Codycross Resorts Answers

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Codycross Resorts

Group 541

Puzzle 1 Answers

A word opposite in meaning to another: Antonym

Aircraft storage buildings: Hangars

Bunch of flowers given as a gift: Bouquet

Bunnies: Rabbits

Chaos, confusion, mayhem, disorder: Turmoil

Hand digits: Fingers

Juliet __, a Shakespearean star-crossed lover: Capulet

Not in focus: Blurred

Person thought to be guilty of a crime: Suspect

Same forename of two of the Spice Girls: Melanie

Slow running: Jogging

Taken for __; unappreciated: Granted

This person is in command of the ship: Captain

Twice elected, then impeached U.S. President: Clinton

Uma, who played Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill: Thurman

Where books rest in a library: Shelves

Puzzle 2 Answers

Airport section for declaring imports: Customs

Country whose capital is Beirut: Lebanon

Dead Poets __, film with Robin Williams as a tutor: Society

Hair soap: Shampoo

Hide, obscure: Conceal

High-pitched sound made with partly closed lips: Whistle

Home country of the singer known as Björk: Iceland

Light gusts of wind: Breezes

Miguel de Cervantes character, Don __: Quixote

Small stringed guitar originated in Hawaii: Ukulele

Study of organisms and the environment: Ecology

Puzzle 3 Answers

Big screen actor or actress: Film star

Fascinating, transfixing: Riveting

Head and shoulders painting or drawing of a person: Portrait

Occurring at irregular intervals: Sporadic

Organ of the body that secretes insulin: Pancreas

Organized study carried out at doctorate level: Research

Spewing lava: Erupting

Star rating system for restaurants: Michelin

Tanning white skin, making something golden: Bronzing

The Matrix __; second installment in the trilogy: Reloaded

Unrest, protest, demonstration: Uprising

Weaving three strands of hair together: Braiding

__ news: information about a developing situation: Breaking

Puzzle 4 Answers

A person who suffers as a result of a crime: Victim

A string of them is worn around the neck: Pearls

Argue the price of an item: Haggle

Ceramic bowl for crushing spices: Mortar

Cirrus and cumulus are two types: Clouds

Country where Kalamata olives are grown: Greece

Delightful, worthy of romance: Lovely

Engraved, inscribed: Carved

Hansel’s sister in the fairy tale: Gretel

Large muscle in the back of the upper arm: Tricep

Large parrots, with scarlet and hyacinth varieties: Macaws

Magical spirits summoned from lamps: Genies

Prehistoric creature; plant preserved in stone: Fossil

Prioritization of patients to receive medical help: Triage

Putting patients in priority order to receive help: Triage

Springy rope for jumping from a height: Bungee

Word or phrase that modifies an action word: Adverb

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bought: Purchased

Buildings for patients to have surgeries: Hospitals

Citizen who takes the law into their own hands: Vigilante

Cue game played with three balls: Billiards

Giving your word: Promising

Incapable of going wrong: Foolproof

Large case for keeping drawings and papers flat: Portfolio

Made less confused: Clarified

Patron saint of France burned at the stake: Joan of arc

Person who is paid to find people to fill jobs: Recruiter

Surpassing: Exceeding

Verdi opera about a hunchback jester: Rigoletto

Group 542

Puzzle 1 Answers

Explorer whom America was named after: Amerigo __: Vespucci

Hard, outer layer of an ovum: Eggshell

Instruments used to cut bandages and tape: Scissors

Japanese motorcycle manufacturer and Kyushu city: Nagasaki

Official agency to help catch criminals worldwide: Interpol

One-wheeled transport: Unicycle

Protected underwater shark encounter: Cage dive

Regular; routine; constant: Habitual

Something you don’t have to choose: Optional

System of money in use in a specific country: Currency

The body’s boney frame: Skeleton

Two-volume martial arts film series by Tarantino: Kill bill

With no imperfections: Flawless

Puzzle 2 Answers

A band of material around the neck of a shirt: Collar

Body part that includes the pharnyx and larynx: Throat

Call people to attend: Summon

Celebratory march, perhaps with floats: Parade

Dolly __, the country music legend: Parton

Elle Woods is Legally __: Blonde

He flew too close to the Sun: Icarus

Pick from options: Choose

Pointed the finger; attributed guilt: Blamed

Robotic vacuum cleaner brand: Roomba

Suffer ruin or destruction; die: Perish

The Lion King’s warthog: Pumbaa

Tower built for 1889 World’s Fair in Paris: Eiffel

Venus Williams’ sister: Serena

__ green tea; Japanese drink with health benefits: Matcha

Puzzle 3 Answers

A ring-shaped preserver found on ships: Lifesaver

Abundant: Plentiful

Album signed by visitors to a hotel, for example: Guest book

Banned: Abolished

Bristled hand tool used for removing rust: Wire brush

Can easily catch on fire: Flammable

Distracted; disorganized; occurring at intervals: Scattered

Distracted; occurring at intervals: Scattered

Giant hairy spider with mildly venomous hairs: Tarantula

Made retrospectively valid: Backdated

Removing one’s disguise: Unmasking

Sautéed white grains, served in Chinese cuisine: Fried rice

Someone who designs buildings: Architect

The treatment of diseases that affect the teeth: Dentistry

Turned to stone; terrified: Petrified

With expert skill: Masterful

Puzzle 4 Answers

A large pad used mainly for sleeping purposes: Mattress

An instance of seeing something unusual: Sighting

Area at an event where journalists sit: Press box

Art of stringed doll manipulation: Puppetry

Boss; wage payer: Employer

Common name for the trachea: Windpipe

Going off track: Straying

Hold back; keep in check: Restrain

Maritime; concerning sailors or navigation: Nautical

One who designs machinery or bridges: Engineer

Results of cuts to the skin that won’t fade: Scarring

Sea separating Italy from the Balkan Peninsula: Adriatic

Skin care brand owned by Estée Lauder: Clinique

Substance that speeds up a reaction: Catalyst

Sweet, dark vinegar variety from Italy: Balsamic

Thieves who break into homes to steal: Burglars

Vast groups of stars: Galaxies

Puzzle 5 Answers

Competition; tournament: Contest

Cook food in a lot of oil: Deep fry

Extreme; likely to have a far-reaching effect: Drastic

Fields of grassland: Meadows

Folkloric character who makes children sleep: Sandman

Male witch: Warlock

Sled dogs: Huskies

Strawberry Fields __, 1966 track written by Lennon: Forever

The place where flights take off from: Airport

Transparently: Clearly

Where honey is made: Beehive

Group 543

Puzzle 1 Answers

An abnormally low amount of oxygen in the blood: Hypoxemia

Astrological chart dictated by birth dates: Horoscope

Aurora __: another name for the Southern Lights: Australis

Converted to code: Encrypted

Documents, reports, letters: Paperwork

Fill something up again: Replenish

Film stage that is not open: Closed set

For a select few: Exclusive

How rapper Sean Combs was once known: Puff daddy

Identity booklets for tourists: Passports

Improvised fence used to block a street: Barricade

Long car used to transport important people: Limousine

Mythological daughter of king Cepheus & Cassiopeia: Andromeda

Not realists or cynics: Idealists

Openings in a stage floor: Trapdoors

People who voice their disapproval: Objectors

Some of them are cremini or porcini: Mushrooms

What you can’t teach an old dog to do: New tricks

Puzzle 2 Answers

Annual environmental awareness event on April 22nd: Earth day

Full of imagination or interesting ideas: Creative

Getting fit at the gym: Training

Having a condition that limits movement: Disabled

Injury caused by a severe jerk to the head: Whiplash

Making smaller: Reducing

Making thinner by adding water: Diluting

Mourning someone’s passing: Grieving

Observing; viewing: Watching

Rating given to the best hotels: Five star

Reactions to a product from a focus group: Feedback

Scented: Perfumed

Seized: Captured

Soak meat in seasoning prior to cooking: Marinate

Territories ruled over by monarchs: Kingdoms

Time with a lack of productivity or lack of water: Dry spell

Walking like a duck: Waddling

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Total __ of the Heart”, a Bonnie Tyler classic: Eclipse

