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Group 281

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Salander, from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.: Lisbeth

Siberian river that is tributary of the Lena river.: Olyokma

Standing closet for clothes, wardrobe.: Armoire

Professional horse riders.: Jockeys

__ Kandinsky, Russian abstract artist.: Wassily

A fatwa was issued for this author in late 80s.: Rushdie

Not solid or liquid.: Gaseous

In metaphysics, an actual being or existence.: Reality

Dishing out food and drinks.: Serving

Melodic.: Tuneful

Partially shaved hair as worn by a monk.: Tonsure

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __, Meryl Streep as the British Prime Minister.: Iron lady

Explaining the meaning of something.: Defining

Person who enforces the rules during sports games.: Official

Purposeful, determined.: Resolute

Trimming the edges of a photograph.: Cropping

Someone who recently got married.: Newlywed

An indefinite series; endless.: Infinite

For insects: act of hatching from an egg.: Eclosion

A photo on film, view it on a light box.: Negative

__ ball, heavy ball for training.: Medicine

Butterfly subfamily, referred to as “the whites”.: Pierinae

Small round sweet; cough lozenge.: Pastille

Principal democratic assembly of Ancient Athens.: Ekklesia

Puzzle 3 Answers

August birthstone of octahedral crystals.: Spinel

Battle that featured in A Bridge Too Far.: Arnhem

Jewish memorial service held on certain holidays.: Yizkor

Longest river in South America.: Amazon

This Harry Potter character hatched Norbert.: Hagrid

William, Harry or Edward, to name a few.: Prince

Minor roads or paths, not major routes.: Byways

To save from danger.: Rescue

Yogi Bear’s friend.: Boo boo

Vegetables including pumpkins and squashes.: Gourds

Angelique __, German no. 1 tennis star in 2016.: Kerber

Outer coat to keep you warm.: Jacket

Spanish party.: Fiesta

Puzzle 4 Answers

England’s last Tudor Monarch: __ I.: Elizabeth

Volcanic national park on Lanzarote.: Timanfaya

State of being unknown or inconspicuous.: Obscurity

HMS __, Captain Cook’s ship from 1763-1767.: Grenville

Metal jazz wind instrument with keys.: Saxophone

Syrup made from pomegranates.: Grenadine

Software company which dropped its paper clip icon.: Microsoft

Faithful gentleman of Verona, who weds Silvia.: Valentine

Poisonous mushroom likened to heavenly flyers.: Angel wing

A triangle with two equal sides and angles.: Isosceles

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Faire, hands off, let people do as they choose.: Laissez

