Codycross Small world Answers

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Codycross Small world

Group 681

Puzzle 1 Answers

A small, possibly unimportant untruth: White lie

Cordial: Friendly

Cosmetic procedure that makes one look younger: Facelift

Foo __, Dave Grohl formed this band after Nirvana: Fighters

Garden statue for feathered friends to take a wash: Birdbath

Harmonious way of arranging living space: Feng shui

It’s bad luck to open this rain shelter indoors: Umbrella

Linear chronology, usually shown pictorially: Timeline

Object worn nasally by swimmers: Nose clip

Popeye’s girl: Olive oyl

Regular meeting to discuss literary works: Book club

Thrown out; turned down for a job position: Rejected

Where boats and sailing vessels are constructed: Shipyard

Puzzle 2 Answers

A surprise departure in a novel’s storyline: Plot twist

Cache, goods stashed in case of emergency: Stockpile

Clean, pure, virtuous: Wholesome

Day for ghouls, monsters and trick or treating: Halloween

Fizzy celebratory wine from Northern France: Champagne

Main character in Zootopia, rabbit police officer: Judy hopps

Productive, well-organized: Efficient

Productive, well-planned: Efficient

Swim without any clothing: Skinny dip

The process of breaking down food in the body: Digestion

Useful reading material for tourists: Guidebook

Puzzle 3 Answers

A military person who abandons their post: Deserter

A panicked rush of large animals: Stampede

Abandoned, like on a deserted island: Stranded

Beauty transformation: Makeover

Everest expeditions start at this tented city: Base camp

Foliage, plants, vegetation: Greenery

Journalist, foreign correspondent: Reporter

Milestone birthday marking half a century: Fiftieth

On edge, worried, fretful: Agitated

Quality of being artistic, having imagination: Creative

Refreshing summertime beverage; a Beyoncé album: Lemonade

Slick like ice or oil: Slippery

Spine: Backbone

Puzzle 4 Answers

Antonym of wealth: Poverty

Booze, e.g. beer, wine, vodka, gin, etc: Alcohol

Budding, floral Powerpuff Girl: Blossom

Canadian dish of fries, curd cheese and gravy: Poutine

Husbands and wives: Spouses

Longbottom’s first name: Neville

Matriarch of a pride: Lioness

Old-fashioned light source, burns fossil fuel: Oil lamp

Pieces of hair or thread: Strands

Riders and hounds chase a red animal: Foxhunt

Rust away: Corrode

Transfer goods or contraband illegally: Smuggle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Custom or routine done in a prescribed order: Ritual

Dietary substance found in potatoes and cereals: Starch

Esteemed film festival held on the French Riviera: Cannes

Hard coverings found on the beach: Shells

Long, sharp weapons used by jousters: Lances

Made less tight: Loosened

Processes in which suspects might be found guilty: Trials

Souk, outdoor market: Bazaar

Space-saving bed that tucks up into a wall: Murphy

Splinters or slivers of glass: Shards

Stirrup, anvil and __ are three ear bones: Hammer

Times __, NYC Subway stop for New Year partying: Square

Witches might request nails be this v-shape: Pointy

Group 682

Puzzle 1 Answers

Album for cuttings, autographs: Scrapbook

Cut out the __; no need for a go-between: Middleman

Felines that prowl the streets, like O’Malley: Alley cats

London street made famous by The Beatles: Abbey road

Machine for cutting garden grass: Lawn mower

Male leader of a family: Patriarch

Preconceived opinion not based on experience: Prejudice

Shoe with strap at the rear of the ankle: Slingback

Someone who has trouble sleeping: Insomniac

South African diamond, once the world’s largest: Excelsior

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bouncing toy, consisting of a pole with handles: Pogo stick

Contagious illness that’s worse than a cold: Influenza

Deep cracks or fissures in a glacier: Crevasses

Flawed, defective: Imperfect

Fraudster, swindler: Charlatan

Madama __, Puccini insect opera: Butterfly

Nocturnal mammal with a leathery armour shell: Armadillo

Owner or manager of a hotel or B&B: Innkeeper

Profession of D’Artagnan, Aramis and Athos: Musketeer

Raw material, product that can be traded: Commodity

Rear lamp on a vehicle: Tail light

Sherwood Forest dweller: Robin hood

Start a criminal case against someone: Prosecute

Stellar, planetary: Celestial

They follow celebrities with a camera: Paparazzi

Uber-healthy thing to eat: broccoli, blueberries: Superfood

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient structure of a lion with a human head: Sphinx

Blooming plant that gives us vanilla: Orchid

Hand gesture of respect to an arriving soldier: Salute

Orangey-red parts of a fire: Flames

Pointy grips on shoes worn by athletes: Spikes

Quick, fast: Speedy

Seller, retailer: Vendor

Shapes metal or makes an illegal copy of something: Forges

Sleeping surface for a canine: Dog bed

__ machine; dressmaker’s key equipment: Sewing

Puzzle 4 Answers

City of the National Museum of Bargello: Florence

Evidence documents for court proceedings: Case file

Famous book of world records: Guinness

Finger joints that can make a cracking noise: Knuckles

Giving up, resigning: Quitting

Going to late-night places to dance: Clubbing

Infection of skin nerves, tied to chickenpox virus: Shingles

Old-fashioned, antiquated, no longer current: Outdated

Plan of attack for a business project: Strategy

Prehistoric period lasted around 3.4 million years: Stone age

Ready in advance, having set up equipment: Prepared

Ribbed, soft cotton material, used for clothing: Corduroy

Road to __, location of conversion of St Paul: Damascus

Sleep happens on this foam and spring object: Mattress

Springfield-dwelling yellow cartoon family: Simpsons

Puzzle 5 Answers

Absolves someone for a wrongdoing: Pardons

Clear enough to read: Legible

Compliment, admire, butter up: Flatter

Friendly relationship, a word with French origins: Rapport

Golden face shimmer applied to give a tanned glow: Bronzer

Item with lenses, worn on the nose to see better: Glasses

Person controlling a spy from above and afar: Handler

Porcelain or plastic tray for mixing paints on: Palette

Shape of someone’s lower mandible: Jawline

Spanish spicy sausage: Chorizo

Spring, summer, autumn, winter: Seasons

Straight punching with the lead hand: Jabbing

Subjugate, crush rebels: Oppress

The Greatest Showman actor, Hugh __: Jackman

They say it’s the city that never sleeps: New york

Thin roof covering that overlaps with others: Shingle

Group 683

Puzzle 1 Answers

Enfolds someone in a hug: Embraces

Genre in film and books; excitement and suspense: Thriller

It hires soldiers, marines and sailors: Military

Japanese manga about robotic child in Metro City: Astro boy

Looking for clues, being nosy: Snooping

Low growling noise: Rumbling

One of the heroes of the Trojan War: Achilles

Position with lower legs resting on the ground: Kneeling

Sliding uncontrollably in a vehicle: Skidding

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accused party required to answer charges in court: Defendant

Act of spies obtaining secret information: Espionage

Collar bones: Clavicles

Everlasting, unceasing: Perpetual

Friends’ hands slapping in celebration: High fives

Full of energy, boisterous: Exuberant

Illness brought on by excessive heat exposure: Sunstroke

Leader of musical ensemble, especially a symphony: Conductor

Long-handled tool for turning hay: Pitchfork

Pork bones used in Chinese dishes: Spareribs

She turns a wooden puppet into a boy in Pinocchio: Blue fairy

Superman’s archenemy: Lex luthor

Teams that are least likely to win matches: Underdogs

Vertical shaft in a building with flights of steps: Stairwell

Puzzle 3 Answers

Avoided, rejected by the community: Shunned

Cocktail tray on wheels: Bar cart

Edible flowering plant eaten in cartoons by Popeye: Spinach

Fitness __; step-counting band: Tracker

Frozen relief for sprains and strains: Ice pack

He wrote The Chronicles of Narnia: Cs lewis

Hermit, loner, solitary person: Recluse

Horse-shaped playing pieces in chess: Knights

Quiz-show noisemakers: Buzzers

Swarming, filled with: Teeming

Trips by plane: Flights

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artificially made waterways: Canals

