Codycross Fashion show Answers

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Codycross Fashion show

Group 521

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adjustable cap worn by those driving lorries: Trucker

Conditions in a tight space: Cramped

From the NFL to GMA, Michael __: Strahan

Golan __, disputed upland area of the Middle East: Heights

Inform, notify: Apprise

John __, novelist of The Night Manager: Le carre

Litter, discarded household waste: Rubbish

Original name of the Colosseum: __ Amphitheater: Flavian

Roman emperor dynasty: Flavian

Scribes: Writers

Skewered herring with gherkins and onions: Rollmop

Small kangaroo-like animal: Wallaby

Type of animal that played Flipper on TV: Dolphin

You don’t share these: Secrets

__ hem, wavy hemline resembling salad leaves: Lettuce

Puzzle 2 Answers

Exercise rails in a ballet dance studio: Barres

French sweet: Bonbon

Hagrid’s first name: Rubeus

Informal, everyday style: Casual

Leave on a ship: Embark

NASA moon-landing mission program: Apollo

Nail __; strong-smelling varnish for fingernails: Polish

Real and Atletico play football in this city: Madrid

Song by Bon Jovi: Livin’ on a __: Prayer

Stick with glue: Adhere

__ system, baby buggy + car seat: Travel

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another word for a boxer: Pugilist

Barely hot water: Lukewarm

Collection of fallen foliage, often jumped in: Leaf pile

Diet without pork, lamb, beef, etc.: Meat free

Manhattan’s Art-Deco famous building: Chrysler

Not on the outside; e.g. __ organs: Internal

Parisian prison: Bastille

Precious rocks that are forever: Diamonds

Raised platform at the front of a ship: Foredeck

Short, witty remark: One liner

Shortest war in history (38 minutes): Anglo-__ War: Zanzibar

Singer with a pop group: Vocalist

Surname of film director brothers Peter and Bobby: Farrelly

TV show about the Bluth family: __ Development: Arrested

Walking with discomfort: Hobbling

World’s tallest mountain from its oceanic base: Mauna kea

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cheerleaders of the Chicago Bulls NBA team: Luvabulls

Christmas trees are __, not deciduous: Evergreen

City regarded as the “capital of the Highlands”: Inverness

Collection of classical musicians: Orchestra

Explained what something looks like: Described

Flyers drag wheeled ones behind them at airports: Suitcases

Fraud or quack: Charlatan

It was ridden to Banbury Cross: Cock horse

Lauren __, author of American Spy: Wilkinson

Only day of the week with nine letters: Wednesday

Opposite of weaknesses; things you are good at: Strengths

Person who provides the money for a project: Financier

President of the Confederacy 1861-65: __ Davis: Jefferson

To do with the body: Corporeal

What Iron Man is called out of the suit: Tony stark

Puzzle 5 Answers

A night-time equivalent of a rainbow: Moonbow

Annual publication for events of the coming year: Almanac

Attractive, not losing at all: Winsome

Compassion __, tiredness from tragedy: Fatigue

Grain distilled to make baijiu spirit: Sorghum

Having put clothes on, one is __: Dressed

Keyboard key that converts a 3 to PgDn, say: Num lock

Large soft fabric used as bed covering: Blanket

Moniker used to describe a Star Trek superfan: Trekkie

Negros y __, name of the Carnaval in Colombia: Blancos

Term applied to cars produced before 1918: Veteran

Watership Down is a film about these animals: Rabbits

Window protector: Shutter

__ Carmichael, Angelica’s Rugrats rival: Susanna

Group 522

Puzzle 1 Answers

British sloop captured by John Paul Jones in 1778: Hms drake

Capital of Namibia (“windy corner” in Afrikaans): Windhoek

Creased, in need of an iron: Crinkled

Empathy, rapport: Affinity

Floating frozen pedestals with polar bears aboard: Ice floes

Gained knowledge in, became accomplished at: Mastered

Jennifer __, starred in The Hunger Games: Lawrence

Lyrics by the Beatles: “__ my belle…”: Michelle

Orinoco tributary found in Colombia: Guaviare

Show someone __; on-the-job training: The ropes

Soft bag designed to carry sporting equipment: Athletic

Someone living abroad to avoid financial penalty: Tax exile

Supposedly what vegans eat as Christmas dinner: Nut roast

The Power of __ Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale: Positive

To give up or renounce to power: Abdicate

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actor attended Prince Harry’s wedding: George __: Clooney

Adoration, prayer, devotion: Worship

Artwork built up from smaller decorative pieces: Montage

Cutting bread for toasting: Slicing

Hand gestures used to influence a baseball pitcher: Signals

L’Oreal slogan, Because you’re __: Worth it

Laced-up blouses or underwear that create curves: Bodices

Locals who arrive early to watch circus set up: Lot lice

Make crazy, upset; anagram of enraged: Derange

Mississippi River natural waterfall: Saint __ Falls: Anthony

More amusing than: Funnier

Not fact: Fiction

Of the land by the ocean: Coastal

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled __: Peppers

Run-down cinema: Fleapit

Searched someone’s person: Frisked

The __ Boys, supporting act on first Madonna tour: Beastie

The __ and the Carpet, tale of a talking bird: Phoenix

The __, Pitt, Roberts star in a film about a gun: Mexican

__ Woods, conference led to the IMF being founded: Bretton

__ toe, easily acquired pain when shoeless: Stubbed

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Speak __ and carry a big stick”: Teddy Roosevelt: Softly

Ada __, Israeli protein crystallographer: Yonath

Another name for the Academy Awards: Oscars

Bad Moon __, hit by Creedence Clearwater Revival: Rising

Exertion, determination: Effort

Mario __, celebrity chef with Italian background: Batali

OIC in full words: Oh i see

Running in competition: Racing

Russian countryside homes: Dachas

Strengthening insert applied to a garment: Gusset

Transgressed: Sinned

__ tin; baking tray for individual small cakes: Muffin

Puzzle 4 Answers

Art style that paints it like it is: Realism

Bunking off school for no reason: Truancy

Carrion-eating bird: Vulture

Exciting feelings of love: Romance

Garfield’s least loved days: Mondays

India’s “Blue City” or name of riding clothing: Jodhpur

Kebab sticks: Skewers

Mario __, Peruvian fashion photographer: Testino

Masters of the Dark Side in Star Wars: The sith

One of the birthstones for August: Peridot

Palindrome for a big African cat emollient: Lion oil

State with a tourist spot called Jackson Hole: Wyoming

Supervised, paid attention to: Oversaw

Taking liquid from carrots: Juicing

Two-dimensional geometric figure: Polygon

Wanna Be __ Somethin’; MJ hit about gossip: Startin

Writes a name alongside someone else’s: Cosigns

__ Chiron, classic, expensive Italian sports car: Bugatti

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aka French harp or mouth organ: Harmonica

Anxiously: Fretfully

Apply this in rooms to decorate them: Wallpaper

Bedfordshire university focused in technology: Cranfield

Causing damage to the environment: Polluting

Hypersensitivities caused by fur, pollen, etc.: Allergies

In snooker, exhibition pot with elaborate set-up: Trick shot

Miniskirt and hotpants populariser: Mary quant

Oak Apple Day celebrates his Restoration: Charles ii

Poet A.B. (Banjo) Paterson’s country: Australia

She played Carol on The Brady Bunch: Florence __: Henderson

Someone who is persnickety and a pedant: Nitpicker

Unwelcoming appearance, showing no sympathy: Hard faced

Group 523

Puzzle 1 Answers

Comporting oneself correctly: Behaving

Dryness; anagram of sardines: Aridness

Hats worn by rodeo stars: Stetsons

Julian __, TED talker, communications expert: Treasure

Long walkway between rooms in a school or hospital: Corridor

Mickey Mouse’s apprenticeship was to him: Sorcerer

Name given to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6: Pastoral

Racetrack called the “graveyard of champions”: Saratoga

Reinstated a painting to its former glory: Restored

Sand, earth building material used in Indus Valley: Mudbrick

The least flavorful: Blandest

Unrest: Disquiet

__ Enthusiasm, Larry David TV comedy vehicle: Curb your

Puzzle 2 Answers

A sarcastic and biting tongue, a __ wit: Caustic

Another name for the electric ray: Torpedo

City in India previously known as Madras: Chennai

Container for new footwear: Shoebox

Fruit preserve cooked and reduced in sugar: Compote

Loudspeaker for high frequencies (or birds): Tweeter

Medicine for heartburn: Antacid

Song sung by dwarfish miners in Snow White: Heigh ho

The Rime of the Ancient __, tale of an albatross: Mariner

The more the __; no limit on numbers: Merrier

University of Alabama football team: __ Tide: Crimson

Weekly twenty-four hours when money comes in: Paydays

Went and brought back: Fetched

Younger brother of Charles II, ruled 1685-88: James ii

__ Jones, the matriarch of The Partridge Family: Shirley

__ bodies, torsos hued and muddied at carnival: Painted

Puzzle 3 Answers

Add commas, semicolons, full stops to text: Punctuate

Bridal clothes and linens: Trousseau

Difficult choice or perception between two options: Tough call

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics: Egyptians

Group of bards including Ginsberg and Kerouac: Beat poets

Medical condition of the legs, genu valgum: Knock knee

Minnesota Lynx WNBA player, nicknamed the Monster: Maya moore

Nursery rhyme: This Is the House that __: Jack built

Predatory sea creature with a long, flat bill: Swordfish

Supernatural beings in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser: Cenobites

