CodyCross Medieval Times Answers

Medieval Times Answers

Group 221

Puzzle 1 Answers

Lead singer of Pearl Jam.: Vedder

Theory of Evolution.: Darwin

Religious, ceremonial sword of ancient India.: Khanda

1984 and Big Brother creator.: Orwell

To disprove a theory or belief.: Debunk

Color made with red and blue.: Purple

If in time, it saves nine.: Stitch

It means “parents” in Spanish.: Padres

Sugar, almond milk and orange cordial.: Orgeat

__ Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi cricket grounds.: Sheikh

To pamper.: Cosset

Puzzle 2 Answers

An egg’s least favorite golfing format.: Scramble

Author of “Candide”.: Voltaire

World’s most popular language.: Mandarin

Affixed, enclosed, added.: Attached

Investigative reporter who brought Nixon down.: Woodward

Yellow bulbous spring flower.: Daffodil

A basin with running water and drainpipe.: Lavatory

Cross-country runners.: Harriers

Indian mausoleum that’s one of the new Seven Wonders.: Taj mahal

Mixture of kamacite and taenite, “filling”.: Plessite

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ballet thriller movie starring Portman, Kunis.: Black swan

Tsunami, seismic sea movement following earthquake.: Tidal wave

Military belt and strap named after a commander.: Sam browne

Jewish minor prophet; his Book follows Haggai.: Zechariah

Chemical administered to elicit a confession.: Truth drug

Towelling sports accessory to absorb perspiration.: Sweat band

Folk music entertainment in a countryside building.: Barn dance

Costa __, cruise ship that capsized off Tuscany.: Concordia

Epic Babylonian poem about a tyrannical king.: Gilgamesh

German author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra.: Nietzsche

Cocktail of whisky and Drambuie, not used in d-i-y.: Rusty nail

Curved embellishments in handwritten letters.: Curlicues

Leading actor in Scott of the Antarctic.: John mills

Deltiology is the collection of these items.: Postcards

Puzzle 4 Answers

Open and sincere, frank and honest.: Candid

King of Spain, brother of Napoleon.: Joseph

__ Brothers, US entertainment company.: Warner

Historically, a diplomat lower than an ambassador.: Legate

__ Leone, African country.: Sierra

The __ of Christ, Caravaggio painting.: Taking

Middle Eastern flatbread, laffa.: Taboon

Surgeon’s uniform.: Scrubs

Singing or talking the same thing at the same time.: Unison

Handbag designed to be carried in one hand.: Clutch

A mythical reptile with wings, slain by knights.: Dragon

Russian leader at the 1945 Yalta Conference.: Stalin

Construction of an item, act of creating something.: Making

Puzzle 5 Answers

Curious, mask-wearing mammal native to the US.: Raccoon

Cuban brand, famous white rum.: Bacardi

Desiderius __, Dutch humanist philosopher.: Erasmus

Prominent historical Germanic state.: Prussia

Pasta with filling inside.: Ravioli

Kylie __, petite Australian diva.: Minogue

Winner of 2015 Best Picture Academy Award.: Birdman

Name of God in the Bible, also a witness.: Jehovah

Captain __ first appeared in 1941.: America

Deceased Blues Brother, comedian brother.: Belushi

Not reacting visibly; not aggressive.: Passive

Group 222

Puzzle 1 Answers

Active fighting during the course of a war.: Combat

Serpentine creature of reptilian traits.: Dragon

Bela __, best known actor for portraying Dracula.: Lugosi

Roberta __, first neurologist in space.: Bondar

Someone people follow.: Leader

Indian leavened bread made with maida.: Kulcha

Periodic payment not based on hours worked.: Salary

Milfoil.: Yarrow

Not a lot.: Little

Pablo __, Spanish cellist and conductor.: Casals

Puzzle 2 Answers

Very affectionate parrot.: Lovebird

Female antihero with feline traits.: Catwoman

Preface.: Prologue

Eating small amounts of food throughout the day.: Snacking

French candy, smooth yellow paste of candied fruit.: Calisson

Italian goalkeeper, won World Cup 1982 at age 40.: Dino zoff

HTTP: Hypertext __ Protocol.: Transfer

King turned royal sage in Hindu tradition.: Rajarshi

Greek god of death, Hypnos’ twin.: Thanatos

Shiny silver metal used in plating.: Chromium

Code of conduct associated with knighthood.: Chivalry

Going after or in the tracks of another.: Conquest

Puzzle 3 Answers

Reference point.: Benchmark

River of Myanmar, Mandalay lies on its banks.: Irrawaddy

Carving a piece of wood by shaving it down.: Whittling

Large, thick-skinned animal such as an elephant.: Pachyderm

The Age of __, Scorsese’s 19th century love story.: Innocence

French artist Auguste Rodin’s specialty.: Sculpture

Vital link between cerebellum and spinal cord.: Brain stem

Artificial sweetener.: Saccharin

Places where photographs are developed.: Darkrooms

Fan that converts rotational motion into thrust.: Propeller

Evander __, “Real Deal” heavyweight boxer.: Holyfield

Russian composer of “Peter and the Wolf”.: Prokofiev

Inflammation of stomach’s lining.: Gastritis

City on the river Pegnitz, state of Bavaria.: Nuremberg

__ Dumas, wrote The Count of Monte Cristo.: Alexandre

Plato’s most famous student.: Aristotle

To begin to grow, to sprout.: Germinate

Baker’s ammonia, leveling agent.: Carbonate

Method, process.: Technique

Puzzle 4 Answers

Will magically make you fall in love.: Potion

Doomed allied raid of 1942 on this French seaport.: Dieppe

Tent-loving person.: Camper

Your sibling’s little boy.: Nephew

You have been warned when you see it.: Yellow

Darwin’s famous ship.: Beagle

The neck of the uterus.: Cervix

Academia, university, faculty.: School

Polish author, Heart of Darkness.: Conrad

It means “Domingo” in Spanish.: Sunday

La __, Puccini opera about Rodolfo and Mimi.: Bohème

Capital of Iran.: Tehran

Puzzle 5 Answers

Southeast European, Western Asian language.: Turkish

Film in which actor Hoffman plays an autistic genius.: Rain man

Such a personal important thing.: Hygiene

Physician who performs medical operations.: Surgeon

Neither something nor everything.: Nothing

Originally, twisted German bread, now salted snack.: Pretzel

To agree.: Consent

Black __, world-renown English rock band.: Sabbath

Perennial flowering plant, 1,795 different species.: Begonia

Mincer.: Grinder

Very small headphones.: Earbuds

Considered founder of Beatnik movement.: Kerouac

Indian leader of nonviolent civil disobedience.: Mahatma

This person doesn’t ride a horse.: Cyclist

Rumble, bang.: Thunder

Masses of tissue in the throat, often removed.: Tonsils

Short heavy curved sword used by pirates.: Cutlass

Group 223

Puzzle 1 Answers

Thin, crisp crackers.: Wafers

Old bearded man, 1967 cartoon, what is inside.: The box

Times __, US popular intersection.: Square

Ship’s steering mechanism.: Rudder

Irony understood by the audience only.: Tragic

__ Jean; MJ’s “The kid is not my son” mega hit.: Billie

Humans have five, including touch and taste.: Senses

Ignatius of __, Spanish priest founded the Jesuits.: Loyola

Metal compound used as a diamond substitute.: Zircon

Speed __ is solving Rubik’s cubes really fast.: Cubing

The __ tuna can grow to 400 lbs.: Bigeye

Compos __, of sound mind, sane.: Mentis

Colored wax stick for drawing.: Crayon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Radically curved Persian sword.: Shamshir

__ Pankhurst, suffragette matriarch.: Emmeline

The text for an opera.: Libretto

Devil’s __; supporter of unpopular opinion.: Advocate

French brandy made from apples.: Calvados

Wording of Nobel prize: Physiology or __.: Medicine

Joshua __, president of the Royal Academy of Arts.: Reynolds

Santa Maria __, basilica on Rome’s Esquiline hill.: Maggiore

East Asian mushroom.: Shiitake

Person who betrayed Jesus: Judas __.: Iscariot

True heir of the iron throne in Game of Thrones.: Daenerys

A dish designed to hold a cleansing bar.: Soap dish

Woman in Norse mythology linked to deaths in battle.: Valkyrie

Type of medicine used to establish cause of death.: Forensic

The Curious Case of __ Button, film with Brad Pitt.: Benjamin

HST: Harmonized __.: Sales tax

Upper case letters on a keyboard.: Shift key

Estadio Gigante de __, Rosario, Argentina.: Arroyito

Puzzle 3 Answers

HTML: __ Markup Language.: Hypertext

Seafarer made three attempts on the N-W Passage.: Frobisher

Scientific study of mosses.: Muscology

Disciple of Jesus, also identified as Bartholomew.: Nathanael

1830s Boer exodus from Cape Colony.: Great trek

Giuseppe __, Italian director of Cinema Paradiso.: Tornatore

Greek cycladic volcanic island also known as Thira.: Santorini

Common name for digitalis flower spears.: Foxgloves

It means “snails” in French.: Escargots

One who makes alcoholic drinks for money.: Bartender

Usual way a person lives.: Lifestyle

Puzzle 4 Answers

It holds the archer’s arrows.: Quiver

__ Prynne, she wore a Scarlet Letter.: Hester

Lake venue for 1980 Winter Olympics in the US.: Placid

Direction in which Muslims face to pray.: Qiblah

__ Sandberg, Facebook COO.: Sheryl

Late 1800 US age of social inequality.: Gilded

__ Horde, Batu Khan’s 13th-century Mongol khanate.: Golden

Mixed with type of heavy metal, eg. __ gasoline.: Leaded

The Mark of Zorro swashbuckler actor, __ Power.: Tyrone

Palm tree fiber used for weaving baskets and mats.: Raffia

Rosh Hashanha dessert aka Jewish honey cake.: Lekach

Antiquated term for a farmer owning his own land.: Yeoman

Ordinary, unceremonious.: Folksy

Danny __ played Louie De Palma in Taxi.: Devito

Tissue that bulges through a body cavity wall.: Hernia

Diamond plaids.: Argyle

Ships of the desert, with humps.: Camels

__ Sore, painful, mouth ulcers.: Canker

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Villeneuve, won the F1 title in 1997.: Jacques

