Codycross London Answers

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Codycross London

Group 481

Puzzle 1 Answers

A structure over a river that you cross: Bridge

Also known as Siddhārtha Gautama: Buddha

Firmly fixed; supported: Steady

Graphite writing utensil: Pencil

Groups of bees: Swarms

Newborns; infants: Babies

The capital of England and the UK: London

The season in which flowers bloom: Spring

The youngest child in The Simpsons: Maggie

Thrifty, sparing with money: Frugal

To move unsteadily; wobble: Teeter

Top model married to John Legend: Chrissy __: Teigen

Puzzle 2 Answers

A difficult situation; predicament: Dilemma

A ruling family in a monarchy: Dynasty

Abundant in quantity: Copious

Budapest is this country’s capital: Hungary

Friendly sea mammal, can be a bottlenose: Dolphin

Looking intently at something for a long time: Staring

Placed in the ground to grow: Planted

Song by the band U2: Where the __ Have No Name: Streets

Suffering, anguish: Torment

To change to a new religion; to change currencies: Convert

When full daylight arrives: Sunrise

Puzzle 3 Answers

Becomes more illuminated: Brightens

Canadian actor and comedian of Austin Powers hits: Mike myers

Cruel, primitive act, often in warfare: Barbarity

Cruel, uncivilized act, often in warfare: Barbarity

Designed for cyclists to grip while riding: Handlebar

Exhibits, demonstrates: Manifests

Halloween figures made of bone: Skeletons

Honesty, dignity: Sincerity

It’s rolled out for dignitaries and movie stars: Red carpet

Live action 3D films using models or drawings: Animation

Motion used on Tinder to pass on someone: Swipe left

Palace meeting place of VIPs: Stateroom

Roman amphitheater for gladiator contests: Colosseum

Roman venue for gladiator contests: Colosseum

Swimming groups of large aquatic mammals: Whale pods

TV show starring Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha: Bewitched

Technical term for bad breath: Halitosis

The person to whom one is engaged: Betrothed

Thin breaded pan-fried veal cutlet: wiener __: Schnitzel

To rise from the dead: Resurrect

What seeing is: Believing

Winning move at the end of a game of chess: Checkmate

Women’s shoe with a strap around the heel or ankle: Slingback

Puzzle 4 Answers

Buy: Purchase

Cooking liquid fat from small green fruits: Olive oil

Country with world’s largest religious monument: Cambodia

Curved entrances: Archways

Deliriously happy: Ecstatic

In progress, happening right now: Underway

Mentally withdraw: Step back

Nemesis of Captain Hook, best friend of Tinkerbell: Peter pan

Not sinking: Floating

Percussionism, hitting a beat: Drumming

Rubber-bladed scraper for cleaning windows: Squeegee

Supersonic jet that was retired in 2003: Concorde

Talk amongst yourselves: Converse

Time of the day when traffic is really bad: Rush hour

White House drama with Martin Sheen as POTUS: West wing

__ Springs, the locale of the movie Cars: Radiator

Puzzle 5 Answers

A soothing candy for someone with a cold: Cough drop

Adored and kept safe: Cherished

Amazing: Wonderful

Buzz, from Toy Story: Lightyear

Elvis Presley __; street address of Graceland: Boulevard

Fabric-and-post construction for breezy beaches: Windbreak

He or she checks homes to ensure all is up to code: Inspector

Loans taken out to buy properties: Mortgages

Marvelous: Wonderful

Someone who leads a body of military troops: Commander

Stretchy trousers used for exercise or meditation: Yoga pants

Tall yellow garden bloom, with edible seeds: Sunflower

Group 482

Puzzle 1 Answers

An exploding star: Supernova

Answered, replied: Responded

Deep cracks in a glacier: Crevasses

Exactly: Precisely

Heated box to keep fertilized chicken eggs warm: Incubator

Italian Riviera town and 2017 Ferrari sports car: Portofino

Mars’ colourful nickname: Red planet

Metal rolling links on a bicycle: Bike chain

Name given to a mammal with a pouch: Marsupial

Quality of being ridiculous or very unreasonable: Absurdity

Singer of Benny and the Jets: Elton john

Something repeated so often that it’s tiresome: Ad nauseum

Sugary garnish for cakes, cupcakes or ice-cream: Sprinkles

Tolerance; fortitude: Endurance

Trial period to assess fitness or readiness: Probation

__: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: Anchorman

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who is proficient in sports: Athlete

Andrew __, first US president to be impeached: Johnson

Coin-operated record-playing machine: Jukebox

Contest focusing on beauty: Pageant

Displaying: Showing

Gave away, especially to charity: Donated

Quick Asian dish cooked in a wok with noodles/rice: Stir fry

Roof in a room: Ceiling

Where honey is made: Beehive

__ Monroe, born Norma Jeane Mortenson: Marilyn

__ station; roadside fuel vendor: Service

Puzzle 3 Answers

Administering a liquid with a needle: Injecting

Document giving permission to go into a country: Entry visa

Equine load-carrier: Packhorse

Fan of a sports club: Supporter

Fields where winemakers grow grapes: Vineyards

Get back on good terms, wave a white flag: Make peace

Looking for something, perhaps on Google: Searching

Not explored: Uncharted

Soaking up water: Absorbing

Taylor Swift’s tale speaks of Romeo and Juliet: Love story

Type of humor involving intense physical activity: Slapstick

Puzzle 4 Answers

A wrong name or designation: Misnomer

Called the same number again: Redialed

Found on top of spaghetti, inside sub sandwiches: Meatball

Making noises like a chicken: Clucking

Nationality of Olympic champion Usain Bolt: Jamaican

Overjoyed, triumphant: Jubilant

Part of the road for the quickest-moving vehicles: Fast lane

Purple gemstone, helps keeps people calm: Amethyst

The impetus gained by a moving object: Momentum

There’s no crying in this sport (movie reference): Baseball

Writing online about different things for fun: Blogging

Puzzle 5 Answers

A perfectly round shape: Circle

Accused someone for an act of wrongdoing: Blamed

Cornstarch and cold water sauce thickener: Slurry

French brandy town: Cognac

Go back to a previous state: Revert

Last name of the artist who sings Thank U, Next: Grande

Makes a house neat and hygienic: Cleans

World’s 2nd largest automobile maker (as of 2017): Toyota

Young whales: Calves

__ Bates; motel manager in 1960 film Psycho: Norman

__ Call Saul, TV spinoff of Breaking Bad: Better

__ match, competition between adversaries: Grudge

Group 483

Puzzle 1 Answers

First African American MLB player, Jackie __: Robinson

French leader defeated in the Battle of Waterloo: Napoleon

Grasps tightly: Clutches

Half man, half bull, son of the King of Crete: Minotaur

Holes or infections in teeth: Cavities

Insulin and estrogen are these: Hormones

Movie starring Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan: Space jam

Ocean in which the Titanic sank: Atlantic

One-piece garment originally for parachuters: Jumpsuit

Pad of paper used to write information down: Notebook

Queen Elizabeth’s residence in Scotland: Balmoral

River Danube runs through this Hungarian city: Budapest

Shakespeare’s monarch with three daughters: King lear

Someone who obtains their goals: Achiever

Someone who travels some distance daily for work: Commuter

Spanish word for coriander leaves: Cilantro

They play four-stringed guitars with low notes: Bassists

To boost the battery of a device by plugging it in: Recharge

Water catcher for feathered friends to wash in: Bird bath

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__ through the snow, in a one-horse open sleigh”: Dashing

