CodyCross New York, New York! Answers

New York, New York! Answers

Group 361

Puzzle 1 Answers

Someone who lacks belief in the existence of gods.: Atheist

Lagos and Kano are this country’s largest cities.: Nigeria

Wrap arms around.: Embrace

Claude __, impressionist composer of Nocturnes.: Debussy

Ability to read one’s mind.: Psychic

World’s largest inland body of water: __ Sea.: Caspian

The third component with gases and solids.: Liquids

Teased or mocked.: Taunted

Largest city in Scotland, but not its capital.: Glasgow

__ delight, Ottoman inspired confections.: Turkish

Cupboard that cools food to low temperatures.: Freezer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Category of literature; made-up stories.: Fiction

One who scans for land on a ship.: Lookout

Bitterness, resentment.: Rancour

Freezing in hip-hop funk dance before continuing.: Locking

Largest city in Canada in terms of population.: Toronto

Green gem and Ireland’s nickname.: Emerald

French artist who painted “Joy of Life”: Henri __.: Matisse

Gift to mark a celebratory occasion.: Present

Lying under oath.: Perjury

Swarming insects, a Biblical plague of them.: Locusts

Study of mechanical systems used for body parts.: Bionics

Country that won the first FIFA World Cup.: Uruguay

Brazil’s highest mountain Pico da __.: Neblina

Another word for pubs.: Taverns

Puzzle 3 Answers

Unfounded, without grounds.: Baseless

Small thatched dwellings in the countryside.: Cottages

Where the Cyclops sported their single eye.: Forehead

Polish sausage.: Kielbasa

An immediate, unthinking emotional reaction.: Knee jerk

Once known as Constantinople; Turkish megacity.: Istanbul

Brits call it a lift, Americans call it an __.: Elevator

Very well.: Superbly

Eaten by whales in huge quantities.: Plankton

Smart city and India’s capital since 1931.: New delhi

Designates, nominates.: Appoints

Oldest Kardashian sister.: Kourtney

City with a tourist attraction called the Atomium.: Brussels

Puzzle 4 Answers

Actor Christian from Heathers.: Slater

__ Queen, she’s a dangerous woman.: Killer

__ Bergman who played Ilsa in Casablanca.: Ingrid

Educational facility.: School

Largest city entirely on European soil, in Russia.: Moscow

Aromatic flower buds, spice used during Christmas.: Cloves

Not certain; doubting.: Unsure

__ Raccoon; member of Guardians of the Galaxy.: Rocket

__ Griffin, the youngest member in Family Guy.: Stewie

__ Burner used for chemistry experiments.: Bunsen

Discover the presence of.: Detect

Italian denim, T-shirt and watches brand.: Diesel

Busiest port city in South Africa; not a capital.: Durban

Puzzle 5 Answers

Professional aquatic creature catcher.: Fisherman

__ City; most populated city in Central America.: Guatemala

Convinces, talks into.: Persuades

It can be harsh or constructive.: Criticism

Passed through or roamed around a place.: Traversed

Time marker for musicians.: Metronome

Dress shirt accessories.: Cuff links

A wild party with too much wine, as in Roman times.: Bacchanal

The D in DI in the police force; Sherlock was one.: Detective

Community of organisms and their environment.: Ecosystem

North Korean city with landmark Juche Tower.: Pyongyang

The second chamber of the ruminant stomach.: Reticulum

Busy, with a high volume of traffic.: Congested

Group 362

Puzzle 1 Answers

Lively resort city in Nevada, with casinos.: Las vegas

DC Comics feline antiheroine.: Catwoman

__ act; music festivals highest profile performer.: Headline

Flying __, phantom mariner fated to sail forever.: Dutchman

Meat tubes, often cooked on barbecues.: Sausages

Alleged stomping grounds for Robin Hood: __ Forest.: Sherwood

No longer in fashion, out of date.: Obsolete

Structure used in BMX, snow- and skateboarding.: Halfpipe

Tiny globes of water.: Droplets

Small exclusive shop.: Boutique

Coming of age film starring Saoirse Ronan.: Lady bird

High-heeled shoe and the name of a slim knife.: Stiletto

Delivers the news by bicycle.: Paperboy

Period when a computer is offline or unavailable.: Downtime

Ancient Greek festival where playwrights competed.: Dionysia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Large white avian with orange bill; it’s voiceless.: Mute swan

Breathing out.: Exhaling

Whitened artificially.: Bleached

Jeans company named after animal handlers.: Wrangler

Active volcano in central Ecuador.: Cotopaxi

__ Hall, New York concert hall for classical music.: Carnegie

Superman is faster than a __ bullet.: Speeding

Find a penny pick it up, all day long you have __.: Good luck

Mockery, ridicule.: Derision

Perfect and spotlessly clean.: Pristine

Queen __, monarch who oversaw a vast empire.: Victoria

Remove someone from contacts list on social media.: Unfriend

Related to or for cooking.: Culinary

Slip of paper with weekly salary or wages.: Paycheck

Organized 11-a-side game started in Sheffield.: Football

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tall, large bloom, also called Helianthus.: Sunflower

Hired driver.: Chauffeur

Estimate of a property’s value.: Appraisal

Adopted a new religion.: Converted

Concussive effect of an explosion.: Shock wave

Ceramic material used to make some figurines.: Porcelain

France’s second-largest city, on the Mediterranean.: Marseille

Most populous city in Scandinavia.: Stockholm

Single-mindedly obsessive.: Fanatical

Word for a supreme ruler, like a monarch.: Sovereign

Young people, not quite mature.: Juveniles

Puzzle 4 Answers

She released a Fenty Beauty makeup line in 2017.: Rihanna

Act of being absent from school without permission.: Truancy

Swiss pro tennis player ranked in top 2 in 2018.: Federer

Fiction genre with a crime to be solved.: Mystery

Wedding brought forward due to unplanned pregnancy.: Shotgun

A dog whose breed is mixed or undetermined.: Mongrel

Small-scale 3D model.: Diorama

Daughter of Latinus and Amata in Roman mythology.: Lavinia

Boldness, flashiness, bluster.: Bravado

Places with exhibits.: Museums

Kenyan city, home to an important stock exchange.: Nairobi

Puzzle 5 Answers

To dull, e.g. spirits, mood.: Dampen

Warnings.: Alerts

Meat from a sheep.: Mutton

One of the seasons for Paris Fashion Week.: Spring

Polish composer & pianist of the Romantic era.: Chopin

Type of wild dog that lives in Africa and Asia.: Jackal

Last known country to use the guillotine.: France

This element is used in graphite.: Carbon

Sacred Islamic shrine, site of Muhammad’s tomb.: Medina

Autonomous community in northern Spain.: Basque

Group 363

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Mode, band meaning “hurried fashion”.: Depeche

Shapes of buildings, hills etc against a horizon.: Skyline

Straight route between two places.: Beeline

Person post employment.: Retiree

__ Comics; comic book that introduced Wonder Woman.: All star

Capital of and largest city in Wales.: Cardiff

Look after an infant while the parents are out.: Babysit

Harry Potter’s spoiled, bully cousin: Dudley __.: Dursley

Greek goddess of innocence, means “star-maiden”.: Astraea

Italian cornmeal mush.: Polenta

One who makes houses.: Builder

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fruity nickname of New York City.: Big apple