A person who repairs or rents nautical vessels.: Boatman

Tortilla folded around a filling.: Burrito

__ Ceausescu, leader executed on Christmas Day.: Nicolae

Division of content within a book.: Chapter

Nationality of the music producer known as Zedd.: Russian

The Three Caballeros is a Disney __ buddy film.: Musical

Hotel rating at lower end of scale.: Two star

Kerchief, napkin made of cloth.: Bandana

Traditional candelabra for the holiday of Chanukah.: Menorah

Queen of France who married the King of England.: Eleanor

Group 224

Puzzle 1 Answers

To stagger, wobble; to sway.: Totter

Actress and singer from 1950s named Marilyn.: Monroe

Chinese communist revolutionary, Chairman Mao.: Zedong

This traveler called Gulliver has a first name.: Lemuel

Processed wood used to build homes.: Lumber

__ moray eels are the largest in their species.: Mosaic

Historically, indigenous people of South Asia.: Hindus

Very well known by everyone.: Famous

Longest river in the European Union.: Danube

Organ where humans develop.: Uterus

Disposable handkerchief.: Tissue

Puzzle 2 Answers

Scholarly, relating to studying.: Academic

Japanese celebration of plants on 4 May.: Greenery

White bird, yellow or orange crown, very outgoing.: Cockatoo

Modus __, method, way of doing something.: Operandi

Any form of pleasure is a sin to them.: Puritans

Maradona, Pelé, Beckham, Ronaldo.: Football

Being emotionally dependent on someone.: Attached

Worldwide known boxer movie star.: Stallone

The mapping partner of longitude.: Latitude

Basic cocktail of rum citrus juice and sugar.: Daiquiri

Bratislava is the capital of __.: Slovakia

Table tennis.: Ping pong

Puzzle 3 Answers

Very small pieces.: Particles

Group of assets, stocks, bonds or cash.: Portfolio

Dark green nutty legume from French volcanic soil.: Puy lentil

Ardency, fervency, emotion.: Intensity

Person who cares for your animal when you’re away.: Pet sitter

British ocean liner sunk in World War I.: Lusitania

Claudia __, beautiful Italian actress from 1950s.: Cardinale

Dolby co-invented this film/sound recording method.: Videotape

Ejections of molten rock from a volcano.: Eruptions

Time following the middle of the day.: Afternoon

Quilted trouser with shoulder straps, for skiers.: Salopette

There is no artistry or ideals in this statement.: Pragmatic

Equestrian footwear.: Horseshoe

Cold-blooded animal.: Ectotherm

Thick smooth tissue at the end of bones.: Cartilage

Hit song by Tina Turner.: Proud mary

They power your devices.: Batteries

Period before a mother gives birth.: Antenatal

The state of having lost the esteem of others.: Disrepute

Puzzle 4 Answers

Paul __, US actor, won oscar for The Color of Money.: Newman

Grammar says it can be restrictive or not.: Clause

Extreme fear.: Terror

Rubbernecker.: Gawker

Sword blocker.: Shield

Performed in beauty salons and spas.: Facial

Skimmed milk, bacterium probiotic dairy drink.: Yakult

You can have many up your sleeve.: Tricks

Oblast, city and river in south-west Russia.: Samara

The second softest rock in nature.: Gypsum

Thigh supported hi-tech device.: Laptop

French Resistance leader; Paris airport, de __.: Gaulle

Prize fighters.: Boxers

Puzzle 5 Answers

The opposite of vituperation.: Acclaim

Marksman, sniper, gunner.: Shooter

This Ninja turtle doesn’t paint in the Renaissance.: Raphael

Mythical hybrid, a cross between a lion and eagle.: Griffin

Illegal to buy in Mississippi from 1907 to 1966.: Alcohol

You need one to insert your door opener.: Keyhole

The Last __, British-Italian epic film about Puyi.: Emperor

Muslim military-political leader of the Crusades.: Saladin

Yellow part of shelled food.: Egg yolk

Enzootic means endemic to __.: Animals

Swedish astronomer invented centigrade thermometer.: Celsius

Group 225

Puzzle 1 Answers

Capital city of Russian republic of Khakassia.: Abakan

Golf club for green work.: Putter

Corpulent and pig-tailed friend of Asterix.: Obelix

In architecture, a supporting stone bracket.: Corbel

Within.: Inside

Utensil to remove stone inside.: Pitter

__ acid, found in vinegar, used as solvent.: Acetic

Pictures usually look better this way.: Repeat

Anne __, second wife of King Henry VIII.: Boleyn

Who __ Roger Rabbit, 1988 live action film.: Framed

Eastern European Jewish preacher.: Maggid

General defended Moscow and Stalingrad in WWII.: Zhukov

Music term for very fast tempo.: Presto

Puzzle 2 Answers

Collarbone.: Clavicle

Formidable late French general.: De gaulle

Salty liquid dressing used in Chinese foods.: Soy sauce

Accelerating accumulation of weapons.: Arms race

Collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports.: Database

Storage container for a vehicle’s petrol or gas.: Fuel tank

Very fast sombrero-wearing mouse, Speedy __.: Gonzales

Female with child; expectant.: Pregnant

Opposite exit to front entrance.: Back door

Superstate in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.: Eastasia

Tropical fruits with white flesh and hard shell.: Coconuts

Featuring glamour and vitality.: Pizzazzy

Not yet a suspect, person of __.: Interest

Titanic’s male star.: Di caprio

Largest saltwater lake in the world.: Balkhash

Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity.: Religion

Japanese arcade game, similar to pinball.: Pachinko

Puzzle 3 Answers

Latvian capital lies on this Baltic body of water.: Bay of riga

Crux __, also known as the Southern Cross.: Australis

Bad words.: Profanity

Idea, purpose, aim, goal, objective, plan.: Intention

In F1, an indication that you are disqualified.: Black flag

Red pigments found in tomatoes.: Lycopenes

Russian triangular plucked string instrument.: Balalaika

Cooking just below the boiling point.: Simmering

Pedro __, Spanish film director.: Almodovar

British car designer of world-famous Mini.: Issigonis

Versailles treaty demilitarized this German area.: Rhineland

Puzzle 4 Answers

To make louder, larger, stronger, bigger.: Amplify

Medusa, Euryale and Stheno.: Gorgons

Drug often used for fast muscle development.: Steroid

Baked German flaky pastry with filling.: Strudel

Pattern of musical sound.: Texture

Title of Ancient Egyptian ruler.: Pharaoh

Alerting systems.: Sensors

Ancient supercontinent, once called Pangaea.: Rodinia

Audrey __, star of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.: Hepburn

Tokyo “Inspire the next” electronics firm.: Hitachi

Spiky, egg-laying mammal.: Echidna

The practice of accepting a situation as it is.: Realism

Another term for pistol or small gun.: Firearm

Participants in a game.: Players

Puzzle 5 Answers

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.: Grease

Female parent.: Mother

Player of cor anglais or shawm.: Oboist

Seat of worship of Sumerian god Enil.: Nippur

Response.: Answer

Its area is calculated by 4 x pi x radius squared.: Sphere

Pinocchio, 1940 film about a __ puppet.: Wooden

Garden hand tool for planting.: Trowel

Zinedine __, well-known French footballer.: Zidane

Giant __ shrimp have vivid colors.: Mantis

Bloody Mary.: Tomato

World __ Day focuses on world sanitation.: Toilet

Abstract, breviary, summary, conspectus.: Digest

Greatest and most celebrated pharaoh.: Ramses

Group 226

Puzzle 1 Answers

Back __, fireplace, hot water heater combo.: Boiler

Muslim dynasty, ruled in the Levant 1127-1250.: Zengid

Not solid or gas.: Liquid

The mountain lion.: Cougar

Open-top pie with savory custard and cheese.: Quiche

Soviet human spaceflight program.: Vostok

This 80’s band doesn’t kill anyone.: Poison

To delay temporarily.: Put off

Blue flowers painted by Van Gogh.: Irises

Spoken in Kenya and Tanzania.: Dholuo

One of an ancient East Germanic tribe.: Vandal

Puzzle 2 Answers

Shrubby mint, grayish-green needle-like leaves.: Rosemary

An area rich in fuel deposits.: Oil field

Skate__ involves riding and tricks.: Boarding

Pope Francis’ predecessor, __ XVI.: Benedict

It doesn’t hurt.: Painless

The Blue ridge coral is the only one that forms a __.: Skeleton

Whoopi __, won an Oscar for Ghost.: Goldberg

It means “estate” or “farm” in Spanish.: Hacienda

No. 1 element on the periodic table.: Hydrogen

Of, in, or relating to the head.: Cephalic

Advocate for women’s rights and associated movement.: Feminist

John III __, Polish general and hero of the 17th C.: Sobieski

Greeks chiseled the leaf of this plant in stone.: Acanthus

Puzzle 3 Answers

One who relies on another for support.: Dependent

Predator fish with a long body and tons of teeth.: Barracuda

Location of first Olympics to use electric timers.: Stockholm

Ancient times.: Antiquity

Syntactically, not the subject.: Predicate

Sea separates mainland Asia from Japan.: East china

Michelangelo __, Italian writer of L’Avventura.: Antonioni

A square dance for four couples.: Quadrille

Norman invasion in 1066, William the __.: Conqueror

Turned to stone.: Petrified

Inventor of the Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD).: Heilmeier

