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Sports Answers

Group 141

Puzzle 1 Answers

Gelatinous case over a dose of medicine.: Capsule

Calumny, defamation.: Slander

Fruit with a yellow skin, resembles a small peach.: Apricot

Country on West African Coast, capital Monrovia.: Liberia

Horns on animals in the deer family.: Antlers

Disco brothers, sang about Stayin’ Alive.: Bee gees

An overpowering emotion or exaltation.: Ecstasy

Temporary dark patch on the sun.: Sunspot

Minature 3D scene with a painted background.: Diorama

Egyptian river goddess of protection to childbirth.: Taweret

Presentation using streaming media.: Webcast

Steel bar, bent at one end, used as a lever.: Crowbar

To ditch circus posters instead of putting them up.: Charley

Moving furtively.: Lurking

Used to make canoes or kayaks move.: Paddles

Plastic disk for tossing between players.: Frisbee

Divide and __.: Conquer

__ veins are located on either side of your neck.: Jugular

Puzzle 2 Answers

Small cyst or sac filled with fluid.: Vesicle

Famous channel separates UK and France.: English

A list of items to be added to written works.: Addenda

A doctor who performs operations.: Surgeon

Top part of the skull that protects the brain.: Cranium

The last car of a train.: Caboose

Advanced robot, self aware, Data from Star Trek.: Android

Political TV show about a crisis management.: Scandal

Popular folk wrestling, laamb, from this country.: Senegal

Natalie __, played Padme Amidala in Star Wars.: Portman

Act of creating a picture with a pencil or pen.: Drawing

Square pasta looks like small lasagna.: Tacconi

Pilot of an airplane.: Aviator

A sentence which uses every letter in the alphabet.: Pangram

Large eye-covering item to protect the eyes.: Goggles

Puzzle 3 Answers

Easy __, 1917 action-comedy film by Charlie Chaplin.: Street

Legendary sea monster big as a ship with tentacles.: Kraken

__ and Butt-head are 90’s icons from MTV.: Beavis

Large white dog breed native to Turkey.: Akbash

You can find these in catacombs.: Skulls

Hyperactive is a __ level of activity than usual.: Higher

Venom is a poison from an __, like a snake.: Animal

Creamy beverage, Christmas’ favorite.: Eggnog

Appearance to the eye or mind; regard.: Aspect

James __, actor, producer, father of Josh.: Brolin

__ Coaster Tycoon is an amusement park simulator.: Roller

Happening every seven days.: Weekly

Puzzle 4 Answers

Hand-held tools used for cooking or eating food.: Utensils

A film genre and also a Michael Jackson’s song.: Thriller

Renoir painted By the __.: Seashore

The capital of Seychelles.: Victoria

A lion may come to be __ to a mouse.: Beholden

Scottish whisky liqueur.: Drambuie

Once believed to guard against infection.: Pomander

Gem associated with the planet Saturn.: Sapphire

Unpleasant period.: Thin time

Bee glue or hive dross.: Propolis

Device used by police to restrain people.: Handcuff

Italian fashion house with Love __ brand.: Moschino

Coastal city destroyed by the Mamluks in 1270.: Ashkelon

Grouping card game that has board.: Cribbage

Affected.: Impacted

Poem in which vertical intersects horizontal.: Mesostic

American machine-gun used on the Western Front.: Browning

Exhaust __, collects gas from car engine.: Manifold

Official currency of China.: Renminbi

Multi-headed dog at the entrance of the underworld.: Cerberus

Greek muse of epic poetry.: Calliope

Brazilian with big moustache, bending free kicks.: Rivelino

Not as bad as a migraine.: Headache

Study of religion.: Theology

Emil __, first man to win an Oscar for Best Actor.: Jannings

Puzzle 5 Answers

To smudge, kiss or smear.: Smooch

Life insurance fund closed to new business.: Zombie

Lost at sea.: Adrift

Something that makes you better when sick.: Remedy

Puddingwife __ is an Atlantic ocean fish.: Wrasse

Third largest ocean, “the mine of gems”.: Indian

Iron Age double-edged sword of Ancient Greeks.: Xiphos

Honorific Arabic title means elder.: Sheikh

Part of a car that covers the wheel well.: Fender

Territory containing people under a government.: Nation

Cooking using both moist and dry heat.: Braise

Heavy __, a serious player; boxer who hits hard.: Hitter

The Lone Ranger starred __ Depp as Tonto.: Johnny

Cabinet found at offices for storing documents.: Filing

Frederic __ only wore a beard on his right side.: Chopin

Lot of money, even for a king.: Ransom

Group 142

Puzzle 1 Answers

A skilled performer of gymnastic feats.: Acrobat

Used by policemen and referees to get attention.: Whistle

Without regard to the law.: Lawless

United States of __.: America

A lot, generous amounts, high quantity.: Aplenty

Organs responsible for cleaning the blood.: Kidneys

Mary __, movie about a magical nanny.: Poppins

Stupidly, worthlessly.: Inanely

Crustaceans in the ocean, similar to pillbugs.: Isopods

__ Dickens, author of David Copperfield.: Charles

To cut or separate tissues for study.: Dissect

Hope __ eternal.: Springs

A prison __ is sought after by law enforcement.: Escapee

Puzzle 2 Answers

Flat feet have an __ of an arch in the sole.: Absence

Photo of the food you are eating.: Foodfie

Added or mingled with something else.: Admixed

Poisonous gas containing carbon and nitrogen.: Cyanide

It means “servant of God” or “worshipper of Yahweh”.: Obadiah

Common clouds that appear to be fluffy.: Cumulus

Farrelly Brothers 90s bowling comedy.: Kingpin

Famous baseball bat from Louisville.: Slugger

Someone who takes by choice into a relationship.: Adopter

Keaton’s comeback, 2015 Best Picture.: Birdman

Operating system developed by Google.: Android

First act of offense, to attack first.: Aggress

Puzzle 3 Answers

Out on the water.: Offshore

To prepare food so as to avoid decomposition.: Preserve

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling.: Bedposts

Ryan Reynolds’ 2016 superhero movie.: Deadpool

Capital of Turkmenistan.: Ashgabat

Diaphanous, unsubstantial.: Ethereal

Slang term for cheater drug anabolic steroids.: Gym candy

Optical bruising from blunt force to face.: Black eye

Nothing __ nothing gained.: Ventured

Woody herb often used on chicken.: Rosemary

__ Of Arabia, won the Academy Awards in 1963.: Lawrence

Literary figure, repeated in reverse order.: Chiasmus

Norwegian rodents.: Lemmings

Type of radiation, made the Incredible Hulk.: Gamma ray

Name of cloth placed behind primary mast.: Mainsail

The pangs you have when you are ravenous.: Munchies

Tightrope walking at greater height, over 20 feet.: Highwire

Puzzle 4 Answers

Small African country, capital Kigali.: Rwanda

__ Jean, not Jackson’s lover.: Billie

In the past, informal gathering for men.: Smoker

Spain’s flag carrier airline.: Iberia

Aerialists’ swing bar without a flat seat.: Fly bar

College diploma; Fahrenheit, Celsius.: Degree

__ Brody, won an Academy Award at age 29.: Adrien

Pack & Stack. __ game for three to six players.: Moving

Trickster spider from African folklore.: Anansi

A small part or feature of something.: Detail

Transparent tape with multiple uses.: Scotch

Egyptian god of embalming.: Anubis

Large piece of land filled with trees.: Forest

Cross between a zebra and a donkey.: Zonkey

Insane or demented.: Crazed

Spirits of nature depicted as beautiful maidens.: Nymphs

Slang term for marijuana user.: Reefer

Lady’s sweet appendage.: Finger

To do dangerous movements in surfing or skiing.: Hot dog

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pulp __, film directed by Quentin Tarantino.: Fiction

