Codycross Home sweet home Answers

Updated Codycross answers!

Codycross Home sweet home

Group 621

Puzzle 1 Answers

Artistically pleasing to the eye: Aesthetic

Barking up the __; to be mistaken: Wrong tree

Bus line with the ad “Leave the driving to us”: Greyhound

Covering for a light-giving device: Lamp shade

Creating a new product or device: Inventing

Desolate, miserable, unhappy: Sorrowful

Grain-like seeds used in kasha varnishkes: Buckwheat

Insoluble substance found in vegetable fibers: Cellulose

Knick-knacks, figurines, baubles and decorations: Ornaments

One of the largest Dutch cities, a world entrepôt: Rotterdam

Part of archery target outside the scoring area: Petticoat

Understand, work on finding an answer: Figure out

With an instructive, informative purpose: Educative

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arranged in strata: Layered

Cell division that creates exact copies: Mitosis

Edge __; brink of success hit for Lady Gaga: Of glory

Information sent from one sender to one receiver: Unicast

Long, firm, cylindrical pillow: Bolster

Making owl noises: Hooting

Manchurians who established Jin Dynasty in China: Jurchen

Neatening clutter in the house: Tidying

Oklahoma City basketball team: Thunder

Preserved in brine or vinegar: Pickled

Rod __, actor starred in In the Heat of the Night: Steiger

Stamped to indicate postage has been paid: Franked

Volcanic Indian Ocean island once owned by France: Réunion

What it’s like outside, e.g. sunny, raining: Weather

__ Elliot, Martian boy in The Space Between Us: Gardner

Puzzle 3 Answers

2018 superhero movie, Black __: Panther

Banishing, expelling: Exiling

Crucially, importantly: Vitally

Encasement on the top of a room: Ceiling

Greedily gobbling down one’s food: Wolfing

Greek alphabet letter, capital looks like a Y: Upsilon

Handcrafted floor coverings from fabric oddments: Rag rugs

In a slantwise manner: Ascaunt

Mountain pass between Italy and Austria: __ Pass: Brenner

Rattle your __, Lennon’s request to posh audience: Jewelry

Stocking holders: Garters

TV lawyer who charged $100,000 per case: Matlock

Takes detritus from river bed: Dredges

Territory ruled by medieval Mongol ruler: Khanate

US singer known for Lucky Star, Like a Prayer: Madonna

__ and Lovage, very English play by Peter Shaffer: Lettice

Puzzle 4 Answers

As tough as __; well-worn shoes: Old boots

Dancers’ or actors’ outfits: Costumes

Disposable drinking vessel: Paper cup

Friedrich __ University is based in Jena, Germany: Schiller

From Venice; like a certain type of window blind: Venetian

Most worn and untidy: Tattiest

Multiple Oscar-winner Daniel __, My Left Foot star: Day lewis

Processed canned pork meat: Luncheon

Small void in a piece of wood: Knothole

Tower with sails that drains a marsh or swamp: Windpump

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bats the eyes: Blinks

Calcium compound for cleaning washing machines: Calgon

Collecting piles of leaves with a garden tool: Raking

Indian soldiers of the British Army of the Raj: Sepoys

Johnny Depp stars as this failed movie director: Ed wood

NY NBA team, based at Madison Square Garden: Knicks

Patti __, Broadway Diva: Lupone

Put inside: Insert

Swiss melted cheese dish: Fondue

Three times: Thrice

Tom, Tom, the piper’s son, stole a pig and away __: Did run

What hippophobia is the fear of: Horses

Group 622

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bad breath: Halitosis

Bass guitarist for The Who: the late John __: Entwistle

Beach seating: Deck chair

Decorative parchment that covers a brick structure: Wallpaper

Deliberate, not accidental: On purpose

Pipe obstructions: Blockages

Punxsutawney Phil, for example: Groundhog

Removed Xmas paper from: Unwrapped

Siege warfare machine for hurling large stones: Trebuchet

Thistle with edible flower bud: Artichoke

To become annoyed, with reference to a garment: Get shirty

Tom __, US chef founded Crafted Hospitality: Colicchio

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aquatic mattress: Waterbed

Bubbles created by washing up liquid: Soap suds

C S __, Hornblower author who was born Cecil Smith: Forester

End, cut short, prune: Truncate

Freddy __; Belgian contemporary of Eddy Merckx: Maertens

Hockey team based out of Canadian capital: Senators

Issues an order; not demands but __: Commands

Level of noise or sound: Loudness

Money, bills: Currency

Music by __, Oscar-winner about a Zimbabwean singer: Prudence

Pan __, once the world’s largest airline: American

Region in France famous for its Camembert cheese: Normandy

Same as Calvary, a small hill near Jerusalem: Golgotha

Vitality, energy, drive: Dynamism

__ of the Runaways sang Bad Reputation: Joan jett

Puzzle 3 Answers

Big snakes, perhaps called Monty: Pythons

Building fronts: Facades

Civil War hero “Stonewall” __: Jackson

Cursed; damned: Dratted

Demands forcefully: Insists

Looking for, maybe even desperately: Seeking

Michael __, linguist who deciphered Linear B: Ventris

Old-fashioned wringing laundry aids: Mangles

Plate that helps you serve a balanced diet: Eatwell

Round citrus fruits for making breakfast juice: Oranges

Shoes with a patterned leather upper: Brogues

Some forms of life survive the atomic or __ blasts: Nuclear

Throwing a party, compering a do: Hosting

__ Holden, American actor: William

__ edition, an art book, say, with few copies: Limited

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capable of being replaced by new growth: Renewable

Commanded the starship USS Enterprise in Star Trek: James kirk

Dicing __; taking dangerous risks: With death

Edit by removing offensive parts: Expurgate

Fortified keep along the English-Scottish border: Pele tower

Get a motorbike going with one of these: Kickstart

Girl band of Lewis, Blatt and Appleton x 2: All saints

Moving toy that dangles above sleepy babies: Cot mobile

Nationality of Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima: Brazilian

System that waters lawn: Sprinkler

Tampa Bay’s hockey team: Lightning

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bellingshausen’s ship used to discover Antarctica: Vostok

Frankfurter, wiener: Hot dog

Itchy dry skin condition: Eczema

Photo agency founded by Cartier-Bresson and Capa: Magnum

Protective pinnies worn when barbecuing: Aprons

Release from one’s grasp: Unhand

Removes everything from a table: Clears

Someone who passes secrets to the press: Leaker

Support framework for lighting on a film or TV set: Gantry

Thickset, heavily built: Stocky

Thomas __, the father of English cathedral music: Tallis

__ Lewis, longtime Cincinnati Bengals coach: Marvin

Group 623

Puzzle 1 Answers

Architect of the pyramid of Zoser: Imhotep

Big balls of laundry: Bundles

Boris, the UK prime minister from July 2019: Johnson

Cause trouble or distress to someone: Afflict

Fun search for hidden oval objects during Easter: Egg hunt

Having an opening, like pores in a sponge: Ostiate

Laying cloth over furniture: Draping

More deprived: Needier

Small flow of liquid: Trickle

State known as the Heart of Dixie: Alabama

Subtle eye contact gesture, closing one eye: Winking

Table __; meals given to customers at their seats: Service

The M in CMYK printing cartridges: Magenta

Transportation that’s good for you and the planet: Cycling

What Ms Dolittle sold in Covent Garden: Flowers

__ Henry wrote “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”: Patrick

Puzzle 2 Answers

Athletic event with a sandpit: Long jump

Establishing, setting up: Founding

Group of superheroes who beat Thanos in __ Endgame: Avengers

Like something lightweight that can be carried: Handheld

Mrs and Miss are abbreviations of this word: Mistress

Scottish weapon, a double-edged broadsword: Claymore

Some of these veggies are the “daikon” type: Radishes

Something you have loaned from a friend: Borrowed

Suggested, speculative, as in a budget: Notional

Superhero group that faces Thanos in __ Endgame: Avengers

Victor and Nikki’s daughter on soap opera Y&R: Victoria

__ cage bulbs possess many filaments: Squirrel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Answered, replied: Responded

