Codycross Department store Answers

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Codycross Department store

Group 501

Puzzle 1 Answers

A No. 1 hit for the pop group ABBA: “__ Queen”: Dancing

An improvement in the strength of something: Revival

Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic novel: Dracula

Brief explanation attached to an illustration: Caption

Held close, rhymes with and means “grasped”: Clasped

Idealistic, aiming for perfection: Utopian

Person who weeps constantly without reason: Crybaby

Rice dishes from Catalonia: Paellas

Small, swivelling wheels for moving furniture: Castors

Squeezing a cow’s udders: Milking

State where Everglades National Park is located: Florida

Stinging liquid used to clean wounds: Alcohol

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cacao-based sweet snack: Chocolate

Chris __ plays Thor in Marvel movies: Hemsworth

Circular, flat lab receptacle for growing bacteria: Petri dish

Close-up encounter experiences with maned big cats: Lion walks

Cloth placed over the eyes during party games: Blindfold

Exactitude, meticulousness: Precision

Formal evaluation of valuable goods: Appraisal

Ghost-hunting Great Dane: Scooby doo

Nemo is this type of sea creature: Clownfish

Pendant worn as an accessory around the neck: Medallion

Santa’s workshop location: North pole

Someone who is running for political office: Candidate

To gather money for a charitable cause: Fundraise

Puzzle 3 Answers

A way in: Entrance

Abroad, across an ocean: Overseas

Back limbs on an animal: Hind legs

Fetch, bring back: Retrieve

Forward movement: Momentum

Game __, lands where wild animals can live freely: Reserves

Incarceration instruction on a Monopoly board: Go to jail

Luggage piece: Suitcase

Mixing baking ingredients with a spoon: Stirring

Plane, helicopter or other flying machine: Aircraft

Play by Edmond Rostand: Cyrano de __: Bergerac

Singer star of A Star is Born, with Bradley Cooper: Lady gaga

Walking angrily, with heavy steps: Stomping

Young male singer in a church, for example: Choir boy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Abilities, especially supernatural or magical ones: Powers

Facebook __; short update on a user’s thoughts: Status

Ill will: Malice

Imposed by coercion or physical power: Forced

Meal eaten outdoors, in sunny weather: Picnic

Metal drinking vessel used in the Middle Ages: Goblet

Miniature ornamental Japanese tree: Bonsai

Practical jokes or tricks to play on someone: Pranks

Someone who makes illegal banknotes: Forger

Sport indulged in by hares and kangaroos: Boxing

Unlucky accident, unfortunate event: Mishap

Vehicle that transports a coffin: Hearse

Well-known, renowned: Famous

Puzzle 5 Answers

Become greater or stronger: Intensify

Breed or grow plants from seed: Propagate

Fake copies of paintings, banknotes etc.: Forgeries

Girl who reigns over peers at end-of-school party: Prom queen

Hershey’s milk chocolate bar with nuts and coconut: Almond joy

Huge enveloping absorbent towel used after a wash: Bath sheet

Jesse __ of The Social Network: Eisenberg

Restaurant’s padded seating, in a cubicle say: Banquette

Two weeks: Fortnight

Undertake various jobs simultaneously: Multitask

__ For The People; bestselling album for R.E.M.: Automatic

Group 502

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bovine money maker: Cash cow

Games designed to test your brain: Puzzles

Instrument that points North: Compass

Investment money: Capital

Kernels puffed up by heat: Popcorn

Pierce __; ex-James Bond who starred in Mamma Mia!: Brosnan

Small cylindrical case or container, like a pill: Capsule

Space shuttles: Rockets

Sworn to __; promising not to tell: Secrecy

Throw away; get rid of: Dispose

Puzzle 2 Answers

A slow romantic song: Ballad

Bizet’s opera set in Spain: Carmen

Customer: Patron

Discrimination against a gender: Sexism

Discrimination against women: Sexism

Empathetic, nurturing: Caring

Flash __, sci-fi film with a Queen soundtrack: Gordon

Garden pavilion: Gazebo

Icon representing someone online: Avatar

Jack be __, Jack be quick: Nimble

Most populous city in Germany: Berlin

Offensive remark: Insult

Opulence; grandeur: Luxury

Pickled vegetable condiment for hot dogs: Relish

Specimen of blood taken for analysis: Sample

__ Panda: voiced by Jack Black: Kung fu

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ain’t No __ High Enough, classic Motown duet: Mountain

Breathed words, used for passing secrets: Whispers

Fleeing, running away: Escaping

Minor illnesses or medical complaints: Ailments

Natural ability to do something: Aptitude

Not a cynic: Optimist

Not self-confident: Insecure

Nutrition for infants: Baby food

Paper container for canine leftovers: Doggy bag

Secret number combination to gain access: Passcode

Tormented, suffering: Agonized

Uneducated or unsophisticated: Ignorant

__ iron, tool used in the Wild West to mark cattle: Branding

Puzzle 4 Answers

Amy __; Rehab singer with famous beehive hairstyle: Winehouse

Building where people exercise indoors: Gymnasium

Debauchery; self-indulgence: Decadence

Forbids, does not permit: Prohibits

Head, __, knees and toes: Shoulders

Infringement of a rule in sports: Violation

Lunar rays: Moonbeams

Outdoor decoration that makes music in the breeze: Wind chime

Parchment on a room’s façade: Wallpaper

Parchment rolls used to decorate an interior: Wallpaper

Sea feature containing the exoskeletons of animals: Coral reef

Structure from which a rocket takes off: Launchpad

The capital of Romania: Bucharest

Worn on an equine’s foot or given for good luck: Horseshoe

__ sea salt; pricey pink condiment: Himalayan

Puzzle 5 Answers

An area rich in fuel deposits: Oil field

As __ as a mule: Stubborn

Bread and veggies cooked inside a turkey: Stuffing

Cosmetic product for painting the mouth: Lipstick

Hurried up: Hastened

Massaging bread dough with your hands: Kneading

Passing on messages or information: Relaying

Small songbird with an orange plumage: Redstart

Stop subscribing to someone’s Twitter updates: Unfollow

The horse from Toy Story: Bullseye

Things that are enjoyed for a short time: Ephemera

Transport or shipment of goods: Delivery

“Let’s Get ”, 80’s Olivia Newton-John song: Physical

Group 503

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animal that feeds on dead plant material: Scavenger