Not preserved by salting, drying, or smoking.: Uncured

Fancy way to say glue.: Adherer

The __, biographical movie about a Polish musician.: Pianist

__ craft. Boat designed for amphibious battles.: Landing

Snow shaped to resemble a human figure.: Snowman

One of the albums recorded by The Doors.: La woman

A type of big cat, it purrs but does not roar.: Cheetah

Eating disorder with binge eating and purging.: Bulimia

Platform on the side of a building.: Balcony

FOMO, Fear of __ Out, marketing tool.: Missing

Any article of clothing.: Garment

Jesus’ work in raising the dead involved this man.: Lazarus

To give approval to do something.: Consent

French rococo painter of Gilles.: Watteau

__ & Shirley, Garry Marshall sitcom.: Laverne

Gland at base of the neck that makes hormones.: Thyroid

Land along the sea or ocean.: Coastal

Group 143

Puzzle 1 Answers

Largest rainforest in the world.: Amazon

Nemo’s dad in Finding Nemo.: Marlin

Earliest-known pyramid.: Djoser

North Korean Supreme Leader in 2016, Kim __.: Jong un

The son of a sovereign or king.: Prince

Protective covering for the head.: Helmet

Unable to understand written words; not aphasia.: Alexia

Shackles, with links.: Chains

Quirk, whim.: Vagary

To set a ship afloat; to release a rocket.: Launch

Football league intended for young children.: Pee wee

To follow or chase after.: Pursue

Aura that surrounds the sun and other stars.: Corona

Daughters of a brother or sister.: Nieces

God of fire; member of a Star Trek fictional race.: Vulcan

Genre designed to make you laugh.: Comedy

Number after twenty-nine.: Thirty

Puzzle 2 Answers

Official language of Bulgaria.: Bulgarian

Pita-like bread used in sandwiches.: Flatbread

Study of inheritance of acquired characteristics.: Ctetology

Space when you enter a house, especially a parlor.: Front room

James __, the deep voice of Darth Vader.: Earl jones

__ is two teeth pressing together; very painful.: Impaction

Greek Island known for its white coastal houses.: Santorini

Original copy of a product.: Prototype

Cylinder-shaped lilly; peace lilly.: Callalily

Person who moves scenery and props.: Stagehand

Medical doctor.: Physician

Executive committee for Communist Parties.: Politburo

Side drum gives staccato sound.: Snare drum

Puzzle 3 Answers

A fairly long break between two scheduled flights.: Stopover

The Fox and __, 1981 Disney film.: The hound

A system of exercises strenuously performed.: Aerobics

Type of planet that Jupiter and Saturn are.: Gas giant

Large lake on the border between Bolivia and Peru.: Titicaca

Margaret __, former British Prime Minister.: Thatcher

A sweet spice used for cooking or baking.: Cinnamon

The gaming industry is worth __ of dollars.: Billions

Subliminal image in Queen’s hair on old stamps.: The devil

Olivia Newton-John’s song to get you off the couch.: Physical

Nonsense word from The Owl and the Pussycat.: Runcible

Serious form of food poisoning.: Botulism

Sea mammals.: Dolphins

Puzzle 4 Answers

Courteously helpful.: Obliging

A break in the middle of a game.: Halftime

Notorious San Francisco Bay’s prison.: Alcatraz

In golf, this indicates a player’s ability.: Handicap

__ Turtle, looks part alligator, strong mandible.: Snapping

Leonardo Da Vinci is erroneously credited for this.: Scissors

A cat’s eye __ repels evil and clears obstacles.: Gemstone

Obstructive action to hinder a nation’s war effort.: Sabotage

Leafage.: Greenery

Small spoon. Cooking measure..: Teaspoon

“I Am” shortest __ sentence in English.: Complete

Italian luxury car brand from Bologna.: Maserati

Puzzle 5 Answers

To confirm, ratify or state positively.: Affirm

French sauce with chopped tomatoes and lemon juice.: Vierge

A paternal kinsman.: Agnate

Quantity of articles available for sale.: Supply

Monetary gain after business expenses.: Profit

Magician of the Arthurian legend.: Merlin

Lightweight bowl made of interwoven materials.: Basket

Walking upwards, usually outdoors.: Hiking

State of indifference.: Apathy

Tesla __, car and energy company.: Motors

Act of flying, trip on an airplane.: Flight

Someone who wins, champion.: Winner

The capital of Colombia.: Bogotá

Group 144

Puzzle 1 Answers

Power to move quickly, easily, nimbly.: Agility

Father of your father.: Grandpa

City where the NBA was founded in 1946.: New york

To applaud, salute with sounds of joy, approval.: Acclaim

80s party drug used by Sherlock Holmes.: Cocaine

Endorphin is a __ produced to counteract pain.: Hormone

Involving physical force to cause harm.: Violent

Male reflexive pronoun.: Himself

Fake treatment for a medical issue.: Placebo

Anthony __ has been in seven Star Wars films.: Daniels

Childbirth medical specialist; support provider.: Midwife

Affect someone’s mind strongly, influence.: Impress

Statue of __; US pride; present from France.: Liberty

The golden age was never the __ age.: Present

Inflated style of little meaning, claptrap.: Fustian

Person who rides a bicycle professionally.: Cyclist

Distress caused by the mind; fear of danger.: Anxiety

Stupid, careless mistake.: Blunder

Lord of the Rings, Frodo __.: Baggins

Puzzle 2 Answers

A bird flies, a horse runs, a snake __.: Slithers

2016 murder rate leader; Central American country.: Honduras

Immune system’s weapon to neutralize pathogens.: Antibody

Self-absorbed narcissists.: Egotists

The bearing of an object in relation to the North.: Absolute

Long flat-bottomed sled used for sliding on ice.: Toboggan

Surf fishing is __ fish from the shore line.: Catching

Maya nut, used for reforestation programs.: Breadnut

Uplifting, illuminative.: Edifying

Job board social media site; endorsements allowed.: Linkedin

In 1990’s Captain Skyhawk, you repel an alien __.: Invasion

Thin, hard outer layer of a breakfast food.: Eggshell

Puzzle 3 Answers

Indian Buddhist cave temple with wall paintings.: Ajanta

__ Babies, owners consider these collectibles.: Beanie

The Sword in the Stone is about King __.: Arthur

Fascist Roman Catholic wartime militia in Croatia.: Ustase

Small thin object used to sew items together.: Needle

Marine food delicacy; two-shelled mollusc.: Oyster

Bible book of phrases that means “praises”.: Psalms

To enfeeble is to make feeble or __.: Weaken

__ Kong was released by Nintendo in 1981.: Donkey

Moses separated this to free his people.: Red sea

__ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars.: Return

__ Onion, wedding soup in European countries.: French

The Dog Star.: Sirius

In Shrek the Third, Shrek rules over __ Away.: Far far

__ Biles, US gymnast, Olympic darling.: Simone

Gigantic grey wolf from Inuit mythology.: Amarok

Musketeer who was brought up in a monastery.: Aramis

The sun’s daily goodbye.: Sunset

Puzzle 4 Answers

Animate or inanimate created things.: Creatures

Entity formed into an association by law.: Corporate

Lead figure in James Patterson’s detective novels.: Alex cross

Mystical card that tells the future.: Tarot card

Taste __ add flavour to food.: Enhancers

Bored of __, 1936 short comedy film.: Education

Acaryas, guru of the world.: Jagad guru

__ peas, beans or a band name.: Black eyed

__ bass are bright yellow with black mottling.: Harlequin

Al Capone’s business card claimed he sold __.: Furniture

Bag with long straps, worn across the chest.: Crossbody

Diocese or episcopal see, supervised by a bishop.: Bishopric

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bernini sculpted the __ of Saint Teresa.: Ecstasy

The whole is __ than the sum of the parts.: Greater

Fast flowing stream, file sharing protocol.: Torrent

Province in the Philippines; female name.: Isabela

__ Swaray, female british singer, sang American Boy.: Estelle

Using a bow and arrow as a sport.: Archery

Alfre __, actress of Desperate Housewives.: Woodard

A bunch of flowers; usually given as a gift.: Bouquet

The electric chair was invented by one.: Dentist

Utmost change, farthest from center, outermost.: Extreme

Prestigious American University in Massachusetts.: Harvard

Clear mineral that looks like glass or ice.: Crystal

Ellen __, actress of The Exorcist.: Burstyn

Larger computer system, sits on a desk.: Desktop

Where the majority of the plays occur in baseball.: Infield

Epistaxis is the __ term for a nosebleed.: Medical

Small, soft skin growths.: Skin tag

Overcharging consumers, aka swindle.: Gouging

Group 145

Puzzle 1 Answers

Naval enlistee, someone who sails for a living.: Sailor

Way something is viewed, interpreted, regarded.: Aspect

Aardwolf is a crime lord on Madripoor __.: Island

American Indian dwelling, round, lodge.: Wigwam

Madagascar: __ 2 Africa is a 2008 cartoon.: Escape

Two audio channels.: Stereo

Profession that can be often despised aka attorney.: Lawyer

Sourdough spongy flatbread from Eastern Africa.: Injera

Spear-thrower used by the Mayans.: Atlatl

__ Collie is a hard working, herding dog.: Border

Saw on TV.: Viewed

Gambling activity used by charities and events.: Raffle

Panathinaikos is a soccer team from this country.: Greece

Pen makes large colored lines.: Marker

Visions, thoughts, sensations during sleep.: Dreams

Swimmer won 28th medal in Rio 2016.: Phelps

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ watch is from 12.00 to 16.00 hours.: Afternoon

Structures that form part of the goal.: Goalposts

Winter sport with a vehicle that slides over ice.: Bobsleigh

Northern __’s mouth faces up to catch prey.: Stargazer

Disagreement; what a lawyer would say.: Objection

Land by the side of a lake.: Lakeshore

How high the land is above sea level.: Elevation

Margery __, a Queen of Crime in UK Golden Age.: Allingham

Term for combined German military forces in WWII.: Wehrmacht

Jamie __, actress started as the “scream queen”.: Lee curtis

Brownish, yellow aka amber.: Allingite

Brand of Warhol’s soup cans.: Campbells

One of Detroit’s big three car brands.: Chevrolet

Getting together.: Gathering

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Pathi, 2nd most important Ayyavazhi center.: Ambala