Bill who drew Calvin and Hobbes: Watterson

Elvis’ style of shoes: Bluesuede

Flu: Influenza

Frame for carrying injured footballers: Stretcher

Gen. Lee’s trusty steed during American Civil War: Traveller

Pictorial greetings sent home from holidays: Postcards

Slightly smaller mattress than a male monarch’s: Queen size

The __, Irish Rover folk band: Dubliners

The __, Oscar-winner with Lemmon and MacLaine: Apartment

Wallboard made from Portuguese trees: Corkboard

__ gardens, place for scientific study: Botanical

Puzzle 4 Answers

Canadian pop singer who sang Baby: Bieber

Extremely pressing: Urgent

Hard white limestone used in architecture: Marble

Isle off the toe of Italy’s boot: Sicily

Leave an airport: Depart

One of The Bold & The Beautiful’s worst villainess: Sheila

Puts up scaffolding or a building: Erects

Shared combined resources, a little watery perhaps: Pooled

Shocked electrically: Jolted

Toasted batter, served with ice cream and syrup: Waffle

__ lithography, method of book printing: Offset

-Apennine; landing site for Apollo 15 mission: Hadley

Puzzle 5 Answers

Being out of order, all over the place: Haywire

Brain __; puzzles to make you think: Teasers

Cantab’s rival: Oxonian

Give someone a heads-up: Prewarn

John __, writer of legal thrillers: Grisham

Laughs like a witch: Cackles

Military leader, often associated with Africa: Warlord

More hip, rhythmic: Funkier

Padma __, actress, producer, Top Chef host: Lakshmi

Patting with cloth: Dabbing

Second largest city in Victoria, Australia: Geelong

Train service: Railway

Turn on the electric __ and snuggle up in bed: Blanket

Underground layer of water within permeable rock: Aquifer

What everyone wears on their shirt at a conference: Nametag

Witty intelligences: Esprits

Pierce, Oscar-winning film with Joan Crawford: Mildred

__ greens, where cricket matches are played: Village

Group 624

Puzzle 1 Answers

Born on the __ of July; 1989 Tom Cruise film: Fourth

Circular dish that sits under a teacup, plate: Saucer

Clothing company, __ Republic: Banana

Dark reddish purple: Maroon

Father of the two “Princes in the Tower”: __ IV: Edward

Female foxes: Vixens

German folkloric animal, fire, human or candle: Kobold

Guidance handle for steering a boat: Tiller

Japanese horseradish sauce, found in sushi plates: Wasabi

Opinion at odds with religion: Heresy

The wealthy girl in Billy Joel song is from there: Uptown

Writing desk or a branch of an institution: Bureau

Puzzle 2 Answers

Abbreviation and nickname for Santa Claus: St nick

Actress Tia Mowry’s twin sister: Tamera

Add to the price for profit: Mark up

Burrowing rodent that causes farmers trouble: Gopher

Eight __ Freaks, monster-spider movie: Legged

Houses, dwellings, residences: Abodes

Opposite of youngest: Oldest

Prisoner who received clemency in 1977: Patty __: Hearst

Textured like the white cliffs of Dover: Chalky

Vertical sections of steps on a staircase: Risers

__ Mitty, character with alternative existence: Walter

Puzzle 3 Answers

African coffee seeds; anagram of sour bat: Robusta

Boring, everyday: Humdrum

Capital of Armenia: Yerevan

Cloth window covering: Curtain

Cropping up, occurring, e.g. a problem: Arising

Curated popular stories on Twitter: Moments

Dumbo’s mouse friend: Timothy

Freddy __; A Nightmare on Elm Street serial killer: Krueger

Margaritaville singer, Jimmy __: Buffett

Meaty liquids: Gravies

Rich, woven fabric with a raised pattern: Brocade

Walter __, painter fascinated with Jack the Ripper: Sickert

When the Moon covers the Sun: Eclipse

With Swedish, the official language of Helsinki: Finnish

Puzzle 4 Answers

A just-married person: Newlywed

Chewy candy bar manufactured by Nestlé: Redskins

Child abductors of Pullman’s His Dark Materials: Gobblers

Climbing nook-filled structure for felines: Cat condo

Composer of film score for Chariots of Fire: Vangelis

Disqualified 2019 Derby winner: Maximum __: Security

Handle to turn a latch: Doorknob

Hit song by the band Chicago: “__ in the Park”: Saturday

Home environments of animals: Habitats

Ignoring; not acknowledging: Blanking

Injured a joint by twisting or tearing: Wrenched

Large paper size; a jester’s hat: Foolscap

More tangled: Knottier

Pope Alexander VI’s 3x married daughter: __ Borgia: Lucrezia

Relating to the French region of Alsace: Alsatian

Roman leader who won the Battle of Actium: Octavian

__ domain, the TL in TLDs: Top level

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chaotic, haphazard: Shambolic

Dare; dispute: Challenge

Dramatic French singer of Milord: Edith piaf

Exposed to the elements and looking bedraggled: Windswept

Facilities, services: Amenities

Facilities, services provided in a hotel: Amenities

Fool, dunce: Blockhead

Framed opening made in a chimney to contain flames: Fireplace

Fur trapper protagonist role in The Revenant: Hugh glass

Half-moon blade for chopping herbs: Mezzaluna

Large Indian reservation in South Dakota: Pine ridge

Putting green gofer: Golf caddy

Yellow/white plant grown from a bulb; daffodil: Narcissus

Group 625

Puzzle 1 Answers

A spinal disc condition, not slipped: Bulging

American luxury store chain: Barneys

Appraisals of new books in magazines and papers: Reviews

Beaming with joy: Smiling

Finger measures of salt when added to a recipe: Pinches

Hellraiser: __, fifth Hellraiser movie: Inferno

Lord married to Mary, Queen of Scots: Darnley

Poison found in crushed apple pips: Cyanide

Sensual Hindu yoga, massage: Tantric

Small Mesopotamian horse descended from Arabians: Caspian

Stovetop coffee maker: Moka pot

Windblown, fluttering, streaming in the wind: Flyaway

Wiping down a kitchen floor hit by liquid spills: Mopping

__ Cole, he had fiddlers three: Old king

__ Way, walkway leads to the UK’s national stadium: Wembley

Puzzle 2 Answers

Caught __; apprehended mid-crime: In the act

Dealt with legally: Actioned

Furniture piece with shelves; used to store novels: Bookcase

Japanese spitz-type dog with foxy features: Shiba inu

Miner’s illumination invented by Sir Humphry: Davy lamp

Obama campaign slogan: Yes we can

Pained and drawn expressions on faces: Grimaces

Rock band My __ Romance: Chemical

Seattle team uses Native American art in logo: Seahawks

Showing contempt for the rules: Flouting

Visiting spectrally: Haunting

Wall-mounted devices for turning lights on and off: Switches

__ With Morrie; Mitch Albom memoir: Tuesdays

__ dew, US lemonade brand: Mountain

Puzzle 3 Answers

A hound and a 70s smelly coat: Afghan

Acquire: Obtain

Boated along a canal; anagram of badger: Barged

Chest for storing children’s playthings: Toy box

Circular swirling currents: Eddies

Don’t Let the Sun __ on Me, Elton John single: Go down

Fails an exam: Flunks

Google __, logo manipulation on special days: Doodle

Illuminations, lamps: Lights

Items on display in the Uhrenmuseum in Vienna: Clocks

Pharmaceutical company founded in NYC in 1849: Pfizer

Return to life from the ashes: Rise up

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aircraft storage place: Hangar

Capital city of Australia’s Northern Territory: Darwin

Cards with apertures used in framing pictures: Mounts

Cook an egg in water that is just below boiling: Coddle

Irish, English or Gordon longhaired gundog breed: Setter

Language used by Legolas: Elvish

Large skylight over a courtyard within a building: Atrium

Paper towel brand with a Lumberjack mascot: Brawny

Put an item up for sale again on eBay: Relist

Temporary garden structure: Gazebo

US House Speaker Nancy __: Pelosi

Worried, anxious, unsettled: On edge

Puzzle 5 Answers

1960s musical genre, local to southern Louisiana: Swamp rock

A football club’s strongest line-up: First team

Actor who played playboy spy Austin Powers: Mike myers

Buckets keep these rain-blockers upright: Umbrellas

Conflict with Finland after Soviet 1939 invasion: Winter war

Device for removing two small circles from paper: Hole punch

Hugging, enfolding, cuddling: Embracing

Kitchen utensils made of wood: Treenware

Penguins with marked black line under their heads: Chinstrap

Ran off and avoided the law: Absconded

Restaurant/bar-type establishment: Brasserie

Sci-fi series Battlestar __: Galactica

Watch, observe, look out for: Keep an eye

__ Heyer; historical fiction and crime novelist: Georgette

Group 626

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person who is mechanical and unemotional: Robotic

