Codycross Concert hall Answers

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Codycross Concert hall

Group 581

Puzzle 1 Answers

Brie and camembert are types of this food: Cheese

Country that celebrates Dia de los Muertos: Mexico

Craft that’s like a motorcycle on water: Jet ski

Disturbed sleep pattern after a long flight: Jet lag

Groups of sheep: Flocks

Hip and glittery dance venues of the 1970s: Discos

Island on which Tokyo is situated: Honshu

Muslim house of prayer: Mosque

Overhaul, give something a makeover: Revamp

Risk, danger: Hazard

Strongrooms where valuables are kept: Vaults

The Magic Flute composer: Mozart

Tile-matching puzzle game, launched in 1984: Tetris

__ Calendar; dating system invented by Caesar: Julian

Puzzle 2 Answers

Animal with a natural instinct to hunt and kill: Predator

Cooking food over open flames: Roasting

Entering a plane ahead of a flight: Boarding

Evaluation or review of an artistic work: Critique

Fashion house for Meghan Markle’s bridal dress: Givenchy

Force of two surfaces rubbing together: Friction

Greek god of the sea: Poseidon

Long music piece for a solo instrument & orchestra: Concerto

Not curved: Straight

Places where stone is mined: Quarries

Sweet __; whispered loving words: Nothings

To make someone feel unimportant: Belittle

__ position, essential learning for first aiders: Recovery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient Indian language, used in yoga: Sanskrit

Bread-making shops: Bakeries

First astrological air sign in the calendar year: Aquarius

Just keep __; wise advice from Finding Nemo: Swimming

Landlocked country whose capital is Gaborone: Botswana

Long cylinders of processed meat: Sausages

People who look after a cruise ship’s passengers: Stewards

Severe food poisoning due to poorly preserved food: Botulism

Small ceramic dishes for soufflés and pâtés: Ramekins

Surgeon’s cut: Incision

Wealthy: Affluent

Puzzle 4 Answers

Athletic competition with ten different events: Decathlon

Edible tree fruits, can be roasted on an open fire: Chestnuts

Improvised defensive wall to block a roadway: Barricade

Involved in an illegal act: Complicit

Large in amount: Bountiful

Male who operates the machine that records actors: Cameraman

Marriage: Matrimony

Rock band who released Creep and The Bends: Radiohead

State of being unknown or hidden: Obscurity

Trackside waiting areas for train passengers: Platforms

What’s black and white and read all over?: Newspaper

__ strip; panel on the reverse of a credit card: Signature

Puzzle 5 Answers

Big cat with spots or rosettes and short legs: Leopard

Bony frame within the chest: Ribcage

Delivery driver, sometimes on a motorcycle: Courier

Fabricate or fake for immoral gains: Falsify

Grieved a loss: Mourned

Involuntary actions which are often blessed: Sneezes

Make something last longer: Prolong

Morsels and meals given to cats and dogs: Petfood

Mr __; describes a pleasant, selfless person: Nice guy

Part of speech represented by mine, yours, or ours: Pronoun

Pipe fixer; bathroom repairer: Plumber

Rabat is the capital of this country: Morocco

Small cushion with loose contents thrown in games: Beanbag

Task __; panel that shows all open PC applications: Manager

The ancient capital of Assyria: Ninevah

The shy one among Snow White’s dwarves: Bashful

Group 582

Puzzle 1 Answers

Belongings: Property

Chemical that causes itching: Irritant

Dark brown spice common in pastries: Cinnamon

Founder of SpaceX: Elon musk

High seat used when ordering a drink: Bar stool

In medicine, a treatment pad, often medicated: Compress

Jennifer Lawrence X-Men role: Mystique

Journey over water in a ferry: Crossing

Leaves, trees, foliage: Greenery

Not needed or desired: Unwanted

Process of voting for a leader: Election

Prowler, trespasser: Intruder

Tardiness: Lateness

Tidbits of interesting information: Factoids

Wound around, twisted together: Entwined

Puzzle 2 Answers

A husband or a wife: Spouse

Astounds: Amazes

Dating app where you swipe right or left: Tinder

He flew too close to the Sun: Icarus

Hollandaise and bechamel are these: Sauces

Lakeside chalets, often made from logs: Cabins

Made a goal: Scored

Money-off voucher: Coupon

Mouse-like, burrowing rodent, kept as a pet: Gerbil

Not spoken: Unsaid

Power supply, such as electricity, gas or nuclear: Energy

Rainforest touching Peru and four other countries: Amazon

Tubes inserted to keep blood vessels open: Stents

Puzzle 3 Answers

Accumulation, growth: Buildup

Disney film with the song “A Whole New World”: Aladdin

Endangered __; animals at risk of extinction: Species

From another country: Foreign

Girl With a Pearl __, iconic painting by Vermeer: Earring

Live in; occupy: Inhabit

Pampering treatments on the visage: Facials

Pointed, oval nuts used in marzipan: Almonds

Pressing creases out of clothes: Ironing

Shape-defining undergarments: Corsets

Solitary people who like to live away from others: Hermits

Station for military planes and personnel: Air base

Swiss tennis player who has won 20 Grand Slams: Federer

Tedium: Boredom

Vast Russian territory; location of Lake Baikal: Siberia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Agreement on buying and selling between nations: Trade deal

Bound graphic superhero art that tells a story: Comic book

Long camera lens type used for capturing wildlife: Telephoto

Opening a parachute, using it: Deploying

Optical object used to view items in space: Telescope

Paper used for publishing daily papers: Newsprint

Promote or market a product: Advertise

Revenge: Vengeance

Small, round, orange fruit native to Japan: Persimmon

This Bond film is Ojo de Oro in Spanish: Golden eye

True, real, genuine: Authentic

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ability to keep afloat in water: Buoyancy