To depreciate.: Lose value

Belgian/German yellow cheese shaped like a brick.: Limburger

Puzzle 4 Answers

Uranus moon named after the King of the Fairies.: Oberon

Piña __, cocktail of rum, coconut, pineapple.: Colada

Scotland’s patron saint.: Andrew

Supported, sponsored.: Backed

Capital of the Principality of Asturias, Spain.: Oviedo

Keeps you warm in the winter.: Heater

__ runner, tall upright breed of domestic duck.: Indian

Meryl __, Out of Africa’s star.: Streep

Headwear of the Sikhs.: Turban

Tears rolling down the cheeks; bawling.: Crying

Wu __, only woman to lead a Chinese dynasty.: Zetian

Puzzle 5 Answers

Multicolor natural beauty.: Rainbow

Jan __, Flemish painter from the 15th C.: Van eyck

Strauss was known for composing these.: Waltzes

Maori people are native to New __.: Zealand

Condition that lasts three or more months.: Chronic

The Raging Bull of the boxing ring.: Lamotta

Detailing, itemizing, numbering.: Listing

Indian sauce ranges from tomato to mango.: Chutney

Snake, reptile.: Serpent

Money __, 2016 US film with George Clooney.: Monster

Greek posited a geocentric theory of the universe.: Ptolemy

Line for holding a tent steady.: Guy rope

Paul __ Cruises from Tahiti are named after artist.: Gauguin

Used before forks.: Fingers

Favorite social media site of current US president.: Twitter

Group 227

Puzzle 1 Answers

Upset and disappointed.: Gutted

Capital of Greece.: Athens

__ Grounds, host of Limerick hurling, football.: Gaelic

Evil goblin who kills travelers in Border folklore.: Redcap

Internal parts of the body.: Organs

Blue-spotted __fish is long and very thin.: Cornet

Made-to-fit.: Custom

Black __, dark cake with German origins.: Forest

Style of hot yoga.: Bikram

Inflatable car safety device.: Air bag

Japanese crossword with numbers instead of letters.: Kakuro

Iraqi birthplace of Saddam Hussein and Saladin.: Tikrit

Patrick __, Dirty Dancing’s star.: Swayze

It means “fifth” in Spanish.: Quinto

Sea separating Italy and Greece.: Ionian

Layer between the Earth’s crust and outer core.: Mantle

Shellfish.: Oyster

Raft of the __, Géricault portrait of a shipwreck.: Medusa

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Guns of __, Peck part of Allied commando team.: Navarone

Cuban cocktail of rum, lime and sugar syrup.: Daiquiri

Estadio __, Valencia stadium hosted 82 WC matches.: Mestalla

Hair or paper cutter.: Scissors

Huge, colossal.: Gigantic

The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Sarah __.: Woodruff

Scientific study of whales and dolphins.: Cetology

To practice a performance.: Rehearse

Sleeplessness.: Insomnia

Tall, African animals with extra long neck.: Giraffes

First man to go on both North and South Poles.: Amundsen

Punta is the main music of this country.: Honduras

UK monarch with the 2nd longest reign.: Victoria

Manhattan’s Art-Deco famous building.: Chrysler

Alaskan islands hit by earthquake in 2014.: Aleutian

Delicate facial hairs that add expression.: Eyebrows

Small-sized newspapers.: Tabloids

Moralist who rejected the idea of original sin.: Pelagius

Flying military branch.: Air force

Three plus ten plus one.: Fourteen

Christian festival celebrated on January 6.: Epiphany

Blind Greek prophet who took male and female forms.: Tiresias

Puzzle 3 Answers

River running through Amsterdam and a beer brand.: Amstel

Perfumed oil or wax to smooth or sculpt hair.: Pomade

Riddle, mystery.: Enigma

Arctic explorer who created refugee “passports”.: Nansen

Currency in Portugal before the Euro replaced it.: Escudo

School of __, Raphael’s fresco of philosophers.: Athens

Angela __, Germany’s first woman Chancellor.: Merkel

Johannes __, German composer of lullabies.: Brahms

I beg to __.: Differ

Parts of a bicycle where you put your feet.: Pedals

__ Eaton, record-breaking US decathlete.: Ashton

Puzzle 4 Answers

Timon’s species that stand on two legs.: Meerkat

Pierce __, four-time James Bond’s star.: Brosnan

Preparing or making food.: Cooking

Layered pasta.: Lasagna

4th biggest Indian river important for irrigation.: Krishna

__ fascia, band of tissue on underside of foot.: Plantar

A betrayal like the Benedict Arnold’s one.: Treason

__ Walk, iconic song from Me and My Girl musical.: Lambeth

Someone who regards another person with wonder; fan.: Admirer

Pants, jeans, skirts.: Bottoms

Patrice __, South African mining magnate.: Motsepe

Germanic tribe “damaged” Gaul, Spain and Rome.: Vandals

Locomotives and train tracks.: Railway

They don’t bite when they find search results.: Spiders

Puzzle 5 Answers

Italian red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes.: Gattinara

Cookers patented by James Sharp in 1826.: Gas stoves

Intentional road obstruction.: Speed bump

US actor who played Batman.: Val kilmer

Verdi’s opera based on a Victor Hugo play.: Rigoletto

Bad pollution killed thousands in London in 1952.: Great smog

Community supported agriculture, output portion.: Farm share

Person who digs for precious metal.: Gold miner

Unable to get up and about.: Bedridden

Card game with the aim of outdoing other players.: Top trumps

To understand the meaning of something.: Interpret

Frothy underskirt goes under a dress.: Petticoat

Society where more than one religion is recognized.: Pluralist

Meandering, atmospheric air current.: Jet stream

Natural magnet, early navigation mineral.: Lodestone

To temporarily have a joint out of position.: Dislocate

Military home by the water.: Naval base

Group 228

Puzzle 1 Answers

Section, division; private or public.: Sector

Food cured with fire fumes.: Smoked

WW2 chaff dropped by British planes.: Window

Egyptian president nationalized the Suez Canal.: Nasser

Person paid to kill people.: Hitman

Fashion designer Coco __.: Chanel

Impenetrable tangled mass of tropical vegetation.: Jungle

Crop failure in Ireland causing the Great Famine.: Potato

The porcelain object Duchamp titled “Fountain”.: Urinal

European capital where Handel made his home.: London

Found in the middle of pigs’ faces.: Snouts

Place that means “Naples” in Italian.: Napoli

A gun needs at least one.: Bullet

Wolfgang van __, wrote Faust.: Goethe

Puzzle 2 Answers

Covered with small pieces of sparkly material.: Spangled

Capital of American Samoa.: Pago pago

Gelling, thickening agent derived from seaweed.: Agar agar

Anything pertaining to the temple area of the head.: Temporal

John __ sought the NW Passage aboard Erebus.: Franklin

Sea devil.: Monkfish

Someone expected to lose a contest or battle.: Underdog

Soldier’s dining room.: Mess hall

In poetry a five line stanza.: Cinquain

__ scale, used to measure wind speed.: Beaufort

French Impressionist painters who worked outside.: Plein air

Opening through which light enters a camera.: Aperture

Cyclist’s path.: Bike lane

Puzzle 3 Answers

Handel opera and mother of Nero.: Agrippina

Winter underwear.: Long johns

Science of putting people to death.: Ktenology

Deep, glass-fronted display frame.: Shadow box

Domestic animals, such as goats, pigs and sheep.: Livestock

Type of chemical that kills mites.: Acaricide

Artificial sweetener that Splenda contains.: Sucralose

One of the four humors in medieval medicine.: Black bile

Medical expert in joints and muscles.: Osteopath

The matrilineal name of General Franco.: Bahamonde

Phrase actors use for good luck.: Break a leg

Protector of the stars.: Bodyguard

State of slavery or work imposed as punishment.: Servitude

Carbonated water; soda.: Sparkling

La __, Italian film by Federico Fellini.: Dolce vita

Othello’s love.: Desdemona

Puzzle 4 Answers

Martin, last German to be World No 1 golfer.: Kaymer

Chinese premier 1987-1998, followed by Zhu Rongji.: Li peng

General __, died during the defense of Khartoum.: Gordon

Latin cocktail of lime, mint and coconut rum.: Cojito

World __ Day supports action to combat the disease.: Cancer

The clones are made on planet __ in Star Wars.: Kamino

Guru __ Sahib, Sikh holy book.: Granth

Narinder __, Indian inventor of fiber optics.: Kapany

A primary color.: Yellow

Syntactic constituent, single grammatical function.: Phrase

__ l’oeil, optical illusion art style.: Trompe

Beethoven’s first name.: Ludwig

Opportunity.: Chance

Brother trapped in confectionery house.: Hansel

Contusion; abrasion, scratch.: Bruise

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ripped, separated, divided, sundered.: Severed