Critical, vital, fundamental: Crucial

Italian fashion label: Dolce & __: Gabanna

Italian term for perfectly cooked pasta: Al dente

Poisonous plant given to Socrates in a drink: Hemlock

Professional who cleans teeth: Dentist

Rock formed by cooling lava: Igneous

Selection processes for sports teams: Tryouts

Shakespearean play that includes a witches’ spell: Macbeth

Sleeping in tents outside: Camping

Study of the human body: Anatomy

Tanned, sunkissed: Bronzed

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capital of the Philippines: Manila

Cause physical harm: Injure

Charlize __, she played a killer in Monster: Theron

Expressions of love and affection using your lips: Kisses

Give money to charity: Donate

Plunging headfirst into water, maybe from a board: Diving

Sharp instruments for whittling wood: Knives

Using a needle and thread: Sewing

Wholesome and filling: Hearty

__ railway; train-themed amusement park ride: Scenic

Puzzle 5 Answers

A floating home on a river or lake: Houseboat

A story; a written or spoken account of events: Narrative

Country bordering Chile to the east: Argentina

Describes eyes that are pink and raw: Bloodshot

Extending, unfurling: Spreading

Iconic studios made famous by The Beatles: Abbey road

Overwhelming desire to know about something: Curiosity

Person who keeps watch over swimmers’ safety: Lifeguard

Photo story, progressing through multiple pictures: Slideshow

Settle on a deal after lengthy discussion: Negotiate

Their job is to check tickets on a bus or train: Conductor

Words of welcome: Greetings

Group 544

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient Greek city; site of the Parthenon: Athens

Aphrodite’s lover in Greek mythology: Adonis

Devices that tell time: Clocks

Florence gallery, home of da Vinci’s Annunciation: Uffizi

Friends (in Spanish): Amigos

Piece of metal that holds a boat in place: Anchor

Seller, salesperson: Vendor

Sheep’s meat: Mutton

Slight movement across the surface of water: Ripple

To make less tight: Loosen

Walked as if injured: Limped

What Boy Scouts earn for tying knots: Badges

__ Need Love; 1972 ballad from pre-ABBA days: People

Puzzle 2 Answers

Country where Mount Killimanjaro is located: Tanzania

Criminal; one who commits crimes: Offender

Fragile or easily broken: Delicate

Machines with rotors and vanes for producing power: Turbines

Most ideal employment: Dream job

Non-essential items, they are frivolous: Luxuries

One who exaggerates danger: Alarmist

Partitioned container for Japanese lunches: Bento box

Ryan Reynolds plays this Marvel superhero: Deadpool

The grip of a wheel on a rail: Traction

Those who travel to places of religious importance: Pilgrims

Two-wheeled motor vehicles popular in Italy: Scooters

Valuable source of wealth or information: Gold mine

Window in a roof, which illuminates a room: Skylight

Puzzle 3 Answers

A feast: Banquet

An embarrassing remark in a social situation: Faux pas

Art of clipping shrubs into ornamental shapes: Topiary

Cutting grains for harvest: Reaping

Faithfulness, fidelity, devotion: Loyalty

Less expensive: Cheaper

Love of Hamlet’s life, who is a drowning victim: Ophelia

More intelligent: Smarter

Name given to London’s theatre district: West end

Ocean where the Hawaiian islands are located: Pacific

Pigs eat out of them: Troughs

Say or read aloud: Dictate

True; based on evidence: Factual

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ambulance worker, provides emergency medical care: Paramedic

Fake name: Pseudonym

Pain in or around the gums: Toothache

Protective metal covering worn by medieval knights: Chainmail

Red boxed lunch with a toy from McDonald’s: Happy meal

Rings of waistband material on trousers: Belt loops

Set of steps leading up to a higher level: Staircase

Singing without any musical instruments: Acappella

Stubborn, not moving: Obstinate

The practice of obtaining money through threats: Extortion

With a mild climate: Temperate

Puzzle 5 Answers

A state of confusion; and abnormal condition: Disorder

Being at liberty to choose a course of action: Free will

Contribution at church: Offering

Crime that has gone unsolved for a long period: Cold case

Deliverers of lessons in a classroom: Teachers

Elevation; height of an object above ground: Altitude

Physical activity done to keep fit: Exercise

Safety: Security

Someone who recently got married: Newlywed

Suddenly cutting off contact with somebody: Ghosting

Group 545

Puzzle 1 Answers

Amass a group of objects for a museum: Collect

Author of The Jungle Book: Rudyard __: Kipling

Glaze made from chocolate and cream: Ganache

Haute __, French for high fashion: Couture

Joins the armed forces: Enlists

Making someone be quiet: Hushing

Skeptical, doubtful: Cynical

Someone chosen as a candidate for an award: Nominee

Tiny indentations on cheeks when people smile: Dimples

Unbelieving, doubtful: Cynical

Veered off course; steered to avoid something: Swerved

Waving cold air on: Fanning

Workers high on building tops: Roofers

Puzzle 2 Answers

A work protest: Strike

Bows are used to fire these: Arrows

Bring items from overseas for business use: Import

Clothes: Attire

Create something new: Invent

Cruel or mean: Unkind

Head, in Latin: Capita

In an uncomplicated way: Simply

Italian ice cream: Gelato

Nationality of someone from Berlin: German

Scaly, slithering reptiles with fangs: Snakes

Thin branches of wood, used as fire starters: Sticks

VW Beetle from Disney film franchise: Herbie

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advertise a product: Promote

Dinner for a pet canine: Dog food

It dangles from a necklace: Pendant

Make an effort; try: Attempt

Natural disaster made of a rotating wind vortex: Tornado

Raiders of the __; first Indiana Jones film: Lost ark

Reasons or explanations for being late: Excuses

Reveal information or details: Divulge

Spanish drink of red wine with fruit and spices: Sangria

Statue of __, iconic New York landmark: Liberty

The D in LCD: Display

The state of being free from public attention: Privacy

Unit used to measure the intensity of a sound: Decibel

Voted in, chosen by ballot: Elected

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chained: Shackled

Christ the __, famous statue in Rio de Janeiro: Redeemer

Customizable preset format for a document or file: Template

Fast, short-distance runner: Sprinter

Hubs for finding employment: Agencies

Ideal or perfect partner: Soulmate

Possible or theoretical results of an experiment: Outcomes

Rough drawings: Sketches

Saving, aiding: Rescuing

Splitting: Dividing

Welcoming and warm: Inviting

__ line, series of factory workers and products: Assembly

Puzzle 5 Answers

A frog or a salamander: Amphibian

Agreeing a point in an argument, backing down: Conceding

Careful and persistent work or effort: Diligence

Characterized by conflict, disorder, or confusion: Turbulent

Cover that reduces a light’s brightness: Lampshade

Employment done outside of an office or lab: Fieldwork

Flight __; device that imitates aircraft flight: Simulator

Having healing properties, such as plants: Medicinal

Hidden, kept out of view: Concealed

Plots where grapes are harvested for winemaking: Vineyards

She wrote a diary which became famous worldwide: Anne frank

Spanish hit for Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber: Despacito

This lifelike figure is made to frighten birds: Scarecrow

Tiny: Miniature

Group 546

Puzzle 1 Answers

Containing grit, made of tiny stones: Gravelly

Decorative paper covering used for presents: Gift wrap

Drops like a stone; falls rapidly in value: Plummets

Final or last: Ultimate

Horrible, lurid, deathly: Gruesome

Made money from something: Profited

Person who writes music: Composer

Plan or follow a route: Navigate

Social media platform by Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

The __, Arthur Miller play about witch trials: Crucible

The boy who lives in Neverland: Peter pan

Unlimited extent of time, space or quantity: Infinity

Without shoes: Barefoot

Puzzle 2 Answers

A children’s story about magical lands: Fairytale

A painting with inanimate subject matter: Still life

A risk-taker or a stunt actor: Daredevil

Depicted or represented: Portrayed

Identification of an illness: Diagnosis

Lack of courage, weakness, spinelessness: Cowardice

Large sea creatures with wide triangular fins: Manta rays

Male lens operator on a film set: Cameraman

Occur in turn repeatedly: Alternate

Penultimate stage of a knock-out tournament: Semi final

White sparkling wine from a region in France: Champagne

Puzzle 3 Answers

Afternoon snooze in Spain: Siesta

Bladed weapons: Swords

Coffee cup size between a tall and venti: Grande

Fault, flaw, imperfection: Defect

Form an orderly queue: Line up

Friendly and warm: Genial

Funny TV show based on everyday events: Sitcom

Journey to far-away places: Travel

Small pet canine: Lapdog

Used with a mortar to make pastes: Pestle

__ burner, gas-powered flame for science lessons: Bunsen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Accelerate action, speed up: Expedite