Collections of signatures, in protest or objection: Petitions

Disease causing stiffness and pain in joints: Arthritis

Disintegrating like rusty metal: Corroding

Free __; no charge for entering: Admission

Funniest part of a comedian’s joke: Punchline

Inflexible, rigorous, strict: Stringent

Percussion instrument hit by a brush or stick: Snare drum

Regulate, ensure the accuracy of: Calibrate

Sign of surrender or truce when waved: White flag

Something that is unclear, not exact: Ambiguous

Standardize, regulate, ensure the accuracy of: Calibrate

Straps that attach parachutes to skydivers: Harnesses

To be __; unfinished for now: Continued

To capture or arrest: Apprehend

Trinkets for garden decoration: Ornaments

Puzzle 2 Answers

Describes crimes that remain a mystery: Unsolved

Drugs that help an upset stomach: Antacids

Drugs that neutralize an upset stomach: Antacids

Fabric with woven design used as a wall hanging: Tapestry

Falls very quickly from the sky: Plummets

Inspecting a company’s accounts: Auditing

Most abundant gas found in the sun: Hydrogen

Moving further back like a balding hairline: Receding

Small oily canned fish named for an Italian island: Sardines

Someone who watches: Observer

State of being unaware of what is happening: Oblivion

Tolerance; restraint: Patience

Wooden hut for keeping garden instruments: Toolshed

Puzzle 3 Answers

A group of soldiers who fight on horses: Cavalry

A territory ruled by a monarch: Kingdom

Computer that isn’t portable: Desktop

Failed to succeed or went limp: Flopped

Money provided for a project or initiative: Funding

Pasta cooked so it has a bite: Al dente

Self-respect; a sense of pride in oneself: Dignity

Sign of the zodiac in October and November: Scorpio

The action of a cat drinking milk from a saucer: Lapping

The reason for which something is created: Purpose

Torn pieces of material: Tatters

Walkways over rivers or canyons: Bridges

Puzzle 4 Answers

A person who makes wooden furniture: Carpenter

A word that modifies or describes a noun: Adjective

Capital of Nepal and its largest city: Kathmandu

Deep glacial fissures: Crevasses

From this point forward: Hereafter

Hogwarts house identified by a snake: Slytherin

Lincoln was the __ president of the U.S. (number): Sixteenth

New York airport with code LGA: Laguardia

Padded protector for the lower leg: Shin guard

Reductions in price, savings: Discounts

Site of Beatles music studio and zebra crossing: Abbey road

Someone who works in a place surrounded by books: Librarian

Take a stroll when you aren’t awake: Sleep walk

To a very great degree: Extremely

Wookiee from Star Wars: Chewbacca

Puzzle 5 Answers

A folk tale; also means very well known: Legend

A long, narrow ditch: Trench

Decorative edge: Border

Dr. Seuss character who hates Christmas: Grinch

In a great way, largely: Vastly

Musical piece mixed from various sources: Mashup

Nickname for Scottish terrier breed with white fur: Westie

Offer counsel to someone: Advise

Olive __, vegetation proffered as act of peace: Branch

Race horse rider: Jockey

Small images for text speak: Emojis

This metallic piece helps to hold a belt together: Buckle

To gain possession of, gain through effort: Obtain

Wandered: Roamed

With bated __; waiting in suspense: Breath

Worn on the hands to protect from the cold: Gloves

Globe Award, US film and TV accolade: Golden

__ list: things to do before you pass: Bucket

Group 504

Puzzle 1 Answers

An evening not at home, e.g. at a restaurant: Night out

Art deco solar design on housing and garden gates: Sunburst

Battle site where Napoleon was defeated: Waterloo

Brief, to the point, concise: Succinct

Charcoal cooker: Barbecue

DC comic hero Aquaman’s underwater home: Atlantis

Highly prized Japanese cow meat: Kobe beef

Made glossy, e.g. shined an apple or oak table: Polished

Make something less severe or serious: Mitigate

Musicians who play large stringed instruments: Cellists

Relating to speech sounds: Phonetic

The galaxy that contains our Solar System: Milky way

Whale species with distinctive lumpy body shape: Humpback

Puzzle 2 Answers

1983 gangster film has Al Pacino as the title lead: Scarface

Animals with antlers that live in snowy conditions: Reindeer

Answered; countered: Retorted

Beating percussion accompanies a big announcement: Drumroll

Find new ways to do things: Innovate

Funny mistakes made by actors while filming: Bloopers

Italian city, capital of Sardinia: Cagliari

Making someone wriggle and laugh from light touch: Tickling

Painful sores from too much walking: Blisters

Poisonous, with a harmful bite or sting: Venomous

Sections of a book: Chapters

To prepare for a public performance: Rehearse

Vagrant, itinerant, beggar: Vagabond

Puzzle 3 Answers

“I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day” song: My girl

A financial gain from a business venture: Profit

Abilities, special talents: Skills

Bitter opponents; sworn enemies: Rivals

Breathe in; take air into your lungs: Inhale

Continent that has two countries starting with Z: Africa

Dried plums: Prunes

Large celebratory meals: Feasts

Large constricting snake: Python

Mythical creature with a human head and lion body: Sphinx

Name of Disney Princess in Sleeping Beauty: Aurora

Puzzle 4 Answers

Circus act, a swinging bar between suspended ropes: Trapeze

Common chemical found in fish: Mercury

Cooked by fire: Roasted

Declare one’s public approval of something: Endorse

Flower children: Hippies

He returns tennis spheres that go out of play: Ball boy

In a hurried way: Hastily

Johnny Depp played Captain Jack __: Sparrow

Ms. de Vil from 101 Dalmatians: Cruella

Murder on the Orient __, Agatha Christie tale: Express

Spending time outdoors in tents: Camping

Swedish music-streaming platform with green logo: Spotify

Thai capital: Bangkok

Tools for removing the skin from fruit and veg: Peelers

Tropical storm over the Indian or Pacific ocean: Typhoon

Puzzle 5 Answers

An actor’s entry into a theatre: Stage door

An animal that only eats plants: Herbivore

An athletic event made up of 10 individual sports: Decathlon

Belittle, talk down: Disparage

Brad Pitt movie about assembling a baseball team: Moneyball

Capital of Iceland: Reykjavik

Cleaning liquid for laundry: Detergent

Contaminants in the air, such as smoke, car fumes: Pollution

Fashion choice displayed on the head: Hairstyle

Geppetto’s puppet boy: Pinocchio

Green, leafy herb also called cilantro: Coriander

Legal invalidation of marriage: Annulment

Ocean reptile that lays eggs on sandy beaches: Sea turtle

Periodical of current events: Newspaper

Professional who listens and provides counsel: Therapist

Sound qualities of a room: Acoustics

Unplanned, random, indiscriminate: Haphazard

William the __, created a cross-channel Empire: Conqueror

Group 505

Puzzle 1 Answers

Artificial objects surgically inserted in the body: Implants

Exercising in water: Swimming

Famous stock market index first published in 1885: Dow jones

Larva of a firefly that is luminous: Glowworm

Make bisque with these crab-like seafood creatures: Lobsters

Network security barrier: Firewall

Not evenly or justly: Unfairly

Positions in a scale of achievement: Rankings

Saying hello: Greeting

The boy who lives in Neverland: Peter pan

Puzzle 2 Answers

An annual celebration or anniversary: Festival

Assess the value of something: Appraise

Big, low-pitched, percussion instrument: Bass drum

Catastrophe: Disaster

Costs of doing business: Expenses

Cuts, bruises, or fractures: Injuries

Holding raised press-up position for core strength: Planking

Identifying moniker for logging in: Username

Influential, mighty: Powerful

Marked by a covering of dark clouds: Overcast

Method of removing fleece from sheep: Shearing

Observing films or TV shows: Watching

People who are highly educated: Scholars

Rear exit of a home: Back door

Seeking to defend or justify a wrongdoing: Excusing

TLC for your feet at a nail salon: Pedicure

Weight hung from a fixed point that swings freely: Pendulum

Puzzle 3 Answers

A fine or penalty for wrongdoing: Forfeit

Agreement type that can’t be broken (tied in): Binding

Books explaining how something operates: Manuals

In a state of disarray: Chaotic

Landforms completely surrounded by water: Islands

Love __, term for excess fat on the waistline: Handles

Official residence of a foreign diplomat: Embassy

Ride-along, foot-powered kids’ toy with base board: Scooter

Siberian ____: dogs that thrive in cold weather: Huskies

Store that sells food and household goods: Grocery

Woman destined to receive a fortune after a death: Heiress

Woolly __, huge, prehistoric elephant-like beast: Mammoth

Puzzle 4 Answers

A device that limits freedom of movement: Restraint

A strong desire to know or learn something: Curiosity

Assistance canines for the visually impaired: Guide dogs

Automotive repair experts: Mechanics

Caring for; raising: Nurturing

City where the Van Gogh Museum is located: Amsterdam

Motivate someone with inspirational words: Encourage