Bad __; no amount of brushing can fix this style: Hair day

Boundary of flesh and exposed part of tooth: Gumline

Cylinder-style barbecue with hinged lid: Oil drum

Damn __, baseball musical of the 1950s: Yankees

Mike __, Instagram cofounder: Krieger

Nuts found in cantucci biscuits: Almonds

Roof structures, usually with windows: Dormers

State where the Mar-a-Lago resort is located: Florida

Thrilling moment of terror or excitement: Frisson

To beg urgently, implore: Beseech

USAF lunar probe mission launched in 1958: Pioneer

USAF lunar probe program launched in 1958: Pioneer

__ Starling, detective played by Jodie Foster: Clarice

Puzzle 2 Answers

Art of making people spellbound: Hypnotism

Burden, oppress: Weigh down

Grand terraced building, usually slim and narrow: Townhouse

Lasting winter in Game of Thrones: Long night

Old American spiritual, Down by the __: Riverside

Scientific study of ancient inscriptions: Epigraphy

Serving table, often near a formal dining table: Sideboard

Southern Ocean World Heritage Site: __ Island: Macquarie

Swelled through burning: Blistered

__ Light Railway, London’s DLR: Docklands

__ Man, Leonardo sketch of bodily proportions: Vitruvian

Puzzle 3 Answers

An escort on horseback or motorcycle: Outrider

Aquatic platypus: Duckbill

Boxed game of identifying faces: Guess who

Container for storing gas: Canister

Fight Club and Mr and Mrs Smith actor: Brad pitt

Fortified white wine used in cocktails: Vermouth

Glass __ Act, split commercial, investment banks: Steagall

Graf __, famous, round-the-world, 1920s airship: Zeppelin

Grappler, like Naomi, for example: Wrestler

Half a __, musical featured Flash, Bang, Wallop: Sixpence

People who have just joined a team or company: New blood

Political philosophy of the State of Qin: Legalism

Ship’s biscuits that certainly weren’t soft: Hardtack

Shortcomings and weaknesses: Failings

Spring __, an annual decluttering of homes: Cleaning

Town and county in Ulster: Monaghan

Type of surgery that is not a medical emergency: Elective

Puzzle 4 Answers

1980s William Shatner police drama T.J. __: Hooker

Artificial harbor on the Tiber in Ancient Rome: Portus

Book of the OT named after Holofernes’ beheader: Judith

Describes a dress with many folds or flounces: Frilly

First female Prime Minister of India: Indira __: Gandhi

Hollow space; tooth decay: Cavity

Horizontal parts of the steps of a staircase: Treads

Of Northern Europe, Scandinavia: Nordic

Quinn was one according to Manfred Mann: Eskimo

Strained broth made from shellfish: Bisque

Took advice: Heeded

Transfer a file from a computer, not down: Upload

__ center, for animals looking for a new home: Rescue

__ tank; domestic sewage chamber: Septic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chocolate bar that’s also a galaxy: Milky way

Comedy drama series based on The Karate Kid: Cobra kai

Curried cauliflower side dish in Indian cuisine: Aloo gobi

Free from war, strife, commotion, or violence: Peaceful

Made a positive impression on: Inspired

Mathematician, nobel laureate, studied game theory: John nash

Nickname for the US flag: Old glory

One spouse at a time: Monogamy

Side of a building with a pointed roof: Gable end

Small wedge; Hodor: Doorstop

Steadfast, dependable, trustworthy: Reliable

Townsend __; defunct European ferry operators: Thoresen

__ Canó, MVP for 2013 champion Dominican Republic: Robinson

Group 627

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another name for wellingtons: Gumboots

Chassis or __ punch, metalworker’s king hit tool: Knockout

Discontinue little by little: Phase out

Ewan __, Moulin Rouge’s Christian: Mcgregor

Example property on display to prospective buyers: Show home

Ordinary: Every day

Scots isle where Ben Fogle was “Castaway” in 2000: Taransay

Spice that is small green pods with black seeds: Cardamom

State in which the Platte River is located: Nebraska

State of doubt or a dilemma: Quandary

__ whales, acrobatic baleen mammals: Humpback

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bill __, coach of the Patriots: Belichick

Cock of the north mountain finch: Brambling

Disturbing preoccupation with a person or idea: Obsession

Festive scene encased in liquid-filled dome: Snow globe

Kitchen machine: Appliance

Makeup to transform a child into a tiger: Face paint

Popular Korean shaved ice dessert: Patbingsu

Related to a substance that is poisonous to cells: Cytotoxic

The number of short films about Glenn Gould: Thirty two

Two __ of Verona, by Shakespeare: Gentlemen

US philosopher who authored A Theory of Justice: John rawls

Puzzle 3 Answers

Attached to a washing line: Pegged

Detached prepping structure mid-kitchen: Island

Family-run eateries or bars in Portugal: Tascas

Growth __, rapid height increases by youngsters: Spurts

Mendicant Muslims: Fakirs

NYC famed John Lennon residence: Dakota

Nurturing, kind: Caring

Swahili word for hippo: Kiboko

The g in eg: Gratia

Trick-taking card game; anagram of create: Écarté

You can play this on a field or on ice: Hockey

Puzzle 4 Answers

Band that sang Don’t You Want Me: The Human __: League

Curd cheese used in Asian cookery: Paneer

Describes the state of hot lava or metal: Molten

Generic, chlorine-based cleaning product: Bleach

Nate is a short version of this boys’ name: Nathan

Not external: Within

One of the driest cities in the world, in Chile: Calama

Poet who wrote the Aeneid: Virgil

Stately home in Brideshead Revisited: Castle __: Howard

The Tennessee Titans formerly: the Houston __: Oilers

Type of stairs invented in 480 BC Sicily: Spiral

__ cipher; German ‘tuna fish’ cipher machines: Lorenz

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bought dinner for, lavished gifts on: Treated

