Codycross Spa time Answers

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Codycross Spa time

Group 801

Puzzle 1 Answers

A big brother to bananas, popular in the Caribbean: Plantain

Anne, who played Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate: Bancroft

Artform and genre of music in South Spain: Flamenco

Cat breed and Oz inhabitant: Munchkin

Dead __, something that spoils the surprise: Giveaway

Description of the contents of a course of study: Syllabus

Interaction with the plot of a computer story: Gameplay

Mahavir Janma __, annual Jain festival: Kalyanak

One wheeled bike with no brakes, requires balance: Unicycle

Percentage off associated with a sale: Discount

Self-__, sock wool made of various colors: Striping

This coastal swamp tree’s roots grow above water: Mangrove

__ Jane, frontierswoman associate of Buffalo Bill: Calamity

Puzzle 2 Answers

Artificial regulator for the heart: Pacemaker

Branch of divination that uses the stars: Astrology

CEO of Apple before he passed in 2011: Steve jobs

First two letters in HTTP stand for this word: Hypertext

Harsh laws, named after the first leader of Athens: Draconian

Jagged landform in The Lion King: Pride rock

Metal link with hinge, to connect climbing ropes: Carabiner

Peaks that are higher than the valleys: Mountains

Style of Brazilian music that means new wave: Bossa nova

Successions of DNA base-pairs: Sequences

This muscle allows you to shrug your shoulders: Trapezius

Puzzle 3 Answers

City that holds world’s largest annual Oktoberfest: Munich

Clothing, outfit: Attire

Dam building, flat-tailed animal, largest rodent: Beaver

Food following Jewish religious law: Kosher

Language spoken in Northern Spain: Basque

Night involving answering questions with a team: Trivia

One of the offspring of Chaos, known as Darkness: Erebus

See this over the ocean at evening time: Sunset

The digital detector of images in a camera: Sensor

Until we meet again: So long

Yellow Looney Tunes bird, his nemesis is Sylvester: Tweety

__ Bedelia, rhyming children’s book character: Amelia

__ Girls theme song Thank You For Being A Friend: Golden

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ancient Egyptian ruler: Pharaoh

Blocked path with no way through: Dead end

Criss-cross pattern in art, music, and baking: Lattice

Doria __, mother of Harry’s bride Meghan Markle: Ragland

Feline that’s the fastest land animal: Cheetah

Hit song from 2018’s A Star Is Born: Shallow

Microsoft’s city codename for Windows 95: Chicago

Spectacles: Glasses

Substance essential for making jellies: Gelatin

Sweet low spring plants with white flowers: Alyssum

Ten-pin bowlers aim to get these: Strikes

The crime of character assassination through lies: Slander

When push comes __, in the end: To shove

__ West plays Noah Solloway on The Affair: Dominic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Amsterdam’s modern art museum: Stedelijk

Bad feeling, hostility: Animosity

Bar time offering discounted drinks: Happy hour

Elemental trace mineral, taken to support bones: Manganese

Master gland at the base of the brain: Pituitary

Name of Cleopatra’s alleged son with Julius Caesar: Caesarion

Period of three months associated with pregnancy: Trimester

Powerful Greek gods encountered by Percy Jackson: Olympians

Rhodesian hunting dog breed: Ridgeback

Southwest US major river; John Wayne movie: Rio grande

We get these from eating healthy food: Nutrients

Woodwind instrument played by Charlie Parker: Saxophone

Group 802

Puzzle 1 Answers

A union between countries: Alliance

Arthur Miller wrote the play Death of a __: Salesman

Face to face rather than on the phone: In person

German astronomer siblings William and Caroline: Herschel

Hawaiian volcano that is mostly underwater: Mauna kea

Heaven for warriors in Norse mythology: Valhalla

Highly scented indoor plant with white flowers: Gardenia

It is taken out against property to secure a loan: Mortgage

Jack White, Alicia Keys or Yehudi Menuhin: Musician

Jack White, Brendan Benson, or Patrick Keeler: Musician

Mediterranean island of Italy with nuraghi ruins: Sardinia

Rita __ is a pin-up in The Shawshank Redemption: Hayworth

Section of a stadium reserved for the media: Press box

Strip that keeps your place in novels: Bookmark

The Flintstones kept one as a pet: Dinosaur

Puzzle 2 Answers

A vinyl disc that has music on it: Record

A vinyl disc which plays music: Record

Battle of __, great victory for Hannibal in 216 BC: Cannae

Bright tropical bird, mimics other animal calls: Parrot

Container for holding water on the go: Bottle

French for “cake”: Gateau

Game show-winning supercomputer: Watson

Pictures taken with a camera to capture moments: Photos

Poland’s capital city: Warsaw

Sunglasses manufacturer known for Aviators: Ray ban

Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend: Eeyore

__ Thunder; Ben Stiller and Jack Black comedy: Tropic

Puzzle 3 Answers

An individual’s collection of clothing: Wardrobe

Another name for a blood clot: Thrombus

British fashion house known for trench coats: Burberry

Captain Nemo’s fictional submarine: Nautilus

Hindu worship of Shiva as the Supreme Being: Shaivism

Long-running animated show with a yellow family: Simpsons

MacBook, Surface, IdeaPad: Computer

Painting of a person: Portrait

Range in which Mount Elbrus is located: Caucasus

Tall shoes made popular by 1970s disco dancers: Platform

The Evil Dead’s series director: Sam raimi

The Ramones are known for being this kind of band: Punk rock

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Little __ Boy”, Christmas tale of a musical gift: Drummer

Babs is a short version of this female name: Barbara

French village, home to Monet’s water garden: Giverny

Harry, Lily and James are these in the book series: Potters

Marconi’s birthplace; also a type of deli meat: Bologna

Strong-smelling compound of nitrogen and hydrogen: Ammonia

The seven dwarfs do this while they work: Whistle

They speak rhymes instead of singing them: Rappers

Tiger Woods’ real first name: Eldrick

Where honey-makers call home: Beehive

__ lady, top-of-the-bill actress: Leading

Puzzle 5 Answers

Art style featuring paintings of inanimate objects: Still life

Carlo Collodi puppet tale: “The Adventures of “: Pinocchio

Chat show host and comedian Ellen: Degeneres

Creole dish with rice, sausage, and tomato: Jambalaya

He’s better known as P. Diddy: Sean combs

Holiest day of the year in Judaism: Yom kippur

Medieval Europe’s social caste system of servitude: Feudalism

Ovoid immune system organ for B and T cells: Lymph node

Plant that is often kissed under: Mistletoe

Sit-ups are exercises that work these muscles: Abdominal

Spoken narration on top of video: Voiceover

There are more tigers in this than in the wild: Captivity

Group 803

Puzzle 1 Answers

A pickle can never return to being this: Cucumber

Buddy Holly’s song about a 50s gal: Peggy sue

Divine message of the future from the beyond: Prophecy

Eight-night Jewish festival involving candles: Hanukkah

Filtration process for low functioning kidneys: Dialysis

Jospeh Monier’s reinforced building material: Concrete

Kings, and queens have these, also called vassals: Subjects

Meaning of BTW: By the way

Nation of over 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean: Maldives