Private meetings or gatherings: Conclaves

Scene in a movie that’s a glimpse into the past: Flashback

Something to read to children at bedtime: Storybook

They look like bananas, but require cooking: Plantains

Very offensive and annoying: Obnoxious

Puzzle 5 Answers

2018 Wimbledon women’s singles champ: Angelique __: Kerber

Apple music store for selling songs: Itunes

Branched bone that grows on a deer’s skull: Antler

Disappear: Vanish

Dog breed that Snoopy belongs to: Beagle

Dry land with sand dunes: Desert

Easy to cut or chew, like a good steak: Tender

Frozen homes, made from snow blocks: Igloos

Hitchcock film about Norman Bates and a motel: Psycho

Large bell that tells time in London: Big ben

Manufacturer of the 747, 777 and 787: Boeing

Open ! Ali Baba’s magic, cave-opening words: Sesame

Said yes; concurred: Agreed

Tented circus arena: Big top

The arrogant hunter in Beauty and the Beast: Gaston

To regard someone with respect: Admire

Underground church chambers, often for burials: Crypts

Where a monarch might live: Castle

Group 506

Puzzle 1 Answers

Appropriateness, propriety: Decorum

Becky is a common shortened version of this name: Rebecca

Classic cars turned into racers: Hotrods

Flower design, pinned on winners at animal shows: Rosette

Half-a-dozen well-developed abdominal muscles: Six pack

Heathrow is one: Airport

Illustrious, distinguished, renowned: Eminent

Indicted; one charged with a crime: Accused

Large catastrophic wave; comes after an earthquake: Tsunami

Large flightless bird: Ostrich

Large meal or feast with several courses: Banquet

More hardy: Tougher

Said of something chilled by frozen cubes of water: Ice cold

Scientific study of living organisms: Biology

This is important to do before a workout: Stretch

Wooden frame for fastening plants to a wall: Trellis

Puzzle 2 Answers

Canadian who voiced Shrek: Mike myers

Describes a plant that lives more than two years: Perennial

Didn’t go to plan, failed, went wrong: Backfired

Much smaller than normal: Miniature

Prompting vivid memories or feelings: Evocative

Provider of help to a disaster-hit country: Aid worker

Shareholder profits: Dividends

Storage cabinets in houses: Cupboards

Suggestive of good health and physical well-being: Wholesome

World’s longest venomous snake: King cobra

Puzzle 3 Answers

A large cavity in the ground: Crater

Bits of leftover food; tiny pieces: Scraps

Cartoon sailor who ate spinach for strength: Popeye

Draw roughly: Sketch

Eyesight, how well a person can see: Vision

Gas used to fill balloons: Helium

Household jobs: Chores

Insert fluid using a needle and syringe: Inject

Leave: Depart

Lost or homeless dogs: Strays

Male who is engaged to someone: Fiance

Mythological son who flew too close to the Sun: Icarus

Rewards for winning competitions: Prizes

Skilled tradesperson who cuts and joins metal: Welder

Sport most closely associated with Lake Tahoe: Skiing

Tech expert who gains unauthorized access to data: Hacker

Volkswagen’s bug-named car: Beetle

Like the Wolf, 1980’s song by Duran Duran: Hungry

Puzzle 4 Answers

Adjective describing a good-looking man: Handsome

Cadillac large luxury SUV model: Escalade

Careful; cautious: Discreet

Genie in a Bottle was one of her hits: Christina __: Aguilera

Informed, alerted: Notified

Lovey-dovey, amorous: Romantic

Microscopic organisms eaten by whales: Plankton

Nosh from McDonald’s or Burger King is this: Fastfood

Putting seeds in the ground so that they grow: Planting

Rough calculation: Estimate

Take money out of a bank account: Withdraw

These show up as our skin ages: Wrinkles

Wooden or metal structure that holds a mattress: Bed frame

Puzzle 5 Answers

Antagonist in A Series of Unfortunate Events: Count olaf

Country where the Great Barrier Reef is located: Australia

Daily prophecy or advice based on the zodiac: Horoscope

Exciting, exhilarating: Thrilling

Financial difficulties; adversities: Hardships

Fun, large playground with many pools: Waterpark

Insect with beautiful wings: Butterfly

Long garment worn to bed: Nightgown

Models, patterns, examples: Paradigms

Popular, meaty pizza topping: Pepperoni

Take apart, deconstruct: Dismantle

Wall of muscles below the ribcage: Diaphragm

Group 507

Puzzle 1 Answers

Art of clipping bushes into ornamental shapes: Topiary

Faint, temporarily lose consciousness: Pass out

Fish and shellfish on a plate: Seafood

Laid around lazily: Lounged

Ocean where the Aleutian Islands are located: Pacific

Play out the actions of a historical event: Reenact

Soft, fleshy lower part of the external ear: Ear lobe

Somewhere Over the __, sang Judy Garland: Rainbow

Sunglasses style designed for pilots: Aviator

Teenage witch with a cat named Salem: Sabrina

They form words: Letters

To add sugar: Sweeten

To suddenly drop from the sky at a great speed: Plummet

Puzzle 2 Answers

A flat board that holds written text: Bookshelf

Active at night: Nocturnal

Banned, prohibited: Forbidden

Criss Angel’s street magic TV show: Mindfreak

Director of the film Kill Bill: Quentin __: Tarantino

Do you know him? He lives on Drury Lane: Muffin man

Emotional pain felt in the chest: Heartache

Flaky, twisted, half moon-shaped French pastry: Croissant

Holes made in the ears, decorated with earrings: Piercings

Holes through the body decorated with jewels: Piercings

In error, accidentally: By mistake

Moves to a later date: Postpones

Plank holding literature: Bookshelf

Plastic or glass dome with wintry scene inside: Snow globe

Sensation of spinning and losing one’s balance: Dizziness

Technological company with Windows software: Microsoft

Those who live somewhere permanently: Residents

Used to kill insects on crops: Pesticide

Puzzle 3 Answers

Having a composed and self-assured manner: Poised

Holiday on board a ship: Cruise

Mend: Repair

Narrow passageways between buildings: Alleys

Notifications; warnings: Alerts

Place of worship, smaller than a church: Chapel

Relating to the universe: Cosmic

Ride these animals bareback or with saddles: Horses

Santa’s method of transport on Christmas Eve: Sleigh

Smashes, stops something functioning: Breaks

Where the first piggy went: Market

__ Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann show about a Parisian icon: Moulin

__ dragon, large lizard, has its own national park: Komodo

__ fish; Japanese delicacy also called fugu: Puffer

Puzzle 4 Answers

A comfortable sleeping platform on a bed frame: Mattress

Becoming submerged under water: Flooding

Correctly; in the right way: Properly

Deadlock, stalemate, impasse: Stand off

Facial feature missing on the Mona Lisa: Eyebrows

Fast, short-distance runner: Sprinter

Felt distaste for or hostility toward something: Disliked

Founder of modern nursing: __ Nightingale: Florence

No longer in production or circulation: Obsolete

Person who breaks the law: Criminal

Pulling something roughly: Dragging

Sheltered; private; away from the crowds: Secluded

Small utensil for stirring coffee: Teaspoon

Social media website founded by Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook

Typically bald-headed scavenging birds of prey: Vultures

Women’s purses: Handbags

Puzzle 5 Answers

A fence or railing that prevents access: Barrier

A light umbrella that provides shade: Parasol

Fitness coach: Trainer

Good luck: Fortune

Great physical or mental suffering: Torture

It’s used to power a mobile phone: Battery

James __: director of Avatar: Cameron

Middle Eastern dish of mashed chickpea fritters: Falafel

Outline of a hill or valley: Contour

Person who has served in the military: Veteran

Restores to consciousness: Revives

Roman King of the Gods and equivalent of Zeus: Jupiter

Spiritual person who speaks for a deity: Prophet

Vinyl discs: Records

Group 508

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Row, row, row your boat gently down the “: Stream

A distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language: Accent

A slight earthquake: Tremor

Approval or acclaim given for good deeds: Praise

Escargot is a dish of these creatures: Snails

Estimate of income and expenses for a set period: Budget

Loop for holding a cup or bag: Handle

Made someone be quiet: Hushed

One who accompanies another to a function: Escort

Outdoor coat: Jacket

Owen __; voice of Lightning McQueen in Cars: Wilson

The alleviation of pain or discomfort: Relief

They transmit impulses of sensation to the brain: Nerves

Tweak, change the settings: Adjust

Puzzle 2 Answers

A place for professional dance competitions: Ballroom

A removable panel in a floor: Trapdoor

Ejecting saliva from the mouth: Spitting

In accordance with a law: Pursuant

Logged an account of; preserved in writing: Recorded

Peaceful and quiet: Tranquil

Process of making fingernails fancy: Manicure

Sound kids say a train makes: Choo choo

Spanish word for “winter”: Invierno

With no special or distinctive features: Ordinary

Rhapsody, Queen’s biggest hit and movie: Bohemian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bazaars: Markets

