Codycross Farm Answers

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Codycross Farm

Group 461

Puzzle 1 Answers

A deep round dish for broth: Soupbowl

Egg whites and sugar dessert cooked at low temps: Meringue

Graphic display of events in chronological order: Timeline

Items to wear: Garments

Noisy white birds found on beaches or coastlines: Seagulls

Reading something quickly: Skimming

Shopper in a store: Customer

State of being smaller in size or contracted: Shrunken

Substance used to make a chemical reaction faster: Catalyst

Successful singer or song-writer of popular music: Hitmaker

Those who watch a show or play: Audience

To try out for a part in a movie: Audition

Puzzle 2 Answers

Containers used to feed babies milk: Bottles

Creature with eagle head and lion body: Griffin

Lady’s hairdo that looks like an insect’s home: Beehive

Lending a hand: Helping

Made an estimate about how large a number is: Guessed

Not employed: Jobless

Ocean where Hawaii is located: Pacific

Only a small piece of a big problem: tip of the __: Iceberg

Standing yoga pose, or a soldier: Warrior

These are used to feed babies milk: Bottles

What many water bottles are made out of: Plastic

Word with the same meaning as another word: Synonym

__ beans, Mexican or Tex-Mex staple: Refried

Puzzle 3 Answers

80s New Wave band fronted by Debbie Harry: Blondie

A stop between flights before the next journey: Layover

An exact copy of something: Replica

Canine competition: Dog show

Citrus fruits that make up part of a mimosa: Oranges

Dark green crispy stuff wrapped around sushi: Seaweed

Exhibition space: Gallery

Japanese warrior: Samurai

Las Vegas and Monte Carlo have many of these: Casinos

Mountaineer: Climber

They extract liquid from fruits and vegetables: Juicers

They help you see better: Glasses

__ City, fictional city in the Land of Oz: Emerald

Puzzle 4 Answers

A female sibling: Sister

Earthquake rumble: Tremor

Eat voraciously, gobble up: Devour

Famous river that flows through London: Thames

Human soul, mind or spirit: Psyche

One who corrects and revises text for publication: Editor

Overseas: Abroad

The book from which actors learn their lines: Script

This Beatle imagined a hypothetical world: Lennon

You need one to get into a concert: Ticket

Puzzle 5 Answers

A place where a person lives: Residence

A system of parts working together in a machine: Mechanism

Gather and keep supplies in case of emergency: Stockpile

Gentle melodies to send babies to sleep: Lullabies

He could turn the things he touched into gold: King midas

Long-distance running races: Marathons

Made someone feel better: Comforted

Periodical such as The Guardian, New York Times: Newspaper

Protective outer layer of the skin: Epidermis

Small, rocky space objects that orbit the sun: Asteroids

Group 462

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Deck the halls with __ of holly”; tree branches: Boughs

1939 film starring Judy Garland: “The __ of Oz”: Wizard

A hypothesis: Theory

A panda’s preferred food: Bamboo

Admit into a club: Induct

Admit into an organization or club: Induct

Concedes permission: Grants

Delicate and neat: Dainty

E-book reader from Amazon: Kindle

Headgear, protects against solar rays: Sun hat

Journey to far-away places: Travel

Jumping into the water with minimal splash: Diving

Kingdom of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Narnia

Medical term for a nonmalignant tumor: Benign

Nearly: Almost

People who star in movies and plays: Actors

Underground hole that a rabbit lives in: Burrow

Puzzle 2 Answers

Images taken with the front-facing camera: Selfies

Indignation and anger: Outrage

Movie about a romance on an ill-fated ship: Titanic

Natural indents in a person’s cheeks: Dimples

Run around playfully like young kids or dogs: Scamper

Salty lake in the Middle East with no life: Dead sea

Shrivels and dries, like a plant: Withers

The Vitruvian Man was drawn by him: Da vinci

To go down a mountain: Descend

Worshipper who travels to a sacred place: Pilgrim

Puzzle 3 Answers

Against: Opposed

Another name for the breastbone: Sternum

First part of Dante Alighieri’s long poem: Inferno

It is pulled to open a parachute: Ripcord

Lights a fire, starts something burning: Ignites

Pet rodents that burrow in soil: Gerbils

Popular music streaming app with green logo: Spotify

Scale for measuring the magnitude of earthquakes: Richter

Small piece; scrap; fragment: Snippet

The falls located on the border of NY and Canada: Niagara

They make up bouquets: Flowers

What the female feline super hero wears: Catsuit

Whisky and gin, or ghosts: Spirits

__ Impossible series with Tom Cruise: Mission

Puzzle 4 Answers

A graphic representation of a story: Pictorial

Billowing symbol of surrender: White flag

Chamber of the heart, left or right: Ventricle

First rule, do not talk about this film title: Fight club

Fungi: Mushrooms

Ornamental objects used to hold a sleeve closed: Cufflinks

Piece of plastic you pay with (not credit): Debit card

Pigs that aren’t domesticated: Wild boars

Rose to fame as the lead singer of The Supremes: Diana ross

Terrified, or turned to stone: Petrified

Tethered journey outside a craft by an astronaut: Spacewalk

To rise and fall with no regular pattern: Fluctuate

Puzzle 5 Answers

Black liquid that comes from a sea creature: Squid ink

Editing a photo by cutting down the sides: Cropping

Entered where not welcome: Intruded

Gin or vodka cocktails made with vermouth: Martinis

In close friendship; intimate: Familiar

Making educated assumptions: Guessing

Male building owner who rents out spaces to others: Landlord

Official procedure or system of rules: Protocol

Purposeful omission of information; crossing out: Deletion

Social media platform by Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Someone subject to ridicule: “__ stock”: Laughing

Time zone that covers the Rockies in the US/Canada: Mountain

Group 463

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Oh, the weather outside is ” Let it Snow lyrics: Frightful

Actor who played Luther, Stringer Bell in The Wire: Idris elba

Ancient Roman road leading from Rome to Brindisi: Appian way

Bittersweet jam made from oranges: Marmalade

E.T. desperately wants to do this: Phone home

Famous U.S. military academy located in New York: West point

Large white and furry inhabitant of the Arctic: Polar bear

Obsessive supporters: Superfans

Rough, noisy, playful behavior: Horseplay

Rough, noisy, playful fun: Horseplay

Stiff paper material that boxes are made out of: Cardboard

Walking exercise machine: Treadmill

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person depicted in a novel or a play: Character

