CodyCross La Bella Roma Answers

La Bella Roma Answers

Group 401

Puzzle 1 Answers

The craft of making porcelain or earthenware.: Pottery

Hinder, restrain.: Inhibit

Foretell that something will happen in future.: Predict

Process of interlocking loops of yarn with a hook.: Crochet

Italian rice dish cooked in broth until creamy.: Risotto

Number defined as 1 followed by 9 zeros.: Billion

Cancels permissions or access rights.: Revokes

Destination of the virtuous in Greek mythology.: Elysium

Russian author of War and Peace.: Tolstoy

Small Greek restaurant or cafe.: Taverna

Very weak, insubstantial.: Tenuous

Furniture containing a concealed chamber pot.: Commode

Puzzle 2 Answers

Morally corrupt.: Depraved

Alcoholic mixed drink.: Cocktail

Mystical adviser to Czar Nicholas II of Russia.: Rasputin

Losing consciousness.: Fainting

Ridiculous, preposterous.: Farcical

Outstanding tennis sisters Venus and Serena __.: Williams

City home to the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore.: Florence

Small structure for drying plates on.: Dish rack

Sporadic, intermittent, periodic.: Episodic

Encourage, compel someone to do something.: Motivate

Kids who have escaped home.: Runaways

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rises or grows rapidly.: Escalates

Person who moves scenery in theatrical productions.: Stagehand

Deeply engaging 3D experience, such as when gaming.: Immersive

Deception, two-facedness.: Duplicity

TV Adventures of the Ricardos and Mertzes.: I love lucy

Frequency range for transmitting internet signals.: Bandwidth

Tribe or clan leader.: Chieftain

Gargamel’s blue lady spy.: Smurfette

Rod Stewart hit about a fling with an older woman.: Maggie may

French maker of stilettos with red soles.: Louboutin

“Sweet” mountain peak located in Rio de Janeiro.: Sugar loaf

Organisations doing good works.: Charities

Puzzle 4 Answers

The most glossy, most polished.: Shiniest

Cave of ____ has Paleolithic paintings, in Spain.: Altamira

Hungarian capital city on the Danube river.: Budapest

Nun dwellings.: Convents

Greedily, eagerly.: Hungrily

Lawbreaker.: Criminal

Radio frequencies for broadcasting.: Airwaves

Cut of a garment above the chest.: Neckline

Fastener for binding electric wires together.: Cable tie

Song by Queen: Bohemian __.: Rhapsody

Once upon a __ dreary: by Edgar Allan Poe.: Midnight

Snowstorm.: Blizzard

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pieces of printed music.: Scores

Use this on Instagram to change a photo’s look.: Filter

Says hello.: Greets

Long choux bun has cream filling and chocolate top.: Eclair

Head-wrap worn by a Sikh.: Turban

Lotus __ S1, Bond’s car in The Spy Who Loved Me.: Esprit

A song’s refrain.: Chorus

Security.: Safety

Weapon that fires heavy iron balls.: Cannon

Illustrious __, Sherlock is approached by a royal.: Client

Roland __; Parisian Grand Slam tennis venue.: Garros

Stella __, Belgian pilsner.: Artois

Group 402

Puzzle 1 Answers

Husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus.: Joseph

Leave.: Depart

Capital of Cook Islands.: Avarua

He pulled the trigger.: Gunman

Breakfast tart with eggs and fillings.: Quiche

__ Pete, nickname of tennis player Sampras.: Pistol

Not in front.: Behind

Equines.: Horses

Showy, glamorous, sparkly.: Glitzy

Flat, polished sides of a diamond.: Facets

Composer called “The Poet of the Piano”.: Chopin

Japanese art form of small trees.: Bonsai

Puzzle 2 Answers

Exploding, like a cork from a bottle.: Popping

Word formed by rearranging the letters of another.: Anagram

Ancient light source, no electricity.: Oil lamp

Bram Stoker’s famous vampire.: Dracula

Primary patron saint of Ireland: St. __.: Patrick

The level of sourness, e.g. of a food or substance.: Acidity

Tennis played with one player each side of the net.: Singles

Unseen prompt for actors, held off screen.: Cue card

Field of fruit trees.: Orchard

Queasy, nauseous.: Bilious

Director of the Italian film Nights of Cabiria.: Fellini

Singer Niall Horan’s native country.: Ireland

Puzzle 3 Answers

Actor John __; played T-Birds’ leader in Grease.: Travolta

Shined to a glossy finish.: Polished

Pleads.: Implores

One who subscribes to another’s tweets.: Follower

Leonardo __ was The Wolf of Wall Street.: Dicaprio

Spectacularly embarrassing mistake.: Epic fail

Tube leading from the outer to inner hearing organ.: Ear canal

Lemongrass helps treat this scaly scalp condition.: Dandruff

Type of restaurant most likely to serve sushi.: Japanese

Former name for Zambia and Zimbabwe.: Rhodesia

Fundamental component.: Mainstay

Element with the chemical symbol Pt.: Platinum

Love song, used to court someone.: Serenade

Clyde __, US astronomer who discovered Pluto in 1930.: Tombaugh

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chastising.: Scolding

Coin-operated communication.: Pay phone

Kelly and Jack’s heavy metal singer dad, Ozzy __.: Osbourne

Relating to the Greek capital.: Athenian

Thin tissue-sheet boundary in a living organism.: Membrane

Well-spoken, articulate.: Eloquent

St Peter’s __; focal point of the Vatican City.: Basilica

Birds found on the coast.: Seagulls

Athletic event of leaping across sand area.: Long jump

Sleeping platform with a liquid mattress.: Water bed

Noise-making vehicle anti-theft mechanism.: Car alarm

Viral reactivation of the chickenpox virus.: Shingles

Chinese system for placing objects in a room.: Feng shui

Since birth, lasting all one’s years.: Lifelong

Register of people present.: Roll call

Person who brings goods into a county in bulk.: Importer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Risky.: Dangerous

__ Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.: Talladega

__ Willie, Mickey’s first film, released in 1928.: Steamboat

Traditional greeting of business people.: Hand shake

Not pleasant to look at.: Unsightly

People from Bucharest are __.: Romanians

Little __ are fibs meant to do no harm.: White lies

Daily prophecy or advice based on the zodiac.: Horoscope

Fascinated, curious about.: Intrigued

Elvis Presley’s actress wife.: Priscilla

Group 403

Puzzle 1 Answers

Struggle, brawl.: Tussle

Innocence; freedom from contamination.: Purity

What Iran was called formerly.: Persia

Ocean where walruses are concentrated.: Arctic

Fast-moving river area.: Rapids

A __ tweet stays at the top of a feed.: Pinned

Thrill of victory, the agony of __.: Defeat

Green guy who stole Christmas.: Grinch

__ Franklin, Queen of Soul.: Aretha

__ infection; disease caused by spores.: Fungal

Forested wetlands along the Mississippi.: Swamps

__ Fleece, found on the flying ram of Aries.: Golden

Barney and Betty’s last name in the Flintstones.: Rubble

Puzzle 2 Answers

Exploit.: Overwork

Extra big bed, fit for a male monarch.: King size

Nationality of a native of Tirana.: Albanian

Hamlet’s stepfather who is also his uncle.: Claudius

Idly chattering, like a brook.: Babbling

Jon __; comic strip cat Garfield’s owner.: Arbuckle

Photos of a designer’s seasonal collection.: Look book

Italian tomato sauce.: Marinara

Inundated with water.: Engulfed

Mecca’s most distinguished historical figure.: Muhammad

Under __ by Queen.: Pressure

Finds a solution, settles a dispute.: Resolves

Flap of skin underneath the tongue.: Frenulum

Puzzle 3 Answers

Vastness of size, enormity.: Immensity

Closed the window doors on a shop.: Shuttered

This Venetian beauty elopes with Othello.: Desdemona

Loved and protected.: Cherished

French torch-song singer of La Vie en rose.: Edith piaf

Rodent with quills.: Porcupine

Insatiable.: Voracious

__ wraps; don’t give away a secret.: Keep under

Shining, making something glisten.: Polishing

Tennis penalty when serving on a baseline.: Foot fault

Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome.: Colosseum

Samhainophobia is the fear of this.: Halloween

Greek dramatist of the Bacchae and Orestes.: Euripides

__ up, fried eggs with the yoke showing.: Sunnyside

Followers and fans of Justin Bieber.: Beliebers

Puzzle 4 Answers

In the open air; outdoors (Italian).: Alfresco

Holy or consecrated.: Hallowed

Doggedly chasing.: Hounding

Power tool associated with Texas massacre movies.: Chainsaw

Geological time period of the first dinosaurs.: Triassic

Sessions during which auditions are held.: Castings

Nero’s great uncle who adopted him.: Claudius

Day of the week of the Travolta’s Night Fever.: Saturday

Fried squid dish.: Calamari

Katana-wielding Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.: Leonardo

Tasks to be tackled, written in order of priority.: To do list

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ponte __; medieval stone bridge in Florence.: Vecchio