Adding a tracking device to something or someone: Bugging

Exhaustion: Fatigue

Having less height: Shorter

Lifting up: Raising

Planet with four Galilean moons: Jupiter

Predominant language spoken in New Zealand: English

Producing a loud, wailing sound like a wolf: Howling

Repairing; patching: Mending

Term that describes the year a wine was produced: Vintage

Transformers ambulance and medic to the Autobots: Ratchet

Puzzle 3 Answers

A monetary piece of unexpected good fortune: Windfall

Ancient stone pillars, often with inscriptions: Obelisks

Assesses the size of something with a tape: Measures

Ave Maria: Hail mary

Bottom edges of dresses, skirts and coats: Hemlines

Capital of Finland: Helsinki

Change from one flight to another: Transfer

Country that Panama separated from in 1903: Colombia

Critical observation or examination: Scrutiny

Italian wooer of ladies, gambler, spy, librarian: Casanova

Jewish festival also called the Festival of Lights: Hanukkah

Searching for food in the wild: Foraging

Shaky on one’s feet: Unsteady

Space for professional dancing: Ballroom

Spray-painted wall scrawls: Graffiti

Substitute visual organ, like a marble: Glass eye

The back limbs of an animal: Hind legs

Ugly __, animal tale by Hans Christian Andersen: Duckling

Winter sport combining skiing and shooting: Biathlon

Woman’s shoe with a thin, high tapered heel: Stiletto

Puzzle 4 Answers

A detailed plan of the activities on a trip: Itinerary

Chamber for royal banquets or functions: State room

Eaten before the main course: Appetizer

Festival of handmade or homemade articles: Craft fair

Heavenly; describing the stars or the cosmos: Celestial

John ,The Grapes of Wrath author: Steinbeck

Long-snouted, sticky-tongued mammals: Anteaters

Made larger: Magnified

Occupation of someone who builds wooden tables: Carpenter

Person who directs the route or course of a ship: Navigator

Taking something after asking for permission: Borrowing

You can’t teach an old dog these: New tricks

Downs, US venue of the Kentucky Derby: Churchill

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bad-tempered, crabby, eccentric: Cranky

Former member of the Eurythmics, Annie __: Lennox

Funny TV show based on everyday events: Sitcom

Latin term meaning former students of a school: Alumni

Order issued by a legal authority: Decree

Shaking __, as in SMH: My head

Temporary actors hired to be part of a crowd: Extras

The Northern lights are also called __ borealis: Aurora

Tiny stones on a driveway: Gravel

Ultra-thin French pancakes: Crepes

With increased volume: Louder

Group 484

Puzzle 1 Answers

Book by Shirley Jackson: The __ of Hill House: Haunting

Breathing out: Exhaling

Charming, entertaining: Engaging

Describes animals living in trees: Arboreal

Era of the Flintstones: Stone age

Insincere praise: Flattery

Large, flat Italian bread drizzled with oil: Focaccia

Major route or road system: Arterial

Religious ritual to drive out evil spirits: Exorcism

Rhythmic musicians in The Twelve Days of Christmas: Drummers

Those who shout at comedians: Hecklers

To sit with one leg on either side of a horse: Straddle

Vertically spurting water feature: Fountain

__ Enterprise, Star Trek vessel: Starship

Puzzle 2 Answers

Body part into which teeth are embedded: Jawbone

Deep crevices or gorges: Canyons

Expression of adoration for a deity: Worship

Giving a verdict on a legal issue: Judging

Greek bar: Taverna

Hell hath no fury like a woman __: Scorned

London area for a film with Hugh Grant: __ Hill: Notting

Maya ___, US poet who wrote “Still I Rise”: Angelou

More tender and careful: Gentler

Song by the Beatles: With a Little Help From My __: Friends

Tapping a pitched ball without swinging: Bunting

The state of being useful or beneficial: Utility

To make a thing last longer: Prolong

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bony recess in the skull, contains visual organ: Eye socket

Garden machine for cutting grass: Lawn mower

Generic object used to hold something: Container

Large religious building, a home to monks: Monastery

Largest animal known to have ever existed: Blue whale

Making happen faster: Hastening

Prolonged periods of extremely warm temperatures: Heatwaves

Sword __, dangerous circus act: Swallower

The P in fuels company BP: Petroleum

Utterly bewildered and perplexed: Mystified

__ Line, British shipping company of the Titanic: White star

Puzzle 4 Answers

Art deco construction on SF’s Telegraph Hill: Coit tower

Art institute and galleries founded by Samuel __: Courtauld

Can’t Fight The __; hit for LeAnn Rimes in 2000: Moonlight

Film series with three instalments: Trilogies

Film series with three parts: Trilogies

First Astronomer Royal; produced a star catalogue: Flamsteed

First Duke of Wellington: Arthur __: Wellesley

Frenzied Norse warrior: Berserker

Greetings from a trip sent without an envelope: Postcards

Insects like bluebottles that lay larvae on meat: Blow flies

Much loved children’s cuddly toy: Teddy bear

Ornate badges attached to beer dispensers in pubs: Pump clips

Receptive to stimulation: Erogenous

Reddish translucent gemstone and colour: Cornelian

Tough measures introduced to stop crime: Crackdown

Traditional pose for a wedding proposal; down __: On one knee

Writer about Languedoc in the novel Labyrinth: Kate mosse

__ Gerard, racehorse and Conan Doyle character: Brigadier

Puzzle 5 Answers

A single ticket, not a return: One way

Colin __, ex-US Secretary of State and general: Powell

Evil spirits that are driven out at Shrovetide: Demons

Fan the __, means to make a bad situation worse: Flames

Fender in the US, __ in the UK: Bumper

Kim __, a Cambridge Spy who defected in 1963: Philby

Not outside of the house: Indoor

Relating to physical need, sensual, fleshy: Carnal

Savoury filled Indian pastry snack: Samosa

The name that Everest was known by until 1865: Peak xv

This was Derek and Mavis’s surname in Corrie: Wilton

Unedited film prints viewed by a director: Rushes

__ of Khartoum, military leader with heroic death: Gordon

Group 485

Puzzle 1 Answers

A disrespectful remark: Insult

Changes to suit the environment: Adapts

Compliment someone; anagram of Persia: Praise

Material on a stick used in rhythmic gymnastics: Ribbon

Planned direction or route to travel: Course

Premier canine: Top dog

Rob __, lead singer of Matchbox Twenty: Thomas

Round tree fruits, maybe eaten by Adam and Eve: Apples

Site of ancient Peruvian ruins: Machu __: Picchu

To inhabit or to fill: Occupy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Annoyance, distraction, irritant: Nuisance

City whose Italian name is Firenze: Florence

Downhill venue for winter sports: Ski slope

French word for an exclusive shop: Boutique

Kitchen implements, e.g. spatulas, serving spoons: Utensils

Lines used to scan food items to check prices: Bar codes

Prediction of upcoming weather conditions: Forecast

Right to vote; sought by women in the 20th century: Suffrage

Right to vote; women sought it in the early 20th C: Suffrage

Sparring and scratching between felines: Catfight

The M in GMO, used in food production: Modified

The capital city of Liberia: Monrovia

With a corresponding pattern or design: Matching

Puzzle 3 Answers

A reference book that lists synonyms: Thesaurus

A square peg will never fit in this: Round hole

ABBA’s Dancing Queen was only this age: Seventeen

Amusement park merry-go-rounds: Carousels

Character searching for brains in The Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow

City regarded as the financial capital of Germany: Frankfurt

Device to shave away a pencil’s worn surface: Sharpener

Ecuadorian islands with numerous unique species: Galápagos

Kissing, or slow dancing in a clinch: Smooching

Not the same: Different

One of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters: Anastasia

Strengthened to protect against attack: Fortified

Puzzle 4 Answers

“April __ bring May flowers”: Showers

Amount of food per person: Portion

Doorways on a ship to gain access to a lower deck: Hatches

Glittery: Sparkly

Hide something from view: Conceal

Hopelessly __ To You, Newton-John hit from Grease: Devoted

In __; within hearing distance: Earshot

Note of three words promising to pay a debt: I owe you

Protective glasses used for swimming: Goggles

This symbol, in a word: #: Hashtag

Travel to discover new lands and cultures: Explore

Two lines of verse in a poem: Couplet

Warrior, combatant: Fighter

__ pin, flattening tool used in baking: Rolling

Puzzle 5 Answers

Declaration by a court that a marriage is invalid: Annulment

Electronic device for broadcasting films on discs: Dvd player

Emergency medical technician: Paramedic

Good wishes delivered to an actor pre-performance: Break a leg

Hair grown either side of the face, like Elvis: Sideburns

India’s film industry: Bollywood

Isolate or hide away: Sequester

Permanent ink that cannot be erased: Indelible

Sequences of symbols to secure access to an account: Passwords

Small containers for encapsulated drugs: Pill boxes

Spying someone quickly before they go from view: Glimpsing

The act of being raised in position or rank: Promotion

Time when all the troubles seemed so far away: Yesterday

__ rhythm, another name for the body clock: Circadian

Group 486

Puzzle 1 Answers

A triangle with two equal sides: Isosceles

Austrian crystals company with swan logo: Swarovski

Cord connecting an unborn baby to the placenta: Umbilical

Crab servant of King Triton in The Little Mermaid: Sebastian

Getting rid of something: Disposing

Gym machine used to walk or run on: Treadmill

Hogwarts house represented by a snake: Slytherin

Lack of proportion between two sides, parts: Asymmetry

Morning meal: Breakfast

Not supported by evidence: Unfounded

Puff Daddy’s legal name: Sean combs

Sea vessel powered by coal and water: Steamship

Sensationalized and emotional film story: Melodrama

Small device for timing sporting activities: Stopwatch

Those with endless lives: Immortals

Viral children’s song about a fish family: Baby shark

Puzzle 2 Answers

Barely, scarcely: Hardly

Character played by Jennifer Aniston on Friends: Rachel

Harry Potter’s giant friend: Hagrid

Having or showing intelligence: Brainy

Household cleaning chemical that removes stains: Bleach

Large marine mammal with long tusks: Walrus

Old __ die hard: Habits

Someone who has no courage: Coward

Stripe-tailed mammals native to Madagascar: Lemurs

Turks and __, British dependency in the Caribbean: Caicos

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bestowing the title of “Sir” on someone: Knighting

