CodyCross Popcorn Time Answers

Popcorn Time Answers

Group 381

Puzzle 1 Answers

Eased someone’s distress.: Comforted

Biblical sea monster and 1989, 2012, and 2014 film.: Leviathan

Refined mineral, at hand during meals.: Table salt

There is no spoon says a bald boy in this movie.: The matrix

Infamous, well-known for something negative.: Notorious

Singer whose first single was “Ghost”: Ella __.: Henderson

Got better after a malady.: Recovered

Scheming slyly.: Conniving

Nautical vessel that delivers gravies or custards.: Sauceboat

Wimbledon Ladies Singles prize, Venus __ dish.: Rosewater

Holiday when William the Conqueror became king.: Christmas

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fleecy, like a sheep’s coat.: Woolly

Transfer data from a computer to a server.: Upload

Tequila is a city in this country.: Mexico

Every year.: Annual

Tore; shredded.: Ripped

Cuisine associated with a chicken dish called murgh.: Indian

If you had the same opinion as someone, you __.: Agreed

Worker who scrapes patterns into hard materials.: Etcher

Opening of the stomach, where the esophagus ends.: Cardia

Blood group system first observed in monkeys.: Rhesus

A financial plan for a certain period of time.: Budget

Character from The Arabian Nights: Sinbad the __.: Sailor

Metal cylinders used by relay runners.: Batons

Hit song from the Animals: “House of the __ Sun”.: Rising

Puzzle 3 Answers

Competitions to find the best.: Contests

Orange flower said to reduce black-eye bruising.: Marigold

Any animal existing in nature, a beast.: Creature

The opposite of takeoffs.: Landings

Yielded, admitted defeat.: Conceded

Showed sporting footage for a second time.: Replayed

Hamlet’s mother.: Gertrude

A non-alcoholic imitation of a drink.: Mocktail

Town of Mary and Joseph.: Nazareth

Tears on __; from the Grease soundtrack.: My pillow

Hemisphere with the Tropic of Capricorn.: Southern

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rules regarding clothing, in the workplace.: Dress code

A __ Mind starring Russell Crowe.: Beautiful

Rich French sauce of eggs, herbs, butter, vinegar.: Bearnaise

Withdraw, disengage.: Extricate

Blush usually enhances this portion of the face.: Cheekbone

Designer Stella’s famous musician father, Paul __.: Mccartney

Selling large quantities of goods at lower prices.: Wholesale

Expired, beaten by the clock.: Out of time

People who make headgear.: Milliners

Preside over a sporting event or wedding.: Officiate

Gladiator-slave, led an uprising against the Romans.: Spartacus

Land, as delineated by a government or state.: Territory

Steel __, women bond at a beauty shop.: Magnolias

Large South American country, known for the tango.: Argentina

Puzzle 5 Answers

Like a muffin, but with icing.: Cupcake

Day __ by the Beatles.: Tripper

Bike rider.: Cyclist

Fortress on high ground above a town.: Citadel

Displaying in abundance.: Exuding

Chemical element whose atomic number is 100.: Fermium

Particular group or class of animals or plants.: Species

To reference another username in a tweet.: Mention

He played Mr Orange in Reservoir Dogs.: Tim roth

Canada’s largest territory.: Nunavut

Amusing, funny.: Comical

Scapegoat, dupe.: Fall guy

Art that contains movement or depends on motion.: Kinetic

Palace central gallery, Versailles Hall of __.: Mirrors

Group 382

Puzzle 1 Answers

Was adequate, enough.: Sufficed

American machine gun; English poet.: Browning

John T. __, condensed soup creator, Campbell’s CEO.: Dorrance

Rectangular pad fitted in the bottom of a cot.: Mattress

Thomas __; inventor of practical steam engine.: Newcomen

A __ figure is close but maybe not precise.: Ballpark

Capital of Jamaica.: Kingston

And Then There __, Agatha Christie novel.: Were none

The lightest element in periodic table, symbol H.: Hydrogen

British monarch when Disraeli was Prime Minister.: Victoria

Music played by a suitor.: Serenade

Takes advance action to prevent something.: Preempts

Traditional angelic beings.: Seraphim

NS describes this type of calendar dating.: New style

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ocean sodium said to boost immune system.: Sea salt

Lack of enthusiasm or interest.: Boredom

Throws rubbish carelessly.: Litters

Electromagnetic field discoverer: Michael __.: Faraday

Spicy, seasoned.: Peppery

Ironed, made flat.: Pressed

1985 Bond film A View __.: To a kill

Father and son Flemish painters called Pieter.: Bruegel

The Eve of __, John Keats poem of 1820.: St agnes

Approaches someone aggressively.: Accosts

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arachnid with a stinging tail.: Scorpion

Tagliatelle al __, meaning with tomato.: Pomodoro

A game of cat __; constant pursuit and escape.: And mouse

Length or extent of time.: Duration

Became smaller in number, dropped off in number.: Dwindled

Rome’s enemy in the Punic Wars.: Carthage

Makes less polluted.: Purifies

Comfortable sitting furniture for one.: Armchair

Delivers a religious address, orates.: Preaches

Ian __, creator of Olivia the pig.: Falconer

Salad ingredient, often used in facials.: Cucumber

Don Vito and Michael __ of The Godfather.: Corleone

A painted cloth hung across the rear of the stage.: Backdrop

The 365 days just gone.: Last year

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pots for cooking liquid foodstuffs.: Saucepans

Social network used as a catalogue of ideas.: Pinterest

Won Best Actress Oscars for Klute and Coming Home.: Jane fonda

__ express, fruit-named Hawaiian weather phenomenon.: Pineapple

A celeb widely regarded to be very attractive.: Sex symbol

Cobbler, producer and mender of footwear.: Shoemaker

Type of pastry for making pain au chocolat.: Croissant

Deserted place with no remaining residents.: Ghost town

Covered from elements; protected.: Sheltered

Reverse one’s opinion, retrace one’s steps.: Backtrack

Puzzle 5 Answers

Fabric or yarn derived from Angora goats.: Mohair

Amount of freedom to move or act that is available.: Leeway

Mexican dish of steamed dough in a corn husk.: Tamale

Charlie Brown’s crush is the Little Red-__ Girl.: Haired

Wax around a wick for burning.: Candle

Least old.: Newest

Ngorongoro __; Tanzania Big Five safari hotspot.: Crater

Retired tennis player Steffi Graf’s nationality.: German

Shiny, used to describe well-conditioned hair.: Glossy

Creature from the Black __, 1954 horror film.: Lagoon

Waterway separating Alaska and Russia: __ Strait.: Bering

Group 383

Puzzle 1 Answers

Chemical used to brighten whites in the laundry.: Bleach

Unexpectedly, suddenly surrounded by many people.: Mobbed

Busy, participating, engaged physically.: Active

Star of And God Created Woman, Brigitte __.: Bardot

Events with thunder and lightning.: Storms

__ Tailor Soldier Spy.: Tinker

Someone who doesn’t turn up as planned.: No show

To formally accuse of a crime.: Indict

Spanish word for Easter.: Pascua

Litke Deep, deepest point in the __ Ocean.: Arctic

Slang word for a cheap cigar.: Stogie

Late morning meal usually eaten on weekends.: Brunch

A feline’s favorite herb, said to aid relaxation.: Catnip

Puzzle 2 Answers

Thin aluminium sheet for kitchen use.: Tin foil

He writes the songs that make the whole world sing.: Manilow

Country of King Leopold II.: Belgium

Tire wrecker, pavement flaw.: Pothole

Appropriate, suitable.: Fitting

Undeveloped film damaged by light has been.: Exposed

Juliette __, French lead in The English Patient.: Binoche

Energy source including fission/fusion processes.: Nuclear

City where the Air Canada Centre is located.: Toronto

Fold-away comfort feature between car seats.: Arm rest

Meat from a deer.: Venison

Puzzle 3 Answers

Also called ascorbic acid, found in citrus fruits.: Vitamin c

Second largest island in the Mediterranean.: Sardinia

Italian white bread, often used for sandwiches.: Ciabatta

Crime of deliberately killing a king.: Regicide

Tools used to cut hair or hedges.: Clippers

Celtic god of good fortune, with large hammer.: Sucellus

Collected and filed documents for future use.: Archived

Thought about to an unhealthy extent.: Obsessed

__ Bosses, 2011 dark comedy about abusive bosses.: Horrible

Whole kit and __, something in its entirety.: Caboodle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rise and fall irregularly, as in a market.: Fluctuate

