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