Codycross Greece Answers

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Codycross Greece

Group 661

Puzzle 1 Answers

A display in a museum: Exhibit

Competitive match with a winner: Contest

Daytime cinema showing: Matinee

Describes a long-term or persistent illness: Chronic

Device placed on a roof to receive a TV signal: Antenna

Give up in a sports contest: Concede

Joking around, teasing like a child: Kidding

Makes sense, based on reason: Logical

Mythological figure, a man-horse hybrid: Centaur

No-through road, cul-de-sac: Dead end

Nuts or sprinkles added as a finishing touch: Topping

People who perform choreographed pieces to music: Dancers

Phoebe, Monica, Rachel and the boys: Friends

Short and to the point: Concise

Source of hot lava: Volcano

Watered down: Diluted

__ Club, 80s band fronted by Boy George: Culture

Puzzle 2 Answers

Apply decorative needlework to fabric: Embroider

Determination, resolve, grit: Fortitude

Dissolve a company: Liquidate

Finding buried metal with a gizmo: Detecting

First meal of the day, in the morning: Breakfast

Glass viewing space, with polygonal shape: Bay window

Large dish for bananas, apples, oranges, etc: Fruit bowl

Large storage building: Warehouse

Leonardo da Vinci prototyped this air escape device: Parachute

Machine to show slides on a wall: Projector

Move in the game of chess when the king is trapped: Checkmate

Person who exercises canines for their owners: Dog walker

Place where criminal trials are held: Courtroom

Rain protectors: Umbrellas

Sample objects displayed in museums: Specimens

Staying the night at a friend’s house: Sleepover

Substance that kills insects on crops: Pesticide

The Beatles’ song from a past time: Yesterday

The young of an animal: Offspring

Tony island to the East of Madagascar: Mauritius

Trembling in cold weather: Shivering

When parents go out in the evening, without kids: Date night

Puzzle 3 Answers

A position that isn’t permanent: Temporary

Athletes stand on this while riding a wave: Surfboard

Boneless fatty meat from a pig’s abdomen: Pork belly

Chasing one of these birds is unproductive: Wild goose

Computer name inspired by a type of apple: Macintosh

Edge or upper hand that helps someone: Advantage

Ethereal, heavenly, elysian: Celestial

Facilities, services provided in a hotel: Amenities

Loss of movement from nerve or muscle damage: Paralysis

Movie and stage show about a nun on the run: Sister act

Personal driver for the wealthy: Chauffeur

Personal restraints in cars: Seat belts

To clean something in order to kill germs: Disinfect

To vanish or go missing: Disappear

Voyager from Venice to Kublai Khan’s court: Marco polo

Winged insect that hatches from a chrysalis: Butterfly

Puzzle 4 Answers

Amazon’s eReader: Kindle

Amazon’s e-reader: Kindle

Downfall: Demise

Experienced adviser or guide for an individual: Mentor

Fin on a shark’s back: Dorsal

GF is a food label that stands for __ free: Gluten

Give away goods instead of selling them: Donate

Go back on, break a promise: Renege

Greek monster with serpent hair: Medusa

Infectious fever spread by ticks and fleas: Typhus

Pitti, Versailles, Kensington, for e.g.: Palace

Products like lipstick and mascara: Makeup

Proper term for nearsightedness: Myopia

Religious chant or incantation: Mantra

Rocky __; Sly Stallone’s boxing champion: Balboa

Short melody used to sell products or services: Jingle

Shortform for a contract made before marriage: Prenup

Sparkly headpieces worn by princesses: Tiaras

Stiff, frosty: Frigid

The tree tops in a rainforest: Canopy

This is dropped to secure a ship in place: Anchor

Wood that the Mona Lisa is painted upon: Poplar

__ Lane, where the nostalgic go to reminisce: Memory

Puzzle 5 Answers

Battle won by the UK against the Napoleonic army: Waterloo

Board game of buying property and avoiding jail: Monopoly

Comic book hero born on Krypton and sent to Earth: Superman

Continental glacier, large frozen mass: Ice sheet

Cut of sheep meat containing a rib bone: Lamb chop

Element Fr discovered by Marguerite Perey in 1939: Francium

False teeth: Dentures

Fearless, adventurous: Intrepid

Group of Mexican folk musicians that serenade: Mariachi

It is rung to alert a homeowner to visitors: Doorbell

Items left to others in a will: Bequests

Large brass musical instrument with a slide: Trombone

Largest apes, the males are silverbacks: Gorillas

Loan for a house: Mortgage

Not apart: Together

Official notice to leave a property you live in: Eviction

Sarah Bareilles is “not gonna write” one of these: Love song

Shoe with a high tapered heel; pointy nail shape: Stiletto

Someone who prefers to stay in: Homebody

Supernatural, wonderful events with no explanation: Miracles

The Ugly __ turns into a swan: Duckling

The act of asking someone’s hand in marriage: Proposal

Three dots that represent missing text: Ellipsis

Touch responsive area of a laptop: Trackpad

Group 662

Puzzle 1 Answers

All-__; hotel board basis with all food and drinks: Inclusive

Black-and-white spotted dog breed: Dalmatian

DJ’s record deck: Turntable

Devices used to help bone disorders: Orthotics

Flashes of electric energy during a thunderstorm: Lightning

Graceful dancer, possibly wearing a tutu: Ballerina

Indication that long hair needs a trim: Split ends

Little Paris, a lovely name for this Romanian city: Bucharest

Place for arranging and displaying novels: Bookshelf

Salted, dehydrated meat snack: Beef jerky

Sharp tiny shards of wood that penetrate the skin: Splinters

Space to move at ease, above all at mid-arm level: Elbow room

Steep cascade that drops into a pool or river: Waterfall

Venetian merchant voyager and water game: Marco polo

Worthy person to be followed as a good example: Role model

Puzzle 2 Answers

A penny for your __: Thoughts

A person whose job is to sell things: Salesman

Amulet or charm with magic powers: Talisman

Animal that helps pull Santa’s sleigh: Reindeer

Answer: Response

Band known for Digital Love and One More Time: Daft punk

Big-hitting baseball star Joe, married to Marilyn: Dimaggio

Carbon lumps used as barbecue fuel: Charcoal

Chemical used to keep a pool clean: Chlorine

Conference member; give out tasks to others: Delegate

Cosmetic treatment for fingernails: Manicure

Creature that roamed the planet before humans: Dinosaur

Cutting fast into small pieces: Chopping

Examine, judge and assess: Evaluate

Intensify, become stronger or magnified: Heighten

Knuckle and palm action on dough: Kneading

Lower part of a city; business district: Downtown

Magical, captivating, entrancing: Hypnotic

Objects or items of proof in a criminal case: Evidence

Series of audio files that can be downloaded: Podcasts

Television viewers; people watching a play: Audience

Puzzle 3 Answers

A large bedroom in a school or institution: Dormitory

A utensil used for grooming: Hairbrush

Artificial lake that stores water for consumption: Reservoir

Christmas plant to kiss under: Mistletoe

Circus performer who trains kings of the jungle: Lion tamer

Clients, people who buy a business’s products: Customers

Competition where dancer picks choreography: Freestyle

Drawing quick, rough pictures: Sketching

Gambling game where 21 is the magic number: Blackjack

Group of people trailing a VIP on visits: Entourage

Injection given to athletes, say, for inflammation: Cortisone

Productive and well run: Efficient

Quality that killed the cat: Curiosity

Signature from a celebrity: Autograph

The word for a political leader in many countries: President

Venetian beauty in Shakespeare’s Othello: Desdemona

Puzzle 4 Answers

A book that follows up on a previous story: Sequel

Autobiography: Memoir

Cup or statue awarded to winners of a tournament: Trophy

Expressions sent over text: Emojis

Fancy chair for royalty: Throne

Feathery pens: Quills

Fundraiser with tickets for a prize draw: Raffle

Involuntary movement of muscles: Spasms

Knee-jerk, involuntary reaction: Reflex

Middle section of an insect’s body: Thorax

Paper vote: Ballot

Protective garments worn by bakers and chefs: Aprons

Shut down, then start up a computer again: Reboot

Solidly built: Sturdy

The Wicked Witch of the West’s nemesis: Glinda

The tune of a song, the linear musical structure: Melody

These fruits are used to make wine: Grapes

Tight-fitting; close to the body: Clingy

Yellow citrus fruits grown in groves: Lemons

__ Canal, building feat links Atlantic and Pacific: Panama

Puzzle 5 Answers

10-year periods: Decades

A person who attends school or college: Student

Advertisement for a film: Trailer

Argument, row: Quarrel

Bird that looks like it’s wearing a tuxedo: Penguin

Celebrations or gatherings to mark birthdays: Parties

Finely slicing cheese into tiny flakes: Grating

Fire-breathing winged beasts in fairy tales: Dragons

Flight deck on an aircraft: Cockpit

Going against an instruction: Defying

Jump out of a plane in freefall: Skydive

Music discs made out of vinyl: Records

Place for choppers to take off and land: Helipad

Polishing something with a soft cloth: Buffing

Poor ragged people of Victorian literature: Paupers

Protective eyewear worn by scientists and swimmers: Goggles

Prototypes, models drawn up from plans: Mockups

Public gathering to express dissent, disapproval: Protest

Required outfit for a job or for school: Uniform

Sale in which people bid on items: Auction

Soft yellow cleaning cloths: Dusters

Stitches that close a surgical incision: Sutures

Stretchy elastic fabric: Spandex

The medical name for the windpipe: Trachea

Vodka cocktail, shaken or stirred: Martini

Woman who plays a character on screen or stage: Actress

Group 663

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animal whose hole Alice fell down: Rabbit

