CodyCross Fauna and Flora Answers

Fauna and Flora Answers

Group 161

Puzzle 1 Answers

German sports brand known for three stripes.: Adidas

Spider __, known for spider-like behavior.: Monkey

Pictures.: Images

__ Richie, sang Hello decades before Adele.: Lionel

Latin phrase meaning “in place”.: In situ

Tiny African nation nearly landlocked by Senegal.: Gambia

Political campaign to unite Greece and Cyprus.: Enosis

Chinua __, Nigerian novelist.: Achebe

It is the same as blog.: Weblog

At the end of, not keeping up.: Behind

Taxi __, movie with Robert De Niro.: Driver

The Big Bang __, TV comedy show about nerds.: Theory

Home to architecture masterpiece Petra.: Jordan

Cosmic order, teaching of the Buddha.: Dharma

Link between Europe and Asia.: Turkey

Kitchen knife that swings back and forth.: Rocker

To plan an elaborate action, usually in secret.: Scheme

Thin dough used in Middle Eastern pastries.: Phyllo

Puzzle 2 Answers

Violent spinning storm.: Tornado

Comic captain fought “Civil War” against Iron Man.: America

Human-like robot.: Android

Roasted flatbread with fillings from Russia.: Qistibi

Typical height, rate, degree, nothing special.: Average

Eastern European cabbage and beet soup.: Borscht

The art of shooting with a bow and arrow.: Archery

Spots add to his/her beauty.: Leopard

The __ flag fish has red and yellow stripes.: Spanish

Capital of Costa Rica.: San jose

Portable locks often used with chain link.: Pad lock

A cat in gloves __ no mice.: Catches

To make something unusable, not work correctly.: Disable

Alice in Wonderland, Looking Glass, Lewis __.: Carroll

Killed with his wife for lying to St. Peter.: Ananias

To have confidence in the truth.: Believe

Someone guilty of a crime and in prison.: Convict

Examining a corpse to determine cause of death.: Autopsy

The More the __, rich man sublets apt in comedy.: Merrier

Ceremony for someone who has died.: Funeral

Puzzle 3 Answers

Lightweight, small shoes which are easily slipped on.: Slippers

Highly respected teacher in Buddhism.: Rinpoche

Doors singer who died young and is buried in Paris.: Morrison

Beautiful woman; consciousness-stealing punch.: Knockout

Animals walking very close to the ground.: Reptiles

City located in both European and Asian continents.: Istanbul

Japanese craft of packaging.: Tsutsumu

Also known as pomelo.: Shaddock

Strikingly different; opposite of compare.: Contrast

The act of propelling a boat using a paddle.: Paddling

Sardine, or __, small, oily fish, live in schools.: Pilchard

A captain of __ manages or owns a large company.: Industry

Storage space for food and dishes.: Cupboard

Place where military units eat.: Messhall

Puzzle 4 Answers

If you like bees, you would study this.: Apiology

Russian president in 2015, __ Putin.: Vladimir

Kim __, star of Hard Country, 8 Mile.: Basinger

A quick and casual photograph.: Snapshot

Ancient Art of War is the first real-time __ game.: Strategy

Something to preserve the memory of a person.: Memorial

Large electric cooking pot used to cook slowly.: Crock pot

Study of gravitation.: Barology

Czech __, home to Prague and Bohemia.: Republic

Name of the leader in the Indian Empire.: Maharaja

Trebek-led question game show.: Jeopardy

Favorite kid’s pet, often meets demise in toilet.: Goldfish

American-Chinese dish typically served with rice.: Chop suey

Life form individual.: Organism

Burt __, Smokey and the Bandit actor.: Reynolds

Puzzle 5 Answers

Leguminous tree in the Fabaceae family.: Tamarind

__ acid, more commonly known as vitamin C.: Ascorbic

Apples and __.: Cinnamon

The Black __, 1985 dark fantasy Disney film.: Cauldron

Eastern European river ends up in Black Sea.: Dniester

Feeds gas from fuel tank to injection system.: Fuel pump

A large frog that makes a loud, deep sound.: Bullfrog

Motion before criminal case.: Pretrial

Emperor of France defeated by Wellington.: Napoleon

Science of animal behavior.: Ethology

Pell-mell.: Headlong

Body language, study of gestural communication.: Kinesics

Far flung weapon from Ancient Greece.: Catapult

Group 162

Puzzle 1 Answers

Change something so it fits, adapts, conforms.: Adjust

To cook the fat out of something.: Render

St Rose __, patron saint of the Americas.: Of lima

Norma Jeane Baker, aka Marilyn __.: Monroe

Copper smelting cultures belonged to this age.: Bronze

A __ degree burn causes blisters.: Second

Drum shaped like a tapered cylinder from Nigeria.: Ashiko

__ art, art in public places, can be graffiti.: Street

Room for parking cars, usually attached to a house.: Garage

Apple’s app, online music store.: Itunes

Tiny fish used by fishermen as bait.: Minnow

Woody in Toy Story, hero of the Wild West.: Cowboy

Obi-Wan Kenobi gives the lightsaber of __ to Luke.: Anakin

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Burton, actor and ex-husband of Liz Taylor.: Richard

