CodyCross Planet Earth Answers

Planet Earth Answers

Group 1

Puzzle 1 Answers

One of the days of the week.: Thursday

Parts of a TV show.: Episodes

Computer network without cables.: Wireless

Ocular covering worn by a pirate.: Eyepatch

Bread-making shops.: Bakeries

Compelling attractiveness.: Charisma

A person who works full-time for a company.: Employee

To be agitated or exhausted, troubled.: Stressed

Leaves of coriander used as a garnish.: Cilantro

90s Spanish dance craze; biggest one-hit wonder.: Macarena

Characteristic of rapid spreading disease.: Epidemic

Puzzle 2 Answers

The combination of ideas to form a theory.: Synthesis

A sport played during the Olympic Games.: Badminton

Animals that eat both plants and other animals.: Omnivores

To reduce or relieve suffering.: Alleviate

Bewitched.: Enchanted

Instrument popular in jazz music.: Saxophone

Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage.: Paralysis

Fruit name which combines a tree and another fruit.: Pineapple

Picture-editing software program.: Photoshop

Sincere and emotional, from the cardiac organ.: Heartfelt

Sailboat with two hulls.: Catamaran

A person who designs buildings and houses.: Architect

Puzzle 3 Answers

Those who choose not to eat or use animal products.: Vegans

A famous comet was named after him.: Halley

A film about a historical person’s life.: Biopic

Largest city in the Republic of Ireland.: Dublin

Tan/light brown casual pants made of cotton.: Khakis

Currency note in the U.S..: Dollar

Response.: Answer

Long journey by sea.: Voyage

Annual.: Yearly

Anything relating to the skin.: Dermal

Part of the eye where images are created.: Retina

Defoliant used during Vietnam War: Agent __.: Orange

Vince __, actor who starred in Wedding Crashers.: Vaughn

Puzzle 4 Answers

Different pieces of cloth sewn together.: Patchwork

Plant with thistle-like flower, heart is cooked.: Artichoke

X-Men character famously played by Hugh Jackman.: Wolverine

Someone who is given an award or organ.: Recipient

Piece of art made of metal, stone, clay, etc.: Sculpture

Allocating a task or duty.: Assigning

Queen of England when Shakespeare was born: __ I.: Elizabeth

Paid to authors for sales of their work.: Royalties

Religion developed in Jamaica.: Rastafari

A pinch of this will make you fly like Tinker Bell.: Pixie dust

Greek who wrote the first history book.: Herodotus

Nine, eight, seven, six; the final ten seconds.: Countdown

Space where students are educated.: Classroom

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pleading for money.: Begging

A person who attends school or college.: Student

It is golden and appreciated in the cinema.: Silence

Creamy sauce served over fettucine.: Alfredo

Rabat is the capital of __.: Morocco

To enclose something within set boundaries.: Confine

Popular 90s video game, “Go” version was 2016 craze.: Pokemon

__ Fusion, Hydrogen turns into Helium in the Sun.: Nuclear

Calm, tranquil.: Relaxed

Medical condition of people over ideal weight.: Obesity

Person with a rank of authority in the military.: Officer

Opening her box can unleash evils on the world.: Pandora

Group 2

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Crusoe, legendary shipwrecked character by Defoe.: Robinson

Next in line after tenth.: Eleventh

A native of the capital of France.: Parisian

Santa’s flying four-legged helper.: Reindeer

Intimate women’s apparel; lace, silk or satin.: Lingerie

Person who creates or sells artificial hair cover.: Wigmaker

Liquid put on salads or other foods.: Dressing

Uncontrolled emotional outburst.: Meltdown

Advance beyond established paramaters.: Encroach

Shapes with eight sides.: Octagons

Item used to cool the engine in a car.: Radiator

Involves general ideas, it’s not concrete.: Abstract

Puzzle 2 Answers

Return, go back to an earlier behavior.: Regress

Term for male spouse.: Husband

Statue of __; US pride; present from France.: Liberty

Collagen used in products from candy to cosmetics.: Gelatin

Someone who trespasses to catch animals illegally.: Poacher

Item from the past, not modern.: Antique

Bram Stoker’s most famous book.: Dracula

Deepest known part of the Pacific Ocean: __ Trench.: Mariana

Large soft fabric used as bed covering.: Blanket

Small breed of dog named after an island.: Maltese

Dakota __, actress in Fifty Shades of Grey.: Johnson

Puzzle 3 Answers

A small wooden home placed on trees for animals.: Birdhouse

Mechanical piece used to spray water.: Sprinkler

The story of somebody’s life.: Biography

Renounces the throne.: Abdicates

Picturesque Greek island on Aegean Sea.: Santorini

Silk canopy helps aircraft escapees.: Parachute

So easy to operate that it’s impossible to go wrong.: Foolproof

Significant, key, vital.: Important

A __, a good luck charm; should be hung facing up.: Horseshoe

Encouraged, given the impetus to go ahead.: Motivated

Famous British weekly.: Economist

US retired track and field athlete.: Carl lewis

Not showing care for the consequences of an action.: Imprudent

Wireless network that can be used to transfer data.: Bluetooth

Someone you tell secrets to.: Confidant

Artificial supports or braces for a body part.: Orthotics

Sang songs to impress or win someone’s heart.: Serenaded

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ of Miletus, early Greek philosopher.: Thales

Nearly 25,000 perished constructing this canal.: Panama

Member of the mint family that felines love.: Catnip

Housebuilding animal whose teeth never stop growing.: Beaver

GIF: Graphics Interchange __.: Format

He is known for his mathematical lithographs.: Escher

Dairy product made by churning milk.: Butter

Karen __, author of Out of Africa.: Blixen

What astronauts use to go into space.: Rocket

Popular Mexican destination.: Cancun

Arranging papers in an order.: Filing

Greek city-state depicted in the film 300.: Sparta

Image, video hosting site bought by Yahoo in 2005.: Flickr

Country music legend, cannabis activist, __ Nelson.: Willie

Put fluid in the body with a syringe.: Inject

Puzzle 5 Answers

Item brought into another country to be sold.: Import

Interstellar cloud of gas and dust.: Nebula

Life used to be gloomier before him.: Edison

A tree that weeps.: Willow

Another name for a stylus on a record-player.: Needle

To inflict harm on behalf of another harmed.: Avenge

Sauce commonly served with fish sticks.: Tartar

Gary __ almost played General Grievous in Star Wars.: Oldman

Person with special knowledge in a subject.: Expert

Also referred to as Scottish language.: Gaelic

Stocking holder used in wedding tradition.: Garter

Anagram of sprite.: Priest

Game of skill, throwing rings over blocks.: Hoopla

Puzzle, enigma with veiled meaning.: Riddle

Group 3

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arrow-firing sport.: Archery