D shape tool, good for cutting tree branches.: Bow saw

Groat food, dried cracked wheat.: Bulgur

Egyptian god, protector of the dead.: Anubis

A perfect, ideal world.: Utopia

Genesis successor used CDs instead of cartridges.: Saturn

__ acid, found in fruits like lemons, oranges.: Citric

__ states, a federal republic formed by 50 states.: United

__ Weisz, The Mummy and Constantine actress.: Rachel

Larger teeth at the back of your mouth, not wisdom.: Molars

In boxing, fighters use this to decrease distance.: Clinch

Lucky grass-like plant and Chinese New Year gift.: Bamboo

__ feather star has thick feathery arms.: Robust

The Frog __, an 1842 German fairy tale.: Prince

Meal made with melted cheese or chocolate.: Fondue

Chief __, police chief in The Simpsons.: Wiggum

Puzzle 4 Answers

Castoff with Hagar in the desert.: Ishmael

West Point is a famous military US __.: Academy

Wheel of __, tv game show; cookie with a message.: Fortune

People who shoot with a bow and arrow.: Archers

Star Trek: __ villain Tom Hardy.: Nemesis

The captain yells this as the ship is going down.: Abandon

Mini chocolate roll, can also be found in lollipop.: Tootsie

Move at slow pace, one step at a time.: Walking

Poisonous chemical used to kill weeds.: Arsenic

Body tissue composed of fat cells.: Adipose

Puzzle 5 Answers

More serious than a twisted ankle.: Sprained

In your face advertising to get you excited.: Ballyhoo

The __, Mickey Rourke was nominated for an Oscar.: Wrestler

Aerial performer who uses the head, literally.: Hair hang

Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe.: Escargot

They believe in full-immersion baptisms.: Baptists

National fish of the Philippines, a Pacific fish.: Milkfish

High __ is 8,000-12,000 feet above sea level.: Altitude

__ Tax, tax on excess profits on utilities.: Windfall

Wheeled object commonly used in the circus.: Unicycle

Born in the country known for its three pyramids.: Egyptian

Group 146

Puzzle 1 Answers

In Codenames, you try to find secret __ names.: Agents

Bag filled with shorts, shirts, tennis shoes.: Gym bag

The act of one item hitting another.: Impact

Type of rabbit with long hair, wool.: Angora

Chasm undersea next to an ocean ridge.: Valley

Estimate the value of something for taxes.: Assess

A superb painter of horses.: Stubbs

A baby cat.: Kitten

Musical frequency; eight.: Octave

__ Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby.: F scott

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anagram of artists.: Straits

Support at the end of a row of reading materials.: Bookend

Country in the Alps known for its composers.: Austria

Troops placed in proper order for battle.: Arrayed

People who are dependent on a substance.: Addicts

Briefness, short amount of time.: Brevity

Propellant derived from fossil matter.: Synfuel

Nickelodeon animated series about toddlers.: Rugrats

Sugar after burning.: Caramel

Comic book Avenger played by Robert Downey Jr..: Iron man

Food commonly consumed by movie goers.: Popcorn

__-clean = spotless, faultless.: Squeaky

Puzzle 3 Answers

Any air-polluted large city.: Big smoke

Winter drink includes Advocaat and soda lemonade.: Snowball

Coagulation is __ of the blood.: Clotting

What deserves no thanks when forced.: Kindness

Do ___ Dream of Electric Sheep?, by Philip K. Dick.: Androids

Animated Corpse, Di Caprio Oscar winning film.: Revenant

Tasks that don’t seem to have productive purpose.: Busy work

Charles __, German-born American poet.: Bukowski

A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room.: Boarding is a __ website that makes requests.: Petition

The __, doo-wop band that moved around.: Drifters

__ is located on the eastern coast of Africa.: Tanzania

Upper-crust; top-drawer.: Highborn

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sport played on ice by two teams disputing a puck.: Ice hockey

