CodyCross Culinary Arts Answers

Culinary Arts Answers

Group 121

Puzzle 1 Answers

Tuxedos and gowns are __ wear.: Formal

Type of music from French Creole Louisiana.: Zydeco

Melted fat from an animal, flammable.: Grease

Craft for moving about on water.: Vessel

Long, thin food bowl, usually for pigs.: Trough

A fiend is an evil __, demon, or spook.: Spirit

Future right to buy or sell security.: Option

Characteristic of a certain group of people.: Ethnic

George of the __ animated series inspired by Tarzan.: Jungle

Lifeless human form aka cadaver.: Corpse

People who are connected by some activity.: Groups

Boxing without an opponent for training purposes.: Shadow

__ Hears a Who! Dr. Seuss book.: Horton

Peter Paul __ painted Prometheus Bound.: Rubens

Angler, kid card game.: Go fish

Puzzle 2 Answers

The shape of a fungus before it releases spores.: Puffball

The __, Disney’s smash African 1994 hit.: Lion king

__ Srihari, Indian sculptor.: Bholekar

Home heating device usually against a wall.: Radiator

Small toothed whales aka mereswine.: Porpoise

Used or seen daily.: Everyday

Hatred of marriage.: Misogamy

Pale round seed aka Garbanzo beans.: Chickpea

A procedure done to improve one’s appearance.: Facelift

To engage in combat with lances on horseback.: Jousting

Medicine usually comes in the form of pills or __.: Capsules

Knives designed to be tossed at targets.: Throwing

Someone who conducts a machine or other equipments.: Operator

Puzzle 3 Answers

Subterfuge is a __ mobile game.: Submarine

It only sells low-priced items.: Dime store

Obese cartoon character voiced by Bill Cosby.: Fat albert

Germany’s largest airline.: Lufthansa

What a dog shouldn’t bark up at.: Wrong tree

Political scandal that affected Nixon’s government.: Watergate

Cersei, Tyrion and Jaime __.: Lannister

Has the most ghosts per Capita in Canada.: Lunenburg

Pedro __, Spanish director of Talk to Her.: Almodóvar

Layered cake that used to be made with beets.: Red velvet

Public internet hub.: Cybercafe

Puzzle 4 Answers

Helps, attends to.: Assists

Red candy coloring made from cochineal bugs.: Carmine

Track from which ships are launched into water.: Slipway

Human father of comic book offspring.: Stan lee

Lower level of carbon dioxide than normal.: Acapnia

Silver __ Playbook, 2012 Oscar nominee.: Linings

__ oblongata, base of your brain.: Medulla

Musical that features the song Chim Chim Cher-ee.: Poppins

A newborn’s wardrobe.: Layette

A wind instrument consisting of a reed melody pipe.: Bagpipe

Nobody is a __ in his own land.: Prophet

Warty sea slug is __ with wart-like bumps.: Covered

Professional knows tulips from roses.: Florist

Puzzle 5 Answers

School or office cafeteria where food is served.: Lunchroom

__ Alexander Leach, Cary Grant’s real name.: Archibald

Temporary solution with whatever you have.: Makeshift

Distance marker.: Milestone

Family of mammals with pouches.: Marsupial

Bacteria, viruses cause an __ in the body.: Infection

Large round inflated object to play with.: Beach ball

The study of meaning.: Semantics

Tropical tree; its fruit can reach 80 lb.: Jackfruit

Laborer who sets hard surface flooring.: Tile layer

Group 122

Puzzle 1 Answers

Before things are easy they are like this.: Difficult

Two types of cars: manual and __.: Automatic

__ crab uses items around it to hide.: Decorator

Human-powered tool with a bit.: Hand drill

Type of glyph used in computing aka hack, whack.: Backslash

Greatest vertical drop on Earth.: Mount thor

These chips are found in classic American cookie.: Chocolate

Road movie that defined a generation.: Easy rider

Bart’s teacher, Skinner’s girlfriend.: Krabappel

Won the Printz Award for novel Looking for Alaska.: John green

To use heat to seal a wound or destroy diseases.: Cauterize

Puzzle 2 Answers

Wrapping, warmth, concealment, blankets.: Covers

Celtic language not recognized by the government.: Breton

Giant lion from the Jewish folklore.: Tigris

Way of gathering objects from bottom of a river.: Dredge

American __, stoic painting by Grant Wood.: Gothic

Sustenance for Bon Jovi.: Prayer

Apple’s iPad is one of these devices.: Tablet

Goree __, Atlantic slave trade, in Senegal.: Island

Nationality of the playwright Moliere.: French

Two-dimensional simple shape, 360 degrees.: Circle

__ percent of all animals have six legs.: Eighty

Japanese car brand.: Toyota

Emergency allergy device, its cost rose in 2016.: Epipen

Pool of natural tar where animals sink.: Tarpit

Many eat this stalk with peanut butter.: Celery

The __ in Their Eyes, Argentine 2009 Oscar winner.: Secret

Puzzle 3 Answers

To roast over hot coal or an open fire.: Barbecue

Patricia __, won an Oscar for Boyhood.: Arquette

Concise saying, maxim aka aphorism.: Apothegm

Scion of Aeolus transformed into a kingfisher.: Halcyone

Medical device allows for urinary drainage.: Catheter

FDR’s chats to a weary nation.: Fireside

Shoot, sprout.: Bourgeon

__ Bad, chemistry teacher turned meth lab owner.: Breaking

__ Persuasion, Civil War film with Gary Cooper.: Friendly

Foodscraps, leftovers.: Pickings

Spreads like __, with great speed.: Wildfire

The __, successful Motown girls’ group.: Supremes

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ally __, Calista Flockhart quirky legal show.: Mcbeal

Top 40 Casey Kasem voiced this Scooby Doo pal.: Shaggy

Certificate for a lower price.: Coupon

Long pastry with chocolate on top and cream inside.: Eclair

The __ of Pickpockets, French short film.: Mozart

Boldly display or parade yourself.: Flaunt

Sheet of paper voters use to vote.: Ballot

Thin cord or thread used for tying, binding.: String

Penn and __, mute half of comedy, magic duo.: Teller

Stone __, implement that clears fields.: Picker

Liquid in zero-gravity will always form a __.: Sphere

Initially conceived as a martial art.: Tai chi

Very high elevation, above tree growth.: Alpine

Female children of your brother or sister.: Nieces

Two-dimensional code developed in Japan.: Qr code

To be hit in the face may cause this secreting nose.: Bloody

__ Bell and the Lost Treasure.: Tinker

Every cloud is supposed to have a silver one.: Lining

Witches are said to have magical __.: Powers

Small vermin, shifty character.: Weasel

Puzzle 5 Answers

Area using this unit of land measurement.: Acreage

During a __, the dentist looks for cavities.: Check up

Foghorn __, the rooster on Looney Tunes.: Leghorn

Set of steel plates hit with hammers on a keyboard.: Celesta

Writer famous for the creation of Narnia.: Cs lewis

Country known for producing fancy chocolates.: Belgium

Most common type of computer.: Digital

__, luggage that stays with you, overhead.: Carry on

Bats always go left when __ their cave.: Leaving

Uncomfortable situation.: Hot seat

__ Tracy, American actor.: Spencer

Monday __ Quarterback, retrospect player.: Morning

Group 123

Puzzle 1 Answers

British four-wheeled vehicle brand.: Land rover

Slang for a dollar bill.: Greenback

Popular in American cuisine, Jolly Green Giant.: Green bean

__ pi, tiny “fruity” computer for teaching coding.: Raspberry

British band, Dark Side of the Moon.: Pink floyd

Study of the earth’s natural structures.: Geography

Plastic surgery for your love handles.: Tummy tuck

Swimming stroke named after flying insect.: Butterfly

Story about a person’s life.: Biography

Chilean animated movie, 2015 Oscar-winner.: Bear story

Puzzle 2 Answers

Springfield’s principal, still lives with mom.: Skinner

People making offers at an auction.: Bidders

The best way to a man’s heart goes through it.: Stomach

__ fiction; a book or movie genre.: Science

Call this if you want the front seat in a car.: Shotgun

Robert __, created the Sundance film festival.: Redford

__ lionfish is a venomous Pacific fish.: Andover

To look at something with scorn, contempt.: Disdain

Caribbean islands, Columbus’ first landing.: Bahamas

__ car, railroad car not for people, for goods.: Freight

Cut into fourths.: Quarter

Winter game with stones and brooms.: Curling

Visible evidence something is no longer there.: Vestige

Puzzle 3 Answers

Amy __, comedian co-wrote Trainwreck.: Schumer

Extreme positive emotion of love, lust.: Passion

Administrative autonomous provinces of Russia.: Oblasts

Role, character, aspect of one perceived by others.: Persona

Kid’s toy became fetch toy and ultimate sport.: Frisbee

Word that is the opposite of another.: Antonym

Sports rules enforcer.: Referee

A soiled or discolored spot.: Stained

Angela __, How Stella Got Her Groove Back actress.: Bassett

Raised flat land.: Plateau

Someone who establishes something.: Founder

To drive backwards.: Reverse

Large North American brown bear.: Grizzly

Disney’s The Sword and the Rose is based in __.: England

__ Wine, from grapes harvested in specific year.: Vintage

Another way of saying farewell.: Goodbye

60 __, 1 hour news show on Sundays.: Minutes

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capital of Turkmenistan.: Ashgabat