Paris university with 13th-century origins: Sorbonne

Pots, pans, and utensils: Cookware

Process of treating feet and toenails at a spa: Pedicure

Scaly anteater that can roll itself into a ball: Pangolin

Social event for ladies in the afternoon: Tea party

Miller; played Sick Boy in Trainspotting: Jonny lee

Puzzle 2 Answers

2 atoms of 1 element with different electron count: Isotope

A superhero’s nemesis: Villain

Andrew Lloyd Webber musical: __ of Love: Aspects

Arbiter of a sports match: Referee

Buy guy: Villain

Crisp wafer for eating with cheese: Cracker

Home base of a computer, where you drag files: Desktop

James Bond wants his drinks shaken, not __: Stirred

Nemo and his father live in one: Anemone

Sewing machine brand from Switzerland: Bernina

Slang for a pair of eyes: Peepers

US State with Phoenix as its capital: Arizona

__ in the Stream; Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton hit: Islands

Puzzle 3 Answers

2020 Disney documentary narrated by Meghan Markle: Elephant

Daughter of Sparta and wife of Odysseus: Penelope

Highlighting puts this, or stress, on words: Emphasis

International games that began in Ancient Greece: Olympics

Month named after the number ten: December

Online fad where folks laid straight out on things: Planking

Orange pigment, gives certain veggies their hue: Carotene

Short spiky strands on toothbrushes and hedgehogs: Bristles

The … that signifies trailing off mid sentence: Ellipsis

The passing of traits through familial generations: Heredity

This Holmes is played by Cumberbatch: Sherlock

Untruth told to save someone’s feelings, perhaps: White lie

Used in math to solve problems: Equation

Welsh singer of James Bond theme Thunderball: Tom jones

Puzzle 4 Answers

Anonymous street artist and graffiti specialist: Banksy

City in which St. Vitus Cathedral is located: Prague

Continent that’s home to the fictional Wakanda: Africa

Cooking cakes or pies from scratch: Baking

Crossword clues can be down and this: Across

Deep gorges or ravines: Chasms

Glossy fluids to add shine to hair: Serums

Golfers need one of these to carry their clubs: Caddie

Primate known for its bright red bottom: Baboon

Rags to __, a journey from poverty to great wealth: Riches

Shakespeare wrote many of this type of poem: Sonnet

Vampire musical scored by Elton John and Taupin: Lestat

Water has 2 hydrogen atoms and one __ atom: Oxygen

Puzzle 5 Answers

1991 movie about George Sand and Frédéric Chopin: Impromptu

Baby __, Peppa Pig’s newborn cousin: Alexander

Bequest of money received upon death: Endowment

Chicago’s nickname: Windy city

Distribute TV to the masses: Broadcast

Head covering to keep hair dry when bathing: Shower cap

One-humped camel: Dromedary

Only surviving Bee Gee: Barry gibb

Poorly, not well, not in good condition: Unhealthy

Snack made from flattened dough, e.g. pita or naan: Flatbread

What the A stands for in ATM – the money machine: Automated

Group 804

Puzzle 1 Answers

A kind of heel or a kind of knife: Stiletto

Anne who played Fantine in Les Misérables: Hathaway

Both a virtue and a woman’s name: Patience

Crispy cubes of bread eaten with salad or soup: Croutons

Gamers may find these with dragons: Dungeons

Greek term for king or emperor: Basileus

If one crosses your path, you might get bad luck: Black cat

Marvel anti hero, real name is Wade Wilson: Deadpool

Mound left by small, dusky digging mammal: Molehill

Souvenir store in a museum or theme park: Gift shop

The end of an uneven bars routine: Dismount

The four letters of a radio or TV station: Callsign

Things that are found on the periodic table: Elements

Tinker and mechanical in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Tom snout

__ Rhapsody sung by band Queen: Bohemian

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aquatic mammal sometimes called a sea cow: Manatee

Getting better, recovering from illness: Healing

Heap of chopped wood for burning on the hearth: Log pile

Host of the 2008 Summer Olympics: Beijing

Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl’s band: Nirvana

Pill designed to make up for poor nutrition: Vitamin

Pork sausage seasoned with paprika: Chorizo

Spiritual, ceremonial customs: Rituals

They allow pouring of liquids into small apertures: Funnels

Walt Lloyd’s pet Labrador in Lost TV series: Vincent

Washing off, cleansing: Rinsing

Washing off soap: Rinsing

What Dorothy’s friend the Lion was searching for: Courage

__ Conran, author of the Superwoman series: Shirley

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Stop all the “, Auden poem aka Funeral Blues: Clocks

Addams family’s creepy uncle: Fester

Delicacy made from fish eggs: Caviar

Duchess of York; sang with The Black Eyed Peas: Fergie

Expansion of Wizard of Oz, Broadway play: Wicked

High __; left destitute, without resources: And dry

Meadow flower with lucky four-leaf variety: Clover

Practical and serviceable: Useful

The low part of ground between mountains: Valley

soda, toothpaste microbeads alternative: Baking

Puzzle 4 Answers

1989 Julia Roberts film about friendship, Steel __: Magnolias

A skydiver hopes this is packed correctly: Parachute

Another name for a bruise: Contusion

Company founded by Bill Gates: Microsoft

Creator and voice artist on Beavis and Butt-Head: Mike judge

Italian pasta strands: Spaghetti

Recent infectious disease, spread by mosquitos: Zika virus

This Band sings Wish You Were Here: Pink floyd

Two pets, often fighting, according to the idiom: Cat and dog

Undergarment that adds volume to skirt of dress: Petticoat

What witnesses give under oath: Testimony

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aromatic spice that is made from bark: Cinnamon

Black and white Newfoundland dog: Landseer

Bogota is its capital: Colombia

Egyptian goddess of water, consort to Set: Nephtys

Explosive common in demolition and mining: Dynamite

Girl in the play As You Like It disguised as a boy: Rosalind

Passageway in a school or hospital, for example: Corridor

Penny __, describes a miserly or mean attitude: Pinching

Rocky __, heavyweight boxer who retired undefeated: Marciano

Stay With Me singer knows he’s “not the only one”: Sam smith

Workers become these when they walk picket lines: Strikers

Youthful trees, also you can buy them in Minecraft: Saplings

Group 805

Puzzle 1 Answers

2013 Sandra Bullock science fiction film: Gravity

A book on a required reading list is often one: Classic

A bright, extreme shade of red; a fever: Scarlet

A coach gives one before the game: Pep talk

Also called the breastbone: Sternum

Another word for kneading, toiling with dough: Working

Auguste Rodin’s sculpture of a pensive man: Thinker

Blocked, congested: Clogged

Body of water where the river meets the sea: Estuary

Crypto-currency associated with Satoshi Nakamoto: Bitcoin

Large jungle chopping knife: Machete

Predatory freshwater fish native to South America: Piranha

Qing dynasty game of tiles: Mahjong

Roman god of messages: Mercury

Tropical storm over the Indian or Pacific ocean: Typhoon

Villain Bram Stoker is famous for: Dracula

Puzzle 2 Answers

17th C engraving technique giving tonal effects: Mezzotint

Author of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer: Mark twain

Bill collectors call around for these companies: Creditors

Bull who wanted to smell flowers instead of fight: Ferdinand

Nemo in Finding Nemo is this type of creature: Clownfish

SpongeBob lives in one under the sea: Pineapple

This Neil made the first lunar walk: Armstrong

This farmer works in netting to prevent stinging: Beekeeper

Tina Turner hit: Left a good job down in the city: Proud mary

Vessel powered by burning coal: Steamship

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Beauty is in the eye of the “: Beholder

A joker, often: Wildcard

Cooked egg dish, like quiche without a crust: Frittata

Coral species that looks like deer antlers: Staghorn

Fever, hallucination, disorientation: Delirium

Flick through a book: Skim read

Knowingly hang onto information: Withhold

Laxative Milk of __: Magnesia

Molly __, Brat Pack actress in Pretty in Pink: Ringwald

Percy Jackson, Annabeth and Hercules are these: Demigods

Sister island of Tobago: Trinidad

The Rock was this before he became an actor: Wrestler

Puzzle 4 Answers

A __ bullet is the only way to kill a werewolf: Silver

Coat put on before paint: Primer

Covered with a sticky coating, like ribs: Glazed

Cure: Remedy

Directors say this to start a scene: Action

Estranged Truly, Madly, Deeply singers: __ Garden: Savage

Fruitless and totally unable to complete the task: Futile

Hair removal using candle material and strips: Waxing

Open pastures used for growing crops: Fields

Palm leaves: Fronds

Scandinavian country where meal kits originated: Sweden

Short for hazardous materials, protective gear: Hazmat

Skills done by snowboarders, water skiers, etc.: Tricks

State of innocence and cleanliness: Purity

Steve ___ was transformed into Captain America: Rogers

The __ Scribe; ancient Egyptian figure at work: Seated

The densest naturally-occurring element: Osmium

Translated play by Lope de Vega: The Dog in the __: Manger

while Rome burns, an Emperor Nero analogy: Fiddle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another word for hard or not easy: Difficult

Author of the Harry Potter series: J k rowling

Cartoon flapper first appearing in 1930: Betty boop

Character by Lin-Manuel Miranda, __ Hamilton: Alexander

Cordon __, barrier to prevent disease spreading: Sanitaire

Florida cape site of Kennedy Space Center: Canaveral

Medical term for chickenpox: Varicella

Safety rafts attached to big ships: Lifeboats

Term for Mumbai-based film production industry: Bollywood

The TB in #TBT: Throwback

Trading __, laws that protect buyers’ rights: Standards

Group 806

Puzzle 1 Answers

2018 hit for Sam Smith and Calvin Harris: Promises

A skilled and strategic movement: Maneuver

Actress, animal activist; starred in Pillow Talk: Doris day

Another name for the tibia: Shinbone

Bright pink bird associated with Florida: Flamingo

Cats Tygra and Cheetara hailed from this planet: Thundera

Disease caused by insulin imbalance: Diabetes

Mythical island nation created by Plato: Atlantis

North-west French region where they speak Breton: Brittany

Paper container for money at a wedding: Envelope

Science that studies dogs: Cynology

Tropical flower or a red tea: Hibiscus

With an irregular shape or design: Freeform

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cassette-player brand for on the move in the 1980s: Walkman