Appropriate for the job: Suitable

City that is home to the Hagia Sophia: Istanbul

Demanded money by force: Extorted

Describes hairs that come again after shaving: Regrowth

Egg whites whipped with sugar: Meringue

Famous or distinguished: Renowned

Large, slow-moving masses of ice: Glaciers

Metal that marks a 70th wedding anniversary: Platinum

One of eight kids: Octuplet

One who creates fashion pieces: Designer

Pointedly disregarding someone: Ignoring

__ Charm; 1962 superstitious hit for Elvis: Good luck

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient Rome stadium for chariot racing: Circus __: Maximus

Ceramics such as bowls, cups, jugs: Pottery

Controlled portions: Rations

Fictional undead beings: Zombies

Larger, grander, bigger: Greater

Makes a secret public: Exposes

People who owe money: Debtors

Someone from Brussels is this nationality: Belgian

Spice Girls track about hopeful candidate: Wannabe

Time or activity out of work: Leisure

Trenches by a road: Ditches

Group 547

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adult cartoon about the Griffin family: Family guy

Animals that live on a farm: Livestock

Free __; no charge for entering: Admission

Hardy; able to cope with pressure: Resilient

Japan’s snowy volcanic peak: Mount fuji

Lunar eclipse with reddish tinge: Blood moon

Non-alcoholic mixed drinks: Mocktails

Not pleasant to look at: Unsightly

Romantic evening out for a couple: Date night

Squirming like a worm: Wriggling

Top news stories: Headlines

Truce; end of hostilities: Ceasefire

Puzzle 2 Answers

A crease in the skin, especially around the eyes: Wrinkle

A length of film made for movies or television: Footage

A medical operation: Surgery

Accidentally losing liquid from a hole in a flask: Leaking

Adidas products have three of them: Stripes

Bob Cratchit’s young disabled son: Tiny tim

Boundaries between countries: Borders

Broken bit of road that needs filling: Pothole

Controlled outdoor blaze that people sit around: Bonfire

Creating lacey patterns using knotting: Macramé

Fought in a war: Battled

Green __; DC comic character with green glow: Lantern

Gwen __; Rich Girl and Hollaback Girl singer: Stefani

Held tightly with one’s hand: Clasped

In a rushed way: Hastily

Long hair found on a dog’s face: Whisker

Oceanic earthquake outcome: Tsunami

Term used for a woman with many felines: Cat lady

Puzzle 3 Answers

A motif of initials embroidered on an item: Monogram

A three-sided shape: Triangle

Actor who plays title role in Ant-Man films: Paul rudd

Athletes who jump over frames on running tracks: Hurdlers

Books where daily written accounts are kept: Journals

Breaking out of an egg: Hatching

Circumvented: Bypassed

Continues forward: Proceeds

Fascinate; interest: Intrigue

French term for cutting veggies into fine strips: Julienne

In a reverse direction: Backward

Painting that depicts an expanse of the ocean: Seascape

Remove someone from your Facebook page: Unfriend

Set of beliefs of a church or political party: Doctrine

Young male pop groups: Boy bands

Puzzle 4 Answers

Argue about petty things: Bicker

Capital of Portugal: Lisbon

Climbing, going upwards: Rising

Cold leafy side dishes: Salads

Collagen tissue that attaches muscle to bone: Tendon

Copied biologically, like Dolly the sheep: Cloned

Disease affecting dogs, also called hydrophobia: Rabies

Groups of people gathered together at events: Crowds

Important topics or problems for discussion: Issues

List of items to be discussed at a meeting: Agenda

Long, pointed sticks used for hunting fish: Spears

National __; patriotic hymn: Anthem

Picture created from tile fragments: Mosaic

Pooh’s feline friend: Tigger

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ability to float on water: Buoyancy

Articulate, well-spoken: Eloquent

Begging: Pleading

Elton John track that’s a little bit funny: Your song

Etcher of letters or designs on hard surfaces: Engraver

Greek god of the sea: Poseidon

Hand treatment involving painted nails: Manicure

Novak __, Serbian Grand Slam-winning tennis star: Djokovic

Quivered with fear: Trembled

Searching for food in the wild: Foraging

Someone uknown: Stranger

Group 548

Puzzle 1 Answers

Disagreeing with an argument in court: Objecting

Dripping slowly: Trickling

Flexible, able to adjust to change easily: Adaptable

Johann Bach’s middle name: Sebastian

Nepal’s capital, a favorite of Himalayan climbers: Kathmandu

Nepal’s capital, liked by Himalayan climbers: Kathmandu

Outlook, perspective, angle: Viewpoint

People who are lively after dark, not early birds: Night owls

Provision for looking after pre-schoolers: Childcare

Team appointed to get a specific job done: Task force

They return valuables to their former glory: Restorers

Tiered rack for displaying baked goods: Cake stand

Puzzle 2 Answers

Additions to pay after exceptional work: Bonuses

Become smaller; reduce: Decline

Beginnings: Origins

By the sea: Coastal

Changes over the years, in order to adapt: Evolves

Collecting and keeping things, for later: Storing

Company that makes and sells beer: Brewery

Fierce competitiveness between local teams: Rivalry

Having mind-reading abilities: Psychic

Instrument that uses shadows to tell the time: Sundial

Language spoken in Barcelona: Catalan

On fire: Burning

Person learning the job: Trainee

Porky Pig’s girlfriend, named after a flower: Petunia

Price of a plane ticket: Airfare

Refusal to conform: Dissent

Wed: Married

Puzzle 3 Answers

A person who works on a telephone switchboard: Operator

Bread slices with meat and cheese in between: Sandwich

Canine’s master and provider: Dog owner

Careless, extravagant, uneconomical: Wasteful

Combat, violence; warring: Fighting

Legally removing people from a house: Evicting

Making you look thinner: Slimming

Small pigment spots on the skin: Freckles

Small spots on the skin: Freckles

Sticky backing on a bandage: Adhesive

Temporarily staying as a guest: Visiting

The whole of something: Totality

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aerial lift with gondola cabins: Cable car

