Codycross Cruise ship Answers

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Codycross Cruise ship

Group 641

Puzzle 1 Answers

Akashi-__, longest suspension bridge in the world: Kaikyo

Blocks to stop aircraft from moving: Chocks

Concrete slabs that make a garden path: Paving

High and __; self-important: Mighty

Knights’ weapons: Lances

Mountain peak: Summit

Ocean __, glass cylinder to walk through, see fish: Tunnel

Too much, outside the normal limits: Excess

__ Bucyk, skilled left winger, lifelong Bruin: Johnny

__ cord; springy cable for extreme sports lovers: Bungee

__ room; hotel accommodation for parents and kids: Family

Puzzle 2 Answers

Artists’ workrooms: Studios

Cheesy actor Troy, in The Simpsons: Mcclure

Derisive or scornful mocking: Jeering

Describes the homeward leg of a return journey: Inbound

Gemstone cut, aka square emerald cut: Asscher

Interrupted a performer in a show: Heckled

Katie __, US Olympic freestyle swimmer: Ledecky

Musical performance, often during a tour: Concert

Pithy remark or concise poem: Epigram

Popular rounded bread, eaten with gravy in US: Biscuit

Restless, unable to sleep: Wakeful

Stepped like a horse: Pranced

Terry __, director, member of the Monty Python: Gilliam

Tourist destination, anagram of “dumb Rae”: Bermuda

Puzzle 3 Answers

Begin eating, like a dog maybe: Chow down

Not take full advantage of something: Underuse

Open and barefaced disobedience: Defiance

Relax at the end of a busy period: Wind down

Scowls in pain: Grimaces

Surname of Lynn, star of the film Georgy Girl: Redgrave

Use thick materials to keep heat in: Insulate

Worries, hardships, struggles: Troubles

__ Cemetery, New Orleans marble statuary landmark: Metairie

__ Flyer Scheme, airline loyalty system: Frequent

Puzzle 4 Answers

Drew __, E.T. child actress: Barrymore

Front shiner on a vehicle, or worn by miners: Headlight

Hued vehicle looked out for in travel game: Yellow car

Latin means “farewell to meat”, a Shrovetide event: Carnevale

Meal in the middle of the morning: Elevenses

Nashville’s hockey team: Predators

Pippi Longstocking’s monkey: Mr nilsson

Publicly praised or commended: Acclaimed

Requesting strongly: Demanding

Rolling __, song by Adele on album 21: In the deep

She or he shows you the sights: Tour guide

Taking temporary care of children within a family: Fostering

Puzzle 5 Answers

24 hours at a relaxing mineral springs resort: Spa day

Cardinal __, Victorian in line to be a saint: Newman

Keep in custody: Detain

Medical word for the womb: Uterus

Montgolfier, Wright, Earhart, Johnson and Yeager: Flyers

Motley, assorted, scruffy: Ragtag

Plane maker of the 747: Boeing

Puzzle or code to be cracked: Enigma

Sore, weary: Aching

Spry, like Jack who jumped over a candlestick: Nimble

Valleys, ravines, chasms: Gorges

__ Road; video game with traffic-dodging chicken: Crossy

__ maker, to cook beaten eggs with fillings: Omelet

__ oats, brand of porridge oats: Quaker

__ while the iron is hot: Strike

-Pyrénées, south-west French dept up high: Hautes

Group 642

Puzzle 1 Answers

Art of paper folding: Origami

City where Red Wings play their home games: Detroit

Comes out, like a butterfly from a chrysalis: Emerges

Dark Lord of The Silmarillion: Morgoth

Fastened; made safe: Secured

Hot plate for cooking fried foods directly on: Griddle

Nationality of Kimi Räikkönen: Finnish

Sci-fi follower of the tales of the USS Enterprise: Trekkie

Someone who is always on the go: Busy bee

Straw compacted into cuboid/cylindrical shape: Hay bale

Sub-unit of currency in Syria, Egypt and Lebanon: Piastre

Swallows food or drink or even poison: Ingests

The Christine who is Managing Director of the IMF: Lagarde

Vacation complexes: Resorts

Puzzle 2 Answers

A customer on a boat, plane or train: Passenger

Fixed line used to create a curve or conic section: Directrix

From weatherman to talk show host: David __: Letterman

London dry gin, distilled in Scotland: Tanqueray

Posturing Hindu exercises under tuition: Yoga class

Prevents entering a port: Blockades

Refuge, shelter, haven of safety: Sanctuary

Routine, status quo, customary: Normality

Seating for toddlers: High chair

The King’s castle in Memphis: Graceland

The craft of hat-making: Millinery

of something; dominated or overtaken by: In the grip

Puzzle 3 Answers

Art ratio with pleasing proportions: Golden

Belgian city at Zeebrugge port: Bruges

Breakfast grains, just add milk: Cereal

Catholic University founded in Chicago: De paul

Diamonds From __ Leone, Kanye West track: Sierra

Like __; with the same opinions or views: Minded

Mount __, plantation home of George Washington: Vernon

Nine __; typical hours of an office job: To five

School that Aristotle founded in Athens: Lyceum

Small sailing boats or luxury pleasure crafts: Yachts

The Martyr, England patron saint before George: Edmund

The Section with aesthetically pleasing proportions: Golden

Puzzle 4 Answers

“__ of the fittest”, phrase of Herbert Spencer: Survival

Baboon with bright fur: Mandrill

Baboon with multicolored fur: Mandrill

Corners or points on a polygon: Vertices

Frozen accommodation in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden: Icehotel

It won’t poison you: Nontoxic

Place where oil is processed: Refinery

Purple flowery French district on Italian border: Provence

Small backpack: Knapsack

Something that prompts a choice to be made: Decisive

Spats, arguments: Quarrels

Suffering, a stressful situation: Hardship

Superhero graphic novel by Alan Moore: Watchmen

The Four __ of the Apocalypse: Horsemen

William who directed The Exorcist in 1973: Friedkin

__ in Arms, Dire Straits hit album of the 1980s: Brothers

Puzzle 5 Answers

Describes Marilyn Monroe’s vocal delivery: Breathy

First winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics: Rontgen

Fortune seers use this ball to look into the future: Crystal

Give pleasure to, satisfy: Gratify

One single part in a television series: Episode

People are entitled to due __ in court: Process

Pop star who gave birth to twins in June, 2017: Beyonce

Rhythm or tempo, like in a military march: Cadence

The only bone located in the upper arm: Humerus

Using a bow and arrow: Archery

Yassa comes from this country, with capital Dakar: Senegal

__ and brush, small tools for sweeping up the mess: Dustpan

__ paper, artistic swirls and blobs from Florence: Marbled

Group 643

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dallas/__, Texan airport: Fort worth