Male perfume and a German city.: Cologne

To use yeast to change liquid to alcohol.: Ferment

Joint __: shared by two or more people.: Account

To finish something successfully, to accomplish.: Achieve

A type of ballroom dance developed in the 1910s.: Foxtrot

Green spaces that belong to homes.: Gardens

Style of hair cropped close to the scalp.: Buzzcut

Someone you can’t trust.: Traitor

Cold weather bird living in Southern Hemisphere.: Penguin

Teacher that counsels students in school.: Advisor

Puzzle 2 Answers

Breaking Bad star, Bryan __.: Cranston

Item used to decorate something.: Ornament

Horizontal long bone in the upper body.: Clavicle

Infrared shooting game.: Laser tag

Feeds himself in a library.: Bookworm

He won an Oscar for playing Forrest Gump.: Tom hanks

Large upright block of stone shaped like a pilar.: Monolith

Cranial pain usually relieved with Tylenol, Advil.: Headache

Mammal native to Africa and Asia.: Antelope

Not outstanding, only adequate.: Passable

Exact copies.: Replicas

Leave it behind after a meal.: Gratuity

No intersection.: Parallel

Cuisine associated with miso soup.: Japanese

Puzzle 3 Answers

Five-__ Discount, aka stealing.: Finger

Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __.: Carano

Little Red __ Hood, a French fairy tale.: Riding

Metallic element used for magnetic alloys.: Cobalt

Soldier trained in armed combat to serve a king.: Knight

Every time, every occasion, no exceptions.: Always

High school football favorite tune, Hang on __.: Sloopy

Intelligent primate found in Africa and Arabia.: Baboon

Funerary figurine used in Ancient Egypt.: Shabti

British rock band established in 1964.: The who

Large physical body in space; we live on one.: Planet

To demand something firmly.: Insist

Name of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in 2016.: Brexit

John __, Monty Python co-founder.: Cleese

Puzzle 4 Answers

Second biggest country in South America.: Argentina

Love songs sung under a lover’s window.: Serenades

Study of matter; teams must have this.: Chemistry

A muscle involved in the breathing process.: Diaphragm

Rigid military position; eyes front, arms at side.: Attention

Mud avalanche caused by rain, erosion.: Landslide

Steven __, US film director.: Spielberg

Animal blamed for everything.: Scape goat

British term for king, queen, or jack of any suit.: Court card

Type of surgery performed on lung cancer patients.: Lobectomy

Exact copy of a written material.: Facsimile

Someone riding on a ship, plane or car.: Passenger

A person who moves permanently to another country.: Immigrant

Animated film about a puppet whose nose grows.: Pinocchio

Small bitter berry with healing properties.: Cranberry

Puzzle 5 Answers

You can’t make an omelette without __ the eggs.: Breaking

Two openings at the bottom of your nose.: Nostrils

Small silver coin largely used in Ancient Rome.: Denarius

Someone who sells goods or services.: Merchant

System where the king or queen rules the country.: Monarchy

A trifoliate plant that’s symbol of Ireland.: Shamrock

Geologic period within the Mesozoic era.: Jurassic

David Bowie’s androgynous alter ego Ziggy __.: Stardust

Metabolic disorder associated with high blood sugar.: Diabetes

Strong feeling of missing home.: Homesick

Contains planets, nebulae, stars, etc..: Universe

Lake __, also known as the Sea of Galilee.: Tiberias

The way you think or feel about something.: Attitude

Group 4

Puzzle 1 Answers

A fruit pie with a rich crust on top.: Cobbler

As __ as punch.: Pleased

Condition of being unhealthy or sick.: Illness

Mixture, combination of shapes, pictures, etc.: Collage

1987’s Metal Gear was the 1st of the __ video games.: Stealth

Different forms of a gene; dominant or recessive.: Alleles

Nosey Parker, Paul Pry, __ Tom.: Peeping

A fictional reindeer with an unusual trait.: Rudolph

Large lavish meal or feast, celebration.: Banquet

Evil wizard in Lord of the Rings.: Saruman

__ Bening, actress, Warren Beatty’s wife.: Annette

Puzzle 2 Answers

Vest especially worn over a shirt.: Waistcoat

It protects cars, homes and lives against loss.: Insurance

American director known for his dark fantasy films.: Tim burton

German city where Nazis finally faced justice.: Nuremberg

Large piece of cloth used for drying the body.: Bath towel

To give up in a battle.: Surrender

Moon of Saturn with high geyser activity.: Enceladus

Band famous for its big lipped frontman.: Aerosmith

Study of your family tree.: Genealogy

Symbols used in comics to censor words.: Grawlixes

Home of the Pampas.: Argentina

__ Pope, English poet of satyrical verses.: Alexander

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Old __.: Testament

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ a Time, how many stories begin.: Once upon

Family of 210 flowering plants.: Magnolia

Nearby boxing or wrestling judge.: Ringside

Three cowboys of this brand died of lung cancer.: Marlboro

__ Crowley, English occultist and writer.: Aleister

Full doctor’s exam of a patient.: Physical

An outdoor shelter with a roof for a pet.: Doghouse

A phase of the moon, also a type of roll.: Crescent

Something that brings comfort, peace, calm.: Soothing

Person with absolute power over a country.: Dictator

Breed of cows yielding yellowish milk.: Guernsey

Penny __, movie with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne.: Serenade

Stimulant found in coffee and soft drinks.: Caffeine

Electronic file, predesigned for a use.: Template

Puzzle 4 Answers

Lost at sea.: Adrift

A sort of Trojan Odysseus.: Aeneas

Film depicting blue humanoids living in Pandora.: Avatar

TV show on the early life of Arthur’s court wizard.: Merlin

Chemical that whitens clothes.: Bleach

Language referred to as gypsy in the 19th century.: Romani

Bruno Mars funky part of the city.: Uptown

German Chancellor in 2016, Angela __.: Merkel

Someone who revises written or recorded works.: Editor

__ List, life goals, no regrets.: Bucket

Heavy starchy food.: Stodge

Not breakfast, not lunch.: Brunch

Breed of tiger, second largest tiger in the world.: Bengal

Style used in churchbuilding in late Middle Ages.: Gothic

Belgrade is the capital of __.: Serbia

Aerophobia is a fear of __.: Flying

Puzzle 5 Answers

Long period without rainfall.: Drought

Vitality and glamour combined.: Pizzazz

10 Cloverfield Lane, a 2016 movie with John __.: Goodman

Risk taken in business in hope of reward.: Venture

To perform surgery on a patient.: Operate

Place for the display or sale of works of art.: Gallery

Buttery, Danish cheese used in sandwiches.: Havarti

Narrator of The Outsiders.: Ponyboy

__ D’Angelo, American History X, Vacation actress.: Beverly

Ancient wind instrument shaped like an egg.: Ocarina

Group 5

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ernest __, won the Nobel of Literature.: Hemingway