Circular carnival ride with horses: Carousel

Delicate metalwork used as ornamentation: Filigree

Do these exercises to target the abdominal muscles: Crunches

Forcibly put an end to: Suppress

House entrance, at the rear: Back door

Mythological beings that drink blood: Vampires

Someone destitute, without an address: Homeless

Washed, purified: Cleansed

Wrecks something irreparably: Destroys

Puzzle 5 Answers

A genie grants three: Wishes

Action performed involuntarily due to stimuli: Reflex

Ariel the Little Mermaid’s dad, King ___: Triton

Brave, noble ones who save people in peril: Heroes

Confirmed or supported a claim: Upheld

Escaped or avoided: Eluded

Greatly surprised: Amazed

Highly toxic substance: Poison

Honolulu is the capital of this US state: Hawaii

Lines of verse in a poem, forming a separate unit: Stanza

Marionette or sock toy: Puppet

Old films with no words or soundtrack: Silent

Overhanging sheet outside a building or caravan: Awning

Sobbing: Crying

The human soul, mind, or spirit.: Psyche

Writer of novels: Author

Group 549

Puzzle 1 Answers

ABBA song about Napoleon: Waterloo

Clean; without any germs; hygienic: Sanitary

Cotton or wool sheets used to cover babies: Blankets

Couples: Partners

High-heeled shoe and the name of a slim knife: Stiletto

Hitting with a closed fist: Punching

Lies, fibs: Untruths

Most glad or content: Happiest

Riding without a saddle: Bareback

Someone who tends to the landscaping of homes: Gardener

The surrounding area: Vicinity

Throwback pictures are often posted on this day: Thursday

Where users go to download games on an iPhone: App store

White sauce popular in French cuisine: Bechamel

Written souvenir from a tourist: Postcard

Puzzle 2 Answers

A small laptop; also a name for a pad of paper: Notebook

Children have these uncontrolled angry outbursts: Tantrums

Decorative objects, knick knacks: Trinkets

Describes the hairline of a balding man: Receding

Forest area: Woodland

Grooming device to remove human hairs: Epilator

Illnesses, disorders, conditions: Maladies

It has a summit: Mountain

Maximum number of people a stadium can hold: Capacity

Movie in which Tom Hanks gets stranded: Cast away

Periods allotted for a specific activity: Sessions

Puts on display: Exhibits

Quality of being in accordance with the law: Legality

Removing the skeleton from a fish: Deboning

Retired service personnel: Veterans

To practice a performance: Rehearse

Total salary, before any deductions: Gross pay

Puzzle 3 Answers

A complaint lodged against plans: Objection

A physical feeling: Sensation

Cultural trip once taken by the upper classes: Grand tour

Experts in the field of plant life: Botanists

Foretold: Predicted

Haggled for a better price: Bargained

One of the key ingredients in Nutella: Hazelnuts

Showing or involving great vitality: Energetic

Strings passed through eyes to tie up footwear: Shoelaces

The most desperately in need of food: Hungriest

Theme park ride that plunges from a great height: Drop tower

US state where Breaking Bad was set: New mexico

Writing material made from animal skins: Parchment

Puzzle 4 Answers

Batted eyes: Blinked

Compliments, flatters: Praises

Corruption by offering payments or inducements: Bribery

Develops, conceives an artistic project: Creates

Dish of the day, at a discounted price: Special

Dustin __, who wore dresses for Tootsie: Hoffman

Football team leader: Captain

Groups of eight notes: Octaves

Narrow crack in rock: Fissure

Planet with no moons, not Venus: Mercury

Trip, voyage: Journey

Puzzle 5 Answers

Administrative workers in an office or a bank: Clerks

Animal dung used in soil: Manure

Artists’ frames for holding unfinished paintings: Easels

Being sought by the police, hunted: Wanted

Blood group factor named after a monkey: Rhesus

Eight-legged arachnid: Spider

Flyers with no pilots, used in aerial photography: Drones

Malfunction, technical difficulty, bug: Glitch

Measurement of gravitational pull of acceleration: G force

Nickname of Peter Parker’s alter ego: Spidey

Not sedentary: Active

Permission to use; means of entry: Access

Planet whose largest moon is Titan: Saturn

Security devices that sound when intruders enter: Alarms

Severe with rules for children: Strict

Soup serving spoons: Ladles

Speedy and agile: Nimble

The capital of the UK: London

There are twelve in a year: Months

Group 550

Puzzle 1 Answers

Appreciation for an act of kindness: Gratitude

Canadian who voiced Shrek: Mike myers

Document demonstrating ownership of a property: Title deed

Greek goddess of love: Aphrodite

Incomparable, no rivals: Unmatched

Ladies and __; salutation used in formal speeches: Gentlemen

Pedestrian safe zone: Crosswalk

Science of eating healthy food: Nutrition

Sea in which the island of Cozumel is located: Caribbean

Small, possibly insignificant untruths: White lies

Stretched wire used in a circus act: Tightrope

Tree branches found washed up on a beach: Driftwood

Puzzle 2 Answers

A collection of captive wild animals for display: Menagerie

A policy institute, a committee of experts: Think tank

Antonym of withdrawing or retreating: Advancing

Cleaning clothes or shoes with force: Scrubbing

Distance event includes running, swimming, biking: Triathlon

Marilyn Monroe’s character in Some Like it Hot: Sugar kane

Not all it’s cracked up to be: Overrated

Reasoning, logic, judgement: Rationale

Spoken word version of literary work: Audio book

Third-party intervention in a legal matter: Mediation

Puzzle 3 Answers

5 __ of Summer, Australian pop-rock band: Seconds

Big cat, the feline star of Bringing Up Baby: Leopard

Cry out: Exclaim

Drenching, pouring water on: Soaking

George Best airport is in this city: Belfast

Half-man half-horse of mythology: Centaur

Starbucks logo of a watery woman: Mermaid

Whitish bird of prey that lives in farm buildings: Barn owl

__ crisis, feelings of self-doubt in middle age: Midlife

__ negotiator; someone who helps to free captives: Hostage

__ off, taking flight to an exotic destination: Jetting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Board game with scoring letters forming words: Scrabble

Collecting dirt on the floor with a broom: Sweeping

Cooking on a metal rack over coals: Grilling

Earliest, first version of something: Original

Indications of illnesses experienced by patients: Symptoms

It’s created when traffic jams up all the roads: Gridlock

Moroccan palm kernels used in cosmetics: Argan oil

Predatory arachnid with deadly stinger: Scorpion

Repeating something in a singing tone: Chanting

Small, hand-held gym weight to lift: Dumbbell

Someone who writes song verses: Lyricist

Stephen __; stage musical director and composer: Sondheim

Superhero film of 2016 with Ryan Reynolds: Dead pool

Traded items overseas: Exported

Puzzle 5 Answers

African snakes, with spitting and king varieties: Cobras

Bigger, more sizeable: Larger

Capital of Austria: Vienna

Composer of the opera Tristan and Isolde: Wagner

Foundation garment like a corset: Girdle

Kin, relations: Family

Making cakes and biscuits: Baking

Run very fast in a short race: Sprint

Someone who owes money: Debtor

Sounds produced in a person’s larynx and emitted: Voices

Group 551

Puzzle 1 Answers

Answers to problems or riddles: Solutions

British explorer who met Pocahontas: John smith

English editor of Vanity Fair and Tatler: Tina brown

In boxing, rubber mouth protection: Gumshield

Peanut in its shell: Monkey nut

Quibbles, bickers, prevaricates: Pettifogs

Raisable viewing tube on a submarine: Periscope

Removals, e.g. surgically of tissue, or of rock: Ablations

Scarlet nickname for Mars: Red planet

Shown on a screen: Displayed

Skeletal tourist attraction under Paris: Catacombs

The __, Renoir painting of rain shields: Umbrellas

To do with cars, trucks, vans: Vehicular

Warehouse chain selling furnishings and gifts: Home sense

__ Hall, school in the story of Nicholas Nickleby: Dotheboys

__ Jones, the St James’s Street cat: Bustopher

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who teaches or coaches: Trainer

Empress of Japan until end of April 2019: Michiko

Floating bridge; card game: Pontoon

Give something/someone a new name: Retitle

Golden __, 70s Dutch band with Radar Love: Earring

Grand __, orange liqueur: Marnier

Judy __, The Wizard of Oz child star: Garland

Relating to occupying of space: Spatial

Rolled tree-like chocolate cake eaten at Christmas: Yule log

Smugly, arrogantly: Proudly

TV show: Are You __ Than a Fifth Grader?: Smarter

The hottest seasons each year: Summers

Tossed a coin: Flipped

__ scrolls, important Hebrew and Aramaic texts: Dead sea

__ suitcases can perform pirouettes: Spinner

Puzzle 3 Answers

Athens is the capital of this country: Greece

Black Eyed Peas’ __ & Jam: Joints

Director of the film Belle Epoque: Fernando __: Trueba

Dunkin’ __, brand dropping its product in its name: Donuts

English city, site of the Ashmolean Museum: Oxford

Facial part that quivers when nervous: Top lip

Fernando __, Portuguese poet, had many identities: Pessoa

Grand __ Dam, Washington state’s big construction: Coulee

Home of the Dodgers before L.A.: __ Field: Ebbets

M. C. __, artist of impossible works: Escher

Psychological fixation or block: Hangup

Soft, fixed floor covering: Carpet

Spit and __, meticulously neat, an army allusion: Polish

Thrown away rubbish on the streets: Litter

__ Adam; royal alter ego of He-Man: Prince

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ace of Base song, All that __: She wants