Background actors: Extras

Buckbeak the hippogriff hangs with this big guy: Hagrid

Deep-sea explorers: Divers

General word for objects: Things

Greek gorgon who could turn people into stone: Medusa

He established three laws of motion in physics: Newton

Italian coast with prettily perched pastel homes: Amalfi

Large basin from which farm animals eat and drink: Trough

Large birds who deliver babies in fairy tales: Storks

License given by authorities: Permit

Paper of permission given by authorities: Permit

Sanitation channels, underground drainage: Sewers

Season of the year for the Japanese Obon festival: Summer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Amphibious hopping children’s game: Leapfrog

Arachnid album by rapper Drake, released in 2018: Scorpion

Encroachment onto territory for conquest: Invasion

Gossip, small talk, natter: Chitchat

Incessant, without a pause: Constant

Information board with instructions for motorists: Road sign

Italian voyager after whom the New World was named: Vespucci

Lasagna-loving orange cat: Garfield

Marks of crucifixion on the hands: Stigmata

Process babies undergo when their canines come out: Teething

Raises: Elevates

Small utensil for stirring coffee: Teaspoon

Thin strand, the conductor in a light bulb: Filament

Where Harry Potter learns wizardry: Hogwarts

Group 684

Puzzle 1 Answers

Automobiles; forms used to explain something: Vehicles

Button to hold and press for upper case letters: Shift key

Enemy of Optimus Prime: Megatron

Facial features that are raised when surprised: Eyebrows

Follow another vehicle too closely: Tailgate

God of wine also known as Bacchus: Dionysus

Large flat trays for serving buffet food on: Platters

Looked closely at evidence and clues: Examined

Merited praise: Deserved

Natives of Rome, Milan or Florence, for example: Italians

People who are grieving: Mourners

Reading aids with one lens only: Monocles

Rubbed hard, with a brush or a sponge: Scrubbed

Scatter or distribute: Disperse

Sodium chloride formed from the ground not the sea: Rock salt

To __ and Beyond said Buzz Lightyear: Infinity

Puzzle 2 Answers

80s New Wave band fronted by Debbie Harry: Blondie

Barrier made of metal poles: Railing

Famous upscale department store in London: Harrods

Fragrance to apply to the wrists and neck: Perfume

Money-hungry Disney duck: Scrooge

Muscular security at a nightclub: Bouncer

Point of view, way of looking at things: Opinion

Removed from power: Deposed

Thin, external layer of covering: Coating

__ cat, breed that sang in Lady and the Tramp: Siamese

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bright beam that illuminates the middle of a stage: Spotlight

Doing better than most others in a field of study: Excelling

Hidden hinged openings in ceilings or floors: Trapdoors

Imprints left on a road by an out-of-control car: Skidmarks

Job applicant or interview attendee: Candidate

Mark a special day with a party, for example: Celebrate

Pedigree or parentage of an animal: Bloodline

Person who checks out books to borrowers: Librarian

Runny French cheese: Camembert

Speedy ballroom dance to upbeat melodies: Quickstep

Substances in fur and pollen that make you sneeze: Allergens

The name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame: Quasimodo

Warm recollections of and longing for the past: Nostalgia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ensemble of performing singers; repeated song part: Chorus

Explanation or justification: Reason

Feeling sick or nauseous: Queasy

Gas that makes your voice sound funny: Helium

Gluten wheat protein; meatless alternative: Seitan

Headgear worn with suited tails: Top hat

Instructions for making a dessert or dish: Recipe

Japanese-style sofas that convert into flat beds: Futons

Plump, rounded, like a baby’s cheeks: Chubby

Tarzan’s chimpanzee friend in the movies: Cheeta

Value of a business, as appears on a balance sheet: Assets

Where sent emails are stored during sending: Outbox

Puzzle 5 Answers

A conduit for large quantities of flowing water: Aqueduct

Antihero alter-ego of Wade Wilson: Deadpool

Collecting and stockpiling to excess: Hoarding

Device for cooking meat over coals: Barbecue

Garden herb enjoyed with lamb, or a female’s name: Rosemary

He plays Buzz Lightyear and Toolman Taylor: Tim allen

Powders for painters: Pigments

Prehistoric elephant-like extinct mammal: Mastodon

Register; check of names of attendees: Roll call

Someone you share close living quarters with: Roommate

Urging people to keep quiet with a finger to lips: Shushing

Vessel for stirring eye of newt and toe of frog: Cauldron

Group 685

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bruise, injury to the skin: Contusion

Copying someone’s mannerisms and moves: Mirroring

Face-to-face employment selection process: Interview

French cartoon skunk: Pepe le pew

Frog, toad, or salamander animal classification: Amphibian

Illegal alcohol den in the Prohibition period: Speakeasy

Military attack conducted by a plane or helicopter: Air strike

Mind-reading, clairvoyance: Telepathy

Musician’s global series of concert dates: World tour

People who don’t belong to the group: Outsiders

Seize the Day: Carpe diem

Site of annual Great Migration of wildebeest: Serengeti

Someone who is the epitome of a trend or fashion: Style icon

__ die hard; it’s tough to change your ways: Old habits

Puzzle 2 Answers

Children’s safety boosters in vehicles: Car seats

Digital repository for lots of information: Database

Disney’s animation with classical music: Fantasia

Fermented tea drink that may have health benefits: Kombucha

High-pitched noisemakers blown by referees: Whistles

Labor strikes: Walkouts

Object belonging to a family for generations: Heirloom

Scottish screeching wind instrument: Bagpipes

Settle somewhere new, lay down new roots: Relocate

State of aloneness or remoteness: Solitude

Worker strikes: Walkouts

Puzzle 3 Answers

Black-and-white-striped printing on a book’s cover: Barcode

Bob the __; handyman on children’s TV: Builder

Examination of a body after death: Autopsy

First person to use a telescope to study space: Galileo

Following someone at high speed: Chasing

Guests at home: Company

Manolo __, shoes make made by Spanish designer: Blahnik

Mythological part-human part-horse: Centaur

Not simple; made up of many parts: Complex

Piece of interest added to a plate of food: Garnish

Powercuts; interruptions in power supply: Outages

Someone who leaves school without qualifications: Dropout

Thick layer of fat on sea mammals: Blubber

Traditional rowing boat on Venice’s waterways: Gondola

Puzzle 4 Answers

Amazon princess, __ Woman: Wonder

Artists’ frames that hold canvases or paper: Easels

Betting deposits, can be high depending on risk: Stakes

Bicep or tricep, for example: Muscle

Cup or statue awarded to winners of a tournament: Trophy

Early versions of a book or essay: Drafts

Extra-terrestrials; Ripley’s second movie: Aliens

Humble, not conceited: Modest

India’s largest city by population: Mumbai

Leftovers, bits and pieces: Scraps

Long-handed spoons for serving soup: Ladles

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ban on releasing news or a restriction on trade: Embargo

Break something into tiny pieces for a topping: Crumble

Breastbone, medically speaking: Sternum

Captive used as a bargaining tool: Hostage

Digital, diving or bracelet timepieces for wrists: Watches

Frozen compress used to reduce swelling: Ice pack

Gas used for calming dental patients: Nitrous

Permits that allow train travel, for example: Tickets

Raised platform for a speech: Soapbox

Scapegoat, victim, whipping boy: Fall guy

Singer, usually female, with highest singing voice: Soprano

Triangle where ships and planes disappear: Bermuda

Untidy piles of objects, junk: Clutter

Vouchers redeemable for goods or discounts: Coupons

__ Rabbit, Roger Rabbit’s wife: Jessica

Group 686

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another word for a singer: Vocalist

