CodyCross Paris Answers

Paris Answers

Group 241

Puzzle 1 Answers

You put this on dogs and horses.: Collar

Sweet hummable musical arrangement.: Melody

Currency of the Czech Republic.: Koruna

Mark Antony’s wife.: Fulvia

Elinor __, economics Nobel Prize winner.: Ostrom

Waterway larger than a brook, smaller than a river.: Stream

Cured Italian meat, popular cold cut.: Salami

Slightly louder than a whisper.: Murmur

Islamic mysticism.: Sufism

Harry __, title character of a series by JK Rowling.: Potter

Under __, sports clothing company.: Armour

Very energetic person.: Dynamo

Puzzle 2 Answers

Seaside toy.: Beach ball

Canadian comedian, Uncle Buck, Space Balls.: John candy

The place behind the performance area in a play.: Backstage

Italian opera composer of Lucia di Lammermoor.: Donizetti

Estadio Olímpico Joao __, Rio de Janeiro.: Havelange

Harmless, inoffensive.: Innocuous

Attracted to all people regardless of their gender.: Pansexual

UK 1983 robbery, gold bullion remains unrecovered.: Brinks mat

Avocado-based dip.: Guacamole

Usually, mammals give birth to __.: Live young

Stages in from birth to death.: Life cycle

Wooden puppet who lied a lot.: Pinocchio

Mary __; she saw Christ after his Resurrection.: Magdalene

Describes a petite nose turned up at the tip.: Retrousse

Puzzle 3 Answers

To attack with explosives, repeatedly.: Bombard

Half-goat half-horse creature with one horn.: Licorne

Congo’s National park with mountain gorillas.: Virunga

Science that studies rocks.: Geology

Swedish band that recorded “Listen to Your Heart”.: Roxette

Jewish holiday also known as Feast of Weeks.: Shavuot

Popular smoking product is illegal in Bhutan.: Tobacco

Space in front of your plane seat.: Leg room

Wheel guards on a car or bike to prevent splashing.: Fenders

The eighth Avatar of the god Vishnu.: Krishna

Prehistoric cave paintings found in France.: Lascaux

Gray and white aquatic bird that lives by the ocean.: Seagull

Terminator__, US film from 2015.: Genisys

Stieg __, crimewriter of the Millennium trilogy.: Larsson

Medical term for the loss of the sense of smell.: Anosmia

__ Jordan, legendary US basketball player.: Michael

Modus __, way of living.: Vivendi

Effeminate.: Unmanly

Puzzle 4 Answers

To penetrate or enter unexpectedly or violently.: Plunge

Fred Flintstone’s best friend, Barney.: Rubble

Second book of the Old Testament.: Exodus

Fernando __, Portuguese poet, had many identities.: Pessoa

Extensive territory ruled by one group or person.: Empire

Endures without yielding or bears patiently.: Abides

Joseph __, British inventor of reinforced concrete.: Monier

Decorative wheel cover on a car.: Hubcap

Cross between a doughnut and a croissant.: Cronut

Author of “And Then There Were None”: __ Christie.: Agatha

Car that pulls a train.: Engine

Soft corals that look like feather pens.: Sea pen

Jane Porter in The Legend of Tarzan 2016.: Margot

Australian city known for its “Coathanger” bridge.: Sydney

The “e” in e =mc2 as posited by Einstein.: Energy

Notre-Dame has a famous rose one.: Window

Puzzle 5 Answers

Area between the Earth and the sun.: Geospace

Botswana delta, popular with safari tourists.: Okavango

Look inwards and study oneself in this field.: Autology

Butch Cassidy and the __ Kid, famous duo.: Sundance

The queen’s daughter.: Princess

Eating disorder involving loss of appetite.: Anorexia

Atari’s 1984 shooting game.: Dropzone

It would take a tiny jockey to ride one.: Horse fly

Term for a papal election.: Conclave

Blenniidae and Clinidae fishes, scaled or scaleless.: Blennies

Tight-lipped, disinclined to talk.: Taciturn

Bottle gourd with pale green skin and white flesh.: Calabash

Another name for the Holy Grail.: Sangreal

Literary festival.: Book fair

The official national sport of Cuba.: Baseball

Flat bread used to wrap tacos.: Tortilla

Waterproof overshoes.: Galoshes

Milan’s international airport, with the code MXP.: Malpensa

Group 242

Puzzle 1 Answers

Scribe of the written work.: Author

Home to ancient Senegal site and holy sites.: Fatick

Relating to or situated near or on the back.: Dorsal

Ancient Russian town on Lake Nero, in Yaroslavl.: Rostov

It means “dawn” in Spanish.: Aurora

__ Takei plays Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek.: George

To outline, trace, delineate, silhouette.: Define

Ferdinand and Imelda, Filipino dictators.: Marcos

Tropical yellow fruit with black seeds in center.: Papaya

French port where the country’s navy was scuttled.: Toulon

Grand __, large covered market in Istanbul.: Bazaar

Groups of stars and matter found in the universe.: Galaxy

Large blunt sewing needle.: Bodkin

__ Sports Stadium, Ghana’s largest, Baba Yara.: Kumasi

Puzzle 2 Answers

Process that affects structure of Earth’s crust.: Tectonics

Venustraphobia is fear of __ women.: Beautiful

Non-compliant, opposing; reluctant.: Resistant

Buddhist female lay renunciant in Myanmar.: Thilashin

Medical term for the inflammation of veins.: Phlebitis

North African city with bustling Djemaa el-Fna.: Marrakech

Spanish cocktail, Calimocho, Rioja Libre.: Kalimotxo

Lightweight hand-held air wafting devices.: Paper fans

Similar to an Embassy, but not in a capital.: Consulate

Much sought after Last Supper’s goblet.: Holy grail

Statue of Athena that protected Troy.: Palladium

Pan’s __, dark fantasy about the Spanish Civil War.: Labyrinth

Famous US tractor company.: John deere

Festival marking the beginning of Lent in Italy.: Carnevale

Iron carbide found in most steels.: Cementite

Puzzle 3 Answers

Language that has 18 vowel phenomenons.: Swedish

Capital of China’s Jiangsu province on the Yangtze.: Nanjing

Franco’s former royal palace, near Madrid.: El pardo

Author of Britain’s most famous spy.: Fleming

Head with prolongation in various animals, weevil.: Snouted

Dustin __, Rain Man.: Hoffman

Hungarian stew; assortment of different things.: Goulash

Lightest solid created.: Aerogel

Yuri, Lara love story filmed in Spain, Doctor __.: Zhivago

Roger __, Swiss genius on the court.: Federer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Thought expressed with symbolic fictional figures.: Allegory

Players don’t move the round object with their feet.: Handball

Gothic Revival cathedral in Madrid.: Almudena

In this movie Al Pacino plays a drug dealer.: Scarface

__ slice, uncooked, layered brownie.: Hedgehog

Don’t __ Ice is a children’s game for ages 3 and up.: Break the

Motoring route that must be paid for.: Toll road

Valley of __, Luxor’s ancient royal burial site.: The kings

Number with 12 zeros.: Trillion

Sacred Hindu language.: Sanskrit

Exhibition held every two years such as in Venice.: Biennale

Puzzle 5 Answers

Decryption code.: Cipher

Christian title can be held by women.: Deacon

Salt __, part of a cruet set.: Cellar

Situation marked by errors or confusion, muddle.: Snafus

__ Elvis, Warhol painting of three.: Triple

Box that is lowered six feet into ground.: Casket

Warcraft villain, __, played by Daniel Wu.: Guldan

Janggi, __ chess, is a board game from Korea.: Korean

Richard Strauss’ tone poem, Also __ Zarathustra.: Sprach

__ Richards, makers of kettles and irons.: Morphy

Male first name; Middle Eastern kingdom.: Jordan

__ and Clyde, US criminal couple from the 1930s.: Bonnie

A bee performs a __ dance to show where food is.: Waggle

W. G. __, wrote Austerlitz novel.: Sebald

Penguin species with loud trumpeting call.: Gentoo

Bluish gemstone aka cordierite.: Iolite

Group 243

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ottoman sultan’s highly decorative robe.: Kaftan

Ian __, Atonement’s author.: Mcewan

Mushroom that sounds like seafood.: Oyster

__ Goose, 1964 WWII romantic comedy, codename.: Father

Large lake on the border of Estonia and Russia.: Peipus

US desert state that is home to Area 51.: Nevada

Grouchy or ill-natured.: Crabby

__ tang are popular bright fish.: Yellow

It means “dove” in Spanish.: Paloma

Catch butterflies blown from an elephant’s trunk.: Elefun

Thick tissues that link muscles to bones.: Sinews

Region where Westminster Abbey is located.: London

__ Krabs is SpongeBob’s boss.: Eugene

Berber __ are always traveling.: Nomads

Astronomical measurement from parallax and second.: Parsec

A knight’s personal assistant.: Squire

A superhero power: to __ to another dimension.: Banish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Giant ‘evil’ crater in Siberian forest.: Patomskiy

HTML: __ Markup Language.: Hypertext

If you have this you giggle longest.: Last laugh

Swimming stroke a canine uses.: Dog paddle

German term meaning spirit of the age.: Zeitgeist

Shopping by post.: Mail order

Capital and largest city in Cambodia.: Phnom penh

Second biggest selling video game (as of 2017).: Minecraft

The name for the three-banded Italian flag.: Tricolore

The birth name of Cambodian dictator Pol Pot.: Saloth sar

Severe storm with categories 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.: Hurricane

Dome __, gold-roofed shrine in Jerusalem.: Of the rock

A sequel to a sequel; third film in a series.: Threequel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Music style in no key, sounds controversial.: Atonal

Formed, delineated.: Shaped

Concert__, Amsterdam opera house.: Gebouw

Band player.: Rocker

1994 short film about a Diana Ross fan with a crush.: Trevor

Strip for landing airplanes on.: Runway

Upholstered bench, couch, sofa.: Settee

Charles __, King of the Franks.: Martel

What Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia were.: Graces

Severe gluten intolerance, __ disease.: Celiac

Group of related people, sometimes in one household.: Family

Lord Peter __, detective of Dorothy Sayers’ novels.: Wimsey

French term for thick sauce made from fruit.: Coulis

Indian dagger, fist blade.: Katara

Felines love this herb.: Catnip

Rajiv __ International Cricket Stadium.: Gandhi

Elusive Scottish lake monster’s nickname.: Nessie

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fear or dislike of bisexuality or bisexuals.: Biphobia