Normandy landing site of the Canadians in 1944.: Juno beach

A current of moving wind; American travel trailer.: Airstream

Unfriendliness or anger, often leading to conflict.: Hostility

Biblical city of Jesus’ last supper.: Jerusalem

__ Chest, take a card and roll again in Monopoly.: Community

Person hired to look after a building or a person.: Caretaker

Gradually harmful, sinister, cunning.: Insidious

1959 Disney film about a boy and a stray dog.: Old yeller

US inventor of the modern sewing machine.: Elias howe

Africa’s last monarchies: Morocco, Lesotho, and __.: Swaziland

Henry the __, Portugal’s Age of Discovery patron.: Navigator

__ of health; no medical issues.: Clean bill

River barrier named after 31st US president.: Hoover dam

Head __; cushioned protection against whiplash.: Restraint

Puzzle 5 Answers

The boundary tennis players serve behind.: Baseline

__ toast, always falls spread side down.: Buttered

Synthetic materials made from polymers.: Plastics

Funfair, circus; annual festival.: Carnival

Aligned braids that sit close to the head.: Cornrows

Mixing with a spoon.: Stirring

Eddie __; guitarist who provided solo on Beat It.: Van halen

In astrology, feminine signs are __, not positive.: Negative

How the French say 40.: Quarante

Rich French pastry and name of a French emperor.: Napoleon

__ savings time, adjustment of clocks in spring.: Daylight

A __ to Arms, Hemingway on the WWI Italian Front.: Farewell

Group 384

Puzzle 1 Answers

A spontaneous, fanciful behavior or mood.: Whimsy

Informal, everyday style.: Casual

Dian __, American mountain gorilla researcher.: Fossey

Toasted Italian sandwich served in coffee shops.: Panini

Internal Chinese flowing martial art.: Taichi

Think of something in a specific way.: Regard

City that’s home to the Neues Muesuem.: Berlin

The least narrow.: Widest

First name of Mick Jagger’s first wife.: Bianca

Timothy __, who twice played James Bond.: Dalton

Bring me my arrows of __, Jerusalem by Blake.: Desire

Joined together metal parts using heat.: Welded

Puzzle 2 Answers

Rapper, 2 Fast 2 Furious star.: Ludacris

Brief, short-lived.: Fleeting

Skilled, gifted.: Talented

Alternative name for stuffing.: Dressing

Thiamin and Riboflavin are in this class.: Vitamin b

The Adventure of the __ Band, by Sherlock Holmes.: Speckled

Frogs in larval stage.: Tadpoles

Longest or shortest day of the year.: Solstice

Between E. Europe, W. Asia, borders Caucasus.: Black sea

Truthfully.: Honestly

__ Surprise, Madonna film, not well received.: Shanghai

Record-breaking Bambino of MLB.: Babe ruth

Wavy lock of hair stuck onto the face.: Kiss curl

Puzzle 3 Answers

South Atlantic island; Georgetown is its capital.: Ascension

Rhyming words meaning tiny or little bit.: Itty bitty

Felt or believed that someone was guilty.: Suspected

Former name of the chemical element roentgenium.: Unununium

The plot of a book or a film.: Storyline

Comfortable footwear with a maritime look.: Deck shoes

Requesting one’s hand in marriage.: Proposing

Detest, loathe.: Abominate

Ancient writing surface made of animal skin.: Parchment

Frances __, Oscar-winner for Fargo.: Mcdormand

Peak TV viewing time.: Primetime

Smaller, tart relative of an orange.: Tangerine

Pulsation of the large, vital circulatory muscle.: Heartbeat

Thumb a ride from a stranger.: Hitchhike

Infallible, fail-safe, guaranteed.: Foolproof

Rhizome starch, used as a flour or sauce thickener.: Arrowroot

Puzzle 4 Answers

Mad Max: __, Tom Hardy movie.: Fury road

World’s largest current land-dwelling animal.: Elephant

The whole of.: Entirety

__ probe, NASA craft with a mission to map Venus.: Magellan

Body __, Queen song; non-verbal signs.: Language

Italian dishes made by cooking grains with stock.: Risottos

Discussing via an exchange of opinions and ideas.: Debating

Residence made from fallen trees.: Log cabin

Synonym of buy.: Purchase

Follow too closely when driving.: Tailgate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Call into question the integrity of a practice.: Impeach

Jason __, 49th/50th Supporting Actor Oscar winner.: Robards

Hand held tool for food preparation.: Utensil

Shine On You Crazy __, by Pink Floyd.: Diamond

Having or showing unfriendly, aggressive feelings.: Hostile

Audible sign of possible sleep apnea.: Snoring

Highest mountain on Italian island Elba.: Capanne

__ Pursuit, factual questions board game.: Trivial

__ roll, a pilot’s celebratory maneuver.: Victory

Unwanted attention, such as a wolf-whistle.: Catcall

No __ For Old Men, movie based on McCarthy book.: Country

Tennis players Hingis or Navratilova?.: Martina

Became inflated, expanded.: Swelled

Group 385

Puzzle 1 Answers

Subscriber identity module in a phone (in short).: Sim card

1997 remake of The Absent Minded Professor.: Flubber

Made unclean.: Dirtied

Said to a horse to make it gallop.: Giddyup

Chops in two parts with butcher’s blade.: Cleaves

Rock band known for Cherry Pie.: Warrant

__ Freud, first name of the psychoanalyst.: Sigmund

Those born in the country of Nairobi city are.: Kenyans

Taking care of, tending to.: Nursing

How the British call the wooden home for birds.: Nest box

Emma __, actress of Scream Queens.: Roberts

Furiously; extremely crossly.: Angrily

Egyptian writing surface made from plants.: Papyrus

Puzzle 2 Answers

Molly Ringwald’s character in Sixteen Candles.: Samantha

Often, regular.: Frequent

A cattle ranch in a Latin American country.: Estancia

Amsterdam’s international airport.: Schiphol

Having a chip on your __, easily provoked.: Shoulder

Too young to legally engage in an activity.: Underage

Astrology sign across Feb/Mar; water carrier.: Aquarius

__ Twenty, Yourself or Someone Like You band.: Matchbox

When visibility is severely reduced by snow.: Whiteout

Clear one’s mind for relaxation.: Meditate

Internet sensation of lying horizontally.: Planking

Expelling air from lungs; please cover the mouth.: Coughing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Without receiving a fee or salary.: Unpaid

Public safety notices sent out with urgency.: Alerts

__ bread, sliced baguette, pungent clove topping.: Garlic

Rewards, competition awards.: Prizes

Notes played together harmoniously.: Chords

Essential organ or type of bean.: Kidney

Sing for your __ or you won’t eat.: Supper

More pious than another.: Holier

Request a formal change to an official decision.: Appeal

Barriers between gardens or homes; white picket.: Fences

Rely, need help from.: Depend

Puzzle 4 Answers

Influenced by, altered by.: Affected

Wooden shed for daytrippers at the seaside.: Beach hut

Fred Flintstone’s pet sabre-toothed tiger.: Baby puss

Clarice __ faced her adversary Hannibal Lecter.: Starling

One-piece garment originally for parachuters.: Jumpsuit

Official diplomatic procedure or system of rules.: Protocol

Known as the first citizen of Athens.: Pericles

Doctor __, Lewis as goofy medical practitioner.: Dolittle

Eye of __; 1982 hit for Survivor.: The tiger

Another name for table tennis.: Pingpong

Living thing such as a plant, virus or bacterium.: Organism

Weight __, company that helps with weight loss.: Watchers

Reddish-brown, dark hardwood used for furniture.: Mahogany

Puzzle 5 Answers

Comically exaggerated imitation; risque show.: Burlesque

Linked together, attached.: Connected

Practices for a play, show, or performance.: Rehearses

Muscular actor in xXx and Chronicles of Riddick.: Vin diesel

Abridged, made less long.: Shortened

Dangerous sliding of snow in the mountains.: Avalanche

The inner workings of a timepiece.: Clockwork

Floor-length spring/summer garment.: Maxi dress

Blissfully unaware, clueless.: Oblivious

1969 festival, held on a Catskills farm.: Woodstock

Expert estimate of the value of something.: Appraisal

“A stitch in time __”.: Saves nine

City of northern Colombia, a World Heritage Site.: Cartagena

Group 386

Puzzle 1 Answers

Second largest country in the UK.: Scotland

Gold-and-white horse color.: Palomino

Identifying moniker for logging in.: Username

__ from; originating from or caused by.: Stemming

Layered, coffee-flavored Italian dessert.: Tiramisu

Nestling hugs, cozy caresses.: Snuggles

Singing father and son, Julio and Enrique ___.: Iglesias

Menacing, terrifying, invoking fright.: Fearsome

Portable fire makers.: Lighters

Driving excessively fast.: Speeding

Dita __, modern-day burlesque artist.: Von teese

Cosmetic surgery to remove wrinkles.: Facelift

Four-year period between international Games.: Olympiad

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nearer, less far.: Closer

Acid created in muscles during strenuous exercise.: Lactic

Shallow area of sea water separated by sand dunes.: Lagoon

Could be red, bell or chilli.: Pepper

Google __; web browser with four-colour logo.: Chrome

Ho Chi Minh City’s former name.: Saigon

Doesn’t play by the rules.: Cheats

The blank area on all sides of a page.: Margin

Forgive or absolve someone a misdeed.: Pardon

Swearing, solemnly promising.: Vowing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ophthalmologists call it asthenopia.: Eyestrain