__ sauce, dark, strong, salty Chinese condiment: Black bean

Puzzle 4 Answers

A tailed bubble in comic strips denotes __: Speech

Bring in a new actor as a replacement: Recast

Calendar month of the Notting Hill Festival: August

Catholic minister: Priest

Country where the Dnieper River starts: Russia

Dave __, Wendy’s founder, TV personality: Thomas

Fish eggs: Caviar

French for lemon: Citron

Ludwig Maximilian University is based in this city: Munich

President of Venezuela elected in 2013: Nicolás __: Maduro

Willa __, US novelist famed for landscape tales: Cather

__ death, extra-time with the first scorer winning: Sudden

Puzzle 5 Answers

An attempt to assassinate him misfired: Andrew __: Jackson

Big __ is always watching: Brother

Canine nickname for Sirius in the night sky: Dog star

Creative director of YSL, Gucci, and film director: Tom ford

Japanese massage technique for asthma relief: Shiatsu

Latin for “mistake” in print: Erratum

Lugging around heavy goods: Carting

Merchants, retailers: Traders

Orb thrown in women’s team sport: Netball

Sleep, doze: Slumber

Surname of the singers who made up Five Star: Pearson

Wall Street actor Michael __: Douglas

Wheat-based flatbread from Indian subcontinent: Paratha

__ Pocket, German counter offensive in Normandy: Falaise

Group 524

Puzzle 1 Answers

Author: Writer

Container for storing headgear: Hatbox

First modern European city with 1 million people: London

Grins: Smiles

Infertile soil in forests (also spelled with a Z): Podsol

It stands for Q in the NATO phonetic alphabet: Quebec

Judge on “The Voice”: singer/actress Jennifer __: Hudson

Largest lake in Finland: Lake __: Saimaa

Liam __, played a cop in The Lego Movie: Neeson

Soup utensils: Spoons

Went solid to liquid through heat: Melted

__ Meyer, fraud examiner, liespotter: Pamela

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accidentally drooling while asleep: Dribbling

Acting paternally towards someone: Fathering

Fine shawls made from the wool of Himalayan goats: Pashminas

Global beauty pageant, first held in 1951: Miss world

Ho Hey band: Lumineers

National winter sport of Canada: Ice hockey

Performance review at work: Appraisal

Putting together information for an exhibition: Collating

Relating to Corsica’s Italian nearby island: Sardinian

Showy yellow flower, the state flower of Nebraska: Goldenrod

__ and meatballs: Spaghetti

Puzzle 3 Answers

Built, made artfully: Crafted

Drown your __, to hope alcohol makes things better: Sorrows

Falls messily: Tumbles

Gates or valves in a lock to regulate water levels: Sluices

Having a single set of unpaired chromosomes: Haploid

Infusing ground coffee beans with hot water: Brewing

Journalist’s piece: Article

Journalist’s written piece: Article

July in French: Juillet

No-through road, cul-de-sac: Dead end

Overtakes, crawls all over: Infests

Screen decoration at the rear of a church altar: Reredos

Space probe sent to Venus in the 1970s: Pioneer

The Rangers play hockey for this city: New york

The __ Seal, Bergman film where Death plays chess: Seventh

Two-piece swimwear with vest top: Tankini

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aussie city, venue of the XII Commonwealth Games: Brisbane

