Codycross The 80s Answers

Updated Codycross answers!

Codycross The 80s

Group 781

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arcade game with a yellow smiley eating dots: Pac man

Curly, dry hair that is flyaway: Frizzy

Glass receptacle used in chemistry lessons: Beaker

Guidance or recommendations offered by someone: Advice

Largest South American country, speaks Portuguese: Brazil

Love __, Human League song, aka I Believe in Love: Action

Mia who married Frank Sinatra: Farrow

Sinister sea witch in Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Ursula

Spread made of chickpeas, tahini, and lemon juice: Hummus

User details needed to access some sites: Logins

__ curve, foreign tool to draw shapes on fabric: French

Puzzle 2 Answers

A sports match that is not strictly competitive: Friendly

Art of decorative gems threaded onto cotton: Beadwork

Discoverer of the photoelectric effect: Einstein

Handcuffs, shackles, irons: Manacles

Lower jaw bone: Mandible

Mexican musical guitar group: Mariachi

Russian leader and battleship: Potemkin

Sponge or leech off someone else’s generosity: Freeload

The Owl and this animal went to sea: Pussycat

Wing-doored car make in Back to the Future: Delorean

World’s largest rodent, native to South America: Capybara

__ Pradesh, north India state in the Himalayas: Himachal

Puzzle 3 Answers

Château __, claret, gives its name to a supermodel: Margaux

East African capital: the Green City in the Sun: Nairobi

Female bees who don’t reproduce and have jobs: Workers

Language guides founded by German linguist in 1878: Berlitz

Little House on the __, book series and TV show: Prairie

Metro--Mayer, film company with roaring lion: Goldwyn

Pinky swear or agree to absolutely keep your word: Promise

Slang instruction telling someone to go away: Get lost

This was Total and of the Heart, for Bonnie Tyler: Eclipse

Nixon, Sex & the City actress: Cynthia

Puzzle 4 Answers

A respectful humble approach, holding headgear?: Cap in hand

Espresso with a little bit of foamed milk: Macchiato

Jesus had twelve of these, also called apostles: Disciples

Knighted British pianist: Elton john

Ocean ecosystem, Great Barrier is the biggest: Coral reef

Overgrown vegetation that takes Jack to the giant: Beanstalk

People who saw a crime in progress: Witnesses

Reproduces on a computer: Simulates

Rotunda found in parks for the playing of music: Bandstand

Site of a sea vessel that sank or washed ashore: Shipwreck

Stuffed teddies with pictures on their stomachs: Care bears

Where Annie lives with Miss Hannigan: Orphanage

Wild, powerful punches in boxing: Haymakers

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chinese dog breed with a mane like a lion: Chow chow

First game with this controller was Sega Missile: Joystick

Flemish creator of the most popular map projection: Mercator

Job of Beethoven and Gershwin: Composer

Not taking place over a short period of time: Long term

Oil transportation conduit: Pipeline

Pillow Talk actress: Doris day

Poseidon wields them: Tridents

Rock in space, a meteor before it falls to earth: Asteroid

Small sea vessel propelled by wind: Sailboat

Squeaky cheese from Cyprus that can be fried: Halloumi

Teen’s annoying response to disagreement: Whatever

__ Things, Netflix series set in the 1980s: Stranger

Group 782

Puzzle 1 Answers

Author of Superfudge and Forever: Judy blume

Becoming conscious, as in a religious __: Awakening

Boy or girl born out of wedlock: Love child

Buttery French sauce seasoned with tarragon: Bearnaise

Freezing point of water in degrees Fahrenheit: Thirty two

London tennis venue for wearing all white: Wimbledon

Mother of Mean Girls actress Lindsay: Dina lohan

Raw material traded globally, sustains economies: Commodity

Stan Lee’s sign off: Excelsior

Stevie Nicks got her start with this Mac band: Fleetwood

Theme park ride that plunges from a great height: Drop tower

To only be available to a specific group of people: Exclusive

Water buses in Venice: Vaporetti

Puzzle 2 Answers

14 line poem, Shakespeare wrote 154 of them: Sonnet

Abandon, mislead, break someone’s trust: Betray

Big Spender singer Shirley: Bassey

Blue cartoon characters including Gargamel: Smurfs

Country surrounded by France and the Mediterranean: Monaco

Device necessary for WiFi network connectivity: Router

Hindu or Buddhist ornamental building: Pagoda

Iconic wrought-iron tower built in Paris in 1889: Eiffel

Porsche model named after an alligator: Cayman

The name of Tom Hanks’ volleyball in Cast Away: Wilson

To win or reign victorious against an enemy: Defeat

You can see yourself in one: Mirror

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cardio exercise craze championed by Jane Fonda: Aerobics

Common sense __, logical thinking triumphs: Prevails

First part of the small intestine: Duodenum

French region that’s home to Pink Granite Coast: Brittany

Group of military aircraft and their crew: Squadron

Hard, crunchy Italian cookie served with coffee: Biscotti

He famously painted his mother in Grey and Black: Whistler

Like eggs or Arnold: Benedict

The product of mass and velocity: Momentum

Tom Clancy character; Harrison Ford played him: Jack ryan

Type of interview for an acting job: Audition

Puzzle 4 Answers

Beavis and Butt-Head cartoonist: Mike judge

Creepy skeletal booby trap in The Goonies: Bone organ

Hair elastic with ruched material around it: Scrunchie

Insects that light up at night: Fireflies

It makes apertures in paper to use in folders: Hole punch

John __; first to patent evaporated milk, in 1856: Mayenburg

Joining the Navy: Enlisting

Land form of Florida, Italy, and Anatolia: Peninsula

Play that My Fair Lady is based on: Pygmalion

Ruthless in three words, a __ world: Dog eat dog

Spiritual leader of the Tibetan people: Dalai lama

With a gradual increase in loudness: Crescendo

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bugs Bunny loves them: Carrots

Country starting with A between France and Spain: Andorra

Fruit preserved in syrup: Compote

Japanese decluttering guru brand: Konmari

Main military force of the Huns: Cavalry

Muscle compression that usually feels good: Massage

One of eight teeth at the very front of the mouth: Incisor

Online seller of books you can listen to: Audible

Part of the radio that produces sound: Speaker

Red-haired English singer and songwriter Ed: Sheeran

Red-masked Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle: Raphael

Space to stretch out on a plane: Legroom

Superhero film starring Jason Momoa: Aquaman

__ Ball starred in a show about loving her: Lucille

Group 783

Puzzle 1 Answers

1960s girl group with Diana Ross: The __: Supremes

Conservative UK prime minister aka The Iron Lady: Thatcher

Dish of fried squid dipped in marinara sauce: Calamari

Flatfish with both eyes on same side of the head: Flounder

Newspaper editors work to this due date: Deadline

Olympic Swiss city situated on Lake Léman: Lausanne

Paul Newman played this Luke: Cool hand

Pink calming skin balm or lotion: Calamine

Quoting word for word: Verbatim

Roman Catholic dignitary: Cardinal

Puzzle 2 Answers

African trip for seeing giraffes, lions and more: Safari

Capital of Poland: Warsaw

Cropped jacket or Spanish dance: Bolero

Each of 3 mythical sisters with snakes for hair: Gorgon

Frisbee-like object thrown by Olympians: Discus

Plan or plot: Scheme

Religious title meaning one who is awake: Buddha

Shrinking __; someone shy and modest: Violet

The penguin in Toy Story 2: Wheezy

Time After Time singer, Cyndi __: Lauper

Tropical bird with the longest beak in the world: Toucan

__ cross, design on Scandinavian national flags: Nordic

Puzzle 3 Answers

A stitch in time does this: Saves nine

Aesthetically pleasing, lovely to look at: Beautiful

Central American nation with a “rich coast”: Costa rica

Don Johnson wore white suits in this crime show: Miami vice

Explorer Thor, famous for Kon-Tiki expedition: Heyerdahl

Female hero from Krypton: Supergirl

First part of the Three Musketeers’ motto: One for all

Hindu teacher of spiritual knowledge: Maharishi

Pleasing, lovely to look at: Beautiful

Sense of smell: Olfaction

The movie industry of India, based in Mumbai: Bollywood

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alan Moore comic series with Ozymandias: Watchmen

