CodyCross Pet Shop Answers

Pet Shop Answers

Group 341

Puzzle 1 Answers

Skin scar left by acne.: Pock mark

A bangle, worn on the wrist.: Bracelet

Garden instruments for estimating time.: Sundials

Island off coast of Africa, Tanzanian archipelago.: Zanzibar

The capacity of man to choose his own path.: Free will

Moderator, middle person, peacemaker.: Mediator

Observatory set in central Los Angeles.: Griffith

Bittersweet drink made from yellow citrus.: Lemonade

Hamlet’s first victim.: Polonius

Indoor wire house for feathered pets.: Birdcage

Puzzle 2 Answers

Period of silence on the radio.: Dead air

Time when day and night are of equal length.: Equinox

Resulting, following.: Ensuing

Made of clay.: Ceramic

Saint __, expensive 6th district of Paris.: Germain

Roberto __, designer of sand-blasted denims.: Cavalli

Wearable gas-powered flying device.: Jetpack

Icing-topped finger-shaped pastries with cream.: Eclairs

North London football club, or weapons stash.: Arsenal

Shakespeare’s tragedy about the king of Scotland.: Macbeth

Egyptian hippo goddess, stands on two feet.: Taweret

From many places; varied.: Diverse

Puzzle 3 Answers

Inflammation of the intestines.: Enteritis

Orbits Earth transmitting data.: Satellite

Exploding colors for evening spectacle.: Fireworks

__ butter has been separated to create purer fat.: Clarified

Active at night.: Nocturnal

Incoherent state of mind.: Delirious

Ivy League university located in New Jersey, USA.: Princeton

Hollowness, bareness.: Emptiness

__ Sunday, the biggest US sports day of the year.: Super bowl

Study of seasonal natural phenomena.: Phenology

You get caught between a rock and here.: Hard place

The breaking up of a group or crowd.: Dispersal

Puzzle 4 Answers

Egyptian god of the dead.: Anubis

Moses __, small crib for newborn.: Basket

Tempests.: Storms

Exercise done face down, moving away from the floor.: Push up

They stop a car.: Brakes

Astrological sign with a bull as its symbol.: Taurus

Show off something.: Flaunt

Musical about Elphaba, the witch.: Wicked

Member of the Religious Society of Friends.: Quaker

Study of plants.: Botany

Sea directly under the sole of Italy’s boot.: Ionian

White, radish-like vegetable also called mooli.: Daikon

Latin phrase for “let the buyer beware”: caveat __.: Emptor

Puzzle 5 Answers

Italian composer who wrote Fountains of Rome.: Respighi

To distort a screen image or censor an area.: Pixelate

One who returns something to its original condition.: Restorer

Rough, jarring, grating.: Abrasive

Foremost part of an advancing army.: Vanguard

Fight Club and Troy actor.: Brad pitt

Alexander the Great’s mother.: Olympias

The study of wines.: Oenology

The first letters of your first name and surname.: Initials

City where the novel Birth of Venus takes place.: Florence

Forcefully advertising.: Hard sell

Group 342

Puzzle 1 Answers

A __ Named Desire, Tennessee Williams play.: Streetcar

Animal whose diet is only plant-based.: Herbivore

Blameless, naive people; word used about children.: Innocents

Hoofed animals, like horses, pigs or giraffes.: Ungulates

Long garment worn to bed.: Nightgown

Meticulous, paying great attention to detail.: Assiduous

Small horizontal piano.: Baby grand

Intellectual property denoted by TM.: Trademark

Ecuadorian islands frequented by Charles Darwin.: Galapagos

Name that the ancient Romans gave to Scotland.: Caledonia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Monkey with long snout, genus Papio.: Baboon

Peter Pan’s danced around instead of following him.: Shadow

Indicate, signify.: Denote

Salt used to dry out bodies before mummification.: Natron

Diego __, husband of Frida Kahlo.: Rivera

Composed and standing ready.: Poised

Nagging doubts, apprehensions, second thoughts.: Qualms

Greek god of sleep.: Hypnos

Country gaining independence from Serbia in 2008.: Kosovo

Section of broccoli.: Floret

Danger.: Hazard

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ocean on which Ecuador has its coastline.: Pacific

Fake or forge.: Falsify

Smoke escapes from it.: Chimney

Japanese dish of batter-dipped, deep-fried veggies.: Tempura

A period of new life or revival.: Rebirth

Tarnished, damaged.: Tainted

Half man and half horse mythological creature.: Centaur

Runners who exercise at a relatively steady pace.: Joggers

Words of encouragement.: Pep talk

Architect of the pyramid of Zoser.: Imhotep

Software that tracks and reports your keystrokes.: Spyware

Kinds of animals studied by an entomologist.: Insects

Collected and kept in piles.: Hoarded

Puzzle 4 Answers

Don’t throw the baby out with this.: Bathwater

Sealable glass container for growing plants.: Terrarium

Open space surrounded by walls within a building.: Courtyard

Impossible to put a value on.: Priceless

Receptacle for keeping cubes of sweetness in.: Sugar bowl

Sleuthing young woman penned by Carolyn Keene.: Nancy drew

The head of a school or amount advanced in a loan.: Principal

Misshapen, distorted, monstrous.: Grotesque

Winning distance for racehorses, more than a nose.: Short head

Heathland fruit, an accompaniment to roast turkey.: Cranberry

Land surrounded almost completely by water.: Peninsula

Puzzle 5 Answers

Not lacking in confidence.: Outgoing

The __ View has Warren Beatty as a reporter.: Parallax

Koh Samui island is this country’s 2nd largest.: Thailand

Facts, materials given to prove guilt or innocence.: Evidence

Next to where the boxing action takes place.: Ringside

Legume that hummus is made from.: Chickpea

Eats both plants and animals.: Omnivore

Irresistible pull.: Magnetic

Parisian prison; its capture heralded a revolution.: Bastille

Reed woodwind with keys.: Clarinet

Terrific, fabulous.: Splendid

Wounding fragments from an explosive device.: Shrapnel

Diverts the audience’s attention from an actor.: Upstages

Inflammation of fluid-filled sacs at the joints.: Bursitis

Group 343

Puzzle 1 Answers

Lucky.: Fortunate

Single outer shell of a racing car or boat.: Monocoque

Sand __, detailed model created on beaches.: Sculpture

__ on Elm Street, franchise with Freddy Krueger.: Nightmare

Travel the world.: Globetrot

Eating implement in China.: Chopstick

Follow closely, pursue, keep in one’s sight.: Subsecute

Operates the machine that records actors.: Cameraman

1983 collaboration between MJ and Paul McCartney.: Say say say

Puzzle 2 Answers

Left the army without permission.: Deserted

Tightening of wrinkles through surgery.: Facelift

Forgoes, goes without, misses.: Forfeits

Disorder of the pancreas.: Diabetes

Fighting or struggling against.: Battling

Car technician.: Mechanic

Receptacles for stubbing out cigarettes.: Ashtrays

Competitive sport which FINA oversees.: Swimming

Asian armored anteater.: Pangolin

Portuguese explorer killed in the Philippines.: Magellan

Watery air transport invented by Henri Fabre.: Seaplane

Board game where players buy houses and hotels.: Monopoly

Sliver of a moon, seen early in a lunar month.: Crescent

Dorian Gray was obsessed by one.: Portrait

Puzzle 3 Answers

Venetian boats.: Gondolas

Thirteen British settlements on America’s coast.: Colonies

Chinese decorating laws.: Feng shui

Long-tailed bird.: Pheasant

Temple in Rome constructed during Augustus’ reign.: Pantheon

Hugs.: Embraces

Get rid of completely, leave no trace.: Decimate

Medieval weapon also used to hurl objects.: Catapult

Extinct mammal, similar to an elephant.: Mastodon

Mocking, scornful, scathing.: Sardonic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sri Lanka prior to 1972.: Ceylon