Squat, very hot chili pepper from green to orange.: Habanero

Box for holding pet piscines.: Fish tank

The __ of the Sierra Madre, US film from late 1940s.: Treasure

Sounding of notes of a chord in rapid succession.: Arpeggio

Educational entertainment company, kid’s game.: Leapfrog

Beavis’ pyromaniac friend.: Butthead

Heavenly virtue of self-discipline by reason.: Prudence

Lord Protector of the Commonwealth.: Cromwell

That’s how the cookie __.: Crumbles

El __, Maya step pyramid at Chichen Itza.: Castillo

Surroundings.: Purlieus

Puzzle 5 Answers

Repurpose items, creating more value.: Upcycle

Capital of Thailand.: Bangkok

Oldest living former French president, 1970s.: Estaing

This Croydon singer’s real name is Michael Omari.: Stormzy

__ Arnault, French billionaire.: Bernard

Robin Williams film about supernatural board game.: Jumanji

Goblin who lures children to the land of the dead.: Erlking

Large North American brown bear.: Grizzly

Competition.: Contest

Nancy Drew’s genre.: Mystery

Developed the 1st blood transfusion service.: Bethune

The way one who gives twice does it.: Quickly

Making clay items in a wheel and firing them.: Pottery

Müller-__, white grape created by Swiss botanist.: Thurgau

Largest moon of the planet Uranus.: Titania

Great musician or composer.: Maestro

Group 244

Puzzle 1 Answers

James __, invented artificial sweetener aspartame.: Schlatter

Staple food of Central Asian herders.: Yak butter

Nationality of long-distance runner Gebreselassie.: Ethiopian

Light in a concentrated line.: Laser beam

Financial situations of regions.: Economies

Viewing wheel by the River Thames.: London eye

Natalie __ had a hit song called “Torn”.: Imbruglia

Ancient rock temples in southern Egypt.: Abu simbel

The world’s constructed auxiliary language.: Esperanto

A female horse chiefly used for reproduction.: Broodmare

Outside the allowable area.: Off limits

Cover for a light.: Lamp shade

Sega’s sixth generation video game console.: Dreamcast

Discovery channel’s annual deep sea event.: Shark week

Von Trier’s comedy film from 1998.: The idiots

Hermann __, creator of the inkblot test.: Rorschach

Puzzle 2 Answers

Submerged.: Dipped

Carl Orff’s O Fortuna cantata, Carmina __.: Burana

A folding case used to carry money.: Wallet

A place for the sale of goods, store.: Bazaar

Largest Bavarian city, home to Bayern’s soccer team.: Munich

Herbal garden also known as apothecaries’ garden.: Physic

Plump and round.: Chubby

__ gingerbread, named after former Polish capital.: Krakow

Toy weapon with a cork down the barrel.: Pop gun

Frida Kahlo’s husband, Diego __.: Rivera

Dam on the Zambezi shared by Zambia and Zimbabwe.: Kariba

Crouching Tiger, Hidden __, film by Ang Lee.: Dragon

Members of secret society organized into lodges.: Masons

Puzzle 3 Answers

French fashion house of Marcel, with Femme perfume.: Rochas

Tires for emergencies.: Spares

Swift-__, a comet that last visited in 1992.: Tuttle

Dig a corpse out of the ground.: Exhume

Kingdom between Norway and Finland.: Sweden

Musée __, French art museum in railway station.: Dorsay

Fat-burning hormone found in muscle cells.: Irisin

Some call it “plátano” in Spanish.: Banana

This insect’s bite can lead to sleeping sickness.: Tsetse

Colour of autumn leaves before they turn red/brown.: Golden

__ Jankovic, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player.: Jelena

__ Île, historic center of Strasbourg.: Grande

Another name for the European bison.: Wisent

Geoff Love’s adopted name for music for mountains.: Manuel

Surname of mailman Cliff in Cheers.: Clavin

Killing the __ lion, the first labor of Heracles.: Nemean

Puzzle 4 Answers

Troy __, an actor in The Simpsons.: Mcclure

FC Barcelona’s stadium, with large trophy room.: Camp nou

Bound, obligated, closely related.: Affined

End-of-line railway station, main Rome rail hub.: Termini

Scholarly Jewish comedian.: Badchen

What the old are over.: The hill

__ chicken wings and blue cheese dip.: Buffalo

Hans __, German writer of Alone in Berlin.: Fallada

Argo producer, George __.: Clooney

Raising from birth.: Rearing

Christ the Redeemer statue overlooks Rio de __.: Janeiro

Made first solo non-stop transworld balloon flight.: Fossett

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bay __, bight at north of NZ’s North Island.: Of plenty

Power tool without a flex.: Cordless

Resting position with lower legs on the ground.: Kneeling

Jack the Ripper’s true one was never known.: Identity

Large outbreak of disease.: Pandemic

__ in Paradise features in the 50s musical Kismet.: Stranger

Cooked on a slow boil.: Simmered

Persian and Angora cats have __ (lengthy fur).: Long hair

Put money into a project.: Invested

Spherical float found in a toilet’s cistern.: Ballcock

Matt, creator of The Simpsons.: Groening

Alan __, Brit inventor of stereophonic sound.: Blumlein

Turn signals, informally.: Blinkers

US national park, a world Heritage Site since 1984.: Yosemite

Country in Marvel comics, capital Doomstadt.: Latveria

“All over bar the __”.: Shouting

Unit of hydrostatic pressure.: Decibars

Celebration headwear.: Party hat

Serer priestly class, ministers of religious cult.: Saltigue

Jefferson __, Washington monument to ex-president.: Memorial

__ Pessoa, Portuguese poet who used heteronyms.: Fernando

Group 245

Puzzle 1 Answers

The Girl with the Dragon __, a book and a movie.: Tattoo

Sea glider.: Surfer

__ J. Fry is from the year 2000 on Futurama.: Philip

__ Island, South African former prison.: Robben

Female president of the Philippines.: Aquino

American Super Soaker inventor __ Johnson.: Lonnie

__ Hero, self-destructive character.: Tragic

Collection of ancient writings forming Jewish law.: Talmud

__ in the Wind, song by Taupin and John.: Candle

__ Adventure, animated family attraction in London.: Shreks

An unbred, bucking, wild horse.: Bronco

King __VII Sea, Southern Ocean stretch.: Haakon

Marie-Antoine __, French pastry chef to royalty.: Careme

Photo __, take care of your nostalgic memories.: Albums

__ P. Sloan, General Motors’ mogul.: Alfred

Colombian painter who depicts plump women.: Botero

Syringa flowers that lend name to light purple.: Lilacs

Bread __, extract from the stomach in Operation.: Basket

Puzzle 2 Answers

Frances __, actress known for Fargo.: Mcdormand

Putting green golfer.: Golf caddy

Kate Middleton’s royal title, Duchess of __.: Cambridge

__ Tittlemouse, a character obsessed with cleaning.: Thomasina

Question on every Dallas fan’s lips in 1980.: Who shot jr

King of Aragon, sponsor of Columbus.: Ferdinand

Flyer who assesses performance of new aircraft.: Test pilot

A millionaire.: Moneybags

Well-known stage actor; played Henry Taylor on 24.: Colm feore

Major global hit for Boy George and band, Karma __.: Chameleon

Science founded by Archimedes.: Mechanics

Sweet, fermented yogurt eaten in India.: Mitha dahi

Dmitri __, created the table of chemical elements.: Mendeleev

Puzzle 3 Answers

Florida bay discovered by Ponce de León in 1513.: Biscayne

__ de la Cruz, eternal jubilee city.: Caravaca

Major French red wine region.: Bordeaux

Last half of a round of golf.: Back nine

__ Event, unexplained Siberian explosion of 1908.: Tunguska

__ Mastroianni, leading actor of La Dolce Vita.: Marcello

New Zealand skyscraper for bungee jumpers.: Sky tower

Similar to persuading.: Cajoling

He gives voice to a cowboy in Toy Story.: Tom hanks

John __, inventor of the chronometer.: Harrison

The __ waspfish has a large crown.: Cockatoo

In mythology, daughter of Helen and Menelaus.: Hermione

Home of Jože Plečnik and Škocjan Caves.: Slovenia

Science of electronic devices for aircrafts.: Avionics

Italian kitchen appliance brand, owners of Kenwood.: Delonghi

Pernickety, pettifogging.: Captious

Mount __, historical peak in South Dakota, US.: Rushmore

Style or design of printed characters.: Typeface

To make amends and fix.: Put right

Geological era in which mammals developed.: Cenozoic

Koala CIA agent in American Dad.: Reginald

Frasier Crane’s assistant and radio producer.: Roz doyle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Montevideo is capital of this South American State.: Uruguay

The letter ‘F’ in the phonetic alphabet.: Foxtrot

Vlad the __, ruler of Wallachia, Dracula.: Impaler

Similar to precook.: Parboil

The __ snapper has a black spot below dorsal fins.: Onespot

__ Marvel shoots energy bursts from her hands.: Captain

Needlework with a single hooked needle.: Crochet

Johnny __, real life story of lies and rumors.: Belinda

__ thy name is woman.: Frailty

Billy Madison, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore.: Sandler

Elizabethan loose-fitting breeches.: Gaskins

Illuminated machine that selects and plays vinyl.: Jukebox

Chemical element of atomic number 77.: Iridium

Puzzle 5 Answers

Container or ship.: Vessel

Latin American dish cooked in corn husk.: Tamale

__ Square, famous public space in downtown Cairo.: Tahrir

Luke, former world No 1 golfer.: Donald

Biblical land given to the Hebrews by Joseph.: Goshen

Humans only have two in their hands.: Thumbs

Opposite of concave.: Convex

Knight’s servant.: Squire

Andrew __, climber, died with Mallory on Everest.: Irvine

US brothers who invented a flying machine.: Wright

Hungarian name for their native language.: Magyar

Phone with round spinning dialpad.: Rotary

Procession, cortege.: Parade

__ Fair, Thackeray’s tale of rebellious Becky Sharp.: Vanity

Group 246

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ of Mons, apparitions seen on the Western Front.: Angels