Apple’s web browser with compass logo: Safari

Construction workers skilled at brickwork: Masons

Garden herbs irresistible to felines: Catnip

Help someone with a task: Assist

Inflatable safety device found in cars: Airbag

Inter-connected hotel rooms: Suites

Left at the altar: Jilted

Nationality of Marie Curie: Polish

Pasta string; brain: Noodle

Piles, heaps: Stacks

Play old-school pinball and video games here: Arcade

Prepared statement delivered to an audience: Speech

Rebel __, Australian actress from Bridesmaids: Wilson

Scar’s kingly brother, father of Simba: Mufasa

Sharp sewing tool: Needle

Strong, like a spell: Potent

Tags on clothing: Labels

Tall buildings: Towers

The season in which flowers bloom: Spring

Title for a male monarch of the Ottoman Empire: Sultan

Tropical bird that can mimic human voices: Parrot

Puzzle 2 Answers

A __ Named Desire, Tennessee Williams play: Streetcar

Aggrieved, annoyed at another’s actions: Resentful

Chronic liver damage, result of alcoholism: Cirrhosis

Describes a contract valid for a specific period: Fixed term

Emergency medical worker, often in an ambulance: Paramedic

Laptops and desktops are these: Computers

Making a body movement to indicate something: Gesturing

Piece of bent wire for holding documents together: Paper clip

Rome touristic arena where gladiators used to fight: Colosseum

Shackles for a prisoner: Handcuffs

Spritz product for coiffures: Hair spray

Substitute that imitates a natural product: Synthetic

Tropical fruit found on Hawaiian pizza: Pineapple

Puzzle 3 Answers

1990s song and Latin dance with arm movements: Macarena

Ancient weapon used for firing stones: Catapult

Chair that tilts back for full relaxation: Recliner

Circular window found on a ship: Porthole

City that’s home to Topkapi Palace, now a museum: Istanbul

Falsely swore to an oath: Perjured

Farming process of removing wool from a sheep: Shearing

Female antihero with feline traits: Catwoman

From country that is 700 islands, north of Cuba: Bahamian

Hard salty Italian sheep cheese: Pecorino

Immaculate, spotless: Pristine

Instrument player: Musician

Japanese weaponless self-defense martial art: Jiujutsu

Legally binding contract between lovers: Marriage

Limbs of trees: Branches

Machine for destroying sensitive documents: Shredder

One-wheeled bike ridden by circus performer: Unicycle

Ozzy __, lead singer of Black Sabbath: Osbourne

Persuade, influence, convert: Convince

Plan that indicates time and place of each event: Schedule

Priest that works in a hospital or military unit: Chaplain

Small shop specializing in fashionable items: Boutique

Speedy __; bouncing back quickly from illness: Recovery

Time when one must vacate a hotel room: Checkout

Triangle with two equal sides and angles: Isoscles

Unable to move: Immobile

With lots of money in the bank: Affluent

Puzzle 4 Answers

“To the tooth” or firm to the bite for pasta: Al dente

Apparatus for breathing while submerged: Snorkel

Blood sucking creature of the night: Vampire

Deadly poison found in tiny amounts in apple pips: Cyanide

Earnest, heartfelt: Sincere

Eliminating pain or feeling with anesthesia: Numbing

Eliminating pain or feeling with medicine: Numbing

Far away, on the horizon: Distant

Friend __; new contact invitation on Facebook: Request

Halflings; fictional race created by Tolkien: Hobbits

Identifier for products, invented by George Laurer: Barcode

Inflatable round object seen at children’s parties: Balloon

Large plate for serving canapés on: Platter

Line sketch, not filled in: Outline

Long-necked zoo animal: Giraffe

Loud concert protection wear: Earplug

Male chicken that’s part of Chinese astrology: Rooster

No tickets remaining, a full house: Sold out

Notes taken to record the events of a meeting: Minutes

Place where books are kept for lending, not sale: Library

Safe haven for evacuees or those without homes: Shelter

The Godfather director, Francis Ford __: Coppola

Therapeutic muscle kneading: Massage

Puzzle 5 Answers

An Irish city and also a form of poetry: Limerick

Belief system based on persons rather than a deity: Humanism

Bread slices with meat and cheese in between: Sandwich

Common dog command to lie motionless: Play dead

Disc-shaped galaxy that contains our Sun: Milky way

Fabric window coverings: Curtains

Lack of energy: Lethargy

One who lived through a horrific event: Survivor

Prediction of upcoming weather conditions: Forecast

Small pieces of paper thrown during parties: Confetti

Strikingly beautiful: Stunning

Suitcase conveyor belt: Carousel

Worker who brings old artwork back to former glory: Restorer

Group 664

Puzzle 1 Answers

A government’s store or department for money: Treasury

Absolved of sins: Forgiven

Alternative name for the highly toxic fugu: Blowfish

Ancient Roman temple of the Gods: Pantheon

Brawniness; ability to pick up heavy things: Strength

Crew rebellions against ship captains: Mutinies

Dory is this type of fish: Blue tang

Emergency vessel used for water rescues: Lifeboat

Fabled bronze statue at the sea entrance to Rhodes: Colossus

French prison that was stormed on July 14, 1789: Bastille

Gibberish, incomprehensible speech or writing: Nonsense

Large space for dancing a waltz or a tango: Ballroom

Make small adjustments, finishing touches: Fine tune

Measure of space between things: Distance

Person’s residence or home: Domicile

Practice ahead of a performance: Rehearse

Producing an insolent smile: Smirking

Request for another’s hand in marriage: Proposal

Root vegetables served mashed, fried, or baked: Potatoes

Second lowest male singing voice: Baritone

Tile game for word lovers: Scrabble

To put at risk: Endanger

Transfer from the internet to your hard drive: Download

Troubling: Worrying

Value of one currency vs. another: __ rate: Exchange

Puzzle 2 Answers

Animal that crossed the road: Chicken

Anxious: Worried

Boats that transport people across rivers and seas: Ferries

Cylindrical, festive, tree-like chocolate cake: Yule log

Female deity: Goddess

Flying assistant to the captain of a plane: Copilot

Group of people driving together to destination: Carpool

Grouping sheep or cattle on a farm: Herding

Hairstyle that has zigzags or crinkles: Crimped

Hoping for something to happen: Wishing

Knee cap, the technical term: Patella

Last name of Wendy in Peter Pan: Darling

Muscles on the back of the arms: Triceps

One-eyed giant in Ancient Greek mythology: Cyclops

Pieces of cloth for wiping the face while eating: Napkins

Untidy collection of things: Clutter

With a vista over the ocean, e.g. from hotel room: Sea view

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adults like to drink this on New Year’s Eve: Champagne

Aerosol fixative for head styles: Hairspray

Building that houses a community of monks: Monastery

Cooperative, law-abiding: Compliant

Data element designed to prove a point: Statistic

Family members: Relatives

Find a new and different use for something: Repurpose

Genuine, not fake: Authentic

Glasses-wearing alter ego of Superman: Clark kent

High-ranking university lecturer: Professor

Kitchen storage frame for ginger, salt and pepper: Spice rack

Large land reptiles with a shell on their backs: Tortoises

Mystery-solving cartoon Great Dane: Scooby doo

Pamphlet with information about museum exhibits: Guidebook

Processed with minimal human interaction: Automated

Sea-going vessel that transports goods globally: Cargo ship

Small Italian eatery: Trattoria

Speed of pulse: Heart rate

Unexpected events, things planned in secret: Surprises

Puzzle 4 Answers

A dozen: Twelve

All around the world, international: Global

Bent-down gesture of respect to a queen: Curtsy

Camila Cabello song about Cuban capital: Havana

Card game where you ask other players for cards: Go fish

Computer dedicated to managing network resources: Server

Decorative pin that can be worn on a coat lapel: Brooch

Expensive to buy: Costly

Expose something previously secret: Reveal

Front pages of books or magazines: Covers

Gesturing to signal you’ve seen someone: Waving

Image that represents or stands for something else: Symbol

Impulse or involuntary physical reaction: Reflex

Large flat stones that fit together for paths: Pavers

Love __ Number 9, a gypsy provides a loving brew: Potion

Mischievous winged creatures with pointed ears: Pixies

Once the milk is spilled, this might occur: Crying

Phrase or word that is used in meditation: Mantra

Plunging into water and exploring the depths: Diving

Restraining device for a dog’s snout: Muzzle

Select items for an exhibition: Curate

South America’s vast rainforest and waterway: Amazon

Thick liquids served as accompaniment to food: Sauces

Tool used to dig a hole: Shovel

Puzzle 5 Answers

Blank album used to collect photos, memorabilia: Scrapbook

Cartoon rabbit hunted by Elmer Fudd: Bugs bunny

Circus act also called high wire: Tightrope

Country of which Alexander the Great was king: Macedonia

Cutlets of sheep meat: Lamb chops

Directed another version of Alice in Wonderland: Tim burton

Edible spheres usually paired with spaghetti: Meatballs

Hiding place where spies or their targets lie low: Safe house

Liquid gargled to freshen the breath: Mouthwash

Musician’s ticking time-keeping device: Metronome

Passage of speech delivered by one character: Monologue

Playground game with a boy’s name in the title: Simon says

Proclaimed, called out: Exclaimed

Punctuation mark consisting of a dot above a comma: Semi colon

The largest mammal of all sea creatures: Blue whale

The study of planets and other objects in space: Astronomy

Tiny, microscopic: Miniscule

Used by skydivers for safe landings: Parachute

Woodworker: Carpenter

Group 665

Puzzle 1 Answers

Basketball score made from above the basket: Dunk shot

Crack or break a code: Decipher

Discovery of precious metal that attracts miners: Gold rush

Elegant and poised, like a ballet dancer: Graceful

Famous mystery-solving detective Holmes: Sherlock

Fearless fighters: Warriors

Going faster and faster: Speeding

Government system run by a king or a queen: Monarchy

Having great worth: Valuable

Long hairs on the side of a cat’s face: Whiskers

Prompting words, such as in a Bob Dylan video: Cue cards

Purpose of use; official party: Function

Sci-fi distortion of space: Time warp

Shiny coating makeup product for the mouth: Lipgloss

Small, strong shot of coffee: Espresso

The bottom of the ocean: Sea floor

These types of films make people laugh: Comedies

To deduce what illness or ailment a patient has: Diagnose

To mention a celebrity or a higher-up: Name drop

Tool that can be used to trim grass, hair or nails: Scissors

Trendy jargon, especially in business: Buzzword

Way of thinking about something; a positive one is best: Attitude

Puzzle 2 Answers

Athletics obstacle to jump over: Hurdle

Bigger buildings you can buy in Monopoly: Hotels

Bread and pastry shop: Bakery

Cleaning and purging often happens in this season: Spring

Collection of tattoos that cover a person’s arm: Sleeve

Disappear, become invisible, like the Cheshire Cat: Vanish

Equines: Horses

Excessive, ostentatious, brash: Flashy

Extent of the money for a project: Budget

Film about Danny Zuko and Sandy’s epic love story: Grease

India’s peaceful revolutionary during the 1940s: Gandhi

James Bond prefers martinis this way: Shaken

Local travel helpers: Guides

Prolonged, tedious story or account: Litany

Refusal to accept strong evidence of reality: Denial

Smells, perfumes: Scents

Speaker, one who gives talks or tells stories: Orator

Substance inside human bones, sometimes donated: Marrow

Swiss cottage: Chalet

Tamper, interfere, intrude: Meddle

Watery setting of Shakespeare’s Othello: Venice

Weak or frail: Feeble

Well-known, like a celebrity: Famous

World’s largest hot desert that traverses Africa: Sahara

__ traffic; vehicles moving in a single direction: One way

Puzzle 3 Answers

A dark underground prison in a castle: Dungeon

Always the best policy: Honesty

Apparition, ghost: Phantom

Canadian province home to Niagara Falls: Ontario

Delicate, easily broken: Fragile

Garden tent-style shelters without sides: Gazebos

Magical winged beings, like Tinker Bell: Fairies

Morally upstanding: Ethical

Outdoor meals on blankets: Picnics

Painters, sketchers and potters, for example: Artists

Power that a vacuum has to lift objects up: Suction

Putting things in boxes or suitcases: Packing

Running at a more leisurely pace than sprinting: Jogging

State when expenditures exceed revenues: Deficit

Stretches of salt water near the sea: Lagoons

Synonym of victory: Triumph

The little girl in The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy

Tight-knit groups of friends: Cliques

Travel seasonally, like birds flying south: Migrate

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aerosol method to go several shades darker: Spray tan