Bruised ocular area: Blackeye

Closing forcefully, like a book or a desk: Slamming

Combining together, e.g. two liquids: Blending

Contained inside an envelope: Enclosed

Describes a sophisticated or elegant man: Debonair

Disney tale of a rabbit joining the police force: Zootopia

Form of gymnastics that uses ribbons, balls: Rhythmic

Length of time that something lasts: Duration

Particular annoyance; top grievance: Pet peeve

Powered flying balloons, also called blimps: Airships

Someone campaigning for change: Activist

Spinal block injection during childbirth: Epidural

Springfield-dwelling yellow cartoon family: Simpsons

The Pirates of __, comic opera of 1880: Penzance

The capital of Jamaica: Kingston

Thinking deeply and unhappily: Brooding

To put down, to disparage or demean: Belittle

Group 583

Puzzle 1 Answers

Add decoration using thread: Embroider

Animal with a solely plant-based diet: Herbivore

Back-up plan against potential hardship: Safety net

Container for growing plants on ledges: Window box

Drinking vessel seen by Game of Thrones fans on TV: Coffee cup

Former frontman of the Smiths: Morrissey

Month with zodiac signs Virgo and Libra: September

Past created for a fictional character: Back story

Revealed; removed the lid: Uncovered

Skin injury and numbness caused by extreme cold: Frostbite

Strip of land that is mostly surrounded by water: Peninsula

Ties for keeping footwear on: Shoelaces

With ill intent, deliberately unkind: Malicious

__ City, palace of emperors in central Beijing: Forbidden

Puzzle 2 Answers

Catching, ensnaring, confining: Trapping

Events when the moon blocks the sun, or vice versa: Eclipses

Fake pills: Placebos

Gushing from a pipe: Spouting

John Williams composed The __ March for Star Wars: Imperial

Keep an egg warm before it hatches: Incubate

Nickname for New York City: Big apple

Perplexing or confusing: Baffling

Stealing, purloining: Thieving

Surname of Romeo: Montague

Tight corkscrew curls: Ringlets

Yelling, hollering: Shouting

Puzzle 3 Answers

A shrug, a nod, a wave: Gesture

Ancient heavy ship: Galleon

Breathing with short, quick breaths, like a dog: Panting

Country bordering Luxembourg to the west and north: Belgium

Incinerator, industrial heater: Furnace

Instrumentalist of large stringed instrument: Cellist

Solution of vanilla used in cookery: Extract

To share a secret with someone you trust: Confide

Wealthy businessperson: Magnate

__ Millionaire, Danny Boyle film with Oscar appeal: Slumdog

Puzzle 4 Answers

Above and __; exceeding expectations: Beyond

Address stickers for returning unwanted products: Labels

Ellen __ plays Meredith Grey: Pompeo

Housework; always better when done by someone else: Chores

Large hole from excavating stone or slate: Quarry

Oddball, idiosyncratic, eccentric: Quirky

Portion of food during difficult times: Ration

Proprietors, possessors, holders: Owners

Support for a broken leg: Crutch

Venomous snakes with long, hinged fangs: Vipers

Puzzle 5 Answers

A bird’s eye view: Panorama

Alphabetically last ocean bordering Australia: Southern

Bags that are held in the hand, not having a strap: Clutches

Classification system of organisms in biology: Taxonomy

Computer turn off mode: Shut down

Diana Ross-led trio: Supremes

Saying hi to someone: Greeting

So-so, average, acceptable (just): Mediocre

Stocks or caches of resources: Supplies

The larger country between Guatemala & Nicaragua: Honduras

They grow up to be kings of the jungle: Lion cubs

Unexpected event, with no advance warning: Surprise

Group 584

Puzzle 1 Answers

Abdominal exercises: Crunches

Converse iconic footwear brand: All stars

Diplomatic __; legal safe passage for diplomats: Immunity

Exchanging for something different: Swapping

Inglourious __, WWII movie directed by Tarantino: Basterds

Japanese packed lunch: Bento box

Made as good as new again: Restored

Moving; reapportioning blame: Shifting

Once in a _, a rare occurrence: Blue moon

Quick photo or a moment frozen in time: Snapshot

Raw, unprepared food: Uncooked

Song by Queen: Bohemian __: Rhapsody

Stores your Merlot and Chardonnay: Wine rack

Voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story films: Tim allen

When everyone pulls together to complete a project: Teamwork

Puzzle 2 Answers

A getaway trip for a newly married couple: Honeymoon

Baby bird, fish or reptile just out of the egg: Hatchling

Drooled, dribbled, slobbered: Salivated

Imparting knowledge: Educating

Johannesburg stadium, held the ’95 rugby world cup: Ellis park

Make an argument complex and difficult to follow: Convolute

Occupation of Michael Brady on The Brady Bunch: Architect

Region in space with a strong gravitational force: Black hole

Schedule of train departures and destinations: Timetable

Used by skydivers for safe landings: Parachute

Winning move in chess match: Checkmate

Puzzle 3 Answers

A round metal container for food storage: Canister

Angrily reprimanding: Scolding

Bacterium that causes food poisoning: Listeria

Doesn’t need an envelope to be mailed: Postcard

Extending loan period of library books: Renewing

Leaping on prey, like a cat: Pouncing

Millennial word for having to do grownup things: Adulting

Place to live, an abode: Dwelling

The right to vote in elections: Suffrage

Thrashing around, waving arms around: Flailing

Time with a lack of productivity or lack of water: Dry spell

Winner of a gold, silver or bronze award: Medalist

YouTube phenomenon of opening packages: Unboxing

Puzzle 4 Answers

A piece of information written on paper: Record

An ideal existence, dreamy paradise: Utopia

Author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Capote

Band of brothers with hit song MMMBop: Hanson

Cuts to the skin: Wounds

FC Barcelona mega star Messi’s first name: Lionel

Fast water vehicle for two: Jet ski

First name of genius scientist Einstein: Albert

Flat bottles used to carry alcohol in a pocket: Flasks

Florence art gallery housing Renaissance art: Uffizi

Group of predatory fish including lemon and tiger: Sharks

On time: Punctual

Relating to the sea: Marine

Robbery committed at sea: Piracy

Puzzle 5 Answers

A snake: Serpent

Broken, flawed: Damaged

Cavern created by coastal erosion: Sea cave

Condition of red skin due to exposure to UV light: Sunburn

Indiana Jones and the Last __, Indy’s third outing: Crusade

Lead singer of Aphrodite’s Child, Demis __: Roussos

Makes less hard, makes tender: Softens

Makes less hard, tenderizes: Softens

One of these is worth a thousand words: Picture

Sounding alike poetically: Rhyming

Stones song, Gimme __: Shelter

The biggest prize: Jackpot

Towering structure on a church roof: Steeple

West African country home to jollof rice and Abuja: Nigeria

Group 585

Puzzle 1 Answers

A short advertising promo or type of sports bet: Teaser

A way to bathe while standing: Shower

Being funny: Joking

Complete, whole, total: Entire

Cutting food into small cubes: Dicing

Deep sadness: Sorrow

Hansel’s sister: Gretel

Passageway dug into the ground by a mole: Tunnel

People over 18: Adults

Personal necklace for precious photos: Locket

Tender of a furnace on a train or ship: Stoker

Thick paper container for liquids: Carton

__ offender; one who commits the same crime again: Repeat

Puzzle 2 Answers

Advice to help someone resolve a problem: Guidance

Asian furry mammal with similar name to giant bear: Red panda

Drugs taken to treat a disease or condition: Medicine

Early evening, dusk: Twilight

Incarceration instruction on a Monopoly board: Go to jail

Leif __, Norse explorer, set foot on North America: Erickson

Light brown cane sugar from Guyana: Demerara

Natasha Bedingfield song: “Pocket Full of “: Sunshine

Paul Thomas __, director of There Will Be Blood: Anderson

Princess Eugenie’s older sister: Beatrice

Pupils who live in school during term time: Boarders

Raised to a higher status or position at work: Promoted

TV show where actors have lines to learn: Scripted

Terry cloth post-shower garment: Bathrobe

The base on which a statue is mounted on: Pedestal

Three-sided metal percussion instrument: Triangle

Trance-like state, taken from Greek god of sleep: Hypnosis

University in New York; capital of South Carolina: Columbia

What the media provides about news items: Coverage

With an air of calm: Serenely

Puzzle 3 Answers

A suddenly popular unit of language: Buzzword

Becoming less dense, diminishing: Thinning

Feeling no fear: Unafraid

Female offspring: Daughter

Makes a pencil pointier: Sharpens

Middle name of Archie, Harry and Meghan’s son: Harrison

Networking website for job seekers: Linkedin

Officials on the sidelines of a sports game: Referees

Peer __; influence from fellow classmates: Pressure

Person who brings illicit goods into a country: Smuggler

Soften and soak, like fruit in alcohol: Macerate

South American country whose capital is Asuncion: Paraguay

The day after today: Tomorrow

The part of your face above your eyebrows: Forehead

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Oh, the weather outside is __” Let it Snow lyrics: Frightful