Maya __, Black poetress and civil rights activist.: Angelou

Clothing commonly used in farms.: Overall

Chessmaster is a video game that __ chess.: Teaches

Cezanne painted Rideau, __ et Compotier.: Cruchon

Tiger Sharks are large and have dark __.: Stripes

Titanfall is the first FPS by __ and EA.: Respawn

Homer’s father in The Simpsons.: Abraham

People who give opinions on everything.: Critics

Persian cotton candy.: Pashmak

__ Finch, a Gregory Peck character.: Atticus

The Little __ main character: Ariel.: Mermaid

Large bird that runs very fast but can’t fly.: Ostrich

Puzzle 3 Answers

Violent effort to change country’s leadership.: Uprising

Princess Leia home planet that was blown away.: Alderaan

Pre Lenten Shrove Tuesday doughnut.: Fasnacht

Bag shaped like paper casing of a letter.: Envelope

“All __” means a sudden, unforeseen stop.: Standing

Common species of whale found around the world.: Humpback

South America’s largest city.: Sao paulo

Weather prediction made by meteorologists.: Forecast

__ zone of sea water, from 0 to 1200 feet.: Euphotic

A type of cabbage that has a large, round stem.: Kohlrabi

Malted milkball candy comes in paper carton.: Whoppers

Plastic made partially by milk protein.: Galalith

Bigeye Trevally are found in all __ waters.: Tropical

Illusion master, Las Vegas strip.: Magician

Paddling in a canoe-like boat, sitting or standing.: Kayaking

Puzzle 4 Answers

Soldier trained in armed combat to serve a king.: Knight

Bone __ is soft tissue inside bones.: Marrow

Bart named his pet elephant this in The Simpsons.: Stampy

For some he was the one who invented the plane.: Dumont

Small almond cake in Oceania.: Friand

Starts at Lake Rweru, joins the Nile.: Kagera

Rain before seven, fine by __, goes the proverb.: Eleven

Act of helping someone.: Assist

Large bodies of water.: Oceans

Star of Wizards of Waverly Place, __ Gomez.: Selena

Keanu __ starred in The Matrix.: Reeves

The __ Land, 1948 documentary of Antarctica.: Secret

Australian __ dogs were bred for herding cows.: Cattle

Traditional female Japanese performer.: Geisha

1984 game where you fight disembodied souls.: Ghosts

Christopher’s loveable friend, honey aficionado.: Winnie

Puzzle 5 Answers

Austrian captain portrayed in the Schindler’s List.: Amon goeth

Type of paper with non stick coating for baking.: Parchment

Candy __, addictive, sweet mobile game.: Crush saga

Jack __, American actor and a basketball fan.: Nicholson

Half-espresso, half-milk Italian coffee.: Antoccino

__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins.: Reptilian

Sailors feared harming this “legendary” bird.: Albatross

Saving Private Ryan (1998) director.: Spielberg

The outermost part of the Earth’s atmosphere.: Exosphere

The Devil is a __ evil entity.: Religious

Protagonist of My Fair Lady.: Doolittle

The earth is hit by __ 100 times a second.: Lightning

Mark Hamill plays Luke __ in the Star Wars films.: Skywalker

Group 163

Puzzle 1 Answers

“The Holy City” in Shinto.: Ise mie

Atlantic wing-__is a bivalve mollusc.: Oyster

Boardwalk __ starring Steve Buscemi.: Empire

You can purchase these on a Kindle.: Ebooks

In Harry Potter, Voldemort’s last name.: Riddle

Smelting of brownish metal 5000 BC in Serbia.: Copper

Put under the hatches.: Stowed

Table designed for eating meals.: Dining

Don’t stand underneath this pointed frozen water.: Icicle

Cold __, when you suddenly stop doing something.: Turkey

Carbolic acid, synthesizes plastics.: Phenol

Part of East China Sea, near Korean Peninsula.: Yellow

__ no. 5, world-famous French pérfume.: Chanel

Egyptian goddess of sky, sun and sexuality.: Hathor

Mechanical or physical malfunction.: Glitch

Woman with flaxen hair.: Blonde

__ Sports Stadium, located in Islamabad.: Jinnah

Remove weaponry or win over.: Disarm

Puzzle 2 Answers

To leave someone and never return.: Abandon

Zoe __, actress, Daughter of Lenny.: Kravitz

Wayne role in True Grit, __ Cogburn.: Rooster

Individual cake treat, doesn’t go bad for a while.: Twinkie

Any person out there.: Anybody

Dead Calm, The __, and Titanic actor, Billy Zane.: Phantom

Learned master in Sanskrit, Buddhism.: Pandita

Fish in N. Atlantic ocean; black lateral line.: Haddock

__ Point, time of no more resistance.: Tipping

Death __ Her, Streep, Willis, Hawn black comedy.: Becomes

A is a young woman in the Lady __ duo.: Killers

Pygmalion sculpted and fell in love with __.: Galatea

Cafe __ at Night, painting by Van Gogh.: Terrace

African monkey virtually thumbless.: Colobus

American __, credit card with gladiator.: Express

Ancient burial ground in Egypt.: Saqqara

The __ effect, based on a return to life.: Lazarus

Historic NYC hotel and a city landmark.: Chelsea

Puzzle 3 Answers

To bring into existence or to produce.: Generate

French for goodbye.: Au revoir

Logical fallacy, refuting unrelated argument.: Straw man

__ cone is a predatory sea snail.: Princely

God of the sea in Greek Mythology.: Poseidon

Study of sight.: Optology

Galaxian, a game of __ alien ships on the screen.: Shooting

__ zone is the shore around a body of water.: Littoral

Female country star with TV sitcom.: Mcentire

__ is known as the purebred long-haired Siamese.: Balinese

In the weakest link of the chain you can find it.: Strength

Suppress, keep back.: Withhold

__ Swift, invented the female name, Vanessa.: Jonathan

Short real story, can be unreliable.: Anecdote

Puzzle 4 Answers

A frog is not a reptile, but an __.: Amphibian

Like it sounds, the study of doses.: Dosiology

Defender, guard.: Protector

Compulsive urge to buy things.: Oniomania

Film studio complex in Rome founded by Mussolini.: Cinecitta

Cannot be described in words.: Ineffable

Comparative study of primitive peoples.: Agriology

Sponge cake with egg whites and no butter.: Angel food

Marine, transparent and with stinging tentacles.: Jellyfish

Swedish PM assassinated in 1986.: Olof palme

__ Applegate, actress in Married With Children.: Christina

Medical doctor.: Physician

Puzzle 5 Answers

Legally taken and raised by other parents.: Adopted

A person who collects and delivers mail.: Postman

Nighttime footwear, often large and fuzzy.: Slipper

High-strung, on edge.: Uptight

NBA Live 16 features OKC __ player on cover.: Thunder

This game machine comes with flippers, metal ball.: Pinball

Document of purchase with items, costs.: Invoice

Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways.: Asphalt

South American river aka Rio Itenez in Bolivia.: Guapore

__ Page, single web page when you click.: Landing

Doctor usually refers to a __ doctor, MD, PhD.: Medical

1976 black comedy, satire of US television.: Network

Sport of catching fish with rod and reels.: Fishing

Mollusc with two hinged shells, soft body.: Bivalve

Reticulated sea biscuits are also called Sand __.: Dollars

Extreme sport of kayaking and surfing.: Waveski

Butch __, notorious bank robber in the Old West.: Cassidy

Group 164

Puzzle 1 Answers

Judd __, pioneer of bromantic comedy.: Apatow

Rotating circles.: Wheels

Punctuation mark, joins words.: Hyphen

Tracy __ , her show introduced The Simpsons.: Ullman

French cocktail of pastis, strawberry syrup.: Rourou

The Night of the __, Tennessee Williams’ play.: Iguana

Cartoon about a group of elementary school kids.: Recess

Lacking the ability to do something.: Unable

Domestic feline bred to look like a jungle cat.: Bengal

Blackway and Bourne film series star, Julia __.: Stiles

Murdered, assassinated.: Killed

Entryway.: Access

Christian Bale plays __ in The Dark Knight movies.: Batman

Round shape.: Circle

__ fish have long, thin bodies, long jaws.: Needle

__ writing, open semantic; writing with no words.: Asemic

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __ Race: a world racing competition.: Amazing

Great __: Persistent anticyclonic storm on Jupiter.: Red spot

One who is skilled in the secrets of anything.: Adeptly

Red-bellied __ has large teeth.: Piranha

Add creme de menthe to make this duo cocktail.: Stinger

Moon of Saturn that has no craters.: Methone

A __ shared is a __ halved.: Problem

Student who quits high school before graduation.: Drop out

P&G’s top shampoo and conditioner line.: Pantene

When two people are to be married.: Engaged

Vicar __, principal deputy of bishop.: General

__ craft. Boat designed for amphibious battles.: Landing

To force someone to follow a law, rule, etc.: Enforce

__ Kors, designer with a billion dollar brand.: Michael

Period of being a boy, as a child.: Boyhood

__ Lagoon, Disney’s giant Florida waterpark.: Typhoon

Soft lower part of the ear that hangs down.: Earlobe

Camels have three __ to protect from sand.: Eyelids

Collection of weapons and ammunition.: Arsenal

To interrupt the quiet, rest, peace, or order of.: Disturb

Puzzle 3 Answers

John __, starred in Gentleman’s Agreement.: Garfield

Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City.: Brooklyn

Capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon.: St pierre

Lady and __, 1955 romantic Disney film.: The tramp

Just below the emperor, Austrian title.: Archduke

Modern __ cement was invented in 1845.: Portland

A physical desire, especially for food.: Appetite

The first programmable __ was built in 1938.: Computer

A heavy-duty tape has high levels of __.: Adhesion

French delicacy meaning edible snail.: Escargot

Cross-country skiing plus target shooting.: Biathlon

1933 film about a captured giant ape.: King kong

Amber like resin with little succinic acid.: Gedanite

Prince William is the son of __ Diana.: Princess

Roman emperor whose wall encircled the city.: Aurelian

Commander William Riker plays this in Star Trek.: Trombone

Conversion, deep change.: Metanoia

Tzadikim __, 36 righteous people.: Nistarim

On site journalist.: Reporter

Comet is a smaller __ with a forked tail.: Goldfish

Animal with long nose known for eating ants.: Anteater

Way to listen to music between LP records and CDs.: Cassette

Puzzle 4 Answers

Daughter language of Dutch, spoken in South Africa.: Afrikaans

A collection of an artist’s work.: Portfolio

Psychics study the way stars influence people.: Astrology

Found mostly between Mars and Jupiter.: Asteroids

Usually sweetened, milk with no water.: Condensed

Redhead primate, found in Asia.: Orangutan

British city famed by its port and music.: Liverpool

Director who doesn’t shy away from bloodshed.: Tarantino

__ pie, berry pie requires no pitting.: Blueberry

They can speak Basque and Catalan besides Spanish.: Spaniards

German Shepherd, beloved TV canine.: Rin tin tin

Compressed charcoal used for barbeques.: Briquette

Played cross-dressing Corporal Maxwell Klinger.: Jamie farr

Figure designed to frighten birds or spirits.: Scarecrow

Russian instrument, triangle with guitar neck.: Balalaika

In Poland, a language spoken by an ethnic group.: Kashubian

Puzzle 5 Answers

California __ domestic cats look like a leopard.: Spangled

Lightest element, makes up water with oxygen.: Hydrogen

Bartels’ __ have a dancing mating ritual.: Dragonet

Real life Arabian inspiration to a film T.E. __.: Lawrence

Infectious disease also known by Variola.: Smallpox

Talk __ to the dozen, at great length.: Nineteen

System of ideas used to justify behaviour.: Ideology

GridIron Master combines chess with __.: Football

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands.: Offshore

French pastry cream sometimes mixed with fruit.: Chiboust

A formal agreement between two or more nations.: Alliance

Hackman is lost in space in 1969 NASA movie.: Marooned

Scotch whisky liqueur.: Drambuie

These kind of hours fly fast.: Pleasant

__, Inc takes place in fictional Monstropolis.: Monsters

Scene It? is a DVD __ game by Screenlife.: Question

Group 165

Puzzle 1 Answers

This bell of the ball, Pan’s pixie dust friend.: Tinker

Euthanasia is intentionally __ a life, death.: Ending

Upmarket Swiss ski resort with luxury Palace hotel.: Gstaad

German name for WWII prisoner of war camps.: Stalag

Joan __, harsh comedian, plastic surgery addict.: Rivers

Black seadevil are __ fish with horrid appearance.: Angler

Thing or event that is symbolic of a group.: Iconic

Natural sweetener that comes from plant leaves.: Stevia

Paper showing someone paid a fare or price.: Ticket

Folding table for tube watching.: Tv tray

Greek god of upper atmosphere and light.: Aether

Aesop’s __ had The Ant and Grasshopper.: Fables

Means both to separate and hold together.: Cleave

__ Eager, ruthless gambler, fake taxi driver.: Johnny

Holy men of various Hindu sects, devotee.: Bhagat

Cave __, water jumping extreme sport.: Diving

Philip H. __, cofounder of Nike.: Knight

Tubular, foam piece used in pools and lakes.: Noodle

RTF: Rich Text __.: Format

Puzzle 2 Answers

Phoenicians invented this type of ship in 700s BC.: Warship

Capital of Andorra, __ la Vella.: Andorra

Chantilly-__ cats are known as the Foreign Longhair.: Tiffany

Oscar winner movie that tells the story of Mozart.: Amadeus

To save something from danger, fire, water.: Salvage

Glass __, discovered in 1st century in Lebanon.: Blowing

Palace of the Moorish kings in Seville, Spain.: Alcazar

A __ youth has a wolf in his belly.: Growing

Instrument for drawing circles and arcs.: Compass

__ Diaz plays Fiona in Shrek 2.: Cameron

The __ Bears is based on the Disney attraction.: Country

Jada __ Smith, Matrix and Madagascar actress.: Pinkett

__ Little is a 2005 animated sci-fi Disney film.: Chicken

Middle ages chemistry to make gold.: Alchemy

Doctors do this to patients.: Examine

Red-lipped __ use fins to walk on the ocean floor.: Batfish

In Saving __ Ryan, Hanks searches for Damon.: Private

Hell hath no fury like a woman __.: Scorned

French __, most popular ice cream flavor.: Vanilla

Puzzle 3 Answers

The way you think or feel about something.: Attitude

Arthropod that fixes itself to boats and rocks.: Barnacle

Costs incurred by a company like energy, labor.: Expenses

Telephone mode to use when up in the air.: Airplane

Teacher, professor.: Educator

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea.: Headland

Hopping bugs, eaten by some, pet for others.: Crickets

Grey __: his influence is underhand.: Eminence

Candy bar, oh yeah, our galaxy as well.: Milky way

Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal.: Asphyxia

Long-running science fiction TV series and movies.: Star trek

Separated from other persons or things.: Isolated

Puzzle 4 Answers

UAE’s second-largest airline, also a flag carrier.: Etihad

Shining, light, radiating, also a clever person.: Bright

Modern pentathlon includes this shooting event.: Pistol

Tarantula is a type of this.: Spider

Nabokov’s jailbait.: Lolita

UFO: Unidentified Flying __.: Object

Video games are __ across different platforms.: Played

Something in the main part.: Mainly

Star-shaped flowers that are also missiles.: Asters

Italian herbal liqueur, translation meaning witch.: Strega

__ Cricket is Disney’s conscience.: Jiminy

Something done, performed, movements.: Action

Puzzle 5 Answers

The strongest tendon in the body.: Achilles

DC’s Legends of __, TV series about superheroes.: Tomorrow

English Christian denomination.: Anglican

Public park in Manhattan built on an old railway.: High line

__ powerboat racing, ocean sport.: Offshore

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern.: Template

Indo-European language spoken in this Asian country.: Armenian

I __, TV sitcom starring Lucille Ball.: Love lucy

Blue eyes in humans are this DNA alternation.: Mutation

Braided, sweet, egg enriched European bread.: Tsoureki

__ Night Fever, it has Travolta dancing.: Saturday

Forms northern part of the Aegean Sea.: Thracian

Part of land that provides a beautiful view below.: Overlook

__ clam flashes like a disco ball.: Electric

Make sure you get the big piece of this bone.: Wishbone

Group 166

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dwarf leopard of Central and South America.: Ocelot