Any flying plane: Aircraft

Army-style fitness class to get you into shape: Boot camp

Assignments that pupils complete after school: Homework

Creating an artwork with a screen and paint: Printing

Cutting hair just a little bit: Trimming

Ditches dug by soldiers to prepare for battle: Trenches

Expensive fungi dug up from under the ground: Truffles

Facial accessory worn by pirates: Eyepatch

Formal event when awards are presented: Ceremony

Glass display for fish and other sea creatures: Aquarium

Lift magically from the ground by an unseen force: Levitate

Medical word for your collarbone: Clavicle

Organism, sometimes harmful, living inside another: Parasite

Peacefulness and calmness, tranquility: Serenity

Peacefulness, calmness: Serenity

Political or environmental protestor: Activist

Roomy, not cramped: Spacious

Social networking website founded by Zuckerberg: Facebook

Stimulant found in coffee, tea and cola: Caffeine

Supersonic passenger plane retired in 2003: Concorde

The antihero Wade Wilson: Deadpool

Tooth experts who check teeth and do fillings: Dentists

Tricked out of money: Swindled

Where trekkers stay at the foot of Mount Everest: Base camp

Puzzle 5 Answers

A written promise or assurance: Guarantee

Chilling suspense novels: Thrillers

Grilled meat on a bun: Hamburger

Having no feelings, pity or mercy: Heartless

Home up high among branches: Treehouse

Impossible to put a value on: Priceless

Insertion of medicine into the body with a syringe: Injection

Large rotating wheel on the banks of the Thames: London eye

Minuscular metal device under the skin of a pet: Microchip

Secret communication using dots and dashes: Morse code

The __, Mary Norton’s tales of tiny people: Borrowers

Trickster, swindler, hustler: Con artist

What elderly people talk about when reminiscing: Olden days

Group 666

Puzzle 1 Answers

A __ in time saves nine: Stitch

Bangs and knocking: Noises

Cultivated, green outdoor area: Garden

Daughters of a brother or sister: Nieces

Demands for insurance payouts: Claims

Figure used to count: Number

Graze from rubbing against something rough: Scrape

Groups for workers’ rights: Unions

Large metalworking tools with flat surfaces: Anvils

Light-sensitive part of the eye: Retina

Mix of tunes together: Medley

Othello’s young, handsome lieutenant: Cassio

Parisian museum where the Mona Lisa is: Louvre

Planet with a distinct ring around it: Saturn

Reliable bloodhound in Lady and the Tramp: Trusty

Short and stout container for brewing hot drinks: Teapot

Signals used before digital ones came along: Analog

Temporary worker looking for experience: Intern

The central walkways in churches between pews: Aisles

Tufts of turf lifted by errant tee shots: Divots

Volcanic rock used for removing hard skin: Pumice

Walk like a goose or duck: Waddle

Weapon carried by the Grim Reaper: Scythe

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bursts into flames, perhaps spontaneously: Combusts

Crack, fissure, or small split in a bone: Fracture

Elevated part of a home, accessed by steps: Upstairs

Example of top quality or prestige: Class act

Group of actors or musicians: Ensemble

Have the opposite effect than intended on a plan: Backfire

Identification of someone on an app or a site: Username

Jacket usually worn in storms: Raincoat

Long waiting periods between flights: Layovers

Not crafted by machines: Handmade

Photographer’s suite for developing film: Darkroom

Someone who has completed school: Graduate

Stalemate, deadlock, impasse: Standoff

Puzzle 3 Answers

Absence of guilt, clear conscience: Innocence

Altitude, height: Elevation

Ambassadors, foreign government workers: Diplomats

Case for carrying an artist’s drawings: Portfolio

Changes in species over time: Evolution

Discussion, debate: Discourse

Enormous, now extinct species of shark: Megalodon

Greek hero enamored with his own reflection: Narcissus

Greek hero who loved his own reflection: Narcissus

Idleness, quality of not tackling tasks: Indolence

In mathematics, the number that is left over: Remainder

Large, white-furred, Arctic predator: Polar bear

Leaning back: Reclining

Lunar glow: Moonlight

People who provide jobs for others: Employers

Personal sets of songs: Playlists

Protect from harm: Safeguard

Seat with a tray used by babies when eating: High chair

Snoopy’s pal; famous US hippy festival in the 1960s: Woodstock

Strong personality traits; not weaknesses: Strengths

Way in to a home, over which brides may be carried: Threshold

What a doctor gives after a thorough examination: Diagnosis

Puzzle 4 Answers

A person who mixes and serves drinks: Bartender

A three-dimensional work of art: Sculpture

Animals with trunks: Elephants

Belief that someone has committed a crime: Suspicion

China’s long brick defense structure: Great wall

Crag or rocky outcrop at top of steep cliff face: Precipice

Degree of bubbles in a soft drink: Fizziness

Dummy on which to display clothes in a shop window: Mannequin

Economic term for a decline in the value of money: Inflation

Fast-paced exercise session on stationary bikes: Spin class

Maximum price: Top dollar

Metal or wood panel at the top end of a bed: Headboard

Ornamental pendant of honor: Medallion

Ornamental pendant of sporting prowess: Medallion

Soft-covered book: Paperback

Puzzle 5 Answers

Causing damage, hurting: Harming

Country where Bran Castle is located: Romania

Country where Dracula’s Bran Castle is located: Romania

Desired, envied: Coveted

Farce or silent performance in a game: Charade

Gifts: Presents

Kidney-shaped nuts featured in Chinese cuisine: Cashews

Loud enough to be heard: Audible

Magical horse with a horn: Unicorn

Nemesis of Dalmatians everywhere: Cruella

Panes of glass in a house for looking through: Windows

Person who travels and visits attractions: Tourist

Preserved ancient remains of prehistoric lifeforms: Fossils

Pretense or farce: Charade

Twenties and thirties bold architectural style: Art deco

Use bacteria or yeast to make a substance change: Ferment

Group 667

Puzzle 1 Answers

An introduction to something, an overture: Prelude

Bills of payments due: Invoices

Classic cars converted for speed: Hot rods

Cleansing, getting rid of unwanted things: Purging

Crying out like a wolf: Howling

Dark pigment in the skin, hair or eyes: Melanin

Deep valleys with steep sides: Canyons

Everlasting, infinite: Eternal

Frodo’s best friend in Lord of the Rings: Samwise

Frozen pad applied to reduce swelling: Ice pack

Happy, satisfied, relaxed: Content

Look around a new place: Explore

Mild red spice made with sweet peppers: Paprika

Nintendo’s original hand held system: Game boy

One who left university early without finishing: Dropout

Open display surfaces for books: Shelves

Pages of words actors must commit to memory: Scripts

Person who spoils someone else’s fun: Killjoy

Riding a wave: Surfing

School bag, often made with buckles and leather: Satchel

Series of Microsoft tablet computers: Surface

Spring flower on fruit trees, e.g. apple, peach: Blossom

Tibetans of the Himalayas engaged in mountaineering: Sherpas

You Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like Me cartoon: Aladdin

Puzzle 2 Answers

Car repair experts: Mechanics

Chance meeting, or to come up against something: Encounter

Expert in preparing Japanese raw fish speciality: Sushi chef

Goat or astrological sign for December-January: Capricorn

Large vehicle that hauls away trash: Dump truck

Not displaying an ounce of bravery: Cowardice

One of the fastest dog breeds: Greyhound

People children shouldn’t talk to: Strangers

Queries asked of someone: Questions

Smaller version of an embassy: Consulate

Strip worn around the head to soak up perspiration: Sweat band

The story of someone’s life: Biography

Vehicle that hauls and unloads materials: Dump truck

Vessel that sinks or is marooned on a shore: Shipwreck

Witness statement given under oath: Testimony

Puzzle 3 Answers

An intense irrational fear: Phobia

Depression on the moon: Crater

Erase unwanted text: Delete

Figure of enlightenment in ancient Indian religion: Buddha

Forging or counterfeiting: Faking

Goodbye until we meet again: So long

Greek god of beauty who was killed by a wild boar: Adonis

Hot, tropical US state in the Pacific: Hawaii

Italian grilled sandwich: Panini

Not expected; without any pattern: Random

Not open: Closed

Oyster treasures: Pearls

Pivot, spin, swivel: Rotate

Proposed or adopted action plan: Policy

Salt’s spicy partner: Pepper

Singer and diva, __ Carey: Mariah

Slogan-carrying sign hung lengthways: Banner

Small paddled crafts: Canoes

Snakes with hollow fangs for poisoning: Vipers

Website that serves as an entry point: Portal

Weight to bear: Burden

Wine basement: Cellar

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alternative quick route: Shortcut

Busy, crowded with people: Bustling

Class of dogs that were bred to hunt vermin: Terriers

Delusional persecution; irrational suspicion: Paranoia

Fired a missile: Deployed

Glandular organ that produces insulin: Pancreas

Having to do with sailing and the sea: Nautical

He created the theory of relativity: Einstein

Incorrect or wrong: Mistaken

Mattress filled with liquid: Waterbed

Name derived from a father or father’s ancestry: Patronym

Nut-hoarding animal with a bushy tail: Squirrel

Paper container for a letter, found in offices: Envelope

Place where city trash is usually dumped: Landfill

Religious places of worship for Christians: Churches

Remarks, responses left under an online post: Comments

Skateboarders’ leg joint protectors: Kneepads

Twice baked Italian cookies often dunked in coffee: Biscotti

Puzzle 5 Answers

2010 mind-bending movie with Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception

A very bad dream: Nightmare

Breathing muscle below the lungs and heart: Diaphragm

Checklist of items in stock: Inventory

Companion of thunder: Lightning

Containers holding treasures found by coordinates: Geocaches

Fizzy French sparkling wine used for celebrations: Champagne

Going back, regressing: Reverting

Legal handwritten name: Signature

Natural pool that animals drink from: Water hole

Showing capacity for improvement: Potential

The art of interrelations between nations: Diplomacy

They provide energy to toys and remote controls: Batteries

To give in: Surrender

To sleep during the whole winter: Hibernate

Group 668

Puzzle 1 Answers

A cost, a fee: Charge

Curved transparent material in a pair of glasses: Lenses

Don Quixote believed that windmills were these: Giants

Magnate, industrialist, mogul: Tycoon

Olive Oyl’s spinach-loving sweetie: Popeye

Pail, receptacle for holding water: Bucket

Promise to donate or support a charitable cause: Pledge

Repetitive phrases fans yell at sporting events: Chants

Scarily supernatural or ghostly: Spooky

Sets of people with common interests, say music: Groups

The secret to good comedy: Timing

Visits to multiple patients by doctors and nurses: Rounds

__ borealis, or girl’s name meaning dawn: Aurora

Puzzle 2 Answers

Asian eating utensil usually made of wood: Chopstick

Birds whose eggs are the biggest: Ostriches

Glass container with mini landscape inside: Terrarium

Legal documents for business deals: Contracts

Luke __, the central character in Star Wars: Skywalker

Not nice to look at: Unsightly

One who scrawls words in the air with a plane: Skywriter

Power-saving or standby state on a computer: Sleep mode

Returning cash after purchase: Refunding

The boss’ helper: Assistant

Those who tune in to a radio broadcast: Listeners

Throw these during winter play fights: Snowballs

Tinkering, messing with, interfering with evidence: Tampering

To go back to the beginning: Start over

To speak two languages fluently: Bilingual

Travel schedule, including route and planned stops: Itinerary

Wooden puppet whose nose grows when he lies: Pinocchio

Written tasks to be completed and marked off: Checklist

Puzzle 3 Answers

Broken road pitfalls are dangerous for motorists: Potholes

Clear and obvious, graphic: Explicit

Costume for flying without a parachute: Wingsuit

Criminals who steal from people’s homes: Burglars

Frozen dessert loved by many: Ice cream

Garment worn for water-based activities: Swimsuit

Giant Japanese mutant sea monster: Godzilla

Ignite an old flame again: Rekindle

Infantile: Childish

Introductory section of a dramatic work: Prologue

Item bought on a trip to take home as a keepsake: Souvenir

Japanese city terror, silverscreen success: Godzilla

Latin phrase for when someone admits an error: Mea culpa

Octopus limb: Tentacle

Paddles on a pinball machine: Flippers

Providing food at a hospitality event: Catering

Snippets from TV shows that give the game away: Spoilers

The money that a country uses: Currency

The queen’s daughter: Princess

These are sewn on to close a wound: Stitches

Traditional sayings with moral messages: Proverbs

Union of multiples countries working together: Alliance

Woven cloths, used for covering furniture: Textiles

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chorus sung over and over: Refrain