Anne __, won an Oscar for Les Miserables: Hathaway

Billy __; Miley’s dad, with an Achy Breaky Heart: Ray cyrus

Capital of the UAE: Abu dhabi

Constantly updating list of stories on Facebook: Newsfeed

Going to bed and resting with the eyes closed: Sleeping

Governor of the Bastille, killed in the revolt: De launay

McDonald’s ice cream dessert: Mcflurry

Plant where coconuts grow: Palm tree

Presidential part of the White House: West wing

Routine of products to treat and protect the face: Skincare

Straight line across middle of a circle: Diameter

Top-earning musical in Broadway box office history: Lion king

Two-player card game with alcoholic name: Gin rummy

__ Stein, her Paris salon was a mecca for writers: Gertrude

Puzzle 5 Answers

2019 video game set in Aurai: Outward

Carlo __, Italian creator of Pinocchio in 1881: Collodi

Don __; knightly ballet based on Cervantes’ work: Quixote

Identifying someone in a photo online with a pin: Tagging

Nationality of tennis player Novak Djokovic: Serbian

One of a cat’s vibrissae: Whisker

Person who can fix a pair of Manolo Blahniks: Cobbler

She’s Like a Virgin and her Papa might Preach: Madonna

Strength or power of a medicine: Potency

To replace products that sold out: Restock

Tony Stark’s alter ego as a self-made superhero: Ironman

Toronto’s tall structure with revolving restaurant: Cn tower

What someone with glossolalia talks in: Tongues

Group 784

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ammunition storage; mailed publication: Magazine

Amount of wintery stuff dropped in a blizzard: Snowfall

Cog icons for changing appearance and volume: Settings

Decade when Queen Elizabeth II was born: Twenties

Elena Rivera in Coco; Spanish for granny: Abuelita

Funny, five-line poem: Limerick

Male singing voice between tenor and bass: Baritone

Pull out all __; make every possible effort: The stops

Slap __, straight band that curves on the wrist: Bracelet

Stuntman and retired skateboarder with video game: Tony hawk

Tuscan bread and vegetable soup: Ribalito

What birds are usually doing in the morning: Chirping

Puzzle 2 Answers

A __ World, TV show with Lisa Bonet: Different

Archaic term for sulfur: Brimstone

Aspiring fashion designer Archie Comics character: Katy keene

Austen’s book about Elizabeth Bennet: Pride and __: Prejudice

Bright yellow butterfly, looks like a leaf: Brimstone

Director responsible for E.T.: Spielberg

Physics branch concerning the properties of sound: Acoustics

Sliding down a wire, often in treetops, for fun: Ziplining

Small outdoor areas affixed to tall buildings: Balconies

Triangular chocolate brand: Toblerone

Venetian passenger ferry operated by an oarsman: Traghetto

Puzzle 3 Answers

Elizabeth, designer of Princess Di’s wedding dress: Emanuel

Highest of the four singing voices: Soprano

Hungarian American magician and escape artist: Houdini

Hurt, like an animal: Wounded

Long green lettuce with yellow heart: Romaine

Meat-eating South American fish with sharp teeth: Piranha

Real or true; sincerely felt: Genuine

Strip of material used to cover a wound: Bandage

Three-storied Renaissance palazzo in Rome: Farnese

Way to transfer files wirelessly on Apple devices: Airdrop

Puzzle 4 Answers

A swimming stroke; a rap improvisation: Freestyle

Alliterative cousin of Bo in The Dukes of Hazzard: Daisy duke

Annoying, aggravating, bothersome: Vexatious

Any Australian mammal with a pouch: Marsupial

Artificial waterway in Egypt: Suez canal

Background substance inside the membrane of a cell: Cytoplasm

Destination known for its Orchard Road district: Singapore

James Hilton’s mystical paradise: Shangri la

Last move in chess: Checkmate

Mild, buttery Norwegian cheese: Jarlsberg

The __ since sliced bread; a great new invention: Best thing

Treason against a country: Treachery

Viewing of a film: Screening

__ II, Spanish king, sponsor of Columbus: Ferdinand

Puzzle 5 Answers

1980 song by ELO and Olivia Newton-John: Xanadu

A shop that produces bread and sweets: Bakery

Abdominal crunch exercises: Situps

Character created by players in video games: Avatar

Elaborately decorative: Ornate

George __, the hero of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: Smiley

Henry __, explored Canada, a bay is named for him: Hudson

In a saying, nice guys do this last: Finish

Most populous city in India: Mumbai

Personal water craft made by Kawasaki: Jet ski

Phrase or word repeated as prayer or meditation: Mantra

Sensitive, easily offended: Touchy

Sigourney Weaver played Ripley in this space movie: Aliens

Group 785

Puzzle 1 Answers

A type of freshwater crustacean with a flat body: Isopod

Barbara __; improved space photography techniques: Askins

Black hedgehog who is the rival of Sonic: Shadow

Fasten, do up; One, two, __ my shoe: Buckle

Hans __; Die Hard movie series villain: Gruber

Nova __, Canadian province with NS abbreviation: Scotia

Ornamental panel used to block a window or door: Screen

State of a fruit that has not matured: Unripe

Wall in Germany that began to fall in 1989: Berlin

__ Land, the happiest place on earth: Disney

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Renaissance song for several voices: Madrigal