NY island famously bought on the cheap.: Manhattan

The __ Before Christmas, produced by Tim Burton.: Nightmare

__ Manager, does online management of groups.: Community

A woman who teaches a child in a private home.: Governess

Chewing gum is illegal in this Asian country.: Singapore

Dubbed The Merrie Monarch.: Charles ii

To lose water or body liquids.: Dehydrate

Unforeseen or unplanned events.: Accidents

TV series about a woman with amnesia and tattoos.: Blindspot

Planetoids or minor planets.: Asteroids

Coffee chain competitor of Dunkin Donuts.: Starbucks

To sign up for a newsletter, newspaper.: Subscribe

Set of qualities that distinguish a person.: Character

Less scary name for halitosis.: Bad breath

Negative economic growth for two quarters in a row.: Recession

Puzzle 2 Answers

Reduction in price to attract consumers.: Discount

A rat, a strikebreaker.: Black leg

Hero of the Trojan War.: Achilles

The capital of Brazil.: Brasilia

Line that goes without turning.: Straight

Windowsill receptacle for greenery.: Plant pot

In golf, this indicates a player’s ability.: Handicap

Providing food for events, parties, ceremonies.: Catering

Use this key to shout online.: Caps lock

Light purple color; plant of aromatic scent.: Lavender

Neil __ Tyson, modern-day American astrophysicist.: Degrasse

Part of town where L. Bernstein musical happens.: West side

Puzzle 3 Answers

The official residence of a sovereign.: Palace

Strip of silk, satin, etc wrapped around packages.: Ribbon

Spoil; halt; put an end to.: Kibosh

__ Piven, starred in Entourage and The Goods.: Jeremy

A practice to learn something.: Lesson

To fill a spot.: Occupy

Small computer, easy to transport.: Laptop

In the 1987’s Contra video game you help __.: Rebels

Pink and white root vegetable.: Turnip

Papier-mache figure filled with candy.: Pinata

French writer who started realism.: Balzac

Season after Winter.: Spring

Anything that involves or pertains to the universe.: Cosmic

Self-centeredness.: Egoism

What Baku devours in Japanese mythology.: Dreams

Puzzle 4 Answers

Effect that can be observed in sirens or radar.: Doppler

Non-flying bird with enormous eggs.: Ostrich

Land controlled by the lord of the manor.: Demesne

Black by-product of petroleum used for paving.: Asphalt

Latin country home of largest salt fields.: Bolivia

A flying disc that can be used in competitions.: Frisbee

__ Graham, actress of The Hangover.: Heather

Type of hero inspired by a Romantic poet.: Byronic

Honored saint on Irish feast of green apparel.: Patrick

Rock singer who played with The Stooges.: Iggy pop

Puzzle 5 Answers

Etymological meaning of geisha.: Artist

The Dog Star.: Sirius

Boogie __, form of swing dance related to the blues.: Woogie

Large tropical fruit with pinkish-orange flesh.: Papaya

1980 American horror film: __ the 13th.: Friday

__ Mouse is one of the first Disney icons.: Mickey

Opposite of weak.: Strong

Fish that blows up when threatened.: Puffer

Where a spring or river begins.: Source

Joseph __, English-polish master of prose style.: Conrad

To get away from, out of a restraint.: Escape

Having every part needed; complete, whole.: Entire

Worn by actors and soldiers in ancient Greece.: Buskin

Produce an effect, change, action.: Affect

The Bolshoi Ballet is based in this city.: Moscow

No, Salieri didn’t kill him.: Mozart

In grammar, it is a verb that functions as a noun.: Gerund

Group 6

Puzzle 1 Answers

Heavily-disputed holy city of three religions.: Jerusalem

Galaxy named after a Greek princess.: Andromeda

The didgeridoo comes from this country.: Australia

A humorous name for a Model T Ford.: Tin lizzie

Fear of bees.: Apiphobia

Someone who travels or stays with you.: Companion

Social media made with photos of users.: Instagram

A billionaire engineer who became a superhero.: Tony stark

Jamaica competed in this 1988 Winter Olympic sport.: Bobsleigh

Expressionless, blank, numb, deadpan, impassive.: Catatonic

A musket should not be used to kill it.: Butterfly

A large geographic area.: Territory

Controversial English poet of the 19th century.: Lord byron

The fourth one was D’Artagnan.: Musketeer

Outstanding actions.: Prowesses

Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice.: Death star

Puzzle 2 Answers

A piece of garment used by men and women.: Raincoat

Peter __ is Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones.: Dinklage

The genus of peppers.: Capsicum

Giant beast resembling an elephant in the Bible.: Behemoth

Stock __, where stocks can be bought and sold.: Exchange

Conspirators.: Plotters

Characterized by or showing a vindictive spirit.: Vengeful

A container for the disposal of garbage.: Trash can

Deflection; can happen with bullets.: Ricochet

Obstruction in the lungs is a __ of the airways.: Blockage

A bulbous perennial herb native to the Mediterranean.: Hyacinth

__ at the O.K. Corral, western with B. Lancaster.: Gunfight

Someone who is skilled with machines, appliances.: Engineer

Puzzle 3 Answers

The capital of Georgia (the country).: Tbilisi

Fettuccine is often covered by this white sauce.: Alfredo

Yuri __, first man to travel in outer space.: Gagarin

Man who saw the ghosts of Christmas.: Scrooge

Mini Hawaiian guitar.: Ukulele

Feeling of being unhappy.: Sadness

___ Hart, US country musician and songwriter.: Freddie

Winter, summer, autumn and spring.: Seasons

Something that occurs on its own without help.: Natural

Hedgehog-like animal aka spiny anteater.: Echidna

Puzzle 4 Answers

A lion-headed monster that breathes fire.: Chimera

The __, or sea cow, is a large marine mammal.: Manatee

A person who checks the accuracy of accounts.: Auditor

OTC: Over-the-__ drug.: Counter

Supply of weapons to be used.: Arsenal

Brightest Star in the constellation of Scorpius.: Antares

Liquid spread on art to dry shiny.: Varnish

War famed for the Charge of the Light Brigade.: Crimean

__ Duncan, US innovator, dancer and choreographer.: Isadora

Rubber bag inflated with air or helium.: Balloon

Initiates a car’s engine.: Starter

Slang for premature baby.: Preemie

A sublime state achieved in Buddhism.: Nirvana

Island nation in the African south-eastern coast.: Comoros

People use mascara to enhance each of them.: Eyelash

Layered pastry from Austria filled with sweets.: Strudel

Big __, reality show about contestants in a house.: Brother

High __, musical with Bing Crosby and Sinatra.: Society

Punk rock pioneers.: Ramones

Flattening, removing wrinkles from clothes.: Ironing

Puzzle 5 Answers

A typeface with characteristics of handwriting.: Script

Place for relaxation, rest, vacation.: Resort

Item dropped into the water to hold a boat in place.: Anchor

To go to an event, listen, watch.: Attend

Someone who analyzes and evaluates something.: Critic

Small bones in the foot.: Tarsal

__ Camus, contributed to the philosophy of absurdism.: Albert

Seven Minutes in __, teenage party game in a closet.: Heaven

Small amount of something that exemplifies the whole.: Sample

Stevie Wonder hit, My __ Amour.: Cherie

Timmy __ has fairy godparents.: Turner

WC.: Toilet

Part of a garment used to store small items.: Pocket

Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan.: Uganda

Group 7

Puzzle 1 Answers

Process for reproducing shading in print.: Halftone

Fight, row, bicker.: Squabble

Live From New York It’s __ Night!.: Saturday

__ Gross, Austrian doctor convicted for his crimes.: Heinrich

Gangsta’s __, anthem of 90s Pfeiffer film.: Paradise

Ann Patchett book about opera hostage situation.: Bel canto

Bermuda __, vanishing geometry.: Triangle

Culinary term for garnishing with almonds.: Amandine

Causing great fear, terror.: Dreadful

French National Day; medieval prison in Paris.: Bastille

Home to a gold swimmer before being flushed.: Fish bowl

Literal meaning of planet.: Wanderer

Program written directly on hardware.: Firmware

Puzzle 2 Answers

Not seeming of this world, supernatural.: Unearthly

A new and exciting experience.: Adventure

Outer layer of cells covering the body.: Epidermis

She was the one who invented the miniskirt.: Mary quant

Maze, fantasy movie starring David Bowie.: Labyrinth

Famous get-out-of-trouble knife.: Swiss army

A collection of an artist’s work.: Portfolio

In Greek __, Sirens lure sailors to their death.: Mythology

Edible fruit; popular candy; gum flavor.: Raspberry

British Overseas Territory near Spain.: Gibraltar

A branch of the Christian group.: Mennonite

British king who had six wives, two were beheaded.: Henry viii

Increase in prices; reduction in purchasing power.: Inflation

What faith can move.: Mountains

Puzzle 3 Answers

Considered world’s language for business.: English

Starch from the cassava root; a pudding flavor.: Tapioca

Extremely intense or nervous.: Jittery

Someone spacey.: Airhead

Heir of Denethor II in The Lord of the Rings.: Boromir

To cut or separate tissues for study.: Dissect

Someone who plays a large stringed instrument.: Harpist

Italian painter and architect of the Renaissance.: Raphael

When an airplane leaves the ground to fly.: Take off

The letter in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s work.: Scarlet

This can be caused by peanuts, seafood, pollen.: Allergy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Something that can be felt with hands.: Palpable