Filigree work, medium from which doilies are made: Lace paper

His law says work expands to fill available time: Parkinson

Hobbies, pastimes, leisure pursuits: Interests

Monkees lead singer, a youth jockey: Davy jones

People trying to effect change in a specific area: Activists

Rough, storm-tossed: Turbulent

Russian chemist who invented the Periodic Table: Mendeleev

Tall pink birds that grace Hialeah Park: Flamingos

Way of recording shots per hole in golf: Scorecard

__ Night, April celebration, marks start of spring: Walpurgis

Puzzle 2 Answers

A prominent chief of the Apache Indians: Cochise

Bitter vegetables with curly-leafed variety: Endives

Graphite drawers bought from souvenir shops: Pencils

In law, an inheritance or legacy: Bequest

Overcrowded, tightly packed: Cramped

Player who can play in two positions in basketball: Tweener

Puts liquid into another container: Decants

Sam Beckett’s journey through time, __ Leap: Quantum

Shopping bag on wheels brand: Sholley

Surviving a long while: Lasting

The W in SWAT: Weapons

The process or period of gathering in crops: Harvest

Tuneful: Melodic

Visible part of the external ear: Auricle

Wood separating properties; sport with swords: Fencing

__ Awards, stage prizes named after acting Lord: Olivier

__ Lee, the Dodge Charger in The Dukes of Hazzard: General

__ Palace, Istanbul home of the Sultans: Topkapi

Puzzle 3 Answers

1960s French-Swiss New Wave film director: Godard

According to the Bible, Balaam’s animal that spoke: Donkey

Angie __, The Hate U Give author: Thomas

Enthusiastically, eagerly, ardently: Keenly

Fabric squares for wiping and cleaning: Cloths

Knowledge built with time and experience: Wisdom

Large housewares and furniture chain: Crate & __: Barrel

Marionette: Puppet

Microsoft’s software suite: Office

Milk chocolate frog bar: Freddo

Norway seaport and cruise ship terminal: Bergen

Official, following rules, e.g. black-tie event: Formal

Opposite of shorter: Longer

Panic! At the Disco album Pray for the __: Wicked

Patches of infected, broken skin: Ulcers

Pleasure gardens in Copenhagen: Tivoli

Silver: Argent

__ a sigh of relief; felt that anxiety has passed: Heaved

__ duplicator, old copy machine with rotating drum: Spirit

__ park, out-of-town shopping venue: Retail

Puzzle 4 Answers

1986 Don Johnson song: Heartbeat

Basilica de __ Familia; Gaudí’s work in Barcelona: La sagrada

Cocoon and Trading Places actor: Don ameche

Footloose and __, a liberated attitude: Fancy free

Grainy sheet for making surfaces smooth and flat: Sandpaper

Holds the ID worn around a feline’s neck: Cat collar

Not in accordance with the law: Illegally

Side-effect or consequence of the original: Byproduct

The semi arid part of southern Argentina: Patagonia

Uncles and aunts, for example: Relations

Watchful, good at spotting details: Observant

Puzzle 5 Answers

British rock band known for Rock the Casbah: The clash

Cautious, unwilling to commit: Hesitant

Giant prehistoric creature that roamed the Earth: Dinosaur

Groups of things or people gathered close together: Clusters

Innards of seafood: Fish guts

Jim __, key role played by Kevin Costner in JFK: Garrison

Makeover show with Jonathan Van Ness: Queer eye

Minor planet composed of mineral and rock: Asteroid

Now defunct flag carrier airline of Mexico: Mexicana

Père-__, celebrity cemetery in Paris: Lachaise

Ran parliament: Governed

Ray who wrote Fahrenheit 451: Bradbury

Sign for family of deceased soldier: Gold star

Soaking up spare ink: Blotting

Very near the end: Epilogue

Group 644

Puzzle 1 Answers

1970’s phrase for “wow” or “that’s great”: Far out

A pendant that opens to reveal pictures inside: Locket

Cleopatra’s __, obelisks in New York and London: Needle

Exxon __, oil tanker spill of 1989: Valdez

Hebrew word for the holiday of Passover: Pesach

Left or right upper chamber of the heart: Atrium

Little Russian pancakes: Blinis

Michael, film star made up to be Betelgeuse: Keaton

Official order or edict: Decree

Paths traveled to reach destinations: Routes

Puts the ball in the back of the net: Scores

Reflected sounds heard over and over again: Echoes

Tango and polka-like Brazilian dance: Maxixe

Use this to take photos: Camera

Wheel nuts cover: Hubcap

Puzzle 2 Answers

Canine who defends properties: Guard dog

Clarifies, imparts knowledge: Explains

Desirous, inviting: Tempting

Fluctuation of the whole person in hip-hop dance: Body roll

Founded on faith or trust: Fiducial

Founder of Pahlavi Dynasty in Iran in 1925: Reza shah

Game show top prizes: Jackpots

Grants amnesty: Forgives

Nationality of one from Dubrovnik: Croatian

Rio soccer stadium, venue of 1950 World Cup final: Maracana

Robert Redford’s directorial debut: __ People: Ordinary

Shots to protect immune system: Vaccines

Small, sweet buns in paper cases, with icing: Cupcakes

Something set at an angle: Slanting

St Peter’s __; focal point of the Vatican City: Basilica

The creator of Wallace & Gromit: Nick park

Time when Cinderella needs to leave the ball: Midnight

Yes, __, there is a Santa Claus: Virginia

Puzzle 3 Answers

A group of three related novels: Trilogy

Any small city-like area that isn’t new: Old town

Body parts that get whiffy; anagram of imparts: Armpits

Causing an affray, going on the rampage: Rioting

Close but __; almost correct but not quite: No cigar

Eats well and is fit: Healthy

German ice wine, from grapes frozen on the vine: Eiswein

Italian fashion company founded by Gianni: Versace

Road that goes nowhere: Dead end

Short progress into a journey, book, task etc.: Partway

Siddhartha __; the Buddha’s full name: Gautama

Something that costs nothing: Freebie

Ten Green __, song sung in the round: Bottles

Wild African pig: Warthog

Puzzle 4 Answers

Another name for snails in French cuisine: Escargots

Be biased against someone: Prejudice

Europe’s oldest five-star hotel chain: Kempinski

Expression used to describe Mick Jagger’s pelvis: Snake hips

Grave marker with inscription: Headstone

Hideous, revolting: Grotesque

Leader of the US: President

Raising the quality of your cabin on a ship: Upgrading

She created the private detective Cormoran Strike: Jk rowling

To design parts for a particular, specific usage: Configure

US actor of Catch-22 and Argo: Alan arkin

Verbiage, excessive language: Wordiness

Puzzle 5 Answers

America’s Funniest Home __, Saget former host: Videos

Argue about the price: Haggle

Austrian ski resort, and home to Ötzi the Iceman: Sölden

Be unlike, at variance: Differ

Blades that are used in papercrafts: Knives

Former Toyota car brand named after constellation: Carina

Gremlins’movie creature or Scottish band: Mogwai

Home to the Acropolis: Greece

Large bowl for serving soup in: Tureen

Large expanses of flat land with few trees: Plains

Outlet or annex of a museum in a different city: Branch

Showed that you were bored or tired: Yawned

Spoke in a singsong voice: Lilted

They appear on rara skirts, collars or valances: Frills

Uniform worn by chefs: Whites

__ condor; largest flying bird in the world: Andean

Group 645

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Call for the captain __, let me go home”: Ashore

Ate grass like a sheep: Grazed

Believer in a god: Theist

Bottles with long necks used in school labs: Flasks

Cheerful or jolly: Jocund

Dr. David Q. __, buddy of The Great Mouse Detective: Dawson

Henry Ford’s first affordable automotive type: Model t

No longer junior: Senior

Overnight flight: Red eye

Preferred places frequented by a person: Haunts

Thomas who is the inventor of the phonograph: Edison

__ Planet, travel guides founded by the Wheelers: Lonely

__ transport; buses, trains and trams: Public

Puzzle 2 Answers

Abuses, slanders: Insults

Active ingredient in Pepto-Bismol: Bismuth

Actor John, who played Dan Conner in Roseanne: Goodman

Artist who painted Portrait of a Young Man: Raphael

Attractively packaged bath products: Gift set

Became aware of, perceived: Noticed

Best __, global hotel chain with crown logo: Western

Congratulatory phrase; raising headgear: Hats off

Fame and __, Dick Whittington sought this: Fortune

First name of Maduro, 2013 Venezuelan president: Nicolas

Hitting a snooker ball into a pocket: Potting

Idea to be elaborated on: Concept

Makes a noise on a hot grill: Sizzles

Musically, describes Alexander’s Band: Ragtime

Peter, one of the original “Rat Pack” members: Lawford

Regional tongue: Dialect

Seasonal wind of the Indian Ocean, southern Asia: Monsoon

Wrinkly dog with blue-black tongue: Shar pei

__ House, Isle of Wight home of Queen Victoria: Osborne

Puzzle 3 Answers

“It’s the End of the World as __, I feel fine”: We know it

Enforced a state of quietness: Silenced

Ganges settlement of temples and mosques: Varanasi

Giant’s __; basalt columns off Antrim’s coast: Causeway

Moniker, pet title: Nickname

Monopoly trio: Kentucky, Indiana, and __ Avenues: Illinois

Name of the actresses Jones or Huffman: Felicity

Not defeated: Unbeaten

Oozing water, drop by drop: Dripping

Peers who attended Charlemagne: Paladins

Portable, e.g. a device designed to be carried: Handheld

To become greater in number: Multiply

Witch of Russian folklore: Baba yaga

__ Shandy, a hero’s life story by Laurence Sterne: Tristram

__ meat, tinned pork product such as Spam: Luncheon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Amy, singer of the hit Rehab: Winehouse