Ed __ is “in love with the shape of you”: Sheeran

Knives, spoons, forks: Cutlery

Large body of water between W and E Antarctica: Ross sea

Light as a __, stiff as a board: Feather

Mary __ Returns as Emily Blunt: Poppins

Meaninglessness, absurdity, stupidity: Inanity

Merry __, rotating horses, carousel: Go round

Portuguese Black Panther world class footballer: Eusebio

Project __; 1959 study into building a lunar base: Horizon

Sheer, plain-weave cloth originally from France: Batiste

Small rounded beetle with a red back: Ladybug

Type of lock added to a door’s edge via a recess: Mortise

Group 628

Puzzle 1 Answers

A short piece of writing, often found in magazines: Article

A written record or study of human events: History

Contempt, scorn: Disdain

Have something down to a __; be highly skilled: Fine art

Helen B. __, US pediatric cardiologist: Taussig

Moorish Spanish city of the Alhambra: Granada

Mrs Gates, co-sponsor of the foundation: Melinda

Nail-driving tools: Hammers

Palindrome that describes changing wall decoration: Repaper

Rice __, milky dessert with a dollop of jam: Pudding

Salad __, use this to dry lettuce leaves: Spinner

Small dried fruit in hot cross buns: Currant

Snuggled into, cosied up to: Nuzzled

Sprays or posies of flowers: Bunches

Thor Heyerdahl’s balsa raft: Kon tiki

Valved brass instrument family, bugle-like: Saxhorn

__ Girl, Melanie Griffith as investment banker: Working

__ clogs, multihued Dutch wooden footwear: Klompen

Puzzle 2 Answers

Band with Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl: Nirvana

Best friend of Yao and Ling in Mulan: Chien po

Break military rank after a spell of marching: Fall out

Door __, brass hammer for alerting householders: Knocker

Instrument for telling the time with shadows: Sundial

Name of game (and film) that traps players inside: Jumanji

Relating to the treatment of injury and illness: Medical

Space for limbs on airplanes: Legroom

Spouse or companion of a reigning monarch: Consort

Ugly blot on the landscape: Eyesore

Umbrian uni recognized in 1308 by Pope Clement V: Perugia

__ Teams, not offense or defense in football: Special

__ and Dean, gold-medal ice dancers of the 1980s: Torvill

Puzzle 3 Answers

After the __, 1970 album by Neil Young: Gold rush

An indication left by receding waters: Tidemark

Billed, requested payment for services: Invoiced

Blood-sucking humans: Vampires

Brand of advocaat, popular at Christmas: Warninks

Covered in the most suds: Soapiest

Dampness, like on an early morning lawn: Dewiness

Grasped strongly: Clutched

Jacques __; speedy French road racing cyclist: Anquetil

Kicked out of school: Expelled

Loud and frequent talker: Big mouth

Opium-sourced substance used in pain relief: Morphine

Shakespeare play about the Prince of Tyre: Pericles

Volcanic eruption of 1883 near Java: Krakatoa

Walked off in a huff: Flounced

__ Oven, kid appliance cooks with bulb: Easy bake

__ toaster, device for heating bread with filling: Sandwich

Puzzle 4 Answers

Beach vehicle with wheels and sails used for sport: Land yacht

Bullhorn used to manage crowds: Megaphone

Cheap fiction with colorful cover pictures: Dime novel

Feel encouraged and optimistic: Take heart

First king of independent Norway, 1905-57: Haakon vii

Hourglass with trickling grains: Sand timer

Moaning about something: Grumbling

Not had any attention paid to it: Unnoticed

Pregnant; looking forward to: Expecting

Snake depicted eating its own tail: Ouroboros

Steps, basic element of ballet, waltz, etc: Dance move

TV genre with opposing teams: Panel show

US multi-medalist sprinter and long-jumper: Carl lewis

Wicker cribs: Bassinets

Puzzle 5 Answers

A large property or grounds with a large house: Estate

Backed off, refused to jump a fence: Jibbed

Broadcast __, makes large scale planting easier: Seeder

Credits given for achievements: Awards

Discs used as replacement for money: Tokens

Gothic novel by Horace Walpole: The __ of Otranto: Castle

Hit hard; crash bang __: Wallop

Parental figure honored in June: Father

Relating to something or someone from Bonn or Berlin: German

Tingles, stings; needs to be scratched: Itches

Was afraid of: Feared

__ meat, beef spread that has a fat layer: Potted

__ memory, created by repetitive motor tasks: Muscle

Group 629

Puzzle 1 Answers

“My name is “, Biblical saying about demons: Legion

Attached like a door: Hinged

Birds that inhabit mudflats and shorelines: Waders

Disguises, hides with a shawl: Cloaks

Eats little bits of various foods; snacks: Grazes

Limestone plateau of west-central Ireland: Burren

Material border covering curtain fittings: Pelmet

Showing prejudice against the young or old: Ageist

Student skipping class: Truant

Garden; Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones’ group: Savage

__ Hill, connects Manhattan with the Bronx: Marble

__ Stadium; branded home to Bolton Wanderers FC: Reebok

Puzzle 2 Answers

Covers for air vents: Grilles

Dead Egyptians wrapped in linen strips: Mummies

Edward __, first climber to summit the Matterhorn: Whymper

Frustum shaped, Christmas sweet bread: Pandoro

Gloria Swanson film role, Norma __: Desmond

Go back to once more: Revisit

Group of islands that includes Antigua and Barbuda: Leeward

In my arrogant __, or IMAO: Opinion

Lucky __; first boss of the Genovese crime family: Luciano

Painter of the Paris Opera House ceiling: Marc __: Chagall

TV mistake: Blooper

Tightening muscles: Tensing

Undress: Disrobe

Puzzle 3 Answers

A Whole __ song from Disney movie Aladdin: New world

A line that is at right angles to the horizon: Vertical

Andreas __; first to extract sugar from beets: Marggraf

Describes wines from France, Spain, Germany, Italy: Old world

Destinies, fates: Fortunes

Fashion designer and founder of Complex: Marc ecko

Furniture leg used in Chippendale furniture: Cabriole

It falls from your eye when you’re sad: Teardrop

Kurt __, Austrian ex-secretary-general of the UN: Waldheim

Legal probes into incidents: Inquests

Nightclub security guards: Bouncers

Overlapping roof coverings: Shingles

Something __, Heller’s follow-up to Catch-22: Happened

Suddenly without warning: Abruptly

Using too many words, redundancy in speech: Pleonasm

Puzzle 4 Answers

1983 Australian drama film: __, He Might Hear You: Careful

Band that sang Love Me Do: Beatles

Capital of Spain’s La Rioja autonomous community: Logrono

Cheek-to-cheek greeting with no contact: Air kiss

Cleopatra’s father: King __ XII: Ptolemy

Exhibit to show off goods: Display

Fast-food delivery website; sponsored The X Factor: Just eat

Jon __, comedian, former Daily Show host: Stewart

Left empty: Vacated

Long-range, hidden sharpshooters: Snipers

Mythological Greek figure, brother of Electra: Orestes

Pro golfer from Northern Ireland, Rory __: Mcilroy

Studs, each worn on the sides of the head: Earring

Subject to absorbing an idea unconsciously: Osmosed

Three-pointed hat: Tricorn

Warning signal, waved in front of a vintage car: Red flag

__ basket, suspended plant pot: Hanging

__ deposit; paid to reserve a rental property: Holding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Describes a voyager, moving places to find work: Itinerant

For a specific purpose or occasion: Specially

Headgear worn in Tocumen, perhaps: Panama hat

Niagara, Victoria or Angel, for e.g.: Waterfall

Operations to make visages look younger: Facelifts

Raising __; passing on knowledge to educate others: Awareness

Rebellious soldiers or sailors: Mutineers

Skill of making and repairing roofs using straw: Thatching

Springsteen song that Fallon sang in 62nd Emmy: Born to run

Study of production, distribution and consumption: Economics

Theory associated with Abraham Maslow: __ of Needs: Hierarchy

Unlabelled vino in a restaurant: House wine

Utensil designed for baking a French pie: Quiche pan

__ number nine, children’s counting rhyme: Racing car

Group 630

Puzzle 1 Answers

Back __; following the right path once more: On track

Birds with broadly spread rear feathers: Fantail

Bunches of sticks: Bundles

European country that’s home to Vienna: Austria

Expression of praise: Plaudit

Fold in the skin: Wrinkle

Hoped: Aspired

Japanese style deep fried battered fish or veggies: Tempura

Men __, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star: In black

Narrow flat-bottomed vessel with a pole or paddle: Jonboat

Part of the Marx brothers with Chico and Harpo: Groucho

Planet to which Yoda went into exile in Star Wars: Dagobah

Suspended sleeping, between trees: Hammock

The late Eppie Lederer, aka columnist Ann __: Landers

The period a king governs a land: Regency

To mention or state in detail: Specify

V. S. __, wrote A Bend in the River: Naipaul

Wailing sound made by a banshee: Keening

Wooden implements for croquet: Mallets

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anne __, 17th C poet of The Miseries of Man: Killigrew

Banner flown on public buildings: State flag

Blood is thicker __; family ties are important: Than water

Feeling of doubt or apprehension: Misgiving

Give pleasure or enjoyment to others: Entertain

In Solo Whist, an undertaking to win nine tricks: Abundance

Lamp that casts illumination towards a ceiling: Uplighter

Raised platforms in front of house entrances: Doorsteps

Sandwich roll filled with fried potatoes: Chip butty

Small sized piano: Babygrand

The __ Murders, film investigating puppet murders: Happytime

What fax is short for: Facsimile

Puzzle 3 Answers

Banned, blocked: Barred

Cabinet type for papers: Filing

Dick Van __, Eight is Enough dad: Patten

Energetic French music hall dance: Can can

Fresco by the painter Raphael: The School of __: Athens

Not winning: Losing

One or the other: Either

Reuben __, creator of the Häagen-Dazs brand: Mattus

Tools for smoothing wood: Planes

Two-number system with 0s and 1s: Binary

What Scientologists call the immortal soul: Thetan

__ Steps, iconic scenes in Eisenstein’s film: Odessa

__ of crows; sinister collective noun for corvids: Murder

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Turquoise Goddess” peak, on China-Nepal border: Cho oyu

Congregation singing book: Hymnal

Cool area for storing food: Larder

Loft spaces in homes, often used for storage: Attics

Native North American social gathering: Pow wow

Needed to turn a TV on and off after a long day: Remote

Parries a blow in martial arts: Blocks

Pear that grew on the little nut tree: Golden

The real name of Disney’ Sleeping Beauty: Aurora

Watery substances: Fluids

When a player’s cards are exposed for all to see: Ouvert

Puzzle 5 Answers

Battery brand: Duracell

Debut album for Elton John, devoid in the heavens: Empty sky

Economize, make cuts: Retrench

Handrail that forms part of a staircase: Banister

IBM competitor semiconductor business: Qualcomm

Legal protector, especially when parentless: Guardian

Paying for something for someone: Treating

Reduce business costs, make cuts: Retrench

Removed in an appendectomy: Appendix

Small sailing vessels found on the Nile: Feluccas

Small untruth: White lie

Spiritual stories in Christianity: Parables

Star of the film Pretty in Pink: Molly __: Ringwald

Table with raised sides for seating more diners: Drop leaf

Tropical fruits with white flesh and hard shell: Coconuts

__ Woolf, author of Orlando: Virginia

Group 631

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ace __, three pet detective movies: Ventura