Covered a surface with spray: Spattered

Flight routes that cover the least distance: Short haul

Heavy metal band with drummer Lars Ulrich: Metallica

Honestly, sincerely: Genuinely

Make a crime seem less serious: Extenuate

Make an offense seem less serious: Extenuate

Paid to authors for sales of their work: Royalties

Payment demand for H2O usage: Water bill

Person who designs buildings and houses: Architect

Swimming pool game named after a famous explorer: Marco polo

Winter blizzard: Snowstorm

Wording laid across the foot of a foreign film: Subtitles

Puzzle 4 Answers

Annoy, pester: Irritate

Handy device for storing bottles of vino: Wine rack

Large orange gourds carved for Halloween: Pumpkins

Luna __, blonde eccentric witch from Harry Potter: Lovegood

Perfect place to take a break during a journey: Rest stop

Somebody assigned to carry out the terms of a will: Executor

The likelihood of some future event occurring: Prospect

Tricked, lied to: Deceived

Type of camel with two humps: Bactrian

Where Santa writes well-behaved children’s names: Nice list

Puzzle 5 Answers

Birthstone for May: Emerald

Combined; mixed: Blended

Debra __, she plays Grace in Will & Grace: Messing

Large bird that runs very fast but can’t fly: Ostrich

Medication required by diabetics: Insulin

Paper receipts that permit entrance to a venue: Tickets

Series of Japanese animated films with Pikachu: Pokemon

Storm __; people who follow severe weather: Chasers

Tearing, pulling apart: Ripping

Untidy collection of objects: Clutter

Group 487

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another name for the Fall season: Autumn

Bad-tempered, like the internet cat: Grumpy

Cyndi __, US pop star who wrote Kinky Boots: Lauper

Entertainer in a medieval court: Jester

Famous Julius for whom the month of July is named: Caesar

Gender __; party to announce an unborn baby’s sex: Reveal

It is used to drive nails into a wall: Hammer

Not give in to temptation: Resist

Sixth planet from the sun: Saturn

Spin the __, young adults’ kissing party game: Bottle

The back of an animal’s neck: Scruff

These gems are found in oysters: Pearls

Thin, crispy layers inside a Kit Kat: Wafers

To give someone a permanent teaching post: Tenure

To understand something complex after much thought: Fathom

__ stick; a USB by another name: Memory

Puzzle 2 Answers

Big tourist wheel in the UK’s capital: London eye

Downhill surfaces for winter sports enthusiasts: Ski slopes

Elizabeth Taylor played this Egyptian queen: Cleopatra

Give someone inaccurate details or facts: Misinform

Illuminated nocturnal insects: Fireflies

Inclined to conceal feelings: Secretive

Mountainous location of the Reichenbach Falls: Swiss alps

Novel text read aloud, delivered in a recording: Audiobook

Opera by Verdi that features La donna è mobile: Rigoletto

Verbal sparring before a grudge boxing match: Trash talk

Puzzle 3 Answers

A small, supposedly harmless, untruth: White lie

Alteration; correction: Revision

Attraction associated with a circus or carnival: Sideshow

Cold, sweet, dairy treat; comes in a cup or cone: Ice cream

Extends, makes wider: Broadens

In London this is famously red, for making calls: Phone box

Laid back in a seat: Reclined

Mozart’s first knowing name: Wolfgang

Trees such as the pine that hold seeds in cones: Conifers

__ pony, small equine from the Scottish isles: Shetland

Puzzle 4 Answers

Conflict involving Greeks, a woman and a horse: Trojan war

Firm conviction that something is the case: Certainty

German model who was married to the singer Seal: Heidi klum

Muscular actor in The Fast and the Furious films: Vin diesel

PTSD: Post __ Stress Disorder: Traumatic

Protein spheres often served with spaghetti: Meatballs

Quick, secret preview: Sneak peek

Seat provided in an open, public green space: Park bench

Sport in which players shoot capsules of pigment: Paintball

Strong winds over a desert: Sandstorm

Sudden, plunging river like at Iguazú or Niagara: Waterfall

The change of a species over generations: Evolution

Type of dog training with commands: Obedience

You can’t use others’ original work due to this: Copyright

Puzzle 5 Answers

“All Men are __ Equal”: phrase by Thomas Jefferson: Created

Bright tropical birds, including macaws: Parrots

City in Italy with same spelling as a deli meat: Bologna

Feeling, picking up on: Sensing

Genre of film or book that is about a love story: Romance

Government document allowing one to drive: License

Large paper prints that hang on walls: Posters

Liquid for cleaning your hair in the shower: Shampoo

More eco-friendly: Greener

Paul, John, Ringo, and George: Beatles

Spending time with; becoming closer to someone: Bonding

__ call, performers return to receive applause: Curtain

Group 488

Puzzle 1 Answers

A minor argument or quarrel: Squabble

A spider or a scorpion: Arachnid

Bruising and swelling over an optical organ: Black eye

Continuous body making up most of a country: Mainland

Distresses or upsets: Miseries

Expensive duck or goose liver pâté: Foie gras

First letters of a first and last name: Initials

Framework of all of the bones inside your body: Skeleton

Introductory part of a questionnaire: Screener

Rapid succession of beats used to introduce events: Drum roll

Studs, hoops or drops, worn in the lobes: Earrings

The __, novel by Nicholas Sparks turned movie: Notebook

The birthstone for September: Sapphire

The process of bringing something into existence: Creation

These burial structures were built by Egyptians: Pyramids

Upholstered seat with limb support: Armchair

Where people go for emergency surgery: Hospital

__ for, unnecessary, not needed: Uncalled

Puzzle 2 Answers

Buzz __: Woody’s astronaut pal: Lightyear

Delicate liquid from flower petals used in cooking: Rose water

Italian responsible for a mathematical sequence: Fibonacci

Item that completes an outfit: scarf, bag, or ring: Accessory

Lacking a backbone: Spineless

Luke __: main protagonist of Star Wars trilogy: Skywalker

Male guardian appointed at a baptism: Godfather

Plentiful, generous, abundant: Bountiful

Puerto Rican Despacito singer: Luis fonsi

Spending excessive amounts of time and energy on: Obsessing

They go up when rain falls: Umbrellas

Wall-mounted support bars next to stairs: Handrails

Widespread, pervasive: Prevalent

Writer with regular newspaper space: Columnist

Puzzle 3 Answers

Asian country whose capital is Hanoi: Vietnam

Desiring something: Longing

Etch __; art toy with a screen and a red frame: A sketch

Madonna’s first child, with Carlos Leon: Lourdes

Material fashion bands worn close on the neck: Chokers

Mythical beasts that breathe fire: Dragons

Pizza and pasta are this type of cuisine: Italian

State of being physically healthy: Fitness

Strike these to start fires: Matches

The state of the atmosphere at a given time: Weather

Touching lips as a sign of love or affection: Kissing

Trip or lose one’s balance for a moment: Stumble

Puzzle 4 Answers

A king’s son: Prince

Building or space where people work: Office

Daredevil tricks: Stunts

Harry Potter’s owl: Hedwig

Metal with chemical symbol Ag: Silver

Mythological woodland spirits: Nymphs

Ocean between Africa and Australia: Indian

Person who grows crops to sell: Farmer

Pungent bulbs, widely used in cooking: Onions

Richard Branson’s early record label: Virgin

Smart; quick to understand: Clever

The dark knight: Batman

The fastest of Santa’s reindeer: Dasher

Thefts, robberies, hold-ups: Heists

They tell time: Clocks

__ and bustle, lively activity: Hustle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Car safety seat for younger passengers: Booster