Singer with Fenty beauty line of makeup.: Rihanna

Brighten, become happier.: Gladden

Filthier, grubbier.: Dirtier

Metal cap worn to protect against needle pinches.: Thimble

Large spotted wild cat.: Leopard

Month in which Libras and some Scorpios are born.: October

Make an image more in focus.: Sharpen

Flat Italian pasta sheets.: Lasagna

Walked in step, like a soldier.: Marched

Series of Japanese animated films with Pikachu.: Pokemon

Photo taken upon arrest.: Mugshot

Group 404

Puzzle 1 Answers

Capital letters.: Uppercase

__ your mind; a mental burden eased.: Weight off

Gravemarker with inscription.: Headstone

Istanbul even before it was Constantinople.: Byzantium

Oddly, weirdly.: Bizarrely

Grippy footwear worn on nautical vessels.: Boat shoes

Primary hub city for Lufthansa Airlines.: Frankfurt

Food regime with zero animal products.: Vegan diet

Il __, a Verdi opera about a troubadour.: Trovatore

Oval-banked cycling track.: Velodrome

Ash __, first day of Lent.: Wednesday

Giant brick construction ordered by Shi Huangdi.: Great wall

Puzzle 2 Answers

Hans Christian Andersen tale: The __ and the Pea.: Princess

Leave one’s country and resettle elsewhere.: Emigrate

Answering people’s tweets or messages.: Replying

Resident of a house, a tenant or dweller.: Occupant

Gap between the teeth.: Diastema

ABBA-themed musical film and stage show.: Mamma mia

Hiding game enjoyed by babies.: Peekaboo

Tied-back hairstyle.: Ponytail

Strong Roman god.: Hercules

Palpable, can be touched.: Tangible

Specialist in the scientific study of plants.: Botanist

Puzzle 3 Answers

Hole in mountain or hill that can grow speleothems.: Cavern

Richard __, traveled to Mecca; namesake of actor.: Burton

__ saints; every place has their own.: Patron

Japanese organized crime syndicate, like the Mafia.: Yakuza

Distressing or urgent situations.: Crises

Fourth astrological sign in the Zodiac.: Cancer

An optical illusion in the desert.: Mirage

Famous for its shell-shaped roof: __ Opera House.: Sydney

Traditional Japanese dramatic performance.: Kabuki

Egyptian god of the underworld.: Osiris

Dog.: Canine

Deep blue colour.: Indigo

__ pastries, assorted yeasty breakfast treats.: Danish

Puzzle 4 Answers

Prospero’s young daughter in The Tempest.: Miranda

Ocean that is the largest on Earth.: Pacific

David’s successor at the end of 1 Chronicles.: Solomon

Face powder case with built-in mirror.: Compact

Long pole with weights at either end.: Barbell

Reprimanded for bad behaviour.: Scolded

How most UK monarchs are now addressed: Your __.: Majesty

Severe.: Chronic

Only living species of the acinonyx genus.: Cheetah

Awarding a mark for an assignment.: Grading

Puzzle 5 Answers

He delivered newsprint to your door.: Paperboy

Forming plans or a writer constructing a story.: Plotting

___ Lacus; Roman name for Lake Lugano.: Ceresius

Compelling attractiveness.: Charisma

Making a heavy, metallic noise.: Clanking

Lotion used to relieve itchiness.: Calamine

Old, heavy sailing ships.: Galleons

The Godfather and Scarface actor.: Al pacino

Large swelling luminous star with cool surface.: Red giant

Spirits or spectres.: Phantoms

Wet weather to save money for.: Rainy day

Group 405

Puzzle 1 Answers

Portable exercise weight.: Dumbbell

Venomous flat fish with long, thin tail.: Stingray

Lawless, instruction less.: Ruleless

Papers with adhesive backing, for pricing goods.: Stickers

Second-level pilot checks for software programs.: Beta test

Not scared, courageous, intrepid.: Fearless

Spanish word for pharmacy.: Farmacia

Cave of the __, huge transclucent shards in Mexico.: Crystals

__ an Egyptian; 1986 smash hit for The Bangles.: Walk like

Landlocked country linked to the origin of coffee.: Ethiopia

Was hired to work for a company.: Employed

Jungle Book movie birds modelled after The Beatles.: Vultures

Puzzle 2 Answers

May or may not be successful.: Hit or miss

Stringed instruments, similar to lutes.: Mandolins

Member of the rabbit or hare family.: Lagomorph

Green colour named after a type of nut.: Pistachio

What the “A” stands for in the diagnosis ADHD.: Attention

Natural feature, e.g. Niagara.: Waterfall

Tennis __ saw the birth of the French constitution.: Court oath

Noticed, perceived.: Discerned

Harmless, safe.: Innocuous

In television: not on screen.: Off camera

Puzzle 3 Answers

Halted.: Stopped

Def __, British heavy metal band.: Leppard

Painting style with thick layers of paint applied.: Impasto

Sent unwanted emails to users.: Spammed

Mess, untidy proliferation.: Clutter

Short story by Oscar Wilde: The __ Giant.: Selfish

Audible sign of possible sleep apnea.: Snoring

No longer existing, no longer useful.: Defunct

Place of significant activity; popular hangout.: Hotspot

Northern and southern hemisphere divider.: Equator

Using another’s phrase or saying.: Quoting

Toasted bread cube found in salads.: Crouton

One fourth part.: Quarter

Showing sincere and intense conviction.: Earnest

Puzzle 4 Answers

Humbled, made to feel guilty publicly.: Shamed

Light meal accompaniment, with lettuce, cucumber.: Salads

River that flows through Baghdad.: Tigris

To have put a barrier around animals.: Fenced

To deny an accusation.: Refute

Appearances, pretenses, costumes.: Guises

Family ruling Florence for most of the Renaissance.: Medici

__ and Jake Gyllenhaal, acting siblings.: Maggie

Country where Leon Trotsky was assassinated.: Mexico

A mule is created by mating a horse and a __.: Donkey

White hat worn by MJ in Smooth Criminal video.: Fedora

Bird depicted as the head of Egyptian god Horus.: Falcon

Puzzle 5 Answers

Popular red fruits grown in home gardens.: Tomatoes

Broad, strongly built.: Heavyset

Glass bottle used to serve wine.: Decanter

Settler of a new country.: Colonist

Programs used on a computer, e.g. games.: Software

The amount of tasks to be completed for one’s job.: Workload

Conning someone.: Tricking

Well-educated people who are interested in books.: Literati

Famous waterfall on the Zimbabwe-Zambia border.: Victoria

__ whale, aerially active breaching mammal.: Humpback

An active hit for Olivia Newton-John in 1981.: Physical

Group 406

Puzzle 1 Answers

Set apart from all the rest.: Segregate

Power outages, when electric lights fail.: Blackouts

Thick, cool and flavoured fast-food drink.: Milkshake

Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ nationality.: Colombian

Deaf German classical composer.: Beethoven

Term for a plant that lives more than two years.: Perennial

Plane-jumping sport.: Skydiving

Yellow metal, symbol Sr, used in cathode ray tubes.: Strontium

Philosopher to whom Kong Miao Temple is dedicated.: Confucius

Not a fake, the genuine article.: Real mccoy

Explains in clear detail.: Clarifies

Ice crystals that form a circle around the sun.: Solar halo

Principal wife of the pharaoh Akhenaten: Queen __.: Nefertiti

Calming tea herb.: Chamomile

To speak or act on behalf of someone else.: Intercede

Put money into a bank account.: Deposited

Puzzle 2 Answers

Larger body from which 12 jurors are chosen.: Jury pool

Pills, tablets.: Capsules

Early Beatles drummer, often titled the 5th Beatle.: Pete best

Athletes who clear obstacles.: Hurdlers

Sofa accessories.: Cushions

Due or planned to happen at a certain time.: Expected

Able to be carried.: Portable

Dark red, polished hardwood for furniture.: Mahogany

Car that races over a quarter mile.: Dragster

Cook who is in charge in the kitchen.: Head chef

Outshines, overshadows.: Eclipses

Puzzle 3 Answers

Anatomical term for tailbone.: Coccyx

Use it to clear out the snow.: Shovel

Get a message across.: Convey

Largest country in area in the Northern hemisphere.: Russia

Green tea powder.: Matcha

Longs for.: Yearns

Not senior.: Junior

Ancient military leader of the Huns.: Attila

Dora the Explorer antagonist.: Swiper

Little __ of Fourteen Years, by Edgar Degas.: Dancer

Footwear label that Victoria Beckham designs for.: Reebok

Puzzle 4 Answers

Acceptability.: Adequacy

English nursery rhyme: “Mary, Mary, Quite __”.: Contrary

Smearing ink.: Smudging

Making air-filled spheres; boiling.: Bubbling

Avoidance of reality through fantasy/entertainment.: Escapism

Brazil’s capital (not Rio de Janeiro).: Brasilia

In the __ hemisphere, spring begins in September.: Southern

Prevents illness or bad luck from harming you.: Wards off

Sauce tossed onto salad to add flavour.: Dressing

Slow-moving ice mountains.: Glaciers

Puzzle 5 Answers

Share someone’s Twitter musings to your followers.: Retweet

Conducted yourself politely.: Behaved

Brown dot on skin.: Freckle

Physicist had a sound waves effect named after him.: Doppler

Journeys.: Voyages

Japanese island where karate originated.: Okinawa

__ Pilate, Roman governor who judged Jesus.: Pontius

Historical document collection.: Archive

Modus __; Latin phrase meaning way of life.: Vivendi

Wilted, flopped.: Drooped

Moet et __, French champagne house.: Chandon

Group 407

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another word for prepared wood.: Timber