Ancient peoples who used hieroglyphics: Egyptians

Area of medicine dealing with hearing: Audiology

Beehive, dreadlocks, quiff are all types of this: Hairstyle

Build-up of chalky calcium carbonate: Limescale

Committed; devoted: Dedicated

Country where the island of Bali is located: Indonesia

Fast; moving at a rapid pace: High speed

Large rodent with quills: Porcupine

Mental acuity: Alertness

Network that links organisms to predators: Food chain

Personal effects that have financial value: Valuables

Powerful central computer: Mainframe

Shed table for DIYers: Work bench

Small whirlwind over land: Dust devil

Someone employed in disaster relief, say: Aid worker

Tennis playing surface that is not grass or clay: Hard court

To obtain contract work from a foreign company: Outsource

Puzzle 5 Answers

A word formed as an abbreviation, like NATO: Acronym

Black Sabbath song; Tony Stark creation: Iron man

Event causing great suffering and distress: Tragedy

Frozen masses covering the tops of highland areas: Ice caps

Frozen masses in the oceans, smaller than sheets: Ice caps

Insistent; refusing to change one’s mind: Adamant

Instance of being treated unfairly: Raw deal

Legal orders to be indoors at a specific time: Curfews

Literary genre that does not have a factual basis: Fiction

Metal pieces that attract other metals: Magnets

Places where people go to worship: Shrines

Pouring outside: Raining

Section of soldiers: Platoon

Stays in the air, like a bad smell: Lingers

Group 586

Puzzle 1 Answers

A comparison of different ideas: Analogy

Area between elbow and wrist: Forearm

Becoming weak due to lack of water or food: Wilting

Decisions and planning of forces in battle: Tactics

Digital audio file made available to download: Podcast

February 29, an event happens every four years: Leap day

Feline stretch posture in yoga: Cat pose

Locating something: Finding

Models or dolls operated by ventriloquists: Puppets

Packing food in tin containers: Canning

Short description of a person or company: Profile

Teaser of a movie shown before the main event: Trailer

Puzzle 2 Answers

An animal that eats only plants: Herbivore

Athens landmark that includes the Parthenon: Acropolis

Business operated under a branded chain unit: Franchise

Business operated under a branded license: Franchise

Computer-aided flight control: Autopilot

Connect or link concepts with each other: Associate

Crude and elementary: Primitive

Incredibly funny: Hilarious

Mental faculty or ability to gain knowledge: Cognition

Pink Floyd claims it’s not needed: Education

Raiding, pillaging, prowling, plundering: Marauding

Scatter these on cupcakes or ice cream: Sprinkles

Short distance runners: Sprinters

Thickened, emulsified: Congealed

Unruly youngster: Wild child

Puzzle 3 Answers

3D model, often made from plaster or metal: Sculpture

A less challenging workout option: Low impact

Animal that feeds on a carcass: Scavenger

Clothing for the seaside: Beachwear

Detailed schedule for travel: Itinerary

Digs up, removes earth from: Excavates

Emily Bronte’s only published novel: __ Heights: Wuthering

Ghost-hunting Great Dane: Scooby doo

Good __, religious parable about lending a hand: Samaritan

Juvenile, kid, adolescent: Youngster

Person who exercises canines for their owners: Dog walker

Preliminary elections to select final candidates: Primaries

Pursuing, going after a goal: Following

Puzzle or enigma: Conundrum

Revolving platform for a vinyl record: Turntable

The science of the causes and effects of disease: Pathology

Ticking Circadian rhythm: Body clock

Worried: Concerned

Puzzle 4 Answers

Back and forth jagged pattern: Zigzag

Groups of singers: Choirs

Opposite action of fast forward in video playback: Rewind

Part of the nose on which glasses are placed: Bridge

Person who shoots arrows: Archer

Safe from hackers: Secure

The Simpsons’ groundskeeper: Willie

The person someone is engaged to: Betrothed

Thin passage of water connecting seas: Strait

Ticketed draw for a prize: Raffle

Tropical plant with hollow stems; it’s renewable: Bamboo

Type of bed sheets that are hard to fold: Fitted

Wonderful, excellent, brilliant: Superb

Puzzle 5 Answers

A shape with five sides: Pentagon

Camera attachment that moves far objects closer: Zoom lens

Cartoon turtle created by Paulette Bourgeois: Franklin

Hanging transport for mountains: Cable car

Notorious island prison in San Francisco harbor: Alcatraz

Person who expects the best outcome: Optimist

Piece of paper money: Banknote

Sauce traditionally served with a gyro: Tzatziki

Selecting, deciding which option to pick: Choosing

Singer, someone using their voice: Vocalist

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo

The horse from Toy Story: Bullseye

Wary, watchful: Cautious

Wide-brimmed Mexican hat: Sombrero

Group 587

Puzzle 1 Answers

Acid indigestion: Heartburn

Book producer: Publisher

Buoyancy aid, flotation device: Life saver

Don’t talk about this 1999 Brad Pitt film: Fight club

Greek goddess of love and beauty: Aphrodite

Group of people who travel with a celebrity: Entourage

Law that protects creative work: Copyright

Legal branch that deals with domestic relations: Family law

Paper headgear worn during celebrations: Party hats

Popular thin-sliced meaty pizza topping: Pepperoni

Receptacle for storing things: Container

Short-lived, fleeting: Momentary

Substance that can reverse a snake bite’s effects: Antivenom

UK lawn tennis venue: Wimbledon

White or translucent ceramicware or china: Porcelain

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Is this the real life? Is this just __?”: Fantasy

Bargain __; people on the lookout for good deals: Hunters

Cream filled tubular pastry from Sicily: Cannoli

Imprisoning, locking away: Jailing

Machine that plays music when a coin is put in it: Jukebox

Made a hard copy on paper: Printed

Main artery supplying the leg and thigh: Femoral

Making hollows in metal with a hammer: Denting

Personally taught or educated: Tutored

Receptacle for powdery residue of cigarettes: Ashtray

Recover items from a shipwreck: Salvage

Someone who helps groups work well with each other: Liaison

Surgeon’s bladed instrument: Scalpel

To go into a situation where you’re not wanted: Intrude

Tomb built for a pharaoh: Pyramid

Traditional stone for an engagement ring: Diamond

Creepers; supernatural horror film series: Jeepers

Puzzle 3 Answers

Able to be eaten: Edible

Eighth month of the year: August

Give someone a task, allocate: Assign

Hot flushes experienced during illness: Fevers

Large wasplike insect with painful venomous sting: Hornet

Laurel & Hardy felt hat or skilled tenpins player: Bowler

Millie Bobbie Brown’s Stranger Things character: Eleven

Overcast: Cloudy

Positive, cheerful, with a quick tempo: Upbeat

Reward given for capturing a fugitive: Bounty

Shop selling designer goods at discounted prices: Outlet

Small flying crafts used in aerial photography: Drones

To give or designate a task to someone: Assign

Puzzle 4 Answers

Capital of Iceland: Reykjavik

Childish: Infantile

Economic good or service that can be sold: Commodity

Edible item marketed as being wonderful for health: Superfood

Embalmed and wrapped in cloth: Mummified

Greek playwright who authored Oedipus Rex: Sophocles

Invade someone’s selfie: Photo bomb

Lotion with SPF to protect skin, prevent burning: Sunscreen

Luke __: main protagonist of Star Wars trilogy: Skywalker

Mantel socks hung for Christmas: Stockings

Military unit assigned to a particular mission: Task force

People who design and build machines: Engineers

People who live on land surrounded by the sea: Islanders

Physically fused together: Conjoined

Puccini opera; beautiful winged insect: Butterfly

Rental home, one of many inside a larger building: Apartment

Shown in a gallery: Exhibited

Someone or something beyond help: Lost cause

Stubborn, headstrong: Obstinate

Study of celestial objects & their influence on us: Astrology

Symbolic moment or time reached in life: Milestone

Ticket-selling kiosk for movies or plays: Box office

Worn by a canine around the neck: Dog collar

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient Egyptian monarchs: Pharaohs

Boasting, gloating: Bragging

Breathing orifice for whales: Blowhole

Brief, momentary: Fleeting

Citizenship document for international travel: Passport

Comedic imitations: Parodies

Extra money repaid on top of original loan amount: Interest

Medieval fighting on a horse with a lance: Jousting

Natural feature on the Earth’s surface: Landform

Poisonous alkaloid found in tobacco: Nicotine

Side views of people’s faces or short biographies: Profiles

Someone’s job, especially a calling or commitment: Vocation

The scientific classification of organisms: Taxonomy

__ bands, musicians playing and parading: Marching

Group 588

Puzzle 1 Answers

A device that can throw objects at a high speed: Catapult

A situation in which areas are covered with water: Flooding

Add comments to a text: Annotate

Dancing slowly to three beats: Waltzing

Establishments that sell breads, cookies, cakes: Bakeries

Front teeth of mammals: Incisors

Learners at a university, college or school: Students

Letters and tiles, spelling board game: Scrabble

Male horse, used for breeding: Stallion

Mishap or wreck: Accident

Olympic sport of running over lightweight barriers: Hurdling

One beat of a word: Syllable

Organized effort to win an election: Campaign

Political race to win an election: Campaign

Southern African desert: Kalahari

The sound of giggling: Laughter

They hoard goods in anticipation of an apocalypse: Preppers

Trancelike state induced by suggestion: Hypnosis

What guests do when they leave a hotel: Check out

Woodcarver who makes Pinocchio: Geppetto

Puzzle 2 Answers

A body’s relative mass; heaviness: Weight

Ancient Greek and Roman cloak-like garment: Abolla

Ceremony, formality, rite: Ritual

Crossing or amalgamation, such as in modern cars: Hybrid

Cut or mute any inappropriate content: Censor

Flow of water: Stream

Granted university student short-term absence: Absits

Hurts like nettles: Stings

Improve or better an institution or system: Reform

Libyan port, site of WWII siege: Tobruk

Nova __, one of three Maritime Canadian provinces: Scotia

Red Hot Chili Peppers sing about Scar __: Tissue

Size increase, __ spurt: Growth

Small branches of herbs: Sprigs

Soft, round hats, associated with French artists: Berets

Someone worth hanging on to: Keeper

Tina __, US singer of Bond title song GoldenEye: Turner

__ categories, fighting divisions in martial arts: Weight

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adventure park full of bright building blocks: Legoland

Andrea __, Renaissance painter of religious works: Mantegna

Casting off dry skin or hair: Shedding

Doing well, making great progress: Thriving

Dullness, lack of variation: Monotony

Finish; come to an end: Conclude

Glass tank for fish: Aquarium

Gravy or coffee particles: Granules

Jaw-__ means something is flabbergasting: Dropping

Lead singer with backing band the Heartbreakers: Tom petty

Makes a mark or stamp on a page: Imprints

Makes faultless: Perfects

Mercy, tolerance, clemency: Leniency

Michael __; well-known TV stand-up comedian: Mcintyre

Raised higher: Elevated

Rita __ sang the theme song All Time High: Coolidge

Royal barge used at the Queen’s jubilee: Gloriana

Slapping with an open hand: Spanking

When a group of arbiters cannot agree on a verdict: Hung jury

Willing to comply with orders or rules: Obedient

Wondrous, beautiful, incredible: Glorious

__ promises; vows that are easily broken: Pie crust

Puzzle 4 Answers

Altercation; difference of opinion: Dispute

Country of the rock band called the Crocodiles: Ireland

Descends a building by rope: Abseils

Destitution: Poverty

Dreamlike; Salvador Dali’s artworks are this: Surreal

Faint twinkle: Glimmer

Frilled or gathered edging to a garment: Ruching

From a very very long time ago: Ancient

How they say 18 in France: Dix huit

Japanese monkey: Macaque

Pacified with medication: Sedated

Private papal chapel with Michelangelo ceiling: Sistine

Put the oven on in advance: Preheat

Resort region, especially golfing, of S Portugal: Algarve

Side abdominal muscle: Oblique

Sports trainers: Coaches

They are used to steer ships: Rudders

Unobtanium is mined on this moon, home to Na’vi: Pandora

Weigh the pros and cons of two or more products: Compare

Wicker containers with handles that hold gifts: Baskets

Wooden xylophone: Marimba

__ case, diplomatic bag perhaps?: Attaché

Puzzle 5 Answers

10, 9, 8, 7, 6… final moments of a rocket launch: Countdown

All-__; hotel board basis with all food and drinks: Inclusive

Behind-the-scenes worker in a play: Stage hand

Children’s game with a stone and chalked squares: Hopscotch

Cordless, e.g. a __ phone: Walkabout

English composer famous for James Bond film scores: John barry

English poet of Story of Rimini: Leigh hunt

Fearless daredevil: Risk taker

Fortified safety shelter within a private home: Panic room

Increase in prices and fall in monetary value: Inflation

Lancashire town with statue of comedian Eric: Morecambe

Limestone karst plateau in central Ireland: The burren

Mock human upon which dresses are fitted: Mannequin

Opponent in martial arts, fighter, competitor: Combatant

Post-wedding trip: Honeymoon

Respond with exaggerated emotions: Overreact

Signature music to a television show: Theme tune

Supermodel creator of America’s Next Top Model: Tyra banks

Supporter of own country, a flag waver: Patriotic

Taciturn, uncommunicative: Secretive

The __ world; economically advanced countries: Developed

The body’s process of absorbing and using food: Digestion

The cartoon character who is American Dad: Stan smith

Traditional holiday for Dundee Cake: Christmas

Trump-owned Scottish golf course: Turnberry

Woodworker: Carpenter

Group 589

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arranging financial cover for a vehicle or home: Insuring