Condition of feeling nauseous on choppy waters: Seasick

Cooked or browned by heat, until crispy: Toasted

Decomposing organic matter for growing plants: Compost

Losing liquid through a crack: Leaking

Patterns made by adhering tile pieces together: Mosaics

Patterns made by gluing small tile pieces together: Mosaics

Successfully overcome: Conquer

Throw aside: Discard

US city where Starbucks originated: Seattle

__ ship!, cry that goes out when a vessel sinks: Abandon

__ spice latte; festive drink with seasonal spices: Pumpkin

Puzzle 4 Answers

A shot of strong coffee: Espresso

Adversary in a sporting match: Opponent

Connective protein found in skin and bone: Collagen

Difference; dissimilarity: Contrast

Downward movement under the force of gravity: Freefall

Having no ear for music: Tone deaf

Indiana Jones searched for it: the Ark of the __: Covenant

Infant toy that may open and close its eyes: Baby doll

Plausible, credible, likely: Probable

Portable, gas-powered tree-cutting device: Chainsaw

Protecting, standing watch over something: Guarding

Someone who buys goods and services: Consumer

Step on someone’s land illegally: Trespass

Puzzle 5 Answers

Also known as halitosis: Bad breath

At a dangerously fast speed: Breakneck

Check-in desk at a hotel: Reception

Connective tissue between bones: Ligaments

Ellen __, the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo: Degeneres

For a select few: Exclusive

Suggested rules for office attire: Dress code

Swapping or trading goods: Bartering

The action of saying words aloud to be typed: Dictation

Trial or test to prove one’s worth: Challenge

Group 509

Puzzle 1 Answers

A short snooze, not just for felines: Catnap

Long paper written by a doctoral student: Thesis

Northern __; another name for the aurora borealis: Lights

Plane operators: Pilots

Selected: Chosen

The latest fashions: Trends

These are cut off the edges of sandwiches: Crusts

Three-legged stand for mounting a camera on: Tripod

Warm water pool for relaxation or hydrotherapy: Hot tub

Yellow powdery substance found on flowers: Pollen

__ with a Chance of Meatballs: Cloudy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cleaning between the teeth with thread: Flossing

Denoting something done with great precision: Surgical

Duck-billed, egg-laying mammal: Platypus

Evading, keeping out of someone’s way: Avoiding

Extremely hot; burning: Scalding

Film teasers, shown before the movie: Trailers

Flooding, overloading: Swamping

Food of the gods: Ambrosia

Impoliteness, vulgarity, disrespect: Rudeness

Indicating with a finger: Pointing

Official set of procedures: Protocol

Someone in authority, like in the government: Official

Someone who travels long distances for work: Commuter

Texas’ nickname: the ___ ___ state: Lonestar

The culmination; summit: Pinnacle

Tight clothing pieces worn by gymnasts or dancers: Leotards

Women’s very short hairstyle: Pixie cut

Puzzle 3 Answers

“__ up the wrong tree”, misjudging something: Barking

Ancient preserved remains of animals and plants: Fossils

Chemical element with the symbol Ca: Calcium

Fastest land animal: Cheetah

Fate: Destiny

Icy figure made from frozen rain: Snowman

Ignited, lit: Sparked

Make clear, explain a point: Clarify

Sugar or syrup heated until it turns brown: Caramel

Tear or burst: Rupture

Very strong: Intense

Puzzle 4 Answers

A detailed analysis and assessment of something: Critique

Animated film in which Tom Hanks plays a cowboy: Toy story

Clear and logical; a unified whole: Coherent

Designed to improve the appearance of the face: Cosmetic

Dishes of the day on a menu: Specials

Disinfect or purify with chemicals: Fumigate

Intelligent perceptions: Insights

Losing liquid from a cup: Spilling

Of water that does not flow, often smelly: Stagnant

Old-time warships: Galleons

Price markdown: Discount

Remains of something that has been badly damaged: Wreckage

Royal or majestic: Imperial

Someone who protests or campaigns for change: Activist

Something hard to hold firmly because it’s oily: Slippery

Sparkling, precious stones found in rings: Diamonds

Puzzle 5 Answers

A dive into water that ends up stomach first: Belly flop

Annoying press photographers: Paparazzi

Device for opening wine bottles: Corkscrew

Expand upon; give more information: Elaborate

Granules on which felines do their business: Cat litter

Lady Gaga’s 2008 card-game hit: Poker face

Natural features, e.g. hills, valleys, mountains: Landforms

Savage; uncivilized: Barbarian

Steep rock faces at the edge of the ocean: Sea cliffs

The act of being thankful: Gratitude

Where computer files are stored: Hard drive

Group 510

Puzzle 1 Answers

Activity of jumping from an aircraft: Skydiving

African and Asian animals with long trunks: Elephants

An interviewer asks these to find out information: Questions

Blue female cartoon character pursued by Gargamel: Smurfette

Declaration of principles: Manifesto

Distant or uninvolved disposition: Aloofness

Indecency; immorality; impropriety: Obscenity

Knife __, device for keeping a true cutting edge: Sharpener

Made to appear larger: Magnified

One who travels on a plane or train: Passenger

Passage of writing indicated by a new line: Paragraph

Period of the day when the midday meal is eaten: Lunchtime

Pierced to let air out: Punctured

Someone who is an expert in making keys: Locksmith

Worried and uneasy: Unsettled

Puzzle 2 Answers

Competitor with little chance of winning: Underdog

Contradictory figure of speech: Oxymoron

Evening dress worn to a formal dance event: Ballgown

Medical building for treating serious illnesses: Hospital

Mexican flatbread used to make tacos: Tortilla

Pay rent to this person: Landlord

Person who meddles in others’ lives: Busy body

Prizes for sports wins: Trophies

Reordered a deck of cards: Shuffled

Something that belongs to someone: Property

Strains; pressures that cause unrest in society: Tensions

The activity of buying and selling goods: Commerce

Winding tape into a cassette: Spooling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Celebrations held for birthdays and anniversaries: Parties