Large metal or wooden piece carried for protection.: Shield

__ the Line of Duty, 42 movie narrated by Reagan.: Beyond

Aardwolf is a crime lord on Madripoor __.: Island

Violent, hostile, forceful act against another.: Attack

__ shaping corrects small problems in teeth.: Enamel

The evening meal, typically an informal one.: Supper

Opposite of weak.: Strong

Flat bottomed container in a lab.: Beaker

Bacteria are __-celled microorganisms.: Single

Japanese-named grid game of logical numbers.: Sudoku

Insect with pincher believed to burrow in ears.: Earwig

Huge Spanish fleet to attack England.: Armada

Magician of the Arthurian legend.: Merlin

666 Park __, TV show about a haunted building.: Avenue

__ of the Jedi has the first Ewoks in Star Wars.: Return

Heavy __, a serious player; boxer who hits hard.: Hitter

Puzzle 2 Answers

Beach in Rio de Janeiro known for a certain girl.: Ipanema

Girl with a Pearl __, Vermeer oil painting.: Earring

__ Finch, character from To Kill a Mockingbird.: Atticus

Surgeon’s cutting tool.: Scalpel

Pre-10th-century Japanese straight sword.: Chokuto

Old German language written in Hebrew characters..: Yiddish

Old World woodpecker.: Wryneck

Internal parts, organs, entrails, slang word.: Innards

Force that holds us down on Earth.: Gravity

Greek goddess of agriculture.: Demeter

__ to plan is planning to fail.: Failing

Shooting a bow and arrow at a target.: Archery

Narrow opening made by parts separating.: Fissure

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ City has been hit by the most tornadoes.: Oklahoma

Denise __, ex-wife of Charlie Sheen.: Richards

African horned, hopping “deer”.: Antelope

Countdown device related to boiling and cooking.: Egg timer

Small sacs of tissue next to the tonsils.: Adenoids

Pigeons may nest there.: Dovecote

A French dish made from beaten eggs fried in a pan.: Omelette

To remove troops from a combat area.: Evacuate

Japanese company that brought us Mario and Luigi.: Nintendo

A Summer Olympic sport.: Swimming

These are raced in Nova Scotia’s bizarre regatta.: Pumpkins

A __ house is like a hotel, you pay for a room.: Boarding

Medium-green chili pepper, eaten on spicy foods.: Jalapeno

The one who is the fastest.: Quickest

Cowboy in charge of livestock.: Wrangler

Puzzle 4 Answers

First commercial computer with GUI.: Apple lisa

Antioxidant berry; sauce served at Thanksgiving.: Cranberry

__ Sling, Asian cocktail, originally gin sling.: Singapore

Kevin Laffan’s long-running British soap opera.: Emmerdale

Ramallah is the administrative center of __.: Palestine

Related to the science of equipment design.: Ergonomic

Study of fables and tales.: Mythology

Anagram of cart horse.: Orchestra

Chinese Communist Party founder and chairman.: Mao zedong

Frank Capra’s uplifting film, It’s a __ Life.: Wonderful

Listlessness.: Lassitude

Dried nuts are in this famous Christmas cake.: Fruitcake

Thigh muscle, common sporting muscle pull.: Hamstring

Klimt painted __ Frieze.: Beethoven

The __ sloth is one of the slowest mammals.: Threetoed

French philosopher, mathematician.: Descartes

Puzzle 5 Answers

Antiquated term for keeper of horses.: Ostler

Cone-shaped candy found in Ukraine.: Strela

He devised the concept of conditioned reflex.: Pavlov

Siberian river flows into the Bering Sea.: Anadyr

Turn attention to something else.: Advert

Builder of “the happiest place on earth”.: Disney

Egyptian goddess of lower cataracts of the Nile.: Anuket

__ & Mather, US important advertising and PR agency.: Ogilvy

List of cases set for court on a set day.: Docket

__ Rubble was Fred Flintstone’s best bud.: Barney

Jump __, was House of Pain’s 90s party anthem.: Around

Novelist played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman.: Capote

Group 167

Puzzle 1 Answers

To soak up liquid, sponge or towel.: Absorb

Competitor who enters a game to cheat.: Ringer

__ Planet, world’s largest travel guide.: Lonely

Aka polar wool, insulating synthetic fabric.: Fleece

Formerly in Prussia, gained independence after WWI.: Poland

Common pet lizard with a long tail.: Iguana

Scooping constellation, can be big or small.: Dipper

Canine loves snacks as much as his scruffy friend.: Scooby

Allies, in their native American language.: Dakota

They make socks or stockings posher.: Clocks

Bible book describes settlement of Canaan.: Judges

Russia annexed this Ukranian peninsula in 2014.: Crimea

Spanish version of a soap opera.: Novela

Known by the Egyptians as the city of Waset.: Thebes

A large public procession of a festive nature.: Parade

In conclusion.: Lastly

Japanese religion with multiple gods, shrines.: Shinto

Violent encounter between military forces.: Battle

Road Runner chaser often seen falling off cliffs.: Coyote

Puzzle 2 Answers

Famous for unintentional (or not) word plays.: Spooner

__ One, credit card; “What’s In Your Wallet”?.: Capital

Any of the instruments used in a kitchen.: Utensil

Home __, the final part of something.: Stretch

Streaming site, originally mail order DVD service.: Netflix

Present-day version of prince charming.: Mr right

Tube used to breathe underwater.: Snorkel

Try again if at first you don’t __.: Succeed

Dead Man __, Sean Penn is on death row.: Walking

Physical or online place to receive correspondence.: Mailbox

This South African neighbor also had apartheid.: Namibia

__ Leap, 80s time travel science fiction TV show.: Quantum

Solar __ are covered with toxic mucus.: Boxfish

Object in a 2:3 orbital resonance with Neptune.: Plutino

Small oily fish, packed in cans.: Anchovy

This browser’s logo is a panda, not a fox.: Firefox

Person’s real name, not pseudonym.: Autonym

Fish live in schools in Pacific and Atlantic.: Herring

Precursor to paper, invented in Egypt in 3000 BC.: Papyrus

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mountains between the Black and Caspian seas.: Caucasus

In custody before trial.: On remand

Wrote The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner.: Sillitoe

An __ in Paris, Gershwin’s musical 1951 film.: American

Something related to the sea or ships.: Maritime

Skyscrapers would be impractical without this device.: Elevator

This iron ore has been used for thousands of years.: Limonite

Jewish dessert of knotted pastries, honey.: Teiglach

__ tuna is also known as the white tuna.: Dogtooth

At __ pace = very slowly.: Tortoise

Aquatic animal, 5 arms, regrows body parts.: Starfish

Ancient military piece that throws objects.: Catapult

Three sides, three angles, acute and obtuse.: Triangle

Sweet topping found on cakes and cupcakes.: Frosting

Arthur’s best knight in the Round Table.: Lancelot

Puzzle 4 Answers

The jazz-age flapper cartoon character.: Betty boop

Cake known for its ringlike shape.: Bundt cake

Neolithic stone settlement in Scotland.: Skara brae

Small amounts of water from the sky.: Raindrops

Highest executive officer in a republic.: President

Type of coding used to create links.: Hypertext

Collecting of bank notes and cheques.: Notaphily

Common place for teachers in a school or college.: Staffroom

Are greedy of mulberry leaves.: Silkworms

Animal blamed for everything.: Scape goat

The highest German military honor.: Iron cross

Marge hides __ money in her hair, The Simpsons.: Christmas

A novel by Chuck Palahniuk turned into a film.: Fightclub

Don Johnson crime drama based in Florida.: Miami vice

Sweet board game with gumdrops and brittle.: Candy land

David Lynch cult TV series.: Twin peaks

Valencian spring festival with burning effigies.: Las fallas

Patron of accountants and bankers.: St matthew

HR: Human __.: Resources

Puzzle 5 Answers

Elastic fabric that “expands”.: Spandex

Mary __, penned Frankenstein at age 19.: Shelley

Socially awkward 1958 French comedy.: My uncle

The white of an egg.: Albumen

Person who is acknowledged.: Honoree

Region where gravity effect is zero.: Agravic

To tell customs you are traveling with something.: Declare

One horned, mythical horse.: Unicorn

__ Packard aka HP, former computer company.: Hewlett

Padded, upholstered bench, Asian empire.: Ottoman

Canine type, expert game finders and retrievers.: Birddog

Area using this unit of land measurement.: Acreage

Bird with a proverbial stomach.: Ostrich

The __ Cookie, Lemmon, Matthau first movie.: Fortune

To assassinate, to murder in cold blood.: Execute

Place for longterm storage for meats, ice cream.: Freezer

Group 168

Puzzle 1 Answers

Item that you can physically see and touch.: Object

Muscle in the mouth, contains taste buds.: Tongue

Building holding those who break the law.: Prison

The __, book by Bernhard Schlink. Later a movie..: Reader

Village of the __, unemotional kids, horror flick.: Damned

__ of the Apes, Heston is astronaut who crashes.: Planet

Undergo pain, distress, loss, grief, injury.: Suffer

Evil spirits in Arab mythology linked to graveyards.: Ghouls

__ & white didemnum are sea squirts.: Purple

400 quarter pounders can be made from __.: One cow

Ordained, Christian clergyman with authority.: Bishop

Cooked sausage, usually served on a bun.: Hot dog

Puzzle 2 Answers

Derogatory term for an intellectual person.: Egghead

“Can You Hear Me Now?” phone company.: Verizon

Clothing worn by members of an organization.: Uniform

Girl Talk is a 1988 game for __ girls.: Teenage

Cutout of a shape or design used multiple times.: Stencil

__ up, don’t take things so seriously.: Lighten

Nordic country.: Iceland

Avatar is a 2009 James __ film.: Cameron

Aerial act where the performer hangs by the teeth.: Iron jaw

The process in which energy is emitted as waves.: Radiant

Widely known type of bear known for its temper.: Grizzly

Actor played Cruise’s long-lost autistic brother.: Hoffman

Multicolored cookie.: Rainbow

Officially announce or proclaim something.: Declare

Angels’ boss on Fawcett’s detective show.: Charlie

Type of zoo designed for young children.: Petting

Hard, “fragile” candy usually made with peanuts.: Brittle

One made is a debt unpaid.: Promise

Final __, science fiction role playing game.: Fantasy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cartilaginous fish related to sharks.: Stingray