Capable of injecting toxins with a bite or sting: Venomous

Decorative object, figurine, knick-knack: Ornament

Done by hand: Manually

Fast runner: Sprinter

Not secured with a key: Unlocked

Optimistic: Positive

Scottish __, style of Skibo Castle and Balmoral: Baronial

Stephen __, composer of music for Follies: Sondheim

Stretchy, tight lower-limb covering for dancers: Leggings

Sugary, chewy oat bar: Flapjack

The __ of the Sierra Madre, Bogart-Houston film: Treasure

Unused, in immaculate condition: Brand new

Without added sodium chloride; e.g. __ butter: Unsalted

__ Strikes Again, The Smiths’ song of 1986: Bigmouth

__ ball; swinging demolition tool: Wrecking

Puzzle 2 Answers

Add your name alongside another’s on paperwork: Cosign

Composer inspiring the song Rock Me Amadeus: Mozart

Find a different way of phrasing something: Reword

Involuntary contraction of the diaphragm: Hiccup

Little __ Thin, he put Pussy in the well: Johnny

Longest river in India: Ganges

Making cakes: Baking

Money paid back due to a cancellation: Refund

Money paid back due to a flaw: Refund

Month when the Warsaw Uprising was initiated: August

Most recently purchased: Newest

Pinocchio’s cricket friend: Jiminy

Pituitary, adrenal and thyroid are examples: Glands

Silent-movie star, __ Keaton: Buster

Small cylinder wound with thread in sewing: Bobbin

Small vessel used to drink herbaceous liquids: Teacup

Snake-haired woman who’d turn you to stone: Medusa

Storm in a __; a fuss over nothing: Teacup

Susannah __ wrote the memoir Girl, Interrupted: Kaysen

There are twelve in a year: Months

__ fin; triangular fin on a shark’s back: Dorsal

Puzzle 3 Answers

Aleksandra __, Quebec tennis player, rank 21, 2009: Wozniak

Bring the Noise metal band; infectious disease: Anthrax

Clear, protective finish: Varnish

Coarse unrefined sugar from cane or dates: Jaggery

Explanations for actions: Reasons

Flat, hot plate for cooking: Griddle

From coffin polisher to James Bond actor: Sean __: Connery

Laurel used in cooking: Bay leaf

Married man: Husband

Monied, not poor: Wealthy

Pieces of paper on which secret votes are written: Ballots

Reanimates: Revives

Reuse materials rather than throw them away: Recycle

Rufus __, Wacky Races lumberjack driver: Ruffcut

Self-__; motivated, ambitious, with initiative: Starter

Silence on the radio: Dead air

Small primates, usually with long tails: Monkeys

The one responsible for a misdeed: Culprit

Theme song from Disney movie Frozen: Let it go

Tommy __, look out the window: Trinder

Torn, shredded: Mangled

US city with the oldest still standing mosque: Chicago

__ Acre Wood, place frequented by Winnie-the-Pooh: Hundred

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cinematographic film upon which animations made: Celluloid

Derogatory term for an easily offended Millennial: Snowflake

Device for keeping grass in a short and tidy state: Lawnmower

Female dancer in pointe shoes: Ballerina

Female teacher or educator in Victorian novels: Governess

First Australian city to host the Olympics: Melbourne

Ginger, English singer/songwriter “Shape of You”: Ed sheeran

Male (unmarried) paramour: Boyfriend

Medical term for difficulty in swallowing: Dysphagia

Percy Bysshe Shelley 1810 Gothic horror novel: Zastrozzi

Safe to sail on the ocean in: Seaworthy

Spectators, observers, witnesses: Onlookers

Theater or auditorium: Playhouse

To make four times as many: Quadruple

Uncomfortably, with embarrassment: Awkwardly

Puzzle 5 Answers

Amazed: Astounded

Big Apple resident: New yorker

Carving words into metal: Engraving

Electronic device to make music louder at concert: Amplifier

In a wholesome way: Healthily

Irish stage actress, was Petunia Dursley on film: Fiona shaw

Mammal from the Americas, with protective shell: Armadillo

Out of bounds; not up for discussion: Off limits

Singling out, earmarking: Targeting

System of weights for measuring precious metals: Troy pound

The place over the rainbow: Somewhere

Timer for sports races: Stop watch

Words, designs or monograms carved into metal: Engraving

Group 590

Puzzle 1 Answers

Appliance on wheels for grilling food outdoors: Barbecue

Beam emitted from our Solar System’s star: Sunlight

Cutting tools for trimming hair: Clippers

Diarist who had an affair with Henry Miller: Anaïs nin

Eye of the Tiger band: Survivor

Giving way under pressure: Yielding

High degree of happiness or joy, leaves you heady: Euphoria

Inoculations, protective injections: Vaccines

One less than twenty: Nineteen

Terrible, horrifying: Dreadful

Touring performance: Roadshow

Puzzle 2 Answers

1920s term for excellent, used by Bertie Wooster: Spiffing

Barbara __, the femme fatale in Double Indemnity: Stanwyck

Blu __ sang Breathe with Sean Paul: Cantrell

Bread cubes in soup: Croutons

Calm, peaceful: Serene

Dark, reddish-brown wood: Mahogany

Emotional outcry or instability: Hysteria

Hand-painted hair-dyeing method: Balayage

Listeners or spectators at a performance: Audience

Occupying the throne: Reigning

Proxima __; star closest to the sun: Centauri

Rock band founded by Jimmy Page: Led __: Zeppelin

Site of a well-preserved section of the Great Wall: Badaling

To His Coy __, Metaphysical poet Marvell’s verse: Mistress

To lose vitality or become neglected: Languish

Wobbly, unable to balance, likely to fall over: Unstable

__ Sam; cartoon cowboy enemy of Bugs Bunny: Yosemite

__ Theron, won an Oscar for Monster: Charlize

__ boots, footwear worn by Messi, Ronaldo, Pele: Football

Puzzle 3 Answers

Castle On __; Ed Sheeran hit song from 2017: The hill

Compared something to something else: Likened

Cut tiny pieces off: Snipped

Describes a bathroom attached to a bedroom: En suite

Foolish, unworldly person, oft preceded by country: Bumpkin

French city; kids’ song Sur le Pont d’__: Avignon

Frozen flakes rolled into the shape of a person: Snowman

Hats that tie under the chin: Bonnets

People who carry out magic: Witches

Raw fish marinated in lime or lemon juice: Ceviche

Ross Poldark’s wife, __ Carne: Demelza

Silvery-white brittle metal with symbol Bi: Bismuth

Synthetic drugs that act in the body like opiates: Opioids

What cockerels are heard doing in the mornings: Crowing

Your __; form of address for a senior royal: Majesty

__ on the Roof with Tevye and Yentle: Fiddler

Caine, Alfie and Zulu actor: Michael

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alfonso __, directed Roma: Cuaron

Broadens, opens up: Widens

Dry martini with two cocktail onions: Gibson

Extradite, export, banish: Deport

From where a pastor delivers sermons: Pulpit

Hippo from the movie Madagascar: Gloria

Home for birds in a zoo: Aviary

Lyle __, country singer/actor wed Julia Roberts: Lovett

Multiple units of current equal to 10 amperes: Abamps

Singers Martie, Emily, and Natalie: the Dixie __: Chicks

Blumenthal, chef famous for snail porridge: Heston

__ Vale, Suffolk-Essex place painted by Constable: Dedham

Puzzle 5 Answers

Banker, investor: Financier

Brings into balance; makes laws to control: Regulates

Carnevale di __, a Lenten Carnivale in Tuscany: Viareggio

George Harrison’s No 1 hit about wife Pattie: Something

German rock band named for a type of arachnid: Scorpions

Hand-painted pottery from Staffordshire: Moorcroft

Incapable, feeble, weak: Powerless

Parable of the __, or one missing flock member: Lost sheep

Playground game of snogging and running away: Kiss chase

Relation associated with Marlon Brando: Godfather

Seals and sea lions: Pinnipeds

Sint __; Dutch Caribbean island known as Statia: Eustatius

Stetson: Cowboy hat

Synchronizes, brings into balance: Regulates

Trick performers: Magicians

Uncontrollable impulse to consume e.g. alcohol: Addiction

__ Baird; Scottish inventor of television: John logie

__ Fry; prison reformer once on £5 notes: Elizabeth

__ diving reflex, response of babies in water: Mammalian

Group 591

Puzzle 1 Answers

Angela Merkel’s maiden name: Kasner

Big finish to a show: Finale

Colorful prize for fiction: Orange

Container with gifts to be beaten with sticks: Piñata

Equipment with rungs, for reaching high places: Ladder

Exile on __, Rolling Stones LP with Tumbling Dice: Main st

First King of Persia to invade Greece: Darius

Metallic compound makes paper sensitive to light: Silver

More extremely overweight than another person: Obeser

Not genuine, WW2 hostilities without fighting: Phoney

Prize for fiction that’s also a fruit: Orange

Showed or explained something: Taught

They are invariably found in the trough: Snouts

Tig __, creator and star of One Mississippi: Notaro

To remove the black filament from prawns: Devein

Wire traps for capturing wild animals: Snares

__ in the Wind, song by Taupin and John: Candle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Comes to take off your head, in Oranges and Lemons: Chopper