Bruce Springsteen album __ on the Edge of Town: Darkness

Christmas table decorations with gift inside: Crackers

Country where the medieval temple Angkor Wat is: Cambodia

Daddy __, another name for a crane fly: Longlegs

Dedicated outdoor space for kids to have fun: Play area

Fed up to increase weight: Fattened

Flowering plant also known as pink or carnation: Dianthus

Hair ornament: Barrette

Lemuel __, appears as a giant to the Lilliputians: Gulliver

Place to put a letter before mailing it: Envelope

Restarted: Rebooted

Skeletal part at the back of the foot: Heel bone

Text translation for foreign movies: Subtitle

Very cute, lovable: Adorable

__ list, a sequence of items to be bought: Shopping

Puzzle 5 Answers

“To go like the ” means to move extremely fast: Clappers

A string of pearls or a choker: Necklace

Antonio __, the voice of Puss in Shrek: Banderas

Bicameral government of the US: Congress

Cough drops: Lozenges

Deeply affected, struck down: Stricken

From Spain or a Spanish-speaking nation: Hispanic

Fuel used in internal combustion engines: Gasoline

Jellystone’s most infamous picnic thief: Yogi bear

Male __ products include aftershave, razors etc.: Grooming

Murdered by toxins: Poisoned

National flag carrier of Beijing’s country: Air china

Pearls, choker, beads: Necklace

Picasso’s monochrome painting with a bull: Guernica

Rhyming couplets that talk of a famous person: Clerihew

The Pope the Sistine Chapel was built for: Sixtus iv

Wisely, brightly: Astutely

Group 525

Puzzle 1 Answers

100-dollar Founding Father: Benjamin

Funds to support people once they retire: Pensions

Garment capable of withstanding cleaning: Washable

Ill-tempered, nagging, like a small furry mammal: Shrewish

Informal nickname for helicopters: Choppers

Motorcycles with long handlebars: Choppers

Moving of wings, as with a bird: Flapping

One fourth of a population: Quartile

One who shares a sleeping space at university: Roommate

POW stands for __ of war: Prisoner

Pants: Trousers

Sami iceman in Frozen, with Sven for a friend: Kristoff

Simple egg dish fried in a pan: Omelette

Skiing trick takes skis through 180 degrees: Kick turn

The language with most native speakers: Mandarin

The study of viruses: Virology

Trailing weed used in salads; anagram of pans rule: Purslane

Victorian job of driving a horse-drawn carriage: Coachman

Android, song by the rock band Radiohead: Paranoid

__ Rock, Graham Greene on hoodlum Pinkie Brown: Brighton

Puzzle 2 Answers

Backed up by good, logical reasoning: Justified

Captain Kirk in the Star Trek remakes: Chris pine

Collarless sweaters open at the front: Cardigans

Common unit of distance in astronomy: Light year

Device used by DJs: Turntable

Flower named after stripy big cat: Tiger lily

Laundry-loving omen of death in Scottish legend: Bean nighe

Marvel Comics first superhero team: The __ Four: Fantastic

Name for Saint Petersburg before renamed Leningrad: Petrograd

New Mexico city, a nuclear weapons area: Los alamos

Non-capital letters: Lower case

Pebbledash with which to coat a house: Rough cast

Relating to a large company or business: Corporate

Seymour Skinner’s position in The Simpsons: Principal

Sumo __, the sport of sumotori: Wrestling

Tequila cocktail with orange liqueur, lime juice: Margarita

The science of teeth: Dentistry

Youngsters reaching their maximum height are __: Full grown

__ Day, October celebration of Nelson’s victory: Trafalgar

__ clothes, for pregnant women: Maternity

Puzzle 3 Answers

An act of asking politely for something: Request

Bungles is this team’s unfortunate nickname: Bengals

Crime novel by Dame Edith Ngaio Marsh: A Grave __: Mistake

Deep-sounding marsh heron: Bittern

Glut, excess: Surfeit

Individual, cup-shaped culinary mold: Dariole

Lessening tension between nations, esp US and USSR: Detente

Medieval kingdom in northwest Iberian peninsula: Galicia

Nine-sided shape: Nonagon

Put on smart clothes for a special occasion: Dress up

Relating to the warmest months of the year: Summery

Symbolic water ceremony in the Christian Church: Baptism

Terri __ of Desperate Housewives: Hatcher

Untwisted, disentangled: Unwound

Puzzle 4 Answers

Author of The Name of the Wind, Patrick __: Rothfuss

Capital of Botswana: Gaborone

Charles __, won an Oscar as Henry VIII: Laughton

Earning good money, with a decent salary: Well paid

Emotional instability from fear, trauma, laughing: Hysteria

Flexible basketball player, a.k.a. guard-forward: Swingman

For all intents and __; in every practical sense: Purposes

French green beans, __ verts: Haricots

Gavin __; lead singer of rock band Bush: Rossdale

Like an exploding mountain: Volcanic

Motel renamed the National Civil Rights Museum: Lorraine

Of the same type: Suchlike

One who starts fires deliberately: Arsonist

Prehistoric saber-toothed tiger: Smilodon

Prehistoric tiger: Smilodon

Shard, broken piece of something: Fragment

Studs, hoops or drops, worn in the lobes: Earrings

Vigorously, energetically; not passively: Actively

Puzzle 5 Answers

Large city and former capital of the Philippines: Quezon

Maleficent’s peasant love in Disney film: Stefan

More difficult: Harder

Nurse’s uniform; cleans the floor: Scrubs

Religious superior, head priest of temple: Mahant

Shuts eyes briefly: Blinks

Soft white fibers from plants used for clothes: Cotton

Sondheim’s Send in the __: Clowns

Titans cradle in Nashville, __ Stadium: Nissan

To perturb, upset, dishearten: Dismay

__ Lenôtre, French pastry chef, bakery franchiser: Gaston

Group 526

Puzzle 1 Answers

17th century cloth with lace worn on the neck: Cravat

Bushland antelope from eastern and southern Africa: Dik dik

Cancun is found here: Mexico

Charlie’s last name in Willy Wonka: Bucket

First pilot to exceed the speed of sound: Chuck __: Yeager

If It Makes You Happy singer, __ Crow: Sheryl

Letter sloping at an angle: Italic

Locations: Places

Presumed country of origin of chili con carne: Mexico

Snigger, giggle: Titter

What the T stands for in ATM: Teller

__ machines, used in the garment-making industry: Sewing

Puzzle 2 Answers

Admits to a crime: Confesses

Airship lifted by gas: Dirigible

Cradle of __; World Heritage Site in South Africa: Humankind

Describes clothing accidentally worn the wrong way: Inside out

Distorted, monstrous, like giant heads at Carnival: Grotesque

Fundraising event doing lengths at the baths: Swimathon

Initials sewn onto clothing: Monograms

Molding between the floor and wall: Baseboard

Musical diva worked with Rufus among many others: Chaka khan

Never anxious; confident: Nerveless

Round, beige legumes used to make hummus: Chickpeas

Scandal- and celebrity-seeking photographer: Paparazzo

Strangers on a Train: a novel by Patricia __: Highsmith

Term for sparklers, bangers and Catherine wheels: Fireworks

The global ecological system: Biosphere

Totally unable to hear: Stone deaf

Toy or weapon that always comes back: Boomerang

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Allons __ de la Patrie”, from La Marseillaise: Enfants

Army food packs: Rations

Celebratory processions with bands and floats: Parades

Fragrance; can sometimes be overpowering: Perfume

Hard to find or difficult to take hold of: Elusive

Japanese dish of stuffed rice balls: Onigiri

Joel McHale TV show, The Great __: Indoors

Main language spoken in Australia and New Zealand: English

Mending socks with wool: Darning

Shown when sending a player off a football field: Red card

Snape’s first name: Severus

Soft floor coverings: Carpets

Stole cows: Rustled

The DA in the 1991 documentary “JFK”: Kevin __: Costner

Transgress over the edges of something: Overlap

Unlucky __; saying about the number 13: For some

Puzzle 4 Answers

A million plus three zeroes: Billion

An old-fashioned record, based on its shape: Platter

Batten down the __; secure a ship’s tarpaulins: Hatches

Christopher __, Elizabethan era playwright: Marlowe

Dessert made from sugar and ice crystals: Granita

Egyptian burial ground with Step Pyramid: Saqqara

Giving ranking to tennis professionals: Seeding

Honest Abe __: Lincoln

In New York, Lexington and Park are these: Avenues

Lady Bird Johnson’s real first name: Claudia

Legislations made and enforced by local councils: Byelaws

Molly Ringwald film, All These Small __: Moments

Narrow-style jeans: Slim fit

No longer operating or in use: Defunct

Troop tunnel used to shelter against enemy fire: Foxhole

Used a hose to give plants refreshment: Watered

__ off; snoozing, falling asleep: Nodding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Baby hares: Leverets

Disease of trees, most obvious in the 60s and 70s: Dutch elm

In physiology, the same as efferent: Motorial

List of sporting dates in a calendar: Fixtures

Mean, deplorable: Shameful

Red-carpet ball gowns from Chapman and Craig: Marchesa

Small pies: Tartlets

Tara Westover’s memoir: Educated

What fine words can’t butter: Parsnips

Wrote a symphony: Composed

Group 527

Puzzle 1 Answers

American Beauty actress __ Bening: Annette

Clear protein for setting jellies (no “e” at end): Gelatin

Creator of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia: Phidias

Gags, heaves: Retches

Ornette __, free-form jazz saxophonist: Coleman

Roughly climb: Clamber

Smart leather shoes with perforations: Brogues

Switch the central __ on and snuggle up: Heating

US city with Lions and Tigers in separate stadia: Detroit

__ Mother, Dorothea Lange’s Depression-era photo: Migrant

__ bridge, device Leonardo drew for Duke Sforza: Movable

Puzzle 2 Answers

Able to soak up liquid: Absorbent

Blowing machine to remove wetness from locks: Hairdryer

Caretaker or hotel staff member: Concierge

Facial part with high bridge, typical of Italians?: Roman nose

Instrument for measuring radiation: Bolometer

Legendary king in Ulster Cycle of Celtic mythology: Conchobar

Loveable bull who is mistaken as dangerous: Ferdinand

Notebook for drawings: Sketchpad

People who call out those who are landlubbers: Seafarers

Shrove Tuesday carnival: Mardi gras

The Addams family pet octopus: Aristotle

Turkey and all the __: Trimmings

Puzzle 3 Answers

A genius, boffin: Brainbox

An unscrupulous acquisition of territory: Landgrab

Bicycle saddle bags: Panniers

Brazil’s woolly spider monkeys: Muriquis

Canadian-born singer of Diana and My Way: Paul anka

Detached, scientific: Clinical

Lazy to your skeleton: Bone idle

Light late-afternoon meal (before dinner) in Spain: Merienda

Marilyn’s suitor co-star in The Seven Year Itch: Tom ewell

Nerdy fashion style that’s cool: Geek chic

Ode to Joy poet; Beethoven used it in a symphony: Schiller

Parasol for rain: Umbrella

Selecting from more than one: Choosing

Trophy match; last game in a tournament: Cup final

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another word for whalebone: Baleen