Proportional relations between two amounts.: Ratios

Lining of a cloud.: Silver

Six-legged animal.: Insect

__ Hollow, book by Irving and film by Burton.: Sleepy

Internet bullies who comment maliciously.: Trolls

Type of puzzle first created by John Spilsbury.: Jigsaw

Walking up and down impatiently.: Pacing

Term used in the movies for organized gang thefts.: Heists

Whipped dessert.: Mousse

Puzzle 5 Answers

Removed the explosive device from a bomb.: Defused

A leader in a particular field, paving the way.: Pioneer

Study of mountains.: Orology

Humility and diffidence.: Modesty

Ancient Olympic foot race.: Stadion

Link between two parties.: Liaison

Alluring female bunny in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.: Jessica

Protective burrow dug in the ground by a soldier.: Foxhole

Pretty Woman star, Julia __.: Roberts

Lymphoid tissues in the throat.: Tonsils

Group 344

Puzzle 1 Answers

Precious blue stone.: Sapphire

Tanning room.: Solarium

Roman racing carts.: Chariots

Main body of an aircraft.: Fuselage

Admission charge.: Entry fee

Rum and lime cocktail with sweetener.: Daiquiri

Obsequious, subservient, oily.: Unctuous

Signal to indicate risk or hazard is over.: All clear

__ King Charles, spaniel dog named after a king.: Cavalier

Pulls back or reneges on a deal.: Retracts

Food of the gods.: Ambrosia

Fictional professor in Sherlock Holmes stories.: Moriarty

Connected without a cable.: Wireless

In Italian, it means “in the open air”.: Al fresco

Puzzle 2 Answers

Deep dish used to serve lettuce, cucumber, tomato.: Salad bowl

Not a realistic option.: Nonviable

Plant-based hot beverage, with health benefits.: Herbal tea

Aggression, anger and hatred.: Hostility

Writing surface for hand-written letters.: Note paper

Demolished.: Destroyed

Director of Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride.: Tim burton

Small dog breed hailing from Mexico.: Chihuahua

Capital of the Caribbean Island of Saint Vincent.: Kingstown

Personal listening devices for games or music.: Earphones

Puzzle 3 Answers

Playground area with buckets and shovels.: Sandbox

Country Nokia was founded in.: Finland

Moral story from the Bible.: Parable

Irritated.: Annoyed

Digital music service with green logo.: Spotify

Describes a property that is ready to move in to.: Turnkey

Price of a plane ticket.: Airfare

Conquistador who ended the Incan Empire.: Pizarro

Dense growth of bushes and trees.: Thicket

Augmented __; computer-generated images in games.: Reality

Examination of a body to find cause of death.: Autopsy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Writes in untidy strokes.: Scribbles

Team sport in a pool.: Water polo

Indicator to halt on the road.: Stop light

Fatty deposits, especially in the thighs.: Cellulite

Remains of a sunken galleon.: Shipwreck

Scientific study of the universe.: Astronomy

Before evening.: Afternoon

Natural attraction chemical.: Pheromone

Playwright who wrote the tragicomedy Cyclops.: Euripides

Clashing percussion musician.: Cymbalist

Jurassic World is inhabited by them.: Dinosaurs

Closeness, nearness.: Proximity

Puzzle 5 Answers

Goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated.: Athena

Title for chief of an Arab village or tribe.: Sheikh

Deep cracks in the Earth’s surface.: Chasms

Whole, not broken.: Intact

The Two __, double self-portrait by Kahlo.: Fridas

Sovereign city-state on French Riviera.: Monaco

Two-wheeled upright scooter.: Segway

Hand-held instrument played with a bow.: Violin

African antelope; Chevrolet sedan.: Impala

Ground chickpeas with lemon and garlic.: Hummus

St. __, company that makes self-tanning mousse.: Tropez

Very unpleasant stench.: Miasma

Group 345

Puzzle 1 Answers

Area between chest and waist exposed in summer.: Midriff

A mentor’s student.: Protege

Metal-wielding mutant associated with the X-Men.: Magneto

Shakespeare’s play with a character named Banquo.: Macbeth

Suggested what to do.: Advised

Paleontology is the study of these.: Fossils

Magic, alchemy.: Sorcery

Blue agave alcohol made in Mexico.: Tequila

Glow outwardly or give off heat.: Radiate

Flexible plastic-bladed tool for scraping up food.: Spatula

Shrieking female spirit in Irish mythology.: Banshee

Puzzle 2 Answers

Only living cats that belong to the Acinonyx genus.: Cheetahs

Widespread disease.: Epidemic

Excessive confidence, audacity.: Temerity

Portobello, shiitake, button.: Mushroom

Italian region whose major city is Milan.: Lombardy

Mirth, amusement.: Hilarity

Baby’s bed in the shape of a basket.: Bassinet

Tip, bonus.: Gratuity

Group of musicians or singers, gathered together.: Ensemble

Steeping; e.g. putting fruit into water.: Infusing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abdominal organ that filters blood.: Spleen

English theologian who founded Methodism.: Wesley

Run naked across a sports’ pitch.: Streak

Hopping, long-eared mammal.: Rabbit

Calm, pacify a baby.: Soothe

This river and tributaries run through S. America.: Amazon

Country that includes the archipelago of Svalbard.: Norway

Overnight flight.: Red eye

A baked cheese, ham, or veggie flan pie.: Quiche

How Italians say 5.: Cinque

Take over, swamp, overwhelm.: Engulf

Puzzle 4 Answers

Apparently.: Seemingly

A bit too early.: Premature

Pen name of J.K. Rowling, Robert ____.: Galbraith

Songs in musical theater.: Show tunes

Marionette controller.: Puppeteer

Computer key that allows one to delete.: Backspace

Somersaults the opposite way.: Backflips

Crippling tissue inflammation in a horse’s hoof.: Laminitis

Abdominal muscles used in breathing.: Diaphragm

Top floor of an apartment building.: Penthouse

Puzzle 5 Answers

Augustus’ successor as Roman emperor.: Tiberius

Not an imitation.: Original

Lycanthrope.: Werewolf

The Danube bisects this city.: Budapest

Midpoint of a sports match.: Halftime

Fashion house for Meghan Markle’s bridal dress.: Givenchy

International police force.: Interpol

Climbing plant parts; slim wispy pieces of hair.: Tendrils

Spanish coastal city, birthplace of paella.: Valencia

First name of detective Holmes.: Sherlock

Group 346

Puzzle 1 Answers

__, NY: a frequent summer retreat for Mark Twain.: Elmira

Filet __; a tender cut of beef.: Mignon

This film is set on one of Pandora’s moons.: Avatar

Field of grass.: Meadow

Type of paper placed between sheets to make copies.: Carbon

PlayStation digital camera accessory.: Eye toy

Former church, then mosque, now a museum: Hagia __.: Sophia

US military general competed at the 1912 Olympics.: Patton

Stupidity.: Idiocy

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: these states.: Baltic

Spanish nap.: Siesta

Watches & leather goods brand named after a relic.: Fossil

Puzzle 2 Answers

Outdoor grazing land for sheep from spring onwards.: Pasture

Diana’s surname before becoming Princess of Wales.: Spencer

Overloaded with work.: Swamped

__ City, state of the Holy See.: Vatican

Male fowl with long fanning tail feathers.: Peacock

Italian dish made with arborio rice.: Risotto

Unimportant, inconsequential.: Trivial

It rose from the ashes.: Phoenix

Glass display case.: Vitrine

A decorative twisted braid.: Torsade

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fancy dress for a dance.: Ball gown