Cubist painter Pablo: Picasso

London arena, venue of ABBA’s 2014 Live album: Wembley

London theatre named after a famous actor: Gielgud

London theatrical venue with famous actor name: Gielgud

Old in a valuable way: Antique

Person who doesn’t believe in god: Atheist

Robert Redford’s last day in the CIA: Spy game

Take apart organic matter in a biology class: Dissect

The course before cheese, or after it in France: Dessert

__ Shore, puppet lieutenant in Stingray: Atlanta

__ pride; embarrassed, with a bruised ego: Wounded

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bringing the game into __; e.g. a football scandal: Disrepute

Checking, making sure something is legitimate: Verifying

Cosmetician Maksymilian Faktorowicz became this: Max factor

First Nobel Prize for Literature winner: Sully __: Prudhomme

Fluent in two languages: Bilingual

Giving a sermon: Preaching

Presented an award to: Conferred

Sharp red fruit made up of many drupes: Raspberry

Strong moral principles: Integrity

Synonym for wind instruments: Aerophone

Traitors, turncoats: Renegades

US wrestler otherwise known as Terry Bollea: Hulk hogan

Puzzle 4 Answers

American folk singer; on film he was Big Daddy: Burl ives

English part-song of medieval music: Madrigal

Fall down, as with a building: Collapse

Quivering like a jelly: Wobbling

Rapid downward movement, e.g. jumping from a plane: Free fall

River city in Georgia: Savannah

Showing embarrassment: Blushing

Talks from the pulpit: Preaches

Throbbing, pulsating, e.g. a __ headache: Pounding

__ Margulies of Dietland and The Good Wife: Julianna

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adjectives before the nursery-rhyme Duke of York: Grand old

Bedcovers, warm sheets to snuggle under: Blankets

Body of water between the UK and Scandinavia: North sea

Creme __, Spanish custard, hard caramel topping: Catalane

Fantasy book series by Ursula K Le Guin: Earthsea

Game of penalties, tasks performed for losing: Forfeits

Inhabitants, residents of a city or country: Populace

Mesozoic time period; dinosaur adventure parks: Jurassic

Often and regular: Frequent

Sealed the deal, settled a contract: Clinched

Sticks used by someone on the icy slopes: Ski poles

Symbols used to represent numbers: Numerals

The A in PALs, warning about explicit lyrics: Advisory

William __, London mayor of the Peasants’ Revolt: Walworth

__ peccary; pig-like species found in the Americas: Collared

Group 592

Puzzle 1 Answers

Antiquated term for tavern keeper: Belhoste

Cocktail made with Port wine: Portbgba

Condition of not being able to sleep: Insomnia

Early Blues singer with a Black Bottom: Ma rainey

Futuristic water jetpack device powered by a hose: Flyboard

Gives out, emits: Emanates

Lo, how a Rose E’er __: Blooming

Making submissive by a kind act: Humbling

People under 18: Children

Small, rural houses: Cottages

Surname of the family that adopts Heathcliff: Earnshaw

Swinging weight that helps a clock tick: Pendulum

Traffic stop signal: Red light

__ moment; turning point that changes your life: Defining

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Holidays ” Coca Cola jingle: Are coming

Annoying song/ringtone (Axel F) by an amphibian: Crazy frog

Competitive TV programs with panels of celebs: Game shows

Competitive TV programs with trivia and prizes: Game shows

Ease the burden, take the pressure off: Alleviate

Fragrant wood, and tropical South American plant: Jacaranda

Give someone their job back: Reinstate

Lack of knowledge or awareness: Ignorance

Names of people invited to a party: Guest list

Sauce for a Steak Oscar: Bearnaise

Shuttlecock sport: Badminton

Something to aspire to, as a team (2 words): Squad goal

Textual character part that sits below the line: Descender

Way of thinking, mindset: Mentality

Puzzle 3 Answers

Baby angel: Cherub

Casual word for restaurant: Eatery

Discontinued Microsoft app for linking files: Binder

Extremely silly or ridiculous: Absurd

Having an even, continuous surface: Smooth

Meat and potato dish from northern England: Hotpot

Mental pressure causing tension: Stress

Place where strings attach at the end of a guitar: Pegbox

Prison keeper: Jailer

Rose __, German satirical climax of Carnival: Monday

Sam Malone’s Boston baseball team in Cheers: Red sox

State flower of New Jersey and Wisconsin: Violet

Thickset, sturdy: Stubby

Useful gift idea for keeping cards and money safe: Wallet

We Stand; sung by Elton John, Sonny & Cher: United

Puzzle 4 Answers

1990s TV show about rich kids, __ Hills 90210: Beverly

1997 murder victim: Italian fashion designer __: Versace

Bravest, most intrepid or valiant: Boldest

Colorful firearm with sponge-like bullets: Nerf gun

Dishes made of clay, glazed and fired: Pottery

Get something, obtain: Acquire

John Philip Sousa wrote these: Marches

Johnny __, Chuck Berry hit of 1958: Be goode

London’s wide avenue leading to Buckingham Palace: The mall

Plastic firearm with sponge-like bullets: Nerf gun

__ Cacciatore, Kiev, or Vesuvio: Chicken

__ International, charity with barbed candle: Amnesty

__ beam, female gymnast’s piece of equipment: Balance

__ del Toro, actor won an Oscar for Traffic: Benicio

-room Ballads, Indian army verses by Kipling: Barrack

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aussie uni named after an early governor of NSW: Macquarie

Convert one language into another: Translate

Cutting in half: Bisecting

Dog with short white hair and black or brown spots: Dalmatian

Frecce __, Italian equivalent of the Red Arrows: Tricolore

Hotel room or apartment on the top floor: Penthouse

Large fancy building where tombs are located: Mausoleum

Male cubs or eagles dressed in uniforms: Boy scouts

Moliere & Lully collaboration: The __ Gentilhomme: Bourgeois

Not on a party’s guest list: Uninvited

SNL member and male star of Trainwreck: Bill hader

To tiptoe around on cat’s tootsies: Pussyfoot

Validated, verified: Confirmed

Without seasoning or flavoring; literally naked: Au naturel

Without seasoning; literally naked: Au naturel

Is a Muscle, Carly Rae Jepsen song from Kiss: Your heart

Group 593

Puzzle 1 Answers

African scavenging dogs: Hyenas

African scavenging mammals that laugh: Hyenas

Cognac is a variety of this: Brandy

First horse to win the Epsom Derby in 1780: Diomed

Hammers used by judges and auctioneers: Gavels

Index __, the one that points at others: Finger

Joan __, voluptuous office manager in Mad Men: Harris

Mini sheet of frozen water, mostly in polar areas: Ice cap

Mistakes, social blunders: Gaffes

Mood prone to hot angry outbursts: Temper

Notice __; time to work before a contract ends: Period

Peer-reviewed medical journal: Lancet

Period of ten years: Decade

Sickly, not in good health: Unwell

Song by The Chainsmokers and Halsey: Closer

Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend: Eeyore

You’re __; Carly Simon’s self-obsessed hit: So vain

unctuous; soapy: Smarmy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bright red: Crimson

Deal in illicit goods, especially alcohol: Bootleg

Grandmaster Flash and the __ Five: Furious

Metallica’s Master of __: Puppets

Providing domiciles for people: Housing

Rectangular bag for school books: Satchel

Refuses to acknowledge: Disowns

Scarface’s character in original US film in 1932: Camonte

West Bank mountain, known as Shechem in the Bible: Gerizim

__ shy, fairground throwing game with exotic fruit: Coconut

__ tower, the navigation bridge on a submarine: Conning

Puzzle 3 Answers

Back off __, post-Beatles hit for Ringo Starr: Boogaloo

Bottle of gas used to power a barbecue: Canister

Burned to a cinder: Cremated

Garry __, Russian politician, chess world champion: Kasparov

Prelude, piece of music that opens a performance: Overture

Preparatory line drawings of the Renaissance: Cartoons

Scavengers of tidal waters and wet soils: Mudlarks

Term for those from the Orkney Islands: Orcadian

Walking like a goose: Waddling

Went before: Preceded

__ sandwich, sponge cake with cream and jam centre: Victoria

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cheering, exulting, celebrating: Rejoicing