Compassion towards other people’s feelings: Empathy

Created with frozen water, a carrot and a scarf: Snowman

Creating something in the kitchen: Cooking

Encoded writing systems: Ciphers

French island north of Sardinia: Corsica

Glitter and shine: Sparkle

Greasing meat to keep it moist while cooking: Basting

ID label sewn into clothes so they don’t get lost: Nametag

Liquid for washing hair: Shampoo

One show in a TV series: Episode

Operating system developed by Google: Android

Permanently gone, like the dinosaurs: Extinct

Platform or runway for models in a fashion show: Catwalk

Rich, to have plenty of money: Wealthy

Small and inexpensive toy or trinket: Novelty

Tall sailing ship: Galleon

They sing or play music for money on the streets: Buskers

Unhappiness, misery: Sadness

Water zodiac sign coming after Libra: Scorpio

Wax sticks for bringing warm light to tables: Candles

Welcoming object collection for the dead (Spa.): Ofrenda

Puzzle 5 Answers

A dark blue gemstone: Sapphire

Aristocracy: Nobility

Conjurer who performs tricks: Magician

Device that can be used without connecting cord: Wireless

Disaster, catastrophe: Calamity

Exact copies: Replicas

Facebook-owned message app with VoIP: Whatsapp

Fault or defect; opposite of strength: Weakness

French word that means mister or sir: Monsieur

Fundraiser with sweet treats and cakes: Bake sale

General who crossed the Alps with elephants: Hannibal

Getting round on all fours, like a baby: Crawling

Intense, last-minute studying before an exam: Cramming

Level of poison: Toxicity

Movement of eyelid over eye, often rapid: Blinking

Movie employee who has all the dangerous moves: Stuntman

Porcelain mantelpiece ornament: Figurine

Red fruits used in salads: Tomatoes

Rock singer known for Refugee and Free Fallin’: Tom petty

Table tennis: Ping pong

Those on a religious voyage to a shrine: Pilgrims

Twirling, rotating: Spinning

Group 669

Puzzle 1 Answers

Apple’s smart device for making calls: Iphone

Aviation professionals who fly jets: Pilots

Barbed or clever remark, perfectly timed: Zinger

Bedcovers that are often handmade: Quilts

Bits of interesting or inconsequential knowledge: Trivia

Blowfish by another name; sweller: Puffer

Breakfast meal made of grain and served with milk: Cereal

Comic mimicry; imitation and satire: Parody

Employers, managers: Bosses

Flowers associated with Holland: Tulips

Fluffy rectangles for drying oneself after a bath: Towels

Foam used to style the hair: Mousse

Gouda, Swiss, Havarti: Cheese

Greek god of sleep, according to Greek myth: Hypnos

Heidi Klum’s nationality: German

Luxury pleasure crafts or sailing boats: Yachts

Myth, fable; notorious person: Legend

Not married: Single

Not rough or bumpy: Smooth

Set off a rocket: Launch

Sleepy, tired: Drowsy

Stretched fabric used by painters for their art: Canvas

Too much; surpassing the normal limits: Excess

What goes around a dog’s neck: Collar

What the Evil Queen in Snow White spoke to: Mirror

Puzzle 2 Answers

Baffle, puzzle, confuse: Perplex

Burj __; world’s tallest skyscraper, in Dubai: Khalifa

Farmyard birds, bred for eggs or meat: Poultry

Game of chance that involves drawing numbers: Lottery

Getting better, recovering from illness: Healing

How to relieve an itch: Scratch

Income that a company receives regularly: Revenue

Kate __, British actress of Titanic: Winslet

Ladies’ gowns: Dresses

Large serving plate or sharing dish: Platter

Mobile game makers of Stop and CodyCross: Fanatee

Native to a particular place: Endemic

Paper design used as a model for sewing: Pattern

Singer who performs alone: Soloist

Small lumps of gold or wisdom: Nuggets

Street traders, with food or souvenir stalls: Vendors

Triangle shape, used to bury an Egyptian pharaoh: Pyramid

Type of cheese used to fill a cannoli: Ricotta

White winged horse in Greek mythology: Pegasus

Puzzle 3 Answers

A body that monitors trading standards: Watchdog

Climb the Phoenician Steps to get there: Anacapri

Exposed or discredited, of outlandish theories: Debunked

Flower sellers: Florists

Focus, aim at a target: Home in on

Going from pub to pub instead of staying put: Bar crawl

Incorrectly estimate: Misjudge

Likely, highly possible: Probable

Maria __ von Paradis, composer of Sicilienne: Theresia

Material used to make vessels for canning: Tinplate

Paper __, leftover notes cannot be spent at home: Currency

Permissions to arrest or search: Warrants

Porterhouse’s head porter in Tom Sharpe books: Skullion

Principles, morals: Scruples

Private path connecting the street to a house: Driveway

Semisoft cheese with thin crust, fruity flavor: Taleggio

Type of slipper made from leather: Moccasin

Puzzle 4 Answers

Anton __, The Dorchester chef of cuisine naturelle: Mosimann

Capital city of Belize: Belmopan

Enhanced: Improved

Landscape covered in conifer trees: Forested

Layer of icing on top of a cake: Frosting

Le __, French hotel brand, now part of Marriott: Meridien

Machete like one handed sword of Medieval Europe: Falchion

Meet __, Brad Pitt plays Death alongside Forlani: Joe black

Narrowing, becoming slimmer or thinner: Tapering

Push under water: Submerge

Rush or compel someone into doing something: Railroad

The length of space between two places: Distance

Unsolved crime: Cold case

Water feature that spurts: Fountain

Witty talk: Repartee

__ first, verdict afterwards: Alice in Wonderland: Sentence

Puzzle 5 Answers

Assurance that producers have not been exploited: Fair trade

Betrayal of trust, disloyalty: Treachery

Elastic plastic headgear used to keep hair dry: Shower cap

Front of a car that illuminates the road: Headlight

Get off a ferry or aircraft: Disembark

Great ape with reddish fur, native to Borneo: Orangutan

Lively ballroom dance similar to swing or jive: Jitterbug

Making vows or assurances: Promising

Ninth month of the year: September

Opening a door with a key: Unlocking

Precious items, valuable pieces of art: Treasures

Running very fast, in a race: Sprinting

Termination of employment: Dismissal

Tiny Mexican dog: Chihuahua

Unclear, can be understood two ways: Ambiguous

Group 670

Puzzle 1 Answers

Abrupt and hazardous snowfall in the mountains: Avalanche

Ashamed, disconcerted, highly embarrassed: Mortified

Blobby sea animal that can sting: Jellyfish

Broad piece of fabric that celebrities walk down: Red carpet

Hanging garden ornament with a tinkling sound: Wind chime

Items that have worth: Valuables

Lotion for the cheeks and forehead: Face cream

Male who operates vision equipment in a TV studio: Cameraman

Mountain range with 10 of the world’s highest peaks: Himalayas

Published collection of poems: Anthology

Sport involving pinning an opponent to the mat: Wrestling

The first rule is that you do not talk about it: Fight club

To change, evolve: Transform

Tool for making blunt pencils pointy again: Sharpener

Unpleasant task, the one no one wants to do: Dirty work

Puzzle 2 Answers

Beguiling, acting attractively: Charming

Breaking out of an egg: Hatching

Car safety device goes across chest, waist: Seatbelt

Comb out the knots: Untangle

Conquer, defeat, rout: Vanquish

Daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta: Antigone

Dried pale blue flowers with distinctive scent: Lavender

Dusk; period that follows sunset: Twilight

Fabric weaving skill using two or more needles: Knitting

Fungi with white and cremini varieties: Mushroom

Getting something ready to work on it: Prepping

Guilty, to blame: Culpable

Magnetic tape recording format: Cassette

Maker of beer and record books: Guinness

Nasal holes that humans breathe through: Nostrils

Old collectables: Antiques

Orange flight recorder on all planes: Black box

People receiving medical treatment: Patients

Place where fish eggs are developed artificially: Hatchery

Pop a card in this and send it: Envelope

Round tube that is spun around the waist: Hula hoop

Skittish, unsettled, on edge: Agitated

Souvenir store in a museum or theme park: Gift shop

Taking the dirt out of something, washing: Cleaning

Puzzle 3 Answers

Allows scuba divers to breathe underwater: Regulator

Female sleuth created by The Hardy Boys author: Nancy drew

He robs from the rich and gives to the poor: Robin hood

Liquid used for oral hygiene: Mouthwash

Loan sharks, money lenders: Creditors

Long sequence of columns: Colonnade

Meat-eating animal: Carnivore

Metal wrist restraints: Handcuffs

Obeying an order: Complying

Occupation of someone who travels into space: Astronaut

Resolve, determination: Willpower

Revert to a previous opinion; retract one’s words: Backtrack

Satisfying, gratifying, fulfilling: Rewarding

School area where piano lessons take place: Music room

Sirened vehicle for health emergencies: Ambulance

The end of a joke, the payoff: Punchline

Type of plane ticket with a return date: Round trip

Puzzle 4 Answers

A moral story, such as the Prodigal Son: Parable

Artful skill and expertise; great style: Finesse

Band of three including Kurt Cobain: Nirvana

Barbie’s little sister: Skipper

Decorative container for growing flowers: Planter

Disc-shaped wheel trims on passenger vehicles: Hubcaps

Enclosure for babies for fun and games: Playpen

Figuratively smooth certain issues: Iron out

Fine Indian rice: Basmati

Green leafy veggie that makes you strong: Spinach

Hypersensitivity to dust, pets, pollen etc: Allergy

Meetings that aim to communicate with spirits: Seances

Moving to music, rhythmically: Dancing

One who points the finger: Accuser

Pre-historic, hairy elephant-like creature: Mammoth

Prisoners in jail: Inmates

The art of shooting with a bow and arrow: Archery

The second officer in charge of flying an aircraft: Copilot

Very large, stripy stinging insects: Hornets

__ Poirot, Agatha Christie’s Belgian detective: Hercule

-to-air missile or SAM: Surface

Puzzle 5 Answers

Apple’s iPad is one of these devices: Tablet

Brief attention-getting phrase used in advertising: Slogan

Classical dance sometimes done in pointe shoes: Ballet

Detective or private eye: Sleuth

Dip made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, garlic: Hummus

Identification tags worn by police officers: Badges

Long vehicle for transporting a coffin: Hearse

Mistakes, faults: Errors

Mouth or nose, path open to allow breathing: Airway

Opposite of tighten: Loosen

Paddling a boat with oars: Rowing

Prosper, flourish: Thrive

Rage powered by needing to eat something: Hangry

Robert __, chemist with a burner named after him: Bunsen

To empty a suitcase after your travels: Unpack

Tool used for striking a nail: Hammer

Volcanic rock formed by cooled lava: Basalt

Group 671

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animal offers up its stomach for this petting type: Belly rub

Charitable gift: Donation

Dilute, moderate: Tone down

Flaming log pile lit by tent-dwellers: Campfire

Going pink with embarrassment: Blushing

Greek monster with head of a bull: Minotaur

Group that suddenly appears and dances in public: Flash mob

Hand signals, e.g. waving, beckoning: Gestures

Lack, deficiency: Shortage

Making a noise like a duck: Quacking

Opening a nut shell: Cracking

Pivoting lever used in gaming: Joystick

Place to find doctors, nurses and medicine: Hospital

Place where koi carp are seen swimming: Fishpond

Powerless, ineffective: Impotent

Riding a horse without a saddle: Bareback

Suave and dashing in appearance: Debonair

The decade of Madonna: Eighties

Those who create things with their hands: Crafters

Time period that began with Sputnik in 1957: Space age

To try out for a part in a movie: Audition

Window placed in a roof: Skylight

Puzzle 2 Answers

Country which has the highest waterfall: Venezuela

Cutting paper into thin strips with a machine: Shredding

Dismiss from the armed forces: Discharge

Fairy from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker ballet: Sugar plum

Followers of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama: Buddhists

Mixed alcoholic drinks: Cocktails

Native American girl rescued by Peter Pan: Tiger lily

Not biased, neutral: Impartial

Outdoor cooking appliances: Barbecues

Personal computer launched by Apple in 1984: Macintosh

Ruling used as an example for future cases: Precedent

Somebody who is made to take the blame: Scapegoat

Testimony from a previous employer: Reference

Tripping over something, losing your balance: Stumbling

Usual, normal, expected: Customary

Visually stunning display: Spectacle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baby dogs: Puppies

Creating pictures with a pencil: Drawing

Dizzying sensation and a Hitchcock movie: Vertigo

Drawing over a design to copy it: Tracing

Fruit used for pies and scary jack-o’-lanterns: Pumpkin

Japanese sword used with two hands: Samurai

Journalist’s written piece: Article

Muscular organ that is part of the urinary system: Bladder

Organic matter that has broken down: Compost

Pet name, like sweetheart, honey: Darling

Properties with large houses on them: Estates

Searcher of food in fields and forests: Forager

Small text files that store user info on websites: Cookies

Small-wheeled board with a stem, for kids: Scooter

Weird, odd, far from the norm: Strange

Women’s shirts: Blouses

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bad-tempered, like a crustacean: Crabby

Beers, cocktails, mocktails, juices: Drinks

Beginner; probationary member in a religious group: Novice

Class taken for a particular curriculum: Course

Computer criminal: Hacker

Deep gorge, used by some for swinging from rope: Canyon

Distress signal in radio communications: Mayday

Endangered tiger native to India: Bengal

Extreme situation: Crisis

Female spirits found in the woods: Nymphs

Femme __; beautiful but treacherous woman: Fatale

First name of Versace’s founder: Gianni

Green monster who once stole Christmas: Grinch

Japanese condiment like horseradish used on sushi: Wasabi

Prize for winning a sporting event: Trophy

Scared of something: Afraid

Small pool of rain on the ground: Puddle

The T in TLC, or __ loving care: Tender

Wage-receival date: Pay day

Water spray for self-cleaning: Shower

Puzzle 5 Answers

Alternative parting expression for goodbye: Farewell

Building material for pavement or asphalt: Concrete

Common name for assistance canine for the blind: Guide dog

Compartment on passenger’s side of a car: Glovebox

Dead, scaly skin on the scalp: Dandruff

Declared in law unable to pay outstanding debts: Bankrupt

Disk-shaped blood component that aids clotting: Platelet

Friend with whom a child pretends with: Playmate

Hole; opening that lets light into a camera: Aperture

Luggage piece: Suitcase

Mental or physical effort, toil: Exertion

Month to celebrate love and valentines: February

Small pigment spots on the skin: Freckles

Spice found in many pumpkin desserts: Cinnamon

The capital of Hawaii: Honolulu

notes, letters of gratitude: Thank you

Group 672

Puzzle 1 Answers

Container that keeps drinks or soups hot: Thermos

Cooking something in hot, bubbling water: Boiling

Crafty quality of a fox: Cunning

Decaying, decomposing, breaking down: Rotting

English rock band with Phil Collins: Genesis

Error, mistake, gaffe: Blunder

Famous French pastry same as a fritter: Beignet

Going up in flames: Burning

Leave quickly, like a plane departing: Take off

Main language spoken in Central America: Spanish

Outlaws, armed robbers: Bandits

Poison used in Agatha Christie’s Five Little Pigs: Hemlock

Recluses; loners: Hermits

Show, exhibit: Display

Six-sided geometric shape: Hexagon

Supervise: Oversee

The Blair Witch __, supernatural fly-on-wall movie: Project

The next step after you chew your food: Swallow

Trim and shave a stick to make a sharp point: Whittle

Used for scraping the side of the bowl in baking: Spatula

Venetian boat, must be painted black by law: Gondola

Wound dressing: Bandage

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ancient two-wheeled vehicle pulled by humans: Rickshaw