Lake __, turquoise lake & resort in Alberta, CA.: Louise

Bay of __; gulf of the Atlantic bordering France.: Biscay

Steer violently around something.: Swerve

Featured instrument in Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons.: Violin

The swaying gait of ducks.: Waddle

Confirm to be true.: Verify

Robert __ was a Taxi Driver in 1976.: De niro

Miss __, Vietnam love story about Madame Butterfly.: Saigon

Velvety-tasting, like a carbonara.: Creamy

A market in a Middle Eastern country.: Bazaar

Puzzle 2 Answers

Invention that inspired the first opera glasses.: Telescope

To discuss the terms of an agreement via debate.: Negotiate

South Asian flat staple served with curries.: Naan bread

Musical movie soundtrack.: Film score

Canadian Pacific isle with its capital at Victoria.: Vancouver

Thickness of a liquid.: Viscosity

First Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Sully __.: Prudhomme

Sudden memory of a past experience.: Flashback

Containers for saws, hammers, drills etc.: Toolboxes

British band created by Simon Cowell: One __.: Direction

St Peter’s earthly profession.: Fisherman

Indigestion.: Heartburn

Wassily __, Russian abstract painter.: Kandinsky

Puzzle 3 Answers

Like a phantom, ghostly.: Ghoulish

Stripes, checks, polka dots, floral are all these.: Patterns

Pertaining to the self; __ planets, inner planets.: Personal

What the E stands for in a record format EP.: Extended

Material draped around windows and drawn shut.: Curtains

Autonomous community in north-west Spain.: Asturias

Make a claim retrospectively valid.: Backdate

Followed closely, observing work practices.: Shadowed

Type of melon and a scientific Muppet character.: Honeydew

Weather condition estimate.: Forecast

Microsoft’s online file-hosting service.: One drive

As American or as British as this fruity pastry.: Apple pie

Evergreen tree offspring.: Pinecone

Beach-based drama series with lifeguard action.: Baywatch

Feeling elated.: Euphoric

Puzzle 4 Answers

In Greek mythology, the city founded by Queen Dido.: Carthage

Coming out from cover.: Emerging

Spots on buildings for aircraft to land.: Helipads

A picture is worth this many words.: Thousand

Laboratory substance.: Chemical

Strips of stickiness to catch summer insects.: Flypaper

You’re in here if in disgrace (one for canines!).: Doghouse

Puts forward a plan.: Proposes

Makes officially valid, like a treaty.: Ratifies

Strips of material to wrap a wound.: Bandages

Breathe this in when you are outdoors.: Fresh air

World’s second largest landlocked country by area.: Mongolia

Degree earner.: Graduate

Term for inflammation of the substance of a bone.: Osteitis

Beta-__, red-orange pigment found in carrots.: Carotene

Touching a football with your arm, by accident.: Hand ball

Puzzle 5 Answers

Avoiding the question.: Evasive

Hobbling.: Limping

Sailor.: Mariner

Vertical strip at the left or right of a website.: Sidebar

Likes one thing over another.: Prefers

Arrow holsters.: Quivers

US postal cipher at the end of an address.: Zip code

Visible African country from Straits of Gibraltar.: Morocco

Title or address of a married Italian lady.: Signora

Puzzle-loving Batman adversary.: Riddler

In fashion; a 90s R&B female group.: En vogue

Tibetan, Neapolitan, & English breeds of this dog.: Mastiff

Mint compound from peppermint oil used in cigs.: Menthol

Slanting or sloping line; side abdominal muscle.: Oblique

Group 408

Puzzle 1 Answers

Soft, squishy item for washing your body.: Sponge

Japanese robe closed with an obi.: Kimono

Put upside down or in the opposite position.: Invert

Frightened.: Scared

Closest Caribbean island to Florida.: Bimini

Chinese astrology animal with floppy ears.: Rabbit

The main course, in US.: Entree

Largest hot desert in the world.: Sahara

Agatha Christie’s character, detective Hercule __.: Poirot

Fine parchment made from the skin of a calf.: Vellum

A solution of salt in water.: Saline

Puzzle 2 Answers

Insect that makes a noise by rubbing its wings.: Cricket

Rocket launcher.: Bazooka

Your father’s father.: Grandpa

Sugar in milk products many people can’t tolerate.: Lactose

Sporting boat race.: Regatta

Water __, another name for Aquarius.: Carrier

Woodland areas under threat from being cut down.: Forests

Official language of Belize.: English

A bold or daring act.: Exploit

Extreme tiredness, exhaustion.: Fatigue

Commonplace, ordinary, expected.: Typical

Roman god of wine.: Bacchus

Business tycoon.: Magnate

Highest mountain in Greece.: Olympus

Author of the novel “Bleak House”: Charles __.: Dickens

Frilly gathers of material that decorate clothes.: Ruffles

Puzzle 3 Answers

Brazilian black bean stew.: Feijoada

Getting older and wiser.: Maturing

Place of abode.: Dwelling

Nut-hoarding animal.: Squirrel

The capital of South Carolina.: Columbia

Jacques __, French sailor and underwater explorer.: Cousteau

Ceremony for driving out evil spirits.: Exorcism

Applied a dressing to a wound.: Bandaged

City where Catherine de Medici was born.: Florence

Ecclesiastical districts with churches.: Parishes

Tennessee ‘good stuff’ summer festival.: Bonnaroo

Term for Carnival season in Greece.: Apokreas

Puzzle 4 Answers

State of being usual, common, natural.: Normalcy

Surgical cutting of nerves in the brain.: Lobotomy

Longest reigning Roman emperor.: Augustus

Mountain range along the entire Italian peninsula.: Apennine

A chance occurrence.: Fortuity

Nationality of one from the city of Sucre.: Bolivian

Jose __, tenor singer with Domingo and Pavarotti.: Carreras

Maximum extent across the arms of a plane.: Wingspan

Filipino professional boxer, Manny __.: Pacquiao

The occasion of a person’s birth.: Nativity

The most expensive.: Priciest

Found in Chinese cookies.: Fortunes

Cold cabbage side dish.: Coleslaw

Puzzle 5 Answers

Looming close, approaching.: Impending

Breeze that hits perpendicularly.: Crosswind

Ride of the __ by Wagner.: Valkyries

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics.: Egyptians

Encouraged, given the impetus to go ahead.: Motivated

Devoted support.: Adherence

Artificial sugary addition or payment as a bribe.: Sweetener

Kim __, Belgian tennis star of the 2000s.: Clijsters

The Netherlands’ capital.: Amsterdam

Kevin McCallister fends off robbers by himself.: Home alone

Group 409

Puzzle 1 Answers

Disease typically associated with hyperglycemia.: Diabetes

Cloth for drying dishes.: Tea towel

The smallest trace, only just visible.: Faintest

ABBA song about Napoleon.: Waterloo

Rio’s biggest festival.: Carnival

Former Roman temple, now a church.: Pantheon

Salad in Italian.: Insalata

Belize, before it gained independence: British __.: Honduras

They grow up to be kings of the jungle.: Lion cubs

Wildlife hit by traffic on the highway.: Road kill

__ fields, swathes of purply bushes in Provence.: Lavender

Latrine shack.: Outhouse

Puzzle 2 Answers

A fluid- or air-filled cavity or sac in the body.: Vesicle

Dolce & __, Light Blue perfume makers.: Gabbana

__ wage, lowest legal rate of pay.: Minimum

Enclosure for babies for fun and games.: Playpen

Worth a thousand words.: Picture

Main Cretan town, built with a huge palace.: Knossos

paper-folding, the Japanese way.: Origami

Italian town squares.: Piazzas

Moveable wardrobe, often antique.: Armoire

Wriggling fly larvae.: Maggots

Creator of the Mongolian Empire: __ Khan.: Genghis

__ Clay; birth name of boxing legend Muhammad Ali.: Cassius

Compound that is the main component of cane sugar.: Sucrose

Puzzle 3 Answers

Creator or maintainer of online content and sites.: Webmaster

Hugging.: Embracing

Fear of bees.: Apiphobia

Machine that produces electricity.: Generator

Eva Peron was married to this country’s president.: Argentina

Making it to the end zone with ball in hand.: Touchdown

Shone an image onto a screen.: Projected

Raise the stakes.: Up the ante

Longest skeletal part of the leg (not technical).: Thighbone

Yellow __, Beatles album and film of 1968/9.: Submarine

Ancient Egyptian queen.: Cleopatra

Holiday that occurs the day before Boxing Day.: Christmas

Feeling of intense dislike.: Animosity

Medicinal sweet to aid sore throats.: Cough drop

Country of the natural wonder Uluru (Ayers Rock).: Australia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Busy.: Occupied