Dirk Gently’s occupation, so said Douglas Adams: Detective

Enjoyed a sneak, early viewing: Previewed

French for suburbs or their predecessors: Faubourgs

Neil Tennant’s Pet Shop Boys’ partner: Chris lowe

Parasite who depends on someone else’s funds: Scrounger

Popular 60s sports car driven by TV’s Emma Peel: Lotus elan

Push-along device for trimming grass in gardens: Lawn mower

Tapas dish, eggy, floury fried parcels: Croquetas

Tiny rapid movement: Vibration

Valuable items, e.g. jewels, coins: Treasures

__ About the Way You Look Tonight, hit for Elton: Something

Puzzle 5 Answers

Burial sites of those who died in military service: War graves

French breakfast pastry, half-moon shaped: Croissant

H20 collected from precipitation: Rainwater

Hand-held musical instruments, aka chestnuts: Castanets

Inflatable zorb used for walking on pool surfaces: Water ball

James Patterson’s former FBI agent character: Alex cross

One __, band that has only one successful song: Hit wonder

Regina King movie, If Beale Street __: Could talk

Robotic person: Automaton

Slow walking, for pleasure: Strolling

Someone never behind the wheel: Non driver

Takes the wheel of a multi-occupant vehicle: Bus driver

Thwart, obstruct, foil: Frustrate

White, bell-shaped flowers of the early spring: Snowdrops

Wildlife park in Tanzania; anagram of green site: Serengeti

Yorkshire inventor of cats eyes: Percy shaw

__ to the throne, those seeking to usurp a monarch: Claimants

Group 594

Puzzle 1 Answers

Blue Monday band who regenerated from Joy Division: New order

Breaking the rules and playing dishonestly: Cheating

Car fixer-upper: Mechanic

Forecasts, guesses what will happen: Predicts

Formal male dress expected at Venetian grand balls: Black tie

Fraction that is top-heavy: Improper

Hidden ground-level cord to make people fall down: Tripwire

Klaus __, German artist created the Revolver cover: Voormann

Ontarian city, venue of the 1930 Empire Games: Hamilton

TV studio where current affairs prepared: Newsroom

Tall glass for cocktails: Highball

Puzzle 2 Answers

A quasi-autonomous non-governmental institution: Quango

Blue __ of Death (BSOD), a computer malfunction: Screen

Chanteuse: Singer

Intelligent: Clever

Jon Cryer Pretty in Pink character: Duckie

Large tapestry needle: Crewel

One who dies for a cause: Martyr

Plan or specification: Design

Stringed instrument, higher than a viola: Violin

Support someone or copy computer files: Back up

The meaning of the French word “chanteuse”: Singer

Village of the __, where kids have glowing eyes: Damned

__ Hale; Continental Army spy, executed in 1766: Nathan

__ Slim; DJ alter-ego of Norman Cook: Fat boy

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ lens on a camera magnifies distant objects: Telephoto

Dark chocolate disc with white candy sprinkles: Nonpareil

Equine mane used for stuffing upholstery: Horsehair

Forty-one twice: Eighty two

Juan Antonio __, former president of the IOC: Samaranch

Mikhail __, Russian writer of A Hero of Our Time: Lermontov

Monthly in and out summary from a bank account: Statement

North, Saint and Chicago’s famous musician dad: Kanye west

Occupied someone’s attention fully: Engrossed

Official mistress in imperial China: Concubine

Repeating an idea unnecessarily in a phrase: Tautology

Significant medical issue: Condition

Traditional orchestral music: Classical

Puzzle 4 Answers

Blackout, no electricity: Power cut

Blind prophet from legend found in The Waste Land: Tiresias

Call __; marketing term to provoke a response: To action

Composer of The Fountains of Rome: Ottorino __: Respighi

Country with a “Khmer Rouge” Communist movement: Cambodia

Fluffing up cushions: Plumping

For Ray Bradbury, “half the fun of travel”: Lostness

Fruit in the Belgian beer called Kriek: Cherries

Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Radon, Xenon: Noble gas

Hold back, or tie somebody down: Restrain

Lovingly, affectionately, fondly: Tenderly

Military squads: Platoons

Sanctifying an object: Blessing

Singers J. Balvin and Shakira both come from here: Colombia

Take out or remove: Withdraw

Throwing sloppily: Slinging

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anita Baker’s second album: Rapture

Contained play area with spades and buckets: Sandpit

Crying at the moon: Howling

District overseen by a bishop: Diocese

Handheld board that painters use to mix paints: Palette

He who pays the piper calls __: The tune

I Am __ We Are, Madonna documentary on Malawi: Because

Italian semi-frozen sugar dessert, like sorbet: Granita

King’s Cross St. __, busy London Underground stop: Pancras

Largest Canadian city: Toronto

Long-running Japanese robot video game franchise: Mega man

Metal container once used to throw away refuse: Dustbin

Michael __; performed famous gravity-defying lean: Jackson

Natalie Merchant’s band had ten thousand: Maniacs

Reddened with embarrassment: Blushed

Scrawled letters: Writing

Scrawny, gaunt, skinny: Scraggy

Selling out your country: Treason

Speech difficulty with pronouncing “s” and “z”: Lisping

Structure that blocks one’s way to a car park: Barrier

Group 595

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Bye-bye, Miss __ Pie”: American

Black and blue, purple, yellow skin discoloration: Bruising

Boss, someone with higher status or position: Superior

Carpenter’s tool room: Workshop

Chief cities; places of government: Capitals

Covert missions by a government agency: Black ops

Dancing under a bar: Limboing

Gallic tribe with capital at La Tène, Switzerland: Helvetti

Groups who provide business support to each other: Networks

Inspiring chats to build confidence: Pep talks

Parasitic beast that lives in the gut of animals: Tapeworm

Renounce the throne: Abdicate

TV skin care personality and her cosmetics brand: Liz earle

Tennis game played when a set score is 6-6: Tie break

There’s no place __, according to Dorothy: Like home

Type of transplants to replace diseased blood: Stem cell

Puzzle 2 Answers

Air warfare initiated in July, 1940: Battle of __: Britain

British author of Nothing Like the Sun: Burgess

Cough syrup: Linctus

Disappoint, dash someone’s hopes: Let down

Female judge in the Book of Judges: Deborah

First female Muslim ruler of India: Razia __: Sultana

John __, Lord Greystoke, aka Tarzan: Clayton

Made a small hole in something: Pierced

Meddles with something: Tampers

Miss Otis __, song composed by Cole Porter: Regrets

Moving the cranium in agreement: Head nod

Nuée __, cloud of suffocating gases from a volcano: Ardente

Pressed rustic meat or fish dishes with aspic top: Terrine

Suitcases: Luggage

Two-wheeled foot-powered vehicle: Bicycle

Typically pedalled by a rural district nurse: Bicycle

__ of Swing, 80s track by Dire Straits: Sultans

Puzzle 3 Answers

African country formerly known as Swaziland: Eswatini

Describes liberalist politics: Left wing

Force someone out of their hiding place: Flush out

Gentle loving touches: Caresses

Gulps: Swallows

Knee-length men’s trousers from the past: Breeches

Mill for removing water from low-lying land: Windpump

Pictorial digital font (it rhymes): Wingding

Relinquish, give up a title: Renounce

Song about an insect in Hans Christian Andersen: Inchworm

Sonic the Hedgehog’s Eggman nemesis, Dr __: Robotnik

Special, milestone anniversaries: Jubilees

Teller of a Canterbury Tale on the blinded January: Merchant

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ages in time: Epochs

Alexander __, artist known for his mobiles: Calder

Describes snakes with poisonous teeth: Fanged

Eons, ages: Epochs

Gathers information; anagram of angels: Gleans

Go pale with fear: Blanch

Happy __ by Avril Lavigne: Ending

I’m in Love With a __ Film Star, sang the Passions: German

Most populous city in India: Mumbai

Muhammadu __, Nigerian president from 2015: Buhari

Popular Mediterranean tree nut: Almond

Sci-fi hand weapon, like a Star Trek phaser: Ray gun

Slept noisily: Snored

Sugary, treacly, sweet: Syrupy

Thoughtless, inconsiderate behavior: Lunacy

Zigzag ski event: Slalom

__ Magna, ancient ruined city of Tripolitania: Leptis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Alexander the Great’s birthplace: the region of __: Macedonia

Artificial grass football pitch surface material: Astro turf

Attacking or preying on other animals: Predation

Concurrence, accord, consensus: Agreement

Dip or sauce made with mashed avocado: Guacamole

For a greener future, sort out the household __: Recycling

Greek goddess of childbirth: Illithyia

In The Godfather, he sleeps with the fishes: Luca brasi

New Orleans style of jazz: Dixieland

Relating to the stomach: Abdominal

Staff of a company: Workforce

Staff of an organization: Workforce

Tending plants outside a home: Gardening

Tricky, complicated: Difficult

Underwear brand promoted by Eva Herzigová: Wonderbra

Unpaid work, without a salary: Voluntary

Word used when the real name is forgotten: Thingummy

__ Pilots; duo who had a 2016 hit with Heathens: Twenty one

Group 596

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baby swan: Cygnet

City with high Harbour Bridge that can be climbed: Sydney

Currencies of Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Yemen: Riyals

Decent and proper, well behaved: Seemly

Engines, devices that give power: Motors

Greg __, Aussie golfer, the Great White Shark: Norman

Hakuna __, Lion King song with Tim Rice lyrics: Matata

Indian term for someone responsible for something: Wallah

Male child whose baptism is sponsored: Godson

Male restaurant server: Waiter

Musical sticks hit together to make clicking sound: Claves

Official guard; anagram of Andrew: Warden

Request to attend: Invite

Second largest of the Greek islands: Euboea

Stan Against Evil sheriffs fight these creatures: Demons

Straw to make chairs from: Wicker

The other side to Dr Jekyll: Mr hyde

__ brittle, hard toffee with edible seeds: Peanut

__ pegs, baby talk for biting incisors: Toothy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Absent-minded drawer of patterns, words, shapes: Doodler