To have an opposite reaction than expected.: Backfire

GE, General __, is an American company.: Electric

Small, round cookie, made from almonds or coconut.: Macaroon

TV’s Batman, Quahog’s mayor.: Adam west

Jewish holiday, freedom from Egypt, Moses.: Passover

__ sea urchin has distinctive blunt spikes.: Imperial

Hero’s best moment in epic poetry.: Aristeia

An anchor chain __ the anchor to the ship.: Connects

__ University tells how Sulley and Mike met.: Monsters

Sauce for salads.: Dressing

Jack __, Nicholson’s Shining hotel visitor.: Torrance

Puzzle 5 Answers

NYC borough that gave the world the hip hop.: The bronx

Variation on fruit salad, usually marshmallow.: Ambrosia

Turin-based soccer club meaning “youth”.: Juventus

__ the bounty hunter captures Han Solo in Episode V.: Boba fett

Two pieces of bread with a filling.: Sandwich

Seeing a reflection of __ when looking at a mirror.: Yourself

Bronchitis is inflammation and __ in the lungs.: Swelling

Someone who eats the flesh of another human being.: Cannibal

People say she was made of iron.: Thatcher

Some parts of this literature genre seem silly.: Nonsense

Better an egg today than a hen __.: Tomorrow

Group 124

Puzzle 1 Answers

FAQ: Frequently Asked __.: Questions

Home __, redefined cable television.: Box office

Out of steam.: Exhausted

Dark, ugly acne lesions.: Blackhead

Fruit used to make sweet pies.: Blueberry

The __, picture book adapted into an Oscar winner.: Lost thing

A cast-iron kettle with a tight cover.: Dutch oven

James Brown was known as the __ of Soul.: Godfather

Quentin __, US actor and director.: Tarantino

Painted __ has large spines on dorsal fins.: Stingfish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Donors give __, blood, and sometimes organs.: Tissue

Multi-use utensil named after a relative, __ fork.: Granny

__ the Farm, US government payoff for deceased.: Bought

Christian holiday about the resurrection of Jesus.: Easter

“Shovel” suit in deck of cards.: Spades

Short for magnetic levitation transport.: Maglev

Popular red dressing for salads.: French

A fine place to leave your heart.: Frisco

Famous scientist who formulated the laws of motion.: Newton

Relating to sight, seeing, optical.: Visual

Head electrician on a TV or movie production set.: Gaffer

Red and yellow clathria is a type of __.: Sea fan

Stand Up __, a funny person with a mic.: Comedy

Omar __, starred in Doctor Zhivago.: Sharif

Puzzle 3 Answers

Regina __, Bette Davis in The Little Foxes.: Giddens

The capital of Falkland Islands.: Stanley

Long, barbed spear used for whaling, sealing.: Harpoon

Laurence __, Brit legend in Shakespearean roles.: Olivier

Dingos are a breed of __ from Australia.: Wilddog

__ Sheet, snapshot of assets and liabilities.: Balance

Excruciating pain, suffering, distress.: Anguish

Mechanical excavator found at construction sites.: Backhoe

Henri de Toulouse-__, French painter.: Lautrec

Breakfast food eaten in the evening.: Brinner

Chiantishire, in Italy.: Tuscany

Clear or plain sight, understanding.: Evident

A person’s purse.: Handbag

An emotional state or reaction.: Feeling

Puzzle 4 Answers

Garment worn for water-based activities.: Swimsuit

Camille __ painted Conversation.: Pissarro

To put a breathing tube in a patient.: Intubate

A drink made from lemon juice.: Lemonade

Armchair or sofa that can be tilted back.: Recliner

Common __ is brownish-red with white stripes.: Lionfish

Greek god of feasts and wine.: Dionysus

__ hypselodoris is a bright colored sea slug.: Bullocks

MTV’s adolescent show about lycanthrope.: Teen wolf

Anna __, novel written by Leo Tolstoy.: Karenina

Puzzle 5 Answers

Someone who seizes people or things.: Captor

Considered hotspot for wine, cheese and baguettes.: France

Egyptian goddess represented as a cat.: Bastet

Underside, opposite of top.: Bottom

A disease caused by Yersinia pestis.: Plague

Southern sky constellation; flying fish.: Volans

The son of a sovereign or king.: Prince

Jesus was betrayed three times on this weekday.: Friday

Anagram of listen.: Silent

Chemical element found in all plants and animals.: Carbon

Main antagonist in Lord of the Rings.: Sauron

Video Music __, aka VMAs, hosted by MTV.: Awards

Mix of African, Spanish and French cultures.: Creole

Film about a suicidal babysitter awarded in 2012.: Curfew

Projected stage, audience on three sides.: Thrust

Group 125

Puzzle 1 Answers

Restored Venetian opera house known as the Phoenix.: La fenice

Reality TV show with contestants in the wilderness.: Survivor

Dawn.: Daylight

Christmas song calls these devoted people.: Faithful

Specific feature on the Earth’s surface.: Landform

1984’s Spy Vs Spy, based on MAD __ comic.: Magazine

A person who writes music.: Composer

A Ghoul is a __ who eats children and the dead.: Creature

40s, 50s western movie actor; Shane.: Alan ladd

Horse act with dancelike movements.: Dressage

Puzzle 2 Answers

Someone who takes power by force or illegally.: Usurper

Little __ fell great oaks.: Strokes

To mix two things together.: Combine

Greenland’s Norse ruins, “Whale Island”.: Hvalsey

To be turned or cast back, mirror.: Reflect

To stay away from others without having any contact.: Isolate

Brittany __ is known as a bird hunting dog.: Spaniel

Colorful mighty warriors of 90s kids show.: Rangers

Becoming confused, muddled.: Addling

__ Of a Geisha, movie set in Japan.: Memoirs

Norma Jean & Marilyn actress, Mira __.: Sorvino

Add sugar to something.: Sweeten

Iconic Nicholson’s performance in horror flick.: Shining

Nationality of the poet Rumi of the 13th century.: Persian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Etch a __, draw and then shake to draw again.: Sketch

The Adventures of __, Belgian comic, movie.: Tintin

Element number type on periodic table.: Atomic

The classical Chinese Book of Changes.: I ching

Baby __, pre birth gift giving event.: Shower

Georges __ painted Le Chahut.: Seurat

Wound, hurt, damage to your body.: Injury

Bushy haired Seinfeld neighbor.: Kramer

Greek god of sleep.: Hypnos

A silk hat.: Topper

Guardians of the __ includes Groot.: Galaxy

James Taylor song, You’ve Got a __.: Friend

Quality of something attractive.: Beauty

Small World board game is published by Days of __.: Wonder

Ocean located in the Northern hemisphere.: Arctic

To rise out of water, come into view.: Emerge

Kidney-shaped nut grown from the fruit of a tree.: Cashew

Puzzle 4 Answers

To engrave drawings on animal bones.: Scrimshaw

The __ Redemption, movie with Tim Robbins.: Shawshank

Teen magazine just under the legal age.: Seventeen

After something has happened.: Afterward

Stanzas with no specific pattern.: Astrophic

Actor who played Dieter on SNL’s sketch Sprockets.: Mike myers

Yellow weed flower, edible.: Dandelion

Apes appeared during this geological epoch.: Oligocene

Pull, clout.: Influence

Used for sharpening blades.: Whetstone

Puzzle 5 Answers

King __ of Belgium in 2015.: Philippe

Circular mount from a slow flow of lava.: Lavadome

Weeping, wailing and the __ of teeth.: Gnashing

King of Ithaca, stayed twenty years away from home.: Odysseus

Rise in birthrates.: Babyboom

Smallest piece of anything, not down to atoms.: Molecule

__ and fried rice.: Omelette

Hall and Oates, male carnivore.: Maneater

Eyes __, Kubrick’s last motion picture.: Wide shut

Whistling sounds during breathing, asthma.: Wheezing

Without notice.: Abruptly

Group 126

Puzzle 1 Answers

Play boisterously, cavort.: Skylark

1 in every 4 __ lobsters are blue.: Million

Place on ship where things are stored.: Stowage

Shonda Rhimes take on political misdeeds.: Scandal

Mythical bird that is reborn from ashes.: Phoenix

Small country in South Africa, capital is Maseru.: Lesotho

Growth ring in a cross section of tree trunk.: Annulus

Chair filled with pellets.: Beanbag

__ Hook is Peter Pan’s nemesis.: Captain

ATV aka All __ Vehicle.: Terrain

Act of choosing and purchasing vacation, ticket.: Booking

__ Years’ War, conflict between France and England.: Hundred

Nutritious starch from a root, source of tapioca.: Cassava

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ Domine, Pink Floyd in space.: Astronomy