Blocks of precious yellowish metal: Gold bars

Breed of Max in Disney’s The Little Mermaid: Sheepdog

Class outline: Syllabus

Eating to excess; box-set watching all night long: Bingeing

Friendly greeting using knuckles: Fist bump

Hairstyle that is meant to conceal a bald spot: Combover

Keep the same, keep in good condition: Preserve

More direct or quicker route: Shortcut

Parting phrase to look after oneself: Take care

Riding a horse without a saddle: Bareback

Romeo’s family name in the Shakespeare tale: Montague

Someone who draws cartoons: Animator

Square bottomed carrier created by Margaret Knight: Paper bag

Stop-motion film creator: Animator

Superhero known for moving at great speed: The flash

Supports that keep a row of novels upright: Bookends

Throwing a coin in this place brings good luck: Fountain

Velvety, tufted yarn that is great for throws: Chenille

Puzzle 2 Answers

An arrangement in the course of an action: Agreement

Decorative covering over a light bulb: Lampshade

Divination of stars’ and planets’ effect on humans: Astrology

Hotel proprietor of olden times: Innkeeper

Hung around a winner’s neck at an Olympics: Gold medal

School lunch is served here: Cafeteria

Skin or tissue damage due to extreme cold: Frostbite

Staggered, astounded, lost for words: Awestruck

Storage space for rusty, unwanted vehicles: Scrapyard

Tubular light source waved at night at concerts: Glow stick

What many animals do in the winter to save energy: Hibernate

Without worth or need, not necessary: Pointless

Puzzle 3 Answers

Daisy Duck is this mouse’s best gal pal: Minnie

Flattened plate-shaped object thrown by athletes: Discus

Impulse or involuntary physical reaction: Reflex

Large Starbucks drinks size, smaller than a Venti: Grande

List of former jobs used to find a new one: Resume

Lowering your head when meeting royalty: Bowing

Messy, chaotic, slovenly: Sloppy

Soft headrest: Pillow

The Demogorgon is no match for her powers: Eleven

Walking up mountains or over rough ground: Hiking

Puzzle 4 Answers

Breed known as the barkless dog: Basenji

Casualties or fatalities; those who are duped: Victims

City in Italy with same spelling as a deli meat: Bologna

Despicable Me doctor voiced by Russell Brand: Nefario

Good for the body: Healthy

Kitchen item to cook food with evaporating water: Steamer

Poultry birds eaten at Christmas and Thanksgiving: Turkeys

Scooby-Doo’s annoying puppy nephew: Scrappy

Seek advice or guidance: Consult

Temporary reprieve or break from hard times: Respite

Wear special shoes to partake in this sport: Bowling

Words used to praise a male dog: Good boy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Antique writing pigment holder for dipping pens: Inkwells

Deposit of grains formed by tides: Sandbank

Final confrontation: Showdown

French dish of snails cooked in butter and wine: Escargot

Large Scottish lake with mythical underwater beast: Loch ness

Ocean surrounding the Canary Islands: Atlantic

Pink TV porker with a young brother George: Peppa pig

Shopping voucher given as a present: Gift card

The act of selflessly doing good things for others: Altruism

Group 687

Puzzle 1 Answers

Brand of lip balm for avoiding cracked lips: Chapstick

Device invented by Alexander Graham Bell: Telephone

Expert’s grade in judo or karate: Black belt

Film about the Seuss villain who stole Christmas: The grinch

Lake for storage of water for public consumption: Reservoir

Large road sign that can be read from a vehicle: Billboard

Meeting space for a company’s directors: Boardroom

Person who cares for animals in captivity: Zookeeper

Rid a home of excess junk; streamline possessions: Declutter

Someone who watches a pool or a beach: Lifeguard

The state of puzzlement or bewilderment: Confusion

VIP who spends much time flying around the world: Jetsetter

Puzzle 2 Answers

Brief looks, peeks: Glimpses

Cooking pan for making broth or soup: Stockpot

Cylindrical glass vial used in science experiments: Test tube

Goldilocks ate this at the bear’s house: Porridge

More familiar name for the trachea: Windpipe

Period with a significant rise in the birth rate: Baby boom

Player who makes it to the last round of a contest: Finalist

Restraint fitted to the top of a car driver’s seat: Headrest

Signs of disease or illness: Symptoms

Swinging clock invented by Christiaan Huygens: Pendulum

Puzzle 3 Answers

A thesaurus is filled with these similar words: Synonym

Asthma treatment, reliever or preventer: Inhaler

Boating on the open sea propelled by fabric: Sailing

First name of actress who founded Goop: Gwyneth

Holy places, altars: Shrines

Important term typed often by search engine users: Keyword

Katniss volunteered as this in place of Prim: Tribute

Old spider traps: Cobwebs

Stylish, debonair, fashionable: Dashing

The state of being away from a place: Absence

Things given in return for good acts: Rewards

__ the benefits; enjoying the rewards: Reaping

Puzzle 4 Answers

A purple flowering vine: Wisteria

Blueish-white brittle element, with symbol Sb: Antimony

Formal government representative: Official

Great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment: Ignominy

Italian dish of braised veal shanks: Osso buco

Launch, make the first move: Initiate

Place of seclusion; a courtyard walkway: Cloister

Political appointments made to friends: Cronyism

Sensible, logical: Rational

TV show about a family living in Springfield: Simpsons

White coastal birds that flock together: Seagulls

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bean-shaped organ in the body: Kidney

Garden figurines with pointy ears: Gnomes

Hester __, heroine of The Scarlet Letter: Prynne

Made of Au: Golden

Picture made from fragments of tile, stone or glass: Mosaic

Raw, red itchinesses of the skin: Rashes

Restricting garment, historically worn by women: Corset

Spice often grated into pumpkin desserts: Nutmeg

Squirm, wriggle, be unable to sit still: Fidget

The Simpsons’ dog Santa’s Little __: Helper

Very courageous: Heroic

Wool obtained from shearing a sheep: Fleece

Group 688

Puzzle 1 Answers

Comes in a bulb of cloves: Garlic

Detective; investigator: Sleuth

Highly skilled Nepalese mountain guide: Sherpa

Pale pink with white tip manicure style: French

Punish someone by sending them away: Banish

Ropes used by wranglers to catch horses and cows: Lassos

Rub furniture to make it shiny: Polish

Sartorial headgear, an ever-present Monopoly token: Top hat

Slow animals that are two-toed or three-toed: Sloths

__ Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann musical with Elton J song: Moulin

Puzzle 2 Answers

Barney Rubble’s pet dinosaur-kangaroo cross: Hopparoo

Blood or urine sample: Specimen

Kids TV show and video game: Dora the __: Explorer

Lid for a bottle or jar that is closed by twisting: Screw top

Put off until a later date: Postpone

Someone who brings people the news: Reporter

Steal from a store: Shoplift

Supply of people who are able to work: Manpower

The range of light wavelengths make up this: Spectrum

Without worries: Carefree

__ star; symbol of top-quality restaurant: Michelin

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bathroom attached to a bedroom: En suite

Biblical giant slain by David and his slingshot: Goliath

Cher’s auto-tuned hit: Believe

Chuckie and Angelica are these cartoon kids: Rugrats

Large sports venue: Stadium

Legs on both sides, like on a horse: Astride

Made new, refreshed with the latest software: Updated

Pen Name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson: Lewis __: Carroll

