CodyCross The 70’s Answers

The 70’s Answers

Group 321

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small bag used to store fragrant herbs.: Sachet

Conflict and discord.: Strife

Dance in which a tutu might be worn.: Ballet

Movie reviewer.: Critic

“Candy is dandy, but __ is quicker”: Ogden Nash.: Liquor

__ punch, unexpected hit.: Sucker

Having prominent teeth, especially in a smile.: Toothy

In need of food, and really unhappy about it.: Hangry

Informal term for someone from “Down Under”.: Aussie

Beethoven’s Third Symphony, also known as the __.: Eroica

Brought to a stop.: Halted

Soak.: Drench

__ de Lioncourt, central figure of Anne Rice books.: Lestat

Puzzle 2 Answers

Boundary at the end of a tennis court.: Baseline

Things that are enjoyed for a short time.: Ephemera

Eagerness, readiness, willingness.: Alacrity

Boo Boo’s ursine friend on picnic hamper thefts.: Yogi bear

On time.: Punctual

Hungarian site of a fictional grand hotel.: Budapest

Tremulous effects added to voices or instruments.: Vibratos

Ballet about dancing dolls scored by Delibes.: Coppelia

Fragrant purple flower used in sachets and soaps.: Lavender

Oldest bridge across the River Seine in Paris.: Pont neuf

Agricultural laborers from the Middle Ages.: Peasants

Puzzle 3 Answers

Random, not in any constant pattern.: Irregular

Country south of Honduras and north of Costa Rica.: Nicaragua

__ tears are faked to elicit sympathy.: Crocodile

Electric count-down oven for heating food.: Microwave

Very contagious stomach bug that causes vomiting.: Norovirus

Beatles album with zebra crossing on cover.: Abbey road

Tequila, cream and cacao; don’t lose your fingers!.: Frostbite

Another name for Bigfoot, the hairy humanoid.: Sasquatch

Web log lets users post short text updates.: Microblog

They increase the rate of chemical reactions.: Catalysts

Puzzle 4 Answers

Spice for anointing bridal pair at Hindu weddings.: Turmeric

Publication containing words and music.: Songbook

Expressing good wishes; following rules in sport.: Fair play

Shakespeare’s Prince of Tyre.: Pericles

Summer gown, light and strappy.: Sundress

Camille __, Danish-French artist of Hoar Frost.: Pissarro

Ridiculously small, of a monetary offer or sum.: Derisory

Plentiful, abundant.: Prolific

Frowning in an angry manner.: Scowling

Crosses the street illegally.: Jaywalks

Inflammation of the tissues in the lungs.: Pleurisy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Loving, cherishing someone.: Adoring

Small dots that appear on an “i” and a “j”.: Tittles

Etch __; art toy with a screen and a red frame.: A sketch

The Blue Lagoon is a famous attraction here.: Iceland

Avoiding getting hit by a ball.: Dodging

Placido __, a Spanish member of the Three Tenors.: Domingo

Early 20th century art style emphasizing color.: Fauvism

Long, narrow crack in a rock.: Fissure

Squirm about, like a worm.: Wriggle

Relating to touch.: Tactile

Group 322

Puzzle 1 Answers

Background music to create a sense of calm.: Ambient

Dents in cheeks.: Dimples

Japanese soybean pods.: Edamame

Spraying fine water droplets.: Misting

Starts up again.: Resumes

John Lennon’s partner in peaceful protest.: Yoko ono

Capital of Libya.: Tripoli

Injuries in which organs push through tissue walls.: Hernias

Scuba outfit.: Wetsuit

Car gadget that records the road ahead.: Dash cam

Puzzle 2 Answers

Evaluate something’s value.: Appraise

Murderer of King Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play.: Claudius

Woody Harrelson’s character in The Hunger Games.: Haymitch

Ocean into which the Orinoco River empties.: Atlantic

Referee or linesman overseeing a match.: Official

Number of days in two weeks.: Fourteen

Making a long journey by foot, in the mountains.: Trekking

An arterial obstruction caused by a blood clot.: Embolism

Warheads propelled by a weapon.: Missiles

One of the largest cut diamonds in the world.: Koh i noor

An imitation or copy; to stop work.: Knock off

In a praying position.: Kneeling

“Dogs of war” sent by Henry VIII to Charles V.: Mastiffs

Puzzle 3 Answers

Agent played by Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible.: Ethan hunt

Strings passed through eyes to tie up footwear.: Shoelaces

Reverberation.: Resonance

To anger, enrage.: Infuriate

Castle __, fortress defended by He-Man.: Grayskull

Futuristic, high-tech sci-fi genre.: Cyberpunk

Container for pouring out morning cup of Joe.: Coffee pot

Frolicking.: Cavorting

Persecuted French protestants who emigrated.: Huguenots

Very outgoing, social person.: Extrovert

Puzzle 4 Answers

He bought a burial plot next to Marilyn Monroe.: Hefner

Partly oxidized Chinese tea.: Oolong

Portuguese Atlantic isles famous for their weather.: Azores

Poisonous snakes with fangs.: Vipers

Grow.: Expand

Bugatti __, a French-made high performance car.: Veyron

Fitzgerald’s final completed book, __ is the Night.: Tender

Country where the Chichen Itza ruins are located.: Mexico

Triangular fin on the back of a shark.: Dorsal

Did not have.: Lacked

Puzzle 5 Answers

The E in the abbreviation UAE.: Emirates

Beg to differ, express discord.: Disagree

Environmentally conscious trips.: Ecotours

A window in the roof of a building.: Skylight

Investigates and handles an insurance claim.: Adjuster

Lacking up top, like the Sleepy Hollow horseman.: Headless

Computer experts, information technology pros.: Digerati

Sit around, in a stagnate, idle state.: Vegetate

Someone without a hidden agenda, easily understood.: Open book

Transition metal Cr used in electroplating.: Chromium

Group 323

Puzzle 1 Answers

A strong metal and David Guetta/Sia song title.: Titanium

Describes an unconventional style/lifestyle.: Bohemian

Forest where Robin Hood allegedly lived.: Sherwood

Artificial sweetener aka glucitol.: Sorbitol

Uncomfortable, embarrassed.: Sheepish

Anna __, Tolstoy’s story of a wife who strays.: Karenina

Thank you in Portuguese, by a man.: Obrigado

Old, in poor condition, falling apart.: Decrepit

It’s why coffee gives you a buzz.: Caffeine

Organism living in or on another that it feeds off.: Parasite

Puzzle 2 Answers

Someone who loves another, perhaps secretly.: Admirer

Possessing great knowledge.: Erudite

With added water, not full strength.: Diluted

Can’t make guacamole without one.: Avocado

Program of health improvements, diet, exercise.: Regimen

Fifth in rank.: Quinary

Gray wizard in The Lord of the Rings.: Gandalf

Things that cause a particular reaction.: Stimuli

Capital of Cyprus once surrounded by walls.: Nicosia

Opposite of cowardice.: Bravery

Openly disobedient and steadfast.: Defiant

Small air sacs in the lungs.: Alveoli

Raid, damage.: Ransack

Puzzle 3 Answers

Chains and manacles.: Shackles

Not a bedfellow of the early bird.: Night owl

Essential nutritional content in most fruits.: Vitamin c

Discourse, art of speaking and oratory.: Rhetoric

Camel with two humps.: Bactrian

“Bad Romance” singer.: Lady gaga

Boldness, daring, impudence.: Audacity

Frozen pads applied to reduce swellings.: Ice packs

Amalfi Coast town, a riot of pastel on a hillside.: Positano

Martial arts weapon, two sticks and a chain.: Nunchuks

Helpful DIY professional.: Handyman

Puzzle 4 Answers

A portable computer.: Laptop

Producer of the Harry Potter films: David __.: Heyman

Country where the ancient city of Petra is located.: Jordan

Can __, for getting into tinned food.: Opener

Comfort at great expense.: Luxury

Eugène __, French painter of Cows in the Pasture.: Boudin

Oscar Wilde’s only novel: “The Picture of __ Gray”.: Dorian

Group of books or movies sold as a unit.: Boxset

Distinction and style that is admired.: Cachet

Dermis dryers.: Towels

Flat-bottomed glass jars used in experiments.: Flasks

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dirtying the air with smog.: Polluting