Believer.: Devotee

Hermit.: Recluse

__ lady; hirsute circus performer.: Bearded

Priest’s assistant.: Acolyte

Lying out in the sun, like a lizard.: Basking

Smoke stack on a building.: Chimney

Machine for taking mud from a river.: Dredger

” __, don’t make it bad” sang the Beatles.: Hey jude

Nickname of Mrs Onassis, the former Mrs Kennedy.: Jackie o

Press __, company’s memo to the public.: Release

Bobby Fischer beat him: chess grandmaster Boris __.: Spassky

Capital of the Hittite Empire.: Hattusa

Group 282

Puzzle 1 Answers

West coast French department, same as the river.: Vendée

Inherited red blood cell disorder: sickle cell __.: Anemia

The back of an animal’s neck.: Scruff

Moving in a circular motion.: Gyrate

Cleans abrasively.: Scours

The game Pong was created by Allan__ in 1972.: Alcorn

We speak and eat with them.: Mouths

BBC TV spy drama that was retitled MI-5 in the US.: Spooks

The Love Bug was the first __ movie, in 1968.: Herbie

First name of British composer Britten.: Edward

Cutting, piercing with teeth.: Biting

Dr Susan__, robopsychologist in Asimov’s universe.: Calvin

Order of crustaceans; can live on land or in water.: Isopod

Puzzle 2 Answers

A wizard with magical powers.: Sorcerer

Richard __, actor tackled the shark in Jaws.: Dreyfuss

Chefs work in these.: Kitchens

Encourages others to rebel or protest.: Agitator

It burns bright.: Filament

An __ combustion engine powers a motor car.: Internal

Selma __, Swedish writer and Nobel laureate.: Lagerlof

First coins were made from this gold/silver alloy.: Electrum

Cold current discovered by German explorer.: Humboldt

Nationality of Peace prize winner Kofi Annan.: Ghanaian

Captain Corelli’s __, Greek wartime saga.: Mandolin

Starts at Lake Tana aka River Gihon.: Blue nile

Fine, gauzy fabric, like a cobweb.: Gossamer

It wasn’t on purpose.: Accident

Clearing obstacles in a race.: Hurdling

Gluing.: Sticking

Fruit-filled toaster snacks.: Pop tarts

Thoroughly soak.: Saturate

Puzzle 3 Answers

Drawing little spots all over something.: Dotting

Avoiding, deliberately trying to hide.: Evading

Actress who starred in “Sleepless in Seattle”.: Meg ryan

Fibrous, dark-green mineral from hornblende group.: Uralite

Valentine, anagram of married.: Admirer

Male lead in Lolita; they named him twice.: Humbert

To make rhythms, percussion with your mouth, voice.: Beatbox

Price of a taxi ride.: Cab fare

Heavy sphere throw, Olympic sport.: Shot put

Swollen, puffed up, or excessively conceited.: Bloated

Where you might dip a quill.: Inkwell

Puzzle 4 Answers

Heathrow, Charles de Gaulle, Shanghai Pudong, etc..: Airports

Engrave a message.: Inscribe

Describes a football forward or warrior in battle.: Attacker

Assassinated British Prime Minister: Spencer __.: Perceval

Another word for the pick used to pluck a guitar.: Plectrum

__ Rodriquez, the slowest mouse in all of Mexico.: Slowpoke

Small, active, feisty dogs, e.g. Yorkshire, Cairn.: Terriers

Original name of he who became Gaius Julius Caesar.: Octavian

Herby mixture, cooked inside roast turkey.: Stuffing

Leaves __ in the breeze.: Rustling

Castel __, former summer residence of the pope.: Gandolfo

All-in-one fun fashion piece with shorts.: Playsuit

Building and equipment for processing something.: Refinery

Word of French origin meaning generosity.: Largesse

The __ Cat wears a big grin.: Cheshire

Labyrinth creator, father of Icarus.: Daedalus

Glows outwardly, gives off heat.: Radiates

Tesla Motors CEO.: Elon musk

Group that contains humans and great apes.: Hominids

Puzzle 5 Answers

Swallowing, absorbing.: Ingesting

Acts of political violence for a stated aim.: Terrorism

Catch __, an impossible situation.: Twenty two

You type on these.: Keyboards

Devices to ease your foot into footwear.: Shoehorns

Spiral kitchen tool for opening bottles.: Corkscrew

The most probable.: Likeliest

Large animals deployed in the Pyrrhic Wars.: Elephants

Emergency vehicle for transporting the sick.: Ambulance

Robert Langdon field, study of religious _____.: Symbology

Itinerant singer of songs, a minstrel.: Balladeer

Believes in introducing reforms gradually.: Fabianist

Hunter who fell in love with his own reflection.: Narcissus

Everest’s environment.: Himalayas

Erytophobia is the fear of these.: Redlights

Pub fixture, target for throwing arrows at.: Dartboard

English translation of champignons.: Mushrooms

Maslow created a sociological “__ of needs”.: Hierarchy

Country where mass murderer Martin Bryant was born.: Australia

Localized organisms and their environment.: Ecosystem

Group 283

Puzzle 1 Answers

Unerupted tooth that’s difficult to remove.: Impacted

Shylock, Shakespeare character in The __ of Venice.: Merchant

City that has the largest shopping mall in Canada.: Edmonton

Soldier, anagram of inflamer.: Rifleman

Restarted.: Rebooted

Christian song and salutation means “Hail Mary”.: Ave maria

Sweet herbal liqueur used in a Harvey Wallbanger.: Galliano

Winnie the Pooh and the __ Day, 1968 Oscar winner.: Blustery

Lagoon off the coast of NZ’s Chatham Island.: Te whanga

Insect-eating relative of the Hyena.: Aardwolf

Snack’s logo has a mustachioed man with bowtie.: Pringles

The study of cells.: Cytology

Sightless condition; blizzard.: Whiteout

Founder of the Xin dynasty.: Wang mang

Circus trick of tossing and catching balls.: Juggling

Puzzle 2 Answers

Slivers of wood stuck in your skin.: Splinters

Novel by Emily Bronte: “__ Heights”.: Wuthering

Large twin temples with pharaoh carvings.: Abu simbel

American Football forward, creative and offensive.: Playmaker

Herby cocktail made from bourbon.: Mint julep

Singing without any musical instruments.: Acappella

To dock a ship on its side for cleaning.: Heave down

__ Web, Berners-Lee’s invention for the info age.: World wide

Not sure.: Uncertain

Austrian currency prior to the euro.: Schilling

Wet weather garments.: Raincoats

Submitting requests for payment.: Invoicing

A pattern of alternately colored squares.: Chequered

Teetotal.: Abstinent

Puzzle 3 Answers

Famous Chilean female author, first name.: Isabel

The Buddhist wheel of life has eight of these.: Spokes

Small hopping desert animal with large ears.: Jerboa

Opposite of alkaline.: Acidic

Vehicle for scooping out holes in the road.: Digger

Mocking jibes.: Taunts

Cut into fine slivers with a knife.: Sliced

Strategy in war or business.: Tactic

Danish unit of currency (not the Euro).: Kroner

Author of “La Comedie Humaine”.: Balzac

__ floor, body part often weaker after childbirth.: Pelvic

Long musical notes equivalent to a double note.: Breves

Stolen, unlawfully obtained.: Nicked

Android OS version like a chocolate wafer biscuit.: Kitkat

Game like hockey played in Scotland.: Shinty

Contracted pupils.: Miosis

Henry Winkler’s nickname in Happy Days.: Fonzie

The boatswain of Captain Hook in Peter Pan.: Mr smee

Puzzle 4 Answers

First Patriarch of the Jewish people.: Abraham

Spielberg 2012 movie honoring a president.: Lincoln

Shorten by removing words without altering meaning.: Abridge

Skin sore containing fluid caused by friction.: Blister

Common language for North India and Pakistan.: Hindavi

The trait of being truthful and fair.: Honesty

Duties of someone who represents another.: Agentry

Daenerys, Mother of __.: Dragons

Item of clothing.: Garment

Saliva.: Spittle

Large Chinese fighting dog with wrinkles.: Shar pei

Parliament of the Isle of Man.: Tynwald

Puzzle 5 Answers

Filtering out calls you don’t want to answer.: Screening

English lord forewarned about the Gunpowder Plot.: Monteagle

Severe, harsh, strict.: Draconian

Outer skin layer.: Epidermis

Mixing together until blended.: Combining

Diced pieces of meat sauteed in white sauce.: Fricassee

The Hotel New __, John Irving’s family saga.: Hampshire

First S in OSS, precursor of CIA.: Strategic

Box __, venomous cube-shaped medusa.: Jellyfish

Following someone in their job to gain experience.: Shadowing

English name of the German town Brauenschweig.: Brunswick

__ effect, chaos theory of small things.: Butterfly

Composer of scores for 11 James Bond films.: John barry

The art of arranging and selling flowers.: Floristry

All over the globe.: Worldwide

Group 284

Puzzle 1 Answers

Impede, obstruct someone from doing something.: Hinder

Scales a mountain.: Climbs

__ Alps, range in North Limestone Alps, Germany.: Allgau

King of Bavaria known as the “Swan King”: __ II.: Ludwig

Electronic messages sent over a network.: Emails

Currency used in the United Arab Emirates.: Dirham

Breathe in.: Inhale

Insect with shortest lifespan.: Mayfly

Deliverers of babies in the cartoon world.: Storks

Strings of them; they originate in the oceans.: Pearls

One who proofreads a book for publication.: Editor

Adjust in a disruptive manner, __ with; meddle.: Tamper

Someone who reads written works.: Reader

Play by Lope de Vega: “The Dog in the __”.: Manger

Sweetmeat of almonds and sugar from Montélimar.: Nougat

Threw a party.: Hosted

Desert water source.: Cactus

Edvard Grieg’s birth country.: Norway

Piles of blown snow.: Drifts

Expression of delight from small child.: Yippee

Vast Catholic shrine in Portugal.: Fatima

Edward Knoblock play, later a musical.: Kismet

Puzzle 2 Answers

In a state of chaos, a complete mess.: Shambles

Description applied to Frank, Pepys and Evelyn.: Diarists

Understood by specialists only.: Esoteric

Not sitting.: Standing

You should look __ before crossing a road.: Both ways

Tree pruner.: Arborist

Cloak worn by ancient Greek men and women.: Himation

Cleaning abrasively.: Scouring

Laughing like a witch.: Cackling

Of or relating to stags.: Elaphine

Orange flower to honor dead in Mexico festival.: Marigold

Where the sound comes out of a stereo.: Speakers

Detective Jim__, played by James Garner.: Rockford

French word for a casino game dealer.: Croupier

The study of viruses.: Virology

Pompous, pretentious.: Pedantic

The capital of Uzbekistan.: Tashkent

Puzzle 3 Answers

Informal term for first motion pictures with sound.: Talkies

Study of plants and animals and their environment.: Ecology

Bermuda-based producer of white rum.: Bacardi

Happy, perfect, blissful.: Idyllic

To put under a spell, like Samantha did.: Bewitch

Mercurial alloy.: Amalgam

Character in “Pride and Prejudice”: Charles __.: Bingley

Itchy contagious skin disease caused by a mite.: Scabies

Last book of the Old Testament.: Malachi

Original washing machine and spin dryer of the 60s.: Twin tub

Used your arms to shove someone out of the way.: Elbowed

Welsh capital.: Cardiff

Using pencils or pens to create art work, sketch.: Drawing

High-flying travel business.: Airline

Sport involving coastal and inshore racing.: Sailing

Like the grass on the other side.: Greener

Strait between Sicily and mainland Italy.: Messina

Puzzle 4 Answers

To __ to injury, make a situation far worse.: Add insult

With a hue similar to the color of the sun.: Yellowish

Matching set worn while exercising.: Sweatsuit

Warlike and quarrelsome.: Bellicose

Modify a rhythm by shifting the accent.: Syncopate

Ocean formation caused by gravitational pull.: Tidal wave

Facial structure between ear and nose.: Cheekbone

Golfer known as Phil the Thrill.: Mickelson

Doraphobia is the fear of this.: Animal fur

Insult directed by Brexiteers to their opponents.: Remoaners

Without any form.: Shapeless

Former British copper coin worth two farthings.: Halfpenny

Pasture or savannah.: Grassland

Charlemagne was the first __ Emperor.: Holy roman

Scotch and ginger wine cocktail.: Whisky mac

Explanatory comments at the bottom of a page.: Footnotes

Inventor of the printing press.: Gutenberg

The study of precious and semi-precious stones.: Gemmology

Puzzle 5 Answers

Charted.: Mapped

Fizzy, like champagne.: Bubbly

Dome-shaped shrines used for meditation.: Stupas

Parker Brothers: make words from lettered dice.: Boggle

To do as someone asks of you as a way of helping.: Oblige

Half of The Producers, Willy Wonka lead.: Wilder

The front, curving part of a saddle.: Pommel

Concedes.: Agrees

What bracelets are usually worn on.: Wrists

Aesop’s __ have a story about a tortoise and hare.: Fables

Gifts for a teacher.: Apples

Reposted an article on social media.: Shared

Raised pulpit for sermons in a mosque.: Minbar

Brazilian footballer and PSG star since 2017.: Neymar

To fossilize.: Ossify

Group 285

Puzzle 1 Answers

Moll __, Defoe’s chronicle of a criminal woman.: Flanders

In football, ahead of defense and behind attack.: Midfield

Place where animals are slaughtered.: Abattoir

Hong Kong martial artist-actor, father of Brandon.: Bruce lee

Incarcerated person.: Jailbird

Complete standstill.: Gridlock

Flowering pink plant with heart-shaped leaves.: Cyclamen

You wipe your feet on these.: Doormats

Varies the pitch of speech for emphasis.: Inflects

Casino game where Phil Ivey used “edge sorting”.: Baccarat

Joule described these units of food energy.: Calories

Alyson __, Willow in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.: Hannigan