A fish rots from the __: Head down

Bridget Jones’s creator, Helen __: Fielding

Comic-book cat who had a teddy called Pooky: Garfield

Egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed mammal: Platypus

First emperor of the Roman empire: Augustus

Indicating something with your index finger: Pointing

Infantile chatter, speak like a toddler: Babytalk

Japanese chicken kebabs: Yakitori

Machine where a button drops someone into water: Dunk tank

People who switch to a new religion: Converts

Samuel L. Jackson’s Marvel role: Nick fury

Puzzle 3 Answers

1980s actress Molly who was Pretty in Pink: Ringwald

Cousin of Bo in 1980s Hazzard County TV series: Luke duke

Devoted fan of Justin Bieber: Belieber

Dom __, brand of champagne named after a monk: Perignon

Female spirits with ear-piercing wails: Banshees

French chemist who discovered iodine: Barnard __: Courtois

Hawaiian city with Diamond Head volcano: Honolulu

Highly educated types, especially those into books: Literati

Hurried: Hastened

Long-living animal with a shell: Tortoise

Main structural component of connective tissue: Collagen

Person-powered transport, once common in Asia: Rickshaw

She sells seashells by it: Seashore

Tommy __, American fashion designer: Hilfiger

Traditional topknot hairstyle of a sumo wrestler: Chonmage

__ Republic, the Netherlands’ name in 1795-1806: Batavian

Puzzle 4 Answers

A somnambulist does this: Sleepwalk

Airport gate for leaving: Departure

Author of James and the Giant Peach: Roald dahl

Chocolate-making process that aligns its crystals: Tempering

Controversial winners of FIFA World Cup in 1986: Argentina

Ethereal, heavenly, elysian: Celestial

Matt Damon’s protective EVA garment in The Martian: Space suit

Permed 1980s Afro wave from hairdresser Redding: Jheri curl

Popular Fleetwood Mac song: Landslide

Sweet life in Italian: Dolce vita

Taste of sugar or feeling of kindness: Sweetness

The last English Queen of the House of Tudor: Elizabeth

This is stepped over upon entering a building: Threshold

Puzzle 5 Answers

Classification more specific than genus: Species

Daenerys is the Mother of these fire-breathers: Dragons

Eliminate, dismiss: Rule out

It can fall from a palm tree: Coconut

Jellyfish at their reproductive stage: Medusas

Mark who plays Hulk in the Avengers: Ruffalo

Places where pupils go most days to learn: Schools

Stretchy fabric of 1980s leggings, like Lycra: Spandex

__ Bay, Bobby Bloom song about Jamaican city: Montego

__ call; audition process where actors are chosen: Casting

Group 786

Puzzle 1 Answers

A whipped dessert or foaming hair product: Mousse

Animal of the phylum Porifera used in the shower: Sponge

Anne Rice’s vampire nicknamed the Brat Prince: Lestat

Covered outdoor structure for leisure: Gazebo

Daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith: Willow

Farm tool also used by the Grim Reaper: Scythe

Human __, band that asked Don’t You Want Me: League

Lung issue that causes wheezing, breathing trouble: Asthma

Soft hues common during Spring and Easter: Pastel

Solar __, yellow chakra in upper abdomen: Plexus

Synonym for code of morality; university course: Ethics

Tissue that lines the back of the eye: Retina

To the __; completely following the rules: Letter

Puzzle 2 Answers

1980s group of actors from The Breakfast Club: Bratpack

A scientist of plants and their classification: Botanist

Artist who creates clay or metal works: Sculptor

Blueish bulging veins: Varicose

Capital of Syria, also known as “City of Jasmine”: Damascus

Earnings from a sale or auction: Proceeds

Famous white marble mausoleum in Agra, India: Taj mahal

Fold in origami, a companion to the valley fold: Mountain

Judas and Brutus are famous for this: Betrayal

Large cooking container to make soups or stews: Stockpot

Oily fish, cured and used in stick-style bo-sushi: Mackerel

Online lectures, slogan “Ideas worth spreading”: Ted talks

Ornate detailing in calligraphy and metalwork: Filigree

Repeated choruses at the end of verses: Refrains

The two major hemispheres of the brain: Cerebrum

To be unwavering; sticking to your guns: Stubborn

Puzzle 3 Answers

Day of the week that’s an Addams Family girl: Wednesday

Design for tresses on the head: Hairstyle

Farm tool that the devil holds: Pitchfork

French cooking method to create creamy meat stews: Fricassee

Graph or chart that uses symbols: Pictogram

Horizon spot on a 2D drawing: __ point: Vanishing

Leisure hours not spent working: Spare time

Lemon Chiffon was a friend of this Strawberry: Shortcake

Resign from a position, call it a day: Stand down

Severe thunderstorm, with name like a battery: Supercell

Type of work like a dictionary or thesaurus: Reference

Puzzle 4 Answers

Band that’s harder, better, faster, stronger: Daft punk

Deep lake in the Andes between Peru and Bolivia: Titicaca

Energy, feeling created by rubbing or disagreement: Friction

Fragments of an explosive: Shrapnel

French sauce made with white roux and milk: Bechamel

French word for women’s underwear: Lingerie

Grail Knight, played by Python John Cleese: Lancelot

Greek Trojan warrior with a weakness in his ankle: Achilles

Literary tool of replacing words to avoid repeats: Anaphora

Male horse on the Ferrari logo: Stallion

People get old junk appraised on Antiques series: Roadshow

Rubbery material that can withstand high heat: Silicone

Space dance move invented by Michael Jackson: Moonwalk

Space dance move made famous by Michael Jackson: Moonwalk

Title of a newspaper article: Headline

Puzzle 5 Answers

Brussels is the capital of this country: Belgium

Childhood home of Diana, Princess of Wales: Althorp

Chinese game of tiles: Mahjong

Collapse, break into small pieces: Crumble

Director of the 1979 comedy, Meatballs: Reitman

North American myth of a tall ape man in the woods: Bigfoot

Series of various small tasks that don’t pay well: Odd jobs

Theory on how the universe began: Big bang

Type of well one throws coins into: Wishing

What the “O” in IMO in a text message means: Opinion

__ Prime, the leader of the Autobots: Optimus

__ spray, put on the face to keep makeup in place: Setting

Group 787

Puzzle 1 Answers

A quadratic function forms this shape on a graph: Parabola

Board game to work out the identity of characters: Guess who

British rock band fronted by Chris Martin: Coldplay

Category for eight-legged creatures: Arachnid

Chemical that prevents tooth decay: Fluoride

Face made from punctuation in texts or emails: Emoticon

Finn __ plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things: Wolfhard

Jean de __, French peasant film of the 1980s: Florette

Latin expression that means “through my fault”: Mea culpa

Oily fish like a sardine: Pilchard

Plant life, grass and hedges: Greenery

Rotating horse ride at a fair: Carousel

Stephen King book, unusual spelling, Pet __: Sematary

Twelve men who worked with Jesus: Apostles

Vanquished an enemy: Defeated

White mark along the back of a tennis court: Baseline

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cowboys put saddles on them: Horses

Downhill skiing event with flags to weave in & out: Slalom

Elvis Presley hit song Love Me __: Tender

Formal suit men wear for weddings and events: Tuxedo

German toast of good health: Prosit

Latin word meaning “be well” used to toast: Prosit

Mayim, who played young C.C. in Beaches: Bialik

Photo of a person taken by that same person: Selfie

Single-cell reproductive units of bacteria/fungi: Spores

To ask a higher court to reverse a legal decision: Appeal

__ and booted; dressed in formal attire: Suited

Puzzle 3 Answers

A plant that lives inside another plant: Endophyte

An open ledge to hold paperbacks: Bookshelf

Ancient remains of a citadel in Athens, Greece: Acropolis

Belief system that the world is not a globe: Flat earth

Big island next to Canada: Greenland

Building for monks and nuns to live and work: Monastery

Don Quixote’s trusty horse in Cervante’s novel: Rocinante

Lonely one-player card game: Solitaire

Masked superhero known as the Green Hornet: Britt reid

Sealed __; sent with love: With a kiss

Tess McGill’s boss, __ Parker, in Working Girl: Katharine

Thick, heavy outer layer worn by soldiers: Greatcoat

What young fans of Justin Bieber call themselves: Beliebers

Puzzle 4 Answers

A society based on producing crops: Agrarian

Actor who played the hero pilot, Captain Sully: Tom hanks

Cherished, of great value or price: Precious

Country where Mount Killimanjaro is located: Tanzania

Doc __, Wild West gunslinger, also a dentist: Holliday

Ironing hair into crinkles: Crimping

Nike’s slogan: Just do it

Stuttering Looney Tunes cartoon character: Porky pig

The shape of this hair source determines curliness: Follicle

Vampire book series by Stephenie Meyer: Twilight

You can have your cake and __: Eat it too

__ Bound, Simon & Garfunkel song of 1966: Homeward

Puzzle 5 Answers

Broad blade knife to chop coconuts or tall grass: Machete

Caribbean island country invaded by the US in 1983: Grenada

Dan, who was Ray Stantz in Ghostbusters: Aykroyd

Design partner to Dolce: Gabbana

Huey, Dewey and Louie to Donald Duck: Nephews

Scientific study of forces, matter and energy: Physics

Sculptor who designed the Elgin marbles: Phidias

Sea reptiles including leatherback and green: Turtles

Some say twins look like these in a pod: Two peas

Stories of personal history: Memoirs

Younger sister of Princess Beatrice: Eugenie

Group 788

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ball-firing piece of heavy artillery: Cannon

Clive Cussler book, Matthew McConaughey film: Sahara

Delicacy dish of sturgeon roe: Caviar

Female organ where children are conceived: Uterus

Google’s web browser: Chrome

It’s __ to give than to receive: Better

James __, wrote Lost Horizon book on Shangri-la: Hilton

Mickey Mouse’s inamorata: Minnie

Nickname for the legendary Scottish water monster: Nessie

Potion or treatment for what ails you: Remedy

Robe worn by Ottoman sultans: Kaftan

Skates with wheels: Roller

Yellow shirt worn by Tour de France leader: Jersey

__ Island; Canada’s largest isle: Baffin

Puzzle 2 Answers

1940 Disney animation paired with classical music: Fantasia

Aquatic mammal closely related to the dolphin: Porpoise

Astrid __; creator of Pippi Longstocking books: Lindgren

Black syrup from sugar beets, used in baking: Molasses

Board game of buying properties: Monopoly

Capital of Serbia, it means white fortress: Belgrade

Home of El Capitan cliff: Yosemite

Pirates wore one to keep one half used to darkness: Eyepatch

Recommend or suggest someone for an award: Nominate

Soft, fine, expensive wool made from goats: Cashmere

Tape that 1980s music used to be recorded on: Cassette

The range of an instrument: Register

These get buried when people make peace: Hatchets

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bigger than a state, smaller than a continent: Country