Central character in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Scrooge

Drive from home to work and back again: Commute

Laurel used in cooking: Bay leaf

Linus from Peanuts believed in a Great one: Pumpkin

Panic! At the Disco singer __ Urie: Brendan

Paper-joining stationery tool that needs reloading: Stapler

Sam __, film producer and studio owner with Mayer: Goldwyn

Ship kitchens: Galleys

Something often lit during meditation: Incense

Three-pronged spear wielded by Poseidon: Trident

What took the Titanic down: Iceberg

Wooden scaffold used by hangmen in the past: Gallows

__ and Johnson, scientists who wrote about sex: Masters

Puzzle 3 Answers

African leaping antelope with curving horns: Impala

Collections of songs by an artist, e.g. on a CD: Albums

Counterfeit, fake, bogus: Phoney

Diane __ of Annie Hall and Book Club: Keaton

Difficult-to-stop spasm of the diaphragm: Hiccup

Former Philippines First Lady Imelda __: Marcos

Japanese car maker of the Corolla: Toyota

Mythical small monster, usually mischievous: Goblin

Space cloud, made up of gases and dust: Nebula

These are eaten between meals: Snacks

Well-known and in the public eye: Famous

Puzzle 4 Answers

CEO; chief __ officer; top dog at work: Executive

Epistolary novel written by Jane Austen: Lady susan

Genes that aren’t dominant: Recessive

He played Heimdall in Thor: Idris elba

Romantic card traditionally given on February 14: Valentine

Shaft for steps in a building: Stairwell

Superman’s archenemy and wealthy businessman: Lex luthor

These lizards would excel at hide and seek: Chameleon

Travel documents that show citizenship: Passports

Unclear, can be interpreted in more than one way: Ambiguous

Puzzle 5 Answers

10 Things I Hate __, 1999 Shakespearean rom-com: About you

Animal between 12 and 24 months old: Yearling

Articulating each note sharply in music: Staccato

Container for your midday meal: Lunchbox

Detailed ornamental work of twisted gold or silver: Filigree

Folded paper information leaflet: Pamphlet

Helen of Troy’s husband: King __: Menelaus

Hindu triad of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva: Trimurti

Parachuted leap from a building: Base jump

Purported medicine, essence of a viper: Snake oil

Slang for 1950s group of bikers: Greasers

Stance that rejects any participation in war: Pacifism

Ten-sided shapes: Decagons

The R in RSVP: Repondez

To raise, sometimes by the power of the mind alone: Levitate

Urgent shipment option: Priority

_ roll; sushi made with unagi, nuts and avocado: Hawaiian

Group 807

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Dog’s __; follow-up film to A Dog’s Purpose: Journey

A greatly reduced price, a steal: Bargain

A person has this when their hearing organ hurts: Earache

Catholic body founded by Josemaría Escrivá: Opus dei

He-Man is one of the __ of the Universe: Masters

Mineral that strengthens bones: Calcium

North African country featuring the Sahara: Algeria

Pablo __, Spanish artist who painted Guernica: Picasso

Person with a fine personality, an ovum analogy: Good egg

Person with ginger hair; North American duck breed: Redhead

Series of Rolls-Royce cars: Phantom

Shakespeare tragedy of a Venetian army general: Othello

Sweets post-meal treat: Dessert

Tactile writing system, read by touch: Braille

Puzzle 2 Answers

A __ pill to swallow is an unavoidable unpleasantry: Bitter

Beetles revered as sacred amulets in Ancient Egypt: Scarab

Bernie Madoff was jailed for pyramid type of this: Scheme

Fancy wool originally from southwest Spain: Merino

King story of a telepathic high school student: Carrie

Lending party in a lease agreement: Lessor

Mountain kingdom, its capital is Thimphu: Bhutan

Oysters turn grit into these glowing beads: Pearls

Put money into a business hoping for future profit: Invest

Rita __, 1961’s Anita in West Side Story: Moreno

Tallest tower in Paris named after its engineer: Eiffel

Type of “elbow” gotten with lateral epicondylitis: Tennis

Vegetable the French once believed caused leprosy: Potato

Wet toppings for pasta: Sauces

What’s in the heart, for performer Deee-Lite: Groove

Puzzle 3 Answers

Early sample model of a product or vehicle: Prototype

Film technique using wireframe computer models: Animation

Habitual stealing of small items: Pilfering

High balance wire in a circus: Tightrope

Instrument one blows into, played by Bob Dylan: Harmonica

Mediterranean flowers in the Asparagaceae family: Hyacinths

Painful inflammation of fluid around joints: Synovitis

Painful inflammation of the lining of a joint: Synovitis

Post-graduate degree with PhD qualification: Doctorate

Starch-like cornflour used in clear thickening: Arrowroot

Teacher of Japanese Buddhist meditation: Zen master

Wooden implement measures three feet at a time: Yardstick

Puzzle 4 Answers

French long, thin bread with a hard crust: Baguette

Frontman of the Doors, Jim __, aka the Lizard King: Morrison

Line in the sand or line on a map: Boundary

Mocking, teasing, provoking: Taunting

Money paid to a shareholder from company revenue: Dividend

Optimus Prime’s arch enemy in Transformers: Megatron

Sean T’s intense body workout routine: Insanity

Speed built up over time that gives impetus: Momentum

Sword of __, legendary blade held by a fine thread: Damocles

Taking an oath: Pledging

The love interest of Romeo before he meets Juliet: Rosaline

Tommy __, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City protagonist: Vercetti

Puzzle 5 Answers

A proof of purchase: Receipt

Boy George band: __ Club: Culture

Broadway specialty: Musical

Caribbean isle, forms a nation with Antigua: Barbuda

DC comic hero played by Jason Momoa in 2018: Aquaman

French word for a very young chicken: Poussin

Illustrator for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Tenniel

Italian for bad air; disease caused by mosquitoes: Malaria

Nationality of racing driver Kimi Räikkönen: Finnish

Painful bubble on the skin, caused by heat: Blister

Small dog who hangs with Scooby Doo: Scrappy

UK cathedral, world’s tallest building (1311–1548): Lincoln

Venomous shark species with canine-related name: Dogfish

Works of skin art: Tattoos

Group 808

Puzzle 1 Answers

Aloe is this common plant type with thick parts: Succulent

German dish with a fried meat cutlet and sauce: Schnitzel

In a Dr. Seuss story, they go with ham: Green eggs

Like a trait taken from one’s parents: Inherited

Michelle Obama and Laura Bush were this: First lady

P. McCartney song in support of 1960s civil rights: Blackbird

Photography technique shot over several days: Time lapse

Someone who is given an award or organ: Recipient

Type of long razor with foldable handle: Cutthroat

Unfinished business to tie up: Loose ends

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Two Roads __ in a Yellow Wood”: famed poetic line: Diverged

ABBA song and a defeat for Napoleon: Waterloo

Film print in which light and dark are reversed: Negative

Fraction equal to 20 percent of a whole: One fifth

Italian Renaissance painter, __ Daddi: Bernardo

Liquid that marine mammals live in: Seawater

Optimistic Cape in South Africa: Good hope

Payments earned after retirement: Pensions

Piece of cloth for mopping up alcoholic spills: Bar towel

REM sang about losing this: Religion

She did this when she asked him to marry her: Proposed

The start of a theatrical performance: Showtime

Untroubled by conflict or agitation: Peaceful

Vessels that excavate riverbeds: Dredgers

Yellow Shih Tzu in Animal Crossing franchise: Isabelle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Champagne brand with Special Cuvee blend: Bollinger

Common order for soldiers to lower their weapons: Stand down

Country home to Bondi Beach: Australia

Drax’s title in the Marvel universe: Destroyer

Facebook game where players tend to crops: Farmville

Foreign adversary of Bond at the gaming tables: Le chiffre

Insectivore with many legs; classic arcade game: Centipede

Keyed percussion instrument played with mallets: Xylophone

Large, portable devices that blast music loudly: Boomboxes

Mailed mementos of a trip: Postcards

Method for identifying a person’s allergies: Patch test

Puzzle 4 Answers

Brightly painted vehicle in the Philippines: Jeepney

Childlike nickname for canines: Doggies

Cooked on or under heat: Grilled

Dwayne Johnson’s wrestler name: The rock

George __, singer of Faith and Careless Whisper: Michael

Illness, health problem: Ailment

Irrational, deep-rooted fears: Phobias

Reindeer who was able to help guide Santa: Rudolph

Small country next to Spain: Andorra

The cost of acquiring a service or product: Expense

Puzzle 5 Answers

A __ in the Sun, 1959 play by Lorraine Hansberry: Raisin

Building material mixed with sand to make concrete: Cement

Elon Musk’s rocket launching corporation: Spacex

HTTP server that’s also a type of helicopter: Apache

Japan’s largest island: Honshu

Keyboard instruments: Pianos

Martin Luther famously wrote 95: Theses

Purplish red; Adam Levine’s five: Maroon

TV chef and Hell’s Kitchen host, Gordon: Ramsay

This rough rock can polish toes and heels: Pumice

Traditional Japanese dramatic performance: Kabuki

White grape brandy from western France: Cognac

__ Ryder; Little Women and Stranger Things actress: Winona

Group 809

Puzzle 1 Answers

Buttons used to secure a duffel coat: Toggles

Buttons with which to secure a duffel coat: Toggles

Kitchen items made of clay, highlighted in Ghost: Pottery

Mass meetings to rouse enthusiasm: Rallies

Most populous city in Pakistan: Karachi

Mozzarella and tomato salad; anagram of “escaper”: Caprese

Parts of a Russian ruble: Kopecks

Person who recommends a course of action: Advisor

Peter Peter __ Eater, children’s nursery rhyme: Pumpkin

Roman goddess of wisdom: Minerva

Very common computer operating system: Windows

__ Gates; married to Microsoft founder Bill: Melinda

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__, bubble, toil and trouble”: Macbeth’s witches: Hubble