Spoiled or harmed, infected with disease.: Blighted

Occupation of Charon, of the Greek Underworld.: Ferryman

Somme World War I memorial designed by Lutyens.: Thiepval

Made a high-pitched sound by blowing.: Whistled

Swedish actor Max __.: Von sydow

Puzzle 2 Answers

Impervious to light, not transparent.: Opaque

Island of Napoleon’s death, Saint __.: Helena

Russian wheeled vehicle pulled by three horses.: Troika

Goat Island, off Italy’s Tuscany coast.: Giglio

Mickey __, Broadway and movie actor, died 2014.: Rooney

Unpleasant, repulsive.: Odious

Seal set into a ring.: Signet

Ally __, US legal TV show with Calista Flockhart.: Mcbeal

Risk, speculate, bet.: Gamble

Mikhail __, regarded as father of Russian music.: Glinka

Spiritual retreat (Indian culture).: Ashram

Puzzle 3 Answers

The surface at the bottom of a stream etc.: River bed

Flesh __ means your kith and kin.: And blood

How a sharp pain is described.: Stabbing

Emile Zola story of mining, wages and conditions.: Germinal

Herbes de __, south France dried herb mix.: Provence

Deceptive talk to swindle.: Flimflam

Swedish botanist, devised classification system.: Linnaeus

Not clearly visible.: Obscured

Kent, the TV news anchor on The Simpsons.: Brockman

German city with an annual Wagner music festival.: Bayreuth

Unjust or unfair.: Wrongful

Publication of religious songs.: Hymn book

South African dessert, milk tart in Afrikaans.: Melktert

__ Rush, won an Oscar for his performance in Shine.: Geoffrey

Moving wings to fly.: Flapping

__ Steel, best-selling fiction author of The Gift.: Danielle

A plane suddenly plunging steeply downwards.: Nosedive

Puzzle 4 Answers

Charge a president with misconduct.: Impeach

They cure animal hides.: Tanners

Drug that activates receptors in the brain.: Agonist

Joe __, Pip’s kindly guardian blacksmith.: Gargery

Major prophet; his Book is followed by Daniel.: Ezekiel

To eradicate, destroy completely.: Wipe out

The U in the international phonetic alphabet.: Uniform

The Roman goddess of truth.: Veritas

Of or relating to sea lions.: Otarine

Add tables, settees, etc. to a dwelling.: Furnish

Type of computerized X-ray.: Cat scan

Protected islands in the North Sea’s Wadden Sea.: Frisian

One who shouts at comedians.: Heckler

To walk the beam you need this.: Balance

Fantastic creature that multiplies with water.: Gremlin

Sack fabric made from jute, used for rope.: Hessian

Puzzle 5 Answers

Large bowl in which greens are served.: Salad bowl

A plan used in architecture or engineering.: Blueprint

Clapped your hands.: Applauded

French blue wooly cat with golden eyes.: Chartreux

He has an electrical measurement named after him.: James watt

Taking in liquid or information.: Absorbing

French mayonnaise with capers, mustard, herbs.: Remoulade

Fear of ruins.: Atephobia

Strays from the correct path.: Digresses

Residents, inhabitants.: Occupants

Barcelona park with ceramic walkways by Gaudí.: Parc guell

Circus animals Stravinsky’s ballet music was for.: Elephants

Best selling novel and film: “Like Water for __”.: Chocolate

Pakistani cricketer, bowler and politician.: Imran khan

Administers medical treatment to.: Medicates

Deep discount sale.: Clearance

Pink variety of beryl, named after a famous banker.: Morganite

Group 286

Puzzle 1 Answers

City that is home to Hampden Park Stadium.: Glasgow

Chemical element of atomic number 83.: Bismuth

Power __, plant for generating electricity.: Station

Adjusting spaces between words.: Kerning

Mantra of the Hindu religion: Hare __.: Krishna

Ancient Celtic language of France, Belgium.: Gaulish

Cook food hot and quickly in a wok.: Stir fry

Inflamed pimple or spot containing fluid.: Pustule

An author’s introductory statement.: Preface

To add jewels to something.: Bejewel

Puzzle 2 Answers

To boost morale.: Uplift

Character raised by wolves in the Indian jungle.: Mowgli

Agreement, treaty or settlement.: Accord

Thin.: Skinny

Country where the Huarache sandal originated.: Mexico

Family Guy diabolical toddler.: Stewie

Grainy intrusive rock, named after Tuscan village.: Gabbro

Culture Club former singer’s stage name: Boy __.: George

Renaissance religious artist; a 1980s space probe.: Giotto

Counterfeiters, pretenders.: Fakers

Mexican caramel sauce made from goat’s milk.: Cajeta

A car’s shoulder.: Fender

The act of putting seeds into the soil.: Sowing

Room in a church where vestments are kept.: Vestry

What Italians call Turin.: Torino

__ clause, lawful reason to break a contract.: Get out

Direct kick awarded to offensive team in soccer.: Corner

To have put a bad spell on someone.: Cursed

Puzzle 3 Answers

Lack of proportion between two sides, parts.: Asymmetry

Lyrical tunes to help babies fall asleep.: Lullabies

Charged a president with misconduct.: Impeached

Messy and complicated situation.: Imbroglio

Tanzanian park, home to many animal species.: Serengeti

Flaming weapon used in ancient times during battle.: Greek fire

Colonial trading port on Colombian coast.: Cartagena

Prohibition place for sale of illegal alcohol.: Speakeasy

Author of the novel “Vanity Fair”: William M. __.: Thackeray

Incessantly asking; also a black and white mammal.: Badgering

Dripping, like rain water down a gutter.: Trickling

Conifers’ seed case, commonly sprayed gold/silver.: Pine cones

Organization of complex tasks like flow of goods.: Logistics

Puzzle 4 Answers

Machines for turning beans into coffee.: Grinders

French dept in Grand Est, name means upper Rhine.: Haut rhin

Scare.: Frighten

Female plotter in Les Liaisons Dangereuses.: Merteuil

Famous French tapestry business.: Gobelins

Elizabeth I as written in Spenser’s Faerie Queene.: Gloriana

Last day, the day of reckoning.: Doomsday

Headlines that don’t quite ring true.: Fake news

Past tense of beseech.: Besought

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mixes seamlessly.: Blends

The Hindu festival of light is called __.: Diwali

Eradicated.: Abated

Language family of Hungarian and Finnish.: Uralic

Removing hair using hot, sticky substance.: Waxing

Loose mixture of small stones and sand.: Gravel

Longest type of captured snake.: Python

Queen of Troy, mother of Hector and Paris.: Hecuba

Abundant mineral-gem, also used in electronics.: Quartz

Stephen King book and film about telekinetic girl.: Carrie

Plant with red root producing red pigment and dye.: Madder

Group 287

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bladed footwear for traveling in the Arctic.: Ice skate

The customer or client.: Consumer

Sliver of wood stuck in your finger.: Splinter

Raise these in surprise, on your face.: Eyebrows

Italian white wine, also found in Chile.: Friulano

Unpaved street.: Dirt road

Concurring, not showing dissent.: Agreeing

Spine-chilling book or film.: Thriller

Ocean that the port of Casablanca borders.: Atlantic

Harold Wilson quote: “A week is a long time in __”.: Politics

Name given to Khmer Rouge’s takeover of Cambodia.: Year zero

Cinema short showing current affairs/events.: Newsreel

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arachnids.: Spiders

National bird of Guatemala appears on its flag.: Quetzal

First caliph and friend to Muhammad.: Abu bakr

Speckled, dotted.: Flecked

A fit of laughter.: Giggles

Tool for cutting plants.: Scythes

Biblical king of Israel; son of David.: Solomon

To inhale and exhale.: Breathe

Roasted deer, served as an alternative to turkey.: Venison

Robert __, actor, director and American Icon.: Redford

Former currency of the Netherlands.: Guilder

Ancient Roman magistrates.: Consuls

The giant version of this plant causes skin rashes.: Hogweed

__ Claude, French inventor of neon lighting.: Georges

Nissan model named after an American grassland.: Prairie

True heir of Gondor in Lord of the Rings.: Aragorn

Spiral structure in the inner ear.: Cochlea

Wheel of __, tarot card suggesting good luck.: Fortune

Puzzle 3 Answers

Friend of Asterix the Gaul.: Obelix

Type of paper that acids turn red.: Litmus

George ____, American Broadway producer, director.: Abbott

1986 James Cameron Sci-Fi sequel.: Aliens

Soviet serial killer: Andrei Chikatilo: the Red __.: Ripper

Christian church of Egypt.: Coptic

Inappropriate staring.: Ogling

Portuguese is this South American country’s tongue.: Brazil

Holiday when Greeks often bake Koulourakia.: Easter

Pumped or spouted out, e.g. fumes.: Spewed

The Three Men in a Boat rowed this river.: Thames

Morihei Ueshiba’s harmonious spirit martial art.: Aikido

Obscure, supernatural, secret things.: Occult

Words to be sung.: Lyrics

Mexican victory celebrated on May 5: Battle of __.: Puebla

The fastener on a belt.: Buckle

French missile used by Argentines in Falklands War.: Exocet

Brownish-red color; from the French for chestnut.: Maroon

Sentencers.: Judges

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ cooker; airtight pot for quick cooking.: Pressure

Libyan city, once joint capital with Tripoli.: Benghazi

Without a saddle.: Bareback

The A in PALs, warning about explicit lyrics.: Advisory

Distance from tip to tip or a bird’s wings.: Wingspan

Winning punch, laying opponent flat on floor.: Knockout

Self-centered.: Egoistic

Geoffrey Rush’s pirate of the Caribbean.: Barbossa

Co-founder and chairman of SolarCity.: Elon musk

Display of affection, cuddling with a loved one.: Spooning

The branch of botany that studies fruit.: Pomology

Neptune, to the Greeks.: Poseidon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Fab Four weren’t jay walking on this album’s cover.: Abbey road

When it’s your decision, the ball is in here.: Your court

Opposite to smoothness.: Roughness

Halloween figures made of bone.: Skeletons

Piece of textile used for cleaning furniture.: Dustcloth

The scientific study of rocks.: Petrology

Washed hair.: Shampooed

Microscopic life form, meaning little rod.: Bacterium

Organization founded by Julian Assange.: Wikileaks

Reductions in price, savings.: Discounts

Group 288

Puzzle 1 Answers

Medical term for the study of disorders of the ear.: Otology

To put something on food as a decoration.: Garnish

To release from obligation, to set free.: Absolve

Balkan nation invaded by Italy in WWII.: Albania

Ship-swallowing triangle in the Atlantic Ocean.: Bermuda

Reddish toxic liquid element, used in dyes.: Bromine

A song’s chorus or to abstain from doing something.: Refrain

Saved from peril.: Rescued

Dramatic and very ornate art style in 17th century.: Baroque

The table where you pay for your goods in a shop.: Counter

Section of horse’s leg between hoof and fetlock.: Pastern

1971 Bond film Diamonds are __.: Forever

Fancy strips of cloth laid along a festive table.: Runners

Exalted state of joy.: Elation

Gap in the ring system of Saturn and also a probe.: Cassini

Puzzle 2 Answers

Weapon used to kill in Dial M for Murder.: Scissors

Mesozoic period saw early dinosaurs evolve.: Triassic

Name of British singer Chris Martin’s band.: Coldplay

Attributed to.: Ascribed

To quickly rise or increase.: Escalate

Festival of Festivals in India’s Nagaland.: Hornbill

Sending a Twitter message.: Tweeting

Italian term for outdoor dining.: Al fresco

Picasso anti-war painting.: Guernica

Theft by breaking and entering.: Burglary

Inflammation of the membrane around the lungs.: Pleurisy

Another name for the scaly anteater.: Pangolin

Tennis stroke that makes the ball suddenly reverse.: Backspin

In a forest, an open space of land.: Clearing

Female massage therapist.: Masseuse

Puzzle 3 Answers

No longer feeling close or affectioniate with another.: Estranged

Awards given as special honor.: Accolades

Hair removal method for eyebrows.: Threading

Acquittal, vindication, exoneration.: Notguilty

Court replacement.: Alternate

Name for study of mammary glands.: Mastology

London borough that lies on the Prime Meridian.: Greenwich

US country music named after Kentucky vegetation.: Bluegrass

1912 play on which “My Fair Lady” was based.: Pygmalion

Equation with highest power of 2 (sounds square).: Quadratic

Space in a living room wall with a mantel on it.: Fireplace

Swing dance style or a person who dances swing.: Jitterbug

Material removed from top of liquids.: Skimmings

German dog with short legs, a sausage dog.: Dachshund

Holly’s surname in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.: Golightly