Second floor outdoor extensions on a house.: Balconies

__ Avenue, NY site of Ms Monroe’s dress updraught.: Lexington

Not the glass of an optimist.: Half empty

Checking, making sure something is legitimate.: Verifying

Unfeeling, showing no pity or soul.: Heartless

Pronged farming tool in American Gothic painting.: Pitchfork

Divide and allocate.: Apportion

Made louder.: Amplified

Name by which Mars is known.: Red planet

Writers of fiction books.: Novelists

Studious researchers.: Academics

Edible item marketed as being wonderful for health.: Superfood

Puzzle 4 Answers

Band that sang the line “Money can’t buy me love”.: Beatles

Liquorice-flavoured plant used in herbal teas.: Aniseed

__ House, Isle of Wight home of Queen Victoria.: Osborne

Jason __, England international rugby union player.: Leonard

Pieces of jewelry for warding off evil.: Amulets

To watch something closely.: Observe

Even darker than the darkest color.: Blacker

Ron Perlman’s character in film of the same name.: Hellboy

__ horse, indoor steed for children.: Rocking

__ Street; leading shopping area of Dublin.: Grafton

A whodunit or detective novel.: Mystery

A heavy cannabis consumer.: Pothead

Puzzle 5 Answers

Gave a sermon or proselytized, often in church.: Preached

Posh frock for formal dancing occasions.: Ball gown

Tribunal proceedings rendered invalid.: Mistrial

Country of birth.: Homeland

Persuasion through force or threats.: Coercion

__ press; major invention for publishing industry.: Printing

Brought up a difficult subject for discussion.: Broached

The length of space between two places.: Distance

__ Girl, Madonna song.: Material

__ Last Summer, Tennessee Williams’ play.: Suddenly

Tabletop game with rectangular tiles.: Dominoes

Passing through public streets, often with floats.: Parading

Fragrant blue, white, or pink bulbous flower.: Hyacinth

Removing impurities, e.g. from oil.: Refining

Story with a hidden meaning, often a moral.: Allegory

Group 387

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dribbles excess saliva like a bulldog.: Slobbers

Flat Italian bread made with olive oil.: Focaccia

The quick pulling of strings or feathers.: Plucking

An avalanche of sliding stones.: Rockfall

Fashion designer who said to conform is to give in.: Gaultier

Gathered list of signatures proposing changes.: Petition

__ in; initial installation of plumbing or wiring.: Roughing

Inadequate blood supply to an organ/body part.: Ischemia

__ South, novel by Mrs Gaskell about industry.: North and

Pole __, early arcade motor racing video game.: Position

Actress wife of Yves Montand: the late Simone __.: Signoret

Circus ball performers.: Jugglers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Day commemorates the signing of WW1 peace treaty.: Armistice