Common Chinese side dish, cooked in oil in a wok.: Fried rice

It’s jumped on when following a trend.: Bandwagon

The most disgusting, most revolting.: Scuzziest

Reducing, minimizing.: Lessening

Pertaining to the back of the head.: Occipital

Carried by hikers and travelers.: Backpacks

Philosophical movement named after German composer.: Wagnerism

Occupation of Meghan Markle’s character in Suits.: Paralegal

Self-assured, certain, poised.: Confident

Songwriter and pianist of Rocket Man.: Elton john

Group 324

Puzzle 1 Answers

Country where Pico Cristóbal Colón is located.: Colombia

Listen in accidentally to someone speaking.: Overhear

King Lear’s youngest and favorite daughter.: Cordelia

Roof tiles.: Shingles

Capital of the United Arab Emirates.: Abu dhabi

Documents containing regulations and laws.: Rule book

Italian, salt-cured bacon, can be eaten raw.: Pancetta

Pause before acting.: Hesitate

Golden Chinese guard dog with a purple tongue.: Chow chow

Golf competition with two pairs of players.: Foursome

Cause to change from gas to liquid.: Condense

Puzzle 2 Answers

Reversing, turning inside out.: Inverting

Peter Parker’s alter ego.: Spider man

The Chicxulub Crater is related to these creatures.: Dinosaurs

Don’t mention it.: Say no more

Joyous, very pleased.: Delighted

Rockers share a name with stinging arachnids.: Scorpions

Light visible once source has been extinguished.: Afterglow

Onlooker.: Spectator

Country where Tempeh originated.: Indonesia

__ fan; filters out odors and steam from kitchen.: Extractor

Persian name for India, like a religion.: Hindustan

Where attorneys are made.: Law school

Puzzle 3 Answers

A burial place for a favorite wife.: Taj mahal

A bivalve’s home.: Seashell

Son of Zeus, punished without food or drink.: Tantalus

Everyone has them.: Opinions

Hard Italian almond biscuits.: Biscotti

All the king’s men.: Subjects

System of concepts and beliefs.: Ideology

Listening component of headphones.: Ear piece

One who has difficulty with letters and numbers.: Dyslexic

Emits energy.: Radiates

Long holes dug in the ground by military.: Trenches

Puzzle 4 Answers

Annual fasting month for Muslims worldwide.: Ramadan

Daily record of events, a diary.: Journal

South American cowboys.: Gauchos

Ship that took Tarzan’s parents to Africa.: Fuwalda

Small pet canines for sitting on knees.: Lap dogs

It’s a dish best served cold.: Revenge

Wild people.: Savages

Post-punk music; acts like The Police and The Jam.: New wave

Rug for wet feet after showering.: Bathmat

War that ended with the “Treaty of Paris”.: Crimean

Artist falsely suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa.: Picasso

Puzzle 5 Answers

Italian high fashion house: Bottega __.: Veneta

Negotiate, deliberate.: Parley

Serious, acute.: Severe

A package sent in the mail.: Parcel

What happened to Elphaba when water touched her.: Melted

Lock, stock & __, everything, all parts of a gun.: Barrel

To give a once over.: Review

Metal device with handle, for grinding meat.: Mincer

The feeling that you need a drink.: Thirst

Sings like a Swiss person.: Yodels

The bony structure at the base of your spine.: Pelvis

Strains of specific plants or animals.: Breeds

Software effect to enhance a digital image.: Filter

Group 325

Puzzle 1 Answers

Childish temper tantrum.: Hissy fit

Board game where you might Go Directly to Jail.: Monopoly

Save, use resources sparingly.: Conserve

Food dishes served in rolled-up spirals.: Roulades

Austrian singing family, life adapted to a musical.: Von trapp

Private __, Goldie Hawn joins the army.: Benjamin

Undergoing a transformation.: Morphing

Hard material used in construction; can be poured.: Concrete

Landmark skyscraper in Manhattan.: Flatiron

Shallow container found by the bath.: Soapdish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Number puzzle.: Sudoku

When alcohol is added to a hot pan to cook.: Flambe

Counsel someone.: Advise

Slang for a black eye.: Shiner

How Italians say 11.: Undici

Country formerly known as Northern Rhodesia.: Zambia

Protective cooking garments; pinnies.: Aprons

Small hand tool for digging.: Trowel

Extrusive rock from lava, used in bathrooms.: Pumice

Those who prefer to be by themselves.: Loners

Puzzle 3 Answers

City where the Titanic was built.: Belfast

Nelson Mandela autobiography: “Long Walk to __”.: Freedom

Type of restaurant where you can order chow mein.: Chinese

Squandering something.: Wasting

Cutting back leaves or twigs for new season growth.: Pruning

Vermeer painting, Girl With a Pearl __.: Earring

Gave birth to puppies.: Whelped

Term related to the afterlife in Greek mythology.: Elysium

Person with surgically removed limb.: Amputee

New and revolutionary.: Radical

Twist, bend in odd shapes.: Contort

The room where a baby sleeps at home.: Nursery

Puzzle 4 Answers

Procession of vehicles.: Motorcade

Someone who ends up taking the blame for something.: Scapegoat

Natives of Monrovia, for example.: Liberians

Making less small, especially of a photo.: Enlarging

Toweling wrist strip to soak up perspiration.: Sweatband

Bare one’s sword.: Unsheathe

Extreme or obsessive interest in setting fires.: Pyromania

Official mistress, like in ancient Chinese culture.: Concubine

Common name for household insect pest.: Cockroach

Lavish ceremonial display.: Pageantry

Solid shapes with multiple faces.: Polyhedra

Puzzle 5 Answers

Drug that causes an increase in the flow of urine.: Diuretic

Disloyalty, in league with the enemy, treachery.: Betrayal

Porcine animation who uttered “That’s all folks”.: Porky pig

Spanish sheep’s milk cheese served with honey.: Manchego

International measures to affect imports, exports.: Trade war

Those who have changed religion.: Converts

Murder.: Homicide

Term for the text of an opera.: Libretto

Swirly, gusty wind as experienced by Pooh.: Blustery

Frozen pieces of glaciers that float in oceans.: Icebergs

Circumvented.: Bypassed

Group 326

Puzzle 1 Answers

Part of a telephone that sits in a base station.: Handset

Full, complete, satiated.: Replete

Quick looks.: Glances

When a baseball batter circles all bases in one go.: Home run

Type of underwater missile that sank the Lusitania.: Torpedo

A poem read out loud.: Recited

Someone in industry who is rich and powerful.: Magnate

Spanish red wine and fruit punch.: Sangria

Transportation of supplies by plane, as in Berlin.: Airlift

Curves inward.: Concave

Proven wrong.: Refuted

Puzzle 2 Answers

A division, a classification.: Category

Surname of Shakespeare’s Romeo.: Montague

Glossy and shiny.: Lustrous

Authentic or in good faith, from the Latin.: Bona fide

Postponement of a punishment.: Reprieve

Comic film starring Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.: Space jam