Walkway along beaches, usually made of boards.: Boardwalk

Acting on the spur of the moment.: Impulsive

Cabinet used to hold small containers of spices.: Spice rack

Seasoned beef and pork sausage.: Pepperoni

__ No More, diverse school in the heart of Tel Aviv.: Strangers

The ones who hear no good of themselves.: Listeners

Famous back and forth paddles and ball console.: Atari pong

Long dagger popular during Renaissance.: Cinquedea

The sphincter __ waste from the body.: Evacuates

It never comes back.: Yesterday

First sequel to win an Oscar for Best Picture.: Godfather

Front car light, main light.: Headlight

Form of address, “my lord”.: Monsignor

Picturesque waterway flowing through Slovenia.: Soca river

__ with the Kardashians, reality TV show.: Keeping up

Puzzle 5 Answers

Quickly changing.: Switch

POD means Print on __.: Demand

Squeaky voiced Disney character.: Mickey

Snow huts, snow houses.: Igloos

Pluto’s only natural satellite.: Charon

Course of planks on a ship, hull, deck, etc.: Strake

__ skiing aka downhill skiing.: Alpine

__ teeth usually come out from ages 17 to 20.: Wisdom

South __ suffered with the politics of Apartheid.: Africa

Lisa collects Malibu __ Dolls in The Simpsons.: Stacey

Pipe __, installs, assembles, maintains pipes.: Fitter

A chess piece that jumps over all others.: Knight

Lizard, well-known for being a pet.: Iguana

Group 147

Puzzle 1 Answers

Lee Harvey __, Kennedy’s killer killed soon after.: Oswald

The capital of Canada.: Ottawa

Having a lot of money and items of great worth.: Wealth

The nickname of IFK Norrköping.: Peking

__ 13, stars Tom Hanks & Bill Paxton as astronauts.: Apollo

Mistress of the Dark, horror comedy.: Elvira

To restart a computer.: Reboot

Pastry from choux dough, baked and filled.: Eclair

Hell on __ is about a transcontinental railroad.: Wheels

Small mammal, long ears, Easter pets.: Rabbit

President of Afghanistan in 2016, __ Ghani.: Ashraf

Shirt for team members or team spirit.: Jersey

Puzzle 2 Answers

Silicate minerals removed from buildings.: Asbestos

Winter sport in which a person rides a small sled.: Skeleton

Type of beach tree known for its large leaves.: Palmtree

Don’t cry __ fish.: Stinking

Handgun with cylinder of chambers.: Revolver

Distilled, highly alcoholic drink.: Absinthe

Girl hair style inspired by a horse’s backend.: Ponytail

Dutch exotic dancer found to be a spy.: Mata hari

Gordie Howe’s nickname.: Mr hockey

Supporter for a public policy.: Advocate

Charmander is a __ Pokemon.: Fire type

Charivari is a noisy clown __ in circus.: Entrance

Not in-the-know; lacks knowledge.: Ignorant

Puzzle 3 Answers

Russia annexed this Ukranian peninsula in 2014.: Crimea

FBI: Federal __ of Investigation.: Bureau

The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams’ play.: Iguana

On a ship.: Aboard

City which debuted trampolining at the Olympics.: Sydney

“Japanese horseradish” used by sushi lovers.: Wasabi

Ornery bird in Looney Tunes.: Tweety

Blinded by the light, __ up like a deuce.: Revved

This country goes first in Summer Olympics parade.: Greece

A means of entrance or access, abstract or real.: Window

Balkan country at war in 1998 and 1999.: Kosovo

Puzzle 4 Answers

Vertical pipe used to drain rainwater from a roof.: Downspout

Medulla __, part of hindbrain controls vomiting.: Oblongata

QA: Quality __.: Assurance

Covers feet and legs; pantyhose.: Stockings

Luciano __, Operatic Tenor.: Pavarotti

An expert in science.: Scientist

Wooden clogs to protect costumes in circus.: Slop shoes

Life Is __, gave Benigni an Oscar for Best Actor.: Beautiful

Withdrawal of a group from a larger entity.: Secession

Food made from cacao seeds.: Chocolate

Sidelines in soccer, longer than goal lines.: Touch line

Blueish-green mineral.: Turquoise

Photo-sharing website specially popular in fashion.: Instagram

To hear no lies, you shouldn’t ask them.: Questions

Puzzle 5 Answers

Draft drawing to represent chief features.: Sketch

Blake __, actress married to Ryan Reynolds.: Lively

Greek goddess of wisdom.: Athena

Savage Sam was Disney’s __ to Old Yeller.: Sequel

Stinky or pleasant, scientific study of smell.: Osmics

Projectile fired from a gun or rifle.: Bullet

All-__ event is four gymnastic events.: Around

Produce a change in something.: Affect

__ the Pooh is still a loveable child’s cartoon.: Winnie

Another word for prisoner.: Inmate

Typical bread from Lunigiana region in Italy.: Sgabeo

Group 148

Puzzle 1 Answers

Being at sea; circulating about.: Afloat

__ Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare released Feb 2014.: Plants

Item that makes data sharable on a network.: Server

Muhammad’s burial place, Islam holy site.: Medina

To injure by overuse, misuse or excessive pressure.: Strain

Tight female lingerie piece.: Corset

Food, liquor served flaming.: Flambe

Crooked, curved.: Arched

Ghost __, unknown author does grunt work.: Writer

Asian capital founded by Spaniards.: Manila

The __ head turtle is found all over the world.: Logger

Puzzle 2 Answers

Way of cooking on a grill with flavored sauce.: Barbecue

__ Gladiators released 1991 for Super NES.: American

A tied fight may go to the judges for a __.: Decision

Naturally-occuring acid; muscle supplement.: Creatine

This game has elements of baseball and soccer.: Kickball

Itchy & __, a cartoon in The Simpsons.: Scratchy

Island in Lesser Antilles, capital is Bridgetown.: Barbados

Starred in Hitchcock films, Australian Judith __.: Anderson

Money present, can be used at stores, restaurants.: Gift card

Region in the south of France, a den for painters.: Provence

Shredder’s army of walkers.: Foot clan

This battle marked end of Bonaparte’s rule.: Waterloo

To misappropriate funds.: Embezzle

Grief is __ to the loss of someone.: Reacting

Suffix of Dracula’s hometown meaning “trees”.: Sylvania

A large frog that makes a loud, deep sound.: Bullfrog

Puzzle 3 Answers

Having modified or adjusted successfully.: Adapted

To consider something unworthy; despise, contempt.: Disdain

This bird can run faster than a horse.: Ostrich

Maggie May was this singer’s muse.: Stewart

Not being nice; on the __ list.: Naughty

Anthophobia is fear or __ caused by flowers.: Anxiety

Eight-sided ring where MMA bouts happen.: Octagon

Study of physical history of rocks and minerals.: Geology

African country rich in diamonds.: Namibia

Benign tumor of glandular tissue.: Adenoma

Nyx, Greek __ of the night.: Goddess

To save something from danger, fire, water.: Salvage

Skin dot more common on fairer skin.: Freckle

Everyone loves this momma’s boy comedian.: Raymond

Preservative found in foods such as lunch meat.: Nitrate

River __, brother of Joaquin, died 1993.: Phoenix

Ken __, author of thrillers and historical novels.: Follett

Moon of Uranus that has extreme topography.: Miranda

Something that floats and stays above water.: Buoyant

Puzzle 4 Answers

1984 game where you fight disembodied souls.: Ghosts

Herb, winter and summer, with purple flowers.: Savory

Second largest river in the world.: Amazon

To stab something.: Impale

Medicine from plants, traditional herbal __.: Remedy

Type of word that gives us time to think.: Crutch

Crossword compiler.: Setter

The first Olympics were held here.: Athens

__ frogs are also known as the Pac-Man frogs.: Horned

The Spongebob Movie: __ Out of Water.: Sponge

Ancient Hindu celebration, “Festival of Lights”.: Diwali

Puzzle 5 Answers

Genus Old World perennial plant, edible.: Asparagus

A song by The Velvet Underground.: Sweet jane

Two-dimensional pattern array using dots.: Dotmatrix

Ancient freestyle sport; Greco Roman.: Wrestling

City where one can shop at the famous Princes St..: Edinburgh

Another word for “spying”.: Espionage

A frog is not a reptile, but an __.: Amphibian

Moveable plank bridge on a ship.: Gangplank

Sideshow Bob’s middle name in The Simpsons.: Underdunk

Discipline which explores celestial bodies.: Astronomy

Murder mystery reality TV competition.: Whodunnit

LeBron’s nickname.: King james

Very famous director; co-founded DreamWorks.: Spielberg

Group 149

Puzzle 1 Answers

One of Batman’s enemies.: Two face

Sausage coated in cornmeal batter, on a stick.: Corndog

Written piece; online or in a magazine.: Article

Olympic basketball teams consist of these players.: All star

Abiding strictly to one’s opinion.: Adamant

Ogres are __ monsters, extremely large beasts.: Massive

What God hath joined together, let no man put __.: Asunder

Fry’s __ girlfriend Umbriel in Futurama.: Mermaid

Chantilly-__ cats are known as the Foreign Longhair.: Tiffany

Instincts, an abdominal sensation, a gut __.: Feeling

__ D’Angelo, actress of Vacation.: Beverly

Tropical fish with sharp teeth.: Piranha

Animal __, a division to classify natural objects.: Kingdom

Income payable at intervals for life.: Annuity

This brand’s shiny product lasts forever.: De beers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Eggs mixed together; some add milk.: Scrambled

This long-haired terrier loves to bark.: Yorkshire

One of the organs used to process food.: Intestine

Dog Day __, movie with Al Pacino as a bank robber.: Afternoon

With a __ = to the full, to the nth degree.: Vengeance

It makes strange bedfellows.: Adversity

Antifungal __ are used to treat fungus infections.: Medicines

Darren __, director of Black Swan.: Aronofsky

User interface, easy to read, manages computer.: Dashboard

__ my pain with his fingers.: Strumming

A very short one-piece garment.: Minidress

Long-running British time-travelling series.: Doctor who

Spotless, immaculate.: Unsullied

Guyana’s largest river located between two giants.: Essequibo

An unequal square.: Rectangle

Purported to free the Holy Land from infidels.: Crusaders

Scoundrels of Skullport is a 2013 game __.: Expansion

Puzzle 3 Answers

One of the Seven Wonders of Nature; waterfalls.: Iguazu

A bloom or blossom, fragrant and beautiful.: Flower

Mimi __, Lost In Space actress.: Rogers

To exaggerate, to take excessive action.: Overdo

Trent __, US singer and songwriter.: Reznor

Popular Italian cheese similar to Parmesan.: Asiago

Image or character to represent you online.: Avatar

Table __ is both for single and double games.: Tennis

__-flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color.: Paddle

Minute.: Atomic

Aeromodeling is __ and flight of model planes.: Design

The Little Mermaid’s father.: Triton

Professional fool at a medieval court.: Jester

__ Rules, down under football similar to rugby.: Aussie

Puzzle 4 Answers

Constables, lawmen.: Officers

Mineral in almost all toothpastes sold in U.S..: Fluoride

__ are small golden color animals who live in water.: Goldfish

__ Rhapsody, Queen ballad, Wayne’s World spoof.: Bohemian

__ sprouts and bacon.: Brussels

Soft bag designed to carry sporting equipment.: Athletic

The __ Grimm, 2005 adventure fantasy film.: Brothers

Scientific study of tumours.: Oncology

Lingua franca in Ancient Mesopotamia.: Akkadian

Stolen pleasures are __.: Sweetest

Paddling in a canoe-like boat, sitting or standing.: Kayaking

Puzzle 5 Answers

Graham crackers, chocolate bar and marshmallow.: Smores

Dried grape also used in oatmeal-based cookie.: Raisin

__ Santos, right back played in 4 WCs for Brazil.: Djalma

Bon __, good luck expression for travelers.: Voyage

Arkanoid is based on the __ game Breakout.: Arcade

Asteroid discovered by a German scientist.: Pallas

Used for sewing.: Needle

Bryan Adams’ celestial hit.: Heaven

Bela __, Hungarian actor, the original Dracula.: Lugosi

A cowboy of the South American pampas.: Gaucho

Tube that moves the urine from kidney to bladder.: Ureter

Group 150

Puzzle 1 Answers

To set or give a value to something.: Appraise

It shoots bolts.: Crossbow

It is called soccer in the US.: Football

Debuted in 1966; adventures of the USS Enterprise.: Star trek

Capital of Serbia.: Belgrade

State of rapture or overwhelming emotion.: Ecstatic

This animal does not have a brain.: Starfish

Makeup for the mouth, glossy or matte.: Lipstick

He that commits a fault thinks __ speaks of it.: Everyone

International relief group for human suffering.: Red cross

A poorly written poem meant to be funny.: Doggerel

US cheese, white inside, orange borders.: Muenster

Elbow, bowel and below are __ of one another.: Anagrams

Male range of voice between bass and tenor.: Baritone

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dog Day __, Al Pacino tries to rob a Brooklyn bank.: Afternoon

The earth is hit by __ 100 times a second.: Lightning

Eça __, Portuguese writer of realist novels.: De queiroz

An area for the manufacture or assembly of objects.: Cleanroom

Escapade, emprise, experience.: Adventure

Shaped like a three-dimensional circle.: Spherical

Italian semi-firm, aged sheep cheese.: Crotonese

Straight, single grip sword used for thrusting.: Backsword

Mosquito disease causes small heads in newborns.: Zika virus

DOS, disk __ system.: Operating

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.: Skydiving

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mowing machine that marks a line on grain.: Swather