Raising headgear in celebration: Hats off

String attached to a badge worn at a convention: Lanyard

To make something easier to understand: Clarify

Tool for removing ice from a vehicle’s windows: Scraper

Weather event that transported Dorothy to Oz: Tornado

Within hearing range: Earshot

Puzzle 4 Answers

Blizzard, tempestuous icy weather: Snowstorm

Decorative cover for a calling device: Phone case

Flower __; creating floral displays: Arranging

Garden area that is densely planted with bushes: Shrubbery

Host on a TV or radio show: Presenter

How cultural values are expressed by a group: Ethnicity

Invent fake evidence: Fabricate

Latest times for pieces of work to be submitted: Deadlines

Make advance payment to get a magazine: Subscribe

Painting in small, repeated strokes: Stippling

Panorama or view over a busy town: Cityscape

Pregnant; due to give birth: Expectant

Self control, discipline: Restraint

__ Mac, UK-US band with albums Tusk and Rumours: Fleetwood

Puzzle 5 Answers

Arc-shaped symbol on flags of Turkey and Algeria: Crescent

Fancy dining term for sauce (sounds like paint!): Emulsion

Glass tank for fish: Aquarium

Mary __; patented wiper blades in 1903: Anderson

Part of a company involved in community relations: Outreach

Plot, scheme against: Conspire

Species of fish; Dory in Finding Nemo: Blue tang

Tells tale of a shady friar in a Chaucer Tale: Summoner

The Wrong __, Wallace & Gromit vs Feathers McGraw: Trousers

Yelled to someone: Hollered

__ Roth; Diamond lead singer of Van Halen: David lee

Group 689

Puzzle 1 Answers

Buzz and Woody are hero friends in this franchise: Toy story

George Eman __, US psychiatrist: Vaillant

In Arabic it means “red castle”: __ Palace: Alhambra

In a small or insignificant way: Slightly

Inclination to do something: Tendency

Jürgen __, philosopher of the Frankfurt School: Habermas

Made a text more concise: Abridged

Made of clay that has been hardened by heat: Ceramics

Not performing at one’s best: Below par

Raw vegetable pieces used with dips: Crudités

Rundown or disused: Derelict

Small toy-car brand; cuboid, fire strikers inside: Matchbox

Steam vent in a volcanic region: Fumarole

Tiny marine organism, Mr. Krabs’ nemesis: Plankton

__ line, indicator line on the side of ships: Plimsoll

Puzzle 2 Answers

Book with anecdotes about someone’s life: Memoirs

Danced, bounded, frolicked: Pranced

Displaying, exhibiting: Showing

Dr Nick __, The Simpsons’ ineffectual doctor: Riviera

Give the nod: Approve

Pumping or belching out smoke: Spewing

Some believe that this King is not dead: Presley

Someone who competes in sports: Athlete

Triangular flags on a string: Bunting

You’re __; song for gratitude in Disney’s Moana: Welcome

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alcoholic drink taken shortly before going to bed: Nightcap

Ballet about dancing dolls scored by Delibes: Coppelia

Capital that means “end of the elephant’s trunk”: Khartoum

Competitor at five rings major sports contest: Olympian

Cosmetic treatment for fingernails: Manicure

Disney animation with Simba, Nala and Moufasa: Lion king

Emergency water float invented by Maria Beasely: Life raft

Having given off a bird alarm sound: Yikkered

Lacking a proper arch for support: Flat foot

Lists of sporting matches: Fixtures

Most lustful: Randiest

Nursery rhyme character who “went to Gloucester”: Dr foster

Rank __, someone with little chance of winning: Outsider

Sloped land Jesus’ cross was situated on: Hillside

State bordering Kansas on the west: Colorado

Timetable, date and time agenda: Schedule

Wernher __, German-born rocket scientist: Von braun

Yelling, bellowing: Shouting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Auditorium, place where stage shows are performed: Playhouse

Bandaging worn on limbs for support: Strapping

Blue female cartoon character pursued by Gargamel: Smurfette

Kitty cat trying to get in Tweety’s cage: Sylvester

Period from birth to becoming an adult: Childhood

Someone who is looking for employment: Jobseeker

Underwater sea vehicle: Submarine

Worthy recipient of a prize: Deserving

Written account of someone else’s life: Biography

__ beauty; phrase giving priority to elders: Age before

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aim, objective, purpose: Intent

Antiquated term for awake: Abraid

Bright, sweet drink made of crushed ice: Slushy

British, wide-brimmed, WWI tin helmet: Brodie

Cap’n __; often needs rescuing in Paw Patrol: Turbot

Cartoon Inspector who uses high-tech gizmos: Gadget

Fruits of Olea europaea tree or martini garnish: Olives

Matthew Broderick embodied __ Bueller: Ferris

One who followed commands: Obeyer

Snowy region at the North Pole: Arctic

__ James; Blue singer-turned-actor: Duncan

Group 690

Puzzle 1 Answers

Apple’s video call feature: Facetime

Chemical messenger in the brain: Dopamine

Françoise Barré-__; worked on discovery of HIV: Sinoussi

He preceded Lincoln as President: James __: Buchanan

John Wayne played Rooster in it: True grit

Lack, deficit: Shortage

Most chubby or rounded: Plumpest

One spouse at a time: Monogamy

Opposite of inferior: Superior

Pinky and __; 1990s cartoon about lab mice: The brain

Position, place: Location

Protective clothing worn by motorcyclists: Leathers

Soldier and sparring partner of Beatrice: Benedick

__ University tells how Sulley and Mike met: Monsters

Puzzle 2 Answers

Climb untidily: Clamber

Frank __ wrote Angela’s Ashes: Mccourt

Giving of presents: Gifting

Intestines, entrails: Innards

Leather straps attached to a horse: Harness

Miller, Elizabeth or Hale: Shannon

Noble gas that might scare Superman: Krypton

Physical attack: Assault

Pizza company, sponsors of Britain’s Got Talent: Dominos

Popeye’s beloved vegetable: Spinach

Raise __; make a loud cheering noise: The roof

Saint associated with the Russian alphabet: St cyril

Sicilian town, scene of the Sicilian Vespers: Palermo

Small circular shiny discs sewn to clothes: Sequins

Southern cuisine staple: ham with __ greens: Collard

Stretchy, form-fitting one-piece, for felines?: Catsuit

__ Live, Microsoft website you can see through?: Windows

__ is Jimmy Neutron’s metal dog: Goddard

Puzzle 3 Answers

A type of action, generally defensive in nature: Rearguard

Beach material hurled by air, often for engraving: Sandblast

Country where Chinese Take-Away was filmed: Argentina

Hiccup trains this “dental-free” dragon and friend: Toothless

Indian Dravidian temple adorned with human figures: Meenakshi

Innocent people plead this in court: Not guilty

Male worker who draws detailed plans: Draftsman

March Hare is chums with this crazed capped man: Mad hatter

Photo technique that captures plants germinating: Time lapse

Planned secretly, plotted: Conspired

Raising awareness of a new product: Publicity

Someone from a Spanish isle, such as Rafa Nadal: Mallorcan

Tubes with circular ends: Cylinders

Puzzle 4 Answers

ABBA track about famous musician of Hamelin: The piper

Benefit of __; belief that someone is being honest: The doubt

First English estate to open a safari park: Longleat

Image software for eg, can be used on this machine: Computer

In your face advertising to get you excited: Ballyhoo

Italian form of the name Joseph: Giuseppe

Narrow glass vessel used to heat chemicals in labs: Test tube

Objectionable and of poor quality: Terrible

Scandinavian stockfish preparation with evil smell: Lutefisk

Stiff cardboard strip for keeping a page: Bookmark

The Prince of Egypt is a __ animated film: Biblical

UK county with Lizard Point: Cornwall

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bucking __; rideable rodeo bull: Bronco

Bucking __; rideable rodeo horse: Bronco

Create a raised pattern on paper: Emboss

Disney movie with Olaf the snowman: Frozen

Happening in the sky: Aerial

How heavy someone or something is: Weight

Ideology of Oceania in Orwell’s 1984: Ingsoc

Lake __, Europe’s largest lake: Ladoga

Lucky charm or talismanic bracelet: Amulet

Lucky charm or talismanic jewelry: Amulet

Madonna wants people to “get into” it: Groove

Self-__, the value an individual gives themself: Esteem

__ Blake; mystery-solving companion of Scooby-Doo: Daphne

Group 691

Puzzle 1 Answers

18th C cane frames worn to widen a women’s skirt: Panniers

Almost silent, large white bird: Mute swan

Called a sidewalk in the US and trottoir in France: Pavement

Going like the __, idiom that refers to bells: Clappers

Hand crinkle used in fortune telling of thoughts: Head line

Pet __, creepy tale by Stephen King: Sematary

Scorn, mockery: Ridicule

Series of small rocky islands such as the Aland Is: Skerries

Woodcarver who makes Pinocchio: Geppetto

__ Beauty, Aurora’s story: Sleeping

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aka J&J, major consumer goods brand: Johnson