Superman’s bespectacled alter ego.: Clark kent

Superfruit beloved of dieting celebs.: Goji berry

Ahoy is a cry to draw __ to something.: Attention

Jean __, actress of All in the Family.: Stapleton

Someone who studies plant medications.: Herbalist

Price paid to get into a circus, fair.: Admission

Three __, Picasso’s distorted orchestra piece.: Musicians

70s TV show spoofing 50s culture.: Happy days

Branch of physical geography relating to mountains.: Orography

Next to a ship or the pier.: Alongside

Conflict with Finland after Soviet 1939 invasion.: Winter war

Puzzle 3 Answers

Number after nineteen.: Twenty

Polish capital known as “Phoenix City”.: Warsaw

Family that adopted Princess Leia in Star Wars.: Organa

Silky sharks have very __ skin.: Smooth

Electrical bulbs in a place.: Lights

The second son of Queen Elizabeth II.: Andrew

To neglect or pay no attention to.: Ignore

Act of traveling on a horse, car, plane, boat.: Riding

Only the item specified, nothing more, simply.: Merely

Soft film that builds on teeth.: Plaque

Separation of __, less concentrated influence.: Powers

Giant spider from Middle-earth.: Shelob

__ Carey, owned the 90s with 14 number one hits.: Mariah

Person with uniquely specialized skills, teachings.: Master

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ocean that extends from America to Europe.: Atlantic

The first __ device was completed in 1946.: Computer

Rodent responsible for tree planting.: Squirrel

__ Bogart, famous for film noir such as Casablanca.: Humphrey

Amanda __, A Million Ways to Die in the West.: Seyfried

Red-tops.: Tabloids

Weakest form of volition.: Velleity

A metal covering that sheathes a metal structure.: Cladding

Device invented in the Middle Ages.: Windmill

A type of stroke in tennis.: Backhand

Language spoken in the French Polynesia.: Tahitian

Female country star with TV sitcom.: Mcentire

Puzzle 5 Answers

Effect that is a change in frequency in a wave.: Doppler

Lot is slang for the circus show __.: Grounds

The __ Eight, 2015 Quentin Tarantino movie.: Hateful

Large type of dishware used for serving food.: Platter

__ & Clank, 2016 movie.: Ratchet

Human noses and ears never stop __.: Growing

Short-lived US band; David Foster and Jay Graydon.: Airplay

Lake __, fictitious town created by G. Keillor.: Wobegon

What happens to History over time.: Repeats

Domestic fowl, chickens, turkeys.: Poultry

Sometime in the future.: Someday

Being warned about problem, told about an issue.: Alerted

Group 127

Puzzle 1 Answers

The __, terrifying piece by Edvard Munch.: Scream

Common herb used on potatoes and other dishes.: Chives

US swimmer lied about robbery in Rio de Janeiro.: Lochte

Engaged in an action, moving, working.: Active

Device used to gain Internet access.: Router

__ Keys, broke through in 2001 with Fallin.: Alicia

Mega toy brand owns Playskool, Parker Brothers.: Hasbro

Character that goes through few changes.: Static

Particle that doesn’t undergo strong interactions.: Lepton

Call back, revoke or annul.: Repeal

Anti-colonial Kikuyu uprising in Kenya in the 50s.: Mau mau

Capital of Spain.: Madrid

The __, ABC sitcom about Midwestern family.: Middle

Committed a crime, offense, violation.: Guilty

Fry food in a pan without a lot of oil.: Panfry

Month between July and September.: August

Puzzle 2 Answers

The most common cuttlefish.: Broadclub

Space shuttle used in James Bond’s 1979 movie.: Moonraker

Dipping sauce for egg rolls or spring rolls.: Plum sauce

Russian Futurist painter, died 1913.: Elena guro

A particularly bad dream.: Nightmare

In the raw.: Undressed

Contract between two entities.: Agreement

The main event in the US football calendar.: Super bowl

Part of helmet that fits under the head.: Chinstrap

The thin end of the wedge is __.: Dangerous

Puzzle 3 Answers

Irregular, unkempt, ragged.: Scraggly

90s working class sitcom starring female comedian.: Roseanne

Frozen food made with sweetened and flavored cream.: Ice cream

Job level in a business.: Position

Pure gasoline without harmful metal.: Unleaded

Revenge comic book character; a 2004 movie.: Punisher

Pound __, official currency of the UK.: Sterling

White parrot with yellow crest.: Cockatoo

A narrow area of land that sticks out into the sea.: Headland

A general improvement in appearance.: Makeover

Inflammation of lymph glands in the body.: Adenitis

Puzzle 4 Answers

Jenga is based on the __ word meaning “to build”.: Swahili

Ornamental boat associated with Venice.: Gondola

A night street in New Orleans and a drink’s name.: Bourbon

2001: A Space __, Sci-Fi movie by Kubrick.: Odyssey

Liquid put under pressure with gas, hair spray.: Aerosol

Medicine to neutralize stomach acid.: Antacid

The English __, a large dog breed, has huge head.: Mastiff

__ One, credit card; “What’s In Your Wallet”?.: Capital

This type of placement happens in movies, shows.: Product

Sing evenly, slightly exaggerated, 50’s style.: Crooner

Barista of Central Perk.: Gunther

Puzzle 5 Answers

Burning sensation in chest caused by gastric acid.: Heartburn

Dogs of this breed are white with black spots.: Dalmatian

Lengthy plank usually used in surf or skating.: Longboard

Supernatural entities connected to a witch.: Familiars

Magnificent French tragedian.: Corneille

First man-made plastic invented in 1862.: Parkesine

Utensil designed to consume warm liquid dishes.: Soup spoon

Small fortified keeps intended as watch towers.: Peel tower

Austrian captain portrayed in the Schindler’s List.: Amon goeth

Relinquishment of control over territory.: Surrender

Group 128

Puzzle 1 Answers

One word, more than one stem.: Compound

Large flat space in front of a garage.: Driveway

Surgery to make people look younger.: Facelift

Lowest rating in military shooting.: Marksman

A small opening through which small arms are fired.: Loophole

__ Of Arabia, won the Academy Awards in 1963.: Lawrence

With the rain in __, Three Dog Night hit.: Shambala

Large ray with horns on each side of mouth.: Devil ray

One must break eggs to make this.: Omelette

__ Clothes, apparel by famous creators.: Designer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Assign someone a position.: Appoint

Bring before court to answer indictment.: Arraign

GM, __ Motors, is an American car company.: General

Extract of a flower or plant to create scents.: Essence

Broke free.: Escaped

Moving your body up and down.: Jumping

Three main colors: red, blue and yellow.: Primary

Pertaining to a government system.: Federal

Transformers: Dark of the Moon directed by __ Bay.: Michael

Knife designed for slicing fruits, vegetables.: Produce

Popular coupon website.: Groupon

Rapidly growing city on Indonesian island, Java.: Jakarta

Dried wild marjoram used as seasoning.: Oregano

African wild pig with curved tusks.: Warthog

Puzzle 3 Answers

Actress became singing nun in hit Sister Act.: Whoopi

Female leader of Germany in 2015.: Merkel

1984 Conan game had __ Schwarzenegger on it.: Arnold

Aliens do this.: Abduct

Agreement to hold funds until both parties agree.: Escrow

Not quite all, almost all.: Nearly

Group of military vehicles traveling together.: Convoy

Social site where users vote on favorite pieces.: Reddit

Young woman of noble birth.: Damsel

Thermonuclear __ was first tested in 1952.: Weapon

Injury that leaves a bluish-red mark on skin.: Bruise

Medium-sized feline found in America, bobbed tail.: Bobcat

Legendary dragon-like creature.: Wyvern

Teachers in this country have been paid in vodka.: Russia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Antiseptics slow growth of micro__.: Organisms