Baseball player who plays behind a home plate.: Catcher

Agnes __ is Seymour’s mother in The Simpsons.: Skinner

To pour out exact amounts for cooking.: Measure

__ makes the heart grow fonder.: Absence

Dirty move, under-the-belt punch.: Low blow

Fish in N. Atlantic ocean; black lateral line.: Haddock

US writer, author of popular children books.: Dr seuss

To rise in rank, to make progress.: Advance

Someone who plays the piano for a living.: Pianist

Short for antilogarithm.: Antilog

Derogatory term for an intellectual person.: Egghead

Puzzle 4 Answers

Information sets “mined” by companies.: Big data

Founder, leader of a sect in Indian religions.: Acharya

Raised area of land with stepped levels.: Terrace

Building where goods are manufactured.: Factory

Unit of heat; measurement of food energy.: Calorie

__ Jones’ Diary, Jane Austen-inspired comedy.: Bridget

Goes from the shoulder to the elbow.: Humerus

__ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist.: Umberto

Marinating that uses salt.: Brining

Something passed down through genes.: Genetic

Character of an animated series about a gorilla.: Magilla

Puzzle 5 Answers

Winter sport; dogs, horses or a motor vehicle pull.: Skijöring

__ of the Sick, last rite for Catholics.: Anointing

A __ investigates a criminal case.: Detective

Atari arthropod shooting arcade game.: Centipede

Odonate insect larger than damselflies.: Dragonfly

Springtime yellow root, its seeds float away.: Dandelion

Bender’s last name on Futurama.: Rodriguez

Even Homer __ nods.: Sometimes

Yet to be sounded or explored.: Unplumbed

Stinky study that focuses on garbage.: Garbology

Box-shaped musical instrument with keys on the side.: Accordion

Jeff __, You Might Be A Redneck’s author.: Foxworthy

Kitchen device which is used to open containers.: Jar opener

Large tropical yellow fruit with hard skin.: Pineapple

Name by which the Romans called Scotland.: Caledonia

Clumsy comedy; embarrassing situation.: Slapstick

Group 151

Puzzle 1 Answers

River of world’s largest waterfall system.: Iguacu

__ Night Football, featured pigskin match.: Monday

Asian __ crab is a swimming crab species.: Paddle

They protect and keep the hands warm.: Gloves

Fiesty son of strict father, 1931 pre code film.: Skippy

Preference for modern, everyday subject matter.: Verism

10 years = One __.: Decade

Ancient structure of a lion with a human head.: Sphinx

To plan something artistically and skillfully.: Design

Aircraft used in the military and for fun.: Drones

Isaac __, Russian-American writer of sci-fi.: Asimov

Puzzle 2 Answers

Covered with spices and fried until dark.: Blackened

The place where one must draw the line.: Somewhere

Often marbled, these secure the book to the cover.: Endpapers

Contract between two entities.: Agreement

__ fire anemone can cause painful stings.: Branching

This website asks users to “pin” photos.: Pinterest

__ Europe, REM hit with no transistors.: Radio free

Medical term for inflammation of the kidneys.: Nephritis

Olivia de __, sister of Joan Fontaine.: Havilland

Game in which players hit opponents with a ball.: Dodgeball

Angler.: Fisherman

Capital of Iceland.: Reykjavik

The name of Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge.: Kampuchea

Male attendants of the bridegroom at a wedding.: Groomsmen

In legend, he lured rats from Hamelin.: Pied piper

Puzzle 3 Answers

Antigens are seen as dangerous by this system.: Immune

Mortal __ X, reboot of the classic Sega game.: Kombat

Layered dessert, ice cream, toppings, and cream.: Sundae

Money made by working, paycheck.: Income

Patron of lost causes.: St jude

Kitchen on a ship.: Galley

__ percent of extinct species are birds.: Ninety

Something that physically exists.: Entity

Pro wrestler turned UFC heavyweight champ.: Lesnar

__ Devil, flying biped with hooves.: Jersey

Infant bed aka crib.: Cradle

Springfield’s police chief, father of dopey kid.: Wiggum

Chess piece between the rook and bishop.: Knight

__ spoon race; a children’s balancing party game.: Egg and

Puzzle 4 Answers

Not for the general public; meant for a select few.: Esoteric

Decoration that is sewn onto a piece of cloth.: Appliqué

__ vertebrae, the neck bones.: Cervical

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea.: Headland

__ theft, stealing someone’s information; a crime.: Identity

Small flying insect that bites and sucks blood.: Mosquito

Feathered serpent deity worshipped by the Mayans.: Kukulkan

A dark porous carbon from vegetables or animals.: Charcoal

Unconventional protagonist.: Antihero

Teeth.: Grinders

Sport of paddling a canoe with one paddle.: Canoeing

__ Robinson, American professional boxer.: Sugar ray

Puzzle 5 Answers

Candy made from the beans of a cacao tree.: Chocolate

Someone who conducts a taxi.: Cabdriver

Sticky adhesive for kids in convenient form.: Glue stick

Too eager to offer advice not asked for.: Officious

Sedimentary rock composed of carbonate materials.: Limestone

__ Empire, TV show about gambling in Atlantic City.: Boardwalk

__ sea urchins dig into the sand and mud.: Burrowing

American Gothic painter (first name, surname).: Grant wood

A cast-iron kettle with a tight cover.: Dutch oven

He was also known as Marion Mitchell Morrison.: John wayne

Curved club designed to return to the thrower.: Boomerang

Industrial Dutch town, home of PSV soccer team.: Eindhoven

Group 152

Puzzle 1 Answers

Not present.: Absent

Greek goddess of the day.: Hemera

X-Men star Rogue, Anna __.: Paquin

To meet the band after a concert; back stage __.: Access

Google __: Google’s web browser.: Chrome

Armenian flatbread made in a tandoor.: Lavash

Worker who puts something “over your head”.: Roofer

Groundskeeper __, janitor in The Simpsons.: Willie

Roman god of fire and metalworking.: Vulcan

Vehicle fuel type; Italian fashion brand.: Diesel

Arabic capital has largest female university.: Riyadh

In sci-fi, human with computerised items inside him.: Cyborg

A child’s first toilet.: Diaper

The Devil With the Three __ Hairs, 1812 tale.: Golden

Beach __ ball started in California in 1920s.: Volley

Puzzle 2 Answers

Artemis can also be referred to as __.: Phoebe

The great tower or innermost keep of a castle.: Donjon

Agreement, harmony, voluntarily.: Accord

The capital of Republic of Macedonia.: Skopje

Three-__ toads are good luck in Asian cultures.: Legged

Punctuation mark, joins words.: Hyphen

__ grouper has brown and white stripes.: Nassau

In a __ World, Danish Golden Globe, Oscar winner.: Better

UFC fighter, Anderson da Silva’s nickname.: Spider

What astronauts use to go into space.: Rocket

Martial art made famous by Steven Seagal.: Aikido

Puzzle 3 Answers

Type of holiday cake made with fruit and nuts.: Fruitcake

In The Simpsons, __ Man stars on Channel Ocho.: Bumblebee

Led the Greeks in the Trojan War.: Agamemnon

Famous recording studio located in London.: Abbey road

In Greek __, Sirens lure sailors to their death.: Mythology

It has hairy skin and green flesh.: Kiwifruit

Someone who specializes in animal studies.: Zoologist

Benjamin __, 18th-century English pirate.: Hornigold

Fundraiser which involves exercising at steady pace.: Walkathon

Less scary name for halitosis.: Bad breath

Catalonian La Liga side.: Barcelona

Pea-sized gland controls growth, blood pressure.: Pituitary

Thin membrane, singers “loudspeaker”.: Diaphragm

Puzzle 4 Answers

Drawn away, taken.: Abduced

Place where beer is made.: Brewery

Keel-shaped ridge of rock formed by wind.: Yardang

Harry Potter’s godfather escaped from this prison.: Azkaban

The most famous Pokemon.: Pikachu

The way one feels for paying through the nose.: Fleeced

Small Japanese-style grill for outdoor cooking.: Hibachi

Tropical disease; means “bad air” in Italian.: Malaria

Ruin, downfall.: Undoing

One who renounces one’s beliefs under oath.: Abjurer

Michael Phelps is a retired __.: Swimmer

Someone who installs and repairs plumbing.: Plumber

Something worked on for a period of time.: Project

A fine woven cotton fabric, resembling cambric.: Batiste

Traveling down a river on a raft.: Rafting

Brings to an untimely end.: Cuts off

Tradeable contracts not for now.: Futures

Puzzle 5 Answers

Icons used online to express emotions.: Emojis

Nice way of saying “fired”.: Layoff

__ Unchained, Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave.: Django

Band featuring Sting and Andy Summers, The __.: Police

MMA hold of an arm held between thighs.: Armbar

BC is home to the world’s largest __ stick.: Hockey

Second largest city in Western Asia.: Tehran

Red-__ rock agama is a smaller lizard from Africa.: Headed

Season after Spring.: Summer

Type of dark spice, has strong flavor.: Pepper

A Belgian whodunnit solver.: Poirot

Gadget, device, trinket, misc items.: Doodad

Silent __ is a WWII submarine combat game.: Hunter

Facial __, better known as Kleenex.: Tissue

Religious superior, head priest of temple.: Mahant

Human heart pressure can shoot blood __ feet.: Thirty

Dealing with something, minimizing stress.: Coping

Candleshoe is a 1977 film starring Jodie __.: Foster

Group 153

Puzzle 1 Answers

Jamaican speedster gold in Rio, London and Beijing.: Usain bolt

Hundreds and __ on a birthday cake.: Thousands

Manga-based video game franchise.: North star

Conjecture.: Guesswork

A run-down hotel.: Flophouse

Written and printed publisher’s opinion.: Editorial

Enemy of a government agent in a spy film.: Terrorist

Lance __, American former cyclist.: Armstrong

Sad, gloomy, dejected or downcast.: Depressed

Burning sensation in chest caused by gastric acid.: Heartburn

Medical specialty; x-rays.: Radiology

Character played by Jessica Tandy on a 1989 movie.: Miss daisy

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street.: Sweeney

OTP: One True __, usually a celebrity couple.: Pairing

A person who is proficient in sports.: Athlete

Solitary fan green __ looks like a large fan.: Seaweed

__ mantises are known for their devoted posture.: Praying

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the __ film.: Seventh

__ and Cressida, a Shakespeare’s tragedy.: Troilus

Struck idiophone operated by a keyboard.: Celesta

Over the whole area, extent, item.: Allover

A very large piece of ice floating in the ocean.: Iceberg

Sirens lured sailors in ancient Greek tale.: Odyssey

Donggyeongi, a Korean breed of dog.: Bobtail

Halgerda batangas is a species of __.: Sea slug

Oaf, lout.: Palooka

Rapid, brisk tempo.: Allegro

Puzzle 3 Answers

Type of galaxy consisting in a flat, rotating disk.: Spiral