Ammit, Egyptian goddess who __ souls.: Devoured

Folded pamphlet used by companies to market.: Brochure

Study of mosses and liverworts.: Bryology

A unit of power equal to one million watts.: Megawatt

A keyboard symbol, like a star.: Asterisk

Pirates of the Caribbean: On __ Tides (2011).: Stranger

The assasination of __ Ferdinand started WWI.: Archduke

A partner in everything, superheroes have one.: Sidekick

Clouding of eye that reduces vision.: Cataract

Author of Madam Bovary.: Flaubert

Short legged Japanese table, no chairs used.: Chabudai

__ 1st of May, massive North Korean stadium.: Rungrado

A nanny is hired to care for __ in the family home.: Children

__ diving, digging through garbage bins.: Dumpster

Milk produced by a “bearded” animal.: Goat milk

__ Islands, source of Argentine, English contempt.: Falkland

What lends enchantment to the view.: Distance

Puzzle 4 Answers

Purple coneflower drunk as tea to ward off colds.: Echinacea

Alan Turing’s codebreaking park.: Bletchley

Glyph added to a letter.: Diacritic

French writer of the naturalistic school.: Emile zola

Netflix show about a blind Marvel superhero.: Daredevil

Patron of Milan and opponent of Arianism.: St ambrose

To lose body liquid.: Dehydrate

Someone who attends a lot of social events.: Socialite

Ancient Asian printing invented in Han Dynasty.: Woodblock

Bees are found on every __ but Antarctica.: Continent

__ ideas, typical of old fogeys.: Hidebound

__ Lerche, German pastry used to use lark.: Leipziger

Digestive organ comes in small, large sizes.: Intestine

Snow White nemesis who hated her mirror, the __.: Evil queen

Era marked end of Stone Age, beginning of farming.: Neolithic

Seattle’s Canadian neighbor.: Vancouver

Proper name for the Little Bear constellation.: Ursa minor

Puzzle 5 Answers

Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.: Simpsons

The ones who never win.: Cheaters

Small body in inner Solar System.: Asteroid

Rock band that stood up against Ticketmaster.: Pearl jam

Jewish expression for congratulations.: Mazel tov

Fish able to puff itself up to look large.: Blowfish

Eye condition that can cause loss of vision.: Glaucoma

Hindu religious offering, sweet, sugar ball.: Tarasari

Song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956.: Hound dog

Another name for baseball.: Hardball

Sea __ is a squishy, sausage-shaped animal.: Cucumber

Led __, sued in 2016 for copyright infringement.: Zeppelin

Wrote Gulliver’s Travels, __ Swift.: Jonathan

Heat exchanger cools the engine of a car.: Radiator

Main support pole for the main tent in circus.: King pole

Works with elephants in a circus.: Bullhand

In a circus, the area behind the big top.: Back yard

Capital of Sudan.: Khartoum

Sulfosalt delisted as mineral in 2006.: Bursaite

Group 169

Puzzle 1 Answers

Typically white herons with cascading feathers.: Egrets

Flat woolen caps with stalks worn by the French.: Berets

Genetic predisposition to certain traits.: Anlage

Species from planet Earth in the Solar System.: Humans

The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso.: Assasi

Small drinking device for hot beverage.: Teacup

__ nut, popular cookie also called a snap.: Ginger

Nasty word spelled backwards in The Shining.: Redrum

A gang leader or a lighting electrician.: Gaffer

Not yet taken.: Vacant

Able __; naval rating.: Seaman

Auto __, cars speeding after each other.: Racing

Person plays a sport of balls with holes and pins.: Bowler

The __ cat is known for its hairless skin.: Sphynx

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ hope all ye who enter here, Dante said of Hell.: Abandon

The lightest of all metals.: Lithium

Telling a computer to do something.: Command

To lift up, raise to a higher place.: Elevate

Scenes shot for movies, tv shows, etc.: Footage

Sprightly.: Agilely

A long passionate kiss.: Liplock

Oldest living former French president, 1970s.: Estaing

To set upon or work against forcefully.: Attacks

Emilio __, Charlie Sheen’s brother.: Estevez

Biliary system is the gall__, bile ducts, and bile.: Bladder

A detailed report.: Rundown

Blood thirsty, parasitic insects in mattresses.: Bed bugs

Skin condition when you are in the sun too long.: Sunburn

Has a hard shell and white milky juice.: Coconut

Walter __, won an Oscar for The Fortune Cookie.: Matthau

Trade __, difference between imports and exports.: Balance

Breakfast, snack food including rolled oats.: Granola

Berry-bearing plant from cypress family.: Juniper

Nationality of the author Leo Tolstoy.: Russian

All Quiet on the __ Front, won an Oscar in 1931.: Western

Fit for kneeling on.: Hassock

Puzzle 3 Answers

Judicial __, post conviction decision.: Sentence

To inform; cause to know.: Acquaint

Jack __, main character in S. King’s The Shining.: Torrance

Let __ dogs lie.: Sleeping

Pre cell, phone allowed callers to walk around.: Cordless

Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC.: Egyptian

The bed or channel in which a river flows.: Riverbed

Commune of medieval Tuscany.: Scansano

The language with most native speakers.: Mandarin

Pokemon that evolves into Mega Alakazam.: Alakazam

Kept something for yourself dishonestly.: Pocketed

Hispid __ are bright yellow with a white lure.: Frogfish

Iranian bowed string instrument.: Kamancha

__ the house is giving away free tickets in circus.: Papering

Halloumi cheese Cypriot dessert.: Hellimli

__ tables have intricately carved edges.: Pie crust

Natural form of sugar that is found in fruits, honey.: Dextrose

Reduction on taxable income.: Write off

Owns or manages a lodging establishment.: Hotelier

Accounts for the even speed of a machine.: Flywheel

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pogo is a possum and Albert an __.: Alligator

Grape, wine with long history in central Italy.: Lambrusco

Ocean inhabitant related to marlins.: Swordfish

A person who trains lions.: Liontamer

Public Display of __, also known as PDA.: Affection

Ground force unit with two or more companies.: Battalion

__ Zeta-Jones, actress of Chicago.: Catherine

Farmhouse, barn and other buildings.: Homestead

Armed forces of Nazi Germany.: Wehrmacht

Separates solids from oil in an engine.: Oil filter

Surname of a man who made a list that saved people.: Schindler

Only living members of the genus Struthio.: Ostriches

Type of hay baler invented in 1936.: Automatic

Person who sells or gathers fares on public transport.: Conductor

Low quality counterfeit.: Brummagem

Puzzle 5 Answers

Giuseppe __, led Italy to two world cup victories.: Meazza

To turn something upside down.: Invert

Space __, David Bowie song.: Oddity

Cruise is airman who loses friend Goose.: Top gun

Middle ear bone also called the stirrup.: Stapes

Family name of Pakistanis Zulfikar and Benazir.: Bhutto

Green, wormlike dessert from SE Asia.: Cendol

Large, divided leaves.: Fronds

Caravaggio painted Supper at __.: Emmaus

Map line of atmospheric pressure.: Isobar

“Take me to your __,” say archetypal aliens.: Leader

Narrow blade knife used for removing bones.: Boning

Joan __ wrote The Year of Magical Thinking.: Didion

Former currency of Spain.: Peseta

How to Train Your Dragon 2 has the mother of __.: Hiccup

Three __ Pigs, kid’s classic, 1933 Disney film.: Little

Small leaf-shaped knife used by Filipino Muslims.: Barong

Tim __ directed Alice In Wonderland in 2010.: Burton

Prehistoric standing stone mostly in Celtic lands.: Menhir

Seat car named after a city in Castile-La Mancha.: Toledo

Lisa __ played Phoebe in Friends.: Kudrow

Sherlock __: The Devil’s Daughter released 2016.: Holmes

With Fawcett, Brit developer of polyethene.: Gibson

Group 170

Puzzle 1 Answers

Kid’s __ Awards, Nickelodeon juvenile event.: Choice

To remove a program or file from a computer.: Delete

Bright bird, usually yellow or orange with black.: Oriole

Someone who revises written or recorded works.: Editor

__ is a game of assault and defense.: Asalto

Based on water discharge, largest river in world.: Amazon

Italian grilled sandwich, uncommon spelling.: Panino

__-flap scorpionfish has a reddish-purple color.: Paddle

Emergency allergy device, its cost rose in 2016.: Epipen

Harpies are __ monsters with bird forms.: Female

Machu __, ancient Peruvian settlement.: Picchu

Country located in two different continents.: Turkey

Japanese honorific title used in martial arts.: Sensei

Puzzle 2 Answers

Charles __, major commanding the Nagasaki bombing.: Sweeney

Now, __, 1942 film inspired by Whitman poem.: Voyager

French for good day.: Bonjour

Glands in the body that produce different hormones.: Adrenal

Flowering part of a plant, when open.: Blossom

Whales and dolphins are __.: Mammals

Atari’s game Centipede makes players kill __.: Insects

Decorated, ornaments added to something.: Adorned

Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods.: Spatula

Every one hundred years a new one starts.: Century

Someone who sells items in the street.: Peddler

Fond of playing on words.: Punster

Visible part of an ant colony, sticks up above ground.: Anthill

Aromatic delicate herb related to parsley.: Chervil

The __, movie role gave Foster Best Actress Oscar.: Accused

Rotating machine invented in African Roman Empire.: Turbine

An island republic which used to belong to Denmark.: Iceland

Something odd or different.: Strange

Shoes designed for long distance sport.: Running

Ruth __ created Chief Inspector Wexford.: Rendell

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mega sci fi movie franchise began in 1977.: Star wars

Juno is the Roman goddess of __.: Marriage

Dangerous mineral once used in construction.: Asbestos

Home to Sikh golden temple in NW India.: Amritsar

Barbara __, best-selling author of love stories.: Cartland

Cole Porter musical and song, __ Goes.: Anything

Fictional character played by Bob Denver on TV.: Gilligan

Payment in feudalism for using the lord’s mill.: Banalite

Mysteries that remain without logical explanation.: Unsolved

__ Cricket Association Ground, largest in India.: Vidarbha

Tommy __, Will Smith’s Men In Black co-star.: Lee jones

__ type, printing press developed by Gutenberg.: Moveable

__ Up Baby, movie with K. Hepburn and C. Grant.: Bringing

Cooked, sliced meats aka lunch meat.: Cold cuts

Puzzle 4 Answers

Diagnosis of disease based on the iris of the eye.: Iridology

Substance kills the organisms that cause disease.: Germicide

Fork makes twirling this pasta easier.: Spaghetti

When a person is given a higher rank at work.: Promotion

Former New York Yankees baseball player.: Lou gehrig

City where Harry Potter was written in a cafe.: Edinburgh

Nickname of the middleweight boxer Rubin Carter.: Hurricane

Trip involving parents taking kids to be educated.: School run

Painted __ has large spines on dorsal fins.: Stingfish

Muff, bungle.: Mishandle

Lucky talisman, tossing game with “ringers”.: Horseshoe

X-ray of your blood vessels with dye.: Angiogram

Popular casino game, aka twenty one.: Blackjack

William the __, winner of Battle of Hastings, 1066.: Conqueror

A __ Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s comedy.: Midsummer

Device for making items look larger.: Magnifier

A holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.: Jerusalem

Opposition to an idea leading to violence.: Hostility

Ordained minister, member of the clergy.: Clergyman

Style of jeans with very skinny legs.: Drainpipe

Plant that encourages kissing at Christmas.: Mistletoe

Holly __, protagonist of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.: Golightly