At the end of a sofa, to lean on: Armrest

Colombian “Whenever, Wherever” singer: Shakira

Ewok-like dog breed from Brussels: Griffon

High-protein small pulses: Lentils

King Henry II’s wife: __ of Aquitaine: Eleanor

Lily-__, cowardly: Livered

Machine that smooths the ice in hockey rink: Zamboni

Medieval Dutch city, home of the Frans Hals Museum: Haarlem

Nom __; a writer’s pen name: De plume

Sea god who took on different shapes: Proteus

Situation that is impossible to resolve: Impasse

Sore lips: Chapped

Strip of silk worn under a shirt collar: Necktie

Suggestive, earthy, vulgar, smutty: Raunchy

The capital of New Jersey: Trenton

__ reel, invented in 4th century in Ancient China: Fishing

__ ring, used on a gas hob with an espresso maker: Reducer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Biblical king who threw Daniel into the lion’s den: Darius

Bill __; Apollo 8 crew who took Earthrise photo: Anders

Blabs about a secret: Blurts

Combustible fine material used to start a fire: Tinder

Credit your money back after a returned purchase: Refund

Former NBA player known as Dr. J., __ Erving: Julius

Game of throwing rings over spikes: Quoits

Harry Potter’s owl: Hedwig

Informs asker who the fairest of all is: Mirror

Narrow table cloth: Runner

Not-to-be-repeated event; unique: One off

Small mammal, like a stoat or ferret: Weasel

Sprain or wound: Injury

Vehicle motor: Engine

__ Sutherland, Flatliners star: Kiefer

__ caramel; sweet, buttery sauce or filling: Salted

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ballroom dances with quick and slow step patterns: Foxtrots

Google headquarters city in California: __ View: Mountain

In recent times: Latterly

Multi-headed dog guarding the gates of Hades: Cerberus

One of the members of the Jackson 5: Jermaine

Opposite of blend in; make yourself noticed: Stand out

Replacing the mortar in between bricks in a wall: Pointing

Solution or drop, used in alternative medicine: Tincture

Solution, essence or drop, used in homeopathy: Tincture

Sound of a clock mechanism in action: Tick tock

Succeeding, soon to take office: Incoming

Sugar-free cola brand: Diet coke

Supremacy of one state over others: Hegemony

The Young __, 2009 film about the English queen: Victoria

__ cooker, airtight utensil for quick cooking: Pressure

Puzzle 4 Answers

A Star __, movie with Bradley Cooper: Is born

Era, historical period: Epoque

Extra, identical versions: Copies

In a kind and welcoming way: Warmly

Mentally or physically weak or incapacitated: Feeble

Morose, like Eeyore: Gloomy

Pannier made from woven grasses or twine: Basket

Populous Mexican city in Chihuahua: Ciudad __: Juarez

Populous Mexican city in Chihuahua: __ Juárez: Juarez

Populous Mexican city, Chihuahua’s capital: Juarez

Predator: Hunter

Small-scale character doll: __ figure: Action

TV show Desperate Housewives creator: Marc __: Cherry

Used the tongue to eat an ice cream: Licked

__ chic, distressed interior design styling: Shabby

Puzzle 5 Answers

A household tidy or glove compartment: Vide poche

Area ruled over by sovereign princes of Austria: Archduchy

Big, snappy reptile that’s not a croc: Alligator

Denying someone of something: Depriving

Discount, reduction on a sales label: Price drop

Electoral divisions: Precincts

Gauge theory at the heart of Standard Model: Yang mills

Magnetite, with attractive properties: Lodestone

Night of costume parties and sweet treats: Halloween

Perforated bowls for draining pasta and salads: Colanders

Shouting deeply: Bellowing

State of wedded or holy bliss: Matrimony

The Black Keys song about a man looking for love: Tighten up

__ Union, author of We’re Going To Need More Wine: Gabrielle

Group 632

Puzzle 1 Answers

Callings, vocations: Niches

Chain of Doughnut shops __ Kreme: Krispy

Country whose independence Lord Byron fought for: Greece

Fertilized ovum: Zygote

His Girl __, Hawks’ wisecracking newspaper comedy: Friday

Impregnated ovum: Zygote

Late morning crossover meal: Brunch

Laurel & Hardy signature tune: The __ Song: Cuckoo

Make smaller: Reduce

Mounted knights’ weapons, long sticks for charging: Lances

Not see-through: Opaque

Observe, remark upon details: Notice

Pump-up mattress: Air bed

Religion traditionally associated with Haiti: Voodoo

Tapping a keyboard with fingers: Typing

Turn an object or image upside down: Invert

Type of managed fund of collective investments: Mutual

U2’s Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild __: Horses

Vegetable prep tool: Peeler

Volcanic isle, third-largest of Japan’s islands: Kyushu

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bullseye; retail store: Target

Capital of Angola: not Rwanda but __: Luanda

Core, __ and crust make up the earth: Mantle

Gave a dwelling to: Housed

Green, edible shoots with purple pom pom flowers: Chives

Japanese car manufacturer that makes the Impreza: Subaru

Karen __, German psychoanalyst of womb envy: Horney

Marion __, actress and muse of Randolph Hearst: Davies

Solomon, who was born on a Monday: Grundy

Spray can used with a duster: Polish

Stamp a design on something: Emboss

State sometimes called America’s Last Frontier: Alaska

Tatty, torn: Ragged

Temporarily take legal guardianship of children: Foster

__ bridge, quickly assembled device used in WW2: Bailey

Puzzle 3 Answers

All the responsibilities of a citizen: Civic duty

Ancient Greek repeating catapult weapon: Polybolos

Arbitrary reordering of cards: Shuffling

Go with, escort: Accompany

Head __; an ostrich’s preferred position: In the sand

Machine or person who gathers crops: Harvester

Musician, singer and former husband of Cher: Sonny bono

Novelty lighting with warmed wax blobs in glass: Lava lamps

Put right, remedied: Rectified

Tiny people who live under floors, per Mary Norton: Borrowers

Wooden devices for attaching washing to a line: Dolly pegs

Punch, Philadelphia peach brandy cocktail: Fish house

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Not waving but __”, said female poet Stevie Smith: Drowning

Asphyxiates, stifles: Smothers

Capital of Virginia: Richmond

Couch type with high back on one end; passing out: Fainting

Enter private land unlawfully: Trespass

Existential state of lack of presence, eg in death: Nonbeing

Good-natured friendliness, a French word: Bonhomie

Kitchen boss: Head chef

L-shaped hexagonal tool for furniture assembly: Allen key

Martial art that focuses on grappling: Jiu jitsu

Multiple and diverse: Manifold

Nothing __ 2 U, song written by Prince: Compares

Pet __, movie from Stephen King novel: Sematary

Settled in an established tent site: Encamped

Spicy smoked fish, rice, and hard boiled eggs dish: Kedgeree

Puzzle 5 Answers

An unbeatable or near-unbeatable poker hand: Monster

Believed, had faith in someone: Trusted

Failed to make any significant impact: Flopped

German plane designer, especially of flying boats: Dornier

Google’s robotic mobile operating system: Android

Heavy deposit of grime and dirt over years: Buildup

Jumping athlete: Hurdler

Otis __, sang (Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay: Redding

Performer or someone with creative pretensions: Artiste

Pulled something away from someone forcefully: Wrested

Trendy Japanese lima bean look-alike veggie: Edamame

Wax cylinders that give out light and heat: Candles

Salander, Larsson’s trilogy main character: Lisbeth

__ salesman; second-hand vehicle dealer: Used car

Group 633

Puzzle 1 Answers

Archer’s bag for holding arrows: Quiver

Checks on financial accounts: Audits

Companion ship to Erebus, trapped in Arctic ice: Terror

MSNBC Prison documentary series: Lockup

Paper or plastic tubes for drinking with: Straws

Praising promotional literature or sayings: Blurbs

Rock tour assistant: Roadie

Shakespeare play set in Denmark: Hamlet

Silent movie actress and flapper, __ Brooks: Louise

Small, forest-dwelling wildcat of C and S America: Margay

What a ! A wonderful thing or a bottle stopper: Corker

Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie __: Jerome

tool, gardener’s tool for creating neat sides: Edging

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Clear moon, “: countryside weather lore: Frost soon