South Africa’s administrative capital city.: Pretoria

Classification grading for hurricanes.: Category

Killer of a political leader, such as a president.: Assassin

Falafel legume.: Chickpea

Uneasy, unable to relax.: Restless

__ warfare, military operations using poisoned gas.: Chemical

Quick-witted close friend of Shakespeare’s Romeo.: Mercutio

Blimps.: Airships

Son of Zeus, Ares’ title.: God of war

Someone who boasts about their possessions.: Braggart

Grilled Japanese dish of soy sauce and fish/meat.: Teriyaki

Puzzle 3 Answers

Female who carries a baby for another woman.: Surrogate

Gone in sixty seconds.: One minute

Muscular wall above the abdomen.: Diaphragm

An assistant referee runs up and down one.: Touchline

Infinite, endless, never-ending.: Unlimited

Ruin the appearance of, especially on the face.: Disfigure

Sell all of it.: Liquidate

Cabernet __, successful red wine grape variety.: Sauvignon

Color changing lizard.: Chameleon

Shoes with horizontal strap and a girl’s name.: Mary janes

Hopelessness; bare and empty state.: Bleakness

Puzzle 4 Answers

Gaps.: Spaces

1588 victory for England: defeat of the Spanish __.: Armada

Silas __, George Eliot’s weaver.: Marner

Dalai Lama’s winter home in Lhasa: __ Palace.: Potala

Amethyst Amelia Kelly: aka rapper Iggy __.: Azalea

The eighth month of the year.: August

Sum paid for capturing a fugitive.: Bounty

Spanish word for man.: Hombre

Oval fruits often stuffed or marinated.: Olives

Arnold __, golfer with drink named after him.: Palmer

Trousers that stop above the knee.: Shorts

Puzzle 5 Answers

Organ of the body that produces insulin.: Pancreas

Country where the enormous Angkor Wat Temple is.: Cambodia

Master of illusions, card tricks, and hand slights.: Magician

Jewish festival also called the Festival of Lights.: Hanukkah

French wine region on either bank of the Gironde.: Bordeaux

Is representative of, is a normal example of.: Typifies

One of the cardinal virtues, meaning reason.: Prudence

A chip off the __.: Old block

__ monarchy; where a ruler has unrestricted power.: Absolute

__ Steel, romance novelist since 1972’s Going Home.: Danielle

__ Husky, dog breed, thrives in cold climates.: Siberian

Octopus limb.: Tentacle

I Love Rock ‘n Roll and Bad Reputation crooner.: Joan jett

Hat maker.: Milliner

Irritation of the mucous membrane in the nose.: Rhinitis

Flame __, military weapons shooting fire.: Throwers

Puts at ease.: Comforts

Group 364

Puzzle 1 Answers

Holiday.: Vacation

__ bag, for hitting at the gym or in boxing.: Punching

Raised pathway across wet ground, used by giants.: Causeway

Jawbone.: Mandible

Uncovering something.: Exposing

Fluffy egg white and sugar dessert.: Meringue

Human-powered taxi in Asian countries.: Rickshaw

Patek __, Swiss luxury watchmaker.: Philippe

Without morals.: Bankrupt

Unsolicited sales pitch delivered via phone.: Cold call

Game __; indigenous wildlife conservation areas.: Reserves

Puzzle 2 Answers

Main cause of old age blindness: __ degeneration.: Macular

Cork plug placed in a bottle’s neck.: Stopper

Drooping like a parched plant.: Wilting

Argentinian cowboys; also wide, calf-length pants.: Gauchos

King Arthur’s court.: Camelot

Undermine authority.: Subvert

Firstborn of Beyoncé and Jay-Z.: Blue ivy

Popular online social network, before Facebook.: Myspace

Both an insect and a sport.: Cricket

Square, stuffed pasta parcels.: Ravioli

Highest female singing voice.: Soprano

Deceived.: Tricked

Held in high regard.: Exalted

Describes an animal that walks on two legs.: Bipedal

Puzzle 3 Answers

Liquid filled mattress.: Waterbed

Parasitic larvae infection through soil or water.: Hookworm

Chinese city with more than 300 skyscrapers.: Hong kong

Wearing thin garments one on top of the other.: Layering

Mankind; compassion.: Humanity

Moving on all fours.: Crawling

Maker of objects from clay and china.: Ceramist

Supervised, inspected.: Overseen

Religion associated with the Mahabodhi Temple.: Buddhism

Large city on the Congo River opposite Brazzaville.: Kinshasa

Puzzle 4 Answers

Italian dish of stuffed boneless pork roast.: Porchetta

Throat and stomach connector.: Esophagus

Small sun comes in white, black, red types.: Dwarf star

Leader of a clan.: Chieftain

Members of the family.: Relatives

Opinion, way of thinking.: Viewpoint

Author of Oedipus the King.: Sophocles

Country where the didgeridoo instrument originated.: Australia

Watch and fountain pen brand with mountain motif.: Mont blanc

Stretching before exercise.: Warming up

At a fast pace.: High speed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cheerleading accessory.: Pom pom

“The City of a Hundred Spires”.: Prague

Chrissy __, model married to John Legend.: Teigen

Involve oneself in another’s business.: Meddle

Took a sneaky look.: Peeked

Hair flipped out at the sides like a plane.: Winged

Large drinking cup for wine.: Goblet

Celebration with floats and bands.: Parade

Large stinging wasp.: Hornet

Medical treatment for aches and pains.: Remedy

Group 365

Puzzle 1 Answers

Returning the ball to the goalkeeper.: Back pass

Marvel antihero, known as the Merc with a Mouth.: Deadpool

Type of science used in criminal investigations.: Forensic

Large California city, near the mexican border.: San diego

Process endured by babies while the canines grow.: Teething

Thorough, scrupulous.: Rigorous

Woman in Norse mythology and a Fleetwood Mac song.: Rhiannon

Written symbol represents a thought, not a sound.: Ideogram

Title given to a son of the Emperor of Austria.: Archduke

A job or profession; a calling.: Vocation

Released an egg from the ovary.: Ovulated

Wreaths of flowers and leaves, hung or worn.: Garlands

Puzzle 2 Answers

A depressed state.: Dejection

One who studies rocks.: Geologist

Domesday Book commissioner: William the __.: Conqueror

Pimples.: Blemishes

Magnesium sulfate that helps ease inflammation.: Epsom salt

Hidden explosive device set up for intruders.: Booby trap

Decade that saw the rise of disco music.: Seventies

Dangerous.: Hazardous

Spain’s second largest population center.: Barcelona

King Solomon’s mother, according to Hebrew Bible.: Bathsheba

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fatigue caused by flying across time zones.: Jet lag

Second largest city in Pakistan, after Karachi.: Lahore

A promise.: Pledge

National flower of Singapore.: Orchid

Epitomize, characterize.: Typify

One who runs for exercise.: Jogger

__ king, a custodian of the Holy Grail.: Fisher

Pointless.: Futile

Janis __, US rocker with distinctive raucous voice.: Joplin

Ranting; partying hard.: Raving

Rubber suction cup.: Sucker

Puzzle 4 Answers

Using a bike.: Cycling

Synthetic element, symbol Bh.: Bohrium

Polished, graceful, debonair.: Elegant

Largest city and commercial capital of Sri Lanka.: Colombo

Stronghold, defender.: Bastion

Title bestowed on the viceroy of Egypt.: Khedive

Awful, frightful.: Ghastly

Willy Wonka’s tiny factory workers: Oompa-__.: Loompas

Lover of Thisbe in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.: Pyramus

Traveling around, performing concerts.: Touring

__ sensors guide drivers safely into spaces.: Parking

Advanced in years, aged.: Elderly

Those who take prisoners.: Captors

Puzzle 5 Answers

Whimsical, unbelievable, far-fetched.: Fanciful

Booklet on one subject.: Pamphlet

Second largest city in Japan, after Tokyo.: Yokohama

Person with total power over a country.: Dictator

Five-pointed sea creature.: Starfish

Naturally occurring alloy of silver and gold.: Electrum

Transfer from the internet to your hard drive.: Download

A celebrity’s attractive companion.: Arm candy

Someone who happens to be walking past.: Passerby

Intricate Chinese folk art involving snipping.: Papercut

__ Park, big screen dinosaur theme park.: Jurassic

Restraint for car driver and passengers.: Seat belt

Defensive wooden barrier.: Stockade

Term for the first (higher) blood pressure number.: Systolic

Edge of a garment and how it lays across the chest.: Neckline

Immerse, hold underwater.: Submerge

Group 366

Puzzle 1 Answers

Large luxury boats.: Yachts

Nationality of Brigitte Bardot.: French

Third largest German city after Berlin and Hamburg.: Munich

Hired killer.: Hitman

Cloudy, opaque.: Turbid

Worn, in poor condition.: Shabby

Head protection.: Helmet

Crustacean that lives in water or land.: Isopod

Makes a frog noise.: Croaks

Ralph __, US designer with Polo brand.: Lauren

Container for mixing cocktails.: Shaker

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Love, duet with Lionel Richie and Diana Ross.: Endless

Trial that led to Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment.: Rivonia

Linking together.: Joining

Thailand’s largest city, also called Krung Thep.: Bangkok

Make stronger with walls.: Fortify

Marked the skin by striking.: Bruised

Poetic conundrums.: Riddles

Incorrect belief.: Fallacy

Rises from the ashes.: Phoenix

Fortress like the Acropolis of Athens.: Citadel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Driving erratically from side to side.: Swerving

Brazilian city, largest in the Southern Hemisphere.: Sao paulo

Cause someone to feel isolated or estranged.: Alienate

The __ of cymbals as a band plays.: Clashing

Loss or lack of sleep.: Insomnia

Chemical element with the symbol Ti.: Titanium

Left on an island.: Marooned

Watch a sport from the stands.: Spectate

Feudal ruler.: Overlord

Kathy Kane’s comic book alter ego.: Batwoman

Puzzle 4 Answers

The act of asking someone to marry you.: Proposal

Opened a wine bottle.: Uncorked

Two different words that mean the opposite.: Antonyms

The New __, sonnet on the Statue of Liberty.: Colossus

Gloves for the foot (not mitten-shaped).: Toe socks

Strait taking the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea.: Bosporus