Georges __, dotty French painter.: Seurat

Nominated 10 times for the Academy Awards, John __.: Huston

Appliance for heating water for coffee or tea.: Kettle

Lena __ plays Cersei in Game of Thrones.: Headey

Parsley, celery-like herb.: Lovage

Joseph __, Irish author.: Oneill

Paid assassin.: Hitman

Oil used in cosmetics.: Jojoba

__ the spot, treasure indicator on a pirate’s map.: X marks

Sir Gary __, West Indian cricket all-rounder.: Sobers

Kurt __ lead singer of Nirvana.: Cobain

First African Nobel Peace Prize winner, Albert __.: Lutuli

They often come with thunder and lightning.: Storms

To choose not to participate.: Opt out

TBH, Internet slang for “To Be __”.: Honest

In Christianity, Jacob’s second wife.: Rachel

Exercise performed hanging from a bar.: Pull up

Greek caviar, typically served as a spread.: Tarama

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who has had a limb or part of one removed.: Amputee

__ Bentz, German who invented coffee filters.: Melitta

__ Adam, composed the ballet Giselle.: Adolphe

This starts a soccer or football game.: Kick off

Rapture.: Ecstasy

Clue Jr.: Case of the __ Pet was released in 1989.: Missing

__ Aching, witch-in-training in Discworld series.: Tiffany

A Few __, Aaron Sorkin’s US legal drama.: Good men

Magician and escapologist born Ehrich Weiss.: Houdini

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere star in __ Bride.: Runaway

No gain __ pain.: Without

__Steps, Iberian stone stairway in Rome.: Spanish

Alternative name for Jerusalem’s Western Wall.: Wailing

UK spicy, currant cake like Eccles cake.: Banbury

Puzzle 3 Answers

Jan __, Czech student protested by self-immolation.: Palach

French reformer of the 16th century, John __.: Calvin

Not a liar, honorable, fair, sincere.: Honest

Nestle’s French packaged dessert.: Flanby

__ Cardcaptor, Japanese cartoon with a magical tarot.: Sakura

Printer inks.: Toners

The fluid that surrounds blood cells.: Plasma

The Great American __, 1974 rodeo documentary.: Cowboy

Piazza in Rome with fountains and obelisk.: Navona

To make a contribution; to bestow.: Donate

Extremely strong plastic invented by Kwolek.: Kevlar

Greek goddess of the hearth.: Hestia

The __, sang highway radio hit Wild Thing.: Troggs

Longest river in southeast Asia.: Mekong

Evan __ Wood, US actress.: Rachel

Puzzle 4 Answers

A shortened version of a book.: Abridged

Extinct flightless sea bird of the North Atlantic.: Great auk

The extreme opposite of orderliness.: Disarray

Large purple fruit used in cooking.: Eggplant

He declined the Israeli presidency in 1952.: Einstein

Wheel inside a car that changes the direction.: Steering

They attach your feet to the saddle.: Stirrups

Variety of talc, metamorphic nickel.: Kerolite

The name of the 2010 World Cup ball.: Jabulani

All __, Fosse’s dance film.: That jazz

Formal garden of symmetrical box hedges.: Parterre

Old Church, oldest building in Amsterdam.: Oude kerk

“Yes, a __ times yes!”, Pride and Prejudice line.: Thousand

Anesthetic sometimes called “Special K”.: Ketamine

Puzzle 5 Answers

Can be verified by observation or logic.: Empirical

Public space at the heart of Amsterdam.: Dam square

Sensible and realistic.: Pragmatic

A Town __, a love story set during and after WWII.: Like alice

Professional charged with steering Venetian boats.: Gondolier

Elite army of eunuchs in GOT.: Unsullied

Different colored skullcap worn by RC clergy.: Zucchetto

Fear of animals.: Zoophobia

Equines who pulled coal in the mines.: Pit ponies

Institute where brainy sorts thrash out policy.: Think tank

Component that cleans lubrication.: Oil filter

The first set of gnashers of a young mammal.: Milk teeth

Beachcomber’s bounty.: Seashells

There’s calm in its eye.: Hurricane

Gilbert and Sullivan operetta about a curse.: Ruddigore

Group 247

Puzzle 1 Answers

French dept in Occitanie, named after its river.: Aveyron

__ Sound, NZ fjord with penguins and seals.: Milford

Ancient quarter of a city.: Old town

As fast as it goes.: Flat out

Spanish fashion designer, __ Fortuny, born 1871.: Mariano

Hot __, moving around the office to work.: Desking

First Triumvirate member with Pompey and Caesar.: Crassus

Gear for going backwards.: Reverse

Strips of dried dough.: Noodles

Term for an americana submission in Jiu Jitsu.: Keylock

South African mongoose.: Meerkat

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dame Ninette de __, English-Irish ballerina.: Valois

Taking a chance, with no guarantee.: On spec

Cleaning up the __ stables, the fifth labor of Heracles.: Augean

Noah’s great-grandson.: Nimrod

Insect emblem of mysterious global puzzle series.: Cicada

Where would Scooby-Doo be without __.: Shaggy

Capital of Dominica.: Roseau

Puff __, French, many buttered layers.: Pastry

Official currency of Tajikistan.: Somoni

__ Plath, writer who married Ted Hughes.: Sylvia

Foliage.: Leaves

Animal waste used as fertilizer.: Manure

Puzzle 3 Answers

Sport for which Petra Kvitova is noted.: Tennis

What Italians call Scotland.: Scozia

Tropical plant used in conservatory furniture.: Rattan

Agricultural region in southeastern Spain.: Murcia

Maraschino, a type of.: Cherry

Guitar maker that produces the Stratocaster.: Fender

Roman Augustan poet famous for his odes.: Horace

Natalie __, plays a Tyrell in Game of Thrones.: Dormer

__ Heinlein, the dean of science fiction writers.: Robert

Japanese photography firm, merged with Minolta.: Konica

Aircraft storage building.: Hangar

Schwarzenegger is his twin in a movie.: Devito

He was Prince Siddhartha before his enlightenment.: Buddha

A large dog.: Towser

Adrenal and thymus are types.: Glands

Museum where the Mona Lisa is located.: Louvre

Neither Sunday nor Tuesday.: Monday

Woven fabric with a loopy curled pile.: Boucle

Puzzle 4 Answers

The science of the laws, especially of the mind.: Nomology

Two-player card game evolved from “whisky poker”.: Gin rummy

US prison center of 1962 jailbreak mystery.: Alcatraz

Where an artist keeps oils.: Paintbox

The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Molly __.: Ringwald

This machine tears up confidential papers.: Shredder

Jim __, lead singer of US band The Doors.: Morrison

A head-swelling lizard.: Basilisk

Owner and manager of vacation resorts, inns.: Hotelier

Italian dessert made with mascarpone and coffee.: Tiramisu

On Futurama, he is a famous robot actor.: Calculon

Unaccompanied, abandoned, forsaken.: Lonesome

Tommy and __, crime solvers till death do them part.: Tuppence

Amerigo __, explorer who gave his name to America.: Vespucci

The N in the international phonetic alphabet.: November

Puzzle 5 Answers

Where golfers go to celebrate a round of golf.: Clubhouse

Cologne __, Germany’s most visited landmark.: Cathedral

One who obtains or extorts money illegally.: Racketeer

Contamination, toxic waste and smoke cause this.: Pollution

Opening sheet of a newspaper, with headline.: Front page

Johannes Erwin Eugen Rommel.: Desert fox

German director of Der Blaue Engel.: Sternberg

Hardwood trees with catkins.: Hornbeams

Joseph of __, he took the Holy Grail to Britain.: Arimathea

The common garden mint; a candy flavor.: Spearmint

Armpit perfume, fights body odor.: Deodorant

Thor __, Norwegian explorer and anthropologist.: Heyerdahl

To build.: Construct

On his deathbed he said: Let not poor Nelly starve.: Charles ii

Deceitful speech or action.: Duplicity

To move back and forth.: Oscillate

Sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple.: Harmandir

The season of good cheer.: Christmas

Group 248

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Greene, UK author of The Heart of the Matter.: Graham