Circus performer with flaming clubs: Juggler

Fastest land animal: Cheetah

Italian luxury car brand founded in 1939: Ferrari

Kylie the pop princess: Minogue

Microsoft’s PC operating system: Windows

Nadia Comaneci was a perfect-10 one of these: Gymnast

Outtake from a movie production of a comical error: Blooper

Raw fish, often served with sushi: Sashimi

What sank the Titanic: Iceberg

Puzzle 4 Answers

African nation nicknamed land of a thousand hills: Rwanda

Alfred and sidekick Robin’s boss: Batman

Commonly constructed sand structure: Castle

Former US president Ronald and wife Nancy: Reagan

Medal given for 2nd place: Silver

Phil Collins film about the Great Train Robbery: Buster

Powerful Etta James song: At last

Property owned and passed down through generations: Estate

Reproductive organ of a flower containing pollen: Stamen

Spanish rice dish topped with seafood: Paella

Substance quality with a PH lower than 7: Acidic

World famous doll that Aqua sang about: Barbie

__ Teach; Blackbeard the pirate’s true identity: Edward

Puzzle 5 Answers

Blood components that help clotting: Platelets

Drinks: Beverages

Economical rise and fall of what money is worth: Inflation

Expression through movement with no props: Pantomime

Groups of atoms bonded together: Molecules

He won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in 2004: Jamie foxx

Jibe that is below the belt: Cheap shot

Medical specialist that treats asthma and hives: Allergist

Network of underground tombs beneath Paris: Catacombs

Secretariat, Seabiscuit, or Justify: Racehorse

She was a Woman in Love: Streisand

This item is also known as a prune: Dried plum

Vehicle for a lazy river ride: Inner tube

Yellow weed with strong root, clock-like flowers: Dandelion

Group 789

Puzzle 1 Answers

Almond-shaped brain part involved with emotions: Amygdala

Babylonian pyramidic temple towers: Zikurats

Call sign for Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

Famous London Shakespearean playhouse: The globe

French undersea explorer and inventor, Jacques __: Cousteau

Greek fast food meat dish served on skewers: Souvlaki

Greek god of wine, usually pictured holding grapes: Dionysus

Italian designer with campy pop culture references: Moschino

Keith __ Rolling Stones guitarist: Richards

Refrigerator chamber that produces frozen cubes: Icemaker

Short stature French general and Emperor: Napoleon

Soft white wax used during manicures: Paraffin

Therapeutic sunroom: Solarium

Tiny animals that whales feed on: Plankton

To be capable of making mistakes: Fallible

Youngest and most faithful daughter of Lear: Cordelia

Puzzle 2 Answers

An ancient weaving technique forming an open mesh: Sprang

Capital of Colombia: Bogota

GPS tech firm with Forerunner smart watch: Garmin

Involuntary reaction of a body part to a stimulus: Reflex

Japanese name for flying fish roe: Tobiko

Neo from the Matrix wore this type of coat: Trench

Paul Simon sings “Life I love you, all is “: Groovy

Person who writes books: Author

Physical activity that increases your heart rate: Cardio

Scouts need a keen eye for it: Talent

Spock was from this planet in Star Trek: Vulcan

The __ of Zelda, game set in the world of Hyrule: Legend

This is believing: Seeing

Puzzle 3 Answers

2008 Lady Gaga song about being photographed: Paparazzi

American writer of “A Farewell to Arms” in 1929: Hemingway

Apple computer line first introduced in 1984: Macintosh

Chinese Square where protests happened in 1989: Tiananmen

DC character with the alter ego Jason Rusch: Firestorm

Gallerie dell’; Venice museum of art: Accademia

Leading mystery-solving male in Scooby-Doo series: Fred jones

Mission Impossible star: Tom cruise

Study of the origin of the universe: Cosmology

This person travels to the moon, outer space: Astronaut

Puzzle 4 Answers

Acts of courage and bravery: Heroism

Cable used to top up a phone’s battery: Charger

Central __, network of radiators in a house: Heating

Classic gin and vermouth drink with olives: Martini

Debbie Harry fronted this band that’s a hair shade: Blondie

Denim clothing company founded in 1852, Levi __: Strauss

Finely shredded wood used as animal bedding: Sawdust

Himalayan climbing guides: Sherpas

Official language of Andorra: Catalan

Pink canary in Tiny Toon Adventures: __ Pie: Sweetie

Roman messenger of the gods with winged sandals: Mercury

The Simpsons’ Principal Skinner: Seymour

The __, Austen’s fragmentary unfinished novel: Watsons

There are 1,440 in a day: Minutes

Two-piece beach garments: Bikinis

Puzzle 5 Answers

1991 REM hit heard on the airwaves: Radio song

A device that measures how many steps one walks: Pedometer

African straw hat, national symbol of Lesotho: Mokorotlo

Female fighter, led France to victory in 15th c.: Joan of arc

Kids toss these frozen projectiles through the air: Snowballs

One of two of the coordinates, from East to West: Longitude

Quasimodo’s medical issue: Hunchback

Two-piece, shiny loungewear of the 1980s: Shell suit

Welsh actor plays Mycroft in Elementary: Rhys ifans

Wrapping found around retail goods: Packaging

Group 790

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Game of __, title of a 2011 Sherlock Holmes film: Shadows

Cut short, trimmed: Clipped

Gulf located next to Italy’s heel: Taranto

Italian composer of The Four Seasons: Vivaldi

Knitted ankle coverings, leg __: Warmers

L’Homme __; bronze man, sold for US$141.3 million: Au doigt

Memory loss from a head injury: Amnesia

Products brought into a country from elsewhere: Imports

Recited script for public religious service: Liturgy

Teenage cartoon reptilians with ninja skills: Turtles

Throw __ to the wind!: Caution

Triangular snacks in blue, orange and red bags: Doritos

Unit equal to 4.1848 joules: Calorie

Upholstered footrest; Turkish dynastic empire: Ottoman

Vehicle ridden for the Tour de France: Bicycle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Deceiving your competitors in a game of poker: Bluffing

Expressive strips of hair over the eyes: Eyebrows

Fight-ender that causes unconsciousness: Knockout

George Eliot’s titular hero: Adam bede

Large port city in South Africa: Capetown

Long flat pasta, means little tongues in Italian: Linguini

Martial arts film series starring Uma Thurman: Kill bill

Name for a common citizen in Ancient Rome: Plebeian

Paula Abdul sang __ Up: Straight

Two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds: Molecule

Varna class of Vedic teachers, priests in Hinduism: Brahmins

We all scream for it: Ice cream

Puzzle 3 Answers

A chunk of an asteroid that’s fallen to earth: Meteorite

Actor known for playing Jason Bourne: Matt damon

Another word for makeup: Cosmetics

Data transmission capability by high speed WiFi: Broadband

Eagles single and album of 1973: Desperado

Former male spouse: Ex husband

Members of the UN: Countries

People who carry out wills: Executors

Prince of thieves, Nottingham robber for the poor: Robin hood

Tissues that connect two bones together: Ligaments

Unknown people are often plucked from here: Obscurity

__ pants, MC Hammer’s trademark baggy garment: Parachute

Puzzle 4 Answers

Acrophobia is the fear of __: Heights

Break in play when the clock stops: Timeout

Description of a pendulous Salix babylonica: Weeping

Lead singer of the band Nickelback, Chad __: Kroeger

Milan, The Unbearable Lightness of Being writer: Kundera

One can be written under an online post: Comment

Paper folding artform: Origami

Semisoft Danish cheese with a buttery taste: Havarti

The Southernmost State in the US: Florida

__ one’s bets; keeping one’s options open: Hedging

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mass in space that appears as a cloud: Nebula