Adapted or upgraded: Modified

Ancient gold coin from Spain: Doubloon

Board game for two players each with 12 pieces: Checkers

Clark Gable classic It Happened __: One night

Converts direct current into alternating currents: Inverter

Damaris Phillips’ cooking show: “__ at Heart”: Southern

Golf course areas with short grass: Fairways

Investigated a location: Explored

Pencil pastime of linking numbered spots: Dot to dot

Pregnant belly: Baby bump

Pregnant belly protrusion: Baby bump

Raised path or drive over water: Causeway

Sabena Airlines replacement: __ Airlines: Brussels

Saying: A bigger bang for __: Your buck

Someone who steals a car just to drive it fast: Joyrider

__ mine, explosive to knock out armored vehicles: Anti tank

Puzzle 5 Answers

1, 2, 3… 7 could be a lucky one of these: Numbers

Answers: Replies

Ed __, Shape of You singer: Sheeran

European nationality of Madonna’s father: Italian

Portland’s soccer team: Timbers

Progress to the next stage in a video game: Level up

Quits a job or position of power: Resigns

Ranger of the North, heir of Isildur: Aragorn

Tree-lined approach to London’s Buckingham Palace: The mall

__ fan; device for keeping rooms cool from above: Ceiling

__ is Jimmy Neutron’s metal dog: Goddard

__ out, e.g. a song; singing loudly and heartily: Belting

Group 552

Puzzle 1 Answers

A wasting disease is named after this physician: Addison

Country completely surrounded by South Africa: Lesotho

Elvis’ __ vocalists were The Jordanaires: Backing

Goes with another to an event: Escorts

Gun __, cannon fire events for royal birthdays: Salutes

Joan Rivers’ memoir: “Enter ”: Talking

Makes someone happy: Pleases

Picnic baskets: Hampers

Ron, Ginny or twins Fred and George: Weasley

Samurai sacred rules: Bushido

Thrown in the Trevi Fountain guarantees a return: One coin

United __, worldwide organization with 193 members: Nations

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Father of Modern Physics”: Albert __: Einstein

A putting green buggy: Golf cart

Brain __ is considered delicacy in Scandinavia: Mushroom

CNN reporter, __ Cooper: Anderson

Court that deals with unfair dismissals at work: Tribunal

Describes enlarged leg veins: Varicose

Flute player: Flautist

Lack of manners or being impolite: Rudeness

Marriott-owned global hotel chain with S logo: Sheraton

Optical __; a picture that tricks the eyes: Illusion

Stop halfway through a journey: Waypoint

Working hard: Grafting

on; figured something out, understood: Cottoned

-Rhône-Alpes, French region in the south east: Auvergne

Puzzle 3 Answers

1930s mobsters: Gangsters

Arizona’s Football Team: Cardinals

Ballet or gymnastics pose on one leg: Arabesque

Blocks the path of: Obstructs

Chemically broken down, pickled: Fermented

Entrance hall, between front door and main rooms: Vestibule

Greetings from a trip sent without an envelope: Postcards

Indigestion: Heartburn

Juicy, like a cactus or an aloe: Succulent

Jung Chang’s work, aka Three Daughters of China: Wild swans

Marbled __; sea mollusc with deadly venom: Cone snail

Most active and energetic: Liveliest

My One Temptation star, born Michelle Wallen: Mica paris

Name for ‘new’ Mexican coins from 1993 to 1996: Nuevo peso

People with wide-ranging interests and tastes: Eclectics

Philandering fictional ad man on a TV series: Don draper

Predictions of future weather conditions: Forecasts

Storage building on a large scale: Warehouse

The time before today: Yesterday

Puzzle 4 Answers

70s Raleigh bike style with elongated saddle: Chopper

An exercise routine: Workout

Celtic goddess of love and beauty in Irish legend: Branwen

City where Uganda’s largest airport is located: Entebbe

Disease caused by plasmodium parasites: Malaria

Give water to: Hydrate

Junior male supporter at a wedding: Pageboy

Song from Frozen: For the First Time in __: Forever

Tibballs, Australian chef, Queen of Chocolate: Kirsten

__ chair, moving seat nods to and fro: Rocking

__ under; phrase meaning dead and buried: Six feet

Puzzle 5 Answers

A stratagem; an opening move in chess: Gambit

Biblical character thrown into the lion’s den: Daniel

Brittany city on the Loire, 1598 Edict signed here: Nantes

Escaped by running faster: Outran

Fruit __, simple summer way to eat unadorned fruit: Salads

Horny mammals come in black and white types: Rhinos

Kids’ song: “The __ in the Dell”: Farmer

Novel by E. M. Forster: Where __ Fear to Tread: Angels

Short piece of catchy music for an advert: Jingle

The Book of __, musical based on a US religion: Mormon

To arrange into a systematic order: Codify

To make a record of, systematic collecting: Codify

Group 553

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baked __, ice cream cake with brown meringue: Alaska

Holy __, sacrament for bishops, priests, deacons: Orders

International convention on wetlands: Ramsar

Japanese martial art that means “empty hand”: Karate

Outsmart, get the better of: Outwit

Rapid sales pitch: Patter

Russian carriage drawn by three horses: Troika

Sean __, NCIS’ Timothy McGee: Murray

Under __; being questioned by police: Arrest

__ Canal skateway, world’s largest skating rink: Rideau

-Elysées, famous tree-lined Parisian avenue: Champs

Puzzle 2 Answers

Comic strip soap opera with female lead: Mary worth

Elton John song about a “Cold, cold heart”: Sacrifice

Erupted into a boil: Abscessed

Get off on the __; make a successful start: Right foot

High-speed boat that travels out of the water: Hydrofoil

It’s a __ Life, classic Christmas movie: Wonderful

Italian bell tower: Campanile

Last monarch of the House of Tudor: __ I: Elizabeth

Lead official at a basketball game: Crew chief

Melanie Griffith’s profession in Working Girl: Secretary

Person who does routine work in a business office: Secretary

Queens, Kings and Jacks: Face cards

Shape of normal distribution line on a graph: Bell curve

Someone who is given an award or organ: Recipient

Tiny silicon element in a computer circuit: Microchip

Travel writer and author of Pax Britannica: Jan morris

Vegetable wrapper imparts aroma to Chinese food: Lotus leaf

What is said to a loved one before going to bed: Goodnight

Puzzle 3 Answers

2002 film about scientists disappearing in space: Solaris

A sign of an illness or disease: Symptom

Gabriel García Márquez style, __ realism: Magical

Hoping for something specific: Wishful

In a way that can be seen: Visibly

Jonathan __, triple jump record holder 1995: Edwards

Line of rulers from the same family: Dynasty

Mariah Carey has a vocal range of five of these: Octaves

Mid-afternoon break for refreshments and cake: Teatime

Most widely spoken language in Pakistan: Punjabi

Road with no way out: Dead end

Small stone pieces used on rockeries and paths: Shingle

The E In JPEG file format: Experts

Toe-; cringeworthy, extremely awkward: Curling

Puzzle 4 Answers

3D triangle shapes at Giza in Egypt: Pyramids

Achievable, gettable victory: Winnable

Ancient Alpine language spoken in Northern Italy: Lepontic

Attempting to influence decision makers: Lobbying

Black treacle: Molasses

Door curtain: Portière

Famous Apache warrior: Geronimo

High __; 2000 Nick Hornby record store film: Fidelity

Hunting wild animals using a bird of prey: Falconry

Illustrations or instances of something: Examples

Jeering: Taunting

Murder: Homicide

Open-topped two-seater car: Roadster

Person with no opinion about the existence of God: Agnostic

Requesting someone’s attendance at a party: Inviting

Rhythmic sound patterns: Cadences

Soaking up ink with paper: Blotting

Stick for climbing plants: Beanpole

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chilean town shaken by a massive earthquake: Valdivia

Day of the week named for the Norse god of thunder: Thursday

Figure skating meets ballroom: Ice dance

Intended or given as a cure: Remedial

Limited guarantee or assurance on goods: Warranty

Literary or grand term for an actor: Thespian

Love song used in courting someone: Serenade

Old __, a “merry old soul” in nursery rhyme: King cole

Permeability or penetrability of rock: Porosity

Political agreement with a common aim: Alliance

Rigid airship named after a German count: Zeppelin

She was turned into a pillar of salt, in the Bible: Lots wife

The male steerer of a ship or boat: Helmsman

__ Hotel, exotic place for pensioners in India: Marigold

__ Treasure with historian Nicolas Cage: National

__ out; leaving in an aggressive, noisy way: Storming

Group 554

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Sam Byers novel or disease with an unknown cause: Idiopathy