Baggage __; how much luggage you can bring: Allowance

Chews the fat, debates: Discusses

Crime thriller starring James Spader as Red: The __: Blacklist

Director of Blazing Saddles and Spaceballs: Mel brooks

Malicious destruction of any property: Vandalism

Psychologist who talks to patients: Therapist

Small vehicle, self-contained holiday home: Camper van

Suitor of Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew: Hortensio

Take care of someone: Look after

The most thin, most svelte: Skinniest

Young bird about to leave the nest: Fledgling

Puzzle 5 Answers

1974 Bruce Springsteen hit about desire to escape: Born to run

A bad dream: Nightmare

A flight where the destination is not far away: Short haul

Duck that eats fish; anagram of near germs: Merganser

Game in which Rain Man excelled: Blackjack

Good with the hands and with problem-solving: Practical

Happily __; ending fit for a fairy tale: Ever after

It removes small circles from paper: Hole punch

Italian car brand, made the Spider: Alfa romeo

Last announcement for flight passengers: Final call

Vertical drop like Niagara or Iguazu falls: Waterfall

Group 646

Puzzle 1 Answers

2016 Golden Globe winner about Miami ghetto: Moonlight

Accessories and accoutrements, of fame, say: Trappings

Accessories of fame, say: Trappings

Agitations of milk during butter-making process: Churnings

Feeling of excitement to do something: Eagerness

Female making first appearance for a sports team: Debutante

Giant temple in Aswan, southern Egypt: Abu simbel

Hard, concrete, watertight e.g. __ evidence: Rock solid

Leaving dock: Embarking

Precursor to DVD, post-VHS: Laserdisc

Sentence structure; grammatical sequence: Word order

The capital of Somalia: Mogadishu

White substance used to make cups and plates: Porcelain

Puzzle 2 Answers

Apply to a higher court: Appeal

Building where collections are exhibited: Museum

Fishing apparatus: Tackle

Isis, goddess of marriage and wisdom, was his wife: Osiris

Jacks in a deck of cards: Knaves

Johnny Depp stars as this failed movie director: Ed wood

Medical fixer: Healer

Middle name of Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Ilyich

Ousted CEO at Jabot Cosmetics on the TV show Y&R: Ashley

People who are staying in a hotel: Guests

Puts a curse on: Jinxes

Tokyo’s international airport; its code is NRT: Narita

Tool for removing slivers of wood: Chisel

__ of Unity, immense Indian figure of Sardar Patel: Statue

__ rack, supermarket display with rungs: Ladder

Puzzle 3 Answers

A legal pardon or reprieve: Amnesty

Banff __ Hotel, chateau-styled hotel in Alberta: Springs

Bette Davis movie of a spoiled Southern belle: Jezebel

Container of genetic material in a cell: Nucleus

District of Columbia NBA team: the Washington __: Wizards

Goes round a bend: Corners

Lose __; take a wrong turn: Your way

Love __; 1966 romantic notes song by Elvis: Letters

Madrid’s impressive shopping boulevard: Gran via

Marches for e.g. Pride: Parades

Outcome of Henry VIII’s first and fourth marriages: Divorce

Plasterboard or gypsum panels: Drywall

Precisely: Exactly

Recovering after exercise or illness: Resting

Respire: Breathe

Roman legion officer: Tribune

Setting for The Thorn Birds: the Australian __: Outback

Small stream flow: Rivulet

Strolls unhurriedly: Wanders

Strong alcoholic drinks: Spirits

Two-deck Rummy card game: Canasta

Puzzle 4 Answers

A voyager’s photo souvenir note sent in the mail: Postcard

Ballet pose inspired by statue of Mercury: Attitude

Dig out earth with a large machine: Excavate

Expression for Europe, Asia and Africa: Old world

Foot condition, another name for fallen arches: Flat feet

Great __ War, Baltic conflict of 1700-21: Northern

Illegible or careless handwriting: Scribble

Surface being worked to remove bituminous lumps: Coal face

The capital of Connecticut: Hartford

Traveling __, supergroup of Dylan, Orbison, etc: Wilburys

Wine sold at a special low price in a restaurant: House red

Puzzle 5 Answers

“__, andale, andale!”: urging by Speedy Gonzales: Arriba

Alive, breathing: Living

Another word for a zombie: Undead

Blew strong wind occasionally: Gusted

Family with stoats and polecats; deceitful person: Weasel

First name of Keaton, silent-movie star: Buster

Food produced in the Jewish tradition: Kosher

Glass shaped to curve outwards: Convex

Head __; person in charge, bigwig: Honcho

Kim Jong Il wrote 6 of these, supposedly: Operas

Multi-room hotel accommodations: Suites

Renter of a property: Tenant

Sculling a boat: Rowing

She’s Out of __; emotional 1980 MJ ballad: My life

Smoked __, sliced fish sold in Duty Free outlets: Salmon

Soak thoroughly: Drench

Water slides at amusement parks: Flumes

Group 647

Puzzle 1 Answers

Country where la Mitad del Mundo is located: Ecuador

Factory where tins are filled: Cannery

Highest profile celebrity: A lister

Knee-highs, stockings and socks: Hosiery

Leaves a sailboat windless: Becalms

Long-lasting: Durable

Making a long, low sound: Moaning

Newspaper nicknamed The Gray Lady: Ny times

Northwest __, route from Atlantic to Pacific: Passage

Orient Express destination, Venice – __: Simplon

Rod, singer of LPs Smiler and Atlantic Crossing: Stewart

Sauces made with meat juices that accompany roasts: Gravies

Smallish kangaroo-type animal: Wallaby

To add water to something: Hydrate

To all __ and purposes; practically speaking: Intents

__ flop, high jump technique: Fosbury

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Shoes and ships and sealing-wax/And __ and kings”: Cabbages

1993 movie, remake of the 1960s TV series: The __: Fugitive

Action made by the body, e.g. in dance: Movement

Appealing to holidaymakers: Touristy

High speed London-Paris-Brussels train: Eurostar

Insect-like crustaceans with armadillo-type shells: Woodlice

Languages like English, Danish and Dutch are this: Germanic

Laziness, sloth, indolence: Idleness

Mixes this with that: Combines

Postponement of a punishment: Reprieve

The B and M in BMI, __ Index: Body mass

To buy at a reduced rate is to get one of these: Discount

Years of specific wine harvests: Vintages

__ Modi, Indian prime minister in 2015: Narendra

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bernard __, name related to the Ponzi Scheme: Madoff

City where the James Joyce Bridge is located: Dublin

Covering for fried fish: Batter

Gave a mark to a student: Graded

Hungry hungry __, wild animal game with marbles: Hippos

Nationality of Gene Hackman’s Connection: French

Pincers used to grip objects or bend wire: Pliers

Rudely or unceremoniously curt: Abrupt

Scientist who developed three “laws of motion”: Newton

Shapes having the form of eggs: Ovoids

Sight: Vision

The Jurors artwork at Runnymede comprises 12 __: Chairs

Town and southwest Italy coast, near Positano: Amalfi

__ Nights, Grease song with Olivia Newton-John: Summer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Catalan is this country’s only official language: Andorra

Characters that bring luck to sports teams: Mascots

Emmental and Neufchatel, for example: Cheeses

Estimates: Guesses

HBO crime drama series set in Baltimore: The wire

John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson are in Pulp __: Fiction

Juliet __, structure at a window: Balcony

Medical procedure involving operation: Surgery

Moving mechanism that takes people up mountains: Ski lift

Placed a bet: Wagered

Product used to style and fix the tresses: Hair gel

Separated into parts: Divided

Someone on a journey or outing: Tripper

Swarming grasshoppers in Biblical plagues: Locusts

Vacuum brand: Bissell

__ buys, spontaneous decisions to purchase items: Impulse

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adding to a text: Appending

Bugs Bunny’s quacky rival: Daffy duck

Container or shrine for the remains of saints: Reliquary

Croatian coastal city with medieval fortifications: Dubrovnik

Irish neolithic mound by the River Boyne: Newgrange

Multihued costume made of diamond shapes: Harlequin

Protective hand cover for handling hot dishes: Oven glove

Resembling a robber at sea: Piratical

She was the space-traveler Barbarella on the movie: Jane fonda

There and back within 24 hours on a train: Day return

Williams, who wrote Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Tennessee

Young male in education: Schoolboy

Group 648

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cause harm or injury: Inflict