A sigh of this might be given when feeling better: Relief

Bright plastic Swiss timepiece brand for wrists: Swatch

Dennis was this in the comic strip: Menace

Illuminated Copenhagen pleasure gardens: Tivoli

Philippines autocrat, Ferdinand __: Marcos

Punk band The Ramones were from this NYC borough: Queens

Robert __ Jr. plays Tony Stark: Downey

These fall off trees in the autumn: Leaves

Type of restaurant with “wurst” menu choices: German

What the mouse controls on a computer: Cursor

Word that goes after search or steam: Engine

Group 791

Puzzle 1 Answers

1980s movie about clique of girls with same name: Heathers

Furniture with shelves for novels: Bookcase

Great place for a canine; bad for a spouse: Dog house

Native Scottish pony breed: Highland

Plastic sticks used for integrating sugar in tea: Stirrers

Polynesian island with extinct twin volcanic peaks: Bora bora

Speedy but poor-quality solution to a problem: Quick fix

Style of skydiving or web comic set on planet Jean: Freefall

Underwater city created in Plato’s stories: Atlantis

Unlimited number, time or distance: Infinity

Volcanic island US Navy used for target practice: Molokini

Puzzle 2 Answers

A place dedicated to displaying art: Gallery

Ancient race of giants with single eye on forehead: Cyclops

Band that sang Don’t Stop Believin’: Journey

Bluetooth earbuds sold by Apple: Airpods

Competent and qualified: Capable

Hollywood acting dynasty of Kirk and Michael: Douglas

Maui beach known for the most daring surfers: Hookipa

Pigs are used to find this earthy delicacy: Truffle

Pilgrimage town in France: Lourdes

Type of square used to predict genotypes: Punnett

Puzzle 3 Answers

A small cafe serving light food and coffee: Bistro

Adhere to the rules: Comply

Australian Problem singer Iggy __: Azalea

Capital of the territory of New Caledonia: Noumea

Female superior of a convent: Abbess

Gettysburg, Hastings or Waterloo: Battle

Hard skin built up on the hand through hard work: Callus

Hopeful dating subscribers swipe right on this app: Tinder

Japanese method of searing meat over a hot flame: Tataki

Literary land found through a wardrobe: Narnia

Peter who is better known as Spider-Man: Parker

Polly __, tiny sets of dolls and their worlds: Pocket

Surname of Rocky the boxer: Balboa

The purity of gold is measured in these: Carats

Ways of being, of living as a Hindu, a religion: Dharma

Puzzle 4 Answers

Barroom game of throwing sharp objects at this: Dartboard

Bodily system of glands: Endocrine

Genre that The Handmaid’s Tale is written as: Dystopian

Kind of ink that spies might use: Invisible

Lie detector test: Polygraph

Milan motor scooter manufacturer: Lambretta

OH with a negative charge: Hydroxide

Period of peace, harmony and progress: Golden age

Rodin, Donatello, and Michelangelo: Sculptors

She played Lady Rose in Downton Abbey: Lily james

Shooting and skiing competitions: Biathlons

Small citrus fruit named like a Moroccan city: Tangerine

The amount of data that can be moved on a network: Bandwidth

The way someone exists, their habits and food: Lifestyle

Venomous nocturnal mammal with long snout from Cuba: Solenodon

When You Wish __, popular Disney anthem: Upon a star

Puzzle 5 Answers

Doll, statuette: Figurine

Emperor of Japan during World War II: Hirohito

Indiana Jones was looking for the Ark of this: Covenant

JW __, brand of international upmarket hotels: Marriott

Low-sugar cola brand that came out in 1982: Diet coke

Michelle __, one third of Destiny’s Child: Williams

National Park in California with giant sequoias: Yosemite

Northern French brandy tasting of apples: Calvados

Sleepy little animal at the Mad Hatter’s tea party: Dormouse

Small sticks, pieces of wood for starting a fire: Kindling

This is a regenschirm in German: Umbrella

Group 792

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another term for dog: Canine

BRICS country: __, Russia, India, China, S. Africa: Brazil

Basque sport similar to jai alai: Pelota

Genus of animals that stemmed from wolves: Canine

If you have lots of bad luck, you might be this: Jinxed

Pico de gallo calls for these spicy bulbs: Onions

Ted Danson show where everybody knows your name: Cheers

To create something that previously didn’t exist: Invent

Tool used to dig a hole: Shovel

Ultraviolet ones help nails dry faster: Lights

What you do on a trampoline; to quickly rebound: Bounce

Puzzle 2 Answers

All stock has been bought; no longer available: Sold out

Bird that ignites in flames to rise from the ashes: Phoenix

Director of 1994 ABBA-themed Muriel’s Wedding: Pj hogan

French city the Big Easy is named after: Orleans

Gloria, who sang Rhythm Is Gonna Get You: Estefan

Green-outfitted servants from The Handmaid’s Tale: Marthas

Male geese: Ganders

Saint who is celebrated yearly on March 17th: Patrick

Skull: Cranium

They aren’t gases or solids: Liquids

Tiny, shiny plastic pieces for arts and crafts: Glitter

Totally clean; with no bacteria: Sterile

Tropical fruits with juicy, orange flesh: Mangoes

What people fill out on dating sites to find love: Profile

__ rivalry; animosity between brothers and sisters: Sibling

Puzzle 3 Answers

1 2 3 4 5 6 is a really bad one, apparently: Password

A difficult, precarious or entrapping position: Quagmire

Catholic prayer asking Christ’s mother for help: Hail mary

Cinnamon whisky: Fireball

Descriptive name for a young racehorse: Yearling

First Roman emperor born outside of Italy: Claudius

Great basin touching 4 US States and Canada: Lake erie

Join the numbers to reveal a hidden picture: Dot to dot

Person who deserts a cause or defies laws, customs: Renegade

Richard __, the marine biologist in Jaws: Dreyfuss

Should I Stay or Should I Go band: The clash

Type of premolar tooth with two points: Bicuspid

Wad of camphor used to deter butterfly relatives: Mothball

Puzzle 4 Answers

Animal that feeds off other animals’ kills: Scavenger

Elaborate procession, or a play by Noël Coward: Cavalcade

GPS is modern technology that fills this role: Navigator

Something applied to armpits to guard from stink: Deodorant

They were Fine Young ones, who were driven crazy: Cannibals

Tracheas: Windpipes

What Easter eggs are made of: Chocolate

Who Han Solo said this to: “Laugh it up, fuzzball”: Chewbacca

Wilting, fading: Withering

__ Building, NY icon for a five-and-dime merchant: Woolworth

Puzzle 5 Answers

1964 Cold War thriller; or backup that limits harm: Fail safe

A story with a hidden moral meaning: Allegory

An athlete who’s expected to succeed soon: Prospect

Book of Revelation: Four __ of the Apocalypse: Horsemen

Danger or hazard, or US game show: Jeopardy

He sings I’m Not the Only One: Sam smith

Home to capital Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia

Liquid condiment made from fermented bean paste: Soy sauce

Neon, bright, radiant shade of pink, green, yellow: Luminous

Oscar __, architect of Brasilia’s civic buildings: Niemeyer

Removing items from packaging: Unboxing

Talkback communication system for buildings: Intercom

White parrot breed with a plume on its head: Cockatoo

Group 793

Puzzle 1 Answers

A ninja or a tennis shoe: Sneaker

Cattle drinking receptacles: Troughs

Curling the hair with a non-temporary treatment: Perming

Donald Glover’s city named TV show: Atlanta

First name of Royal Navy Vice-Admiral Nelson: Horatio

Hindu word for supreme being, god, ruler, queen: Ishvara

NASCAR’s Darlington, Richmond, or Sonoma: Raceway

Old name for what is now Microsoft Outlook: Hotmail

Rekeyed a letter if lost or wrong: Retyped

Renovate a home or office: Remodel

Shipped, carried over water: Ferried

Temperature that’s below 0 degrees: Subzero

__ Mercury of Queen: Freddie

__ and Mimi, lead lovers in Puccini’s La Bohème: Rodolfo

__ someone’s leg; teasing or making a joke: Pulling

Puzzle 2 Answers

Beating fast, running fast: Racing

Cause and __: Effect

Charles __, Frankish ruler from 718 to 741: Martel

City in British Columbia with a fishy name: __ Arm: Salmon

Don’t put Baby in this, said Johnny: Corner

Edible rhizome used in cakes, biscuits, curries: Ginger

Fragile packages are often marked “__ with care”: Handle

Reading material in electronic form: Ebooks

Russian administrative division or region: Oblast

You might sign one before they let you skydive: Waiver

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capital city of Franche-Comté region, with citadel: Besançon