Bomber plane; anagram of ancestral: Lancaster

Craft of cutting up pictures to create a new image: Decoupage

Denzel Washington Mexican bodyguard film: Man on fire

Dug up or disclosed: Unearthed

Emergency response vehicle: Ambulance

Instrument for measuring time with sand: Hourglass

Island nation off NW coast of Africa: Cape verde

One who works in a lab: Scientist

Pleasurable experiences through another: Vicarious

Prolonged talking in a monotone voice: Droning on

Russian protest punk rockers imprisoned in 2012: Pussy riot

Something that can be used over and over again: Renewable

Study and collection of banknotes: Notaphily

The __; rum, pineapple wedge in margarita glass: Goldeneye

The first stage of a tadpole’s life cycle: Frogspawn

World’s oldest tennis tournament: Wimbledon

__ wheel; spinning firework: Catherine

Puzzle 2 Answers

A French drink with aniseed taste: Pernod

Beg or plead in desperation: Grovel

Country whose fourth prime minister was Golda Meir: Israel

Crying In The __; holy weeping from Elvis in 1967: Chapel

Department; division; office; bureau: Agency

Judge on The People’s Court: Marilyn __: Milian

Poet famous for the line “They shall grow not old”: Binyon

Space __, sharp Seattle observation tower: Needle

Super small quantity of something: Scarce

The Wrath __, second original Star Trek movie: Of khan

Walkers in nature: Hikers

__ summer, unusual warm spell in early autumn: Indian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Any of an order of sea mammals with flippers: Cetacean

Debt taken on to pay for a house: Mortgage

England’s opponent in the Bishops’ Wars: Scotland

Huge planet composed of hydrogen and helium: Gas giant

In photos, the period of time of light on film: Exposure

Literary pamphlet sold by pedlars in the past: Chapbook

Pesto contains these seeds: Pine nuts

Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction: Carnival

Rooms equipped for preparing and cooking meals: Kitchens

Stadium hosts Terps every fall Saturday: Maryland

Starting up again: Resuming

Sweet plant; name means white unwanted plant: Milkweed

Voyages: Journeys

Puzzle 4 Answers

Before now, previously: Already

Big Bang Theory Penny worked at the Cheesecake __: Factory

Feast day when Good King Wenceslas looked out: Stephen

Goat-like: Caprine

High end painting and sculpture, delicately made: Fine art

Lower leg covers; modern versions are waterproofed: Gaiters

Receiving votes in an election: Polling

Superhero movie, __ League: Justice

The original wheel, used to fashion clay vessels: Potters

__ dolls sit one inside the other: Russian

__ horse, US equine ridden in fast races: Quarter

__ of Venus, movement of the planet across the Sun: Transit

__ souchong, smoky tea: Lapsang

__ up, shared out: Divvied

Puzzle 5 Answers

“__ love” is devotion conditional on being fed: Cupboard

Dutch eggnog: Advocaat

Events where two people get married: Weddings

Frozen __; icy patterns mentioned in Let it Go!: Fractals

Game of slabs with spots: Dominoes

Glasses with two lens powers: Bifocals

Imposing a duty or levy to be paid to the state: Taxation

In the sky above: Overhead

It keeps hair in place: Scrunchy

Male experienced at living in forested areas: Woodsman

People native to Pristina or Prizren: Kosovars

Round shaped: Circular

Style from the era of King James I: Jacobean

Style of serving in tennis in the olden days: Underarm

The opposite of takeoffs: Landings

Words that look, but don’t sound the same: Eye rhyme

__ Greer, Australian feminist writer: Germaine

Group 555

Puzzle 1 Answers

Applauded: Clapped

Became notorious for “breaking up a band”: Yoko ono

Break, short holiday: Getaway

Call the wrong telephone number by mistake: Misdial

Feminine; relating to female: Womanly

Florence Nightingale set up a hospital here: Scutari

For e.g. Delta, United, Virgin Atlantic: Airline

Haute couture: Fashion

National Pizza Month in the U.S.: October

Object in a 2:3 orbital resonance with Neptune: Plutino

Offering more shelter from direct sunlight: Shadier

Said of a smashing, tremendous success: Howling

Shake with fear: Tremble

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alternative name for lignite: Brown coal

Australasian fruit bat, not a vulpine: Flying fox

Bearable, tolerable: Endurable

Dead __, method of working out a ship’s position: Reckoning

Fiddler: Violinist

HR: Human __: Resources

Holey cheese originating in Norway: Jarlsberg

Image-editing software brand: Photoshop

Limited time offer for cheap drinks: Happy hour

Particularly lazy individuals: Layabouts

Person who makes permanent inkings on the skin: Tattooist

Raised open air seats at a stadium: Bleachers

Removal of bodily fluid for health check-up: Blood test

The __ of the Crossword, book by John Halpern: Centenary

The __, 80s movie with Pat Morita as master Miyagi: Karate kid

Puzzle 3 Answers

A betrayal like Benedict Arnold’s one: Treason

A drum __ is a percussion device: Machine

A drum __ is a percussion synthesizer: Machine

A proof of purchase: Receipt

Act of choosing and purchasing vacation, ticket: Booking

Affliction of the nose for those with a cold: Sniffle

Being careful not to offend other people: Tactful

Capital of Kenya: Nairobi

Cribs that rock: Cradles

Describes Emma Lazarus’s “masses”: Huddled

Flat, round French breakfast cake: Galette

Generous in quantity; anagram of penalty: Aplenty

Hears something carefully: Listens

Horses: Equines

Illegal position of players on a sports pitch: Offside

Star Trek species with ribbed foreheads: Klingon

State of the first woman to hold a federal office: Montana

Stiff cushion on which to kneel in church: Hassock

Temperature scale represented by a C: Celsius

Puzzle 4 Answers

A __ of storks, a collective term for the birds: Muster

Chopped down: Felled

Country where the band Europe is based: Sweden

Diet promotes low carb and high fat foods; Dr. __: Atkins

Family that adopted Princess Leia in Star Wars: Organa

Fine slice, shaving or shard: Sliver

Leather with a glossy finish: Patent

Lifts up, makes higher: Raises

On Y&R; Dina’s up to no good companion: Graham

Sports, concert or conference locations: Venues

Tread softly because you tread on my __, W B Yeats: Dreams

Type of printer, not LaserJet: Inkjet

Puzzle 5 Answers

Composer of O Fortuna from the poem Carmina Burana: Carl orff

Decorated festively, anagram of listened: Tinseled

Flaming of meat for consumption: Grilling

In small stages: Bitbybit

Jubilee celebrated by Queen Elizabeth II in 2017: Sapphire

Ocean that the Orange River empties into: Atlantic

Place where tents can be pitched: Camp site

Record-breaking busy Tokyo transport hub: Shinjuku

Self-defense system developed by military forces: Krav maga

Self-defense system used by Israeli military: Krav maga

Spielberg adaptation of Morpurgo book: War horse

Swanlike, elegant: Graceful

Group 556

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bringing water to 100 degrees or more: Boiling