Consist or comprise of something: Contain

Cooking pan for making large bread products: Loaf tin

Dresses worn by Swiss misses: Dirndls

Expression about a shepherd and false alarms: Cry wolf

Global streaming TV service: Netflix

I Dream of __, fantasy sitcom of the 60’s: Jeannie

I Want __; 1970 number one hit for the Jackson 5: You back

Memoir inspired crime film: Can You Ever __ Me?: Forgive

Men’s gymnastic event on a horizontal rod: High bar

Raised platforms for preachers in churches: Pulpits

Robot with a human form: Android

Shake, shudder: Vibrate

The capital of Georgia: Atlanta

The nationality of René Magritte: Belgian

Wooden or stone walkways extending into the sea: Jetties

Yuri __, first man to travel in outer space: Gagarin

__ pipe, vents gases from cars; a US tailpipe: Exhaust

Puzzle 2 Answers

Annoyance, fury, indignation: Vexation

Diet beverage company: Slimfast

Entertainment company responsible for Baby Shark: Pinkfong

Forward-looking style of buildings, like Atomium: Futurism

Fought off an opponent: Defended

Hook-handed demon whose name is said five times: Candyman

India’s capital; home to Lotus Temple, Khan market: New delhi

Mad __; sitcom featuring the Buchmans: About you

Nuclear emergency: Melt down

Quick alternative route: Shortcut

Sphynx cats are known for this lacking trait: Hairless

Suggestive, evocative, indicative: Redolent

Puzzle 3 Answers

Device attached to a phone to make it hands-free: Headset

Drink smell that lingers with hangovers: Alcohol

Large grasshopper with a partial girl’s name: Katydid

Largest planet, named after Jove: Jupiter

Let someone into a club again: Readmit

Made a hen noise: Clucked

Monopoly did a version of this popular TV series: Friends

Official currency of Malaysia: Ringgit

Packing groceries: Bagging

Saying and asserting that something is not true: Denying

Sells goods to overseas: Exports

She played Sally, who met Harry: Meg ryan

Turkey’s largest inland body of water: Lake van

U.S. Congressional building: Capitol

Where money doesn’t grow: On trees

__ museum; attraction with outside exhibits: Open air

Puzzle 4 Answers

Farthest point from the Earth in the Moon’s orbit: Apogee

Foamy iced beverage, often with coffee: Frappe

Loveable monster souvenir from a Scottish loch: Nessie

MC __, performing name of Stanley Burrell: Hammer

Main seaport of Macedonia, in Greece: Kavala

Public squares or marketplaces: Plazas

Rigor __, bodily stiffness that occurs after death: Mortis

Sullies someone’s name in the press: Smears

Supervise the actors in a film: Direct

Swindle, fix, money-making scheme: Racket

The __, self-help book about positivity: Secret

They preside over courtrooms: Judges

Puzzle 5 Answers

Allowing air to escape: Deflating

Ancient trekking path in Peru’s mountains: Inca trail

Bread and wine ritual sharing in churches: Eucharist

Christian denomination Seventh-day __: Adventist

Courtesy, graciousness: Politesse

Genuine, real: Authentic

Insects’ mouthparts: Mandibles

Orange-tasting liquor: Cointreau

Policy to protect you when you travel abroad: Insurance

Raised spot on the skin, from fear: Goosebump

Thor __ sailed the Pacific on his raft Kon-Tiki: Heyerdahl

Weather that changes unpredictably: Unsettled

__ Mac sang Landslide and Go Your Own Way: Fleetwood

Group 649

Puzzle 1 Answers

“I see dead “, said Haley Joel Osment: People

A __ Shade of Pale; 1967 hit for Procol Harum: Whiter

Cuisine from South East Asia, includes jalfrezi: Indian

Ex-husband of actress Brooke Shields: Andre __: Agassi

First name of Christie, writer of detective novels: Agatha

French Riviera town famous as a perfumery hub: Grasse

Large birds of prey, can be golden or bald: Eagles

Made an electronic tone: Beeped

Require someone to do something: Oblige

Sliced off a blister: Lanced

Temple of __, Egyptian complex based on Thebes: Karnak

Tricked, played a joke on: Hoaxed

Voyaging cartoon characters: __ and dog Snowy: Tintin

Witches’ groups: Covens

bullets, crowd control weaponry: Rubber

Puzzle 2 Answers

Action done on a trampoline: Jumping

Actress Ellen, who is The Exorcist lead: Burstyn

Cognac/orange drink or motorbike garnish: Sidecar

Eligible to participate: Qualify

Go to the barber shop to get one of these: Haircut

Goods transported in bulk: Freight

Lawfully, officially, rightfully: Legally

Made a noise like a sidewinder snake: Rattled

Originated, came from: Derived

Paul __, children’s author of The Snow Goose: Gallico

Saved card/paper reminders of travel: Tickets

Spray paint: Aerosol

State in which Mar-a-Lago is located: Florida

To have hit cymbals together: Clashed

__ Bridge, world’s first transporter bridge, Spain: Vizcaya

__ C. Hall played Dexter, the serial killer: Michael

Puzzle 3 Answers

1965 single where Paul Simon is an island: I am a rock

A premolar tooth: Bicuspid

Contends with a problem: Grapples

Northern French region including Calvados dept: Normandy

Religion that worships nature: Paganism

Smooth-haired dog breed used in hunting: Foxhound

Takes control of a plane by force: Skyjacks

Texan soft drink with a medical name: Dr pepper

The __, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long movie: Moneypit

Travels to new lands: Explores

Without thought or care: Mindless

Puzzle 4 Answers

Best place on a route to stop and take photos: Viewpoint

Central American country, borders Mexico: Guatemala

Detonation, eruption: Explosion

Moving with the weather: Migrating

Pimply skin rash, say a nettle rash: Urticaria

Predictive, with foresight: Prophetic

Princess of Monaco, daughter of Grace Kelly: Stephanie

Score after deuce in tennis: Advantage

Skill of realistically stuffing dead animals: Taxidermy

Songs in the __, Stevie Wonder album of 1976: Key of life

The __, TV series set in Pennsylvania in the 1980s: Goldbergs

Time period in which humans began using metals: Bronze age

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bumping into: Colliding

Famous buildings or structures in cities or towns: Landmarks

Feeling giddy or unsteady: Dizziness

In __; budding, emergent: The making

Overshadowing: Eclipsing

Porch formed by columns that surround a courtyard: Peristyle

Russian site of the colossal Motherland Statue: Volgograd

Star of Django Unchained and Dreamgirls: Jamie foxx

Substances from which things are made: Materials

The Predators are this city’s hockey team: Nashville

Group 650

Puzzle 1 Answers

A written or spoken opinion: Comment

Brief sighting: Glimpse

City in SE Sweden, home of the botanist Linnaeus: Uppsala

Country where goulash originated: Hungary

Mobile home where actors rest up while on set: Trailer

Oscar and __, Carey’s novel about a glass church: Lucinda

Patella protection: Kneepad

Placed farthest away: Endmost

Reporter who located the missing Dr. Livingstone: Stanley

Slang for to skip work: Bunk off

Speedy warship, used to have sails: Frigate

Trained health professional who delivers babies: Midwife

Visited by ghosts: Haunted

__ knot; tie-tying method of royalty: Windsor

Puzzle 2 Answers

Adam Smith’s book, The __ of Nations: Wealth

Big machine, the Large __ Collider: Hadron

Company of performers who tour together: Troupe

Fairytale pastel citadel near Lisbon: Sintra

French presidential palace: Elysee

Nickname for an aged Lincoln: Old abe

Ocean that the Arabian Sea is part of: Indian

Playing cards with two pips: Deuces

Punctuation marks with two dots: Colons

Security, avoiding accidents: Safety

Small, decorative receptacle, weaved with strands: Basket

Steadily, without wavering: Firmly

__ & Juliet; animated Shakespeare rom-com: Gnomeo

“Out of the __ of babes”: Mouths

Puzzle 3 Answers

Anniversary party to celebrate long reign: Jubilee

Author of the novel Rebecca: Daphne du __: Maurier

Describes a condition of no gravitation: Agravic

Detectives, investigators: Sleuths

Forevermore: Eternal

From the country with Moscow as capital: Russian

Fruit mixers brand of Tango and J2O: Britvic

In God __ wording appears on US coins: We trust

McDonnell __, company merged with Boeing in 1997: Douglas

Mr. Price, horror actor who wrote cookbooks too: Vincent

Not solids or gases; another word for fluids: Liquids

Opal and marigold are symbols for this month: October

Stalker, lurker, man coursing the streets at night: Prowler

Truthfulness; __ is the best policy: Honesty

Type of chewing a rat or terrier does: Gnawing

__ Crossing, Tokyo’s neon landmark: Shibuya

__ Light, soap that moved from radio to TV in 1952: Guiding

__ in the Jacuzzi, nickname for a Dublin statue: Floozie

Puzzle 4 Answers

Airtight, sealed: Hermetic

Berlin museum that houses the Ishtar Gate: Pergamon

Country where Ruaha National Park is located: Tanzania

Facade of a building: Frontage

Florida’s NHL team: Panthers

How Mario and Luigi are related: Brothers

In the fairy tale she lets down her golden hair: Rapunzel

Moved forward: Advanced

Refute, contradict a theory: Disprove

What guests do when they leave a hotel: Check out

Wooden barrier constructed to withstand attacks: Stockade

__ World, Duran Duran sang about everyday life: Ordinary

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chemical used to turn exposed film into prints: Developer