Signed off Merrie Melodies with That’s All, Folks!.: Porky pig

Another name for adults, when talking with kids.: Grown ups

Show to be wrong or false.: Disprove

Stop subscribing to someone’s Twitter feed.: Unfollow

__ Things by the Duff Brothers.: Stranger

Film actress originally from South Africa: __ Theron.: Charlize

Italian hard almond biscuits.: Biscotti

Pot for making hollandaise.: Saucepan

Grating, irritating.: Annoying

Mexican carnival-style music festival.: Bahidora

Second-largest city in Peru.: Arequipa

Releasing gas from the mouth after a heavy meal.: Belching

A patient person can wait for cows to do this.: Come home

Pirate’s company onboard.: Crewmate

Fixing a hole in cloth with more cloth.: Patching

Puzzle 5 Answers

Better known name of the Greek god Loxius.: Apollo

Capital city of Saudi Arabia.: Riyadh

Someone who is in jail.: Inmate

Glares, frowns, glowers.: Scowls

Thin, white fungal coating, grows on damp clothes.: Mildew

__-me-not, borage plant with small blue flowers.: Forget

__ Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes tales.: Arthur

Occasions, ceremonies, things that are happening.: Events

Meghan –, since May 2018 Duchess of Sussex.: Markle

Paul Francois __ led a coup against Robespierre.: Barras

They could be blue or beluga.: Whales

Disney mouse.: Mickey

Someone who is extremely talented or admired.: Phenom

Group 410

Puzzle 1 Answers

Emotion, feeling, nostalgia.: Sentiment

Daisy-family plant, its extracts said to aid colds.: Echinacea

Based on random choice.: Arbitrary

Little inhabitants of Emerald City.: Munchkins

Sweaters with buttons down the front.: Cardigans

Stretchy trousers used for exercise or meditation.: Yoga pants

What comes from a tap marked C.: Cold water

City birthplace of the four Beatles.: Liverpool

Zero __, policing system with strict policies.: Tolerance

Depicted or represented.: Portrayed

Puzzle 2 Answers

Vision, hallucination.: Illusion

Walks unsteadily and giddily.: Staggers

State of having no hair.: Baldness

Less than half the whole.: Minority

Spanish island where Rafael Nadal was born.: Mallorca

Orchestral composition featuring soloists.: Concerto

Places where grapes are processed.: Wineries

Volcano that destroyed Herculaneum: Mt. __.: Vesuvius

Close friend of Harry Potter: __ Granger.: Hermione

Selecting and organizing items in a collection.: Curating

Ability to keep afloat in water.: Buoyancy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Hawaiian volcano, the world’s most active.: Kilauea

Former Berlin wall crossing point: Checkpoint __.: Charlie

Behind home plate in baseball.: Catcher

Presumed cause of the Plague of Athens: __ fever.: Typhoid

Act or show off.: Perform

The fallen angel.: Lucifer

Bathroom directly joined to a bedroom.: En suite

Air __ control; green light for flights to depart.: Traffic

Not nice.: Naughty

Threatening.: Ominous

Diffidence, timidity.: Shyness

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ baby! Utterance of 60s archetype Austin Powers.: Groovy

Right place to find Hispanic groceries.: Bodega

Someone who enjoys cigars or cigarettes.: Smoker

Salsa aficionado; ballroom mover.: Dancer

__ bar, cereal snack that gives you a boost.: Energy

An account has been __ when accessed illegally.: Hacked

National animal of Canada.: Beaver

The weaver in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Nick __.: Bottom

Ship for catching large mammals.: Whaler

Natural material that baskets are made from.: Wicker

Long, narrow sea inlets bordered by steep cliffs.: Fjords

Season when the Wimbledon tournaments take place.: Summer

__ boot, term for latex, waterproof footwear.: Rubber

Capital of the Bahamas.: Nassau

Puzzle 5 Answers

Wooden window coverings.: Shutters

The decade of Madonna.: Eighties

Formal observance or celebration.: Ceremony

Eastern Namibia desert.: Kalahari

Only barely, thinly.: Narrowly

Ruler of Haiti from 1957 to 1971.: Duvalier

Like a house in need of frequent, costly repairs.: Moneypit

Circular conveyor of luggage in an airport.: Carousel

Beta __; blood pressure-reducing medications.: Blockers

Katniss __ of The Hunger Games.: Everdeen

Group 411

Puzzle 1 Answers

People told to leave a place for safety.: Evacuees

__ of Venice by William Shakespeare.: Merchant

Spain’s “Catholic Monarchs”: Ferdinand and __.: Isabella

Caviar fish.: Sturgeon

These are for standing on, after a shower.: Bathmats

Poster advertising a theatrical performance.: Playbill

Beatles LP featuring Taxman and Eleanor Rigby.: Revolver

She brings your order at a diner.: Waitress

Unexpected event.: Surprise

Homeless wanderer.: Vagabond

Former Hostess sponge cake with cream filling.: Twinkies

Capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.: Kinshasa

France’s July 14th celebration, ___ Day.: Bastille

Puzzle 2 Answers

Newspaper bosses.: Editors

Smaller-sized products for testing.: Samples

Ursula __ portrayed Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale.: Andress

Soap spheres.: Bubbles

Patriarch of the Jewish people, father of Isaac.: Abraham

Distinctive, colourful facial feature of a clown.: Red nose

Destructive wind storm with funnel-shaped cloud.: Tornado

Sneer, forced smile.: Grimace

To progress to the next stage in a video game.: Level up

Founder of the Royal Philharmonic: Sir Thomas __.: Beecham

Small, dark, sour cherry.: Morello

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wrist restraints for an arrested criminal.: Handcuffs