1999 in Roman numerals.: Mcmxcix

Nancy Boyd is her pen name: Edna St __ Millay.: Vincent

Country where US Casablanca film is located.: Morocco

Shaking caused by cold or a horror movie.: Tremble

Pre-historic, hairy elephant-like creature.: Mammoth

Professors, deans, et al..: Faculty

Spanish ex no. 1 tennis ace, __ Sanchez Vicario.: Arantxa

Short rail track diverts trains off the main line.: Sidings

The sort of pot that never boils.: Watched

Rummy card game with two sets of cards.: Canasta

Roman army formation resembling a tortoise.: Testudo

Vacation.: Holiday

Japanese winter squash.: Kabocha

Artist of pictures.: Painter

Group 229

Puzzle 1 Answers

Great __, split in the Catholic Church.: Schism

The Nutcracker, Swan Lake.: Ballet

Trademark name for fluoxetine.: Prozac

“Bet your bottom __”, a US currency metaphor.: Dollar

They propel dolphins.: Flukes

In between front and rear, equal distance.: Middle

Single flight leg with no return ticket.: One way

Crockery for breakfast food from hens.: Egg cup

Poet of Ancient Rome.: Virgil

__ series, research into hydrogen atoms.: Balmer

Siberian river that drains Lake Baikal.: Angara

Climb this to go higher.: Ladder

Berber sword of the Kabyles of Algeria.: Flyssa

Sport in which Ilie Nastase gained fame.: Tennis

Beaded counting device invented in Ancient Sumeria.: Abacus

__ rays, high energy radiation from space.: Cosmic

Title character of Scott Fitzgerald’s masterpiece.: Gatsby

Gland that slowly shrinks after puberty.: Thymus

Puzzle 2 Answers

Profession of caring for the teeth.: Dentistry

Al Pacino becomes the Corleone patriarch.: Godfather

Toy car brand by Mattel.: Hotwheels

Wild horned ibex living in Germany’s Alps.: Steinbock

Crinkled pasta shape resembles household heaters.: Radiatori

Reed organ worked by foot-pedal bellows.: Harmonium

Whirling art movement with bold geometric lines.: Vorticism

Ruthless, fierce.: Cutthroat

System of equitable prices paid to producers.: Fair trade

Used in organic farming, synonym of nitratine.: Soda niter

__ passage, shipping route passing Arctic Russia.: Northeast

Puzzle 3 Answers

Dante’s realm along with Inferno and Purgatory.: Paradise

__ Santa Justa, lift in Lisbon inspired by Eiffel.: Elevador

Nationality of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly.: Japanese

How nuclear blasts are measured.: Megatons

Tiny organisms first observed by van Leeuwenhoek.: Bacteria

When a storm comes ashore from over the sea.: Landfall

Mindanao’s preferred sword in the Philippines.: Kampilan

Painter who practiced Tachisme, Jean __.: Fautrier

Between 13 and 19 years old.: Teenager

Basketball play with both feet off the ground.: Jump shot

Name by which the Czech language was known.: Bohemian

US frontier period in the 19th century.: Wild west

Action planned or taken to achieve a desired result.: Measured

Cucumber-looking vegetable related to pumpkins.: Zucchini

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ gallery, criminals’ photo mugshots for IDing.: Rogues

Former name for Iran.: Persia

Justus von __, chemist, fertilizer specialist.: Liebig

To lead an uninteresting life.: Vegout

US dam named after a 20th C president.: Hoover

Considered the father of computation.: Turing

Chin__, pet rodent a bit like a squirrel.: Chilla

Righteous person in Judaism, Biblical figures.: Tzadik

Seat of the Government of the United Kingdom.: London

__ Duchamp, French sculptor.: Marcel

Male parent.: Father

Scientific study of plants and plant life.: Botany

__ bean, red legume.: Kidney

Knob or disk secured to an article of clothing.: Button

Puzzle 5 Answers

First satellite that Russia launched into space.: Sputnik

Strip of land, surrounded by water on both sides.: Isthmus

Sour liquid used to flavor or preserve food.: Vinegar

Organ that holds urine from the kidneys.: Bladder

Buddhist head, “King of Victorious Ones”.: Karmapa

Profit from labor, investment or business.: Returns

Indian invention after 500 AD aka spinning wheel.: Charkha

It means “plátanos” in Spanish.: Bananas

Doctor __ is the most powerful sorcerer.: Strange

Long-handled stewing or frying pan.: Skillet

__ rex cats only have down hair, not fur.: Cornish

Group 230

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cosa __, the Sicilian mafia.: Nostra

The title of Wilhelm II, German monarch in WWI.: Kaiser

Type of felt pen, often permanent.: Marker

Berlin district, home to a museum complex.: Dahlem

King Leonidas in The 300, actor __ Butler.: Gerard

Aka groundnut, good for making a butter.: Peanut

Protective domed cover for plants.: Cloche

Hairline bone fracture from repetitive movement.: Stress

Deadly whale.: Killer

Visible ring of light during eclipses.: Corona

Roger __, Victorian photographer of the Crimea.: Fenton

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __, TV Show about a ship cruise and its crew.: Love boat

__ Mira, German actress, Emmi in Fear Eats the Soul.: Brigitte

Georgian region, seeking independence.: Abkhazia

Persian thinker, philosopher of Islam Golden Age.: Avicenna

Discipline of forces producing or changing motion.: Kinetics

Woman who “got married” in Coppola’s film.: Peggy sue

Medium-sized bird with blue plumage.: Bluebird

Another name for linseed.: Flaxseed

In tennis, only one point is needed to win the set.: Set point

Formal exposition, dissertation.: Treatise

Norwegian explorer, the first to the South Pole.: Amundsen

Spicy condiment.: Hot sauce

Les __ Dangereuses, novel on Revolutionary France.: Liaisons

William Herschel’s sister and discoverer of comets.: Caroline

French inventor of the frameless parachute.: Garnerin

Puzzle 3 Answers

In mountaineering, descending on fixed ropes.: Abseiling

Puppet state created by Japan in Manchuria.: Manchukuo

Italian volcano bread filled with cheese and herbs.: Stromboli

Early Italian rulers who lost control to Romans.: Etruscans

Sandra Bullock American football Oscar movie.: Blindside

A woman’s work is __.: Never done

Someone who speaks out on behalf of a cause.: Protester

To die from being unable to breathe.: Suffocate

Italian term for singing style in music.: Cantabile

In ballet, a tiptoes spinning of the body.: Pirouette

Personal driver.: Chauffeur

Real or perceived oscillation of a moon/satellite.: Libration

An underlying layer.: Substrate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Spicy Napa cabbage dish, a Korean cuisine staple.: Kimchi

Item dropped into the water to hold a boat in place.: Anchor

Torch with extremely flammable gas.: Butane

CIA assassin played by Matt Damon.: Bourne

Guardian of Qur’an, Madrasah teachers.: Mullah

Unassuming first name of Mussorgsky.: Modest

Surname of Doogie played by Neil Patrick Harris.: Howser

Fifth __, a secret and subversive group in wartime.: Column

Northernmost Scandinavian country.: Norway

Half robotic, lesser known hero of Justice League.: Cyborg

Greek city-state depicted in the film 300.: Sparta

In golf, these score as +1 on a hole.: Bogies

First brand to develop a smartwatch.: Pebble

Puzzle 5 Answers

Small, round shield.: Buckler

Psychiatrists and psychotherapists.: Shrinks

Born in the most populated country in the world.: Chinese

Tokay geckos are one of the __ geckos.: Largest

Bruce, the shark, from Jaws and __ Nemo.: Finding

Love makes the world __.: Go round

Georgian sauce made from sour cherry plums.: Tkemali

Founding Father reference refers to signature.: Hancock

To be cautious when doing something.: Careful

The act of going without food, esp. in religions.: Fasting

Figure skating move named after Swedish skater.: Salchow

Ready to give up his kingdom for a horse, __ III.: Richard

Table, chairs for informal dining.: Dinette

Small, curved mounting for ancient Japanese sword.: Aikuchi

Economic excess.: Surplus

Japanese art of paper folding.: Origami

African wooden xylophone.: Marimba

George played Hannibal Smith in The A Team.: Peppard

Birth name of Genghis Khan.: Temujin

Swiss inventor of Velcro, George de __.: Mestral

Group 231

Puzzle 1 Answers

Fashionably French.: En vogue

Extra jobs done without extra pay in circus.: Chinese

Earless artist sold just one work during lifetime.: Van gogh

What little Miss Muffet sat on.: A tuffet

__ pike is also called yellowfin pike.: Longfin

Central Swiss canton with large lake.: Lucerne

Hua __, Mao’s Communist Party vice-chairman.: Guofeng

Getting to __, from Rodgers’ The King and I.: Know you

Ancient city, center of Hellenistic Judaism.: Antioch

Something divided into four pieces, 3/__.: Fourths

Fruit that looks like a very small orange.: Kumquat

Victor __, the overall winner of school sportsday.: Ludorum

Smoking this may be hazardous to your health.: Tobacco

__-snouted, endangered African crocodile species.: Slender

Lightweight silk twill fabric with print.: Foulard

Puzzle 2 Answers

Type of rose has the appearance of a pruned tree.: Standard

__ Planet, one of the most expensive Disney movies.: Treasure

Ceases, concludes, ends, closes.: Finishes

Larisa __, Russian gymnast with 19 Olympic medals.: Latynina

Modern toilets developed by Sir John Harington.: Flushing

Rain protector.: Umbrella

Coin-operated communication.: Pay phone

Range with Europe’s highest mountain, Mt Elbrus.: Caucasus

__ lobster are blue with purple-red marks.: European

Opening night of a show.: Premiere

Latin phrase meaning the common people.: Plebeius

Coriander.: Cilantro

East African lake named after British monarch.: Victoria

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capable of producing desired results.: Efficient