List of people, groups, units for events.: Roster

Title character in John Green’s first novel.: Alaska

Capital of Germany.: Berlin

Item made for an electrical purpose; cell phone.: Device

The original ultimate fighter.: Gracie

John __ Mellencamp, rocker of Jack and Diane.: Cougar

To speak of something indirectly.: Allude

Golf club to strike the ball gently to the hole.: Putter

Kiss of the __ Woman, stuck in Brazilian prison.: Spider

Lone __, Tonto, Hi-Yo Silver, started on radio.: Ranger

Battle of __ Bank, site of the Blücher sinking.: Dogger

Puzzle 4 Answers

Breed of dog originated in Germany.: Pinscher

Traffic that is coming towards you.: Oncoming

Remnants.: Oddments

Interchange of items, goods, foods.: Commerce

Part of the face above the eyes and below the hair.: Forehead

French cold egg sauce with mustard.: Gribiche

Form of baseball played with a larger ball.: Softball

The time when all men will be judged.: Doomsday

City of flowers, per eccellenza.: Florence

To explode something, such as dynamite.: Detonate

Light azure hue associated with newborns.: Baby blue

Sylvia __, movie with Katharine Hepburn.: Scarlett

Center of a target, what the shooter aims for.: Bullseye

Galaxy that contains our system.: Milky way

Puzzle 5 Answers

Movement of a limb away from your body.: Abduction

Harry Potter’s friend Luna is sorted in this house.: Ravenclaw

State of having two sides that are not the same.: Asymmetry

Drawing or painting roughly.: Sketching

Workplace comedy starring Andy Dick, Phil Hartman.: Newsradio

__ Meyer, famous for her series about vampires.: Stephenie

Repugnant, sickening.: Abhorrent

Dish that is cooked in an oven; green bean __.: Casserole

Medieval church music.: Plainsong

__ soldierfish are reddish with large eyes.: Blotcheye

Group 154

Puzzle 1 Answers

Sensation of a current event happening in the past.: Deja vu

Ving __, Mission Impossible, Pulp Fiction actor.: Rhames

To look over something again for errors.: Review

Former UFC champ, Chuck “The __” Liddel.: Iceman

Car ride on tracks, __ coaster.: Roller

Brothers who first successfully flew in 1903.: Wright

Device polishes, improves chocolate quality.: Conche

Brush, usually with feathers, used for cleaning.: Duster

Last bowler on a team, keeps team from drifting.: Anchor

Mediterranean nation with Greek, Turkish pops..: Cyprus

An elongated shape.: Oblong

Strong, muscular.: Brawny

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fresh herb used for tea, gum and toothpaste.: Spearmint

Flower bud vegetable with edible hearts.: Artichoke

Piece of wood placed not at the foot of the bed.: Headboard

Capital of the Netherlands.: Amsterdam

Riding a bicycle.: Bicycling

Ancient Babylonian tool made for mass farming.: Seed drill

Body part that connects brain to spinal cord.: Brain stem

Use a calculator to __ the volume of a cylinder.: Calculate

Floor __, an Olympic gymnastic routine.: Exercises

Gravestone, placed at the heads of graves.: Headstone

Pope who launched a 6th-century mission.: St gregory

Sunset __, classic movie with Gloria Swanson.: Boulevard

__ G. Iñárritu, director of Birdman.: Alejandro

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Beauty, won the Academy Awards in 2000.: American

Oscar winner; portrayed an Indian social reformer.: Kingsley

__ family includes aunts, uncles, cousins.: Extended

Largest part of the brain.: Cerebrum

When one presents a counter argument, Devil’s __.: Advocate

A respectful gesture of greeting in India.: Namaskar

Capital of the Chimú culture in Peru.: Chan chan

Period of time from 500 AD to 1000 AD.: Dark ages

It is a virtue.: Patience

Michael __, writer known best for Jurassic Park.: Crichton

Canvas backpack used by soldiers.: Knapsack

Serena __, American tennis player.: Williams

__ Bars, aerial gymnastic event.: Parallel

A place where one shouldn’t leave his/her manners.: Doorstep

Pedro Alvarez __, Cuban artist.: Castello

There are two sides to every __.: Question

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who has a deep knowledge of a subject.: Scholar

To mix together two foods.: Combine

Punished with a fine not fixed by a statute.: Amerced

Laughing hyena comes in striped and __ types.: Spotted

Roman goddess of war, conquest and peace.: Bellona

Low seat without a back also known as footstool.: Ottoman

Etymological meaning of zebra.: Wild ass

Shakespeare’s tragedy about racism and jealousy.: Othello

Nickname to the baseball playing field.: Diamond

Fruit with one seed native to Mexico.: Avocado

Dental __ is to prevent cavities.: Sealant

Every man has the __ of his own virtues.: Defects

Something you feel when there’s nothing to do.: Boredom

Several defensive baseball positions.: Fielder

Chubby __ had everyone doing the twist in 1960.: Checker

Doctor usually refers to a __ doctor, MD, PhD.: Medical

Well-groomed French lady.: Soignee

Queen Anne’s __, Blackbeard’s ship.: Revenge

Fork-like spear, popular gum brand.: Trident

Baba __, Arabic dish of cooked eggplants.: Ganoush

Eyewear to protect those who work with chemicals.: Goggles

Puzzle 5 Answers

One of Tchaikovsky’s most popular ballets.: Swan lake

Good company on the road is the __ cut.: Shortest

Secondary act at a circus or fair.: Sideshow

A villain hideout in The Spy Who Loved Me.: Atlantis

Relating to ancient Greece before Alexander.: Hellenic

Medical term for being abnormally small.: Dwarfism

Pre-Google TV guy who could fix everything.: Macgyver

Kitchenware you can use to make soup.: Stock pot

Worthless, ineffective.: Feckless

The one who fights in the sport of wrestling.: Wrestler

A general improvement in appearance.: Makeover

With a separate price for each item on the menu.: A la carte

Letter pad on computers; can be found on a piano.: Keyboard

Paul __, Big Fat Liar actor.: Giamatti

Multi-armed demonic being of Hindu mythology.: Rakshasa

Marijuana helps some with this seizure disorder.: Epilepsy

Hockey officials who call icing violations.: Linesmen

The pen is __ than the sword.: Mightier

Group 155

Puzzle 1 Answers

What you hear before train departure, All __.: Aboard

Rum based Polynesian cocktail.: Mai tai

To join or fasten one thing to another.: Attach

Bowler’s first goal; all ten pins in one roll.: Strike

Number system with only two symbols.: Binary

Soak in hot water to release the flavour.: Infuse

African nation north of Lake Victoria.: Uganda

Key on a map, tells what symbols mean.: Legend

Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham.: Galaxy

__ Harris, Creator of Hannibal.: Thomas

Acrophobia is a __ fear of heights.: Severe

Scissors used to cut lambs wool.: Shears

The capital of Oman.: Muscat

Puzzle 2 Answers

Small object worn to protect from evil, harm.: Amulet

Dog most selected as Best In Show: __ Spaniel.: Cocker

Telescope launched in 1990, sends back photos.: Hubble

Busy rail terminus serving Madrid.: Atocha

Humans have one of these on each hand.: Thumbs

Company, organization providing services.: Agency

Radical jumping with cord around your ankles.: Bungee

Chemical element commonly used in enemas.: Barium

Hash __, fried, shredded potato, breakfast dish.: Browns

Word that modifies verbs or clauses.: Adverb

Woman behind the Manchurian candidate, Eleanor __.: Iselin

Puzzle 3 Answers

Someone who does not acknowledge any God.: Atheist

Omega Virus is a __ electronic game from 1992.: Talking

Tended King David in old age.: Abishag

British, “curious” mints come in a tin.: Altoids

Farsi is a language of this family.: Persian

Penn State legend died amidst scandal.: Paterno

Mountain with highest elevation above sea level.: Everest

African country made quarterfinals of 2002 WC.: Senegal

Venetian rowing boat for romantic tourists.: Gondola

90s sitcom theme by The Rembrandts.: Friends

Saviour of the ancient Jewish people.: Messiah

Puzzle 4 Answers

Hummingbirds are the __ among bird species.: Smallest

This country’s capital is Kuala Lumpur.: Malaysia

Road in NYC famous for its theatres’ industry.: Broadway

Used for cooking and warmth when outdoors.: Campfire

Distilled fruit brandies or herbal liqueurs.: Schnapps

Born in the country known for the Samurai culture.: Japanese

Song recorded by the Beatles.: In my life

Slick jacket worn to repel water.: Raincoat

Pitchers, catchers and shortstops play __.: Baseball

Explicit writing style of Roman poems.: Catullus

Dark absorbent fuel made of burning wood.: Charcoal

__ Cowboy, 1969 US film, Oscar for best picture.: Midnight

Show known for being about nothing.: Seinfeld

Medieval game of “chicken”.: Jousting

Aliens: The __ Game, Apple II 1988 video game.: Computer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ornamental item that adds flavor, decoration.: Garnish

General pardon for political offenses.: Amnesty

Several pieces of artillery used for action.: Battery

Digestive organ; cows have four of them.: Stomach

India is the __ largest country in the world.: Seventh

Shadow-casting object to tell the time.: Sundial

Sympathetic leader, first pope from Latin America.: Francis

Taking by force, unfair loss in game.: Robbery

4 leaf __ are good luck symbols.: Clovers

Dance marked by flowing movements across the room.: Foxtrot

Pride in belonging to a select group.: Elitism

A sport which is part of the Olympic events.: Fencing

1990 Die Hard game is set in Los __.: Angeles

Group 156

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adding __ to injury.: Insult

__ Oswalt, nerd comic, King of Queens.: Patton

This city, not Toronto, is Canada’s capital.: Ottawa

To throw a heavy lenticular weight, the __ throw.: Discus

Standard or common, not unusual, regular.: Normal

Response to a question.: Answer

Academy winner who played Nefertiti, Anne __.: Baxter

To impact a stationary object; not a collision.: Allide

Blue __ nudibranch is a blue and black sea slug.: Sphinx

A type of computer virus.: Trojan

American Old West folk character, “Wild Bill”.: Hickok

Upbeat, feeling-good Lion King’s tune __ Matata.: Hakuna

Single inhalation and exhalation of air.: Breath

Bed used as a couch by day.: Daybed

__ Moon, a Japanese cartoon.: Sailor

America’s Got __, TV’s biggest talent show.: Talent

Dofus is an MMORPG developed by __.: Ankama

Ra, foremost Egyptian __, ruler of the gods.: Sun god

The sixth planet from the Sun.: Saturn

__ Actors Guild, award given by fellow actors.: Screen

Puzzle 2 Answers

Someone who takes the lives of others.: Assassin

It is no use __ the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar.: Spoiling