Antarctica’s largest island, named for a czar.: Alexander

A residence for monks.: Monastery

Examples of this include a potato and a carrot.: Vegetable

Thinks up an idea.: Conceives

Grievance about a shop-bought item.: Complaint

Scientific techniques used to solve a crime.: Forensics

Timing device for sporting events.: Stopwatch

Priestess of Apollo whose prophecies were doubted.: Cassandra

Australian parrot with orange cheek circles.: Cockatiel

Turns against, behaves treacherously.: Backstabs

Wild, drunken celebration.: Bacchanal

The lamp that illuminates the star act on stage.: Spotlight

Not showing care for the consequences of an action.: Imprudent

The medical test abbreviated BMP: Basic __ Panel.: Metabolic

Director of first non-silent British feature film.: Hitchcock

Puzzle 4 Answers

Handy for a certain purpose.: Useful

Soviet dictator who created the USSR.: Stalin

French word for “chicken”.: Poulet

A tight grasp.: Clutch

A sockeye is this kind of fish.: Salmon

Apply these to stop a car moving.: Brakes

Witty exchanges.: Banter

Contemporary style, often simplistic, up to date.: Modern

David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter.: Harper

Hindu festival of lights.: Diwali

Where Guinness beer comes from.: Dublin

Bite the __.: Bullet

No Matter What Sign __, Diana Ross & the Supremes.: You are

Puzzle 5 Answers

Savoury mince, shaped and baked in the oven.: Meatloaf

To have brought contraband into the country.: Smuggled

__ spaniel; lively, energetic gun dog breed.: Springer

Abhors, shuns.: Deplores

Mating and production of offspring in animals.: Breeding

Unpleasant, nasty, disgusting.: Horrible

Duke of Milan in Shakespeare’s The Tempest.: Prospero

Elbow-shaped pasta.: Macaroni

Sudden destabilising symptom of vertigo.: Head rush

Tropical islands found south of India.: Maldives

To be immature.: Childish

Leader of the Decepticons in Transformers.: Megatron

Complain about, vent out loud.: Sound off

Delicate pattern of silver or gold wire.: Filigree

Boxing training without hard blows.: Sparring

Group 412

Puzzle 1 Answers

Flogging.: Whipping

A given criminal’s behavior pattern: “modus __”.: Operandi

Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.: Sarajevo

Month when British people celebrate Bonfire Night.: November

Knives and other eating utensils.: Flatware

Tangy citrus juice.: Lemonade

Deplete ocean stocks by catching too many.: Overfish

__ Fighter, mixed martial arts competition.: Ultimate

It can house fresh water or salt water fish.: Aquarium

Busiest, most happening part of a city.: Downtown

Daughter of Oedipus; story by Cocteau and Anouilh.: Antigone

Defeat in a battle, subdue, overcome.: Vanquish

Criticize harshly.: Lambaste

Former name for Microsoft OneDrive.: Skydrive

Causing an injury.: Wounding

Puzzle 2 Answers

Top cash prize in a competition or lottery.: Jackpot

Bridge-like structure with arches across a valley.: Viaduct

Responded.: Replied

Scottish knitwear brand with diamond pattern.: Pringle

Remote Australian bush land.: Outback

Tony Stark’s alter ego.: Iron man

Male on-court retriever in tennis.: Ballboy

Greek stew of meat and onions.: Stifado

Stacked sleeping arrangements.: Bunk bed

Mark on the skin.: Blemish

Spiritual leaders with special healing abilities.: Shamans

Claire de Lune composer.: Debussy

Long locks of hair.: Tresses

Goes back, retreats.: Recedes

Mixes with water to make less concentrated.: Dilutes

The practice of growing food to sell.: Farming

Novel featuring the character of Leopold Bloom.: Ulysses

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tool used to drive nails into wood.: Hammer