Dutch Caribbean isle famous for citrus liqueur: Curacao

Jails, institutions for convicted criminals: Prisons

Large goblet: Chalice

Lydia __ on Her Arms, painting by Mary Cassatt: Leaning

Making a fuss of a dog or cat: Petting

Olympic motto: Citius, Altius, __: Fortius

Out __; no available book copies: Of print

Palindrome meaning wildebeest poo: Gnu dung

Schedules, timetables: Agendas

Scrubbed; searched for something intensively: Scoured

Small air sacs in the lungs: Alveoli

__ Brand, from The Untouchables TV series: Neville

__ the Butcher, a patriarch of Happy Families: Mr bones

Puzzle 2 Answers

Appliances with slots for browning bread: Toasters

Australian city with an annual “Ekka” festival: Brisbane

Besides: Moreover

Completely retracted hammer of a firearm: Full cock

Having no worries or responsibilities: Carefree

Marriage to many spouses: Polygamy

Monochromatic heraldic representations’ technique: Hatching

Narrow-necked, double-handled wine jars: Amphorae

Other name for WWI, the __: Great war

Raw cabbage, onion and mayo: Coleslaw

Reflective markers for the edges of roadways: Cats eyes

Spend these in Thimphu or Phuentsholing: Ngultrum

Well-versed in moral philosophy: Ethicist

“You can’t see me” wrestler: John cena

Puzzle 3 Answers

Compounds with repeating molecules, such as nylon: Polymers

Da Vinci was court painter to this French king: Louis xii

Equestrian __ is the art form of the sport: Dressage

Honey is made in them: Beehives

Japan’s northernmost main island, home to Sapporo: Hokkaido

Middlings of durum wheat: Semolina

Nationality of retired singer Anne Murray: Canadian

People at a wake: Mourners

Star of Smokey and the Bandit: Burt __: Reynolds

Thumbing a ride: Hitching

To have set off on a boat: Embarked

Wealthy gentleman who adopted Oliver Twist: Brownlow

Word game with added cards in hand in each round: Quiddler

__ Zone, TV show about supernatural, paranormal: Twilight

Puzzle 4 Answers

Adoration: Praise

Beams of sunlight: Shafts

Dawn __, birdies who sing loudly at daybreak: Chorus

Dependent landowner in a feudal state: Vassal

Greek goddess of the moon; sister of Helios: Selene

He hears a Who: Horton

Injury to the skin that breaks blood vessels: Bruise

Lures, traps, distractions: Decoys

One of the Arizona National Parks: Petrified __: Forest

Saying: Age before __: Beauty

The R in SLR cameras: Reflex

Thick oil or fat: Grease

Puzzle 5 Answers

19thC Russia-Britain conflict in Afghanistan: Great game

A trifling amount, a tiny ale perhaps?: Small beer

Arsenal and Crystal Palace striker turned pundit: Ian wright

Creator of the character Tarzan: Edgar Rice __: Burroughs

Cuddly toy hit for Elvis in 1957: Teddy bear

Held in high esteem: Respected

Highways in Germany: Autobahns

Plug a business: Advertise

Star with five points used as an occult symbol: Pentagram

What a Western star might wear on his head: Cowboy hat

__ Ning, or Ning Cai, Singapore magician: Magic babe

Group 557

Puzzle 1 Answers

A first or early example that is used as a model: Prototype

Assassinated Archduke of Austria: Franz __: Ferdinand

Baseball’s first World Series winner: Boston __: Americans

Bubblingly enthusiastic: Ebullient

Chimney corner: Inglenook

Close-fitting hats with no peaks: Skullcaps

Divided __; being torn between two viewpoints: Loyalties

Divided into four equal parts: Quartered

French vegetable you eat all of: Mange tout

Less fortunate than: Unluckier

Noel Coward play about the Marryots: Cavalcade

One who finds it impossible to sleep at night: Insomniac

Painful feelings for Nazareth, Cher, Rod Stewart: Love hurts

Prussian Baltic province partially ceded to Poland: Pomerania

Searched for the philosopher’s stone: Alchemist

Shopping by post: Mail order

Sort of Arabian one-humped camel: Dromedary

The names of everyone invited to a party: Guest list

Weatherproofed, polished: Varnished

Puzzle 2 Answers

A purple gemstone: Amethyst

Author of books: Novelist

Belgian beer type made by monks: Trappist

Cinema __, Tornatore’s film about a projectionist: Paradiso

Don’t Go __ My Heart, by Elton John and Kiki Dee: Breaking

Gymnastic legend Nadia Comăneci’s nationality: Romanian

In a way that makes no noise: Silently

Occupation of TV character Alice Hyatt: Waitress

Removes, extracts, e.g. poison: Draws out

Signals, tip-offs: Warnings

Ventures around: Explores

Puzzle 3 Answers

Chinese “Great Leap Forward” leader: Mao __: Zedong

It names two states and a native American tribe: Dakota

Ludovico __, Milanese ruler, patron of da Vinci: Sforza

Mythological princess on euro notes since 2013: Europa

Sport where a player can score a natural hat trick: Hockey

Stuff thrown overboard that is washed ashore: Jetsam

Win back: Regain

Woolly sweater: Jumper

Written code or secret message: Cipher

Yellow pigment found in egg yolks: Lutein

__ bass, large cello-like instrument: Double

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aglianico grape, red still wine: Taurasi

Brand of tissues: Kleenex

James __; directed DiCaprio in Titanic in 1997: Cameron

Leaves a place with no occupant: Vacates

Mt. Rushmore Memorial initial sculptor: Gutzon __: Borglum

Munching: Chewing

Someone hunting or fishing illegally: Poacher

Sow seeds over a large area of land: Scatter

Tale-telling songs: Ballads

Tennis shots played before the bounce: Volleys

The Sorrows of Young __, novel by Goethe: Werther

The captain yells this as the ship is going down: Abandon

Treats a dead body with preservatives: Embalms

__ nook, small space in the home to peruse books: Reading

Puzzle 5 Answers

An Indian woman would stick a bindi here: Forehead

Brutish workers in Wells’s The Time Machine: Morlocks

Designed a new thing: Invented

Female ThunderCat with an orange leotard: Cheetara

Fit __; suited to a male monarch: For a king

Makes and sells glasses and lenses: Optician

Outdoor media company: Outfront

Percussionist setups: Drum kits

Process when pollen is transferred by animals: Zoophily

Some Indian women would place a bindi here: Forehead

The __ of riverbank reeds in the wind: Swishing

Tomato, mozzarella and onion pizza: Pugliese

Wait But Why writer-illustrator, procrastinator: Tim urban

Without any delay, straight away: Promptly

Group 558

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan’s nickname: “The ”: Express

Clusters of grapes: Bunches

Describes a topper or a stovepipe: High hat

Gets away from someone: Escapes

His long hair was his doom: Absalom

Mental disorder of two halves: Bipolar

Name given to a male whose identity is unknown: John doe

One who repairs shoes: Cobbler

Puts troop in place: Deploys

Sex __, 70s punk band of God Save the Queen: Pistols

Shortened: Cropped

Thank You for __, satirical lobbyist film: Smoking

Walter Scott’s returning hero from the Crusades: Ivanhoe

dog; hound that can smell drugs or explosives: Sniffer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Barters items: Trades

Lightly, briskly – like Jack over the candlestick: Nimbly

Location of Shanghai’s main international airport: Pudong

Olympic figure skating medalist: Ashley __: Wagner

Plays a brass military instrument: Bugles

Reduced the brightness: Dimmed

Six-letter word meaning to navigate an aircraft: Aviate

The “T” word in the medical abbreviation ENT: Throat

The __ Crack’d From Side to Side, by A. Christie: Mirror

Traditional Burns’ Night delicacy: Haggis

Yearly film festival in Southern France: Cannes

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Indestructible” insect pest: Cockroach

1, 3, 5, 7, 9 are examples of this: Odd number

Baggage that has not been collected: Unclaimed

Buzz __: Woody’s astronaut pal: Lightyear

Doubtful, not convinced of the facts: Skeptical

Hills made of grainy material found on beaches: Sand dunes

Japanese baseball stadium, The Big Egg: Tokyo dome

Sly cat owned by Filch in the Harry Potter stories: Mrs norris

Stewed meat dish finished off with cream: Fricassee

The epithet of King Richard I: Lionheart

Wagner opera concerns Elsa and her knightly spouse: Lohengrin

Puzzle 4 Answers

A keeper of antiquities in a museum or gallery: Curator

Allowing, permitting something to happen: Letting

Attach chains to someone: Shackle

Biel and Butler romcom: __ For Keeps (2012): Playing

Chemical element named for the city of Stockholm: Holmium

Committee that ruled Paris in 1792: Commune

Country whose second largest city is Antwerp: Belgium

Eggy pastry tarts, can be suffixed by Lorraine: Quiches

Furrowed the brow: Frowned

Hassled, badgered: Hounded

Hoop for holding door openers: Key ring

Sea creature of eight arms: Octopus

Shape that denotes most risky ski slopes: Diamond

Significantly: Majorly

Small rucksack only to be used in waking hours?: Daypack

Sondheim musical about reminiscing old hoofers: Follies

Stitching over a gap in cloth: Darning

Tourists’ write-ups of hotels and resorts: Reviews

__ Wagner played bionic woman Jaime Sommers: Lindsay

__ dealer, shrewd person in business: Wheeler

Puzzle 5 Answers

Area that runs around a swimming bath: Poolside

Don __, opera by Mozart about libertine Don Juan: Giovanni

Fade away, stop speaking: Trail off

Food or other provisions, pronounced “vittles”: Victuals

Freshwater minnow with fusiform body: Lake chub

Grids of numbers: Matrices

Hobart’s devilish island: Tasmania

Humbleness, modesty: Humility

It shows the level of oil: Dipstick

Kim __, actress in 9½ Weeks and L.A. Confidential: Basinger

Kind, tactful: Gracious

Liquid sprayed on an image or photo to protect it: Fixative

Muslims who fought against the Christian Crusaders: Saracens

Sale of shares or other assets: Disposal

The national epic poem of Finland: Kalevala

They flare when someone is angry: Nostrils

__ for Destruction by Guns N’ Roses: Appetite

Group 559

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Don’t swap __ in midstream”: Lincoln slogan: Horses