Civic government: Municipal

Cluster of pus-filled boils: Carbuncle

Douglas __, general, leader of WW2 Pacific troops: Macarthur

Gazette, weekly tabloid, daily journal: Newspaper

Generic, global: Universal

Germanic Cole Porter song that means wonderful: Wunderbar

Irish theme park in Meath devoted to crisps: Tayto park

Italian first course/hors d’oeuvre: Antipasto

Not including: Excluding

Put somewhere for people to see: On display

System of holding papers in a folder: Lever arch

Tennis foul when serving: Foot fault

The E in the uni course PPE: Economics

What happens when prisoners escape: Jailbreak

Wildlife park in Tanzania; anagram of green site: Serengeti

Group 651

Puzzle 1 Answers

A long journey by sea: Voyage

A written account of how an experiment was done: Report

Adolfo __ Madrid-Barajas Airport: Suarez

Buzz, the second man to walk on the moon: Aldrin

Dean, the Rat Pack singer of That’s Amore: Martin

Nationality of playwright Jean Anouilh: French

Occupation of Picasso’s first wife Olga Khokhlova: Dancer

Pail: Bucket

Secreting something from view: Hiding

Skirt named after fluffy dogs: Poodle

Surname of Diamond Joe, the Mayor on The Simpsons: Quimby

To feel fear, be scared of, apprehensive: Afraid

Very shiny, reflective metal finish; browser: Chrome

Puzzle 2 Answers

A severe snowstorm or an ice cream treat: Blizzard

A university exam conducted orally: Viva voce

Agnolo di Cosimo, or __, Florentine Mannerist: Bronzino

Alec, the Prince Faisal in Lawrence of Arabia movie: Guinness

Bamboo flutes strapped together: Pan pipes

Basketball team from Salt Lake City: Utah jazz

Blocks from view: Obscures

Country that held first underwater cabinet meeting: Maldives

Final boarding announcement for flight passengers: Last call

Makes a cartoon: Animates

Nickname of the semi-mythical El Dorado: Lost city

Scientific drawings with labels: Diagrams

Space __; astronomical Disney World attraction: Mountain

They are made into rollmops: Herrings

Totally exhausted, wiped out: Frazzled

__ salesman, seller of miraculous benefits: Snake oil

Puzzle 3 Answers

Actions speak louder __; what you do matters most: Than words

Challenger, competitor with a decent chance: Contender

Crafting models from clay: Sculpting

Give Me All __, with Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.: Your luvin

Joss Whedon sci-fi series about Actives: Dollhouse

Record-keeper at a museum or institution: Archivist

Right of possession: Ownership

Robbed, looted: Plundered

Star of Aladdin, Hitch, and I, Robot: Will smith

Star-studded Walk of Fame’s LA vicinity: Hollywood

The cliff at 71° N in Norway, a tourist attraction: North cape

Words that are underlined in blue on screen: Hypertext

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alex Trebek hosts this show: Jeopardy

At its most basic, describes a dictionary: Word list

Detective protagonist of The Maltese Falcon: Sam spade

Duck-billed, egg-laying mammal: Platypus

Last of the House of Hanover British monarchs: Victoria

Resembling a chubby angel: Cherubic

Shirt not buttoned all the way to the top: Open neck

Small booklet containing pictures and information: Brochure

Spoke for another to type up: Dictated

Tells or explains a story: Narrates

They come in chest, upright and walk-in types: Freezers

When food can be ordered separately on a menu: A la carte

__ and Wallachia united to form Romania in 1859: Moldavia

__ pool; swimming pool that merges with the sea: Infinity

Puzzle 5 Answers

Air __ control; green light for flights to depart: Traffic

Chinese fruits of the soapberry family: Lychees

E-commerce discount site: Groupon

Larry Hagman character from Dallas: J r ewing

Less old: Younger

Margaret, who found that genes affect comportment: Bastock

Puckering up for a selfie: Pouting

Race timer: Clocker

Ruled as a monarch: Reigned

Sea creatures that sound absorbent: Sponges

Strongly affirms: Asserts

Swiss skiing resort: Zermatt

Group 652

Puzzle 1 Answers

An American __ in London, movie by John Landis: Werewolf

Eleven, twelve, dig __; nursery rhyme line: And delve

Family pet, a freshwater turtle: Terrapin

Formal garden such as at Versailles: Parterre

Grumble, protest, whine: Complain

Hats, caps, turbans, etc: Headwear

Longest tributary of Arkansas River: Canadian

Most strict: Sternest

Place to buy cheap booze or perfume in the airport: Duty free

Reduce price tags: Mark down

Revolving cylinder toy that animates images: Zoetrope

Wedding anniversary celebrated as golden: Fiftieth

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alfonso, Mexican director of 2018 hit Roma: Cuarón

Amount and frequency of a given medicine: Dosage

Cutting a grass lawn: Mowing

Depart on a journey: Set off

Either steering or hoops, these help a car turn: Wheels

First name of Noah, host of The Daily Show: Trevor

Land sold by Russia to the US in 1867: Alaska

Passed or overtook a runner by a whole circuit: Lapped

Rubbish, nonsense, claptrap: Bunkum

Subtlety, tiny detail: Nuance

Turkish landscape of eerie fairy chimneys: Göreme

Puzzle 3 Answers

Barney Fife and Mr. Furley actor: Donknotts

Coffee maker with a plunger; a French press: Cafetiere

Delightful, captivating: Endearing

Flippant or sarcastic remark, opposite of dumb: Wisecrack

Guided tour on foot of haunted streets: Ghost walk

How it’s always been done: Tradition

Lumbar puncture: Spinal tap

Multifaceted diamond cut, designed to dazzle: Brilliant

Prince of Thieves played by Kevin Costner in 90s: Robin hood

Probationary period: Novitiate

Released Love Songs album with Jacko in 1987: Diana ross

Significant, historic, meaningful: Momentous

Train travel across Europe, popular on a gap year: Interrail

__ ahead; with maximum speed or energy: Full steam

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cubes of meat grilled on skewers: Kebabs

Famous beach city near LA and a Miley Cyrus song: Malibu

Heavily defeat: Thrash

Jumping insect & funnel-shaped container: Hopper

Left-hand pages of a book spread: Versos

Let the buyer __, legal warning aka caveat emptor: Beware

Made coins: Minted

Norwegian __, scenic drowned glaciated valleys: Fjords

Rachel, environmentalist who wrote Silent Spring: Carson

The Emperor’s New __, 2000 animation: Groove

Where planes take off and land: Runway

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chinese __ rings; illusion involving metal hoops: Linking

Custom or tailor-made clothes, shoes, etc: Bespoke

Driver of a big rig: Trucker

Heats and cools metal or glass: Anneals

Sleep in a tent overnight: Camp out

Someone who changes jobs or address often: Floater

Spice associated with Marinara sauce: Oregano

Sum to be forfeited for breaking rules, agreements: Penalty

Takes place: Happens

Type of poisoning that can cause Minamata disease: Mercury

Using a mobile phone abroad: Roaming

Group 653

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alive and __, Simple Minds song, Sky football song: Kicking

Dick, who starred in Mary Poppins and her return: Van dyke

Famous Honolulu beach area: Waikiki

Famous Honolulu beach neighborhood: Waikiki

Hair high at the front, like Elvis wore: Quiffed

Handled pourer for dispensing dairy liquids: Milk jug

Heart-shaped: Cordate

Lying under oath: Perjury

Males who inhabit a landmass surrounded by water: Islemen

Pining, craving: Longing

Professional baseball team based in Baltimore: Orioles

Service that transports letters on planes: Airmail

Street food whose only letters are l, e, a, f: Falafel

Transport pulled by huskies: Dog sled

__ safari; viewing savannah wildlife from above: Balloon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Collections kept in a museum or library: Holdings