Small wind instrument with whistle mouthpiece.: Recorder

Lunar phase when the moon is totally illuminated.: Full moon

Pasta shaped as small curved tubes.: Macaroni

A college classic drinking game with mini balls.: Beer pong

Lower jaw bone.: Mandible

Furniture with shelves used to store novels.: Bookcase

What you may buy as gift when traveling.: Souvenir

Computer key to make life easier.: Shortcut

Chiropractors, masseuses relieve this.: Back pain

He lives with the lost boys in Neverland.: Peter pan

Paul Thomas __, director of Magnolia.: Anderson

Puzzle 5 Answers

Hong Kong airline owned by Cathay Pacific.: Dragonair

Scheming, dishonest.: Deceptive

Cannot be described in words.: Ineffable

Computer name inspired by a type of apple.: Macintosh

Formal communications between governments.: Diplomacy

Dental __ helps the dentist to provide treatment.: Assistant

One of the British islands in the Irish sea.: Isle of man

Economic science on international exchange.: Cambistry

HBO show about stardom, later a movie.: Entourage

Rapscallion.: Scoundrel

Period of no more menstruation for a woman.: Menopause

Group 8

Puzzle 1 Answers

King of __, depicted in Love’s Labour’s Lost.: Navarre

Salad __, device used to remove excess water.: Spinner

Very vivid purple-red color.: Fuchsia

Ground cereal; usually crushed, steel cut or rolled.: Oatmeal

Someone who writes articles about a subject online.: Blogger

Dizzy feeling, spinning, also a Hitchcock film.: Vertigo

Indian soccer player for Dempo, __ Fernandes.: Aniston

Force that prevents us from floating into space.: Gravity

A politically organized region ruled by a monarch.: Kingdom

Stone that allowed a grasp of Egyptian hieroglyphs.: Rosetta

Punished with a fine not fixed by a statute.: Amerced

Riding a bike takes a good sense of __.: Balance

Puzzle 2 Answers

Public celebration on the street.: Parade

Number after twenty-nine.: Thirty

Fu __, asian, drooping moustache style.: Manchu

__ Kitt, Catwoman actress, singer, dancer.: Eartha

Engaged in some type of action, busy.: Active

Someone who runs a sort of goods store.: Grocer

Natives of this principality cannot gamble there.: Monaco

Meal packed to be eaten outdoors.: Picnic

Nation ruled by a powerful sovereign.: Empire

Romance language from top culinary country.: French

Violent encounter between military forces.: Battle

Car ride on tracks, __ coaster.: Roller

Puzzle 3 Answers

Italian cookies with anise.: Anisette

A weapon and a Beatles album.: Revolver

Country that suffered in the hands of Khmer Rouge.: Cambodia

Global computer network.: Internet

Words added as afterthought at the end of a book.: Addendum

Collection of information, people, lists.: Registry

This aspect of your blood rises and falls.: Pressure

Largest freshwater fish in the world.: Sturgeon

Robin Hood’s hideout.: Sherwood

Marked by diversity or variety.: Manifold

Villain in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.: Claudius

__ Strait, eastern channel of Korea Strait.: Tsushima

Puzzle 4 Answers

Horny growth on skin.: Keratosis

The study of the universe.: Cosmology

OCD: __ Compulsive Disorder.: Obsessive

William S. __, author of the Beat Generation.: Burroughs

Large pasta tubes that are stuffed and baked.: Manicotti

This container has been spiked in many movies.: Punch bowl

Type of legislative body with two branches.: Bicameral

Mr. Squarepants first name.: Spongebob

Language planned to become world language.: Esperanto

What secretive families hide in their closet.: Skeletons

The people Jonah refused to preach to.: Ninevites

A person who studies the earth and rocks.: Geologist

Panniers, useful for cyclists.: Saddlebag

William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066.: Conqueror

__ cats are known for their less-than-lengthy fur.: Shorthair

TV show spin-off on The Vampire Diaries.: Originals

An advancement in your job.: Promotion

Country made of 17,000 islands; capital Jakarta.: Indonesia

Puzzle 5 Answers

List of a team’s players.: Roster

Horses used for riding.: Steeds

Any set of numbers to be summated.: Addend

Just a small degree or amount; slender.: Slight

Red fruit, usually mistaken for a vegetable.: Tomato

Unable to understand written words; not aphasia.: Alexia

Cake made pouring batter with a conical object.: Funnel

Bruce Wayne, Caped Crusader, Dark Knight.: Batman

Happening annually.: Yearly

Toto’s 1983 number one hit about a continent.: Africa

__ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy.: Whydah

US independence is celebrated on this day in July.: Fourth

Traditional Japanese garment.: Kimono

Anagram of pieces.: Specie

Annie __, antagonist in S. King’s Misery.: Wilkes

The capital of Bahamas.: Nassau

Group 9

Puzzle 1 Answers

Place for medical care, surgery, emergency.: Hospital

Title of nobility, female.: Baroness

Freshwater rhipidistian fish within Dipnoi class.: Lungfish

Ryan __, Canadian Deadpool actor.: Reynolds

Mnemophobia is the fear of __ from your past.: Memories

Large unit of military ground forces.: Regiment

Small type of orange, sweeter than the regular ones.: Mandarin

Device to control a character in a computer game.: Joystick

A hair __ is where hair grows from.: Follicle

After effects of a night of drinking.: Hangover

Batted ball that rolls on the ground.: Grounder

Collection of information for a business.: Database

Main gas in Jupiter.: Hydrogen

To feel that all faith is gone.: Hopeless

Puzzle 2 Answers

Walter Scott novel that boosted the Middle Ages.: Ivanhoe

Small car.: Compact

Mobile phone brand with One Touch model.: Alcatel

Sea animal known for its eight legs.: Octopus

Grassy area to feed livestock.: Pasture

Bill for services or goods.: Invoice

Kaiser __, led Germany into World War I.: Wilhelm

A month with 31 days.: October

Most popular type of lettuce.: Iceberg

Telling someone about danger.: Warning

Crude painters.: Daubers

Medication in pill form; usually oblong.: Capsule

Someone who has permanently left employment.: Retiree

Woman who inherits a lot of money, property.: Heiress

Game played with balls, mallets and wickets.: Croquet

Good Will __ star Matt Damon.: Hunting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Anatomical term for womb.: Uterus

Reflection ratio for earth’s atmosphere or surface.: Albedo

Will Smith, the Fresh __ of Bel-Air.: Prince

Even-toed ungulates.: Camels

Scandinavian nation known for its fjords.: Norway

To feel fear, be scared of, apprehensive.: Afraid

Corned beef sandwich with Russian dressing.: Reuben

Utensil that skins fruits and vegetables.: Peeler

They explore the underground.: Cavers

Madams.: Ladies

__ will, directive for care if incapacitated.: Living

Oriental __ lizard: an ornate lizard found in Asia.: Garden

Native of the only UN state starting with a Q.: Qatari

The __, movie with Buster Keaton.: Garage

__ Hill, “refugee” who was miseducated.: Lauryn

Puzzle 4 Answers

Having several possible meanings.: Polysemic

Cat styled as the gentle giant.: Mainecoon

To arrange the parts and systems in a computer.: Configure

Sturdy table used for carpentry and other tasks.: Workbench

Mesopotamian rivers, Tigris and __.: Euphrates

Rather than all of the time.: Sometimes

ICU: __ care unit.: Intensive

The king of reggae and most famous Jamaican singer.: Bob marley

Tiny blood vessel in the body.: Capillary

Song featured in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.: Moon river

Bristly item often used by women.: Hairbrush

Pulverised minerals used in bathing water.: Bath salts

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Lion Sleeps __.: Tonight

The collapsed core of a large star.: Neutron

Traditional sushi is wrapped in edible __.: Seaweed

The spice of life.: Variety

Book to write down your own thoughts.: Journal

Blood-sucking parasites.: Leeches

Under __, TV show based on a Stephen King’s book.: The dome

Indian gravity knife.: Rampuri

Spanish artist suspected of stealing the Mona Lisa.: Picasso

__ Crowe, actor known for the Gladiator movie.: Russell

To endure something like a surgery.: Undergo

__ Tell, Swiss folk hero with a crossbow.: William

Totalitarian movement started in Italy during WWI.: Fascism

Group 10

Puzzle 1 Answers

Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway.: High line

A deep sky blue.: Cerulean

__ Island, tale of “buccaneers and buried gold”.: Treasure

__ Beauty, a fairy tale version by Disney.: Sleeping

Company that manufactures Chuck Taylor sneakers.: Converse

Antonym of weak, helpless, insignificant.: Powerful

Rosie Huntington-__, a Victoria’s Secret model.: Whiteley

This green vegetable is 96% water.: Cucumber

Capital of Turkmenistan.: Ashgabat

Artform and genre of music in South Spain.: Flamenco

50’s western TV series about gambling brothers.: Maverick

Identification used to sign into a computer.: Username

Weapons and ammo used in combat.: Munition

The act of being gentle to other people.: Kindness

To find your way somewhere.: Navigate

A glass-enclosed room to allow in sunlight.: Solarium

Italian Renaissance painter, __ Daddi.: Bernardo

Puzzle 2 Answers

In chess, each player has sixteen of these.: Pieces

Hong Kong __ was a martial art cartoon in 1974.: Phooey

Transparent eye part that protects iris and pupil.: Cornea

__, rats and rabbits are animals that cannot vomit.: Horses

Icy celestial bodies that orbit around the Sun.: Comets

Dame Helen __, English actress.: Mirren

Plural for baby cows; lower leg muscle.: Calves

Sirens lived in the sea, __ in springs and brooks.: Naiads

Thick, sugary liquid made by flowers.: Nectar

Narrow valley with steep sides made by water.: Ravine

Territory invaded and occupied by a nation.: Colony

__ Weissmuller, swimmer who turned into Tarzan.: Johnny

Long collarless shirts from South Asia.: Kurtas

The name of a streetcar.: Desire

Last meal of the day, also called dinner.: Supper

Middle Eastern marketplace, shopping area.: Bazaar

Keep in custody by authority of the law.: Arrest

Puzzle 3 Answers

This is popped off to enjoy a soft drink.: Bottle cap

Annihilator.: Destroyer

To record events as they evolve.: Chronicle

Sport contest that consists of 10 different events.: Decathlon

Dr. No was the first film featuring this hero.: James bond

Group name of Cape Verde islands.: Sotavento

“Lonely game”, often played on computers.: Solitaire

Pain in or around fangs or gums.: Toothache

Amy __, English singer who died in 2011.: Winehouse

It knows no law.: Necessity

John __, originator of the flushing water closet.: Harington

Archaeologist, before the word was coined.: Antiquary

The dark time between evening and morning.: Nighttime

A prophetic priestess of Apollo.: Pythoness

Puzzle 4 Answers

Garment often worn before and after shower.: Bathrobe

How many words a picture is worth.: Thousand

Whispers words to forgetful actors.: Prompter

Storage space for food and dishes.: Cupboard

Control over all of a market; a famous board game.: Monopoly

Someone who just got married.: Newlywed

Compact self-contained gaming device.: Handheld

Opposite of Southern.: Northern

Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan.: Chow chow

Convulsions is another name for __.: Seizures

Go-devil, hay sweep.: Buckrake

Edible spore bearing fruit of a fungus.: Mushroom

First part of the small intestine.: Duodenum

Mathematician played by Russell Crowe in a movie.: John nash

Apparition, specter, illusion of something.: Phantasm

Puzzle 5 Answers

No longer exists.: Extinct

Marvin the __ came from space to blow up the Earth.: Martian

Program that lets you surf the web.: Browser

Commander of a ship or airplane.: Captain

Acrophobia is the fear of __.: Heights

Paper proving you paid.: Receipt

Famous for unintentional (or not) word plays.: Spooner

Clothing worn by members of an organization.: Uniform

Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times.: Stencil

Multi-Unit Space Transport and Recovery Device.: Mustard

Country in Europe next to Kosovo and Greece.: Albania

The last one was in James F. Cooper’s novel.: Mohican

Food eaten to finish a meal, usually sweet.: Dessert

They look like snakes with feet.: Lizards

Group 11

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Globetrotters, exhibition basketball team.: Harlem