Fair exchange is __.: No robbery

Kristin __, American actress from Oklahoma.: Chenoweth

Puzzle 5 Answers

Trained haltered animals in circus, not horses.: Lead stock

Discipline focuses on rain.: Ombrology

Another name for surgery.: Operation

He devised an invaluable table.: Mendeleev

Skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold.: Frostbite

Pachucos invariably wore these.: Zoot suits

Identical and __ twins.: Fraternal

This discipline centers around clouds.: Nephology

A person’s way of looking at something.: Viewpoint

Fruit cake from Milan, end of year festivities.: Panettone

Sea creature with angelic fins and movements.: Angelfish

Holden __, main character of an acclaimed novel.: Caulfield

Painting or drawing executed by means of small dots.: Stippling

Something that can be used over and over again.: Renewable

Group 171

Puzzle 1 Answers

Refrigerator predecessor; slabs of frozen water.: Icebox

To fall forward, tumble down, top heavy.: Topple

Rodolfo __, Brazilian painter.: Amoedo

Shape-altering single-celled parasite.: Amoeba

Called the fuzz as well.: Police

Having every part needed; complete, whole.: Entire

Character that goes through few changes.: Static

Wizard of Oz character had no heart.: Tin man

Pre-console videogame gathering place.: Arcade

Utensil used to remove skin from foods.: Peeler

Ascending, growing, advancing.: Rising

__ Women, famous novel, film in 1933, 1949.: Little

Bomb developed by the Allies in 1945.: Atomic

Large bird, raised on farms, cooked for dinners.: Turkey

Puzzle 2 Answers

Kristen __, star of the Twilight saga.: Stewart

Celery supposedly has negative __ content.: Calorie

Jean __, actress of Spartacus.: Simmons

Does not have gametes.: Agamous

Shabbat morning pastry found in Israel.: Jachnun

Male bird that displays the feathers like a fan.: Peacock

Acknowledge with definite assurance.: Confirm

A small fish.: Tiddler

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s home country.: Austria

Gone for good, extinct.: Defunct

Tom Clancy’s __ Six Siege released Dec 2015.: Rainbow

Reinvented how we hear the National Anthem.: Hendrix

Woman who inherits a large estate.: Heiress

A ban on trade with another nation.: Embargo

Puzzle 3 Answers

The capital of United Arab Emirates.: Abu dhabi

Beta, test version of a nearly __ product.: Finished

Science of pure being, the nature of things.: Ontology

Cocktail, looks like South American nation flag.: Colombia

Alleged biological warfare agent in early America.: Smallpox

Choplifter was on Atari, Sega, and __.: Nintendo

Saintlike Islamic teacher of West Africa.: Marabout

Known for PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX.: Elon musk

__ feather star has 31 to 120 feathery arms.: Bennetts

“Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords.: Leonardo

__ Bogart, American actor.: Humphrey

Saying hello to a person when you meet.: Greeting

Author of the novel One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.: Ken kesey

Oops! A mishap.: Accident

Gigantic, huge, a __ effort.: Colossal

Male of this marine species carries the unborn.: Seahorse

Figure of speech; symbolic, not literal.: Metaphor

Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas.: Caucasus

To strike with a sudden feeling, usually good.: Surprise

Battleship is a __ game for two people.: Guessing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sports and exercises requiring strength.: Athletics

Eternal.: Perpetual

Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip.: Grapevine

__ at Tiffany’s, Hepburn’s iconic movie.: Breakfast

Shark Tale starred Renée __ as Angie.: Zellweger

Guyana’s largest river located between two giants.: Essequibo

A comic book character in the Marvel universe.: Stonewall

__, international cast, 1966 racing movie.: Grand prix

X, Y and Z coordinates are all this.: Dimension

The King of Crete commanded the building of the __.: Labyrinth

Large seabird that is almost extinct.: Albatross

Tim Burton directed Pee-wee’s Big __.: Adventure

High school science course, substances.: Chemistry

Christian field, study of saints.: Hagiology

A Winter Olympic sport.: Ice hockey

To get another company to do part of the work.: Outsource

The __, won the Academy Awards in 1961.: Apartment

K on periodic table, bananas have a ton.: Potassium

Dog breed that shares name with a Mexican state.: Chihuahua

Popular US fruit juice brand.: Tropicana

TV show starring the adventurer Bear Grylls.: Man vs wild

Puzzle 5 Answers

Spiritual seeker, “one who practices”.: Abhyasi

Swamp boat, driven by caged airplane propeller.: Airboat

Suspected, supposed action, crime.: Alleged

Colorful, disc cookie with filled center.: Macaron

The act of making designs with acid or the like.: Etching

Sesame seed Filipino delicacy.: Belekoy

Elegant __ sea star has long thin legs.: Brittle

Container used to carry water, used by militaries.: Canteen

Rapid pulsation in the heart, vibration.: Flutter

The one the groom relies on to have his back.: Best man

Popular red pepper typically dried aka cow horn.: Cayenne

Desert and reward seldom keep __.: Company

Coati are __ in the raccoon family.: Mammals

Weapon you wouldn’t want in hot potato.: Grenade

Charlie Sheen’s real surname.: Estevez

The __ Queen, Hepburn missionary in colony.: African

A place where children stay while parents work.: Daycare

Group 172

Puzzle 1 Answers

First of these lights in 4th century Syria.: Street

__ Black, sci-fi drama about a woman and her clones.: Orphan

The sad donkey on Winnie the Pooh.: Eeyore

__ and Jeckle were cartoon magpies with accents.: Heckle

Type of farmhouse, common in alpine regions.: Chalet

South African jam.: Konfyt

To make a record of, systematic collecting.: Codify

A digit is usually a __ or toe.: Finger

Texas Ranger, martial artist, tough guy meme.: Norris

Popular Italian cheese similar to Parmesan.: Asiago

One engaged in a mutual obligation to a lord.: Vassal

High redshift sources of electromagnetic energy.: Quasar

John __, Monty Python co-founder.: Cleese

Witch means wise woman in this language.: Wiccan

Engaged in some type of action, busy.: Active

Largest feline in Americas, related to leopards.: Jaguar

After Motown, Detroit’s late 80s music genre.: Techno

Structures that perform a special task in the body.: Organs

Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail.: Bobcat

Puzzle 2 Answers

It makes the heart grow fonder.: Absence

One of the phases of the Moon.: New moon

The April ones bring forth May flowers.: Showers

Mechanical excavator found at construction sites.: Backhoe

When one thing partially covers another.: Overlap

Dig Dug’s hero wins by __ and killing monsters.: Digging

Cous Cous is the national dish of this country.: Morocco

Emerson Radio game console lasted just 18 months.: Arcadia

Found in milk and cheeses, helps bones grow.: Calcium

What makes the man, according to Shakespeare.: Clothes

Showing no emotion, enthusiasm, expression.: Deadpan

Bottom-dwelling fish in North Atlantic.: Haddock

Harry Potter and the __ Hallows has 2 parts.: Deathly

Largest planet in the Solar System.: Jupiter

Insect that digs in sand to wait for prey.: Antlion

A person with the inability to feel touch.: Anaptic

Capital of Vatican, __ City.: Vatican

__ quo: one thing for another in Latin.: Quid pro

John __ is Pacha in The Emperor’s New Groove.: Goodman

In mythology she is linked to a box.: Pandora

Puzzle 3 Answers

Very near the end.: Epilogue

Female with the body of a bird in Russian folklore.: Alkonost

Jesus’ childhood home, Arabic Israel capital.: Nazareth

Enrolled in the military.: Enlisted

Plato’s infamous underwater city.: Atlantis

Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface.: Membrane

Sweet, creamy mixture that is used to cover cakes.: Frosting

__ Park, blockbuster about dinosaur island.: Jurassic

__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes.: Imperial

Northern China sea aka Bo Sea.: Bohai sea

Literature on how to prepare food.: Cookbook

The old ones never die, just fade away.: Soldiers

Chinese dog breed, also known as Tang Quan.: Chow chow

Rigor after death, rigid stature.: Rigidity

Animated kid’s playthings, Woody, Buzz, Hamm.: Toy story

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ and Nesta, Italian soccer duo.: Cannavaro

A period of three years.: Triennium

Official name of study of mites.: Acarology

Ahoy is a cry to draw __ to something.: Attention

Celebration must-have items from 10thC China.: Fireworks

A person who comes from a Nordic island country.: Icelander

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel __.: Hawthorne

Bright orange fish with white stripes, Nemo.: Clownfish

Potassium nitrate.: Saltpetre

Giant horned ruminant made from straw in Sweden.: Gavle goat

Bright orange cheese used in Philly sandwiches.: Cheez whiz

Jamaican religion associated with long dreds.: Rastafari

Puzzle 5 Answers

Solvent molecules pass through a membrane by __.: Osmosis

With Pharisees in the New Testament, opposed Jesus.: Scribes

Deviate away from the main topic.: Digress

Upscale, fancy mineral water brand.: Perrier

Abominable __ is a SHIELD paranormal member.: Snowman

US city where the Gateway Arch can be found.: St louis

Self-respect in speech and conduct.: Dignity

Behind the second to last defender in soccer.: Offside

Chinese __ Rings, classic illusion trick.: Linking

Quito is the capital of.: Ecuador

British machine-gun used on the Western Front.: Vickers

Western European country; capital is Brussels.: Belgium

__ Hebdo, satirical magazine attacked in 2015.: Charlie

Alzheimer’s __, degenerative disease of the brain.: Disease

A rayon fabric that sounds thick.: Viscose

The __ Life of Henry VIII, post Boleyn beheading.: Private

Simpsons buff, beer spokesman.: Duffman

Eight-legged creatures, feared by many.: Spiders

Half-sized flute made in Italy.: Piccolo

New __, place where Lord of the Rings was shot.: Zealand

The smallest State in the world.: Vatican

Boat sport using the wind to traverse.: Sailing

Bringing something to an end, conclusion.: Closure

Use @ to reply or do this on Twitter.: Mention

Group 173

Puzzle 1 Answers

Someone who peddles something.: Seller

Futuristic movie populated by blue beings.: Avatar

__ Stern, radio show host.: Howard

Boldly display or parade yourself.: Flaunt

Largest country in the world.: Russia

Phlegmatic.: Stolid

Hungry Hungry __, marble-eating mammals.: Hippos

__ Christi “Body of Christ”, Christian festival.: Corpus

Wound, hurt, damage to your body.: Injury

Pearl __, event that forced the US to enter the WWII.: Harbor

The Little __, 1948 Tom, Jerry Oscar winner.: Orphan

Wild cats with tufted ears.: Lynxes

__ guard: low seat for overflow audience in circus.: Cattle

__ Can Wait, Warren Beatty 1978 comedy.: Heaven

Enclosed freight car on a train.: Boxcar

Silky sharks have very __ skin.: Smooth

Luke Skywalker’s mentor’s surname.: Kenobi

Self-centeredness.: Egoism

A college __ is empty during the summer.: Campus

__ Gally, galley ship captured by Samuel Bellamy.: Whydah

Puzzle 2 Answers

Several rivers flowing from Tibetan province.: Tsangpo

The absence of noise.: Silence

Tall four-sided pillar which ends in a pyramidion.: Obelisk

Jane __, actress of Dr. Quinn.: Seymour

A sort of lucky dip.: Bran tub

FOMO: Fear Of __ Out.: Missing

The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head.: Mastiff

Ship featured in The Goonies.: Inferno

Closely __ Trains, Czech movie about train worker.: Watched

Main variety of yachting, regatta.: Sailing

Travellers belongings.: Luggage

Fatty, tasty British cheese.: Cheddar

Banded scat is silver and black __.: Striped

Puzzle 3 Answers

Embroidery technique, allows fabric to be stretched.: Smocking

Southern flirt falls in love with simple man.: Coquette

Information __, too much data, confusing.: Overload

White ants.: Termites

__ Dream, film about Hormel Foods strike.: American

Flirtatious glance.: Oeillade

The __, woman in insane asylum in 1948 movie.: Snake pit

Held to the bottom of the sea.: At anchor

Barred __ has black bars on its tail.: Flagtail

Building in a funfair made to startle or amuse.: Funhouse

Vehicles used for racing in Tatooine in Star Wars.: Podracer

Italian fried cheese sandwich with mozzarella.: Carrozza

Group of seeds in a cluster from a coniferous tree.: Pine cone

Unit of capacity for spirits (63 gallons).: Hogshead

Greek god of dreams.: Morpheus

Language spoken in the French Polynesia.: Tahitian

__ Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan.: Harrison

These lines will never cross.: Parallel

A device to replace missing teeth.: Dentures

The Old __ = Virginia’s nickname.: Dominion

Native American river boat, outdoor activity.: Canoeing

Highly awarded Judy Garland offspring.: Minnelli

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chain bridge and medicinal baths in Budapest.: Szechenyi