Italian cocktail of Campari, sweet vermouth.: Americano

Christmas plant to kiss under.: Mistletoe

Puzzle 4 Answers

A photo or picture that is behind glass.: Framed

Legal __ is money that is acceptable for use.: Tender

To admire or respect someone.: Esteem

Where the Wild Things Are author.: Sendak

Bugsy __, Prohibition-era drama with splurge guns.: Malone

Official languages of Cameroon: English and __.: French

Metamorphic rock that breaks into layers.: Schist

Lymphoid organ where T cells mature.: Thymus

Equipment with rungs for climbing up or down.: Ladder

Draw roughly.: Sketch

Tree used to make battle shields in the past.: Poplar

Capital of Angola.: Luanda

Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs actor __ Keitel.: Harvey

The roux used to make Bechamel sauce: flour and __.: Butter

Discarded, left on the side of the road.: Dumped

Beer maker.: Brewer

Ulcerous animal disease of horses and rabbits, etc.: Canker

Where emails go while they are being sent.: Outbox

Puzzle 5 Answers

Natalie Portman is an American and _____ citizen.: Israeli

Protein found in claws, hair and hooves.: Keratin

Large frozen masses that are starting to melt.: Ice caps

Act of falsifying a document.: Forgery

Southeast Asian sea east of Bay of Bengal.: Andaman

Mass of tissue that can affect breathing in children.: Adenoid

Tove __, Finnish writer who created the Moomins.: Jansson

Cooked on a rack over fire.: Grilled

Lack of oxygen in the blood; holding your breath.: Hypoxic

He bathed himself in the Flame of Py’tar.: Despero

Placed at front entrance to wipe your feet.: Doormat

The Big __, epic Western film with Gregory Peck.: Country

Wedded.: Married

Hewlett-__ is an american computer company.: Packard

Insect resin used in varnishes and early LPs.: Shellac

Use these colored sticks to draw, like chalks.: Pastels

Group 289

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small lit particles that jump from a fire.: Sparks

Related to the teeth.: Dental

Grabbed, took with force.: Seized

Someone who drives cattle.: Drover

Arab country ruled for 46 years by King Hussein.: Jordan

Gaps between working.: Breaks

Fluviology: scientific study of __.: Rivers

Body-shaking dance move, especially the shoulders.: Shimmy

Term for a Himalayan mountain guide.: Sherpa

Manhattan playhouse that burned down many times.: Bowery

Twitter messages.: Tweets

Prodded with an elbow.: Nudged

’72 documentary about swindler, once child preacher.: Marjoe

Clever or skilful, from French word.: Adroit

You set the exposure – not automated.: Manual

A light-hearted sports event, race or walk.: Fun run

Name of Shakespeare’s one son.: Hamnet

Mild, yellow pepper used on pizza, sandwiches.: Banana

Gave birth to a horse.: Foaled

Puzzle 2 Answers

Seafood typically used for Coquilles St. Jacques.: Scallops

Pet Klaus is this animal in American Dad!.: Goldfish

Daisy __, Gatsby’s great love.: Buchanan

Of or relating to rams.: Arietine

Put together from parts.: Assemble

Month when the holiday of Chanukah usually occurs.: December

Where earrings are attached.: Earlobes

Cabinets that contain frozen food.: Freezers

__ Quickly, landlady of the Boar’s Head Tavern.: Mistress

Hinged device used in pelvic examinations.: Speculum

Cenozoic period when mammals evolved.: Tertiary

Haitian dictators known as Papa Doc and Baby Doc.: Duvalier

Went past the intended stopping point.: Overshot

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wet weather accessories you put above your head.: Umbrellas

Goodfellas main character.: Henry hill

Adjective: Causing dependency on a substance.: Addictive

Fruit that symbolizes hospitality.: Pineapple

Institutions created to study, train in certain field.: Academies

Italian revolutionary who unified his country.: Garibaldi

Using chemicals to make something whiter.: Bleaching

Putting fluids into a body using a syringe.: Injecting

A flight where the destination is not far away.: Short haul

Hairy Addams Family member, related to Gomez.: Cousin itt

Edge of a balmy air mass, in meteorological terms.: Warm front

Open, motorized beach vehicle.: Dune buggy

Tough measures introduced to stop crime.: Crackdown

Star gazer.: Telescope

Two-step Spanish dance.: Pasodoble

Puzzle 4 Answers

Jed __, Martin Sheen as leader of the free world.: Bartlet

Protects financially.: Insures

Apple __, Viennese pastry, very popular.: Strudel

Gabriel Marquez novel: “Love in the Time of __”.: Cholera

A member of an organized gang of violent criminals.: Mobster

Small Brazilian state; Maceió is the capital.: Alagoas

Conceptions of or beliefs about something.: Notions

Intentionally not paid attention to.: Ignored

Film with most nominations for the Oscars in 2013.: Lincoln

Main group of cyclists.: Peloton

East German currency prior to reunification.: Ostmark

Puzzle 5 Answers

Hard gray rocks turned tools in prehistoric times.: Flints

Falling down and feigning a knockout.: Diving

Filming location, apartment with no bedroom.: Studio

“Father of Genetics”: Austrian scientist Gregor __.: Mendel

Sleepy.: Drowsy

Basket of rocks used for erosion control.: Gabion

Mountain in Turkey, possible site of Noah’s Ark.: Ararat

Order of words to form a meaningful sentence.: Syntax

Annual Nov. 5 British celebration: Guy __ Night.: Fawkes

Waterfowl nickname of Canadian dollar.: Loonie

Starmix and Tangfastics sweetmakers.: Haribo

Tidying fallen leaves.: Raking

Extra material sewn into a seam to strengthen it.: Gusset

Group 290

Puzzle 1 Answers

Person who defends set of ideas, certain person.: Adherent

Extinct reptile.: Dinosaur

Shunned, avoided, abstained from.: Eschewed

Preparing yourself mentally to think clearly.: Psyching

Baked egg whites with sugar.: Meringue

Person caring for animals on a film set.: Wrangler

Don’t judge a book by this.: Its cover

Barcelona avenue, popular with tourists.: La rambla

Extremely shocking, wicked act.: Atrocity

Study of nutrition, diet.: Sitology

Describes T-shirts that are not short.: Longline

The part of a fist you punch with.: Knuckles

Strongly criticized.: Assailed

Puzzle 2 Answers

Illness that claimed Pavarotti at age 71.: Cancer

__ Nation; autobiographical book and film.: Prozac

Coldest.: Iciest

Fruit flavor used in Kriek Belgian beer.: Cherry

Has a tendency to be unwell frequently.: Sickly

Côte d’__, official name of the Ivory Coast.: Ivoire

Use these for shaving.: Razors

Old British silver coin worth two shillings.: Florin

Inflated mechanically, like a bicycle tire.: Pumped

Smart jacket, school uniform requisite.: Blazer

__ calf, killed when the prodigal son returns.: Fatted

Canadian province that introduced the dish poutine.: Quebec

Son of Zeus known as “messenger of the gods”.: Hermes

Put a worm on a fishing hook.: Baited

Andreas __, German leader of Red Army Faction.: Baader

Novel by Phillipa Gregory: “The Other __ Girl”.: Boleyn

__-hound, short-legged scent dog aka a hush puppy.: Basset

Puzzle 3 Answers

Belgian city hit by huge diamond heist in 2003.: Antwerp

Fill the air with fumes.: Pollute

To make a photo bigger.: Enlarge

Contempt __, showing disregard to a legal hearing.: Of court

It’s not true.: Fiction

Gathered together, accumulated.: Accrued

Art technique of creating a design using acid.: Etching

Dry dusty wind blowing from North Africa to Europe.: Sirocco

Spouts at the end pipes, e.g. petrol pumps.: Nozzles

Meandering, twisting (like a reptile).: Snaking

Neapolitan flavor.: Vanilla

James Bond’s early nemesis.: Blofeld

Various types, forms, array of different cultures.: Diverse

Person who performs the Islamic call to prayer.: Muezzin

Large tuba carried over the shoulders.: Helicon

Shy companion of Snow White.: Bashful

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tutored, schooled.: Educated

Hungarian author of “The Sleepwalkers”: Arthur __.: Koestler

__ music, produced without electric instruments.: Acoustic

Inflammation of the elbow or knee joint.: Bursitis

Pressed or flattened the creases on a surface.: Smoothed

Cyrano de __, French big-nosed writer and duellist.: Bergerac

Eating in between meals.: Snacking

Appliances that use hot water vapor to cook food.: Steamers

Principal Chilean city named after St. James.: Santiago

__ slip, error in speech thanks to the unconscious.: Freudian

Large flowers used in tea for high blood pressure.: Hibiscus

She championed the return of the Elgin Marbles.: Mercouri

In medicine: to suction fluid from part of the body.: Aspirate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Belief in magic, witchcraft and the supernatural.: Occultism