A paternal kinsman.: Agnate

Sensitive area on each side of forehead.: Temple

Greek god of music, art and healing.: Apollo

Danny __, creator of iconic Simpsons opening tune.: Elfman

Country home to the archaeological site of Petra.: Jordan

To aim for a goal, ambition.: Aspire

Painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster.: Fresco

United Nations children’s relief arm.: Unicef

Opioid developed as a morphine substitute.: Heroin

__ Platt, Canadian-American actor born in 1960.: Oliver

Fiery mass that enters Earth’s atmosphere.: Meteor

__ engine; program that explores the web.: Search

An address to God or a deity.: Prayer

Puzzle 2 Answers

When a woman carries a baby in her uterus.: Pregnancy

Huevos __, popular egg dish in Mexican cuisine.: Rancheros

__ watching, observing a type of insect in nature.: Butterfly

Bat __, Canadian lawman and journalist.: Masterson

Most common pants worn, denim.: Blue jeans

Vilnius is the capital of __.: Lithuania

Quick-spreading respiratory disease.: Influenza

Physical item in space; relating to heaven.: Celestial

The public conveyance in Venice.: Vaporetto

Carlo Collodi puppet tale: “The Adventures of __”.: Pinocchio

When your mind is not sure what something is about.: Confusion

Type of ram used to knock down walls and gates.: Battering

Puzzle 3 Answers

The human body’s filters.: Kidneys

Artistic paper-folding.: Origami

Capital of Papua New Guinea, Port __.: Moresby

Political state, nation or territory.: Country

Old Testament book that comes from a census.: Numbers

King Arthur’s enemy.: Mordred

Deficiency of carbon dioxide in tissues and blood.: Acapnia

One beats the bush, and another __ the birds.: Catches

__ Clay, Muhammad Ali’s previous name.: Cassius

Being behind or late on payments, obligations.: Arrears

French version of the Punch and Judy show.: Guignol

Giant from Greek mythology with only one eye.: Cyclops

Tonitrophobia is the fear of __ storms.: Thunder

Puzzle 4 Answers

Substantive of setting something on fire.: Ignition

Chemical element symbol Pt; used in jewelry-making.: Platinum

The __ bride, a comic opera by Smetana.: Bartered

Country north of England.: Scotland

Japanese company that brought us Mario and Luigi.: Nintendo

Semi-arid, southern African desert.: Kalahari

Stock with quality reputation according to the NYSE.: Blue chip

A person who investigates unknown regions.: Explorer

Interrogative sentence or clause.: Question

Damage to the skin wearing away the upper layer.: Abrasion

Small squirrel-like rodent with dark stripes.: Chipmunk

Something understood by very few.: Esoteric

Hans Christian __, author of The Little Mermaid.: Andersen

Puzzle 5 Answers

Victor Hugo’s character who lives in a church.: Quasimodo

Employees in a business.: Personnel

Name for ‘new’ Mexican coins from 1993 to 1996.: Nuevo peso

Worker who builds or repairs wooden things.: Carpenter

You shrug them sometimes.: Shoulders

Sky-divers use this after jumping out of a plane.: Parachute

Non-metal element with some metallic properties.: Metalloid

Device uses the shadow of the Sun for navigation.: Backstaff

Material of which a violin’s bow part is made.: Horsehair

John __, actor of Dangerous Liaisons.: Malkovich

Narrow-bladed tool with U-shaped frame.: Coping saw

Lifespan; how long you will live.: Longevity

A white vitrified translucent ceramic; china.: Porcelain

Machine to hatch eggs and keep them warm.: Incubator

Buttery pastry popular in continental breakfasts.: Croissant

Group 12

Puzzle 1 Answers

Belle fell in love with the Beast’s inner __.: Beauty

High-pitched stringed instrument.: Violin

Cheap accommodation popular with backpackers.: Hostel

Type of car that uses gas and electricity.: Hybrid

Type of seed used on buns and in salads.: Sesame

Professor Xavier in X-Men: First Class, James __.: Mcavoy

Robin Hood’s love interest, Maid __.: Marian

Wrap a corpse in a piece of cloth.: Shroud

__ Inspector, enforces sanitation rules.: Health

Antonym of moderation.: Excess

Explained the behavior of atoms for the first time.: Dalton

To turn from a normal path, detour, deflect.: Divert

Toy for two kids, one at each end, up and down.: Seesaw

Letter denoting Einstein’s cosmological constant.: Lambda

Marketing __, shortsighted view of marketing.: Myopia

Dot-eating arcade personality.: Pac man

Anagram of poster.: Presto

Parent’s sibling’s offspring.: Cousin

An organism that transmits a pathogen.: Vector

San __, land-locked country surrounded by Italy.: Marino

Puzzle 2 Answers

Good tempered, pleasant natured.: Agreeable

Large ship that carries cargo.: Freighter

Dali’s melting clocks were inspired by this cheese.: Camembert

Formal meeting for a job.: Interview

Birthplace of Alexander Graham Bell.: Edinburgh

Sausage-dog.: Dachshund

Electromagnetic radiation from a luminous body.: Starlight

Marsupials endemic to Australia.: Kangaroos

Scientist specialized in an old natural science.: Physicist

Celebration in June in honor of an Irish author.: Bloomsday

The Manchurian __, drama with Frank Sinatra.: Candidate

Puzzle 3 Answers

Group of educators in a school.: Faculty

The shrill sound a bird makes.: Whistle

Long light spear, thrown with hands.: Javelin

__ Little, 2005 Disney film; sky is falling fable.: Chicken

Minsk, the capital of this Eastern European country.: Belarus

A chamber in a house that has a lot of windows.: Sunroom

__ Joslyn Gage, US women’s rights activist.: Matilda

Baggage taken with you on a trip.: Luggage

“Careless Whisper” singer: George __.: Michael

You yell this game’s name when you hit all five.: Yahtzee

__ Churchill, Britain’s WWII Prime Minister.: Winston

Name for something made from clay.: Ceramic

Basin that is used to raise a boat out of water.: Drydock

Region where gravity effect is zero.: Agravic

Prevalent items in San Francisco in the 60s.: Flowers

Part of the body between the chest and the hips.: Abdomen

A common element to fraternities and societies.: Secrecy

Ultraviolet rays from sunlight cause __ burns.: Actinic

One of four equal sections of something.: Quarter

Puzzle 4 Answers

Son of a __ Man, US song by Dusty Springfield.: Preacher

Male of this marine species carries the unborn.: Seahorse

A well-known native-American tribe.: Comanche

Henri __ painted The Sleeping Gypsy.: Rousseau

Tegucigalpa is the capital of __.: Honduras

Sleeping disorder identified by the lack of sleep.: Insomnia

__ of Arabia, movie with Peter O’Toole.: Lawrence

The inside of something.: Interior

Beam emitted from our Solar System’s star.: Sunlight

Hockey officials who call icing violations.: Linesmen

Self-defense system used by Israeli military.: Krav maga

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Greene, wrote Our Man in Havana.: Graham

Singin’ in the Rain depicts the demise of __ movies.: Silent

Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions.: Chalet

Vampires are supposed to keep away from this.: Garlic

The capital of Mali.: Bamako

Bloody day of U2 song.: Sunday

SEO: Search __ Optimization.: Engine

Long piece of ice formed by dripping water.: Icicle

Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent.: Biceps

Kahlo painted The __ Column.: Broken

Damage done to a person’s body.: Injury

What Dracula sleeps in.: Coffin

Bird known for repeating.: Parrot

Forced bets by player to left of dealer in poker.: Blinds

Group 13

Puzzle 1 Answers

Queen __ thanks R2D2 for his bravery in Episode 1.: Amidala

The rock city according to the rock band Kiss.: Detroit

Two or more independent stable compounds.: Adducts

Comic strip revolving around a workplace.: Dilbert

Olympics were held there in 1996.: Atlanta

Oldest surviving long poem in English.: Beowulf

One of the many deities of Hinduism.: Krishna

Grocery section with fruits and vegetables.: Produce

Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene.: Faraday

Plant in buttercup family, windflower.: Anemone

Muscle from collarbone to upper arm.: Deltoid

RADAR is an acronym for radio detection and __.: Ranging

Hormone essential to regulate glucose level.: Insulin

A player’s position in baseball.: Baseman

Finders keepers, losers __.: Weepers

Known for its wrinkles and blue-black tongue.: Sharpei

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ arches, related to breathing; gills in fish.: Branchial