Main antagonist in the Harry Potter series.: Voldemort

Military must, the study of weapons.: Hoplology

__ hogfish has a yellow rear with a black stripe.: Blackbelt

Bird, usually grey with yellow head, popular pet.: Cockatiel

They live where the pyramids were built.: Egyptians

The Bridge on the __, prison camp in Burma.: River kwai

Box-shaped instrument, half piano, half bellows.: Accordion

These Christians see the Pope as their leader.: Catholics

Cocktail with many variations, creme de cacao.: Alexander

Bad word.: Expletive

Edna, teacher on The Simpsons.: Krabappel

Scientist, created a principle on fluid behavior.: Bernoulli

Crowdsourced encyclopedia.: Wikipedia

Fast warship armed with smaller guns.: Destroyer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Single-celled __, amoeba, causes bowel issues.: Organism

Dover is the capital of this American state.: Delaware

Irish religious female associated with Kildare.: St brigid

US government has 3 of these to balance power.: Branches

Pallet lifting warehouse vehicle.: Forklift

Oldest known language spoken by the pharaohs.: Egyptian

The __ Show on Earth, Heston as circus manager.: Greatest

This entity sells directly to consumers.: Retailer

__, or Seed Shrimp, is a tiny crustacean in oceans.: Ostracod

Italian dish made with braised veal shanks.: Ossobuco

Matthias __, Austrian, Mozart of Football.: Sindelar

To sell too many tickets for a flight.: Overbook

Arctic rodents purported to commit suicide.: Lemmings

Pedro Alvarez __, Cuban artist.: Castello

2009’s Race to Witch __ is a remake of 1975 film.: Mountain

Dragonslayer is a 1981 Paramount __ & Disney film.: Pictures

A novel written by Charles Bukowski.: Factotum

A silly one gets a silly answer.: Question

Complete and total, __ faith in someone.: Absolute

Italian semi hard cheese similar to Muenster.: Raschera

Greatest dog sled race in the world.: Iditarod

Computer key to make life easier.: Shortcut

Cannibal who assisted the police in murder cases.: Hannibal

Group 174

Puzzle 1 Answers

Giant __ snake is the largest of its species.: Garter

Painting on wet plaster.: Fresco

To gain possession of something.: Obtain

Screenwriter of West Wing, The Social Network.: Sorkin

Object used to remove pencil errors.: Eraser

Another name for uniform, used in sports.: Jersey

Deadpool villain, MMA Strikeforce fighter, Gina __.: Carano

Nearer.: Closer

Snow White and the Seven __, 1937 film.: Dwarfs

Moving without having a particular place to go.: Wander

Jalisco stadium, formerly Estadio Omnilife.: Chivas

Egyptian statue that sang in the morning breeze.: Memnon

Patrick __, actor, dancer, singer, died 2009.: Swayze

Tube-nosed seabirds with stiff wings.: Fulmar

The capital of Texas.: Austin

Puzzle 2 Answers

Hamburger Helper personified mascot, __ Hand.: Helping

Eskimo shaman.: Angakok

The Pokemon Charmander __ into Charmeleon.: Evolves

Cows burp 50 __ tons of hydrocarbons a year.: Million

Got its independence from UK in 1921.: Ireland

__ Bay, tourist destination in Jamaica.: Montego

Painter Frans Hals’ now part of Belgium birthplace.: Antwerp

Down and Out in __, expose on Reaganomics.: America

In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po fights an evil __.: Peacock

__ hermit crab fixes its shell to an anemone.: Anemone

A newly established company with few employees.: Start up

Invalid or faulty reasoning, logical __.: Fallacy

He sang A Whole New World on a carpet ride.: Aladdin

Anna __, The Devil Wears Prada depicts her.: Wintour

Sudden, violent attack.: Assault

Cook rapidly over a high heat while shaking.: Stirfry

White pill used for headaches; blood thinner.: Aspirin

Puzzle 3 Answers

Takes the bumps and bruises for the actor.: Stuntman

__ wrasse has irridescent bright colors.: Nebulous

__ damsel have beautiful bright colors.: Imitator

A maker of or dealer in optical items.: Optician

Acting fiendishly, diabolically.: Devilish

False, absurd representation; parody.: Travesty

A large room used for dancing.: Ballroom

Social conflict between police and criminals.: Standoff

Water animal amusement park.: Seaworld

Travel book that is technically government property.: Passport

Something that causes diseases.: Pathogen

Estadio Monumental David __.: Arellano

It __ One Night, movie with Clark Gable.: Happened

Study of types of things.: Typology

When a baby’s primary teeth come in.: Teething

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ and meatballs.: Spaghetti

Animals that attack prey; atop of the food chain.: Predators

The __, American movie about Chinese farmers.: Good earth

Barbra __, actress, singer and director.: Streisand

The __, crime drama based on Mario Puzo’s novel.: Godfather

The science of sound, used in music.: Acoustics

__ Games, French war drama hit outside France.: Forbidden

Longest running sci-fi show on BBC.: Doctor who

Lumbar puncture.: Spinal tap

The passing to the enemy’s side.: Defection

Animal that has no sweat glands.: Crocodile

Plane spotting site in the Dutch side of Caribbean.: Maho beach

__ in the Night, Sinatra, 1967 Grammy winner.: Strangers

Comic lost show on ABC for non PC remarks.: Bill maher

The __, TV show starring Kevin Bacon as FBI agent.: Following

Kid’s movie about emotions.: Inside out

Puzzle 5 Answers

Expressing appreciation, gratitude.: Thanks

The Devil and Max __ contained profanity.: Devlin

__ Alps, “Iceman” range between Austria and Italy.: Otztal

Person belonging to a house of Congress.: Member

Disney story of Anna and Elsa.: Frozen

Lego The __ is based on the Lord of the Rings.: Hobbit

A superb painter of horses.: Stubbs

Tech company, one who makes prophetic predictions.: Oracle

Feature film directorial debut was Away from Her.: Polley

Beverage __, pops the top aka bottle __.: Opener

Head __, cold cut made with meat jelly.: Cheese

Ticket valid for multiple journeys over a period.: Season

Optical device first recorded in Ancient Greece.: Lenses

__ poker, common name for kniphofia plant.: Red hot

__ Hammer, Occidental Petroleum tycoon.: Armand

Insurance policies when due to payment.: Mature

Soft white fibers from plants used for clothes.: Cotton

I’m __. Who are you? Then there’s a pair of us.: Nobody

__ Dixie, TV show about a doctor in the countryside.: Hart of

West Bank city, Cave of the Patriarchs.: Hebron

Circus is over and audience is all gone.: All out

Bald-__ coral have large bulb tips.: Tipped

Distinction, prestige.: Cachet

Group 175

Puzzle 1 Answers

Term used to designate elves and fairies.: Sprite

Wade __ is the real name of Deadpool.: Wilson

Table between a couch and television.: Coffee

TV sit-down reporter; very heavy thing in a boat.: Anchor

All white cetacean with no dorsal fin.: Beluga

Small vermin, shifty character.: Weasel

Greek god of the heavens, father of Titans.: Uranus

__ Girl, CW teen drama series based on book.: Gossip

Borneo Island river discharges in Java Sea.: Kapuas

Arabic title; elder of a tribe.: Sheikh

Total __, Schwarzenegger virtual vacation flick.: Recall

Bariatrics is the study, prevention of being over__.: Weight

Pavel __, Russian, “Davy Jones” Star Trek.: Chekov

Capital of Portugal.: Lisbon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Sheldon __, CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corp.: Adelson

Another term for donkey.: Jackass

Oprah __, talk show host, actress.: Winfrey

This bird can run faster than a horse.: Ostrich

Type of accordion used in Russian folklore music.: Livenka

Family, High School anniversary get together.: Reunion

Uphill stretches of the Tour de France race.: Ascents

Live Entertainment Capital of the World.: Branson

Cylindrical oven used in Middle East, Central Asia.: Tandoor

Sustained without quitting, underwent.: Endured

Interlacing of threads to make fabric.: Weaving

Land-locked S. American country.: Bolivia

The child is the Antichrist in 1976 film.: The omen

The kind of stone that gathers no moss.: Rolling

Mahsena __ has yellowish lattice stripes.: Emperor

How you carry your body, sit up straight.: Posture

Proclamation that defined the Japanese surrender.: Potsdam

Puzzle 3 Answers

Polytheistic religion.: Paganism

Won 6 Emmys for portrayal of Hawkeye Pierce.: Alan alda

Sea animal that looks like a star.: Starfish

Soils are subject in this field.: Pedology

Looking for martians, study of their planet.: Areology

Massive snake known to swallow livestock whole.: Anaconda

East Antarctica sea near the West Ice Shelf.: Davis sea

From Here to __, movie with Burt Lancaster.: Eternity

A pond that supplies water for running a mill.: Millpond

Cakes with little fat, leavened by air.: Foam cake

World wide network of computers.: Internet

Process that waves undertake as they change form.: Shoaling

Brutes, vandals.: Ruffians

Altering appearance, masks on Halloween.: Disguise

Light purple color; plant of aromatic scent.: Lavender

Pre-Lent celebration.: Carnival

Part of the face above the eyes and below the hair.: Forehead

__ Airlines, US company based in Fort Worth.: American

The Grand __ Hotel, movie with Ralph Fiennes.: Budapest

Life is not all beer and __.: Skittles

Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of illnesses.: Medicine

Area of science that looks at growth.: Auxology

Area known as the center of a city.: Downtown

Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others.: Toy story

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sweet, vodka cocktail named after a citrus candy.: Lemon drop

The Calvados of colonial America.: Applejack

Wooden toy becomes boy, Disney’s classic movie.: Pinocchio

A charm __ = a concentrated ingratiating campaign.: Offensive

Attribute of a verb, not present or future.: Past tense

Chemical that kills mildews, molds and smuts.: Fungicide

First course, “before food” in Italian.: Antipasto

Emanation of Maitreya, the next Buddha.: Tai situpa

Must be fastened when the sign is lit on a plane.: Seatbelts

Prestigious writing pen brand.: Mont blanc

Medical science that relates to x-rays.: Radiology

I’ve been standing here waiting, Mr Postman, so __.: Patiently

The Akita is a dog breed from the __ of Japan.: Mountains

Week-long festival in Pamplona, Spain.: San fermin

Sweet stalk used in ethanol production in Brazil.: Sugarcane

Weapon used in Indian stick fighting aka kerala.: Kaduthala

Densely populated province in south-east China.: Guangdong

Indian text on human sexual behaviour.: Kama sutra

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mary Poppins combines live action and __.: Animation