British record label of Slade, Bee Gees, the Jam: Polydor

Compound with repeating small molecules: Polymer

Dr Nick __, shady GP from The Simpsons: Riviera

Having to do with kissing: Oscular

Icy superhero in The Incredibles: Frozone

Infinite, unlimited: Endless

Lying in court under oath: Perjury

Same as a hazelnut; it rhymes with “Gilbert”: Filbert

Sea-dwelling fish-tailed female: Mermaid

The name for the division of Yorkshire into thirds: Ridings

Who killed Hamlet: Laertes

Puzzle 3 Answers

“One man’s meat is another man’s “: Poison

Buff-coloured envelopes for sending documents: Manila

Conquered an army: Defeated

Cutlery items for eating ice cream: Spoons

DreamWorks Chicken Run starred Mel __: Gibson

Not worse: Better

Pipe systems for taking away human waste: Sewers

Representations using charts: Graphs

Shooting star that might be part of a shower: Meteor

Super-strong material invented by Stephanie Kwolek: Kevlar

TV’s All Saints’ troubled emergency Nurse __: Jackie

Temple complex near Luxor, dedicated to Amun-Ra: Karnak

Turbo is an animated film about a __ snail: Racing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Adult Swim cartoon Robot __: Chicken

Billy __, Slaughterhouse Five’s protagonist: Pilgrim

Doctor __, film about the Russian Revolution: Zhivago

Edam, Gouda, Havarti, etc.: Cheeses

Get sidetracked: Digress

Lost footing and fell: Slipped

Metal fence at the front of a Georgian house: Railing

Necklace type flows with a line of faceted gems: Riviere

Shameful ruse: Cantrip

User of cash: Spender

Huph, Bob Parr’s grumpy boss, The Incredibles: Gilbert

__ dealer; scheming politician or trader: Wheeler

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Town __, Nevil Shute’s story of WWII: Like alice

A state of __; rundown, dilapidated: Disrepair

Bituminous pieces used in first footing: Coal lumps

Branch out; cultivate a variety of crops: Diversify

Cartoon rabbit hunted by Elmer Fudd: Bugs bunny

Decorated richly, such as with jewels: Encrusted

First English language Relativity Theory expositor: Eddington

Grilled meat on a bun: Hamburger

Sly and cheating tactics: Underhand

Sly and dishonorable tactics: Underhand

Unable to be heard: Inaudible

Yellow Autobot Transformer: Bumblebee

Group 692

Puzzle 1 Answers

Conclusiveness, inevitability: Finality

Corporate IT network within a company: Intranet

Designed a brand-new concept or product: Invented

Effortless, trouble-free, easy and simple: Painless

Fake pregnancy belly: Moonbump

Law firms, barristers’ rooms: Chambers

Making of the world according to the Bible: Creation

Nationality of Sade and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Nigerian

Sour, astringent, like the liquid added to chips: Vinegary

Superhero alter-ego of Kate or Kathy Kane: Batwoman

TVs might show these day time topical programs: Talk show

__ 2000, the first animated film released in IMAX: Fantasia

__ Bond; premium stationery brand: Basildon

__ Dead, band that had bears as mascots: Grateful

__ man, he wears an A-frame for advertising wares: Sandwich

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aladdin takes her on a magic carpet ride: Jasmine

Ball Corallimorph can sting __ a lycra suit: Through

Chapstick is an example of this soothing cream: Lip balm

Ferb’s stepbrother and best friend: Phineas

Fights against: Combats

Laws granting right of property to an inventor: Patents

Makes a noise sound quieter: Muffles

Name that WWI general Kitchener shared with Nelson: Horatio

Needlemaker who makes trimmings with silky cord: Braider

Painter of The Avenue at Middelharnis: Mendert __: Hobbema

Starting city of train in the Great Train Robbery: Glasgow

The courtly location of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Elsinor

Writer of the opera Der Rosenkavalier, Richard __: Strauss

__ Lake, hot, bubbling body of water in Dominica: Boiling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adored, valued, treasured, revered: Cherished

American frontiersman and scout: Kit carson

Cavitiy of the skull related to vision: Eye socket

Dishwasher, refrigerator, oven: Appliance

Garments worn beneath clothes: Underwear

Learning device for memory and recall: Flashcard

Many a slip twixt __: Cup and lip

Name given to St Petersburg between 1914 and 1924: Petrograd

Not responsible, innocent: Blameless

Online reference source with millions of articles: Wikipedia

Pub fixture, target for throwing arrows at: Dartboard

Soviet style of the period of a bloody dictator: Stalinist

Surname of Toy Story astronaut: Lightyear

Trimmed, curtailed: Shortened

__ Crazy Night, 2016 album for Elton John: Wonderful

__ box; variety pack of chocolate bars: Selection

Puzzle 4 Answers

Always __; 2018 hit album for Jess Glynne: In between

Baron __; archenemy of Danger Mouse: Greenback

Church-state; nation with state-sponsored religion: Theocracy

Deal offered so that one doesn’t pay immediately: Financing

Evidently, without doubt: Obviously

Grasping, clenching: Clutching

Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen’s Frank Catton: Bernie mac

Pre-performance run through for actors: Rehearsal

Someone lacking intelligence; anagram, silent mop: Simpleton

The jazz-age flapper cartoon character: Betty boop

The next odd number after eighty-nine: Ninety one

Trees that shed their leaves once a year: Deciduous

__ book; information source, e.g. a dictionary: Reference

__ book; information source, e.g. an encyclopedia: Reference

__ dog, recovery alcoholic drink the morning after: Hair of the

Puzzle 5 Answers

666 is the __ of the beast: Number

Character on Sesame Street: the __ monster: Cookie

Dental hygienist tool used for scraping plaque: Scaler

Dooley __ was Sam the piano player in Casablanca: Wilson

Feeling isolated: Lonely

Glass ball hung on a Christmas tree: Bauble

Invented moniker by which someone operates: Byname

Locomotive __, Jethro Tull melody about inhale: Breath

Long, thin studs on the bottom of football boots: Blades

Nationality of astronomer Tycho Brahe: Danish

Person who brings the food to the table: Server

Power on for a computer, load it: Boot up

Small fish, used as bait: Minnow

Spa destination, hotel complex: Resort

__ City, a maternal nickname for Cape Town: Mother

__ Horsecollar, Mickey Mouse’s steed: Horace

__ around; messed about, played up: Horsed

Group 693

Puzzle 1 Answers

A __ woman is a female of easy virtue: Scarlet

Antiquated term for snakes: Aspicks

Cult figure of the New Left in the 60s in US: Marcuse

Desert lynx with long tufty ears: Caracal

First country to open a Legoland amusement park: Denmark

Malleable, pliable, as of certain metals: Ductile

Nobel Prize in __; won by Marie Curie in 1903: Physics

Open to the elements: Exposed

The last name of a yellow animated family from TV: Simpson

__ George the monkey: Curious

__ album, 70s music LP with overarching theme: Concept

__ shoe, from whence a croupier dishes out cards: Dealing

__ the caber; Scottish sport of throwing poles: Tossing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Boatful of stuff to send overseas: Shipment