Celestial events often featured in myths: Eclipses

Comfortable shoes to wear indoors: Slippers

Dynamite character whose best friend is Pedro: Napoleon

Figures such as 1, 2, 3 or X, V, I: Numerals

Free an animal from captivity: Liberate

Looks at critically: Examines

Military hairdos: Crew cuts

New __, 1980s movement adopted by Duran Duran: Romantic

One who brings goods into a country illegally: Smuggler

Quiet highwaymen without the benefit of horses: Footpads

Shakespeare gave one a close call in Venice: Merchant

Typically African wild animals eaten for food: Bushmeat

What quill pens were made from: Feathers

Puzzle 4 Answers

1992 R.E.M album was this For The People: Automatic

A sudden ripple effect from an explosion or event: Shockwave

Celebration of Fat Tuesday in New Orleans: Mardi gras

Conical form of cloud and water like a tornado: Landspout

Famous Calvin Klein perfume introduced in 1980s: Obsession

Friend you spend time with: Companion

He was played by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop: Axel foley

Hoggle and Sarah met David Bowie in this movie: Labyrinth

Kinship, sharing of familial DNA: Blood ties

Muscle between the throat and stomach: Esophagus

Tall yellow bloom; seeds boost blood circulation: Sunflower

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mixed drink minus the alcohol: Mocktail

An unwavering member of one political party: Partisan

Clothing pads either side of the neck, 1980s style: Shoulder

Escaping from a plane upwards: Ejecting

Person from the island at the toe of Italy’s boot: Sicilian

Plot with others to take someone down: Conspire

Sikh festival celebrated in mid-April each year: Vaisakhi

Sunglasses named after pilots that wear them: Aviators

The most abundant periodic element on earth: Hydrogen

This message will self-__ in 3, 2, 1…: Destruct

Group 794

Puzzle 1 Answers

Acquiring an orangey-brown, grainy patina: Rusting

Ancient city of the Temple of Artemis: Ephesus

Australian wild dogs: Dingoes

First name of child star and cherry soda drink: Shirley

Ghetto blaster; portable music speakers: Boombox

Large gym bag with handles for carrying: Holdall

Lie back: Recline

Retro, classic style: Vintage

Scribbling a note or story: Writing

Slang for an uncouth boxer with heavy fists: Slugger

Soderbergh 2002 movie based on Lem book: Solaris

Puzzle 2 Answers

App for making and watching lip-sync videos: Tik tok

Bond, covenant: Surety

Boy George’s The __ Game: Crying

Contraption used to climb to high places: Ladder

Cylindrical foam column to massage sore muscles: Roller

Deep narrow valley or a crack in an icy landscape: Ravine

Eel known as ma-anago in Japanese cuisine: Conger

Hairstyles for Teddy Boys, came back in the 1980s: Quiffs

Sacrificial structures: Altars

Sister of SuperTed’s best friend Spotty: Blotch

Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs: Mr pink

Take off, subtract: Deduct

Taking the __ route: the longer but prettier way: Scenic

The Eloi and Morlocks live there: Future

Puzzle 3 Answers

Anticipating future problems, needs or changes: Proactive

Dench and Coogan film about the search for a child: Philomena

Dirty canard, gentle admonishment for a filthy tot: Mucky duck

Heathland, chapparal: Scrubland

Large white seabird nicknamed a gooney: Albatross

Object in orbit: Satellite

Person who skis and shoots: Biathlete

Piccadilly accommodation for high society: Ritz hotel

Quick-cooking kitchen appliance: Microwave

Rolled up tobacco: Cigarette

Swedish glass company with 1740s origins: Kosta boda

Unfinished Kaufka novel about bureaucracy: The castle

__ Wants to Rule the World, Tears for Fears song: Everybody

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another word for under or below: Beneath

Big guy defeated by David with a slingshot: Goliath

Famous King of the Vampires: Dracula

Frog or fish in Wonderland; palace servant: Footman

Having more beef or pork than another burger does: Meatier

Legend says Nero did this while Rome burned: Fiddled

Pretend medicine that actually works: Placebo

Radio news presenters: Anchors

Series of sailing races: Regatta

Top __, sleep two to a bed, heads at either end: And tail

Vulpine dance in the ballroom: Foxtrot

__ Patch Kids, dolls with birth certificates: Cabbage

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baleen whale known for mating in Hawaii: Humpback

Bodily substances that affect mood: Hormones

Brown and white innards from certain crustaceans: Crabmeat

Brush protection from the rays on Caribbean sands: Parasols

Chilean capital with Plaza de Armas: Santiago

King of the Fair Folk in The Black Cauldron: Eidilleg

Looked at, watched: Observed

Make something sound or seem less important: Play down

Outdoors in Italian: Al fresco

Performed magic tricks: Conjured

Series of famous sculptures by Jeff Koons: Banality

Sophie’s companion the Big __ Giant: Friendly

Sugariest type of Taboo that Sade sang about: Sweetest

__ nurse, care specialist after surgery: Recovery

Group 795

Puzzle 1 Answers

Beals, who played Alex in Flashdance: Jennifer

Botanical alcohol known as ‘The Green Fairy’: Absinthe

Fruits, veggies are this, based on growing times: Seasonal

Improved the finances of: Enriched

Name of the Grey in TV show Grey’s Anatomy: Meredith

Smelling the air: Sniffing

Spooky musical instrument, played without touching: Theremin

Sticky and shiny cosmetic to enhance the mouth: Lip gloss

The right to vote: Suffrage

Use GPS to find hidden treasure: Geocache

Volodymyr, became Ukraine president in 2019: Zelensky

What beggars can’t be, according to the saying: Choosers

What pencils are filled with instead of lead: Graphite

Puzzle 2 Answers

Animal __; rearing livestock on a farm: Husbandry

Electrical device inside the heart to regulate it: Pacemaker

Electrical implanted device for heart regulation: Pacemaker

Greek goddess of love represented by Venus de Milo: Aphrodite

Illegal bar in the Prohibition era: Speakeasy

Large glazed alcove on an outer wall of a building: Bay window

Mark Billingham’s Sleepyhead detective: Tom thorne

Mikhail, Soviet Union leader, Nobel Prize winner: Gorbachev

Things like bacteria that can cause disease: Pathogens

Three dimensional visual art form carved or molded: Sculpture

What is made on PowerPoint: Slideshow

Puzzle 3 Answers

A baby hare: Leveret

Board grease to avoid slippage in water: Surf wax

Ends or lines that separate countries: Borders

Inigo __, Princess Bride fencer, avenges his dad: Montoya

Large, fancy house with many rooms: Mansion

Madonna’s eldest daughter: Lourdes

Muslim monk who dances in circles, whirling __: Dervish

Part of a house where smoke comes out: Chimney

Phil Collins sang and drummed In the Air __: Tonight

Someone who gives up or admits defeat: Quitter

Something that is said but hasn’t been proven yet: Alleged

Spanish punch made of fruit and wine: Sangria

Puzzle 4 Answers

A counter to measure radioactivity: Geiger

Animals so slow that moss grows on their fur: Sloths

Athlete that rides the horse during races: Jockey

Cosmetic ointments: Creams

Do this to your PC to avoid losing files: Backup

Eleven’s choice breakfast food on Stranger Things: Waffle

German chancellor Angela __: Merkel

Mark that ends most sentences: Period

Owls are a symbol of this virtue: Wisdom

Paul or Ringo: Beatle

Physical movement or response to something: Action

Popular Disney film starring Elsa and Anna: Frozen

Roman ruler told to “beware the Ides of March”: Caesar

Small French restaurant: Bistro

Soviet location for the 1980 Summer Olympics: Moscow

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abandons or discards a scheme: Jettisons