Clock or watch to measure minutes, hours, etc.: Timepiece

Demeaning, cheapening: Degrading

Edible marine animals like crab or prawns: Shellfish

Love, fondness, liking, care: Affection

Professional who selects and serves wine: Sommelier

Relating to plants: Botanical

Skill of managing international relations: Diplomacy

Spikey-topped yellow fruit: Pineapple

The way in which a person lives: Lifestyle

Thin pasta served with meatballs: Spaghetti

Wookiee from Star Wars: Chewbacca

Housewives, the lives of Wisteria Lane’s ladies: Desperate

Puzzle 3 Answers

Accept; surrender: Concede

Canoe propellers: Paddles

Dishonest; like many politicians: Corrupt

Getting stuck in this after leaving work is no fun: Traffic

Kate Middleton is one: Duchess

Keep safe and sound, watch over: Protect

Media provider that originated The Crown: Netflix

Shakespearean play that includes a witches’ spell: Macbeth

They are the “walking dead”: Zombies

Yo-Yo Ma is a famous one: Cellist

__ and sniff, an odorous surface: Scratch

Puzzle 4 Answers

Band of thin fabric worn tightly on the neck: Choker

Capital of Colombia: Bogota

Kids nursery rhyme: The Itsy Bitsy __: Spider

Military exercises: Drills

Optical glass discs: Lenses

Said of a fruit that has gone bad: Rotten

Small, green fruits that go in martinis: Olives

Sweet and old-fashioned; charming: Quaint

The types of doves in The 12 Days of Christmas: Turtle

You tend to this just outside your home: Garden

Puzzle 5 Answers

1970s-style shoes with thick soles: Platform

Band known for their songs “Yellow” and “Fix You”: Coldplay

Conceited, with extreme sense of self-importance: Arrogant

Italian cheese grated on pasta dishes: Parmesan

Lessons that teach you how to tread water: Swimming

Mary Mary Quite __, How Does Your Garden Grow?: Contrary

Park City, Utah film festival: Sundance

Something that causes inconvenience or annoyance: Nuisance

Table game with rectangular dotted tiles: Dominoes

To look after a residence while its owner is away: Housesit

Wood-eating pests that live in colonies: Termites

Group 464

Puzzle 1 Answers

A strong dislike: Aversion

Advocacy of women’s rights based on equality: Feminism

Apples becoming juicier and sweeter, ready to eat: Ripening

Big wild cats with spotted fur: Leopards

Careful, guarded, circumspect: Cautious

Ceremonies held to bury the departed: Funerals

Country directly to the west of Spain: Portugal

His enemy was Captain Hook: Peter pan

Sarah __, the Duchess of York: Ferguson

Searching for food in the wild: Foraging

Tips over in a boat: Capsizes

Puzzle 2 Answers

Checks and __, a theory of government: Balances

Cleaning with a broom: Sweeping

Evita the musical was about this first lady: Eva peron

Fast, short-distance runner: Sprinter

Followed an order: Complied

Grateful; expressing gratitude: Thankful

Head coverings for hygiene when handling food: Hairnets

His heel was his only weak spot: Achilles

Long stiff hairs on cats’ faces: Whiskers

Pasta beloved with a cheese sauce: Macaroni

Performed by both a mailman and midwife: Delivery

The writer of the words of a song: Lyricist

Third largest religion in the world: Hinduism

Unpleasant physical effects from drinking too much: Hangover

You type on this: Keyboard

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bette __; US Beaches actress and singer: Midler

Famous Rough Collie on TV; Scottish term for girl: Lassie

Grid puzzle for digits 1 through 9: Sudoku

Informal photo, taken without the subject knowing: Candid

Large organized group of singers: Chorus

Long sticks some circus performers walk on: Stilts

Mended a wound: Healed

Paulo __, novelist most famous for The Alchemist: Coelho

Special dog food bits given as rewards: Treats

They are the people invited to a party: Guests

What balloons are filled with: Helium

Puzzle 4 Answers

Delicate: Fragile

Department store customer: Shopper

Lead singer of Queen: Freddie __: Mercury

Morally sound: Ethical

Paul Michael Glaser’s character, partner of Hutch: Starsky

Permits that protect the rights of inventors: Patents

Pigs find this underground; also a chocolate: Truffle

Venue used for outdoor sports: Stadium

Wealth or luck: Fortune

What a canine eats its dinner out of: Dog bowl

__ Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street: Sweeney

__ stars, streaks of light from meteors: Falling

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mythological, magical or folklore story: Fairy tale

Director of the movie The Birds: Hitchcock

Holding something very tightly: Squeezing

Inverted gymnastics position using the cranium: Headstand

Maze: Labyrinth

Minneapolis and Saint Paul are in this state: Minnesota

Not uptight: Easy going

Not uptight, laid back: Easy going

People who were ruled by pharaohs: Egyptians

Photo-sharing app owned by Facebook: Instagram

Study of your family tree: Genealogy

Substance, like caffeine, which gives you energy: Stimulant

Sunken remains of a vessel: Shipwreck

Supervisor of a young woman in a social situation: Chaperone

This gelatinous sea creature stings: Jellyfish

Very detailed or complicated: Intricate

Group 465

Puzzle 1 Answers

A specialist in a particular branch of study: Scholar

Alternatives, choices: Options

Becomes thinner: Narrows

Cooked under heat: Grilled

Eager to find something out, like a cat maybe: Curious

Element with the chemical symbol Li: Lithium

It usually comes after a lightning strike: Thunder

Money storage items: Wallets

Siddhartha __, the Buddha: Gautama

Superhero, punisher; anagram of engrave: Avenger

This writer penned A Christmas Carol: Dickens

Those who use cigarettes and cigars: Smokers

Puzzle 2 Answers

A homeless canine: Stray dog

An actual place; a site: Location

Covert activities of a government agency: Black ops

Female lead in A Star is Born: Lady gaga

Guilty people: Culprits

Hissy fits: Tantrums

In very poor condition; in a state of neglect: Derelict

Unable to defend oneself: Helpless

Very dark, concentrated and strong vinegar: Balsamic

__ star, meteoric sky flyer: Shooting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capital and largest city of Nova Scotia: Halifax

Country where the soup known as pho originated: Vietnam

Earth that is immediately beneath the surface: Subsoil

Japanese paper-folding art form: Origami

Join together, like two pieces of a puzzle: Connect

Least agitated: Calmest

Made spices into dust with a pestle and mortar: Pounded

More quickly: Swifter

Organized search for a criminal: Manhunt

Pummelled: Pounded

Scale of temperature on which water freezes at 0°: Celsius

Spiritualist gatherings aiming to contact the dead: Seances

Structured search for a male criminal: Manhunt

TV show: takes certain characters from an original: Spinoff

Tony Stark: Ironman

Women’s shirts: Blouses

__ Crescent, area of West Asia where farming began: Fertile

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aquatic reptile with a hard shell: Turtle

Bring the memory of a past event to mind: Recall

Casual chatty conversation with malicious slant: Gossip

Colour of the submarine the Beatles sang about: Yellow

Damaged, no longer functioning: Broken

Element with symbol is Na: Sodium

Friendly ghost of children’s films: Casper

Hot, green Japanese paste served with sushi: Wasabi

Lily of the __, bloom linked to May in flower lore: Valley

Machines that can be operated by remote controls: Robots

Serena Williams’ sport: Tennis

Solid and bulky, like a heavy knit: Chunky

Theologian Martin Luther’s nationality: German

Tune, song; a girl’s name: Melody

Using only gestures to act something out: Miming

Where a king might live: Castle

Puzzle 5 Answers

A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds: Waterlily

Ball of ice that falls from the sky like rain: Hailstone

Channing Tatum shows off his dancing in this movie: Magic mike

Country where Pope Francis was born: Argentina

Dangerously loud; ear-splitting: Deafening

Evil nemesis of Kai and Gerda in Andersen’s tale: Snow queen

Handbag item for burnishing tresses: Hairbrush

High peaks: Mountains

Not always: Sometimes

People who travel to work in the city: Commuters

Self-assured and bold, assertive: Confident

The one who directs an orchestra: Conductor

Group 466

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ended, completed, terminated: Finished

Garment often worn before or after a shower: Bathrobe

Green vegetable that resembles small trees: Broccoli

It flows down from your eye when you’re sad: Teardrop

Italian who carves the puppet Pinocchio: Geppetto

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of this country: Malaysia

Running order of music tracks to be broadcast: Playlist

Scientist who developed the theory of relativity: Einstein

Strays from the path: Deviates

The process of throwing away something: Disposal

They’re good for holding bubbles and for relaxing: Bathtubs

Weight loss activity that requires physical effort: Exercise

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accepting an offering: Taking

Curved features on a building: Arches

Futuristic comedy; South American country: Brazil

Grassy land for grazing livestock: Meadow

Meryl __; plays Donna in Mamma Mia!: Streep

Questionnaire: Survey

Substance in grains and wheat, some are allergic: Gluten

Supernatural, mystical, or magical practices: Occult

The month of August in Spanish: Agosto

The red birthstones for July: Rubies

Travel voucher: Ticket

Puzzle 3 Answers

Circular routes; loops: Circuits

Climate that is hot and humid, like in Bora Bora: Tropical

Exemption from punishment: Impunity

Greek god of the sea: Poseidon

Often stubbed, can be painted: Toenails

Publication of events from the previous 12 months: Yearbook

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was one of these mammals: Mongoose

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi was one of these rodents: Mongoose