Corkscrew shapes: Spirals

Flower-selling professional: Florist

Frenetic area near the stage at a rock concert: Mosh pit

Gland that is overactive in Graves’ disease: Thyroid

Make a drink from solid items: Liquify

Merry Christmas in Spanish: Feliz __: Navidad

One-eyed mythical monster: Cyclops

Play where the character Banquo appears as a ghost: Macbeth

Rapidly: Quickly

The reason for which something is done: Purpose

When the ocean recedes: Low tide

Group 489

Puzzle 1 Answers

At the wrong moment: Untimely

Blue fish and Ariel’s friend in The Little Mermaid: Flounder

Chemical element with the atomic number 1: Hydrogen

Creator of Garfield, the orange cat: Jim davis

Diplomatic __ means freedom from punishment: Immunity

Facial characteristics: Features

Harsh winter storm: Blizzard

Inability to sleep at night: Insomnia

Marriage celebrations: Nuptials

Metal kitchen equipment for cooling cakes on: Wire rack

Person who deceives another for financial gain: Swindler

Person who prefers to be awake when it’s dark out: Night owl

Protective cover worn where the arm bends: Elbow pad

Russian grain vodka brand: Smirnoff

Short amusing story about someone: Anecdote

Tusked mammals; same species as Pumbaa: Warthogs

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bird __; hanging containers for seed and nuts: Feeders

Knotted, interwoven: Tangled

Lisa Marie __; first wife of Michael Jackson: Presley

Slicing the meat of a roast turkey: Carving

Small bags sewn into clothes to hold keys or money: Pockets

Spanish word for “school”: Escuela

Stars and __, the US flag: Stripes

They seek ducks and deer for food: Hunters

Thread-spinning rod on a spinning wheel: Spindle

Two lanes of traffic combining: Merging

Where the Flintstones live and work: Bedrock

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abroad; a foreign country: Overseas

Beating or stirring cream or eggs: Whisking

Cats cough them up: Fur balls

Lidded pan for cooking soups and broths: Stock pot

Musical instrument often linked to Scotland: Bagpipes

Scottish lake with mysterious resident: Loch ness

Spanish word for “Germany”: Alemania

State of being alone: Solitude

Unknown person: Stranger

Words used to express good wishes on parting: Farewell

Puzzle 4 Answers

A line with abrupt alternate right and left turns: Zigzag

Character looking for a heart in The Wizard of Oz: Tin man

Cutting the grass: Mowing

June Osborne is also known by this handmaid’s name: Offred

Kiss and __; resolve a quarrel: Make up

Last day of the work week for many: Friday

Mint sweets that make cola volcanoes: Mentos

Nail __; strong-smelling varnish for fingernails: Polish

Pop Goes the __, folk song and music hall tune: Weasel

The leg bone parallel to the tibia: Fibula

Usual hue of a plane’s black box: Orange

__ dragon; giant Indonesian monitor lizard: Komodo

Puzzle 5 Answers

A small bright spot on an object or painting: Highlight

An equine that roams freely: Wild horse

Basketball timer to quicken pace of game: Shot clock

Come hell or __; no matter what difficulties occur: High water

Congenital irregularity on the skin: Birthmark

Furnished, room-only holiday accommodation: Apartment

Lack of seriousness: Frivolity

Make your money back on a business venture: Break even

Male who works in law enforcement: Policeman

People who shriek and yell: Screamers

Perfumed aerosol product for the physique: Body spray

Potter’s wizarding bank: Gringotts

Protective metal covering worn by medieval knights: Chainmail

Romantic evening out for a couple: Date night

Songwriter and pianist of Rocket Man: Elton john

Twins that look exactly the same: Identical

Group 490

Puzzle 1 Answers

Backed down: Relented

Brothers and sisters: Siblings

Damming or clogging a leak: Blocking

Disposable drinking container: Paper cup

Flexible flat kitchen utensils for turning food: Spatulas

Fluttering or floating in one place: Hovering

Panic, lose control: Freak out

Removable false teeth: Dentures

They often accompany toasts at a wedding: Speeches

Throwing up and catching multiple balls or clubs: Juggling

Valuable object passed down through generations: Heirloom

__ rate; how much foreign currency is worth: Exchange

Puzzle 2 Answers

A home when kids, or birds, have grown up and left: Empty nest

A vegetable with an edible heart: Artichoke

Curative; healing: Medicinal

Emergency response vehicle: Ambulance

Expert with local knowledge to show you around: Tour guide

Fidelio was his only opera: Beethoven

Former racial segregation practice in South Africa: Apartheid

It breaks a sky diver’s fall: Parachute

Protection against loss or damage: Insurance

Teachers, professors or lecturers: Educators

The final moments before a significant event: Countdown

To cleanse, sanitize or kill germs: Disinfect

To get off a plane or a ship: Disembark

Zodiac sign that looks like a horned goat: Capricorn

Puzzle 3 Answers

Areas of land used for grazing cattle: Ranches

Becoming submerged; going under water: Sinking

Chipping or peeling, like old paint: Flaking

Creamy Italian rice dish: Risotto

Flushed; sign of inflammation: Redness

Get back or take back: Reclaim

In-depth newspaper article on specific topic: Feature

Love and look after: Cherish

Novel by García Márquez: Love in the Time of __: Cholera

Smart chip in a phone that stores personal data: Sim card

Puzzle 4 Answers

Altered to fit better: Adjusted

Bread with filling, for packed lunches: Sandwich

Millennial word for having to do grownup things: Adulting

Most prevalent religion in India: Hinduism

Operating of an aircraft: Aviation

Shrinking in fear: Cowering

Tennis player Andy Murray’s nationality: Scottish

To misappropriate funds: Embezzle

Two separate single sleeping berths: Twin beds

Unending time: Eternity

Puzzle 5 Answers

A flight without any stopovers: Direct

Injured: Harmed

Large paintings applied directly onto walls: Murals

Plush floor covering: Carpet

Purchase of a business, often by its management: Buyout

Roland __; Parisian Grand Slam tennis venue: Garros

Shadowy spirits: Ghosts

Tell on someone to get them in trouble: Tattle

The largest country in South America: Brazil

The largest island of Japan: Honshu

The words or libretto to a song: Lyrics

You can see your reflection in it: Mirror

Group 491

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cleaning with a broom: Sweeping

Fossil fuel outlets in the ground: Oil wells

Holding tightly onto something or someone: Clinging

Kuala Lumpur is this country’s capital: Malaysia

Long narrow sled for coasting downhill: Toboggan

Mediterranean fruit extract used in salad dressing: Olive oil

Sweet __; words whispered in a lover’s ear: Nothings

The tendon connecting the calf to the heel: Achilles

Those involved in construction: Builders

Under a __ Sky, U2’s 1983 live album: Blood red

Water-loving pet that swims in a bowl: Goldfish

__ Waltz; fast-paced Austrian ballroom dance: Viennese

Puzzle 2 Answers

Archie, Jughead, and their friends’ town: Riverdale

Essential; required: Necessary

Ironic; satirical: Sarcastic

Large, built, water-storage pool: Reservoir

Leading edge of a balmy air mass: Warm front

Legal dispute, lawsuit: Court case

Made more restrictive: Tightened

Self-employed, working on contract: Freelance

Someone forcibly stealing a vehicle from a driver: Carjacker

South American country where the Angel Falls are: Venezuela

Swear word, offensive language: Profanity

These scenic notes are sent while on vacation: Postcards

Used to display clothes in a department store: Mannequin

Vessel for drinking fine vintages from: Wine glass

Yellow __ __, route leads Dorothy to Emerald City: Brick road

Puzzle 3 Answers

A supreme ruler, especially a monarch: Sovereign

Device and operator for showing films: Projector

Electrical device that makes sounds louder: Amplifier

Fastening up a shirt or coat: Buttoning

Had a different opinion, held an opposing view: Disagreed

Human body’s digestive tract: Intestine

Ignites the fuel in a car: Spark plug

Infatuation or romance between youngsters: Puppy love

Instrument that measures atmospheric pressure: Barometer

Island group and nation off Africa’s western coast: Cape verde

Not a hardcover book: Paperback

Professional protector: Bodyguard

Room panels that give out heat: Radiators

Small affectionate parrots: Love birds

Stretch __, male doll with extendable arms: Armstrong

Voice of Manny in Ice Age movies: Ray romano

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ankle boot with elasticated sides: Chelsea