Largest Canary Island; has Spain’s highest peak.: Tenerife

The oldest kitten in the Aristocats; a French city.: Toulouse

Mark with absolute precision or accuracy.: Pinpoint

Brief fight between small military groupings.: Skirmish

Inflammation of the substance of a bone.: Osteitis

Glass vessel used to separate wine from sediment.: Decanter

Coming out of somewhere hidden.: Emerging

Facial expression conveyed through symbol.: Emoticon

In driving, the A in ABS.: Anti lock

All-girl-group, once went by the name Primettes.: Supremes

Small unit of atmospheric pressure.: Millibar

Puzzle 4 Answers

Affronted, defamed.: Insulted

Pachyderm with a trunk.: Elephant

Celebratory hand gesture.: High five

Clamp used in surgery to control bleeding.: Hemostat

Water vessel propelled by fabric on a mast.: Sailboat

Competition between nations over military forces.: Arms race

Joins in on.: Partakes

Katy Perry’s explosive single.: Firework

Air mostly contains this chemical element.: Nitrogen

Jupiter’s largest satellite.: Ganymede

To step down from power, e.g. a monarch.: Abdicate

Greek hero who was dipped in the River Styx.: Achilles

Serves drinks as a job.: Bartends

Mountain range, the border between Europe and Asia.: Caucasus

Expecting different results from repetitive acts.: Insanity

Sliced cured pork belly, Italy’s answer to bacon.: Pancetta

Voting rights.: Suffrage

Puzzle 5 Answers

Art of cultivating and selling blooms.: Floristry

Statement of unhappiness or displeasure.: Complaint

Social system abolished by the French Assembly.: Feudalism

Edible lower leg of a game bird or wildfowl.: Drumstick

Piece of fabric for drying off plates.: Dishtowel

Join a party with no invitation.: Gatecrash

Ballet spin on one foot.: Pirouette

Annual calendar based on the moon cycle.: Lunar year

__ Presley, daughter of Elvis.: Lisa marie

Displace a body part out of its joint.: Dislocate

Homerun with the bases loaded.: Grand slam

Indigenous people of ancient Babylonia.: Sumerians

Their crystals adorn fashion items and jewelry.: Swarovski

Devious, shifty, crooked.: Dishonest

Group 347

Puzzle 1 Answers

Box for collecting road taxes.: Tollbooth

Disseminating.: Spreading

Roman amphitheater.: Colosseum

Relating to the body.: Corporeal

Bereft of courage; spinelessness.: Cowardice

A football result such as 1-1, 2-2 or 3-3 etc.: Score draw

Internal or external computer storage.: Hard drive

Safety person at the beach or pool.: Lifeguard

Ordinary ancient Roman citizens.: Plebeians

A possible characteristic of the quarantined.: Infection

Winning move in chess against the king.: Checkmate

Taking into account.: Factoring

Puzzle 2 Answers

The closest thing Pinocchio has to a father.: Geppetto

Without a saddle.: Bareback

Twice-fried plantains.: Tostones

First female UK Prime Minister: Margaret __.: Thatcher

François-Marie Arouet’s better known nom de plume.: Voltaire

Refute, debunk.: Disprove

They have been to war.: Veterans

Capital of Sardinia.: Cagliari

A country’s monetary unit.: Currency

In the manner of a true professional.: Expertly

Two-wheel passenger cart, originally used in Japan.: Rickshaw

Puzzle 3 Answers

Haute __, French for high fashion.: Couture

High singing voice.: Soprano

Low protective wall along the edge of a roof.: Parapet

Describes substances that are harmful, poisonous.: Noxious

Freedom to use one’s power as one wishes: carte __.: Blanche

Lustrous, glowing, luminous.: Radiant

Rotating funnel-shaped wind storm.: Tornado

Country where the Antwerp Diamond Heist took place.: Belgium

Boss, top dog of an organization.: Kingpin

__ Movement, 1960s Mexican civil rights movement.: Chicano

Diminish, wane.: Dwindle

Memory loss sometimes caused by emotional trauma.: Amnesia

Puzzle 4 Answers

German short-legged badger dog with a long body.: Dachshund

Stun grenade to visually and audibly disorientate.: Flashbang

Absorbent, spongelike, porous.: Permeable

Historically important river; flows through Iraq.: Euphrates

Covering a wide area.: Expansive

Underwater vessel.: Submarine

King of Babylon and creator of a code of law.: Hammurabi

Echoes, rings through the air.: Resonates

Athlete’s warmup outfit.: Tracksuit

For opening wine.: Corkscrew

Puzzle 5 Answers

Swipe, match, chat dating app.: Tinder

Substance that causes vomiting.: Emetic

Gambling venue.: Casino

To cunningly outwit.: Outfox

French department bordering Brazil and Suriname.: Guiana

Sealed in a cylindrical metal container.: Canned

Non-magical person in Harry Potter.: Muggle

The name of the warthog in The Lion King.: Pumbaa

Small dome on a roof.: Cupola

Ancient Persian kings: Darius I and his son __.: Xerxes

Group 348

Puzzle 1 Answers

One-handed steering device for computer games.: Joystick

Steal money from a company or organization.: Embezzle

Explosive, hot-tempered, unstable.: Volatile

Hugged or held close.: Embraced

Country sits between Guyana and French Guiana.: Suriname

Florence museum, formerly a medieval fortress.: Bargello

Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid.: Sediment

Dog group; breeds work with sheep and cattle.: Pastoral

Unit of foot soldiers.: Infantry

Lit paper spheres used at festivals.: Lanterns

Sucks nutrients out of its host.: Parasite

Puzzle 2 Answers

Tattletales.: Snitches

Italian architect who built in classic Roman style.: Palladio

Alcoholic mixed drink, e.g. tequila sunrise.: Cocktail

To crown a sovereign.: Coronate

Mammalian jawbone.: Mandible

Identifying travel document.: Passport

Supplies have been used up.: Depleted

Busy city beneath South Africa’s Table Mountain.: Cape town

Purple gemstone, helps keeps people calm.: Amethyst

Venomous pit viper snake.: Moccasin

Puzzle 3 Answers

Insatiable greed.: Avarice

An absurd self-contradiction.: Paradox

A song that gets stuck in your head.: Earworm

Wide-bladed knife used to cut dense foliage.: Machete

Clue that gives away a movie plot.: Spoiler

Destroyers, pillagers.: Vandals

Pacify, placate someone.: Appease

Enemy; the Greek goddess of divine retribution.: Nemesis

French single-crust rustic pastry with a filling.: Galette

Turning the lights down gradually.: Dimming

Brown African cat with tufted ears.: Caracal

Thai capital city.: Bangkok

Consulate office.: Embassy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Enclosed railway freight wagon.: Box car

Alcohol.: Liquor

The Grim Reaper’s weapon of choice.: Scythe

Largest city in French-speaking Switzerland.: Geneva

Set of cards in Monopoly, not Community Chest.: Chance

Highest mountain in Antarctica: __ Massif.: Vinson

Forcible restraint or restriction.: Duress

__ Years’ War, bloody European conflict, 1618-48.: Thirty

Northern constellation, Latin for “swan”.: Cygnus

Japanese gaming company that made Frogger.: Konami

Unconscious action.: Reflex

Opt for something, decide.: Choose

Puzzle 5 Answers

Spiral galaxy between Pegasus and Cassiopeia.: Andromeda

Uses feet instead of hands to punch opponents.: Kickboxer

Hinged house for a bivalve.: Clamshell

Small device used for soldering metal.: Blowtorch

Country governed by a small group.: Oligarchy

Raining lightly.: Drizzling

Americans supporting Britain during the Revolution.: Loyalists

Strongly, powerfully.: Intensely

Detector of lies.: Polygraph

Tall bloom often painted by Van Gogh.: Sunflower

Butter substitute.: Margarine

Pillar of a staircase.: Newel post

Group 349

Puzzle 1 Answers

Online retailer that offers Prime membership.: Amazon

__ warrant, law officers’ permit to enter premises.: Search

He married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999: Prince __.: Edward

