CodyCross Inventions Answers

Inventions Answers

Group 41

Puzzle 1 Answers

Developed radio telegraph system, Guglielmo __,.: Marconi

The ear is the __ organ.: Hearing

Nooked, in a small recessed section of a room.: Alcoved

Extreme expression of disapproval.: Censure

Slightly different form of program or story.: Version

Replies to questions, either right or wrong.: Answers

Vodka, whiskey, gin, intoxicating liquid.: Alcohol

The eye of an __ is bigger than its brain.: Ostrich

General name for a member of the Army.: Soldier

A famous puzzle solver.: Oedipus

Levi __, inventor of the denim jeans.: Strauss

Burnt to a __, exhausted.: Frazzle

To dress or adorned with tasteless showiness.: Bedizen

Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons.: Vivaldi

Jean __, lead character of Les Misérables.: Valjean

Puzzle 2 Answers

Way of hitting a ball in tennis.: Backhand

Tom and Jerry: the inspiration for Itchy and __.: Scratchy

Ms __ Bankhead, US actress.: Tallulah

Salad made of finely shredded cabbage with vinegar.: Coleslaw

Degas painted L’ __.: Absinthe

Famous US musician author of “Blowin’ in the Wind”.: Bob dylan

Emperor of Japan during World War II.: Hirohito

Largest town in the Democratic Republic of Congo.: Kinshasa

A dentist invented this chair.: Electric

Saw with wide blade aka backsaw.: Tenon saw

Device used to surf the web.: Computer

Costs of doing business.: Expenses

Puzzle 3 Answers

St Petersburg palatial art museum.: Hermitage

Jem and the __, 2015 movie.: Holograms

Suffolk ship burial discovered in the 1930s.: Sutton hoo

Austrian currency before the Euro.: Schilling

Iron-fisted dictator; strong circus performer.: Strongman

It grabs children and pulls them into lakes.: Grindylow

Alexander Graham Bell invention.: Telephone

Tropical cyclone given alphabetical names.: Hurricane

Thick dairy product obtained by fermentation.: Sour cream

Stephen King’s 8 book fantasy series.: Dark tower

__, or flu, kills thousands each year.: Influenza

Famous song by Paul McCartney: ” __ Oratorio”.: Liverpool

Man considered the inventor of the periodic table.: Mendeleev

Puzzle 4 Answers

Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji are all types of __.: Apples

Actress who invented a predecessor to Wi-Fi.: Lamarr

The King’s __, won the Academy Awards in 2011.: Speech

Ask for something forcefully.: Demand

Male swimming suit.: Trunks

Birds tweet, ducks quack, hens __.: Cackle

Little blue creatures with the same last name.: Smurfs

__ Zusak, Australian novelist.: Markus

Moment of revelation; exclamation of discovery.: Eureka

Chubby sweet winged angel.: Cherub

80% of country’s population lives near US border.: Canada

A person who shoots with bow and arrows.: Archer

Utensil used for cooking, __ pan.: Frying

Puzzle 5 Answers

Deserved to be laughed at.: Risible

Chop, dice, slice on this board.: Cutting

Add sugar to improve taste.: Sweeten

Edith __, wrote The Age of Innocence.: Wharton

Who keeps __ with the wolf will learn to howl.: Company

Someone who plays a sport.: Athlete

Month Halloween is celebrated.: October

Half-sized flute made in Italy.: Piccolo

Record of money expenses, checking __.: Account

Scientist who discovered Penicillin.: Fleming

Pregnancy occuring in the wrong place.: Ectopic

Male born from the same parents as you.: Brother

Legal member of a country or state.: Citizen

Cutting wood to make a picture or toy.: Carving

Machine that plays music when a coin is inserted.: Jukebox

Group 42

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mythical creature that awakens in a Moon phase.: Werewolf

Skyscrapers would be impractical without this device.: Elevator

Wealth or riches, usually precious metals.: Treasure

The __ of Venice, a Shakespeare’s comedy.: Merchant

Pink bird known for its long neck.: Flamingo

90s Tokyo subway attack used this chemical.: Sarin gas

Land-locked S. American country.: Paraguay

A person employed to guard buildings or property.: Watchman

Scientist who devised a formula to solve equations.: Bhaskara

__ Beauty, won the Oscar for best picture.: American

The way birds of a feather flock.: Together

Someone who has beaten all opponents.: Champion

Concerning the sky; heavenly.: Supernal

Popular material for kitchen flooring.: Linoleum

Puzzle 2 Answers

Someone withdrawn from society, recluse.: Hermit

Control used from a distance.: Remote

Tree that worried the Little Prince.: Baobab

Confidence in something, faith.: Belief

Classical dance form known for its grace.: Ballet

Shape-altering single-celled parasite.: Amoeba

All together without a certain one, excluding.: Except

80s film about a nonviolent leader.: Gandhi

Handcart used by market vendors.: Barrow

Pez was created in this Austrian city.: Vienna

Member of Fox’s Society of Friends.: Quaker

Puzzle 3 Answers

Open to more than one interpretation.: Equivocal

Bad dream; demon who suffocates you in your sleep.: Nightmare

David __, US TV talk show host for 33 years.: Letterman

Woodward partner and Watergate exposer.: Bernstein

Bavarian smoked sausage with garlic flavor.: Bierwurst

A draw in chess; no winners in a war.: Stalemate

Period of economic downturn.: Recession

Main character in Far from the Madding Crowd.: Bathsheba

Instrument for measuring time with sand.: Hourglass

Device to measure fractions of time; used in races.: Stopwatch

State when sudden changes in the brain happen.: Delirious

Large building where college students live.: Dormitory

British rock band that “creeps” out its fans.: Radiohead

Puzzle 4 Answers

The way an empty sack cannot stand.: Upright

Nucleomituphobia is the fear of nuclear __.: Weapons

Something done on paper with pencil or ink.: Drawing

Initial play of a football game.: Kickoff

Machine that shapes wood.: Moulder

Legally taken and raised by other parents.: Adopted

Kylie __, Australian singer and actress.: Minogue

Liquid used as a nail polish remover.: Acetone

Australian-themed restaurant actually from Tampa.: Outback

Among this Saharan people, it’s men who wear a veil.: Tuaregs

Quiet, inhibited; repressed or controlled.: Subdued

Elements; energy efficient light bulbs.: Halogen

Small mammal, stands on back legs.: Meerkat

Puzzle 5 Answers

American-Chinese dish typically served with rice.: Chop suey

Person who undercuts you, wants to destroy you.: Saboteur

Strongest muscle in the human body.: Masseter

He invented a system for classifying lifeforms.: Linnaeus

Wind energy structure; part of Dutch landscape.: Windmill

Massive Mexican top piece.: Sombrero

Care dispensed to the sick.: Tendance

Three sides, three angles, acute and obtuse.: Triangle

Dynasty that ruled France in the High Middle Ages.: Capetian

__, Last Summer, a movie with Liz Taylor.: Suddenly

Female royal title; many are Disney’s characters.: Princess

Group 43

Puzzle 1 Answers

Stream or river that flows into a larger one.: Tributary

Do-gooder with special powers.: Superhero

A hit by The Beatles.: Penny lane

Acclaimed US novel written by Upton Sinclair.: The jungle

Latin term used for the university one attended.: Alma mater

Mechanical version of the hand-held mangle board.: Box mangle

Observation instrument that “gets around things”.: Periscope

Became joined.: Connected

TV series about the routine of a paper company.: The office

The smallest continental area in the world.: Australia

Jesus’ body, famously given at The Last Supper.: Eucharist

Period of two weeks.: Fortnight

Like __, predictably and smoothly.: Clockwork

Not continuous or systematic.: Desultory

Type of chemical that kills mites.: Acaricide

Surname of a man who made a list that saved people.: Schindler

Puzzle 2 Answers

Non-tonal language spoken in Central Africa.: Fulani

Involuntary movement in reaction to something.: Reflex

Key on a map, tells what symbols mean.: Legend

Goats found in the Pyrenees.: Ibexes

Ornate hanging stuffed with candy and goodies.: Pinata

Straight away.: At once

Sang When a Man Loves a Woman before Bolton.: Sledge

Almost never, uncommon.: Rarely

Fried dough popular in Latin countries.: Churro

Anagram of fibers.: Briefs

Huey, Dewey and Louie’s uncle.: Donald

Flea __, a popular bazaar aka swap meet.: Market

German cryptography machine.: Enigma

Accessory often worn with a tuxedo.: Bowtie

__ machine, device designed to make clothes.: Sewing

It is the New Black, according to a Netflix drama.: Orange

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ robot, a Jetson’s idea; auto cleaner.: Domestic