Light red wine from province of Verona.: Bardolino

Surname common to two American presidents.: Roosevelt

Source of energy for nuclear weapons.: Plutonium

Person who sells or gathers fares on public transport.: Conductor

Country known for executing drug traffickers.: Indonesia

Blackspotted __ have large yellow lips.: Rubberlip

At times virtues are made of this.: Necessity

Latin expression meaning the other way around.: Vice versa

Stamp collecting is gathering __ stamps.: Different

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ pennant, flown to show absence of an officer.: Absentee

Camelot is a strategy game by Parker __.: Brothers

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern.: Template

Fortified tower, small fortress, citadel.: Bastille

Better Call Saul star Bob __.: Odenkirk

The __, won the Academy Awards in 2007.: Departed

Someone not married for religious reasons.: Celibate

Metabolic disease related to high blood sugar.: Diabetes

A __ place, a spa.: Watering

__ Beauty is a 1959 Walt Disney film.: Sleeping

Group 129

Puzzle 1 Answers

The edible muscle of a shellfish.: Scallop

Joan Miro painted Portrait of Vincent __.: Nubiola

An important organ of the digestive tract.: Stomach

Difficulty to speak, pausing or repeating parts.: Stutter

__ Dunst, actress of Spider-Man.: Kirsten

Atypical means __ or uncharacteristic.: Unusual

Rock formed through the solidification of lava.: Igneous

Japanese heating device, small cooking stove.: Hibachi

George Costanza’s favorite arcade game.: Frogger

Apples and __.: Oranges

Saint __, brown and white, rescue dogs.: Bernard

March __, popular college basketball tournament.: Madness

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cigar __ is enjoying different types of cigars.: Smoking

Picture __.: Perfect

Pet rodent with a short tail and large cheeks.: Hamster

Mean __, a Scorsese’s movie with De Niro.: Streets

Largest satellite of Uranus.: Titania

Japanese-Swiss painter, Leiko __, born 1951.: Ikemura

Bone __, scan for osteoporosis.: Density

Prayer recited by Jewish mourners.: Kaddish

Word for ocean in Greek.: Okeanos

Hanging fabric over a window.: Curtain

Small, soft skin growths.: Skin tag

Lively Polish dance.: Mazurka

Car device used for listening to music.: Speaker

Running, jumping hybrid, Olympic sport.: Hurdles

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Hours, time when businesses are open.: Office

Fractured into pieces.: Broken

Someone who only reads discussions, never talks.: Lurker

A night counsellor.: Pillow

The __ Night, Van Gogh evening masterpiece.: Starry

__ Room, people have to solve puzzles to break out.: Escape

Fifty __ of Grey.: Shades

Endocardium is the inside __ of the heart.: Lining

What livestock eats.: Fodder

Professional who takes clients in cars or limousines.: Driver

Stretch out, hold out, make larger or longer.: Extend

Lettered dice, word finding game.: Boggle

Aerialists who jump through the air to be caught.: Flyers

Showtime series about lovable serial killer.: Dexter

The capital of Bahrain.: Manama

Wood for building ships and houses.: Timber

Popular for seasoning; will keep vampires away.: Garlic

__, the Bruce, King of Scots revered as a hero.: Robert

Found in plaster of paris.: Gypsum

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cubic silver sulfide.: Argentite

To be made publicly known.: Transpire

Round panel used as a target for small projectiles.: Dartboard

Pianist and singer, recorded the hit Piano Man.: Billy joel

Ivy, Oak and Sumac __.: Poisoning

A small staircase at the end of a house.: Back stoop

Discipline of light refraction.: Dioptrics

Juicy, square fruit, celestial fruit candies.: Starburst

Person who saves swimmers.: Lifeguard

Technique in which a painter applies paint.: Brushwork

Character played by Jessica Tandy on a 1989 movie.: Miss daisy

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Plates, circus act of balance and timing.: Spinning

Intellectual, adjective meaning of the brain.: Cerebral

Enrique Iglesias’ attempt to get us to dance.: Bailamos

__ turtle, powerful jaws snap hard.: Snapping

Dough pieces, sweet or salty, sometimes stuffed.: Dumpling

Truth is __ than fiction.: Stranger

Month to celebrate love and valentines.: February

Original Scarface, also played Louis Pasteur.: Paul muni

Mashed __ and gravy.: Potatoes

To explode something, such as dynamite.: Detonate

Skip, hop board game also known as draughts.: Checkers

Tiny, colorful, poisonous frog found in tropics.: Dart frog

Group 130

Puzzle 1 Answers

Out on the water.: Offshore

Generation X writer, Douglas __.: Coupland

The Manx is a __ breed of cat with no tail..: Domestic

Not a beginner, not intermediate, an __ level.: Advanced

Better than something else, opposite of inferior.: Superior

Movie with Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potatohead and others.: Toy story

Hound of Hades, multi headed canine.: Cerberus

Popular Italian white bread invented in 1982.: Ciabatta

Great __, ruined ancient African city.: Zimbabwe

Michael J Fox’s 90s political sitcom.: Spin city

Carpet clowns work the __ or arena floor in circus.: Audience

Puzzle 2 Answers

Enzyme that helps digest starches in the body.: Amylase

Post WWII rivalry, conflict between US and USSR.: Cold war

Perfect for summer barbecues, uses propane.: Griller

Something clean, unable to bear children.: Sterile

__ 5, 90’s space series.: Babylon

Knuckle __, stupid person, caveman tendencies.: Dragger

Southern state in Oh! Susanna.: Alabama

Less exciting name for cowboy.: Rancher

Top ranked Swiss tennis player: Roger __.: Federer

Section of a book.: Chapter

The kind of wheel that gets the grease.: Squeaky

Place to grow young plants.: Nursery

Unable to resist for long.: Quitter

To clap and cheer after a performance.: Applaud

Collection of weapons and ammunition.: Arsenal

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ shell, sea slug that has a spotted skirt.: Umbrella

__ Lake, actress of This Gun for Hire.: Veronica

Substance that increases the bulk of a product.: Extender

__ Pfeiffer, actress of Scarface.: Michelle

Love __, star studded romantic comedy.: Actually

An ancient military device for hurling stones.: Catapult

Grinding, or __, the teeth at night.: Gnashing

Neverending.: Infinite

The most populous borough of New York City.: Brooklyn

Eastern European country’s capital is Bratislava.: Slovakia

Gullies, canyons, mesas, ravines, hoodoos.: Badlands

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sodium bicarbonate aka this common “soda”.: Baking