Crowded Serbian city on the Sava and Danube rivers.: Belgrade

Internal slippage of a body part.: Prolapse

Ancient roman building commissioned by Hadrian.: Pantheon

Throws away.: Discards

Approved with a signature.: Endorsed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Capital of Victoria, Australia.: Melbourne

Term for the killing a parent or close relative.: Parricide

Flinching, jerking back.: Recoiling

Cover furniture with cloth.: Upholster

He opens doors when homeowners have lost the keys.: Locksmith

Signs of authentication of silver pieces.: Hallmarks

Synthetic fabric with low moisture absorbency.: Polyester

Privacy, namelessness.: Anonymity

Into the water from a ship.: Overboard

Natural painkiller found in the brain.: Endorphin

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of __”.: Happiness

Overly ornate, pretentious, pompous.: Grandiose

World’s largest arboreal mammal.: Orangutan

__ World, Sam Cooke heart-melting song.: Wonderful

Group 367

Puzzle 1 Answers

What the Spanish word queso means in English.: Cheese

Meddle with evidence.: Tamper

Two houses attached by a wall in the middle.: Duplex

Memoirs of a __ by Arthur Golden.: Geisha

Coagulate, congeal, like spoiled milk.: Curdle

God of creation in Ancient Egypt.: Khepri

Save from peril.: Rescue

Firming up muscles.: Toning

Removed from office by force.: Ousted

Wax coloring stick for drawing.: Crayon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Confounding.: Puzzling

Collapses inwards.: Implodes

Caterpillar bred for clothing fibers.: Silkworm

Little red car that Prince sang about in 1982.: Corvette

Dried skin flakes in someone’s hair.: Dandruff

The orange pigment in carrots.: Carotene

Empty a building.: Evacuate

Gesture of approval.: Thumbs up

Put on a ____; hold someone in high regard.: Pedestal

One who studies plants.: Botanist

Spider.: Arachnid

Sherlock Holmes’ slow-witted inspector: Greg __.: Lestrade

Rebellions, revolts, sedition.: Mutinies

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wobbly, trembling like a sweet dessert.: Jellylike

Person who is paid to find people to fill jobs.: Recruiter

Description of sounds in a language.: Phonetics

The person someone is engaged to.: Betrothed

Nationality of author Paulo Coelho.: Brazilian

Boatfuls of cargo.: Shipments

Happening every 10 years.: Decennial

Stand under this green plant for a kiss.: Mistletoe

Condition of excess fluid in the lungs: __ edema.: Pulmonary

German model once married to Seal.: Heidi klum

Shown on a screen.: Displayed

Puzzle 4 Answers

Never appearing to grow older.: Ageless

Machine for turning beans into coffee.: Grinder

A side part of something.: Lateral

Memory loss.: Amnesia

Woman in line for an inheritance.: Heiress

Poisonous chemical element, atomic number 33.: Arsenic

Early record-keepers, who wrote on clay or papyrus.: Scribes

Severe storm in the South Pacific or Indian Ocean.: Cyclone

__ America; red, white and blue Marvel superhero.: Captain

The voice used as percussion.: Beatbox

Uranus moon named after the heroine of The Tempest.: Miranda

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of __.: Azkaban

Puzzle 5 Answers

Buying and selling products on the internet.: Ecommerce

Agency that deals with defusing explosives.: Bomb squad

Ordinary postal communication, not electronic.: Snail mail

Stoppage, conclusion.: Cessation

Cover these with mascara.: Eyelashes

Ladies shoe with a strap around the heel or ankle.: Slingback

Moves to a later date.: Postpones

Free-swimming, gelatinous organisms that can sting.: Jellyfish

Skilled person in a particular area.: Craftsman

Compound literary work in five parts.: Pentalogy

Devoted and loyal.: Dedicated

Group 368

Puzzle 1 Answers

Polishing.: Buffing

Creature with lion’s body and eagle’s head & wings.: Griffin

Created by humans, not naturally occurring.: Manmade

Licking the envelope.: Sealing

__ strength, a material’s maximum stretching force.: Tensile

Instructions for making certain dishes.: Recipes

Sharp bend in a road.: Hairpin

Highly unpleasant, gruesome.: Ghastly

Italian jewelry company with Latin script logo.: Bulgari

Connected to or related to the heart.: Cardiac

Music performance by soloist or small group.: Recital

“Today is a gift. That’s why we call it the __”.: Present

Remote-__, trucks with wire transmitters.: Control

Mountain that Tibetans call Chomolungma.: Everest

Holy spots to commemorate the deceased.: Shrines

French cosmetics house and perfumer of Tendre Nuit.: Lancome

Large, bristly pig; collective noun is a sounder.: Warthog

Puzzle 2 Answers

These are forbidden by social customs.: Taboos

The computer term HTML: hypertext __ language.: Markup

India’s “Pink City,” for colors of its buildings.: Jaipur

Sharp steel, hand-held weapon.: Dagger

Coffee rum liqueur.: Kahlua

__ heel, low dainty-heeled shoe with feline name.: Kitten

Film is wound onto them.: Spools

Food storage device patented by Peter Durand.: Tin can

NASA space telescope, the H in HST.: Hubble

To go back to the original state.: Revert

Open air market.: Bazaar

Roman chariot racetrack.: Circus

Denmark’s second largest city.: Aarhus

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alter ego of the White Queen in Marvel Comics.: Emma frost

Person who works with and lends out books.: Librarian

Changes in the speed and direction of the breeze.: Wind shear

Stifled, suffocated.: Smothered

In Greek myth, a hunter, son of nymph & river god.: Narcissus

Lightheartedness.: Frivolity

__ spiral, mathematical design found in nature.: Fibonacci

This earliest form of explosive came from China.: Gunpowder

Carrying container on a horse or bicycle.: Saddlebag

Hair with damaged tips.: Split ends

Removing belongings from a suitcase.: Unpacking

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sweet, pleasant smell.: Fragrance

A bank balance of less than zero.: Overdrawn

Those with endless lives.: Immortals

Someone who writes a regular piece for a newspaper.: Columnist

Speak slowly, clearly and deliberately.: Enunciate

He takes the wheel of a multi-occupant vehicle.: Bus driver

Superman’s cousin; real name of Supergirl.: Kara zor el

Underwater projectiles.: Torpedoes

Blocks, gets in the way of.: Obstructs

The science of the causes and effects of diseases.: Pathology

Puzzle 5 Answers

Hides from view.: Conceals

Unwavering, purposeful, determined.: Resolute

Hoops for keeping household locking items together.: Keyrings

Case on the deck of a ship where the compass is.: Binnacle

City in Spain where paella originated.: Valencia

Professionals who study reports and research.: Analysts

Act of giving birth to puppies.: Whelping

Indian religion with god Vishnu.: Hinduism

Plant with a two-year life cycle.: Biennial

Carbon copies, duplicates.: Replicas

Stops between connecting flights.: Layovers

Japanese video game empire.: Nintendo

Set of beliefs held and taught by a certain group.: Doctrine

A pretender, a fake, a deceiver.: Imposter

Something closer to the torso.: Proximal

It makes perfect.: Practice

Graduated highlighting hair dye technique.: Balayage

Group 369

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cured, fermented and air-dried sausage.: Salami