ABBA love song with repeated Italian title: Adante

Chain of beads for counting prayers in Catholicism: Rosary

Classic martini garnishes: Olives

Coquettish: Flirty

Jackal-headed Egyptian god of embalming: Anubis

Lizard known to fall from trees in cold weather: Iguana

Ms. McAdams, Bilson, or Weisz: Rachel

Perfectly round object: Sphere

Spout at the end of a hose: Nozzle

Still functioning space telescope launched in 1990: Hubble

This peak was previously known as Mount McKinley: Denali

__ tunnel syndrome, wrist impairment: Carpal

Puzzle 3 Answers

1979 Bond film with Venice speed boat chase: Moonraker

A fan might ask a movie star for one: Autograph

Best score in Blackjack: Twenty one

Collection of Ancient Greek Trojan War epic poems: Epic cycle

First name of the writer of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Tennessee

Italian dish of thinly sliced raw meat: Carpaccio

Rust is caused by __ on certain metals: Oxidation

Spinning blade on small planes: Propeller

That ’70s Show star who voices Meg on Family Guy: Mila kunis

The Niagara Gorge hosts a world famous one: Waterfall

The medulla is found in this part of the body: Brain stem

The study of glands: Adenology

They might outweigh the negatives: Positives

Yellow __, 10th Beatles Album: Submarine

Yellow floral herb, makes calming tea: Chamomile

Puzzle 4 Answers

A running event a little over 26 miles or 42 km: Marathon

Actor who played Hawkeye in MAS*H: Alan alda

Daisy’s sad toy clown in Toy Story 3: Chuckles

E.g. gesture of kindness or friendliness: Goodwill

Gabriel García Márquez wrote 100 years of this: Solitude

Polish sausage: Kielbasa

Shallow container for germinating plants: Seed tray

Washing your mouth and throat without swallowing: Gargling

World’s largest rodent, native to South America: Capybara

__ Valley Sunday, Monkees hit of 1967: Pleasant

Puzzle 5 Answers

Apparatus that measures air pressure: Barometer

Circle of mushrooms in a forest or grassland: Fairy ring

Coccyxes: Tailbones

Container that holds cast votes in an election: Ballot box

Having a strong effect on someone’s life: Impactful

Lie detector test: Polygraph

Main, top-of-the-bill act at a music festival: Headliner

Mantra of Dead Poets Society, means Seize the Day: Carpe diem

Mountain range whose highest peak is Mount Everest: Himalayas

Price to pay if buy from a distributor: Wholesale

Sherlock, Miss Marple or Poirot, for example: Detective

Yellow flower often considered a nuisance plant: Dandelion

Group 810

Puzzle 1 Answers

Device that disperses aroma from essential oils: Diffuser

Feline villain played by Halle Berry in 2004: Catwoman

Impeccably clean: Spotless

Make this Greek dish if you have lamb and eggplant: Moussaka

Modern romantic fiction, often about women’s lives: Chick lit

Mythology-themed luxury hotel in Dubai: Atlantis

Padding sewn inside a cuddly toy: Stuffing

Surname of Agatha Christie’s archaeologist husband: Mallowan

Surname of Agatha Christie’s husband: Mallowan

To get an app from the internet: Download

__ hits; collection of a band’s best-known songs: Greatest

Puzzle 2 Answers

An earlier version of a refrigerator: Ice box

Cat that is skilled at catching rodents: Mouser

Danny __, Edward Scissorhands composer: Elfman

Feeling of sickness or queasiness: Nausea

Indulge with massages and other treatments: Pamper

Official representatives of national governments: Envoys

Physicist Karl, famous for research on radio waves: Jansky

Purchasing goods online or in store: Buying

Roman goddess of gardens, fruit trees: Pomona

Serial killer Hannibal’s last name: Lecter

Short spells or periods: Stints

Swiss city, on the River Rhône and a lake: Geneva

__ beef, preserved canned meat from Argentina: Corned

__ chic; distressed style of interior design: Shabby

__ price, amount a seller ideally wants to receive: Asking

Puzzle 3 Answers

Animal guide that is bonded to a witch: Familiar

Burning feeling from a wound or a nettle: Stinging

Ginger-like spice used in Thai cooking: Galangal

Islas __, alternative name for the Falkland Isles: Malvinas

Law court or judgement panel: Tribunal

Message sent via cable before telephones: Telegram

Oedipus’ daughter featured in a Sophocles play: Antigone

Sir Elton __ John, full pseudonym of the singer: Hercules

Spartan general who defeated the Athenian fleet: Lysander

What students load up to carry school books: Backpack

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artist who shared a house in Arles with Van Gogh: Gauguin

Australian marsupials that play dead: Possums

Biggest city in Scotland, with a Necropolis: Glasgow

Bow-and-arrow sport: Archery

Creator of “The Artful Dodger” fictional character: Dickens

French card game of tricking your opponent: Bezique

Nautical sounding hit for Rod Stewart in 1975: Sailing

Ornate Russian tea urn: Samovar

Person who arranges a collection for a museum: Curator

Snow White sang __ My Prince Will Come: Someday

Temperature scale of 0 at water’s freezing point: Celcius

Term for a baby born much earlier than expected: Preemie

Transmission of sound and images online: Webcast

__ riche, people who have come into money: Nouveau

Puzzle 5 Answers

An oval surrounding Egyptian hieroglyphs: Cartouche

Card game, you need to reach 21: Blackjack

Grass species that makes a sweet global commodity: Sugarcane

Group who sang The Lion Sleeps Tonight: The tokens

He plays Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy: Vin diesel

Head and face gear to protect against the cold: Balaclava

Jesus’ 12 followers who attended the Last Supper: Disciples

McDonalds menu choice aimed at young children: Happy meal

Risk taker or stunt performer: Daredevil

Risk taker or stuntman: Daredevil

Software that scans for harmful files and malware: Antivirus

They’re made in war and on Survivor: Alliances

What is measured in hertz: Frequency

Group 811

Puzzle 1 Answers

A man not wearing underwear is going this: Commando

An animal’s lineage, showing its breed: Pedigree

An object thought to contain magic powers: Talisman

Illusion of a 3d image caused by light refraction: Hologram

Maleficent: __ of Evil, 2019 Disney fantasy sequel: Mistress

Monster with one main eye and 10 eyestalks: Beholder

Monty Python’s stage musical hit: Spamalot

Nirvana defined the grunge style of this decade: Nineties

Rolled sushi: Makimono

RuPaul’s TV reality runway and lip sync contest: Drag race

Three membranes that protect the brain: Meninges

Wrote Bartleby the Scrivener: Melville

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actor that starred in Django Unchained and Ray: Jamie foxx