Film about the Seuss villain who stole Christmas: The grinch

French blow poker for starting fires: Bouffadou

Glass lamp that mimics sun for fish in tanks: Light bulb

Ian Rankin’s ex-SAS Scottish detective: John rebus

Mechanical version of the hand-held mangle board: Box mangle

Obscenity, rudeness: Vulgarity

One of the largest pharmacy chains in the US: Walgreens

Reverse engineer a computer program: Decompile

Tracy Turnblad’s 60s dance show journey: Hairspray

Underhand, deceitful: Dishonest

Puzzle 3 Answers

Any of the instruments used in a kitchen: Utensil

Beer mug: Tankard

Curving a shot to the left in golf: Hooking

Drop-leaf tables work because of a __ support: Gateleg

Estimated timings of a baby’s delivery: Due date

Felon Robert LeRoy Parker better known as Butch __: Cassidy

Gapping between type on a page: Spacing

Lead singer of Guns N’ Roses: Axl rose

Magical women in covens: Witches

Maori people are native to New __: Zealand

Stand up for a cause, support it: Espouse

Waterfalls along the Canadian and US border: Niagara

Weapon thrown or projected at a target: Missile

artist, creator of works from latex and air: Balloon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alloy of pure gold and silver used in ornaments: Electrum

Cat-like mountainous mammal from Asia: Red panda

Edgar __ Jr., US architect and lover of Kahlo: Kaufmann

Fezzik and Inigo were best mates in The __ Bride: Princess

Geological presidents monument: Rushmore

Hidden city of Elves, in Beleriand, Middle-earth: Gondolin

Live Nation London festival, once sponsored by O2: Wireless

Makes an error: Blunders

Member of the Church of England: Anglican

Open storage for books: Shelving

Russian mystic, appointed to heal Tsarevich Alexei: Rasputin

The T in TVP, a meat substitute: Textured

Top of a cooker or a separate cooking platform: Hot plate

__ Cavendish, English writer of The Blazing World: Margaret

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anna __, child star of Jane Campion’s The Piano: Paquin

Blue Belgian cartoon characters: Smurfs

Buffalo’s hockey team: Sabres

Canopy added to a building for extra shade: Awning

Clandestine, like a spy: Covert

Complimenting piece that stands out: Accent

Damaged, bruised, e.g. __ pride: Dented

Fabric made of yarn loops: Boucle

Language in which Adonai means God: Hebrew

Mother __, Albanian nun famous for charity work: Teresa

Paul __, the Modfather: Weller

Short sightedness: Myopia

__ Puddle-Duck, a tale of a bonneted egg-layer: Jemima

__ dance, __ jive; opening lyrics to Dancing Queen: You can

Group 634

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alcoholic after-dinner drink: Digestif

Entitled, qualified: Eligible

Female X-Men mutant, introduced in 1978: Mystique

Fictional town setting for One Life to Live: Llanview

Nellie the Elephant packed this: Her trunk

Put in jail: Imprison

Region of Italy containing the province of Milan: Lombardy

Shot when the 7 and 10 pins are split in bowling: Bedposts

Small, folding blade with tools: Penknife

Stand-alone jacket holder: Coatrack

Time between __ is TBF in longform: Failures

Victoria Aveyard’s Mare Barrow fantasy book series: Red queen

Walking babies: Toddlers

Words for goodbye in French: Au revoir

__ Express, Dietrich and a varied cast on a train: Shanghai

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actor who played the patriarch of Addams Family: Raul julia

Card-matching game also called Pairs: Pelmanism

Christian ceremony using bread and wine: Eucharist

Cover a chair with cushion and fabric: Upholster

Facts and information a person has: Knowledge

Green and yellow US tractor brand: John deere

Large rectangular towel size: Bath sheet

Substance added to make a liquid less watery: Thickener

The enchanted clock in Beauty and the Beast: Cogsworth

Traditional Christmas carol: God Rest Ye Merry __: Gentlemen

__ Wake; experimental James Joyce novel: Finnegans

Puzzle 3 Answers

Awning, cloth covering: Canopy

Castle attic: Garret

David __, the Green Cross Code man and Darth Vader: Prowse

Disposing-your-hand card game, aka card dominoes: Fan tan

Good news from the doctor: A clean bill of __: Health

Hour hand, minute hand and __ hand on a clock: Second

Largest city in Cameroon, but not the capital: Douala

On fire: Burning

Pauses, gaps: Lapses

Riding a water slide on a floating ring-shape: Tubing

Thank You, __, P G Wodehouse’s manservant: Jeeves

__ Piper, actress in Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Billie

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bass speaker: Woofer

Cleansing skin to shrink pores: Toning

Criminal destroyer of property: Vandal

Hollywood worker who cuts scenes from a movie: Editor

Jurassic Park menace or Toronto NBA player: Raptor

Pertaining to that thing: Linked

Piano-like musical instruments played in church: Organs

RuPaul’s song Call Me __: Mother

The Canadiens play at __ Bell: Centre

Togetherness: Unison

Turkey __, device for moistening poultry: Baster

Untidy edge of fabric that has come away: Frayed

Utensil combines spoon, fork and knife: Splayd

Puzzle 5 Answers

American wild pig with social behavior: Peccary

Biennial festival celebrating West African masks: Festima

Blade for chopping meat: Cleaver

Built-in breakfast nook: Dinette

Country where Bran Castle is located: Romania

David __, Order of Merit, Pop Art painter: Hockney

Engineless aircraft with large wingspans: Gliders

James __, “Master builder of the US Constitution”: Madison

Lynyrd Skynyrd signature song: Sweet Home __: Alabama

Not indoors: Outside

Signal lights on hills: Beacons

Squirted with mist: Sprayed

Uses, gives a job to: Employs

Group 635

Puzzle 1 Answers

Blade attached to the end of a firearm: Bayonet

Desk with slatted tambour cover: Roll top

First ship to offer round-the-world cruises: Laconia

Hugh __, P.T. Barnum in The Greatest Showman: Jackman

Machines that convert power into movement: Engines

Omen or warning, particularly of doom: Portent

Originator, instigator: Creator

Receptacle worn by a horse when eating: Nosebag

Room or business devoted to displaying artworks: Gallery

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti __ began in 2005: Monster

The Night King leads White __ in Game of Thrones: Walkers

The name the Mughal Empire gave itself: Gurkani

Theatrical lyricist often with Andrew Lloyd Webber: Tim rice

Thinks wistfully, considers: Ponders

This city is home to NBA’s predator of the sky: Atlanta

Turns pink, reddens: Flushes

Word remade with same letters: Anagram

__ and brush, utensils to clean a house: Dustpan

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accessory used in stage lighting: Barn door