The __, 37th Academy Awards winner, cartoon panther.: Pink phink

German “city railway” tramway system.: Stadtbahn

Leisurely walking.: Strolling

Yellow citrus fruits come from a __.: Lemon tree

Unique male in a group.: Odd man out

German pioneer of the printing press.: Gutenberg

Painter’s device for steadying the hand.: Maulstick

Office of the cantor in Judaism.: Cantorate

Swindler, deceiver; __ spider Anansi in mythology.: Trickster

French cardinal, Louis XIII’s chief minister.: Richelieu

Puzzle 4 Answers

System of seats and tow bars used in mountains.: Ski lift

Batman villian who left clues.: Riddler

Used to give a licorice-like flavoring.: Aniseed

Overly concerned with his or her own needs.: Egotist

Regulatory body substance, e.g. insulin, cortisol.: Hormone

Hanna __ German pilot of WW2.: Reitsch

To refuse, reject.: Decline

Egyptian god of healing; architect of Step Pyramid.: Imhotep

Father of English literature, Canterbury Tales.: Chaucer

The little girl in The Wizard of Oz.: Dorothy

Sheets, blankets, pillows.: Bedding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Type of volcano with tall, conical peak.: Strato

Dead body, cadaver.: Corpse

Twenty minus nine plus one.: Twelve

The best-known ancient oracle was found here.: Delphi

People like this are very successful.: Driven

Type of garden populated with blooms.: Flower

__ Nadal, Spanish tennis ace.: Rafael

Juan __, former king of Spain, Franco’s successor.: Carlos

Brave New World.: Aldous

French variety of “fire wine”; Cognac.: Brandy

Gone to a specific direction or place.: Headed

Truman __, US writer of Cold Blood.: Capote

Roman god whose name is linked to sleepwalking.: Somnus

Group 232

Puzzle 1 Answers

The __, movie with Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable.: Misfits

German-speaking Swiss canton on Lake Constance.: Thurgau

Ovenproof dish with fluted sides for crème brûlée.: Ramekin

Gladiator actor with a Beautiful Mind, __ Crowe.: Russell

Small, short-handled ax.: Hatchet

Reverend who gave his name to verbal transposition.: Spooner

Hard-paste white porcelain from near Dresden.: Meissen

Birth country of Beethoven.: Germany

Stomping grounds of FC Barcelona.: Camp nou

Room separator.: Divider

Eskimos live in igloos, Algonquins in __.: Wigwams

This nocturnal omnivore wears a black mask.: Raccoon

To ask for something.: Request

Character of a cartoon about inventors brothers.: Phineas

Nation that was once the Hapsburg Empire.: Austria

The sound of nothing.: Silence

Person whose job is to care for people’s teeth.: Dentist

Puzzle 2 Answers

Pan __, once the world’s largest airline.: American

Bugle call to wake you up.: Reveille

Phrase meaning water, biblical origin.: Adams ale

Everyone should have a kit like this one.: First aid

Deserted, abandoned.: Defected

Ole __, invented the outboard motor.: Evinrude

__ acid, crystals found in wine.: Tartaric

Dumbo.: Elephant

Sent by God to aid Umma, revives every century.: Mujaddid

One hundred times ten.: Thousand

To spend lavishly.: Squander

Climber with striking purple/blue hanging flowers.: Wisteria

The name the Turks gave Constantinople.: Istanbul

To secure with a hammer.: Nail down

Items in a container; topics in a book.: Contents

More than arguing.: Fighting

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Empire, dynasty centered on modern-day Germany.: Holy roman

Metal finders of hidden treasures.: Detectors

Rising prices.: Inflation

Speaking alone, as in a speech in a play.: Soliloquy

Eastern Roman emperor formed a Roman legal code.: Justinian

Prepared in advance or precooked, e.g. potatoes.: Parboiled

Food stabilizer from African tree sap.: Gum arabic

Last name by birth of Pope Benedict XVI.: Ratzinger

Krai and city in western Russia, on Kuban River.: Krasnodar

Every __ Take; 1983 hit for The Police.: Breath you

__ Meyer, Twilight author’s first name.: Stephenie

How fast your ticker is beating.: Heart rate

Microsoft operating system that preceded Vista.: Windows xp

Fleas, lice and tapeworms are all __.: Parasites

Physicist, proponent of the steady state theory.: Fred hoyle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Clear understanding of some area or industry.: Acumen

Powdery sticks used on blackboard or in art.: Chalks

__ of the Field, Poitier won historic Oscar.: Lilies

Large enclosure for birds.: Aviary

HTML: Hypertext __ Language.: Markup

Los __, site of the WW2 Manhattan Project.: Alamos

Johannes, who composed a famous lullaby.: Brahms

Italian term for a defending footballer, a sweeper.: Libero

He flew too close to the sun.: Icarus

Assassination.: Murder

Carnival doughnut from Central Europe.: Krofne

Humped animals that cross the Sahara.: Camels

Became publicly known.: Leaked

Ship carrying oil.: Tanker

City in western Germany, in Ruhr industrial area.: Bochum

French military honor, the Croix de __.: Guerre

Puzzle 5 Answers

Breathing disease eased by an inhaler.: Asthma

Elton John’s real last name.: Dwight

Dress worn to evening parties or special events.: Formal

Any baked dish topped with cheese/breadcrumbs.: Gratin

To connect two things together for use.: Adjoin

Small, savory fruits also used to make oil.: Olives

Central American country with famous canal.: Panama

Cute, good looking.: Pretty

Old golf club, equivalent to a 4 or 5 iron.: Mashie

Indigo has players collect __ from the board.: Jewels

Mother __, Albanian-Indian nun.: Teresa

Milan newspaper once edited by Mussolini.: Avanti

Styx ferryman of the Greek Underworld.: Charon

Bipedal primate mammal, homo sapiens.: Humans

German who worked on the laws of planetary motion.: Kepler

Group 233

Puzzle 1 Answers

Playground game aka Octopus tag.: Red rover

To constrict or squeeze someone’s neck.: Strangle

Chip or Dale.: Chipmunk

Tall towers that form part of mosque architecture.: Minarets

Side-to-side-dog command.: Roll over

18th century naval sword.: Spadroon

Thin metal cord carrying electricity.: Live wire

__ Singh, Indian prime minister till 2014.: Manmohan

Arctic footwear looks like tennis racquet.: Snowshoe

Cloud-covered.: Overcast

Red fruits used in salads.: Tomatoes

__ Crossing the Alps, David’s famous emperor art.: Napoleon

Science of ultimate nature of values.: Axiology

Party cruise line with more than 100 vessels.: Carnival

Second longest ruling Soviet leader.: Brezhnev

Puzzle 2 Answers

Base unit of electric current (SI).: Ampere

Don’t water it too much.: Cactus

Looking with special attention.: Ogling

Brine or vinegar solution to preserve foods.: Pickle

Equipment for glacier climbers.: Ice axe

The Greek god of sleep.: Hypnos

The name of Hitler’s German shepherd dog.: Blondi

__ spring, expression for someone ready to react.: Coiled

Member of male congregation “Society of Jesus”.: Jesuit

Capital of Cayman Islands, __ Town.: George

Crocodile __, 80s comedy set in Australia.: Dundee

Puzzle 3 Answers

Spiked tool breaks up the surface of a lawn.: Scarifier

Romantic opera by Richard Wagner.: Lohengrin

Terra __, Latin for land that remains undiscovered.: Incognita

Item required for some types of jobs.: Equipment

To refine, render noble.: Sublimate

Absorbent clay used in kitty litter.: Bentonite

Love interest in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.: Esmeralda