River that runs through Baghdad.: Tigris

Economize, be thrifty.: Scrimp

Conference with opposing side to discuss terms.: Parley

Stone or metal tribute to a person or animal.: Statue

Nun’s headgear.: Wimple

Device between PC and internet connection.: Router

Remove all items from one’s suitcases.: Unpack

Country with 2 official languages: Hebrew & Arabic.: Israel

Puzzle 2 Answers

Euphoric.: Blissful

Scottish lake with mysterious resident.: Loch ness

Hot Indian curry dish.: Vindaloo

Process for cleaning teeth with string.: Flossing

Blonde hair coloring of icons Monroe and Harlow.: Platinum

Florists’ arrangements of flowers.: Bouquets

Leave something to someone in a will.: Bequeath

Where professional photos were once developed.: Darkroom

Round lunar presence.: Full moon

Dainty, fragile, flimsy.: Delicate

Mexican folk stringed-band with a guitarron.: Mariachi

Scratch the surface with words.: Inscribe

Pulling devices on firearms.: Triggers

First emperor of Rome.: Augustus

Pursuit of pleasure and self-indulgence.: Hedonism

Absolute __, a despotic form of government.: Monarchy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Thick-skinned animal, such as an elephant or rhino.: Pachyderm

Post-toothpaste, swirled liquid.: Mouthwash

Supposed transfer of ideas from one mind to another.: Telepathy

Type of ram used to break fortress walls.: Battering

__ Path, Buddhist Middle Way leading to Nirvana.: Eightfold

Ocular hairs.: Eyelashes

Blemish, nevus.: Birthmark

Psychologically manipulative behaviors.: Mind games

Italian starter, with cured meat and olives.: Antipasto

Encouraged by something.: Motivated

Slang term for keen bird watchers.: Twitchers

Collection of synonyms.: Thesaurus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Knives and forks.: Cutlery

Fake pill.: Placebo

Northernmost country in Africa.: Tunisia

Fictional Marvel nation, home to Black Panther.: Wakanda

The one who is the best off financially.: Richest

Promises of retribution.: Threats

__ Crane, the hero of Sleepy Hollow.: Ichabod

Light-colored shades, often seen in springtime.: Pastels

Handheld Nintendo games console, released in 1989.: Game boy

Hormone gland in the neck.: Thyroid

Composer of the opera William Tell.: Rossini

Puzzle 5 Answers

Belief in or acceptance of something as true.: Credence

High-intensity fitness exercise.: Aerobics

Cattle breeds with lengthy white protrusions.: Longhorn

Quality of being poisonous.: Toxicity

Don __, Mozart opera about Don Juan.: Giovanni

Delivers the news.: Reporter

Fictitious place of untold gold and wealth.: El dorado

Mexican version of unleavened bread.: Tortilla

Stops from happening.: Prevents

Episode or sudden occurrence of disease.: Outbreak

Delight, glee, contentment.: Pleasure

Group 350

Puzzle 1 Answers

Influence, make a difference to.: Affect

Cylindrical car part, moves against fluid pressure.: Piston

Contrary to expectations, like Alanis Morissette.: Ironic

European nationality of Frida Kahlo’s father.: German

Calvin’s stuffed tiger sidekick.: Hobbes

Country where Kalamata olives are grown.: Greece

Fungus found on plants.: Mildew

Horus, Egyptian sky god, had the head of this bird.: Falcon

Watching someone covertly.: Spying

Force someone to move quickly.: Hustle

The world’s largest lizard: __ dragon.: Komodo

Twist of the ligaments in the wrist, for example.: Sprain

Frozen, treeless ground, like the Arctic.: Tundra

Puzzle 2 Answers

Form a theory about something without evidence.: Speculate

Circumference of an object.: Perimeter

Demanding, difficult, taxing.: Stressful

Building janitor.: Custodian

To be more numerous than.: Outnumber

Tiny purple fruit, said to be very healthy.: Acai berry

A painting of inanimate objects.: Still life

North, Saint and Chicago’s famous musician dad.: Kanye west

Indian Ocean island; Port Mathurin is its capital.: Rodrigues

Design drawings of a building’s structure.: Blueprint

Where you might find a roller coaster.: Theme park

Bargain, haggle, cut a deal.: Negotiate

Clawed marvel mutant, born as James Howlett.: Wolverine

Tropical trees cultivated for small sweet fruits.: Date palms

British prime minister during WWII.: Churchill

Puzzle 3 Answers

Careful and judicious.: Prudent

Replaces spent ammunition.: Reloads

Meat patties cooked on barbecues, served in buns.: Burgers

Ponte __, bridge in Florence with jewelry shops.: Vecchio

Very old, out of fashion, outdated.: Archaic

Gains money by deception.: Extorts

Author of the Summa Theologica: St. Thomas __.: Aquinas

Old-time sailing vessel, used as a naval war ship.: Galleon

Software for surfing the internet.: Browser

Long line of related rulers.: Dynasty

Puzzle 4 Answers

Instrument panel at the front of a vehicle.: Dashboard

Birds with webbed feet, such as ducks and swans.: Waterfowl

Large spider that is sometimes a pet.: Tarantula

Danny Tanner is the patriarch on this show.: Full house

Opera by Puccini: Madama __.: Butterfly

Feeling tired and sluggish.: Lethargic

Sedimentary rock, contains skeletal fragments.: Limestone

Fixed, upholstered bench seat.: Banquette

Toupée.: Hairpiece

World Heritage citadel in Athens, Greece.: Acropolis

Theatrical solo speech.: Monologue

Sugar from pure cane extract, spun in a cylinder.: Turbinado

Government application to own rights to a name.: Trademark

Perfumed grains used when relaxing in a tub.: Bath salts

Puzzle 5 Answers

Making look small by comparison.: Dwarfing

Witch’s pot.: Cauldron

Wandered without urgency.: Strolled

Spread throughout something, like a smell.: Permeate

Comfy living room seat.: Armchair

Conquered an army.: Defeated

Birth country of the discoverer of penicillin.: Scotland

Tying up poultry or game birds prior to cooking.: Trussing

Legal agreement.: Contract

Software that modifies a singer’s voice.: Autotune

Motor vehicle with four wheels and handlebars.: Quad bike

A cat can get it stuck in its throat.: Hairball

Table tennis.: Ping pong

Group 351

Puzzle 1 Answers

Advice from the Beatles: “Hey Jude, don’t be __”.: Afraid

Reflective accessory for seeing oneself in.: Mirror

Temporary technical malfunction.: Glitch

Purpose, intention, reason behind an action.: Motive

Cinderella had one the night of the ball.: Curfew

Italian toasted sandwich.: Panini

Funny TV show, typically about group of characters.: Sitcom

Lake __; largest manmade reservoir in Africa.: Kariba

The sale of goods to the public in small amounts.: Retail

An arrival in large numbers, being overrun.: Influx

Free from obligation.: Exempt

People who walk the catwalk.: Models

Iconic sunglasses brand responsible for Aviators.: Ray ban

Christian season preceding Christmas.: Advent

Via __, glamorous Roman street from La Dolce Vita.: Veneto

Join the army.: Enlist

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fills a space.: Occupies

Nitrous oxide administered by dentists: __ gas.: Laughing

Laws established by a legislative body.: Statutes

Canine dwelling.: Doghouse

Word game with tiles, Q and Z score high.: Scrabble

Dangerous road-covering in freezing weather.: Black ice

Branch of science, deals with classifying diseases.: Nosology

Interrupt someone’s attention span.: Distract

Ornate sideboard.: Credenza

Spotted, viewed.: Observed

Puzzle 3 Answers

Nine-month period in humans before giving birth.: Pregnancy

Conning.: Deceiving

He removed a thorn from a lion’s paw.: Androcles

Prince William’s royal title: Duke of __.: Cambridge

Embarrass, shame.: Humiliate

Exciting, nerve-shredding event.: Nailbiter

Shakespeare’s comedy: A _____ Night’s Dream.: Midsummer

Practice before the show.: Rehearsal

Chinese-born immigrants to Malaysia, Singapore etc.: Peranakan

Fake name.: Pseudonym

Professional key maker.: Locksmith

Computer-aided flight control.: Autopilot

Television show that’s transmitted.: Broadcast

Measures atmospheric pressure.: Barometer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Supply water to crops to encourage growth.: Irrigate