Dinner.: Supper

Color of the submarine the Beatles sang about.: Yellow

Nicole __, Star of Far and Away and Moulin Rouge.: Kidman

Pepper named after Syrian city; regional spice.: Aleppo

Greek goddess of hearth, home and chastity.: Hestia

Soldier’s equipment holder.: Kit bag

Warning lights in a car, with a triangle symbol.: Hazard

Yoga practiced in heated rooms.: Bikram

Treaty of __ sought WWI peace with the Ottomans.: Sevres

Filtration system inside the mouth of some whales.: Baleen

Metallic strands used to decorate a Christmas tree.: Tinsel

Puzzle 2 Answers

It means “never-ending” in Latin.: Perpetuum

First to develop a polio vaccination.: Jonas salk

Weather-related nickname of boxer Rubin Carter.: Hurricane

Former home of Elvis in Tennessee.: Graceland

Period of life before adolescency.: Childhood

German composer of Canon in D.: Pachelbel

__ Taylor, British-American iconic actress.: Elizabeth

Vehicle driven by Ernest Hemingway in WWI.: Ambulance

It used to be Saint Petersburg.: Leningrad

Country where Hugh Jackman was born.: Australia

Person who has a hard time remembering things.: Forgetful

Shot of espresso with ground coffee.: Ristretto

Strait separates Africa and Europe.: Gibraltar

Teller in a financial institution.: Bank clerk

Artistic attention to detail.: Painterly

Puzzle 3 Answers

Not indoors.: Outside

Survivors, remnants.: Relicts

Doctor who discovered penicillin: Alexander __.: Fleming

Suspension of fine solid or liquid particles in gas.: Aerosol

Last name of US first lady Jackie’s husband, 1960s.: Kennedy

Vengeance.: Revenge

The capital of Iraq.: Baghdad

Cross them for good luck.: Fingers

Marsupial that is like a small kangaroo.: Wallaby

Jules Verne adventure, 20,000 __ Under the Sea.: Leagues

Heavy, coarse fabric used for stiffening garments.: Buckram

Walter __, creator of the Bauhaus in Weimar.: Gropius

To have faith in someone or something.: Believe

Composer of “Symphonie Fantastique”: Hector __.: Berlioz

Root vegetable, off-white, similar to a carrot.: Parsnip

Nickname of Arsenal’s supporters.: Gunners

Puzzle 4 Answers

Car stoppers.: Brakes

Gulf of __, site of 1964 US/Vietnam incident.: Tonkin

The period of four Sundays before Christmas.: Advent

Annie __, evil nurse from King’s Misery.: Wilkes

Type of liquid printer.: Ink jet

Play that poses the question “To be or not to be?”.: Hamlet

Corny, mawkish.: Slushy

Lightweight, cheap cotton, used for straining jam.: Muslin

Italian aperitif flavored with orange.: Aperol

Hugh __, British actor, Dr. House.: Laurie

__ stick; a USB by another name.: Memory

Puzzle 5 Answers

Winner.: Champion

King __ Stadium, Belgian royalty sporting grounds.: Baudouin

Creator of Holden Caulfield.: Salinger

Pony __, vibrant trophy ribbons.: Rosettes

Major vein that returns blood to the heart.: Vena cava

Small bread roll from Belgian capital.: Pistolet

Saddle bags, handy for cyclists.: Panniers

It won’t poison you.: Nontoxic

__ Judy, seaside slapstick with husband and wife.: Punch and

Seller of indulgences, as described by Chaucer.: Pardoner

Bob’s __, animated short film about midlife crisis.: Birthday

Member of a group holding power in a country.: Oligarch

Horror sitcom sounds like a type of cheese.: Munsters

Green or yellow banana.: Plantain

Avant-garde musical instrument with antennae.: Theremin

Island group containing Majorca and Menorca.: Balearic

Group 249

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ James, actor who served as Monty’s double.: Clifton

Blood sucker.: Vampire

Display-based game console from Milton Bradley.: Vectrex

The middle coat of the eyeball.: Choroid

Played Liz Lemon on 30 Rock.: Tina fey

Large knife used for clearing foliage.: Machete

The banded __ star has dark brown bands.: Brittle

The Goonies follow __ Willy’s treasure map.: One eyed

Waste, trash.: Garbage

__ Familia, Gaudi’s unfinished Barcelona church.: Sagrada

Twisted, baked bread represents people hugging.: Pretzel

Apep, Egyptian __ deity who fought Ra.: Serpent

Quickly scrolling sideways on a screen.: Swiping

Female parent, not biological.: Stepmom

Puzzle 2 Answers

When an astronaut leaves the capsule.: Space walk

Small version of posh piano.: Baby grand

The head of a company, chairman.: President

__ Trophy, annual prize for seaplane races.: Schneider

Contamination; disease caused by germs.: Infection

A small German archipelago in the North Sea.: Helgoland

Yom Kippur, Day of __ in Jewish religion.: Atonement

Largest Buddhist temple in the world, in Indonesia.: Borobudur

Notorious Welsh pirate famed for many captures.: Black bart

Science of the sun, ancient Egypt course.: Heliology

Germany’s main legislative body.: Bundestag

Very exaggerated figure of speech, in writing.: Hyperbole

Napoleon’s last utterance, the love of his life.: Josephine

Forrest’s shrimping boat company.: Bubba gump

Evaluates art, writing of strengths and weaknesses.: Art critic

Long form of a machine that copied over phonelines.: Facsimile

King Solomon’s mother.: Bathsheba

Puzzle 3 Answers

What the French call Scotland.: Ecosse

Ceramic spouted vessel to brew Assam or Earl Grey.: Teapot

Sarah Ferguson’s former spouse: Prince __.: Andrew

Drug that reduces cholesterol.: Statin

German word for an artificial, substitute thing.: Ersatz

Greek titan of the sun.: Helios

Tapping a keyboard with fingers.: Typing

Bessie __, medical supplies pioneer.: Blount

The Human __, Rooney as telegram boy.: Comedy

Plain, Irish fabric of woven cotton.: Poplin

Arachnid.: Spider

Colorful Egyptian water, popular with divers.: Red sea

Pencil toppers with colorful stood-up hair.: Trolls

A price placed on a wanted person’s life.: Bounty

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who is a novice, especially to a religion.: Neophyte

Nissan car shares name with Campbell’s speedster.: Bluebird

Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc..: Reptiles

St Peter’s sacred building in the Vatican City.: Basilica

Not sisters.: Brothers

Bosnian custard cream pie.: Krempita

Founder of the German Empire, Otto von __.: Bismarck

Fabric with linseed, now plastic, as table cover.: Oilcloth

Swine language game, remove letter, add an ‘a’.: Pig latin

French painter, Barbizon school.: Daubigny

Used in the home.: Domestic

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ the Great, King of Wessex from 871 to 899.: Alfred

Side of the head, behind the eye.: Temple

Sci-fi novel by R.A. Lafferty: “Past __”.: Master

Magician’s story.: Patter

__ventura, Canary Island with biosphere reserve.: Fuerte

Royal residence, such as Buckingham or Versailles.: Palace

Long-stemmed salad veg with leaves at top.: Celery

Home builder.: Framer

“Good good” chocolate sweets.: Bonbon

Facial hairs, mostly in men.: Beards

Wildlife-spotting adventure holiday.: Safari

Luc __, director of Nikita and The Fifth Element.: Besson

Tough choice between two.: Toss up

It will take your picture.: Camera

Volkswagen model sounds like a friend of Tracy.: Sharan

Truck __, heavy tractor units revving up.: Racing

Thomas __, invented first commercial steam engine.: Savery

Group 250

Puzzle 1 Answers

101 Dalmatians in 1996 is a __ of the 1961 film.: Remake

Five vertebrae in your lower spine.: Sacral

Orange or purple root veggie favored by rabbits.: Carrot

French multinational known for dairy products.: Danone

__ Wallis, invented bomb used by the Dam Busters.: Barnes

__ coral shrimp are red and white.: Banded

Northernmost Latin American country.: Mexico

In contrast to or as the alternative of.: Versus

Elevated.: Raised

The art of horsemanship.: Manege

Larry who played J. R. Ewing in Dallas.: Hagman

Purcell opera, Dido and __.: Aeneas

To abduct.: Kidnap

__ notes, brand of sticky notes.: Post it

Alexandre Dumas novel: “The Count of Monte __”.: Cristo

Puzzle 2 Answers

To take errors into account on a reading.: Calibrate

What takes you to another web page.: Hyperlink

Large London square with lions and fountains.: Trafalgar

Norwegian nutty cheese with large holes.: Jarlsberg

Belgian former pro tennis player Kim __.: Clijsters

Promoting, selling and distributing a product.: Marketing

Practice what __.: You preach

__ Maria of France, married Charles I in 1625.: Henrietta

Diamonds __, Prince’s song about precious stones.: And pearls

The first drops of breastmilk after a baby’s birth.: Colostrum

__ Louise, Davis and Sarandon starred.: Thelma and

Newt __, fictitious J K Rowling author.: Scamander

Human remains perfectly preserved in peat.: Bog bodies

Storage for personal items with no strap.: Clutch bag

Marine creature siphons water in and pushes it out.: Sea squirt

Sir Les __, drunken Australian cultural attaché.: Patterson

Waves at an orchestra.: Conductor

Machine tool engineer, famous for screw threads.: Whitworth

Word starting with f with all five vowels in order.: Facetious

Scarlett __, actress of Lost in Translation.: Johansson

Puzzle 3 Answers

Lewd, raunchy.: Obscene

Package requiring delicate care; a famous stamp.: Fragile

__ van Gogh, he painted sunflowers.: Vincent

Rock formed by cooling lava.: Igneous

Antonym of lowest.: Highest

December 26, Saint’s Day in Ireland.: Stephen

He has a hit song called Maggie May, Rod __.: Stewart

Of or relating to fabric or weaving.: Textile

Southern __ snake is a harmless species in the US.: Hognose

Double __, Nintendo basketball game.: Dribble

Merry __, rotating horses, carousel.: Go round

To have laid out a course for a plane, boat.: Charted

Major worldwide news syndication company.: Reuters

Small, short sword used by Samurai class.: Kodachi

__ on the Wind, based on real life scandal.: Written

Puzzle 4 Answers

Spanish newspaper, name means “the country”.: El pais

The Welsh mafia, a portmanteau word.: Taffia

Vulcanized material developed by Charles Goodyear.: Rubber

__ Lance, 1954 Western movie with Spencer Tracy.: Broken

The __brush coral is tall with small branches.: Bottle

Recovery, renewal.: Upturn

French-speaking province of Canada.: Quebec

Czech-born Swiss tennis star Martina.: Hingis

Marbled dried meat from Italy.: Salami

American __ Story, US series created by Ryan Murphy.: Horror

__ Legion, German planes bombed Guernica in Spain.: Condor

Ready to relinquish control.: Docile

Fleet of warships.: Armada

Subgenre of alternative rock born in the last 1980s.: Grunge

Hair products you use “Because You’re Worth It”.: L’oréal

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Flute, Mozart opera.: The magic

The woman Romeo claimed to love before Juliet.: Rosaline

Blue-spotted __ has bright blue spots.: Stingray

Final date to complete a project.: Deadline

Norwegian mineral, contains uranium.: Cleveite

Substance used to preserve food.: Additive

Marlene __, sultry actress of The Blue Angel.: Dietrich

Die-cast vehicles first sold in cardboard packs.: Matchbox

Sherwood Forest’s male inhabitants.: Merry men

Marks caused by burst blood vessels under the skin.: Bruising

__ the Kings, Luxor’s ancient royal burial site.: Valley of

Capital of Malta.: Valletta

Something that takes precedence or is most urgent.: Priority

Source, origin, font.: Fountain

Group 251

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Aztec, red cocktail with tequila, cream.: Bloody