Machine creates a plastic coating for protection.: Laminator

Parboiling to remove color or odor.: Blanching

Searching, investigating, detective work.: Sleuthing

Aztec ruler who was stoned to death.: Montezuma

First Prime Minister under Queen Elizabeth.: Churchill

Cosmetic stomach skin surgery.: Tummy tuck

Engaged in conflict.: Embattled

Dancing with no choreography.: Freestyle

Skin of an equine used for leather.: Horsehide

Group 291

Puzzle 1 Answers

Kitchen machine.: Appliance

St. Petersburg’s former name in 1914.: Petrograd

Object shaped like small water vessel for sauce.: Gravy boat

Desert twister, vacuum cleaner brand.: Dirt devil

Causes blood to thicken.: Coagulant

Antonym of childhood.: Adulthood

Snippets of music heard on mobile devices.: Ringtones

Obstruction of a tube or opening in the body.: Occlusion

Zoological term for a pouched mammal.: Marsupial

Pompous, with a gassy digestive system.: Flatulent

Jewelry pieces worn on the collarbone.: Necklaces

Nickname for the lunar roving vehicle.: Moon buggy

Tool that collects and analyzes data in Formula 1.: Telemeter

Heavenly.: Celestial

Cut this from under someone’s feet to weaken them.: The ground

Ability of a gem to show two different colors.: Dichroism

Not under control.: Out of hand

Things that are left out or not mentioned.: Omissions

Gnosiophobia is the fear of this.: Knowledge

Their job is to check tickets on a bus or train.: Conductor

Puzzle 2 Answers

All mammals are warm-__.: Blooded

Striking or beating; reaching a target.: Hitting

Main language spoken in Swiss canton of Ticino.: Italian

Copenhagen is capital of this Scandinavian nation.: Denmark

Jonathan __, wrote The Corrections novel.: Franzen

Citrus fruit cross between tangerine/grapefruit.: Tangelo

Scuff marks left by dragging.: Scrapes

South Korean car brand, Accent, Elantra.: Hyundai

Black __, 1959 Brazilian inspired play and film.: Orpheus

Type of doctor that performs operations.: Surgeon

Stealing and ransacking goods esp during war.: Looting

Dancing like Madonna.: Voguing

The first T in GATT.: Tariffs

Official currency of Paraguay.: Guarani

Distressed maidens imprisoned in towers.: Damsels

Paper handkerchiefs.: Tissues

Puzzle 3 Answers

Big __, 7 bright stars in Ursa Major.: Dipper

Circus performers with red noses.: Clowns

Gin, vermouth cocktail with pickled onion.: Gibson

Pulp Fiction and Seven Psychopaths, Christopher __.: Walken

Laziest.: Idlest

High-speed trains in France, Belgium and Germany.: Thalys

Power or hand tool for smoothing wood.: Sander

Another name for a violin.: Fiddle

__ Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.: Lemony

City that hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics.: London

Large Australian mythical amphibious creature.: Bunyip

Took care of, helped back to health.: Nursed

Rubbed out.: Erased

Sides of a cut gemstone.: Facets

__ wheel, Buddhism’s cylinder holding invocations.: Prayer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Evaluated.: Assessed

Edged, anagram of dreaming.: Margined

Composer buried by request next to Beethoven.: Schubert

“Fight Club” star.: Brad pitt

Dead set on doing something at all costs.: Hell bent

Aussie city with the name of William IV’s consort.: Adelaide

Gas that makes up most of Earth’s atmosphere.: Nitrogen

World’s largest existing type of land animal.: Elephant

An obsession.: Fixation

Tight shorts from the 70s.: Hot pants

US city, marriage capital of the world.: Las vegas

Puzzle 5 Answers

Food; meant to be eaten, eatables.: Edibles

Influential Spanish artist, pioneered cubism.: Picasso

Money-hungry Disney duck.: Scrooge

Catwoman has this ability to creep up on people.: Stealth

__ around; hanging about with no real direction.: Milling

19th century physicist; weather radar.: Doppler

Sea west of Myanmar, famous for volcanic activity.: Andaman

Largest flatfish in the world, diamond shaped.: Halibut

The state of being liberated.: Freedom

Scandinavian country.: Finland

Seasoning made from drying ocean water.: Sea salt

Tiny bone located in the middle ear.: Ossicle

Group 292

Puzzle 1 Answers

Someone is in there.: Occupied

Accepted values of virtuous behavior, like ethics.: Morality

Flushing in the face.: Blushing

French word for an exclusive shop.: Boutique

Overrun with pests.: Infested

Rebounding action of a bullet.: Ricochet

Green pepper commonly used to top Mexican food.: Jalapeno

Movable property; archaic term for personal items.: Chattels

Naughty behavior, disobedience, troublemaking.: Mischief

Rubbed muscles to relax them.: Massaged

Artist who created paintings of his mother.: Whistler

Repaired or replaced equipment.: Refitted

Hygrophobia is the fear of this.: Moisture

Tree has winged seeds that “helicopter” to earth.: Sycamore

Without any joins or edges.: Seamless

The __, novel by Nicholas Sparks turned movie.: Notebook

Hung about aimlessly; lingered.: Loitered

One of sixteen in a billiard game.: Pool ball

Tall, dark and __, like most Mills & Boon heroes.: Handsome

Puzzle 2 Answers

Type of fat found in both butter and coconut oil.: Saturated

Decorated by curves along an edge.: Scalloped

Revert to a previous opinion; retract one’s words.: Backtrack

Alterations in the structure of an organism.: Adaptions

Depression in economic activity.: Recession

Great surprise, wonder.: Amazement

Sedimentary rock made of calcium carbonate.: Limestone

Having eight sides.: Octagonal

Where your drink sits in a car.: Cup holder

Spongebob’s neighbor.: Squidward

A revolt, such as in Ireland in 1916.: Rebellion

Sports arena for competitive cycling.: Velodrome

Talents, proficiencies.: Abilities

Charlie Bucket’s grandma’s first name.: Josephine

Terri and Will’s surname in Glee.: Schuester

Paralyzing, disabling.: Crippling

Magicians.: Conjurors

48th BAFTA Best Actor recipient.: Hugh grant

Puzzle 3 Answers

1984 fictionalized biopic of Mozart.: Amadeus

Animal related to llamas, lives in South America.: Guanaco

Football player who blocks.: Blocker

If muscles waste away, they __.: Atrophy

African country whose name in Latin means “free”.: Liberia

Someone who sends unwanted emails.: Spammer

Sugar found in fruits and other carbohydrates.: Glucose

__Gulf, body of water fed by the Sea of Oman.: Persian

Reveal a photo by treating film with chemicals.: Develop

US state in which Miami Vice was set.: Florida

Connected to by blood.: Related

Early 20th-c. modern art movement of Matisse etc..: Fauvism

Tambourine, associated with the Bible.: Timbrel

Oscar Wilde was born in this country.: Ireland

Light housework with a feathered stick.: Dusting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ancient Asia Minor city, one of the 7 churches.: Sardis

Tiny pieces of leftover food or snippings of paper.: Scraps

Of or relating to horses.: Equine

City where Bono, lead singer of U2, was born.: Dublin

Lebanese bulgar wheat and mince patties.: Kibbeh

Smart, sharp, clever.: Astute

17th-century French dance for two with small steps.: Minuet

When something carries mark of disgrace, dishonor.: Stigma

10 less than 100.: Ninety

Model of bride and groom on top of wedding cake.: Topper

Unfair, morally wrong.: Unjust

Nymph who was transformed into a laurel tree.: Daphne

Kelly __, British double gold-winning runner.: Holmes

Recovered from illness, got better.: Healed

Heavy artillery that fires iron balls or shot.: Cannon

National tree of India.: Banyan

Machine for getting liquid out of fruit.: Juicer

Strip of land a plane travels down before take-off.: Runway

Robbed in the street.: Mugged

Puzzle 5 Answers

Unloads, removes, transfers.: Offloads

Excluded someone from doing something.: Debarred

Music system for compact discs.: Cd player

The Berlin Wall was built along this German street.: Bernauer

Group of young 80s Hollywood stars, inc Rob Lowe.: Brat pack

Sports day event with people hopping while in bags.: Sack race

The briefest of glances.: Fleeting

What villains call the kids in Scooby-Doo.: Meddling

Plucking hairs.: Tweezing

Percussive foot dancing.: Tap dance

Drying a wet surface.: Blotting

Symbols used in many tweets.: Hashtags

Protective jacket worn during wet weather.: Raincoat

Most widely practiced religion in modern France.: Catholic

Ruler of England when a Commonwealth: Oliver __.: Cromwell

Cubicle with no light, for developing photos.: Dark room

Eosophobia is the fear of this.: Daylight

Upwards slanting airplane wing, after a seabird.: Gull wing

Dried fruit and nuts snack assortment.: Trail mix

Spread of disease.: Outbreak

People of the preeminent military Greek city-state.: Spartans

The only chemical element to begin with a V.: Vanadium

Insult directed at spectacle-wearers.: Four eyes

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.: Lady gaga

Group 293

Puzzle 1 Answers

Region of Italy that the Arno River runs through.: Tuscany

Most famous Marx brother.: Groucho

Substance used for closing something off.: Sealant

Remove adhesive.: Unstick

The last Roman Emperor: __ Augustus.: Romulus

Real first name of golfer Tiger Woods.: Eldrick

Hand-shaken percussion instruments.: Maracas

Mini __, pink/white pillows to top hot chocolate.: Mallows

Japanese company YKK makes most of these.: Zippers

Put aside for now, or stacked like books.: Shelved

Portion of a worm.: Segment

Magical board game movie with Robin Williams.: Jumanji

Person that goes from place to place, job to job.: Drifter

Ramon Mercader assassinated this Bolshevik.: Trotsky

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ringside judges who score a fight.: Officials