Napa Valley is known for them.: Wineries

TV station companies.: Networks

Stringed instrument, like a lute.: Mandolin

__ Day marks the Spanish discovery of the Americas.: Columbus

Crossed the Alps with elephants.: Hannibal

Cover a piece of paper with plastic.: Laminate

To drive too close to the car in front.: Tailgate

Flower shop workers who make bouquets.: Florists

To use science to predict future weather.: Forecast

Class of warm-blooded animals.: Mammalia

Dangerous.: Perilous

Undergoes the process of sugar changing to alcohol.: Ferments

Puzzle 5 Answers

Korean pickled cabbage.: Kimchee

Colorless and odorless gas used for heating food.: Methane

Wealth in the form of money or assets.: Capital

A crease on the face.: Wrinkle

Closest planet to the Sun.: Mercury

Iraqi capital, on the Tigris River.: Baghdad

Intuition, discernment.: Insight

Cup for holding wine.: Chalice

One-eyed mythical monster.: Cyclops

Oversees a museum exhibit.: Curates

Chases.: Pursues

Group 352

Puzzle 1 Answers

Handheld firework.: Sparkler

Particularly articulate.: Eloquent

In a reverse direction.: Backward

Reading disorder.: Dyslexia

Someone who is required to be present, but isn’t.: Absentee

Guardianship.: Tutelage

First husband of Madonna.: Sean penn

Rules that govern the conduct of a church.: Canon law

Giant dinosaur creature from Japanese pop culture.: Godzilla

Island previously known as Van Diemen’s Land.: Tasmania

Puzzle 2 Answers

Continuing to live against all odds.: Surviving

On a skydiver’s back for a safe landing.: Parachute

Farm tool featured in American Gothic.: Pitchfork

Dessert ingredient in a Mexican mole dish.: Chocolate

Interlinked rings of metal forming flexible armor.: Chain mail

Pronounce very carefully.: Enunciate

Emergency medical technician.: Paramedic

Sign of surrender.: White flag

Racing game featuring famous Nintendo brothers.: Mario kart

Mechanical, robotic, self-operating toy.: Automaton

Structure from which a rocket takes off.: Launchpad

Porcine diva of The Muppets.: Miss piggy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Awful, dreadful; epithet added to Tsar Ivan.: Terrible