Warfare strategy of wearing down opponents.: Attrition

Cacao treat once used as currency.: Chocolate

To renovate, freshen up.: Refurbish

Growthpoint __Stadium, The Shark Tank.: Kings park

Angels.: Guardians

French actor in Cyrano de Bergerac and Asterix.: Depardieu

Second US president.: John adams

Spiritual leader no. 14, won Nobel Peace prize.: Dalai lama

Information vault.: Hard drive

Charged particles from the upper layer of the Sun.: Solar wind

Puzzle 4 Answers

Man king of the jungle.: Tarzan

In truth, emphasis, confirmation, reality.: Indeed

Sugar, milk, brandy and an ovum at Christmas.: Egg nog

Orchestral wind instruments held to the side.: Flutes

It gives pleasure to the senses, mind or spirit.: Beauty

Line of equal pressure on a weather map.: Isobar

Portions of a company divided among people.: Shares

Henri __, founder of the Red Cross.: Dunant

Table-tennis bat.: Paddle

The Blinding of __, Rembrandt painting.: Samson

Old, superseded software or hardware.: Legacy

Describes fiber that makes linen, and blonde hair.: Flaxen

River flowing through several SE Asian countries.: Mekong

Greek god of vegetation and rebirth.: Adonis

James __ shared Nobel prize with Crick and Wilkins.: Watson

Puzzle 5 Answers

Associated with a river or stream.: Fluvial

Lacking creative skill.: Artless

Small adjustments were made.: Tweaked

End-of-the-year Italian sweet bread.: Pandoro

From right to left around the clock.: Counter

Mongol leader __ Khan.: Genghis

No man is __ with his lot.: Content

Agile, goat-like antelope, known for its leather.: Chamois

Ancient quest to turn base metals into gold.: Alchemy

Members of the primordial race of giants.: Cyclops

Not specific.: General

The __ Worker, movie about Helen Keller.: Miracle

Nat King Cole, for one.: Crooner

Italian jockey with more than 500 wins, Frankie __.: Dettori

Group 234

Puzzle 1 Answers

Amusing, soppy love movie adored by the ladies.: Romcom

Nut that’s a seed and same genus as peach.: Almond

Skiing event over a series of hard mounds.: Moguls

Official currency of Haiti.: Gourde

Handgun.: Pistol

Hungarian sweet white wine from Aszú grapes.: Tokaji

PvP means __ versus __.: Player

Just one look will turn you into stone.: Medusa

Louisa May __, wrote Little Women.: Alcott

__heim, this museum has a branch in Bilbao.: Guggen

Investment from overseas.: Inward

Puzzle 2 Answers

Feminist magazine founded by Rosie Boycott et al.: Spare rib

Noble, 3rd most popular in atmosphere.: Argon gas

Hat designer.: Milliner

With qualities of life.: Animated

Wireless, unplugged.: Acoustic

Beethoven’s disability.: Deafness

Flash memory gadget.: Usb drive

Boggy wetland area.: Quagmire

Two pieces of bread with whatever you want inside.: Sandwich

Subtracting.: Reducing

Skipping.: Jump rope

Religious vessels and vestments are kept in here.: Sacristy

Agile tree-dwelling rodent with a bushy tail.: Squirrel

Raymond __, French president throughout WWI.: Poincare

Flight recorder on planes that is actually orange.: Black box

Stores your Merlot and Chardonnay.: Wine rack

Boer general and twice PM of South Africa.: Jan smuts

Prohibited.: Censored

A type of surgery to remove wrinkles.: Facelift

Cheap Italian bubbly served in lieu of champagne.: Prosecco

Puzzle 3 Answers

Major Canadian wildfire of 1825.: Miramichi

__ Fawcett, suffragist leader and campaigner.: Millicent

Where trash is stored and covered with dirt; dumps.: Landfills

Instrument for predicting weather changes.: Barometer

Awareness, judgment, knowing.: Cognition

Famous gladiator.: Spartacus

Rubbery circular air chamber.: Inner tube

Having to do with taste or flavor.: Gustatory

Waterproof canvas fabric for tents.: Tarpaulin

US swimmer, multiple gold medallist.: Mark spitz

Falling prices.: Deflation

Shakespeare’s tragedy in which Imogen appears.: Cymbeline

Scientist who studies living things.: Biologist

Puzzle 4 Answers

Middle Eastern food spread made from chickpeas.: Hummus

Pete’s __, a live-action/animated 1977 film.: Dragon

Stock.: Market

Italian island, origins of Mafia.: Sicily

It is too hard to be used or eaten now.: Frozen

__ brain coral can grow up to five meters.: Carpet

Thomas __, author of Le Morte d’Arthur.: Malory

Skates invented by Belgian Joseph Merlin.: Roller

Tune.: Melody

To excessively decorate.: Ornate

Britain’s longest river flows through Ironbridge.: Severn

Sport for which Martina Hingis is famous.: Tennis

Rickety old car from a bygone era.: Jalopy

School of thought developed by Chinese chairman.: Maoism

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adolf __, founder of sportswear brand Adidas.: Dassler

Samba singer famous for fruit basket on head.: Miranda

This genre rarely presents real facts.: Fiction

Event __, theoretical boundary around a black hole.: Horizon

In Christianity, Jesus cured it.: Leprosy

Paper is gone.: Digital

Manchurian people who founded China’s Jin dynasty.: Jurchen

Ancient Egyptian construction.: Pyramid

Fish with greenish black lateral line, US and UK.: Pollock

Soft hail or snow pellets.: Graupel

Unique six-limbed legendary creatures.: Dragons

Known as a musician, poet in Greek mythology.: Orpheus

Glutinous, translucent protein.: Gelatin

Currency in use in Argentina from 1985 to 1991.: Austral

Yet undeveloped beings.: Embryos

Group 235

Puzzle 1 Answers

This person can’t drop balls, swords or flames.: Juggler

Traveling in a boat with the aid of the wind.: Sailing

Science dealing with rocks and earth.: Geology

To move forward.: Advance

The movie 20,000 __ Under the Sea is from 1954.: Leagues

Vincent __, artist rumored to have cut ear off.: Van gogh

Mythical Irish specter portending death.: Banshee

Larvae form of mite that can bite.: Chigger

Leafy plant, patch where kid’s dolls are born.: Cabbage

Stovepipe, rocket-propelled anti-tank weapon.: Bazooka

See-through paper used for drawing copies.: Tracing

It smells sweet.: Success

__ Rostova, central character of War and Peace.: Natasha

Wrongly taking property for personal gain.: Larceny

80’s portable CD player by Sony.: Discman

Indian grass root used in men’s perfumery.: Vetiver

Hot desert wind from North Africa.: Sirocco

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ability to go somewhere, use something.: Access

Joined pair of Afro-Cuban drums hit with hands.: Bongos

A lion’s __ is like its fingerprint.: Muzzle

Psychotic villains’ destiny in Gotham City.: Arkham

Single-room apartment or flat; efficiency.: Studio

French presidential palace.: Elysee

Magnate, mogul.: Tycoon

__ train, speedy Japanese mode of transport.: Bullet

__ Goolagong, top Aussie tennis player in the 70’s.: Evonne

Films.: Movies

Julia Child brought __ cuisine to Americans.: French

Puzzle 3 Answers

WWI battle, ignoble Italian defeat.: Caporetto

Science of sacred matters.: Hierology

Last supper.: Final meal

To underline, emphasize, remark.: Highlight

__ elegance, referring to smart tailoring.: Sartorial

Horizontal movement of ocean currents.: Advection

Area of Asia including Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.: Indochina

Rounded mass of minced food that has been fried.: Croquette

US presidential retreat.: Camp david

Test of speed against the clock.: Time trial

Voucher for readers.: Book token

Close Encounters of the __, UFO film.: Third kind

Active early in the morning.: Matutinal

Buoyancy structure attached to side of boat.: Outrigger

Puzzle 4 Answers

Made amends or reparations.: Atoned

The gland in which T cells mature.: Thymus

Cuisine promoted by the late Julia Child.: French

Tiny __, Elton John song.: Dancer

A stanza of eight lines.: Octave

To give a large part of one’s time.: Devote

Colorless fluid part of milk where fat is suspended.: Plasma

First video game to feature Mario: __ Kong.: Donkey

Sage also known as Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni.: Buddha

Island where Mount Etna is located.: Sicily

2005 film: “Harry Potter and the __ of Fire”.: Goblet

Americans call it a derby hat, the English call it.: Bowler

He appears in four novels by Mark Twain: Tom __.: Sawyer

Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective Hercule.: Poirot

Harbor to dock yachts and small boats.: Marina

Long periods of time; units of geological time.: Epochs

Big cat; British car maker.: Jaguar

Duplicitous trickster.: Conman

Puzzle 5 Answers

Military home of operations.: Army base

Rock band named after an Aldous Huxley book.: The doors

Believer in the teaching of Siddhārtha Gautama.: Buddhist

Italian doughnut made with fruit peels.: Frittole

First commercial __ generator was invented in 1873.: Electric

Groovy oil and wax with a pink light.: Lava lamp

Two runners cross the line at the same time.: Dead heat

Answer to a problem.: Solution

Former French president with Dutch-sounding name.: Hollande

City where Franz Ferdinand was assassinated.: Sarajevo

In chess, to move the king over the rook.: Castling

Sleeveless undergarment for women.: Camisole

Artificial structure shooting jets of water.: Fountain

Group 236

Puzzle 1 Answers

Nail it.: Hammer

The Persistence of __, Dali’s “melted” work.: Memory

Controversy in Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris.: Sodomy

__ Best, greatest player from Northern Ireland.: George

Injury.: Lesion

Cottonwick has a black line under its __ fin.: Dorsal

It means “cake” in German.: Kuchen

Quark flavor, with symbol b, also known as beauty.: Bottom

Not the headquarters.: Branch

Former name of Tuvalu island in Polynesia.: Ellice

Uproar, disturbance.: Rumpus

__Haydn, German composer of London Symphonies.: Joseph

Eugene __, the last astronaut to walk on the Moon.: Cernan

She was awakened by a kiss; Sleeping __.: Beauty

Adds a circle at the intersection of a Latin cross.: Celtic

Color of the sun and daffodils.: Yellow

Coveted crystal from Venice.: Murano

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fela Kuti made this musical genre famous.: Afrobeat