Country where the annual Highland Games take place.: Scotland

Reduce, drop, e.g. prices.: Mark down

Short, elfin hairstyle.: Pixie cut

Volcanic Polynesian island, a US base in WW2.: Bora bora

__ Index (GI), rating for foods containing carbs.: Glycemic

Possessing the ability to make one’s mind up.: Decisive

You can’t train these stones.: Pet rocks

Computers designed by British codebreakers in WWII.: Colossus

Puzzle 3 Answers

Point the finger at someone.: Accuse

River running through Budapest, Vienna, Bratislava.: Danube

Elaborately decorative.: Ornate

Downhill skiing on a winding path.: Slalom

This symbol links compound words.: Hyphen

Summary of work history.: Resume

Egyptian oasis in the desert south of Cairo.: Faiyum

Cherry or plum: a fruit or a vegetable?.: Tomato

Used someone’s words.: Quoted

Coal diggers.: Miners

Puzzle 4 Answers

Top part of trousers, with elastic.: Waistband

Capital of Romania.: Bucharest

Someone offensive and annoying.: Obnoxious

Altered evidence with intention to mislead.: Falsified

Large dogs often used as guide dogs for the blind.: Labradors

Indulging, spoiling, like in a spa.: Pampering

Permanent ink that cannot be erased.: Indelible

Small salted fish found on some pizzas.: Anchovies

Forcibly stole goods during period of unrest.: Plundered

Title or address of an unmarried Italian lady.: Signorina

Puzzle 5 Answers

A nasal piercing for humans and for leading cattle.: Nose ring

Safe, not containing any poisonous substances.: Nontoxic

Intimidating.: Daunting

Marauded, stampeded.: Rampaged

A nominal title conferred, rather than earned.: Honorary

Country that is home to the Cameron Highlands.: Malaysia

Friction-lined plate in a car’s stopping mechanism.: Brake pad

Person in charge of a restaurant kitchen.: Head chef

Neck and neck.: Deadlock

Concise and clear.: Succinct

People who place bets.: Gamblers

Iconic Italian hard cheese.: Parmesan

Group 327

Puzzle 1 Answers

Italian vinegar made from grapes.: Balsamic

Seized.: Captured

Lack of soundness of mind.: Insanity

Ungracefully, carelessly, awkwardly.: Clumsily

Portable heating ring for cooking.: Hot plate

Momentum, speed.: Velocity

Important and relevant terms or phrases.: Keywords

Female property owner who leases houses.: Landlady

From the largest Italian island.: Sicilian

Science of spacecrafts and launch systems.: Rocketry

TLC for your feet at a nail salon.: Pedicure

Active volcano on Luzon in the Philippines.: Pinatubo

Lizards and snakes, for example, but not frogs.: Reptiles

Another name for Light Art, using neon and lasers.: Luminism

To hit someone with a heavy club or object.: Bludgeon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Small red flowers associated with remembrance.: Poppies

Flexible flight option, outside of schedule.: Charter

Candelabra, one of the oldest symbols in Judaism.: Menorah

Make less smooth.: Roughen

Giving freely to others, altruism.: Charity

Instructed people of plans in a formal meeting.: Briefed

Unromantic, common; lacking poetic beauty.: Prosaic

Cupboards, wardrobes.: Closets

Current name for what was once South West Africa.: Namibia

Liquid in which something is dissolved.: Solvent

Sticks to something.: Adheres

Chinese military of workers and peasants.: Red army

When a dessert is served with ice cream.: A la mode

Author of “The Canterbury Tales”.: Chaucer

In all honesty.: Frankly

Puzzle 3 Answers

Thawed.: Defrosted

Evander __; The Real Deal heavyweight boxer.: Holyfield

Said of gardens stretching out over a large area.: Sprawling

Indecency, wickedness.: Depravity

Filled with things in an untidy way.: Cluttered

Third and last of Julius Caesar’s wives.: Calpurnia

Historically, how Indian princes were called.: Maharajas

Composition or building.: Structure

Amusing, entertaining, fun.: Enjoyable

To adapt to use in warfare.: Weaponize

Thickened, emulsified.: Congealed

Propulsion measure of the Starship Enterprise.: Warp speed

Country with the highest waterfall.: Venezuela

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pressing, important.: Urgent

Italian word for the numeral 12.: Dodici

Muscle that bends a limb or joint.: Flexor

Tool for cutting vegetables thinly.: Slicer

To have something bad happen to.: Befall

Deliver a sermon.: Preach

Propelled something using hand force.: Pushed

North India state, borders Bhutan, Tibet, Nepal.: Sikkim

World’s largest river by volume.: Amazon

Going out.: Dating

Sparse, scant, revealing when applied to clothing.: Skimpy

Summer sport played on a grass or clay court.: Tennis

Non-magical person in Harry Potter.: Muggle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aging like a cultivated drink.: Fine wine

Calling for assistance over the airwaves.: Radioing

Catching clothes on something sharp.: Snagging

Indoor swimming pool for pet guppies.: Fish tank

Four lines poem or stanza with a set rhyme pattern.: Quatrain

Sports performed in the water.: Aquatics

Owner of a DeLorean in Back to the Future.: Doc brown

An irritating person, a younger sibling maybe.: Nuisance

Hitting the ground and rising.: Bouncing

Propelling with a finger strike.: Flicking

Abroad; a foreign country.: Overseas

Group 328

Puzzle 1 Answers

Said something without sufficient clarity.: Misspoke

Bending down low to talk to someone.: Stooping

Front of the leg skeleton, protected by pads.: Shinbone

Herds horses.: Wrangles

Color associated with seagoing military.: Navy blue

Cuts short.: Curtails

Lamenting a death.: Mourning

Large, low-sounding percussion instrument.: Bass drum

Italian bubbly.: Prosecco

City with the world’s longest metro system.: Shanghai

Reduces in value.: Cheapens

Female pilot.: Aviatrix

Puzzle 2 Answers

Pains in the brain.: Headaches

Relates to yellow waxy body secretion, __ glands.: Sebaceous

Brown-haired women.: Brunettes

Crudeness, impropriety.: Obscenity

Sweet crunchy egg white desserts.: Meringues

DJ’s vinyl deck.: Turntable

California city, home of the Queen Mary ship.: Long beach

Piece of text set aside and enlarged for emphasis.: Pull quote

Demand, specify.: Stipulate

Sticking around.: Lingering

St Paul’s __; wedding venue for Charles and Diana.: Cathedral

Airplane stewards and stewardesses.: Cabin crew

Puzzle 3 Answers

Creamy fish soup.: Chowder

At last, decisively.: Finally

It goes with a small brush to sweep up spills.: Dustpan

Bone in the upper arm.: Humerus

Flowing air.: Current

Biblical visitations of boils, locusts, hail, etc.: Plagues

Major Israeli financial center, on Mediterranean.: Tel aviv

To reverse creation.: Destroy

Made flat or even.: Leveled

Forces rules upon someone.: Imposes

Subtle difference in expression.: Nuanced

Slow love songs.: Ballads

National airline of Costa Rica (formerly LACSA).: Avianca

Small trace of a substance left behind.: Residue

Fugitives or bandits.: Outlaws

Surname of Shakespeare’s Juliet.: Capulet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Place to see artifacts.: Museum

Pierce with a spear.: Impale

Covered, dusted with.: Coated

Heavy brake for a ship.: Anchor

Italian word that means soon.: Presto

Sumptuous.: Lavish

Site of ancient standing stones, Brittany, France.: Carnac

Unimportant, but interesting, facts for quizzing.: Trivia

Oppressive ruler.: Tyrant

Pasta strand.: Noodle

Bullfighter’s jacket.: Bolero

Crumbling decaying wood that affects buildings.: Dry rot

Did not hit, went wide of the mark.: Missed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Safety harness in a vehicle.: Restraint

Spoken word version of literary work.: Audio book

Decorative screen in the hearth for protection.: Fire guard

Washed; handled stolen money.: Laundered

Stripy sugary Christmas treat.: Candy cane

US naval officer in Puccini’s Madama Butterfly.: Pinkerton

Wandered off a subject.: Digressed

Lively, term used to describe the active elderly.: Sprightly

__ Ronaldo; Portugal and Real Madrid football ace.: Cristiano

Cup with miraculous powers.: Holy grail

Belligerent, argumentative.: Combative

Next to the seashore.: Beachside

Group 329

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mix up a deck of cards.: Shuffle