Disgraceful, shocking, dishonorable: Shameful

Disgraceful, shocking, inducing guilt: Shameful

Illegal scribblings or paintings on public walls: Graffiti

Italian cured pork belly, equivalent to bacon: Pancetta

Online search platform of a museum’s collections: Database

Public vocal addresses: Speeches

Reveal, make private information public: Disclose

Series that follows a logical, predictable pattern: Sequence

Small explosives with pins to pull: Grenades

The Lion, the Witch and the __; book by C.S. Lewis: Wardrobe

The science of treating foot health problems: Podiatry

Way in, doorway: Entrance

When one presents a counter argument, Devil’s __: Advocate

Where chimney sweeps danced in Mary Poppins: Rooftops

Puzzle 3 Answers

366-day periods: Leap years

A person whose job is to solve mysteries: Detective

Another word for a chiropractor, in the UK: Osteopath

Book containing synonyms: Thesaurus

Braveheart director and star: Mel gibson

Cofounder of Microsoft with Allen: Bill gates

Forcing air through your lips to make a sound: Whistling

Grown-up years: Adulthood

Horoscopes, constellations and star signs: Astrology

Illuminated by the glowing wicks of wax pillars: Candlelit

In the public eye, receiving fame and attention: Limelight

Moving ascending or descending staircase: Escalator

National team of Maradona, Messi and Tevez: Argentina

Opinion, perspective: Viewpoint

Physician specializing in bone and muscle pain: Osteopath

Place for dancing and drinking in the evening: Night club

Prepare land ahead of growing crops: Cultivate

Rife, widespread: Pervasive

Someone who travels on a boat, bus or plane: Passenger

The way people arrange their head strands: Hairstyle

This villain gave Batman an itch to scratch: Poison ivy

Visual apparitions that trick your eyes: Illusions

What a stitch in time does: Saves nine

Writing on metal or carving into stone: Engraving

Puzzle 4 Answers

An onion has many: Layers

Color of the sun and daffodils: Yellow

Cosmetic ointments: Creams

Crash is the group name for these horned mammals: Rhinos

Delicate paper handkerchief for blowing nose: Tissue

Fetid, rank, rotten, stinking: Rancid

Haircut that’s business in front and party in back: Mullet

Ice cream treat in a glass, with a topping: Sundae

Messy room, or porker’s dwelling place: Pigsty

Musician who speaks rhythmically to music: Rapper

Opposite of enemy; person you like: Friend

Postponements, deferrals, adjournments: Delays

Sweet citrus bigger than a tangerine: Orange

Walk aimlessly: Wander

Puzzle 5 Answers

Athletic shoes reaching above the ankle: High tops

Coconuts grow on this: Palm tree

Creases and lines on an aging face: Wrinkles

Dangerous, risky, unsafe: Perilous

English Forest, Nottinghamshire home of Robin Hood: Sherwood

Epic space franchise created by George Lucas: Star wars

Formal agreements or pacts between countries: Treaties

Incredibly happy about a decision: Thrilled

Making a hole in the skin for an earring: Piercing

Manual, how-to guide: Handbook

Poison (Tl) used in Christie’s The Pale Horse: Thallium

Skydiving descent with unopened parachute: Freefall

Snowstorm: Blizzard

Taking bones out of a fish: Fileting

Teach, show someone how to do something: Instruct

Telephone-accessed advice service: Helpline

Theatrical or TV performance on tour: Roadshow

Group 673

Puzzle 1 Answers

Answers to puzzles: Solutions

Capital and largest city of Nepal: Kathmandu

Chart showing a museum’s layout: Floor plan

College teacher: Professor

Demand for money with threat of revealing a secret: Blackmail

Fictional Brit spy better known by three digits: James bond

Giving up the fight: Conceding

Group of four plays or films: Tetralogy

Having multiple uses or applications: Versatile

Large, yellow bloom with edible seeds: Sunflower

Oldest child: First born

Respect, worship, veneration: Reverence

Sending goods abroad for business: Exporting

Sudden shift or change in emotions: Mood swing

Thick sturdy paper used for crafting: Cardstock

Puzzle 2 Answers

Anxieties, fears, troubles: Worries

Asked to come along to an event: Invited

Canada’s westernmost province: __ Columbia: British

Cave in, collapse inwards: Implode

Deliberately ignore rules or orders: Disobey

Dogs with curly, pom-pom hair shaved into patterns: Poodles

Fixing pieces of material together before sewing: Pinning

Knots in hair: Tangles

Leisurely runners: Joggers

Lines of vehicles accompanied by armed forces: Convoys

Operating a motor vehicle: Driving

Place for the display or sale of works of art: Gallery

Please, gratify, mollify: Satisfy

The meat used in pollo alla cacciatora: Chicken

To go over the number of votes in an election again: Recount

Violent cyclone in Pacific and Indian oceans: Typhoon

__ Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Sweeney

Puzzle 3 Answers

A person who designs buildings: Architect

Cloth of various fabrics and shapes sewn together: Patchwork

Container for frozen cubes or social media stunt: Ice bucket

Enveloping babies in a blanket to calm them: Swaddling

Indigo or navy design for a house: Blueprint

Misfortune, tribulation; triumph over __: Adversity

Motivation, driving force: Incentive

Natural pool of water, heated geothermically: Hot spring

Remaining food after a meal; to be consumed later: Leftovers

Slices in fingers from shuffling documents: Paper cuts

Someone who is shy and reserved: Introvert

Superior rating, exemplary: Excellent

Puzzle 4 Answers

Animals, birds, and insects in nature: Wildlife

Business networking website: Linkedin

Concealed opening panel in a stage floor: Trapdoor

Electric tree-cutting tool: Chainsaw

Exercise sessions: Workouts

Exhausted, worn out: Fatigued

Free, release, disengage: Liberate

Fruit stews for topping desserts: Compotes

Funny entertainer (earns a living telling jokes): Comedian

Gathering for fans of graphic novels: Comic con

Groups of relatives: Families

Place where you grew up, where your roots are: Hometown

Rational, reasonable or designed for practicality: Sensible

Tourists, people who go to attractions: Visitors

Tries; efforts to complete a task: Attempts

Two strips of hair on the forehead: Eyebrows

Puzzle 5 Answers

Area in front of a fireplace: Hearth

Business brokers; celebrity representatives: Agents

Cartoon Inspector who uses high-tech gizmos: Gadget

Country where mariachi bands originated: Mexico

Fish zodiac sign for February-March: Pisces

Gliding down snowy hills on two runners: Skiing

Guiding light for ships, like a lighthouse: Beacon

Higher than another person in height: Taller

Information placed at the top of a page: Header

Mucus coughed up with a cold: Phlegm

Preserved in an icy state: Frozen

The Girl with the __ Tattoo, Lisbeth’s revenge: Dragon

Way of doing something, steps to follow: Method

Group 674

Puzzle 1 Answers

Act of spies obtaining secret information: Espionage

Bed cover, duvet, coverlet: Comforter

Brashly showing off money or possessions: Flaunting

Endorse, speak highly of: Recommend

Exactly the same: Identical

Medicine, therapy: Treatment

Monument housing a burial chamber or vault: Mausoleum

Office worker, receptionist: Secretary

Only major tennis tournament played on grass: Wimbledon

Polystyrene material used to protect fragile items: Styrofoam

Raising the quality of your cabin on a ship: Upgrading

Raw pieces or things used to make something: Materials

Silvery-white metal element used in fireworks: Magnesium

Temporary ID worn above the hand: Wristband

Witches use these pots for cooking brews: Cauldrons

Work together to solve a problem or puzzle: Cooperate

Puzzle 2 Answers

Country to which the Galapagos Islands belong: Ecuador

Cut-out design for application of makeup or paint: Stencil

Force someone to go without something: Deprive

Gymnastic performer, sometimes seen on tightropes: Acrobat

Having the ability to float: Buoyant

Kitchen appliance for browning bread slices: Toaster

Largest planet, with rings around it: Jupiter

Less intricate, easier: Simpler

One who teaches others to exercise for fitness: Trainer

Open-mouthed cooling system of dogs: Panting

Passenger capsule attached to a motorbike: Sidecar

Preserving food in tins or jars: Canning

Professional horse riders: Jockeys

Protective wall around a roof or balcony: Parapet

Thin twisting plant stem or a coil of hair: Tendril

Wall-mounted bowls in male public toilets: Urinals

Puzzle 3 Answers

A place for robins and sparrows to wash: Bird bath

A special magnetic charm or appeal: Charisma

Camera fitting for in-focus close-ups: Zoom lens

Difficulties, hindrances: Problems

Films that feature cowboys and gunslingers: Westerns

Graveyard, burial land: Cemetery

Group school assignments: Projects

Humorous person who likes pranking: Jokester

Outdoor slipper made of soft leather: Moccasin

Perfect place for jotting down ideas and reminders: Notebook

Publicist, person who raises awareness: Promoter

Reduction in price to attract consumers: Discount

Shameful situations that bring bad publicity: Scandals

Someone who switches sides in battle: Defector

Traitor, double-crosser: Turncoat

Trance-like state: Hypnosis

Upper part of the arm where a bag can hang from: Shoulder

Puzzle 4 Answers

Birthstone for January: Garnet

Bunny animal whose paw is considered lucky: Rabbit

Captain Jack or Blackbeard, for example: Pirate

Container for liquids; ship: Vessel

Fire-breathing creature slain by St. George: Dragon

Flat, wooden packing crate: Pallet

Hand to arm joints: Wrists

Liquid or powder of lethal proportions: Poison

Make something more modern: Update

Non-stick coating for cooking utensils: Teflon

Obsess on something, be engrossed: Fixate

One who sword-fights for sport: Fencer

Oscillating chair, good for a baby’s room: Rocker

Puzzling joke or conundrum: Riddle

Ran off to get married: Eloped

Replica, sample copy: Mock up

SOS distress call: May day

Serves a purpose; effective: Useful

Small, stoat-like animal; sneaky person: Weasel

Suit maker: Tailor

Theatrical performers: Actors

Thin metal or wooden stick used in grilling foods: Skewer

__ or later; eventually, in the end: Sooner

Puzzle 5 Answers

1995 film took Pixar to “infinity and beyond”: Toy story

Bound reading assignment for the classroom: Textbook

Chinese tile matching game: Mahjongg

Diplomatic delegate: Emissary

Kids, little ones: Children

Measurement from edge to edge across a circle: Diameter

Metal fencing outside schools maybe: Railings

Moving through water by using your arms and legs: Swimming

Not crooked, in a perfect line: Straight

Notification so you don’t forget an appointment: Reminder

Opposite of negative: Positive

Providing food for events, parties, ceremonies: Catering

Severe, throbbing headache: Migraine

Single protracted sound, voice or note: Monotone

Symbolic representation used in dance or chess: Notation

The premise or trajectory of a novel: Plot line

Velociraptor is a quick and clever one: Dinosaur

Wet and slimy, hard to get a grip of: Slippery

Wicker cradle: Bassinet

Young, not fully mature: Juvenile

Group 675

Puzzle 1 Answers

An item of clothing you put on first: Underwear

Christmas peppermint stick: Candy cane

Container in which votes are posted at an election: Ballot box

Essential for opening wine bottles: Corkscrew

Final demand or proposal: Ultimatum

Ill-advised, unwise, mistaken: Misguided

Join in with a song: Sing along

Open space in a railway terminal, for example: Concourse

People native to Cairo or Alexandria, for example: Egyptians

Playing a guitar by moving fingers over strings: Strumming

Quickly swiping finger through text on a screen: Scrolling

Resuming a role; anagram of springier: Reprising

Reunite, resolve, patch up, end differences: Reconcile

Rusting: Corroding

Snow or rockslides down a mountain: Avalanche

Stunned reaction to news that is felt widely: Shockwave

Teaching: Schooling

They make up half the casualties of war: Civilians

Witness or an onlooker: Bystander

__ at Tiffany’s, movie with Audrey Hepburn: Breakfast

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aerial tramway or mountain ski lift: Cable car

Competition between two teams pulling a rope: Tug of war

Former, from before: Previous

Increases size: Enlarges

Mathematical expression with two terms: Binomial

Places to catch flights from: Airports

Precision, correctness: Accuracy

Rebel, someone who has changed allegiance: Renegade

Superman’s love interest: Lois lane

Supply a crop with water: Irrigate

Tags your reading place, saves sites on browsers: Bookmark

Theatrical shows with singing actors: Musicals

Type of curry traditionally cooked in a clay oven: Tandoori

Puzzle 3 Answers

An iguana, monitor or gecko: Lizard

Ban the rude parts of a movie: Censor

Cirque du __ was founded by a street performer: Soleil

Covert, hidden: Secret

Destruction, breakage: Damage

Fabric or paint sample: Swatch

Fan sites devoted to posting discussions: Forums

First name of Thank U, Next singer: Ariana

Flour mix for coating fried fish: Batter

Gaps between working: Breaks

Hotel worker, responsible for carrying luggage: Porter

Lady in a fairy tale, often in distress: Damsel

Mercury is one in our Solar System: Planet

Norse fiends turned to stone in daylight: Trolls

Prevailing and passing style of clothes/fashions: Trends

Robin was this superhero’s longtime companion: Batman

Run quickly for a short distance: Sprint

Scant; in short supply: Scarce

Soft plush material, similar to velvet: Velour

Strong-smelling, spiky Asian fruit: Durian

Witches fly on these: Brooms

Puzzle 4 Answers

A person who checks the accuracy of accounts: Auditor

A tiger has many: Stripes

Alpinist, one who goes up rock faces: Climber

Applauded: Clapped

Catchy tunes used in TV advertising: Jingles

Character assassination, defamation: Slander

Custom-designed women’s high fashion: Couture

Expedition, travel: Journey

Fun Easter activity for kids: Egg hunt

Grinning: Smiling

Not very deep: Shallow

Organ that gurgles when it’s hungry: Stomach

Succeed financially, thrive, flourish: Prosper

The Time __, H G Wells’ book of 1895: Machine

They speak louder than words: Actions

Thinly sliced raw fish: Sashimi

Ugly building, place; visually upsetting: Eyesore

Units for measuring temperature: Degrees

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cocktail named after one of the boroughs of NYC: Manhattan