Athletic heavy-throwing event: Shot put

Encipher or encode a message or data: Encrypt

Hugh Hefner’s magazine: Playboy

Latin phrase meaning daily or each day: Per diem

Most frigid: Coldest

Small pieces of food: Morsels

Thinking __; Ed Sheeran hit popular at weddings: Out loud

What a brave person has plenty of: Courage

__ ankles are the result of water retention: Swollen

__ of hand; dexterity used in trickery: Sleight

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cheese __, kitchen device for shredding cheddar: Grater

Country banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics: Russia

Country where baguettes and croissants come from: France

Further down: Deeper

Newlyweds, the happy __: Couple

Redactor; reviser of text: Editor

The lowest point: Bottom

The use of irony to mock political vices: Satire

__ Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp: Edward

__ book; helps you to learn the local language: Phrase

Group 492

Puzzle 1 Answers

Annoying tunes played on mobile phones: Ringtones

Author whose pen name was Currer Bell: __ Brontë: Charlotte

Chew this and blow bubbles: Bubble gum

Christianity, Judaism and Hinduism are all these: Religions

Examined, checked: Inspected

Excessive; said of someone who’s fallen off a boat: Overboard

Filter slowly through a porous surface: Percolate

Flight attendants: Cabin crew

Removing belongings from a suitcase: Unpacking

Repetative tunes played on mobile phones: Ringtones

Serve as a typical sample: Represent

What is said to a loved one before going to bed: Goodnight

Puzzle 2 Answers

Lose __; become bored: Interest

Resembling a bird texturally: Feathery

Scientific study of soils: Pedology

Small storage cupboards: Cabinets

Snack made of nuts, raisins, seeds: Trail mix

The __, London landmark marking the Great Fire: Monument

The glitzy first showing of a movie: Premiere

Tightrope: High wire

To step down as a monarch before death: Abdicate

Unsophisticated, not knowledgeable, uneducated: Ignorant

Various, a mixture of: Assorted

Violently destroying something: Smashing

Wages; named after the Latin for salt: Salaries

Zebra __, black-and-white walkway: Crossing

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Run, __, run”: from a famous Tom Hanks film: Forrest

Cloth containing folds: Pleated

Compose a book anew: Rewrite

Consumer unit; hub for household electrics: Fusebox

David ____, UK prime minister from 2009 to 2016: Cameron

Direct flight: Non stop

Final scores: Results

Gentle song sung to a baby in its cradle: Lullaby

Globe __; someone who travels the world: Trotter

Least sophisticated, rawest: Crudest

Meat in jelly, for a feline to eat: Cat food

Prestigious US university in Massachusetts: Harvard

Repair an object back to its original condition: Restore

She released a Fenty Beauty makeup line in 2017: Rihanna

Tasteless; bland: Insipid

Title given to Spanish princesses: Infanta

Type of heated milk added to make a latte: Steamed

Wasting away of bodily tissue or organs: Atrophy

Puzzle 4 Answers

A sleep-like state involving response to suggestion: Hypnosis

An inscription or quote at the beginning of a book: Epigraph

Conjurer, performer of tricks and illusions: Magician

Important identity document for overseas travel: Passport

In a cruel and violent way: Brutally

Make a ball turn the opposite way, in tennis: Backspin

Natural rays during daytime: Sunlight

Pan coating that allows easy removal of leftovers: Non stick

Regulator or overseer; canine that guards/protects: Watchdog

Small paper bits thrown at a newly-married couple: Confetti

The __; 2017 animation about an infant CEO: Boss baby

The state of wanting to learn about something: Interest

Puzzle 5 Answers

A long trip or journey: Voyage

Arctic region with permanently frozen subsoil: Tundra

Blood on the __, third album by Bob Dylan: Tracks

Causes a high voice when inhaled from a balloon: Helium

Condiment, often black, accompanies salt: Pepper

Get ready for physical sport: Warm up

Illuminations, on a string in a garden: Lights

Massive North African desert: Sahara

Paris __, celebrity and hotels heiress: Hilton

Professional who cuts mens’ hair: Barber

Short pop-up appearances in films by celebrities: Cameos

Small pet canine to sit on knees: Lap dog

The __ Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett: Secret

Used carelessly: Wasted

__ fiddle, means to take a subordinate role: Second

Group 493

Puzzle 1 Answers

African mammal that’s first in the dictionary: Aardvark

Container for storing gas: Canister

Hated: Despised

One of a pair of fairway footwear: Golf shoe

Parmigiano-Reggiano by another name: Parmesan

Radio and television broadcast medium: Airwaves

Shower gel, not for the face or hair: Body wash

Sound of distant thunder: Rumbling

When Cinderella lost her crystal slipper: Midnight

__ DiCaprio, star of Titanic and The Great Gatsby: Leonardo

__ point, where the mercury hits zero: Freezing

__ slope, the start of something precipitous: Slippery

Puzzle 2 Answers

Back to __; return to the beginning: Square one

Behind the baseline: Backcourt

Canvas and wooden framed seat at the seaside: Deckchair

Country of which Nebuchadnezzar was king: Babylonia

Disputed coastal region between Sinai and Israel: Gaza strip

Finishes higher education: Graduates

Grey-headed migratory winter thrush: Fieldfare

He voiced Tintin in the 2011 animated movie: Jamie bell

Heating oil shale to extract oil: Retorting

Hotel basis with all meals included in the price: Full board

John Cleese film where he stars as a teacher: Clockwise

Person who carries out crosses: Crucifier

Slivers of wood stuck in your skin: Splinters

To have been hit with an underwater weapon: Torpedoed

Viennese colonnaded building at the Schönbrunn: Gloriette

Yellow flower, its seeds float away: Dandelion

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another name for the Batmobile: Tumbler

Areas with hotels and many tourist facilities: Resorts

Art __, art style pre-WWI using flora and foliage: Nouveau

Che __, Argentine revolutionary and trainee medic: Guevara

Fast warship: Cruiser

Japanese cuisine of thinly sliced fish and meat: Sashimi

Pack these larvae into infected wounds: Maggots

Rats, mice, squirrels, gerbils, etc.: Rodents

Soothing, instrumental music in the background: Ambient

Sub-unit of currency in Cuba, Argentina and Mexico: Centavo

The Spoils of __, 1895 novel by Henry James: Poynton

Transform one form of energy into another: Convert

Truck with a large area for carrying cargo: Flatbed

Puzzle 4 Answers

Central point where medians intersect: Centroid

Dangling limply: Drooping

Emma __, author of Room: Donoghue

French olive oil bread designed like a leaf: Fougasse

Holiday destination that is far away by plane: Long haul

Jomo __, Nairobi’s international airport: Kenyatta

Keeps the rain off or shades the sun: Umbrella

Metal eating vessel for soldier: Billy can

Mike __, composer of Tubular Bells: Oldfield

Offer of marriage: Proposal

Offer of marriage done on one knee: Proposal

Supply information bit-by-bit: Drip feed

Twelve __, crumbling limestone stacks off Victoria: Apostles

Walter __, leader responsible for the Berlin Wall: Ulbricht

Yabba __, Fred Flintstone’s catchphrase: Dabba doo

__ kit, medical supplies pack for home use: First aid

__ plates, stage act involving crockery: Spinning

__ to; following on from: Pursuant

oxen/deer/sheep whose horns have been removed: Pollards

Puzzle 5 Answers

An Asian crocodilian with a long, narrow snout: Gavial

Athletes who are a circuit behind have been __: Lapped

Fenced off, green areas where cows or sheep live: Fields

Le Mont-St-__, French abbey fortress on an island: Michel

Mária __, invented a solar distiller of seawater: Telkes

Right My __ by Bryson Tiller: Wrongs

US comedy centred around a Boston bar: Cheers

White household fungus with musty smell: Mildew

__ Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport: Adolfo

__ and Co, Kipling’s thoughts on schooldays: Stalky

chef or __mind: Master

Group 494

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Kill the goose that lays the __”: Golden egg