__ wave, woman’s hairstyle of the 1920s.: Marcel

Lexus parent company.: Toyota

Discourages, dissuades.: Deters

Isaac Newton is famous for three laws of __.: Motion

Give a line to an actor on stage.: Prompt

Someone who owes money.: Debtor

The boy in The Jungle Book who is raised by wolves.: Mowgli

Meal basket.: Picnic

Stamp a design on a surface, stands out in relief.: Emboss

Puzzle 2 Answers

St. Peter’s in Vatican City is one of them.: Basilica

Moore and Gibbons’ 1986 comic book series.: Watchmen

Destroy, ruin.: Demolish

Tufty yarn used to make soft, furry garments.: Chenille

Loud cutting tool with teeth, gas or electric.: Chainsaw

Branch of mathematics that means “pebble” in Latin.: Calculus

Shakespearean tragedy Troilus and __.: Cressida

Patting down someone’s body as a security measure.: Frisking

Area for building big boats.: Shipyard

Military aircraft.: Warplane

Collections of historical records.: Archives

Moroccan nut emollient for eating and cosmetics.: Argan oil

Marine mammals known for their double coats.: Fur seals

Puzzle 3 Answers

Round and often served with spaghetti.: Meatballs

Dental __: person who keeps your teeth clean.: Hygienist

Group exercise on studio bikes.: Spin class

Extensive online reference resource.: Wikipedia

Destructive attack.: Onslaught

Weakening, subsiding.: Relenting

Top part of a fraction.: Numerator

Study of the general physical aspects of rocks.: Lithology

Britain gained this Rock by the Treaty of Utrecht.: Gibraltar

Rules of politeness.: Etiquette

A young tearaway, a rascal, a scamp.: Scallywag

Puzzle 4 Answers

Suddenly and unexpectedly.: Abruptly

French pancake shop.: Creperie

One of the elements found in water.: Hydrogen

Region in southern Italy, Naples is its capital.: Campania

Without having been invited.: Unbidden

Officials appointed to supervise large events.: Stewards

Protective goddess of the dead in Ancient Egypt.: Nephthys

People who catch animals.: Trappers

Full moon transforms this creature.: Werewolf

Former name of Bangladesh: East __.: Pakistan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abbreviation made of 1st letters of other words.: Acronym

Pushing roughly.: Shoving

Chocolate ganache treat named like a fungus.: Truffle

Sportsperson on rings, beam, floor and vault.: Gymnast

With a leg on each side of a horse.: Astride

Debbie Harry’s Atomic band.: Blondie

Bottom edge of stitching on a skirt.: Hemline

Sea that stretches from Somalia to India.: Arabian

Artist who first introduced Batman, in 1939.: Bob kane

Dense star derived from a supernova explosion.: Neutron

Series of three things, such as novels.: Trilogy

The __ Dead; zombie apocalypse TV series.: Walking

Female deity.: Goddess

Struck by love.: Smitten

Meet, gather.: Convene

Upset, worry, torment.: Anguish

Group 370

Puzzle 1 Answers

Road with no way out.: Dead end

Make something clear, define it.: Explain

The study of sacred buildings.: Naology

Large, winged scavenger.: Vulture

Both a moon of Saturn and type of caribbean music.: Calypso

Potato pasta.: Gnocchi

Hitchcock dizzying film with Stewart and Novak.: Vertigo

Symbol for categorizing messages on social media.: Hashtag

Greek goddess, she is connected with retribution.: Nemesis

Extreme confidence, with great style and flair.: Panache

Relating to the sense of touch.: Tactile

Flaming garden feature for toasting marshmallows.: Firepit

French grotto where Bernadette saw the Virgin Mary.: Lourdes

Puzzle 2 Answers

Marvel supervillain team, often versus the Hulk.: Riot squad

Seaport and second largest city in Madagascar.: Toamasina

Oval course for horses.: Racetrack

Person who uses a tannoy to provide information.: Announcer

Sending goods abroad for business.: Exporting

Medical analysis of red bodily fluid.: Blood test

Imaging technology developed by Godfrey Hounsfield.: Ct scanner

Malaysian shoe designer based in the UK.: Jimmy choo

Element with the chemical symbol Pu.: Plutonium

Hilly region at the base of a mountain.: Foothills

Somebody who is made to take the blame.: Scapegoat

Seating for toddlers.: High chair

Waiting place between Heaven and Hell.: Purgatory

Italian Renaissance sculptor of Zuccone.: Donatello

Marvin Gaye heard it through this vegetation.: Grapevine

Spreadable fruit.: Preserves

Lasting indefinitely.: Permanent

Puzzle 3 Answers

Kylian __; 2018 World Cup final teenage goalscorer.: Mbappe

Spanish word for rain.: Lluvia

Mortal __; fighting video game with dragon logo.: Kombat

Performing in a play.: Acting

__ latte; low fat, lower calorie hot drink option.: Skinny

Italy’s third largest city after Rome and Milan.: Naples

Sacred serpent on an Ancient Egyptian headdress.: Uraeus

Tedious.: Boring

Serve as evidence of.: Attest

Loses consciousness.: Faints

Short haircut named after Roman emperor Julius.: Caesar

This author introduced Mr. Darcy to the world.: Austen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Group representative.: Spokesman

Can be used to kill cancerous cells.: Radiation

Identifying item worn at festivals.: Wristband

A slope for boarders to do tricks.: Skate ramp

Defiantly, with conviction.: Adamantly

Italian opera singer, one of the Three Tenors.: Pavarotti

Spanish word for the numeral 16.: Dieciseis

Delicate, touchy, easily offended.: Sensitive

Providing, supplying.: Equipping

Victorian mechanics as fashion.: Steampunk

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chronic condition of too much sugar in the blood.: Diabetes