Camera that instantly develops film.: Polaroid

From Here to __, movie with Burt Lancaster.: Eternity

Feeds gas from fuel tank to injection system.: Fuel pump

To talk badly about someone; to knock someone.: Badmouth

It takes two to play this.: Leapfrog

Term for scientific solving of legal issues.: Forensic

Capital of the Qin Dynasty.: Xianyang

Round brown hard-shelled nut.: Hazelnut

White or yellow flower; jonquil, narcissus.: Daffodil

Neither a __ nor a lender be.: Borrower

White grape wine from Germany.: Riesling

__ racing, oval tracks; NASCAR.: Stock car

Socrates’ method to refute an argument.: Elenchus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Comedic “dictator” with same look as real dictator.: Chaplin

Large blue-eyed domestic cat.: Ragdoll

War comes from a Germanic root that meant “to __”.: Confuse

__ Transform, decomposes a function of time.: Fourier

Winged horse that sprouted from Medusa’s head.: Pegasus

Cradle song.: Lullaby

Large area of fruit-bearing trees.: Orchard

Country also known as Burma on the Bay of Bengal.: Myanmar

British comedian, the original Michael Scott.: Gervais

Shoulder blade.: Scapula

Tiny legume; Christmas dish in some cultures.: Lentils

__ two stools you fall to the ground.: Between

Puzzle 5 Answers

Santos __, for some the inventor of the airplane.: Dumont

Online THX is short for this word of gratitude.: Thanks

Large bird, known for holiday dinners.: Turkey

Structure giving passage over a river.: Bridge

Explanation that’s been thought out and documented.: Theory

Fencing term; acknowledge another’s point.: Touche

French partner dance from the early 17th century.: Minuet

Tarsila do __, Latin American artist.: Amaral

Thick liquid used to moisturize the body or skin.: Lotion

To put money to gain returns.: Invest

Group 44

Puzzle 1 Answers

The place where celebrities exhibit their gowns.: Red carpet

Medication, inhibits development of certain pathogen.: Antiviral

The chemical element Pu.: Plutonium

Moist creamy cheese, Stracchino.: Crescenza

Highly pleased.: Delighted

Children of a couple.: Offspring

Korean martial art; Olympic sport.: Taekwondo

__ Islands; Darwin’s evolution theory.: Galapagos

By far not a volunteer.: Conscript

Invented the printing press in late Middle Ages.: Gutenberg

An entomologist.: Bug hunter

Liquid used for oral hygiene.: Mouthwash

Small case for carrying papers for work.: Briefcase

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anti-malware software developed by Symantec.: Norton

Buffy’s occupation related to vampires.: Slayer

Removing a piece of tissue for a detailed exam.: Biopsy

An official document conferring a right or privilege.: Patent

Fast food brand that urges us to Eat Fresh.: Subway

Type of movie genre; scary, bloody.: Horror

Covering on the outside of a building.: Awning

Pale color, especially for Easter decorations.: Pastel

Ability that allows you to be better at something.: Talent

Separation of __ and State.: Church

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shy, timid, quiet.: Bashful

Landlocked, former Communist neighbor of Romania.: Moldova

Farthest planet from the Sun.: Neptune

Someone who helps you to run a business.: Partner

Giant sea turtle whose back resembles an island.: Zaratan

Atari classic game; jumping across alligators.: Pitfall

Original Spider-Man (film), Tobey __.: Maguire

Animal form of vitamin A; a skincare serum.: Retinol

Dishonest public official, with no integrity.: Corrupt

Nail __, scissors for the fingers and toes.: Clipper

Humidifier is a __ that puts moisture in the air.: Machine

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands.: Offshore

The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D __.: Salinger

Someone who sends goods to another place.: Exporter

Used to operate valves in combustion engines.: Camshaft

He invented the lightning rod, bifocals and a stove.: Franklin

The __ and the Bobby-Soxer, movie with C. Grant.: Bachelor

One of the heroes of the Trojan War.: Achilles

Popeye’s skinny fiancée.: Olive oyl

A device to replace missing teeth.: Dentures

To drag a criminal under the bottom of a ship.: Keelhaul

Puzzle 5 Answers

Traveler who chronicled the Mongolian rule in China.: Marco polo

Manueline monastery at Belém, Lisbon.: Jeronimos

English novelist famous for his Atonement novel.: Ian mcewan

__ Housewives, TV drama set in Wisteria Lane.: Desperate

PTSD: Post-__ Stress Disorder.: Traumatic

Name for historical game birds in holiday songs.: Partridge

Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc..: Timepiece

Ignition device essential to turn on a car.: Spark plug

Newspapers, Internet, television, radio.: Mass media

Fluffy white material also called nitrocellulose.: Guncotton

Only to a chosen few.: Exclusive

Cold, sweet drink made with ice cream.: Milkshake

In medieval mythology the enemy of the dragon.: Ichneumon

Group 45

Puzzle 1 Answers

Someone who carries baseball bats for the team.: Batboy

Father of Angelina Jolie, Jon __.: Voight

Nerd rockers who paid tribute to Buddy Holly.: Weezer

Buzz __, astronaut, the second to walk on moon.: Aldrin

It has 4 sides in equal length.: Square

Reflective surface in a bathroom to see yourself.: Mirror

Ancient counting frame.: Abacus

Monty __, British comedy group of the absurd.: Python

Plant used in Japanese cooking, paste or beans.: Wasabi

Area known for being dry, sandy.: Desert

Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh.: Portia

They own extensive lands in Scotland.: Lairds

Transform something into another form.: Change

Large caliber gun from the 16th century.: Musket

Puzzle 2 Answers

Common herb used as a garnish.: Parsley

Device used to preserve food at low temperatures.: Freezer

__ Deep, deepest part of the Tonga Trench.: Horizon

Animated series set in the Space Age.: Jetsons

McDonald’s chubby purple mascot.: Grimace

Deep and painful regret about something.: Remorse

Musical composition and combination of chords.: Harmony

Line of ancestry, tracing of the family.: Lineage

This professional invented the electric chair.: Dentist

The __ of the Lambs, thriller with Jodie Foster.: Silence

Resistance to motion, exertion, or change.: Inertia

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fact or information that prove someone is guilty.: Evidence

__ Cruz, won an Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.: Penelope

Making and operating marionettes for fun.: Puppetry

Deliberate killing of many people of one group.: Genocide

Process of producing books, etc by using machinery.: Printing

Reduce the storage required for data.: Compress

Condition of too much acid in the body.: Acidosis

Exceeding normal sizes, immense.: Enormous

The hound of Ulster in Irish legend, Cú __.: Chulainn

Rich brown-red; a type of wood.: Mahogany

Someone who creates new things.: Inventor

It is a virtue.: Patience

Statement of equality with one or more variables.: Equation

Puzzle 4 Answers

To motivate someone to do something.: Inspire

Bon __, said by waiters after delivering meals.: Appetit

__ Nation, nickname of an African country.: Rainbow

Part of the ear that hangs down, usually pierced.: Earlobe

Ancient language spoken by Jesus.: Aramaic

Thoroughly washed hands, face, body.: Abluted

He played folly in a book.: Erasmus

The feel of a surface or substance.: Texture

Film starred by Liza Minnelli.: Cabaret

Person who frequents a place, area.: Denizen

Heavy artillery fire to stop enemy troops.: Barrage

Greek currency before the euro.: Drachma

Michael __, UK scientist who discovered benzene.: Faraday

Marine crustacean with five pairs of legs.: Lobster

Metal wire that allows TV or radio signal reception.: Antenna

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adding font files into an electronic document.: Embedding