National __, French Revolution’s legislative body.: Assembly

Backspin stroke landing a ball just over the net.: Drop shot

Sent by a tourist, no envelope required.: Postcard

Greater and Lesser Caribbean island groups.: Antilles

Former Android OS version that you’d lick a lot.: Lollipop

Cordial.: Friendly

Floating frozen sheet attached to land.: Ice shelf

Main antagonist in Peyo’s comic strip The Smurfs.: Gargamel

Beer cocktail with Japanese rice wine.: Sake bomb

Sealed very well.: Airtight

Author of The Silent World: Jacques __.: Cousteau

French philosopher said “My life is a struggle”.: Voltaire

Field of expertise, occupation, trade.: Vocation

Puzzle 4 Answers

Hungarian stew seasoned with paprika.: Goulash

Calls the same number again.: Redials

Prove to be more powerful.: Prevail

Common term for the energy of a body in motion.: Kinetic

Opportunities.: Chances

Study of the body’s structure.: Anatomy

__ Perk, coffee shop frequented by famous Friends.: Central

Most populated city in the U.S. state of Illinois.: Chicago

Weakness, state of being delicate.: Frailty

Charged with crime, branded a criminal.: Accused

Puzzle 5 Answers

Leafy salad plant, same genus as chicory.: Endive

Country directly north of Rwanda.: Uganda

Cons someone.: Tricks

The openings through which tea is poured.: Spouts

Official language of Bahrain.: Arabic

Simba’s father and Sarabi’s mate in The Lion King.: Mufasa

Permanent body ink.: Tattoo

Laced men’s shoe; English university.: Oxford

Towers atop churches rising to a point.: Spires

Germanic imperial ruler.: Kaiser

Group 353

Puzzle 1 Answers

Night-time instrument for judging time.: Moondial

Nevada’s Sin City.: Las vegas

Pleasantness.: Niceness

Alternate route that saves time.: Shortcut

Language with the most native speakers.: Mandarin

Cat pursued relentlessly by Pepe Le Pew.: Penelope

Container for midday meal.: Lunchbox

Nobel had a blast with this invention.: Dynamite

Poet who wrote “The Charge of the Light Brigade”.: Tennyson

Gathering for fans of graphic novels.: Comic con

Type of fracture in which bone pierces the skin.: Compound

Business end of the White House.: West wing

Male singing voice that is very high.: Falsetto

Jupiter’s second largest moon.: Callisto

Puzzle 2 Answers

Capital of Nicaragua.: Managua

Device in exhaust pipe to quiet engine noise.: Muffler

Co-creator of Spider-Man, often does cameos.: Stan lee

Scientific study of the animal kingdom.: Zoology

To speak with superficial or limited knowledge.: Smatter

Satellite of Saturn discovered by Cassini in 1671.: Iapetus

Austrian pastry with fruit filling.: Strudel

Blood relationship.: Kinship

Shoulder blade.: Scapula

Protects from attack.: Defends

Song that mentions Father McKenzie: __ Rigby.: Eleanor

House for honey.: Beehive

Split a restaurant bill equally.: Go dutch

Character in Greek mythology and Hamlet’s killer.: Laertes

Confound or complicate.: Perplex

Person held for ransom.: Hostage

Puzzle 3 Answers

Small envelope of fire sticks.: Matchbook

Room for physical education at a school.: Gymnasium

Sombreness, gravity.: Solemnity

Without pausing, non-stop.: Incessant

Colorful outdoor sport, simulating battle.: Paintball

Plant container.: Flowerpot

Comic strip character with phenomenal powers.: Superhero

Infamous clown in Stephen King’s It.: Pennywise

State of messy lawlessness.: Anarchism

French war leader, Commander of the National Guard.: Lafayette

Dinner of choice for Lady and the Tramp.: Spaghetti

Bending one knee to the ground as sign of respect.: Genuflect

Cover a chair with cushion and fabric.: Upholster

Puzzle 4 Answers

Jumpsuit or playsuit.: Romper

Sentimental speech about a deceased person.: Eulogy

Pertaining to the season of spring.: Vernal

Le __ Bleu culinary school.: Cordon

Jim __; police commissioner of Gotham City.: Gordon

Flies in one place, like a helicopter.: Hovers

Special skill.: Talent

__ Khan; founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China.: Kublai

Central American country that connects to Colombia.: Panama

Taurus star cluster named after Atlas’s daughters.: Hyades

Anatomical name for the voice box.: Larynx

Group of bears.: Sleuth

Hate or loathe.: Detest

Puzzle 5 Answers

Golden Indian spice that can help heal wounds.: Turmeric

Program at a theater performance.: Playbill

One individual spot of precipitation.: Raindrop

Dwelling with no upstairs level.: Bungalow

Sled with a curved front.: Toboggan

Supplied.: Provided

Woman’s shirt neckline that hangs in draped folds.: Cowl neck

Devices on which video games are played.: Consoles

Males of this aquatic species give birth.: Seahorse

Landlocked country in the center of South America.: Paraguay

Opera by Mozart: The __ of Figaro.: Marriage

Business selling old car parts.: Junk yard

Group 354

Puzzle 1 Answers

An altercation between women.: Cat fight

__ Rhapsody by Queen.: Bohemian

A large number of, an excessive amount of.: Plethora

Mexican state whose name means “true cross”.: Veracruz

Whale considered the romantic of the sea.: Humpback

Exit hatch in the floor.: Trapdoor

Burping.: Belching

Caribbean country with a trident on its flag.: Barbados

Pig from Orwell’s Animal Farm.: Napoleon

Dr Pepper ad slogan: What’s __ that could happen?.: The worst

Soccer’s biggest tournament.: World cup

Puzzle 2 Answers

Clark Kent’s girlfriend from the Daily Planet.: Lois lane

Non-metal element Se used in photocells.: Selenium

US punk rockers with a song titled American Idiot.: Green day

Male property owner who collects rent.: Landlord

Turncoat, runaway, renegade.: Defector

Country home to Mount Kilimanjaro.: Tanzania

Drink of wine and sparkling water mixed.: Spritzer

Sky with dense cloud cover.: Overcast

Habit of eating earth.: Geophagy

Cause suffering.: Torments

Glass fish house.: Aquarium

Puzzle 3 Answers

A place visited by peace seekers.: Retreat

Small round glass spheres, loved by children.: Marbles

Flagrant, obvious.: Blatant

Wicked and odious.: Heinous

Frank Miller’s noir crime graphic novel.: Sin city

Relating to earthquakes.: Seismic

Creation, beginning, origin.: Genesis

Charm, bewitch.: Beguile

Tube leading from the larynx to the lungs.: Trachea

Kangaroo’s leaf-eating smaller cousin.: Wallaby

Cruel and oppressive government.: Tyranny

Brightest star in the Earth’s night sky.: Dog star

A double reed bass instrument from the oboe family.: Bassoon

Goddess of agriculture and mother of Persephone.: Demeter

Author of War and Peace.: Tolstoy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Official in a financial building.: Bank clerk

Japan’s highest peak, on Honshu Island.: Mount fuji

Someone’s true identity concealed.: Incognito

Radioactive element named for a former planet.: Plutonium

Exterminator’s tool.: Pesticide

Teen drama series based on Archie Comics.: Riverdale

Cranium out in front.: Head first

Right side of a ship.: Starboard

Imagery or allegorical representation.: Symbolism

Nemo’s species.: Clownfish

Looked at thoroughly.: Inspected

Buttery half moon-shaped bread.: Croissant

Puzzle 5 Answers

Military underground shelter or accommodation.: Bunker

The word for “thank you” in Italian.: Grazie

Green tea powder.: Matcha

SI units of energy.: Joules

Egyptian king who abdicated the throne in 1952.: Farouk

Skip like a horse.: Prance

Gas that makes up around 24 percent of the Sun.: Helium

Unlucky.: Cursed

Go on board an aircraft.: Embark

East African nation, home to Kibale National Park.: Uganda

Comfortable top with head protection.: Hoodie

Group 355

Puzzle 1 Answers

Asian mint used as a perfume.: Patchouli

Not explored.: Uncharted

Romantic partners, besotted in avian way.: Lovebirds

Chorus line ladies singing and dancing on stage.: Showgirls

Formal written statements of claims in a courtroom.: Pleadings

Second-most populous city in Australia.: Melbourne

Arthropod that doesn’t actually have 1,000 legs.: Millipede

Astronomical term for the explosion of a star.: Supernova

This U.S. town’s nickname is “music city”.: Nashville

Connective tissue in the body, like ears & nose.: Cartilage

Burgundian red wine grape also used in Champagne.: Pinot noir

Withdrew.: Retracted

Take-it-or-leave-it deal.: Ultimatum

Frank Lloyd Wright’s profession.: Architect

Linemen who protect their quarterback.: Offensive

People-powered taxis.: Rickshaws

Puzzle 2 Answers

Spinal discomfort.: Backache

Plant extracts used in scents or flavorings.: Essences

Government representative abroad, in an embassy.: Diplomat

One who tends plants.: Gardener

Hooved animal, with even or odd toe numbers.: Ungulate

Diabolical, horrific.: Infernal

Accumulation of winter precipitation.: Snowfall

Appliance for grilling food outdoors.: Barbecue

__ cap, work boots that protect on building sites.: Steel toe

America was named after the explorer Amerigo __.: Vespucci

Japanese Manga character from Mighty Atom series.: Astro boy

Pounds, beats steadily.: Pulsates

Gland that secretes digestive enzymes.: Pancreas

Bull on top, man on bottom.: Minotaur

The __; TV series about Italian-American mobsters.: Sopranos

Animation type, fast flicks with physical pages.: Flip book

Accused, censured.: Indicted

Period when insects evolved.: Devonian

Transfer data onto a computer.: Download

Puzzle 3 Answers

Celebrated, renowned.: Fabled

Mythical fire-breather.: Dragon

The black horse of the apocalypse represents this.: Famine

Discuss by stating different arguments.: Debate

Capital of the Republic of Macedonia.: Skopje

The two moons of Mars: Deimos and __.: Phobos

Dried plums.: Prunes

SI unit of electric current.: Ampere

Carried out or introduced gradually.: Phased

Talkative.: Chatty

Smooth and shiny.: Glossy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Long distance in space.: Lightyear

Personal security officer.: Bodyguard

Mysterious, baffling, perplexing.: Enigmatic

Protective blockade.: Barricade

Electronic step tracker.: Pedometer

Study of the origin and evolution of the universe.: Cosmology

Guiding of actors to produce a movie.: Directing

Brininess, essence of sodium chloride.: Saltiness

Book with a soft, flexible cover.: Paperback

An eddy, vortex or waterspout.: Whirlpool

Inflammation of the tongue.: Glossitis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Suspend, as in a court case.: Adjourn

Ode on a __ Urn, John Keats poem on art and beauty.: Grecian

Marvel or wonder, can’t be explained with logic.: Miracle

Annoying, vexatious.: Irksome

Metal loop for keeping unlocking devices together.: Keyring

Formal disapproval or criticism.: Censure

Dreamy, pensive.: Wistful

Italian city in Massa, known for marble.: Carrara

Natural environment where an animal makes its home.: Habitat

__ novels; books based around comic strips.: Graphic

Final resting place for Greek heroes: __ Fields.: Elysian

Group 356

Puzzle 1 Answers

Exercise machine with a never-ending belt.: Treadmill

Group of holding rooms in a jail.: Cell block

Early years.: Childhood

First balcony in a symphony hall.: Mezzanine

Existing in the absence of free oxygen.: Anaerobic

A triangular Swiss chocolate bar.: Toblerone

__ strike, bombing that pinpoints the target.: Precision

Cathedral in Paris, known for a hunchback.: Notre dame

Fleeting, momentary, brief.: Ephemeral

Profane talk about sacred things.: Blasphemy

Sandy’s love interest in Grease.: Danny zuko

Plant that needs little water to thrive.: Succulent

To play music along with another musician.: Accompany

Charles Darwin was one.: Biologist

Tuneful vocal pattern from largest sea mammals.: Whalesong

Supreme Incan being, creator of sun and moon.: Viracocha

Deep-rooted, established.: Ingrained

Puzzle 2 Answers

Pomegranate syrup used in cocktails.: Grenadine

Control exerted to restrain impulses.: Willpower

Adolescents.: Teenagers

Actress, first wife of Ronald Reagan.: Jane wyman

Grooming tool for locks.: Hairbrush

Officially declared a saint in the Catholic church.: Canonized

They follow celebrities with a camera.: Paparazzi

Term for the second (lower) blood pressure number.: Diastolic

House for a tomb.: Mausoleum

Close interaction between two different organisms.: Symbiosis

Puzzle 3 Answers

Gymnastic entertainer.: Acrobat

Moving on a slick surface.: Sliding

Singer-songwriter Boy George’s band: __ Club.: Culture

Colorless gas common in cleaning products.: Ammonia

Ancient Greek city near Temple of Artemis.: Ephesus

Dried, cured strips of southern African beef.: Biltong

Narrow-minded, inward-facing.: Insular

Rare loss of ability to recognize sensory stimuli.: Agnosia

Author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy: J.R.R. __.: Tolkien