Slick jacket worn to repel water: Raincoat

Table container for wine: Decanter

Warning someone about a danger: Alerting

Puzzle 4 Answers

Baseball hit that lets you round all the bases: Homerun

Combination of musical notes pleasing to the ears: Harmony

Famous singer married to Jay-Z: Beyonce

Famous singer with a hit album titled Lemonade: Beyonce

Left behind by spiders: Cobwebs

Left without sufficient nutrition: Starved

Look closely at something to check it’s ok: Inspect

Move in a circle on a central axis: Revolve

One with a heated skull and rash temper: Hothead

Oprah __, TV host and supporter of women’s rights: Winfrey

Period when day and night are of equal length: Equinox

Smallest planet in the Solar System: Mercury

Tapering stone pillar such as Cleopatra’s Needle: Obelisk

The violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd: Rioting

They take astronauts into outer space: Rockets

Weekly gambling game with numbered tickets: Lottery

Puzzle 5 Answers

All living homo sapiens, both male and female: Humankind

Aquatic animal considered the largest on Earth: Blue whale

Beatles album with zebra crossing on cover: Abbey road

Body of water between Alaska and eastern Russia: Bering sea

Customer-facing person in a financial institution: Bank clerk

Nine is the square root of this number: Eighty one

Scientific study of the universe: Astronomy

Street vehicle that sells meals: Food truck

Treasure sought after by Indiana Jones: Holy grail

Wealth; the state of having a lot of money: Affluence

Group 467

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bow-and-arrow sport: Archery

Car, bus or truck: Vehicle

Chilli pepper spice powder used on deviled eggs: Cayenne

Engrossed, absorbed: Riveted

Figures made from icy precipitation: Snowmen

Hot pepper spice powder: Cayenne

Kitchen appliance for making smoothies: Blender

Occasional and varied employment opportunities: Odd jobs

One-eyed mythical giant: Cyclops

Scorn, contempt: Disdain

The guilty or not guilty decision by a jury: Verdict

Winged angels that look like children: Cherubs

Puzzle 2 Answers

Closeness, nearness, vicinity: Proximity

Composer of the Emperor Concerto: Beethoven

Deep respect for someone: Reverence

Flattening or crushing something: Squashing

Gritty sheet used to rub down and smooth wood: Sandpaper

How fast the breeze is blowing: Wind speed

Monologue; one-person speech: Soliloquy

One-person speech on stage: Soliloquy

Persons guilty of lying under oath in court: Perjurers

Peter Parker’s alter ego: Spider man

She’s the Barefoot Contessa on TV: Ina garten

Someone who studies the past: Historian

Those who enter without permission: Intruders

To deposit powder on a flower so more can grow: Pollinate

Type of home owned by those who tend the land: Farmhouse

Uninterested, indifferent: Apathetic

Puzzle 3 Answers

Amount one is paid for a job: Salary

Chimney __, danced on roofs in Mary Poppins: Sweeps

Country where El Dia de los Muertos is celebrated: Mexico

Dark __, stuff in space that emits no light: Matter

Goal: Target

Ideal, perfect state written about by Thomas More: Utopia

Loves a lot: Adores

Oak fruits fed to pigs that make Iberian ham: Acorns

Small thin object used to sew items together: Needle

Stevie __, Motown hit-maker since the 1960s: Wonder

__ media, such as Facebook, Twitter: Social

Puzzle 4 Answers

Admits to a crime: Confesses

Crime novels: Mysteries

Dye-filled capsule used to play a combat game: Paintball

Ejections of molten rock from a volcano: Eruptions

Holiday celebrated on December 25th: Christmas

It’s eaten in the morning: Breakfast

Items like mascara, cleanser, eyeshadow: Cosmetics

Items like moisturizer, blush and eyeshadow: Cosmetics

Mixture of substances once used to fire guns: Gunpowder

Nine-month period before a woman gives birth: Pregnancy

Person who designs buildings: Architect

Photo-sharing app bought by Facebook in 2012: Instagram

Porous to fluids: Permeable

Something done spontaneously, unrehearsed: Impromptu

The hump in the middle of the work week: Wednesday

The power to give orders and make decisions: Authority

Underwater vessel: Submarine

Voluntary gifts to charity: Donations

Water vessel propelled by mist: Steamboat

Puzzle 5 Answers

A guess of how much the bill will cost: Estimate

Believing you are deserving of special treatment: Entitled

Canteens, cooking rooms: Kitchens

Capital of Belgium: Brussels

Da Vinci painted this famous woman: Mona lisa

King of Ithaca, stayed 20 years away from home: Odysseus

Many pirates wear this accessory: Eyepatch

Nickname of both boxers Robinson and Leonard: Sugar ray

Spelling board game with letter tiles: Scrabble

Walks unsteadily: Staggers

We celebrate love during this month: February

Group 468

Puzzle 1 Answers

A specialist in plant science: Botanist

Another name for table tennis: Ping pong

Aromatic herb that contains the names of 2 women: Rosemary

Coffee extracted in small, concentrated amounts: Espresso

Condition where skin, hair and eyes lack pigment: Albinism

Creating artworks with oils or acrylics: Painting

Famous brand of petroleum jelly: Vaseline

Hanging woven beds often used across palm trees: Hammocks

Hanging woven beds often used while traveling: Hammocks

Luring someone with delicious food: Tempting

Math statement that shows that values are equal: Equation

Meg Ryan’s partner in You’ve Got Mail: Tom hanks

Newspapers that have celebrity gossip: Tabloids

Prejudiced about someone’s social standing: Classist

Retriever dog breed with a black or yellow coat: Labrador

The name of the rat’s human helper in Ratatouille: Linguine

To persuade: Convince

Puzzle 2 Answers

A novel based on imaginary events and characters: Fiction

A pilot: Aviator

Change the path or direction of something: Deflect

Live music event: Concert

Long wooden seats for the public: Benches

Medical term for German measles: Rubella

Plant from which the ancient Egyptians made paper: Papyrus

Raw seafood dish with citrus juice and seasoning: Ceviche

Richard __, founder of the Virgin empire: Branson

Sending out light or heat: Radiant

Single pieces of thread or hair: Strands

Small wheels; anagram of actress: Casters

Time period when crops are collected: Harvest

Puzzle 3 Answers

A sleeping area for visitors in your home: Guest room

Bill Gates started this company: Microsoft

Eight-legged sea creatures: Octopi

Hills made of grainy material found on beaches: Sand dunes

Home of Peter Pan: Neverland

Musician who plays with a bow: Violinist

Nobody wins when a game of chess ends this way: Stale mate

One of six babies from the same birth: Sextuplet

Replying: Answering

Ritualistic offering: Sacrifice

Small round red fruit; juice helps bladder issues: Cranberry

Superman’s bespectacled alter ego: Clark kent

Unimportant, not serious: Frivolous

Wishful thinkers, fantasists: Idealists

Puzzle 4 Answers

A TV show that makes the audience laugh: Comedy

A type of music sung at a church service: Gospel

Comes after Thursday: Friday

Deep-rooted fear of something: Phobia

Disposable paper used while eating: Napkin

FBI Special Agent Fox __ from The X-Files: Mulder

Forms a country with Herzegovina: Bosnia

Guiding light: Beacon

Pointless, fruitless, ineffectual: Futile

Thin posts driven through the hearts of vampires: Stakes

Valentine and Proteus: The Two Gentlemen of __: Verona

Puzzle 5 Answers

An opening, a hole or a gap: Aperture

Blue gemstone, September birthstone: Sapphire

Car that runs on batteries, not gas: Electric

Country bordering Ecuador on the north: Colombia

Decorative structure that spews water: Fountain

His/Her Royal __, British royal family address: Highness

Line joining two opposite corners of a square: Diagonal

Making from scratch: Creating

Mouse-like household pets: Hamsters

Place for medical care, surgery, emergency: Hospital

Rebellions against authority, like on a ship: Mutinies

Short curved tubes to breathe while under water: Snorkels

__ Love, Leona Lewis’s no. 1 hit: Bleeding

Group 469

Puzzle 1 Answers

An act of resistance or rebellion: Uprising

Item used to type information on a computer: Keyboard

Not evenly or justly: Unfairly

Small fish packed tightly in a can: Sardines

Soften with liquid: Macerate

Sparkly, shiny, describes Christmas decorations: Glittery

Succession, order: Sequence

The vehicle Cinderella rode to the ball: Carriage

Two-wheeled vehicle used for motor sports: Dirt bike

Urban feral street feline: Alley cat

Volcano that destroyed Pompei: Mount __: Vesuvius

__ pass, paperwork issued by airline for check in: Boarding

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who mixes and serves drinks: Bartender