Attractive man with gray hair.: Silver fox

Taking someone into custody.: Arresting

People who seek relief from reality through fantasy.: Escapists

Lee __, proponent of The Method acting philosophy.: Strasberg

Not all it’s cracked up to be.: Overrated

Holocaust rememberance museum in Jerusalem.: Yad vashem

Fast ballroom dance style.: Quickstep

Drying out and shriveling up.: Withering

Queen Victoria wore this black gem in mourning.: Whitby jet

Illicit hard liquor in the US.: Moonshine

Supportive bars mounted on walls.: Handrails

Puzzle 3 Answers

Exaggerate; give too much importance to.: Overplay

David __, US thriller novelist of The Camel Club.: Baldacci

The one with the least movement.: Stillest

Capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba.: Winnipeg

A book-learned intellectual.: Academic

Spanish couples dance with guitars/castanets.: Fandango

Eight letter word for inability to sleep.: Insomnia

Corinth king made to push a stone uphill forever.: Sisyphus

Helen Mirren holds the crown in this 2006 film.: The queen

Tree that Zacchaeus climbed, hoping to see Jesus.: Sycamore

Material covers for windows.: Curtains

Administrative capital of South Africa.: Pretoria

Common disorder of the eye or a large waterfall.: Cataract

Second of two Japanese cities bombed during WWII.: Nagasaki

Sleeping area assigned to officers on a warship.: Quarters

Responds to a stimulus.: Reactive

Goat’s-wool shawl.: Pashmina

Curly, looping, swirly.: Squiggly

First capital of Colonial Brazil (before Rio).: Salvador

Freshwater sunfish, bream or copper nose.: Bluegill

French philosopher wrote The Social Contract.: Rousseau

Puzzle 4 Answers

British rock band: The Rolling ___.: Stones

Psycho motel owner Bates.: Norman

Egyptian crunchy, aromatic blend of nuts and seeds.: Dukkah

Hanging column of ice; frozen dripping water.: Icicle

Lack of color in the face.: Pallor

Greek word which is the root for sun.: Helios

Robert Redford gambled in this 1990 film.: Havana

Miserable and not at all bright.: Gloomy

First Russian Nobel laureate, worked with dogs.: Pavlov

Hamlet holds his skull aloft.: Yorick

The Doctor’s foes, traditionally can’t climb stairs.: Daleks

Beethoven’s first name.: Ludwig

Bedrooms on board ships.: Cabins

Former name of MasterCard: Master __.: Charge

California city famous for celebrity homes.: Malibu

Retired pro athlete Tim Henman’s sport.: Tennis

A chant repeated during meditation.: Mantra

Country which launched two Alouette satellites.: Canada

Puzzle 5 Answers

Not a digital zoom; relating to the eye.: Optical

Jumping off of building sport aka free running.: Parkour

Legally managing another’s property or money.: Trustee

Old language of southern France.: Occitan

The ferris wheel was invented in this US city.: Chicago

Women warriors of Greek mythology.: Amazons

Capital of lower Egypt in ancient times.: Memphis

When frozen flakes are falling, it’s __.: Snowing

Nationality of Luciano Pavarotti.: Italian

All Quiet on the __ Front, novel by Remarque.: Western

Riding a bicycle.: Cycling

Leg __, female lower leg clothing.: Warmers

Playing a horn.: Blowing

Phillip __, wrote His Dark Materials trilogy.: Pullman

Suzanne __, The Hunger Games writer.: Collins

Black-shelled shellfish with yellow flesh.: Mussels

Group 294

Puzzle 1 Answers

Played a guitar.: Strummed

A note you write to someone who gives you a gift.: Thank you

“The Charge of the Light Brigade” poet: Alfred __.: Tennyson

Cooking a whole pig on a BBQ spit.: Hog roast

Skill of planting and growing trees.: Forestry

Labyrinth creator.: Daedalus

Animated sports comedy starring Michael Jordan.: Space jam

Bechuanaland in Africa became this state in 1966.: Botswana

Giant ape movie monster.: King kong

Criminal set free at Christ’s expense.: Barabbas

Vancouver’s metro system.: Skytrain

To plan in secret to do something illegal.: Conspire

Ex-Rhodesia.: Zimbabwe

Archimedes discovered this act of staying afloat.: Buoyancy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ocean where Christmas Island is located.: Indian

John __, one of The Beatles’ lead singer.: Lennon

Stirred from sleep, past participle.: Awoken

Being vivacious, full of life.: Esprit

Magical hexes.: Spells

__ rasa, a blank slate, the human mind at birth.: Tabula

Female animal that has been sterilized.: Spayed

Antonym of frequent.: Seldom

Cheese __, metal device for shredding hard cheese.: Grater

Uses a razor to remove hair.: Shaves

The Merchant of Venice’s mannish woman.: Portia

Dog variety prefixed by English, Gordon and Irish.: Setter

Used as protection from swords.: Shield

Type of cleaner that sucks up dirt from carpets.: Vacuum

__ Jean, Michael Jackson’s 1983 moonwalk hit.: Billie

Anthony Shaffer film starred Olivier and Caine.: Sleuth

Attention-seeking walk, swaying the hips.: Sashay

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wayne __, also known as The Great One in hockey.: Gretzky

Flights that depart later than planned.: Delayed

Places where people conduct business.: Offices

Unit of the intensity of sound waves.: Decibel

Spring cocktail of dry gin and creme de mure.: Bramble

Navigational instrument for measuring distance.: Sextant

Final stage of something, especially in chess.: Endgame

Made a digital copy of.: Scanned

Mire, swampy wetland, useful for fuel.: Peat bog

In short; statement of important details.: Summary

The__ of the Opera, novel written by Gaston Leroux.: Phantom

Official language of Andorra.: Catalan

Orestes’ revenge seeking sister.: Electra

Prospero’s daughter in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.: Miranda

Charlotte Brontë novel with a girl’s forename.: Shirley

__ Place Vendôme, French shirt makers.: Charvet

Holder for a pistol.: Holster

Just Another __ Kid, 1981 Best Documentary.: Missing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Natural capabilities.: Aptitudes

King Arthur’s wife has an affair with Lancelot.: Guinevere

Another name for the former empire of Ethiopia.: Abyssinia

Cheap, uncovered seating at a US sports stadium.: Bleachers

Of the family of animals containing lemmings.: Microtine

Willing to receive, receptive.: Acceptive

Shining, cleaning.: Polishing

The G in GDA, advisory labeling on food.: Guideline

Describes round, polished, unfaceted gems.: Cabochons

Brandy, ruby port and egg yolk cocktail.: Porto flip

Person who moves props around for a theater.: Stage hand

Most populated of the Cook Islands.: Rarotonga

Happened at the same time.: Coincided

Go past the intended stopping point.: Overshoot

Term for a Russian astronaut.: Cosmonaut

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dish out cards again.: Redeal

Country where model Gisele Budchen was born.: Brazil

Term meaning connected to the Internet.: Online

Rope attached to an animal.: Tether

From Greek, meaning soul or spirit.: Psyche

To exert to the maximum.: Strain

Presentation of a plan in model form.: Schema

They cover you while you sleep.: Sheets

Indian city Mumbai’s former name.: Bombay

A __ Too Far; film about Operation Market Garden.: Bridge

Bruce __ is also known as the Incredible Hulk.: Banner

French brandy.: Cognac

Loud monkey species live in South/Central America.: Howler

Hebrew word for peace, hello, and good-bye.: Shalom

It’s in the air and water.: Oxygen

Group 295

Puzzle 1 Answers

Gymnastic position with legs at straight angles.: Splits

The liquids extracted from fruit.: Juices

Followed the rules.: Obeyed

Blossomy pattern.: Floral

To dispense soda or surreptitiously remove funds.: Siphon

Terrifies.: Scares

South central French dept, capital is Aurillac.: Cantal

A pulled muscle: not a sprain but a.: Strain

Harry Potter’s godfather __ Black.: Sirius

Turn around by a number of degrees.: Rotate

Newsreader.: Anchor

Name given to frequent visitors at a bar.: Usuals

Puzzle 2 Answers

Value of a number based on its distance from 0.: Absolute

Andean lake on the border between Peru and Bolivia.: Titicaca

Similar in appearance to a lupine creature.: Wolflike

Shines or sparkles due to reflected light.: Aglitter

__ wheel, a stone for abrading or polishing.: Grinding

Propelling a boat with oars.: Paddling

Evening activities after a day on the slopes.: Apres ski

Steal from a store.: Shoplift

Bed garments, anagram of heisting.: Nighties

Scale that measures how hot a chili pepper is.: Scoville

Auld __, Scottish celebration song.: Lang syne

Theater poster.: Playbill

Ill-fated opera Princess.: Turandot

Christian church service at sunset.: Evensong

Dressing up to avoid detection.: Disguise

Type of climbing honeysuckle; old cigarette brand.: Woodbine

Ocean that is last alphabetically.: Southern

Blind prophet turned into a woman by Hera.: Tiresias

Puritanical British Queen.: Victoria

Rough drawings.: Sketches

Inglorious __, 2009 film starring Brad Pitt.: Basterds

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bad experiences, anagram of Sumatra.: Traumas

Of or relating to deer.: Cervine

Strongly asserts, states a fact.: Affirms

He wrote the play “Waiting for Godot”: Samuel __.: Beckett

Having a border made of hanging threads.: Fringed

Floridian island (not east).: Key west

Patron saint of lost things.: Anthony

To obtain, to receive, to earn.: Acquire

Bicuspid filler.: Dentist

Bacterial infection; Black Death, __ Plague.: Bubonic

German fruit cake covered with powder sugar.: Stollen

Gentlemen Prefer __, film with Russell and Monroe.: Blondes

Small pot where a pen or quill is dipped.: Inkwell

North London soccer club.: Arsenal

Puzzle 4 Answers

Wriggly pink creature that lives in soil.: Earthworm

Sweet added to tea or offered to horses.: Sugar cube

Two things or people who look exactly alike.: Identical

8 times the amount.: Eightfold

Spread of disease by infected individuals.: Contagion

Act of invoking a memory or feeling.: Evocation

Come hell or __; in spite of difficulties.: High water

People who seek relief from reality through fantasy.: Escapists

Text or characters written beneath normal type.: Subscript

Witches use these pots for cooking brews.: Cauldrons

All are sharp or flat.: Black keys

Puzzle 5 Answers

Device to connect a gearbox to a vehicle’s wheels.: Clutch

Dark-blue grape named after the French for blackbird.: Merlot

Original from which copies are made.: Master

Scratches metal to make art.: Etches

Prepares a pool cue with powdery substance.: Chalks

Stop working officially when of age.: Retire

Ocean that Hudson Bay is considered part of.: Arctic

Slim personal computer that uses a touchscreen.: Tablet

Sean Connery’s real first name.: Thomas

Laments a death.: Mourns

The __ Games, book series by Suzanne Collins.: Hunger

Horse’s name, backwards for “murder”.: Redrum

Small and smooth stone.: Pebble

Wild dog lives in desert, chases Road Runner.: Coyote

Yuletide songs.: Carols

Crouched down to avoid a flying object.: Ducked

Witches’ spells that bring bad luck.: Curses

Group 296

Puzzle 1 Answers

Very admired or respected.: Esteemed

It catches tea leaves so you don’t drink them.: Strainer

Those who openly reject the official religion.: Heretics

Region in Peru, name means “where the gods speak”.: Apurimac

Fleetwood Mac song adopted for Formula One.: The chain

Ruling like a queen.: Reigning

Immune defense protein found in blood.: Antibody

Something that is ridiculously easy to do.: Cakewalk

Isolate.: Alienate

Sprinkle this Christmas spice on your coffee.: Cinnamon

Two-word term for a kennel.: Dog house

Puzzle 2 Answers

Meat stuffed in casing.: Sausage

Hurt or wounded.: Injured

Tight bodysuit covering neck to wrists to ankles.: Unitard

African __ are common fish in tropical areas.: Pompano

Young female movie actress.: Starlet

Ralph __ Williams, British music maestro.: Vaughan

Cooked by heated water, not boiled.: Steamed

Hands-free device worn in customer service centers.: Headset

Slang term to describe someone eccentric, strange.: Oddball

Small newspaper usually with half-truths.: Tabloid

South American river; endangered crocodile species.: Orinoco

Filipino sea between Visayas and Luzon.: Sibuyan

Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian: types of Greek __.: Columns