Pink, sticky, and sweet, for chewing.: Bubble gum

Drawn out, lengthy.: Prolonged

Wife of Ronald Reagan; 21st Academy Awards winner.: Jane wyman

Chicken and turkey, not lamb or beef.: White meat

Front chomper sticking out.: Bucktooth

Master gland of the endocrine system.: Pituitary

Their profession is researching plant life.: Botanists

Secret phrases for logging in.: Passwords

Informal term for Australia.: Down under

Puzzle 3 Answers

Severely critical review.: Scathing

Marine organisms eaten by whales.: Plankton

Texas nickname indicating stellar singularity.: Lone star

Medical term for a bone inflammation.: Osteitis

Structure with revolving sails for grinding grain.: Windmill

Cutting off, clipping.: Snipping

Christina __ knows what a girl wants.: Aguilera

Proclaims, states in a solemn manner.: Declares

French publisher of a gastronomic encyclopedia.: Larousse

Sneak peeks before the feature.: Previews

Captain America’s enemy, with scarlet cranium.: Red skull

__ Beach Memoirs, Neil Simon’s Depression-era play.: Brighton

Baseball players who stand on the mound.: Pitchers

The previous seven days.: Last week

Puzzle 4 Answers

Feeling of anxiety, discomfort, or discontent.: Unease

The dog star, the head of Canis Major.: Sirius

Ran after someone trying to catch them.: Chased

Raucous rocker of the 1960s, Janis __.: Joplin

Bed linens.: Sheets

Part of a meal, e.g. starter, main, or dessert.: Course

Beast of __, common poetic term for a pack animal.: Burden

Official language of Austria.: German

Base or slab on which a column stands.: Plinth

Husband or wife.: Spouse

Puzzle 5 Answers

Surname of Jaime, The Bionic Woman.: Sommers

Polo shirt brand with a crocodile motif.: Lacoste

Courage.: Bravery

Acoustic unit of sound measurement.: Decibel

Backs down, gives in, changes one’s mind.: Relents

Heavy ball-throwing athletics event.: Shot put

Lose consciousness, faint.: Pass out

Composer of the piano piece Clair de Lune.: Debussy

__ mark cream, for pregnant and new mothers.: Stretch

Cuisine associated with Hoisin sauce.: Chinese

Person guilty of a crime.: Culprit

Professionals who use keyboards to input data.: Typists

Group 388

Puzzle 1 Answers

Tooth caretaker professionals.: Dentists

Maintains water levels, causes to absorb water.: Hydrates

Marvellous, inspires delight.: Wondrous

Fa, a long, long __ (Do, Re, Mi).: Way to run

Job provider; the person/company one works for.: Employer

South American arabica coffee-producing nation.: Colombia

Salad fruits with plum and cherry varieties.: Tomatoes

Instant mood booster; breathe it in outdoors.: Fresh air

Recently; towards the end of a period.: Latterly

Play by Harold Pinter The __ Party.: Birthday

Puzzle 2 Answers

Scattering a liquid about haphazardly.: Splashing

Any specialized part of a cell.: Organelle

Not having any value, cheap, unusable.: Worthless

To be on your feet at a safe distance away.: Stand back

Haggled.: Bargained

Person who is obsessively self-centered.: Egomaniac

With an ugly, frightening appearance.: Monstrous

Political belief rejecting government/authority.: Anarchism

Monarch who first united Egypt ca. 3100 BC.: King menes

Spear-like green vegetable, sold in bundles.: Asparagus

A painting with inanimate subject matter.: Still life

Puzzle 3 Answers

Decision at the end of a trial.: Verdict

For wiping feet before entering a house.: Doormat

The least difficult.: Easiest

Camera cover piece, keeps safe from scratching.: Lens cap

Spice Girls debut hit single.: Wannabe

Cross the street illegally.: Jaywalk

Source of tofu.: Soybean

Injection to prevent future disease.: Vaccine

__ wheel, a regulating wheel such as in a watch.: Balance

The second M in MMA (the sport).: Martial

Puzzle 4 Answers

They protect your hearing organs from cold.: Earmuffs

Dedication, loyalty, possibly religious.: Devotion

Trapped at 90 degrees, without an escape route.: Cornered

Rude, insolent, lacking in manners.: Impolite

Types of dental restorations, sometimes gold.: Fillings

Philosophical principle of pleasure-seeking.: Hedonism

Frightening or spine-__.: Tingling

Spanish word for lunch.: Almuerzo

Venice’s opera house, meaning “the phoenix”.: La fenice

German troops in British service in the 1770s.: Hessians

Puzzle 5 Answers

Upturnings of the lips when happy.: Smiles

Lamp-dwelling magical figures.: Genies

Its capital is Charlottetown: Prince __ Island.: Edward

Hamper, impede.: Hinder

Song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf.: Hungry

Electronic messages.: Emails

Creator of Mickey Mouse.: Disney

Present a TV show with another.: Cohost

To hunch or sit in a lazy way.: Slouch

Bread and __, classic yellow spread.: Butter

Group 389

Puzzle 1 Answers

Taking for granted, assuming.: Presuming

Celebrants, people who are gladdened.: Rejoicers

__ Day, film where Phil wakes to “I Got You Babe”.: Groundhog

Padded snow footwear, popular in the 80s.: Moonboots

Adjoining.: Bordering

Not restricted, infinite.: Unlimited

Espresso with added hot water.: Americano

Drugs used to reduce tension.: Relaxants

Becoming less intense, e.g. pain.: Subsiding

Confusing and difficult problem.: Conundrum

The Glass __, Tennessee Williams’ family drama.: Menagerie

Puzzle 2 Answers

Administrative subdivision of Switzerland.: Canton

Restart a computer.: Reboot

Building occupied by religous men e.g. Franciscans.: Friary

Creatures that use two legs to move.: Bipeds

City that is home to the Royal Castle of Poland.: Warsaw

The fourth state of matter.: Plasma

Played music in the street for money.: Busked

Maintain, sustain, keep.: Uphold

Anxiety disorder caused by a fear of something.: Phobia

Choose not to participate.: Opt out

Puzzle 3 Answers

Short supply, shortage, rareness.: Scarcity

Retrograde revolution applied to tennis balls.: Backspin

Texas town, Spanish for yellow.: Amarillo

The state of being in good health, not being ill.: Wellness

Vineyard method where buds are attached to roots.: Grafting

Petroleum-derived liquid used as fuel.: Gasoline

Sensitive keyboard surface, controls pointer.: Trackpad

Relating to an end-of-life ceremony.: Funerary

Avian term for a person who stays up late.: Night owl

Abusing, coercing, aggressively dominating others.: Bullying

At any time.: Whenever

Puzzle 4 Answers

Austin Powers: The Spy Who __ Me.: Shagged

Visual symbol of cosmos in Hinduism and Buddhism.: Mandala

Made a hole with a tool.: Drilled

Moved clumsily.: Fumbled

Teachers and trainers, often of athletes.: Coaches

A quick escape or change of scenery.: Getaway

“I shot the __” said both Clapton and Marley.: Sheriff

The usual hour someone goes to sleep.: Bedtime

Chewy, inedible parts of meat.: Gristle

Claims a crime has been committed.: Alleges

Hotel greeters and holders.: Doormen

Largest South American landlocked country by area.: Bolivia

Cardboard receptacle for footwear.: Shoebox

Chased or followed.: Pursued

Puzzle 5 Answers

El __; historical residence of the King of Spain.: Escorial

Extremely large mythological female.: Giantess

Sowing seeds.: Planting

Stored thoughts and feelings from the past.: Memories

Counter selling quick, inexpensive food.: Snack bar

Surface to cook on.: Stove top

Historically artistic side of the river in Paris.: Left bank

Pot for cowboys’ tobacco saliva.: Spittoon

Young female tennis match assistant.: Ballgirl

Synonym for drunk, hit like a nail.: Hammered

Group 390

Puzzle 1 Answers

Long hair on top, shaved sides.: Undercut

Martial arts film star, father of Brandon.: Bruce lee

Branch of biology concerned with the study of fungi.: Mycology

Big top entertainments.: Circuses

Person responsible for a flock.: Shepherd

Bang for __, good value for money.: Your buck

Shirley Temple’s On the Good Ship __.: Lollipop

Wickedness, dirtiness.: Foulness

Fermented tea with purported health benefits.: Kombucha

Entrance at the rear of a building.: Back door

Bloodsucking encephalitis-carrying insect.: Mosquito

Puzzle 2 Answers

Stewed meat and vegetables and its cooking pot.: Casserole

Italian merchant depicted in the Van Eyck portrait.: Arnolfini

Dignified politician, respected for his integrity.: Statesman

Coin-shaped pendant on a necklace.: Medallion

Written tasks or reminders to be ticked off.: Checklist

Unbiased, not taking sides.: Impartial

Spiced tea and milk drink originally made in India.: Chai latte

Having a large influence on a person’s development.: Formative

Unwillingness to speak about thoughts or feelings.: Reticence

Compressed as a result of physical pressure.: Compacted

Special features or services offered at a resort.: Amenities

Often luxurious top-floor apartment.: Penthouse

This vegetable’s heart is a delicacy.: Artichoke

Puzzle 3 Answers

Person who sells and/or prepares cuts of meat.: Butcher

Area or structure where automobiles are cleaned.: Car wash

Facilitated, empowered, made possible.: Enabled

Ancient city on the site of modern-day Mosul.: Nineveh

Metal with greatest resistance to magnetism.: Bismuth

__ soup helps fight colds.: Chicken

The __ Eight, Tarantino’s dabble into westerns.: Hateful

Jules Verne’s world traveler character: __ Fogg.: Phileas

Green fruit with round pit and leathery shell.: Avocado

Combat sport featured in all modern Olympic Games.: Fencing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sports footwear with attached blade.: Ice skate

Cessation of trading for businesses.: Closures

Esoteric discipline followed by Madonna.: Kabbalah

Fictional Marvel country, home of Silver Sable.: Symkaria

Parasol, sunshade.: Umbrella

Violet-blue flower with creeping ground-level stems.: Harebell

Typically sweet layered pastries.: Strudels

Ability to read and write.: Literacy

__ Luke; 1967 prison film starring Paul Newman.: Cool hand

Requesting someone’s attendance at a party.: Inviting

Puzzle 5 Answers

Winter is __.: Coming

Country whose capital city is Bandar Seri Begawan.: Brunei

Mulling over.: Musing

Justly chargeable or responsible of wrongdoing.: Guilty

Lionel __; co-wrote We Are the World with MJ.: Richie

Bell-bottom style jeans.: Flared

__ Skelter.: Helter

The lingo for someone’s username URL on Twitter.: Handle

Sea mammal with ivory tusks.: Walrus

Look after, run a business.: Manage

Hopeless, depressing, gloomy.: Dismal

Search widely for food or provisions.: Forage

Group 391

Puzzle 1 Answers

1960 horror movie with famous shower scene.: Psycho

To calm or tranquilize, maybe with medication.: Sedate

Award given by the Recording Academy.: Grammy

A climb.: Ascent

Medieval weapons with long metal blades.: Swords

Bright, long-tailed parrots.: Macaws

One who sells.: Vendor

Two flexor muscles, the more famous in upper arms.: Biceps

Protects from sunlight.: Shades

Small room or space for food storage.: Pantry

Eastern European area states, incl. Kosovo, Serbia.: Balkan

Characteristics or features used to identify.: Traits

Vehicles traveling together, often for protection.: Convoy

Musical ensembles of singers.: Choirs

Puzzle 2 Answers

Person who publicly supports a particular cause.: Advocate

Produced in a residence, not a shop or factory.: Homemade

Basic task that a computer or website can perform.: Function

Naturally occurring volcanic glass.: Obsidian

Heavy snowstorm with strong winds.: Blizzard

Month containing Aquarius and Pisces.: February

Dead, no signs of breathing, unresponsive.: Lifeless

Father of __; 1991 film starring Steve Martin.: The bride

Treatment for kidney failure patients.: Dialysis

Pulled out of a competition.: Withdrew

Creates and posts videos to a popular sharing site.: Youtuber

Going around something; marking with a round shape.: Circling

Chaos __; treasure sought by Sonic the Hedgehog.: Emeralds

Puzzle 3 Answers

Making a journey by flight.: Air travel

Lunar eclipse with reddish tinge.: Blood moon

Raised position to alleviate swollen extremities.: Elevation

A shout or yell during combat.: Battle cry

Having no strength or influence.: Powerless

An animal that consumes mainly flesh.: Carnivore

Herbal drink leftovers used to predict.: Tea leaves

Country which has the highest waterfall.: Venezuela

Dried plant material used as home fragrance.: Potpourri

Two vertical bars often connected by a crossbar.: Goalposts

Puzzle 4 Answers

Carmen __, iconic actress with a headful of fruit.: Miranda

Rocket __; Guardians of the Galaxy marksman.: Raccoon

A person serving a prison sentence.: Convict

Raised from the dead by Jesus in the New Testament.: Lazarus

Desert in Chile known for salt and lithium mines.: Atacama

A __ sweep removes soot from flues.: Chimney

Moving ahead while followed by others.: Leading

To verbally tell a story or give commentary.: Narrate

Prince __ became Duke of Cambridge upon marriage.: William

Beliefs/customs of a particular group of people.: Culture

Embarassment or annoyance at having failed.: Chagrin

__ dress, attire worn by some women in the 1920s.: Flapper

Another name for Hansen’s disease.: Leprosy

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ pig, small porcine turned on a spit.: Suckling