British band, Dark Side of the Moon: Pink floyd

Country where Hugh Jackman was born: Australia

Doctor’s identification of an illness, disease: Diagnosis

Famous Parisian cathedral: Notre dame

Grass grown in the Caribbean, produces sweet sap: Sugar cane

Hairy relative of the Addams family: Cousin itt

Ink container that needs to be replaced: Cartridge

Most difficult, complicated: Trickiest

Of no value: Worthless

Retribution, reprisal: Vengeance

Signs or symbols of something positive: Good omens

Small white Swiss flower emblematic of the country: Edelweiss

Suspicious of; with no confidence in: Mistrusts

Three-stage athletics competition: swim, bike, run: Triathlon

Puzzle 3 Answers

Avians that come home to roost: Chickens

Cut timber used in domestic heating: Firewood

Italian bacon, unsmoked: Pancetta

Item to protect you from rain: Umbrella

Male who replaces actors in dangerous scenes: Stuntman

Small groups of bound pages suitable for lists: Notepads

Stage entertainment that alters consciousness: Hypnosis

Stayed around, like a bad smell: Lingered

Take away; like in a mathematical equation: Subtract

This involuntary action can cause worn down teeth: Grinding

Younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II: Margaret

__ foul; violent personal violation in basketball: Flagrant

Puzzle 4 Answers

A stored collection of weapons: Arsenal

Body-bending game of laying feet/hands on circles: Twister

Device that blocks sound to the auditory canal: Earplug

Donatella __, Italian designer, sister of Gianni: Versace

Embarrassing and uncomfortable: Awkward

First actor to portray James Bond on film, Sean __: Connery

Male who delivers dairy to your door: Milkman

Material that biker jackets are usually made of: Leather

Move to first class from a lower price bracket: Upgrade

Those who steal: Thieves

Tropical primates with tails: Monkeys

U.S. music awards; Elvis won three: Grammys

Walk in a lurching or wobbling manner: Stagger

__ and Old Lace, murder mystery: Arsenic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bread shop: Bakery

Describe the meaning of a word: Define

Fluffy, creamy dessert beaten with egg whites: Mousse

Formal black tie attire for men: Tuxedo

Male head-covering for a Sikh: Turban

Person who takes confession: Priest

Ruthless, cruel: Brutal

To thrust into water: Plunge

Walk with a limp: Hobble

Wooded area: Forest

Group 470

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bicycle taxi: Rickshaw

Canine used for herding animals: Sheep dog

Extend; elongate: Protract

Fungal growth with a domed top: Mushroom

Furry or knitted covers for the hearing organs: Earmuffs

Green, starchy banana that must be cooked to eat: Plantain

Human that can shapeshift into a wild canine: Werewolf

Just a spoonful of sugar makes this go down: Medicine

Place to secure your cycle: Bike rack

Sticking, gluing: Adhering

Transfer data onto a computer: Download

With lots of money in the bank: Affluent

Puzzle 2 Answers

Darth Vader tells Luke he is his __: Father

Discrimination based on how old you are: Ageism

Formally quit your job: Resign

Goodness, morality, integrity: Virtue

Itchy, red skin condition: Eczema

Rug: Carpet

Said: Spoken

Sarah Jessica __, played Carrie Bradshaw: Parker

Seats attached to rope, found at the park: Swings

Sharp utensils used in the kitchen: Knives

The hardened feet of horses: Hooves

These fruits grow on vines: Grapes

To act in the expected manner: Comply

Truly Madly __, Savage Garden’s biggest world hit: Deeply

__ Island, Chile’s possession in the Pacific: Easter

Puzzle 3 Answers

A state of anxiety or nervous excitement: Agitation

Aunts, uncles, nephews: Relatives

Cable-suspended seats carry people up mountains: Chair lift

Greek philosopher, tutored Alexander the Great: Aristotle

Mind-bending film about a dream within a dream: Inception

Opera famous for its “La Donna e Mobile” aria: Rigoletto

Relevant; suitable: Pertinent

Ringing amplification of a sound: Resonance

Sample, model of product before release: Prototype

Seeker of change: Reformist

Something not made to last, not permanent: Temporary

__ beef, Chinese dish named after an Asian country: Mongolian

Puzzle 4 Answers

Abstaining from food for a period of time: Fasting

Austrian rolled pastry with apple filling: Strudel

Capital of Sicily: Palermo

Catastrophe of Greek proportions: Tragedy

Consolidated TV series sold as single units: Box sets

Contract provisos: Clauses

Direct telephone number for a specific cause: Hotline

Fun, childish, spirited: Playful

Interview with the __; Tom Cruise Gothic horror: Vampire

Knocking into: Bumping

Members of the dog family: Canines

Religious war: Crusade

Seats fastened to the backs of horses: Saddles

The top layer: Surface

__ reality, or VR, i.e. computer simulated: Virtual

Puzzle 5 Answers

A swirling, watery vortex: Whirlpool

All future generations: Posterity

Businesses, corporations: Companies

Canadian actor who voiced Shrek: Mike myers

Chief consort of Akhenaten in Ancient Egypt: Nefertiti

Foxxy __, character played by Beyonce on film: Cleopatra

Herbs added at the end to make a dish look nice: Garnishes

Someone attending shindigs, blasts, celebrations: Partygoer

Someone in charge of the well-being of others: Caregiver

Upheaval or disaster, or violent flood: Cataclysm

Word that sounds the same as another (bear & bare): Homophone

Writing music or songs: Composing

Group 471

Puzzle 1 Answers

60 minutes when pub drinks are reduced in price: Happy hour

Acceptance of others’ views and cultures: Tolerance

Interfering with something to cause damage: Tampering

Mountains that erupt with hot lava: Volcanoes

Orderly historical written account: Chronicle

People who design and build machines: Engineers

Ridding of impurities: Cleansing

Social time after work when drinks are cheaper: Happy hour

Spread of disease by close contact: Contagion

To come between with the intent of preventing: Intervene

__ wall; sub-divider of interior space: Partition

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person who deserts and betrays a group: Renegade