Giant Danish music festival held since 1971: Roskilde

Handles animals: Wrangles

He led the Russian provisional government in 1917: Kerensky

In an awkward way, stumblingly: Clumsily

Peppa and George’s father in kids’ cartoon series: Daddy pig

Perceived, noticed a smell: Detected

Real first name of Shaggy in Scooby-Doo cartoons: Norville

Sentiments wishing others fortune in the New Year: Good luck

Sets of symbols representing chemical compositions: Formulae

The least tidy or neat: Messiest

Puzzle 3 Answers

1962 Japanese drama film: An __ Afternoon: Autumn

A children’s character who lives in Wimbledon: Womble

Anti-colonial uprising in 50s British-ruled Kenya: Mau mau

Canine throat sounds: Growls

Cartoon kid friend to tiger Hobbes: Calvin

Dismissed, fired: Sacked

Divided Mediterranean isle: Cyprus

Harry __, golfer, gives his name to several awards: Vardon

Penrod Pooch fights crime in Hong Kong __: Phooey

Person who gives extra money in thanks for a meal: Tipper

Thin slice of wood for surfacing: Veneer

With wooden surrounding edges: Framed

Puzzle 4 Answers

Anne Bancroft’s role in The Graduate: Mrs. __: Robinson

Death, casualty: Fatality

Giggly reaction to sensitive touch: Ticklish

Mickey Mouse’s apprenticeship was to him: Sorcerer

Mikael __, Finnish bishop introduced Lutheranism: Agricola

Money-__, the pursuit of cash, titles and worth: Grabbing

Portable lamps, like those held by Ms Nightingale: Lanterns

Requests information, asks after: Inquires

Struggled with physically: Grappled

The __; 2017 animation about an infant CEO: Boss baby

Uses or eats: Consumes

Puzzle 5 Answers

1990s advert slogan for Wonderbra: Hello boys

Blog-based website builder site: WordPress

Country where Tim Tam cookies are manufactured: Australia

Describes branching like a tree: Dendritic

Feeling low and unhappy: Depressed

Gilbert & Sullivan work, aka The Witch’s Curse: Ruddigore

Socially correct behaviour: Propriety

Socially correct manners: Propriety

Someone who uses factory apparatus when sewing: Machinist

The dog breed kidnapped by Cruella de Vil: Dalmatian

The hunchback Quasimodo lived in this cathedral: Notre dame

Weave, cross together: Interlace

Group 694

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animated shows, particularly watched by children: Cartoons

Chinchilla boss of Danger Mouse: Colonel k

Cut of meat off a bovine’s face used in casseroles: Ox cheeks

Exciting, enthralling; e.g. a __ novel: Gripping

Glaciated mountain range in Montenegro: Durmitor

Global best-selling album by Michael Jackson: Thriller

Large outdoor blazes or beacons: Bonfires

Long-beaked forest bird with distinctive call: Woodcock

Nancy Johnson’s hand-cranked device; __ freezer: Ice cream

National patron of Scotland: St andrew

Newly arrived VIPs, but judged as social inferiors: Parvenus

Picture, imagine: Envisage

Squashes, crushes, evens out: Flattens

Tiny body of water surrounded by land: Lakelets

Puzzle 2 Answers

Act of moving a car into a temporary location: Parking

Agrees to a treaty: Assents

Considered one thing the same as another: Equated

Creeping rootstalk plant: Rhizome

David __, director of Fight Club: Fincher

Peter __, flawless Wacky Races participant: Perfect

Space-age cartoon family: Jetsons

Squeaky name for a partridge chick: Cheeper

They remove a dog’s or cat’s ovaries: Spayers

Without any help or support: Unaided

Puzzle 3 Answers

A therapy, the C in CBT: Cognitive

Abolish, completely get rid of: Eliminate

Bringing in merchandise from abroad to sell: Importing

Climbed down: Descended

Corn and butterbean dish; Sylvester the cat’s oath: Succotash

Cost of travel for a grown-up: Adult fare

Gripping novels that keep readers guessing: Thrillers

Natural pool, bubbling with warm water: Hot spring

Not alive, showing no signs of life: Inanimate

Red colour named after a bloody Italian battle: Solferino

The C in CBT, or __ behavioral therapy: Cognitive

Top half of a fraction, showing number of parts: Numerator

__ the Cat never catches Tweety Bird: Sylvester

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another name for numbers or fingers: Digits

Apples, pears, strawberries are all these: Fruits

Capital of The Gambia: Banjul

Doesn’t make the most of: Wastes

Feeling afraid: Scared

Fluffy __; tree-dwelling airborne marsupial: Glider

Jack be __, Jack be quick, goes the nursery rhyme: Nimble

King and father of Merida in Brave: Fergus

Scooby-Doo’s human best buddy: Shaggy

Swirling mass of water: Vortex

Puzzle 5 Answers

2001 Japanese animated fantasy film, __ Away: Spirited

A knee-jerk __ is to act spontaneously: Reaction

Banged a nail into a wall: Hammered

Brown-and-white dog from a NW France region: Brittany

Copenhagen restaurant with three Michelin stars: Geranium

Former German protectorate in West Africa: Togoland

Glass display cases in museums: Cabinets

Home planet of cartoon hero Lion-O: Thundera

Institution where in- and out-patients are treated: Hospital

Oscillating mechanism on a clock: Pendulum

Paper-thin wrappers for crispy duck: Pancakes

Peace, serenity: Calmness

Peace, tranquility: Calmness

Position of the highest-ranking nobleman: Dukeship

Shaggy hit song, Oh __: Carolina

The glitzy first showing of a movie: Premiere

Group 695

Puzzle 1 Answers

Big, male kangaroo: Boomer

From __ to post, means zipping around all over: Pillar

My __ Pony, cartoon, toys of colorful mini horses: Little

Olivia __, Queen Anne actress of The Favourite: Colman

Prosper, flourish: Thrive

Serving __; utensils for dishing out salads: Spoons

Simba’s father and Sarabi’s mate in The Lion King: Mufasa

__ Bill, Sussex headland avoided by sailors: Selsey

__ My Baby, song by Frank Sinatra: One for

__ craft, brand of RIBs and inflatables: Zodiac

Puzzle 2 Answers

Another halogen that rhymes with chlorine: Fluorine

Circular venue for the corrida in Spain: Bullring

Cloudy eye lens removed by Patricia Bath’s surgery: Cataract

Deliberate scheme to avoid paying duties: Tax dodge

Ferries across: Trajects

Fire dog in Paw Patrol: Marshall

Firmly fixed into something: Embedded

Fortress of __, Superman’s place of solace: Solitude

Having power over everything: Almighty

List of disadvantages or cons; reverse: Flip side

Mollusc cookout: Clam bake

Stellar place near Moscow, home to cosmonauts: Star city

__ saw; Tabitha Babbit’s prototype cutting tool: Circular

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another name for a marmot or groundhog: Woodchuck

Campaigners for political or social change: Crusaders

Contract or consensus: Agreement

Marketing a product to a target audience: Promotion

Prolific writer about mysticism: Evelyn __: Underhill

Soviet citizen denied the ability to emigrate: Refusenik

Surround, envelop: Encompass

The G in CGI film effects: Generated

The __ Before Christmas, produced by Tim Burton: Nightmare

What kisses and hugs show: Affection

Puzzle 4 Answers

Edge of a glacier where it breaks up into blocks: Icefall

Famous touristic atlantic island group: Bahamas

Gin and whisky and rum: Spirits

King __; Holly’s dad in Ben and Holly: Thistle

Knighthoods and damehoods given at New Year: Honours

Knotted, twisted or knobbly: Gnarled

Pique, Coeur, __, Trèfle, the tile in French cards: Carreau

Return a ball back into play in soccer: Throw in

Sings like a bird, trills: Warbles

To have put material over to fix a hole: Patched

__ De Vil tried to catch 101 Dalmatians: Cruella

__ Hands, Escher’s illusion of an artist at work: Drawing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Afghanistan’s ruling dynasty from 1826 to 1973: Barakzai