Cloudy day.: Overcast

3D image formed by light beams from a laser.: Hologram

One who has won an event at the Olympics.: Medalist

Peppa and George’s father in kids’ cartoon series.: Daddy pig

Female performer in a musical or stage recital.: Showgirl

Party game with a mouthpiece making talking hard.: Speak out

Vehicles in the Netherlands outnumbering cars.: Bicycles

Savory Australian spread made with brewers yeast.: Vegemite

Convince, encourage, impel.: Persuade

Wrote Murder on the Orient Express.: Christie

Defeated general in the Second Punic War.: Hannibal

Largest lake on the Peru-Bolivia border.: Titicaca

Get a tan while outside.: Sunbathe

He became France’s First Consul in 1799.: Napoleon

Place to sleep in tents.: Campsite

Group 371

Puzzle 1 Answers

The exchange of money for goods or services.: Payment

Small glazed ceramic container for cooking.: Ramekin

Long-lasting.: Durable

Filmed material for a tv show, for example.: Footage

Slang for abs that are well defined.: Six pack

Siblings Without __, book by Faber and Mazlish.: Rivalry

Morally offensive.: Obscene

Street musicians.: Buskers

Nauseous, sickly, queasy.: Bilious

Calendar which designates each year with an animal.: Chinese

Asian city called the Venice of the East.: Bangkok

A self-contradictory statement.: Paradox

Commissioner Gordon’s crime-fighting daughter.: Batgirl

Humility, lack of pretension.: Modesty

Car with a solid roof.: Hardtop

Baseball strike that gets batter around the bases.: Home run

Flour tortilla stuffed with fillings.: Burrito

Military hairstyle, short back and sides.: Crew cut

The Chiron is one of their most expensive models.: Bugatti

Puzzle 2 Answers

Required by law or moral duty.: Obligated

He mixes cocktails and sells drinks.: Bartender

Shrubby rose also called sweetbriar.: Eglantine

Duvet.: Bedspread

Tall shoes from the 1970s.: Platforms

Another word for the rising sign in astrology.: Ascendant

Flexible, able to adjust to new situations.: Adaptable

Paper currency.: Banknotes

__ to injury; make a bad situation even worse.: Add insult

Make an exact copy.: Replicate

Nationality of “Mi Gente” singer J. Balvin.: Colombian

Philip II of Macedon’s successor: __ the Great.: Alexander

Puzzle 3 Answers

These animals fight with their long necks.: Giraffes

Anatomical term for the lower jaw.: Mandible

Goodbye in French.: Au revoir

Profligate.: Wasteful

Buried in a vault.: Entombed

Exit point from a house to a garden.: Back door

Barbecued bone, used as a backup.: Spare rib

__ Kingdom, Nintendo place ruled by Princess Peach.: Mushroom

Channel built for water, in the form of a bridge.: Aqueduct

Woolen knitwear that buttons up the front.: Cardigan

Marble building in Agra, India.: Taj mahal

Unaccompanied musicians.: Soloists

Puzzle 4 Answers

With an impressive, grand appearance.: Imposing

Place to build furniture, learn a trade, etc..: Workshop

Space __; retro alien shooting arcade game.: Invaders

Walking with loud, heavy steps.: Stomping

Elder daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.: Caroline

Typed words along the bottom of a TV screen.: Subtitle

Jumping rope.: Skipping

White mass seen around a mountain’s peak.: Cap cloud

Country whose capital is Bratislava.: Slovakia

Rum and fruit juice cocktail, often strawberry __.: Daiquiri

Practical, level-headed, shrewd, wise.: Sensible

Relating to the fall season.: Autumnal

Puzzle 5 Answers

Small wave in the water’s surface.: Ripple

Simon the __, also called Simon the Canaanite.: Zealot

Portuguese capital and cultural heart.: Lisbon

Recently, not long ago.: Lately

Dry red wine grape originating from Bordeaux.: Merlot

Rough and harsh, such as a grade of sandpaper.: Coarse

Something with a depressing effect.: Damper

Rendered empty or invalid.: Voided

Metal fasteners such as on bags or jewelry.: Clasps

Exercises for thighs, bending as if sitting.: Squats

__-Prussian War; 1870 conflict in Rhine Province.: Franco

Auction participant.: Bidder

Circus jokers.: Clowns

Element of fear for globophobics.: Helium

Studious schoolgirl with a crush on Charlie Brown.: Marcie

Carrie __ played Princess Leia.: Fisher

Group 372

Puzzle 1 Answers

Spinal column.: Backbone

Say in a different way.: Rephrase

Trashy news newspapers.: Tabloids

Early spring flower the English call the Lent lily.: Daffodil

Imbibers.: Drinkers

South-African actress __ Theron.: Charlize

Graffiti artist’s paint dispenser.: Spray can

“A little __ is a dangerous thing”: Alexander Pope.: Learning

Machine that adds shine to floors.: Polisher

Writ to attend the court.: Subpoena

The surrounding area.: Vicinity

Spent recklessly and compulsively.: Splurged

Walking aids, sticks placed under arms.: Crutches

Open-topped two-seater car.: Roadster

Staunch supporter of a cause or party.: Partisan

Puzzle 2 Answers

To be obvious is to stick out like a __.: Sore thumb

Empire Polo Club’s annual music extravaganza.: Coachella

Century when Shakespeare was born.: Sixteenth

Admired.: Respected

Taking accurate land measurements.: Surveying

To begin legal proceedings against someone.: Prosecute

Group of four related literary or operatic works.: Tetralogy

Sunny flowers come in French and African varieties.: Marigolds

Retro cocktail, Brandy __.: Alexander

Criminal, delinquent.: Miscreant

Puzzle 3 Answers

A mobile phone that can’t be traced.: Burner

Individual drawings in a comic strip.: Panels

Less rapid, not as fast.: Slower

Informal, nonchalant, relaxed.: Casual

Large groups of flying insects.: Swarms

Remove from office forcefully.: Depose

Anglo-Saxon king with power to turn the tide.: Canute

Worker who attends to a system of ropes on a ship.: Rigger

Literary work that uses irony, wit and sarcasm.: Satire

Caramel-colored liqueur made from distilled wine.: Brandy

Receptacle used by patients on hospital wards.: Bedpan

The principle of cosmic order in Hinduism.: Dharma

Puzzle 4 Answers

Three of these and the batter is out.: Strikes

Gifting money in return for an illegal favor.: Bribing

Cotton cloth, typically with a checkered pattern.: Gingham

The side of a coin that has the principal design.: Obverse

Doesn’t take sides.: Neutral

British manufacturer of the F1LM racing car.: Mclaren

Array of eyeshadow colors or an artist’s paints.: Palette

Passes on germs.: Infects

Silvery-white transition metal, atomic number 77.: Iridium

Softly sung to entice sleep.: Lullaby

A minor deity.: Demi god

City in which the Titanic was built.: Belfast

Chopped off.: Severed

Criticism aimed at an easy target.: Potshot

Pumbaa from The Lion King is one of these.: Warthog

Perceivable by sight.: Visible

Undermine the power of an institution.: Subvert

Standoff, deadlock.: Impasse

Pair of related artistic works such as films.: Duology

Puzzle 5 Answers

Result of dividing one quantity by another.: Quotient

Logo or initials, added to shirts and hankies.: Monogram

February 29th is celebrated in one.: Leap year

Simple hanging cloth beds.: Hammocks

Blaze surrounded by tents.: Campfire

One who travels to work.: Commuter

Do these to target the abdominal muscles.: Crunches

The name of The Jungle Book black panther.: Bagheera

Christina __, Madonna kissed her on stage.: Aguilera

Social media website with co-founder Zuckerberg.: Facebook

Spanish spelling of largest Balearic island.: Mallorca

Film character who adopts Annie: Oliver (Daddy) __.: Warbucks

Group 373

Puzzle 1 Answers

Red gemstones.: Rubies

Person in front.: Leader

Short sleep.: Catnap

Ground spice used in some autumnal desserts.: Nutmeg

Someone worth hanging on to.: Keeper

Third most populous city in South Africa.: Durban

The way text is set on a page before publishing.: Lay out

Party __; celebratory mini explosive.: Popper

Unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work.: Piracy

__ bra, supportive garment for physical exercise.: Sports

Something __ This Way Comes, by Bradbury.: Wicked

Puzzle 2 Answers

Riddled with, overrun with.: Infested

Wildebeest do this panicked rush during migration.: Stampede

Explanatory information at the bottom of a page.: Footnote

A croissant gets its name from this shape.: Crescent

Bacon from Italy.: Pancetta

Open mesh stockings.: Fishnets

Perfect, unblemished.: Flawless

International one hit wonder for Los del Río.: Macarena

Guessing game, where clues are acted out.: Charades

Fashionable phrase.: Buzzword

Puzzle 3 Answers

Of Mice and Men author.: Steinbeck

Grand __; city-based driving and car-stealing game.: Theft auto

Space rock that gets through Earth’s atmosphere.: Meteorite

Release of strong emotions.: Catharsis

Professional oddsmaker and bet taker.: Bookmaker

Red Italian leafy vegetable.: Radicchio

Practical and sensible.: Pragmatic

Time of year to witness mass wildebeest migration.: Dry season

Surpasses, eclipses.: Outshines

First name of King Henry VIII’s first wife.: Catherine

Bringing goods into a country.: Importing

Laugh lines around the eyes.: Crows feet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Garden plot devoted to blooms.: Flowerbed

Being the property of.: Belonging

Body that examines evidence before going to trial.: Grand jury

Group of individuals who promote a common interest.: Syndicate

Vacation after the wedding.: Honeymoon

Recluse, loner, shrinking violet.: Introvert

Remote areas of trees far from civilization.: Backwoods

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh succeeded by Thutmose I.: Amenhotep