Crossword based board game: Scrabble

Divert, engage, absorb: Distract

Fishing for crustaceans at the end of a line: Crabbing

Making less distinct: Blurring

Metal tool for shaving talons: Nail file

Musical or reading performances: Recitals

Natural chemical compounds, e.g. graphite, gypsum: Minerals

Period. End of __, Oscar-winning documentary: Sentence

Registered legal ownership of an invention: Patented

Removed belongings from a suitcase: Unpacked

Sweet chocolate-hazelnut paste used in chocolates: Gianduja

Twenty minus eleven plus four: Thirteen

UK site of the Royal Mausoleum: Frogmore

Usual, customary: Habitual

Warm outer long-length garment: Overcoat

Puzzle 3 Answers

Also known as food pipe or gullet: Esophagus

David Copperfield character and 70s rock band: Uriah heep

Describes something that can be brought to an end: Stoppable

Got rid of, terminated: Abolished

Greeting with hospitality and courtesy: Welcoming

Hotel basis with all meals included in the price: Full board

La __, Cannes’ tree-lined boulevard: Croisette

Little, strong coffees: Espressos

On a __; tense, dangerous situation: Knife edge

People who sing and greet Dorothy on her way to Oz: Munchkins

Producing milk for young: Lactating

Snitching on: Informing

Stiffened ribbon used as hatbands: Petersham

Puzzle 4 Answers

Be present at an event: Attend

Bubonic outbreak: Plague

Container or ship: Vessel

Copies someone’s words or actions: Mimics

Declare to be true: Attest

Line of Cancer or Capricorn: Tropic

Meal at mid-morning: Brunch

Mythological source of wisdom and prophecy: Oracle

Name given to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9: Choral

Official currency of Laos: Lao kip

Overthrow leader: Depose

Physics theory that could tie everything together: String

QB for the Seahawks: Russell __: Wilson

Smooches from the lips: Kisses

To make certain or guarantee something: Ensure

__ skelter; tall, spiral slide: Helter

Puzzle 5 Answers

An attack on someone: Assault

Ate hungrily: Scoffed

Author of Charlotte’s Web: E b white

Bounce light off a mirror: Reflect

Canadian musician James Hill’s instrument: Ukulele

Chortled: Laughed

First leg of a round trip: Outward

Glass fitter for windows and doors: Glazier

Planking platform at the edge of a garden: Decking

Right now, at the present time: Current

Rug for extra warmth when voyaging: Blanket

Slang for the states in the middle of the country: Flyover

Small settlements of just a few houses: Hamlets

Things that are discarded and thrown away: Wastage

Things that cause physical responses: Stimuli

__ Emergency; Southeast Asian war from 1948-60: Malayan

__ makes the heart grow fonder: Absence

Group 654

Puzzle 1 Answers

Also known as a goalie, in ball sports: Keeper

Celery-tasting leaves, adorn summer drinks: Lovage

Emma, who rose to fame as Hermione Granger: Watson

French Riviera town, famous for the Lemon Festival: Menton

From __; since the beginning: Day one

Grooved or furrowed, like a drinking glass: Fluted

Not clear; water that has bacterial bloom: Cloudy

Shines after a wash: Gleams

Sound __, cable network to set up for a party: System

Transparent solids that disperse light: Prisms

Whipped: Lashed

Willie, country singer of Always on My Mind: Nelson

__ District, attractive residences in New Orleans: Garden

Puzzle 2 Answers

Balancing of chances in a horse race: Handicap

Bronte love story with Mr. Rochester: Jane eyre

Deep Impact and Jurassic Park III actress: Tea leoni

Encouraging, urging on: Spurring

Falling suddenly and uncontrollably: Plunging

Final moment: Last gasp

Foot soldiers in armies: Infantry

Habitual performances of an established procedure: Routines

Imaginary, dreamy and impractical: Fanciful

Mark, Dire Straits guitarist: Knopfler

Native American, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet: Sequoyah

Rid the body of poisons or impurities: Detoxify

Ruler with absolute power: Autocrat

Small collection of technological devices: Gadgetry

Thrown in the Trevi Fountain permits fall in love: Two coins

__ Caverns, US national park with a Hall of Giants: Carlsbad

__ star; symbol of top-quality restaurant: Michelin

Puzzle 3 Answers

Area of a house that collects dirt when entering: Mudroom

Dionne, songstress connected with Burt Bacharach: Warwick

Homeric epic: Odyssey

Insidious: The __; 2018 supernatural horror film: Last key

Lombardy city near Lake Garda, Italian caviar home: Brescia

Media research firm: Nielsen

Moving backwards and forwards, as on a bouncy ship: Swaying

Not public: Private

People intending to marry: Fiances

Richard __, Top Gear sidekick with Hamster moniker: Hammond

Small sparkly bits, or Mariah Carey movie: Glitter

Sold numbered tickets for people to win prizes: Raffled

The Australian Tennis Open is held in this month: January

This peach-like fruit could be eaten dried: Apricot

This peach-like fruit is typically eaten dried: Apricot

VR, or __ reality: Virtual

__ Bridge, Prague’s spanned link of the Vltava: Charles

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bits and __, 60s tune by The Dave Clark Five: Pieces