Former name of Taiwan, meaning “beautiful”.: Formosa

Lucky protective charms.: Amulets

Highest surface in a room.: Ceiling

A ship arriving at its destination port.: Docking

Safeguard, conserve.: Protect

Butting against, like a male sheep.: Ramming

Walks on two legs.: Bipedal

Rebounded, like a check.: Bounced

Nought, zero, zilch.: Nothing

Course Catholic couples undertake before marriage.: Pre cana

Unit of distance, equal to 201 meters or 220 yards.: Furlong

Puzzle 2 Answers

Orders, commands.: Instructs

Low-to-the-ground, long-bellied German dog.: Dachshund

Far-reaching.: Extensive

Verbally scolded, not eaten.: Chewed out

Pastry spheres used in profiteroles.: Choux buns

Denotes a precise location.: Pinpoints

Lowest female opera-singing voice.: Contralto

Old unsolved crimes opened for reinvestigation.: Cold cases

Complicated, detailed.: Intricate

Upside-down gymnastic maneuver.: Handstand

The daily disappearance of daylight.: Nightfall

Puzzle 3 Answers

Squeeze tightly, shrink by applying pressure.: Compress

Head of the hive.: Queen bee

Thirst __, a drink that satisfies and sates.: Quencher

A dais and also a shoe to make one look taller.: Platform

Short, thin tubes of pasta; good with cheese sauce.: Macaroni

Geliophobia is the fear of this.: Laughter

Washable floor covering for kitchens.: Linoleum

Slim, long unit with built-in speakers for TV.: Soundbar

Makes keener, or less blunt.: Sharpens

Legal search documents.: Warrants

Huge, massive.: Whopping

Forage, hunt.: Scavenge

Next astrological sign after Capricorn.: Aquarius

Bony outgrowth from the back of the foot.: Heel spur

Puzzle 4 Answers

An add-on, supplement.: Adjunct

Kitchen coolers.: Fridges

Warriors of medieval and pre-modern Japan.: Samurai

Striking church bells to produce music.: Chiming

Ancient Greek hero with magical musical skills.: Orpheus

Hellish fire.: Inferno

Celestial bodies.: Planets

Stooping, crouching.: Bending

Mexican food, name translates as “little donkey”.: Burrito

Someone shortlisted for an award.: Nominee

Fictional character Alonso Quijano, aka Don __.: Quixote

Puzzle 5 Answers

Take these off to intensify the fight.: Gloves

Red-breasted birds.: Robins

Fresh curd cheese found in Central Asia.: Paneer

Flag term for emblem/shield in top left-hand side.: Canton

Recoil from attack.: Flinch

Astray, delinquent.: Errant

Non-religious (male) church worker.: Layman

Spread out, extend.: Sprawl

Milos __, directed One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.: Forman

Web browser developed by Apple.: Safari

Group 330

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bejeweled headband used as a royal crown.: Diadem