In this field, fleshy parts of body are focus.: Sarcology

West Russian krai, Gorbachev’s birthplace.: Stavropol

Islamic holy city for the Kazakh people.: Turkistan

Greek heroes looking for the Golden Fleece.: Argonauts

Area of X-rays and medical applications.: Radiology

Largest animal that ever lived.: Blue whale

SNL alumni, Deuce Bigalow actor, Rob __.: Schneider

Someone paid to drive a luxury vehicle.: Chauffeur

Strolling balloon vendors in circus.: Rubbermen

Sport played by Harry Potter.: Quidditch

Village people weapon, used to pick up hay.: Pitchfork

Tibetan-originated, long-haired dog breed.: Lhasa apso

Formation where water spills over an edge.: Waterfall

They are always right.: Customers

Group 176

Puzzle 1 Answers

Hilly wine region also known for white truffles.: Langhe

Barrel __ is the ‘redwood of the reef’.: Sponge

Jeremy __, Avengers Hawkeye actor.: Renner

Increase in size, volume, extent.: Expand

A soft gentle breeze, car model.: Zephyr

Frankenweenie is a 2012 animated __ film.: Horror

Taking place in winter.: Hiemal

__ Octopus has a white pupil and rust colored arms.: Sydney

Harry Chapin’s fatherhood song, Cat’s in the __.: Cradle

A pot used for boiling water.: Kettle

__ Edison, American inventor.: Thomas

Japanese martial art of self-defense.: Karate

Puzzle 2 Answers

23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy.: Skyfall

First name of the most famous psychoanalyst.: Sigmund

Carnivores are __ that eat only meat.: Animals

Current that sent the Portuguese away from India.: Agulhas

Regarded with pleasure, approval, wonder.: Admired

Overly stressed about an event.: Worried

Dental __, surgical fixture for missing teeth.: Implant

Katharine __ won the Oscars four times.: Hepburn

Pirate known as Black Sam.: Bellamy

Whiskered water mammal that “barks”.: Sea lion

Low-cut shirt with no sleeves, worn in hot weather.: Tank top

Power unit is measured in __.: Wattage

It makes your eyes water.: Tear gas

Anagram of teacher.: Cheater

Puzzle 3 Answers

Science of causes, especially of disease.: Etiology

Large deer, both male and female grow antlers.: Reindeer

Trousers barely reaching below the knees.: Breeches

A 1969 western film starring John Wayne.: True grit

Loser, beaten, destroyed.: Defeated

Kazuo __, British writer born in Nagasaki.: Ishiguro

Dragon-slaying patron of England.: St george

__ Development, TV show about the Bluth family.: Arrested

Ancient trade network connecting East and West.: Silk road

US Christmas singing activity, house to house.: Caroling

Edgar __, writer whose work deals with mystery.: Allan poe

Eastern African river, starts in Ethiopian mountains.: Shebelle

A place where research or planning is done.: Backroom

Greek god of wine, parties and theater.: Dionysus

Humming social news site.: Buzzfeed

Drink made for historic 1969 stroll.: Moonwalk

Placard holder in bikinis at fighting events.: Ring girl

The bones in your body make up the __.: Skeleton

__ dystrophy, disease causing tissue weakening.: Muscular

Puzzle 4 Answers

The Roman fighter Spartacus.: Gladiator

Espresso-based coffee with poured microfoam.: Flat white

__ fish are white with black or brown lines.: Jackknife

Cold-blooded vertebrate animal.: Amphibian

Atomic number 12, abundant element from stars.: Magnesium

A skin condition in humans.: Psoriasis

Empire’s headquarters built and destroyed twice.: Death star

Single-line poem.: Monostich

Cinderella’s Fairy __ helps her go to the ball.: Godmother

Cocktail tastes like York Peppermint Pattie.: Polar bear

Log cake with candies inside.: Lolly cake

Remains of a ship that crashed.: Shipwreck

Name honors home of the rum and Coke.: Cuba libre

Unlawful __, illegal firing of an employee.: Discharge

First meal of the day.: Breakfast

The adventurous Queen of the Desert.: Priscilla

Puzzle 5 Answers

Fruit belong to rose family as do pears and plums.: Apples

Bristle-__ tube worm has long hairs all over.: Headed

Rum cocktail of 1939 NYC World’s Fair.: Zombie

To empower, authorize, permit someone to act.: Enable

Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin.: Pimple

Farm __, system of minor teams.: League

Ancient queen of Persia who has a Bible book.: Esther

Fermented dough used for a new batch.: Leaven

__ Wonderland, snowy walking environment.: Winter

__ steam turbine was invented in 1884.: Modern

To stop plans you’ve made with friends.: Cancel

Sale of goods to consumers, not discount or bulk.: Retail

Born on the __ of July, Cruise plays a vet.: Fourth

Robert __ Jr, actor in Iron Man.: Downey

To remember, recollect; bring out of memory.: Recall

To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc.: Muster

Stan and Francine’s favorite drink on American Dad.: Mr pibb

Two-dimensional code developed in Japan.: Qr code

__ Peet, American actress.: Amanda

Puddingwife __ is an Atlantic ocean fish.: Wrasse

Group 177

Puzzle 1 Answers

Voice of Jenny in Finding Dory, Diane __.: Keaton

High-speed descent of a slope on skis.: Schuss

Makeup designed to cover skin blemishes.: Powder

Painful sores in the stomach lining.: Ulcers

__ Municipal, Euro 2012 Polish stadium.: Poznan

Horrified, stunned, astounded.: Aghast

The preserver and protector in Hinduism.: Vishnu

Repulsively dirty.: Scuzzy

Medieval tapestry depicting the battle of Hastings.: Bayeux

Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine.: Claire

Someone who “takes you for a ride”; swindler.: Conman

Bishop also a civil ruler of secular land.: Prince

“Just a drop in the __”.: Bucket

Assyrian goddess of love and fertility.: Ishtar

Scissors used to cut lambs wool.: Shears

Puzzle 2 Answers

To suffer serious mental pain, anguish, torture.: Agonize

Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists.: Cryptid

Brand of Energy Drink.: Redbull

Small, sharp blade used for surgeries.: Scalpel

Lowest ranked coal aka brown coal.: Lignite

Obi-Wan Kenobi is a __ in Star Wars: Episode 1.: Padawan

Uneasiness, foreboding.: Anxiety

There are 1 __ ants for every human.: Million

Prominent part, characteristic, attraction.: Feature

Plant, red stalks, green leaves, used in cooking.: Rhubarb

What knocks at least once at every man’s gate.: Fortune

Disco brothers, sang about Stayin’ Alive.: Bee gees

Also known as tungsten.: Wolfram

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Alps, Swiss mountains with cheesy name.: Emmental

Italian dessert that picks you up.: Tiramisu

Author who invented Neverland.: Jm barrie

Antitoxins treat __ toxins in the body.: Biologic

Volkswagen model named after a Mediterranean wind.: Scirocco

__ Straw, paper, plastic tube for beverages.: Drinking

Greek titan of light.: Hyperion

Bobby __, one of the greatest midfielders.: Charlton

Mandarinfish is also known as the green __.: Mandarin

The consumer of art, entertainment.: Audience

__, ex boxer living with son Dink in Mexico.: The champ

Extinct language spoken in Ancient Mesopotamia.: Akkadian

Ice __, ascending winter mountains.: Climbing

In this game, collect $200 as you pass Go.: Monopoly

French artist, father of modern photography.: Daguerre

Aerial military combat; no canines to be seen.: Dogfight

Robin __, won an Oscar for Good Will Hunting.: Williams

Lady and the Tramp is an animated __ musical.: Romantic

Who’s Afraid of __ Woolf?, black comedy film.: Virginia

Bill __, cofounder of Nike.: Bowerman

Puzzle 4 Answers

Nickname of New Zealand’s rugby team.: All blacks

Cable on which acrobats walk.: Tight rope

Old-time medicinal paste mixing honey and herbs.: Electuary

Tasty shelled nut with green seed.: Pistachio

Crown __ has a crown shape on its top.: Jellyfish

Insane, deranged.: Psychotic

__ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish.: Coachwhip

They eat just about anything.: Omnivores

Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas.: Dodge city

Study of early Christianity.: Patrology

It is responsible for people’s happiness.: Serotonin

__ USA, nickname of a record label headquarter.: Hitsville

__ Galley, William Kidd’s ship.: Adventure

Trained and licensed doctor.: Physician

Puzzle 5 Answers

Computer key allows you to flee.: Escape

Long, thin strip of metal, wood, like a slat.: Spline

You lost this when you cannot remember.: Memory

Relating to astrology, magic, supernatural.: Occult

Starts in Turkey, crosses Iraq to the Persian Gulf.: Tigris

Sickeningly cute tabby cat from Garfield.: Nermal

The word for “postures” in yoga.: Asanas

Cross of genetically different parents, liger.: Hybrid

Chinese soybean sauce; meat glaze.: Hoisin

__ corydoras; freshwater fish.: Bronze

Lee Ann __, I Hope you Dance US country singer.: Womack

An object moving around a star.: Planet

__ Policy, government’s usage of tax money.: Fiscal

Wardrobe __, repairs and washes costumes.: Master

Group 178

Puzzle 1 Answers

Conch is a shellfish with a large __ shell.: Spiral

In spite of, even if, although.: Though

Items that sell a lot.: Movers

Spear-thrower used by the Mayans.: Atlatl

Prevents Antonio from losing a pound of flesh.: Portia

Given to political refugees.: Asylum

Pearl-producing animal can change genders.: Oyster

Except under certain circumstances.: Unless

Main raw material grown in a region.: Staple

Number after twenty-nine.: Thirty

Bundles of axons, part of body’s sensory system.: Nerves

Codified the three laws of robotics.: Asimov

The __ Witch of the West, Oz antagonist.: Wicked

US tennis Grand Slam tournament.: Us open

Puzzle 2 Answers

Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general.: Othello

Besides Hebrew, passages in OT are written in __.: Aramaic

Author’s son wrote his final work after his death.: Tolkien

Orange-yellow colored fruit, like a peach.: Apricot

Baroque musician who composed the Four Seasons.: Vivaldi

Delivered by politicians as a rule.: Screeds

Russian ballerina who inspired a dessert.: Pavlova

Sudden rupture of a car tire.: Blowout

Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania.: Hershey

Item covering birds, not fur or skin.: Feather

Fluffy cream, tops ice cream sundae.: Whipped

Curved segment of a circle, sphere, not convex.: Concave

Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened.: Inflate

One piece garment used by gymnasts, ballerinas.: Leotard

Doctors without __, courageous relief group.: Borders

Major prophet, “God will Strengthen”.: Ezekiel

Princess, love interest, Disney’s Aladdin.: Jasmine

Electric cell used for energy in cars, electronics.: Battery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Pacemakers, teeth, breasts can all be __.: Implants