A person who deserts and betrays an organization: Renegade

A serious argument: Conflict

Artist who creates drawings for a cartoon: Animator

Cheap shiny things for decoration or jewellery: Trinkets

Concerning sailors or navigation: Nautical

Elton John love message given away in a ballad: Your song

Fatherly: Paternal

Hugeness, expansiveness, describes open skies: Vastness

In __, Latin phrase, to the highest degree: Excelsis

Lost strength: Weakened

Parties for people joined in matrimony: Weddings

Paste made from black olives, capers, & anchovies: Tapenade

People thought guilty of crimes: Suspects

Small sphere with which to get a hole in one: Golfball

Soak; drench: Saturate

Starving; very hungry: Famished

__ identity; wrong person: Mistaken

Puzzle 3 Answers

Areas of very little rain: Deserts

Ask someone to marry you: Propose

Cargo: Freight

Chill; calm: Relaxed

F1 Italian racing team with prancing horse icon: Ferrari

Fancy curved staircase design, also called spiral: Helical

Feelings of worry, apprehension and fear: Anxiety

Place to treat animal hides: Tannery

Placed in a straight line: Aligned

Pretend to be someone else on a dating site: Catfish

Sudden involuntary diaphragm contractions: Hiccups

Turn the oven on in advance: Preheat

__ of Solace’s theme song was Another Way to Die: Quantum

Puzzle 4 Answers

A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language: Accent

Amount consumed or absorbed, like with calories: Intake

Arrival of a notable person: Advent

Balls, like the Earth: Globes

Between knees and pelvis: Thighs

Capital of Greece: Athens

David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter: Harper

Describes the feel of cuddly toys or Persian cats: Fluffy

Filet __, considered the king of steak cuts: Mignon

Medicine from plants, traditional herbal __: Remedy

Out of __, off limits: Bounds

Roman Emperor assassinated on the Ides of March: Caesar

Shuts: Closes

Sport where the goal is to knock out the opponent: Boxing

The big ending number at a show: Finale

Three-legged frame used to hold a camera: Tripod

To voluntarily sign up for military service: Enlist

Writing or drawing utensil: Pencil

__ Figure, 1987 hit for George Michael: Father

Puzzle 5 Answers

A short, broad ski used to slide down mountains: Snowboard

City where the Anne Frank House is located: Amsterdam

Grasping tightly: Clenching

Inflammation of the stomach’s lining: Gastritis

Moth larvae that spin fine strands of fine fabric: Silkworms

Must be fastened when the sign is lit on a plane: Seatbelts

Sand timer; body shape: Hourglass

Shocked and distressed: Horrified

Taxi worker: Cab driver

To cover a couch with fabric: Upholster

Treatment of diseases that affect the teeth: Dentistry

Unafraid: Undaunted

Villainous captain of the Peter Pan stories: James hook

White flaky condiment at dinner used for seasoning: Table salt

You type on these: Keyboards

Group 472

Puzzle 1 Answers

A being who might live on the red planet: Martian

Actresses Katharine and Audrey shared this name: Hepburn

Acute conjunctivitis: Pinkeye

Breakfast food or snack made of oats, honey & nuts: Granola

Changed: Altered

Expertise or skill in a particular field: Prowess

Famous Colombian singer whose hips don’t lie: Shakira

Fitness runners: Joggers

One of Australia’s natural wonders: Great __ Reef: Barrier

Person responsible for overseeing your work: Manager

Step on; tread on and crush: Trample

Puzzle 2 Answers

A star explosion: Supernova

Beetle-like pest found in dirty kitchens: Cockroach

CEO: Chief __ Officer: Executive

Country between Honduras and Costa Rica: Nicaragua

Dangerous coagulated mass in an artery: Blood clot

Entering where not welcome: Intruding

Fondness; tenderness: Affection

Large mounds of land, created by volcanos: Mountains

Making clay models: Sculpting

Narrow current of winds high above the earth: Jet stream

Of someone fluent in two languages: Bilingual

Old unsolved crimes: Cold cases

Otello’s wife in the opera by Verdi: Desdemona

Politically motivated campaigners or protestors: Activists

Science branch dealing with the Periodic Table: Chemistry

Soothing, appeasing: Placatory

Things that require answers: Questions

Tiny glands that hairs grow from: Follicles

Type of story read to young children at bedtime: Fairytale

Uneaten food stored for the following day: Leftovers

__ Square, Beijing, saw democracy protests in 1989: Tiananmen

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abandoned or rejected by family: Disowned

Brass wind instrument with tubing and bell shape: Trombone

Business networking website with personal profiles: Linkedin

Change from one flight to another: Transfer

Country where actress Sofia Vergara was born: Colombia

French philosopher who wrote The Age of Louis XIV: Voltaire

Hand-held firework that crackles: Sparkler

Illuminated backlit container used in photography: Lightbox

Oscar-winning director of The Revenant: Inarritu

Secret meeting to elect a new pope: Conclave

Surgical thread for tying off a blood vessel: Ligature

Using strength; powerful: Forceful

Puzzle 4 Answers

A room or building equipped for physical exercise: Gymnasium

A story; spoken or written account: Narrative

Alienated from a spouse: Estranged

Dedicated: Committed

Find this at the end of a rainbow: Pot of gold

Lack of knowledge or awareness: Ignorance

Longform of NVM: Nevermind

Manhattan resident: New yorker

Special way of doing something; a skill: Technique

Starting: Beginning

Thin breaded pan-fried veal cutlet: wiener __: Schnitzel

Traditional orchestral music: Classical

Varmint, crook, rascal, villain: Scoundrel

Where La Sagrada Familia cathedral is located: Barcelona

Puzzle 5 Answers

Alexander __ Bell, inventor of the telephone: Graham

Cone-shaped item used to pour liquids through: Funnel

Cooked in bubbling hot water: Boiled

Elton John song about a man on a plane to Spain: Daniel

Famous mural by Leonardo da Vinci: The Last __: Supper

Gather tightly together: Huddle

Part of a parachute that opens and fills with air: Canopy

Person with knowledge & skill in a certain field: Expert

Queen Elizabeth II’s father, King __ VI: George

Sleepy: Drowsy

The Brahmaputra delta empties there: Bay of __: Bengal

We speak and eat with them: Mouths

Group 473

Puzzle 1 Answers

A hollowed-out space, often in a tooth: Cavity

A stretching and tearing of ligaments: Sprain

An astronomical body orbiting a star: Planet

Beaded counting device invented in Ancient Sumeria: Abacus

Caped superhero; named Bruce Wayne: Batman

Footwear label that Victoria Beckham designs for: Reebok

Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated: Athena

Hermès bag named after Jane: Birkin

Magician’s headwear, with a rabbit inside: Top hat

Openly, without any cares or restrictions: Freely

Small object worn to protect from evil, harm: Amulet

Spanish term for “port”: Puerto

Stylish and modern: Snazzy

They’re on the skin of reptiles: Scales

Tradition: Custom

Water between Pacific and Arctic Ocean: __ Strait: Bering

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arranged ahead of time: Planned

Green fruit; main ingredient in guacamole: Avocado

Mozilla’s free web browser: Firefox

Murmurs, talks quietly: Mumbles

Old English poem about the hero who slays Grendel: Beowulf

Organised ahead of time: Planned

Played Watson in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: Jude law

Shallow waters partly separated from the sea: Lagoons

Shortage; undersupply: Deficit

Switches to something else: Changes

The largest primate: Gorilla

Vehicles that carry coffins: Hearses

Puzzle 3 Answers

A great victory: Triumph

Be financially successful: Prosper

Bird like a martin, forked tail, lucky in Korea: Swallow

Cabin where the pilot flies the plane: Cockpit

Cloth insignias: Patches

Day of religious observance: Sabbath

Dependent: Reliant

Film starring Anthony Hopkins: __ of the Lambs: Silence

Leisure traveller: Tourist

Leisure voyager: Tourist

Noisily emitting air via your mouth: Burping

Noisily emitting gas through your mouth: Burping

Part of the body between the chest and the hips: Abdomen

Rational: Logical

Replies; resolutions to questions: Answers

Sing-along entertainment created in Japan: Karaoke

The feel of a surface, bumpy or smooth: Texture

Venezuela’s capital and largest city: Caracas

__ Flame; neverending fire for The Bangles: Eternal

Puzzle 4 Answers

Close call: Near miss

Collections of historical documents or records: Archives

Lois Lane’s love: Superman

Potent green aniseed-flavored alcoholic spirit: Absinthe

Something left out: Omission

Steer a ship on a course: Navigate

Stimulant found in coffee and soft drinks: Caffeine

Tall, African mammals with extra long necks: Giraffes

Tight-fitting stretch pants: Leggings

__ Crusoe, novel by Daniel Defoe: Robinson

__ Franklin, “First American” and Founding Father: Benjamin

Puzzle 5 Answers

A breakfast staple that’s been cooked in hot water: Boiled egg

A wide, often tree-lined street in a city or town: Boulevard

All good; Bowie album: Hunky dory

Book containing a list of people’s names & numbers: Directory

Contrast two things by placing them together: Juxtapose

Deep cracks or fissures in a glacier: Crevasses

Doing quick, freehand drawings on paper: Sketching

Emergency vehicle for the injured: Ambulance

Gases discharged by vehicles: Emissions

Grouped closely together: Clustered

Identity booklets for tourists: Passports

Increase in prices; reduction in purchasing power: Inflation

Much sought after Last Supper’s goblet: Holy grail

One who studies rocks: Geologist

Profession whose word origin means “star sailor”: Astronaut

They watch over the sheep: Shepherds

__ To Frankfurt, Agatha Christie’s birthday tale: Passenger

Group 474

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person who investigates crimes: Detective