Have the funds to be able to pay for something.: Afford

Bright and gaudy.: Garish

Charlie Brown’s dog.: Snoopy

Aurangzeb was the last emperor of this empire.: Mughal

Country nicknamed the Great White North.: Canada

The one who discriminates on basis of gender.: Sexist

Found in bones.: Marrow

To remove, cover or ban certain material.: Censor

Left at the altar.: Jilted

Gamed; took part in a sport.: Played

Porcelain throne.: Toilet

Reaction to a sudden fright.: Scream

Most common type of tabletop puzzle.: Jigsaw

Puzzle 2 Answers

Orange swimmer won at the funfair.: Goldfish

Capital of South Australia.: Adelaide

Those who have given up their working lives.: Retirees

Thoughts from the past.: Memories

Word segment, including at least one vowel sound.: Syllable

Toxic fungus, as fatal as its name suggests.: Death cap

Exposed stomachs.: Midriffs

Watch a sporting contest live.: Spectate

Tom Hanks befriends Wilson the volleyball.: Cast away

Transport to get up a mountain.: Cable car

When rung, it alerts homeowners to visitors.: Doorbell

Argus’ other name, an all-seeing 100-eyed giant.: Panoptes

Transmitted outwards, in waves.: Radiated

Puzzle 3 Answers

White residue experienced in hard water areas.: Limescale

Brief, quotable remark, often by politicians.: Soundbite

Strength, determination, resilience.: Fortitude

Person who keeps watch over swimmers’ safety.: Lifeguard

Now commonly called an executive assistant.: Secretary

Substances that are mixtures of 2 or more elements.: Compounds

Member of the aristocracy.: Patrician

Law enforcement vehicle.: Police car

People living together in a single home.: Household

Medical device for stimulating the heart.: Pacemaker

Spiral device for opening wine bottles.: Corkscrew

To renew contact with someone, check in on them.: Touch base

Name given to a mammal with a pouch.: Marsupial

Deficit, insufficiency of something needed.: Shortfall

Hexed, charmed.: Bewitched

London tennis tournament.: Wimbledon

Shakespeare’s king of ancient Britain.: Cymbeline

Puzzle 4 Answers

Gasoline is sold in these liquid units.: Gallons

Organized sporting event of boat races.: Regatta

Type of wine used to make zabaglione.: Marsala

Mozilla’s Web browser.: Firefox

Making a noise like a contented cat.: Purring

Acting or performance groups.: Troupes

Accused person thought guilty of a crime.: Culprit

Created Bilbo, Frodo, and Gandalf.: Tolkien

Account amount.: Balance

Compliment, praise someone.: Flatter

Taking things from others.: Larceny

Areas of very little rain.: Deserts

Puzzle 5 Answers

They provide actors with lines if they falter.: Prompts

Security device with a key.: Padlock

It means orange in Spanish.: Naranja

Italian music master.: Maestro

Making a noise like a dog.: Barking

Copy someone’s achievement, in a respectful way.: Emulate

Rich and eggy French bread; scalloped underneath.: Brioche

Bear witness in a courtroom.: Testify

Unenergetic, relaxed.: Languid

Military men aboard ships.: Sailors

Bury the __; a short-handled axe.: Hatchet

Pretend medicine.: Placebo

Material used for bottles and packaging.: Plastic

Bruce Willis played John McClane in this series.: Die hard

Caribbean island famous for its shorts.: Bermuda

Group 331

Puzzle 1 Answers

Hurdle.: Obstacle

Not produced by machine.: Handmade

Person who oversees a movie’s budget.: Producer

Bridge support.: Abutment

Dickens’ Tiny Tim’s hardworking father, Bob __.: Cratchit

Soothing lotion for chicken pox.: Calamine

Not proper or appropriate.: Unseemly

Substance that accelerates a chemical reaction.: Catalyst

Astronomer credited with discovering Uranus.: Herschel

Refreshing frozen treat served in a cone.: Ice cream

Disapproving; essential or crucial.: Critical

Wicker baby crib or Moses basket.: Bassinet

Use of the same word to begin successive verses.: Anaphora

Full of regret, remorseful.: Contrite

Spiny omnivore who some keep as a pet.: Hedgehog

Puzzle 2 Answers

Gave evidence.: Testified

Element No. 95 in the periodic table.: Americium

Stepped down, gave up the throne.: Abdicated

Relating to brothers.: Fraternal

Tiny black flower particle used on bread crusts.: Poppy seed

Another word for a watch, clock; conveys prestige.: Timepiece

Mugshot generated from witness’ descriptions.: Identikit

Crete’s largest city, dating back to ancient times.: Heraklion

Disability that didn’t stop Renoir from painting.: Arthritis

Brothers Chris, Liam, and Luke.: Hemsworth

Misfortune, difficult situation.: Adversity

Administering a liquid with a needle.: Injecting

Accidentally go past, e.g. the end of a runway.: Overshoot

Dwelling in a building full of them.: Apartment

Vocal musical event where everyone participates.: Sing a long

One who rides shotgun.: Passenger

Puzzle 3 Answers

Stationary, not moving.: Static

A singing group.: Chorus

Japanese green tea, leaves infused in water.: Sencha

Loud noise; bat used in tennis.: Racket

Father of Zeus.: Cronus

Thrusts in fencing; strength training exercises.: Lunges

Prickly desert plant.: Cactus

In physics, it’s a particle of light.: Photon

The color of Jimi Hendrix’s haze.: Purple

Ocean where the island of Mauritius is located.: Indian

Public oration, e.g. a TED Talks.: Speech

Puzzle 4 Answers

A plane touching down at the end of a flight.: Landing

A person’s vocabulary.: Lexicon

Only marsupial found north of Mexico.: Opossum

The medical name for the windpipe.: Trachea

Swampy planet in Star Wars; Yoda lived here.: Dagobah

Footstool for a couch.: Ottoman

When the sea is the furthest from the shore.: Low tide

Spend money extravagantly.: Splurge

Mosquito-spread disease.: Malaria

An order to appear in court.: Summons

Official ban on one country trading with another.: Embargo

Commercial capital of Sri Lanka.: Colombo

Parchment scroll attached to doors in some homes.: Mezuzah

Rod for winding wool.: Spindle

You can drink it.: Potable

One who coordinates clothes and makeup for others.: Stylist

Puzzle 5 Answers

Almond-flavored Italian biscuits.: Amaretti

Country that had the Carnation Revolution.: Portugal

Row, tiff.: Argument

GOWalk footwear company.: Skechers

Wade Wilson’s alter ego.: Deadpool

In legal terms, unable to pay debts.: Bankrupt

Fast flow of mixed earth debris.: Mudslide

Home to world’s largest carnivorous marsupial.: Tasmania

Glass is half full.: Optimist

Spreading of eyeshadow or makeup so it’s seamless.: Blending

Quarter of a circle.: Quadrant

Jupiter’s largest satellite; cupbearer to the Gods.: Ganymede

Group 332

Puzzle 1 Answers

State of mental disturbance, confusion, fever.: Delirium

Keyboard key that sits between Tab and Shift.: Caps lock

Companies that own planes.: Airlines

Desiring someone else’s property.: Coveting

Only known mammal with protective skin scales.: Pangolin

“Say hello to my little friend”.: Scarface

Motorcycle sport around an oval track.: Speedway

Raising a flag.: Hoisting

Chemical element with an isotope called deuterium.: Hydrogen

__ shuffle, a tap dance without taps.: Soft shoe

Tiny squares of tissue paper thrown at a wedding.: Confetti

Puzzle 2 Answers

Relaxed or pondered.: Meditated

Pellety animal dung from rabbits.: Droppings

Knitting stitch resembles a hive’s contents.: Honeycomb

Protection against UV rays.: Sunscreen

Collection of banned people or items.: Blacklist

Ancient Greek philosopher called Father of Biology.: Aristotle

Defeating heavily.: Trouncing

Tall leafy coconut-growers.: Palm trees

The plant family to which a pineapple belongs.: Bromeliad

Inventor of movable type printing press.: Gutenberg

Dodos were native to this African island.: Mauritius

Puzzle 3 Answers

Vegetable needed to make baba ganoush.: Eggplant

Spider or scorpion.: Arachnid

Rebel, rogue, maverick.: Renegade

Can be touched or felt.: Palpable

Part of the ancient Greek underworld: __ Meadows.: Asphodel

Pertaining to the Middle Ages.: Medieval

Adjusting to a new environment or conditions.: Adapting

Settler, pioneer.: Colonist

Person who leaves his country to live in another.: Emigrant

When the sea is the furthest inland.: High tide

Cooper tells of the last of these Native tribesmen.: Mohicans

Turkey’s most populous city, but not the capital.: Istanbul

Vein that carries blood from middle body to heart.: Vena cava

Shook and shuddered.: Shivered

Frame for bottles of red, white and fizz.: Wine rack

Opposite of positive.: Negative

Puzzle 4 Answers

Most courageous.: Bravest

Acts sorry for misdoings.: Repents

Bodily reaction to food caught in throat.: Choking

Surrender, give in.: Succumb

Chinese name for the Yellow River.: Huang he

Lone singer.: Soloist

The science of matter and energy.: Physics

Held against will.: Captive

Ticket allowing travel on public road transport.: Bus pass

Masses of frozen snow covering both poles.: Ice caps

Crosspiece above a door or window.: Transom

Inhabitants of Crete during the Bronze Age.: Minoans

Old English epic poem translated by Seamus Heaney.: Beowulf

Puzzle 5 Answers

People who are experts in a particular skill.: Ninjas

Protective sac for pupa.: Cocoon

Ran quickly.: Dashed

Country with the cities of Nice, Nantes, and Nancy.: France

Greasy white substance that covers newborns.: Vernix

Messaged your god.: Prayed

Portmanteau term for first two meals of the day.: Brunch

Dorothy’s heartless companion.: Tin man

Longing, craving, infatuation.: Desire

Traditionalist.: Purist

City that Jack the Ripper targeted.: London

Acting without sound.: Miming

Group 333

Puzzle 1 Answers

Indian region where Sikhism was founded.: Punjab

A different route.: Detour

Famous for his Campbell’s soup can paintings.: Warhol

Tigger likes to do this.: Bounce

Sly and sneaky.: Crafty

Explorers of underground chambers.: Cavers

Bruce Wayne’s secret identity.: Batman

Belgian manufacturer of premium chocolates.: Godiva

Desert-living, large-eared nocturnal rodent.: Jerboa

Almost.: Nearly

Food that the French called “pomme d’amour”.: Tomato

Related to the lower back.: Lumbar

Puzzle 2 Answers

Oscillatory motion of the moon.: Libration

Time moves in this direction.: Clockwise

Not physically fit or well.: Unhealthy

Visionary, predictive.: Prescient

Pretended, imitated.: Simulated

Ice pellet of hardened snow.: Hailstone

Venomous injury from fanged reptile.: Snake bite

Distinguished, worthy of respect.: Venerable

Revolutionary, insurgent.: Anarchist

Ed Norton and Brad Pitt both portray Tyler Durden.: Fight club

Procession of people on horseback.: Cavalcade

Legal acts of taking charge of children.: Adoptions

Brazilian music popularized in the late 1950s.: Bossa nova

Related to the stomach.: Abdominal

Overwhelming win; falling mass.: Landslide

Brand of premium vodka.: Grey goose

Puzzle 3 Answers

Series finale: “Harry Potter and the Deathly __”.: Hallows

Squash like a pancake.: Flatten

Slang for bewilder or confuse.: Flummox

Rendered unable to see.: Blinded

Spouse of a reigning monarch.: Consort

Where you can buy something by nodding.: Auction

“Magical” science of turning metals into gold.: Alchemy

20 Questions categories: animal, vegetable, or __.: Mineral

Capital of the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia.: Halifax

Stylish and chic.: Elegant

Conned, pulled a trick for money.: Scammed

15th Century manuscript in unknown language.: Voynich

Censored; put a restraint over a dog’s snout.: Muzzled

Limbs spread far apart.: Splayed

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rock-thrower.: Catapult

Control the rate of speed.: Regulate

Insinuating.: Implying

Barely touching the surface.: Skimming

State of overwhelming, extreme happiness.: Euphoria

A tip for a waiter.: Gratuity

Clear colorless minerals for amateur geologists.: Crystals

Rome’s opponent in the Punic Wars.: Carthage

People from Port-au-Prince.: Haitians

Antibiotics kill them.: Bacteria

Curl remover.: Flat iron

Site of protein synthesis in a cell’s cytoplasm.: Ribosome

Euphemism meaning to die.: Pass away

Puzzle 5 Answers

In a neat fashion.: Orderly

Circular glass lab containers; drinking vessels.: Beakers

Titan sea god, son of Uranus and Gaea.: Oceanus

Vanquish by force.: Conquer

Arrange and store documents in boxes.: Archive

Long epic journey such as written about by Homer.: Odyssey

Michelangelo’s Tuscan birthplace; a type of salad.: Caprese

Make bigger.: Enlarge

__ and lemons, say the bells of St Clement’s.: Oranges

Person on a long journey, traveler.: Voyager

Where an apiarist’s creatures live.: Beehive

Poisonous element that causes Minamata disease.: Mercury

Abdominal organs.: Viscera

Caribbean nation of 700 islands off Florida coast.: Bahamas

Smooth round stones found on beaches.: Pebbles

Roberto __, Italian actor in Life is Beautiful.: Benigni

An overhanging mass of snow tackled by climbers.: Cornice

Beethoven’s opera about a wife freeing her husband.: Fidelio

Scam artist, swindler.: Hustler

Country where Frederick the Great ruled.: Prussia

Group 334

Puzzle 1 Answers

Fungi with white and cremini varieties.: Mushroom

Someone forcibly removed from a country.: Deportee

Nike’s world-famous ad slogan.: Just do it

Prolonged period of hotter than average weather.: Heatwave

Teaching a sport.: Coaching

Regional capital of Tuscany.: Florence

Blood feud.: Vendetta

Skunk pig from the Americas.: Javelina

Mirage.: Illusion

Private assembly.: Conclave

Someone with no title who marries into royalty.: Commoner

Kept out of the air.: Grounded

The Lion, the Witch and the __; book by C.S. Lewis.: Wardrobe

Relating to blood vessels.: Vascular

Severe windy snowstorm.: Blizzard

Red gemstone with a stellate appearance.: Star ruby

Tall hat worn by the Grenadier Guards.: Bearskin

Denigrated, blamed, disparaged.: Vilified

Puzzle 2 Answers

Branch of medicine concerned with brain injuries.: Neurology

The Roman name for Portugal.: Lusitania

Canadian city that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics.: Vancouver