Community of organisms and their environment: Ecosystem

Customers, patrons: Clientele

Erase, wipe out: Eliminate

Farm tool used to move hay: Pitchfork

Fund used to cover minor costs or expenses: Petty cash

Halitosis: Bad breath

Mark Twain’s tale of young boy in Mississippi: Tom sawyer

Pay somebody back for a purchase they made for you: Reimburse

Sleuth, private investigator: Detective

Tag game where players shoot each other with dyes: Paintball

The Beatles sang about living in a yellow one: Submarine

Very small pieces of dust or some other matter: Particles

Wisdom, information, erudition: Knowledge

Group 676

Puzzle 1 Answers

Abundance, surfeit: Plethora

Avid reader: Bookworm

Blackening, singeing, scorching: Charring

Comic book protagonist who lacks courage or morals: Antihero

Complete lunar sphere, seen once every 30 days: Full moon

First public performance: Premiere

Flip of a penny at the start of a sports match: Coin toss

Giant reptile native to the Galápagos Islands: Tortoise

Images or photos: Pictures

Insertion point for car keys: Ignition

Misapprehension, false impression: Delusion

Negative consequences due to your own wrongdoings: Bad karma

Newly enlisted army soldiers: Recruits

Non-electric guitar: Acoustic

Not wearing socks or shoes: Barefoot

Prepaid payment method for a specific store: Gift card

Rooms that store meat at very low temperatures: Freezers

Sea separating the Italian and Balkan Peninsulas: Adriatic

Sirens of the sea: Mermaids

Something __, something blue, at weddings for luck: Borrowed

Strength or force gained by motion: Momentum

To boost the battery of a device by plugging it in: Recharge

Verbal disagreement, quarrel: Argument

What dogs use their nose for: Sniffing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Add name to an email list; receive regularly: Subscribe

Adhesive in a cylindrical tube: Glue stick

Describes damaged tresses that require trimming: Split ends

Estimation of an antique piece’s value: Appraisal

Extremely fierce and terrifying: Ferocious

Going to or being present at an event: Attending

Island where Peter Pan lives: Neverland

Mesh, keeps acrobats from falling to the ground: Safety net

Raining lightly: Drizzling

Segments of the spinal column: Vertebrae

Soldiers stationed closest to area of conflict: Front line

Squatting down in an attempt to hide: Crouching

Sweet treat made from cocoa beans and sugar: Chocolate

Very significant or of great value: Important

__ die hard; it’s tough to change your ways: Old habits

Puzzle 3 Answers

Come back: Return

Gas used to help balloons float: Helium

Glass vessel with a stopper, for storing drinks: Bottle

Go into hiding, keep under the radar: Lie low

Leave: Depart

Paper or plastic tubes for sipping a drink through: Straws

People who make purchases, customers: Buyers

Planting seeds: Sowing

Protective head cover for cyclists: Helmet

Small coins you may win in a video game: Tokens

Split, partition: Divide

Street procession with floats and bands: Parade

Style of electronic dance music: Techno

Your sibling’s son: Nephew

__ Rain, Prince film that featured Let’s Go Crazy: Purple

Puzzle 4 Answers

A dolphin’s fin: Flipper

Artistic paper-folding: Origami

Blockade, obstruction: Barrier

Buildings for plane storage: Hangars

Crumpled, like clothes taken from a suitcase: Creased

Half a dozen cans/bottles; tight abdominal muscles: Six pack

Las Vegas wedding venues: Chapels

Loaning a property or vehicle for a period of time: Leasing

Mozilla created this online browser: Firefox

Oscar-awarded epic film about a sinking ship: Titanic

Rectangular shaped hatchet used to cut meat: Cleaver

Roads for planes to take off and land: Runways

Roll-up surface for comfort when exercising: Yoga mat

Skin sore containing fluid caused by friction: Blister

Stop something from happening, block: Prevent

Puzzle 5 Answers

A piece of clothing worn by astronauts: Spacesuit

A practice run before a performance: Rehearsal

Climbing plant that causes an itchy rash: Poison ivy

Dangerous or poisonous: Hazardous

Doughy balls added to stews: Dumplings

Dutch capital with extensive canal network: Amsterdam

Easily irritated, tetchy: Impatient

Exercises done to lengthen muscles after workout: Stretches

Found in a lamp, has a filament: Light bulb

Glossy promotional magazines with holiday details: Brochures

Gwen Stefani solo hit, __ Girl: Hollaback

Henry Mancini’s tune from Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Moon river

Medical group, could be A, B, AB or O: Blood type

Offensive word or expression: Obscenity

Place where you live; dwelling place: Residence

Pony-like fishes: Seahorses

Publication of a story told through drawings: Comic book

Roll call to assess number of attendees: Headcount

Singing, dancing ape in Disney’s The Jungle Book: King louie

Spend the winter asleep, wake in time for spring: Hibernate

Strengthened, reinforced: Fortified

Group 677

Puzzle 1 Answers

Domingo, Carreras and Pavarotti were the Three __: Tenors

Hand-held portable touchscreen computer: Tablet

Iconic Swiss clock emblem sought by tourists: Cuckoo

Injuries that break the skin: Wounds

Large monkey, with a distinctive rear: Baboon

Made a snake noise: Hissed

Moral principles: Ethics

Motivated to succeed: Driven

People with badges & vehicles with flashing lights: Police

Small or tiny: Little

This is added to injury to make a situation worse: Insult

Venue for traditional circus acts: Big top

Waste cast aside in the street: Litter

Wooden croquet or polo hammer: Mallet

Puzzle 2 Answers

Author of To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper lee

Digestive organ comes in small, large sizes: Intestine

Flippant remark, witty comment: Wisecrack

Frightened, horrified, petrified: Terrified

Green citrus cocktail ingredient: Lime juice

He or she saves people from drowning at the pool: Lifeguard

Indicator to halt on the road: Stop light

Ink that is impossible to erase: Indelible

Landline or cellular: Telephone

Make guesses about the outcome of something: Speculate

Nemo is this “entertaining” type of swimmer: Clownfish

One of 78 in a deck used for fortune-telling: Tarot card

Person who lives near Broadway or Times Square: New yorker

Snow White nemesis who spoke to her mirror: Evil queen

Song by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber: Despacito

Taken off the guest list of a party: Uninvited

Tiny pieces of something, like dust: Particles

Urgency, dangerous crisis: Emergency

Use it to wash your clothes: Detergent

Walking casually: Strolling

Wish you were here photo notes sent in the mail: Postcards

Puzzle 3 Answers

A written collection of punch lines: Jokebook

A young waterbird with webbed feet: Duckling

Aromatic herb with needle-like leaves used to cook: Rosemary

Attacked from a concealed place: Ambushed

Branch of medical science concerning tumors: Oncology

Edible fungus with stem and domed cap: Mushroom

Emporium for buying travel souvenirs: Gift shop

Expecting a baby: Pregnant

Juvenile, not fully developed: Immature

Laptop component with letters and numbers: Keyboard

Made bigger: Enlarged

Mutual cooperation among employees: Teamwork

Popular conifer used for Christmas decoration: Pine tree

Promotional giveaway: Free gift

Spears that athletes throw: Javelins

Structure or edifice: Building

Trans-__ Railway runs from Moscow to Vladivostok: Siberian

What a precipitation gauge measures: Rainfall

Women’s stiff, shaping undergarments: Corsetry

You can turn this if you don’t want to see: Blind eye

Puzzle 4 Answers

A picture made up from various other media: Collage

Bed bases often contain these to absorb shock: Springs

Compliment, praise, say nice things: Flatter

Curse of a malevolent or envious gaze: Evil eye

Dishonest, immoral, fraudulent: Corrupt

Dress up that copies an entity: Costume

Fanged count who wears a cape: Dracula

Fruit resembling a peach but much smaller: Apricot

Gather up: Collect

Hair and make-up expert: Stylist

Jeans have five of these, usually: Pockets

Line that separates the sky from the earth: Horizon

Low land areas between mountains: Valleys

Part of a fireplace that needs to be swept: Chimney

Particular features: Aspects

Portable baby chair for safe travel in vehicles: Car seat

Suitcases, luggage: Baggage

Unwell on a flight: Airsick

Young animal sired by the king of the jungle: Lion cub

__ call; actors on stage at end of a play: Curtain

Puzzle 5 Answers

A crash or smash between motor vehicles: Collision

Computer tool that measures document length: Word count

Customary, established action or practice: Tradition

Declaration to stop fighting in a war: Ceasefire

Fly using air currents and wearing a parachute: Paraglide

Giving in, caving in, yielding: Relenting

Hoax phone chat made as a practical joke: Prank call

It carries noises to the ears in oscillations: Sound wave

Person born under the sign of the crab: Cancerian

Person or animal in a book, movie or play: Character

Protecting from attack: Defending

Safe place, haven, wildlife refuge: Sanctuary

Someone to share secrets with: Confidant

Street felines: Stray cats

The one who directs an orchestra: Conductor

Time off work from work when you’re unwell: Sick leave

Vessel for drinking fermented grapes: Wine glass

Group 678

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal: Aperitif

Capital of the United Arab Emirates: Abu dhabi

Cures, medical treatments: Remedies

Extreme enthusiasts, sports supporters: Fanatics

Flying __, a legendary ghost ship: Dutchman

Heating tube or panel found in a house: Radiator

Irregular, deviant: Abnormal

Lie outside in summer to soak up the rays: Sunbathe

Lies, fibs: Untruths

Makeup for your mouth that comes in many shades: Lipstick

Nineties online messaging platform term: Chat room

Places where apples are grown: Orchards

Two words to express gratitude: Thank you

__ Park, sci-fi film about a dinosaur park: Jurassic

Puzzle 2 Answers

A barrier the runners must jump: Hurtle

Artwork made from colored glass or stone pieces: Mosaic

Describes large dollops of ice cream from a tub: Scoops

Interruption or pause: Hiatus

Leave, abandon, remove oneself from a place: Vacate

Legal clause or provision in a contract: Caveat

Put money into a business: Invest

Rectangular slabs of wood for flooring: Planks

Regal hats: Crowns

Ripple through body when scared or chilled: Shiver

Shimmery Christmas garland: Tinsel

Shouted like a lion: Roared

Snaps, stops working: Breaks

Subtract: Deduct

Swimwear known for two pieces tied with strings: Bikini

They hold rain: Clouds

Very smart type of person: Genius

Violin played by a nursery rhyme cat: Fiddle

Winnie-the-Pooh’s tiny quiet friend: Piglet

__ beetle, or dung beetle, iconic Egyptian symbol: Scarab

__ skelter; tall, spiral slide: Helter

Puzzle 3 Answers

I __, TV sitcom starring Lucille Ball: Love lucy

Identify an exact location on a map: Pinpoint

Petroleum jelly and skin hydration brand: Vaseline

Place where secret deals are made: Backroom

Poker, canasta, bridge: Card game

Portuguese navigator, who named the Pacific Ocean: Magellan

Rapturously happy, idyllic, delightful: Blissful

Rio’s yearly dance celebration: Carnival

Side silhouettes: Profiles

Small booklet containing pictures and information: Brochure

They’re the main ingredient in guacamole: Avocados

Tough toil to achieve a goal: Hard work

Turtles, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, etc.: Reptiles

Unexpected shower of heavy rain: Downpour

Up and down, not horizontal: Vertical

Wedges to stop novels from falling off a shelf: Bookends

Winner: Champion

__ Beauty is a 1959 Walt Disney film: Sleeping

Puzzle 4 Answers

Admiration, high regard or esteem: Respect

Astonished, taken aback: Shocked

Finishing __; final, perfecting details: Touches

In Harry Potter, an object containing a soul: Horcrux

Jumps on suddenly, in a feline manner: Pounces

Leisurely boat trips: Cruises

Lips that are dry and cracked: Chapped

Permanent, felt-tipped pens: Markers

Resumed, restarted: Renewed

Rock band known for You Give Love a Bad Name: Bon jovi

Slow destruction of coast by ocean tides: Erosion

Squares sewn into clothes that hold your keys: Pockets

Talk in a quiet voice, so as not to be overheard: Whisper

To jump from a plane: Skydive

Using DNA to replicate or copy a living creature: Cloning

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bar used as a brace to extend an artist’s canvas: Stretcher