Mat-based game with colorful spots and contortion.: Twister

Draw over the lines of a picture again.: Retrace

Broken bit of road that needs filling.: Pothole

Monument, stone pillar, often with a pyramidal top.: Obelisk

Disarray.: Turmoil

Puzzle 4 Answers

After Dubai, second-most populous city of UAE.: Abu dhabi

Tall building with sails for generating power.: Windmill

Jim Henson puppets who lived on a rock.: Fraggles

Plays devil’s __, presents a counter-argument.: Advocate

Origin of a family.: Ancestry

Silver Linings __, film nominated for 8 Oscar.: Playbook

Quarrel, dispute, altercation.: Argument

Passengers get a rise out of this Otis invention.: Elevator

Distressed, flustered.: Dismayed

Amount of water vapor in the atmosphere.: Humidity

Type of medication used to treat water retention.: Diuretic

Extra period of play in ice hockey.: Overtime

Singers J. Balvin and Shakira both come from here.: Colombia

Outer garment for keeping warm.: Overcoat

Puzzle 5 Answers

Relating to high mountains.: Alpine

Stories that occur while sleeping.: Dreams

Oliver’s clever mate Dodger.: Artful

Very formal, high-rise headwear.: Top hat

Silvery-white metal, a base for blue pigments.: Cobalt

Tooth decay.: Caries

Small tower on a medieval castle.: Turret

The __, French museum, purchased Kahlo’s The Frame.: Louvre

City that hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics.: Sydney

It comes after summer and before winter.: Autumn

Olivia Newton-John song: “Have You Never Been __”.: Mellow

__ Conventions, the rulebook in war.: Geneva

Made beer.: Brewed

The name of the donkey in Winnie the Pooh.: Eeyore

Group 357

Puzzle 1 Answers

The consequence or result of an action.: Effect

Boundary between states or countries.: Border

Bright spot in the sky, also called parhelion.: Sundog

Cuisine in which Basmati rice is popular.: Indian

Join, fasten.: Attach

Hammers used by judges.: Gavels

Given the wrong advice, deceived.: Misled

“A friend in need is a friend ____”.: Indeed

Fiber of the palm tree used to weave into mats.: Raffia

The radiation counter he invented bears his name.: Geiger

Greek goddess of the moon.: Selene

Roadside places to stay overnight.: Motels

Keep out of sight, avoid detection.: Lie low

A sound that’s high-pitched and piercing.: Shrill

Puzzle 2 Answers

Protection against burned skin.: Sunscreen

Not derived from anything else.: Primitive

Glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream.: Endocrine

Female supervillain, enemy of Wonder Woman.: Dark angel

Backup power source in a building.: Generator

Police restraint around the wrists.: Handcuffs

Progeny, children, kids.: Offspring

Motioning with finger to approach.: Beckoning

Dystopian series by Veronica Roth.: Divergent

Extortion.: Blackmail

Archaic term for sulfur.: Brimstone

Imbalance, a great difference.: Disparity

Due __, care required by a prudent person.: Diligence

Country bordering Costa Rica to the North.: Nicaragua

Spotted dog breed coveted by Cruella de Vil.: Dalmatian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bitterness, sharpness of taste.: Acridity

Cagliari is this island’s capital city.: Sardinia

Having no idea, being out of touch.: Clueless

Taking place every other year.: Biennial

One of the individual small bones in the spine.: Vertebra

The murder of a king.: Regicide

Expensive, underground edible fungi.: Truffles

Roman emperor, nominated himself perpetual censor.: Domitian

One-wheeled transport.: Unicycle

Purgative drug used to treat constipation.: Laxative

Greek legend’s lowest region of the underworld.: Tartarus

Break a code.: Decipher

Two different words that mean the same thing.: Synonyms

__ dog, yoga position.: Downward

Series of written symbols that represent numbers.: Notation

Once a play finishes, the actors do this on stage.: Take a bow

Plant with yellow flowers and edible leaves.: Marigold

Puzzle 4 Answers

No consideration for others.: Selfish

Designs made from small, colorful tiles.: Mosaics

Follow a winding course.: Meander

Apple’s CEO; began in 2011.: Tim cook

Ancient city known for its Hanging Gardens.: Babylon

Faults, imperfections.: Defects

Hometown of The Flintstones.: Bedrock

Type of short-grained rice used to make risotto.: Arborio

Skin pigment.: Melanin

Household waste collected for fertilizer.: Compost

European country where the Black Forest is located.: Germany

Annual calendar with important upcoming events.: Almanac

Ground, dried sweet red pepper sold in a jar.: Paprika

Collective term for a bunch of cats.: Clowder

Puzzle 5 Answers

This hero was born on planet Krypton.: Superman

Toxic element named for Madame Curie’s birthplace.: Polonium

A naturally occurring sugar found in fruits.: Fructose

Landing screen of a website.: Home page

In the form of a haze or cloud.: Nebulous

Appropriate for the situation.: Suitable

World’s second largest landlocked country.: Mongolia

They are better to eat you with.: Big teeth

Place where tents can be pitched.: Camp site

A sum given to a charity.: Donation

Blooms of love.: Red roses

__ Murphy, actress of Clueless.: Brittany

Male massage therapists.: Masseurs

Group 358

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mail from tourists.: Postcards