Last ruler of the Inca Empire, executed by Pizarro.: Atahualpa

Knick-knacks, figurines, baubles and decorations.: Ornaments

Without milk, butter, etc.: Dairy free

A group that promotes a common interest.: Syndicate

Protection from medieval arrows.: Chain mail

Tropical cyclone storm.: Hurricane

Drugs used to reduce tension.: Relaxants

Overcome with sadness.: Sorrowful

Country that shares longest border with Chile.: Argentina

Puzzle 3 Answers

Evening prayers in some religions.: Vespers

Legal rights on inventions.: Patents

One who looks after a master.: Servant

Hit with an open hand.: Smacked

Thickly-applied paint.: Impasto

Sony music device for playing cassettes.: Walkman

Stop from happening.: Prevent

Waterfall or cataract.: Cascade

Japanese dish of raw pieces of fish.: Sashimi

Four squared.: Sixteen

Makeup __, to take off facial cosmetics.: Remover

A liquefied petroleum gas used as a barbecue fuel.: Propane

Authored Anna Karenina and War and Peace.: Tolstoy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Apprehended by law enforcement officers.: Arrested

One who brings home the bacon.: Provider

1934 song that enjoyed astronomical success.: Blue moon

Pressure ulcers from spending too long immobile.: Bed sores

Fast athlete.: Sprinter

More than one patella.: Kneecaps

Gin and vermouth drinks.: Martinis

Chaos, unrest.: Disorder

The capital of Chile.: Santiago

Falsely called as an “unlucky” feline.: Black cat

Small, old, cool star, can’t be seen with the eyes.: Red dwarf

Rid the body of poisons or impurities.: Detoxify

Radioactive element Po discovered by Marie Curie.: Polonium

Reading carefully, thoroughly.: Perusing

Scandinavian city built in 1550 by a Swedish king.: Helsinki

Nocturnal snake-like fish that hides in crevices.: Moray eel

Wholly, completely.: Entirely

Puzzle 5 Answers

Famous airline of Australia.: Qantas

Ross’s on-off love interest in TV sitcom Friends.: Rachel

Ancient tradition of nine days of repeated prayers.: Novena

Put money into a business.: Invest

Overused phrase.: Cliché

Sincere, honest, open.: Candid

Purpose, aim.: Intent

Bilbo Baggins is one.: Hobbit

The capital of Albania.: Tirana

Long-term glacial period.: Ice age

Group 335

Puzzle 1 Answers

Thomas Carlyle called it the “dismal science”.: Economics

Shine it on a performer.: Spotlight

Celebration, revelry.: Festivity

Social network game, with planting and harvesting.: Farmville

Purified.: Distilled

Swear word, offensive language.: Profanity

Musical instrument also called the mouth organ.: Harmonica

Informal name for muscle dysmorphia.: Bigorexia

Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway fight about weddings.: Bride wars

An advantage given at the beginning of a race.: Head start

Not afraid to give one’s opinion.: Outspoken

Basic, fundamental.: Elemental

Golf trophy won at The Open Championship.: Claret jug

Soft fabric footwear that covers the foot only.: Ankle sock

Puppet created by Carlo Collodi.: Pinocchio

Opposes head on.: Confronts

Puzzle 2 Answers

Zebras are covered in black and white ones.: Stripes

The antagonist in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.: Shylock

Permeate, spread everywhere.: Pervade

Soothing.: Calming

Place where a boat is anchored.: Mooring

Taken away.: Revoked

Residential roads.: Avenues

Tall construction made of rotating blades.: Turbine

Fleetwood Mac album with Go Your Own Way.: Rumours

Queen of the fairies, her king is Oberon.: Titania

Stopping; putting an end to something.: Halting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Places where apples are grown.: Orchards

Absolute, with no question.: Implicit

Lover of King Arthur’s wife Guinevere: Sir __.: Lancelot

The scientific study of cells.: Cytology

Tufts of hair that swirl in different directions.: Cowlicks

Ran across a sports pitch without one’s clothes.: Streaked

New York theatreland, the “Great White Way”.: Broadway

Letter carrier.: Envelope

Roman charioteer goddess atop the Brandenburg Gate.: Victoria

Milliner.: Hat maker

Enemy of Optimus Prime.: Megatron

Property owner with tenants.: Landlord

Traitor or defector; flipping outer garment maybe.: Turncoat

Fried or toasted bread cubes in a Caesar salad.: Croutons

Contagious skin infection, forms mouth/nose sores.: Impetigo

Elicited a reaction from someone.: Provoked

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fluent, persuasive speaking.: Eloquence

Naval ship, usually under the water.: Submarine

Tightest, most revealing clothes.: Skimpiest

Mars’s colorful nickname.: Red planet

Stubborn, strong-willed.: Obstinate

Temporary substitute.: Makeshift

Hogwarts’s house identified by a snake.: Slytherin

Not invited, a presence that is not wanted.: Unwelcome

Early, preliminary round of a sporting competition.: Qualifier

Animal hormone that helps with sleep.: Melatonin

Blank expression to avoid giving information away.: Poker face

War among the Greek gods.: Theomachy

Writers of song words.: Lyricists

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mocks, ridicules.: Scoffs

Japanese spicy “horseradish”.: Wasabi

Deep violet blue color.: Indigo

Chaise longue that can be used for sleeping.: Daybed

19th C. Polish composer known for 21 nocturnes.: Chopin

Large, bright-colored billed bird.: Toucan

Grievance against another.: Grudge

Element with the chemical symbol I.: Iodine

Indian bay, shares its name with a big cat.: Bengal

Star of I, Tonya, Australian actress Margot __.: Robbie

These rings are a promise of virginity, fidelity.: Purity

Group 336

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Come hell or __”, through difficult circumstances.: High water