Appealed to a deity: Prayed

Designer bags with little Scottie dogs: Radley

Diego __; Indian Ocean archipelago: Garcia

Double __, two setbacks happening back to back: Whammy

Former University of Delaware quarterback Joe __: Flacco

King, died from a surfeit of lampreys: Henry i

The opposite of the waxing of the Moon: Waning

Traditional Japanese female entertainers: __ girls: Geisha

Van Gogh painted The __ Eaters: Potato

Wheel __, car immobilizers used by councils: Clamps

__ Boyd, model, and wife of Harrison and Clapton: Pattie

__ match, swap clothing around to create outfits: Mix and

Puzzle 5 Answers

“A better life, a better world” appliance brand: Panasonic

A series of four books or operas: Tetralogy

Ancient Chinese philosopher, famous for sayings: Confucius

Little Robin __ sat upon a rail: Redbreast

Not outgoings: Incomings

Progressively: Gradually

Rock used to sharpen agricultural blades on: Whetstone

Smooth twill fabric, used in a jacket for e.g.: Gabardine

Sportswear brand of the 20s, created Joy perfume: Jean patou

State where the Mississippi River starts: Minnesota

The top of a fraction: Numerator

Unconventional, strange: Eccentric

Vegetable with a heart: Artichoke

Where a lesson is taught in school: Classroom

__ Western, Europe-made film set in the Wild West: Spaghetti

Group 528

Puzzle 1 Answers

Country where 76% of the Orinoco River is situated: Venezuela

German krautrock band embraced electronic music: Kraftwerk

In __; offensive, vulgar: Poor taste

Italian soup whose name means “reboiled”: Ribollita

Makes tools for quitting smoking: Nicorette

Ornate flight of steps in a building: Staircase

Sack worn on one shoulder, goes across chest: Messenger

Toned dress code at Wimbledon: All whites

White, powdery, sap-sucking insects: Mealybugs

Wire office accessory for keeping sheets together: Paper clip

__ realism, official communist architectural style: Socialist

Puzzle 2 Answers

Eric Theodore __, voiced by co-creator Trey Parker: Cartman

Fool me twice, __ me; proverb: Shame on

Ivan __, producer and director: Reitman

Money per hour: Pay rate

Novelist Aleksandr Pushkin’s nationality: Russian

Oh! __, Foster song with a “banjo on my knee”: Susanna

Printed pictures at large sizes for ads: Posters

Rejections; refusals to acknowledge: Denials

Simplest spelling of fermented milk desserts: Yogurts

The Maple Leafs’ team is based in this city: Toronto

To the max, completely, in every way: Totally

Tool like a pickaxe with a flattened blade: Mattock

Weaved hair into ropes: Braided

What a new flower is doing: Budding

__ wardrobe; minimal, versatile clothes collection: Capsule

Puzzle 3 Answers

Actress who turned down Damehood: Vanessa __: Redgrave

Body manipulation: Piercing

Celia __, in the Hockney painting is Mrs Clark: Birtwell

Charm and personality: Charisma

El __, palace complex created by Spain’s Philip II: Escorial

Job with reduced hours of employment: Part time

Scraping the toes of shoes: Scuffing

Space or time between events: Interval

State that’s home to Cereal City: Michigan

Synthetic rubber used in waterproof garments: Neoprene

The C in VCR: Cassette

They restrict a horse’s view: Blinkers

__ ahead; surging forwards: Storming

__ car, da Vinci’s cannoned precursor to the tank: Armoured

Puzzle 4 Answers

African xylophone: Marimba

Bottom floors of houses, where wine is stored: Cellars

Cash disbursement: Payment

Measuring wheel used by surveyors: Trundle

Oakland football team: Raiders

Opposite of boldness: Shyness

Orange cat who chased cartoon mice Pixie & Dixie: Mr jinks

Primary essential alcohol for making a margarita: Tequila

Robert __; first to launch a rocket: Goddard

Smooth woolen cloth: Worsted

The __ Verses, novel by Salman Rushdie: Satanic

The __ of thunder in the distance: Rolling

The bullet point after fourthly: Fifthly

The military rank of circus artist Tom Thumb: General

Transport hub for plane passengers: Airport

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adjective for “Northern” European countries: Nordic

Author of the WWI novel Birdsong: Sebastian __: Faulks

Little Yellow __ by German artist Franz Marc: Horses

Loose bracelet: Bangle

Meals are served on them: Plates

Milk soaked cake popular in Latin America: tres __: Leches

Reverberating kids’ blown musical instruments: Kazoos

Tarry, waste time: Dawdle

Two-wheeled upright scooter: Segway

__ Danner; actress mother of Gwyneth Paltrow: Blythe

Group 529

Puzzle 1 Answers

1980s glam rock trouser material of choice: Spandex

A suburb of Washington, DC, in Virginia: Fairfax

Ancient Roman pool: Piscina

Guy __, director of Snatch and Sherlock Holmes: Ritchie

Henry __ presumed he had met Dr Livingstone: Stanley

Monster mix of lion, goat and snake in mythology: Chimera

Nuns wear these on the head: Wimples

One who changes things; anagram of meander: Amender

Ten-pin __; knocking down skittles at an alley: Bowling

The Blair Witch __, “documentary” thriller: Project

Wobbly fruit desserts made with gelatin: Jellies

__ bank, financial institution in middle of things: Central

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arizona artsy town; birthplace of Michelle Branch: Sedona

Bobtail’s companion: Ragtag

English city, site of the Ashmolean Museum: Oxford

Famous crime fiction writer’s pseudonym: __ Queen: Ellery

Fireworks or distress signals at sea: Flares

Ghosts, specters, phantoms: Spooks

Hairpiece worn by men to cover a bald patch: Toupee

Italian orange aperitif: Aperol

Joints between arms and hands: Wrists

Leg extensions for circus performers: Stilts

Volkswagen Beetle in The Love Bug: Herbie

__ script, left handed writing used by da Vinci: Mirror

Puzzle 3 Answers

Annual Antipodean celebration on April 25: Anzac day

Country where Lahori and Karahi curries come from: Pakistan

Emperor of Japan from 1926 until 1989: Hirohito

Famous blonde British supermodel: Kate moss

Game of slabs with spots: Dominoes

Little girl hairstyle, hair divided in two: Pigtails

Made bigger or wider: Expanded

National park known for its giant sequoias: Yosemite

Parentheses: Brackets

Particularly appropriate: Apposite

Poet __, top garlanded appointment for a poet: Laureate

Queen song: __ to Love: Somebody

Sham, mockery, parody: Travesty

The highest-grossing basketball film of all-time: Space jam

Toast normally falls __ side down: Buttered

__ Man, white, puffy spokesman for a tire brand: Michelin

Puzzle 4 Answers

At the extreme end of the scale: Full blown

Empty vessels make the __: Most noise

Everything clean and in order: Shipshape

Holdall made of rug flooring: Carpetbag

In art: intentionally surreal, bizarre: Absurdist

Powerful lights attached to the front of a vehicle: Headlamps

Romantic tale: Love story

Secret cooperation to do something underhand: Collusion

The Revolution Will Not be __: Gil Scott-Heron: Televised

Urban Legend, Panic Room and Fight Club actor: Jared leto

__ clerk, inputs text into a computer program: Data entry

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anise and often elderberry Italian liqueur: Sambuca

Biblical king especially known for his wisdom: Solomon

Important part of a nuclear power station: Reactor

Irish county, with Lifford as the county town: Donegal

Legal rules about firearms: Gun laws

Offense formation by Billy Ford and Ryan Wilson: Wildcat

Paloma __, fashion designer, Tiffany’s designer: Picasso

Poser, aspiring star: Wannabe

Robin Williams film about supernatural board game: Jumanji

Unclear, distorted: Blurred

__ crossing, pedestrian light-controlled walkway: Pelican

Group 530

Puzzle 1 Answers

Amber: Beckerite

Beehive, dreadlocks, quiff are all types of this: Hairstyle

Charlie Puth lyrics: “You Just Want ”: Attention

Endangered animal type, such as Tamworth pigs: Rare breed

Grounds with tents: Campsites

Horton __!; Dr Seuss elephant animation: Hears a who

Imperial Star __, the Republic’s signature ship: Destroyer

Known as India’s “Silicon Valley”: Bangalore

Opposite response to “No, thanks”: Yes please

Stopped occurring: Prevented

Sweet filling made from dried fruit and spices: Mincemeat

Three Stooges actor and violinist: Larry fine

Tool for opening wine bottles: Corkscrew

Warship that escorts and defends a fleet: Destroyer

Without any form: Shapeless

Puzzle 2 Answers

Advanced breed of Orcs; servants of Sauron: Uruk hai

Chemical element with the symbol U: Uranium

Coleman Young: first African-American mayor of __: Detroit

Designer of the 60s “Jackie look”: Oleg __: Cassini

Fast __, scanning ahead in a video or recording: Forward

Gwen __ ain’t no Hollaback Girl: Stefani

John Lennon’s middle name: Winston

Milos Forman movie about Mozart: Amadeus

Plants that last for a single year: Annuals

Pudding-bowl haircut modelled on male servant: Pageboy

Standing, like a piano: Upright

This London singer had a hit with Poison: Rita ora

Took the ball from another player: Tackled

Travel document, delivered electronically: E ticket

Type of lettuce in a wedge salad: Iceberg

Visible evidence something is no longer there: Vestige

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Dancing in the Street” in Spanish: __ en la Calle: Bailando

A patented “clock that makes tea” (1902): Teasmade

Boats that clear silt: Dredgers

Buzzing, biting insect: Mosquito

Casual: Informal

Curling lip contemptuously: Sneering

Fee to have something delivered: Shipping

French raw veg for dipping: Crudités

Georges __, physicist of the Big Bang theory: Lemaître

Having brown or black hair: Brunette

Mark on the Riddler’s jacket: Question

Marry on __ for no luck at all: Saturday

Non-military: Civilian

Not resulting in death: Non fatal

Southern California’s electric football team: Chargers

Women’s purses: Handbags

Huston, Morticia in The Addams Family film: Anjelica

Puzzle 4 Answers

Goes in: Enters

Goldie Hawn’s also actress daughter: Kate __: Hudson

Old __ Hubbard: Mother

Public __; services that are run by the government: Sector

Rodent from Central and South America: Agouti

She played Lisa on “As the World Turns”: Eileen __: Fulton

Short grass parts of a golf course: Greens

Stems of plants: Stalks

Things that are forbidden, not acceptable to say: Taboos

Vitus __, Dane, first European to discover Alaska: Bering

__ crusher, thick-soled shoe like brothel creepers: Beetle

Puzzle 5 Answers

A hole was put in someone’s earlobe, it was __: Pierced

Anxiety, worry, apprehension: Tension

Carrying capacity of a ship: Tonnage

Don’t __; 1956 huge hit for Elvis: Be cruel

East Carolina __ play at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium: Pirates

Lose one’s __; stumble or trip when climbing: Footing

Made before tax: Grossed

Passes on knowledge: Imparts

Pictorially represented image: Graphic

Salty body of water in the Middle East: Dead sea

Veggies often served with haggis: neeps and __: Tatties

Wild author, Cheryl __: Strayed

__ St, Dunedin, world’s steepest residential road: Baldwin

__ Years’ War was actually 116 years in length: Hundred

Group 531

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bulgarian city, once known as Philippopolis: Plovdiv