Cheap hotel for tourists: Hostel

Croquet tool: Mallet

Glue for bricks: Cement

Head bones: Skulls

Mischievous, impish child: Urchin

Omar al-__, Sudan former president: Bashir

Sarah, young adult novelist of Just Listen: Dessen

Southwestern United States speciality cuisine: Tex mex

Take part, participate with a group: Join in

Waterfalls between Brazil and Argentina: Iguazu

Puzzle 5 Answers

17th-century painter of about 100 self-portraits: Rembrandt

A question coming from an unexpected position: Left field

Animals that come out at night, not the day: Nocturnal

Apt, appropriate, fitting, timely: Opportune

Chart showing a museum’s layout: Floor plan

Grappling in the ring, such as WWE: Wrestling

Jump performed by male ballet dancer: Hortensia

Lance Armstrong’s sport: Bicycling

Provable with evidence: Empirical

Read these in the bottom of a cup, to predict: Tea leaves

Rerouting traffic: Diverting

Swearing, blaspheming language: Profanity

__ appendix; ongoing abdominal pain: Grumbling

Group 655

Puzzle 1 Answers

A wrapped gift: Parcel

Advised of risks and dangers: Warned

Bowie love song “just for one day”: Heroes

Cards won in a turn of cards: Tricks

From the country known for Bratwurst: German

Gave orders, dominated: Bossed

Giant sculpture of a lion with a pharaoh’s head: Sphinx

More athletic, stronger: Fitter

Resistant to an infection: Immune

River separating New York from New Jersey: Hudson

Scary, eerie, spine-chilling, spooky: Creepy

This Mrs. is Marvelous on Amazon TV show: Maisel

Trip to see animals up close in native environment: Safari

Where charity is said to begin: At home

Puzzle 2 Answers

Central French city, capital of Cher department: Bourges

First sergeant: Top kick

Joan Rivers’s daughter: Melissa

Little hole in a door for exiting felines: Cat flap

Most crazy or angry: Maddest

Painting and sculpture: Fine art

Plant-based, non-dairy coffee whitener: Soy milk

Someone who travels aimlessly: Drifter

Syrian city/temple complex destroyed in 2015: Palmyra

Vision check-up with an optician: Eye test

Where teeth and gums reside: Jawbone

Woman or girl who acts in a play or movie: Actress

Puzzle 3 Answers

Building or house designer: Architect

Conveys or communicates feelings or thoughts: Expresses

Glow naturally: Fluoresce

Israeli city and holy site: Jerusalem

Ken, the command module pilot on Apollo 16: Mattingly

Lawn-watering device: Sprinkler

Patrick McGoohan’s character in The Prisoner: Number six

Person who passes away without leaving a will: Intestate

State home of the Country Music Hall of Fame: Tennessee

Sweet edible pea, pod and all, aka mange-tout: Sugar snap

What the U stands for in the cinema rating for all: Universal

World’s fastest dog breed; also a bus company: Greyhound

Puzzle 4 Answers

A sure thing, a basketball analogy: Slam dunk

Business transactions: Dealings

Carried out violence on someone: Attacked

Christina Rossetti poem about memories: Remember

Compilation of carefully selected music tracks: Playlist

Employing wrongly, wrong tool for the job: Misusing

High shoe with a thick sole: Platform

Intensifies positively: Enhances

Nurse’s timepiece: Fob watch

Sainte-__, Gothic Parisian church: Chapelle

__ glass, holiday souvenir from Burano and Murano: Venetian

Puzzle 5 Answers

Boston rock band known for the hit Dream On: Aerosmith

Boundary umpire in tennis: Line judge

Curing of thirst: Quenching

Fungi: Mushrooms

Generous, tolerant, lenient: Indulgent

Give up smoking in this month: Stoptober

Hearth used for contained flames: Fireplace

Idiom meaning immediately: Onthespot

Natural pool, bubbling with warm water: Hot spring

Novel by Tobias Smollett: Adventures of __ Pickle: Peregrine

Person who takes bets from the public: Bookmaker

Relocated to live in a different country: Emigrated

Yacht formerly owned by Aristotle Onassis: __ O: Christina

Group 656

Puzzle 1 Answers

America’s Dairyland: Wisconsin

Has the power to make decisions: In control

Hip __, condition of large dog breeds: Dysplasia

London district once famous for its Chinatown: Limehouse

Mexican volcano known as El Monstruo: Paricutín

Motivate, support: Encourage

Musical home for a period, such as at Las Vegas: Residency

One who manages online forum comments: Moderator

Shocked, but usually in a good way: Surprised

Someone with great foresight or imagination: Visionary

Time of year when jack-o’-lanterns are seen: Halloween

Undead people chase participants who flee: Zombie run

Puzzle 2 Answers

1930s Midwestern drought: Dustbowl

Australian musician who sings with the Bad Seeds: Nick cave

Frightening, formidable, terrifying: Fearsome

Heartburn relief remedy brand: Gaviscon

Ideology, code of belief in theology: Doctrine

In the Heat of __; 40th Oscar awards winner: The night

International airport located in Las Vegas: Mccarran

Mexican beach resort famous for cliff diving shows: Acapulco

Obstructed, stopped someone doing something: Hampered

Obviously: Patently

Sauce topping for moussaka or pastitsio: Bechamel

Slang for those who talk incessantly: Windbags

St __; first bells in Oranges and Lemons: Clements

To have put money into a scheme: Invested

Puzzle 3 Answers

Enter a car, or be accepted at a university: Get into

Flight paperwork delivered electronically: E ticket

German city, where The Beatles were in residence: Hamburg

Give __; mutual compromises: And take

Got happier, __ up: Cheered

Got permission for a plane to take off: Cleared

Peck, To Kill a Mockingbird actor: Gregory

Raising animals; anagram of angrier: Rearing

Representative signs or symbols: Emblems

Rock singer who played with The Stooges: Iggy pop

Salade __, with olives, anchovies, eggs: Niçoise

Slim pamphlet: Leaflet

Space-age animated family: Jetsons

Staying close to a player on the opposing team: Marking

Testing area for computer programs: Sandbox

Tool for nose hair or hedges: Trimmer

Puzzle 4 Answers

A chicken’s leg on a barbecue: Drumstick

Book of streets and motorway maps: Road atlas

Britney Spears’ 2008 hit song: Womanizer

Country uncovering the first known animal drawings: Indonesia

Going uphill: Ascending

Leonardo da Vinci/__ , Roman international airport: Fiumicino

Malala __, 17 when she got the Nobel Peace Prize: Yousafzai

More vague, rougher: Sketchier

Often marbled pages at front and back of a book: Endpapers

Research done outside the laboratory: Fieldwork

Secure storage facility for valuables: Bank vault

State of being tired: Weariness

Puzzle 5 Answers

Busy rail terminus serving Madrid: Atocha

Describes a wedding cake with several layers: Tiered

Inverted __; punctuation indicating speech: Commas

Large stinging wasp: Hornet

Not godly, will die: Mortal

Ship taken by Charles Darwin to explore the world: Beagle

Simply, without any complications: Easily

Son of a sister: Nephew

The K in KITT, driven by Michael: Knight

__ Baby, Brooke Shields’ first major film: Pretty

__ Food; a chocolate cake with a red tinge: Devils

Group 657

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person with a job is this: Employed

Acting against the norm or acceptable standards: Deviancy

Acting mean: Unkindly

Fancy tent experience: Glamping

Former TV comedy series, Kids Say the __ Things: Darndest

Holy seafood: Monkfish

Hotel accommodation with two single beds: Twin room

Levers controlling electrical circuits: Switches

Limit, control: Restrict

Mollify, soothe: Attemper

Nickname of Anglo-Saxon King Edmund II: Ironside

Outer layer of a tree: Wood bark

Ringing like metal: Jangling

The place where a person is from: Homeland

Tiny amount of finances, obtained from sewing: Pin money

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__ the sun, and I say / It’s all right”: Here comes

Author of Discworld fantasy novels: Terry __: Pratchett

Dental operation that removes tooth contents: Root canal

Drawing pin: Thumb tack

Film studio complex in Rome founded by Mussolini: Cinecitta

Homework for learning how words are written: Spellings

Island that was once home to the extinct dodo bird: Mauritius

Laughter, enjoyment, fun: Amusement

Marshmallows are toasted on these: Campfires

Maze-like structure that hid the Minotaur: Labyrinth

Someone with no romantic ties: Free agent

Validated a claim retrospectively: Backdated

Without restrictions or boundaries: Unlimited

Zookeeper and talk show guest: Jackhanna

Puzzle 3 Answers

Be entitled to: Deserve

Coffee, the better way to start your day!: Nescafe

First governor of the Territory of Utah: __ Young: Brigham

Low-cost Spanish airline, merged with ClickAir: Vueling

Metallic percussion instruments on a drum kit: Cymbals

One of three babies: Triplet

Opposite to glamping; basic tent accommodation: Fly camp

Pepper __, turn it to release peppery powder: Grinder

Perished species: Extinct

Professional sports person: Athlete

Sir Anthony, star of the film Howards End: Hopkins

Sprints past someone: Outruns

Puzzle 4 Answers

Annoyingly slow to understand: Obtuse

Death __, bells tolling to announce fatalities: Knells

Fisher: Angler

Flowers with an overpowering scent: Lilies

Jurassic Park menace or Toronto NBA player: Raptor

Muddle, mix-up: Jumble

Power needed to keep on keeping on: Energy

Richard Branson’s airline: Virgin

Second-largest planet in the Solar System: Saturn

Sounds of guitar strings being plucked: Twangs

Tim __, NHL great started fast food franchise: Horton

Timon’s warthog pal: Pumbaa

Volcanic US state with miles of pahoehoe lava: Hawaii

Puzzle 5 Answers

Actor, played Sonny Corleone, and Misery’s victim: James caan

An abundance of something: Profusion

Careless, not taking responsibility: Negligent

Chalky rock, also called calcite: Limestone

Edible thistle plant with leaves to peel off: Artichoke

English version of capellini pasta: Angelhair

It is worth four points in snooker: Brown ball

Relating to one eye only: Monocular

San __, city famous for its suspension bridge: Francisco

Typical musical Spanish souvenir used in flamenco: Castanets

Water cleaned and purified: Distilled

Group 658

Puzzle 1 Answers

A cloak and __ operation, it’s highly secretive: Dagger

Apple’s PDA released in 1993: Newton

Arranged in rank or file: Sorted

Compound of buildings in monasteries or convents: Abbeys

Deeply sad, like a Shakespeare play: Tragic

Elton John number about forbidden love: Nikita

Females in decks of cards: Queens

Grassy mounds or hillocks: Knolls

Move a canoe with a blade: Paddle

Ointment, runny cream: Lotion

Picturesque view: Scenic

__ Island, Chilean site of immense stone heads: Easter

__ swan, avian named after a British illustrator: Bewick

Puzzle 2 Answers

2016 movie about the LA car culture: Lowriders

An outing, a charabanc journey: Coach trip

Collectible stirrers topped with tourist locations: Teaspoons

Criminals, inmates: Offenders

First release of a book is usually this type: Hardcover

Fleur-de-lis __ are thrown at New Orleans carnival: Necklaces

Govern, control, regulate: Determine

Highly visible Russian punk protest group: Pussy riot

Hugely popular US beer, the King of Beers: Budweiser

Including in an envelope: Enclosing

Tiny tots’ gnashers: Milk teeth

__ and fancy-free; with no ties: Footloose

Puzzle 3 Answers

A flight of several hours to a distant destination: Long haul

Collapsible topper: Opera hat

Consignment, batch of transported goods: Shipment

Cornish castle linked to Arthurian legend: Tintagel

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett artsy band: Gorillaz

Dug like a mole: Burrowed

Fake shuffle that leaves cards in original order: False cut

Glowing lettering behind a bar: Neon sign

Larks, capers, naughtiness: Mischief

Most populous city in New Zealand: Auckland

NFL quarterback known as “Jaws”, Ron __: Jaworski

Openness, political policy introduced by Gorbachev: Glasnost

Restraint needed to stay calm and work steadily: Patience

Similarly, common characteristics: Likewise

Speech making, electioneering activities: Hustings

To have cut a pattern into metal: Engraved

Took up space within: Occupied

Word used to keep a person’s true identity secret: Codename

__ library, ancient repository in modern Turkey: Pergamum

__ mobile, moving to a higher social class: Upwardly

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Onward, Christian Soldiers, marching “: On to war