1995 gunslinger film starring Antonio Banderas.: Desperado

One who examines for quality, or works in police.: Inspector

Process of forcing someone to leave a place.: Expulsion

Puzzle 5 Answers

Forcefully departed from a crashing plane.: Ejected

Highly prized red spice, turns risotto yellow.: Saffron

Study of how organisms relate to their environment.: Ecology

Mountain sport transport.: Ski lift

London designer of leather goods.: Aspinal

Gather disparate items to form a list or archive.: Compile

A tooth meant for cutting, humans have four.: Incisor

The Game Plan stars Dwayne “The Rock” __.: Johnson

Evergreen trees don’t have leaves, but these.: Needles

Strength of sunburn-producing radiation.: Uv index

Algeria’s busiest port city.: Algiers

Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the __.: Echidna

Harsh criticism.: Vitriol

Usually black, brush this onto lashes.: Mascara

Group 374

Puzzle 1 Answers

Thin sheets of precious metal used for gilding.: Gold leaf

Calm and undisturbed, peaceful.: Tranquil

Scottish woodwind instrument with reeds.: Bagpipes

Jean Paul __, haute couture fashion designer.: Gaultier

A four-line stanza in poetry.: Quatrain

Sweat.: Perspire

Dry, barren terrain with canyons and ravines.: Badlands

Legal notice to leave a dwelling.: Eviction

Lock on a door that doesn’t use a spring.: Deadbolt

Set of six works, like Mission Impossible films.: Hexalogy

Italian tomato sauce with herbs and spices.: Marinara

Compensated an employee with too much money.: Overpaid

Signs of a malady.: Symptoms

Sisterhood.: Sorority

Triskaidekaphobia: superstition about this number.: Thirteen

Country where the national animal is the unicorn.: Scotland

Puzzle 2 Answers

Headstrong, difficult to control.: Wayward

Fraction whose denominator is a power of ten.: Decimal

Actress __ Dietrich.: Marlene

Tufty hair growing in the wrong direction.: Cowlick

Dull, bland, wishy-washy.: Insipid

Israel’s financial center, with many skyscrapers.: Tel aviv

Livestock, not plants.: Animals

German maker of 911, Boxster, and Carrera.: Porsche

Princess Diana’s maiden name.: Spencer

Professional who measures and manages risk.: Actuary

Object kept as a reminder or souvenir.: Memento

Storage for cigars.: Humidor

Flemish painter gave his name to a type of beard.: Van dyck

Puzzle 3 Answers

Who can take a sunrise, sprinkle it with dew.: Candy man

Advice given to help solve a problem.: Guidance

Element with the chemical symbol Ti.: Titanium

Smashing, breaking with a huge ball.: Wrecking

Largest French wine region, on the Garonne river.: Bordeaux

Sold, advertised.: Marketed

Cartilage between the surfaces of some joints.: Meniscus

Braid that looks like an aquatic animal.: Fishtail

Country where Kilimanjaro Park is located.: Tanzania

Chart showing days, weeks, months.: Calendar

Almost too late, long overdue.: High time

Like an unmoving ship.: Anchored

Illegal scribblings or paintings on public walls.: Graffiti

Indonesian island; was called Celebes.: Sulawesi

Puzzle 4 Answers

Gangrenous reaction to extreme cold.: Frostbite

Makes a lepidopterophobe’s heart flutter.: Butterfly

Material that is resistant to fire.: Retardant

Small figurine.: Statuette

Putting money into a project or financial scheme.: Investing

Short-lived, ephemeral, on the move.: Transient

Lying down in a chair.: Reclining

Hollywood actress, won an Oscar for La La Land.: Emma stone

Awards won.: Accolades

Transmitting music in a continuous flow.: Streaming

Iguazu Falls bordering countries: Brazil and __.: Argentina

Hidden openings.: Trapdoors

Embalmed and wrapped in cloth.: Mummified

Century when Christopher Columbus was born.: Fifteenth

Active at night time.: Nocturnal

Breakfast patty of shredded potato.: Hash brown

Repeating.: Replaying

Puzzle 5 Answers

Rock and roll dad of model Georgia May; Mick __.: Jagger

Chemically treated hair set in a wave or straight.: Permed

Rough wooden storage containers.: Crates

Discuss something with someone.: Confer

Mind-bending word problem.: Riddle

Grimaces in pain.: Winces

Austin __, groovy 60s spy played by Mike Myers.: Powers

Sun god in Ancient Egyptian mythology.: Amun ra

Righteousness.: Virtue

Robert Ludlum’s Jason __ series.: Bourne

Capital of Cuba.: Havana

Chicken in French.: Poulet

Group 375

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mark __, Hulk and Bruce Banner.: Ruffalo

Dutch painter of Girl With a Pearl Earring.: Vermeer

__ imaging system, infrared device for detection.: Thermal

Make ready for.: Prepare

Contacted over the airwaves.: Radioed

Shoes with hole patterns at the front.: Brogues

Randomly and rapidly search through something.: Rummage

Water ceremony for church initiation.: Baptism

Mistake caught on camera.: Blooper

Connected system, e.g. a company’s computers.: Network

Covered with wool, like a sheep.: Fleeced

Rich Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream.: Burrata

Puzzle 2 Answers

Base unit of mass in International System of Units.: Kilogram

Restaurants and cafes.: Eateries

Arm ornament worn around the wrist.: Bracelet

Acclaimed musical featuring ABBA’s music.: Mamma mia

Danger-loving actor’s replacement.: Stuntman

Tapered, decreased in width.: Narrowed

Traveling broadcast or musical entertainment.: Roadshow

Skater’s semicircle.: Half pipe

Playing music unplugged.: Acoustic

Underground story of a building, like a cellar.: Basement

Final, unavoidable confrontation.: Showdown

Han Dynasty trade route for luxury goods.: Silk road

Second largest city in Indonesia.: Surabaya

Puzzle 3 Answers

Allow room for someone to pass, move aside.: Make way

Día de los __: Day of the Dead, in Spanish.: Muertos

Inverted V-shaped line on a uniform, shows rank.: Chevron

Drawing guessing game with gruesome ending.: Hangman

Find a solution, settle an argument.: Resolve

Leather fringe adornments on loafers.: Tassels

High-end maker of the Flying Spur car.: Bentley

Country whose capital is Abuja.: Nigeria

A double-bladed paddler.: Kayaker

Authored Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.: Dickens

Warrior goddess of healing in Egyptian mythology.: Sekhmet

N Italian city, famous for a pasta sauce.: Bologna

__ leopard, blotchy wild cat from SE Asia.: Clouded

Religious campaign.: Crusade

Arising from a common origin.: Genetic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Disease of the liver.: Cirrhosis

Operated by air or gas under pressure.: Pneumatic

Elvis’s daughter.: Lisa marie

Expert in building design.: Architect

Scares.: Frightens

Stopped from happening.: Prevented

Open summer footwear, known as thongs in Australia.: Flipflops

City with Germany’s largest and busiest airport.: Frankfurt

Yellow character from the Transformers franchise.: Bumblebee

Nintendo interactive tennis, golf and boxing games.: Wii sports

Point out faults in a disapproving way.: Criticize

The __ Rabbit by Margery Williams.: Velveteen

Pleasant to taste.: Palatable

King’s clown that preys on children.: Penny wise

Puzzle 5 Answers

Electronic messages sent via the internet.: Emails

Sandwich company with elongated offerings.: Subway

Santa Cruz del__, densely populated Colombian isle.: Islote

Mass of space “cloud” gasses, such as the Crab __.: Nebula

Rock __, 60s movie star, played opposite Doris Day.: Hudson

Ancient Gaelic festival marking start of spring.: Imbolc

Not whole or functional anymore, faulty.: Broken

Slightly annoyed.: Miffed

Detective Sherlock __.: Holmes

Support, ratify.: Uphold

Manic __; post-weekend blues for The Bangles.: Monday

__ acquisition, a recruiter.: Talent

Beetle central to Ancient Egyptian mythology.: Scarab

Americans call them bangs, Brits call it a __.: Fringe

Playground toy of a plank with a pivot.: Seesaw

Foot- and legwear worn by fishermen in rivers.: Waders

A true principle or belief.: Verity

Group 376

Puzzle 1 Answers

Rich, wealthy.: Affluent

US founding father with musical based on his life.: Hamilton

Least light.: Heaviest

Offensiveness, repulsiveness.: Vileness

Norman __, US painter of Four Freedoms.: Rockwell

Maintains a vehicle.: Services

Management of a museum or gallery collection.: Curation

Prediction or forecast of future happenings.: Prophecy

Garfield’s hopeless owner, Jon __.: Arbuckle

Phytonutrient that gives tomatoes their red color.: Lycopene

Hall for slain warriors in Norse mythology.: Valhalla

Made an excited sound, like a pig.: Squealed

Person who funds government.: Taxpayer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Stumble over words.: Stutter