Turn something from one language to another.: Translate

Housing moisture problem that can be toxic.: Black mold

Polymer commonly used in synthetic clothes.: Polyester

Pass liquid through a filter, coffee.: Percolate

This makes prices go down.: Deflation

Largest city in Chūgoku region of western Honshu.: Hiroshima

Person who builds things out of wood.: Carpenter

At a later time, not the current time.: Afterward

Abraham __, pioneer of Yiddish theatre.: Goldfaden

Hertz demonstrated this in 1886.: Radio wave

First TV __ by Rignoux and Fournier was in 1909.: Broadcast

Group 46

Puzzle 1 Answers

German revolutionary who wrote a famous manifesto.: Karl marx

Plant used as pain reliever and scent.: Aloe vera

The quality or state of being greater.: Majority

Barbara __, versatile actress of Double Indemnity.: Stanwyck

Manageable explosive patented in 1867.: Dynamite

Early swimmers and divers used reeds as __.: Snorkels

Large primate with blue and red face.: Mandrill

Urgency, importance.: Priority

Forceful two point shot in basketball.: Slam dunk

Type of radiation, made the Incredible Hulk.: Gamma ray

One good turn __ another.: Deserves

__ Band, high school football live music.: Marching

Round pastry with a hole in the middle.: Doughnut

__ Mile, distance measurement of the sea.: Nautical

Battle won by the Shang dynasty in China.: Mingtiao

Puzzle 2 Answers

Land ruled by one monarch or government.: Domain

Small body of water usually running.: Stream

Shared the Nobel in Medicine with Fleming and Chain.: Florey

Fruit bats are also called __ foxes.: Flying

Natives of Barbados.: Bajans

Member of the grass family, used to make beer.: Barley

Her ominous stare turned men into stone.: Medusa

Tape invented in 1930 by Richard Drew.: Scotch

The sad donkey on Winnie the Pooh.: Eeyore

Twelve __, family tree for Jewish people.: Tribes

Detroit sound that brought us Temptations.: Motown

Puzzle 3 Answers

Plane spotting site in the Dutch side of Caribbean.: Maho beach

John Deere invented this in 1837.: Steel plow

It was first bottled by French Benedictine monks.: Champagne

Usually wooden plaque you can ride the waves in.: Surfboard

Norovirus is a common cause of food __.: Poisoning

The __ of Notre Dame, a movie and an animation.: Hunchback

Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece.: Argonauts

Chuck __, novelist of transgressional fiction.: Palahniuk

Pausing punctuation mark between two main clauses.: Semicolon

Growing plants, trees, fruits, etc.: Gardening

Puzzle 4 Answers

Largest member of the primate family.: Gorilla

The rechargeable lead-acid __ was invented in 1859.: Battery

Present-day version of prince charming.: Mr right

Captain __, a Marvel Comics superhero.: Britain

Acupuncture uses __ inserted into the body.: Needles

To place furniture in.: Furnish

Farewell.: Goodbye

Regard with disgust, disdain, distaste.: Despise

Julia __, Pretty Woman actress and Oscar winner.: Roberts

A group of stars or other celestial objects.: Cluster

School for special training, military school.: Academy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bomb developed by the Manhattan Project.: Atomic

Light green vegetable eaten and used in cooking.: Celery

The __ gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1794.: Cotton

What you hear before train departure, All __.: Aboard

Ski race over winding course marked with poles.: Slalom

Huge Spanish fleet to attack England.: Armada

Item used to climb to a higher level.: Ladder

Bill Haley & His __, rocked around the clock.: Comets

Moving without having a particular place to go.: Wander

Luck, risk, not predicted or controlled.: Chance

Road Runner chaser often seen falling off cliffs.: Coyote

Medical term for injury.: Lesion

Number system with only two symbols.: Binary

Group 47

Puzzle 1 Answers

A patient’s medical history.: Anamnesis

Highest executive officer in a republic.: President

John Loud invented and patented this pen in 1888.: Ballpoint

Middle Eastern dish with chopped parsley or mint.: Tabbouleh

Cue and balls game similar to pool and snooker.: Billiards

To check; fix the measurement of a tool.: Calibrate

Dance duet in ballet usually performed by a couple.: Pas de deux

Surface skin; includes the first two skin layers.: Epidermis

Walter Hunt patented the first __ rifle in 1849.: Repeating

Disastrous drop of snow on a mountain.: Avalanche

Only living members of the genus Struthio.: Ostriches

Oscar winner who had her own TV show in the 60s.: Donna reed

Adverb meaning in strict sense commonly misused.: Literally

Murderous Clown in Stephen King’s novel It.: Pennywise

Led the Greeks in the Trojan War.: Agamemnon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cooking glaze made of soy sauce and sugar.: Teriyaki

Distance north or south from the Equator.: Latitude

Female child.: Daughter

Used to keep the flames burning.: Firewood

Someone who buys goods or services.: Customer

Sylvester __ is Rocky Balboa.: Stallone

__ is a 1985 game where you deliver papers.: Paperboy

Name of an early plastic invented around the 1900s.: Bakelite

Theodor Kober helped to design it in the 1890s.: Zeppelin

Lightweight, small shoes which are easily slipped on.: Slippers

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cheap motorcycle, Vespa.: Scooter

Gassner invented this battery in 1886.: Dry cell

Bruce Lee was a major ambassador of this art.: Martial

Feeling deeply guilty, embarrassed, regretful.: Ashamed

Nice country estate in France.: Chateau

SpongeBob’s best friend, __ Star.: Patrick

Green herb essential for Italian cuisine.: Oregano

The __, movie with Paul Newman as a pool player.: Hustler

Forced withdrawal of a military force.: Retreat

Anti-apartheid campaigner.: Mandela

Guaranteed, sure, certain.: Assured

A large room used for formal or public events.: Chamber

Payment made by a former spouse for living.: Alimony

Hugh Hefner’s mansion and naughty magazine.: Playboy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Psychoactive compound found in a species of poppy.: Opiate

A chess piece.: Knight

Another word for suppose or think.: Reckon

Man of Steel, faster than a speeding __.: Bullet

Naturally protected against diseases.: Immune

He invented the Morse Code in 1836.: Samuel

The oldest one discovered in Pi-Ramesses in Qantir.: Stable

Six letters’ invention of Whitcomb Judson (1890s).: Zipper

Paper used for writing in ancient times.: Scroll

Metal pot to boil liquid, such as water for tea.: Kettle

A quizzing game involving obscure facts.: Trivia

Someone who cuts men’s hair.: Barber

Jean __, French corsair who captured Aztec gold.: Fleury

Puzzle 5 Answers

Oral examination, at college.: Viva voce

Invention that became very popular in the 1990s.: Internet

Transmission that you manually shift.: Standard

Savage fierceness.: Ferocity

Unauthorized writing or drawing on a public place.: Graffiti

In custody before trial.: On remand

The black panther in The Jungle Book.: Bagheera

Odin’s eight-legged horse from Norse folklore.: Sleipnir

An edible snail.: Escargot

Synthetic rubber used for wet suits.: Neoprene

Asymptomatic means you don’t have them.: Symptoms

Obstructive action to hinder a nation’s war effort.: Sabotage

Nobel prize winning author from Mississippi.: Faulkner

Characterized by a state of overpowering emotion.: Ecstatic

Released the first cell phone in 1983.: Motorola

Replication of crucifixion wounds.: Stigmata

Ring it to let someone know you’re there.: Doorbell

Person hired to do small jobs around a building.: Handyman

Song recorded by the Beatles.: Love me do

It stands at 1344 meters above the sea in Scotland.: Ben nevis

A game where rings are thrown around a peg.: Ringtoss

Monkey __, movie with Cary Grant.: Business

To communicate, as information or news.: Transmit

Given by employers; daycare, profit sharing, etc.: Benefits

Group 48

Puzzle 1 Answers

Much better than no bread.: Half a loaf

__ Galley, William Kidd’s ship.: Adventure

This iconic festival was revived in 1994.: Woodstock

Found at the rear of an automobile.: Tail light

__ spider shell, large sea snail species.: Arthritic

Expressing feelings or ideas with body movements.: Pantomime

Someone who backs you in everything.: Supporter

Cancer filtering organ that can be found in armpit.: Lymph node

The cotton __ was invented in 1850.: Harvester

Profession of Italian Prospero Alpini.: Biologist

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Palace, complex of lakes and gardens in Beijing.: Summer

Similar to a llama; gives fibers like wool.: Alpaca

Amount of money to be spent on one area.: Budget

This Beatle imagined a hypothetical world.: Lennon

Machine used to propel a car, boat, or plane.: Engine

Chest for valuables, ancient term.: Coffer

Buffy the Vampire __.: Slayer

Sport of jumping off of something into the water.: Diving

Copper based alloy; ancient period of time.: Bronze

A house or a man can be made out of this.: Ginger

Menial worker, also describes their dull tasks.: Drudge

Slimmest of the long bones; by the tibia.: Fibula

Set of rules in linguistics; computer science.: Syntax

Very shiny photograph print.: Glossy

Story told for forgiveness for an act.: Excuse

Puzzle 3 Answers

Open position; hotel room available.: Vacancy

Symptom of odd neural activity.: Seizure

Fargo and Burn After Reading actress, __ McDormand.: Frances

Figaro is a barber in this city in the opera.: Seville

Saturday and Sunday.: Weekend

__ is Jimmy Neutron’s metal dog.: Goddard

Conqueror of the Incan empire.: Pizarro

Regulated plan, such as for diet or exercise.: Regimen

Written, video, or audio on a website.: Content

__ and Cream, beloved ice cream flavor.: Cookies

Cartridge patented by Casimir Lefaucheux in 1835.: Pinfire

The science of life.: Biology

The shape or outline of the armhole.: Armscye

Puzzle 4 Answers

A concept album released by the Beach Boys in 1966.: Pet sounds

Term used to define complete vision loss.: Blindness

Searched for the philosopher’s stone.: Alchemist

Novel by Nick Hornby turned into a film.: About a boy

Prom is its short form.: Promenade

Ray __, invented the e-mail in 1971.: Tomlinson

Shoes that make a person look taller.: High heels

Central church of the diocese, bishop’s HQ.: Cathedral

Sign, design used to identify products, companies.: Trademark

One who stages ballets.: Regisseur

Object used to open bottles of wine.: Corkscrew

Electromagnetic energy used in medicine.: Radiation

Small thin sausage.: Chipolata

Arabic expression meaning God willing.: Inshallah

Nifty, practical.: Effective

Member of the Gunpowder Plot in London in 1605.: Guy fawkes

The capital of Somalia.: Mogadishu

Joint pain often felt by the elderly.: Arthritis

General name for domesticated farm animals.: Livestock

Invention somehow related to x-rays.: Lightbulb

Gullies are formed by __ heavy rains.: Prolonged

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anagram of parmesan.: Spearman