A woman admired for her courage: Heroine

Collects together, assembles: Gathers

Greek monasteries perched high on mountains: Meteora

Irish saint linked to NY’s biggest cathedral: Patrick

Military nickname given to artist Thierry Geoffroy: Colonel

Money handed to an author before publication: Advance

More spacious: Roomier

Quarrel or disagreement: Dispute

SI unit of capacitance is named after him: Faraday

Saltwater mollusc eaten as a delicacy: Scallop

Store clerk: Cashier

TV concern of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: Weather

The middle position, 50% of a journey: Halfway

Walk __, Aerosmith hit covered by Run-DMC: This way

roll, air acrobatic movement; 40s hairstyle: Victory

Puzzle 5 Answers

A sweet spice used for cooking or baking: Cinnamon

Approximate, educated guess: Estimate

Battle site where Napoleon was defeated: Waterloo

Excludes someone from playing: Rules out

Gave the facts: Informed

German motorway, and a Kraftwerk single: Autobahn

Heated and sweetened alcoholic drink: Hot toddy

Irregularly; not evenly: Unfairly

Left alone, stranded without a boat: Marooned

Not wanting to do anything, lack of motivation: Laziness

Popular pantomime party game: Charades

Provider of domain name registry/internet security: Verisign

Put an end to, clamp down on, suppress: Stamp out

Slice wound from a piece of A4: Paper cut

Top __, describes a film with the best takings: Grossing

Group 659

Puzzle 1 Answers

Aperture in a lock in a door: Keyhole

Darken or turn darker: Blacken

Don’t vote one way or the other: Abstain

Failed to meet expectations: Flopped

Island __; visiting Greek islands by boat: Hopping

Legumes, come in salted and dry roasted varieties: Peanuts

Measures of a horse, nose to tail, in racing: Lengths

Nickname for glasses that protect against the rays: Sunnies

Part of AccorHotels brand, anagram of “one volt”: Novotel

Planet associated with Superman: Krypton

Political state or nation: Country

Raw __, a young, inexperienced military type: Recruit

Samuel L. who doesn’t want snakes on a plane: Jackson

Surname of Blake, Pink Panther film director: Edwards

The angles in a circle are measured in these: Degrees

To pen in, close off: Enclose

Puzzle 2 Answers

A grassy slope: Hillside

A woman who serves food or drinks to people: Waitress

Brand of aluminum foil: Reynolds

City that’s home to the Hagia Sophia: Istanbul

Country where Hwange National Park is located: Zimbabwe

Feather writing implement used for many centuries: Quill pen

Gave consent: Approved

Leaves the aircraft: Deplanes

Made a keyboard error: Mistyped

Punched-card weaving machine: Jacquard

Rapper of Rollout, actor in Fast & Furious films: Ludacris

Referee’s call to end a judo match: Sore made

Short hosiery: Pop socks

Small red, black or white berries used in cooking: Currants

Thrive, do really well: Flourish

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ of turkeys, a collective term for the birds: Rafter

Cancel out, counterbalance: Offset

First name of the actress Duff or Swank: Hilary

Linkages between bones such as knees, elbows: Joints

Machu __, citadel in Peru: Picchu

Mercenaries in feudal Japan: Ninjas

She sang Crying with Roy Orbison: K d lang

Tests for aroma: Tastes

Tiptoes or skulks around: Creeps

Waste-disposal channels underneath streets: Sewers

__ shop, travel agency selling tickets in bulk: Bucket

Puzzle 4 Answers

57 __, slogan of Heinz canned food: Varieties

A flight __ is a member of cabin crew: Attendant

A roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm until 1989: Corkscrew

Dead __, method of establishing a ship’s position: Reckoning

Hard shell that protects the emerging butterfly: Chrysalis

Legs eleven or two little ducks, for example: Bingo call

Not true, two-faced, disingenuous: Insincere

Relating to a speech contrary to religion: Heretical

Small rectangles that protect a dining surface: Place mats

Star of G.I. Jane and The Scarlet Letter films: Demi moore

Strong-smelling insect-repellent spheres: Mothballs

Tools/working conditions designed for ease of use: Ergonomic

Two-word phrase: go above and beyond: Extra mile

Yellow, daisy-family herb, used to produce oil: Safflower

Puzzle 5 Answers

A building used for manufacturing: Factory

Alterations to lifestyle or habits, for example: Changes

Competition, often between sporting teams: Rivalry

Desert outlaws: Bandits

Fort __, major Scottish town close to Ben Nevis: William

Had twice as many: Doubled

Harbor sites for pleasure boats: Marinas

I’m __; avidly listening: All ears

Miguel, who declared Mexican independence: Hidalgo

Ports for pleasure boats: Marinas

Round, juicy, furry-skinned fruits for Melbas: Peaches

Saurian refers to this type of reptiles: Lizards

State-sponsored gambling: Lottery

Those that follow the rules and do as told: Obeyers

Title for female ruler of Japan: Empress

Tree-lined approach to London’s Buckingham Palace: The mall

What a stomach does to food: Digests

__ on 34th Street, movie with Santa Claus: Miracle

Group 660

Puzzle 1 Answers

Best-selling TV motor show of the BBC: Top gear

In a mad way: Crazily

Ivrea Carnival has fights with this citrus: Oranges

James I and II, Charles I and II, Mary II and Anne: Stuarts

Little __, Mao’s published quotations: Red book

Marginal sea of the Arctic Ocean, off Norway coast: Barents

Meringue dessert topped with cream and fruit: Pavlova

Oil in sheep wool: Lanolin

One of the youngest members of the ThunderCats: Wilykit

Pins with eyes: Needles

Sack for carrying post: Mailbag

Tempted, lured: Enticed

Thumbed a lift: Hitched

Whispering __, St Paul’s Cathedral’s acoustics: Gallery

“Umbrella” singer: Rihanna

Puzzle 2 Answers

1973 exploitation movie __ Jones: Cleopatra

Author of James and the Giant Peach: Roald dahl

Becoming more brittle: Hardening

Close __; nearby: Proximity

Distinguished person: Dignitary

Fortune telling by using tarot cards: Taromancy

In the Bleak __; chilly Christmas hymn: Midwinter

Medical term for chickenpox: Varicella

Screw top to a petrol tank: Filler cap

Sodium bicarbonate is a leavening in this dough: Soda bread

Spend the hours of darkness somewhere: Overnight

Survived danger, made it through, as “__ a storm”: Weathered

The highest peak in the Americas: Aconcagua

__ Gaulle, French airport and general: Charles de

Puzzle 3 Answers

Don’t __ while he’s down; don’t prey on the weak: Kick a man

Impose a burden on someone: Overload

Incoming passengers at an airport or hotel guests: Arrivals

Internal flights; not international: Domestic

It measures distances between places on a flatplan: Mapwheel

Judas’ second name in the Bible: Iscariot

Katharine Burr __, invented non-reflecting glass: Blodgett

Light frock worn in the afternoons: Tea dress

London green space with Serpentine lake: Hyde park

Not yet invoiced or charged for: Unbilled

Smelling, tasting or containing a pungent spice: Garlicky

Split a work assignment between two people: Job share

Sport that made Tony Romo famous: Football

Stand astride: Straddle

__ Ivory, perfect harmony hit in 1982: Ebony and

Puzzle 4 Answers

A béchamel sauce with cheese: Mornay

A mother’s brothers: Uncles

Bickered: Argued

Intense light beams, used in surgery: Lasers

Japanese cherry blossom viewing time: Hanami

Local legislation affecting a small area: Bylaws

Made the sound of a donkey: Brayed

Orson, who broadcasted The War of the Worlds: Welles

People who play a lot of electronic entertainment: Gamers

Person who follows the teachings of Lao-Tzu: Taoist

Specific internet auction site seller or buyer: Ebayer

Spread out, extend: Sprawl

Who Coldplay claims “said it was easy”: Nobody

__ Abbey, site of photos of William Fox Talbot: Lacock

__ brush, baking aid for glazing pies: Pastry

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mild expression used instead of an offensive one: Euphemism

Amazon’s book review website: Goodreads

Describes a family with strong bonds: Close knit

Down in the __, Billy Joe Royal song: Boondocks

Made more sugary: Sweetened

Mark Cuban owned Dallas NBA franchise: Mavericks

Measure of thermal insulation of duvets: Tog rating

NY hotel famous for the Round Table luncheons: Algonquin

Receiving devices for electronic signals: Receptors

Short weekend holiday at a metropolitan venue: City break

Transfer all info from the mind onto paper: Brain dump

With Stan Lee, co-creator of the Hulk, Thor, etc: Jack kirby

__ in Paris; 1972 drama by Bernardo Bertolucci: Last tango

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