Equestrian __ is the art form of the sport.: Dressage

John __, one of the world’s best classical guitarists.: Williams

A changeling can morph into __ it wants.: Anything

Large purple fruit used in cooking.: Eggplant

Medical term for elbow or knee scrape.: Abrasion

Greek philosopher, Plato’s teacher.: Socrates

Hot Wheels competitor, toy cars.: Matchbox

Common submission in MMA, __ choke.: Triangle

Study of origins of ideas.: Ideogeny

Puzzle 3 Answers

Film by Joe Wright based on a novel by Ian McEwan.: Atonement

Sinatra gets no kick from __.: Champagne

Chinese philosopher known for wise words.: Confucius

Giving a gentle nudge over forgotten words.: Prompting

TV show about misfits in Greendale College.: Community

Very famous wrestler, won a lawsuit against Gawker.: Hulk hogan

Willing to consent or accept.: Agreeable

__ clown has a specific costume.: Character

Kidnapping.: Abduction

It connects the spinal cord to the cerebrum.: Brainstem

Animal with no bones and long tentacles; it stings.: Jellyfish

Doom: The Board game is an __ game from 2004.: Adventure

Military time traveler from 2036.: John titor

Base of low hills below a mountain range.: Foothills

Umbrella-like device for jumping out of planes.: Parachute

Dingos run wild in this country’s Outback.: Australia

__ in Seattle, radio talk show romantic comedy.: Sleepless

What every why has.: Wherefore

Ancient Greek wrestling school.: Palaestra

Cafeteria school chef in the Simpsons.: Lunchlady

Flaky, twisted French bread.: Croissant

Revolving platform for a vinyl record.: Turntable

Full-time Buddhist, the “homeless one”.: Anagarika

Puzzle 4 Answers

Jamaican who runs “as fast as lightning”.: Usain bolt

Blackspotted __ have large yellow lips.: Rubberlip

Addition or change to a law or bill.: Amendment

Side dish from Southern states made with maize.: Cornbread

Mechanical marvel used to cut yards.: Lawnmower

Former swimmer and nine-time Olympic champion.: Mark spitz

__ is Han Solo’s friend and sidekick in Star Wars.: Chewbacca

Vanish from sight.: Disappear

An image with urban scenery as its primary focus.: City scape

__ Islands; Darwin’s evolution theory.: Galapagos

A spinning cylinder.: Whirlwind

A wine lover.: Oenophile

Second largest country in South America.: Argentina

Puzzle 5 Answers

Digital music service fought with Taylor Swift.: Spotify

They say it never sleeps.: New york

Sons of __, Hamlet on a motorcycle club on TV.: Anarchy

Olympic sport involving light spear.: Javelin

__ cave, formed within large ice formation.: Glacier

A temporary solution.: Stopgap

Widely popular headache, pain medicine brand.: Tylenol

Animal __, kids zoological sweet treat.: Cracker

Retain basic contents by omitting details.: Abridge

John __, former American tennis player.: Mcenroe

Life line for your smartphone.: Charger

Group 157

Puzzle 1 Answers

Liquid used as a nail polish remover.: Acetone

The most famous wrestler/actor in the world.: The rock

Something made from clay and fired in a kiln.: Ceramic

The official controlling a sports match.: Referee

Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Apollo’s twin sister.: Artemis

Small areas off walls of larger rooms.: Alcoves

Physical elements of writing, such as metaphors.: Texture

Medicine for stopping itching and pain.: Camphor

Legally taken and raised by other parents.: Adopted

Wipe this part of computer clean for privacy.: History

Item from the past, not modern.: Antique

Someone torn by an inner conflict.: Agonist

Puzzle 2 Answers

Devices used to stop a car.: Brakes

The Lady in __ 6: Music Saved My Life, a film.: Number

Involve, engross, occupy the efforts of.: Engage

__ Rider, Hasselhoff series before Baywatch.: Knight

Separate viewing spot on a computer screen.: Window

Computer key allows you to switch between modes.: Insert

To actively not notice someone or something.: Ignore

These seeds are used on hamburger buns.: Sesame

__ Cash, famously entertained inmates.: Johnny

__ Illustrated, magazine known for swimsuit issue.: Sports

Olympic gold medalist, Michael.: Phelps

A bill is an advertising __ for the circus.: Poster

Puzzle 3 Answers

Upwords is a variation of __ with stacking letters.: Scrabble

Asian island was British colony on 99-year lease.: Hong kong

Swiss, medium-hard yellow cheese with large holes.: Emmental

More cases of a disease than expected.: Epidemic

Someone on your team, usually sports.: Teammate

Ventilation from the top of the house.: Attic fan

Liza __, daughter of Judy Garland.: Minnelli

Ancient Art of War is the first real-time __ game.: Strategy

Leonardo __, won an Oscar for The Revenant.: Dicaprio

The capital of Faroe Islands.: Torshavn

Beautiful woman; consciousness-stealing punch.: Knockout

A group of people coming together.: Assembly

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alberta’s museum dedicated to these local rodents.: Gopher

Middle Eastern drupe; teardrop nut.: Almond

Of or having to do with Wales or Welsh culture.: Cymric

__ Earhart, famous female aviator.: Amelia

Another term for soul or ghost.: Spirit

When pupils become larger, receive more light.: Dilate

Punctuation to stress certain letters.: Accent

Temporary storage for holding data until ready.: Buffer

Any girl or woman.: Sheila

__ Schwarzenegger, actor, politician.: Arnold

Car __ can involve all types of cars.: Racing

“Mouth” of car, allows air into engine area.: Grille

__ and Her Sisters, a film by Woody Allen.: Hannah

Boat made by hollowing out a log; also in baseball.: Dugout

Puzzle 5 Answers

Isis, wife of __, goddess of marriage and wisdom.: Osiris

Canoe __, speed racing on calm water.: Sprint

Where you go to the bathroom.: Toilet

Professional who takes clients in cars or limousines.: Driver

Ceremonial blade used in Wicca religion.: Athame

__ Room, people have to solve puzzles to break out.: Escape

__ Smith, 3 time Superbowl running back Cowboys.: Emmitt

Contrary, instead of, one over the other.: Rather

What you hit when you want to sleep longer.: Snooze

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book.: Esther

Resourceful, full of expedients.: Shifty

Fish used for fishing bait.: Minnow

__ wake you up better in the morning than caffeine.: Apples

Group 158

Puzzle 1 Answers

Medic emergency vehicle.: Ambulance

The shrew tamed by Petruchio in Shakespeare’s play.: Katherina

Capital of Slovenia.: Ljubljana

A second-year college student.: Sophomore

__ of Horror, Simpson’s Halloween special.: Treehouse

What seeing is.: Believing

Baby bird that is ready to leave the nest.: Fledgling

Rime, ice crystals.: Hoarfrost

Artwork made by cutting grooves into a surface.: Engraving

Nickname of US army troops in WWI.: Doughboys

Fruit preserved in sugar.: Sweetmeat

A cylindrical container for holding ice cubes.: Ice bucket

Editing a text so it can be published.: Redaction

Sack worn on one shoulder, goes across chest.: Messenger

Hey, look over there!.: Diversion

American director known for his dark fantasy films.: Tim burton

La __, Spanish folk song with catchy beat.: Cucaracha

The __, the original reality show, 90s MTV staple.: Real world

Chemical element of atomic number 46.: Palladium

Puzzle 2 Answers

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils.: Adenoids

Jack __, greatest golfer of all time.: Nicklaus

Layer of fabric underneath another layer of fabric.: Underlay

Oldest known language spoken by the pharaohs.: Egyptian

__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.: Sherlock

Alphabet used for writing eastern Slavic languages.: Cyrillic

General __, American long-running soap opera.: Hospital

Pain in the head, many causes.: Headache

Illegal pitch in baseball, ball is lubed.: Spitball

Roman emperor who wanted to make his horse consul.: Caligula

German Name for the Nazi Government.: Iii reich

Produces digestive hormones including insulin.: Pancreas

Neil __ Tyson, modern-day American astrophysicist.: Degrasse

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ vs. __, won the Academy Awards in 1980.: Kramer

Material inside bone, often donated.: Marrow

The King’s __, Oscar-winner stuttering film.: Speech

Liquid in zero-gravity will always form a __.: Sphere

A set of teams that plays against each other.: League

Single person on a sports team.: Player

Francesco __, Italian Baroque painter.: Albani

Glenn __, big band leader went MIA in WWII.: Miller

To put money into something for a profit.: Invest

South American rodent related to guinea pigs.: Agouti

Puzzle 4 Answers

Language planned to become world language.: Esperanto

Before you see the dentist, you see this person.: Hygienist

Get on this to glide on the snow.: Snowboard

Someone who practices any type of science.: Scientist

Hans __ Andersen wrote The Angel in 1843.: Christian

Scottish whipped cream dessert with whisky.: Cranachan

A hit by The Beatles.: Something

The bowel is made up of the large and small __.: Intestine

Cricketer when his team is not batting.: Fieldsman

Stage, big box illusion with Mexican influence.: Aztec lady

Spanish writer of Don Quixote.: Cervantes

City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe.: Edinburgh

A box of matches, in days of yore.: Vesta case

Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters.: Pokemon go

It is not possible to do the washing with it.: Soapstone

Iron __, band of In the Garden of Eden.: Butterfly

It decides what is socially acceptable.: Etiquette

Period of no more menstruation for a woman.: Menopause

Challenging toy, bouncy pole with places for feet.: Pogo stick

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Paltrow, American actress and Oscar winner.: Gwyneth