The first stationary __ was invented in 1950.: Hay baler

Symbol of many Islamic states, Star and __.: Crescent

A particular sort of journalist.: Stringer

German battleship sunk by the British.: Bismarck

Leonardo Da Vinci is erroneously credited for this.: Scissors

Popular, straight woodwind instrument.: Clarinet

Defender of women’s rights.: Feminist

French for many or much, used with thank you.: Beaucoup

Another name for the spine.: Backbone

Month between November and January.: December

Violet quartz used in jewelry.: Amethyst

Car used as a time-machine in Back to the Future.: Delorean

Ibsen’s verse drama on Scandinavian folk tale.: Peer gynt

To put meat in a sauce for a period of time.: Marinate

Imitation is the sincerest form of __.: Flattery

A specialist in plant science.: Botanist

Writing online about different things for fun.: Blogging

FIFA’s major tournament, soccer’s top prize.: World cup

Group 49

Puzzle 1 Answers

Punctuation, word separator, joiner.: Hyphen

Smaller insect, also a VW car.: Beetle

Decorate architectural forms with miniatures.: Purfle

First popular web browser in 1993.: Mosaic

Positively charged subatomic particle.: Proton

Eating room, sometimes reserved for guests.: Dining

It was invented from boiling wine by a Dutch man.: Brandy

Judge’s decision on a matter.: Ruling

__ With Wolves, won the Academy Awards in 1991.: Dances

Opposite of everybody.: Nobody

Someone who “takes you for a ride”; swindler.: Conman

Main raw material grown in a region.: Staple

Item of elegance, not a necessity.: Luxury

__ Scott, Scottish novelist who wrote Ivanhoe.: Walter

Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings.: Bayeux

Danced mostly by men; bells are tied to their legs.: Morris

Puzzle 2 Answers

Movement that aims equal rights for women.: Feminism

Free from commotion or tumult.: Tranquil

Money borrowed to buy a house or building.: Mortgage

Purple flower with pleasant scent.: Lavender

Giant ape that became a box office triumph.: King kong

What the pasteurization process kills.: Microbes

Nationality of Olympic gymnast Kōhei Uchimura.: Japanese

Careful, conservative, gingerly, guarded,.: Cautious

Security measure online; prevents access or attacks.: Firewall

Keeps the landscape clean and pristine.: Gardener

The Last of the __, a novel and a film.: Mohicans

Something not inherited or present when born.: Acquired

Agreement between two people, usually on paper.: Contract

Once the Austrian schilling corresponded to 100 __.: Groschen

Indian slow cooking technique.: Dum pukht

Any permanent military post.: Garrison

Variant to curling, former Olympic event.: Ice stock

Puzzle 3 Answers

Devotion, fondness, love.: Affection

It means “fifty” in French.: Cinquante

Set of glasses, cups used to set table.: Drinkware

__ for Sugar Man, Sixto Rodriguez rediscovery.: Searching

A Winter Olympic sport.: Ice hockey

Instrument that must be played with the mouth.: Saxophone

The semi arid part of southern Argentina.: Patagonia

A period of three years.: Triennium

Hotel employee who helps you with excursions.: Concierge

Process, set of rules used in computer programming.: Algorithm

Political and social system during the Middle Ages.: Feudalism

Decoration at the foot of a printed page.: Tailpiece

Large place where water is stored.: Reservoir

Character from Peanuts obsessed with Beethoven.: Schroeder

Inhaling and exhaling.: Breathing

Substance used like butter.: Margarine

Puzzle 4 Answers

Braggart.: Swaggerer

FM radio was patented by Edwin __ in 1933.: Armstrong

Bodily system that processes food.: Digestive

Ruled by vanity, only interested in oneself.: Egotistic

Princess __, young member of the British royalty.: Charlotte

Painting or drawing executed by means of small dots.: Stippling

The King of Crete commanded the building of the __.: Labyrinth

Surname of a famous acting family in the US.: Barrymore

First __ powder for firearms was invented in 1884.: Smokeless

Protestant who follows teachings of Wesleys.: Methodist

Sports and exercises requiring strength.: Athletics

Famous British-American band, __ Mac.: Fleetwood

A person who mixes and serves drinks.: Bartender

What a witness states in a court of law.: Testimony

Puzzle 5 Answers

Food dip made from chickpeas.: Hummus

Martial art made famous by Steven Seagal.: Aikido

Relating to treasury, money, revenues.: Fiscal

They will dissolve in vinegar.: Pearls

Narcotic trademarked by Bayer in late 1890s.: Heroin

Asian Tiger, producer of electronic goods.: Taiwan

Attack someone violently.: Assail

Rich kids are born with this spoon in their mouth.: Silver

Legal term, application to a higher court.: Appeal

Religion involving pins and dolls.: Voodoo

The number of months in a year.: Twelve

__ Brody, The Pianist actor.: Adrien

Two-piece women’s swimsuit.: Bikini

Group 50

Puzzle 1 Answers

Free from doubt, sure, confident.: Certain

Streaming site, originally mail order DVD service.: Netflix

The 1st use of __ power for electricity was in 1951.: Nuclear

Loss of memory, usually from brain injury.: Amnesia

Never ask pardon before you are __.: Accused

These people stayed at the YMCA.: Village

Chocolate rich dessert with nuts.: Brownie

Muslim fasting holiday.: Ramadan

__ Crowe, subject of, director of Almost Famous.: Cameron

Plant with bitter-tasting leaves used in salads.: Chicory

HBO show about modern polygamists.: Big love

Maigret’s creator.: Simenon

General hospital attendant, nonmedical.: Orderly

Code name for the first atomic bomb test.: Trinity

Main Dutch port in the 17th century Caribbean.: Curaçao

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nevus.: Birthmark

A place where a person lives.: Residence

A dessert in which sherry or brandy is added.: Tipsy cake

Name of the search for people accused of sorcery.: Witch hunt

Scientist who said there could be life outside Earth.: Carl sagan

Musical instrument used in Flamenco performances.: Castanets

A word with the five vowels in alphabetical order.: Facetious

An image with urban scenery as its primary focus.: City scape

Refrigerator, microwave, oven, stove.: Appliance

Marion __, won an Oscar for La Vie en Rose.: Cotillard

__ Republic, shares the island of Hispaniola.: Dominican

Cool, nonchalant.: Unruffled

Hairdo popular in the 18th century.: Pompadour

Famous Italian mathematician from the Middle Ages.: Fibonacci

Janitor, custodian.: Caretaker

Puzzle 3 Answers

Moving through water by using your arms and legs.: Swimming

__ carrier, a military ship with a flight deck.: Aircraft

Any general business activity.: Industry

Lump of tissue behind the nose, not tonsils.: Adenoids

Something that causes diseases.: Pathogen

Throwing a coin in this place brings good luck.: Fountain

Piddling, beggarly.: Derisory

Someone who tries to influence legislation.: Lobbyist

Rembrandt painted The __ of Samson.: Blinding

Mendel founded this science in 1865.: Genetics

__ Holmes, fiction character.: Sherlock

Puzzle 4 Answers

Big-nosed Peanut who sleeps on top of his house.: Snoopy

Expensive salt-cured fish eggs.: Caviar

Say __ and thank you, nice manners.: Please

Anagram of things.: Nights

Profession, usually lifelong, with special training.: Career

Seventh planet from the sun in our Solar System.: Uranus

Humphrey __, a film noir actor.: Bogart

__ Jean, not Jackson’s lover.: Billie

Cat-fish linked to earthquakes in Japanese folklore.: Namazu

Scandinavian country.: Norway

Japanese martial art of self-defense.: Karate

Blood condition with not enough red blood cells.: Anemia

This scientist created three laws about motion.: Newton

Breaker of the German Enigma code.: Turing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abdominal external __ muscle.: Oblique