Area right outside of view; the edges of an area: Periphery

Cleanse and decontaminate: Disinfect

Diagram showing work processes: Flowchart

Farm tool featured in American Gothic: Pitchfork

In need of pruning or cutting back: Overgrown

Ingredient common in candy, cookies, and cakes: Chocolate

Lisa Simpson or Kenny G’s instrument: Saxophone

Numerical figure extracted from a study: Statistic

Public water bus serving Venice lagoons: Vaporetto

Put on mascara to enhance them: Eyelashes

Spanish writer of Don Quixote, published in 1605: Cervantes

Utkatasana, a standing seated posture in yoga: Chair pose

Puzzle 3 Answers

Banished to live in a different country: Exiled

Device that emits wireless signals for connection: Router

Engineless plane that flies on the wind: Glider

Eruption of water from a hot spring in the ground: Geyser

Fugitive or criminal, especially in the Wild West: Outlaw

Gold __, someone who has their eyes on a fortune: Digger

If you take the red pill, you’ll end up here: Matrix

People who make purchases, customers: Buyers

Playing Minecraft or Mario Kart, for example: Gaming

Scientist Bill Nye is known for this neckwear: Bow tie

Serious disease in dogs: “parvo” or __ parvovirus: Canine

Subtle differences in pigments: Shades

Travel with Norwegian or Royal Caribbean: Cruise

West African spider god that knows all stories: Anansi

__ chaud, warm cheese dish, French for goat: Chevre

Puzzle 4 Answers

A business that has just launched: Startup

A scapegoat, a dupe, a sucker: Fall guy

Alligator, crocodile, king cobra or Komodo dragon: Reptile

Decoration sprinkled on food, e.g. parsley: Garnish

Kingdom state, became a part of Germany in 1871: Hanover

Protagonist of American Psycho: Bateman

Sneezy reaction to pollen: Allergy

Stray off the intended course: Deviate

What boxers deliver: Punches

__ & Sons, Sigh No More band: Mumford

Puzzle 5 Answers

A system that protects internal computer networks: Firewall

Animal form that the Hindu god Ganesh takes: Elephant

Carbon lumps used as barbecue fuel: Charcoal

Caviar often comes from this fish: Sturgeon

Condolences in time of grief: Sympathy

Gutenberg revolutioned this process: Printing

Her fans are known as Little Monsters: Lady gaga

Large brain part also called the telencephalon: Cerebrum

Lead character who is not especially brave: Antihero

Lunar phrase for something rare: Once in a __: Blue moon

Often humorous poem with the rhyme scheme AABBA: Limerick

Sleep disorder that keeps a person up at night: Insomnia

Vast Las Vegas hotel with golden lion logo: Mgm grand

William IV’s queen and South Australia’s capital: Adelaide

Group 812

Puzzle 1 Answers

“If you’ve got it, __ it”: Flaunt

2004 album from The Temptations: Legacy

A knight’s sidekick: Squire

Campanile, not always home to bats: Belfry

Cinderella’s was at midnight: Curfew

Get measurements and a suit from this person: Tailor

Iced coffee beverage shaken and foamy: Frappe

Largest country in the Western Hemisphere: Canada

Orson Welles’ War of the __: Worlds

Rihanna’s lingerie collection: __ X Fenty: Savage

Ross’s monkey in Friends: Marcel

Sport played on ice with sticks and pucks: Hockey

Puzzle 2 Answers

Child __, one with remarkable gifts for their age: Prodigy

Chinese dumpling parcels: Wontons

Fringed knots added to accessories: Tassels

Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals: Artemis

It’s a dish best served cold: Revenge

Jason __, Ghostbusters reboot director: Reitman

Joining metal to metal: Welding

Large vein in the neck: Jugular

Low protective wall along the edge of a roof: Parapet

Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympian one: Swimmer

Opposite of comedy: Tragedy

Poet who led the transcendental movement: Emerson

Receiving guests to your home, entertaining: Hosting

Rocker shares Brook St, Mayfair museum with Handel: Hendrix

Screen for viewing spreadsheets at work: Monitor

Splash out and spend lots of money: Splurge

Type of tree that delivers pecans: Hickory

Xena: __ Princess, cult fantasy TV series: Warrior

Young, thin tree: Sapling

Puzzle 3 Answers

A big lump of something sticky or soft, e.g. cream: Dollop

Drooped like wet cloth: Sagged

French surgeon known for herpetology: Lesson

Heart __; detour around a coronary artery blockage: Bypass

Honesty is the best one, according to the saying: Policy

Insurgents, mutineers: Rebels

Mariana __, deepest point of the Pacific Ocean: Trench

Monty __, British comedy troupe with dead parrot: Python

People employed to offer post-birth support: Doulas

Pink __ hang out with T Birds in the film Grease: Ladies

Primate with similar genetics to us, aka dwarf chimp: Bonobo

Selection, option: Choice

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Two lost souls swimming in a ” Pink Floyd lyric: Fishbowl

America’s national pastime: Baseball

Blue, shapeshifting X-Men enemy: Mystique

Britain’s biggest airport, with five terminals: Heathrow

Cat breed, a serval/domestic cross from the desert: Savannah

Film parody of Austen’s Emma, set in Beverly Hills: Clueless

Gillian Flynn’s thriller about a missing wife: Gone girl

Home of the the Jade Buddha Temple: Shanghai

James __, 15th US president: Buchanan

Pill or syrup given to cure what ails you: Medicine

Second-largest of Japan’s islands, north of Honshu: Hokkaido

The zodiac sign Taurus is known for being this: Stubborn

Way to improve skin texture: __ peel: Chemical

Puzzle 5 Answers

2000 Russell Crowe film set in ancient Rome: Gladiator

Cinderella’s was a fairy and her magical mentor: Godmother

Douglas __, an inventor of the computer mouse: Engelbart

German city where Mercedes and Porsche are based: Stuttgart

Kelly Clarkson’s second studio album: Breakaway

Not a complete grin: Half smile

Sally sells them by the seashore: Seashells

Sending goods to foreign countries: Exporting

University city in both Massachusetts and England: Cambridge

Penzo; home stadium of Venezia FC: Pierluigi

Group 813

Puzzle 1 Answers

Aussie equivalent of Marmite, a national icon: Vegemite

Broadband transmitted over the air: Wireless

Identification document for travel: Passport

Lead in a pencil: Graphite

Lois Lane’s occupation: Reporter

Maleficent, Cruella De Vil and Ursula, for example: Villains

Marvel’s series about teens against their parents: Runaways

Mouthpieces that make shrill celebratory sounds: Whistles

N Italian lake that the Romans called Lacus Larius: Lake como

One who eats plants and meat: Omnivore

Second Roman emperor, successor of Augustus: Tiberius

Tom Sawyer tricked his friends into doing this: Painting

__ bottle; liquid-filled source of warmth: Hot water

Puzzle 2 Answers

Author of Matilda and James and the Giant Peach: Roald dahl

Bats, ground squirrels, and bears do it: Hibernate

Citywide hunt to find objects: Scavenger

German lake, also called the Bodensee: Constance

Hairdressers are doing this with peroxide: Bleaching

Harry Potter had a cloak that made him this: Invisible

On a subatomic level, electrons are tiny __: Particles

Person tasked with scenery or props during a play: Stagehand

Port-wine stain or café au lait spot, for example: Birthmark

Teri Hatcher played a “desperate” one: Housewife

Tiny, tentative advances in progress: Baby steps

Traditional home for monks: Monastery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abundant element that’s found in diamonds: Carbon

Cosplay that combines two characters into one: Mashup

Famous Collie in movies and TV: Lassie

Hand-held portable touchscreen computer: Tablet

Location of Kubla Khan poem: Xanadu

Sea where the Cyclades Islands are found: Aegean

Sickly or nauseous: Queasy

The Beach Boys want her help: Rhonda

The Friendly Ghost: Casper

To do with the mind: Mental

Puzzle 4 Answers

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” Artist, __ Houston: Whitney

Barack Obama went to law school there: Harvard

Buddy cop film with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence: Bad boys

Burst into flames: Combust

Edible sea snails; awami in Japanese cuisine: Abalone

Holmes keeps his tobacco in a Persian __: Slipper

Mister Spock urged us to live long and this: Prosper

Moving to music: Dancing

Place where historical documents are kept: Archive

Pole at the four corners of a sleeping platform: Bedpost

Relieve pins and __ by moving your head: Needles

The Emerald Isle: Ireland

The territory ruled by an emir: Emirate

Tornado warnings mean people should take this: Shelter

Puzzle 5 Answers

1975 chart-topping Bruce Springsteen album: Born to run

An enormous sea serpent in Jewish mythology: Leviathan

An insect or animal that eats only wood: Xylophage

Architects design opera houses with this in mind: Acoustics

Exclusive Rome street, setting of La Dolce Vita: Via veneto

French term describing the upper middle class: Bourgeois

Golf score of three under par: Albatross

Hard part of the face, highlighted and contoured: Cheekbone

Jackets worn in storms: Raincoats

Machine that beams images onto a surface: Projector

Profession concerned with treating oral health: Dentistry

Sand-riding vehicle: Dune buggy

Group 814

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bony structures on tortoises’ backs: Shells