American coin magic expert: David roth

Cobbler, producer and mender of footwear: Shoemaker

Coffee with hot milk and chocolate powder: Cafe mocha

For she’s a __ fellow; sung to the birthday girl: Jolly good

Glossy promotional booklets with travel deals: Brochures

Glossy promotional magazines with holiday details: Brochures

Island country including Java: Indonesia

Males of the cloth: Clergymen

Paula __, fastest female marathoner from 2003: Radcliffe

Pestering, like as a black-and-white stripy mammal: Badgering

Sword __, circus act that’s hard to stomach: Swallower

The display on a wall-hanging timepiece: Clock face

Ursus maritimus, a snowy white Northern mammal: Polar bear

Various musical acts “blamed” it on this: The boogie

Puzzle 2 Answers

Any of 1 or 3 or 5, etc.; unlucky in China: Odd number

Crockery, cutlery etc. used at mealtimes: Tableware

Fast-spreading, out-of-control conflagrations: Bushfires

Fertilized eggs in transparent jelly on ponds: Frogspawn

Festival marking the midpoint of winter: Candlemas

French police officers: Gendarmes

Guest-relations employee at a hotel: Concierge

Indian mystic who befriended The Beatles: Maharishi

Military supplies, weapons, bombs and bullets: Munitions

Person who interprets words via mouth movements: Lip reader

Prominent French Volcano School painter: Jules __: Tavernier

Roman amphitheater: Colosseum

Shallow Hal and School of Rock comedy actor: Jack black

Two-wheeled rugged transport: Trail bike

Underarm roll-on or spray to stop smells: Deodorant

Units for computer storage space; KBs: Kilobytes

King, long-serving Canadian Liberal PM: Mackenzie

Puzzle 3 Answers

90s “nature” album by Paul Weller: Wild wood

Foot-operated refuse container: Pedal bin

Insults, derogatory remarks: Putdowns

Mind-bending trick at a magic show: Illusion

Passeig __, grand shopping street in Barcelona: De gracia

Spine-__ describes something fantastically scary: Tingling

Three siblings born at the same time: Triplets

Tiny seed in Granny Smiths, Braeburns, Empires: Apple pip

Type of mammal that chews the cud: Ruminant

__ Springs; Route 66 town in Cars films: Radiator

__ St, explorer’s road in Adelaide and Melbourne: Flinders

Puzzle 4 Answers

Brand that makes orange-coloured Hot Pepper Sauce: Encona

City famously lost a bridge in the Bosnian War: Mostar

Curly-haired dog: Poodle

Lawned or grassed over: Turfed

Meeting possible partners for dinner or drinks: Dating

National airline of Spain: Iberia

Ornamental beer mugs from Germany: Steins

Shake, __ and Roll; rhythm and blues Elvis song: Rattle

__ lightning; splits into branches across the sky: Forked

a race contestant sure to win: Shooin

Puzzle 5 Answers

A gathering of bards in Celtic mythology: Gorsedd

Act of touching together, talking: Contact

Baggage __; collection point for suitcases: Reclaim

Bees who do the collecting: Workers

Country music party in a barn: Hoedown

Daily facility where people are looked after: Day care

Jordanian sandstone features linked to TE Lawrence: Wadi rum

Ray __, snooker’s “Dracula”: Reardon

Syrupy alcoholic drink of the Québec Carnaval: Caribou

The least spicy: Mildest

__ Brown, character created by Charles Schulz: Charlie

__ Hounsfield; inventor of the CT scanner: Godfrey

__ To All That, Robert Graves’ thoughts on WWI: Goodbye

one of the 4 constituent bases of nucleic acids: Guanine

Group 495

Puzzle 1 Answers

A blessing in __: Disguise

Areas where shallow water dominates the terrain: Wetlands

Carelessly hurried; slipshod: Slapdash

Cosy comfy room: Snuggery

Matt Groening cartoon with Fry as protagonist: Futurama

Neckwear for formal occasions: White tie

Old __, country band fronted by Matthew Ramsey: Dominion

Pigs in __, chipolatas wrapped in bacon: Blankets

Results of cuts to the skin that won’t fade: Scarring

Small fish with an equine-like head: Seahorse

Stops between connecting flights: Layovers

Terrible, horrifying: Dreadful

The French Lieutenant’s Woman: Sarah __: Woodruff

__ Fire, just as dangerous as enemy’s intent: Friendly

__ Forest, hiking trails in New Orleans’ City Park: Couturie

__ Way, Roman road from Norfolk to Wiltshire: Icknield

__ monarchy, government of total authority: Absolute

Puzzle 2 Answers

Break into small pieces, like a biscuit: Crumble

Dior post-war fashion of nipped-in waists: New look

Holds the wheels in place on a bicycle: Fork end

Low-key LA music festival held annually since 2004: Fyf fest

Maker of seating on horses: Saddler

Nationality of nduja, spreadable spicy sausage: Italian

Perusing the pages of novels: Reading

Preparing luggage for a trip or holiday: Packing

Silly like a jester: Foolish

West German name for former East German currency: Ostmark

Puzzle 3 Answers

16th-C Italian architect with a classical style: Palladian

A place for robins and blackbirds to feast: Bird table

All the __; Christmas dinner extras and essentials: Trimmings

Circus act also called high wire: Tightrope

Devoid of goals or principles: Idealless

Doggie tale by Fred Gipson about Old Yeller’s pup: Savage sam

Down by the __; spiritual recording by Elvis: Riverside

Home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Cleveland

Male agenda of sitting with legs akimbo in public: Manspread

Not natural or spontaneous: Contrived

Something not made to last, not permanent: Temporary

Thumb a ride from a stranger: Hitchhike

Welsh grandfather of Henry VII: Owen tudor

Wooden shed-home for kids to amuse themselves in: Playhouse

Puzzle 4 Answers

Boring a hole to access oil resources: Drilling

Decade when Madonna came to prominence: Eighties

Dextrous game of straws or spills and marbles: Kerplunk

Driving excessively fast: Speeding

Gather ye __ while ye may: Rosebuds

Hotel rooms sometimes have this for guests to wear: Bathrobe

Jackson Five member, singer of Let’s Get Serious: Jermaine

Korean mixed rice, meat and veggies in a bowl: Bibimbap

Nickname of legendary baseball player Joe Jackson: Shoeless

Site of major Italian earthquake of 1915: Avezzano

Viciously: Savagely

Wizard, magician: Sorcerer

Young male attendants of a bride at a wedding: Page boys

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another day, another __: Dollar

Gaston __, novelist of The Phantom of the Opera: Leroux

Hen noises: Clucks

Jibberish – rhymes with but unusuable in Scrabble: Babble

Jibberish, rhymes with Scrabble: Babble

Largest National Park in Australia: Kakadu

Largest fast food chain in Canada: Tim __: Horton

Michael B. __ of Creed and Black Panther: Jordan

Remove all items from one’s suitcases: Unpack

Shipping line famous for the Britannia and Titanic: Cunard

Surface sheen on wood; thin green layer on copper: Patina

__ Dawg, cartoon sheriff: Deputy

-horse, piece of apparatus used in gymnastics: Pommel

Group 496

Puzzle 1 Answers

Author of 95 Theses: Martin __: Luther

Chocolate __; thick, bubbly dessert: Mousse

Large, damp underground chamber: Cavern

Longest river of the Third Age in Middle-earth: Anduin

Official currency of Morocco: Dirham

Peace __; a feeling of calm or reassurance: Of mind

Remove parasites from a cat or dog’s fur: Deflea

Rudimentary counting machine with moving beads: Abacus

Stan __, of __ and Hardy comedy duo fame: Laurel

Terpsichorean person: Dancer

The __ Way joined Rome to Capua: Appian

Globetrotters, series about the basketballers: Harlem

__ Quick; smoochy Elvis number 1 in 1962: Kiss me

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bathroom sink: Wash basin

Fictional spy, 007: James bond

Flute players: Flautists

French for “have a good trip”: Bon voyage

Insect with decorative wings: Butterfly

Metal currency from 1642, invented by an Irishman: Inchiquin

Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia: Hermitage

Played Joanie on Happy Days: Erin moran

Promoter who seeks PR for a movie: Publicist

Scored a leveling goal in football: Equalized

To sign up for a newsletter, newspaper: Subscribe

Tropical yellow fruit used in sweet and sour: Pineapple

Puzzle 3 Answers

Building attendant, also called a janitor: Caretaker

Colored exploding sky-fillers at all good parties: Fireworks

Compulsive, consumed by: Obsessive

Considered, mulled over: Reflected

Decisive 1415 English victory: Battle of __: Agincourt

Egyptian waterway: Suez canal

Keira __, Pirates of the Caribbean actress: Knightley

Measurement around the edge of a shape: Perimeter

Pod vegetables that are dried, come in two halves: Split peas

Small land crustacean, lives in damp places: Woodlouse

Trading in an old phone for a newer, better one: Upgrading

__ Lane, London street market aka Middlesex Street: Petticoat

Puzzle 4 Answers

“The great ” said Bulwer-Lytton of the masses: Unwashed

Longitude’s partner: Latitude

Megan __, Tammy Two on Parks and Rec: Mullally

People who have had a limb removed: Amputees

Period of melancholy with maritime origins: Doldrums

Reactive, soft alkali metal, symbol Rb: Rubidium

Recollections: Memories

Ultimate match with a trophy awarded to winners: Cup final

Waiting in __; on stand-by, ready to go: The wings

Weapon used by David to kill Goliath: Catapult

Park, New York area and private park: Gramercy

__ Park, New York neighborhood and private park: Gramercy

__ Songs, music publishers of Beatles tunes: Northern

__ Tower, the “2nd” tower at Palace of Westminster: Victoria

__ swirl; Danish pastry topped with spice: Cinnamon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Arrive at a hotel at the start of your stay: Check in