Comfy, movable seats made from filled sacks: Beanbags

Curse of Scotland, playing card aka the 9 of __: Diamonds

Exoplanet, “Earth’s equivalent” in the galaxy: Proxima b

First man to go on both North and South Poles: Amundsen

Judge’s decision, people cannot talk about a case: Gag order

Keepsake souvenirs of mats for glasses: Coasters

Lewis __; champion Formula One driver: Hamilton

Minced beef, onion and bean curd dish: Ma po tofu

Naturally, like a native speaker: Fluently

Nuance: Subtlety

One long form of the name Teddy: Theodore

River of __, Marilyn Monroe & Robert Mitchum film: No return

Rubbery sealant used on reef tanks: Silicone

__ the mark, to exceed a previously set boundary: Overstep

Puzzle 3 Answers

Duvet: Bedspread

Expert in matter, motion, force and energy: Physicist

Lie-telling: Mendacity

Love interest in The Hunchback of Notre-Dame: Esmeralda

Narration or commentary off-camera in a TV show: Voiceover

Place for leaving outdoor clothes: Cloakroom

Purpose-built capital of Pakistan: Islamabad

Said of the bank balance that is below zero: Overdrawn

Too much of something, opposite of a dearth: Abundance

Very hard to convince: Skeptical

Without a hem or dress: Skirtless

__ drive (4WD) are vehicles for rugged terrains: Four wheel

Puzzle 4 Answers

All __; the current fashion: The rage

Buildings based on advertising, giant animals, etc: Novelty

First U.S. culinary magazine: Gourmet

Freestanding closet: Armoire

German city on the Elbe, home to Zwinger Palace: Dresden

He, she, it, they or I: Pronoun

Metal construction toy popular in the 20th century: Meccano

Missing, doing without: Lacking

Movable furniture for separate rooms, __ screen: Folding

One-eyed Greek giant: Cyclops

Paul __, played Iron Man’s computer: Bettany

Presume: Suppose

Rolled meringue and cream dessert: Roulade

Without oxygen, like in space: Airless

Puzzle 5 Answers

A pillar, holds up a building: Column

California __ train runs from Chicago to Emeryville: Zephyr

Dark lunar rock formed from cooled lava: Basalt

Eat, swallow: Ingest

Food that Dan Quayle learned too late has no “e”: Potato

Movie iconic actress Elizabeth: Taylor

Pass, like time: Elapse

Print on __, system of printing smaller quantities: Demand

Sherlock __; animated film with garden figures: Gnomes

Underground animal dwelling: Burrow

__ Caves, Indian frescoes on the Buddha’s life: Ajanta

__ stove, brand of domestic paraffin burner: Primus

Group 636

Puzzle 1 Answers

Actor who played David Banner, the Incredible Hulk: Bill bixby

Annual celebration on December 25th: Christmas

Butterfly with flame-hued wing edges: Orange tip

Ceiling windows that illuminate: Skylights

Chimney corner: Inglenook

Devoted to a task: Dedicated

Height above sea level: Altitude

Occurrence, incident, event: Happening

Place where spies exchange briefcases: Park bench

Slogan: You’re in __ with Allstate: Good hands

Sweet yellow citrus spread: Lemon curd

With a Little Help from __, by The Beatles: My friends

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cast out to sea: Adrift

Ford __ XB, bird of prey ride driven by Mad Max: Falcon

Greek mathematician, founder of geometry: Euclid

Harsh, very bad: Severe

Jog one’s __: Memory

Padded stool used as a footrest: Pouffe

Parisian mecca for high-end shopping: __ Elysees: Champs

Scrawl over, ruin: Deface

Secured with a metal pin: Bolted

Seven Seas __, Queen number: Of rhye

The capital of Montana: Helena

Puzzle 3 Answers

Draught __; placed by a door to keep out cold air: Excluder

Given a prime (but fruity) position in business: Plum role

Hill overlooking Barcelona, site of a fortress: Montjuic

Hotel chain now owned by Marriott International: Sheraton

In reality: Actually

Little Pig __, Beatrix Potter story: Robinson

Luther Burbank’s profession: Botanist

Medicine __, wheeled devices delivering remedies: Trolleys

Ms. Mars, private investigator: Veronica

Nationality of Usain Bolt and Grace Jones: Jamaican

Pillows for comfort/decoration on a sofa: Cushions

Since U __ was a hit in 2004 for Kelly Clarkson: Been gone

Slackens a thirst: Quenches

Unexpectedly, by surprise, off guard: Unawares

Vincente __; Oscar-winning director of Gigi: Minnelli

Width of a plane from tip to tip: Wingspan

__ file shell is an ornate bivalve from Asia: Oriental

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bodies elected to govern towns and cities: Councils

Break in the middle of a match: Half time

Evoked, triggered: Prompted

Interactive learning session hosted by a museum: Workshop

Lidia Bastianich’s autobiography: My __ Dream: American

Paper lamps, can be sent off into the sky: Lanterns

Ryan __, actor lead in the Deadpool movies: Reynolds

TV show where the tribe has spoken: Survivor

To adorn something with ornaments: Decorate

Weights and pulleys used to stretch an injury: Traction

Where supply is controlled by one sole company: Monopoly

Wooden panel gives access via a flank: Side gate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Customer satisfaction market research firm: Jdpower

French car maker of the Mégane: Renault

Nationality of someone from Riga: Latvian

Qualities that make up an entity; women’s magazine: Essence

Receptacle for discarding cigarette butts: Ashtray

Running like a river: Flowing

Shoe flaps that sit below laces: Tongues

Sword __; Lion-O’s weapon in ThunderCats: Of omens

The Last King of Scotland, in the 1998 Foden novel: Idi amin

Threatening or menacing, as with a stare: Baleful

Throw away: Discard

Touched, felt, fingered: Handled

Walked with a bent back: Stooped

__ Goes to Town sees Gary Cooper inherit millions: Mr deeds

Group 637

Puzzle 1 Answers

Chinese explorer and mapmaker with treasure fleets: Zheng he

Countryside hiker: Rambler

Doctor who turns into comic book superhero Ant-Man: Hank pym

Ford Motor Company’s luxury car subdivision: Lincoln

Large courgette vegetables: Marrows

Margaret Thatcher’s advertising man: Tim bell

Not close: Faraway

One who is being educated: Learner

Solarium or winter garden: Sunroom

Sugar __, metal canister for shaking out sweetness: Dredger

What you get when you add an s to nouns: Plurals

__ Perk, coffee shop on Friends: Central

Puzzle 2 Answers

A community made up of temporary housing: Shacktown

Gloom, mournfulness: Morbidity

Italian for cheese: Formaggio

Most ancient golfing track at the Royal & Ancient: Old course

O Little Town of __, Christmas carol: Bethlehem

Person who relinquishes a throne, for example: Abdicator

Restaurant/dining seating for a toddler: High chair

School acting group that meets regularly: Drama club

Solid lump collected from the Moon’s surface: Lunar rock

Sweetener, lure: Incentive

The __, Lou Gehrig’s nickname: Iron horse

War among the Greek gods: Theomachy

Puzzle 3 Answers

African country totally enveloped by South Africa: Lesotho

Brandy or cognac glass: Snifter

Cartoon cat pursuer of Pixie & Dixie: Mr jinks

Chatting, prattling, jawing: Yakking

Covering thinly in gold: Gilding

Everything is this in The Lego Movie: Awesome

Fret or worry over: Agonize

Medical treatment of injury, disease or disorder: Therapy

Self-absorbed person, narcissist: Egotist

Sleeping chamber: Bedroom

Triumph, conquest, win: Victory

Turkish empire that ended in 1922: Ottoman

Puzzle 4 Answers

Amsterdam airport and a major European hub: Schiphol

Ball __, tiny metal spheres: Bearings

Bird of __ is a yellow and blue flower: Paradise

International peace agreements or pacts: Treaties

Jeopardy winner, Ken __: Jennings

Mexican cooking beans: Frijoles

Most succulent and moist: Juiciest

Something made invalid, like a marriage: Annulled

Valley where wine is produced in British Columbia: Okanagan

You wipe your feet on these: Doormats

__ Nails, Johnny Cash covered their song Hurt: Nine inch

__ Refrigerator: modern, intelligent fridge: Internet

__ than good; something damaging and unhelpful: More harm

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abdomen fat or the rise in a fairy cake: Muffin top

Blinking like a star: Twinkling

Movie about competitive cheerleading: Bring it on

Place for making and selling scents: Perfumery

Ride __ over; treat someone with disrespect: Roughshod

Scotland’s largest castle, now a museum: __ Castle: Edinburgh

Slugs __; what little boys are made of, apparently: And snails

Volcanic peninsula in the Russian Far East: Kamchatka

Wine chiller: Ice bucket

Yellow vehicle that whisks kids off to be educated: School bus

__ the Earth; environmental campaigners: Friends of

Group 638

Puzzle 1 Answers

Airtight seal used in packaging: Hermetic

Chewy Italian bread shaped like a slipper: Ciabatta

Danish theme park for little builders: Legoland

Forcefully; vigorously: Mightily

Illustrated book describes real/imaginary animals: Bestiary

Observant, attentively keeping an eye on: Watchful

Opening night of a new Broadway show: Premiere

Person who misses school or work: Absentee

Polite asks for something: Requests

Psychological tests made popular by Rorschach: Inkblots

Sagging or dangling: Drooping

She hit No. 1 with “Love Me Like You Do”: Ellie __: Goulding

Shelf-type that appears be held up by nothing: Floating

Supporting stands for table tops: Trestles

Vital for good health alongside a healthy diet: Exercise

__ Sixties; nickname for hedonistic decade: Swinging

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ancient Egyptian city; Tennessee blues town: Memphis