Simulated by another computer or software.: Virtual

Jamón __, Spanish cured ham.: Serrano

Member of group containing humans and great apes.: Hominid

Chicken, turkey, meat from birds.: Poultry

It was invented in 1771 by a British engineer.: Air pump

Two and A __, Charlie Sheen raunchy sitcom.: Half men

St Augustine __, patron saint of brewers.: Of hippo

Girl who is magically transported away from Kansas.: Dorothy

Organs that regulate electrolytes in the blood.: Kidneys

Shyness or reservation, hesitancy, modesty.: Coyness

Country that shares name with a state in the US.: Georgia

Professor without permanent status.: Adjunct

To be without employment.: Jobless

Group 51

Puzzle 1 Answers

Explosion of a star with substantial energy.: Hypernova

The __, Mel Brooks’ comedy about Broadway.: Producers

They’ve all got stoppers.: Decanters

Controversial boxer with a face tattoo.: Mike tyson

John Gorrie was awarded a patent for an __ machine.: Ice making

A cruel unprincipled person.: Cutthroat

Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee.: Discharge

Legendary sword that belonged to a British monarch.: Excalibur

Canadian, member of the rock and roll hall of fame.: Neil young

Submitting, obeying in a humble manner.: Truckling

Health condition that cannot be solved.: Incurable

Someone who studies relations of organisms.: Ecologist

Fateful lovers, Francesca da Rimini and Paolo __.: Malatesta

A tourist destination in Dominican Republic.: Punta cana

Frenchman considered the father of modern chemistry.: Lavoisier

A convertible coupe.: Cabriolet

Puzzle 2 Answers

Khaled __, Afghan-born American novelist.: Hosseini

Act of drinking, especially Liquor.: Potation

Shivered with fear.: Trembled

To stand in for.: Deputise

Untameable Lions; 90’s World Cup quarter-finals team.: Cameroon

William Grove invented the first __ in 1842.: Fuel cell

First chemical element of group 6.: Chromium

Conforming to an established doctrine.: Orthodox

His enemy was Captain Hook.: Peter pan

High intensity workout regimen.: Cross fit

One octave higher, “fake” singing voice.: Falsetto

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wide semiaquatic reptile with long jaw.: Crocodile

Pronounced, protruding muscles, __ Abs.: Washboard

Temporary halt to war; a truce.: Armistice

Assistant.: Secretary

To rise from the dead.: Resurrect

__ USA, nickname of a record label headquarter.: Hitsville

Underwater vessel designed for war.: Submarine

An item of clothing.: Waistcoat

Italian pasta sauce with bacon, cheese and eggs.: Carbonara

Invented by the Bell Labs in 1954.: Solar cell

This gelatinous sea creature is 95% water.: Jellyfish

Puzzle 4 Answers

Fear of __ old is gerascophobia.: Growing

Perfumed liquid.: Cologne

Type of vehicle pulled by horses.: Chariot

String of items used for decoration.: Garland

Venetian rowing boat for romantic tourists.: Gondola

__ to Hell, AC/DC hit about an infernal road.: Highway

Act of escaping something; usually duty or taxes.: Evasion

Half bovine, half canine.: Bulldog

Father of microbiology.: Pasteur

Write quickly, briefly.: Jot down

Magistrates in charge of public area, historical.: Aediles

The capital of Kenya.: Nairobi

Puzzle 5 Answers

Roof of the mouth; sense of taste.: Palate

Cold box for food storage.: Fridge

Personification of darkness in Greek mythology.: Erebus

Father of genetics.: Mendel

To remove a program or file from a computer.: Delete

A small european-style restaurant.: Bistro

Written by a man, but known as Divine.: Comedy

Slang for a heavy drinker.: Juicer

Artificial cave, recess, or structure.: Grotto

Rich and curly decoration from the 18th century.: Rococo

Island nation south of Turkey, capital is Nicosia.: Cyprus

Group 52

Puzzle 1 Answers

Australasian parrot with curved beak and crest.: Cockatoo

Nonsensical short poem in five lines.: Limerick

Place where people are buried.: Cemetery

Fancy way of calling someone’s bottom.: Derrière

90s TV show often described as being about nothing.: Seinfeld

To express your opinion about something.: Critique

Antigen of a blood group system linked to a monkey.: Rh factor

French cold egg sauce with mustard.: Gribiche

Until 1980 it was called Rhodesia.: Zimbabwe

Helps in the kitchen.: Scullion

Game that requires a long stick with a netted pouch.: Lacrosse

Italian luxury car brand from Bologna.: Maserati

Syndrome that provokes sudden involuntary tics.: Tourette

Delusions of __, unqualified greatness.: Grandeur

Oscar winner; portrayed an Indian social reformer.: Kingsley

Jackson’s zombie-inspired masterpiece.: Thriller

Term for murder; to kill someone.: Homicide

The personification of death in Greek mythology.: Thanatos

Board game involving diagonal moves, draughts.: Checkers

Puzzle 2 Answers

He proved that planets orbit the Sun.: Galileo

Stuffy person; too serious, little fun.: Uptight

First act of offense, to attack first.: Aggress

He determined the nature of chemical bonds.: Pauling

He is not recognized in his own land.: Prophet

Bring something to its original state.: Restore

Andrew __, Tom Hanks role in Philadelphia.: Beckett

Bringing something to an end, conclusion.: Closure

Jewish patriarch asked to sacrifice his son.: Abraham

Effervescent drink or a fizzy powder sweet.: Sherbet

Puzzle 3 Answers

Utterly illogical, untrue, senseless, laughable.: Absurd

Creator of evolutionary theory by natural selection.: Darwin

Dark, dim; deeply shaded emotionally.: Gloomy

Liquid in the blood that holds cells together.: Plasma

Oedipus brought her to death.: Sphinx

Electric Water __, heats water quickly.: Boiler

Egyptians used stones as this bedding item.: Pillow

Genetic predisposition to certain traits.: Anlage

State of something illegally taken from another.: Stolen

Large area controlled by one ruler.: Empire

Workman’s must, tool to loosen, tighten nuts.: Wrench

Someone who examines TV for language.: Censor

Puzzle 4 Answers

Procedure in pregnancy to have access to the fetus.: Fetoscopy

Inverse operation to exponentiation.: Logarithm

Jail release subject to good behavior.: Probation

American type of salami, usually found on pizza.: Pepperoni

The daughter of necessity.: Invention

Collected writings.: Anthology

Synthetic grass patented in 1965.: Astroturf

Russian industrial city on the River Volga.: Volgograd

__ Waltz, won an Oscar for Inglorious Basterds.: Christoph

Non-verbal and non-physical communication.: Telepathy

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris __, a film.: Lessmore

Arriving or acting at the right time.: Punctual

Theological school for clergymen.: Seminary

Maps that show where you can submerge in the ocean.: Dive site

An induced state of human consciousness.: Hypnosis

Something worn on the breast; __ cross.: Pectoral

Permanent legal residence, address.: Domicile

Medically known as allergic rhinitis.: Hay fever

Professional in form of civil, electrical, etc.: Engineer

__ and Guinevere, adulterous couple.: Lancelot

They play the snare.: Drummers

Ana Lucia in Lost, __ Rodriguez.: Michelle

Tropical tree with tall trunk and large leaves.: Palmtree

This star has guided ships for centuries.: Northern

Small nation in the Horn of Africa.: Djibouti

Body __ is the art of gaining muscles.: Building

Group 53

Puzzle 1 Answers

The corn __ was invented in 1850.: Picker

TV sit-down reporter; very heavy thing in a boat.: Anchor

Italian white cheese similar to Parmesan.: Asiago

Home of Plato and Aristotle.: Athens

Violent encounter between two military forces.: Battle

Gunman whose job is to go unseen.: Sniper

__ Fighter, videogame with global characters.: Street

To be filled with amazement; awe, admiration.: Wonder

Head or skull, long ago.: Sconce

Sets of notes played on a guitar.: Chords

Swimming race including all strokes.: Medley

Amount you’re paid for your job.: Salary

Involuntary muscle contraction.: Tremor

Mathematician related to the theory of probability.: Pascal

Puzzle 2 Answers

Napoleon’s birthplace.: Ajaccio

Milli _, infamous German duo caught faking it.: Vanilli

Zodiac starts with the letter S.: Scorpio

Small fruit that resembles an orange.: Kumquat

Major prophet, “God will Strengthen”.: Ezekiel

Empress, wife of the ruler of Russia.: Czarina

People you are related to.: Kinfolk

A special anniversary of an event; 50 years.: Jubilee

The concept of __ spray cans began in 1790.: Aerosol

A temporary solution.: Stopgap

Greatest Arab traveller of Middle Ages, Ibn __.: Battuta

Conforming to accepted standards of conduct.: Ethical

Place or structure that offers protection.: Shelter

__ Gump, won the Academy Awards in 1995.: Forrest

Michelangelo painted this famous chapel.: Sistine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Someone who brings news professionally.: Reporter