1980s term for a young urban professional.: Yuppie

Scope, degree, range.: Extent

John __ plays Finn in Star Wars: Episode 7.: Boyega

The Police’s mega hit song Every __ You Take.: Breath

Less hot.: Cooler

Riverside execution post used for hanging pirates.: Gibbet

Scandinavian country’s currency is the Krona.: Sweden

They fly the bird.: Pilots

How the __ Stole Christmas.: Grinch

Sea between Australia and New Zealand.: Tasman

La Femme __, TV series starring Peta Wilson.: Nikita

Puzzle 2 Answers

Italian cheese sometimes smoked or grilled.: Provolone

Sedimentary white rock.: Limestone

Money lender with excessive interest rates.: Loan shark

Apparatus used for hatching eggs.: Incubator

__ nebula, dark “equine” cloud of dust in Orion.: Horsehead

Star of Good Will Hunting.: Matt damon

Pierre __, French dramatist of Le Cid.: Corneille

King Tut’s golden headdress, discovered by Carter.: Death mask

1975 film satire of country, gospel music.: Nashville

Belgian king set up the Congo Free State.: Leopold ii

Small containers for drugs.: Pill boxes

Puzzle 3 Answers

Western Hemisphere marsupials.: Opossum

Grape Ape was created by Hanna/__ in 1975.: Barbera

Plastic spork is example of this utensil.: Trident

Sikh swords seen crossed on Khanda symbol.: Kirpans

West German name for former East German currency.: Ostmark

Convertible car.: Soft top

Kidding around.: Playing

Mr Eiffel, who built an iconic French tower.: Gustave

__-Daro, abandoned Indus Valley archeology site.: Mohenjo

Ergonomics is the __ of things fitting people.: Science

Edible upper half of the broccoli.: Florets

__ Ice, US rapper from the 1980s.: Vanilla

Where planes land and models strut.: Runways

Gainsborough portrait of young man in satin.: Blue boy

Maiden name of Margaret Thatcher.: Roberts

Impressive cave scribblings at Lascaux, France.: Rock art

Puzzle 4 Answers

Five robots combined in the Power Rangers series.: Megazord

Reached the North Pole under the ice cap (1958).: Nautilus

Form of marriage with multiple wives.: Polygyny

Snack made with granola, dried fruits and nuts.: Trail mix

Peruvian or Greek tunes are played on these.: Panpipes

Pink-hued nickname of Petra, Jordan.: Rose city

Strongman buys girl in Fellini’s mythology film.: La strada

Imitative work that nods at another work or style.: Pastiche

Container of varied objects.: Mixed bag

Awkward and not graceful.: Ungainly

Sacerdotal.: Priestly

Puzzle 5 Answers

Announcer on the Muppet Show,__ the Frog.: Kermit

The Persistence of __, by Dalí, if you can remember.: Memory

Former name of Chennai and a lightweight fabric.: Madras

Charles __, Dickens’ French aristocrat.: Darnay

Red __, British flag seen at sea.: Ensign

Important to economy, longest south African river.: Orange

Small measure of liquor.: Noggin

To choose something or someone over others.: Select

French author of the play No Exit, Jean-Paul __.: Sartre

You put your head here when you are sleeping.: Pillow

Rhyming term for an important person.: Big wig

Spanish F1 racing driver Fernando __.: Alonso

Lech __, Polish trade unionist and president.: Walesa

Day of the week that starts the Sabbath.: Friday

Puppet play from Bali and Java.: Wayang

One makes several french fries.: Potato

Snowy month of the French Revolutionary calendar.: Nivose

Group 252

Puzzle 1 Answers

To deliver a blow, to hit with a fist or weapon.: Strike

Store your stuff here.: Locker

Moveable toy, with strings, for putting on shows.: Puppet

First wife of Henry VIII: Catherine of __.: Aragon

Mixed songs; a mixture of different things.: Medley

Type of coffee invented by German Melitta Bentz.: Brewed

Padded stool used as a footrest.: Pouffe

Breaking up of soil using machine of the same name.: Harrow

Pete’s Dragon in 2016 is a __ of the 1977 film.: Remake

Shape of cloud that forms the core of a tornado.: Funnel

Astrological sign associated with the fish.: Pisces

__ Epoch: When the first marine mammals appeared.: Eocene

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cross between an espresso and a cappuccino.: Macchiato

Crystal twinning, variety of albite.: Pericline

People or animals who live at night.: Nocturnal

Star from Taxi and Who’s the Boss?.: Tony danza

Carved faces on Westminster Abbey’s roof.: Gargoyles

A bizarre or odd idea or suggestion is out in __.: Left field

Moving a ball with lots of short kicks.: Dribbling

Pilot of a double-decker passenger vehicle.: Bus driver

Controversial spiritual movement in China.: Falun gong

Equine violin bow material.: Horsehair

__ dummies, car safety guinea pigs.: Crash test

Photo story, progressing through multiple pictures.: Slideshow

Puzzle 3 Answers

To gulp and ingest food or drink.: Swallow

__ oxide, aka laughing gas.: Nitrous

__ Vivaldi, composer of The Four Seasons.: Antonio

Naval battle between the Ottomans and Holy League.: Lepanto

Slang for prison, describes the closing of doors.: Slammer

London’s macabre historical attraction.: Dungeon

Historical Delhi residence of Mughal emperors.: Red fort

Someone who trespasses or steals.: Poacher

Often ice-bound gulf between Sweden and Finland.: Bothnia

The Dalai Lama is a central figure in __ Buddhism.: Tibetan

Standing long jump expert in early 20th century.: Ray ewry

Omission of a passage in a book, speech or film.: Elision

Highest officer rank in the US Army.: General

Puzzle 4 Answers

AS Roma plays soccer in this Italian league.: Serie a

Spicy root can be used in sweet or savory food.: Ginger

Gulf __, strait of the Arabian Sea.: Of oman

Microsoft’s software suite.: Office

__ Conrad, Chief Bureaucrat on Futurama.: Hermes

Thin fruit dessert topping from Eastern Europe.: Slatko

Subject, theme, topic.: Matter

Onto a ship or plane, climb __.: Aboard

Author of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Margaret __.: Atwood

Ferdinand Marcos’ shoe loving widow.: Imelda

Country claims part of Kosovo, capital Belgrade.: Serbia

Bone in the wrist.: Carpus

Eager, impatient.: Raring

The Millennium __ is Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars.: Falcon

Norse dwarf turns into a dragon killed by Sigurd.: Fafnir

Jacqueline __, French flyer who set speed records.: Auriol

Little __, Degas sculpture of ballet student.: Dancer

Sub-unit of the zloty, Poland’s currency.: Groszy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Singing group associated with Diana Ross.: Supremes

Internal communications system.: Intercom

Trans-__ Railway, linking Moscow with Vladivostok.: Siberian

Retired Serbian tennis player Ana __.: Ivanovic

Author of All Quiet on the Western Front.: Remarque

__ Leia kills Jabba the Hutt in Episode 6.: Princess

A small rocky body that orbits the sun.: Asteroid

One of the most famous British Monarchs ever.: Victoria

Soaking food in liquid to extract flavor.: Steeping

Blue-pink spring flowers from bulbs.: Hyacinth

The Return of the __ Son, Rembrandt painting.: Prodigal

Journey album, 1978.: Infinity

Plentifully.: In spades

Large long-tailed bird with beautiful feathers.: Pheasant

Times __, standard font.: New roman

French Sun King with palace at Versailles.: Louis xiv

Hallway furniture near the door.: Hatstand

Group 253

Puzzle 1 Answers

Renault mid-range van, badly spelled conjestion.: Trafic

Deux-__, west French dept named after two rivers.: Sèvres

Author of the novel “Black Beauty”: Anna __.: Sewell

Ex-Man Utd and England striker, Wayne __.: Rooney

Spike of ice formed when dripping water freezes.: Icicle

Bohemian religious reformer burned at the stake.: Jan hus

Fruit ready to be picked.: Mature

__proof, can’t be if shot.: Bullet

Shakespeare __, won the Academy Awards in 1999.: In love

Portable computer for hot-desking.: Laptop

To clumsily feel for something.: Fumble

Police Chief Clancy on The Simpsons.: Wiggum

Not being at risk from danger.: Safety

Yellowish French liqueur flavored with aniseed.: Pastis

Five o’clock stubble.: Shadow

The Gross Clinic is surgery painted by Thomas __.: Eakins

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nazca Desert mountaintop alien landing site?.: Palpa flat

Robinson Crusoe’s companion.: Man friday

Polymers developed by Frederick Kipping.: Silicones

Daily frequency.: Quotidian

Daughter of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra.: Iphigenia

Supposedly, allegedly.: Purported

Turkish tax system of enrollment of Christian boys.: Devshirme

Nationality of Verdi’s opera princess, Aida.: Ethiopian

Smooth rock for grinding grain.: Millstone

End of year festivities cookies, Santa, reindeer.: Christmas

Not the glass of an optimist.: Half empty

Birds whose eggs are the biggest.: Ostriches

Largest island in the Maluku archipelago.: Halmahera

Puzzle 3 Answers

Upward-moving current of air.: Updraft

Strolling, taking steps, using your legs.: Walking

__ control, of the force that attracts us to earth.: Gravity

John __, Dexter villain, Interstellar actor.: Lithgow

Medicine used for pain and to thin blood.: Aspirin

Umbrella toting fictional character Mary __.: Poppins

Professional started with science kit as kid.: Chemist

Dogs __ Poker, famous canine portrait.: Playing

Great Wall __, giant East Asian brickwork.: Of china

Luck of __ is a drawing game from 2006.: The draw

The reversed P “paragraph” symbol.: Pilcrow

Procedure to find cause of death.: Autopsy

Collectibles in metal currency form.: Coinage

Axilspot __ are red-brown with white spots.: Hogfish

Beethoven’s only opera.: Fidelio

Nino __, Italian stylist and wool business owner.: Cerruti

Name that Julius Caesar gave to present-day Paris.: Lutetia

Other times, other __.: Manners

Moving your body to a tune.: Dancing

__ Henry, Frenchman led Arsenal in scoring.: Thierry

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Sutherland, Flatliners star.: Kiefer