Any imaginary semicircle on the earth’s surface.: Meridian

Japanese naval commander of Pearl Harbor attack.: Yamamoto

Term for the hammer, anvil and stirrup in the ear.: Ossicles

__ of Ávila, canonized in the 16th-century.: St teresa

Storage compartment on a car’s dashboard.: Glovebox

Royal __, Leopards South African stadium.: Bafokeng

Not done by chance or accident.: Wilfully

Akira __, Japanese director of Rashomon.: Kurosawa

Person who informs the news.: Reporter

Process of sewing layers of fabric together.: Quilting

Light of the biggest star.: Sunshine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mostly ridden by children.: Tricycles

To copy edit.: Proofread

Immensely, supremely, exceedingly.: Extremely

Machine or person who gathers crops.: Harvester

Black and white 1973 US film, Ryan and Tatum O’neal.: Paper moon

Avenida da __, Lisbon’s main thoroughfare.: Liberdade

Peach variety with smooth skin.: Nectarine

Son of Parsifal in Germanic legend.: Lohengrin

The red one carries oxygen.: Blood cell

Leaders of Jewish rebel army in Judea.: Maccabees

Largest of the world’s crocodile species.: Saltwater

Kids are out of the house.: Empty nest

Large vibration in mechanical or electrical system.: Resonance

Human __ Virus, over 170 types are known.: Papilloma

Identical twins whose bodies connected in utero.: Conjoined

Strength and toughness.: Fortitude

One of four Hogwarts houses.: Slytherin

Another name for whooping cough.: Pertussis

Puzzle 4 Answers

Roman god of wealth, father of Jupiter.: Saturn

Bela __, Hungarian composer of Mikrokosmos.: Bartok

__ coffee, adorned with Irish whiskey and cream.: Gaelic

Notepad.: Tablet

Italian inventor, one of the pioneers of telephony.: Meucci

Production of quality prints with ink-jet printer.: Giclee

Family of insects that feeds on plants.: Aphids

Looking.: Seeing

__ Pacific, Hong Kong’s largest airline.: Cathay

__ de Winter, French spy of The Three Musketeers.: Milady

The currency of the Nobel prize.: Kronor

An edge or boundary of a surface, land.: Border

Castrated male.: Eunuch

Sea abuts Athens and Izmir named after King Aegeus.: Aegean

Martial arts form where a black belt is tops.: Karate

Arabic noble title meaning strength.: Sultan

Step-by-step instructions for cooking or baking.: Recipe

Ear part sometimes pierced.: Tragus

The __ Book, story about a boy raised by animals.: Jungle

A hole in the tooth.: Cavity

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ron Weasley is most afraid of these.: Spiders

Nomads of the Middle Eastern deserts.: Bedouin

She who opened the box full of evils of the world.: Pandora

Container holding the bones of the dead.: Ossuary

Scapegoat, someone to take the rap.: Fall guy

Inner parts.: Insides

Dab paint with a brush.: Stipple

__ of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow’s fantasy.: Pirates

Wooden framework for growing climbers and roses up.: Trellis

Canadian skater punk.: Lavigne

TV, concert and software.: Program

Boris __, first elected president of Russia.: Yeltsin

Digital currency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto.: Bitcoin

Payment for public transport on the road.: Bus fare

Group 237

Puzzle 1 Answers

Floating fishing device.: Bobber

Eggs Benedict with salmon instead of ham.: Royale

Man with a __, Braque’s musical painting.: Guitar

Criss crossed pattern associated with Scotland.: Tartan

Sinbad, __ of the Seven Seas.: Legend

Canton in central Switzerland with the Linth River.: Glarus

Eine __Nachtmusik, “little sweet serenade”, Mozart.: Kleine

Thick but not fat.: Chunky

__ knife, ring like weapon found in Africa.: Finger

Roman philosophical writer, orator and senator.: Cicero

Printed work in installments.: Serial

CV.: Resume

Puzzle 2 Answers

Albumen.: Egg white

World’s most popular language from China.: Mandarin

Three children born at the same time.: Triplets

An Ankh is an ancient __ good luck charm.: Egyptian

This cartoon ursus may not know downward dog.: Yogi bear

Don’t Rain on __, popular song from Funny Girl.: My parade

Pottery coated and decorated with liquid clay.: Slipware

The evening star was called this in ancient times.: Hesperus

UN General __.: Assembly

French director of L’Atalante who died at 29.: Jean vigo

In Hindu philosophy, the renunciation stage.: Sannyasa

__ Cricket Association Stadium Jamtha.: Vidarbha

Dermabrasion is a __ procedure on the skin.: Surgical

Quayside structures for securing boats.: Moorings

Wooden fence preserver.: Creosote

A big maritime potence of the 16th century.: Portugal

Horse whose ancestry is clearly documented.: Purebred

It can be done.: Possible

Joseph Marie _, inventor of the programmable loom.: Jacquard

Simone de __, French existentialist writer.: Beauvoir

Antigorite, green stone used by the Maori.: Bowenite

Abandoned or deserted place.: Forsaken

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ measures hardness of minerals.: Mohs scale

British novelist, creator of Gremlins.: Roald dahl

Antique paper for documents.: Parchment

A bomb is an __ device.: Explosive

Formal name for veterinary surgery.: Zoiatrics

Sao __, large Brazilian river, “Velho Chico”.: Francisco

Planting pot for ledges and sills.: Window box

__ Baird, Scottish inventor of the television.: John logie

Great Indian cricket player, Sachin __.: Tendulkar

Schedule.: Timetable

“Moorish” cocktail popular in southern France.: Mauresque

Puzzle 4 Answers

Edith __, drafted US Social Security Act of 1935.: Abbott

Beer plus soda popular in Western Europe.: Shandy

80’s hair metal band, __ Crue.: Motley

Discover existence of something.: Detect

Sleeveless shirt or dress tied at the neck.: Halter

Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Port Salut, Neufchâtel.: Cheese

John Cleveland __, fuel and iron robber baron.: Osgood

Makes mistakes in one’s lines in a play.: Fluffs

Christine __, French feminist and sociologist.: Delphy

__ Real, third-largest Spanish province.: Ciudad

Marie-__, 1st foreign language Oscar winner.: Louise

World __ Day on 7 April promotes global well-being.: Health

Popular racket sport, first called sphairistike.: Tennis

Boating powered by oars.: Rowing

__ Biloba, plant enhances cognitive function.: Ginkgo

Shiny.: Glossy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Diver’s prize.: Abalone