Place to find doctors, nurses and medicine.: Hospital

A large fortified place, stronghold.: Fortress

Glands that produce a liquid in the mouth.: Salivary

Body of water at foot of the Caucasus Mountains.: Black sea

One of the best-known names in bridal wear.: Vera wang

Young humans, not adults.: Children

Comic book character played by Samuel L Jackson.: Nick fury

Commitments to do something.: Promises

The largest rodent in the world.: Capybara

Dramatic Spanish dance and music.: Flamenco

Record in a permanent manner.: Enscroll

A small unit of matter.: Particle

First page of a site online.: Homepage

Mattress filled with water.: Waterbed

Led the expedition that first went around the world.: Magellan

Scientist who developed the theory of relativity.: Einstein

Puzzle 4 Answers

Subordinated to a country’s embassy.: Consulate

Ready to be used.: Available

Enemy of a government agent in a spy film.: Terrorist

Pope of Mope.: Morrissey

Adam Smith’s hand that controlled the market.: Invisible

Tomato was once called this.: Love apple

__ Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876.: Alexander

Copper carbonate with green hues.: Malachite

His assassination triggered the first World War.: Ferdinand

Chickenpox, blister-like itchy rash, fever.: Varicella

The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent.: Following

Surgeon board game with buzzing warning.: Operation

Related to the science of equipment design.: Ergonomic

A period of 10 years, a decade.: Decennium

Puzzle 5 Answers

College class with one way communication.: Lecture

__ Leary, an advocate of the LSD.: Timothy

Leonardo __ could draw and write at the same time.: Da vinci

This channel separates Britain from Europe.: English

Written item for the purchase of something.: Receipt

Way of getting meat from animals in the wild.: Hunting

Extravagant lie, not just a fib.: Whopper

Small dried black fruit originally from Europe.: Currant

Cell degeneration, state of decay.: Atrophy

Educated courtesan in Ancient Greece.: Hetaera

The Last __, movie about a monarch of China.: Emperor

Group 54

Puzzle 1 Answers

Black or white spice that has a sharp flavor.: Pepper

__ steam turbine was invented in 1884.: Modern

Added to milk to make cheese.: Rennet

Building or space where people work.: Office

French dance featuring high kicks and splits.: Cancan

Chihuahua dogs are originally from this country.: Mexico

To develop gradually and over time, change.: Evolve

Russian who worked with salivating dogs.: Pavlov

__ Citizen, elderly person, usually retired.: Senior

Temple holding a huge complex dedicated to Amun-Ra.: Karnak

Puzzle 2 Answers

Goose liver dish accused of animal cruelty.: Foie gras

REM Sleep: Rapid Eye __.: Movement

He is as bad as the thief.: Receiver

Pigeons may nest there.: Dovecote

Winter sport that combines skiing and shooting.: Biathlon

Band best known for its hit “Eye of the Tiger”.: Survivor

Petrol, or __, powered a car first in 1886.: Gasoline

Luchino __, director of Rocco and his Brothers.: Visconti

Period when day is ending and night is beginning.: Twilight

Fortress of __, Superman’s place of solace.: Solitude

Unofficial capital of the British West Indies.: Barbados

Largest lake in North America.: Superior

__ cooker, airtight utensil for quick cooking.: Pressure

Puzzle 3 Answers

Less than a goatee, small tuft of facial hair.: Soul patch

Nut with an edible green kernel.: Pistachio

Widely known; negative connotation.: Notorious

Male who works in law enforcement.: Policeman

Modern oven zaps food in less time.: Microwave

Painted Composition IV.: Kandinsky

Movable bed for patients.: Stretcher

Communication system consisting of dashes and dots.: Morse code

Autonomous region often at odds with Spain.: Catalonia

Manipulation of one’s thoughts; cleansing.: Brainwash

It is what proves the rule.: Exception

Medium-sized carnivore, “cousin” to the mongoose.: Binturong

Puzzle 4 Answers

Peruvian raw fish marinade.: Ceviche

Chinese ecommerce powerhouse run by Jack Ma.: Alibaba

They were first put in 1973 Chevy models.: Air bags

Low seat without a back also known as footstool.: Ottoman

__ Millionaire, film about a game show contestant.: Slumdog

State of society without laws or government.: Anarchy

Reddish-yellow or brownish-yellow.: Fulvous

Building or room containing books.: Library

George __, Ali foe; an appliance king.: Foreman

He said acquired characteristics are inheritable.: Lamarck

Church of __, aka Anglican Church.: England

Full of violent passion or rage.: Furious

Type of plumage on a bird.: Feather

The US capital between 1789 and 1790.: New york

Puzzle 5 Answers

Touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing.: Senses

A person who always tells the truth.: Honest

Underground transportation; fast food chain.: Subway

Long walks through the woods on a trail.: Hiking

Small Spanish horse.: Jennet

A laundry machine consisting of two rollers.: Mangle

Creator of the universe in Hinduism.: Brahma

Larger formal hat worn with a tuxedo.: Top hat

Electronic or mechanical item for a purpose.: Device

Traditional female Japanese performer.: Geisha

Liquid used to cure something, magical potion.: Elixir

A very short period of time, an instant.: Moment

Small bushy trees, cut in ornate shapes in a yard.: Hedges

Group 55

Puzzle 1 Answers

Prison or jail for military personnel.: Stockade

Forest __ stars in The Last King of Scotland.: Whitaker

Something very fine that can break easily.: Delicate

First engine-powered __ were introduced in 1868.: Tractors

__ Pumpkins, band of Halloween pranksters.: Smashing

Round light green melon, similar to the cantaloupe.: Honey dew

An animal that feeds on plants and other animals.: Omnivore

The first particle __ was invented in 1911.: Detector

Sock hung to be filled with goodies on Christmas.: Stocking

Someone who repairs machinery, cars, etc.: Mechanic

Name given to popular topics on Twitter.: Trending

Puzzle 2 Answers

Yellow French sauce similar to tartar.: Remoulade

Shooting game that will leave stains.: Paintball

Bill Gates started this company.: Microsoft

Millionaires, billionaires, science of wealth.: Aphnology

Hypothetical type of compact exotic star.: Quarkstar

Ukraine’s border with Belarus northeast of Kiev.: Chernobyl

Pace at which those marrying in haste repent.: At leisure

Jewelry for men; used in button shirts.: Cufflinks

Loss of motor function, voluntary movements.: Paralysis

Monet painted Beach in __.: Pourville

Louisa __, American author of Little Women.: May alcott

Metallic festive covering, comes in a can.: Gold spray

The song of __, dubbed the brother of Marseillaise.: Departure

Hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly.: Chrysalis

Puzzle 3 Answers

Leif __, Icelandic explorer who 1st reached America.: Erikson

Amphibian native to a Mexican lake.: Axolotl

The capital of Isle of Man.: Douglas

Never listens to anyone.: Wayward

A centenarian is someone who is one-__ or older.: Hundred

One-eyed monster of Greek mythology.: Cyclops

Single-headed Philippine drum.: Dabakan

The celebration of two people getting married.: Wedding

Someone who provides foods for events and parties.: Caterer

Leave the gun, take the __.: Cannoli

Puzzle 4 Answers

A lot, more than enough.: Plenty

__ of Miletus, one of the Seven Sages of Greece.: Thales

Protein complex found in wheat; can cause allergy.: Gluten

This city’s bridge is falling in a nursery rhyme.: London

Being that is deceased but behaves like it is alive.: Undead

A candy crab __ the polyps it lives in.: Mimics

__ Ball, wartime weapon; ungraceful dive.: Cannon

To rise against constituted authority.: Revolt

A teacher, someone who helps, assists, guides.: Mentor

__ Takei, Sulu on Star Trek, social media star.: George

Increase in size, volume, extent.: Expand

Ignaz Semmelweis is the __ of modern antisepsis.: Father

Puzzle 5 Answers

Something repulsive, disgusting.: Revolting

South Florida 80s crime show with Don Johnson.: Miami vice

Chief job that Masons attribute to God.: Architect

Very absorbent towels may be made of this.: Huckaback

Wave this to show you surrender.: White flag

In law, honesty of intention.: Bonafides

Chinese waterway located between 2 largest rivers.: Huai river

Heathcliff’s love in Wuthering Heights.: Catherine

Meat browned, stewed and served in its sauce.: Fricassee

Theory supported by the idea of natural selection.: Evolution

Small marsupial from Australia and New Guinea.: Bandicoot

Group 56

Puzzle 1 Answers

80s band that made people jump.: Van halen

Just below the emperor, Austrian title.: Archduke

__ Roll, circular pastry known for its spice.: Cinnamon

Joan __, sister of Olivia de Havilland.: Fontaine

Part of a building; partially or wholly underground.: Basement

Sofia is the capital of __.: Bulgaria

Father of the study of groups of people.: Durkheim

Bible book of inspirational passages.: Proverbs

Brazilian acrobatic martial art created by slaves.: Capoeira

A witch’s pot boiling with glowing goo.: Cauldron

Number of seats in a restaurant when full.: Capacity

12 a.m., height of night, a scary hour.: Midnight

Gauge that tells you how many miles are on a car.: Odometer

Programs on a computer; removable.: Software

Great pain, anxiety, sorrow.: Distress

Puzzle 2 Answers

Road designed for high speed traffic.: Freeway

To receive money when someone dies.: Inherit

Game with ball and pins.: Bowling

Mayim Bialik 90s, pre Big Bang Theory sitcom.: Blossom

To die = to __ one’s last.: Breathe

Faye __, Broadway star who played Bonnie on screen.: Dunaway

Jägermeister was first made there in 1935.: Germany

A type of short haircut.: Flat top

Small animals with six legs and hard shells.: Insects

Medicine for stopping itching and pain.: Camphor

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cut your coat __ to your cloth.: According