Cutting bread for toasting: Slicing

Detailed, comprehensive: In depth

Glaze or filling of semisweet chocolate and cream: Ganache

Having tiny dents: Dimpled

Loose and unisex Moroccan caftan: Jellaba

Philadelphia __, Elton John with Backstreet Boys: Freedom

Ranges for making dinner on: Cookers

Small journalistic binder of pages for writing in: Notepad

Solid nickname of wrestler Dwayne Johnson: The rock

Toni Morrison’s 1987 novel: Beloved

Year __; bovine Chinese zodiac sign period: Of the ox

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cannon or trebuchet: Weapon

Chased, pursued: Hunted

Comics produced in South and North Korea: Manhwa

Desire or need for a drink: Thirst

E.g. Swiss army, steak, switchblade: Knives

Place where cars are kept safely off road: Garage

Small areas of land surrounded by water: Islets

Tourist attractions to see: Sights

__ Senators play at the Canadian Tire Centre: Ottawa

__ Soul, Beatles LP of 1965: Rubber

__ fork, retractable utensil to spear silverskins: Pickle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Gigantic or huge: Colossal

Home state of George Washington: Virginia

Horror about four teenage girls dabbling in Wicca: The craft

Measure of sheep threads: Wool bale

Moving in water: Swimming

Roland __; Stephen King’s Dark Tower series hero: Deschain

Space __; astronomical Disney World attraction: Mountain

Synchronized __, groups perform dances in water: Swimming

Urban music of early 20th century Greece: Rebetiko

Where avians can drink/take a wash in the garden: Birdbath

__ brass means you have some front: As bold as

__ jam cake, southern cake with caramel icing: Kentucky

__ site; rubbish dump: Landfill

Puzzle 5 Answers

Charon steered one of these on the river Styx: Ferryboat

Country where hallaca is a national dish: Venezuela

Elands, gnus, and impalas, for example: Antelopes

Getting ready, putting together, e.g. meals: Preparing

Goody King’s instrument in Fame: Saxophone

Important, something that you can’t do without: Essential

Make someone speechless, flabbergasted: Dumbfound

Money lender with high interest rates: Loan shark

Reduced to fertilizer: Composted

Thankfulness or appreciation of good fortune: Gratitude

__ Wars, series of 20th century Asian conflicts: Indochina

Group 639

Puzzle 1 Answers

A set of props: Shoring

As pretty as a __: Picture

Consuming books for pleasure: Reading

Edible marine crustacean with a long abdomen: Lobster

Forgive for a sin: Absolve

Last boss of 1986’s game Castlevania: Dracula

Making of bespoke wooden furniture: Joinery

Merv __, US TV host and media mogul: Griffin

Perplexing 1989 hit for INXS: Mystify

Poured H2O to nourish garden plants: Watered

Puts food in very cold storage: Freezes

Rental occupancy: Tenancy

Satirical office comic strip: Dilbert

Trademarked laminate used in 60s kitchen surfaces: Formica

Type of plague with swollen lymph nodes: Bubonic

__ End, based on 1910 E.M. Forster novel: Howards

__ Roy, Avalanche goaltender, one of best ever: Patrick

Puzzle 2 Answers

Company that owns the Cadbury chocolate brand: Mondelez

Eased off, gave in: Relented

Fuel oil and wax: Paraffin

Groups of four musicians: Quartets

Hungarian author of “The Sleepwalkers”: Arthur __: Koestler

Person of charitable actions: Do gooder

Soft layer of a bed: Mattress

Summer skin condition from hot temperatures: Heat rash

They prevent air entering part-used wine bottles: Stoppers

Too many to count: Numerous

Yearly planner: Calendar

__ Covenant, store of the Ten Commandments: Ark of the

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient paper folding art of Japan: Origami

Bic __; transparent biro, introduced in 1950: Cristal

Bruce Wayne’s underground headquarters: Bat cave

Capital of the Canadian province of Nunavut: Iqaluit

Game show once presented by Donny Osmond: Pyramid

Middle Eastern coffee served in a tiny cup: Turkish

Name given to a female whose identity is unknown: Jane doe

Nothing Else __ by Metallica: Matters

Operation to open someone up: Surgery

Oscar and __, Peter Carey’s Booker winner: Lucinda

Overwhelming happiness, euphoric religious state: Rapture

Search out, try to track down something: Look for

Small curtain, often in a kitchen window: Valance

Sun shading umbrella: Parasol

__ Armani, Italian fashion designer: Giorgio

Puzzle 4 Answers

2010 space documentary narrated by DiCaprio: Hubble

Broadway Joe __, NFL quarterback: Namath

Bubbling noise made by a young baby: Gurgle

Cooks in an oven: Roasts

King Henry III’s successor to the throne: __ I: Edward

Prized pink-fleshed river or sea fish: Salmon

Ran away to get married: Eloped

Short wooden rods that are used in flat-packs: Dowels

__ Night, first major release for Kool & The Gang: Ladies

__ Söze, shady character in The Usual Suspects: Keyser

__ sizer, a ruler used in quilling: Circle

Puzzle 5 Answers

80’s cop show with Crockett and Tubbs in Florida: Miami vice

A coat with eye-like markings: Ocellated

Chocolate rodents: White mice

Communal pot and forks used to eat melted cheese: Fondue set

Democrats are donkeys and Republicans are __: Elephants

Dinosaur whose name means iguana tooth: Iguanodon

Discordant clashing noises, dissonance: Cacophony

Earth metal used in fireworks, with symbol Sr: Strontium

Layer of wall paint applied beneath the main hue: Undercoat

Match between rivals FC Barcelona and Real Madrid: El clasico

More inconvenient or clumsy than: Awkwarder

Muddy coastal wetland area: Tidal flat

Seating for drinking patrons: Bar stools

Group 640

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bewildering: Confusing

French cast-iron cookware, notably in orange: Le creuset

Land area under government authority; not a state: Territory

Men’s protective sport device invented in Canada: Jockstrap

Protectors of the queen and her buildings: Guardsmen

Scandal associated with Richard Nixon: Watergate

Small desk with desktop that lifts on hinges: Davenport

Stampeding, marauding: Rampaging

Tears for Fears song: __ Wants to Rule the World: Everybody

Viggo __, star of Green Book: Mortensen

Violet eats Willy Wonka’s gum, becomes this fruit: Blueberry

Puzzle 2 Answers

Archaic terms for pubs, inns: Taverns

Benign tumor of glandular tissue: Adenoma

California city named after Burroughs’ jungle hero: Tarzana

Exhausted, drained: Rundown

Fireflies group, named after nocturnal birds: Owl city

Gaining illegal access to an IT system: Hacking

Least tame: Wildest

Low-ranking hereditary title: Baronet

Measurement units in a temperature scale: Degrees

Minimal government economic involvement: -faire: Laissez

Removing unimportant plants from a garden: Weeding

Text sections at the bottom of document pages: Footers

Worked dough: Kneaded

Park; murder-mystery film set in a stately home: Gosford

__ style, Scandinavian clean, light, white decor: Swedish

Puzzle 3 Answers

Animal enzyme used to curdle cheese: Rennet

Classic comic actor and writer Carl __: Reiner

Difficult and awkward: Tricky

Plea to a god: Prayer

Road that takes a detour around a town: Bypass

Roof drainage system: Gutter

Saying: __ and smell the coffee: Wake up

Song by Dexys Midnight Runners: Come On __: Eileen

The Office’s beet farmer, __ Schrute: Dwight

Three __, Western comedy about Spanish friends: Amigos

Type of cleaner that sucks up dirt from carpets: Vacuum

__ Tuesday, highpoint of the Lenten celebrations: Shrove

__ bone, dog treats for chewing on: Marrow

Puzzle 4 Answers

Barry __; Copacabana singer-songwriter: Manilow

Disney animated series __ and Ferb: Phineas

Early computer programming language: Fortran

Excited, stimulated; anagram of gelatin: Atingle

Lost in __, pensive: Thought

Male child of your new partner: Stepson

Milan __, writer banished by the Communist regime: Kundera

Small daily jobs: Errands

Small house: Cottage

Sportspeople with clubs: Golfers

__ wing, fried chicken coated in hot sauce/butter: Buffalo

Puzzle 5 Answers

Act of price negotiation: Haggling

American folk singer and social rights activist: Joan baez

An objector who speaks out against something: Naysayer

Appliance for cooking food over charcoal: Barbecue

Hillside vineyards, red and white wines: Solopaca

Home of the Seattle SuperSonics, 1978-1985: Kingdome

Intricate handicraft that Brussels is famous for: Lacework

Mock, scorn, mimic, deride: Ridicule

Most populated city in New Zealand: Auckland

Off __; reckless, out-of-control: The rails

Tangible or substantial: Physical

__ Bankhead, early 20th century actress: Tallulah

__ steppe; vast Northern Hemisphere grassland: Eurasian

__ straw, paper, plastic tube for beverages: Drinking

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