Bunches of twigs: Bundles

Chickpea ball: Falafel

Designate funding for a particular project: Earmark

Harangue, argue, rage: Bluster

Houses for horses: Stables

Japanese word for festival or holiday: Matsuri

Label on items of clothing fit for all adults: One size

Novel by H. G. Wells: The Time __: Machine

Silent era actor/director won an Honorary Oscar: Chaplin

Stirring, anagram of souring: Rousing

__ Cowboys colors are Brown and Gold: Wyoming

__ the Stars; song from The Greatest Showman: Rewrite

Puzzle 2 Answers

A golem is a __ folklore monster: Jewish

Continental __, now better known as duvets: Quilts

Father is Lucius, son is Draco: Malfoy

Less generous than: Meaner

Make water clean of contaminants: Purify

Narrow valleys in mountainous areas, with streams: Gorges

Wearable blankets worn over the shoulders: Shawls

Went against, e.g. a trend: Bucked

Young dogs: Whelps

__ Ryder, Canadian singer of Weak in the Knees: Serena

__ Snap, offensive play in football: Direct

__ tea; infusion of fruit or leaves in hot water: Herbal

Puzzle 3 Answers

1992 George Michael hit with supermodels in video: Too funky

Another name for schoolyard: Blacktop

Asset management company with a zebra logo: Investec

Chemical used for bleaching hair: Peroxide

Cream for removing daily facial makeup/dirt: Cleanser

Eddie Murphy comedy, Beverly __: Hills cop

Edward FitzGerald’s translation of Omar Khayyam: Rubaiyat

Home planet of Lion-O, Cheetara et al: Thundera

Italian pasta bow-tie: Farfalle

Leonardo’s plans for the biggest-ever horse statue: Colossus

Openly: Publicly

Period of dressing in black after a death: Mourning

South African golfer, nicknamed the Big Easy: Ernie els

Puzzle 4 Answers

A 100 years anniversary: Centenary

A fate worse __: Than death

An add-on to an outfit e.g. a handbag or earrings: Accessory

Black and white North American tit: Chickadee

Emitting in the form of waves: Radiating

For e.g. houses, office blocks, cottages: Buildings

Germany’s financial epicenter: Frankfurt

Germany’s financial hub: Frankfurt

Month sung about by Earth, Wind & Fire: September

Recurring theme in a piece of music: Leitmotif

Sports mouthguard: Gumshield

Staying away from a meeting: Absenting

Sweet vanilla and raspberry carbonated drink: Cream soda

The man behind Apple, for most of the people: Steve jobs

Tycho Brahe had one, losing his original in a duel: False nose

__ roll; list of registered voters: Electoral

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient Greek writing deciphered in 1952: Linear b

Arrow holsters: Quivers

Formal homes might have a sparkly __ chandelier: Crystal

Last Habsburg King of Spain: __ II: Charles

Male hawk or falcon: Tiercel

Michael __ of Riverdance fame: Flatley

Mint-tasting compound: Menthol

Music genre and record label of the Specials: Two tone

Neighborhood of Empire State, UN headquarters: Midtown

Old valuable collectible: Antique

Steal a car for fun: Joyride

Still Life with Curtain and Flowered __ by Cézanne: Pitcher

Uneven, unpredictable: Erratic

What an entomologist studies: Insects

Zombies on the AMC show: Walkers

__ Sound, fjord and tourist site in New Zealand: Milford

__ on the Roof, Jewish family in Russian Empire: Fiddler

Group 532

Puzzle 1 Answers

Chocolate milk brand with bunny mascot: Nesquik

Correcting the visuals of widely spaced letters: Kerning

Cured herring; anagram of Alberto: Bloater

Empty tummy noises: Rumbles

Fast-drying paint, used instead of oils: Acrylic

Field remnants of a harvest; a starter beard: Stubble

Flying Old World mammal known for eating fruit: Megabat

Garbage, trash: Rubbish

J in the NATO phonetic alphabet: Juliett

Retired 3x world champion figure skater: Peggy __: Fleming

Sir __ P. Winter, biochemist, co-won Nobel Prize: Gregory

This island group’s capital is Nassau: Bahamas

To inspire others to take notice or interest in: Attract

Puzzle 2 Answers

Belgium forest, saw battles in both World Wars: Ardennes

Chanson d’amour, in English: Love song

Classification of any field of knowledge: Category

Close, comfortable, cherished, friendly: Intimate

Colorful, trumpet-shaped garden flowers: Petunias

DC Comics supervillain archenemy of Hal Jordan: Sinestro

Jewish version of French crepes: Blintzes

Jungle-like, warm weather: Tropical

Lake where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank: Superior

Leg protectors worn by skateboarders: Knee pads

Makeup for the mouth, glossy or matte: Lipstick

Pinball game’s moving parts: Flippers

Small sea fish with vertical stripes: Mackerel

Sporting conduct: Fair play

Trumpet-shaped garden flowers: Petunias

__ Greek; 1964 film starring Anthony Quinn: Zorba the

__ come on over, rhyming children’s game: Red rover

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alexander the Great’s birthplace: the region of __: Macedonia

Another word for makeup: Cosmetics

Arouse, thrill: Titillate

Chemical compound used for glass pigmentation: Neodymium

Country that is native to the second largest bird: Australia

Gogol’s book on the owning of serfs by Tchitchikov: Dead souls

Green watery salad fruits: Cucumbers

Green watery salad vegetables: Cucumbers

Magical Scottish place in Gene Kelly film musical: Brigadoon

Marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, east of Kara Sea: Laptev sea

Secret phrases for logging in: Passwords

The Volunteer State is one of its nicknames: Tennessee

What Wednesday’s child is: Full of woe

Puzzle 4 Answers

Buster __, silent movie star of The General: Keaton

Crown of __, Christ’s headpiece at the Crucifixion: Thorns

Deeply, profoundly, greatly: Sorely

Handing out; dishing out: Doling

Happy __, venue of Hong Kong’s racetrack: Valley

Kelly Clarkson’s first hit: “A __ Like This”: Moment

Material that induces static or is too tight: Clingy

Mexican coffee liqueur brand: Kahlua

Month when the National Eisteddfod of Wales occurs: August

Place, spot, position: Locale

Shallow ground depression where water birds nest: Scrape

They dance in tutus in Disney’s Fantasia: Hippos

Puzzle 5 Answers

Abhor: Despise

Andres __, Barcelona, Spanish playmaker: Iniesta

Casablanca country: Morocco

Domino Pizza’s strange 80s mascot: The noid

Han Solo made the Kessel Run in less than 12 __: Parsecs

Hanging bed: Hammock

Maigret’s creator: Simenon

Most distance: Longest

Number of pawns at the start of a game of chess: Sixteen

Phil Collins’ band: Genesis

Tim -Lee; creator of the World Wide Web: Berners

To bet on the horses, have a __: Flutter

Took the wool off a sheep: Sheared

Vital person in a crime syndicate: Kingpin

Welsh cheese on toast; anagram of arbiter: Rarebit

rolls, 1940s hairstyle of pinned up big curls: Victory

Group 533

Puzzle 1 Answers

2nd biggest holiday for candy in the U.S. in 2016: Halloween

A reference book that lists synonyms: Thesaurus

Aquarium fish whose body is vivid violet: Blue tetra

Art of carving something into surfaces: Engraving

Blasphemy, violation of holy things: Sacrilege

Brand of shampoo, soap and handwash products: Palmolive

Buzz Lightyear is a fictional one: Astronaut

Eradication of slavery: Abolition

German model once married to Seal: Heidi klum

He/she is worth twenty pressed men: Volunteer

Heavenly website-hosting service, owned by Lycos: Angelfire

Highway 61 __, Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone album: Revisited

In a diplomatic way: Tactfully

Innovative creators with patents: Inventors

Large national park and river in Tanzania: Tarangire

Measure of frequency: Kilohertz

Morning brew is drunk from this: Coffee cup

Non-rigid working hours: Flexi time

Passenger motorboat on the Venetian canals: Vaporetto

Personal protector deployed by politicians, celebs: Bodyguard

Sci-fi comedy with Luke Wilson as smartest man: Idiocracy

Treetop adventure course with zip wires: High ropes

__ Nebula, equine constellation: Horsehead

Puzzle 2 Answers

1970 TV police drama starring Robert Blake: Baretta

Bird of passage; drifter: Floater

Founder of the WOMAD arts festival: Peter __: Gabriel

Having fun with toys or games: Playing

Inhabitant of the red planet: Martian

King Lear’s two wicked daughters: __ and Regan: Goneril

Latin version of the Bible made by St Jerome: Vulgate

Made a duck noise: Quacked

Multiply by eight: Octuple

NYC district that contains a lot of fashion houses: Garment

Ogling: Leering

Political brothers involved with Marilyn Monroe: Kennedy

Study of bodily structures, often by dissection: Anatomy

They move in an engine’s cylinders: Pistons

Walked in step, like an army: Marched

Wrapped up pizza: Calzone

Puzzle 3 Answers

Backwards basketball jump shot: Fadeaway

Ben 10’s last name: Tennyson

Burrowing mammal known as an earth pig: Aardvark

Chemical element classification system: __ Table: Periodic

Coastal footwear style: Boat shoe

Distinguishes: Discerns

Found in Chinese cookies: Fortunes

Fruit of summer flowers used in syrups and jellies: Rosehips

German battleship sunk by the British: Bismarck

On the other side of the page: Overleaf

Past tense of beseech: Besought

Piazza __, or St Mark’s Square: San marco

Praise, applause, standing ovation: Plaudits

Rhodesian prime minister in the 1960s: Ian smith

Undressing and putting another outfit on: Changing

__ Park, big screen dinosaur theme park: Jurassic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bits __, various objects, things: And bobs