Items like moisturizer, blush and eyeshadow.: Cosmetics

Decency, decorum.: Propriety

German sausage often eaten in buns with mustard.: Bratwurst

Gene that is not dominant.: Recessive

Feeds on decaying flesh.: Scavenger

Egyptian dynasty after Alexander’s death.: Ptolemaic

Largest Central American republic.: Nicaragua

Ancient Greek writer of tragedies.: Sophocles

The USB __ was launched in 1996.: Interface

A person who supervises the safety at the beach.: Lifeguard

Day for ghouls, monsters and trick or treating.: Halloween

Device to capture rodents.: Mouse trap

David Lynch cult TV series.: Twin peaks

Antonio Vivaldi’s nickname.: Red priest

Puzzle 4 Answers

Small flying insect that bites and sucks blood.: Mosquito

Pad of paper used to write information in.: Notebook

Helmut Ruska set the basis for the __ microscope.: Electron

Melanie __, star of Working Girl.: Griffith

Artist’s farrago.: Pastiche

The capital of Tajikistan.: Dushanbe

Deep blue; the birthstone of September.: Sapphire

Mathematical study of change; “small pebble”.: Calculus

Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts.: Espresso

Aerial military combat; no canines to be seen.: Dogfight

Puzzle 5 Answers

Virgin Mary appeared in this small French town.: Lourdes

Sweet food eaten at the end of a meal.: Dessert

Writer, comedian famous for SNL, 30 Rock.: Tina fey

Women’s dress hanging straight from the shoulders.: Chemise

Large prying tool used by criminals in movies.: Crowbar

Hero of the novel Pride and Prejudice.: Mr darcy

To make designs in metal or glass by using acid.: Etching

Bewildered, confused, frustrated.: Baffled

A specialist in a particular branch of study.: Scholar

A theory that explains the origin of the universe.: Big bang

Cough mixture.: Linctus

Depart secretly and quickly to avoid capture.: Abscond

Athena counterpart in Roman mythology.: Minerva

Group 57

Puzzle 1 Answers

Type of dark red bean.: Kidney

Small fairy-like creature in folklore.: Sprite

__ calculator was invented in Japan in 1970.: Pocket

Flash __ was invented circa 1980 by Toshiba.: Memory

Bible book of phrases that means “praises”.: Psalms

Ojos del __, active volcano in S. America.: Salado

Civil __, 60s movement fighting for minorities.: Rights

Macabre singer with female first name.: Cooper

Often discussed range of development disorders.: Autism

Femme __, a seductive woman.: Fatale

Timon & __, Disney animated TV show.: Pumbaa

Puzzle 2 Answers

Wonderful, fascinating, excellent.: Awesome

The last name of a yellow animated family from TV.: Simpson

Alice Doesn’t Live Here __, a 1974 film.: Anymore

Magnavox __ was the 1st video game console.: Odyssey

Julian __, Wikileaks cyberactivist.: Assange

Calculates insurance risks.: Actuary

Massive stretch of treeless land.: Prairie

Leafy vegetable, iceberg is one type.: Lettuce

Type of paint mixed with water and egg.: Tempera

Joint of the finger bones.: Knuckle

Female western, Annie Oakley was one.: Cowgirl

In this film Dustin Hoffman’s character has autism.: Rain man

Name or assign someone to a position.: Appoint

Disease that causes loss of taste function.: Ageusia

Fish also known as sea needle.: Garfish

Puzzle 3 Answers

Italian dish made with braised veal shanks.: Ossobuco

Pound __, Britain’s highly valued currency.: Sterling

Someone who creates musical scores.: Composer

Japanese botanical nuisance.: Knotweed

Debbie __, actress of Singin’ in the Rain.: Reynolds

S. African country, capital is Gaborone.: Botswana

Cancer common in older men.: Prostate

Upper body part; joint that allows arm movement.: Shoulder

Jonathan Swift’s satire about this person’s travels.: Gulliver

Cryptography is the study of decoding secret __.: Messages

Puzzle 4 Answers

GMT comes from this Royal Observatory.: Greenwich

Hormone that regulates sleep.: Melatonin

__ Pope, second only to Shakespeare in being quoted.: Alexander

Jack __, wide-mouthed joker before Ledger.: Nicholson

Port __, regulates transportation infrastructure.: Authority

Wind instrument aka mouth organ.: Harmonica

Heated pool with swirling water.: Whirlpool

Giving up something you care about.: Sacrifice

Founder and CEO of Amazon.: Jeff bezos

Sports injury; projections often at the joints.: Bone spurs

Head of a school.: Principal

Klee painted Insula __.: Dulcamara

A flower-based liquid used in cosmetics.: Rose water

Puzzle 5 Answers

According to the law, officially sanctioned.: De jure

Something to put money, cards, and other items in.: Wallet

Martial art that has a cartoon panda practitioner.: Kung fu

__ of Sion, French fraternity that was a hoax.: Priory

__ 7 was the first successful artificial heart.: Jarvik

To ask a fee or price for something.: Charge

Rudolf __ invented this type of engine in 1893.: Diesel

Intriguing primates from Madagascar.: Lemurs

Japanese art form using small trees.: Bonsai

The Count of Monte __, Dumas adventure novel.: Cristo

General understanding, idea of something.: Notion

To take in without reflection, soak up.: Absorb

Group 58

Puzzle 1 Answers

Kernels that puff up when heated.: Popcorn

Tried to rescue Eurydice.: Orpheus

David __, resigned as UK’s PM after the Brexit.: Cameron

Branch of math; uses letters representing numbers.: Algebra

Disconcerted, embarassed, ashamed of.: Abashed

Tiny sacs of air in the lungs.: Alveoli

Mad Men was named after ad men on this NY avenue.: Madison

2010 Disney movie based on Rapunzel.: Tangled

Opal with a glassy appearance and fluorescent.: Hyalite

Gourd rattles filled with seeds to keep rhythm.: Maracas

Gloves with the fingers in one area.: Mittens

Hereditary warrior class in ancient Japan.: Samurai

Puzzle 2 Answers

Galaxy that contains the Solar System.: Milky way

Yellow pigmentation of the skin.: Jaundice

To take money out of the bank.: Withdraw

Romanian gymnast who got the perfect score.: Comaneci

The capital of India.: New delhi

Whoopi __, 80s comedian, co-host of The View.: Goldberg

Nymph of Artemis turned into a bear.: Callisto

Trouser suspenders, once.: Galluses

The amount or number of something.: Quantity

__ Benz, Janis Joplin’s final song.: Mercedes

Trick-taking card game.: Pinochle

Someone who works as what Dora the cartoon does.: Explorer

Religious sacrament, contract between two people.: Marriage

Bronte love story with Mr. Rochester.: Jane eyre

Ventilation from the top of the house.: Attic fan

Empty tomb or monument erected in memory of someone.: Cenotaph

Really fast runners.: Cheetahs

Puzzle 3 Answers

It’s a __ Life, classic Christmas movie.: Wonderful

Spray blown from waves.: Spindrift

Some are wise and some are __.: Otherwise

Pea-sized gland controls growth, blood pressure.: Pituitary

__ disc, distant circumstellar disc in Solar System.: Scattered

Another name for the Prime Minister of Ireland.: Taoiseach

Bugs Bunny archenemy that had a speech impediment.: Elmer fudd

Percussion instrument from Mexico.: Tamborita

Written and printed publisher’s opinion.: Editorial

Device that sends electrical shocks to the heart.: Pacemaker

Someone who works with or carves wood.: Carpenter

Puzzle with letters and black squares.: Crossword

Ancient Roman province in present-day Portugal.: Lusitania

Anagram of cart horse.: Orchestra

A kettle spout; a man’s nose; an insect’s __.: Proboscis

Off-hand, unrehearsed.: Impromptu

Kitchen utensils made of wood.: Treenware

Puzzle 4 Answers

Life-threatening condition aka blood poisoning.: Sepsis

James Nasmyth invented the steam __ in 1839.: Hammer

Passage of water connecting two larger ones.: Strait

What a rotten apple spoils.: Barrel

Usually indelible design on the skin.: Tattoo

Three-legged frame used for picture taking.: Tripod

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book.: Esther

Money made from a job or business.: Income

Way of acting, doing something, speaking.: Manner

Brazilian mountainside slum.: Favela

Creamy salad named after an Italian American chef.: Caesar

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bury this weapon to make peace.: Hatchet