Bending down or squatting: Crouching

Eggs laid by chickens with access to outdoors: Free range

Extensive online reference resource: Wikipedia

He investigates crimes: Detective

In a disgusting, indecent manner: Obscenely

List of activities on a trip: Itinerary

Nearest to the centre: Innermost

Nearest to the middle: Innermost

Obsession with fire: Pyromania

Old Possum’s Book of __ Cats, by T. S. Eliot: Practical

Optimistically, encouragingly: Hopefully

Painful skin lumps, mounds, inflammations: Swellings

Sewing squares of fabric together to make quilts: Patchwork

Sport contest that consists of 10 different events: Decathlon

The act of obtaining government or corporate secrets: Espionage

Wet weather garments: Raincoats

What’s left of a sunken boat: Shipwreck

__ man or woman; supportive co-worker: Right hand

Puzzle 2 Answers

An outfit worn to play a character: Costume

Crimson-colored alcohol, taken with cheese: Red wine

First score in a tennis game: Fifteen

Funny: Comical

Hand-thrown munition; anagram of derange: Grenade

High plain, tableland, no longer rising: Plateau

Narrow-edged tooth made for cutting: Incisor

Placido __, one of the Three Tenors: Domingo

Smash to a thousand pieces: Shatter

Sword on a rifle: Bayonet

They operate vehicles: Drivers

Type of ball used by a fortune teller: Crystal

Puzzle 3 Answers

A dream location: Paradise

A woman with brown hair: Brunette

Actor who played Forrest Gump: Tom hanks

Altered to fit better: Adjusted

Can be smooched: Kissable

Changes something to improve it: Modifies

Greek god of the sea, brother of Zeus and Hades: Poseidon

Habitual greed or excess in eating: Gluttony

It tracks the months in a year: Calendar

Little bowls for cigarette ends: Ashtrays

Long boats for romantic rides in Venice: Gondolas

Occupational hazard of an apiarist: Bee sting

Stimulant found in coffee: Caffeine

The one who yells “cut” on a movie set: Director

There is no place __: Like home

What slice puts on a tennis ball: Backspin

__ and dealing; bartering, trading: Wheeling

Puzzle 4 Answers

An expert in science: Scientist

Glittery sphere that clubbers dance under: Disco ball

Kerfuffle, disturbance: Commotion

Mountains covering 75% of Nepal: Himalayas

Notes sent home from a place you’re visiting: Postcards

Person who fights crime without legal authority: Vigilante

Prank device with a rotten stench: Stink bomb

Punishments: Penalties

Racing dog breed: Greyhound

Small round yellow legumes for making hummus: Chickpeas

Something that is priced very high; costly: Expensive

Syndrome that can affect kidnapped people: Stockholm

Taken over, say, by a spirit: Possessed

Word origin study: Etymology

Puzzle 5 Answers

Belly __, ladies with fast moves of hips and tummy: Dancers

Borders or boundaries of a place: Confine

Cerebrovascular accidents, brain attacks: Strokes

Enclose; imprison: Confine

Leaping in the air: Jumping

Left the premises: Vacated

Not slouching, sitting tall and straight: Upright

Scottish Highlands plant sold by Roma for luck: Heather

Spread out over a large area: Diffuse

Verifier; one who vets crossword clues: Checker

__ King, author of Misery, The Stand, It: Stephen

__ Spears, Me Against the Music, ft. Madonna: Britney

__ pin, for flattening pastry dough: Rolling

Group 475

Puzzle 1 Answers

A woollen ball found on top of winter hats: Pompom

An agriculturalist: Farmer

Cleaning substance for getting rid of stains: Bleach

Colorful bird whose largest species is the toco: Toucan

Country directly above the United States: Canada

Dump, empty: Unload

George Harrison track that opened Revolver: Taxman

Groups of ships sailing together: Fleets

Humpty __, sat on a wall, but also had a mishap: Dumpty

Jean-Paul __, French companion of de Beauvoir: Sartre

Lego pieces are called this: Blocks

Magical medicine, a witch’s brew: Potion

Margot __, actress who played Harley Quinn: Robbie

Organ in the mouth that helps you eat and speak: Tongue

Rancher or agriculturalist: Farmer

The quality of using money carefully: Thrift

Thick, sweet liquids used on pancakes: Syrups

Tile-dropping puzzle video game: Tetris

Type of performance dance, like the Nutcracker: Ballet

Wall paintings, can be fresco: Murals

__ grace, a redeeming feature: Saving

Puzzle 2 Answers

Announcement for passengers to enter a plane: Boarding

Conflagration in the Australian outback: Bushfire

Creepy hotel setting of The Shining: Overlook

Greek god of feasts and wine: Dionysus

One who creates fashion pieces: Designer

One-handed sweeping basketball play: Hook shot

Shapes with eight sides: Octagons

Social network for posting status updates: Facebook

To put forward an idea: Propound

What comes after a good joke’s punchline: Laughter

What the WWF stands for: World __ Fund: Wildlife

Puzzle 3 Answers

A device that lets us view distant space objects: Telescope

Bloom linked to January in flower lore: Carnation

Cartoon who lives in a pineapple under the sea: Spongebob

Changing allegiance; switching sides: Defecting

Cocoa-based treat given on Valentine’s Day: Chocolate

Colourful explosions in the night sky: Fireworks

DC Comics character, best friend of Wonder Woman: Etta candy

Devotion, fondness, love: Affection

Engross, enchant, charm: Captivate

Huge, flightless birds with large eggs, big eyes: Ostriches

Juicy and tasty like a plant with flesh leaves: Succulent

Label with owner’s name inserted into literature: Bookplate

Opposed to, disapproving of: Objecting

Pyrotechnic explosions in the night sky: Fireworks

Spaghetti made with egg, cheese and pancetta: Carbonara

Sport played in swimming pools with a ball: Water polo

Sturdy table used for carpentry and other tasks: Workbench

Where engine explosions happen: Cylinders

Puzzle 4 Answers

Anti-__ cream, to help ward of facial lines: Wrinkle

City where Germany’s largest Gothic cathedral is: Cologne

Fixing things to a noticeboard: Pinning

Grooves made on farmland: Furrows

Limelight-seeker needing attention: Show off

Low-level layer of cloud: Stratus

Nation: Country

Plotter: Schemer

Preserved in vinegar: Pickled

Ridge of beach formed in water by tides/currents: Sandbar

Road speed event on a bike: Cycling

Root taken for health e.g. better memory: Ginseng

Root taken to increase energy, improve memory: Ginseng

Spanish word for “horse”: Caballo

Tight swimming trunks, named after brand: Speedos

Puzzle 5 Answers

Camera brand that prints photo instantly: Polaroid

Can be torn into smaller pieces by teeth: Chewable

Confessed to something: Admitted

Country whose capital is Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia

How much can you lift: Strength

Huge passenger plane: Jumbo jet

Imaginatively artistic: Creative

It falls from your eye when you’re sad: Teardrop

Lacking in knowledge on a topic: Ignorant

Nationality of actress, Julia Roberts: American

People whose job it is to sell flower arrangements: Florists

Physical power: Strength

Reduced papers to unreadable strips: Shredded

Scheduled start of military operations: Zero hour

This agreement can be written or oral: Contract

This gas makes up around 78% of Earth’s atmosphere: Nitrogen

Without a care about consequences: Reckless

Group 476

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person who gives information on TV or radio: Announcer

Choices after deliberations: Decisions

Greek goddess of love in Mamma Mia! finale: Aphrodite

Lots of houses have this to keep warm during winter: Fireplace

Not sufficiently compensated: Underpaid

Rigid airships designed by a German count: Zeppelins

Someone legally qualified to be a doctor: Physician

Spanish percussion instruments: Castanets

The name is in the title: Eponymous

Unknown: Foreign

Using one hand to repeatedly bounce a ball: Dribbling

Puzzle 2 Answers

Band worn around the leg to keep up a stocking: Garter

Bugs Bunny’s favorite food: Carrot

Bugs Bunny’s preferred food: Carrot

Curved at the top: Arched

Eastern Caribbean __, currency of the West Indies: Dollar

Enhance the quality of something: Enrich

John __, singer and pianist of All of Me: Legend

Katherina’s sister in The Taming of the Shrew: Bianca

Lottery with tickets, to win prizes at a fair: Raffle

NBA All-Star small forward, Kevin __: Durant

Ornery bird in Looney Tunes: Tweety

Put to sleep in a medical fashion: Sedate

The chemical element represented by Na in NaCl: Sodium

The, usually, 12 arbiters in a criminal trial: Jurors

Tree or insect that came in a plague: Locust

Yearned: Longed

Yellow bird in Looney Tunes: Tweety

Puzzle 3 Answers

A lizard without legs that looks like a snake: Slowworm

Castle setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Elsinore

Country once led by a ruler named Pol Pot: Cambodia

Hastening: Hurrying

Head of the hive: Queen bee

Male vendors: Salesmen

Official summer sport of Canada: Lacrosse

Old-fashioned and literary name for a pickpocket: Cutpurse

Ovum served sunny side up or over easy: Fried egg

The tiny tribe of pirates met by Moana and Maui: Kakamora

Wool garment that can button up: Cardigan

__ Fishburne, CSI actor: Laurence

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alfred Reginald Jones, best known as actor Ray __: Milland