__ Page, star of Sweet Bird of Youth.: Geraldine

Woodworker by profession.: Carpenter

Musical percussion instrument; marimba, balafon.: Xylophone

__ Rock, Elvis goes to prison in this movie.: Jailhouse

Dismissal or refusal of something.: Rejection

Discuss something for mutual benefit.: Negotiate

Total lack of vision.: Blindness

The act of obtaining government or corporate secrets.: Espionage

French philosopher, mathematician.: Descartes

Item used to store something.: Container

Small device to measure pressure in wheels of a car.: Tire gauge

A comic book character in the Marvel universe.: Stonewall

Puzzle 3 Answers

A space station; movie with Matt Damon.: Elysium

Board on which an artist lays and mixes paints.: Palette

Large seabird that scoops prey in its beak.: Pelican

Narrow opening caused by the separation of rocks.: Fissure

Cap used to protect the end of finger when sewing.: Thimble

Disorder of severe uneasiness.: Anxiety

Official language of the Incan Empire.: Quechua

Political conflict that involved two world powers.: Cold war

Spice Girls smash hit.: Wannabe

South American country, capital is Sucre and La Paz.: Bolivia

Someone inexperienced at an activity.: Amateur

A variety of coffee bean.: Robusta

Puzzle 4 Answers

Dismount from a horse, vehicle, motorcycle.: Alight

This person dies for his/her beliefs.: Martyr

Mockery, humorous adaptation, imitation.: Parody

Device used to take photos.: Camera

Valley with deep, steep sides, stream at bottom.: Canyon

Pastry from India of triangular shape.: Samosa

Jupiter’s satellite with an oxygen atmosphere.: Europa

Island on which lies Tokyo.: Honshu

Thin-bodied animal kept as pet; weasel’s cousin.: Ferret

Public officer who can authorize legal paperwork.: Notary

Toy brand owns Barbie, Hot Wheels and Matchbox.: Mattel

Puzzle 5 Answers

Spiny mammal; Sonic’s species.: Hedgehog

Meeting of cardinals to elect a new pope.: Conclave

What doesn’t kill you makes you __.: Stronger

Sound, characters, or visual cue to gain access.: Password

Type of painting depicting maritime scenes.: Seascape

Team or person that is expected to lose.: Underdog

Saltwater clams, bivalves, used in seafood dishes.: Scallops

God of wine also known as Bacchus.: Dionysus

Don’t make a mountain out of this.: Molehill

Ed __, host of legendary American 60s music show.: Sullivan

An allotrope of carbon like the diamond.: Graphite

Fear of good news.: Euphobia

Response to a situation, stimulus or treatment.: Reaction

Country mostly covered by Kalahari Desert.: Botswana

Group 14

Puzzle 1 Answers

Rick __, 80’s hits singer.: Astley

__Eye, Brosnan’s Bond debut.: Golden

Money __, total amount of circulated money.: Supply

John __, Greek heartthrob, Full House uncle.: Stamos

Irrational fear of something, causes panic.: Phobia

Glass container used in laboratories.: Beaker

Highest point of a hill or mountain.: Summit

Another term for nauseated.: Queasy

Not a wide opening, not a lot of room.: Narrow

Papua New __.: Guinea

A space lacking matter.: Vacuum

They make the flares and flickers of a fire.: Flames

Puzzle 2 Answers

As with books, these should be few, but good.: Friends

European avant-garde art movement in 20th century.: Dadaism

Vanquishes.: Defeats

Goods being moved for money.: Freight

Reykjavik is the capital of __.: Iceland

Liza Minnelli song from a 1972 musical.: Cabaret

Half potato, half tomato plant aka Pomato.: Tomtato

Fish in North America, like a small shad.: Alewife

Gene __, won an Oscar for Unforgiven.: Hackman

Pre-videogame arcade game with flippers.: Pinball

Written piece for a newspaper or magazine.: Article

One object covers another, solar or lunar.: Eclipse

Puzzle 3 Answers

German city, home of Borussia.: Dortmund

Person who returns objects to former conditions.: Restorer

An optic hole that light can travel through.: Aperture

Images or designs, sometimes computer-generated.: Graphics

Small pieces of paper and plastic that are thrown.: Confetti

Unable to pay personal debts; insolvent.: Bankrupt

A filter or sieve.: Strainer

Opposite of forward.: Backward

__ pole, where a compass points to.: Magnetic

What doesn’t exist without pain.: Pleasure

Bard; troubadour.: Minstrel

__ Turner, actress from Peggy Sue Got Married.: Kathleen

Puzzle 4 Answers

A small bright spot on an object or painting.: Highlight

Lord __, allegedly cursed by Tutankhamun’s tomb.: Carnarvon

Herb widely used for infections and the flu.: Echinacea

Silverware used for the 1st dish.: Salad fork

Fresh Prince who became a Man in Black.: Will smith

Attorney’s assistant, not full lawyer.: Paralegal

Oldest woman in a family.: Matriarch

Someone who robs or steals goods.: Plunderer

Insect with the name of a young, unmarried woman.: Damselfly

It is used to keep rhythm in Aboriginal chants.: Clapstick

Puzzle 5 Answers

Coarse-grained metamorphic rock.: Gneiss

SNL alumnus who took over The Tonight Show in 2014.: Fallon

Brief affairs or short-lived relationships.: Flings

In fantasy, he who uses magic and sorcery.: Wizard

Havaianas sandals have been made here since 1962.: Brazil

Type of being like Bilbo Baggins.: Hobbit

Protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake.: Odette

Second-largest planet in the Solar System.: Saturn

Plan, program, design, plot to follow.: Scheme

Dark form that is cast from the light on an object.: Shadow

Plant used in medicines, teas, foods.: Ginger

George __, author of the classic 1984.: Orwell

Upper body, above abdomen, below the head.: Thorax

Money offered for recovery of lost items.: Reward

Group 15

Puzzle 1 Answers

Minions is an ___ comedy film.: Animated

Period between new moons.: Lunation

Another word for broken bone.: Fracture

The pen is __ than the sword.: Mightier

Place or thing that is frequently seen.: Familiar

An elevation on the ground, a summit.: Mountain

Type of woody herb, also a woman’s name.: Rosemary

__ Franklin, “First American” and Founding Father.: Benjamin

South American country, the capital is Asuncion.: Paraguay

Species of fish that lives in groups; forage.: Mackerel

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blackbeard’s first name.: Edward