__ Electric Power, stadium nicknamed Big Swan.: Tohoku

Kitchen utensil for removing the pits of cherries.: Stoner

Jack __, White Fang author.: London

__ Run, utopian, no one above age of 30.: Logans

Neck accessory for male evening suit.: Bow tie

Infamous letter-writing killer in 1960s California.: Zodiac

Musical pieces or decrees in law.: Canons

Large white seabird with yellow head.: Gannet

Country where Monte Carlo is located.: Monaco

Lowest rank of Zoroastrian priesthood.: Herbad

Scanty, not enough.: Meagre

__ Dawg, cartoon canine sheriff’s no 2.: Deputy

Frenchman who led the First Crusade, Peter the __.: Hermit

Small, wooden tool for making a hole for planting.: Dibber

Oldest university in English speaking world.: Oxford

Puzzle 5 Answers

The title given to the daughter of a tsar.: Tsarevna

Region of calm winds near the Equator.: Doldrums

The Blues __, stars John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd.: Brothers

Strong green liquor nicknamed “The Green Fairy”.: Absinthe

Legendary literary critic, __ Frye.: Northrop

On a snail they are retractable.: Antennae

Not straight forward.: Indirect

First President of Kenya as an independent nation.: Kenyatta

__ Zwingli, Swiss religious reformer.: Huldrych

Monty Burns’s assistant in The Simpsons.: Smithers

New Zealand movie set offering tours.: Hobbiton

A precision shooter is an expert __.: Marksman

A woodwind instrument with a reed mouthpiece.: Clarinet

__ order or a PO.: Purchase

Pirate’s handheld optical aid.: Spyglass

Group 254

Puzzle 1 Answers

George __, main spy of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.: Smiley

The current capital of Tanzania.: Dodoma

Money earned through work.: Income

Charity begins here.: At home

__ cord, vital part of the central nervous system.: Spinal

Female Collie has been in film, TV and radio.: Lassie

Red head in love with Betty and Veronica.: Archie

Female English fossil finder Mary.: Anning

Wooden structure used in factories.: Pallet

Country called the “land of milk and honey”.: Israel

Spanish word for state.: Estado

Sacking of this financier started the French Rev.: Necker

Benjamin with a curious case.: Button

Glitzy French Riviera resort Saint- __.: Tropez

Pam who played Mindy in Mork and Mindy.: Dawber

Dam Busters target with the Sorbe and Eder.: Moehne

Ricky __, torch bearer of late 90’s Latin craze.: Martin

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ the post, voting system where winner takes all.: First past

Tiny breed of dog named after a big Mexican State.: Chihuahua

Holder of grilled bread at breakfast table.: Toast rack

WWI training grounds like at Etaples Mutiny.: Bullrings

Part of a choreographer’s routine.: Dance step

Novelty lighting with warmed wax blobs in glass.: Lava lamps

Black Beauty’s stablemates: Ginger and __.: Merrylegs

It’s all about beauty.: Aesthetic

Old style personal printer.: Dot matrix

Grab a tree for luck.: Touch wood

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ cards: decorative aces, kings, queens, jacks.: Playing

Aircraft designer known as Queen of Hurricanes.: Macgill

Stuffed pasta pillows.: Ravioli

__ Itza, ancient archeological site in Mexico.: Chichen

Fastest land animal.: Cheetah

Shakespearean play title that rhymes with “jello”.: Othello

Thou shalt not bear false __ against thy neighbor.: Witness

__ Square, central piazza in Venice.: St marks

The __, resources not owned, open to all.: Commons

A ruling family in a monarchy.: Dynasty

Priestess of Santeria, male is Santero.: Santera

Puzzle 4 Answers

The Hindu class system divides people into __.: Castes

Attention-seeking cry of a pirate.: Yo ho ho

Doggy channel south of Tierra del Fuego.: Beagle

What slot machines are called in Australia.: Pokies

Curiosity killed it.: The cat

Entry-level light aircraft.: Cessna

Ernst __ Stadion, hosted 2008 Euro games.: Happel

Small, long-handled shallow pan for sauteeing.: Poelon

Kevin, plays Francis Underwood in House of Cards.: Spacey

Occupation of the fictional character Sweeney Todd.: Barber

Roller shoes with built-in wheels.: Heelys

Country where Lech Walesa served as President.: Poland

Jack __, paleontologist researched dinosaurs’ DNA.: Horner

To __ go where no man has gone before (Star Trek).: Boldly

Written communication.: Notice

__ reels form part of a needleworker’s collection.: Cotton

Magically animated beings of Jewish mythology.: Golems

Give lines to a forgetful actor.: Prompt

Coarse fabric often used in sacking.: Burlap

Of or relating to dogs.: Canine

Antonym of never.: Always

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mineral used in making glass.: Fluorite

Widely known as the first synthetic plastic.: Bakelite

Sideshow Mel is Krusty’s __ in The Simpsons.: Sidekick

Reba __, US country singer, actress.: Mcentire

Stade __, national stadium in Paris.: De france

The second-highest ranking of angels.: Cherubim

Board game where a player may land on “Chance”.: Monopoly

Dry Italian cookies to eat with coffee.: Biscotti

Roald Dahl’s first children’s book: “The __”.: Gremlins

Low-cost German airline with green logo.: Germania

Annually, each year.: Per annum

She plays Katniss in The Hunger Games movies.: Lawrence

__ chameleon has large horns on its head.: Jacksons

Table Mountain overlooks this South African city.: Cape town

Brittany region as said by a Frenchman.: Bretagne

Group 255

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bad manners to put these on the dining table.: Elbows

King of England from 1760 to 1820: __ III.: George

Line of equal pressure on a weather map.: Isobar

__bahn, famous entertainment street in Hamburg.: Reeper

Futurama’s head of the Robot Mafia.: Donbot

Lofty Australian tennis star, Pat __.: Rafter

__ Lake, Oregon landmark with a wizard island.: Crater

Juno __, Roman goddess of money.: Moneta

Food made by churning milk.: Butter

Friendly ghost, befriended by Christina Ricci.: Casper

Modern term, someone who knows rabbinical lit.: Lamdan

__ Sese Seko, seized power in Zaire in 1965.: Mobutu

Surly or ill-tempered.: Grumpy

Venomous Aussie snake has coastal and inland types.: Taipan

Blend of cybernetics and organism for a part-robot.: Cyborg

Fighting skills.: Combat

German-Austrian dress of full skirt and low bodice.: Dirndl

Latin name for Copenhagen.: Hafnia

Peace prizewinner and founder of Solidarity union.: Walesa

Puzzle 2 Answers

Papa’s Delicate __, Jackie Gleason plays Papa.: Condition

Harsh scratchy garment worn as a show of penance.: Hair shirt

What many hands make.: Light work

She takes you to your seat in the theater.: Usherette

Drying, shriveling.: Withering

Polish dance music associated with Chopin.: Polonaise

Seaside venue for club and ball game.: Golf links

US international news agency founded in 1995.: Bloomberg

Called Liberty Steak in the US during WWII.: Hamburger

African __, giant gastropod.: Land snail

Unter den Linden in Berlin is a tree-lined __.: Boulevard

SI derived unit of radioactivity, symbol Bq.: Becquerel

Sailboat with two hulls.: Catamaran

Having gone back to a place.: Revisited

Puzzle 3 Answers

Favorite green leaf of certain fictional sailor.: Spinach

Paolo __, longtime left back for AC Milan, Italy.: Maldini

Bishop to whom title has been officially granted.: Primate

Foreign born singer who had a No. 1 smash “SOS”.: Rihanna

To flog a dead horse is __.: Useless

To lean back.: Recline

Steered clear of something.: Avoided

Venetian water transport.: Gondola

Shop checkout person.: Cashier

__ cavity, space between membranes in the lung.: Pleural

Hard clear plastic, an alternative to glass.: Perspex

Leonardo __, Italian artist and inventor.: Da vinci

__ Bridge, Prague river crossing with statues.: Charles

Infectious disease also known as lockjaw.: Tetanus

__, Mr. Chips, 1939 British romantic drama.: Goodbye

Mouse-like domestic pets that burrow in earth.: Gerbils

Ability of animals to adapt to avoid predators.: Crypsis

Puzzle 4 Answers

Julia Louis-Dreyfus played her on Seinfeld.: Elaine

__ squad, former military execution method.: Firing

C-3PO was built by __ in Star Wars: Episode 1.: Anakin

Dust storms occurring in arid regions.: Haboob

Whistle __, exposes illegal, unethical conduct.: Blower

“Au __” means goodbye in French.: Revoir

Sailors suffered from this disease, lack of Vit C.: Scurvy

A participant in game played in an alley.: Bowler

Premeditated unlawful action of killing someone.: Murder

The Baltic States are Estonia, Lithuania and __.: Latvia

Swiss chemist who invented an updated oil lamp.: Argand

__ reviver, a mix strong enough to raise the dead.: Corpse

Storage for pirate plunder.: Chests

Where something begins.: Origin

Japanese religion honors natural world deities.: Shinto

Shoe that needs to be tied.: Lace up

Cell created when a sperm fertilizes an egg.: Zygote

Last name of the Count of Monte Cristo.: Dantes

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mental state of insecurity, anxiety.: Neurosis