Attack or beating, linked legally to battery: Assault

Bon __, uttered by servers prior to a meal: Appetit

Cleaning with soap and water: Washing

Facing up to or bearing harsh conditions: Braving

German motto of the Prince of Wales: Ich dien

Got to __; Michael Jackson’s first solo album: Be there

Has a strong effect on something: Impacts

Male ballet dancer; anagram of asunder: Danseur

Marielle Heller movie, Can You Ever __ Me?: Forgive

Missouri city, 1904 Summer Olympics venue: St louis

Reassemble, come back together: Regroup

Run aground, like a boat or a whale: Beached

Strong believer in a particular religion: Devotee

Teach: Educate

Young singer of New Rules and One Kiss: Dua lipa

Puzzle 3 Answers

Before this time: Erstwhile

Bonjour __, Françoise Sagan’s hedonistic novel: Tristesse

Chatty, with lots to say: Talkative

How Marilyn Monroe met her end in the film Niagara: Strangled

Publicising: Promoting

Putting a product out in the public eye: Promoting

Roughly shove or push someone: Manhandle

Skilled male, such as an electrician or plumber: Tradesman

Taylor sings, “We are __ getting back together”: Never ever

They built pyramids in Africa: Egyptians

Treaty to formalise the end of the 100 Years’ War: Picquigny

Wide range of vessels for drinking beverages from: Glassware

__ pop; upbeat music style with teen appeal: Bubblegum

Puzzle 4 Answers

Boris __; crime novelist behind Messiah franchise: Starling

Brother of Charlemagne: Carloman

Buying items or browsing for goods: Shopping

Insensitive, indelicate and impolite: Tactless

Insoluble fibre in vegetables, good for digestion: Roughage

More brooding than: Sultrier

Nationality of To Sir with Love singer Lulu: Scottish

Not hurt or injured: Unharmed

Online platform for raising money from crowds: Gofundme

Prison section for condemned people: Death row

Pro Nazi Germany Norwegian dictator: Vikun __: Quisling

Sentimental singing or serenading: Crooning

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anne Bancroft’s role in The Graduate: Mrs. __: Robinson

Any player on a football pitch except the goalie: Outfield

Bugle call sounded at the Menin Gate each night: Last post

Center City or long range NBA shooter’s location: Downtown

Cream-colored root vegetable: Parsnips

Finished, done: Complete

Floating mechanism for filling up a water tank: Ballcock

Frank’s sleuthing bro in Franklin W Dixon books: Joe hardy

Guarding, carrying out security checks on foot: On patrol

Hitting sticks onto skins making percussive sounds: Drumming

Kids’ book series and TV show: __ the Big Red Dog: Clifford

Louis __, US architect, the father of skyscrapers: Sullivan

Not fit to be eaten: Inedible

Slim medical light for investigation: Pen torch

Spiky clusters of spear grass: Foxtails

Taking a nap: Snoozing

To burden or make someone feel obligated: Encumber

True-crime satire __ Vandal: American

US word for part of city where most things happen: Downtown

White root vegetables, like carrots: Parsnips

Group 597

Puzzle 1 Answers

“I’ve got a lovely bunch of “, music hall tune: Coconuts

Captive person: Prisoner

Catholic masses praying for souls of the departed: Requiems

Chuckles unkindly: Sniggers

Conscientious __, one who refused to fight in WWI: Objector

Country sits between Guyana and French Guiana: Suriname

Croatian cascading lakes set on karst landscape: Plitvice

Crowing bird logo adopted by Pathe News: Cockerel

Did not consume enough food: Underate

Gentle egg-cooking method below the boiling point: Coddling

Knock-down with machine of the same name: Bulldoze

Lifts up: Elevates

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s historical musical: Hamilton

Metal tongues in bells that strike the sides: Clappers

NBA player nicknamed “The Electrician”: Klay __: Thompson

Perfect, with no blemishes: Unflawed

Rare, unusual: Uncommon

Robert __, Cubist painter of the Eiffel Tower: Delaunay

Seven plus eight minus two: Thirteen

Surrenders or yields: Concedes

Upper jawbones: Maxillae

one’s hand; to be mistakenly optimistic: Overplay

Puzzle 2 Answers

Exactly: Precisely

Iconic Beach Boys LP with goats on the cover: Pet sounds

January Jones’s X-Men character: Emma frost

Jodie __, the 13th Doctor Who: Whittaker

Long word for garment to cover a woman’s breasts: Brassiere

Metal fitting allows portals to pivot open: Door hinge

Not the same: Different

Pop music’s Rocket Man: Elton john

Pot marigold, its dried petals are used in cooking: Calendula

Viennese museum and art gallery: Albertina

Puzzle 3 Answers

Altogether, as a whole, from the French language: En masse

Facial hair that’s plucked, waxed and shaped: Eyebrow

Fast-drying water-soluble type of paint: Acrylic

Having angles, forming an angle: Angular

Lee Nelson comedian and professional hoaxer Simon: Brodkin

Legal review of death circumstances, for example: Inquest

Liv __, Norwegian actress linked to Ingmar Bergman: Ullmann

Lombardy city gave its name to a woolly dog: Bergamo

Repeated chorus in a song: Refrain

Wind instrument often played in Scotland: Bagpipe

Puzzle 4 Answers

“One for “, ancient rhyme for magpie-spotting: Sorrow

A type of bus or the candy named for it: double __: Decker

Busy and crowded: Hectic

Co-founder of the Beach Boys: Brian __: Wilson

Flowing Japanese robe with wide sleeves: Kimono

Focal character of Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps: Hannay

Greek sun god: Helios

Israeli currency: Shekel

Long-nosed ape with protruding buttocks: Baboon

Morning has __ like the first morning, hymn: Broken

Move recklessly fast towards something: Hurtle

Our American __, Ford’s Theater show of April 1865: Cousin

Padded blankets: Quilts

Small cubicles in which to take photos: Booths

the Block: Film starring Star Wars’ John Boyega: Attack

Puzzle 5 Answers

B-side of Scream, MJ’s 1995 duet with sister Janet: Childhood

David Lean film set in an icy Revolutionary Russia: Dr zhivago

Excite, incite, motivate: Stimulate

First king of independent Norway, 1905-57: Haakon vii

Gordon __, singer of If You Could Read My Mind: Lightfoot

Here we go gathering __; springtime tree harvest: Nuts in may

Leftover, residue, rest, remnants: Remainder

Natural barrier in a garden of bamboo or willow: Screening

Soft, silky dress fabric with a French name: Charmeuse

Technical drawing of architects’ designs: Blueprint

The co-pilot in rallying, who plots the course: Navigator

Universally valid principles, hold true for all: Absolutes

Group 598

Puzzle 1 Answers

10th president of the Philippines: Ferdinand __: Marcos

Borrowed money on a possession: Pawned

Device to control flow of water in a garden hose: Nozzle

Extinct ancestor; Kinks single record: Apeman

Flee from captivity: Escape

Get things mixed up: Muddle

Human __, Leonardo pioneered it with a glider: Flight

Jeffrey __; co-pilot in Hudson River plane landing: Skiles

John Presper __, co-designer of UNIVAC computer: Eckert

Medieval entertainer with a hat with bells: Jester

Notoriety, ill repute: Infamy

Ramadan season: Spring

Sean Bean priest film: Broken

Season when flowers bloom: Spring

Series: Tally rebels against becoming Pretty: Uglies

Settlement smaller than a village: Hamlet

Waterfalls on the border of Argentina and Brazil: Iguazú

__ Blue, soft, veined cheese from Tipperary: Cashel

__ Heart; 1960 Elvis song with German lyrics: Wooden

__ elbow, joint overuse condition: Tennis

__ star, two-star system in the sky: Binary

Puzzle 2 Answers

Author of the novel The Cruel Sea: Nicholas __: Monsarrat

Benny from ABBA’s surname: Andersson

Coming into bloom; blossoming: Flowering

End-of-line stock, sale department: Clearance

Expression used when a toddler has a minor fall: Ups a daisy

Individual symbol in Chinese written language: Character

Instantaneous, fast, speedy: Immediate

Pasta that is also known as angel hair: Capellini

Roman-built Segovia site used to transport water: Acueducto

Temporary relief or freedom from illness: Remission

The study of signs and motifs: Symbology

Tiny bell sounds: Tinklings

__ oils, natural scents such as lavender, bergamot: Essential

Puzzle 3 Answers

Animated British band with 2-D and Noodles: Gorillaz

Bound pages used for writing: Notebook

Breaks between workdays: Weekends

Containing more bubbles, like a cappuccino: Frothier

Crests of domestic roosters: Coxcombs

Dropped rubbish carelessly: Littered

England’s opponent in the Bishops’ Wars: Scotland

Features no. 1 on the Beaufort Scale: Light air

Lady Gaga fans are Little ones: Monsters

Pistol with rotating cartridge chamber: Revolver

Politeness, chivalry: Courtesy

Preliminary sketch by a sculptor: Maquette

Reffing a cricket test: Umpiring

Ruled from the White House: Presided

Sea mammals whose cries are used in relaxing music: Dolphins

Structured or boned female underwear: Corsetry

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ask for money from a mob of people: Crowdfund