Government with a small group holding power.: Oligarchy

Lengthens a piece of elastic material.: Stretches

Deftness, nimbleness.: Dexterity

Walkway beneath a road.: Underpass

Fabric for covering one’s hair.: Headscarf

Distinctive musical theater gesture.: Jazz hands

Fat Tuesday celebration.: Mardi gras

Secrets are stolen in dreams in this film.: Inception

He wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.: Roald dahl

Bad breath.: Halitosis

In golf, initial movement when the club moves away.: Backswing

Nationality of someone from Taipei.: Taiwanese

Puzzle 2 Answers

North African capital, name means “Three cities”.: Tripoli

Nicaraguan counter-revolutionaries of the 1980s.: Contras

Skill, aptitude, competence.: Ability

French verse form of six stanzas of six lines each.: Sestina

Show of boldness meant to impress.: Bravado

Shock suddenly.: Startle

Non-indexed computer networks and thus hidden.: Darknet

Cleansing liquid removes grit from visual organs.: Eyewash

Body used in science.: Cadaver

Long loose dresses, worn by men and women.: Kaftans

It’s not normal.: Anomaly

Fine coating of ice found on rocks.: Verglas

Lady and gent to share the cost of a meal.: Go dutch

Puzzle 3 Answers

Optimum.: Ultimate

Someone who supports a set of ideas.: Adherent

Once called Catherine Archipelago, the __ Islands.: Aleutian

Commemorative object or event.: Memorial

Arthur Read is this type of animal.: Aardvark

Humorous rhyming poem with five lines.: Limerick

Battling on horseback with lances.: Jousting

A cross used in maths to denote addition.: Plus sign

Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium.: Octavian

Uncontrolled descent.: Freefall

One million sold records receive this status.: Platinum

Color scheme of a painting.: Tonality

A corrupted representation.: Travesty

Puzzle 4 Answers

Deep pit worker.: Coal miner

Heating something up again.: Rewarming

Skunk bear; Marvel superhero.: Wolverine

Beating, overcoming.: Defeating

Meeting space for higher-ups.: Boardroom

Catch unaware; hit unexpectedly.: Blindside

Add-on; accomplice.: Accessory

Founding Father and second US President.: John adams

American-born wife of Jordan’s King Hussein.: Queen noor

Medical tests on red and white cells.: Bloodwork

Opponent.: Adversary

Formless, shapeless, nebulous.: Amorphous

Natives of Tirana or Durres, for example.: Albanians

Outer layer of the skin.: Epidermis

Jack __ was all work and no play in The Shining.: Nicholson

Thrill-seeker.: Daredevil

Cleaning.: Purifying

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient Italians.: Romans

Canada’s second largest province in area.: Quebec

Stages, periods.: Phases

Beating someone in a video game.: Pwning

White dwarf star that emits radiation.: Pulsar

Cloth sample.: Swatch

Not just a game, this is a gathering of monkeys.: Barrel

Cheerful, optimistic – in a musical way.: Upbeat

Hardly, scarcely.: Barely

Tropical fruit and rum rhyming Curaçao cocktail.: Mai tai

Painting technique done on wet plaster on walls.: Fresco

Group 337

Puzzle 1 Answers

The ex-convict in “Les Misérables”: Jean __.: Valjean

Discussed, politely argued.: Debated

Chinese philosopher, follower of Confucianism.: Mencius

Garden of artfully placed stones and alpine plants.: Rockery

High ranking army officer.: Colonel

Guess without evidence, assume or suppose.: Surmise

African country bordering the Strait of Gibraltar.: Morocco

Dionysus, to the Romans.: Bacchus

Destination for those traveling by plane.: Airport

Breaks in and steals from a property.: Burgles

Arch enemy.: Nemesis

Manufacturing plant.: Factory

Country where actor Keanu Reeves was born.: Lebanon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Prevent from.: Dissuade

Acrobatic, fast-paced Brazilian martial art.: Capoeira

Recorded the features of a piece of land.: Surveyed

Rod-shaped bacterium.: Bacillus

Alicia Silverstone stars as Cher in this 90s movie.: Clueless

Overindulgent, deadly sin.: Gluttony

Child’s companion.: Playmate

Swept-over men’s hairstyle for covering baldness.: Combover

Billy Joel’s first hit single.: Piano man

President of People’s Republic of China, 2003-2013.: Hu jintao

Breathes.: Respires

Rubbery substance used in some implants.: Silicone

Standbys in times of military need.: Reserves

About to happen, pending.: Imminent

Coffee-flavored liqueur created with Jamaican rum.: Tia maria

Puzzle 3 Answers

Amethysts, emeralds, garnets, diamonds.: Gemstones

The Statue of Liberty sculptor.: Bartholdi

Where the seat of a bishop is found.: Cathedral

Mute character in traditional pantomime.: Harlequin

Add commas, periods, question marks, etc..: Punctuate

Pieces of music sung by a man to his lover.: Serenades

Second life of a caterpillar.: Butterfly

Drop a level, model or class.: Downgrade

Being representative of.: Typifying

To scold.: Reprimand

Respond with excessive emotion.: Overreact

Metalloid discovered by chemist Clemens Winkler.: Germanium

Puzzle 4 Answers

Protective clothing worn by a surfer.: Wetsuit

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg __.: Address

Metallic element Bi, used as a lead substitute.: Bismuth

Cutting back branches to encourage growth.: Pruning

First Norman King of England: __ the Conqueror.: William

South African dried meat strips.: Biltong

Codenames, assumed names.: Aliases

Capital of the Western Roman Empire.: Ravenna

Young aspiring actress.: Starlet

Lead an orchestra.: Conduct

Gomez and Morticia’s son in The Addams Family.: Pugsley

Formal pieces of headwear, tall and black.: Top hats

French city known for its production of porcelain.: Limoges

Give false alarm.: Cry wolf

Puzzle 5 Answers

Current name for the city of Bombay, India.: Mumbai

Dodged.: Evaded

Equality.: Parity

Street robber.: Mugger

Tattered around the edges.: Frayed

Preserving meat with smoke or salt.: Curing

Every seven days.: Weekly

Object or idea that becomes an obsession.: Fetish

Ice hockey players wear them on their feet.: Skates

__ Weasley, father of Ron, Ginny plus five more.: Arthur

He abdicated the throne in 1936: __ VIII.: Edward

The act of paying someone for the use of something.: Rental

Stage name of the late DJ Tim Bergling.: Avicii

Oliver Twist is one.: Orphan

They use halos.: Angels

The spire on a castle.: Turret

Group 338

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cleanse, sanitize.: Disinfect

Encircles, encompasses.: Surrounds

Spanish percussion instruments used by dancers.: Castanets

Scatter these on cupcakes or ice cream.: Sprinkles

Number of pieces on a chess board.: Thirty two

Rich business magnates with political influence.: Oligarchs

Handheld elastic catapult.: Slingshot

Quill-covered herbivore.: Porcupine

One of the large pumping chambers of the heart.: Ventricle

__ challenge, worldwide ALS cause.: Ice bucket

Prison escape.: Jailbreak

Poem by William Blake: Auguries of __.: Innocence

Nepalese city once known as Manju-Patan.: Kathmandu

24 hour ceasefire during WWI: the __ Truce.: Christmas

Person on trial accused of committing a crime.: Defendant

TV sitcom about a company workplace.: The office

__ gains; spoils from illegal activities.: Ill gotten

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fan-shaped molluscs.: Scallops

Shutting a door loudly.: Slamming

Convenience store on a small scale.: Mini mart

Finishing blow.: Knockout

American word for what Britons call a pram.: Stroller

Revamp, modernize.: Overhaul

Stutters.: Stammers

Cultured, not considered vulgar.: Tasteful

Aerospace industry’s corrosion-resistant metal, Ti.: Titanium

Mandibles.: Jawbones

Thinking deeply and unhappily.: Brooding

Largest city in Brazil.: Sao paulo

Warning signs.: Red flags

Puzzle 3 Answers

Put out a book.: Published

Principal wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten.: Nefertiti

Country where Mel Gibson began his acting career.: Australia

Mammal that lays eggs.: Monotreme

Dancing film with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.: Black swan