Committed by a solemn promise: Pledged

Confrontational; not willing to comply: Defiant

Follow a winding course, like a river: Meander

Gas common in cleaning products: Ammonia

Incriminating, conclusive, e.g. evidence: Damning

Pockets where the young of marsupials develop: Pouches

Possession gained after missed shot in basketball: Rebound

Reduce in extent or quantity: Curtail

Shin __, painful condition caused by running: Splints

Small container to discard cigarette residue: Ashtray

Snapshot: Picture

Sour condiment used to pickle vegetables: Vinegar

Squeezes between thumb and finger: Pinches

Superhero name for Tony Stark: Iron man

These were Shakespeare’s most common poetry type: Sonnets

Puzzle 4 Answers

Closed one eye briefly: Winked

Dark and shadowy: Gloomy

Difficult, challenging: Taxing

Herb with smell that attracts felines: Catnip

Pasta strand, especially in Chinese cuisine: Noodle

Sellers’ audience: Buyers

Sets of notes played on a guitar: Chords

Short and stocky: Stubby

The warthog from The Lion King: Pumbaa

__ queen, most gorgeous girl in a pageant: Beauty

Puzzle 5 Answers

A plan to achieve a goal: Strategy

Alternate route that saves time: Shortcut

Body of facts or information regarding a crime: Evidence

Excessively self-indulgent: Decadent

Holding like a baby: Cradling

Interfered with: Tampered

Lines that run side by side but never touch: Parallel

Member of the press: Reporter

Member of the press who conducts interviews: Reporter

Repeated small spot pattern on a fabric: Polka dot

Searching for food in the wild: Foraging

Side by side lines that never touch: Parallel

Sturdy bag worn with shoulder straps: Rucksack

Surname of the mob family in The Godfather: Corleone

The first American Idol: Kelly __: Clarkson

Writing or drawings scribbled on a wall: Graffiti

Group 511

Puzzle 1 Answers

A man who fought animals in the Colosseum: Gladiator

Aggressive marine predator with wide snout: Bull shark

Ancient trade road, linking West to East: Silk route

Braveheart director and star: Mel gibson

Fabled, known from old tales: Legendary

Hoard; supplies stored in case of emergency: Stockpile

Making a high-pitched cry like a piglet: Squealing

Mark a special day with a party, for example: Celebrate

One who finds it impossible to sleep at night: Insomniac

Outdoor cooking grills: Barbecues

Person who can put others in trances: Hypnotist

Plastic holder for ink in a printer: Cartridge

Roman who was trained to fight wild animals: Gladiator

Romantic hut hit single for The B-52s in 1989: Love shack

Travel schedule: Itinerary

Where to keep a drink while driving: Cup holder

Puzzle 2 Answers

A written guarantee for a product: Warranty

Emptied luggage: Unpacked

Fugitives, those who have fled their home: Runaways

Hepburn played Eliza Doolittle in My __: Fair lady

Highly respected: Esteemed

Human offspring: Children

Imaginary terrifying creatures: Monsters

Large, wide-brimmed Mexican hat: Sombrero

Locked or stuck in a small, cramped space: Confined

Orchestra section where flutes are found: Woodwind

Sweet greenish-yellow melon: Honeydew

Teacher or speaker at a university: Lecturer

Vital link or a safety cable at sea: Lifeline

Puzzle 3 Answers

Act involving excitement or adventure: Escapade

Devil’s __; supporter of unpopular opinion: Advocate

Evaluated: Assessed

Fragrances: Perfumes

Investigation: Research

Mammals of an order that includes monkeys and apes: Primates

Morally good: Virtuous

Substantive of setting something on fire: Ignition

System of water pipes in a home: Plumbing

Wealthy, prosperous: Affluent

Puzzle 4 Answers

Barely touched the surface: Skimmed

Branch of math for solving x and y equations: Algebra

Copenhagen is the capital of this country: Denmark

Floating attraction in a parade: Balloon

Mound of earth created by colonies of insects: Anthill

Reprimanded: Scolded

Ropes, wires, pulleys that control a boat’s sails: Rigging

Second wife of John Lennon: Yoko ono

Stop from happening: Prevent

Thrown out of a house: Evicted

Washing oneself in a tub full of water: Bathing

Puzzle 5 Answers

“Three __ to the wind”, euphemism for being drunk: Sheets

Fashion items that could be pencil or mini: Skirts

Kurt __; iconic rock musician, Nirvana frontman: Cobain

Large tree with weeping branches: Willow

Online __, looking for love on the Internet: Dating

Rhyming phrase for sobs: Boo hoo

Showing unfair prejudice against something: Biased

Swiss-French lake, north of the Alps: Geneva

Voluntarily leave a job: Resign

Where baseball players relax: Dugout

Where baseball players warm up: Dugout

White whale native to the Arctic Ocean: Beluga

__ fever; virus spread by mosquito bites: Dengue

Group 512

Puzzle 1 Answers

Attacking with the element of surprise: Ambushing

Carbonation; having bubbles in a drink: Fizziness

Evidence, often given in court: Testimony

Get positive results, pay off, go to plan: Bear fruit

Open spaces in forests: Clearings

Power outages: Blackouts

Prized, valued: Treasured

Render in another language: Translate

Skin protection in hot weather: Sunscreen

Strangers on a Train film director: Alfred __: Hitchcock

Substance that conceals unpleasant underarm smell: Deodorant

Taking on the role of a mother or father: Parenting

Three-sided structure that supports a portal: Door frame

Tiny Mexican dog: Chihuahua

U.S. cartoon sitcom revolving around the Griffins: Family guy

__ and Mondays always get me down: The Carpenters: Rainy days

Puzzle 2 Answers

Allow water to drain from spaghetti: Strain

Amaze someone with an impressive quality: Dazzle

Fireplace frame made from wood or stone: Mantel

Made from tree bark: Wooden

No Country for __; 2007 Oscar-winning film: Old men

Rouse from a sleeping state: Awaken

Russian capital: Moscow

Shout at a comedian: Heckle

Snow White’s friend with constant allergies: Sneezy

Tempo, repeated beat of a pattern on a drum: Rhythm

The word for party in Spanish: Fiesta

Thin bony plates on reptiles: Scales

To turn into bone, to petrify: Ossify

Transform or evolve: Mutate

__ Horse, famous Greek trick: Trojan

Puzzle 3 Answers

2008 Summer & 2022 Winter Olympics host city: Beijing

Appropriate, suited to someone: Fitting

Combined: Blended

Conference held over the Internet: Webinar

Container where screwdrivers and hammers are kept: Toolbox

Cube of crunchy bread, often found on salads: Crouton

Effects applied to photographs: Filters

Emmitting a sound made by a happy cat: Purring

Humility; fairness: Modesty

Layers applied to photographs: Filters

Many drinking straws and are made from this: Plastic

Pursing the lips, like in a selfie perhaps: Pouting

Two small masses of lymphoid tissue in the throat: Tonsils

__ like a leaf; trembling with fear: Shaking

Puzzle 4 Answers

A robotic type in the form of man: Humanoid

Age of legal adulthood in US and UK: Eighteen

Another word for oatmeal: Porridge

Break after two quarters in a basketball game: Half time

Forrest Gump, Castaway, and Big star: Tom hanks

French word for “mister”: Monsieur

Ghosts: Phantoms

Having an appearance resembling that of a person: Humanoid

Keepsake: Souvenir

Operation, surgical cutting of nerves of the brain: Lobotomy

Outfit for going in a pool or the ocean: Swimsuit

Small paper bits thrown at a newly-married couple: Confetti

Tarantino’s two-volume series starring Uma Thurman: Kill bill

The eleventh astrological sign in the Zodiac: Aquarius

Puzzle 5 Answers

Answer; mixture of a liquid with other substances: Solution

Choruses that are repeated after each verse: Refrains

First animal in the dictionary: Aardvark

Given; presented with: Received

Glossy monthly publication: Magazine

Lacking hair on all or part of your scalp: Baldness

Maximum extent across the arms of a plane: Wingspan

Of very high standard: Top notch

Perceptible by touch; clear and definite: Tangible

Person who works for a wage: Employee

Postponed: Deferred

Pours delicately: Drizzles

Proprietor that runs a business for tourists: Hotelier

Shakespearean play about a monarch: King lear

Shows designed to make people laugh: Comedies

Visitors press it to gain entry to a residence: Doorbell

Group 513

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient calculator with moving beads: Abacus

Bunny: Rabbit

Cream-filled French pastry with chocolate icing: Eclair

Family of giants in Greek mythology: Titans

Highest mountain in Europe: Mount __: Elbrus

Horrified, stunned, astounded: Aghast

In a relaxed way: Calmly

Parts of a song that come before or after choruses: Verses

Resolved or determined to do something: Intent

Short, sharp knife used as a weapon: Dagger

Puzzle 2 Answers

Becoming wider or larger: Expanding

Capital letters: Uppercase

Crumpled, screwed up, crushed: Scrunched

Dallas basketball team: Mavericks

False name, something an author writes under: Pseudonym

Founder of Amazon: Jeff bezos

Full name for the undergarment on the chest: Brassiere

Give up, wave the white flag: Surrender

Green vegetable that makes urine smelly: Asparagus

In-car cross-body safety restraints: Seatbelts

Marks, symbols, words embedded in writing paper: Watermark

Military type, a paid fighter for any organization: Mercenary

North, south, east or west, for example: Direction

Over the shoulder boulder holder: Brassiere

People supporting and attending to a celeb: Entourage

Preliminary model: Prototype

Sudden epidemics of infectious disease: Outbreaks

Sworn, signed, witnessed statement before a court: Affidavit

The __ Republic shares an island with Haiti: Dominican

Theatrical solo speech: Monologue

White Wedding punk rocker: Billy idol

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advertising catchphrase: Slogan