Body frame.: Skeleton

Bark spice with anti-inflammatory properties.: Cinnamon

Confirm the authenticity of something.: Validate

Spanish lace scarf worn over head and shoulders.: Mantilla

Sentimental singing or serenading.: Crooning

Supply a crop with water.: Irrigate

Rare metal used for capacitors, named after Greek.: Tantalum

Disadvantage, negative aspect, downside.: Drawback

Hollow tube in which a piston moves.: Cylinder

A belt used to move items in a factory.: Conveyor

Group 392

Puzzle 1 Answers

Good looking person, usually masculine.: Handsome

Sucking blood, literally.: Leeching

French for 14, as in Le __ Juillet.: Quatorze

Not stated, uttered, although thought.: Unspoken

Mouth makeup.: Lipstick

“It’s close to __”, opening lyrics of Thriller.: Midnight

Herb that also goes by the name coriander.: Cilantro

2017 Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Kazuo __.: Ishiguro

Inherited lung disease abbreviated CF: cystic __.: Fibrosis

Articles manufactured or refined for sale.: Products

Supersonic jet that was retired in 2003.: Concorde

Making a nuisance of oneself online.: Trolling

Having or involving several elements.: Multiple

Occurs earlier than.: Predates

Puzzle 2 Answers

Quickly skimming through or copying a document.: Scanning

Marlene __, German-born actress of Der Blaue Engel.: Dietrich

Battle, fight.: Struggle

Winged animals get clean here.: Birdbath

Belarusian tennis Grand Slam winner, Victoria __.: Azarenka

A drink.: Beverage

Removed goods from a container, vehicle, etc..: Unloaded

__ earth metal family, group 2 of periodic table.: Alkaline

Breaks glass violently.: Shatters

When a storm moves from over sea to terra firma.: Landfall

Muscular, attractive man – not edible.: Beefcake

Puzzle 3 Answers

Away from the correct path.: Astray

Roman name for the modern city of Leeds.: Leodis

This fish swims upriver to spawn.: Salmon

Acute __ media; middle ear inflammation.: Otitis

__ Jean King, won 12 Singles Grand Slam titles.: Billie

To an unwarranted degree.: Unduly

Yellow, creamy Christmas drink.: Eggnog

Machu __, citadel in Peru.: Picchu

Representations of external form.: Images

Tight-__; good at keeping secrets.: Lipped

Social __, when high society and debutantes mingle.: Season

Song by the Beatles: “__ to Ride”.: Ticket

Private evening party or gathering (French).: Soiree

Perseus’s battle, Clash of the __.: Titans

__ shame, a tearful state of affairs.: Crying

Puzzle 4 Answers

Nuclear __; energy discovered by Otto Hahn.: Fission

Changes genetically over successive generations.: Evolves

Paul __, French painter, moved to Tahiti.: Gauguin

Minor who left their guardian without permission.: Runaway

Interferes, pokes one’s nose in.: Meddles

Detect, recognize something.: Discern

Pet rabbits live in these.: Hutches

Broadcast frequency used by a TV station.: Channel

Trotting or running at a slow pace.: Jogging

__ of Louvain; second wife of King Henry I.: Adeliza

Puzzle 5 Answers

Scotland’s most heavily populated city.: Glasgow

AKA Ricky Lamar Hawk.: Silento

Keeps you from slipping when leaving the shower.: Bathmat

Chewy toy for babies, to help soothe dental pain.: Teether

Part of the internet requiring special software.: Dark web

Buildings for storing aircraft.: Hangars

Feeling queasy on a boat.: Seasick

Feline name for a onesie.: Cat suit

Magical equine.: Unicorn

Painted Mona Lisa and her elusive smile.: Da vinci

Honeycombs are made of this natural moisturizer.: Beeswax

Create these doorways in time and space.: Portals

Shackled.: Chained

Chemical name for sugar in milk.: Lactose

Ryan __, star of La La Land.: Gosling

The Towering __, 70s movie with Newman and McQueen.: Inferno

Group 393

Puzzle 1 Answers

Disagreeing with, going against.: Opposing

Athletes who jump over obstacles while racing.: Hurdlers

Nintendo game for a daily mental workout.: Brain age

A very hot liquid that can burn.: Scalding

Canine that herds ovines.: Sheepdog

Verdi opera about Shakespeare’s fat knight.: Falstaff

Muscle contraction either concentric or eccentric.: Isotonic

Fidgeting, moving from side-to-side.: Wiggling

Extract of herbs or tea leaves soaked in liquid.: Infusion

Great public shame, disgrace, or embarrassment.: Ignominy

Give someone incentive to act in a certain way.: Motivate

Epidermal procedure checking for allergies.: Skin test

The Great __, film where Chaplin satirizes Hitler.: Dictator

Was president of the US in 1900.: Mckinley

Use this to figuratively kill two birds.: One stone

Usually symbolized with a gear; preferences.: Settings

Video recording devices mounted behind windshields.: Dash cams

Puzzle 2 Answers

Action of leaving.: Departure

European capital the Dambovita river runs through.: Bucharest

Starchier banana look-alikes, not eaten raw.: Plantains

Hastily, in a speedy manner.: Hurriedly

Helping another to remember, jogging their memory.: Reminding

Initials sewn onto clothing.: Monograms

With a hard outer coating, maybe of diamonds.: Encrusted

Letting something harden naturally, like clay.: Air drying

Stalk that links the spinal column to grey matter.: Brainstem

A detailed list of all items in stock.: Inventory

Conclusion reached based on evidence and reasoning.: Inference

Twitter feature for browsing after dark.: Night mode

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rung at the front of a house to gain attention.: Doorbells

__ Blue, come blow on your horn.: Little boy

Table-based arcade game with paddles and a puck.: Air hockey

Looking for something, perhaps on Google.: Searching

Seth Rogen and Kathryn Heigl with unexpected child.: Knocked up

Reduced to the basic, essential elements or facts.: Bare bones

Adjective describing male-associated attributes.: Masculine

Large or small component of the digestive system.: Intestine

Central part of a country, place of significance.: Heartland

Tempestuous, with a fiery temper.: Hot headed

Country most associated with black swans.: Australia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Small sovereign principality in Pyrenees region.: Andorra

A wind __ generates electricity, invented in 1887.: Turbine

The original creator of a company or organization.: Founder

Batman’s nemesis Dr. Edward Nygma.: Riddler

Hero in Greek mythology that killed the Minotaur.: Theseus

Irritated, provoked.: Annoyed

A repeated passage in music.: Reprise

King, queen, or butterfly.: Monarch

An underground prison, especially in a castle.: Dungeon

Said to have been discovered by Newton.: Gravity

An object or arrangement resembling a rose.: Rosette

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Great __, film with McQueen as the Cooler King.: Escape