County law enforcement official: Sheriff

Flat, fried batter: Pancake

Genre of books and films about relationships: Romance

Greek myth, blank verse poem by Lord Tennyson: Ulysses

In the kingdom of the blind, the __ man is king: One eyed

Instruction in a school subject, outside of school: Tuition

Italian supercar with prancing horse logo: Ferrari

Komodo dragon is an example of a __ lizard: Monitor

Pope Urban II launched the first one in 1095: Crusade

Technical assistance for software users: Support

The __ of the Lambs, Foster and Hopkins: Silence

Trimmed hair with electric device: Clipped

__ My Love, 1990 hit for Madonna: Justify

Puzzle 5 Answers

2018 NASCAR champ: __ Truex, Jr.: Martin

Chilled sponge, cream and fruit dessert: Trifle

Egyptian god of wealth and incense: Dedwen

Like a sonnet: Poetic

Long mirror that sounds like a French horse: Cheval

One of the largest cities of the Philippines: Manila

Rob __, Daily Show reporter, Modern Family actor: Riggle

Tall formal headgear for a gentleman: Top hat

The Simpsons clown: Krusty

The exit from a building: Way out

The most frosty: Iciest

The relationship between a child and its parents: Filial

__ Hart, lyricist of The Lady is a Tramp: Lorenz

Group 534

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cheek dent: Dimple

Commander of Apollo 13, James __: Lovell

Grammatical case, with nominative and accusative: Dative

Groups of sheep: Flocks

Japanese train that floats on magnets: Maglev

Lightweight, loose-fitting shirt for women: Blouse

Metal devices for gripping, attached to shoe soles: Cleats

Reason given for acting badly: Excuse

Turkey __, farmyard pal of Chicken Licken: Lurkey

Usually heard from bagpipes: Skirls

Viennese amusement park with big wheel: Prater

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic novel: Dracula

Evening parties: Soirees

Free __, corner space in Monopoly: Parking

Hard-hearted person: Callous

Macon and Marietta are in this U.S. state: Georgia

Of or relating to hyenas: Hyenine

Process of turning up an overlength clothing item: Hemming

Salt-producing chemical element: Halogen

Sealed space with an open shower: Wet room

South __, 1958 film musical set during WWII: Pacific

Turn applied to tennis balls by hitting upper half: Topspin

__ Walker; Scotch whisky with Red Label brand: Johnnie

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bouncing Australian marsupial: Kangaroo

Bros is the shortened form of this word: Brothers

Certain districts under the authority of bishops: Dioceses

Exercising at the pool: Swimming

Fear of good news: Euphobia

Gave a better job to someone: Promoted

Giving off light: Luminous

Repeated small spot pattern on a fabric: Polka dot

Roster, timetable: Schedule

Subversive 1970s music genre: Punk rock

Tree nut roasted at Christmas, or a brown pigment: Chestnut

__ of an Ending, book by Julian Barnes: The sense

Puzzle 4 Answers

A window in the roof of a building: Skylight

Anne __, Benjamin’s Mrs Robinson in The Graduate: Bancroft

British Back For Good band: Take that

Chilling, terrifying, scary-looking: Fearsome

Hershey’s chocolate-coated caramel pieces: Milk duds

Interior __; someone who plans building decoration: Designer

Medical term for itchy skin: Pruritus

Nevsky __, St Petersburg’s most impressive avenue: Prospekt

Part of town where L. Bernstein musical happens: West side

Scaling up a rock face: Climbing

Tailed, pursued: Followed

Tune that plays on a mobile phone for calls: Ringtone

Puzzle 5 Answers

Accidentally hitting or crashing into something: Colliding

British monarch nicknamed the Farmer King: George iii

Contemplates, gives thought to: Considers

Former Argentine president, Evita’s husband: Juan peron

Frothy dairy drink: Milkshake

Living in or on another host organism: Parasitic

Location where coats and hats may be kept: Cloakroom

Make more varied, introduce more species or crops: Diversify

Material hairband: Scrunchie

Sam Smith song: Writing’s __: On the wall

Scathing, e.g. a __ look: Withering

The middle cavity of the inner ear: Vestibule

Widely popular US pharmacy chain: Walgreens

__ crab, species between spider and crustacean: Horseshoe

Group 535

Puzzle 1 Answers

Antonym of smallest: Greatest

Atari’s 1984 shooting game: Dropzone

Comical birds that waddle around Antarctica: Penguins

Communications left for others, e.g. notes: Messages

Debris moving over the eye, seen as spots: Floaters

Describes an unconventional style/lifestyle: Bohemian

Designated a task: Assigned

In soccer, ahead of defense and behind attack: Midfield

Law __; person employed to keep order: Enforcer

Only state bordered by four Great Lakes: Michigan

Spinner of a roulette wheel: Croupier

Surname of Spanish singers Julio and son, Enrique: Iglesias

System of political theory: Ideology

T E __, writer and explorer of Arab lands: Lawrence

Table set aside for a specific party: Reserved

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle’s supervillain: Shredder

The part of the brain that takes up the most space: Cerebrum

__ the Titans with Denzel Washington: Remember

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Prayer For __, John Irving novel: Owen meany

Architectural style that preferred concrete: Brutalism

Aztec earth goddess wore a skirt of snakes: Coatlicue

Damaged, frayed hair tips: Split ends

Diplomatic missions; consulates’ offices: Embassies

Horror with an evil Plymouth Fury named __: Christine

Indigestion or acid stomach: Heartburn

Making a journey by flight: Air travel

Match to decide entry to play in a tournament: Qualifier

Mint __, round sweets with a regal-sounding name: Imperials

Ms Parton’s theme park: Dollywood

Reuniting, getting back together: Rejoining

Rubbery circular air chamber: Inner tube

State of precarious weakness: Fragility

Teen drama series based on Archie Comics: Riverdale

The pixie animator of Pinocchio in the Disney tale: Blue fairy

The study of ligaments: Desmology

Wealthy, more rich compared to a friend, say: Better off

__ tune, music by which a person is known: Signature

Puzzle 3 Answers

A cap with pieces covering the ears: Biggon

A cleric ranking next below a priest: Deacon

It determines the winner after a tie: Runoff

Johnny __ sang When A Child Is Born in 1978: Mathis

Old fashioned term for a car mechanic: grease __: Monkey

Ordained member of the clergy: Deacon

Popular for seasoning; will keep vampires away: Garlic

River that flows through six Asian countries: Mekong

Sewed with rough stitches: Tacked

Threw into the apt receptacle: Binned

Twill fabric trousers, often khaki or beige: Chinos

__ history; activities that re-enact the past: Living

__ route; driving through beautiful landscape: Scenic

Puzzle 4 Answers

A concept album released by the Beach Boys in 1966: Pet sounds

Artificial lake where water is collected: Reservoir

Capability, being good at something: Adeptness

Charlie Chaplin’s last American film: Limelight

Equal opportunity for winning or losing: Even break

Frank Lloyd Wright’s profession: Architect

Mark that shows exactly when a letter was posted: Date stamp

Polish for footwear: Shoeshine

Short-term, not lasting forever: Temporary

Shrove Tuesday in certain German-speaking places: Fastnacht

Spanish banking group named after a northern port: Santander

Yet to be sounded or explored: Unplumbed

Puzzle 5 Answers

A poker tournament’s first words: “__ up and deal”: Shuffle

Arranged, ordered in A-Z sequence: Indexed

British company famous for waxy jackets: Barbour

Henri __ painted The Snail: Matisse

Metallic element, makes strong teeth and bones: Calcium

Nick Jonas’ first single to crack the top 10: Jealous

One who keeps notes on daily happenings: Diarist

She plays Joan Watson in Elementary: Lucy liu

Small fragrant S African flower used in bouquets: Freesia

Spring __; young poultry, or even a young human: Chicken

Stems from, originates from: Derives

__ the clock; waste time unnecessarily: Run down

Group 536

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arguable: Debatable

Dried red fruit that boosts the immune system: Goji berry

Exactly the same: Identical

Helper: Assistant

Plant varieties developed by breeding: Cultivars

Song by Lana Del Rey and a classic of the closet: Blue jeans

Suggested rules for office attire: Dress code

The Netherlands’ capital: Amsterdam

They are sent in to deal with failing institutions: Receivers

Throat and stomach connector: Esophagus

Transparent scale over a snake’s eye: Spectacle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Africa’s leading coffee-producing country: Ethiopia