Famous doll, often paired with Ken: Barbie

Ill-fated: Doomed

Pointless words, banal chatter: Drivel

Powerful and violent, like a torrent: Raging

Reject or retract an often-religious belief: Recant

Run towards, like a bull: Charge

Something handed down by a predecessor: Legacy

Sophie __, Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones: Turner

The secret to good comedy: Timing

Tikka __, mild-spiced buttery curry sauce for meat: Masala

Tool for bricklayers: Trowel

Toxin: Poison

Puzzle 4 Answers

Actor who voiced Olaf in Frozen: Josh gad

Competition participant: Entrant

Dungeons and __, early role-playing game: Dragons

Found where something is: Located

Illegally accessing an account online: Hacking

Lacking good sense or judgment: Foolish

Lady’s __, orchid also called moccasin flower: Slipper

Lonely lady featured in a Beatles song: __ Rigby: Eleanor

Male friend chosen by a groom to stand beside him: Best man

Prisoner: Captive

Quick; right now: Instant

Scary; visited or lived in by ghosts: Haunted

Skin condition that makes the face red: Rosacea

Softly spoken utterances: Murmurs

Tool with hot, molten adhesive for arts & crafts: Glue gun

Tropical birds with large bills & bright plumage: Toucans

Weaved together, like a certain hairstyle: Braided

Puzzle 5 Answers

A specified period of two years: Biennium

A woman no longer married: Divorcee

An event held to remember someone’s life: Memorial

Beethoven was one: Composer

Came before in a sequence: Preceded

Dropout, layabout: Deadbeat

Having been pardoned or excused: Forgiven

Large, soaring, hawk-like birds of prey: Buzzards

Las Vegas casino featured in Ocean’s Eleven: Bellagio

Medical condition prevents marching in the army: Flat feet

Number of weeks in a year: Fifty two

Overall victor in a sport: Champion

Pregnant women can get these longings for food: Cravings

Retreat, sanctuary: Hideaway

The ability of a substance to flow easily: Fluidity

The introductory screen of a website: Homepage

Group 514

Puzzle 1 Answers

All the letters arranged in order: Alphabet

Amount held in a piece of soup cutlery: Spoonful

Beaten; conquered: Defeated

Cutting out, stop running, e.g. a car engine: Stalling

Describes tennis players not in the top 32: Unseeded

Feeling of enjoyment: Pleasure

Hurting, injuring: Wounding

Insect that bites and can give you malaria: Mosquito

Movie aficionado: Film buff

Nationality of someone from Tokyo: Japanese

Pest, annoyance, irritating thing or person: Nuisance

Preferential hiring of relatives, qualified or not: Nepotism

Puzzle 2 Answers

A repeating design: Pattern

Attention-grabbing stunt or publicity: Gimmick

Deny someone of something: Deprive

Flawless: Perfect

Grapple: Wrestle

Lies around lazily: Lounges

Objects adopted by groups as a symbol of luck: Mascots

Popular yellow Pokémon: Pikachu

Sharing dish with enough food for two or more: Platter

Small aural devices for listening to music: Ear buds

Tie-__, a decider when a competition is drawn: Breaker

Puzzle 3 Answers

A hole or fissure, especially in a tooth: Cavity

A mental recollection: Memory

Backbones: Vertebrae

Bird that repeats what others say: Parrot

Dense tropical forest: Jungle

Give away money, clothes, possessions: Donate

Group of sports clubs that play for a championship: League

Meal-making instructions: Recipe

Military assault: Attack

Nippy, rather cold: Chilly

Princess from Brave: Merida

Save someone from danger: Rescue

Sewers for waste water: Drains

Take off one’s disguise: Unmask

Technically deceased, monsters that roam among us: Undead

The planet between Saturn and Neptune: Uranus

Puzzle 4 Answers

A supply or source of something: Reservoir

Amusing, entertaining, fun: Enjoyable

Cannot possibly go wrong: Foolproof

Disagreeing with an argument in court: Objecting

Electronic devices running Windows, for e.g.: Computers

Exactly the same: Identical

Festivals with costume parades and processions: Carnivals

Gave permission: Consented

Insect found in unsanitary kitchens: Cockroach

Make steak easy to chew by hitting with a hammer: Tenderize

Orangutan from The Jungle Book: King louie

Profane talk about sacred things: Blasphemy

Relating to the stomach: Abdominal

Seller of paintings and scupltures: Art dealer

Short distance runners: Sprinters

Something that requires little mental effort: No brainer

They play instruments: Musicians

Toy that’s an inflatable sphere of plastic: Beachball

Unnerved by the sight of blood; queasy: Squeamish

Puzzle 5 Answers

An established or official way of doing something: Procedure

Ancient Rome amphitheatre: Colosseum

Controls, oversees according to laws: Regulates

Employment location, e.g. an office: Workplace

Fun meet-ups for children: Playdates

Iconic NY musical festival held in 1969: Woodstock

Limb; attachment: Appendage

Lucky: Fortunate

Mind-bending film about a dream within a dream: Inception

Old English fairy tale: Jack and the __: Beanstalk

Outdoor area with ramps for wheeled boards: Skatepark

Preoccupying oneself with something constantly: Obsessing

Prickly mammals, often kept as pets: Hedgehogs

Scared stiff: Petrified

Sensible and realistic: Pragmatic

Shards of wood broken off a larger piece: Splinters

Sudden whoosh created by too much glucose: Sugar rush

The edge of a country, along the sea: Coastline

Vessel for Chablis or Burgundy: Wine glass

Group 515

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bell sounds, or the noise of ringing clocks: Chimes

Canine small enough to sit on someone’s knee: Lap dog

Enclosed tightly in an envelope: Sealed

French film festival city: Cannes

Groups of people put together to discuss a topic: Panels

Heavy rainfall; flash flood: Deluge

Make a doubt disappear: Dispel

Material stretched over wood for paintings: Canvas

Narrative poem by Dante: The Divine __: Comedy

Opposite of the top: Bottom

Surplus; overabundance: Excess

Thread is passed through the eye of it: Needle

Tuft of loosely hanging cords on a jacket: Tassel

Puzzle 2 Answers

Admitted; came clean: Confessed

Dip made from avocados: Guacamole

Group of instrumentalists who play together: Orchestra

Large group of musicians playing together: Orchestra

Leader of a military operation: Commander

Left completely alone; deserted: Abandoned

Lend time without pay: Volunteer

Mixologist, drinks server: Bartender

Relating to a belief in the divine: Spiritual

Revealing details: Divulging

Send a patient home from the hospital: Discharge

Setting a spacecraft in motion: Launching

Small set of selected candidates: Shortlist

Station for emergency workers who put out flames: Firehouse

Surname of Toy Story astronaut: Lightyear

Swedish capital and 1912 Olympics host city: Stockholm

Task that is tough to complete, but not impossible: Tall order

To decorate an object with paper cut-outs & glue: Decoupage

Where a major story is displayed on a newspaper: Front page

Puzzle 3 Answers

Home to a monster in the Scottish Highlands: Loch ness

Medical condition that causes hair loss: Alopecia

Not warring; calm: Peaceful

Of hair that is not curly or wavy: Straight

Political theory of peaceful resolution, not war: Pacifism

Published collection of recipes: Cookbook

Strong, aggressive: Forceful

To assert power over another arrogantly: Domineer

Tremendous and outrageous: Fabulous

What a letter comes sealed in: Envelope

Puzzle 4 Answers

A person’s significant other on February 14th: Valentine

Digging animals do to create tunnels underground: Burrowing

Final chuckle: Last laugh

Grave marker: Tombstone

Instrument made of wooden bars of graduated length: Xylophone

Lively and active: Energetic

Medical device that stimulates the heart: Pacemaker

Open space in a railway terminal, for example: Concourse

Person employed to update historical records: Archivist

Sentimental recollections of the past: Nostalgia

Special right or advantage given to certain groups: Privilege

Underwater character with square pants: Spongebob

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cavities in the face and skull inflamed by pollen: Sinuses