“French” Fries come from this low country.: Belgium

Sent out heat, light, sound, liquid; discharged.: Emitted

Anoxia is the __ of oxygen in the body.: Absence

Mount __ is home to Greek gods.: Olympus

French-inspired Olympic sport requires a mask.: Fencing

__ Lagoon, Disney’s giant Florida waterpark.: Typhoon

__ grunt, or dogfish, live in schools on reefs.: Bastard

Stringed instrument from the Renaissance.: Cittern

Grey’s __, part medical drama, part soap opera.: Anatomy

Roger __, Swiss tennis player.: Federer

Foul-smelling, reeking.: Noisome

A night street in New Orleans and a drink’s name.: Bourbon

Sleeping and living out in nature.: Camping

Group 159

Puzzle 1 Answers

Music made using cutlery, aka playing the bones.: Spoons

Dr. Remy Hadley on House, __ Wilde.: Olivia

Not real; outward appearance; a building face.: Facade

Five __ of Grief, aka Kubler Ross Model.: Stages

Physical exertion; mental process; attempt.: Effort

Separation of __, less concentrated influence.: Powers

Large beings in Norse mythology who live near rocks.: Trolls

__ Peet, American actress.: Amanda

Small, __, Large.: Medium

A case for arrows.: Quiver

Emma __, title character of a novel by Flaubert.: Bovary

Initially conceived as a martial art.: Tai chi

The __ Years, late 80s opened by Joe Cocker.: Wonder

Term for a young swan.: Cygnet

Puzzle 2 Answers

Divine inspiration.: Afflatus

All __, November 2nd.: Souls day

Bigeye Trevally are found in all __ waters.: Tropical

__ Dad, adult cartoon led by CIA agent.: American

Little Miss __, feel good 2006 hit movie.: Sunshine

Balloonfish, or __, puff up when threatened.: Blowfish

Dorn is a __ fantasy board game from Altar.: Tactical

Area on each side of the body, holds arms in place.: Shoulder

Ancient lingua franca of Greater India.: Sanskrit

Band that recorded the hit Turn Turn Turn.: The byrds

What the pasteurization process kills.: Microbes

Itchy and __, Simpsons cartoon.: Scratchy

Pale round seed aka Garbanzo beans.: Chickpea

Include hammer, anvil and stirrups; ear bones.: Ossicles

Come Out __, not so subtle boxing idiom.: Swinging

Fast car designed for a type of race.: Dragster

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shelf __, item taking too long to sell.: Warmer

As much as eight gallons.: Bushel

Turkish porridge for the Muharram.: Ashure

Bram __, the original vampire author.: Stoker

Gyalwang __, reincarnated Buddhist master.: Drukpa

The ecclesiastical unit committed to one pastor.: Parish

WWI battle also known as the “Race to the Sea”.: Albert

The Lion King, 1994 __ animated film.: Disney

Open place with buyers and sellers of goods.: Market

Japanese casual clothing store.: Uniqlo

A buss, a kiss.: Smooch

Pale-__ surgeonfish has sharp scalpel tail.: Lipped

Political campaign about the UK leaving the EU.: Brexit

Son named after his father, not senior.: Junior

Puzzle 4 Answers

White pill used for headaches; blood thinner.: Aspirin

Sleeps upside down and plays dead.: Opossum

Carl Sagan taught astronomy here.: Cornell

To smoke like a chimney; to swear like a __.: Trooper

Invasions, raids.: Attacks

Leonardo __ painted the Vitruvian Man.: Da vinci

An island republic which used to belong to Denmark.: Iceland

Item used to build protective walls or trenches.: Sand bag

Disobedient or mischievous.: Naughty

Slightly hard natural cheese, sometimes sharp.: Cheddar

Iran’s 2nd largest city, Imam Reza tomb.: Mashhad

Puzzle 5 Answers

Christ coming into the world.: Advent

French for a Peeping Tom.: Voyeur

In Africa, respectful form of address to men.: Bwanas

The brothers or brothers-in-law of your parents.: Uncles

Tupac __, aka 2Pac, west coast rapper gunned down.: Shakur

The Secret __, TV show about a city full of witches.: Circle

Say __ and thank you, nice manners.: Please

Relating to the whole world, universal.: Global

List of a team’s players.: Roster

Thomas __, wrote The Witch of Edmonton.: Dekker

Not quite all, almost all.: Nearly

Donna Murphy plays Mother __ in Tangled.: Gothel

Outline, plan for a meeting, to be voted on.: Agenda

Stunted ear of Indian corn.: Nubbin

Slang term for habitual weed smoker.: Stoner

Close, neighboring, not far away.: Nearby

Small stream of water from the Earth.: Spring

Spanish royal city, home to famous soccer clubs.: Madrid

Boa Constrictor, or red-__ boa, is a common pet.: Tailed

French partner dance from the early 17th century.: Minuet

McDonald’s classic with its own song.: Big mac

Group 160

Puzzle 1 Answers

Green grossular stone from Kenya.: Tsavorite

Someone who speaks two languages.: Bilingual

Bow-shaped lake formed in a channel of a river.: Oxbow lake

Another term for safe room.: Panic room

TV show about the working-class Gallagher family.: Shameless

Olympic team sport played in a pool.: Water polo

Institution in Bern, produces Switzerland’s coins.: Swissmint

Word recently coined.: Neologism

To improve the appearance of an area of land.: Landscape

This kind of disease requires remedies alike.: Desperate

By individual.: Per capita

__ Heights, inequivocal gothic novel.: Wuthering

__ Versace, Italian fashion designer (female).: Donatella

Played with rackets and shuttlecocks.: Badminton

Belittle, degrade.: Disparage

The Incredible __ Man, a sci-fi about radiation.: Shrinking

Savory, fried vegetable appetizer; makes you cry.: Onion ring

The common __ is also known as common stingray.: Stingaree

Puzzle with letters and black squares.: Crossword

Inflammation of the kidneys.: Nephritis

Lincoln __ is a luxurious SUV.: Navigator

State of satisfaction and contentment.: Happiness

Puzzle 2 Answers

Main body of riders in a bicycle race.: Peloton

To extract or emit under pressure.: Squeeze

Juno satellite reached this planet in 2016.: Jupiter

A way to greet someone.: Welcome

Author of The Waste Land.: Ts eliot

What an army marches on.: Stomach

Someone who plays the drums.: Drummer

To deviate from normal path, go another way.: Diverge

An answering __ holds phone messages.: Machine

To endure something like a surgery.: Undergo

__ Moore, controversial, liberal movie maker.: Michael

Place to discard cigarette residues.: Ashtray

Plural form of amoeba.: Amoebae

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Laboratories, famous pharmaceutical company.: Abbott

Caterpillars are __ of butterflies.: Larvae

1980 American horror film: __ the 13th.: Friday

The wizard at King Arthur’s court.: Merlin

Long walks through the woods on a trail.: Hiking

Natives of this principality cannot gamble there.: Monaco

__ Capote, would never begin, end work on Friday.: Truman

__ Hugo, French novelist whose work is set in Paris.: Victor

Most probable outcome, certainty, probably.: Likely

__ cat has a rounded face and folded ears.: Foldex

The__ Connection, winner of the 44th Academy Awards.: French

Person who takes care of the bats in baseball.: Batboy

Again, once More.: Encore

An ancient Persian king.: Xerxes

Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale.: Riding

Black-__ snake eel usually bury themselves.: Finned

__ Panda 3, 2016 movie.: Kung fu

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capital of Kazakhstan.: Astana

__ Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.: Steven

Wild dog, known for its laugh; not hyena.: Jackal

Official name to hop, step and jump.: Triple

Blackway and Bourne film series star, Julia __.: Stiles

Curved knife used by Sikhs.: Kirpan

You cannot do this with your eyes open.: Sneeze

Plan or outline to be done.: Agenda

Evil and mischievious dwarf-like daemon.: Goblin

Arcade game sequel to 1979’s Galaxian.: Galaga

__ Bob SquarePants, most popular Nickelodeon toon.: Sponge

Polish pastry eaten on Fat Tuesday in US.: Paczki

Batman: __ is a series of video games.: Arkham

Additive ractopamine is illegal in this country.: Russia

Puzzle 5 Answers

Trekkies are people who love __.: Star trek

__ are insects considered good luck in Asia.: Crickets

__ Culkin, Home Alone star, Jackson friend.: Macaulay

Your mother told you to never run holding this.: Scissors

This candy brand asks you to “taste the rainbow”.: Skittles

Quarter of an area, usually land area.: Quadrant

Large hill of sand made by wind flows.: Sand dune

__ In Paris, a film by Woody Allen.: Midnight

A bank is a large elevated area of __.: Sea floor

To enter a horse in a race.: Nominate

__ Island, board game with marbles as lava.: Fireball

Midnight’s __, by Salman Rushdie.: Children

Knitted garment that has an open front.: Cardigan

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