Hit with one finger to send something flying.: Flicked

Person who creeps about at night and up to no good.: Prowler

Greek winged horse.: Pegasus

Inflatable safety cushions in a car’s dashboard.: Air bags

Gossip, rumor, can’t be proven.: Hearsay

James T Kirk’s rank.: Captain

Professional sports person.: Athlete

Alpinist.: Climber

Say what will happen in the future.: Predict

Platform used to carry a camera in film and TV.: Rostrum

Puzzle 3 Answers

Instruments that measure distance traveled in cars.: Odometers

More than one period of a thousand years.: Millennia

Clocks for perfectly boiled breakfast items.: Egg timers

Prove to be right.: Vindicate

Firm and unwavering.: Steadfast

Surname of British Prime Minister called Supermac.: Macmillan

These cause a severe reaction, anaphylaxis.: Allergens

Charming or influencing by tricking or flattering.: Beguiling

Discoveries made after perfoming medical exams.: Diagnoses

Olive green meteoric gem from Bohemia.: Moldavite

Scenic lakes in Ireland’s County Kerry.: Killarney

They look after sheep.: Shepherds

El Classico soccer matchup: Real Madrid vs. __.: Barcelona

Fungus with white-spotted red cap.: Fly agaric

Puzzle 4 Answers

The O in UFO.: Object

__ almonds, sugared almonds aka dragee.: Jordan

Chemical element with the symbol Na.: Sodium

Ice hockey player.: Skater

Detroit-born fast and heavy electronic music.: Techno

Old UK coin of 5 shillings; Scandinavian currency.: Crowns

Oil __, large ship that carries liquids.: Tanker

Bavarian city of three rivers, Inn, Ilz and Danube.: Passau

Ten twice.: Twenty

__ trot, dance of the 1900s for the bird, maybe.: Turkey

Nocturnal carnivorous spotted cats.: Civets

Ropes of interlaced hair, braids.: Plaits

Puzzle game with dropping colored shapes.: Tetris

Searches a person for contraband.: Frisks

Muriel Spark novel: “The Prime of Miss Jean __”.: Brodie

“Away in a __, no crib for His bed”.: Manger

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dan __, CEO of PayPal.: Schulman

Repetitive name for chili plant; popular sauce.: Piri piri

Liquid trickling out drop by drop.: Dripping

Country that is home to the Hebrides Islands.: Scotland

Cattle steering device used by Indiana Jones.: Bullwhip

City where Michelangelo’s statue of David stands.: Florence

Epic sanskrit poem ascribed to Valmiki.: Ramayana

__ to Heaven, Led Zeppelin’s 1971 hit.: Stairway

Brooklyn Beckham’s famous parents: David and __.: Victoria

Round window of a cruise ship cabin.: Porthole

One-wheeled bike ridden by circus performer.: Unicycle

Literalism, concern with small details or rules.: Pedantry

Prevent something from happening.: Preclude

Tuneful container with rotating ballerina.: Music box

To restore an old relationship.: Rekindle

Group 297

Puzzle 1 Answers

This actor played Jack Kevorkian in 2010 biopic.: Pacino

Direction of a row; left to right, not up and down.: Across

Sudden strong windstorm, especially at sea.: Squall

Excessive self-confidence.: Hubris

Musical about the witches from Oz.: Wicked

Golden statues given at the Academy Awards.: Oscars

Surname of man who created Mickey Mouse.: Disney

Former Soviet Union dictator, after Lenin’s death.: Stalin

Chinese food in small fried or steamed dumplings.: Dim sum

Tilted one’s head to the side; gun ready to fire.: Cocked

Regions where feet connect to legs, with 3 joints.: Ankles

To concentrate on achieving something.: Aspire

Puzzle 2 Answers

To stop completely, eliminate, terminate.: Abolish

Microscopic animal; Latin name means wheel-bearer.: Rotifer

Oversaw museum collection or exhibit.: Curated

Photo that is printed straight away.: Instant

When someone has stuck to or followed the rules.: Adhered

Greek civilian foot soldiers, were heavily armed.: Hoplite

Split with boyfriend or girlfriend.: Breakup

Wall-less structure with roof to shelter a vehicle.: Carport

Man-made bend on a motor-racing course.: Chicane

Flammable gas used for soldering and welding.: Propane

Part of the body impaired by nephritis.: Kidneys

Tuscan wine, often sold in straw basket.: Chianti

Part, anagram of notices.: Section

US-Canada waterfalls popular with honeymooners.: Niagara

Frenchman considered one of the masters of comedy.: Moliere

Puzzle 3 Answers

Person who is obsessively self-centered.: Egomaniac

The scientific study of sleep.: Somnology

When a building is cleared out due to an emergency.: Evacuated

Android OS version like sugary flavored candies.: Jelly bean

Another word for “wrestling”.: Grappling

Pronounce clearly.: Enunciate

Exhibiting a strong determination.: Ambitious

US Revolutionary War started at this battle site.: Lexington

Throw these during winter play fights.: Snowballs

Science fiction genre: Victorian and Industrial.: Steampunk

Indian tech city, capital of Telangana state.: Hyderabad

Keeps your hair dry in the shower, bath.: Shower cap

An add-on to an outfit e.g. a handbag or earrings.: Accessory

Laminated pastry for sweet and savory pies.: Rough puff

US political party of Obama, Clinton and JFK.: Democrats

World’s fastest dog breed; also a bus company.: Greyhound

System of writing of ancient Mesopotamia.: Cuneiform

Inking on skin.: Tattooing

The beans of this plant contain ricin.: Castor oil

Puzzle 4 Answers

Reuses/repurposes object and increases value.: Upcycles

Believing everything you are told.: Gullible

Unexpectedly, suddenly.: Abruptly

Where travelers wait to board a train.: Platform

Second longest reigning monarch: Queen __.: Victoria

Dangerous fibers found in old building materials.: Asbestos

English Forest, Nottinghamshire home of Robin Hood.: Sherwood

Sudden opening in the ground.: Sinkhole

Eating between meals.: Snacking

Unsophisticated, not knowledgeable, uneducated.: Ignorant

Los del Rio 90’s Spanish dance craze.: Macarena

With Bernstein, he exposed the Watergate scandal.: Woodward

Displaying love or affection.: Romantic

1960s stalker movie remade in the 90s with De Niro.: Cape fear

Term for a horse between the ages of one and two.: Yearling

The difference between darks/lights in an image.: Contrast

Capital of Indonesian province of Papua.: Jayapura

Puzzle 5 Answers

Something mysterious or vague.: Obscure

Vacation to Brits.: Holiday

Island in Haiti, once a port for pirates.: Tortuga

Four-stringed Hawaiian lute.: Ukulele

Beautiful woman who is half fish.: Mermaid

Noted author of James Bond novels: Ian __.: Fleming

rodent extermination device.: Rat trap

Indistinct, unclear.: Blurred

Mythological creatures with human face & bird body.: Harpies

100 years.: Century

US inventor of the solid body electric guitar.: Les paul

Group 298

Puzzle 1 Answers

Pressed laundry has been __.: Ironed

Force causing rotation.: Torque

Serpent in Greek mythology killed by Apollo.: Python

Curvature on the surface of a road.: Camber

1879 battle saw the defeat of Zulu king Cetshwayo.: Ulundi

Panamanian currency named after Spanish explorer.: Balboa

Beliefs, religions.: Faiths

First appearances.: Debuts

Ace Ventura and The Mask actor, Jim __.: Carrey

Its lighthouse is one of the 7 Classic Wonders.: Pharos

Main language spoken in Austria.: German

To oppose or deny (it rhymes).: Naysay

Shut down and start computer.: Reboot

Wave rider.: Surfer

Ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream dessert.: Sundae

Disco dance that sounds like a swindle.: Hustle

Made a noise through mouth/nose while asleep.: Snored

Lavish, of superior quality.: Deluxe

Daryl __, she made a Splash as a mermaid.: Hannah

Drying in the kiln.: Firing

Best of both __, all the advantages.: Worlds

Shakespeare’s shortest play: “Comedy of __”.: Errors

Abbreviated nickname of huge Canadian dog breed.: Newfie

Country donating Trafalgar Square Christmas trees.: Norway

Puzzle 2 Answers

Something that is satisfying, fulfilling.: Appeasing

Measurement of pain w/ tool to detect sensitivity.: Algometry

Sledges.: Toboggans

Head of the family in American Dad.: Stan smith

City where Anne Frank hid.: Amsterdam

Crushing or squashing, especially of bugs.: Squishing

Boiled dough, often added to stews.: Dumplings

City where Harvard University is located.: Cambridge

These African insects devour all in their path.: Siafu ants

Eastern __ Dollar is a currency in the West Indies.: Caribbean

A triangular gemstone cut.: Trilliant

Bigger than necessary.: Oversized

Turned off from something, repulsed.: Disgusted

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rooms under roofs of houses, often used for storage.: Attics