Drug that activates receptors in the brain: Agonist

French words for all together, as a whole: En masse

Grain tied into bundles: Sheaves

Institutions with curated displays of objects: Museums

Institutions with displays of artefacts: Museums

Line touching a curve: Tangent

Part of a telephone with earpiece and mouthpiece: Handset

Positive marks: Credits

Potato character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Frylock

Script reminder device for TV presenters: Autocue

Shave off layers of wood with a knife: Whittle

Shortness, conciseness: Brevity

Spear thrown in athletics event: Javelin

The __ 5 had a hit with Frosty the Snowman: Jackson

Vespa bike: Scooter

Puzzle 5 Answers

British WWI song: “It’s a Long Way to “: Tipperary

East Slavic language: Ukrainian

Holiday when William the Conqueror became king: Christmas

Icy crystal unlike another: Snowflake

Jack, Queen or King: Court card

Keeps the photo subject sharp; not manual: Autofocus

Raving about: Enthusing

Second-largest city in Alaska: Fairbanks

Teetering long-legged wader bird: Sandpiper

Term used to define complete vision loss: Blindness

The R in HR: Resources

The international dialling code number for the UK: Forty four

Treat cotton with alkali to make shinier: Mercerize

Urged to do: Compelled

Variable distance between tracks for locos: Rail gauge

Warning that something bad will happen: Woe betide

Yellow maize kernels surrounded by husks: Sweetcorn

Mist, tourist boat around the Niagara Falls: Maid of the

__ swimming; sport in a lake, ocean or river: Open water

Group 477

Puzzle 1 Answers

Announcement period of a school day: Homeroom

Body of water between Britain and Scandinavia: North sea

Captain Ray Holt on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andre __: Braugher

Easily recyclable grocery carrier: Paper bag

Editor of an anthology: Compiler

Evergreen tree offspring: Pinecone

Iconic Swedish accommodation built each year anew: Icehotel

Malcolm __, became Aussie PM in 2015: Turnbull

Mathematical rules expressed in symbols: Formulae

Nationality of wasabi hot paste: Japanese

Pumpkins hollowed out and illuminated: Lanterns

They come in chest, upright and walk-in types: Freezers

This animal is quick at jumping over a lazy dog: Brown fox

Waterloo chorus lyrics: I was __, you won the war: Defeated

Puzzle 2 Answers

Changeable, capricious, inconstant: Fickle

Dust storms occurring in arid regions: Haboob

Franklin’s NW Passage ship lost with HMS Erebus: Terror

John __; Australian PM during WWII: Curtin

Leaks saliva like a dog: Drools

Little Jack __, he sat in a corner: Horner

Nail-__; incredibly tense situation: Biting

Nationality of landscape painter Albrecht Durer: German

Scott __, US ragtime pianist: Joplin

Sea that the Neva River empties into: Baltic

State of something illegally taken from another: Stolen

To lie languidly on a sofa taking up all the space: Sprawl

__ kiss, the rubbing of noses as a greeting: Eskimo

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bumped into someone or hit wood with fist: Knocked

Fruit jam for sticking marzipan to Christmas cake: Apricot

Infants’ viral illness: anagram of “aerosol”: Roseola

Knocking down tenpins: Bowling

Large courgette vegetables: Marrows

Something drawn, painted, maybe hung on the wall: Picture

Taking plants out of grass: Weeding

Wiz __, rapper: Khalifa

__ horse, indoor equine for child riders: Rocking

-aggressive, manipulation over confrontation: Passive

Puzzle 4 Answers

Abstract painter Wassily __: Kandinsky

Appealing: Desirable

Astronaut who took a “giant leap for mankind”: Armstrong

Contagious condition that causes gastroenteritis: Norovirus

Equine signifying death in the apocalyptic vision: Pale horse

Greetings from a trip sent without an envelope: Postcards

Internal food processing: Digestion

Italian island group between Corsica and Sardinia: Maddalena

Legumes in the Italian soup minestra di ceci: Chickpeas

Moving feet illegally in basketball: Traveling

Process by which the body breaks down food: Digestion

Publication for children with tales: Storybook

Ready to be used: Available

Rising prices: Inflation

Substance of plant cell walls: Cellulose

The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon band: Pink floyd

Tidal mouths of large rivers: Estuaries

To Brits it is a weatherboard; to Americans a __: Clapboard

straps, thin shoulder straps on summery tops: Spaghetti

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adrian __, Swiss designer, created Univers font: Frutiger

Age of Michael Jackson at first solo number 1 hit: Thirteen

Birth town of Margaret Thatcher: Grantham

Decays, rots: Composts

Haiti, Malaysia, and South Korea national flower: Hibiscus

Man of Steel: Superman

Reply, answer, retort: Response

She-Ra and the __ of Power cartoon: Princess

Something done for symbolic effect only: Tokenism

String goes through eyes/hooks in winter footwear: Bootlace

Wrong in judgement or opinion: Mistaken

__ of Catan, board game: Settlers

Group 478

Puzzle 1 Answers

Band from Scotland big in the 70s: Bay City __: Rollers

Captain America Co-Star, Jenna __: Coleman

Cardinal Wolsey’s gift to Henry VIII: __ Court: Hampton

Contraceptive drug developed in the 1960s: The pill

Decorate again, anagram of pertain: Repaint

Expanded widthways: Widened

Female parts of flowers: Pistils

Food worker’s headwear: Hairnet

Having or understanding information: Knowing

Julie Andrews film role: Mary __: Poppins

Last name of last U.S. President to die in office: Kennedy

Month named after Latin for “door”: January

Month named like Roman god of beginnings & endings: January

NE Indian state; its capital is Imphal: Manipur

Nasal adornment of a clown: Red nose

Ordinary sailors, not officers: Ratings

Outgrowing bony lumps on the big toes: Bunions

Series of US space probes; no. 9 orbited Mars: Mariner

Tidal wetland with silt deposits: Mudflat

Type of bowling adopted by all cricketers: Overarm

Weight, anagram of magneto: Megaton

__ Finster, Red-haired Rugrat: Chuckie

__ Lohan, Herbie and Freaky Friday star: Lindsay

Puzzle 2 Answers

A plantation of grapes aimed to wine production: Vineyard

Carmen aria about bullfighting, The __ Song: Toreador

Chortling: Giggling

Coffee grown at high altitudes: Hard bean

Crossbowman: Balister

Diseases that animals can transmit to humans: Zoonoses

Elders; anagram of instance: Ancients

Female comic superhero created by Roy Thomas: Ms marvel

Marking postage stamps with an official imprint: Franking

Maurice de __, French Fauvist artist of Red Trees: Vlaminck

Pursuing and tracking down deer: Stalking

Putting plans on hold: Shelving

Queensland’s capital city: Brisbane

Received payment for employment: Salaried

The Big __ featuring The Dude: Lebowski

They float in seas, sometimes bumping into ships: Icebergs

This is a virtue: Patience

To burn food: Overcook

Valuable collector’s items from the past: Antiques

Puzzle 3 Answers

America’s most macabre TV family: Addams

Brings up another’s child legally as one’s own: Adopts

Friends in war: Allies

Increases in salary: Raises

One who fixes illnesses: Healer

River whose mouth meets the Irish Sea in Liverpool: Mersey

Sandy flat floor of a __; basin that is dry: Desert

Starts, inceptions, commencements: Onsets

__ Broadsides, first copies of the US Declaration: Dunlap

__ nero, black cabbage in Italian, a type of kale: Cavolo

Puzzle 4 Answers

Basketball play where ball is moved to weak side: Pinch pass

Dangerous sliding of snow in the mountains: Avalanche

Display anger, seen in dogs or wolves: Show teeth

Highwire for walking along with a balance pole: Tightrope

Knitting stitch with an offset pattern: Garter rib

Radical socialist: Communist

Redheaded prop comedian: Carrot top

Sparked off: Triggered

Tang emperor with beloved consort Yang: Zhuanzong

Traditional Irish potato dish served on Halloween: Colcannon

Tummy pains; or to moan incessantly: Bellyache

Unstable reactor incident in Ukraine in 1986: Chernobyl

Violet gemstone from Africa: Tanzanite

What no money can buy: Priceless

Puzzle 5 Answers

A bird allusion to an athlete’s reach: Wingspan

Extracting oil with compressed water: Fracking

Famous variety of black truffle: Perigord

Gauge that tells you how many miles are on a car: Odometer

Haile __, Ethiopian emperor, aka Ras Teferi: Selassie

Jamaican city with the Bob Marley Museum: Kingston

Range of items, including slippers, boots, etc.: Footwear

Spectral visitation: Haunting

Temperature when water mist condenses into water: Dew point

The quality or state of being faithful; exactness: Fidelity

Unwrapped a flag: Unfurled

Young male chicken: Cockerel

__ World starring Chris Pratt: Jurassic

Group 479

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another name for a whirlwind of flames and ash: Firenado