Baseball kit, e.g. top and trousers: Uniform

Ben __; Night At The Museum and Zoolander actor: Stiller

Chinese Winter Solstice festival: Dongzhi

Display, picture, montage: Tableau

Fruity, iced desserts (no milk): Sorbets

Hulu’s 18th century brothel drama: Harlots

Magic __, Disney’s top park; Cinderella’s castle: Kingdom

Mythological character ended up in the underworld: Orpheus

Nation that ceased being part of the UK in 1921: Ireland

Novel by William Golding: “Rites of “: Passage

Sea creatures a bit like tortoises: Turtles

To pay for something, maybe while spluttering: Cough up

Took a client from another business: Poached

Grace; spiritual classic recorded by Elvis: Amazing

Group 497

Puzzle 1 Answers

British architecture 1901-1910: Edwardian

British explorer who met Pocahontas: John smith

Bull in a __, or a clumsy person: China shop

Documents that keep details of thoroughbred horses: Stud books

Don’t forget to __, or DFTBA: Be awesome

Famous seven-day regatta held in the Solent: Cowes week

Foliage found on an acorn tree: Oak leaves

Irish dish that combines mashed potato and kale: Colcannon

John __, novelist of the USA trilogy: Dos passos

Microsoft Corporation founder and philanthropist: Bill gates

Oscar-winning actor who played Ray Charles in 2004: Jamie foxx

Pan-Am aircraft bombing over this Scottish town: Lockerbie

Small enclosed space or tiny room: Cubbyhole

Tourist who visits attractions to look at them: Sightseer

Tracing a family tree: Genealogy

__ lounge, seating area to wait for a flight: Departure

Puzzle 2 Answers

Australia’s oldest university, founded in 1850: Sydney

Country home to the archaeological site of Petra: Jordan

Kid with an adult-sized superhero alter ego: Shazam

Official currency of Panama: Balboa

Overcast skies: Cloudy

Raymond __, actor father of actors Anna and Daniel: Massey

Street __, raggedy prankster child: Urchin

They replace bread in the Christian communion: Wafers

What __ Knew, Henry James story of warring parents: Maisie

__ Hirst, formaldehyde artist: Damien

__ squad, Met Police unit nicknamed the Sweeney: Flying

Puzzle 3 Answers

BJ Thomas song, Raindrops Keep Falling __: On my head

Canines in the upper jaw: Eyeteeth

Catholic saints, __ of Antioch and __ of Loyola: Ignatius

Clerks, secretaries: Notaries

Confine or limit: Restrict

Congo River city once known as Léopoldville: Kinshasa

David __ makes theatrical hats for racedays: Shilling

Former generations of a family line: Ancestry

French leader lived at Colombey-les-Deux-Églises: De gaulle

French ruler who banned Carnevale in Venice: Napoleon

Fruit related to a potato and tomato aka aubergine: Eggplant

Getting onto an aircraft ahead of a flight: Boarding

Grows; becomes more mature: Develops

Italian form of the name John: Giovanni

Magazines for passengers’ perusal on planes: Inflight

Monthly house payment to bank: Mortgage

National Academy of __, created by Lincoln in 1863: Sciences

Neruda, for real: Basoalto

Racehorse names are limited to this no. of letters: Eighteen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aleister ,writer, occultist and traveller: Crowley

David __, 70s heartthrob with The Partridge Family: Cassidy

Girl Before a Mirror Spanish cubist painter: Picasso

Mysterious buzzing sound heard in Mexican town: Taos hum

New __, Louisiana’s annual home of Carnival: Orleans

Once London’s largest hotel, once owned by the BBC: Langham

Overnight flights: Red eyes

Powdered baby milk: Formula

Tales, accounts, narratives: Stories

The Blair Witch __; 1999 psychological horror: Project

World, first crossword publication: New york

even less active inside the trellis! (anag): Stiller

Puzzle 5 Answers

Country where the band The Seekers originated: Australia

Country whose largest city is Mbabane: Swaziland

Detonating inwardly: Imploding

Fast-paced; e.g. a bullet train: High speed

French drinks servant of the ancien regime: Cupbearer

Inn from where Canterbury Tales pilgrims set out: The tabard

Milan opera house, Teatro __: Alla scala

Pass allowing train travel around Europe: Interrail

Sell all assets; dissolve a business: Liquidate

Small, French patisserie cake: Petit four

Small, French patisserie cake appetiser: Petit four

Temporary crash on someone’s living room furniture: Couch surf

The Fabulous __, Michelle Pfeiffer movie: Baker boys

This person waves at an orchestra: Conductor

Transparent scale over a snake’s eye: Spectacle

Group 498

Puzzle 1 Answers

Acts of washing oneself: Ablutions

Alexander from True Blood; Bill from It: Skarsgard

Ancient Egyptian queen: Cleopatra

Blue violet gem named for a country in East Africa: Tanzanite

Colourful flying insect that began as caterpillar: Butterfly

Music genre of New Orleans referring to jazz bands: Dixieland

Name given to bringer of, often bad, news: Harbinger

Negatives, downsides: Drawbacks

Percentage of hotel rooms with guests present: Occupancy

Rectangular bag used to carry business documents: Briefcase

Rigid bag used by commuters to carry paperwork: Briefcase

Sour fruit with juicy pulp aka tree tomato: Tamarillo

Venice’s international airport: Marco polo

__ league, medieval trading bloc across N Europe: Hanseatic

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Time __; crime drama starring Samuel L Jackson: To kill

AOC Provence wine, “blackcurrant” in French: Cassis

Anne __, English philosopher/Cambridge Platonist: Conway

Findings used to make joins in bracelets, pendants: Crimps

Intense; at maximum capacity: Full on

International __, describes rich frequent fliers: Jetset

Jewellery findings used to make joins: Crimps

LDW, insurance waiver against loss and __: Damage

Lose __; tire, fade, weaken: Energy

Louisiana musical genre that blends blues and R&B: Zydeco

Make slightly moist: Dampen

More capacious: Bigger

Spanish word for “summer”: Verano

Steller’s __, aquatic mammal like a dugong: Sea cow

__ Tito, the first space tourist: Dennis

__ and Juliet; Shakespearean-themed animation: Gnomeo

__ ball, yellow orb hit by Caroline Wozniacki: Tennis

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another form of harness racing: Trotting