Cloth window covering: Curtain

Covered in oil: Greased

Envious: Jealous

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, poet Maya __: Angelou

It covered up embarrassment in the Garden of Eden: Figleaf

Less dirty: Cleaner

Played a practical joke on someone: Pranked

Sat like a bird: Perched

Vegetable that serves as a base for many salads: Lettuce

__ to Hell, AC/DC hit about an infernal road: Highway

Group 516

Puzzle 1 Answers

A pungent bulb used in cooking: Garlic

Accessory often worn with a tuxedo: Bowtie

Capital of Rwanda: Kigali

Contemporary: Modern

Expensive: Costly

Leave: Depart

Macabre and ghoulish: Morbid

Mickey Mouse’s girl: Minnie

Small shelter for a dog: Kennel

Suppress; restrain: Stifle

The written text of a play or movie: Script

To make a surface shiny and smooth: Polish

Uncover, reveal: Expose

Use it to reach something on a high shelf: Ladder

__ salad, dish sharing a name with a Roman emperor: Caesar

Puzzle 2 Answers

All the President’s Men was about this 1970s event: Watergate

Amazing; outstanding: Excellent

Ball-shaped: Spherical

Border collies (or their work commitments): Sheepdogs

Defender; bodyguard: Protector

Device that helps you make calls: Telephone

Improvisational rap: Freestyle

Most populous Central American country: Guatemala

Pleasant; enjoyable: Agreeable

Reproduce, make copies: Replicate

Silk or nylon tight-fitting leg and feet coverings: Stockings

Small device for timing sporting activities: Stopwatch

Someone too clever by far, a wise guy: Smart alec

Someone who is from another country: Foreigner

Special features or services offered at a resort: Amenities

They are salty pizza toppers: Anchovies

Void of all happiness: Miserable

Puzzle 3 Answers

A large pile of dried, rolled grass: Haystack

A large pile of straw: Haystack

A topic becoming popular on Twitter: Trending

Casino game of a ball and spinning numbered dish: Roulette

Having faith in someone: Trusting

Loyalty towards a romantic partner: Fidelity

Not constant; liable to change: Variable

Paste made from black olives, capers, & anchovies: Tapenade

Shattering: Breaking

Small pieces of dead skin in someone’s hair: Dandruff

Sporting arbiters: Referees

Supersonic aircraft retired in 2003: Concorde

To a regular beat: Rhythmic

Puzzle 4 Answers

A pair or a couple: Twosome

A small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin: Ukulele

Country where the Sutherland Falls are: New __: Zealand

Cow farms: Ranches

Farm vehicle: Tractor

Gambling: Betting

Hampered, curbed, restricted: Stunted

Job opening; available position: Vacancy

Label on a birthday or Christmas present: Gift tag

People who make clothes fit better: Tailors

Pushing roughly: Shoving

Table __ include leaving elbows off the table: Manners

Using the exit: Leaving

Puzzle 5 Answers

2018 Queen film, Bohemian __: Rhapsody

Completely lacking in a certain quality or value: Bankrupt

Hugged: Embraced

Pledges, vows, undertakings: Promises

Rare expensive fungi found under ground: Truffles

Rare expensive mushrooms found under ground: Truffles

Someone who works at a telephone switchboard: Operator

To keep cards secret they are placed __ on a table: Face down

Value of someone’s assets: Net worth

Witch’s pot: Cauldron

Word made up of two or more separate words: Compound

Group 517

Puzzle 1 Answers

An additional fee: Surcharge

Anti-inflammatory pain killer: Ibuprofen

Artificial sweetener in low-calorie products: Aspartame

Chemical element with the symbol Mn: Manganese

Common type of pen: Ballpoint

Deliberately destroy another’s property: Vandalize

Digestive organ that can be large or small: Intestine

Foraged for food: Scavenged

Get away quickly, flee, scoot: Skedaddle

Greek citadel on a hill: Acropolis

Nice soft wind by the ocean: Sea breeze

Photo-sharing app owned by Facebook: Instagram

Reverse one’s opinion: Backtrack

Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Daniel Craig: James bond

Taking items out of boxes after moving home: Unpacking

This rabbit cartoon character loves carrots: Bugs bunny

Two-piece garment worn by an athlete: Tracksuit

__ Square, where Landseer’s lions sprawl in London: Trafalgar

Puzzle 2 Answers

80s jeans that have mottled white patches: Acid wash

Brew or distillation, such as fruit or herbal tea: Infusion

Disease in which the body doesn’t make insulin: Diabetes

Distribution of something separated into parts: Division

Feeling deep sadness after a death: Mourning

Feline anti-hero associated with Batman: Catwoman

Line that marks the limits of an area: Boundary

Slit for money on an arcade gaming machine: Coin slot

Spending time on: Devoting

Supervising a work team: Managing

The S in SUV: Suburban

The reverse of speed up: Slow down

Unambiguous, certain: Definite

Used to suggest something is boring; no excitement: Suburban

Wild west law enforcers: Sheriffs

Puzzle 3 Answers

Candles on this are lit on the days of Hanukkah: Menorah

Contagious and itchy skin disease: Scabies

Desk item that uses metal wires to secure papers: Stapler

Dunking, immersing in a liquid: Dipping

Garden structure to supports climbing plants: Pergola

H.G. Wells sci-fi novel: The Time __: Machine

Held firmly in the hands; clutched: Grasped

Object wrapped in a box: Package

One who acts as a link to assist communication: Liaison

Person who steals goods from a home at night: Burglar

Pink __, suave detective cartoon cat: Panther

Qualifying words, like gently or quickly: Adverbs

Singing soul reverend of Let’s Stay Together: Al green

Small potato dumplings in Italian cuisine: Gnocchi

Sudsy platform for lecturing from: Soap box

Tiny insects that may bite while one sleeps: Bed bugs

Puzzle 4 Answers

A sun-dried grape: Raisin

At a good moment: Timely

Champion in a game: Winner

Expels renters from a property: Evicts

In combination or working together with: Allied

Minister, priest or clergyman: Pastor

Move displayed text or graphics on a screen: Scroll

Musical Latin American gourd filled with beans: Maraca

Pooh’s donkey companion: Eeyore

Required: Needed

__ glaze, glossy, reflective cake coating: Mirror

Puzzle 5 Answers

An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud: Soliloquy

Audio or video snippet for a broadcast: Sound bite

Boyfriend of Princess Diana who died in Paris: Dodi fayed

Charades is an example of one of these: Party game

Cosmetic product used to mask skin imperfections: Concealer

Flounders, backfires: Falls flat

Going after: Following

The hunchback Quasimodo lived in this cathedral: Notre dame

Upper-floor outdoor spaces: Balconies

Very clever or bright: Brilliant

Wrapping a baby tightly in a blanket: Swaddling

Yellowy legumes used in hummus and chana masala: Chickpeas

Group 518

Puzzle 1 Answers

An animal rolling in dry earth to clean itself: Dust bath

Budding tree flowers: Blossoms

Confessed to something: Admitted

Handle roughly or badly: Mistreat

Horseback tournament game with lances: Jousting

Losing consciousness briefly: Fainting

Mistake: Accident

Place where tools are used and things are built: Workshop

Related to books and other written works: Literary

Saying, to awaken someone: rise __: And shine

Starting a flame: Igniting

Unexpected money bonus: Windfall

__ Jack, cheese first produced by Mexican friars: Monterey

Puzzle 2 Answers

A legendary wizard of Arthurian legend: Merlin

Brushed fat on a roast joint of meat: Basted

Extinguishes a candle’s flame: Snuffs

Foot pads with beaters on a drum kit: Pedals

Large poster carried at a demonstration: Banner

Left the car in a proper spot: Parked

Long Asian garment worn as a wrapped skirt: Sarong

Pleasing delicacies, goodies for enjoyment: Treats

Scooby Doo’s owner and best friend: Shaggy

Stop a plan from being realized: Thwart

The color of Halloween pumpkins: Orange

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adolescents: Teenagers

Amended, repaired, set straight: Redressed