Anatomical term for the jawbone: Mandible

Bespoke, custom-made suit: Tailored

Cartoon hero from Krypton: Superman

Conspirators: Plotters

Craving, desire, longing: Yearning

Female who is no longer married: Divorcee

Greek baked casserole of eggplant and ground meat: Moussaka

John __, the voice of Bolt: Travolta

Pops like a bonfire: Crackles

Tennessee __ wrote New Orleans play Vieux Carré: Williams

Trumpet sounds to signal arrivals: Fanfares

With more tempestuous weather, by comparison: Stormier

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ to India, 1920’s independence movement: Passage

Acerbic replies: Retorts

Birds that gobble, like huge chickens: Turkeys

Blood, frogs, lice, etc.: the ten __ of Egypt: Plagues

Cold Russian place, the epitome of state exile: Siberia

Describes a large hessian bag loaded to the top: Sackful

Italian painter who died on Good Friday at age 37: Raphael

Lingerie company “has a bra for the way you are”: Triumph

Patio: Terrace

Perfume family with herbaceous, green scents: Fougere

Pours red wine into a glass jug: Decants

Scared __; absolutely petrified: Witless

Social gatherings of revelry, drinking and dancing: Parties

Started to tire and slow down: Flagged

Violent confrontations: Clashes

“Father of Country Music”: yodeler Jimmie __: Rodgers

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artist in clays, marble and bronzes: Sculptor

Dark brown vinegar from Italy: Balsamic

Exercise good for raising the heart rate: Aerobics

Is equal with: Compares

Largest city in Sudan, on the White Nile: Khartoum

Loom-fitting and the patterned fabric made on it: Jacquard

Necklaces of flowers: Garlands

On __; falling, slipping, e.g. prices: The slide

Regular hospital process of kidney filtration: Dialysis

Remains beyond the agreed date: Outstays

State whose capital is named for 16th US president: Nebraska

The highest surfaces of houses: Rooftops

__ Ford is Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan: Harrison

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bad luck; witchcraft: Hoodoo

Curving in flight: Arcing

Gladys __ sang the theme song to Licence to Kill: Knight

It stands for S in the NATO phonetic alphabet: Sierra

Italian writer, wrote the lives of famous artists: Vasari

Mille __, endurance car race of 1000 miles: Miglia

Munches loudly: Chomps

New Orleans NFL team: Saints

Son of Shaphat and disciple of Elijah: Elisha

Star system with two stars orbiting each other: Binary

The heavens __; it started raining hard: Opened

Wide sleeve cut with the body of the garment: Dolman

With no doubt: Surely

Youngest Simpson girl: Maggie

Group 537

Puzzle 1 Answers

A movie that rehashes a previous film version: Remake

Anagram of envied: Endive

Another word for lavatory: Toilet

Gene __, singer of Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa: Pitney

Rebellion, turmoil: Unrest

Sauce for Eggs Provencal: Tomato

Seek, desire, wish: Aspire

Signal light on a hill: Beacon

Silly __, when newspapers publish daft stories: Season

Straw hat: Boater

Tech brand that produces the IdeaPad: Lenovo

When lacking insulin, your body produces this: Ketone

__ beech; ornamental tree with purple leaves: Copper

Puzzle 2 Answers

Becoming tired, losing energy and enthusiasm: Flagging

Biggest sheet on a ship: Mainsail

Botanical item in a container at home: Pot plant

Cool __, Paul Newman starred as a convict: Hand luke

Costs incurred by a company like energy, workforce: Expenses

Crossover hit for Ronnie Milsap: __ in My House: Stranger

Every woman is someone’s __: Daughter

Flat, battered, fried things: Fritters

Games devices, e.g. PlayStation, Xbox: Consoles

Hard cylindrical pillow supports in bed: Bolsters

His book inspired Communism: Karl marx

Honeycomb cells are these shapes: Hexagons

Hound of Hades, multi-headed canine: Cerberus

More empty, unfilled: Hollower

Priest’s daughter in the Bible who married Moses: Zipporah

Shoes primarily designed for sports: Sneakers

Swept-over men’s hairstyle for covering baldness: Combover

Too nippy for swimming; once called the German Sea: North sea

Underage, young: Juvenile

__ learning course, remote access to education: Distance

Puzzle 3 Answers

A newborn’s wardrobe: Layette

Charles M. Schulz comic: Peanuts

European 20th century avant-garde art movement: Dadaism

Formally accused of a crime: Charged

Give Peace a Chance, protest song of the __ War: Vietnam

Hitting a golf ball on a green: Putting

Jennifer Garner played this Daredevil assassin: Elektra

Makes bubbles from soap: Lathers

Minor, unlucky happenings: Mishaps

Native American who assisted Pilgrims: Squanto

Planet impacted by a comet in July, 1994: Jupiter

Rajasthan, India, annual camel and livestock fair: Pushkar

Sticky sugar syrup for baking: Treacle

The Basketball __; 1995 drama starring DiCaprio: Diaries

The letter D in HDL and LDL cholesterol: Density

The same as brain trust : __ cabinet: Kitchen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chestnut-pigmented beer such as from Newcastle: Brown ale

Coen Brothers’ ransom movie The Big __: Lebowski

Example of: Instance

Finger accessory that can sense how someone feels: Mood ring

Flying and the air transport industry: Aviation

Forged designer merchandise: Knock off

Language app: Duolingo

Mournful bugle call: Last post

Occurred over and over again: Repeated

Painful, red growth, often caused by disease: Swelling

Pythagoras believed all numbers were this: Rational

Renew, completely redo: Overhaul

Seed-bearer of an evergreen tree: Pine cone

Talented racehorse, Derby winner in 1971: Mill reef

Tudor king, the only son of Henry VIII: Edward vi

__ Festival, UK file-sharing rock music festival: Download

__ monkeys; primates including baboons and gibbons: Old world

Puzzle 5 Answers

50 percent retail reduction: Half price

Another word for a watch, clock; conveys prestige: Timepiece

Area where your view is obstructed: Blind spot

Arthur’s Theme composer Burt __ won the 1982 Oscar: Bacharach

Chalk and pavement game with numbered squares: Hopscotch

Chemical treatment for killing insects on plants: Pesticide

Consummate; thoroughgoing: Outandout

Fight, tussle or struggle: Scrimmage

Large falcon with a ferocious high-speed dive: Peregrine

Medieval wavy sword: Flamberge

Players who move balls with lots of short kicks: Dribblers

Protagonist of F Scott Fitzgerald’s Great novel: Jay gatsby

Reddish light on horizon opposite the Sun: Alpenglow

Seacrest’s Season 1 Idol cohost: Brian __: Dunkleman

Tall shoes from the 1970s: Platforms

Group 538

Puzzle 1 Answers

1965 British espionage film: The __ File: Ipcress

Confiscate, seize, take away, like of a car: Impound

Cross your __ and hope for good luck: Fingers

Divine female, such as Hera: Goddess

Forgives officially: Pardons

Glued, stuck: Adhered

Its largest city (as of 2018) is Guayaquil: Ecuador

Made to order, like with a suit: Bespoke

Navigating hazards Arcade game: Frogger

Person who has a full season with the circus: Trouper

Plane departure: Take off

Playing the first shot in tennis: Serving

Process of producing soda ash invented in 1791: Leblanc

Sloped letters: Italics

Small ensemble music; can be played in large room: Chamber

Umbrella toting fictional character Mary __: Poppins

__ on, talking incessantly, in a fishlike manner: Carping

__ pan, grooved metal tray for roasting meat: Broiler

Puzzle 2 Answers

Change from public ownership: Privatize

Contents of a tooth, undergoes painful treatment: Root canal

Deep dish used to serve lettuce, cucumber, tomato: Salad bowl

Dutch __ Company; 17th-century traders: East india

In the Biblical show, Joseph has a Technicolor one: Dreamcoat

John Wayne’s headwear: Cowboy hat

Person making money from defrauding others: Racketeer

Polish national dance in 3/4 time: Polonaise

Said to a child who has fallen over: Upsy daisy

Someone who passes on knowledge to police: Informant

Speedy watercraft with powerful engine: Motorboat

The most petite, graceful: Daintiest

Villette was one of her novels: __ Bronte: Charlotte

Wake up too late: Oversleep

Went into detail, described: Explained

__ House, former home of Amsterdam’s diarist: Anne frank

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient language and peoples of the Mediterranean: Etruscan