Shakespearean play known as the “Scottish Play”.: Macbeth

Figures that represent players in videogames.: Avatars

Leaves, goes.: Departs

Tactile writing system used by visually impaired.: Braille

Make someone lose courage.: Unnerve

Making up for a bad deed, religiously.: Atoning

Legally, it means “guilty mind”, from Latin.: Mens rea

Muscle located at the top of the shoulder.: Deltoid

Deliberately messy hair, as if just woken up.: Bed head

Math that uses letters.: Algebra

Optical illusions seen on hot roads.: Mirages

What the M stands for in BMW car company.: Motoren

Professionals in horse racing, riders.: Jockeys

Go off on a tangent.: Digress

Lamented a death.: Mourned

Puzzle 3 Answers

The second of Prince William’s four names.: Arthur

Egyptian god of the dead had a head of this animal.: Jackal

Sweet red-brown bean used in vegetarian dishes.: Adzuki

Big hit song for the Animals: House of the __ Sun.: Rising

Capable of moving.: Mobile

Approach with aggression.: Accost

__ voyage, a ship’s first trip, think Titanic.: Maiden

Character created by J.K. Rowling: Harry __.: Potter

Japanese car company, makes Corolla & Camry models.: Toyota

Fragile, easily damaged.: Flimsy

Open a flag or sail.: Unfurl

Mario’s archenemy in Super Mario.: Bowser

__ balcony, named after a Shakespeare heroine.: Juliet

Outlined.: Traced

Prize for winning a sporting event.: Trophy

City where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.: Dallas

Easy to control, placid.: Docile

Region of Italy containing the province of Palermo.: Sicily

Puzzle 4 Answers

Way in, doorway.: Entrance

Burt __, who starred in Deliverance.: Reynolds

The __ Zone, long-running supernatural TV series.: Twilight

1983 Bond film Never __ __ Again.: Say never

Grouping like geese.: Flocking

Monthly house payment to bank.: Mortgage

Only tepid, or not showing any enthusiasm.: Lukewarm

Heir __; first in line of royal succession.: Apparent

Animal whose bite can transmit dengue fever.: Mosquito

Long-haired fairy tale princess locked in a tower.: Rapunzel

Explosive sticks for demolition.: Dynamite

Where the locks frame the face around the forehead.: Hairline

Green, anise-flavored spirit.: Absinthe

Attractive, tempting.: Alluring

Loyalty rewards for frequent flyers.: Air miles

Puzzle 5 Answers

Conceited and knowing person, cocky and arrogant.: Smart alec

English band had albums OK Computer and The Bends.: Radiohead

Relating to the preparation of material to publish.: Editorial

Treating serious issues with inappropriate humour.: Facetious

Emergency hospital vehicle.: Ambulance

Number check of people present.: Headcount

Sign on paper money only visible under light.: Watermark

Strangely, uncommonly.: Unusually

Study of the origin & development of the universe.: Cosmology

Country where the Tanami Desert is located.: Australia

Elvis’ house.: Graceland

She transformed Pinocchio into a real boy.: Blue fairy

Someone who is scared of feet.: Podophobe

A traveler, but not the vehicle’s driver.: Passenger

Group 377

Puzzle 1 Answers

Meryl __, acting royalty, has over 20 Oscar noms.: Streep

Much imitated French handbag designer: Coco __.: Chanel

Vessel for pouring stewed hot drink.: Teapot

Secure, fasten with planks of wood or metal.: Batten

Acronym for the US first lady.: Flotus

The 2012 Summer Olympics were held here.: London

Childhood home of Harry Potter: 4 __ Drive.: Privet

Body of water separated from the sea by a reef.: Lagoon

Confirmed, endorsed.: Upheld

Have significance.: Matter

Loops in ropes tied with a knot used by hangmen.: Nooses

Rags to __; to come upon good fortune.: Riches

Banish out of a country.: Deport

Hordes of people.: Crowds

Puzzle 2 Answers

Singer famous for Poker Face and Born This Way.: Lady gaga

Early jewelry pieces used to hold cloaks closed.: Brooches

Political undoing and descent.: Downfall

Bits of strewn paper for celebrations.: Confetti

Regulator or overseer; canine that guards/protects.: Watchdog

Changing over time.: Evolving

Jennifer __, played Katniss Everdeen.: Lawrence

Vista, an all-around view.: Panorama

Light ramekin dishes made with egg whites.: Souffles

Red, sore, infected.: Inflamed

Person who lives in a building.: Occupant

Dark skin patches caused by UV exposure.: Sunspots

Shoes that extend over the wearer’s ankle.: High tops

Creator of expensive fashion.: Designer

China’s largest city.: Shanghai

Another name for table tennis.: Ping pong

Puzzle 3 Answers

Eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union.: Gorbachev

Club __, Wham No.1 record with crickets intro.: Tropicana

Cues, sticks, balls, and a table.: Billiards

Nearly, almost.: Virtually

Unused parts of meals, reheated the following day.: Leftovers

Holiday when people sing carols.: Christmas

Lacking any obvious principle of organization.: Haphazard

First European to reach Kilimanjaro summit.: Hans meyer

Best place on a route to stop and take photos.: Viewpoint

Occurring every six years.: Sexennial

Keratin covering on the first digit of a hand.: Thumbnail

Free from blame.: Guiltless

Counselor, psychoanalyst, psychiatrist.: Therapist

John Wayne’s headwear.: Cowboy hat

Disappearing without a trace.: Vanishing

Basic print device that uses ink to create images.: Woodblock

Dustin Hoffman drives this brand in The Graduate.: Alfa romeo

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who spends winters in warmer climates.: Snowbird

Rock band founded by Jimmy Page: Led __.: Zeppelin

To damage and destroy beyond repair.: Demolish

African nation with the Serengeti National Park.: Tanzania

Position behind the driver.: Backseat

Thin bars that keep an avian in captivity.: Birdcage

Money off an item.: Discount

Capital city of Malta.: Valletta

Greek battle with runner Pheidippides.: Marathon

In the UK the game is called draughts, in the US _.: Checkers

Hair raised high, Marie-Antoinette style.: Bouffant

Took part in an athletic event.: Competed

Comic verse composed in irregular rhythm.: Doggerel

Incautious.: Careless

Puzzle 5 Answers

Runs, oversees.: Manages

Energetic and vital.: Vibrant

“Hope __ eternal”.: Springs

Crimes against the king or queen.: Treason

Patio for tanning.: Sundeck

Get better from illness.: Recover

Testosterone is one of these.: Hormone

Physical training based on military obstacles.: Parkour

The only female judge in the Book of Judges.: Deborah

__ Stone, decoding tablet found by Napoleon’s army.: Rosetta

To decorate or embellish; often found on a plate.: Garnish

Dead Poets __.: Society

Japanese city, venue of the 1972 Winter Olympics.: Sapporo

Sold objects via numbered tickets in a draw.: Raffled

Sea of the Philippines, also called Sulawesi.: Celebes

Wood-eating insect.: Termite

Group 378

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mirror; think deeply.: Reflect

Holes in shoes through which laces are passed.: Eyelets

__ vane, for breezy predictions.: Weather

Department of imported goods, at an airport.: Customs

The Fairy Queen in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.: Titania

Removed impurities.: Detoxed

Hasbro game with a whipped cream surprise.: Pieface

Royal house of Queen Elizabeth II.: Windsor

Of the color of green, lush grass.: Verdant

Northern hemisphere annual March event: vernal __.: Equinox

Study of living organisms.: Biology

Cooked in simmering water, eggs for example.: Poached

A business or a firm.: Company

Dr. Jones’s nickname, maybe an ophidiophobe.: Indiana

Letters of a word rearranged to form another.: Anagram

Aggressive regional, independent military commander.: Warlord

The nicer police officer in an interrogation.: Good cop

Puzzle 2 Answers

Mythical creature: head of a human, body of a lion.: Sphinx

Second largest Greek island, after Crete.: Euboea

An official count of a population.: Census

Testing process or rehearsal.: Dry run

Made amends or reparations.: Atoned

__ Woman; superhero alter ego of Diana Prince.: Wonder

Men’s hair stylist.: Barber

A swelling of the thyroid gland.: Goiter

Where you plug electrical devices in.: Socket

Whole-page illustrations printed separately.: Plates

Root often served alongside sushi.: Ginger

Required, necessary.: Needed

The Roman Empire’s two centuries of peace: Pax __.: Romana

Patrick __, Dirty Dancing Hollywood actor.: Swayze

To build a piece of art from stone or clay.: Sculpt

When people receive their wages.: Payday

The two longest rivers in the UK: Thames and __.: Severn

Six-stringed musical instrument.: Guitar

African country, home to Volcanoes National Park.: Rwanda

Particles shed from hair or feathers of animals.: Dander

Puzzle 3 Answers

Kidnapper, captor.: Abductor

String goes through eyes/hooks in winter footwear.: Bootlace

The most rapid, quickest.: Swiftest

Metallic resounding of bells.: Clanging

Refused to see or care for any longer.: Disowned

Big semi-aquatic snake found in South America.: Anaconda

Walk Like an __; pharaonic hit for The Bangles.: Egyptian

Decade when Madonna came to prominence.: Eighties

World of __; multiplayer online role-playing game.: Warcraft

Keep an __; remain non-judgmental.: Open mind

Redford and Newman 1920s betting caper.: The sting

Cramped, restricted.: Confined

Puzzle 4 Answers

Form of marriage with multiple spouses.: Polygamy

Northwest Pacific tropical storms.: Typhoons

Naming word substitutes, e.g. I, we, he, she.: Pronouns

Beauty is only __.: Skin deep

Male who is an expert shot.: Marksman

The less-medical term for alopecia.: Hair loss

Worked soap into bubbles.: Lathered

Absolved of a crime.: Pardoned

Wading in shallow water.: Paddling

Three precious stones on Meghan’s engagement ring.: Diamonds

Westernmost country in continental Europe.: Portugal

Hard Italian cheese for grating on pasta.: Parmesan

Road for leaving a highway.: Exit ramp

The __; a villain turned antihero.: Punisher

Whoopi __, comedian, actress, star of Sister Act.: Goldberg

Airship named after a German Count.: Zeppelin

Frame enabling goods to be carried on top of a car.: Roof rack

Advance tactical strategy for a sports match.: Game plan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Short visit or trip to a tourist attraction.: Excursion