Amusement venue with rides and attractions: Theme park

Bend over __, means to be exceptionally helpful: Backwards

Bountiful, profuse: Abounding

Camel with one hump: Dromedary

Country bordering Costa Rica to the north: Nicaragua

Creative, having new ideas: Inventive

Exposed to strong gusts: Windswept

Having healing properties: Medicinal

Nullifies, puts an end to: Abolishes

Partly blocking: Obscuring

Putting a deck of cards in a random order: Shuffling

Rebellions, revolts: Uprisings

Restricting food portions during times of war: Rationing

Sight to behold; extravagant show: Spectacle

Sweet lump with six faces, added to hot drinks: Sugar cube

Three of these had their tails cut off in a rhyme: Blind mice

Transmission mechanisms of motor vehicles: Gearboxes

Puzzle 4 Answers

A complete physical transformation: Makeover

Action film pro who takes all the dangerous risks: Stuntman

Applies a law: Enforces

Classifying people or things together: Grouping

Covered in a floury coating and deep fried: Battered

Diametrically different: Opposite

Fell on __; went unheeded, was ignored: Deaf ears

Rough drawings: Sketches

The production of books & other published material: Printing

Verifying: Checking

Puzzle 5 Answers

1947 Christmas film: “The __ on 34th Street”: Miracle

A scowl or frown: Grimace

King Lear’s eldest “ungrateful” daughter: Goneril

Large kitchen knife for segmenting meat: Cleaver

Legal directives or orders: Decrees

Long, dry period of weather: Drought

Missing, without: Lacking

Mushy, spongelike, cushiony: Squishy

Police photo of a suspect: Mug shot

Spending plans: Budgets

Sweet milk and egg sauce with vanilla: Custard

The Prado and the Louvre are these: Museums

To change one’s religious faith: Convert

U.S. rock band with lead vocalist Gwen Stefani: No doubt

Vitally important: Crucial

__ City; capital of the Pope’s city state: Vatican

Group 519

Puzzle 1 Answers

461 Ocean __ is a 1974 album by Eric Clapton: Boulevard

Battles: Conflicts

Brad Pitt film about illicit boxing group: Fight club

Encroachment, interference: Intrusion

Fragrant mix of dried flowers, bark and seeds: Potpourri

Left the throne: Abdicated

Manacles for securing a suspect: Handcuffs

Nonsensical speech; indecipherable words: Gibberish

Person who takes care of insects that make honey: Beekeeper

Serving as a temporary substitute: Makeshift

Tiny advances in progress: Baby steps

Told to leave a job: Dismissed

Wrestling: Grappling

Puzzle 2 Answers

A city district with residents from Beijing: Chinatown

Fancy word for spying: Espionage

Inclined to be neurotic, or hooked on something: Obsessive

Meetings to inform on initial facts: Briefings

Of a harmful substance that creates dependence: Addictive

Sausage-shaped dog with short limbs: Dachshund

Thorough elimination of dirt and grime: Deep clean

Unlikely tale: Tall story

Walking exercise machine: Treadmill

Western hat with vast liquid capacity: Ten gallon

What mascara is applied to: Eyelashes

Young male singers in a church environment: Choirboys

Puzzle 3 Answers

A particular branch of commercial activity: Industry

Beating and blending cream until it thickens: Whipping

Continuous force exerted on or against an object: Pressure

Lisbon is the capital of this country: Portugal

Make smaller in size: Decrease

More of something than is necessary; excess: Overkill

Not guilty: Innocent

Not today or yesterday: Tomorrow

Offhand, glib, facetious: Flippant

Painting made up of three panels, side by side: Triptych

__ baby, lullaby to put a child to sleep: Rockabye

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bringing a plane down to the ground safely: Landing

Coiling, twisting: Looping

Fuzzy nectarines: Peaches

Go on, move forward: Proceed

Legal marriage termination: Divorce

Military staffer on the ground: Soldier

Scratching at something with one’s fingernails: Clawing

Set of symbols describing a chemical’s composition: Formula

Skin mark: Blemish

Spirited affection for someone: Passion

Symbol used to highlight words on Instagram: Hashtag

US university that Bill Gates dropped out of: Harvard

Withdraw from enemy forces: Retreat

Without any weapons: Unarmed

Wooden cage homes for rabbits: Hutches

Write this on an envelope: Address

__ shears, for cutting back bushes and plants: Pruning

Puzzle 5 Answers

“__ All My Love For You” a Whitney Houston classic: Saving

Assisted: Helped

Crib used in a nativity scene: Manger

Easy-__, rhyming phrase: Peasey

Great enjoyment: Relish

Large birds who deliver babies in fairy tales: Storks

Poland’s capital city: Warsaw

Powerful; forceful: Mighty

Pungent layered vegetables, eaten raw or fried: Onions

Teenage __ Ninja Turtles: Mutant

When people receive their wages: Payday

__ Delivery on Mr. Rogers Neighborhood: Speedy

Group 520

Puzzle 1 Answers

“At Last” became her signature song: Etta james

A pinch of this will make you fly like Tinker Bell: Pixie dust

A whale rising and breaking through the water: Breaching

Choosing: Selecting

Describes feelings that are hidden, not expressed: Bottled up

Elegantly flashy and alluring: Glamorous

Feeling low and unhappy: Depressed

Female who carries a baby for another woman: Surrogate

Gorgeous: Beautiful

Gorgeous, very pretty: Beautiful

Holy bovine: Sacred cow

In Roman numerals, XXXI: Thirty one

Last name synonymous with crystal embellishments: Swarovski

Means of keeping the weeds down and the blooms up: Gardening

Published collection of writings: Anthology

Smokers’ tube that contains tobacco: Cigarette

Sports audience member watching the game: Spectator

Puzzle 2 Answers

Citrus essence used in a gimlet cocktail: Lime juice

Disappearing: Vanishing

Fat Tuesday parade held in New Orleans every year: Mardi gras

Fear of bees: Apiphobia

Food __, machine to mix and chop food finely: Processor

Forked stick with an elastic strap for catapulting: Slingshot

Germ-killing mouthwash brand: Listerine

Glimpses of someone or something: Sightings

Hamm in Toy Story is one: Piggy bank

Journalist who writes newspaper opinion pieces: Columnist

People with unconventional lifestyles: Bohemians

Smoothing undergarments: Shapewear

The existing state of affairs: Status quo

Puzzle 3 Answers

A formal written request signed by many: Petition

A weakness leading to one’s downfall: __ heel: Achilles

A wide range; distribution of light e.g. a rainbow: Spectrum

Able to be done: Possible

Brand of petroleum jelly: Vaseline

Hubs for finding employment: Agencies

Made a heartfelt plea: Appealed

Off-stage person who reminds actors of their lines: Prompter

Pastry dessert with orchard fruit filling: Apple pie

Physical parts of a computer: Hardware

Sublime, like up above: Heavenly

__ can, pour liquid onto plants from this: Watering

__ gown, relaxed garment worn by Sherlock Holmes: Dressing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Arroz con pollo: __ with rice: Chicken

Bad __; Lady Gaga hit about love gone wrong: Romance

Gollum’s human form name: Smeagol

Handfuls of flowers: Bunches

Hard-backed, once-yearly comic strip books: Annuals

Holds someone for breaking the law: Arrests

In a baggy way: Loosely

Ninja __: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, etc.: Turtles

Rank, standing in society: Echelon

Rats and mice, collectively: Rodents

Religious officials: Clerics

Turn this over to make a fresh start: New leaf

Writing your autograph on a form: Signing

Puzzle 5 Answers

A modern-day apprentice: Intern

A stanza of eight lines: Octave

Adrenaline __; thrill seeker: Junkie

Anatomical term for tailbone: Coccyx

Church steeples, tapering to a point: Spires

Confidential; undisclosed: Secret

Cuts into thin, untidy strips: Shreds

Electronic messages: Emails

Full-grown; adult: Mature

Isolated; friendless: Lonely

Meal serving system where people help themselves: Buffet

__ Vandross; Endless Love singer-songwriter: Luther

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