__ and Terri, twins at school in The Simpsons.: Sherri

Couch __, a lazy person, TV aficionado.: Potato

Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft.: Hecate

Drum shaped like a tapered cylinder from Nigeria.: Ashiko

Small bag you hold with your hands.: Clutch

__, the redhead on Scooby Doo.: Daphne

Starchy dough stuffed in a corn husk, Mexican dish.: Tamale

The Road__ is known for speed, a cartoon character.: Runner

A seat on a camel’s/elephant’s back.: Howdah

Country with the same name as its capital, __ City.: Panama

Spaceship in the first Planet of the Apes.: Icarus

Backgammon is one of the __ board games.: Oldest

Shaun White’s nickname, The Flying __.: Tomato

First, nonbelieving stage of grief.: Denial

Write something down as evidence.: Record

Secretion plugging a pore, blackhead, zit.: Comedo

Puzzle 5 Answers

A hit by The Beatles.: I feel fine

Quilled mammal, third largest rodent.: Porcupine

A “frog-like” mushroom.: Toadstool

Make something known in order to sell it.: Advertise

Best known for her Assassin’s Apprentice series.: Robin hobb

American WWI soldiers.: Doughboys

A Woman Under the __, movie with Gena Rowland.: Influence

Amazon uses this performance-based marketing.: Affiliate

Movie about a St. Bernard named after a composer.: Beethoven

Disentangle.: Extricate

Group 131

Puzzle 1 Answers

Condition of being short and plump.: Pudginess

Wrote Principia Mathematica with B. Russell.: Whitehead

Type of country dance done in a sequence.: Line dance

Study of stamps and postal history.: Philately

It’s supposed to have one hundred feet.: Centipede

Carrot-eating menace, What’s Up Doc?.: Bugs bunny

Orson Welles’ bad guy role in The Third Man.: Harry lime

Overly wasteful.: Throw away

Decoration of a surface with paper cut-outs.: Decoupage

Raisins dropped in __ will never stop bouncing.: Champagne

Puzzle 2 Answers

To illegally carry away a person, kidnap.: Abduct

Relating or referring to something from France.: French

Harass a public speaker, performer, etc.: Heckle

Emma __, Hermione Granger actress.: Watson

Something that you can eat.: Edible

Add spices or flavorings to food.: Season

__ Botticelli painted Adoration of the Magi.: Sandro

Walking under this is considered bad luck.: Ladder

Lacking the ability to do something.: Unable

Thin growth from the base of blades of grass.: Ligule

Traditional practice, habits, uses.: Custom

Hollow item with beans or pebbles inside.: Rattle

DM: __ message or private message.: Direct

Non-essential characters in a Movie or TV series.: Extras

Puzzle 3 Answers

Found on top of spaghetti, inside sub sandwiches.: Meatball

Oldest Celtic language now extinct.: Lepontic

World’s largest freshwater lake by area: Lake __.: Superior

Smile Pinki’s face deformity.: Cleft lip

The front of the body.: Anterior

Large deer live in tundra regions, pulls sleighs.: Reindeer

Drinking fast.: Guzzling

Business ought to precede __.: Pleasure

Genetic characteristics passed from parent to kid.: Heredity

Someone who plays music.: Musician

Puzzle 4 Answers

Stir one’s __ = hurry up.: Stumps

Individual pieces that make up a fence.: Paling

Super small quantity of something.: Scarce

Tech company working on driverless car fleet.: Google

Fiji is an __ nation.: Island

The Black __ killed millions in the 14th century.: Plague

Band of tissues connecting muscles to bone.: Tendon

Beer is one of the world’s __ alcoholic beverages.: Oldest

__ Down Shirt, more formal shirt requires ironing.: Button

Kill Doctor Lucky is a humorous __ of Clue.: Parody

Categories of literature, music, art and movies.: Genres

Venus is also called the Earth’s __ planet.: Sister

Broadcasting on TV or radio.: Airing

Champion racecar driver, __ Villeneuve.: Gilles

Dwarf like demon, mischievous monster.: Goblin

Coin operated game, place for kids to play.: Arcade

__ grouper has brown and white stripes.: Nassau

Puzzle 5 Answers

Prosperity or earnings of a country.: Economy

Frankenstein, novel by Mary __.: Shelley

Dig Dug’s hero wins by __ and killing monsters.: Digging

Biology dealing with organisms and environment.: Ecology

Often identified as the first Empire in History.: Akkadia

Unnaturally or acutely uneasy or apprehensive.: Nervous

At any moment, regardless of hour.: Anytime

__ Bligh, antagonist of Mutiny on the Bounty.: Captain

Luke and Leia are __ and sister in Star Wars.: Brother

Sweet and tangy sauce typically made from tomatoes.: Ketchup

Fruit used for pies and scary jack-o’-lanterns.: Pumpkin

Chemical element of atomic number 14.: Silicon

Badejo, actor in Alien, is from this African country.: Nigeria

Group 132

Puzzle 1 Answers

Christians believe it is the word of God.: Scripture

Albert Einstein was a world-known __.: Physicist

Australian rite of passage.: Walkabout

The King’s castle in Memphis.: Graceland

Doom: The Board game is an __ game from 2004.: Adventure

__ Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter.: Sofonisba

Corn tortilla stuffed, covered with sauce.: Enchilada

Film based on a Russian Grand Duchess’ story.: Anastasia

Small citrus fruit with orange skin.: Tangerine

A room or building equipped for physical exercise.: Gymnasium

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Lady in __ 6: Music Saved My Life, a film.: Number

Gone to seed.: Shabby

__ Hat, “Gilligan” hat with sloping brim.: Bucket

Some E. coli strains are dangerous and __.: Deadly

Higglytown __, Disney Junior animated show.: Heroes

Capital of Chechnya.: Grozny

When you need to eat.: Hungry

A case for arrows.: Quiver

To go on a trip on a boat.: Voyage

Robert __ Jr. Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man.: Downey

Sick person’s soup that also contains chicken.: Noodle

The Peruvian camel.: Alpaca

Body part where you find the lap.: Thighs

Two homes that share a common wall.: Duplex

Reddish-brown metal, used in pennies.: Copper

To select from a number of items or options.: Choose

Someone who breaks through computer security.: Hacker

Puzzle 3 Answers

Crumbly topping for muffins or pies.: Streusel

__ is known as the purebred long-haired Siamese.: Balinese

The bearing of an object in relation to the North.: Absolute

Dermatological condition also known as baldness.: Alopecia

Merci __, “thank you very much” in French.: Beaucoup

Formerly under Iron Curtain, Sofia is its capital.: Bulgaria

American football field marked by each yard.: Gridiron

Highly awarded Judy Garland offspring.: Minnelli

Peer __.: Pressure

Born in the country of the maple leaf.: Canadian

The devil’s home in Australia.: Tasmania

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artificial heart experiment implanted in 15 men.: Abiocor

Flatfish mainly eaten on Catholic holy days.: Halibut

A small powerboat used for towing waterskiers.: Skiboat

High-strung emotion.: Tension

Able to be added to something else.: Addable

Black silk worn as mourning.: Cypress

Spanish pork sausage.: Chorizo

A person who prepares cuts of meat and sells them.: Butcher

A winding path or trail, indirect course.: Meander

Power unit is measured in __.: Wattage

__ Nimoy, Spock actor, died 2015.: Leonard

Puzzle 5 Answers

Flower whose seeds are eaten raw and on foods.: Sunflower

Important infield position in baseball.: Short stop

One of the most frequent musical guests of the SNL.: Dave grohl

Empire State Building sways with a severe __.: Rainstorm

Utensil designed for baking quiches.: Quiche pan

Bandana worn in Japanese culture.: Hachimaki

American actress, activist and fitness guru.: Jane fonda

Self-indulgent.: Sybaritic

Convert into meters.: Metricise

European city home to canals and coffee shops.: Amsterdam

Delusional parasitosis is a belief you have __.: Parasites

Group 133

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Night, a Shakespeare’s comedy.: Twelfth