Often diamond or sapphire, it reads a record.: Stylus

Petite, delicately small and pretty.: Dainty

Larry __; 2011 romantic comedy with Tom Hanks.: Crowne

Cayenne __; hot spice that helps flu sufferers.: Pepper

Hit where a batter reaches second base in baseball.: Double

Cross of two plants/animals of different species.: Hybrid

Parchment made from animal skins.: Vellum

Referring to a woman in the context of her wedding.: Bridal

What Lucy Locket lost according to the rhyme.: Pocket

Beau, potential love interest.: Suitor

Used to drip liquid onto roasting meat.: Baster

Where rainwater is channelled.: Gutter

Group 394

Puzzle 1 Answers

Detecting the scent of something with the nose.: Smelling

Term for polytheism first used by early Christians.: Paganism

Black carbon & ash residue, helps remove toxins.: Charcoal

Whipping on a pirate ship.: Flogging

Go over, prepare for a performance.: Rehearse

It holds a ship’s compass.: Binnacle

Drastic times call for drastic __.: Measures

Action of manipulating uncooked dough.: Kneading

The most fortunate.: Luckiest

Birds that are sleeping or resting are.: Roosting

Robots with a human appearance.: Androids

Early 70s music genre with glitter and make-up.: Glam rock

In a believable, convincing way; believably.: Credibly

Former spelling of Indian city Kolkata.: Calcutta

Stamp of authenticity for gold and silver.: Hallmark

Puzzle 2 Answers

Astray, not following the planned route.: Off course

Barricades for keeping hackers out of networks.: Firewalls

In an unlawful way.: Illegally

Largest Dutch city, but not seat of government.: Amsterdam

Thriller master of Psycho fame; Alfred __.: Hitchcock

Long overcoat with a removable cape.: Inverness

Self-absorbed, conceited.: Egotistic

Extremely tasty.: Delicious

An issue that’s irrelevant, not worth discussing.: Moot point

Retrograde planets appear to move not forwards but.: Backwards

Making a roof out of straw.: Thatching

Woman credited with sewing the first US flag.: Betsy ross

Commentary of an off-screen narrator.: Voiceover

Collage of inspirational bits and pieces.: Mood board

“God Rest Ye Merry __”.: Gentlemen

Puzzle 3 Answers

Point of connection for closing electric circuits.: Terminal

Funeral speeches.: Eulogies

Was important or significant.: Mattered

Buddhism, Islam, or Christianity for example.: Religion

Selecting.: Choosing

Method to decide which team kicks off in football.: Coin toss

Honeycomb cells are in this shape.: Hexagons

A type of verse; also a county and city in Ireland.: Limerick

Wrapped a wound.: Bandaged

Silver metal named after continent, atomic no. 63.: Europium

Formal gathering for mid-day meal.: Luncheon

Survived longer than somebody else.: Outlived

Just a spoon full of sugar helps this go down.: Medicine

One who estimates values, often for insurance.: Assessor

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tolkien’s Halflings.: Hobbits

Stretching your neck to see something.: Craning

Masculine sanctuary, e.g. a shed or garage.: Man cave

Second wife of John Lennon.: Yoko ono

Small onion.: Shallot

Official ban on trade with a particular country.: Embargo

Italian filmmaker who directed “8 1/2”: Federico __.: Fellini

Ralph __, who played Voldemort.: Fiennes

This empire annexed Crimea in 1783.: Russian

Used to soak up wet ink, protect writing surfaces.: Blotter

Remarkable, worthy of attention.: Notable

A specialist in the care of horses’ hooves.: Farrier

Puzzle 5 Answers

Wall plaster, generally rough and not smooth.: Stucco

Fixed, repaired; whether home or heart.: Mended

Person or animal lacking pigmentation.: Albino

Related to teeth.: Dental

Furthest point of orbit; climax or culmination.: Apogee

Dough used to make baklava.: Phyllo

A URL includes the protocol, the path, and this.: Domain

Bends down low.: Stoops

A __ dinner, where dress and decorum are observed.: Formal

Oscar Wilde play about a Biblical temptress.: Salome

Michael Jackson played the scarecrow in 1978 film.: The wiz

Boats you can paddle while sitting or kneeling.: Canoes

Near perfect eyesight, 20/20 __.: Vision

Group 395

Puzzle 1 Answers

Flat agriculture surfaces cut into slopes.: Terraces

Most populous city in New Zealand.: Auckland

Someone who travels without a destination.: Wanderer

The P in PALs, warning about explicit lyrics.: Parental

This keyboard key saves you time scrolling lower.: Page down

Best place to rest for a migraine sufferer.: Dark room

The mood created by a room’s decor.: Ambiance

Low support for legs when sitting in an armchair.: Footrest

Cold Andalusian soup of bread, tomatoes & veggies.: Gazpacho

Professional who takes expert measurement of land.: Surveyor

Close __, being uncomfortably close to someone.: Quarters

Razor blade company founded by King Camp __.: Gillette

Most cruel, most severe.: Harshest

Puzzle 2 Answers

Captivating, hypnotic, pulls you in.: Magnetic

Used for ocular relief, they remove redness.: Eye drops

Those with exceptional intelligence or creativity.: Geniuses

Computer programs that cost users nothing.: Freeware

Walking in step like a soldier.: Marching

E.g. a half, fifth, third, tenth.: Fraction

__ the Wind; song from Disney’s Pocahontas.: Colors of

Royal wedding transport for Windsor procession.: Carriage

Someone who contributes money expecting a return.: Investor

S Australia’s capital named after a British queen.: Adelaide

A huge or monstrous creature.: Behemoth

Person who preserves human remains.: Embalmer

Shakespearean character originally called Oldcastle.: Falstaff

Woven thick textile fabric with pictures, designs.: Tapestry

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fatal.: Deadly

A fixed, regular payment to an employee.: Salary

Force exerted by a machine.: Effort

__ Bueller’s Day Off.: Ferris

Fortified wine from Spain.: Sherry

The plant __; it grew new protuberances.: Budded

Chaos, extreme disorder.: Mayhem

Small and dainty.: Petite

Pursued and killed an animal.: Hunted

Waltzes, tangos, etc..: Dances

Dry up and shrink.: Wither

Porcelain drinking vessel that sits on a saucer.: Tea cup

Pulsates steadily and regularly.: Throbs

Locations.: Places

Necklace worn tightly around the neck.: Choker

Puzzle 4 Answers

Relocated to live in a different country.: Emigrated

Communications and promotions professional.: Publicist

Question-answer search engine with butler.: Ask jeeves

Seat with a tray used by babies when eating.: High chair

Tussle, struggle; an informal game in sport.: Scrimmage

To fire a weapon.: Discharge

Formed a duo with Art Garfunkel.: Paul simon

McDonalds combo for kids that includes a toy.: Happy meal

Guilty __; passions people are embarrassed about.: Pleasures

Someone attending shindigs, blasts, celebrations.: Partygoer

Separating from a path and taking a new direction.: Diverging

Last name of smooth-talking Friends character Joey.: Tribbiani

Divination using tea leaves.: Tassology

Excessively, to a great degree.: Profusely

Arty ancient Italians from modern-day Tuscany.: Etruscans

Puzzle 5 Answers

Examining, quizzing.: Testing

To show, display.: Exhibit

A house plagued by ghosts.: Haunted

Bright yellow-coloured gemstone.: Citrine

Snipping, chopping.: Cutting

Victor __ won an Oscar for Gone With the Wind.: Fleming

Country that gave the world Boris Becker.: Germany

Compactness, solidity.: Density

Radio broadcasting time devoted to specific music.: Airplay

Mouse noises.: Squeaks

An unpleasant immune reaction e.g. hayfever.: Allergy

Essential building site headwear.: Hard hat

Group 396

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ snacks, treat loved by cartoon detective dog.: Scooby

Information printed at the bottom of each page.: Footer

Not outside of the house.: Indoor

Large bodies of water, e.g. Atlantic and Pacific.: Oceans

Citrus fruits said to help reduce acne.: Lemons

Protection granted by a nation to a refugee.: Asylum

A particular feature, facet, or characteristic.: Aspect

Straightforward.: Direct

__ Globe, Marilyn Monroe won for Some Like it Hot.: Golden

Search __; tool for finding information online.: Engine

Outer covering of a piece of ammunition.: Casing

It heats the water for a cup of tea.: Kettle

Coast near Naples atop limestone cliffs.: Amalfi

Device for channeling liquids into a small opening.: Funnel

Abduct someone.: Kidnap

Puzzle 2 Answers

Small groups of words, sayings.: Phrases

Say very quietly.: Whisper

The abbreviation DM on Facebook: Direct __.: Message

Cassava root starch used to make a milky pudding.: Tapioca

Composer who wrote the “William Tell Overture”.: Rossini

Raiders of the __, Indiana Jones film.: Lost ark

Six-sided shape.: Hexagon

Personal view; people often polled for.: Opinion

Material often used to make belts and shoes.: Leather

Capital and largest city in Iraq.: Baghdad

Not eating/drinking for a set period of time.: Fasting

The witch from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.: Sycorax

Smooth to the touch, like a common soft fabric.: Velvety

Shows, represents.: Depicts

National flower of Scotland.: Thistle

MMA Submission, when an opponent __.: Taps out

Chameleons and geckos are these.: Lizards

Puzzle 3 Answers

Country with Bratislava as its capital.: Slovakia

__ can; garden container for giving plants a drink.: Watering

Someone who carves or etches a design.: Engraver

The __ Dead, 60s US band headed by Jerry Garcia.: Grateful

Ruthless, cruel, with no compassion.: Pitiless

Style, sophistication and good taste.: Elegance

A foreigner legally expelled from a country was.: Deported

Sandra ___, author of The House on Mango Street.: Cisneros

Computer doc without images or special formatting.: Text file

Advised, informed in an official manner.: Notified

Creative designs crafted on top of a cup of coffee.: Latte art

Squeezes muscles together.: Clenches

__ & Evelyn, body care products retailer.: Crabtree

Puzzle 4 Answers

Had a light sleep such as enjoyed by a feline.: Catnapped

A boat with two hulls.: Catamaran

It takes rainwater from the roof to the ground.: Drainpipe

Southern highest point in Zodiac at birth, MC.: Midheaven

Bring something under control, dominate.: Subjugate

Device for showing a film on a screen.: Projector

How quickly the breeze is blowing.: Wind speed

The meaning of MX in BMX.: Motocross

Branch of linguistics dealing with meaning.: Semantics

French word for the ninth month of the year.: Septembre

Jodie __, she plays the first female Doctor Who.: Whittaker

Made someone feel isolated or estranged.: Alienated

Heavy emotional or mental burden; grinding.: Millstone

Italian chicory/endive with red leaves.: Radicchio

Compound released by cells due to allergies.: Histamine

Set of seven works.: Heptalogy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Triumphed over adversity.: Overcame