Comfy seating device: Armchair

Flower-shaped badges awarded as prizes: Rosettes

Fungi that sound like they might contain chocolate: Truffles

Height of the ocean: Sea level

I __ lonely as a cloud, Wordsworth’s words: Wandered

Month when the US observes National Wear Red Day: February

Robert __; Forrest Gump director: Zemeckis

Stained with gore: Bloodied

Unable to think clearly: Confused

Unable to think or understand clearly: Confused

__ Airport Newquay or NQY: Cornwall

Puzzle 4 Answers

1990 Tim Burton movie, __ Scissorhands: Edward

Breed of tiger, second largest tiger in the world: Bengal

Elon Musk attended this Canadian university: Queens

Lee who played The Six Million Dollar Man: Majors

Minaret of an incomplete Moroccan mosque: __ Tower: Hassan

Mobile gate that allows water to flow under it: Sluice

Nationality of the composer Hector Berlioz: French

Part of a circle bounded by two radii: Sector

Piece of cotton used for sewing: Thread

Takes pleasure, appreciates: Enjoys

With hands on hips: Akimbo

__ Strip, Hollywood area of bars and nightclubs: Sunset

__ girl; young female in a bridal party: Flower

__ of the King, Tennyson’s ode to Camelot: Idylls

Puzzle 5 Answers

3D display: Diorama

Dark cherry used in desserts: Morello

Fabric strip, hangs down from around shirt collar: Necktie

Former Greek currency: Drachma

Heavy, coarse fabric used for stiffening garments: Buckram

Leap higher than someone: Outjump

Maiden voyage sinking ship inspiring a 1997 film: Titanic

Speaking in a rhythmic, sing-song accent: Lilting

The person who laughs last, laughs __: Longest

Windhoek is capital of this African country: Namibia

Wooden crates, often repurposed: Pallets

Wooden support, often repurposed: Pallets

Group 539

Puzzle 1 Answers

Avoided capture: Escaped

Extending, revalidating, e.g. household insurance: Renewal

Identify clearly and precisely: Specify

Improve one’s mood: Cheer up

Japanese fast-food chain with a conveyor belt: Yo sushi

Loss of ability to process sensory information: Agnosia

Men’s hair stylists: Barbers

National dog of Malta: __ Hound: Pharaoh

Popular college toy originally from pie tins: Frisbee

Send a mail you’ve received on to someone else: Forward

__ Johnson, escapologist, half of Living Illusions: Kristen

__ Sunday, Christian festival 8 weeks after Easter: Trinity

__ You; first number 1 hit of the 1960s for Elvis: Stuck on

__ tweezers, laser beams to grab particles, atoms: Optical

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Fortification” mountain in Spain’s Sierra Nevada: Alcazaba

Drop without a parachute: Freefall

Got in the way, obstructed: Hampered

Mismatched clothing worn on the feet: Odd socks

Not kidding around, study of kidding: Kidology

Oil __, metal can for dribbling dressing on salads: Drizzler

Primp __, put on makeup, style hair: And preen

Prolonged period of higher than usual temperatures: Heat wave

Red __, Bass beer symbol seen in Manet painting: Triangle

Simultaneous Queen of England and Empress of India: Victoria

Terminator 2: __ Day: Judgment

The reverse of a vinyl disc: Flip side

Toothed device that engages with others: Cogwheel

__ of lips, like cartoon dogs before eating steaks: Smacking

Puzzle 3 Answers

80s, 90s family sitcom featuring the Olsen twins: Full house

Beguiled, delighted: Entranced

Desires are __ by delays: Nourished

Enchanted stick waved by a conjurer: Magic wand

Gradual increase in loudness of a piece of music: Crescendo

Gymnastics vault named after a Japanese gymnast: Tsukahara

New York Military Academy: West point

Sci-fi genre devoted to the Industrial Revolution: Steampunk

Strings, go through eyes/hooks in winter footwear: Bootlaces

Those who agree: Assenters

Type of restaurant most likely to serve palacsinta: Hungarian

Venomous marine reptiles that live in coral reefs: Sea snakes

Puzzle 4 Answers

A doctor with an alter ego, book character: Jekyll

All the elements of the physical world: Nature

Capital of the Marshall Islands: Majuro

Curdled milk that’s eaten as a dessert: Yogurt

Dental caps: Crowns

Flaps on the front of jackets covering the chest: Lapels

Michelle Obama’s profession pre-White House: Lawyer

Monks, e.g. Augustines, Dominicans or Franciscans: Friars

Paper receipt for using on a train or bus: Ticket

Robert __, Jr played Holmes in Guy Ritchie’s films: Downey

Sleazy, scary: Creepy

__ bombing, indiscriminate bombardment: Carpet

__ pip, or goodbye: Toodle

__ wheel; observation ride with capsules: Ferris

Puzzle 5 Answers

“From the library of”, label on special books: Ex libris

2018 film named for an email scam: __ Prince: Nigerian

Accented, with a balanced flow of sounds: Cadenced

Blouse with exaggerated tied neckline: Pussy bow

Calm, anagram of Swindles: Windless

Cooked in flame, like crepes suzette: Flambeed

Country __, they are unsophisticated types: Bumpkins

Cutting hair slightly: Trimming

Farmyard waker-uppers: Roosters

Rigid airship named after a German count: Zeppelin

Schools, informs: Educates

To be agitated or exhausted, troubled: Stressed

Group 540

Puzzle 1 Answers

Fashionable wide pants and Italian word for palace: Palazzo

Handful of must-see game on an African safari: Big five

Heavyweight boxing pro Smokin’ Joe __: Frazier

Huey, Dewey and Louie to Donald Duck: Nephews

Large recesses in an indoor wall: Alcoves

Law Abiding __, Gerard Butler revenge movie: Citizen

Popeye likes this vegetable: Spinach

Scrabble __, stack letters on top of each other: Upwords

Sweden’s national parliament: Riksdag

TV show where three witch sisters battle evil: Charmed

To hit __, to find something important or valuable: Paydirt

Traditional plantation product of the US South: Tobacco

Turn in a circle: Revolve

__ Rainbow; song made famous by Judy Garland: Over the

Puzzle 2 Answers

A bird in the hand is worth two here: In the bush

Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts…: Susan cain

Cellars: Basements

F1 motor racing championship race: Grand prix

French maker of stilettos with red soles: Louboutin

Gesture showing respect: Obeisance

Getting on a boat to leave: Embarking

Glittery sphere that clubbers dance under: Disco ball

In the Bleak __, carol with words by Rossetti: Midwinter

Keeps your hair dry in the bath or under sprinkler: Shower cap

Motion of a projectile: Ballistic

Not the author’s real name: Pseudonym

Notifying: Informing

Number of the century we’re living in now: Twenty one

Subantarctic island possessions of New Zealand: Antipodes

Thousands of billions: Trillions

Typical fungi, a white-spotted red mushroom: Fly agaric

__ Town, musical about New York’s bright lights: Wonderful

Puzzle 3 Answers

Actress born Betty Joan Perske, Lauren __: Bacall

Blow __ with a feather; expression of disbelief: Me down

Country where fashion designer Altuzarra was born: France

Fats __, jazz pianist and singer of Blueberry Hill: Domino

Fuels that include crude oil, coal and natural gas: Fossil

Perfumed oil or wax to smooth or sculpt hair: Pomade

Rouse from sleep: Wake up

Scarlet vulpine: Red fox

Sportspeople who enter water from springboards: Divers

Those who choose not to eat or use animal products: Vegans

Triple-barrelled __, weapon invented by Da Vinci: Cannon

__ Fair, stylish beauty magazine: Vanity

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artist who painted Boulevard Montmartre at Night: Pissarro

Authentic Greek restaurants: Tavernas

Baseball players far from the pitcher: Fielders

Book about a boy who can fly and never grows up: Peter pan

Cat face sensors: Whiskers

Convulsions, fits: Seizures

Damage, smashing, destruction: Breakage

Feminine hormone: Estrogen

Footwear that’s not old, bought recently: New shoes

Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, and Lita Ford’s band: Runaways

Once known as Constantinople; Turkish megacity: Istanbul

Open them to reveal the stage: Curtains

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ sensei: Splinter

Top up, e.g. battery levels: Recharge

WSOP final table, the __ Nine: November

__ policeman; alternative name for a speed bump: Sleeping

Puzzle 5 Answers

A person who acts for another in legal matters: Attorney

Annual Valencian tomato throwing festival: Tomatina

Burning logs for cooking over, near tents: Campfire

Celebrity, musician; e.g. Mick Jagger, David Bowie: Rock star

Large electric cooking pot used to cook slowly: Crock pot

Paddling a canoe-like boat on rivers or rapids: Kayaking

Permitting: Allowing

Rabbit’s surname in the John Updike novels: Angstrom

Rough or harsh, especially regarding a husky voice: Gravelly

Segregated suburb in South Africa during Apartheid: Township

TV station companies: Networks

The “one”, the person you’re meant to be with: Soulmate

The starting points of philosophical arguments: Premises

Treachery, disloyalty: Betrayal

Yellow flour made from maize: Cornmeal

__ pool; used for babies born in water: Birthing

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