Collections of paper, including bills, letters: Documents

Create or falsify evidence: Fabricate

Crime committed with help from someone in the know: Inside job

Differs, goes against, diverges, opposes: Disagrees

Disinfect, sanitize, purify: Sterilize

Disney’s 1928 Mickey Mouse animation, __ Willie: Steamboat

Easily annoyed, impatient: Irritable

Equestrian footwear: Horseshoe

Impression in snow from a boot or shoe: Footprint

Kissing: Smooching

Long luxury car used to transport VIPs: Limousine

Massive exploding star: Supernova

Maze of tunnels: Labyrinth

Metal fixing device for fabrics. Not dangerous!: Safety pin

Optical instrument for viewing stars and planets: Telescope

People who make up a company and drive it forward: Workforce

Putting nails into a wall: Hammering

Record of events, told in a story-like way: Narrative

Salt and pepper, for example: Seasoning

To make up on the spot, e.g. in acting or comedy: Improvise

Twitching in anticipation of pain: Flinching

Wooden instruments played by flamenco dancers: Castanets

Worn at festivals to allow admittance: Wristband

Yummy, very tasty: Delicious

Group 679

Puzzle 1 Answers

Blimp, zeppelin: Airship

City at the end of the Yellow Brick Road: Emerald

Coldhearted; also thickened, hardened skin: Callous

Fusing pieces of steel together by melting them: Welding

Group of four people playing music together: Quartet

Inflated sphere: Balloon

Michelangelo’s chapel in the Vatican: Sistine

Moving side to side like a dog’s tail: Wagging

Rough, rude and ill-mannered: Uncouth

Securing with key: Locking

Separated into parts or pieces: Divided

Stupendous, awesome: Amazing

To bounce a basketball across the court: Dribble

__ of the Opera, play with masked protagonist: Phantom

Puzzle 2 Answers

A period of three months: Trimester

An expert in karate wears this: Black belt

An expert in martial arts wears this: Black belt

Animal with a pouch such as a kangaroo: Marsupial

Country where the Tasmanian devil is found: Australia

Denying access to group: Excluding

Hand crinkle used in fortune telling and emotions: Heart line

Make this short to get to the point: Long story

Medications to aid constipation: Laxatives

Not the ending: Beginning

Performance of a song or play: Rendition

Pimples: Blemishes

Popular coffee chain with green mermaid logo: Starbucks

Prolonged or lengthened deadline: Extension

Pyrotechnic explosions in the night sky: Fireworks

Set of questions answered in order to land a job: Interview

Sideways orientation of a photograph: Landscape

Top part of trousers, with elastic: Waistband

Vacation property with multiple owners: Timeshare

Very tired: Exhausted

What Sally sells by the seashore: Sea shells

Word used to describe a noun: Adjective

Puzzle 3 Answers

Chase a person: Pursue

Comedians, pranksters: Jokers

Female that gives birth to or adopts a child: Mother

Find three of these on a fork: Prongs

Frozen oceanic hazard: Sea ice

Horizontal studio poles for ballet rehearsals: Barres

Humans need it to breathe: Oxygen

Prison officer: Warden

Pungent vegetable made up of cloves and bulbs: Garlic

Remind an actor of lines: Prompt

Scuffle, small fight: Tussle

Soft, warm material used for lining winter coats: Fleece

This little shepherdess lost her sheep: Bo peep

Truck with an open bed and a tailgate: Pickup

Vinyl phonograph music disc: Record

Puzzle 4 Answers

10 to 0, the final ten seconds before New Year: Countdown

Accountability, legal responsibility: Liability

Bright flowers associated with Day of the Dead: Marigolds

Common school subject, study of earth and people: Geography

Falling prices: Deflation

Knowledgeable, wise about computers: Tech savvy

Practical, realistic, reasonable: Pragmatic

Quilled mammal, third largest rodent: Porcupine

Removing stopper from wine bottle: Uncorking

Schedule of train departures and destinations: Timetable

Skin blemish such as a port wine stain: Birthmark

Worked out at the gym: Exercised

__ Time of Arrival; ETA: Estimated

__ in Seattle, Ryan and Hanks play lovers: Sleepless

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anna __, novel by Tolstoy: Karenina

Bacteria or virus that causes disease: Pathogen

Coating food with crumbs, flour or seasoning: Breading

Correct off-key vocals with technology: Autotune

Dipping into, tinkering with: Dabbling

Feeling sad for others going through a hard time: Sympathy

Final vacation taken ahead of a new arrival: Babymoon

Infrared shooting game: Laser tag

Lagging behind: Trailing

Notorious San Francisco Bay’s prison: Alcatraz

On the end of the feet; can be varnished: Toenails

Once in a __, very rarely: Blue moon

Sent to a war zone: Deployed

Side-to-side-dog command: Roll over

Soft part of bed you lie on to sleep: Mattress

Someone who never dies: Immortal

System whereby customers do the work of cashiers: Self scan

They allow hotel guests to enter their rooms: Key cards

This TV family was led by Tony, a mob boss: Sopranos

Three-sided polygon: Triangle

Time of day when roads are busy: Rush hour

To perform a controlled explosion: Detonate

Yellow flower seen at Easter time: Daffodil

Group 680

Puzzle 1 Answers

Affect or impact: Influence

Big, snappy reptile that’s not a croc: Alligator

Egyptian queen, lover of Caesar and Antony: Cleopatra

Expression of unhappiness often committed to paper: Complaint

Fairy versions of this old woman appear in tales: Godmother

Fast vessel on water: Speedboat

Film starring Russell Crowe as a Roman fighter: Gladiator

Greasy pigments brushed onto a canvas: Oil paints

Hospital bacteria that have developed resistance: Superbugs

Intentionally misleading, for fraudulent purposes: Deceitful

Marvelous: Wonderful

Nickname for fiery Mars: Red planet

Out of control flames in forested countryside: Wildfires

Pasta mixed with eggs, cheese, bacon: Carbonara

Safety instruction to a rollercoaster rider: Hold tight

School or office cafeteria where food is served: Lunchroom

Someone who writes regular newspaper articles: Columnist

Taping or videoing something: Recording

__ hunt, challenge to find objects on a list: Scavenger

Puzzle 2 Answers

A pumpkin became one in Cinderella: Carriage

Belief system, faith: Religion

Blue, black, red and yellow marking on the skin: Bruising

Christmas season house-to-house singing: Caroling

Dead end, road with only one way in and out: Cul de sac

Female property owner who rents to tenants: Landlady

Good-value purchases: Bargains

Home for a goldfish or koi carp: Fish pond

Looked for or explored: Searched

Machines for making hard copies: Printers

Marine creature with showy, spiky, venomous fins: Lionfish

Metal finger protectors when sewing: Thimbles

Outstretched slapping greeting with palms: High five

Quality of giving off light or rays: Radiance

Reaching a destination: Arriving

Refined, shiny: Polished

Slingshot weapon for launching stones: Catapult

Snack made with granola, dried fruits and nuts: Trail mix

Solitary, secluded: Isolated

Titanic star Leonardo __: Dicaprio

You’ve probably been told not to crack these: Knuckles

__ mirror; reflects what’s traveling behind you: Rear view

Puzzle 3 Answers

A clock or a watch: Time piece

A slope for boarders to do tricks: Skate ramp

A white vitrified translucent ceramic; china: Porcelain

Awkward dive that hits the water abdomen-first: Belly flop

Citizens who give money to the government annually: Taxpayers

Containers to keep footwear safe: Shoeboxes

Custodian, guardian, janitor; sitter, nurse: Caretaker

Evening party for wedding guests: Reception

Firm, unwavering, resolute: Steadfast

Insect found in unsanitary kitchens: Cockroach

Invented by the Chinese, used in munitions: Gunpowder

Mark left by a spilled Bordeaux: Wine stain

Mrs __; Robin Williams cross-dressing comedy film: Doubtfire

No longer useful or needed: Redundant

Playground clapping game: Patty cake

Point where the sea reaches the beach: Shoreline

Purified: Distilled

Ship that transported Pilgrims to Plymouth Colony: Mayflower

Signal to evacuate a building: Fire alarm

The edges of a town: Outskirts

The long name for the flu: Influenza

Those in a crowd who are not the leaders: Followers

Uncovering: Revealing

Very frightened: Terrified

__ dummies, car safety guinea pigs: Crash test

__ fruit, the apple in the Garden of Eden: Forbidden

Puzzle 4 Answers

Billy Joel’s girl or Bruno Mars’ Funk: Uptown

Botanicals found in a tank e.g. anubias, Java fern: Plants

Go back to a previous state: Revert

Greasy substance for styling hair: Pomade

Kitchen ingredients such as cumin and nutmeg: Spices

Not a round-trip flight: One way

Not a solid and not a gas: Liquid

Passage in the neck for breathing and swallowing: Throat

Pouted and behaved grumpily: Sulked

Rodent used in scientific research: Lab rat

Second largest continent: Africa

Stereotype, overused phrase, expression: Cliche

Tower part of a house or castle: Turret

__ Park, Boston’s baseball stadium: Fenway

__ Sense, political pamphlet by Thomas Paine: Common

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Mary played by Emily Blunt: Poppins

Be still my __ heart: Beating

Butter often accompanies this heated kernel: Popcorn

Container for storing chisels, screwdrivers, etc: Toolbox

Earn something, e.g. praise: Deserve

Joining together, combining: Uniting

Piers from which divers can enter the sea: Jetties

Places to build sand castles and sit in the sun: Beaches

Popular 90s video game, “Go” version was 2016 craze: Pokemon

Sharp, unbearable pain: Searing

Study of life: Biology

Updated Disney movie of Rapunzel’s story: Tangled

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