__ pudding, sieved jam with flaky pastry.: Bakewell

National capital of Australia.: Canberra

To pretend to be sick to avoid doing work.: Malinger

Device that can be used without connecting cord.: Wireless

__ furniture: chests, chairs used by the military.: Campaign

US battles to end slavery, 1861-1865.: Civil war

Ballet about a toymaker.: Coppelia

David, who played Mulder in The X-Files.: Duchovny

__ board, peg table of compass points and holes.: Traverse

Largest of the United Arab Emirates.: Abu dhabi

“Great voice” pioneer of video game consoles.: Magnavox

The furthest flight routes and destinations.: Long haul

Save your place.: Bookmark

__ rate, the value of one currency against another.: Exchange

Group 256

Puzzle 1 Answers

Die __ is a German strategy board game from 1986.: Macher

First country to issue a Christmas stamp.: Canada

having a lighthearted temperament; merry.: Jocund

US boxer Sonny, world heavyweight champ in 1960s.: Liston

Honeycombed mushrooms.: Morels

Made a mess with a simple dress, Miss __ Lewinski.: Monica

Small canine.: Lap dog

Chosen weapon of fictional aliens.: Ray gun

The alternative verdict to innocent.: Guilty

Danish short film about a hospital friendship.: Helium

A piece of news intentionally false.: Canard

Gold __, someone who marries for money.: Digger

Puzzle 2 Answers

First king of Norway after dissolution of the union.: Haakon vii

Luxury Swiss watch brand, used by aviators.: Breitling

Cordial made from orange juice and sugar.: Orangeade

House that once reigned in Game of Thrones.: Targaryen

“Ugly” Danish toy, found under bridges?.: Troll doll

Bin for decaying food/garden waste.: Composter

Ms Hill and Messrs Jean and Michel comprise?.: The fugees

Large marsupial with pointed nose and large ears.: Bandicoot

Viennese building and Jugendstil art movement.: Secession

Rust is a form of this chemical compound.: Iron oxide

It means “spring” in Spanish.: Primavera

Icewind Dale PC game by __ Studios.: Blackisle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Riding of air currents (not flying or levitation).: Gliding

Actively look for people to hire.: Recruit

Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race.: Ascents

To have authority over a military unit.: Command

__ Bomb, Red Bull cocktail named after candy.: Skittle

Far from close or near.: Distant

__ at Bernie’s, 1989 US dark comedy.: Weekend

Author of “The Day of the Jackal”, Frederick __.: Forsyth

Burj __, Dubai skyscraper, tallest in the world.: Khalifa

Spiders make lots of these in autumn gardens.: Cobwebs

__ To My Life, Simple Plan song.: Welcome

The best things in life __.: Are free

Roman senator, lead among those who stabbed Caesar.: Cassius

Puzzle 4 Answers

Thirstquencher of a Caribbean party sharing drink.: Rum punch

Wellington’s nickname.: Iron duke

No news is __.: Good news

Little Miss__, it shows a trip and a beauty pageant.: Sunshine

__ Cry, sports warcry to motivate team.: Rallying

__ grise, exerts power without official position.: Eminence

North-east Indian state whose capital is Kohima.: Nagaland

Showing extreme expression of emotion; emphatic.: Vehement

Britain’s largest train station.: Waterloo

Process also known as hydraulic fracturing.: Fracking

Youngster aboard ship.: Cabin boy

Match at which people abuse each other verbally.: Slanging

Name of 16 popes, inc the former Pope Emeritus.: Benedict

Elevation that rises from the ocean floor.: Seamount

The apparent change in position of an object.: Parallax

Large N American amphibian known for noisy croak.: Bullfrog

Sits on the tongue and identifies sweet and sour.: Taste bud

Sir Edwin, sculptor of Trafalgar Square lions.: Landseer

French family of deep-sea explorers.: Cousteau

Robin __, Mork & Mindy star.: Williams

Best position to put someone unconscious in.: Recovery

Li’l Abner’s hometown.: Dogpatch

The amount of labor a person has to do.: Workload

Puzzle 5 Answers

Underwater pursuit popular with Red Sea tourists.: Diving

John Maynard __, demand-side economist.: Keynes

Jack Nicholson’s character in “As Good as it Gets”.: Melvin

Mole-like animals often confused with mice.: Shrews

Unbearable provocation.: Red rag

Food closet.: Pantry

Thin layer, like wood on a coffee table.: Veneer

Copy someone’s ways mockingly.: Send up

French term for served on ice.: Frappe

Metals made of two or more elements, e.g. bronze.: Alloys

Nepalese knife, weapon, tool, ceremonies.: Khukri

TV show centered around the Ewings.: Dallas

Strauss opera and daughter of Herod.: Salome

Spirit of tragic drama.: Buskin

Poles apart from being neat.: Untidy

Group 257

Puzzle 1 Answers

More explosive than bullets of same caliber.: Magnum

Solar __, flashes of brightness on Sun’s surface.: Flares

Walter __, director of The Motorcycle Diaries.: Salles

Paul McCartney’s fashion designer daughter.: Stella

__ Le Pen, was French National Front head (female).: Marine

Picturesque Thai island loved by backpackers.: Phi phi

French “Incredible Sulk” footballer, Nicolas __.: Anelka

Islam worship site.: Mosque

Greek god of the sun, light, music, and healing.: Apollo

Prodigious individual with autism.: Savant

Caffeinated drink also popular ice cream flavor.: Coffee

Common caiman species found in South America.: Yacaré

Mark Twain created The Adventures of Tom __.: Sawyer

Non-stop; without interruptions.: Direct

Harass with small persistent acts.: Pester

Roman politician assassinated Caesar, Et tu?.: Brutus

To steer a ship into shallower waters.: Careen

Puzzle 2 Answers

1961 Ben E. King’s hit song.: Stand by me

Picturesque volcanic peak in Japan.: Mount fuji

Aussie town in Northern Territory with female name.: Katherine

Citric dessert spread used as topping.: Fruit curd

Signals and communication using flags.: Semaphore

Hemline well above the knee.: Mini skirt

Agriculturalist who rears pork.: Pig farmer

Romantic tale.: Love story

MMS, multimedia __ service.: Messaging

Spinal bones.: Vertebrae

Collectible objects to do with warfare.: Militaria

Something totally unexpected or out of the blue.: Curve ball

St Paul’s epistle to the people of Galatia.: Galatians

Evonne __, leading Aussie tennis player in the 70s.: Goolagong

Puzzle 3 Answers

To stay away from others without having any contact.: Isolate

Do it while the sun shines.: Make hay

__, Row the Boat Ashore, slave spiritual.: Michael

__ Burgess, English writer and composer.: Anthony

Universal __, theme parks in Florida and Japan.: Studios

Gives his name to industrial framebreakers.: Ned ludd

__ are masters of the Light Side in Star Wars.: The jedi

Vietnamese mooncake.: Banh pia

Person who moves in the water professionally.: Swimmer

Card game with variants Callabra and Papillon.: Cassino

__ harvester, large machine that threshes grain.: Combine

French car brand whose badge features a lozenge.: Renault

Gulf name, aka Arabian Gulf and Gulf of Iran.: Persian

The night of this present day.: Tonight

Study of animals.: Zoology

Corpus __, feast on Thursday after Trinity Sunday.: Christi

TV series about the world’s most famous vampire.: Dracula

Engraver of Beer Street and Gin Alley.: Hogarth

Puzzle 4 Answers

Buoyant jacket.: Life vest

Largest land mammal hunted for its ivory tusks.: Elephant

Hazardous coating on road surfaces in winter.: Black ice

Gaudí’s “stone quarry” building in Barcelona.: Casa mila

White goods brand, famous for washing machines.: Hotpoint

Country noted for its Ajiaco stew.: Colombia

Popular amusement park chain with banners.: Six flags

Former French president with Dutch-sounding name.: Hollande

Box containing cerebral board game.: Chess set

Dust form of volcanic rock.: Pumicite

Guards the entrance to Hades in Greek mythology.: Cerberus

Tomaso __, Vivaldi contemporary, Italian composer.: Albinoni

Weblog publishing site; diary “dot” com.: Blogspot

Robin __, actor of Mrs. Doubtfire.: Williams

Jelena __, former Serbian no. 1 tennis player.: Jankovic

Money workers claim back, e.g. snacks for meetings.: Expenses

Chief cook.: Head chef

__ Silver, quartermaster under Captain Flint.: Long john

Diplomat and chief weapons inspector over Iraq.: Hans blix

Predominant religion of Thailand.: Buddhism

Irregular in frequency.: Sporadic

Egyptian Red Sea resort popular with divers.: Hurghada

Russian rocket pioneer responsible for Sputnik I.: Korolyov

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Acar, Turkish artist.: Ismail

__ Airways, second-largest airline of the UAE.: Etihad

Roman counterpart of Hypnos, Greek god of sleep.: Somnus

__ red, pH indicator in labs.: Phenol

Music-themed, 1920s perfume created by Lanvin.: Arpege

Scientist Isaac, first to observe laws of motion.: Newton

Buddhism’s four noble __.: Truths

Took someone’s possessions by force.: Robbed

Kept afloat.: Buoyed

Picturesque waterfall between Brazil and Argentina.: Iguacu

Ancient curved sword of Indian subcontinent.: Talwar

Burj __, towering sailing boat hotel in Dubai.: Al arab

List of acts.: Lineup

Blockage, standstill.: Logjam

Grain-eating beetle.: Weevil

Director of the 1996 sci-fi comedy Mars Attacks.: Burton

Job of Robin Starveling, a Shakespeare’s Mechanical.: Tailor

Fruit with the outer skin layer removed.: Peeled

Group 258

Puzzle 1 Answers

Pins on the bottom of track runners’ shoes.: Spikes

2000 US presidential candidate and eco warrior.: Al gore

By no means unknown.: Famous

“Mighty oaks from little __ grow”.: Acorns

Wrote Hound Dog with partner Stoller.: Leiber

The Coathanger’s and Opera House’s home city.: Sydney

Deficiency in red blood cell production.: Anemia

Branching tube sponges are usually a __ color.: Yellow

African lake also called Lake Nyasa.: Malawi

Pretzel-like deep fried maida flour.: Jalebi

SI derived unit of pressure named after physicist.: Pascal

Religious woman who heads a convent.: Abbess

WWII U.S. Navy leader, Fleet Admiral Chester W __.: Nimitz

Blanche __, A Streetcar Named Desire’s lead.: Dubois

Time to get the __ jumpers and scarves out.: Woolly

Unrealistically high price for certain assets.: Bubble

__ Board, large paper used for science projects.: Poster

Puzzle 2 Answers

These require you to clean hearth and grate after.: Open fires

Crusty arthropods that cover rocks.: Barnacles

Music group associated with collieries.: Brass band

An island-city state.: Singapore

Spanish name of precious green stone.: Esmeralda

Phantom vessel with no signs of life.: Ghost ship

Devoid of freedom or liberty.: Captivity

Cooked by being submerged in hot oil.: Deep fried

Furniture for playing bridge.: Card table

Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill.: Skara brae

Invented the zoopraxiscope; first motion pictures.: Muybridge

Istanbul in ancient times.: Byzantium

On 1 December, __ Day, people wear a red ribbon.: World aids

Artificial waterway links the Elbe to the Baltic.: Kiel canal

Dan Aykroyd plays the father of this alien family.: Coneheads

Vast mass of comets 50-100,000 AU from the sun.: Oort cloud

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bang & __, Danish audio-visual company.: Olufsen