Capable of being perceived, especially by touch: Tangible

Capital of the United Arab Emirates: Abu dhabi

Homeless wanderer, a disreputable drifter: Vagabond

Italian bread seasoned with herbs and olive oil: Focaccia

Maid to Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid: Carlotta

Natural petroleum reservoir: Oil field

Performance genre with shuffle, ball, change moves: Tap dance

Study guide used for learning in the classroom: Textbook

Tiana kisses a green prince in The __ and the Frog: Princess

Wig __, pub name linked with a bishop’s headgear: And mitre

Group 696

Puzzle 1 Answers

2002 and Rockabye female singer: Anne marie

Americans supporting Britain during the Revolution: Loyalists

Animated sitcom about the Griffin family: Family guy

Character of Woody Allen in spoofed Casino Royale: Jimmy bond

Doing faster: Hastening

Everything __; the competition is wide open: To play for

Fake, imitation, pretend: Simulated

Gaudí’s gingerbread-styled building in Parc Güell: Mind house

Naughtily enter the frame when the shutter clicks: Photobomb

New version of a previously published book: Rerelease

Putting ball game with one hole and 12 tee-offs: Clock golf

The Walrus and the __; Through the Looking-Glass: Carpenter

The pelt of a bunny, once used widely in fashion: Rabbit fur

Used a tube to suck out excess fluid: Suctioned

Where brown, yellow and green balls lie in snooker: Baulk line

Puzzle 2 Answers

As alike as __ in a pod: Two peas

Begin the __, timeless song by Cole Porter: Beguine

Chopped off: Severed

Not questions: Answers

People who love others deeply, tenderly: Adorers

Quarry boss of Fred and Barney in the Flintstones: Mr slate

Sword and __, literary fantasy genre: Sorcery

Title, film production company: Working

Turkey place, the site of the Temple of Artemis: Ephesus

Using a pole to drive a boat in Oxford and Cambs: Punting

Villainous hunter-guide in 1999 Tarzan movie: Clayton

Won the Academy Award for Best Movie in 2003: Chicago

Puzzle 3 Answers

Channel 6 News anchor on The Simpsons: Brockman

Condition treated by Josie Wanous Stuart’s shampoo: Dandruff

Describes a shortened version of a book: Abridged

Displace, oust, usurp: Supplant

Makes off quickly, like exiting a crime scene: Scarpers

National __, French Revolution’s legislative body: Assembly

Road Runner’s catchphrase: Beep beep

Russian republic, Izhevsk is the capital: Udmurtia

Star of Enchanted and American Hustle: Amy adams

Turning, winding, reeling: Cranking

Unusual, different from “the norm”: Abnormal

Puzzle 4 Answers

Brokeback Mountain director: Ang lee

Chief character who narrates The Handmaid’s Tale: Offred

City in which the Museo Reina Sofia is located: Madrid

Eddy __; Belgian cycling pro: Merckx

Hybrid pastry invented by Dominique Ansel: Cronut

Leapt forward, like an attack dog on a leash: Lunged

Maleficent curses this princess: Aurora

Naval battle where Antony & Cleopatra saw defeat: Actium

Past the Point of __ by the Dixie Chicks: Rescue

Pooh’s donkey companion: Eeyore

Prominent art museum in Florence, Italy: Uffizi

Someone who isn’t important: Nobody

__ Henry; prolific inventor with many patents: Beulah

Puzzle 5 Answers

Being excessively overweight: Obeseness

Concealed, potentially lethal device: Booby trap

Excessive, inflated: Overblown

Large southern Indian city, home to Golconda Fort: Hyderabad

Mocking and acerbic: Sarcastic

Older female sibling: Big sister

Orange jam: Marmalade

Random inspection for quality: Spotcheck

Superman’s bespectacled alter ego: Clark kent

Synth-pop singer who had a hit with Cars in 1979: Gary numan

The Candy Elemental in Adventure Time: Princess__: Bubblegum

Group 697

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient peoples who used hieroglyphics: Egyptians

Bill who drew Calvin and Hobbes: Watterson

Captain Hook lost his hand to this reptile: Crocodile

Coming up with a theory without the full facts: Guesswork

Dangerous sliding of snow in the mountains: Avalanche

Fonts, styles of text on a screen: Typefaces

It provides domestic illumination: Light bulb

Lacking a precise outline: Shapeless

Pebbledashed external wall finish: Roughcast

Removable walkway used for embarking a ship: Gangplank

Something that cannot succeed, or a no-hoper: Lost cause

Tasty or scrumptious: Delicious

Wide, shallow steps for spectators at a stadium: Terracing

Puzzle 2 Answers

52 __ Road; home address of Mr Benn: Festive

Both a fabric for evening wear and type of cake: Chiffon

Countries on the Jutland Peninsula: Denmark and __: Germany

Dished out with a bowl-shaped eating utensil: Spooned

Elton John supports this south-east football club: Watford

Emotionally affected by something, in a good way: Touched

Hugo __, German designer of all-metal planes: Junkers

More wet, humid or clammy: Moister

Painting by Delacroix: __ Leading the People: Liberty

Protagonist of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Lorelei

She plays Supergirl villain, Katie __: Mcgrath

Shutting up shop for the day: Closing

Someone who has been captured: Captive

Take someone’s __ something; offer distraction: Mind off

Puzzle 3 Answers

Behaving in a way that belittles someone: Abases

British West Indies sorcerous religious practice: Obeahs

Creamy, curdled dairy food that can be frozen: Yogurt

Cursed, plagued, hexed: Jinxed

Discrimination of female/male according to gender: Sexism

Fishing boats, and slaps given to children: Smacks

Hippolyte __, French contemporary of Daguerre: Bayard

Made ground: Gained

Rod __, journalist, Selfish Whining Monkeys writer: Liddle

The beluga whale’s name in Finding Dory: Bailey

__ Convention, treaty on wetland conservation: Ramsar

__ Tracy, pilot of Thunderbird 4: Gordon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Able, qualified, adapted to a use or purpose: Suitable

Animated drawings used in children’s films: Cartoons

Brutal Pokemon that evolves into a mega state: Sharpedo

Dig a hole: Excavate

Echo, reverberate: Resonate

Five kilometer hued paint race: Color run

Picture or painting of someone’s face: Portrait

Port siege: Blockade

Property game rules devised by Elizabeth Magie: Monopoly

Robert __, poet who had home thoughts from abroad: Browning

Sash or belt used to support a sword: Baldrick

Under the ground watering system: Irrigate

With an __; how a dictator may rule a country: Iron fist

__ snake eel burrows in sandy sediments: Napoleon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bobby __, Slow Down R&B singer: Valentino

Clothes dummy: Mannequin

Idol, someone who sets a good example: Role model

Liquid or solid raw material of chocolate: Cocoa mass

Melody to attract a penguin mate in Happy Feet: Heartsong

Overseas pal to write letters to: Pen friend

Scriptures, e.g. Quran, Bible, Torah: Holy books

Small bird of prey with white feathery eyebrows: Little owl

Swimming-pool employee who saves drowning folk: Lifeguard

__ Pat Pending, Wacky Races scientist, drives no.3: Professor

Group 698

Puzzle 1 Answers

Actress who plays Wonder Woman in films: Gal gadot

Chaotic disasters, from a French word: Debacles

Chaotic disorganised disasters, from a French word: Debacles

Guffawing: Laughing

Icarus’ father: Daedalus

Marine predators named after a flowering plant: Anemones

Oxford’s romantic nickname, the city of __ spires: Dreaming

Sam the Warner Brothers cowboy: Yosemite

Shoemenders, or a dismissive exclamation: Cobblers

They are used to make sauerkraut: Cabbages

Voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story films: Tim allen

Puzzle 2 Answers

29 __ Road; home address of Bananaman: Acacia

A pick-me-up, spur, tonic, boost: Fillip

Aristotle: ” a b**r for the __” said Monty Python: Bottle

Eaten in a cream tea with jam and cream: Scones

Fur coat of an animal: Pelage

Gustaf __; engineer who co-founded Volvo: Larson

Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale: Riding

Robin Leach’s dreams: Caviar

Site of Norway’s Arctic Cathedral: Tromsø

Urban __; outward growth of a town or city: Sprawl

__ check, security check before an event: Safety

Puzzle 3 Answers

“I’ve got __ and gizmos aplenty”: Gadgets

Bruce, the shark, from Jaws and __ Nemo: Finding

Connecting: Linking

Conrad’s fictional country originating in Lord Jim: Patusan

Fluid accumulation in peritoneal cavity: Ascitic

Follow a winding, twisting course: Meander

Pretentious ceremony: Mummery

Russian dessert of pressed fruit paste: Pastila

Sing-along instrumental versions of songs: Karaoke

Smiles coyly: Simpers

Takes the ball from another player: Tackles

__ crust-sponge is a dark blue-black color: Arabian

__ maid, works in a hotel: Chamber

__ on the fence, or refusing to make a decision: Sitting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Accuracy, pinpoint __: Precision