Company synonymous with greeting card industry.: Hallmark

Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if __.: Injected

Born in the country known for its three pyramids.: Egyptian

John Wayne as Rooster Cogburn.: True grit

Feeling of serenity, calmness.: Composed

1812 __, Tchaikovsky’s cannon classic.: Overture

__ Rush, Pirates of the Caribbean villain.: Geoffrey

Nutty, twice cooked Italian dessert.: Biscotti

Central part of a city.: Downtown

Lone Star massacre happened with this equipment.: Chainsaw

Tile game with colors and numbers.: Rummikub

German-Hungarian film based on Klaus Mann’s novel.: Mephisto

Company engaged in a trade.: Business

Puzzle 4 Answers

80s perm style for African American men.: Jheri curl

Medical problem appearing again, returning.: Recurrent

What no money can buy.: Priceless

They obstruct progress; hurdles.: Obstacles

Coral that lives on rocky areas; aka vase or turban.: Pagoda cup

Learning about excrement, obscene literature.: Scatology

Someone who studies rocks and lands.: Geologist

What you should keep for a rainy day.: Something

Conjecture.: Guesswork

The lark __, V. Williams piece for violin.: Ascending

The Incredibles is an animated __ Disney film.: Superhero

Laborer who sets hard surface flooring.: Tile layer

Longfin __ is native to Australia.: Spadefish

Who did Gepetto create?.: Pinocchio

Heathcliff’s love in Wuthering Heights.: Catherine

Driving __, 1989 film.: Miss daisy

Puzzle 5 Answers

G-Force was about secret agent __.: Animals

Shape Up is a __ video game for Xbox.: Fitness

Vanilla version of a brownie.: Blondie

__ shark is an aggressive species in warm oceans.: Requiem

First King of England to go on a Crusade.: Richard

Cylindrical missile fired from a submarine.: Torpedo

Cooking item used to char food.: Broiler

Character in Shakespeare’s tragedy about witches.: Macbeth

Something made, reproduced, sold illegally.: Bootleg

Frog, toad larval aka pollywog.: Tadpole

Make or become thick or thicker.: Thicken

Coiled tuba used in military bands.: Helicon

Gene __, actress of Leave Her to Heaven.: Tierney

Group 179

Puzzle 1 Answers

The Greek Muse of astronomy.: Urania

Sole woman of Black Eyed Peas, not royalty.: Fergie

Club-__ scale worm live on sea cucumbers.: Spined

Lilo’s monstrous looking friend.: Stitch

Opening in a wall to see out of.: Window

United all Frankish tribes under one ruler.: Clovis

Latina star played by Jennifer Lopez on screen.: Selena

Former currency of Portugal.: Escudo

Bases __, pitcher’s nightmare, a slam prerequisite.: Loaded

Generic term for Chinese martial arts.: Kung fu

Application that allows the user to act.: Widget

Primitive “brain” that caused Dexter’s urges.: Lizard

__ Mann, German novelist who won the Nobel Prize.: Thomas

Cu, malleable, used in wiring, turns green.: Copper

Official currency of Morocco.: Dirham

Picture the theme of which are ships or the sea.: Marine

__ duck, bath-time companion.: Rubber

Proverb, something said a lot.: Saying

Person with detailed knowledge of a specific field.: Savant

Je __, senior religious hierarch of Bhutan.: Khenpo

__ Prospekt, St Petersburg road and book by Gogol.: Nevsky

Puzzle 2 Answers

Attached, impressed on, fastened.: Affixed

Payment to a former spouse.: Alimony

Herb found in cigarettes.: Tobacco

Scam, fiddle, racket.: Swindle

West Antarctica sea near Coats Land.: Weddell

A place where people grow fruit trees.: Orchard

Kate __, British actress of Titanic.: Winslet

One should keep them closer.: Enemies

Receptacles used at breakfast for boiled goods.: Eggcups

Female emperor, head of a country or empire.: Empress

Ocean mammal known for its intelligence.: Dolphin

One __ of your bones are in your feet.: Quarter

Band, molding, on a column shaft.: Annulet

Used to electrically power something.: Battery

German Secret State Police.: Gestapo

Puzzle 3 Answers

Liquid inside __ can be used for blood plasma.: Coconuts

Rapper who released the hit U Can’t Touch This.: Mc hammer

Abdominal thrust maneuver used on people choking.: Heimlich

Team that is playing at home, opposing the visitor.: Home team

Genius is an infinite __ for taking pains.: Capacity

Kids’ card game involves assault.: Slapjack

Dolph __, actor of Rocky and Expendables.: Lundgren

Word or phrase everyone is using.: Buzzword

Pasta means “little stars” in Italian.: Stelline

Aged, air dried and salted Italian beef.: Bresaola

Main character in As You Like It.: Rosalind

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Bale, from child actor to Batman.: Christian

Science of insect pests.: Pestology

Designer of buildings.: Architect

Repugnant, sickening.: Abhorrent

A student of history.: Historian

Spending more than you have in your bank account.: Overdraft

School homework; an Excel document.: Worksheet

Bright, intelligent.: Brilliant

Small creature with a long thin body and many legs.: Centipede

Exclusion from common privileges, social acceptance.: Ostracism

Insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness.: Analgesia

Ricardo __, the host of the Fantasy Island.: Montalban

Racquet sport with a shuttlecock.: Badminton

Warm suit worn by athletes.: Tracksuit

Fine cut tobacco rolled in thin paper for smoking.: Cigarette

Reaction causing breakdown of material, e.g. rust.: Corrosion

__ map, semantic network aka mental map.: Cognitive

A bad one makes a bad ending.: Beginning

Dutch province developed from reclaimed polders.: Flevoland

Practical wisdom; excellent character; Greek word.: Phronesis

To barbecue.: Charbroil

Ancient Greek H2O-powered grain crushers.: Watermill

Military marching style, lifting the leg high.: Goose step

Puzzle 5 Answers

Tall wading bird with pink plumage.: Flamingo

Hydrogen __, mild antiseptic used on cut & scrapes.: Peroxide

Part of France with Mont Saint-Michel.: Normandy

Physical child discipline banned in many countries.: Spanking

Places set up to hold prisoners during conflicts.: War camps

Joan __, portrayed in Mommie Dearest.: Crawford

Better Call Saul star Bob __.: Odenkirk

The sound of h as in hag.: Aspirate

Time that a project has to be finished by.: Deadline

Clapping Spanish dance performed by couples.: Fandango

Ancient religion that preaches the Middle Way.: Buddhism

Herb similar to oregano with pine, citrus flavors.: Marjoram

Red bean pancake, Japanese confection.: Dorayaki

Tropical fish with dragon-like fins and eyes.: Dragonet

Fairy tale character with long hair.: Rapunzel

World War I was also known as the __.: Great war

G.I. Joe: A Real __ Hero 1985 Apple video game.: American

__ moon knives, used in Chinese martial arts.: Crescent

Group 180

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mountainous wine region near Adriatic Sea.: Abruzzi

Birds do this when seasons change, south or north.: Migrate

Lee __, Hispanic golfer who got his own video game.: Trevino

Cranky actor, Lou Grant on Mary Tyler Moore Show.: Ed asner

__ General, French political system pre-1789.: Estates

Causing or apt to being frightened.: Fearful

The month in which a new year starts.: January

Muddy, almost level bed of a dried lake.: Mudflat

Deviation from the rule, form, arrangement.: Anomaly

Feeling after big meal, during menstruation.: Bloated

Response provided after questions on social media.: Comment

__ and yellow chubs look exactly alike.: Bermuda

Person whose working tools can be a broom or a mop.: Cleaner

Financial rescue, ie government to banks.: Bailout

__ Impossible: Rogue Nation, 2015 movie.: Mission

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Lopez, actor, comedian, talk show host.: George

1960 movie named after a biblical book, with Newman.: Exodus

Ancient Greeks and __ used keys for luck.: Romans

__ luge, Olympic sport on pavement.: Street

Like a metaphor; utilizes “like” or “as”.: Simile

Northern sea of the Southern Ocean.: Scotia

Large fortified walled residence for royalty.: Castle

Iced tea alcoholic substitute aka brandy sour.: Cyprus

Covered in perspiration.: Sweaty

Turned toward someone, face to face.: Facing

Eight-legged creepy crawly.: Spider

Cinderella, a __ fairy tale from 1697.: French

Native American rite of passage, __ Quest.: Vision

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ocean’s Thirteen, Gone Baby Gone actor, Casey __.: Affleck

What a long lane has not.: Turning

Lipstick tree, tropical, South America.: Annatto

To run a ship into land.: Aground

Eating disorder involving vomiting.: Bulimia

Catholic saint of Seville.: Isidore

Sea separates Indonesia from Australia.: Arafura

Thick, sugary-paste, makes ornate decorations.: Fondant

Ghostly, macabre.: Hideous

Britain’s oldest remaining overseas territory.: Bermuda

Sums of money, prices owed for items.: Amounts

Twinkie-like Mexican snack, “little goose”.: Gansito

Egyptian lioness goddess of protection and war.: Sekhmet

Encipher or encode a message or data.: Encrypt

Game of __, George RR Martin HBO adaptation.: Thrones

A thesaurus is filled with these similar words.: Synonym

80% of __ on Earth have six legs.: Animals

Popular college toy originally from pie tins.: Frisbee

Puzzle 4 Answers

An SUV model created by Cadillac.: Escalade

Maranon tributary born in the Andes.: Huallaga

A cocked hat.: Tricorne

Equestrian __ is jumping, cross country, dressage.: Eventing

Jurassic World is about a __ theme park.: Dinosaur

Italian scientist with a gas law named after him.: Avogadro

Bow pasta looks like butterfly wings.: Farfalle

List of terms about a particular subject.: Glossary

Ambon __ fish changes color and is shaggy.: Scorpion

Being recommended to another type of doctor.: Referral

Apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot.: Matthias

__ cabinet, usually found above sink with medicine.: Bathroom

Wanda Sykes is an American __ and actress.: Comedian

To have an opposite reaction than expected.: Backfire

Battle of __, marked the Norman conquest of England.: Hastings

The Mona Lisa is a __.: Painting

Unputdownable; very exciting.: Riveting

Amazon takes part in this electronic activity.: Commerce

__ Hunt, searching game Pokemon Go 2016 version.: Treasure

__ Dew, lime colored soda, Appalachian favorite.: Mountain

Puzzle 5 Answers

Greek king murdered by wife Clytemnestra.: Agamemnon

The Great Mouse __ is an animated mystery film.: Detective

Ross seals are only found on the __ ice.: Antarctic

Renée __, star of Bridget Jones.: Zellweger

PTSD: Post __ Stress Disorder.: Traumatic

Tubes that connect ovaries to uterus.: Fallopian

TV series about a woman with amnesia and tattoos.: Blindspot

TV show about a marshal who makes his own Justice.: Justified

Herb widely used for infections and the flu.: Echinacea

Mickey Mouse first appeared in __ Willie.: Steamboat

The carving or engraving on whale bones.: Scrimshaw

Fruit used for salsas known as Mexican husk tomato.: Tomatillo

Former Argentine president, Evita’s husband.: Juan peron

Hotel employee who helps you with excursions.: Concierge

North by __, movie with Cary Grant.: Northwest

A high-brow word for whiskers.: Vibrissae

Design on paper that can be seen against the light.: Watermark

They have hair on their eyeballs.: Honeybees

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