Flavor of the French liqueur cointreau.: Orange

City James Joyce often wrote about, his birthplace.: Dublin

Polluted, anagram of umpire.: Impure

Frequent lyricist for Elton John: Bernie __.: Taupin

__ Skywalker becomes Darth Vader in Episode 3.: Anakin

Green sweet or sour vegetable that tops burgers.: Pickle

In Buddhism, it means “cosmic law and order”.: Dharma

World’s biggest selling spice.: Pepper

For keeping hands warm.: Gloves

The opposite of love for someone.: Hatred

Where flags are on golf courses.: Greens

Puzzle 4 Answers

Utensil used to beat breakfast laid by chickens.: Eggwhisk

Stringed musical instrument played with “hammers”.: Dulcimer

Guiding in another direction, like wheel of a car.: Steering

Tabloid portmanteau for Mr Affleck and Ms Lopez.: Bennifer

They sit between the canines.: Incisors

Watched, paid close attention to.: Observed

What Captain Kirk might say.: Beam me up

Rock break of a gemstone where two parts separate.: Fracture

Devices used to trigger explosive reactions.: Ignitors

The state of abstaining from alcohol.: Sobriety

Bad winter storm.: Blizzard

NY Yankees big hitter and record holder.: Babe ruth

Enlightenment leader and writer of Candide.: Voltaire

Online button to click so you can pay for items.: Checkout

Puzzle 5 Answers

High-end, extra value.: Premium

Simple sugar important to diabetics.: Glucose

Ropes and chains that support a ship’s mast.: Rigging

Insulated portable liquid container.: Thermos

Leather makers.: Tanners

Wrinkled and crinkled and requiring ironing.: Creased

Leg __, woolly tubes worn on lower legs.: Warmers

Second-largest Balearic isle, famous for megaliths.: Minorca

Lewis __ who wrote Alice in Wonderland.: Carroll

Momentum, propulsion.: Impetus

Devoid of any happiness or positivity.: Joyless

Group 299

Puzzle 1 Answers

Covered in dots or freckles.: Speckled

Grappler.: Wrestler

Long, light French dressing-gown for women.: Peignoir

Fleeing, running away.: Escaping

Poking at someone and making them laugh.: Tickling

Asking someone sincerely to do something.: Adjuring

Specific to a particular location or area.: Regional

A type of light, not ultraviolet, near crimson.: Infrared

Second largest ocean in the world.: Atlantic

Country representative.: Diplomat

The so-called “Mad Monk” of Russia.: Rasputin

Hebrew greeting and writer’s pen name: Sholem __.: Aleichem

Male equines who have been sterilized.: Geldings

Beating something, e.g. cream, until it stiffens.: Whipping

Mafia gangsters.: Mobsters

Describes enlarged leg veins.: Varicose

Driver of a horse-drawn carriage.: Coachman

Elton John’s self-given middle name.: Hercules

Person who jumps off airplanes for sport.: Skydiver

Puzzle 2 Answers

To worry excessively, to endure mental anguish.: Agonize

Sequence of scenes that condenses space and time.: Montage

Bathroom attached to a bedroom.: En suite

Country where model Heidi Klum was born.: Germany

Detachable metal covering for a plane’s engine.: Cowling

Site of Chile’s deadliest earthquake in 1939.: Chillan

A golden yellow variety of quartz.: Citrine

In U.S., name given to an unidentified male body.: John doe

Country where the Second Indochina War took place.: Vietnam

The Time __, H.G. Wells’ tale of time-traveling.: Machine

Third pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty of Egypt.: Rameses

Grassy area between golf tee and green.: Fairway

Also called “fish-eating crocodile” found in India.: Gharial

Uranus’ moon named after the Queen of the Fairies.: Titania

Bodily organ that stores urine.: Bladder

Puzzle 3 Answers

7th century BCE King of Judah, son of Amon.: Josiah

To remove the packaging.: Unwrap

Cultivated the earth before sowing.: Plowed

Two-piece swimwear for summer season.: Bikini

Working cop.: On duty

Fiends, devils, evil spirits.: Demons

Relating to ancient religion, practiced by witches.: Wiccan

10 to the power of 100.: Googol

Valley of the __, Franco’s Catholic basilica.: Fallen

Ancient name of Greece.: Hellas

“Fruity” red liqueur invented in 1818: __ Heering.: Cherry

Name of the main Ewok in Return of the Jedi.: Wicket

Second largest planet in our Solar System.: Saturn

Padded bed coverings.: Quilts

Mozart’s favorite stringed instruments.: Violas

Macbeth’s murdered friend returns as a ghost.: Banquo

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rough, unsophisticated.: Unrefined

Jazz instrument played by Lisa Simpson.: Saxophone

Astrologer; a fish that lives and hides in warm seas.: Stargazer

Electrical discharge during a thunderstorm.: Lightning

Worried.: Concerned

Flat, cold weather footwear to aid in walking.: Snowshoes

Beach vehicle with wheels and sails used for sport.: Land yacht

Precipitous part of a high steep rock face.: Cliff edge

Dancing flowers in “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud”.: Daffodils

Round, beige legume used to make hummus.: Chickpeas

James Bond film named after Ian Fleming’s estate.: Goldeneye

British male tennis pro no 1 in 1996 and 1999-2005.: Tim henman

European city where “Game of Thrones” is filmed.: Dubrovnik

Technology that lets 2 devices connect wirelessly.: Bluetooth

Highest movement of water across earth’s surface.: King tides

Rare blue mineral, the gemstone of California.: Benitoite

Clergyman’s house provided by the church.: Parsonage

A bruise.: Contusion

Soldiers that protect from behind in a retreat.: Rearguard

U.S. trophy recognizes excellence in TV industry.: Emmy award

Puzzle 5 Answers

Relating to your immediate surroundings.: Ambient

The __, Shakespeare play with Prospero and Caliban.: Tempest

Italian term for cooked firm to the bite.: Al dente

__Holyfield, “Real Deal” heavyweight boxer.: Evander

Singer who won an Oscar for From Here to Eternity.: Sinatra

Pestered, hounded.: Plagued

Two-word epithet for the Russian mystic Rasputin.: Mad monk

Northern group of islands in West Indies.: Leeward

Cofounder of a tech company with David Packard.: Hewlett

Re is the symbol for this chemical element.: Rhenium

Mysterious, enigmatic.: Cryptic

Group 300

Puzzle 1 Answers

Also called green onions.: Scallions

Glowing white feldspar gem linked to June births.: Moonstone

Conducting a surprise attack from a hidden place.: Ambushing

Someone speaking on behalf of an important person.: Spokesman

Pilfered, stolen.: Purloined

Being __ to someone means you like them.: Attracted

To take control of again, acquire by force again.: Reconquer

Plant starch used as a thickener in sauces.: Arrowroot

Early hand-held personal organizer used a stylus.: Palmpilot

The __, film with Shirley MacLaine and Jack Lemmon.: Apartment

Musical notation indicating instrument fingering.: Tablature

Those stranded on desert islands.: Castaways

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ludicrous.: Absurd

Unsavory, seedy.: Sordid

Important matters or topics to be discussed.: Issues

Diet promotes low carb and high fat foods; Dr. ___.: Atkins

Lavish city-state located in the south of France.: Monaco

Caught or trapped.: Snared

A rabbit is pulled out of it during a magic show.: Top hat

Low, guttural sounds, like the ones made by a pig.: Grunts

Surprise attack.: Ambush

Mix with water to make less concentrated.: Dilute

Uncovered a plot before it was carried out.: Foiled

To repudiate an error in public.: Recant

City that has the longest open air art gallery.: Berlin

Biblical king who threw Daniel into the lion’s den.: Darius

Agitated, cranky like a crustacean.: Crabby

__ Bergman, star of the 1942 classic, Casablanca.: Ingrid

Plucked stringed instruments from India.: Sitars

Copa __, Spanish football cup competition.: Del rey

Not colored, i.e. natural hair color.: Undyed

Puzzle 3 Answers

Without others knowing.: Secretly

Article worn for show; a frivolous matter.: Frippery

Pencil for drawing around peepers on face.: Eye liner

Savagery, wildness.: Ferocity

Scientific name for an ocean sunfish.: Mola mola

Pest that enters homes and lands on food.: House fly

Trade in goods and services.: Commerce

Another name for cutlery.: Flatware

Violently robbed.: Pillaged

Nationality of the inventor of basketball.: Canadian

Historic trading town in Mali, Africa.: Timbuktu

Light, often elevated, transport on a single track.: Monorail

“Met his __”, a significant battle of 1815.: Waterloo

Wife of Prince Albert of Monaco, a former swimmer.: Charlene

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sicilian wine also used in cooking.: Marsala

To print for public consumption.: Publish

People who select and approve copy for newspapers.: Editors

Oil of __ is another name for sulfuric acid.: Vitriol

French greeting for hello.: Bonjour

Sloping, slanting, askew.: Oblique

Cool Runnings is about this type of sports’ team.: Bobsled

Simon __, liberator of Latin America.: Bolivar

Island located between Japan and Taiwan.: Okinawa

Remorseful, apologetic, regretful.: Ashamed

Puzzle 5 Answers

The scientific study of animal behavior.: Ethology

To cut something off, unwittingly abbreviate.: Truncate

King of Sparta and husband of Helen of Troy.: Menelaus

William __, U.S. author of The Sound and the Fury.: Faulkner

Accompanied to another place for security.: Escorted

Type of spit-roast pig.: Suckling

Musical openings.: Preludes

Working out a puzzle or mystery.: Deducing

Wooden cupboards for storage.: Cabinets

Small pot in which tobacco chewers deposit saliva.: Spittoon

Its capital is Tegucigalpa.: Honduras

Traffic signal that means stop.: Red light

Skin sores containing fluid caused by friction.: Blisters

Staircase handrail.: Banister

Army unit of a number of battalions.: Regiment

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