Breaks in activity.: Intervals

Branch of medicine dealing with brain system.: Neurology

Immature, sophomoric.: Infantile

Ornamental objects used to hold a sleeve closed.: Cufflinks

Sega’s 6th generation games console.: Dreamcast

Cut him out and do it yourself.: Middleman

To give in, especially in battle.: Surrender

Ten specific athletic events over two days.: Decathlon

Han Solo’s co-pilot.: Chewbacca

Nepalese valley named after national capital.: Kathmandu

Someone who brings a civil action in court.: Plaintiff

Deliberately destroy property.: Vandalize

Self-employed, working on contract.: Freelance

Puzzle 2 Answers

Moment of sudden revelation.: Epiphany

Bullet rebound.: Ricochet

Barely, hardly.: Scarcely

Flip through a book quickly, not in great depth.: Skim read

Revolving wheel gambling game.: Roulette

Grew wider.: Expanded

Nickname for Boeing 747.: Jumbo jet

Substance that precipitates a chemical reaction.: Catalyst

Track event to determine who leaps the farthest.: Long jump

Characters assumed by authors, or game-players.: Personas

Puzzle 3 Answers

A private room.: Chamber

Appears in the sky at the start of a lunar month.: New moon

Given a less important job title.: Demoted

Late American singer, nicknamed “Ol’ Blue Eyes”.: Sinatra

Rapunzel’s Disney movie.: Tangled

The practice of cleanliness.: Hygiene

Misconception or delusion.: Fallacy

Those who watch from the shadows.: Lurkers

Chemical element, atomic number 45.: Rhodium

Operating a car.: Driving

Jackson __, paint-splatter artist.: Pollock

Long period without sufficient rainfall.: Drought

Puzzle 4 Answers

A weakness leading to one’s downfall: __ heel.: Achilles

Terry cloth post-shower garment.: Bathrobe

Lined like a prune, or an elephant.: Wrinkled

Ruining.: Spoiling

Rich white sauce in French cuisine, contains cream.: Bechamel

In Christianity: manifestations of bodily wounds.: Stigmata

Old school audio format using magnetic tape.: Cassette

__ Ali; The Greatest boxer of all time, perhaps.: Muhammad

Person applying for state benefits.: Claimant

Advocates equality for women.: Feminism

Slim medical tubes for sucking up liquids.: Pipettes

Prolific reader.: Bookworm

Small weight to keep entrance open.: Doorstop

Puzzle 5 Answers

Swollen, distended.: Turgid

Glacial period in time.: Ice age

Alongside ambrosia, it sustained the gods.: Nectar

Austria’s capital city.: Vienna

Stranger __; Netflix series starring Winona Ryder.: Things

Extravagant, excessively showy.: Lavish

Good luck in Spanish: “buena __”.: Suerte

Americans eat this bird at Thanksgiving.: Turkey

Physical strength.: Muscle

Truman __ wanted Ms. Monroe to play Ms. Golightly.: Capote

Wooden support below the waist utilized by pirates.: Peg leg

The color of the Beatles’ submarine.: Yellow

Martial art, practiced by the “Kid”.: Karate

Pluto’s closest-known satellite, a Greek ferryman.: Charon

Group 359

Puzzle 1 Answers

Clumsily, gracelessly.: Awkwardly

Trusting someone with a secret.: Confiding

Accumulation of winter precipitation blown by wind.: Snowdrift

Eight babies born at the same time.: Octuplets

Pop singer who co-wrote Candle in the Wind.: Elton john

Deeply discounted merchandise.: Clearance

Story that you can listen to on a journey.: Audiobook

Minimizes friction.: Lubricant

Echoed, rang through the air.: Resonated

Small organ of the immune system.: Lymph node

Native girl who pines for Peter Pan.: Tiger lily

Ale made by local producers, not large corporations.: Craft beer

Sunny-colored tuna.: Yellowfin

Tummy pain.: Bellyache

Puzzle 2 Answers

Wasteful, extravagant.: Prodigal

Handrail on a staircase.: Banister

Fungal skin infection, can affect scalp and body.: Ringworm

Coordinate for north-south position of a place.: Latitude

Insincere and excessive praise.: Flattery

Volume; maximum possible attendance.: Capacity

Traffic stop signal.: Red light

Celebratory clinking of wine glasses.: Toasting

Space between eyes and hairline.: Forehead

The words of an opera, the spoken and sung parts.: Libretto

She drinks the poisoned wine intended for Hamlet.: Gertrude

Deliberately tricking or deceiving.: Scamming

Novak __, Serbian Grand Slam-winning tennis star.: Djokovic

Relating to the period of the year before winter.: Autumnal

Elongated, goofy girlfriend of Popeye.: Olive oyl

The wife of an earl.: Countess

Three-pronged forks.: Tridents

Canal or river.: Waterway

Carrie __; newspaper columnist in Sex and the City.: Bradshaw

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ocean liquid.: Saltwater

Green nut with a hard shell.: Pistachio

Fanciful and amusing, quirky.: Whimsical

ID adopted by Batman’s ex-sidekick Dick Grayson.: Nightwing

Without a sound.: Noiseless

Long car, often hired for fancy events.: Limousine

Device used to beam images onto a wall.: Projector

__ Rock, Presley hit from a movie of the same name.: Jailhouse

Roadside advertiser.: Billboard

Rock face, crag, cliff.: Precipice

Puzzle 4 Answers

Not see-through.: Opaque

Small file to identify user of a web browser.: Cookie

Small shovel for mortar.: Trowel

A small, shallow stretch of water.: Stream

Paris’s executioner during the French Revolution.: Sanson

Overseas, in a foreign country.: Abroad

__ Wood played Frodo and Mumble.: Elijah

Digs deeper into something.: Delves

Food made according to Jewish dietary laws.: Kosher

Wilson’s disease causes an excessive buildup of it.: Copper

Alexei __, first Russian to walk in space.: Leonov

It boils water for tea.: Kettle

Plaything that’s a vehicle.: Toy car

Simultaneous discharge of missiles or firearms.: Volley

Ginger __, dancer starred with Astaire in Top Hat.: Rogers

African animal adventure.: Safari

Country where the ancient Lescaux cave is located.: France

Kimchi is a staple in this type of cuisine.: Korean

Jeweled headpieces.: Tiaras

Puzzle 5 Answers

Type of sale where items go to the highest bidder.: Auction

Tall animal with a long neck.: Giraffe

In typography, adjusting spaces between letters.: Kerning

They hold photos around the neck.: Lockets

6-sided shape.: Hexagon

French botanist formulated a theory of evolution.: Lamarck

Wizard in Lord of the Rings.: Gandalf

Developed gradually.: Evolved

Herb from a shrub; pop one in stew for flavor.: Bay leaf

Took covering off peas.: Shelled

Group 360

Puzzle 1 Answers

Exceedingly, exceptionally.: Extremely

Instruction to cling on for dear life.: Hold tight

Craft that leaves the atmosphere.: Spaceship

Street purveyor of magazines and daily papers.: Newsstand

Normandy seashore, site of WWII Allied invasions.: Gold beach

Guitarist with Nirvana and Foo Fighters.: Dave grohl

__ Four; Marvel superhero team.: Fantastic

Force into believing or doing something.: Brainwash

Dutch artist believed to have stereo blindness.: Rembrandt

How hot it feels; temperature with humidity.: Heat index

Film actor who plays Harry Potter: Daniel __.: Radcliffe

Yellow lawn flower used in tisanes and teas.: Dandelion

Car for driving on sandy hills.: Dune buggy

Special right or advantage given to certain groups.: Privilege

Uncontrollable red nasal drip.: Nosebleed

Guards of Azkaban.: Dementors

Political system followed by Marx and Lenin.: Communism

Puzzle 2 Answers

Catherine __; mother of Mary I, Queen of England.: Of aragon

Organ of speech, the larynx.: Voicebox

Singer and guitarist supported by Heartbreakers.: Tom petty

First major battle of the English Civil War.: Edgehill

Agricultural produce grown to sell.: Cash crop

Players who stand behind batters.: Catchers

Hot, humid climate, like in a rainforest.: Tropical

Only sea with no coastline.: Sargasso

Piling one on top of the other.: Stacking

Aubergine.: Eggplant

Satisfied by an amount of water.: Quenched

Puzzle 3 Answers

Icy crystal unlike another.: Snowflake

Electronic voice amplifier.: Megaphone

DC Comics botany expert and supervillain.: Poison ivy

Blood cells that control post-injury bleeding.: Platelets

Facial hair named after a Civil War soldier.: Sideburns

Wall-hanging circle for tiny arrows.: Dartboard

The relationship between cause and effect.: Causality

First American to orbit the Earth.: John glenn

__ 64; computer used by 1980s gamers.: Commodore

Italian unsmoked cured pork jowl.: Guanciale

Without end.: Unceasing

Small wooden tool for removing trapped food.: Tooth pick

Rays of natural nighttime light from the sky.: Moonbeams

French Protestants of the 16th and 17th centuries.: Huguenots

Attraction between people.: Chemistry

Without instruments.: A cappella

City nicknamed Venice of the North.: Amsterdam

Puzzle 4 Answers

Online page.: Website

Shortness, briefness.: Brevity

Showy display, describes a grand performance.: Bravura

Dizzying sensation, a medical condition.: Vertigo

A small independent coprincipality in the Pyrenees.: Andorra

Sandy’s best friend in Grease.: Frenchy

One who assists with births.: Midwife

Extraordinarily skilled at a young age.: Prodigy

Italian term for an undulating musical note.: Vibrato

Army and soldiers on horseback.: Cavalry

Places for storing cadavers.: Morgues

Italian curd cheese, creamy white texture.: Ricotta

Oceanic earthquake outcome.: Tsunami

Puzzle 5 Answers

Express remorse for sins.: Repent

Acting dame, often playing the Queen, Helen __.: Mirren

Cold __; weather systems with chilly air.: Fronts

Woman from Spanish-speaking South American country.: Latina

Fairy tale about two siblings: Hansel and __.: Gretel

Ho Chi Minh City formerly.: Saigon

Cow or horse excrement for fertilizer.: Manure

Objects in poor taste because they are tacky.: Kitsch

Small tropical climbing lizards.: Geckos

Chemical element used as medical disinfectant.: Iodine

Carl Sagan TV series that covered astronomy.: Cosmos

Destined to fail.: Doomed

Ambulance signalers.: Sirens

Marvel supervillain created by Hank Pym.: Ultron

Country whose army lost the Battle of Marathon.: Persia

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