__ biology; scientific study of essential proteins.: Molecular

Younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.: Elizabeth

Unconscious desire for one’s own fatality.: Death wish

Money given to children for completing chores.: Allowance

The __ Itch; 1955 film starring Marilyn Monroe.: Seven year

Saxon king Edward the __, succeeded Harthacnut.: Confessor

Audience member.: Spectator

Unwilling, hesitant.: Reluctant

Annoys, irks.: Irritates

Prime Minister who replaced Neville Chamberlain.: Churchill

City that’s world famous for its Irish crystal.: Waterford

Rose rapidly or grew dramatically in size.: Ballooned

Group 379

Puzzle 1 Answers

Inflicts, forces.: Imposes

Distorting, bending, deforming.: Warping

Greek epic poem by Homer.: Odyssey

Soothing, oily stick for chapped mouth.: Lip balm

Gloria __, singer with the Miami Sound Machine.: Estefan

Seasonal wind that brings weather changes.: Monsoon

Microsoft’s electronic encyclopedia.: Encarta

Forename of artist Doré and engineer Eiffel.: Gustave

National park with the tallest trees on Earth.: Sequoia

Gift __, a coupon for a shop, preloaded with cash.: Voucher

Semi-frozen dessert of sugar, water & fruit flavor.: Granita

Clean the outside of a vehicle.: Car wash

Never-ending nickname for Rome: the __ City.: Eternal

Person in charge of lighting crew on a film set.: Key grip

Sport played on a court with curved wicker basket.: Jaialai

Second largest city in Ukraine.: Kharkiv

The mother of all those 101 Dalmatians.: Perdita

Graduated hair, from long to short.: Tapered

Weather __; alert for extreme weather conditions.: Warning

Puzzle 2 Answers

Redirects mail to a new address.: Forwards

Poem in which the letters in each line form a word.: Acrostic

Arm protection for skateboarders.: Elbow pad

Great wealth.: Opulence

Actress Rita __; wed sultan’s son Prince Aly Khan.: Hayworth

Branch of tech that deals with moving machines.: Robotics

Silver animal guardian spell from Harry Potter.: Patronus

Famous ancient Roman temple, now a Catholic church.: Pantheon

White sauce of cheese and milk, in French cuisine.: Bechamel

Safety restraint for car drivers and passengers.: Seatbelt

Person highly skilled in music.: Virtuoso

Remain in place, don’t move, stay put.: Sit tight

Macabre, gruesome, grotesque.: Ghoulish

Witch’s pot.: Cauldron

Strong urges for food, especially during pregnancy.: Cravings

Smallest country by area in South America.: Suriname

Make less severe or painful.: Mitigate

Puzzle 3 Answers

Legal __; a country’s official currency.: Tender

A blacksmith’s workplace.: Smithy

To come into view.: Appear

Double burger with cheese from McDonald’s.: Big mac

Compelling, pleading.: Urging

Statement ender.: Period

This sea witch stole Ariel’s voice.: Ursula

Tie, e.g. secure an animal with a rope.: Tether

Casual, loose-fitting trousers.: Slacks

Layer that forms on copper over time.: Patina

Liam __; Irish Hollywood actor in Taken films.: Neeson

This animal’s foot is said to bring good luck.: Rabbit

An emasculated man.: Eunuch

Jack __; The Joker’s real identity.: Napier

__ shake or Albee, dance craze and meme.: Harlem

On __ knee; traditional proposal pose.: Bended

Decreasing in power.: Waning

Dried plums; an effective natural laxative.: Prunes

Ran steadily for exercise.: Jogged

Puzzle 4 Answers

Strong wind blowing loose sand over deserts.: Dust storm

Someone who is scared of traveling by plane.: Aerophobe

Also known as halitosis.: Bad breath

Event watcher.: Bystander

Barbra __, singer-actress of Evergreen and Yentl.: Streisand

Quality of being serious and dignified.: Solemnity

Raise this to surrender.: White flag

Thrilled, delighted, extremely happy.: Overjoyed

Make it up as one goes along, on the spot.: Improvise

Story written about someone’s life.: Biography

Damage to metal from exposure to air and water.: Corrosion

Feathered headdress of Egyptian gods.: Amun crown

Puzzle 5 Answers

US missile named after an Algonquin axe.: Tomahawk

Deliriously happy.: Ecstatic

Document relating to a legal investigation.: Case file

Hawaii’s capital.: Honolulu

Nike’s slogan.: Just do it

Almond meal confection often found in desserts.: Marzipan

Spanish word for aggressive masculine pride.: Machismo

Organized collection of information on a computer.: Database

Traditional sayings that pass on wisdom.: Proverbs

Refined, classy, cultured.: Tasteful

Musical avian.: Songbird

Card game with a board and pegs for adding parts.: Cribbage

Group 380

Puzzle 1 Answers

Monkey that is named after the loud noise it makes.: Howler

Human joints between foot and leg.: Ankles

Person who fuses metal together by heating.: Welder

Crown __; precious gems presented to a monarch.: Jewels

An angry look, scowl.: Glower

Storm __; coastal floods caused by cyclones.: Surges

Chemical element with the lowest melting point.: Helium

Nestle closely together.: Huddle

Polynesian cocktail: rum, lime and curaçao liqueur.: Mai tai

To act disloyally.: Betray

Outback, Forester, Impreza car model maker.: Subaru

__ and Scully, the protagonists of The X-Files.: Mulder

“Still __ run deep”.: Waters

Band who sings “Message in a Bottle”: the __.: Police

__ Frost; Doctor Who comic strip character.: Muriel

Evil spirits.: Demons

Bends, curves.: Twists

Van made for sleeping in.: Camper

Robert __; Taxi Driver and Raging Bull actor.: De niro

Puzzle 2 Answers

Filling a travel bag.: Packing

Avoiding capture.: Evading

Italian luxury sports car manufacturer.: Ferrari

Include something or someone in an act.: Involve

Leading someone.: Guiding

Elf protagonist in Lord of the Rings.: Legolas

Young genius with exceptional skills.: Prodigy

Expensive red spice derived from flowers.: Saffron

High flat area.: Plateau

Town of Lazarus, where he was raised from the dead.: Bethany

This Monopoly token speeds around the board.: Racecar

In a sleeping state, hibernating.: Dormant

Opposite end of the scale to the maximum.: Minimum

Golfing spectators surrounding a green.: Gallery

Black-spotted __ is a species of stingray.: Whipray

Attempting to fix or patch up.: Bodging

Cut-out for painting images on walls.: Stencil

Tallest mountain in Mexico: Pico de __.: Orizaba

Reduced in value.: Debased

Puzzle 3 Answers

Felons, criminals.: Convicts

Raised area for giving speeches.: Platform

Small grains or particles, e.g. coffee.: Granules

Where homeless canines stay.: Dog pound

Selina Kyle is this superhero’s real name.: Catwoman

Able to be endured.: Bearable

Greatly reducing, e.g. prices.: Slashing

Someone sharing the same moniker.: Namesake

Boxing blow that starts low to hit the chin.: Uppercut

Great deals.: Bargains

Relating to the structure of the earth’s crust.: Tectonic

Facilitates bowel movement.: Laxative

Femme fatale.: Man eater

Cowboys working at home.: Ranchers

Usually the lead singer.: Vocalist

Less sugary, green banana from the Caribbean.: Plantain

Survival game that became hugely popular in 2018.: Fortnite

Popeye’s girlfriend.: Olive oyl

Puzzle 4 Answers

Special events, e.g. birthdays, anniversaries.: Occasions

Variety, especially among different peoples.: Diversity

Became rigid.: Stiffened

Popular 90s store to connect to the Internet.: Cybercafe

Informing, formally advising.: Notifying

Single shot of espresso with a dash of foamy milk.: Schiumato

Where the ocean and sea meet.: Coastline

Circumstance, position.: Situation

Change gears from 4 to 3.: Downshift

Get back on good terms.: Make peace

Jane __; TV comedy about artificial insemination.: The virgin

Karl __, designer noted for shocking white hair.: Lagerfeld

The movement of people from place to another.: Migration

__ Aguilera, Genie in a Bottle singer.: Christina

Laws concerned with the punishment of crime.: Penal code

You buy these in gift shops to remember your trip.: Souvenirs

__ Mountain, Ang Lee film about cowboys.: Brokeback

Close fighting technique used to gain advantage.: Grappling

Performer’s rest area during a concert or play.: Backstage

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Lantern __ marks the end of Chinese New Year.: Festival

Gas that makes up around 74 percent of the Sun.: Hydrogen

Someone who writes song words for a living.: Lyricist

Connective tissue holding joints together.: Ligament

Guarding from the side.: Flanking

Continental __, Philadelphia meeting of 1774.: Congress

Spanish word for dancing; an Enrique Iglesias song.: Bailando

Prediction of upcoming weather.: Forecast

Owing money or gratitude to someone.: Indebted

Dashboard compartment for valuables.: Glove box

Raise a barbell from the ground to hips.: Deadlift

Smoked dried hot chili pepper.: Chipotle

Permitting.: Allowing

Pain at the top of the body.: Headache

Upholstered seat with limb support.: Armchair

Prize money, spoils.: Winnings

Jewelry worn on the throat.: Necklace

Probably the Genghis Khan’s burial place.: Mongolia

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