Making a high-pitched cry, like a mouse.: Squeaking

“__ itch”, infidelity urge and Marilyn Monroe film.: Seven year

Secret places to conceal oneself.: Hideaways

Becomes acquainted with.: Befriends

A solid figure with more than 6 faces.: Polyhedra

Lapse, omission.: Oversight

Country bordering Costa Rica to the north.: Nicaragua

Fried desserts with a hole in the center.: Doughnuts

B-52’s amorous dwelling.: Love shack

Pain in the mouth.: Toothache

Puzzle 4 Answers

Communicate.: Impart

Pranks.: Hoaxes

Reveal to public gaze.: Expose

Compliment, congratulate, laud.: Praise

Jostle, manhandle.: Hustle

Filmmaker James Cameron’s largest grossing film.: Avatar

Italian city nicknamed Bride of the Sea.: Venice

French high-kicking stage dance.: Cancan

Modus operandi.: Method

Appoint someone to an official religious role.: Ordain

Object at rest stays at rest, Newton’s law of __.: Motion

The river that runs through Baghdad.: Tigris

Restrictive undergarment.: Corset

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dampen.: Moisten

Material from which baseball gloves are made.: Leather

Insanity, like King George.: Madness

Northwest __, sea route connects Arctic to Pacific.: Passage

Saffir-__, scale that measures hurricane strength.: Simpson

Last U.S. President assassinated while in office.: Kennedy

Puccini’s poet, lover of Mimi in La Bohème.: Rodolfo

Ascertain spoken word without sound.: Lip read

Nobility and composure.: Dignity

Cold dish of raw seafood and citrus.: Ceviche

Israeli lake, Biblical sea that Christ walked on.: Galilee

Vase occupants.: Flowers

Group 339

Puzzle 1 Answers

Buttons, zippers, snaps, etc.: Fasteners

Long-tongued color-changing lizard.: Chameleon

Not having a will before dying.: Intestate

Malala __, youngest recipient of a Nobel Prize.: Yousafzai

Cleaning vigorously.: Scrubbing

Wavering, hesitant.: Undecided

A shift that starts at midnight.: Graveyard

Class below bantamweight in boxing.: Flyweight

A cornucopia symbolizes this.: Abundance

Henry the __, Portuguese prince and patron.: Navigator

One of its nicknames is the Lion City.: Singapore

Mix up a pack of playing cards again.: Reshuffle

Month when Swaziland celebrates its independence.: September

Adjectives and adverbs in grammar.: Modifiers

Worried.: Concerned

Can be detached.: Removable

A design with repeated lines and shapes.: Geometric

Musical instrument listed first alphabetically.: Accordion

Puzzle 2 Answers

It cures what ails you.: Medicine

Pink bird with a long neck and legs.: Flamingo

To publicly support a cause.: Advocate

Talking or behaving suggestively, coyly.: Flirting

Something does not __; forecast of disaster.: Bode well

Hole in a tire.: Puncture

Supermarket counter selling summery cold foods.: Salad bar

One who is held against his/her will.: Prisoner

To remove hair from man’s body for cosmetic effect.: Manscape

Intimidate.: Domineer

WWII novel set in Greece: Captain Corelli’s __.: Mandolin

Rod Stewart No.1 hit of 1983 about a past love.: Baby jane

Puzzle 3 Answers

Paulo Coelho’s tale of a shepherd boy, The __.: Alchemist

Lively, full of spirit.: Vivacious

Small-scale representation.: Microcosm

Device to help music students play in rhythm.: Metronome

Fluent in two languages.: Bilingual

Toss the rock and jump on the numbered block.: Hop scotch

Drug that makes a person feel sleepy.: Soporific

__ up; fried eggs with visible yolks.: Sunny side

In __; something done sincerely or honestly.: Good faith

Taking the core out of something.: Hollowing

Hitchcock movie about spying and romance in WW2.: Notorious

Tool for making holes without electricity.: Hand drill

Puzzle 4 Answers

To make unauthorized alterations.: Tamper

Early writing utensils.: Quills

Repetitive movement when waiting for news.: Pacing

Probable.: Likely

Underhand, shifty.: Sneaky

Audition, trial.: Tryout

Fanciful behavior or humor.: Whimsy

Plane operators.: Pilots

Condensed water floating in the sky.: Clouds

Mel __, actor of Mad Max and Lethal Weapon fame.: Gibson

City whose highest point is Lykavittos Hill.: Athens

Permits.: Allows

“Almas” from Iran, the world’s most expensive __.: Caviar

Standard layout on English-language keyboards.: Qwerty

“When Doves Cry” singer.: Prince

What fencers say when they touch blades.: Touche

Puzzle 5 Answers

Odious, nasty.: Hateful

Dish-shaped receptacle for smokers.: Ashtray

Optical sphere on the face.: Eyeball

Detailed navigation entries, a nautical diary.: Logbook

Hug, hold, envelop.: Embrace

Figurines placed in ancient Egyptian tombs.: Ushabti

Glue and material fixing a cover to a book’s pages.: Binding

Trinidad’s sung genre mixes comment and patois.: Calypso

Sewer’s protection.: Thimble

Chase and apprehend.: Capture

Polydactyl ones have more than twenty toes.: Felines

Small, portable grill.: Hibachi

Desperately thirsty; describes the look of deserts.: Parched

Group 340

Puzzle 1 Answers

Take money from the bank.: Withdraw

Baz __, film director of Strictly Ballroom.: Luhrmann

Grapples with.: Wrestles

Removes minerals from the ground.: Extracts

What you are until proven guilty.: Innocent

Holiness, spirituality.: Sanctity

Joseph Conrad novel: “Heart of __”.: Darkness

Floating unsecured.: Drifting

Generic name for the opioid antagonist Narcan.: Naloxone

40 in the Italian language.: Quaranta

The world’s lowest country.: Maldives

Sea-floor dwellers, both eyes on one side of head.: Flatfish

Describes the varying lengths of skirts.: Hemlines

A young waterbird with webbed feet.: Duckling

Time in prison.: Sentence

Demanded.: Insisted

Puzzle 2 Answers

Prophetic, with foresight.: Fatidical

Show about Samantha and Darrin Stephens.: Bewitched

Harsh-tempered or overbearing woman.: Termagant

Something liked over something else.: Preferred

Groups of atoms bonded together.: Molecules

Olive holder.: Toothpick

The __, Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings part II.: Two towers

A glimmer of happiness to cling on to.: Ray of hope

First disabled person to climb Mt. Everest: Tom __.: Whittaker

Sacred writing or text.: Scripture

Block-building game.: Minecraft

Choosing not to participate.: Opting out

__ del Toro, The Shape of Water director.: Guillermo

Hide blemishes with this makeup product.: Concealer

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wooded area.: Forest

Illuminated by solar rays.: Sunlit

US president after whom a dam is named.: Hoover

Fancy name for book pages.: Folios

Pursued.: Chased

Crunchy and light.: Crispy

Four equal sides.: Square

Term for three consecutive strikes in bowling.: Turkey

Demand forcefully to have something.: Insist

Continuous deep, resonant sound, like thunder.: Rumble

As September starts, the nights get __.: Darker

Metal made by combining 2 or more metal elements.: Alloys

Puzzle 4 Answers

Become smaller or less important, diminish.: Dwindle

African country with the largest Yoruba population.: Nigeria

High-ranking naval officer.: Admiral

Pretended, falsified.: Feigned

Alleges someone is responsible for a crime.: Accuses

Stick for playing billiards.: Pool cue

The opposite of silent movies.: Talkies

At a brisk tempo.: Allegro

Twist and turn.: Meander

Austrian rolled pastry with filling, usually apple.: Strudel

Isole __; Italian archipelago in the Adriatic Sea.: Tremiti

Field for a horse or pony.: Paddock

One in a series of a television show.: Episode

Language that has the expression “hakuna matata”.: Swahili

The largest planet in the Solar System.: Jupiter

Travel in a stolen car.: Joyride

Small house.: Cottage

Seasonal wind in Asia that causes heavy rains.: Monsoon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Archaic term meaning shortly afterwards.: Eftsoons

Indian leader Gandhi’s first name.: Mohandas

__ Island, tale of buried booty marked with an X.: Treasure

Chess world champ defeated by a computer: Garry __.: Kasparov

Of the eight original V8 vegetables, the main one.: Tomatoes

The bullet point after thirdly.: Fourthly

Country that has an annual Hogmanay celebration.: Scotland

Margin between forehead and locks.: Hairline

Le __, daily tabloid based in French capital.: Parisien

The __, Chaplin film about the Klondike.: Gold rush

Cat breed, not with a short coat.: Longhair

Flight to __, Louis XVI’s dash to safety.: Varennes

Not having any discomfort.: Pain free

Noisy, high-pitched dog toy.: Squeaker

Unable to sleep.: Insomnia

Copious amounts of food or drink.: Lashings

Craft of picture-making with rolled paper strips.: Quilling

Country where Mahathir Mohamad was Prime Minister.: Malaysia

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