Canine idiom meaning the leader of the pack: Top dog

Cowgirl from Toy Story: Jessie

Cumulus, stratus, or cirrus objects: Clouds

E. B. White wrote about this Little mouse-like boy: Stuart

German beer mugs: Steins

Hold someone in great esteem, look up to: Admire

Ruler in ancient Rome, also a classic salad: Caesar

Song title used by Kool & the Gang and Celine Dion: Misled

Spiky, desert plant: Cactus

Puzzle 2 Answers

2017 “Orient Express” missionary: __ Cruz: Penelope

An actor goes to one to try to get a role: Audition

Athletes who compete on parallel bars or rings: Gymnasts

Future spouses vow in health and in this: Sickness

Japanese producer of Gameboy and Wii: Nintendo

Meat wrapped in dough, fried or steamed: Dumpling

Most abundant and lightest element in the universe: Hydrogen

Mountains where Andorra lies: Pyrenees

Norse figure who picks those who enter Valhalla: Valkyrie

Puerto Rican reggaeton artist; malicious rabbit: Bad bunny

Story with a hidden political or moral meaning: Allegory

Walking aids issued from hospitals: Crutches

__ pony; person with a sole area of expertise: One trick

Puzzle 3 Answers

3 x 5 inch piece of heavy paper: Index card

A cell compound that attacks allergies: Histamine

Britain’s rock, at the southern tip of Spain: Gibraltar

Family, who often visit during holidays: Relatives

Frank Lloyd Wright is a famous example of one: Architect

Large fuzzy spider sometimes kept as a pet: Tarantula

Marvel superhero blinded in childhood: Daredevil

Not quite a full lie: Half truth

Record-breaking Jamaican sprinter: Usain bolt

School society for playing a board game: Chess club

Stuffed corn tortilla coated in sauce and baked: Enchilada

The primary activity of Lewis and Clark: Exploring

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alphabetically first US state that borders Canada: Alaska

Another word for fishing equipment: Tackle

Dangerous tricks done by skilled pros, not actors: Stunts

Hole through which a cord is threaded and tied: Eyelet

In the story, Oz is run by one: Wizard

Leaf used for wreaths in Ancient Greece: Laurel

Mediterranean Island country with Greek culture: Cyprus

Mediterranean island with Greek & Turkish culture: Cyprus

Norton, Snowden, Olmos or Burns: Edward

Sets, collections of items or people: Groups

Shish Kabob is meat roasted on one of these: Skewer

Signaling fire on a hill, often part of a chain: Beacon

Stand outside a workplace during a strike: Picket

Units of mass used to measure diamonds: Carats

Video game character type who restores HP: Healer

__ Camera; TV prank show filmed in secret: Candid

__ Grint, Ron Weasley actor: Rupert

__ hero, one without praise of public recognition: Unsung

Puzzle 5 Answers

1980s movie about the Profumo affair: Scandal

An inoculation: Vaccine

Animal referred to as “nature’s skyscraper”: Giraffe

Book or film series with three entries: Trilogy

Ceremony for awarding new belts in Tae Kwon Do: Grading

Fall by the __; fail to stay the course: Wayside

Give a boastful performance or display: Show off

Mr. Sheen, Mr. Hunnam, or Mr. Chaplin: Charlie

Number with 1 followed by 6 zeros: Million

Rock band named after the guitarist Carlos: Santana

Small, pickled fish used as a pizza topping: Anchovy

Spanish city famed for oranges: Seville

Group 815

Puzzle 1 Answers

A difficult task is an __ battle: Uphill

A small cafe or restaurant: Bistro

Cane material used in furniture: Rattan

Clichés are this type of lazy storytelling device: Tropes

First name of the cricket in Pinocchio: Jiminy

Herb that acts as a narcotic for felines: Catnip

Hunt down, follow: Pursue

This theory could be the Theory of Everything: String

Three-line Japanese poems: Haikus

To be worn away by the elements over time: Eroded

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alice met this milliner in Wonderland: Mad hatter

Art style of firing ink at a blank canvas: Bulletism

Background on a computer desktop: Wallpaper

Capital of Iceland: Reykjavik

Fast-kicking, Korean martial art: Taekwondo

Finger and toe bones: Phalanges

How vaccines are usually given: Injection

Its symbol on the periodic table is K: Potassium

Movie in which they wear pink on Wednesdays: Mean girls

Plants on which dates or coconuts grow: Palm trees

Rainbow pieces scattered onto cakes or ice cream: Sprinkles

US political scandal that ended Nixon’s Presidency: Watergate

__ Gang, the “Rapper’s Delight” group: Sugarhill

Puzzle 3 Answers

A community that grows to have unspoken rules: Society

Author of the nonsense poem Jabberwocky: Lewis __: Carroll

DC villainess who regularly fights Wonder Woman: Cheetah

Eagle and lion hybrid creature in mythology: Griffin

Flashlights that help people see in the dark: Torches

Green light, thumbs up: Go ahead

Mr. Incredible’s hero best buddy: Frozone

Negotiating bluetooth connection between devices: Pairing

Outtake from a movie production of a comical error: Blooper

Prolonged periods of drastic food shortages: Famines

Removing all sense of feeling, dulling pain: Numbing

Ricky __, created David Brent and Michael Scott: Gervais

Shy, like Piglet: Bashful

Skeletal component with 12 pairs of bones: Rib cage

South American mammal closely related to the llama: Guanaco

Sweet ice cream variety made with a dried bean: Vanilla

The Flintstones lived in this city: Bedrock

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chris who plays Thor for Marvel: Hemsworth

Collections of commonly used code in programming: Libraries

Ginger singer who sang I Don’t Care: Ed sheeran

Hallucinogenic South American brew: Ayahuasca

La __, Italian for “the good life”: Dolce vita

Largest domestic cat breed with a long fluffy tail: Maine coon

Mark Twain’s character, appears in 4 of his books: Tom sawyer

Someone who studies the past: Historian

State of euphoria named after cumulonimbus forms: Cloud nine

The sweet fairy in The Nutcracker: Sugar plum

Traditional learning setting: Classroom

Puzzle 5 Answers

Arthurian Knight who had an affair with Guinevere: Lancelot

Enclosed space for some marine animals: Aquarium

Great Sea, to the west of Middle-earth: Belegaer

Inflammation of the nasal cavities: Rhinitis

Intaglio printmaking method of needle scratching: Drypoint

Italian pasta slightly wider than spaghetti: Linguine

Outfit worn to the pool or beach: Swimsuit

Police will investigate if this is suspected: Foul play

Red hardwood that is invasive in the Philippines: Mahogany

South American snake, heaviest in the world: Anaconda

Vocal range between bass and alto: Baritone

Word game of placing letter tiles on a grid: Scrabble

iPhone app used instead of cash in stores: Apple pay

Group 816

Puzzle 1 Answers

Admirers, potential romantic partners: Suitors

Any parallelogram with equal sides: Rhombus

Disney 90s musical that featured A Whole New World: Aladdin

German twisted and salted bread: Pretzel

Knights rescue them in folklore: Maidens

Large pulsating vein in the neck: Jugular

Nintendo handheld recreation device: Game boy

Performing an aria: Singing

Solomon’s ancient city in Syria: Palmyra

The ship that followed the Mayflower in 1621: Fortune

Puzzle 2 Answers

1991 REM album featuring Losing My Religion: Out of time

Arid region on the southern tip of Argentina: Patagonia

Benjamin, dancer husband of Natalie Portman: Millepied

Buzz, from Toy Story: Lightyear

Incarcerates: Imprisons

Mojito, Cosmo, Martini and Whiskey Sour: Cocktails

Mythical hominid tied to North America: Sasquatch

Mythical hominid tied to the US Pacific Northwest: Sasquatch

Name for a bench that’s long and upholstered: Banquette

Popular sandbox survival game with creepers: Minecraft

TV show about Tanner Family in San Francisco: Full house

The old-school was rotary: Telephone

Underground tubes for carrying oil or gas: Pipelines

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient Roman smoke room used to enhance wine taste: Fumarium