__ Carey bought Marilyn Monroe’s baby grand piano.: Mariah

A divine utterance delivered to man.: Oracle

Style of popular music featuring rap.: Hip hop

Invented, untrue, fictional.: Made up

Creme __, vanilla cream with burnt topping.: Brulee

Threaten or endanger, like Dennis the __.: Menace

Edge, outskirts – or UK word for “bangs”.: Fringe

Add-on software component.: Plugin

Thin layer of wood as a decorative surface.: Veneer

Hebrew word of greeting or taking leave.: Shalom

Body part that includes the pharnyx and larynx.: Throat

Puzzle 4 Answers

Emotional responses.: Reactions

Thin, flat writing material used in medieval times.: Parchment

Film: Whoopi Goldberg disguises herself as a nun.: Sister act

Occur, arise.: Transpire

Revolving tray for food placed in a table’s centre.: Lazy susan

Passionately, eagerly, intensely.: Fervently

People who can cast out demons or spirits.: Exorcists

Goods that are wrapped before sale.: Prepacked

Describes people who are active after dark.: Night owls

Old English fairy tale: Jack and the __.: Beanstalk

Name given to St Petersburg between 1914 and 1924.: Petrograd

Compilations of songs in a particular order.: Playlists

Puzzle 5 Answers

Fabric pieces sewn on fabric to create a pattern.: Applique

Bar fighters.: Brawlers

Overthrowing an official.: Deposing

How the Spanish say 40.: Cuarenta

Reluctance to go through with: chilly extremities.: Cold feet

Major football stadium in Rio de Janeiro.: Maracana

The __: yellow cartoon family from Springfield.: Simpsons

Italian coffee sweet translates as “cheer me up”.: Tiramisu

Capital of Liberia.: Monrovia

Like a drum beat.: Rhythmic

Frequently, most often.: Commonly

Flight to __, the capture of the fleeing Louis XVI.: Varennes

Marvel Comics superhero group.: Avengers

People who give up easily.: Quitters

The sky over a particular country or territory.: Airspace

Group 413

Puzzle 1 Answers

Woody and Buzz Lightyear want to be the favorite.: Toy story

Learning disorder, causes difficulty with reading.: Dyslexia

Sending unsolicited, annoying emails.: Spamming

Someone who is rotten to the core.: Bad apple

International __, mark at the 180th meridian.: Date line

Accepts something as true.: Concedes

Green vegetable that’s like a little tree.: Broccoli

Spotted herbivores with long necks.: Giraffes

Imaginative.: Creative

Where green citrus fruits grow.: Lime tree

Magnifying symbol of a sleuth at work.: Spyglass

Unnaturally high singing voice.: Falsetto

Spanish actor who voiced Puss in Boots.: Banderas

Puzzle 2 Answers

Heaps, piles.: Stacks

Crime of robbery on the high seas.: Piracy

__ scooper, device for picking up doggy droppings.: Pooper

Sharp, quick-thinking.: Astute

Whirling mass of water or air.: Vortex

Cured Italian pork sausage cut into circles.: Salami

Triangular bone at base of spine.: Sacrum

Tweaking guitar strings for harmonious play.: Tuning

Mislead, trick someone into believing lies.: Delude

Collie from Eric Knight’s children’s books.: Lassie

Puzzle 3 Answers

Annoyance, cause of discomfort.: Irritant

Solidified; became tougher.: Hardened

Popular Broadway musical about US founding father.: Hamilton

Eggs __, dish of eggs, muffin, ham and hollandaise.: Benedict

Glasses that work for near and distant vision.: Bifocals

Based in reason and logic.: Rational

Dress with material missing behind.: Backless

Forename of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway.: Clarissa

Fluid surrounding an unborn child.: Amniotic

Consecutive numbers with the same difference.: Sequence

__ Hall, New York classical music venue.: Carnegie

How many sports games are started, involves money.: Coin toss

Robin __, voice of the Genie in Aladdin.: Williams

Puzzle 4 Answers

England’s top goal scorer in the 2018 World Cup.: Harry kane

Method, process.: Technique

Lovable cartoon Great Dane.: Marmaduke

Oscar winning actress in La Vie en Rose: Marion __.: Cotillard

Three foot measuring tool.: Yardstick

Trustworthy, with a good societal standing.: Reputable

Having great future possibilities.: Potential

Teacher or educator, especially when pedantic.: Pedagogue

Seville orange conserve served thickly on toast.: Marmalade

Tiny silicon element in a computer circuit.: Microchip

Rain protectors.: Umbrellas

Puzzle 5 Answers

Loss of ability to understand or produce speech.: Aphasia

Paper tissue brand name that is now generic.: Kleenex

Rory’s mother in Gilmore Girls.: Lorelai

Composer of the opera “La Boheme”.: Puccini

Fall quickly from a height.: Plummet

Copper __, blue fungicide aka Roman Vitrol.: Sulfate

Cracked, roughened, reddened skin.: Chapped

Cream filled tubular pastry from Sicily.: Cannoli

Colors of __; song from Disney’s Pocahontas.: The wind

Feathers on a bird.: Plumage

Usain Bolt’s Caribbean island nation.: Jamaica

Group 414

Puzzle 1 Answers

French term for a wine barrel.: Barrique

Largest city in the southern hemisphere.: Sao paulo

Filling to the point of overflowing.: Brimming

Motivates.: Inspires

Essential substance found in sunlight exposure.: Vitamin d

__ Love; wife of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain.: Courtney

Elevated city railway.: Monorail

Something worn between hand and arm, or on a glove.: Wristlet

Shouting out of turn at a trial: in __ of court.: Contempt

Carrie the writer; Terry the sports commentator.: Bradshaw

A metal or ceramic container for melting ores.: Crucible

Precious metal hammered into thin sheets.: Goldleaf

Beliefs/principles about the governance of nations.: Politics

What twigs are attached to.: Branches

Puzzle 2 Answers

Country ruled by Idi Amin in the 1970s.: Uganda

Charlie’s __, series about female crime fighters.: Angels

Michael __, US Olympic swimmer with 23 gold medals.: Phelps

Alternative route when road is closed.: Detour

Changes gear.: Shifts

George __, Australian director of Mad Max.: Miller

Zodiac twins.: Gemini

Banged by judges to proclaim rulings.: Gavels

Neil Simon’s first name (same as Paranoid Android).: Marvin

Require.: Oblige

What drummers have in order to play in time.: Rhythm

Lightheartedness, humour.: Levity

Soft floor covering underfoot in a room.: Carpet

Struggling, dealing with a loss.: Coping

A pillar, holds up a building.: Column

Country where Mt. Ararat is located.: Turkey

Mary of __; Italian queen consort of James II.: Modena

Detective; investigator.: Sleuth

Puzzle 3 Answers

To stamp an outline on a surface.: Imprint

Webpage set up by an ardent follower of a star.: Fansite

Piece of fabric worn on the upper part of sleeves.: Armband

This country has a very popular blue lagoon.: Iceland

Speaking furry toys, must-have of the late 1990s.: Furbies

Narrow strip of land with water on either side.: Isthmus

French term for dipping veggies in boiling water.: Blanche

Raining heavily.: Pouring

Nationality of tennis player Novak Djokovic.: Serbian

Something given gratis.: Freebie

What the clocks are doing in Dalí’s famous artwork.: Melting

Changed into an animal.: Shifted

Italian saint and philosopher, Thomas __.: Aquinas

Protective care or guardianship of someone.: Custody

Puzzle 4 Answers

Thrusting into water to clear blockage.: Plunging

Precious green jewels.: Emeralds

Definiteness, conclusiveness.: Finality

Scuba equipment invented by Cousteau.: Aqua lung

Diminished, reduced.: Dampened

Tennis scoring system introduced at 6 games apiece.: Tiebreak

Leans back.: Reclines

Spaniel cross-breed with a curly-haired dog.: Cockapoo

__ Thornton, once married to Angelina Jolie.: Billy bob

Gap or ambiguity in the law.: Loophole

Large, front part of the brain.: Cerebrum

Warming rays that boost Vitamin D supplies.: Sunlight

Off-chance; fluke.: Long shot

A shareholder’s part of a company’s product.: Dividend

Dead end, road with only one way in and out.: Cul de sac

Indonesian island once called Celebes.: Sulawesi

Puzzle 5 Answers

Study of friction, wear between surfaces.: Tribology

Iron Man’s identity.: Tony stark

Sticky material pieces played with by kids.: Fuzzy felt

Another name for tea tree oil.: Melaleuca

Adolescent, whippersnapper.: Youngster

Most populous Central American country.: Guatemala

Mental health disorder: total disregard for others.: Sociopath

Relating to memory or reasoning processes.: Cognitive

Site of Beatles music studio and zebra crossing.: Abbey road

Someone with an irrational fear of food.: Cibophobe

Retribution.: Vengeance

At Christmas, the bird found in a pear tree.: Partridge

Taken to hospital by helicopter or plane.: Airlifted

Soft, smoked Italian cheese.: Provolone

Device for storing computer data.: Hard drive

Group 415

Puzzle 1 Answers

Deep-rooted; with firm foundations.: Ingrained

Terribly fierce and dangerous.: Ferocious

Where local produce might be sold.: Farmstand

Passing on, e.g. knowledge or wisdom.: Imparting

S Indian state; its capital is Bangalore.: Karnataka

Providing psychological relief, emotional release.: Cathartic

Ancient past, preceding the Middle Ages.: Antiquity

A person with senior responsibility in business.: Executive

__ James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis.: Professor

High-rate data connection to the Internet.: Broadband

Person who directs an orchestra.: Conductor

Pet __, job title for Ace Ventura.: Detective

Surface for a billiards-type game.: Pool table

You can use it to see the stars.: Telescope

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Goody goody __”, a sweet turn of phrase.: Gumdrops

You mean this when adding BTW to a mail or text.: By the way

Tennis player Andy Murray’s nationality.: Scottish

A grump, a whiner, or a kitten sucking a lemon.: Sourpuss

Anne Boleyn’s fate.: Beheaded

Obstruction or occlusion.: Blockage

Could be sunny side up or over easy.: Fried egg

Southern Italy’s two islands: Sicily and __.: Sardinia

Resembling a castle or a large royal residence.: Palatial

Base chemicals.: Elements

Rough number of passengers on a full ship.: Boatload

Puzzle 3 Answers

Begged.: Implored

Composer Franz __, wrote the Trout Quintet.: Schubert

Worries.: Concerns

Second tenet of the French Revolution, in English.: Equality

Covered walkway in a convent.: Cloister

Lasagna-loving orange cat.: Garfield

Pink alloy of copper and precious metal.: Rose gold

An agreement.: Covenant

Supersonic passenger plane.: Concorde

Garment that sits above the wearer’s hips.: High rise

The state or fact of existing.: Presence

Very hot, like sausages on a BBQ.: Sizzling

__ fracture, aka stress fracture.: Hairline

Bookish, inclined to study.: Studious

Puzzle 4 Answers

Stealing.: Robbing

English breath mint brand since the late 1700s.: Altoids

Weights exercise for thighs.: Leg curl

Furry-skinned, round summer fruits good with cream.: Peaches

Protein found in nails, hair, and hoofs.: Keratin

Long angry critical rants.: Tirades

Noise-makers in game shows.: Buzzers

Galileo __, Italian astronomer and physicist.: Galilei

Fifth letter of the Greek alphabet.: Epsilon

Joy, elation.: Ecstasy

Band best known for Livin’ on a Prayer.: Bon jovi

Of colours that are dim or muted.: Subdued

Green Arrow is accomplished at this sport.: Archery

Ancient Roman city buried after volcanic eruption.: Pompeii

Woman’s undergarments for training the torso.: Corsets

Conflict that inspired a poem by Tennyson: __ War.: Crimean

Puzzle 5 Answers

Medical term for a nonmalignant tumor.: Benign

__ caramel, savory seasoned sweet sauce.: Salted

Parade __, decorated vehicles from Carnival.: Floats

Twisted rope-like designs in knitting.: Cables

Prejudiced over someone’s gender.: Sexist

Use an alternative route, avoiding city centre.: Bypass

__ weenie is very small.: Teenie

Not clearly visible.: Blurry

Buttons or pins, small images to be added to blogs.: Badges

Protective garments worn in the kitchen.: Aprons

Mercenaries in feudal Japan.: Ninjas

Only non-Scandanvian country bordering Finland.: Russia

Full-bodied; like a rich, flavorful wine.: Robust

The least common.: Rarest

Central and South American alligator relative.: Caiman

America’s Got __, variety show.: Talent

Volcanic stone.: Pumice

Chinese mythology’s animal with a prehensile tail.: Monkey

Group 416

Puzzle 1 Answers

One more.: Another

Seat of national government.: Capital

Large avian friend of Snuffleupagus.: Big bird

Africa’s largest country.: Algeria

A dark sweet sherry.: Amoroso

Disease caused by plasmodium parasites.: Malaria

Silvery metal used in batteries and some medicines.: Lithium

A stop between flights.: Layover

Convict known for his number, 24601, Jean ___.: Valjean

King or queen.: Monarch

Puzzle 2 Answers

The bone next to the tibia.: Fibula

Pencil topper.: Eraser

Production amount of a factory.: Output

__ Bravo, muscly blond cartoon character.: Johnny

In football, a crucial pass that results in a goal.: Assist

Farrah Fawcett __, blonde Charlie’s Angel.: Majors

A photograph taken by you, of you.: Selfie

Largest city in Switzerland.: Zurich

Road from ancient Rome to southern Italy: __ Way.: Appian

Spanish fried dough treat dipped in chocolate.: Churro

Fury Road’s protagonist.: Mad max

Country where the Battle of Agincourt took place.: France

Hot under the __, means angry or annoyed.: Collar

Cook in water just below the boiling point.: Coddle

Justly, evenly.: Fairly

__ Scream, band led by Bobby Gillespie.: Primal

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cloudy skies with no sun.: Overcast

Describes all animal species living in an area.: Wildlife

Pinball parts for striking the ball.: Flippers

Negatively charged particle, not a proton.: Electron

Cherry-stone movie: The Witches of __.: Eastwick

Changed a little, updated with tweaks.: Modified

Single-celled organisms, such as an amoeba.: Protozoa

Body of water between the UK and Norway.: North sea

Largest piece of fabric on a boat.: Mainsail

Brain __; Nintendo puzzle game franchise.: Training

Neck pain from a sudden and hard stop.: Whiplash

Cooking vegetables above a pan of boiling water.: Steaming

Era of 70s music with glitter, satin and make-up.: Glam rock

Mark made by a sharp metal sewing implement.: Pinprick

To remove money from an account.: Withdraw

Careful, watchful.: Vigilant

Following someone stealthily.: Stalking

Endangered largest living primates: Eastern __.: Gorillas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Mop up last bit of Italian sauce: “fare la __”.: Scarpetta