Angus __, British theatrical portrait photographer: Mcbean

Country where the city of Grenoble is located: France

Film, Chaplin’s Tramp takes care of Jackie Coogan: The kid

Lofts; rooms at the top of houses: Attics

Safety who won the Super Bowl XLVII with Ravens: Ed reed

Small purple plum made into jam: Damson

Tree __, forestry worker: Feller

Triumphal arch near London’s Hyde Park: Marble

Walk This Way hip-hop group: Run dmc

What a cat does to gain attention; tapping you: Pawing

__ Gandhi; Delhi’s international airport: Indira

Puzzle 2 Answers

Adult: Grownup

Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and __: Miranda

Comfortable or medical inserts for shoes: Insoles

Country where F1 driver Gerhard Berger was born: Austria

Distinct and separate part, a division: Section

Giant papier-mâché heads directed by strings/poles: Puppets

Give a heads-up to: Prewarn

Glorious victory: Triumph

Grasshopper, aka bush cricket, heard at night: Katydid

Heavy tool used to pry or lever something open: Crowbar

L. Johnson’s legislative initiative, The Great __: Society

Large garden vegetables that can be stuffed: Marrows

Saving; being frugal: Sparing

Setting or situation, especially in literature: Context

Shelf support, fixed to a wall: Bracket

Waiting areas for airport passengers; departure __: Lounges

__ and weaving, moving the head side to side: Bobbing

__ swing, modern swing genre with live DJ: Electro

Puzzle 3 Answers

Black and tan French herding dog breed: Beauceron

Captain William Kidd’s ship: __ Galley: Adventure

Deficiency; failure to attain a goal: Shortfall

Hot __, sweet cocoa drink: Chocolate

Italian manufacturer of luxury sports vehicles: Alfa romeo

Mark Antony’s lover, Egyptian beauty: Cleopatra

Medical expert in joints and muscles: Osteopath

Needing, requesting: Requiring

Played Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210: Luke perry

Regimental male with bearskin provides protection: Guardsman

Sports equipment to throw small missiles at: Dartboard

Tube used to swallow food: Esophagus

Tudor king, father to Mary, Elizabeth and Edward: Henry viii

Underwater breathing apparatus created by da Vinci: Scuba suit

Puzzle 4 Answers

A dais and also a shoe to make one look taller: Platform

A horse between 12 and 24 months of age: Yearling

Arrival of peoples in large numbers: Influxes

Away from a designated ski run: Off piste

City site of Sikh Golden Temple in Punjab, India: Amritsar

Color associated with seagoing military: Navy blue

French-speaking region of southern Belgium: Wallonia

Pulitzer Prize winning poet __ Moore: Marianne

Root used in Asian cooking, aka Thai ginger: Galangal

The __ Gnome, musical oddity from David Bowie: Laughing

Type of reports companies release quarterly: Earnings

Young female who works in a department store: Shopgirl

Puzzle 5 Answers

A person handling payments in a store: Cashier

Added small twigs to start a fire: Kindled

Army __, together with National Guard, backup: Reserve

Disney’s Rapunzel cartoon: Tangled

Golf swing that fails to contact with the ball: Air shot

Italian city famous for a ragù sauce: Bologna

Kit Harington’s character in Game of Thrones: Jon snow

Males given formal citizenship of a town: Freemen

Mineral created from volcanic rock: Perlite

Myths, traditional stories: Legends

Not disposing of something; repurposing: Reusing

The Asahi __, Japan’s leading newspaper: Shimbun

Timepieces worn on wrists: Watches

__ Carrington, original surrealist painter: Leonora

Group 560

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person who bets: Gambler

Academic intellectual: Scholar

Bateaux __; tourist cruisers on the River Seine: Mouches

Deli __, serving salver for meats and cheeses: Platter

Describes a sport that takes place on water: Aquatic

Epidemic also known as “Black Death”: __ Plague: Bubonic

Island country Ian Fleming had a home in: Jamaica

Leif __, first European to reach North America: Erikson

Pressing clothes to remove creases: Ironing

Seismic shakes: Tremors

Set a good example for others to follow: Inspire

Sunshade umbrella: Parasol

The Two Noble __, lesser-known Shakespeare play: Kinsmen

Timon’s species that stand on two legs: Meerkat

US building style 1780-1830, a neoclassical style: Federal

Where items go up for bid: Auction

__ Patch Kids, dolls most popular in 1980’s: Cabbage

Puzzle 2 Answers

Akashi-__ Bridge; long Japanese suspension bridge: Kaikyo

First Miss America, Margaret __: Gorman

Hypnotic stupor: Trance

Never odd __ (a palindrome): Or even

Obedient dogsbody or servant: Lackey

Organ where humans develop: Uterus

Place of repose for King Arthur: Avalon

Someone’s property, estate and worldly goods: Assets

Top level internet domain suffix: Dot com

Tots up, calculates: Counts

Trip to see animals up close in native environment: Safari

Very tiny stream: Rillet

With cloves and cinnamon, for example: Spiced

Woman of easy virtue as drawn by William Hogarth: Harlot

__ Munich; successful German football side: Bayern

__ crab, crustacean that squats in others’ shells: Hermit

Puzzle 3 Answers

Chinese cookery ingredient also called tofu: Bean curd

Frequently filmed Ancient Romans classic: Quo vadis

It takes __ to make a world; everyone’s different: All sorts

Items that hang from necklaces: Pendants

Le __, French hotel brand, now part of Marriott: Meridien

Major instrument of band leader Glenn Miller: Trombone

Meticulous, thorough: Rigorous

Name of two successive popes of the 20th century: John paul

Papers that legally allow searches of property: Warrants

Post for hanging up a trilby or fedora for example: Hat stand

Strongly scented pot plant aka pelargonium: Geranium

Ted __, The Thumper played 19 seasons in Boston: Williams

Tennis racquet __, mends broken kit with catgut: Stringer

The Dark Tower in Tolkien’s writings: Barad dur

Twelve o’clock: Midnight

Victorious emperor in the Battle of Austerlitz: Napoleon

Walking __; signature song from The Snowman: In the air

Puzzle 4 Answers

As mad as a __, a Lewis Carroll description: March hare

Bringing cheese to temperature for fermentation: Culturing

Carried by spectators: Crowdsurf

Cunard vessel sunk by a German submarine in 1915: Lusitania

First amputee to climb Mt. Everest: Tom __: Whittaker

He-Man’s feline companion: Battle cat

Holy bovine: Sacred cow

James __, the deep voice of Darth Vader: Earl jones

Large-eyed nocturnal primate with venomous bite: Slow loris

Name of the horses on a carousel or merry-go-round: Gallopers

Nordic raw salmon cured with dill, sugar etc.: Gravadlax

Normalcy: Usualness

Place where rockets take off: Launch pad

Raining lightly: Drizzling

She certainly should check her unpleasant talk!: Loudmouth

Spring __, angsty teen rock musical: Awakening

There and back within 24 hours on a train: Day return

Puzzle 5 Answers

Absolved of a crime: Pardoned

Allen __; Beat Generation poet: Ginsberg

Country where head of state is a president: Republic

Emptied luggage: Unpacked

Exit hatch in the floor: Trapdoor

Huge embraces as if by ursines: Bearhugs

Internet __, Microsoft web browser: Explorer

Joan __, 30s-40s actress known as Mommie Dearest: Crawford

Method used by some cobras to project venom: Spitting

Mnemophobia is the fear of __ from your past: Memories

Opposite of a strength; flaw or failing: Weakness

Powerful religious quality: Numinous

R&B and Soul musician, known for I Try: Macygray

Super Bowl trophy is named after Vince __: Lombardi

Tight shorts from the 70s: Hot pants

Title often taken by Roman emperors: Augustus

Unhappy, low, sad, disappointed: Dejected

__ goose, party game where you run around a circle: Duck duck

__ wax, glossiness from a Brazilian palm: Carnauba

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