Autumn __, daughter-in-law of Princess Anne: Phillips

Basketball player who begins game on the bench: Sixth man

Breakfast at __, classic movie: Tiffanys

Roman Catholic address to the virgin mother: Hail mary

Searching for wild food resources, e.g. mushrooms: Foraging

The image of Jesus on the cross: Crucifix

Time when crepuscular animals are active: Twilight

Ugly buildings, blots on the landscape: Eyesores

Well supplied with water: Hydrated

Wonky, unbalanced: Lopsided

Year of the Four __, 69 AD: Emperors

__ Payard, pastry chef, luxury dessert creator: Francois

__ pain, aches felt in an unaffected body part: Referred

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aviatrix Jean __, “the Greta Garbo of the skies”: Batten

Cecil __, diamond merchant in South Africa: Rhodes

Cirque du __, alternative Canadian circus troupe: Soleil

Diluted with plenty of H2O: Watery

In Roman numerals, XC, or 100 minus ten: Ninety

Lana __, Lust for Life crooner: Del ray

Piles of stones at a mountain summit: Cairns

Raven-turned-dragon in Disney’s Maleficent: Diaval

Small city car by Renault, anagram of towing: Twingo

South African national park in Limpopo, Mpumalanga: Kruger

__ and spade, construction tools for sandcastles: Bucket

__ wind, is the Japanese meaning of kamikaze: Divine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Buyers and sellers: Traders

Collagen in Jell-O: Gelatin

DIY Cassette containing specially chosen songs: Mix tape

Drooping, shrivelling, through lack of water: Wilting

Drooping, wasting away through lack of water: Wilting

German matured fruit and booze pud eaten at Xmas: Rumtopf

Modern name of Black Sea city Trebizond: Trabzon

Ranking of strong competitors in a sports contest: Seeding

Self-punishment for sin, an act of devotion: Penance

Space where things are packed or stowed away: Storage

Those who fight with words: Arguers

Transformed: Changed

Under the light of the night sky: Moonlit

__ Sea, body of water north of Scandinavia: Barents

Puzzle 4 Answers

American Dad’s patriarch: Stan smith

Antony -Jones; also known as Lord Snowdon: Armstrong

Ariel, Helvitica, Times Roman, etc.: fonts or __: Typefaces

Cuddly toy hit for Elvis in 1957: Teddy bear

Flash Gordon’s main enemy, Ming the __: Merciless

Formal men’s outerwear of the 19th century: Frock coat

Herb, gives carthamin dye and oil from its seeds: Safflower

Hold a drinking vessel by this, not near the rim: Glass stem

Infants cry a lot when these are growing in: Baby teeth

Italian-born seafood restaurateur: Aldo zilli

Last section of a relay race: Anchor leg

Meritorious, worthy, commendable: Deserving

Name of drag queen tour bus in a 1994 film: Priscilla

Name of transvestite tour bus in a 1994 film: Priscilla

Negatively charged atomic particles: Electrons

Organisms and their environment: Ecosystem

Red lamp at the rear of a vehicle: Tail light

Shocking, horrendous, terrible: Egregious

What plates get washed in: Dishwater

Village, Manhattan artistic/cultural district: Greenwich

Puzzle 5 Answers

Amount carried by a car, full capacity: Carload

Country to which the Faroe Islands belong: Denmark

Fake pill that mysteriously has an effect: Placebo

Flounced about in an arrogant manner: Swanned

French afternoon newspaper respected globally: Le monde

Highest mountain in Wales: Mount __: Snowdon

Large wave caused by underwater earthquake: Tsunami

Late meals: Dinners

President of the Second Continental Congress: Hancock

Putting a plant into a suitable container: Potting

The Lady of __, Tennyson long poem: Shalott

The highest prize in a lottery: Jackpot

Top layer of e.g. water: Surface

Wasteful person, a lazy spendthrift: Wastrel

__ glass, huge round vessel for drinking G&Ts: Balloon

__ is crying, __ is lying; line from 1981 ABBA hit: One of us

__ maker, machine makes your fave movie snack: Popcorn

Group 480

Puzzle 1 Answers

“The Pied Piper of “: Hamelin

A hard worker: Grafter

Actress cast as Rose in “Titanic”: Kate __: Winslet

Bon __, said by waiters after delivering meals: Appetit

Captain Kathryn __; in charge of the USS Voyager: Janeway

Drake __, water between S America and Antarctica: Passage

Female theatre performer: Actress

Golfing advisors and bag carriers: Caddies

Madagascar is a famous producer of this sweet bean: Vanilla

Small generator, anagram of megaton: Magneto

Squander money frivolously: Fritter

Standard unit of measurement of a food’s energy: Calorie

The bumpy bits on the top of waters: Ripples

Puzzle 2 Answers

Benjamin Britten opera about Queen Elizabeth I: Gloriana

Bird of prey Muppet: Sam eagle

Bog, swamp or marsh: Quagmire

Boxy lines around a phrase of text: Brackets

Comedy sci-fi show with cat, android and hologram: Red dwarf

Crafters who work with cast iron: Founders

Curved lines around a phrase of text: Brackets

Exiled director who won an Oscar for The Pianist: Polanski

Fragrant purple flower used in sachets and soaps: Lavender

Menial worker who is put upon, not a canine: Dogsbody

Most well-known song from Bizet’s Carmen: Habanera

Offerman and Mullally: The __ Love Story Ever Told: Greatest

State where Brad Pitt was born, abbreviation OK: Oklahoma

To pull even in a chase: Overhaul

Turkey-rearing Bernard: Matthews

Use these for making smoothies: Blenders

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bestowed a high honour on a gentleman: Knighted

Bestowed a title on a gentleman: Knighted

Chewed something brittle: Crunched

Directed DiCaprio in The Quick and The Dead: Sam raimi

Homes on wheels to tow behind vehicles: Caravans

Horse contest with hurdles or obstacles to cross: Jump race

Journeying in a road vehicle: Motoring

More full of beans than: Livelier

Quickly, swiftly: Speedily

Sea, part of the Med between Italy and Corsica: Ligurian

Someone who creates musical scores: Composer

Tapping hands together to show appreciation: Clapping

Travelling, e.g. in a road vehicle: Motoring

saving time, system of adjusting the clocks: Daylight

Puzzle 4 Answers

A reason for doing something: Motive

Angelique, 2018 female champ at Wimbledon: Kerber

Assassin: Killer

Boer leader of the Great Trek murdered 1838: Retief

Carson McCullers novel: The Heart is a Lonely __: Hunter

Collier; coal miner: Pitman

Featured instrument in Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons: Violin

First name of actor who played Frasier Crane: Kelsey

Her goose is __: Cooked

Irritates: Annoys

Measure of how well a planet reflects solar energy: Albedo

Real first name for Meghan Markle: Rachel

Red-wine coloured: Claret

Red-wine hue: Claret

Sweet, such as fizzy drinks: Sugary

The two longest rivers in the UK: Thames and __: Severn

Tiny islands: Islets

Took a brief rest: Napped

__ Scott, Gladiator and The Martian director: Ridley

__ shrimp, its legs resemble a praying insect’s: Mantis

__ up, purse lips in anticipation of a kiss: Pucker

port-wine stain: Naevus

Puzzle 5 Answers

Algarve city and tourist resort: Albufeira

Amethysts, emeralds, garnets, diamonds: Gemstones

Carried along with information on trip sights: Guidebook

Cate __, Galadriel, Queen Elizabeth I, Hela: Blanchett

He who wrote History is bunk: Henry ford

Moving feet illegally in basketball: Traveling

Or two weeks: Fortnight

Place for keeping things for future use: Storeroom

Reject, renounce, rebut: Repudiate

Rock-and-roll beater used in a percussion section: Drumstick

Swimming stroke named after flying insect: Butterfly

Water-based, breathable emulsion: Claypaint

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