Story with a princess, e.g. Snow White.: Fairy tale

Demanding money through threats.: Extortion

Five-pointed star.: Pentagram

Forestalled.: Preempted

An organisational body created for a certain purpose.: Institute

A person’s home.: Residence

Greenish-blue semiprecious stone used in jewelry.: Turquoise

Pleased, satisfied.: Gratified

Rule by the rich, government by the few.: Oligarchy

Australian double-Oscar winner Cate __.: Blanchett

Wishful thinkers, fantasists.: Idealists

Type of substance which blocks electricity flow.: Inhibitor

Revolting.: Sickening

Action to close a frozen PC application.: Force quit

Physical activity routines.: Exercises

Puzzle 5 Answers

A person who boasts.: Braggart

Seaworthy, anagram of Isabella.: Sailable

Recurring periodically.: Cyclical

People’s __ on Facebook show their profile/posts.: Accounts

When __; weeping birds hit for Prince.: Doves cry

White sauce with butter, flour and milk.: Bechamel

Medical term for mercury poisoning: __ disease.: Minamata

Sofia is capital of this Eastern European country.: Bulgaria

Maleficent actress, __ Jolie.: Angelina

X marks the spot for buried ____.: Treasure

Murderer of an important person.: Assassin

Group 417

Puzzle 1 Answers

The sources of information in a course.: Textbooks

British queen during the time of Shakespeare: __ I.: Elizabeth

Jesus Christ __ by Andrew Lloyd Webber.: Superstar

Boat that carries large containers.: Cargo ship

Belle of the ball at school party.: Prom queen

The original meat pattie in a bun.: Hamburger

Daisy weed used to make wishes.: Dandelion

Takes a moment.: Hesitates

Insect with taste buds in its feet.: Butterfly

Doctor visit to one’s home.: House call

Lively, full of energy, especially of older people.: Sprightly

Teams that play in the ultimate cup match.: Finalists

Battlestar __; sci-fi TV series with Dirk Benedict.: Galactica

To dehydrate food at low temperatures.: Freeze dry

International airport in Rome, code FCO.: Fiumicino

Frank Lloyd Wright’s profession.: Architect

Mixtures of two or more elements, in science.: Compounds

Capital of Romania bordering capital of Hungary.: Bucharest

Stage name of singer born as Katheryn Hudson.: Katy perry

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Amphitheatre; Rome’s Colosseum.: Flavian

Two-shelled sea creature.: Bivalve

__ League; DC Comics team of superheroes.: Justice

19th C nationalists fighting for Irish freedom.: Fenians

Very slow moving thick ice mass from unmelted snow.: Glacier

Chocolate and cream glaze used to cover pastries.: Ganache

__ Abbey; stately home drama series.: Downton

Little __ Boy, pa rum pum pum pum.: Drummer

Speaking in __, also known as glossolalia.: Tongues

__ faire; economic policy with little interference.: Laissez

Switches for adjusting brightness.: Dimmers

Schulz cartoons with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.: Peanuts

Circus __, sporting arena of ancient Rome.: Maximus

Stands firm in wanting something.: Insists

Puzzle 3 Answers

Insulted, anagram of delights.: Slighted

Old furniture and other old items with value.: Antiques

Nationality of author Margaret Atwood.: Canadian

Sign up again.: Reenlist

Impose on someone’s generosity.: Freeload

Collectible stones masquerading as companions.: Pet rocks

Restoration to initial state.: Reversal

Rigid airship with German name.: Zeppelin

The ninth plague of Egypt.: Darkness

Involuntary expelling of air/mucus from the nose.: Sneezing

Joaquin Phoenix’s character in Gladiator.: Commodus

Melodic container for jewellery.: Music box

A follower of Jerry Garcia’s band.: Deadhead

__ combustion engine; invented by Étienne Lenoir.: Internal

Beating of wings.: Flapping

Vitality, enthusiasm, liveliness.: Vibrancy

Kickboxing foot strike not from the front.: Side kick

Puzzle 4 Answers

Spy drama series starring Claire Danes.: Homeland

Cutlery for measuring and stirring sugar in cups.: Teaspoon

Mocking or teasing unkindly.: Taunting

Those past their peak.: Has beens

Margaret Thatcher’s nickname, The __.: Iron lady

Splash with flecks of liquid.: Splatter

Singing as a duo.: Duetting

Sabena Airlines replacement: __ Airlines.: Brussels

Assemble, organize.: Compiled

German highway.: Autobahn

Stolen, looted.: Pilfered

Tiredness, sluggishness, fatigue.: Lethargy

Fluffy winter coverings for the sides of the head.: Ear muffs

Large city at the mouth of he Yangtze River.: Shanghai

Sudden release of emotion.: Outburst

Skilled shooters.: Marksmen

Silver adhesive used by handymen.: Duct tape

French general, Charles __.: De gaulle

Country where Satpara Lake is located.: Pakistan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Delays something from occurring.: Stalls