Colonists’ slogan: “No __ without representation”.: Taxation

Explosive devices with pins.: Grenades

Conflicting, argumentative; that causes a split.: Factious

Detecting the texture of something with fingers.: Touching

Metalloid, symbol Sb, alloyed with lead/tin.: Antimony

Luxury food made from duck or goose liver.: Foie gras

Fiercely, aggressively, wildly.: Savagely

Reactions given to an online post or a product.: Feedback

Putting hands together to make appreciative sound.: Clapping

Reserves or hires a vehicle for a special purpose.: Charters

Legal officials who examine the dead.: Coroners

Angry outbursts over driving incidents.: Road rage

Native of Lima, Arequipa, Trujillo etc..: Peruvian

Dress code for formal functions, requires a tuxedo.: Black tie

Fragrant herbal sprig said to aid memory.: Rosemary

Brand of permanent colored markers.: Sharpies

Group 397

Puzzle 1 Answers

A half-year term in a school or university.: Semester

Tripped – over words or feet.: Stumbled

Unexpected drop in winter temperatures.: Cold snap

Chemical sphere to protect clothing from insects.: Mothball

Codename of Windows XP operating system.: Whistler

Play by George Bernard Shaw: Man and __.: Superman

Desert in Southern Africa.: Kalahari

__ in disguise, means a bad thing turns out good.: Blessing

The science of creating cocktails.: Mixology

Happy, in a good mood.: Cheerful

Wrongdoings, illegal acts.: Misdeeds

Puzzle 2 Answers

Often served with tomato sauce and meatballs.: Spaghetti

Loves and values a person or possession.: Cherishes

Reduced to fertiliser.: Composted

Process for stiffening fabrics.: Starching

Someone or something with no chance of success.: Lost cause

State of anxiety, nervous excitement.: Agitation

It can be constructive at times.: Criticism

Canines on guard.: Watchdogs

Anatomical term for the outer layer of skin.: Epidermis

Group 16 of the periodic table, __ family e.g. O.: Chalcogen

Puzzles, bewilders.: Mystifies

Removing, subtracting; often with taxes.: Deducting

Leader of a tribe or clan.: Chieftain

Passing cotton through the eye of a needle.: Threading

Band with which Sting rose to fame.: The police

Originally tried to convert metal into gold.: Alchemist

When a father is killed by his child.: Patricide

Personal description and history in online profile.: Biography

A large room or residence hall for students.: Dormitory

Puzzle 3 Answers

Pacific Rim __, sequel to the 2013 original.: Uprising

__ rugs, patterned floor coverings from the East.: Oriental

Former colonial ruler of Sao Tome & Principe.: Portugal

Pilot leaving a jet in an emergency.: Ejecting

False teeth.: Dentures

Chemical process of determining authenticity.: Acid test

They are enrolled in an educational institution.: Students

__ identity; wrong person.: Mistaken

Small shop specialized in fashionable items.: Boutique

Complete from beginning to end, totality.: Entirety

Flamboyant US pianist, first name Wladziu.: Liberace

Having more prickles or barbs.: Thornier

Advertisers pay for __ media to show in timelines.: Promoted

One who designs and fits corrective lenses.: Optician

Made a meal warm again.: Reheated

Puzzle 4 Answers

Short vinyl record.: Single

Branched horn on the head of a deer.: Antler

People who manage online groups.: Admins

Richard Branson’s Caribbean island.: Necker

To raise or elevate, especially in mood.: Uplift

Sheriff’s assistant.: Deputy

State of bliss in Hindu philosophy.: Ananda

Floating at sea unanchored.: Adrift

To determine an outcome, choose one thing.: Decide

Part of the foot between the ball and the heel.: Instep

Skylight-covered central space.: Atrium

Java, joe.: Coffee

The Good Witch of the South from The Wizard of Oz.: Glinda

__ Emperor; legendary Chinese sovereign.: Yellow

His hair was his strength.: Samson

Puzzle 5 Answers

You’ll get relief from this Dr. Hoffmann invention.: Aspirin

Another word for a person’s last name.: Surname

Goes against someone’s viewpoint.: Opposes

Dog, could be Cocker or Springer.: Spaniel

High-dressmaking in French.: Couture

Beer factory.: Brewery

Become less flexible, make more rigid.: Stiffen

Little assistants, yellow with dungarees.: Minions

School __, required dress code.: Uniform

When a ship hits the bottom or shore it runs __.: Aground

__ Peninsula is the largest in the world.: Arabian

Sudden involuntary diaphragm contractions.: Hiccups

Resolves a dispute.: Settles

Sixth actor cast as James Bond in films: Pierce __.: Brosnan

Glazed sugar long thin buns from Valencia.: Fartons

Group 398

Puzzle 1 Answers

Strip of shiny material for tying bows.: Ribbon

__ Crue, US rockers with drummer Tommy Lee.: Motley

Buddhist tower many storeys high.: Pagoda

The Two Gentlemen of __, by Shakespeare.: Verona

Very poor person, as opposed to a prince.: Pauper

A cure or treatment.: Remedy

Anagram of briefs.: Fibres

The capital of Tasmania.: Hobart

Drinks company, owner of Baileys and Guinness.: Diageo

Tremble from the cold.: Shiver

Having or showing a mild, tender temperament.: Gentle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Material used to make a cast for broken bones.: Plaster

Guilt or regret for a past mistake.: Remorse

Type of machine that sells small items like snacks.: Vending

Spanish word for “heart”.: Corazon

A mountain or hill that might erupt.: Volcano

Alternative name for Vitamin A1.: Retinol

Major taxonomic group, between domain and phylum.: Kingdom

Sea nymph who imprisoned Odysseus.: Calypso

Not strict, more merciful than expected.: Lenient

Tom Jones hit about an unfaithful woman.: Delilah

__ lenses, vision correctors on the eyeballs.: Contact

Short tube for launching rockets.: Bazooka

Traveller on holiday.: Tourist

Puzzle 3 Answers

This feline is said to bring bad luck.: Black cat

Inconsiderate, without concern for consequences.: Mindless

Lacking knowledge.: Ignorant

Bird poem by Edgar Allan Poe.: The raven

Stop developing; become inactive.: Stagnate

Got rid of, threw away.: Disposed

Backs up, supports; promotes a specific product.: Endorses

Electrical system, sparks fuel to start the engine.: Ignition

Element with atomic no. 89, discovered by Giesel.: Actinium

Topics or stories becoming popular on social media.: Trending

Padded seat that leans back and elevates feet.: Recliner

Non-believers.: Atheists

Chile’s capital city.: Santiago

Plant-based liquid fat used for cooking and salads.: Olive oil

Brush hair in reverse to achieve volume.: Backcomb

Shaped or carved with a knife.: Whittled

Makes a noise like a fire.: Crackles

Melanie Griffith’s ex: Zorro portrayer Antonio __.: Banderas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Worries, tensions, strains.: Stresses