Cockney actor, Mick Carter in EastEnders: Danny dyer

Dancer from The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmerelda

Led a sports team: Captained

Muttley’s villainous owner, Dick __: Dastardly

Origami fold named after a musical instrument: Accordion

Puts at risk: Endangers

Rousing shout to inspire troops in wartime: Battle cry

Snorri __, Icelandic poet of the Prose Edda: Sturluson

Such as Europe or Africa: Continent

Tropical fruit, like a tree and an orchard fruit: Pineapple

Puzzle 5 Answers

1970s iconic lighting with liquid waxes: Lava lamp

70s iconic lighting of colorful liquid waxes: Lava lamp

Chemist, drugstore: Pharmacy

Frozen fish fingers advertised by a captain: Birds eye

Glutted, overindulged: Satiated

He voiced Woody in Toy Story: Tom hanks

In front; opposite of posterior: Anterior

Incredibles, The Iron Giant director: Brad bird

It starts a football game, heads or tails: Coin toss

Juvenile, puerile: Immature

Kind Hearts and __, movie with Alec Guinness: Coronets

Lee __, American balloonist of His Dark Materials: Scoresby

Male born in or native to Cardiff or Swansea: Welshman

Marseilles (France) original Greek name: Massilia

Modern art movement of figurative paintings: Stuckism

Multiplying by two: Doubling

Trespasser, person who illegally enters property: Intruder

__ crows, an expression of surprise: Stone the

__ room, the place to try on clothes: Changing

Group 699

Puzzle 1 Answers

Charm, allure, personality: Charisma

Film whose soundtrack was by Curtis Mayfield: Superfly

Inhumanely, wantonly: Rakishly

Savoury spicy jams served with poppadoms: Chutneys

Science fiction cartoon from Simpsons creator: Futurama

Shipping and __; process of sending goods: Handling

The __, Simba starred, Elton John sang: Lion king

Words that don’t contain any repeated letters: Isograms

Wrote or drew messily, describes some signatures: Scrawled

__ noses, disrespectful finger-wiggling jibes: Thumbing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bad ones include biting your fingernails: Habits

Generic name for margarine and butter: Spread

Home of the gods in Norse mythology: Asgard

Humble; shy: Modest

Knight-__, a medieval wandering adventurer: Errant

Original stringing material for violins: Catgut

Right __ form the corners of squares: Angles

She denied having 3,000 pairs of shoes: __ Marcus: Imelda

Wonderland Zoo keeper, stopped Hair Bear escaping: Peevly

__ McDimples, plastic police officer, Toy Story 4: Giggle

__ dribble; stick-turning technique in hockey: Indian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alvin, Simon or Theodore, perhaps: Chipmunk

Calling points on railway journeys: Stations

Disdain, scornfulness: Contempt

Excessively smooching: Bekisses

Finger device to open a drinks can: Ring pull

Official list; teachers read it out loud: Register

Pay for a copy of a book ahead of its release date: Pre order

People playing congas and djembes are __: Drumming

The 3rd film of this animated series is from 2010: Toy story

Zooming around very fast: Whizzing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Babyhood: Infancy

Crescent connected to the Strand in Central London: Aldwych

Joining together in pacts, coalitions or groupings: Allying

One who has seized power by force: Usurper

Pertaining to a large sea: Oceanic

Repetitive hitting with short fast punches: Jabbing

Soft-shoe __, tap dancing without the taps: Shuffle

The Simpsons voice actor, Harry __: Shearer

__ Buddhism; religion followed by the Dalai Lama: Tibetan

__ Lineman, classic sung by Glen Campbell: Wichita

__ McDuck, filthy rich, Scottish, uncle of Donald: Scrooge

Puzzle 5 Answers

Angled quote used as French quotation mark: Guillemet

Cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea: Spongebob

Dutch entrepôt on the Meuse and Rhine: Rotterdam

Exciting experience, typically bold or risky: Adventure

First name of McQueen, the Cars star: Lightning

Flashy alcoholic drinks with fruit and umbrellas: Cocktails

In an artistic manner: Painterly

Leftovers after needs have been met: Surpluses

Over-the-top, amorous Muppet: Miss piggy

Pressures or unavoidable downside, e.g __ of fame: Trappings

Ship that rescued survivors of the Titanic sinking: Carpathia

__ Alcott wrote Little Women: Louisa may

Group 700

Puzzle 1 Answers

Banners or signs waved in protest: Placards

Bird of prey Muppet: Sam eagle

Chimney cleaners: Sweepers

Easter Orthodox Church bishop liturgy garment: Sakkoses

Guessing party game with acted-out clues: Charades

It’s above the brows, below the hairline: Forehead

Jerry __ the Opera, a Sherman Brothers musical: Springer

Love apples: an early name the French gave to __: Tomatoes

Mostly woods and grass, the __ “desert” in Africa: Kalahari

Questioning used to get to the nature of truth: Dialetic

Thinness, with the skeleton on show: Boniness

__ Lane, M25 services, near the Kent-Surrey border: Clackett

__ Planet, one of the most expensive Disney movies: Treasure

Puzzle 2 Answers

A morning person: Early bird

A puppet diva who starred films and TV shows: Miss piggy

Chart with data grouped into ranges: Histogram

First name of SquarePants: Spongebob

Irritation, exasperation, infuriation: Annoyance

Panel at the pillow-end of a bed: Headboard

Plastic fabric used in T-shirts, skirts, bedding: Polyester

Stone structures to commemorate something: Monuments

Strait of __, it separates Corsica and Sardinia: Bonifacio

capital of Kosovo: Prishtina

Puzzle 3 Answers

Confidence __, an inspirational shot in the arm: Booster

Conrad __, Swiss botanist and zoologist: Gessner

Cord used for firing cannon: Lanyard

Easternmost of North America’s Great Lakes: Ontario

Entrance with curved structure overhead: Archway

Japanese beer brand and large city: Sapporo

John James __, naturalist of Birds of America: Audubon

Popeye’s tattoos: Anchors

Seven of these short men worked as miners: Dwarves

Spiritual seeker, “one who practices”: Abhyasi

Variant of software, iteration: Version

Very cold, like a big ice mass: Glacial

__ Junction, major rail station in south London: Clapham

Puzzle 4 Answers

Assigned, commissioned to do a job: Tasked

Blue Belgian humanoids with pointy hats: Smurfs

Bundle of yarns, wound loosely: Skeins

Cube of bacon: Lardon

Half robotic, lesser known hero of Justice League: Cyborg

Ian __, crime writer of Inspector Rebus novels: Rankin

In a foreign country: Abroad

Oldest son of King Henry VII: __, Prince of Wales: Arthur

The Duchess of Windsor’s forename: Wallis

To take in and make part of a whole: Absorb

__-tattle, tell-tale conversation: Tittle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Analysis in terms of purpose, final causes: Teleology

Evil overlord in Monsters vs Aliens: Gallaxhar

Is greater or heavier than: Outweighs

Italian Riviera town of pastel buildings: Portofino

Pie or flan with no upper pastry: Crustless

Schedule of school lessons or train times: Timetable

Someone who drinks too much, is addicted: Alcoholic

Warner Brothers’ black bird with orange bill: Daffy duck

Worker who is a stickler for petty rules: Jobsworth

__ II, queen of Denmark since 1972: Margrethe

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