The day after Thursday.: Friday

Tiny bits of dry materials used to start a fire.: Tinder

Jackal-headed god associated with mummification.: Anubis

Defames someone in print.: Libels

__ of luck, good fortune happening by chance.: Stroke

Friendly cartoon ghost.: Casper

Humble, unassuming.: Modest

New York City’s largest borough.: Queens

Idiosyncratic, oddball, eccentric.: Quirky

Hard spice seed that can be grated.: Nutmeg

Book of recollection.: Memoir

The __ Woman, 70s sci fi show about Jaime Sommers.: Bionic

Cerebral __, made of gray matter.: Cortex

Luke Skywalker actor, Mark __.: Hamill

Group 418

Puzzle 1 Answers

It fastens your shorts.: Button

White stone used in kitchen surfaces & sculptures.: Marble

Italian word for flute.: Flauto

__ and bustle, rhyming phrase for frantic activity.: Hustle

Resolve or reach an agreement.: Settle

Greek god of darkness.: Erebus

Mexican painter Diego __, married to Frida Kahlo.: Rivera

Ancient Egyptian capital, within modern-day Luxor.: Thebes

Eddie __, Shrek’s Donkey.: Murphy

Split or sever meat, along the grain.: Cleave

Puzzle 2 Answers

Allowed, permitted, gave consent to.: Granted

Meaningful sayings adopted by families.: Mottoes

Came out from somewhere.: Emerged

Bending.: Curving

Hugh Hefner’s magazine.: Playboy

__ Faso, country renamed in 1984 from Upper Volta.: Burkina

Abraham’s oldest son, as told in the Bible.: Ishmael

Pavarotti’s profession prior to singing opera.: Teacher

A sequence of film clips edited and put together.: Montage

Muriel’s __, early Aussie hit for Toni Collette.: Wedding

Steered wildly.: Swerved

“Eat, drink and __”.: Be merry

Point of no return for some ships: __ Triangle.: Bermuda

__ degeneration, ageing eye condition.: Macular

Where baseball pitchers warm up.: Bullpen

Edible fish has wide mouth and extruded bottom lip.: Grouper

Animal who sings when the sun rises.: Rooster

Puzzle 3 Answers

Moving in circles, like a rotating door.: Revolving

Timber that has been washed ashore.: Driftwood

Names written of people that have been ostracized.: Blacklist

Ant-eating animals from Africa, with large ears.: Aardvarks

Colourful connection of devices by short distance.: Bluetooth

Comprehensive; covering all the services.: Inclusive

Particularly dazzling diamond cut.: Brilliant

Stubborn, determined, hanging on tightly.: Tenacious

Of a machine suffering a sudden malfunction.: Glitching

Reasoning, basis for thinking.: Rationale

____ shops, small businesses run by a couple.: Momandpop

Reusing household waste.: Recycling

Jewish Day of Atonement.: Yom kippur

Clinical measurement, e.g. pulse rate, temperature.: Vital sign

Raw fish cafes.: Sushi bars

An individual taking part in a war.: Combatant

Time period in which humans began using metals.: Bronze age

Half-human and half-robot, such as in Blade Runner.: Replicant

American author who penned The Godfather.: Mario puzo

Second largest country in South America by area.: Argentina

Comedy drama about the Gallagher family.: Shameless

Puzzle 4 Answers

To have the opposite effect of what was intended.: Backfire

Worms that have many body segments.: Annelids

Friendly, likes being around people.: Sociable

Dribble in anticipation of food.: Salivate

TV apparatus that converts signals into pictures.: Receiver

Someone who travels the oceans, nautical explorer.: Seafarer

Edible flatfish; make clumsy movements.: Flounder

Recoil when a gun is fired.: Kick back

First year student.: Freshman

Edgar __, horror writer of The Tell-Tale Heart.: Allan poe

Inflicted sanctions.: Punished

Neatening, rearranging.: Sprucing

Disease characterized by high blood glucose.: Diabetes

Tennis play: the ball pops gently over the net.: Drop shot

“Don’t count your __ before they hatch”.: Chickens

Turn on, make a machine start.: Activate

Act with the Heartbreakers as his backing group.: Tom petty

Oil-processing plant.: Refinery

Film: __ of the Corn.: Children

Puzzle 5 Answers

Halting.: Stopping

Chinese dish with meat and bean sprouts.: Chop suey

Disease associated with severe niacin deficiency.: Pellagra

Brand slogan: The best a man can get.: Gillette

Microscopic organisms that float in the ocean.: Plankton

Small sweep of hair pressed to the forehead.: Kiss curl

Landlocked country whose capital is Gaborone.: Botswana

Assassinated Dominican Republic leader: Rafael __.: Trujillo

Sat lazily.: Slouched

Spiral threads of a climbing plant.: Tendrils

People who post regular online articles.: Bloggers

Former file-sharing service with green logo.: Limewire

Hitting sticks onto skins making percussive sounds.: Drumming

Person or team least likely to win.: Underdog

On your own two feet.: Standing

Narrow glass vessel used to heat chemicals in labs.: Test tube

Group 419

Puzzle 1 Answers

Largest city in Victoria, Australia.: Melbourne

Sellers, vendors.: Retailers

High seating in pubs and drinking establishments.: Bar stools

He played Mr. Big in Sex and the City.: Chris noth

A divisive issue, can have serious consequences.: Fault line

It killed the cat.: Curiosity

Salacious online story to encourage site visits.: Clickbait

Oscar __, late Dominican fashion designer.: De la renta

Person who passes away without leaving a will.: Intestate

__ rate; e.g. number of deaths in a year.: Mortality

Swedish tennis legend, no. 1 six times 1977-1981.: Bjorn borg

People who finance and manage the making of a film.: Producers

Clean, not tarnished, generally of reputations.: Unsullied

A piece of public outdoor furniture.: Park bench

Large Italian lake, in Perugia province.: Trasimeno

Its capital is Jakarta.: Indonesia

” ____ roasting on an open fire”, popular carol.: Chestnuts

Skill used by Sherlock Holmes in solving crimes.: Deduction

Wind that comes off the ocean.: Sea breeze

Puzzle 2 Answers

Mozart’s first name.: Wolfgang

Afternoon gathering with hot drinks and cakes.: Tea party

Birth city of Barack Obama.: Honolulu

Remembered.: Recalled

Expressed, passed along.: Conveyed

Artist’s device for spraying paint.: Air brush

Large Hadron __, the largest particle accelerator.: Collider

Sea to the west of the Balkan Peninsula.: Adriatic

Soften food by soaking in liquid.: Macerate

Swift antelopes found on African grassland plains.: Gazelles

Word board game with tiles.: Scrabble

Safety check that a vehicle is working properly.: Road test

Nation ruled by Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics.: Latveria

Fragment of wood caught in a finger perhaps.: Splinter

Peter Pan’s young male companions in Neverland.: Lost boys

Shallow container for holding bars of suds.: Soap dish

Career for which one feels particularly suitable.: Vocation

Defames in speech.: Slanders

Those with nothing between the ears.: Airheads

Relating to the Milky Way.: Galactic

Puzzle 3 Answers

Impetus gained by a moving object.: Momentum

Newest named ocean, acknowledged in 2000.: Southern

__ Sam, archenemy of Bugs Bunny.: Yosemite

Automatic, unthinking, e.g. a __ reaction.: Kneejerk

People who post regular video blog updates.: Vloggers

Observant, keeping a close eye.: Watchful

Comporting oneself correctly.: Behaving

Lachrymose channel in the eye.: Tear duct

Swankiness, luxuriousness, grandeur.: Opulence

Grease rendered from strips of pig meat.: Bacon fat

Putters hit it.: Golf ball

__, like Chewbacca, come from Kashyyk in Star Wars.: Wookiees

Second Estate, French social order pre-Revolution.: Nobility

Long-tailed tropical tree-living monkey.: Marmoset

Gland that is only found in males.: Prostate

They’re good for holding bubbles and for relaxing.: Bathtubs

Medical, scientific.: Clinical

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sons of __; crime drama about motorcycle club.: Anarchy

Watered down.: Diluted

Disease spread by animals; heavy metal band.: Anthrax

System of raised dots essential for blind people.: Braille

Submarine missile.: Torpedo

Win, triumph.: Prevail

Cylindrical clay oven used in Indian cuisine.: Tandoor

Freddy __ of Nightmare on Elm street.: Krueger

A large cup or goblet for drinking wine.: Chalice

Movie and music legend who played Dorothy, Judy __.: Garland

Sugary, milky, buttery sauce is a sweet topping.: Caramel

The O in the sporting body IOC.: Olympic

A great deal, hard to resist.: Bargain

Mexican peninsula with Chichen Itza site.: Yucatan

State of being abjectly poor.: Poverty

Another name for fabric, especially in art context.: Textile

Colonel __, military character from Clue game.: Mustard

Puzzle 5 Answers

Film production house.: Studio

Compelled to act in a certain way.: Driven

Mend.: Repair

To inflict harm on behalf of another harmed.: Avenge

__ the Sailor, Arabic seafarer of legend.: Sinbad

Morning joe.: Coffee

__ once, shame on you; Italian proverb.: Fool me

Paris museum with glass pyramid.: Louvre

Both India and Bangladesh share this river’s delta.: Ganges

Strong, effective, especially of pharmaceuticals.: Potent

School uniform jacket.: Blazer

Wild horse tamed in the book by Mary O’Hara.: Flicka

The ability to think & behave in a rational manner.: Sanity

Group 420

Puzzle 1 Answers

Organising, sorting out methodically.: Arranging

Longest river in SW Asia.: Euphrates

Uprising, riot.: Rebellion

Elvis Presley’s mansion, now a museum.: Graceland

Filled with stuff; messily arranged.: Cluttered

Ruled by all; system started by the Greeks.: Democracy

Procedural problem-solving by a computer.: Algorithm

They are for tying bows on your feet.: Shoelaces

Made less loose.: Tightened

Showing moderation or self-restraint.: Temperate

eaten at the start of a meal.: Appetizer

U.S. actor & rapper, the Fresh Prince.: Will smith

Destined to happen, down to fate.: Meant to be

Ukraine-born Black Swan Hollywood actress.: Mila kunis

Nontechnical term for tsunami.: Tidal wave

Late evening venue with music and dancing.: Nightclub

Moves from one place to another.: Transfers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Shakespearean character: king of the fairies.: Oberon

Found in, or produced by the sea.: Marine

He flew too close to the Sun.: Icarus

Scary movie series with ghostly mask.: Scream

Tacky, cheap, tasteless; the taste of gorgonzola.: Cheesy

__ Swift released 1989 and Red.: Taylor

Glassy or vitreous covering, or a paint type.: Enamel

For keeping money safe when out and about.: Wallet

Of time, to go by.: Elapse

Motion pictures as found on YouTube.: Videos

Hung around for someone.: Waited

Puzzle 3 Answers

Scrape or laceration.: Abrasion

Like something lightweight that can be carried.: Handheld

Walking with long steps.: Striding

Broadcast a programme or sports event online.: Streamed

Rarely occurring lunar experience.: Blue moon

Castrated or spayed.: Neutered

Nationality of a native of Zagreb or Split.: Croatian

Accounts in other countries, hard to trace.: Offshore

Ancient Greek lyric poet with an Acropolis statue.: Anacreon

System of symbols used to represent numbers.: Notation

__ of Fire, movie centred on the 1924 Olympics.: Chariots

Picasso anti-war mural for bombed Spanish village.: Guernica

List of all the letters, A-Z.: Alphabet

Fixed or mended something that was broken.: Repaired

Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, say.: Game show

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ain’t No __ High Enough, Marvin Gaye love song.: Mountain

Chair made to seat two amorous people.: Loveseat

Powers that form patterns between planets.: Energies

Boating sport, a bit like kayaking.: Canoeing

__ Mead, US anthropologist.: Margaret

Relied on.: Depended

Engulfing with water.: Flooding

Italian flat bread made with olive oil.: Focaccia

Shame, scandal and ignominy.: Disgrace

Once you pop, you can’t stop eating these chips.: Pringles

Arriving; opposite of outgoing.: Incoming

Madeleine __; first female US secretary of state.: Albright

Breakdown vehicle for moving immobile vehicles.: Tow truck

Monty Python’s Broadway musical.: Spamalot

__ Clooney, George’s actress aunt.: Rosemary

Puzzle 5 Answers

Hunting industry of the oceans.: Whaling

Spooked, frequented by spirits.: Haunted

Famous diaper brand.: Huggies

Prim and demure, overmodest.: Prudish

Pouring oil over roasted meats.: Basting

Country whose capital and largest city is Tallinn.: Estonia

Every Breath __; 1983 hit for The Police.: You take

Administration of law, upholding of rights.: Justice

Brand perfumer of Hypnose and Poeme.: Lancome

Error in printed text, corrected in next edition.: Erratum

Shutter __, press this button to take a photo.: Release

Provider of input on the outcome of a sports event.: Tipster

Members of the ruling family.: Royalty

The sustained bombardment of a trench line.: Barrage

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