Clusters of friends on social media.: Circles

Mental tendency toward something.: Incline

Market __, subsets of consumers.: Segment

Art, science or military school.: Academy

Saw that requires human power to work.: Hand saw

The proof of the __ is in the eating.: Pudding

Insect that produces a rhythmical chirping sound.: Cricket

70 percent of all boats are sold for __.: Fishing

Pocahontas’s English name, __ Rolfe.: Rebecca

Baseball hit takes you around the bases.: Home run

Material that can be stretched.: Elastic

Oscar Issac plays Poe __ in Star Wars: Episode 7.: Dameron

Puzzle 2 Answers

Farmhouse, barn and other buildings.: Homestead

Antiderivative or integral, differentiable function.: Primitive

Broken, bankrupt.: Insolvent

TV drama about an ageing country star.: Nashville

White __, belief whites are a superior race.: Supremacy

__ wrasse are bright yellow and white.: Canarytop

Chevy Chase’s National Lampoon family.: Griswolds

__ Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers.: Alexandre

Deformity, cauliflower ears aka __.: Boxer ears

Type of baseball pitch thrown to spin.: Curveball

Puzzle 3 Answers

Black-ball sponge is a black __.: Sphere

Occupation usually associated with the circus.: Barker

Lung disorder including difficulty breathing.: Asthma

__ Spielberg’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.: Steven

One was named after Jonathan Swift on martian moon.: Crater

Utensil used to suck up excess liquid.: Baster

To pierce the body with a sharp stake or item.: Impale

Japanese stock exchange.: Nikkei

Basis for an action, event, belief, fact.: Reason

Separate viewing spot on a computer screen.: Window

Real-life mannequins.: Models

Hungry Hungry __, marble-eating mammals.: Hippos

Second chance in court case.: Appeal

Building used for spiritual rituals.: Temple

Year of __; zodiac sign that is happy in mud.: The pig

Vehicle to lean, tip to one side while moving.: Careen

A little tower often at a corner of a building.: Turret

Seed of a tree, common food.: Almond

Oscar the Grouch was originally __, not green.: Orange

Oval __, where the US President works.: Office

Puzzle 4 Answers

It never ends.: Infinity

Small squirrel with stripes on its face.: Chipmunk

Swedish actor, director, martial artist, Dolph __.: Lundgren

Unit of electric power; one billion watts.: Gigawatt

Ebola causes high fever and internal __.: Bleeding

Someone who writes texts for songs.: Lyricist

Filled into poultry before cooking.: Stuffing

What liars should have.: Memories

__ is another day, quote from Gone with the Wind.: Tomorrow

Chilean town shaken by a massive earthquake.: Valdivia

Turncoat, collaborator.: Quisling

Puzzle 5 Answers

Eight sides, Stop sign shape.: Octagon

Island in E. Caribbean, north of Antigua.: Barbuda

Cher’s comeback, club hit in 1999.: Believe

__ Havisham, character in Great Expectations.: Estella

A painting by Alex Colville.: Pacific

Happy Meals make up 40% of McDonald’s __.: Profits

Angiitis is inflammation of the blood __.: Vessels

Name given to the leader of ancient Egypt.: Pharaoh

Ran late.: Delayed

Type of bread eaten on Jewish celebrations.: Challah

Paulette __, actress of The Great Dictator.: Goddard

Group 134

Puzzle 1 Answers

Thorny, security fencing.: Barbwire

Lady and __, 1955 romantic Disney film.: The tramp

Sport uses underhand pitches when recreational.: Softball

Red sauce used to dip mozzarella sticks.: Marinara

Hotel chain now owned by Marriott International.: Sheraton

Makes nothing who makes no __.: Mistakes

Addis Ababa is the capital of.: Ethiopia

Japanese for divinity wind.: Kamikaze

Author of “Bridget Jones’s Diary”: Helen __.: Fielding

Nonverbal communication, Sign __.: Language

__ bleeding occurs in the body, not seen.: Internal

Badge or mark of honor or office.: Insignia

Puzzle 2 Answers

This bird’s egg is equal to 24 chicken eggs.: Ostrich

Breakfast in __, top-seller Supertramp album.: America

Tick-borne virus discovered in the summer of 2014.: Bourbon

23rd James Bond film with Bardem as a bad guy.: Skyfall

The main constituent of marsh gas.: Methane

Place, name, number, state where you live.: Address

Movement with your hands to show something.: Gesture

Ms. Puff runs a __ school on SpongeBob.: Boating

Chagall painted I and the __.: Village

Jean __, actress of Spartacus.: Simmons

Wild West days, the first to do something.: Pioneer

Capital of Solomon Islands.: Honiara

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fruit __, colorful zebra-like chewing gum.: Stripe

Fibers that carry messages to the brain.: Nerves

Mammal known for aggression, white and black head.: Badger

Silly sitcom that spoofed medical dramas.: Scrubs

Hold your breath when passing through this.: Tunnel

Confirmation sacrament, gifts of the Holy __.: Spirit

__ Hunters is a board game from Japan from 2005.: Shadow

__ Panda 3, 2016 movie.: Kung fu

__ Night, females pay half or nothing.: Ladies

High redshift sources of electromagnetic energy.: Quasar

Ghosts are the souls of __ after they have died.: Humans

Turn up the earth for farming with a plow.: Plough

Ancient Indian city, site of the Great Stupa.: Sanchi

Unpleasant in temper, stubborn.: Ornery

Do not cast your __ before swine.: Pearls

Puzzle 4 Answers

To set up something; to determine rules.: Establish

American retired basketball player and coach.: Larry bird

DiCaprio’s film about the subconscious.: Inception

Devoted love, worship.: Adoration

Ocean inhabitant related to marlins.: Swordfish

__ is 20/20.: Hindsight

A kind of three dimensional form of visual art.: Sculpture

Historical account in order of happenings.: Chronicle

Press __, White House’s official voice.: Secretary

Protrusion of the protoplasm used for movement.: Pseudopod

Puzzle 5 Answers

Heloise loved him dearly.: Abelard

Cactus “tree” native to Southwest Sonora Desert.: Saguaro

China has more __ speakers than the US.: English

Oceans’ 11 original cast.: Rat pack

Regular payment, ex. mortgage, pension payment.: Annuity

Run, jump and climb through an urban area.: Parkour

Alexander __, greatest Russian poet.: Pushkin

__ and butter, a cinema snack duo.: Popcorn

Licking stamps burns half a __.: Calorie

There is one for every person in the world.: Chicken

Tradeable contracts not for now.: Futures

Group 135

Puzzle 1 Answers

Marsupial from Australia, largest in possum species.: Cuscus

Scooping constellation, can be big or small.: Dipper

Mechanism that shows data measurement.: Analog

__ Puzzle, 500, 1,000 pieces to put together.: Jigsaw

Back to __, dreaded by kids, anticipated by parents.: School

Rain before seven, fine by __, goes the proverb.: Eleven

Alternate route around construction.: Detour

Typically a golfer’s last club.: Putter

Robin __, House of Cards, Princess Bride actress.: Wright

Guardians of the __ actor Chris Pratt.: Galaxy

__ Eruption, dissolved CO2, aka lake overturn.: Limnic

Low-lying land tract enclosed by dikes.: Polder

Season when leaves change color, fall.: Autumn

Large container to keep dirty clothes.: Hamper

Shere Khan the __ tiger, Disney’s Jungle Book.: Bengal

Italian artist of Renaissance religious works.: Giotto

Young pigeons.: Squabs

Anything to do with nerves, nerve cells.: Neural

Inflamed oil gland, infected, pus pocket on skin.: Pimple

Handheld grain-cutting agricultural tool.: Sickle

To put money or time into a venture or person.: Invest

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ailurophobia is an __ fear of cats.: Abnormal

Dish made with ground beef and other ingredients.: Meatloaf

Acting fiendishly, diabolically.: Devilish

Convicted pyromaniac.: Arsonist

Red __ sea slug has beautiful red coloring.: Sidegill

Seizure disorder, electrical issues in the brain.: Epilepsy

__ films include Volcano, Twister, and Deep Impact.: Disaster

It shows the level of oil.: Dipstick

There are two sides to every __.: Question

Avalanche.: Landslip

Soap opera based in Harmony, New England.: Passions

Actress known for her unique laugh, Fran __.: Drescher

Hannibal’s ancient Tunisian civilization capital.: Carthage

Puzzle 3 Answers

A puppet diva who starred films and TV shows.: Miss piggy

Insect with large wings covered with tiny scales.: Butterfly

Evita sang for this country not to cry for her.: Argentina

Japanese electronics, appliance company.: Panasonic

Men’s protective sport device invented in Canada.: Jockstrap

Catch not at the shadow and lose the __.: Substance

Long sandwich aka hoagie, hero, grinder.: Submarine

Akhenaten’s wife; Miles Davis album.: Nefertiti

Need for Speed’s __ installment was released in 2013.: Twentieth

__ Bennet, one of Jane Austen’s heroines.: Elizabeth

Helical screw blades used in drills.: Auger bits

Person who moves scenery and props.: Stagehand

Puzzle 4 Answers

Secret service agent who fancies a specific drink.: James bond

Hell, but for a limited time.: Purgatory

They are all for monarchic rule.: Royalists

__ Oddparents, cartoon about Timmy Turner.: The fairly

Hypothesis involving Jupiter.: Grand tack

America’s great swimmer before Phelps.: Mark spitz

The capital of Anguilla.: The valley

It is bliss.: Ignorance

Toys, balloons etc sold in circus stands.: Novelties

Utensil used to open preserved tin food.: Can opener

Puzzle 5 Answers

Gravestone __ is color grinding to make prints.: Rubbing

There are 1 __ ants for every human.: Million

Astronomical event happens in spring, autumn.: Equinox

It is the soul of wit.: Brevity

__ Eco, Italian semioticist and modern novelist.: Umberto

A person trained in a specific branch of science.: Chemist

Interview with the Vampire, Spider-Man, __ Dunst.: Kirsten

Mel Blanc, Bugs Bunny voice, was allergic to this.: Carrots

__ Paltrow, won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.: Gwyneth

Cow dung, also slang for nonsense.: Cowplop

African country closest to Italian shores.: Tunisia

One who acts opposite of his/hers religious views.: Heretic

Group 136

Puzzle 1 Answers

Protagonist of the ballet Swan Lake.: Odette

Dishwasher __, small dishwashers.: Drawer

Cars 2 is the __ to the 2006 original film.: Sequel

Take for granted, without proof, suppose.: Assume

To help, give support, aid.: Assist

Desert horned __ has many different horns all over.: Lizard

Major US airline headquartered in Chicago.: United

Assignees, representatives.: Agents

Dance music causing change of consciousness.: Trance

Endocrine gland produces melatonin, serotonin.: Pineal

Indiana Jones’ favorite hat.: Fedora

Slender tube of wood with a core of graphite.: Pencil

Imperial Garden Lions, __, ward off evil.: Fudogs

The man who works the circus lights.: Shanty

Distress signal for planes, ships and boats.: Mayday

Area of a river where currents run extremely fast.: Rapids

Pagurus hermit crab is the __ hermit crab.: Common

Thinking something specific will happen, anticipate.: Expect

Robert __ Jr, actor in Iron Man.: Downey

Small flat round millennial seed.: Lentil

Liam __, actor in Taken.: Neeson

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ sponge shrimp pairs live inside barrel sponges.: Commensal