Alvin, Theodore and Simon are these animals: Chipmunks

Black and white cat in Looney Tunes cartoons: Sylvester

Chinese explorer who established the Silk Route: Zhang qian

City home to the Van Gogh Museum: Amsterdam

Elusive religious drinking vessel: Holy grail

Female horse kept to produce offspring: Brood mare

Instrument where mallets hit wooden bars: Xylophone

Italian starter, e.g. cured meat, olives: Antipasto

One half of a plastic 1980s footwear pair: Jelly shoe

Unofficial fighter or warfare: Guerrilla

What the 7 dwarfs are doing while they work: Whistling

Group 796

Puzzle 1 Answers

1970s metal band __ Sister, sang I Wanna Rock: Twisted

Art style done by Derain and Matisse: Fauvism

Blond barista on Friends: Gunther

Brave, valiant: Gallant

Coastal autonomous community in northwest Spain: Galicia

Grow wealthy and bloom: Prosper

Latin for “to flourish”, or a person’s lifedates: Floruit

Legal approval notice of investigation or arrest: Warrant

Pierre, Canadian PM from 1980, father of Justin: Trudeau

The bottom edge of a dress, skirt, or coat: Hemline

The long bone in the upper arm: Humerus

This Crowe starred in Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind: Russell

Tolkien’s Dark Lord, living underground in Angband: Morgoth

Where people talk about mental health, childhood: Therapy

Puzzle 2 Answers

1980s women’s workwear with gravitas: Power suit

Being __; forgetting your house key: Locked out

Breed of dog that Cruella De Vil was after: Dalmatian

Highest mountain in the Alps: Mont blanc

Jung Chang’s work, aka Three Daughters of China: Wild swans

Person who works behind the curtain: Stagehand

San Francisco monument with working-life murals: Coit tower

Sticky, like the consistency of rice: Glutinous

Under a spell or charmed to like someone: Bewitched

__ moment; when everything falls into place: Light bulb

Puzzle 3 Answers

A French acknowledgement of a telling remark: Touché

Amount of money set aside as a maximum spend: Budget

Austrian doctor, who induced trance-like states: Mesmer

Battles another person or entity: Fights

Bladed shaving implements: Razors

Capital of Greece: Athens

Deep sadness and grief: Sorrow

Henchman: Sbirro

Japanese martial art with Tokyo 2020 debut: Karate

Man from UNCLE star, Robert __: Vaughn

Once a symbol, he sang When Doves Cry: Prince

Region of the lower back: Lumbar

Soviet human spaceflight mission: Vostok

Soviet human spaceflight program: Vostok

Swiss watchmaker with a star logo: Zenith

Unripe fruit in the Thai salad called som tam: Papaya

You might search for showtimes for these: Movies

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bad omen if this feline crosses your path: Black cat

Fastest woman Flo Jo, or __ Griffith Joyner: Florence

Kidney treatment to remove uric acid: Dialysis

Lead vessel in a fleet; most important member: Flagship

Male falcons used in falconry: Sakerets

One-wheeled vehicle: Unicycle

Place of the official residence of India’s president: New delhi

Put the __; gentlemanly bathroom etiquette: Seat down

Star of Skins and Slumdog Millionaire: Dev patel

The ceremonial unity between two people: Marriage

__ to Heaven; much-covered Led Zeppelin hit: Stairway

Puzzle 5 Answers

Also known as garbanzos, used in hummus: Chickpeas

Computer processing functions to problem solve: Algorithm

Fans of Jerry Garcia’s band: Deadheads

Handing out of money in limited amounts: Allowance

He-Man’s brave tiger: Battle cat

Martin Cruz Smith thriller set in the Soviet Union: Gorky park

Most populous city in Alaska: Anchorage

Persecution of sorceresses or dissenters: Witch hunt

Skilled business negotiator: Dealmaker

The Great Bear constellation: Ursa major

Tiny figure, like an Academy Award trophy: Statuette

Yuletide: another word for __: Christmas

__ Square, famous London destination: Trafalgar

Group 797

Puzzle 1 Answers

Barter over price: Haggle

Calls to mind, reminds: Evokes

Catlike, relating to cats: Feline

Facial hairstyles on lip and chin: Beards

Hans Christian Andersen was born there: Odense

Important conference with world leaders: Summit

Richie, All Night Long singer: Lionel

Spicy green paste served with sushi: Wasabi

Sport of Muhammad Ali: Boxing

__ Khan, powerful third son of Genghis: Ogedei

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blood-sucking parasites: Leeches

Crying like a willow tree: Weeping

Dish that inspired Prince Harry to propose: Chicken

Movie where Harrison Ford plays John Book: Witness

Newtonian discovery involving an apple: Gravity

Physicist responsible for A Brief History of Time: Hawking

Powerpuff Girl alongside Blossom and Buttercup: Bubbles

Rudolf __; pioneering educational reformer: Steiner

Slovenian-born wife of Trump: Melania

Thomas __, novelist of V and Gravity’s Rainbow: Pynchon

Triangle where ships and planes disappear: Bermuda

Puzzle 3 Answers

A stone or metal carving of a person or animal: Statue

Bet, wage, take a chance: Gamble

Chinese soapberry with sweet flesh: Lychee

Cube with red, white, yellow, green, blue squares: Rubiks

Italian city you should see and die, apparently: Naples

Medical name for a tailbone, base of the spine: Coccyx

Name for a soldier from ancient Troy: Trojan

Narrow trough that collects rainwater from a roof: Gutter

The imprints animals make in the ground: Tracks

Tony Award Winner Dear Evan __: Hansen

When the wind blows, this will rock: Cradle

William, author of Neuromancer: Gibson

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bald green genius who wants to kill Superman: Brainiac

Cylindrical glass vial used in science experiments: Test tube

Diverse group of people or things: Mixed bag

Garment worn during a thunderstorm: Raincoat

Hand of God goal scorer in 1986 World Cup: Maradona

Legumes from which tofu is made: Soybeans

Philosophies within Hinduism: Darsanas

Pile of animal excrement: Dungheap

Spare period for doing fun things: Free time

This Mount features carved US presidential faces: Rushmore

Puzzle 5 Answers

A type of pita made from dough, but no yeast: Flatbread

Acting scene of a character talking to themself: Monologue

Aircraft with rigid limbs, not rotor blades: Fixed wing

Another name for oil or bubbling crude: Black gold

Cheat, trick, deceive; anagram of blame bozo: Bamboozle

E.g. the Ronettes, Little Mix, the Supremes…: Girl group

Flammable film once used to shoot movies: Celluloid

Hexagonal wax cells created by bees: Honeycomb

Irish stage actress has played Electra and Medea: Fiona shaw

Jake and Finn explore the Land of Ooo in __ Time: Adventure

Kansas place of Boot Hill cemetery and Wyatt Earp: Dodge city

Last name of Italian poet Dante: Alighieri

Muscle in the abdomen that controls breathing: Diaphragm

Rule followers do everything this way: By the book

Group 798

Puzzle 1 Answers

A small arboreal nocturnal primate: galago or __: Bushbaby

Another name for Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web: Internet

Enhancer in food, “extra” ingredient: Additive

First Lady of ex-Argentine president Juan: Eva peron

In broad __, not done in a clandestine way: Daylight

Middle-earth forest controlled by Morgoth: Mirkwood

Sam, Wiz, and Burj: Khalifas

The Day of the __, killer plants from space attack: Triffids

The First State of the US: Delaware

__ Brown, jazz trumpeter who composed Joy Spring: Clifford

Puzzle 2 Answers

An online class or conference through video: Webinar

Crumples in clothing that needs ironing: Creases

Densely forested areas that are rich in wildlife: Jungles

Early 20th C art style by Sonia & Robert Delaunay: Orphism

Feeling when bouncing on the high seas: Seasick

Fire, sack someone: Dismiss

Not loudly: Quietly

Oven and hob combos: Cookers

Polish dance performed in triple meter: Mazurka

Relating to the works of the poet of the Iliad: Homeric

Rufus __, Wacky Races lumberjack driver: Ruffcut

Science of the physical earth, rocks, and sediment: Geology

Short upper garment that exposes the midriff: Crop top

Tennis shots that do not bounce: Volleys

When a witness lies under oath in court: Perjury

With caution: Careful

Puzzle 3 Answers

Asian plants whose stems can be knitted like wool: Ramies

Birds of prey grip their victims with these: Talons

Part of the neck that helps swallow and speak: Throat

Soviet baddies in the world of James Bond: Smersh

Sweet spice used in eggnog, custards, stewed fruit: Nutmeg

Tapes that TV shows could be recorded on in 1980s: Videos

To show off; to display to make others envious: Flaunt

Tubular bell-like instruments: Chimes

US presidents Johnson and Jackson shared this name: Andrew

Whistling, burrowing rodent in Winnie-the-Pooh: Gopher

__ giant, large in size, but a big softie at heart: Gentle

Puzzle 4 Answers

A business, its assets and employees: Company

A swollen infection near teeth: Abscess

Berthe __, French Impressionist of family scenes: Morisot

Important Alpine pass between Italy and Austria: Brenner

Social media site with a bird logo: Twitter

The Clintons’ daughter: Chelsea

Thick stew/soup, often associated with clams: Chowder

Trail or route, especially through a difficulty: Pathway

Type of pot someone would use in pre-plumbing days: Chamber

__ Pail Kids, card collection of grotesque babies: Garbage

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aggression, readiness to fight: Pugnacity