Took small mouthfuls.: Sipped

House __, library for Egyptian physicians.: Of life

Another name for valley.: Hollow

Shape with four equal angles and sides.: Square

Kingdom of Heaven, award-winning actor, __ Irons.: Jeremy

__ Singing, aka overtone chanting.: Throat

Ownership stake in a company.: Equity

__ Space, a family traveling across the universe.: Lost in

Chess piece that can only move diagonally.: Bishop

Something shining, bright, clear.: Lucent

Puzzle 3 Answers

You can’t use others’ original work due to this.: Copyright

In Poland, a language spoken by an ethnic group.: Kashubian

Asian eating utensil usually made of wood.: Chopstick

Someone whose work is related to keys.: Locksmith

Barbra __, actress, singer and director.: Streisand

Pure love and devotion.: Adoration

Upper hand.: Advantage

Type of swing dance from early 1930s.: Jitterbug

French cooking term aka shish kebab.: Brochette

Decidedly not what a shrinking violet is like.: Extrovert

Fear of animals, especially all in one place.: Zoophobia

Misnamed island owned by Denmark.: Greenland

Ape that has long arms and reddish-brown hair.: Orangutan

Drawing type used to make cartoons.: Animation

To wear away the top layer of skin.: Exfoliate

80s, 90s family sitcom featuring the Olsen twins.: Full house

Study of objects in space.: Astronomy

Puzzle 4 Answers

An uncontrollable outburst of emotion or fear.: Hysteria

It costs nothing.: Courtesy

Twice-baked Italian almond cookies, cantuccini.: Biscotti

You don’t want to run out of gas on this expressway.: Autobahn

Epic space franchise created by George Lucas.: Star wars

This sport can be synchronized.: Swimming

Musical instrument in the lute family.: Mandolin

Medicine based on fraud or ignorance.: Quackery

Another name for Cuban Contradanza dance.: Habanera

Method used to make patterned bed covers.: Quilting

A unit of power.: Kilowatt

Paul wrote them to the early Christian communities.: Epistles

Dream __ gather bad dreams.: Catchers

Item used to type information on a computer.: Keyboard

Puzzle 5 Answers

Amy __, comedian, actress, writer, producer.: Schumer

Traditional Halloween trip on vehicle.: Hayride

Multiple dishes in a meal.: Courses

National property in another country.: Embassy

The bottom edge of a dress, skirt, or coat.: Hemline

Skilled craft worker; makes furniture, art, etc.: Artisan

__ William, William Kidd’s pirate ship.: Blessed

Brussels is the capital of __.: Belgium

Small piece of something; sample of music.: Snippet

Place where pitchers warm up in baseball.: Bullpen

Going without food or drinks before surgery.: Fasting

A place where children stay while parents work.: Daycare

Anything related to heredity in living organisms.: Genetic

Place where historical documents are kept.: Archive

Slang for nonsense, foolishness.: Baloney

Large website advertisements.: Banners

Group 16

Puzzle 1 Answers

Port Vila is the capital of __.: Vanuatu

Sprightly.: Agilely

The decision made by the jury at a trial.: Verdict

Outline of the human face from one side.: Profile

Cousin of the bison; looks extremely similar.: Buffalo

When these fall out, honest men come by their own.: Thieves

Rubber-ended stick used to unclog toilets.: Plunger

Loose leaf plant, in salads and cooked, __ greens.: Collard

Largest planet in the Solar System.: Jupiter

Large military unit with its own headquarters.: Brigade

Two to six percent of the US population are.: Redhead

Competition between two or more people for a prize.: Contest

Agyrophobia is a fear of crossing __ or roads.: Streets

__ Ford Coppola, director of The Godfather.: Francis

Ancient Syrian city destroyed by the Islamic State.: Palmyra

Surgical instrument designed for scraping.: Curette

Violent rotating column of air.: Tornado

Way something feels, usually in art or clothing.: Texture

Puzzle 2 Answers

Someone who helps you with a project, a group.: Cohort

Amount made after expenses.: Profit

This system needs to be strong to fight diseases.: Immune

Russian folk dance with one man and two women.: Troika

Chicago community in Lower West side.: Pilsen

In a __ far, far away.: Galaxy

Area beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder.: Armpit

Ocean that covers 20% of Earth with water.: Indian

Sweet canary on look out for “putty tat”.: Tweety

Similar to the first garden.: Edenic

Object used to remove pencil errors.: Eraser

Puzzle 3 Answers

Roman emperor who wanted to make his horse consul.: Caligula

Owner of a building who rents places to others.: Landlord

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling.: Bedposts

Social media platform by Mark Zuckerberg.: Facebook

Often stubbed, can be painted.: Toenails

Da Vinci’s enigmatic dame.: Mona lisa

Bright red; a bird; Catholic church member.: Cardinal

Massive snowstorm that dumps tons of snow fast.: Blizzard

Harare is the capital of __.: Zimbabwe

Foo __, Dave Grohl formed this band after Nirvana.: Fighters

To persuade someone of something.: Convince

Branch of the US armed forces that runs Area 51.: Air force

A plant apt to bring forgetfulness.: Nepenthe

Puzzle 4 Answers

What candidates in the US must go through.: Campaigns

Medical treatment requiring hospital stay.: Inpatient

To rise rapidly, spacecraft fashion.: Skyrocket

Sam __, US actor campaigned to rebuild The Globe.: Wanamaker

Code of __, Middle Ages text on the Byzantine Empire.: Justinian

Swiss town with ancient abbey on Lake Constance.: Rorschach

Of Mice and Men, by John __.: Steinbeck

Software creator.: Developer

Exact copy; machine that sends a copy.: Facsimile

Describes a car with a hinged rear door.: Hatchback

Lively or animated in spirit or body.: Vivacious

__ 2, 2016 Ben Stiller movie.: Zoolander

Female employee of Playboy clubs.: Bunny girl

The final David Bowie album.: Blackstar

Puzzle 5 Answers

Part of grammar that refers to inflections in words.: Accidence

British city famed by its port and music.: Liverpool

Sea-horse in Greek mythology.: Hippocamp

First city to be attacked with an atomic bomb.: Hiroshima

Person who travels into space.: Astronaut

Large rodent with quills.: Porcupine

Inflammation of joints in the body.: Arthritis

Long solid pasta, most popular noodle.: Spaghetti

US track and field star, 9 time gold medal winner.: Carl lewis

Ladies and __.: Gentlemen

Skintight item worn by women over their legs.: Pantyhose

Group 17

Puzzle 1 Answers

Complete and total, __ faith in someone.: Absolute

Chemical in tobacco, incredibly addictive.: Nicotine

Thick, sweet, dark syrup made from raw sugar.: Molasses

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils.: Adenoids

Galaxy that contains our system.: Milky way

Mesmerizing autocratic coach.: Svengali

Insects that live in colonies and eat wood.: Termites

World War I was also known as the __.: Great war

Bat-eating singer of Crazy Train.: Osbourne

Raft used in emergencies.: Lifeboat

A person who acts for another in legal matters.: Attorney

Cosmetic product, used to contour facial feature.: Eyeliner

Puzzle 2 Answers

Injected medicine to create an immune response.: Vaccine

Checkered fabric of workers and grunge fans.: Flannel

Metal once used widely in dental amalgams.: Mercury

Individual cake treat, doesn’t go bad for a while.: Twinkie

Furniture to hold or display something.: Cabinet

Gérard de Nerval kept this as a pet.: Lobster

A style of floral design that originated in Japan.: Ikebana

Wellington is the capital of New __.: Zealand

Good Will __, written by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.: Hunting

To turn a boat over in the water.: Capsize

Dissimilar, non-identical , distinctive, different.: Diverse

Line of rulers from the same family.: Dynasty

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mamas & the Papas least favorite day of the week.: Monday

__ Tomei, My Cousin Vinny actress.: Marisa

Amount of a medicine to take.: Dosage

Johnny __, late night legend succeeded by Jay Leno.: Carson

Slowly raise temperature by adding hot liquid.: Temper

This type of dragon is actually a giant lizard.: Komodo

You’re an actor if you tread the __.: Boards

A tax on imports or exports.: Tariff

Small dish for cups; flying alien transport.: Saucer

To bring down to a smaller size, number, etc.: Reduce

Item used to attach pieces of clothing together.: Button

Brooms made of twigs.: Besoms

A curse, an evil eye.: Whammy

Not small, not large.: Medium

Long-nosed, but not Pinocchio.: Cyrano

World famous doll criticized for its body shape.: Barbie

The capital of Mozambique.: Maputo

Vertebrae also known as tailbone.: Coccyx

Puzzle 4 Answers

A cascade of water falling from a height.: Waterfall

A hermit (near the sea).: Anchorite

Something urgent, rapid, state of __.: Emergency

__, the Great, conquered Mesopotamia in 330 BC.: Alexander

Optical object used to view items in space.: Telescope

Prince of Thieves played by Kevin Costner in 90s.: Robin hood

Figure designed to frighten birds or spirits.: Scarecrow

Teddy bears are named after this American president.: Roosevelt

One of the Three Bs in classical music hierarchy.: Beethoven

A sport played during the Olympic Games.: Water polo

Fruit used for salsas known as Mexican husk tomato.: Tomatillo

An item of clothing.: Tracksuit

__ formula, elementary algebra formula.: Quadratic

Medical term for a bruise.: Contusion

Useful animals kept or raised on a farm.: Livestock

Skopje is the capital of __.: Macedonia

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Houston, Costner’s co-star in The Bodyguard.: Whitney

The line around a specific shape in an art piece.: Contour

Word made out of the letters of another word.: Anagram

Being in good physical and mental condition.: Healthy

__ King, author of The Shining.: Stephen

Fast-paced British car show full of stunts.: Top gear

Japanese pop group from Hiroshima.: Perfume

Baked bread dough twisted into a knot.: Pretzel

Ancient burial ground in Egypt.: Saqqara

Fine mesh sieve; means “Chinese” in French.: Chinois

Used to heat houses, melt ores or produce steam.: Furnace

Area where an animal naturally lives.: Habitat

Group 18

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bacteria in the shape of a sphere.: Coccus

Rate of __; gain on investment over time.: Return

Man or woman of the sea.: Sailor

Popular kissing game requires player to spin this.: Bottle

Husband or wife.: Spouse

Material used to make clothing.: Fabric

America’s most macabre TV family.: Addams

Healthy cereal used in beer production.: Barley

Influential prose writer in ancient Rome.: Cicero

Something that you aim at.: Target

To reach your destination; to finally happen.: Arrive

A quantum of electromagnetic radiation.: Photon

Ugly small/giant mythical creatures; live in caves.: Trolls

Official number of people who live in a place.: Census

A new version, new information, latest items.: Update

Ribbon-like parasite, white nerve fibers.: Taenia

Puff, the Magic __, a childhood favourite.: Dragon

__ of the Shrew, a Shakespeare comedy.: Taming

Puzzle 2 Answers

Insurance risk manager.: Actuary

A trip from one place to another.: Journey

A person with the inability to feel touch.: Anaptic

Three boneheads, slapstick legends.: Stooges

Comic actress who was part of the SNL cast.: Tina fey

Cocks have crests, bulls horns and deer __.: Antlers

May torture your feet.: Verruca

Not a synonym.: Antonym

Venue used for outdoor sports.: Stadium

Baltic nation, Finland’s southern neighbor.: Estonia

Edible fish or shellfish from the ocean.: Seafood

Animal or creature that strikes fear.: Monster

Google’s Linux-based operating system.: Android

Age of __, series of history based strategy games.: Empires

Types includes Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue.: Massage

Pirate known as the Prince of Pirates.: Bellamy

Short curtain piece hung on edge of canopies.: Valance

Gloria __, biggest star of the silent movie era.: Swanson

Steadfast Tin __, fellow loves a paper ballerina.: Soldier

Weapon shell launched and guided to target.: Missile

Puzzle 3 Answers

Religious wars; personal undertakings.: Crusades

A state of intense happiness and self-confidence.: Euphoria

Fahrenheit 451, by Ray __.: Bradbury

__ Ford, played Indiana Jones.: Harrison

Process of voting for a leader.: Election

When the top teeth close over the bottom teeth.: Overbite

The plant source of digitalis.: Foxglove

Group of flatfish found on ocean bottoms.: Flounder

Secondary act at a circus or fair.: Sideshow

Yiddish courage.: Chutzpah

A flammable liquid mix, powers most cars.: Gasoline

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Hepburn, won four Oscars for Best Actress.: Katharine