Appliances with slots for browning bread: Toasters

Berlin museum art lovers can’t fail to visit: Pergamon

Chirping insects: Crickets

Family of singers from The Sound of Music: Von trapp

Good Old-Fashioned __, Freddie behaving himself: Lover boy

Hindered, obstructed, impeded: Hampered

Lisa __, celebrity makeup artist: Eldridge

Massive tombs for ancient Egyptian rulers: Pyramids

Mother Hubbard is Cockney rhyming slang for __: Cupboard

Shigeru __; admiral of Japanese Navy in WWII: Fukudome

Stage musical featuring Madness hits: Our house

Take on too much: Overload

Wildlife hit by traffic: Road kill

__ and half-a-dozen of the other: Six of one

Puzzle 4 Answers

A Spanish view, a window or viewing place: Mirador

Adds on, affixes: Appends

Best __, US-founded hotel chain: Western

Bond author, his forenames were Ian Lancaster: Fleming

Currency in use in Argentina from 1985 to 1991: Austral

Dead bodies: Corpses

Generally, the highest court in the land: Supreme

Gordon __, mild expletive and a US sportsman: Bennett

Knots __, Dallas spinoff about Gary Ewing: Landing

Knots __, Dallas spinoff centred on Gary Ewing: Landing

Lose your __; become unsteady and fall: Balance

Material used to make lederhosen: Leather

Nigel __, British racing driver and world champion: Mansell

Organ that digests most of the food: Stomach

__ Carol; Caribbean-style Christmas hymn: Calypso

Puzzle 5 Answers

14th-C English building style of window tracery: Decorated

A holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike: Jerusalem

A mute woman falls for __ Man, The Shape of Water: Amphibian

A person’s majority, it is 18 in the UK: Voting age

Animated series with genius baby, talking dog: Family guy

Charles __ Creagh, North Borneo governor 1888-95: Vandeleur

Fictional country in The Prisoner of Zenda: Ruritania

General Robert E Lee’s horse: Traveller

Leonard __, composer of music for West Side Story: Bernstein

Letters/numbers combo in amateur radio broadcasts: Call signs

Medical term for a nosebleed: Epistaxis

Moses __; inventor, founded the Associated Press: Yale beach

Nice as __, a currency analogy: Ninepence

One who practises within e.g. the Anglican Church: Christian

Rivers, streams, canals and brooks: Waterways

Scale used to measure flux: Magnitude

Short visit or trip to a tourist attraction: Excursion

Spanish F1 racetrack in Barcelona: Catalunya

The annoying hold-up when trying to stream media: Buffering

The bottom of a Margherita or ham and pineapple: Pizza base

Uninhabited Balearic island, with no beasts: Dragonera

Ursus maritimus, magnificent Canadian mammal: Polar bear

What March is relative to February: Next month

Group 499

Puzzle 1 Answers

1943 Italian mainland battle near Naples: Salerno

Al fresco: Outdoor

Area, filled with scenery, where a movie is made: Film set

Briefly, before long: Shortly

City-__, professional metropolitan: Slicker

Dietary essentials: Staples

Meanders: Wanders

Military walks: Marches

Projecting part of horse’s leg above the hoof: Fetlock

Santeria ska punk band: Sublime

Southern African country with the loti as currency: Lesotho

Utter shambles, disaster, fiasco: Debacle

Vast grassland plains without trees: Steppes

__ Checkers, advancing board game with pegs: Chinese

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blowing device dries follicles post shower: Hair dryer

Greedy rat in 1973 Charlotte’s Web animated film: Templeton

How fast the breeze is blowing: Wind speed

Kal-El’s alter ego: Clark kent

Lawn mounds left by furry excavators: Molehills

Liquid vegetable food often preceded with French: Onion soup

Lounge where those about to fly wait: Departure

Male priest, minister of the cloth, ecclesiastic: Clergyman

Mock, tease: Poke fun at

Name of a German radical revolt in 1919: Spartacus

Quick advancing counterattack in basketball: Fast break

SCNR means sorry, could __: Not resist

Sara __ isn’t gonna write you a love song: Bareilles

Slang for Australia and New Zealand: Down under

Smiling in a coy manner, smirking: Simpering

Waistband wallet: Money belt

__ stars, term the ancients used for planets: Wandering

Puzzle 3 Answers

Building material, bonds with mortar to form walls: Masonry

Female relative with whom Peter Parker lives: Aunt may

First captain of the QE2: William Eldon __: Warwick

Glitter and glow with light: Glisten

Lifts and moves an object: Carries

Salman __, Midnight’s Children author: Rushdie

Starts to grow: Sprouts

The entrails found in a shop-bought chicken: Giblets

To inhale and exhale: Breathe

Tommy’s surname in Rugrats: Pickles

Took wedding vows again: Renewed

Town buried in lava in 79 AD: Pompeii

World’s fastest steam locomotive or a type of duck: Mallard

__ Class, the first big role for Brad Pitt: Cutting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ancient Egyptian sky goddess, consort of Horus: Hathor

Carpet __, protective flooring for hallways: Runner

Country where Halloween is called Alla Heigons Dag: Sweden

Famous wall located in this German capital: Berlin

Isadora __, unconventional modern dancer: Duncan

It follows wherever you go: Shadow

Liquids to have in glasses or mugs: Drinks

Marcia Gay __, Oscar winner and author: Harden

Spain’s flag carrier airline: Iberia

Term for small, cute child, esp curly-haired: Moppet

The Police’s hit song Every __ You Take: Breath

Trial session: Taster

__ of consciousness, term coined by William James: Stream

Puzzle 5 Answers

Altered Carbon and House of Cards’ Joel __: Kinnaman

Animated shows, particularly watched by children: Cartoons

Easy-to-eat chicken with no hard, inedible bits: Boneless

Feigned attempt to pass the ball in basketball: Pump fake

Gas associated with swimming pool smell: Chlorine

Genetic disorder affecting the FMR1 gene: Fragile x

Go into something with your eyes __; totally aware: Wide open

Lord Webber musical about a PG Wodehouse character: By jeeves

Old-time word for dating: Courting

Organism living in or on another that it feeds off: Parasite

Rose up in protest against: Revolted

Sea current that runs along Pacific South America: Humboldt

Series of rock-hewn churches in Ethiopia: Lalibela

Shakespearean character: anagram of “poor reps”: Prospero

Spanish-founded fort in San Francisco: Presidio

Split or fracture of bedrock: Cleavage

Take __; TYT: Your time

Traditionally, home to a Northern Irish government: Stormont

World’s oldest opera house, Teatro di __, Naples: San carlo

__ Petrie, Egyptologist who classified pottery: Flinders

Group 500

Puzzle 1 Answers

A silly one gets a silly answer: Question

Alpine resort at the foot of Mont Blanc: Chamonix

Cabbage-type plant of the mustard family: Brassica

Carved mountain in South Dakota: Rushmore

First editor of Timely Comics before it was Marvel: Joe simon

Learning, swotting up on subjects: Studying

Scarlet warning: Red alert

Small building situated near the major property: Outhouse

Supremes’ 1964 hit by Holland-Dozier-Holland: Baby love

Walter __, English poet for children primarily: De la mare

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blurring of an image to signify romance on film: Soft focus

British PM married to Cherie: Tony blair

Busy, blocked up: Congested

Christina __ of Mad Men and Good Girls: Hendricks

Cooked briefly in water before transfer to an oven: Parboiled

Dish-type receptacle for summer leaves: Salad bowl

Kiss up: Brownnose

Made a reservation in advance: Prebooked

Noise of stolen vehicles (and at other times too): Car alarms

Pictures and months of the year hung on the wall: Calendars

Russian republic, Abakan is the capital: Khakassia

She succeeded Queen Mary I to the throne: __ I: Elizabeth

St James __ Blues, a music standard: Infirmary

Talkativeness: Loquacity

Worn in bed by women: Nightgown

__ ponies, equines that roam in UK national park: New forest

what mesons used to be called: Mesotrons

Puzzle 3 Answers

Detroit’s basketball team: Pistons

Item of clothing bigger than standard: Outsize

Material squares for blowing nose on (short form): Hankies

Metal rods for cooking kebabs on barbecues: Skewers

Palindrome meaning worshipped like a god: Deified

Swedish island, the largest in the Baltic Sea: Gotland

__ Economy, class below Business on many US flights: Premium

__ Road, Belfast, famous for its courthouse/jail: Crumlin

__ fonts are also called italics: Oblique

__ on, repeatedly or tiresomely stressing: Harping

someone questioning an oracle: Querent

Puzzle 4 Answers

A practice in preparation for a theatrical show: Rehearsal

Baggage __; how much luggage you can bring: Allowance

Comedian fond of sledgehammering watermelons: Gallagher

Dinosaur suborder with short forearms, e.g. T. rex: Theropods

From evening until the next morning: Overnight

Long, loose-fitting unisex outer robes: Djellabas

Moving forward, like an army: Advancing

Person who studies past chronological events: Historian

Piquant edible accompaniment to roast lamb: Mint sauce

Ritchie __, guitarist of Deep Purple and Rainbow: Blackmore

Small carpet laid by the fireplace: Hearth rug

Puzzle 5 Answers

Banking family in 15th-century Florence: Medici

Eight __ Freaks, scary spider movie: Legged

Go on board an aircraft: Embark

Gothic novel by Horace Walpole: The __ of Otranto: Castle

He invented the internal-combustion engine: Wankel

Himalayan blue sheep from Central Asian uplands: Bharal

Justin __, US golfer known as JT: Thomas

Ms Carrington’s forename as played by Joan Collins: Alexis

Northern __; another name for the aurora borealis: Lights

Pours fat over a joint of meat cooking in oven: Bastes

Rubbed out: Erased

Term commonly referenced to filmmakers or directors: Auteur

Tommy __, singer/actor of Half a Sixpence: Steele

War film parodied in Chicken Run, The Great __: Escape

__ Nord, busy rail terminus in Paris: Gare du

__ wire, defensive protection with sharp edges: Barbed

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