Popular herb aka cilantro or Chinese parsley.: Coriander

Person who creates utensils for specific tasks.: Toolmaker

Place light behind a subject.: Backlight

Tractor implement for tillage aka flat lifter.: Subsoiler

Schrodinger’s famous cat question, quantum __.: Mechanics

Monk and the highest authority in Tibetan Buddhism.: Dalai lama

Comic strip turned into a Warren Beatty movie.: Dick tracy

A place to sleep in when travelling.: Hotel room

Birthing surgery from Roman times.: Caesarean

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bank account abroad, common in Cayman Islands.: Offshore

Job board social media site; endorsements allowed.: Linkedin

Language that has three degrees of phonemic length.: Estonian

The Sword in __, 1963 Disney film, King Arthur.: The stone

Dish __ Closet, dries dishes, fits with kitchen.: Draining

Formal name for jaw bone.: Mandible

Acorn worms live mainly in __ ocean bottoms.: Sediment

Bird __ is studying birds in nature.: Watching

__ Lang, journalist who died in Afghanistan.: Michelle

Airport area where you pick up family and friends.: Arrivals

Pamphlet with ballads sold by peddlers.: Chapbook

EU headquarters, home of stinky sprouts.: Brussels

Puzzle 4 Answers

Key to job growth in a country.: Economy

__ aggressively protect nests, unlike other wasps.: Hornets

Wrote Good Will Hunting with friend, Damon.: Affleck

Erased, rub out, obliterated something.: Effaced

Something beside the bed, table, chair.: Bedside

Used to organize digital content and search.: Keyword

Blubberlips are known by big __ lips.: Rubbery

Crisp biscuit shaped like a knot.: Pretzel

O mistress mine, where are you __?.: Roaming

Beach sun __ is enjoying lying on the beach.: Tanning

Suitable hemp for duffel bags.: Hessian

Puzzle 5 Answers

Single-line poem.: Monostich

It is power.: Knowledge

Spirit of St. Louis pilot; baby died in scandal.: Lindbergh

William, the __, created a cross-channel Empire.: Conqueror

Compulsive urge to buy things.: Oniomania

Sheepskin.: Parchment

Popular red licorice often used as a fun straw.: Twizzlers

Its clock doesn’t tick.: Dandelion

Toy Story features Woody and Buzz __.: Lightyear

Control panel found in cars.: Dashboard

Group 137

Puzzle 1 Answers

Puff __, flaky treat with layers of fat.: Pastry

Egyptian god of embalming.: Anubis

Sliding paper walls in Japanese houses.: Fusuma

__ Knoxville of Jackass fame.: Johnny

School notebook bound by metal wire.: Spiral

Male equivalent of witch, magical powers.: Wizard

Detective __ Harris, Denzel’s role in Training Day.: Alonzo

Bristle-__ tube worm has long hairs all over.: Headed

Kid’s card game with questions and answers.: Go fish

Decorative piece of a car wheel.: Hubcap

Healthy, strong, stout.: Robust

Hitchcock film known for freaky shower scene.: Psycho

Highest point of a hill or mountain.: Summit

Steering __, connects steering wheel to mechanism.: Column

Salty pie with meat and vegetables.: Pot pie

Puzzle 2 Answers

Wear on, go by (time).: Tick away

The capital of Jersey.: St helier

Fragrant flowers from South Africa.: Freesias

The act of sliding down a small hill with snow.: Sledding

1991’s Hardball was 1st in a series of __ games.: Baseball

The World’s __ Athlete, a 1973 Disney Tarzan movie.: Greatest

Usually two days shorter than any other.: February

He that __ pitch shall be defiled.: Toucheth

An African ant-eater.: Aardvark

Fiber is the part of food that cannot be __.: Digested

Cigarette mascot designed to attract children.: Joe camel

__ gaps, found in the distribution of semi-major axis.: Kirkwood

Puzzle 3 Answers

Brush this over pastries to give color.: Egg wash

Scheduled combat between two people.: Dueling

Russian author, lepidopterist and synesthete.: Nabokov

Phenomenon when sunlight is blocked from a planet.: Eclipse

Singer, Whitney Houston’s cousin.: Warwick

Acting on __ instead of thinking first.: Impulse

Herbie Rides Again is a sequel to The __.: Love bug

__ are members of the peach family.: Almonds

Also called Malines.: Mechlin

Day __, speculation of stocks, currencies.: Trading

Covering in a book that binds the pages.: Binding

__ rockfish are dark red and tan.: Madeira

Flowering part of a plant, when open.: Blossom

Zealous supporter of a team.: Fanatic

__ or perish.: Publish

Spectacles; lenses mounted in a frame.: Glasses

Something made from clay and fired in a kiln.: Ceramic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Family to which poinsettia belongs.: Euphorbia

In line after primary.: Secondary

Crusades aimed to seize __ from muslim control.: Jerusalem

Make a fault seem less serious.: Extenuate

Uranus and Neptune are both __.: Ice giants

Open to more than one interpretation.: Equivocal

The __, movie with John Wayne as a war veteran.: Searchers

A person trained to give emergency medical care.: Paramedic

The __ are look-alike parents for Timmy Turner.: Turnbaums

Jane Eyre’s byronic hero, Mr. __.: Rochester

Green vegetable, also known as string beans.: Green bean

Old farmer in a classic kid’s song.: Macdonald

Pyrosome __ can be pink, yellow, or blue.: Jellyfish

Puzzle 5 Answers

This face is sure to make someone happy.: Smiley

Order to report for military duty.: Call up

Specific type of fisherman.: Angler

Lizard, well-known for being a pet.: Iguana

Food that may be consumed according to halakha.: Kosher

To go beyond the quantity, amount, rate.: Exceed

Second largest city in Western Asia.: Tehran

Ralph __, American luxury clothing brand.: Lauren

__ Boy, codename for the bomb that hit Hiroshima.: Little

Burnt piece of coal or wood which can still be lit.: Cinder

Dissertation.: Thesis

Online payment system previously owned by eBay.: Paypal

Group 138

Puzzle 1 Answers

Produces smoke, but not flames.: Smoulders

Sang the song My Guy.: Mary wells

1.000.000 of this unit makes a gram.: Microgram

2015 Pixar and Disney movie with Joy and Sadness.: Inside out

Spuds __, Bud Light’s party dog.: Mackenzie

Large ocean fish with a jaw that resembles a sword.: Swordfish

Paper __ do desk jobs routinely.: Shufflers

They are allegedly made in heaven.: Marriages

Stew that is cooked slowly in a deep dish.: Casserole

Keeps post at the Tower of London.: Beefeater

Puzzle 2 Answers

Existing in fact, real.: Actual

The Force Awakens is set __ years after Episode 6.: Thirty

Barn is __ quarters for the circus.: Winter

From one side to the opposite one.: Across

Long rod inserted into foods to hold while cooking.: Skewer

Taxi, Always Sunny star married to Rhea Perlman.: Devito

Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle.: Indian

Utensil used to remove skin from foods.: Peeler

Koyukon name for Alaska’s highest mountain.: Denali

__ shrimpgoby live with snapping shrimp.: Arcfin

Fictional race of human-like brutes.: Yahoos

__ cord, nerve tissue protected by vertebrae.: Spinal

“Fever” caused by airborne fungal spores.: Valley

Collar, ring, shaft on a pipe for strength.: Flange

The middle number, not the average.: Median

Pigs represent __ in Asia and Europe, piggy banks.: Wealth

Type of disco dance with its own song.: Hustle

Puzzle 3 Answers

The front side of a coin or medal.: Obverse

The speed at which electricity moves.: Current

Leonid __, artist born in Belarus.: Afremov

__ Lion, biggest of the species.: African

The __, 2015 Matt Damon movie.: Martian

Shaped like a wing, wing-like.: Aliform

__ and forget.: Forgive

Kicking __ means following the circus.: Sawdust

Government coming to financial rescue of business.: Bailout

Official act forgiving and setting prisoners free.: Amnesty

Large ensemble during Swing Era.: Big band

Pearls can be found inside these.: Oysters

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Race, global reality show competition.: Amazing