Expensive smelling underground fungus.: Truffle

Cats collectively.: Clowder

Self-punishment undertaken to atone for sin.: Penance

Phenomenon studied by Galileo, Newton and Einstein.: Gravity

Makeup to enhance the eye.: Mascara

Explosive cocktail.: Molotov

A person who rules a kingdom or empire.: Monarch

The one the groom relies on to have his back.: Best man

Monster mix of lion, goat, and snake in mythology.: Chimera

Determination of who keeps a minor child.: Custody

Newly enlisted military member.: Recruit

Large impressive residence, celebrities’ house.: Mansion

Hitchcock’s masterpiece with James Stewart.: Vertigo

An abolitionist fought against this.: Slavery

__ Achenbach was a German landscape painter.: Andreas

Tough decision between equally unfavourable choices.: Dilemma

Group 59

Puzzle 1 Answers

Goblets and wine glasses.: Stemware

Making something equal, even, uniform.: Leveling

This folk dance can get pretty loud.: Clogging

Item used to enter information into a computer.: Terminal

Loose pants with a bib and suspenders.: Overalls

__ Bob, Bart’s stalker voiced by Kelsey Grammer.: Sideshow

The sound of h as in hag.: Aspirate

Band of tissue used to connect bones.: Ligament

Rich tomato sauce used in Italian dishes.: Pomodoro

Beautiful woman; consciousness-stealing punch.: Knockout

The Usual __, gave Kevin Spacey an Oscar.: Suspects

Removing plaque from the teeth at the dentist.: Cleaning

The original drummer for The Beatles.: Pete best

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dies for the love of himself.: Narcissus

Island country including Java.: Indonesia

This type of cooking uses minimal amount of oil.: Pan frying

__ of Soul, James Brown’s nickname.: Godfather

__ Dogs, Tarantino crime thriller.: Reservoir

__ Engels, writer on the English working classes.: Friedrich

DJ who contributed to popularize rock and roll.: Alan freed

Tissue that is present in joints, rib cage, ears.: Cartilage

In electricity, the opposite of a conductor.: Insulator

Liver disease comes in B and C forms.: Hepatitis

Place for keeping things for future use.: Storeroom

The wife of a viceroy.: Vicereine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Comedian in a castle.: Jester

A person who has written a book.: Author

Britney __, pop princess who once shaved her head.: Spears

Dairy much used in French cuisine.: Butter

To decapitate someone.: Behead

William Otis invented the steam __ in 1839.: Shovel

String of beads for Hail Marys and Lord’s Prayers.: Rosary

Punctuation to stress certain letters.: Accent

Type of barrels used in the first diving bells.: Wooden

A soft gentle breeze, car model.: Zephyr

Outermost major moon of Uranus.: Oberon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Feline beauty contest.: Cat show

To fix foods to be eaten.: Prepare

Multi-sided flat shape.: Polygon

Mechanism that throws empty shells from a gun.: Ejector

Act of doing something exactly like someone else.: Copying

Chinese game played by four similar to rummy.: Mahjong

1981 game to get an amphibian across a street.: Frogger

Throat lymphoid tissues often surgically removed.: Tonsils

Luxurious in style, design.: Elegant

First successful gas __ was invented in 1903.: Turbine

Singer, actress, feminist and top-selling artist.: Beyonce

To get better from a medical illness.: Recover

Public sale giving goods to the highest bidder.: Auction

Widespread African language.: Swahili

Puzzle 5 Answers

A family of aliens with bald conical heads.: Coneheads

Someone legally qualified to be a doctor.: Physician

This battle crushed the Incan empire.: Cajamarca

Not hardcover, book that becomes damaged easier.: Paperback

Australian sponge cake dessert covered in coconut.: Lamington

Western movie legend aka Duke.: John wayne

Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim mix, Lady __.: Marmalade

Central heating system of ducts and vents.: Forced air

Longest reigning British monarch, Queen __ II.: Elizabeth

Gymnastic ability, particularly in the air.: Acrobatic

Abetment, intrigue.: Collusion

Opera singer known as the “Swedish Nightingale”.: Jenny lind

Old-fashioned delivery of postal messages.: Snail mail

Atop Mount Titano.: San marino

Study of language in written historical sources.: Philology

Group 60

Puzzle 1 Answers

The __ retriever is one of the most popular dogs.: Labrador

The very essence of something.: Quiddity

It was lost when Milton wrote about it.: Paradise

A Swedish turnip.: Rutabaga

Bringing air into the lungs; breathing process.: Inhaling

Image of Jesus on the cross.: Crucifix

The word nice comes from a Latin word meaning this.: Ignorant

Italian artist and inventor, __ da Vinci.: Leonardo

Character in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.: Beatrice

Death of living cells and tissues by many causes.: Necrosis

Not capable of dying; everlasting.: Immortal

Historical military weapon; throws stones, missiles.: Ballista

Company or group controlling all the market.: Monopoly

Van __, was in love with brown-eyed girls.: Morrison

An elevated region, plateau, mountain region.: Highland

Someone who prays at an assembly, hospital.: Chaplain

Type of needle found in the kitchen.: Trussing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Filmmaking process used by Pixar; Up, Toy Story.: Animation

Small French cake baked in a shell-like shape.: Madeleine

Chaos theory effect, small change, future result.: Butterfly

Lined card to organize information pre-Internet.: Index card

Was a bit too dramatic on stage.: Overacted

A device that sprays water.: Sprinkler

Coral that lives on rocky areas; aka vase or turban.: Pagoda cup

The back part of the body.: Posterior

Rio de Janeiro’s tourist attraction.: Sugar loaf

Alexander __, Swedish actor of True Blood.: Skarsgard

Group of people that come together for an occasion.: Gathering

Games played on a rectangular table with balls.: Billiards

State of being untrue.: Falsehood

Construction equipment with a big bucket to dig.: Excavator

In Britain, book identifier in a library shelf.: Pressmark

Old-time facial hair, long, upward moustache.: Handlebar

Soft animal toy named after American president.: Teddy bear

A small flute.: Flageolet

Zion.: Jerusalem

Puzzle 3 Answers

Glazed aperture.: Window

Soak in hot water to release the flavour.: Infuse

Heavenly, God-like intervention.: Divine

German word for emperor; Caesar.: Kaiser

Fast learners are quick on the __.: Uptake

Area that contains your vocal cords.: Larynx

__ Wyatt, poet imprisoned, accused of adultery.: Thomas

Dracula’s sleeping place, aka casket.: Coffin

Victorian watch chain.: Albert

Gigantic grey wolf from Inuit mythology.: Amarok

What comes after fall.: Winter

Excessive pride in one’s appearance or qualities.: Vanity

Dwarf leopard of Central and South America.: Ocelot

The fear of being __ alive is called taphephobia.: Buried

Mega online shop; first started with books.: Amazon

Lilongwe is the capital of __.: Malawi

Device used to clean air or fuel in a car.: Filter

Gas used to fill balloons; makes voice funny.: Helium

Traditional stringed Chinese instrument.: Jiaohu

Christopher’s loveable friend, honey aficionado.: Winnie

Puzzle 4 Answers

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world.: Damascus

Barely understood, sometimes removed organ.: Appendix

If it’s as dead as a __, then it’s dead indeed.: Doornail

Judge’s decision, people cannot talk about a case.: Gag order

To prepare food so as to avoid decomposition.: Preserve

Mark out as evil, stigmatize.: Demonize

IBM competitor semiconductor business.: Qualcomm

Space by a hearth.: Fireside

Ryan Reynolds’ 2016 superhero movie.: Deadpool

AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency __.: Syndrome

He gives name to a constant involving molecules.: Avogadro

Vessels are taken there for repair.: Shipyard

Upright, up and down, not horizontal.: Vertical

Winter game, __ fight.: Snowball

Lively couples dance from Spain since 1700s.: Fandango

Mrs. __, is loved more than she will know.: Robinson

Puzzle 5 Answers

This paddle sport can be also called crew.: Rowing

__ vs. __, won the Academy Awards in 1980.: Kramer

Aorta is the largest one in the body.: Artery

Airplane manufacturer, famous for 747.: Boeing

First treaty to divide the Carolingian Empire.: Verdun

Chinese assortment of fried dumplings.: Dim sum

Message boards, online discussion sites.: Forums

__ of Wrath, Steinbeck novel on the Dust Bowl.: Grapes

The Last __, iconic meal with Jesus and disciples.: Supper

Area between two mountains or hills.: Valley

Substance that catalyzes chemical reactions.: Enzyme

To voluntarily sign up for military service.: Enlist

Forever.: Always

Showing humble views of merits or ego; no vanity.: Modest

Hot __, kid’s game of tossing tuber.: Potato

Large animals used for riding.: Horses

Composer who refused ever to make an opera.: Brahms

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