The usual epithet of Mars.: Red planet

Somehow the longest day of the week.: Wednesday

Writer known for his crime novels about the Mafia.: Mario puzo

Country with the world’s largest Muslim population.: Indonesia

__ the Cat never catches Tweety Bird.: Sylvester

Founding member of The Eagles band.: Glenn frey

Nemo and his father in Disney film are this.: Clownfish

The Mad Max video game is set in an apocalyptic __.: Wasteland

Craters appearing in Siberia without explanation.: Sink holes

Anesthetic once used in dentistry.: Novocaine

The capital of Mayotte.: Mamoudzou

Political scandal named after a hotel in Washington.: Watergate

Someone responsible for the movements of a boat.: Navigator

Said never to strike twice at the same place.: Lightning

Lymphatic system, blood flow science.: Angiology

Irish potato and cabbage dish.: Colcannon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Type of surgery that is not a medical emergency.: Elective

French schoolgirl created by an Austrian writer.: Madeline

White House intern involved in a sex scandal.: Lewinsky

Enterprise is the name of the ship in __.: Star trek

Hypothetical shortcut linking 2 points in space-time.: Wormhole

Just below boiling point, used often with eggs.: Coddling

Empire State __.: Building

Strong dislike or disgust.: Loathing

Sublime song, syncretic, Caribbean religion.: Santeria

Stretch your legs according to your __.: Coverlet

Written guarantee about a product or service.: Warranty

Having a very bad reputation.: Infamous

Group 19

Puzzle 1 Answers

Walking under one is said to be bad luck.: Ladder

Vinegar that is made from ale.: Alegar

Extreme, serious, critical, harsh.: Severe

Department that takes care of radioactive waste.: Energy

Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, Katie __.: Holmes

Charlie Brown’s beagle pilot.: Snoopy

Cattle catching, cowboy sport.: Roping

Someone who sews and repairs clothing.: Tailor

Outlaw, highwayman, robber.: Bandit

Strap-shaped organ or body part of an insect.: Ligula

Geronimo Indian tribe from Southwest.: Apache

Nearly all, but not quite.: Almost

Compact round clouds forewarning rain.: Cumuli

Planet whose name derives from Greek mythology.: Uranus

__ Hero Live, game that lets you play in rock bands.: Guitar

Type of large wheeled ride, __ wheel.: Ferris

Tom __, Rush song inspired by a character.: Sawyer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Marks used to represent one’s speech.: Quotation

Jamaican who runs “as fast as lightning”.: Usain bolt

Someone who investigates crimes.: Detective

Debts or money owed.: Liability

Name of Elvis Presley’s house.: Graceland

Medulla __, part of hindbrain controls vomiting.: Oblongata

Third book of Torah.: Leviticus

Gravity pull that light can’t escape.: Black hole

Constant need to move a body part; disorder.: Akathisia

What the one who denies all eventually does.: Confesses

Study of meaning-making.: Semiotics

Conan Doyle’s Prof Challenger found this place.: Lost world

Pungent smelly cheese with sandwich of same name.: Limburger

Animated series about mystery-solving with a dog.: Scooby doo

Puzzle 3 Answers

It makes your eyes water.: Tear gas

Mandy is sung by Barry __.: Manilow

’60s cartoon space family with robotic maid.: Jetsons

An atrium is a __ of the heart.: Chamber

Latin dance with lots of hip movements.: Lambada

Blind literature is written in this bumpy text.: Braille

Outermost.: Extreme

Screen used to see computer information.: Monitor

Strictly orthodox Muslim sect of Arabia.: Wahhabi

Iron __, invisible line once separating Europe.: Curtain

Carl Sagan taught astronomy here.: Cornell

A woman’s bedroom or private room.: Boudoir

List of actors, crew at the end of a movie.: Credits

North American fish comes in yellow and blue.: Walleye

Puzzle 4 Answers

The horse capital of the US, in Kentucky.: Lexington

Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball.: Godmother

Type of park with rides and games.: Amusement

Oldest male in a family.: Patriarch

Religious holiday coinciding with winter solstice.: Christmas

Astronaut who took a “giant leap for mankind”.: Armstrong

Liver disease with major scarring.: Cirrhosis

The main one.: Principal

Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state.: Chihuahua

Type of tree that never loses its leaves.: Evergreen

X-ray of your blood vessels with dye.: Angiogram

Assertion.: Statement

Puzzle 5 Answers

Military uniform, soldier’s everyday clothing.: Fatigues

__ Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.: Asteroid

Nation state in Central Europe, capital Ljubljana.: Slovenia

When something doesn’t develop in the body.: Agenesis

Fairy tale character with long hair.: Rapunzel

Large cooking container to make soups or stews.: Stockpot

Interchange of items, goods, foods.: Commerce

Chameleons’ eyes rotate to help them with __.: Climbing

Sugary, fried snack, breakfast staple.: Doughnut

Person you’re descended from.: Ancestor

Group 20

Puzzle 1 Answers

A negligible amount of money.: Peanuts

Sovereign country was Russia’s breadbasket.: Ukraine

Sweet __, a teenager’s coming of age party.: Sixteen

The white of an egg.: Albumen

Sailing ship used on the voyages of discovery.: Carrack

Program used to study the outer Solar System.: Voyager

Row of icons on a computer screen.: Toolbar

Retain basic contents by omitting details.: Abridge

Situated away from an axis.: Abaxial

Greek king of Ithaca also called Odysseus.: Ulysses

Cord for securing something around the neck.: Lanyard

Movie starring Dustin Hoffman dressed as a woman.: Tootsie

Small breed native to Asia, good companion dog.: Shihtzu

Fake treatment for a medical issue.: Placebo

Something extremely unusual or unexpected.: Bizarre

Puzzle 2 Answers

Mounted knights’ weapons, long sticks for charging.: Lances

English-speaking country in Central America.: Belize

Meteorite bruise on a planet.: Crater

Disease associated with dogs and foaming mouths.: Rabies

This movie’s song Let It Go melted hearts.: Frozen

To receive something with approval.: Accept

Scotch __, hot chili pepper of the Caribbean.: Bonnet

Opposite of opened.: Closed

Four-armed Hindu god of protection.: Vishnu

Aerophobia is a fear of __.: Flying

Spirits of nature depicted as beautiful maidens.: Nymphs

Puzzle 3 Answers

French card game popular in casinos.: Baccarat

Woman of high social rank; a title of nobility.: Countess

Philoprogenitive.: Prolific

New __, spacecraft sent to Pluto.: Horizons

Literary work that idealizes rural life.: Pastoral

Semi-solid, greasy thick oil; medical use.: Ointment

Once bitten, __.: Twice shy

Opinionated, doctrinaire, pontifical.: Dogmatic

The outcome of lemons added to water.: Lemonade

__ Heston, won an Oscar for Ben-Hur.: Charlton

Island country in the Caribbean, capital is Roseau.: Dominica

Stadio __, Naples field of famous 1990 match.: San paolo

POW stands for __ of war.: Prisoner

Puzzle 4 Answers

British sci-fi TV show about time-travelling.: Doctor who

Baseball position between 2nd and 3rd base.: Shortstop

Central American nation, home to Mayans.: Guatemala

__, psychedelic fungi found in pastures.: Mushrooms

Piece of an asteroid after impact on a planet.: Meteorite

Venustraphobia is fear of __ women.: Beautiful

Boneless ocean animal with tentacles.: Jellyfish

He wrote about a homosexual relationship in 1948.: Gore vidal

Tech company that brought us Windows.: Microsoft

Someone who explains a theory in detail.: Expounder

Drinking receptacles.: Glassware

Signs and symptoms of cancer go away.: Remission

Please __, song by The Marvelettes.: Mr postman

Noir mystery movie with Nicholson and Dunaway.: Chinatown

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pat Morita, Mr. __ in The Karate Kid movies.: Miyagi

C in WC.: Closet

Estimate the value of something for taxes.: Assess

Umbrella term for formal leaders of religions.: Clergy

Pinocchio’s cricket friend; conscience.: Jiminy

Broad piece of defensive armor carried on the arm.: Shield

Person who takes care of the bats in baseball.: Batboy

Wood stick used to make shish kebabs.: Skewer

Country in Europe, capital is Paris.: France

This part of an URL can be .com, .gov or .edu.: Domain

Major valve of the human heart.: Aortic

A golem is a __ folklore monster.: Jewish

Reptilian creatures live in this body of water.: Lagoon

Feast, banquet, spread, regale.: Dinner

More formal term for “plant science”.: Botany

Very young female chicken.: Pullet

The Legend of __ Hollow, story by Washington Irving.: Sleepy

Book used to tell all about an item, car, appliance.: Manual

How you feel when you need to eat.: Hungry

Characterized by unexpected traits, unique.: Quirky

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