Special chair for a child in a vehicle.: Carseat

A bodyguard is someone who __ and protects a person.: Escorts

Various things and the like.: Whatnot

Amputation is the __ of a body part.: Removal

Particular version of a paper or book.: Edition

To clap hands in approval.: Applaud

Blood-__ swimming crab, Indo-Pacific crustacean.: Spotted

Moon of Saturn that has no craters.: Methone

2 player strategy game published in 1990.: Abalone

Desk box for papers you’ve dealt with.: Out tray

Anagram of spotter.: Protest

Scottish biologist who discovered penicillin.: Fleming

Creators of Twinkies, Ho Hos and Ding Dongs.: Hostess

Puzzle 5 Answers

Mexican resort on the Pacific Coast.: Acapulco

Indo-European language spoken in this Asian country.: Armenian

Toothed knife great for cutting bread.: Serrated

Embroidery technique, allows fabric to be stretched.: Smocking

Cloris __, Raising Hope actress, born 1926.: Leachman

The Prince of Egypt is a __ animated film.: Biblical

__fish are ray-finned ocean fish.: Cardinal

Name of a French soup.: Bouillon

Plastic ring children spin round their waist.: Hula hoop

When a baby’s primary teeth come in.: Teething

An Edgar Allan Poe’s poem.: The raven

Group 139

Puzzle 1 Answers

A captain of __ manages or owns a large company.: Industry

The Virgin __, first film by Sofia Coppola.: Suicides

Strobilus, reproductive organ in Pinophyta plants.: Pinecone

Apple pie with a biscuit-crust top.: Pandowdy

Saying hello to a person when you meet.: Greeting

Imaginary line used to indicate latitude.: Parallel

Old time device flattened male neckwear.: Tie press

__ 66 is an American oil and gas company.: Phillips

Wayne Gretzky’s nickname, The __.: Great one

One of the seven deadly sins.: Gluttony

Worldwide social media with online profiles.: Facebook

Puzzle 2 Answers

A box-shaped musical instrument.: Accordion

Skiing event includes aerials, moguls, halfpipe.: Freestyle

Created with a holographic projector.: Holograms

Right to use properties bought for vacations.: Timeshare

A skin condition in humans.: Psoriasis

State of having two sides that are not the same.: Asymmetry

A round patty of ground beef in a split bun.: Hamburger

Effect reduces value of money over time.: Inflation

Great __, a gravitational anomaly in space.: Attractor

Capital of Pakistan.: Islamabad

Puzzle 3 Answers

One of two nations enclaved in South Africa.: Lesotho

Atlantic reef game fish, most popular is red.: Snapper

Work of art made by glueing different materials.: Collage

Some deny this change with scientific consensus.: Climate

Two major groups of these people are Shia, Sunni.: Muslims

What fair exchange is not.: Robbery

To teach or train someone, provide schooling.: Educate

Alice in Wonderland is based on books by Lewis __.: Carroll

Clear mineral that looks like glass or ice.: Crystal

Handwriting that links all letters together.: Cursive

Popular winter sport.: Skating

Device or room for keeping food at low temperature.: Freezer

Different fake names used by criminals.: Aliases

Bent or warped under heat or pressure.: Buckled

Puzzle 4 Answers

Held as holy men by Hindus.: Swamis

Large drum used by the Mongols in battle.: Naqara

Out of __, won the Academy Awards in 1986.: Africa

__ Baum, author of the Wizard of Oz series.: L frank

Hand tools for holding, turning objects.: Pliers

Second main gas in Saturn.: Helium

__ is a game of assault and defense.: Asalto

Adverb for away, hence.: Avaunt

Country better known for canal that divides it.: Panama

A plan regarding expenses and revenue or income.: Budget

Online photo sharing social media site.: Flickr

Red berry, often found on top of sundaes.: Cherry

Fairies are said to have magical __.: Powers

Metal, reddish-brown color, can be a hair color.: Copper

Doctor in first year of training in a hospital.: Intern

Mr. Krabs runs the __ Krab.: Krusty

Puzzle 5 Answers

A person who makes gold articles.: Goldsmith

Adults only laugh __ times a day.: Seventeen

Hunger Games star Liam __.: Hemsworth

Where the ocean meets the land.: Coastline

Easily disgusted, shocked.: Squeamish

__ Kids, a not sweet movie candy staple.: Sour patch

Focus lamp.: Spotlight

In law, honesty of intention.: Bonafides

Pax__, peace in China after the Mongol invasion.: Mongolica

Stellar Explosion.: Supernova

TV show about the FBI and terrorists.: Blacklist

Group 140

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small, red, acid berry used in cooking.: Cranberry

Name of a character from the Addams Family.: Wednesday

International language envisaged by Zamenhof.: Esperanto

An employee who serves or helps customers.: Attendant

Folding of a vehicle towing a trailer.: Jack knife

Mexican __ toads dig down into the ground to hunt.: Burrowing

Where children with no family are sent.: Orphanage

The father of American Literature to Faulkner.: Mark twain

Contamination; disease caused by germs.: Infection

Ancient Persian city capital of two empires.: Ctesiphon

Purpose-built capital of Pakistan.: Islamabad

Puzzle 2 Answers

Rome airport named after famed artist.: Da vinci

90s powerhouse sitcom based in Manhattan.: Friends

A useful tool or implement.: Utensil

Band of singable lullaby More Than Words.: Extreme

One going back in a commitment.: Reneger

Jason __, English, famous for his action films.: Statham

Determine by calculating, usually on a computer.: Compute

Ending of a personal romantic relationship.: Breakup

Outer opening of the nose.: Nostril

Cheese puff snack with Cheetah mascot.: Cheetos

Species best known by male, peacock.: Peafowl

Excise is a total __ with a laser or scalpel.: Removal

US Army anti-tank rocket launcher.: Bazooka

Keel-shaped ridge of rock formed by wind.: Yardang

Puzzle 3 Answers

Discovered the properties of oxygen combustion.: Lavoisier

The Bold and the __, LA fashion soap opera.: Beautiful

__ Tears, insincere expression of sorrow.: Crocodile

Popular pasta usually topped with red sauce.: Spaghetti

Operation __, movie with Cary Grant.: Petticoat

X-ray of blood or lymph vessels.: Angiogram

30 Seconds is a general __ game.: Knowledge

Cheap imitation of gold.: Pinchbeck

Birthplace of literary greats, Doyle, Stevenson.: Edinburgh

Food __, an electric kitchen appliance.: Processor

Puzzle 4 Answers

One of the Seven Wonders of Nature; waterfalls.: Iguazu

Muscle contraction felt by women during period.: Cramps

__ Chan, Hong Kong actor, martial artist, director.: Jackie

Wedding Crashers, Scooby-Doo actress, Isla __.: Fisher

Fisherman.: Angler

State created in 1948, after WWII.: Israel

A set of teams that plays against each other.: League

Chausie is bred to look like __ cats.: Jungle

Thickening the liquid of a soup by boiling.: Reduce

Tail bone at the very bottom of the spine.: Coccyx

Hot __, mini metal cars loved by kids.: Wheels

__ and Hardy, Classical Hollywood slapstick duo.: Laurel

Difference between bid and stock asking prices.: Spread

Los Angeles soccer team that landed Beckham.: Galaxy

The whole thing, amount, extent.: Wholly

Barque is a sailing __ with three or more masts.: Vessel

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Yard, London police force, northern UK country.: Scotland

__ Lewis got the 1st US Nobel of Literature.: Sinclair

Computer key aka return button.: Enter key

Antonym of exterior.: Interior

Space behind a house, not in front.: Backyard

Site of the massacre at India’s Golden Temple.: Amritsar

War planes at close quarters combat.: Dog fight

12 __, classic courtroom drama movie.: Angry men

Deliberate destruction or failure.: Sabotage

Piece of sweet fried dough shaped like a ring.: Doughnut

Amber __, or Pinna carnea, is a bivalve mollusc.: Penshell

Fine type of cashmere wool or scarf.: Pashmina

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