Cold, dense __ winds blow across Antarctica: Katabatic

Eggs mixed together; some add milk: Scrambled

Era of English history dating from 1837 to 1901: Victorian

General unhappiness with life: Dysphoria

Irish gundog with chestnut coat: Red setter

Jim __, leading actor of Iris and Topsy-Turvy: Broadbent

Long-bodied insect with transparent wings: Dragonfly

Magnetite, a mineral with magnetic properties: Lodestone

One who clears a building for safety reasons: Evacuator

Person who expects the worst outcome: Pessimist

President of South Africa from 2009 to 2018: Jacob zuma

Protective cover of a piano keyboard: Fallboard

Published book on a subject to help hold your hand: Companion

Revamped, carried out modernisation of a building: Renovated

Rod Stewart song character, the older woman!: Maggie may

Supernaturally: Magically

The front end of the performance area for a play: Downstage

They often had a ball on Dallas: Oil barons

Usually wooden plaque you can ride the waves in: Surfboard

__ fee; entry charge: Admission

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Christian archangel, protector of the Jews: Michael

Beaker for shaking dotted cubes in: Dice cup

Can You Feel the Love __, Elton John tune: Tonight

Cecilie __, taught Bond her Danish tongue: Thomsen

Give someone confidence to do something: Empower

Invoiced: Charged

Minnie the __, Cab Calloway hit of the 1930s: Moocher

Night hunting bird, might live in farm buildings: Barn owl

Part of feud where the serfs worked for the lord: Villein

Seasoned Italian cheese with yellow crust: Tumazzo

Veranda outside an upper floor of a building: Balcony

Word that means the same as another: Synonym

Group 599

Puzzle 1 Answers

A bargain, worth the money: Good value

A discount of 50%: Half price

Calming, bringing peace: Pacifying

Country that gave us the Hippocratic Oath: Argentina

Country where you find Iguazu Falls: Argentina

From the eastern Mediterranean: Levantine

It’s a Long Way to __, John McCormack: Tipperary

Person whose job is to help others reach goals: Life coach

Royal Military Academy where Harry did training: Sandhurst

Scottish novelist, creator of Rebus series: Ian rankin

Speculated the future: Predicted

Term for lagers, pale ales; like hair colour maybe: Blond beer

The heart’s two lower chambers: right and left __: Ventricle

To Americans it is a snap; to Britons a __: Press stud

Warm-up exercises: Stretches

When I Think __, duet for Elton John and P.M. Dawn: About love

Puzzle 2 Answers

Charles Dickens’ first novel: “The __ Papers”: Pickwick

Chiropractors and masseuses may relieve this: Back pain

Collect usable items from a garbage heap: Scavenge

Create difficulty in understanding: Confound

Don’t count your __ before they are hatched: Chickens

Downfalls, ruinations: Undoings

Fish party game akin to hide and seek: Sardines

Flammable material used as a weapon: Wildfire

Greatest hits album for Swedish pop giants: Abba gold

In a dazzling way: Brightly

King of Portugal in 1367, Ferdinand the __: Handsome

Layering and __ up warm for an autumn walk: Wrapping

Lemurs, monkeys and humans: Primates

Lightly perfumed tea for a titled woman?: Lady grey

Molly __, The Breakfast Club star: Ringwald

Rabat nationality: Moroccan

Roxy Music synthesizer player and record producer: Brian eno

Shop __, upon which tills sit: Counters

Sport also known as underwater hockey: Octopush

Topaz and chrysanthemum are symbols for this month: November

Turkish strait between Europe and Asia: Bosporus

Puzzle 3 Answers

Amusement park and Ferris wheel in Vienna: Prater

Animal feed made from green plant material: Silage

Ascends: Climbs

Bernard Cornwell’s Napoleonic Wars hero: Sharpe

Capital of Lesotho: Maseru

First name of composer Holst: Gustav

Flashy, ornate, nickname for girls called Florence: Flossy

French city that hosts a film festival: Cannes

Get past a difficult event (2 words): Move on

Metal plate, part of a drum kit: Cymbal

Person who plays and deciphers crossword clues: Solver

Slow __; video footage that has been slowed down: Motion

This Guy’s in Love With You, crooned Herb __: Alpert

__ Plaza, Dallas site of JFK’s assassination: Dealey

__ and Geeks, McKinley High in the 80s: Freaks

__ buffet, spread of nibbles eaten without a fork: Finger

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alter ego of rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr: Snoop dogg

Castle , location of the East Midlands Airport: Donington

Family that pays their debts on Game of Thrones: Lannister

Farmhouse and outbuildings: Homestead

First ruler of Crete; son of Zeus and Europa: King minos

Loose, dress-like garment for sleeping: Nightgown

Ode to Joy composer who was deaf at the time: Beethoven

Scandalous book John Cleland wrote from prison: Fanny hill

Ship carried Scott and Shackleton on a 1901-4 trip: Discovery

To have put someone forward for position or award: Nominated

Utter, articulate, enunciate: Pronounce

device, used to keep non-swimmers buoyant: Flotation

__ varnishers, they make gelatin newborns shiny: Jelly baby

Puzzle 5 Answers

A golfer __ a ball into a hole: Tapping

Adolescence: Puberty

Bills for: Charges

Country bordering Luxembourg on the east: Germany

Detectors: Sensors

Does not give in to temptation: Resists

Hebrew word for leavened bread, a Passover no-no: Chametz

Hector __, French composer: Symphonie Fantastique: Berlioz

Herbie __, pianist who wrote Cantaloupe Island: Hancock

March 25, Feast of the Annunciation: Lady day

Metallic rare earth element with symbol Tb: Terbium

Played a __; an impressive on-pitch performance: Blinder

Punch __; pop-up theatre booth for children: And judy

Roman name for Athena, goddess of war: Minerva

Sindarin elf; Prince of the Woodland Realm: Legolas

Tangled, caught up: Snarled

Type of legumes in the Indian dish called dahl: Lentils

__ Hill, rom com with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant: Notting

Group 600

Puzzle 1 Answers

A discharge or leak, onto a floor, for example: Spillage

A place where research or planning is done: Backroom

Boy who can fly and never grows up: Peter pan

Caught __; unaware and unprepared: Off guard

Country where the band Simple Minds originated: Scotland

Discharge or leak, on a petrol forecourt say: Spillage

Eating between meals: Snacking

English part-song of the Baroque era: Madrigal

Festival celebrated in Thailand April 13-15: Songkran

Forest __ of Empire and Black Panther: Whitaker

Gather together, muster: Assemble

Inhales and exhales: Breathes

Kick a football with the rear of one’s foot: Back heel

Measure, assess: Quantify

Minor fights: Scuffles

Piece of the phone that converts signals to sounds: Receiver

Wursts, hotdogs: Sausages

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__ singing in the dead of night”: Blackbird

A person or company’s social media fans: Followers

A plant grown to be eaten, not fruit or grain: Vegetable

Alternative name for a point guard in basketball: Playmaker

Ancient trackway, usually built in a straight line: Roman road

Background tunes played in an elevator: Lift music

Banned, prohibited: Forbidden

Expression of willingness to take part: Count me in

Large dish for bananas, apples, oranges, etc: Fruit bowl

Not invited nor gladly received: Unwelcome

Person who counsels others psychologically: Therapist

Ricardo __, the host of Fantasy Island: Montalban

The street on which the Muffin Man lives: Drury lane

Puzzle 3 Answers

Andy __; It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: Williams

Conscious, feeling, alive, animate: Sentient

Get your __ on, your Sunday best: Glad rags

Hidden or buried coins, gems and gold: Treasure

Hidden riches marked by an X on a map: Treasure

Someone who pries or meddles in another’s business: Busybody

Squashed a lemon to get juice: Squeezed

They hold up shelves: Brackets

To remove a limb: Amputate

__ Batten; lead guitarist on MJ world tours: Jennifer

__ Walk, London street to the S of St James’s Park: Birdcage

Puzzle 4 Answers

Bunsen __, laboratory gas light: Burner

Cleaned a floor with water and soap: Mopped

Dolphinfish constellation: Dorado

German city, called Aix-la-Chapelle by French: Aachen

Geronimo’s tribe: Apache

John __, bassist of Another One Bites the Dust: Deacon

Murdered: Killed

Places for debate or meetings: Forums

Pot cups and saucers, for a child to play with: Tea set

Relating to the mind: Mental

Scottish term for possibly: Ablins

Search, look through a collection of products: Browse

Small, snouted rodents, with venomous saliva: Shrews

Younger sister of tennis champ Venus: Serena

__ Holiday; First Lady of the Blues: Billie

Puzzle 5 Answers

A compulsive __ fritters away their earnings: Spender

Activity or goods vouchers website with green logo: Groupon

Australian train that runs from Adelaide to Darwin: The ghan

Charge __ Device, or CCD: Coupled

Coming towards: Nearing

Horse riders: Jockeys

Living environment of an organism: Habitat

Moscow fortress, seat of power near Red Square: Kremlin

Peace of __; treaty that ended Eighty Years’ War: Munster

Play within A Midsummer Night’s Dream, __ & Thisbe: Pyramus

Referee a dispute: Mediate

Removing body hair with a razor: Shaving

Rodent-style chewing: Gnawing

Shading line on a map used to denote steep slopes: Hachure

Songs, not compilations: Singles

The Little __, Disney musical about princess Ariel: Mermaid

US comedian of 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live: Tina fey

Wolfgang __ Mozart: Amadeus

__ sticks: funky, metallic garnish: Glitter

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