Tropical fruits with a large flat stone inside.: Mangoes

System of government by an oppressive ruler.: Tyranny

A lesser deity.: Demigod

Old slang term for detective.: Gumshoe

Perished species.: Extinct

Wine is stored there.: Buttery

Stretchy fabric invented by Brit Thomas Hancock.: Elastic

Wooden conical bore from Switzerland.: Alphorn

French pilot, the first to cross the Channel.: Bleriot

Region of Europe in East Germany and SW Poland.: Lusatia

Patron saint of Ireland.: Patrick

Judy __, Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.: Garland

70’s US probes that visited Jupiter and Saturn.: Voyager

Group 238

Puzzle 1 Answers

Equestrian slalom course with paired ponies.: Scurry

Popular, multi-use folding knives, Boy Scout tool.: Pocket

__ Brody, The Pianist actor.: Adrien

Half of a __ Sun, novel by Nigerian author Adichie.: Yellow

Part of the body between neck and diaphragm.: Thorax

Clump breaker, sieve.: Sifter

Bluegrass, circular stringed instruments.: Banjos

Japanese car brand also known for its motorbikes.: Suzuki

Soft mineral used in plaster.: Gypsum

Smutty, vulgar.: Filthy

Fish eggs.: Caviar

People who have been officially canonized.: Saints

Female water sprites unfriendly to people.: Nixies

The capital of Zimbabwe.: Harare

Where two walls meet.: Corner

Puzzle 2 Answers

UK currency.: Sterling

John __, Saturday Night Fever star.: Travolta

__ velocity, final constant speed of falling body.: Terminal

Parasite that can live in the digestive tract.: Tapeworm

You’ll need this with your password to log in.: Username

Person or thing radiates warmth, cheer, happiness.: Sunshine

The __, US film with Dustin Hoffman.: Graduate

Backless couch with high curved headrest.: Recamier

Deep purple-reddish color.: Dubonnet

StarCraft: The Board Game was shown in 2007 at __.: Blizzcon

Decade following the 80’s.: Nineties

Author of “The Little Mermaid”: Hans Christian __.: Andersen

Unlawful.: Criminal

The capital of Liberia.: Monrovia

In marketing, a target area larger than local.: Regional

Puzzle 3 Answers

Official cost of an item.: List price

Aubrey __, Victorian painter.: Beardsley

Shia militant group based in Lebanon.: Hezbollah

A den made up in the leaves and branches.: Treehouse

Gardening expert collects rare specimens.: Plantsman

Tropical breeze that blows towards the Equator.: Trade wind

Died of a heart attack while filming Wagons East!.: John candy

Heavenly yolkless baked sponge.: Angel cake

Soaked through, drenched.: Saturated

With Scribes in the New Testament, opposed Jesus.: Pharisees

To give in.: Surrender

Sub-unit of former Italian currency lira.: Centesimo

Vapor-powered water vessel created by John Fitch.: Steamboat

Term for the study of the origins of the universe.: Cosmogony

Related to the skin.: Cutaneous

Not funny.: Humorless

The study of the meaning in language.: Semantics

Medieval German double-reeded wind instrument.: Krummhorn

Fear of anything new.: Neophobia

Wooden sailing boats used by the Vikings.: Longships

Oskar __, child-sized narrator of The Tin Drum.: Matzerath

Laboratory receptacle.: Petri dish

Puzzle 4 Answers

Transition metal, used in electric guitar strings.: Nickel

Haitian religion complete with magic and priests.: Voodoo

The largest and best-known cuttlefish.: Common

__ Santa, Holy Week celebrations in Spain.: Semana

Witches’ rides.: Brooms

__ gland, gin and orange for simians.: Monkey

Former argentinian football player, Mario __.: Kempes

Dog’s necklace.: Collar

Petit __, French kids wear, means “small boat”.: Bateau

Madame __, French Revolutionary executed in 1793.: Roland

Bones of the ankle joint, connected to the tibia.: Tarsus

Country where actress Salma Hayek was born.: Mexico

Sunken, concave, indented, recessed.: Hollow

Line from center to circumference of circle.: Radius

Cleaning devices on a vehicle windscreen.: Wipers

Per __, for each person or individual.: Capita

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ bannerfish are white, black, and yellow.: Longfin

Applying middle pedal in a car to slow speed.: Braking

Ugandan, styled himself the Last King of Scotland.: Idi amin

To lean back.: Recline

Cool fashionable type of food.: Organic

The Cowboy State.: Wyoming

Train of a flamenco dress.: Ruffles

Italian opera composer of the Barber of Seville.: Rossini

Person who has a full season with the circus.: Trouper

The art or sport of fighting with swords.: Fencing

Seed carrier from a tree.: Fir cone

Roman goddess of wisdom.: Minerva

Russian novelist who came from the aristocracy.: Tolstoy

Chest of drawers.: Dresser

Beguiling, dodgy, cunning, guileful,.: Devious

Captain of the White Tower (The Lord of the Rings).: Boromir

Felt weak suddenly, lost consciousness.: Fainted

Group 239

Puzzle 1 Answers

Largest Christian church in Egypt.: Coptic

Jules Rimet __, awarded to World Cup winners.: Trophy

Marionette.: Puppet

It means “Mountain range” in Spanish.: Sierra

__ Gandolfo, former summer residence of the pope.: Castel

Country where Calgary International Airport is.: Canada

__ and Clyde.: Bonnie

Tower of __, English royalty; notorious prison.: London

Archimedes’ famous exclamation.: Eureka

A person’s account of life events.: Memoir

Cat with no hair, sounds Egyptian.: Sphynx

Opposite of malignant.: Benign

Made for fertilizers, potassium salts.: Potash

Puzzle 2 Answers

The clapping of a theater audience.: Applause

Woodwind instrument with a single reed mouthpiece.: Clarinet

The D in GDP.: Domestic

Baby flying, water floating, big billed bird.: Duckling

Restriction due to youth or maturity.: Age limit

Meditating.: Thinking

British Overseas Territory, capital Adamstown.: Pitcairn

__of Love, opera singer moves to Milan.: One night

Purple vegetable.: Eggplant

Country where the baht is the official currency.: Thailand

Prix __, major French literary prize.: Goncourt

Mrs and Mrs Clark __, Hockney kitty art.: And percy

Feldspar variety with optical effect.: Sunstone

First computer, invented by Tommy Flowers.: Colossus

Tablets that can be taken without water.: Chewable

Air force, navy, army.: Military

High natural elevation on Earth.: Mountain

World’s largest impact event in Russia in 1908.: Tunguska

Puzzle 3 Answers

Gathering spot for hot beverage drinkers.: Coffee bar

Spacy Russian traveler.: Cosmonaut

Laurence who played Ray Langston on CSI.: Fishburne

When sugar has turned to alcohol.: Fermented

Book issuer.: Publisher

Less cold blizzard.: Rainstorm

Catherine Deneuve film: “The __ of Cherbourg”.: Umbrellas

The scientific study of cell nuclei.: Karyology

180-degree view.: Panoramic

Arabic language, news television network.: Al jazeera

Medal-winning US sprinter and long jumper.: Carl lewis

Commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza.: King khufu

Swiss inventor of Velcro, George __.: De mestral

North German state, Mecklenburg-Western __.: Pomerania

Hunters.: Predators

Puzzle 4 Answers

Strait separates Iran from Arabian peninsula.: Hormuz

Reactive metal associated with the color blue.: Cobalt

Sardonic comedian of Groundhog Day.: Murray

Floating frozen mass on the ocean surface.: Sea ice

To promote, encourage.: Foster

Antonym of junior.: Senior

Fiery Spanish opera by Bizet.: Carmen

Female face paint.: Makeup

What Burger King is called in Australia, __ Jacks.: Hungry

__ Incident, Japanese seizure of Manchurian city.: Mukden

Green, flightless New Zealand parrot.: Kakapo

Tropical viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes.: Dengue

Saturn moon, travels in a reverse direction.: Phoebe

A very small vein.: Venule

Only U.S. state located in Oceania.: Hawaii

Peril, danger, hazard, threat, imminence.: Menace

Tenzin __, the 14th Dalai Lama.: Gyatso

Puzzle 5 Answers

Enduring, not changing, steadfast.: Abiding

A young or baby goose.: Gosling

Moving furtively or inconspicuously.: Lurking

Areas of the Earth around the Equator.: Tropics

In opposition to.: Against

Official currency of Mozambique.: Metical

The __, band created for a TV show in the 1960s.: Monkees

The remedy may be worse than this.: Disease

Islamic trumpeter, announces the end of the world.: Israfil

An error or a fault, can be deliberate.: Mistake

Vegetable common in many salads.: Lettuce

Group 240

Puzzle 1 Answers

Medicinal plant similar to mint.: Hyssop

The name of Captain Ahab’s whaler.: Pequod

Before another, prior, earlier.: Former

The Magus who brought gold.: Kaspar

Old occupation of stretching cloth over a machine.: Tenter

60,000 milliseconds.: Minute

Oil rich country of first Gulf War.: Kuwait

__ chloride, used in sewage treatment.: Ferric

Area that contains your vocal cords.: Larynx

A syringe’s best friend.: Needle

Moses snappers have large spot below __ fin.: Dorsal

“High” part of a city.: Uptown

It’s so vast that you cannot see the trees.: Forest

Puzzle 2 Answers

Hungary’s leader during the USSR invasion of 1956.: Imre nagy

Island country in the Indian Ocean, capital Male.: Maldives

Metalloid used with alloys to create batteries.: Antimony

Giant, radioactive reptile, star of many movies.: Godzilla

Distinguished by wealth and good taste.: Gracious

Ridged, tubed pasta.: Rigatoni

Bookworm’s injury.: Paper cut

Falling as freezing rain.: Sleeting

Term for two-wheeled, off-road, mucky vehicle.: Dirt bike

Guess at a price.: Estimate

To take possession of money fraudulently.: Embezzle

Puzzle 3 Answers

I think, therefore I am.: Descartes

Russian oblast and city on the Volga River.: Astrakhan

Poorly constructed; crude.: Incondite

These don’t ever make one right.: Two wrongs

The __, British short film, won 87th Academy Award.: Phone call

Jerry Herman, US composer of La Cage __.: Aux folles

Represented by red semicircles on a weather map.: Warm front

Shoots the action.: Cameraman

The Epsom Derby is one.: Horse race

With Tigris created Mesopotamia.: Euphrates

French winner of 1947 Nobel Literature prize.: Andre gide

Wooden walkway over marshes.: Duckboard

Mythic character; her prophecies are not believed.: Cassandra

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Horse, event requires strong forearms.: Pommel

Vivid pinkish red color resembling cherries.: Cerise

Pope and poisons in Italian Renaissance family.: Borgia

Mountaineer Heinrich who spent seven years in Tibet.: Harrer

Having two spouses at the same time.: Bigamy

Cream of __, by product of winemaking, ingredient.: Tartar

Different from.: Unlike

Fake ducks on a pond.: Decoys

Organ to be first successfully transplanted.: Kidney

Wavy, frizzy.: Crimpy

Broadcast __, makes large scale planting easier.: Seeder

John __, long-serving Aussie PM.: Howard

Frodo.: Hobbit

Anatomy __ of Dr Nicholaes Tulp, by Rembrandt.: Lesson

The War of the __, novel by UK writer HG Wells.: Worlds

Puzzle 5 Answers

Insubstantial lingerie.: G string

Old English epic poem with the monster Grendel.: Beowulf

Dutiful follower of a leader, especially religious.: Acolyte

To adorn.: Furnish

Person who writes online articles and comments.: Blogger

Homo __, scientific name for humans.: Sapiens

__ is bordered by Brazil and Argentina.: Uruguay

Place where products are made.: Factory

Sultan who captured Jerusalem after the 2nd crusade.: Saladin

Cargo transported for money on land, air, sea.: Freight

Psychic cookies.: Fortune

Photo taken by the law.: Mug shot

A well-known Beatles’ song.: Hey jude

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