Count them to feel grateful: Blessings

Garden machine for cutting grass: Lawn mower

Geometric shape with four 90-degree angles: Rectangle

Karl Ludwig and Franz Ferdinand: Archdukes

Moleskine sells some of the most popular ones: Notebooks

Move the body rhythmically to bring showers: Rain dance

Other half of John Oates’ musical duo: Daryl hall

Pasta from Rome with egg, black pepper, and ham: Carbonara

Reddened extremity caused by the cold: Chilblain

Tablet of __; golden slab in Night at the Museum: Akhmenrah

Group 799

Puzzle 1 Answers

2017 Depeche Mode album: Spirit

Ambrose __, US wit and author of The New Decalogue: Bierce

Bet, place a wager: Gamble

Class or ranking, often marked with 1-5 stars: Rating

Dotage, later years in life: Old age

Fringed plates on a whale’s jaw: Baleen

Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated: Athena

Hottest season: Summer

Huge vessel for ladling soups from: Tureen

Intense honey native to New Zealand: Manuka

Soldier who plays an instrument to send signals: Bugler

__ Old As Time; Beauty and the Beast anthem: Tale as

__, She Wrote, with detective Jessica Fletcher: Murder

Puzzle 2 Answers

A designed font and its unique characteristics: Typeface

Abdominal distension: Bloating

Active Italian volcano: Vesuvius

Bikini, one-piece, or board shorts: Swimsuit

Decathlete Daley who broke world records: Thompson

High fortresses: Citadels

Hollywood Roman epic film of 1951: Quo vadis

Jet fuel: Kerosene

Katrina and the Waves walked on this: Sunshine

Kazuo __, author of The Remains of The Day: Ishiguro

Private bathrooms that adjoin bedrooms: En suites

Religious symbol often hung over a Christian altar: Crucifix

Security device to protect against cyber attacks: Firewall

Very, very hungry: Starving

Puzzle 3 Answers

African American celebration of life in December: Kwanzaa

African __ dog, antelope chaser: Hunting

Croatian Adriatic Sea island, linked to Marco Polo: Korcula

Greek mythological half horse, half man: Centaur

Huge locks, tresses with volume: Big hair

One expects animated character Dora to do it: Explore

Sara __; businesswoman who invented Spanx: Blakely

Scientist that experiments with mixing solutions: Chemist

Sneezy reaction to pollen: Allergy

Stadium in Kuching, Malaysia: Sarawak

Urine-storing organ: Bladder

Vegetables preserved in vinegar: Pickles

__ to Kill, Bond theme by Gladys Knight: Licence

Puzzle 4 Answers

Beats in battle: Defeats

Cleanliness, state of sterility: Hygiene

Dallas asked us who shot him: J r ewing

Hawaii is in this ocean: Pacific

ISBN __; unique identifiers for commercial books: Numbers

Metal element in milk that makes the bones strong: Calcium

Pottery used for wine storage in ancient Greece: Amphora

Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man: Babbitt

The male child of your new wife or husband: Stepson

Puzzle 5 Answers

All ok, fine; an album by Bowie: Hunky dory

Biblical sea serpent: Leviathan

Business where cuticles are shaped and decorated: Nail salon

Captain Hook lived in fear of one: Crocodile

Defender of a stance, doctrine or policy: Apologist

Orange French cheese in ball shape, from Lille: Mimolette

Staying power, persistence: Endurance

Sumerian written wedge language: Cuneiform

System of dots and dashes for secret messages: Morse code

The Flash, Dash Parr, or Quicksilver: Speedster

US state where Atlantic City is: New jersey

Walking in fast-flowing mountain streams: Canyoning

Group 800

Puzzle 1 Answers

1985 Wembley gig for Ethiopia famine: Live aid

City of birth of Roald Dahl and Gareth Bale: Cardiff

First martyr of the Christian Church, Saint __: Stephen

Flower posy worn on the wrist: Corsage

Greek goddess of falling stars: Asteria

Group of Indian subcontinent’s most deadly snakes: Big four

Just Do It’ is one of the most widely known: Slogans

Lee __, golfer, consecutive Open winner in the 70s: Trevino

Rum brand with bat logo: Bacardi

Shorthand for cotton, nose-blowing squares: Hankies

Smallest planet; chemical once used in thermometers: Mercury

Ticket draws for prizes: Raffles

To perform surgery on a patient: Operate

Puzzle 2 Answers

A mushroom or toadstool is this: Fungus

A single-celled organism: Amoeba

Hairstyle: business in front, party at the back: Mullet

People often lose theirs screaming during concerts: Voices

Restraint to prevent a dog from biting: Muzzle

Richard O’Brien’s campy musical, The Rocky __ Show: Horror

Sculptor of Barcelona airport’s giant bronze horse: Botero

Syndicate that regulates prices: Cartel

The Sleeping __; Tchaikovsky’s second ballet: Beauty

Unable to catch an illness, resistant to germs: Immune

Villain actor, Dr. Cecil __, in Bolt: Calico

Puzzle 3 Answers

A collection selected around a cohesive theme: Curated

Budget airline founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou: Easyjet

Cautionary message of impending danger: Warning

Dog __; canine nimbleness over an obstacle course: Agility

Edgar Allan Poe’s final, complete poem, __ Lee: Annabel

Edward Beard __; invented the first lawn mower: Budding

Element with the chemical symbol U: Uranium

Hell’s __, Gordon Ramsay show and restaurant: Kitchen

Island group containing St Kitts and Nevis: Leeward

Medical instrument with a precision blade to cut: Scalpel

Milli __, unreal pop band: Vanilli

Stirred with ice, dilluted with club soda: Collins

Tiny air sacs in the lungs: Alveoli

To wax __ means to sing the praises of: Lyrical

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chaotic situation, that draws ghoulish observers: Car crash

Circular toy for hip gyration: Hula hoop

Coach and teach: Instruct

Dutch currency before they were replaced by euros: Guilders

Geometric patterns that are seen in snowflakes: Fractals

Having the same rights, status and opportunities: Equality

Her lust for golden apples made her lose a race: Atalanta

Parasitic animal in the subclass Eucestoda: Tapeworm

Slytherins are known for this quality: Ambition

Tar-based substance used for preserving fences: Creosote

The power unit of an engine; most cars have 4 or 6: Cylinder

Puzzle 5 Answers

Audrey Hepburn-Fred Astaire movie of 1957: Funny face

First-class accommodation on an ocean liner: Stateroom

Gadget to remove the lid on a tin: Can opener

Large scale medieval catapult used in warfare: Trebuchet

Leaping predatory fish, the fastest of its species: Mako shark

Literally, a dance for two, in the French language: Pas de deux

Measurement of an earthquake’s intensity: Magnitude

Rhizome used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine: Lotus root

Samuel de __, traced the course of the St Lawrence: Champlain

Song by Fleetwood Mac; a muddy avalanche: Landslide

To be begging or reaching with anguish: Desperate

__ scissors, used by kids to resolve disputes: Rock paper

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