Bull-man defeated by Theseus and ball of thread: Minotaur

Cartoons team up with Michael Jordan in this flick: Space jam

Drink you make when life hands you something sour: Lemonade

Meteorologists measure this amount of sky water: Rainfall

Orchestral piece in multiple parts: Symphony

Outdoor time-telling devices that rely on shadows: Sundials

Prayer said before a meal or during baptism: Blessing

Printmaking art of ink transferred by etched metal: Intaglio

Slang for fake animal skin: Pleather

The Lion King’s Rafiki is this monkey species: Mandrill

The Trevi __ has 3,000 Euros tossed in it daily: Fountain

The height of land in relation to sea level: Altitude

What the Q stands for in IQ: Quotient

Puzzle 4 Answers

Athletic activities: Sports

Blue pigment used in Chinese porcelain: Cobalt

Brazilian supermodel and businesswoman Bündchen: Gisele

Dairy spread for toast or making pancakes: Butter

One of these is sometimes given a “chicken dinner”: Winner

Online message boards for discussions and chat: Forums

Salvador Dali painted melting ones: Clocks

The most spoken Dravidian language in India: Telugu

__ Christi, festival on the Thursday after Trinity: Corpus

__ honey; supplement with antibacterial properties: Manuka

__ powder; fragrant white substance: Talcum

Puzzle 5 Answers

A section added to the end of a book: Appendix

Cash __, a till for adding up sales: Register

Enormous movie ape atop the Empire State Building: King kong

For summer fights, they’re filled with water: Balloons

Keyboard musician who accompanies church hymns: Organist

Largest inland lake in South America: Titicaca

Mexican __ dog, or Xoloitzcuintli: Hairless

Monogamous ocean creature, male carries babies: Seahorse

Riley’s imaginary friend in Inside Out film: Bing bong

Rolling Stones song expresses this for the devil: Sympathy

Space rock that can form a belt: Asteroid

The language that Hindu scriptures were written in: Sanskrit

Group 817

Puzzle 1 Answers

A pair of small listening devices: Earbuds

Common __; good or proper manners: Decency

Girl With a Pearl Earring painter: Vermeer

Go faster, accelerate: Speed up

Insane in the Brain hip hop group, __ Hill: Cypress

Instrument sometimes used to deliver babies: Forceps

Large piece of material used for warmth: Blanket

Long, slender-grained aromatic rice: Basmati

Means of access, an entrance: Gateway

Peninsular U.S. state with beaches on three sides: Florida

Pillow upon which a wedding ring is placed: Cushion

Robert who played the Sundance Kid: Redford

Thor’s hammer: Mjolnir

Wilma Flintstone’s baby: Pebbles

__ Stone, Sherlock story about a Crown diamond: Mazarin

Puzzle 2 Answers

1980 telephone hit for Blondie: Call me

Apple web browser: Safari

Disarm a bomb: Defuse

Flash __, space hero: Gordon

Former European state or capital of the Bahamas: Nassau

French Riviera town, the pearl of France: Menton

Person who grows the corn, milks the cows: Farmer

Silky lemur with distinctive alarm call: Sifaka

Stretchy, sticky protein found in flour: Gluten

Tough and muscular, wiry and brawny: Sinewy

Puzzle 3 Answers

90s grunge rock band fronted by Eddie Vedder: Pearl jam

Deep underworld prison in Greek mythology: Tartarus

Fairytale writer Hans Christian __: Andersen

Grey’s Anatomy hospital has very skilled ones: Surgeons

Last name of Margaret, former UK Prime Minister: Thatcher

Learn by heart, like lines from a movie perhaps: Memorize

Nationality of Godzilla: Japanese

Object or info collected to prove cause or crime: Evidence

Part of the face that wrinkles when brows raise: Forehead

President who defeated Sarkozy in 2012 French vote: Hollande

Sea of Galilee city named after Roman emperor: Tiberias

Signal, the predecessor to a digital radio signal: Analogue

Sleeping outdoors with all the comforts of home: Glamping

Something __, something blue, wedding tradition: Borrowed

This drink tastes like original without alcohol: Mocktail

Tinker Bell’s forever-young best friend: Peter pan

To offer public support for a group or cause: Advocate

Traditional artform of woven textile wall hanging: Tapestry

Twenty-three times two: Forty six

Weiner dog: Dachsund

Winner, team that finishes top of a league: Champion

Puzzle 4 Answers

A sweet Italian spread made from hazelnuts: Nutella

Bargain __, people who scour shops for discounts: Hunters

Cats, lions, tigers: Felines

Energy that comes from motion: Kinetic

Fast and __ movies number more than ten: Furious

French word for hat: Chapeau

Hypnotic or dazed states: Trances

Last person to speak in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Horatio

Only country bordering The Gambia: Senegal

Pressure point damage experienced by the infirm: Bedsore

Saint of astronomers; founder, Order of Preachers: Dominic

Send an email on to another person: Forward

Stradivarius made some of the most famous ones: Violins

Two tall pillars in St Mark’s Square, Venice: Columns

__ arts; combat sports such as karate: Martial

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adobe image manipulation software: Photoshop