External window coverings that open and close.: Shutters

Trader, retailer.: Merchant

To put at risk.: Endanger

Betrayers, especially to their country.: Traitors

In poor conditions, ignored, abandoned.: Derelict

Place to secure your cycle.: Bike rack

Serbian top tennis player, Novak __.: Djokovic

South Africa tourist attraction: Table __.: Mountain

To pause or delay action temporarily.: Hesitate

Blatant, obvious, unabashed.: Flagrant

Arthur __, the husband of Charlotte Bronte.: Nicholls

Unfortunate, morose, evoking sympathy.: Wretched

Puzzle 5 Answers

MS operating system launched in 2001.: Windows xp

A Murder is __, detective fiction from 1950.: Announced

Second most populated city in Australia.: Melbourne

Preparedness, willingness.: Readiness

Piece of a whole.: Component

Utter sounds or words; enunciate correctly.: Pronounce

Small, dark skin blemish that appears with age.: Liver spot

Mounds of earth pushed up by underground mammals.: Molehills

Charades is an example of one of these.: Party game

Your Body is a Wonderland artist.: John mayer

Group 399

Puzzle 1 Answers

Venezuela’s capital and largest city.: Caracas

Pioneer of radio transmission: Guglielmo __.: Marconi

TV’s __ Island, where wishes and desires came true.: Fantasy

Enthusiastic and eager.: Excited

Bank __, where you store and withdraw money.: Account

A disease or period of sickness.: Illness

Communications of an intent to inflict harm.: Threats

Style of comedy with a comic and live audience.: Stand up

The opposite of departure.: Arrival

The process or period of gathering crops.: Harvest

Artist Mrs. Knowles-Carter.: Beyonce

Another term for a masochist: “__ for punishment”.: Glutton

Hair’s tactile appearance; e.g. uneven, choppy.: Texture

Act of spending money extravagantly.: Splurge

Texts at the page top, separate from the body.: Headers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ceramic material often used to make teacups.: Porcelain

Hormone supplement used to help induce sleep.: Melatonin

Science that most incorporates the Periodic Table.: Chemistry

To be easy to understand, have a clear meaning.: Make sense

Self-evident; undisputed.: Axiomatic

Red wine grape also called Primitivo.: Zinfandel

To score a run in baseball you must step on this.: Home plate

Thought transference.: Telepathy

Used to hold computer cords together and organize.: Cable ties

Adaptable, useful, flexible.: Versatile

State of legally belonging to you.: Ownership

Baggage that has not been collected.: Unclaimed

Designed for efficiency and comfort when working.: Ergonomic

Clinging or adhering closely, persistent.: Tenacious

Wife that Henry VIII had the longest: __ of Aragon.: Catherine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Made less tight.: Loosened

Provided goods or services to another party.: Supplied

Moving downwards; reducing in amount or value.: Lowering

Observing, looking at over a period of time.: Watching

Restoring back to life or consciousness.: Reviving

Palace in Granada, Spain.: Alhambra

Moved troops into position for action.: Deployed

A long, thin loaf of French bread.: Baguette

Mixes cards.: Shuffles

List of updates shown on one’s Facebook home page.: News feed

__ and torn; in a poor state.: Tattered

Cooling water Egyptian goddess, daughter of Anubis.: Kebechet

National Lampoon’s __; film series with road trips.: Vacation

Organism that lives off its host.: Parasite

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ colour, used for emphasis in a room’s scheme.: Accent

Sport played with a stick and a puck.: Hockey

Where one thing hits another, point of ___.: Impact

Wear this to brace and support an injured wrist.: Splint

__ bath, a foamy way to relax.: Bubble

A foul smell, stink.: Stench

Add a location to an online message, e.g. a Tweet.: Geotag

Bold and shameless.: Brazen

Shoulder __, flat bones also called scapulae.: Blades

Lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern.: Random

__ Jones, producer on MJ’s Off the Wall album.: Quincy

Modest, without an excess of pride.: Humble

Desired, e.g. a specific food.: Craved

A smooth liquid preparation applied onto the skin.: Lotion

French __, South American country, capital Cayenne.: Guiana

Tiny pieces of underwear, or flip-flops.: Thongs

Send away forever.: Banish

Puzzle 5 Answers

Officially accepted, allowed, or agreed to.: Approved

Chocolate squares of cakey gooeyness.: Brownies

__ awkward; uncomfortable around others.: Socially

People with great regard for someone, maybe secret.: Admirers

In large quantity, very many.: Numerous

__ earth, tactic of leaving nothing for the enemy.: Scorched

Africa’s leading coffee-producing country.: Ethiopia

Animals, birds, and insects in nature.: Wildlife

Place where boats are repaired.: Dockyard

Across the __, Beatles song transmitted into space.: Universe

Carved with spooky faces at Halloween.: Pumpkins

Margaret __, the Iron Lady.: Thatcher

Athletic event with a sand pit.: Long jump

Elegant and poised, like a ballet dancer.: Graceful

Cowboy movie starring Grace Kelly, Gary Cooper.: High noon

__ reaction: a bodily reflex without thought.: Knee jerk

Computer equipment, not programs.: Hardware

Group 400

Puzzle 1 Answers

Olympic commentator Mark Foster’s sport.: Swimming

Enclosures where horses can exercise.: Paddocks

Male __ products include aftershave, razors etc..: Grooming

A person who provides instruction, teaches.: Educator

Cartoonist Matt __; creator of The Simpsons.: Groening

Large rocks, as seen in Bedrock city.: Boulders

Soaked up a liquid.: Absorbed

Wine process achieved by swirling it in a glass.: Aerating

Animated film about an infant businessman: The __.: Boss baby

Extroverted, gregarious, convivial.: Outgoing

Type of controller used in helicopter simulation.: Joystick

Cavity from which a hair grows.: Follicle

Bermuda __. don’t go too near said Barry Manilow.: Triangle

To make secret or new information known.: Disclose

Spoke quietly and incoherently.: Muttered

Puzzle 2 Answers

Mr. __ & Sherman is a 2014 DreamWorks film.: Peabody

English translation of “leche de coco”: __ milk.: Coconut

Halloween month.: October

To preserve a corpse as was popular in Egypt.: Mummify

Stephen King’s pen name.: Bachman

Pleading, incessantly asking for something.: Begging

What a barber might give you.: Haircut

__ spikes, long hair stuck out proud with gel.: Liberty

Explode inwards.: Implode

Less expensive, less pricey.: Cheaper

Guy __, Snatch director, Madonna’s ex-husband.: Ritchie

Atlanta NFL team.: Falcons

Clearly set out; explained.: Defined

Underwater missile.: Torpedo

Puzzle 3 Answers

Turning down, denying.: Refusing

Barring someone from interaction on social media.: Blocking

The __ of the Moon; 1973 Pink Floyd album.: Dark side

Emotional states, sentiments.: Feelings

Makes faster, speeds up.: Quickens

Entering into combat with an enemy.: Engaging

To introduce changes in the way something is done.: Innovate

Relating to the smallest unit of an organism.: Cellular

Person or business that sells goods.: Retailer

Shaft of light from Earth’s satellite.: Moonbeam

Hair spirals a.k.a. corkscrew curls.: Ringlets

Priscilla’s surname before she married Elvis.: Beaulieu

Witch who wiggled her nose on Bewitched.: Samantha

Sarah __; commoner who married Prince Andrew.: Ferguson

Trans-__ Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok.: Siberian

Paul __, Trump campaign manager.: Manafort

Gatherings for sampling wine, etc..: Tastings

Fulfills legal requirements or standards.: Complies

What the C in Washington, D. C. stands for.: Columbia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Linguistics is the study of __.: Languages

__ penguins, birds appearing to be wearing helmets.: Chinstrap

__ Park, Jane Austen’s Fanny Price novel.: Mansfield

Dress with no visible means of support.: Strapless

An infection that inflames the lungs.: Pneumonia

Rhyming phrase meaning ‘very simple’.: Easy peasy

The grate or hearth at the base of a chimney.: Fireplace

Uptown Funk and 24K Magic singer.: Bruno mars

A difficult challenge (maybe vertically so).: Tall order

Six, e.g. a box of eggs.: Half dozen

Making you lose confidence, worrying.: Unnerving

Puzzle 5 Answers

Red/orange metal shined up and used for pans.: Copper

Rigor __, stiffness that follows death.: Mortis

Mass departure.: Exodus

City through which the Manzanares River passes.: Madrid

To blur or smear ink by rubbing.: Smudge

Used to moor a ship to the sea bottom.: Anchor

Making quiet or hiding people from an online feed.: Muting

Grim __, personification of death with a scythe.: Reaper

Best of both __.: Worlds

Café __; French way of serving coffee – with milk.: Au lait

Monetary sums expected exchanged in a purchase.: Prices

Calm, peaceful.: Serene

River that runs through London.: Thames

Chong’s comedic partner.: Cheech

Keyboard instruments.: Pianos

Famous Five author Enid __.: Blyton

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