Fish that when red is a misleading clue.: Herring

The speed of sound.: Mach one

Someone who comes from the Ivory Coast.: Ivorian

Place where your vehicle gets cleaned up.: Carwash

The __ of King George, royal mental health film.: Madness

One who rejects the accepted explanation to facts.: Troofer

Large fire built for celebration, entertainment.: Bonfire

__ Patch Kids, unattractive soft toys of the 1980s.: Cabbage

__ Flynn, her thriller novels portray mad women.: Gillian

Type of crumpet, pancake in Oceania.: Pikelet

Composer of La Mer, Claude __.: Debussy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Some people need a big cup of this in the morning.: Coffee

In some places, the kids go back to __ in autumn.: School

Card game, deck has no twos to sixes.: Piquet

Machu __, citadel of the Incas in the Andes.: Picchu

Robert __, former leader of Zimbabwe.: Mugabe

Flying island in Gulliver’s Travels.: Laputa

Evil dwarf.: Goblin

RBI: Run __ In.: Batted

In music, instruction to repeat from the beginning.: Da capo

Fort __, New Mexico: where Billy the Kid was shot.: Sumner

On the way, arriving, approaching.: Coming

Force __, barriers against evil.: Fields

Latin football fixture list term meaning against.: Versus

Cause of laughter.: Tickle

European city that’s home to St. Vitus Cathedral.: Prague

Protein; helps chemical reactions in living things.: Enzyme

Puzzle 5 Answers

First disease for which a vaccine was invented.: Smallpox

__ clock, another name for a grandfather clock.: Longcase

Working of bread dough to strengthen gluten.: Kneading

To remain local rather than holidaying abroad.: Staycate

Seth MacFarlane created __ Dad.: American

Sixth son of Jacob, his mother was Bilhah.: Naphtali

__ bodily harm, crime causing great pain.: Grievous

Takes his or her clothes off to music for a living.: Stripper

Bicycles riding one behind the other in cycling.: Drafting

Making a societal debut.: Debutant

Loom-fitting and the patterned fabric made on it.: Jacquard

The Roosevelt who displayed a teddy bear.: Theodore

__ Bank, water extension of Yucatan Peninsula.: Campeche

Horse with brown and white patches.: Skewbald

David __, author of Cloud Atlas.: Mitchell

In good spirits, merry.: Cheerful

Male singing voice between tenor and bass.: Baritone

Transatlantic air service created by Freddie Laker.: Skytrain

Group 259

Puzzle 1 Answers

Capital of New Caledonia.: Noumea

Lee who played The Six Million Dollar Man.: Majors

Quiet and decorous.: Demure

__ Film Festival, Golden Bear Award.: Berlin

__ vest, beachware according to saucy postcards.: String

Australian city hosting the 2000 Summer Olympics.: Sydney

Classic pie made with tart, not sweet berries.: Cherry

First English poet laureate, Benjamin __.: Jonson

Forerunner to the U.N., __ of Nations.: League

Straight-line conjunction of Sun, Earth and Moon.: Syzygy

Ran for the door; fastened.: Bolted

Puzzle 2 Answers

North Sea wetland area with rich biodiversity.: Wadden sea

“Karma Police” band.: Radiohead

A woman who stays at home to care for the children.: Housewife

Greek king murdered by wife Clytemnestra.: Agamemnon

Prejudicial system abolished in S. Africa by 1991.: Apartheid

Gin-based cocktail at the Raffles Hotel: __ Sling.: Singapore

Director of Gallipoli and Picnic at Hanging Rock.: Peter weir

Russian tennis no. 1 Maria __.: Sharapova

__ gains, dishonestly obtained goods.: Ill gotten

Not permanent.: Temporary

Puzzle 3 Answers

Johann __ II, wrote Blue Danube.: Strauss

A bird in the hand is worth two in __.: The bush

Ivory tower.: Retreat

Brushed cotton fabric used on shirts/PJs.: Flannel

A form or variant of a type or original.: Version

North German city and port on the River Alster.: Hamburg

Clear, reflective material.: Crystal

Eyelet of hard material covering a hole.: Grommet

Non-religious, not affiliated to a church.: Secular

Boat to overturn, bottom up.: Capsize

Something given without charge.: Freebie

Randy Johnson’s nickname, The __.: Big unit

In German legend, he pulled a sword from a tree.: Sigmund

Puzzle 4 Answers

Lindsay __, former US no. 1 tennis player.: Davenport

Safe room for storing cash.: Bank vault

Verdi opera from a play by Friedrich Schiller.: Don carlos

A device that sprays water.: Sprinkler

Scientific study of ancient inscriptions.: Epigraphy

Nigerian extremists blamed for mass abductions.: Boko haram

Speech sounds are the focus of this science.: Phonology

Space Hulk is a game set in the __ universe.: Warhammer

__ Network, first 24 news network.: Cable news

Decision requiring no thought.: No brainer

Paper currency of the US during American Civil War.: Greenback

Concrete bridge, the design for many road bridges.: Box girder

Vodka and cranberry makes a marine wind.: Seabreeze

Brandon __, known for his Mistborn series.: Sanderson

Puzzle 5 Answers

Destroying.: Wrecking

Niccolò __, violinist composer of Caprices.: Paganini

One who is tall and thin.: Beanpole

Estadio Atanasio __, Medellin, Colombia.: Girardot

Large thin crepe, zampanelle.: Borlengo

Cotton fabric with soft pile, like chamois.: Moleskin

Italian poet of Canzoniere (Songbook).: Petrarch

Japanese city terror, silverscreen success.: Godzilla

British war artist famous for the Menin Road.: Paul nash

Buzz Lightyear and other playthings come to life.: Toy story

Epidemic disease spread across a large region.: Pandemic

Person from the country whose capital is Gaborone.: Motswana

Largest of the American frogs.: Bullfrog

Jomo __, Nairobi’s international airport.: Kenyatta

Second Roman emperor; Captain Kirk’s middle name.: Tiberius

The first of its kind.: Original

Group 260

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Kai-Shek, led the KMT government on Taiwan.: Chiang

John P. __, US banker with a company in his name.: Morgan

When a player’s cards are exposed for all to see.: Ouvert

__ Lindgren, Swedish author of Pippi Longstocking.: Astrid

__ Washington, Oscar winner for Training Day.: Denzel

Nickname for Canadian $1 coin.: Loonie

__ iron, hinged metal device to bake pancake mix.: Waffle

John __, Zimbabwean Test and ODI cricketer.: Rennie

Prince in Mozart’s opera, The Magic Flute.: Tamino

Another name for vitamin B3.: Niacin

__ Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia’s biggest.: Gelora

Grass family cereal grain.: Barley

Harm caused.: Damage

Class.: Lesson

Anagram of fibers.: Briefs

The projecting jaws and nose of an animal.: Muzzle

Synagogue assistant, shamash.: Gabbai

Curriculum vitae.: Resume

Feast of the Seven __.: Fishes

Slang for money in South Africa.: Boodle

Puzzle 2 Answers

When it feels colder because of the breeze.: Windchill

Grilling (often with a panel) before getting a job.: Interview

Pienza sheep cheese.: Marzolino

Belle of the ball at school party.: Prom queen

__ O’Neal, former US basketball player.: Shaquille

__ Mountain, most Oscar nominated film in 2006.: Brokeback

Character who is decidedly ungainly.: Quasimodo

Los __, Peruvian site of Cloud Alien People.: Pinchodos

Palazzo del __, residence of the Italian president.: Quirinale

French chemist, outlined the theory of combustion.: Lavoisier

US inventor, developed a steamboat in 1786.: John fitch

Slobodan __, Serbian prosecuted for war crimes.: Milosevic

You can’t make a __ out of a sow’s ear.: Silk purse

Weather system bringing low temperatures.: Cold front

Puzzle 3 Answers

Garments.: Clothes

To break up, dissolve, disperse.: Disband

Science of the hypothetical mystical force of od.: Odology

Sergei __, Russian astronautical engineer.: Korolev

Nomadic Middle Eastern people.: Bedouin

Documentary about the dolphin hunting in Japan.: The cove

Japanese city, venue of the 1972 Winter Olympics.: Sapporo

Long nerve running down the back of the leg.: Sciatic

Tiny, imaginary creatures.: Fairies

__ camps, single-site family summer attractions.: Holiday

Amount paid for retirement after serving.: Pension

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tim __, Left Behind author.: Lahaye

Unique and unrepeatable.: One off

Italian grape brandy.: Grappa

To increase the ticket price.: Mark up

This force is deadly.: Lethal

The capital of Comoros.: Moroni

Dublin’s river, crossed by Ha’penny Bridge.: Liffey

Commonly known as maru, deer horn weapon.: Maduvu

Primary color that mixed with blue makes green.: Yellow

__ wrap, parcel packaging filled with air.: Bubble

Grass and earth thrown up after a golf stroke.: Divots

5th cup of Passover Seder wine intended recipient.: Elijah

Time spent outdoors on a blanket with food.: Picnic

Notorious French serial killer, Henri __.: Landru

His comet returns to Earth every 76 years.: Halley

Puzzle 5 Answers

Made a formal declaration.: Affirmed

The Blues __, 1980 American musical crime comedy.: Brothers

Herman __, writer of the American Renaissance.: Melville

Greater or Lesser, Caribbean archipelago.: Antilles

Lower leg tendon, also known as the heel cord.: Achilles

Don’t put the cart before __.: The horse

Cookie made of egg, sugar and almonds or coconut.: Macaroon

To arrange objects or items in categories.: Classify

German V2 rocket engineer and space pioneer.: Von braun

Hijacker of Boeing 727 who vanished in 1971.: Db cooper

Homer’s goody-two-shoes neighbor.: Flanders

Blue club __ are a type of sea squirt.: Tunicate

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