Another name for garbanzo beans: Chickpeas

Broken into many pieces: Shattered

Caught __, apprehended while committing a crime: Red handed

Dripping nasal passages, like with a cold: Runny nose

French explorer that brought settlers to Quebec: Champlain

Genetic traits of an organism that can be observed: Phenotype

He wanted a brain in The Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow

In Greek mythology, Amazon queen with magic girdle: Hippolyta

Kipling’s tiger who longs to kill a human: Shere khan

Most densely populated NYC borough: Manhattan

Non-fictional tale of a famous person’s life: Biography

Group 818

Puzzle 1 Answers

1977 Eric Clapton album, and also his nickname: Slowhand

Actions proposed by government: Policies

Antihistamine medicine that makes you drowsy: Benadryl

Aussie who voices Anchor in Finding Nemo: Eric bana

Big-eyed arboreal mammal from the Americas: Kinkajou

Enlarged, weakened arterial area: Aneurysm

Hairstyle to secure locks during a workout: Ponytail

Harry Potter’s school: Hogwarts

How Tweety enunciates Sylvester’s species: Puddy tat

Papier-mâché satirical dummies or large heads: Effigies

Place in Scotland allegedly haunted by a monster: Loch ness

Prediction of how much the bill will be: Estimate

Rectangular prisms used to chill drinks: Ice cubes

She and Khloe Take Miami to open a Dash Boutique: Kourtney

Puzzle 2 Answers

American Independence Day is July __: Fourth

Ancient Greek sky god: Uranus

Back to __, return to a simpler way of living: Basics

Beams of light used in surgery: Lasers

Danny and Sandy did the Hand Jive in this film: Grease

FC __; popular Dutch football club from Enschede: Twente

Grilled sandwich, or Lil Nas X song: Panini

High pitched and ear piercing: Shrill

Iconic Ford car model named after a bucking horse: Bronco

Large passenger plane marque: Airbus

Medieval footwear style with long, pointed toes: Crakow

Older term for a person’s death notice: Obital

Part of bread that is said to make hair curly: Crusts

Pet rodent whose name rhymes with “herbal”: Gerbil

Plants and animals enjoyed by hikers: Nature

Race discussed in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: Caucus

Relating to the back: Spinal

Remote controlled flying robots: Drones

Room for storing wine: Cellar

Small wooden poles, they support tiered cakes: Dowels

The largest jigsaw one had over 550,000 pieces: Puzzle

To take away an amount: Abduce

Yellowish-brown finch found in mixed woodlands: Siskin

__ Bobby Brown, played Eleven in Stranger Things: Millie

Puzzle 3 Answers

Accessory of the supervillain Thanos: Gauntlet

Arctic species of the vulpes genus: White fox

Art critic member of the Bloomsbury Group: Roger fry

Card game based on the personification of Britain: John bull

Chance to switch off and not think about work: Downtime

Cold __, painful bodily condition; ignore someone: Shoulder

Commemorative annual school publication: Yearbook

Drove a vehicle backwards: Reversed

Extreme type of aggression: Violence

Groups of disease-causing unicellular organisms: Bacteria

Kate Winslet’s debut film, __ Creatures: Heavenly

New Zealand-born ex-BBC Radio 1 and Beats 1 DJ: Zane lowe

One of the most popular styles of home in the US: Colonial

Process of nutrients being “sucked out” of soil: Leaching

Soften by soaking in liquid, often of cherries: Macerate

Sore, red, and tender: Inflamed

Sore, reddened, tender, on fire?: Inflamed

This clue is one.: Sentence

Triskaidekaphobia is a fear of this unlucky number: Thirteen

Try-out, practice manoeuvre: Dummy run

When an egg has spots, it’s called this: Speckled

Puzzle 4 Answers

A craftsperson of yellow, malleable precious metal: Goldsmith

Behind the main performance area in a theatre: Backstage

Canada has ten of these subdivisions: Provinces

Dictatorial leader of Romania, killed in 1989: Ceausescu

Dutch flower garden, widely known for its tulips: Keukenhof

Exhausted, fried, completely devoid of more energy: Burned out

Fashion designer Garavani with RED line: Valentino

Glossy papers with news and features: Magazines

H2O that is prone to causing limescale: Hard water

Part of a sentence that tells what the subject is: Predicate

Pictorial social media site with influencers: Instagram

Relating to religion, having other-worldly beliefs: Spiritual

Sci-fi classic, Close Encounters of the __: Third kind

Sphere that is worth three points in snooker: Green ball

Stop functioning or fail to start, e.g. a vehicle: Break down

Transformer usually in the form of a VW Beetle in comics: Bumblebee

With __ __, without the use of tools: Bare hands

Puzzle 5 Answers

Admission slot raffle; Shirley Jackson story: Lottery

Albany state: New york

Another word for unwise or looking silly: Foolish

Arithmetical card game also called 21: Pontoon

Desire, covet: Long for

Fixing things, mending broken things: Repairs

George Frederick Handel’s master work: Messiah

He played Captain Ron in the 1992 comedy: Russell

Losing the hair on the head: Balding

Lunar phase that is completely in shadow: New moon

Magical movie board game that’s The Next Level: Jumanji

Pilots use an artificial one for orientation: Horizon

Political TV drama about Olivia Pope: Scandal

Radical, far to one side of a spectrum: Extreme

Rousing trumpet call: Fanfare

Rupert Murdoch-founded British reporting channel: Sky news

Thick italian dumplings of semolina and potato: Gnocchi

To let in a goal in a football match: Concede

What one does before rinsing and repeating: Lathers

Winningest dog breed group at Westminster: Terrier

Group 819

Puzzle 1 Answers

Announcement from MC at start of a bout: Round one

Botanical pictures and drawings: Artworks

Covered a wound with a strip of material: Bandaged

Description for person who’s emotionally unstable: Neurotic

Description of creative types: Artistic

Half of the musical duo Wham: Andrew __: Ridgeley

Massive multiplayer online game: World of __: Warcraft

Mid-to-senior level non-commissioned officer rank: Sergeant

Outfits worn on Halloween: Costumes

Scarlet __, supervillain in the Minions films: Overkill

Spiritual teacher of the dharma in Jainism: Mahavira

The upper part weighs more than the lower one: Top heavy

Tiny organ where hair comes out: Follicle

To be welcoming, kind, and compassionate: Gracious

Traditional thin, bite-sized sushi rolls: Hosomaki

Tree with highly toxic yellow flowers: Laburnum

VPN and LAN are types of these: Networks

When the economy gets better: Recovery

When we use money to buy things, we’re doing this: Spending

Written essays in online newspapers: Articles

Puzzle 2 Answers

A cake, a fabric, or an Underground band: Velvet

Comic strips comprise these rectangular elements: Panels

Common building on horse farms: Stable

Common building that horses sleep in: Stable

Dress code that calls for fancy attire: Formal

Drive where Vernon Dursley lives in Harry Potter: Privet

Garth __ has Friends in Low Places: Brooks

Like a bicycle built for two: Tandem

Official joining of two businesses: Merger

Persuades, encourages: Coaxes

Princess of the Netherlands born in 2005: Alexia

Salt solution used to clean wounds: Saline

Tapping out words using a keyboard: Typing

Tasting very milky and rich: Creamy

The world’s longest river: Amazon

Thin medical tube inserted into a vein: Canula

__ Donovan; US soccer player with 157 caps: Landon

Tapestry, a pictorial description of 1066: Bayeux

Puzzle 3 Answers

A wild animal that isn’t branded as livestock: Maverick

Churches may stage a live one at Christmas: Nativity

Cicely __, nurse, founder of the hospice movement: Saunders

Eating some food between meals: Snacking

French city, capital of Savoie dept: Chambéry

In Hamlet he said “To thine ownself be true”: Polonius

Number in a baker’s dozen: Thirteen

Presence of disease-resistant antibodies: Immunity

Scottish instrument played at the end of a wedding: Bagpipes

Sleeping state where your mind makes up movies: Dreaming

The former start to a game of hockey: Bully off

The painting La Gioconda is better known as this: Mona lisa

iPhone video call: Facetime

Puzzle 4 Answers

“The best defense is a good __” tactic of war: Offense

Bright purplish red shade: Fuchsia

Burning stove dug below ground, outdoors: Fire pit

Caribbean country, Nassau was a pirate pit stop: Bahamas

Coarse saline created by evaporation: Sea salt

Free book rental building: Library

Georgia golfing venue for The Masters: Augusta

Hindu lunar god and planet, carries club, lotus: Chandra

Member of a British Army cavalry regiment: Dragoon

Membrane-bound organelle filled with water: Vacuole

Mrs __, she made great pies in Blackadder: Miggins

Paul who plays Iron Man computer Jarvis: Bettany

Sickness, illness, infection: Disease

Soothing and relaxing, like a bubble bath: Calming

Study of paranormal experiences using electronics: Psionic

The male lead in No Strings Attached: Kutcher

The practical use of paranormal phenomena: Psionic

This huge wind device produces clean energy: Turbine

Trinidadian song and dance style: Calypso

What people in love tie to make it official: The knot

Hicks, contractions that aren’t the real thing: Braxton

Puzzle 5 Answers

1988 movie about Dmitri Shostakovich: Testimony

Acceptance into a university or course of study: Admission

Band that’s got a fever, howlin for you: Black keys

Big hairy __; digging mammal with bony plates: Armadillo

Club officer who maintains financial records: Treasurer

Cold, tomato-based, Spanish soups: Gazpachos

If you discuss trivialities, you’re making this: Small talk

Lung disease caused by particles from mining, say: Silicosis

Publication containing a collection of poems: Anthology

Smell-killer for underarms: Deodorant

Theseus had to find his way through one: Labyrinth

Use this to style locks, but it’s not a comb: Hairbrush

__ and ashes, a show of repentence: Sackcloth

Group 820

Puzzle 1 Answers

8-foot canary who’s a star of Sesame Street: Big bird

A person who is traveling for pleasure: Tourist

Birth __, pregnancy prevention led by Marie Stopes: Control

Boris __, Rocky and Bullwinkle villian: Badenov

Ceremony in a place of worship: Service

Colorful layered cake from Malaysia: Sarawak

French city the Romans called Aurelianum: Orleans

Glazing agent from the hive in food preparation: Beeswax

Hanseatic avenue of warehouses in Bergen: Bryggen

Hunting by stealth: Preying

Legal warning for an apprehended criminal suspect: Caution

Plainly, openly, blatantly: Nakedly

Pointy part of a wasp: Stinger

Poisonous metal (Cd) used in nuclear reactors: Cadmium

Pop punk queen Avril who gave us Complicated: Lavigne

Prisoner, detainee: Captive

Stonework: Masonry

Superman’s planet of birth: Krypton

Supporting pedestals for statues: Plinths

Terence Conran’s 1960s homewares company: Habitat

Twins from Alice in Wonderland, dum and __dee: Tweedle

Unusual, bizarre: Strange

What diabetics check the level of: Glucose

Puzzle 2 Answers

A disorder of the voice: Dysphonia

All Time High, the opening theme to this Bond film: Octopussy

Animal with dominant genes to pass to offspring: Prepotent

Batman villain born with the name Jonathan Crane: Scarecrow

For whom the __, 1940 Ernest Hemingway novel: Bell tolls

Greater than others in power or influence: Prepotent

Identifies an illness: Diagnoses

Kindred spirits, people with the same opinions: Like minds

Pendulums and small moving fans do this: Oscillate

Place of learning such as the Bauhaus or Slade: Art school

Quince preserve eaten with cheese in Iberia: Membrillo

Roofed gallery or pavilion: Belvedere

Said to be the little town where Jesus was born: Bethlehem

To have specific and advanced knowledge of a field: Expertise

Volatile, easily aroused: Excitable

Puzzle 3 Answers

A farm of fish grown for food: Hatchery

Another word for landing a fish: Catching

Astrological sign personified as the Water Bearer: Aquarius

Children’s name for a steam train: Choo choo

Conflict within a country; Captain America film: Civil war

Doc Hudson’s number in Disney’s Cars: Fifty one

Elderly farmer who lives next door to Peter Rabbit: Mcgregor

Hair that comes again after removal: Regrowth

It’s dangerous to place rugs on __ floors: Polished

Joyful chuckles: Laughter

Reinforced, strengthened, e.g. glass: Tempered

River on the border between Spain and Portugal: Guadiana

Semi-full lunar presence in the night sky: Half moon

Smiling dolphin species found in the Mekong River: Irawaddy

Table of elements that is essential to chemistry: Periodic

Tries, endeavors: Attempts

Tunes, songs: Melodies

Valve video game starring Gordon Freeman: Half life

Wonderful, perfect setting: Paradise

Writing a post on Twitter: Tweeting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Atlantic Ocean bay on northern coast of Spain: Biscay

Coldplay’s time-themed, critically acclaimed hit: Clocks

Company famous for Mickey Mouse: Disney

Helicopter character in Thomas the Tank Engine: Harold

Looked intensely at someone: Stared

Metal parts that enable a door to open and close: Hinges

SI units of luminous flux: Lumens

Sport central to the movie The Main Event: Boxing

Title for a leader in the Ottoman Empire: Sultan

Winter drink that’s an alcoholic milk punch: Eggnog

emptor; Latin phrase meaning “buyer beware”: Caveat

__ mold, wooden stamp for decorating a spread: Butter

__, Sealed, Delivered: Signed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Canadian city with Capilano Suspension Bridge: Vancouver

Dummy on which to display clothes in a shop window: Mannequin

First day of Christmas present in a pear tree: Partridge

French playwright of Le Cid and Horace: Corneille

G.I. Joe’s communications expert as of 1986: Mainframe

Holiday also known as the Feast of the Nativity: Christmas

Hospital assistants who ferry patients about: Orderlies

Mischief-maker, a scamp or rascal: Scallywag

Screen for dividing a room: Partition

Telling of a story or a voice track: Narration

The P in COPD, a serious lung condition: Pulmonary

Water power generation of under 5 kW: Pico hydro

Wealthy founder of Microsoft: Bill gates

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