CodyCross Circus Answers

Circus Answers

Group 81

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ingrid __, actress of Casablanca.: Bergman

Deep green stone; May’s birthstone.: Emerald

CCR’s Fogerty was not the son of this politician.: Senator

Mixture of grains, nuts and fruits.: Granola

Hang __, human kite flying.: Gliding

Aerial circus apparatus.: Trapeze

Anoxia is the __ of oxygen in the body.: Absence

Larry the __ is the beach king on SpongeBob.: Lobster

Microstate in Europe between Spain and France.: Andorra

Having put fears, suspicions, anger to rest, calmed.: Allayed

Puzzle 2 Answers

Countdown device related to boiling and cooking.: Egg timer

A conclusive argument.: Clincher

A water chute ride at an amusement park.: Logflume

Surgical removal of body tissue.: Ablation

Something that establishes or serves as a pattern.: Template

Icon used as a facial expression.: Emoticon

Right to choose a candidate in politics.: Suffrage

Unexpected phonecall or visit by a salesman.: Cold call

US version of this holed cheese is called Swiss.: Emmental

Publication with photos and stories.: Magazine

Conical headgear worn at birthday celebrations.: Party hat

Building in a funfair made to startle or amuse.: Funhouse

Puzzle 3 Answers

Price paid to get into a circus, fair.: Admission

Han Solo is frozen in __ in Star Wars.: Carbonite

Loose one-piece work garment to go over clothes.: Coveralls

Veteran interviewer that had a longtime CNN show.: Larry king

She takes you to your seat in the theater.: Usherette

German noun for intense wistful longing.: Sehnsucht

Desires are __ by delays.: Nourished

Tissue or organ transplant, medical term.: Allograft

A quarter.: One fourth

Book that Hitler penned while in prison.: Mein kampf

Caracas is the capital of __.: Venezuela

Dark azure edible fruit.: Blueberry

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cartoon centered around the last of the airbenders.: Avatar

Language of particular profession or group.: Jargon

Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of Africa.: Ennedi

Orchestra staple; a classical music must.: Violin

To allocate tasks, lessons, homework.: Assign

__ and Ladders, aka Snakes and Ladders.: Chutes

Happening in a quick manner, well-timed.: Timely

What you hit when you want to sleep longer.: Snooze

Outline, plan for a meeting, to be voted on.: Agenda

David __, magician and endurance artist.: Blaine

Dutch port and colony in Brazil.: Recife

Australian __ dogs were bred for herding cows.: Cattle

Puzzle 5 Answers

A green wicked witch in an acclaimed musical.: Elphaba

Someone who has lost a limb to amputation.: Amputee

Popular cat breed from Thailand.: Siamese

Fred __, dancing partner of Ginger Rogers.: Astaire

To leave, desert, forsake, give up.: Abandon

Titanic sister ships: Brittanic and __.: Olympic

Containing two or more metals, past tense.: Alloyed

Clothing, garments, attire, outerwear.: Apparel

Country in Persian Gulf, capital is Manama.: Bahrain

High-end cuisine.: Gourmet

Chris Evans, Captain __ actor.: America

Ruby __, song recorded by The Rolling Stones.: Tuesday

Group 82

Puzzle 1 Answers

The Loch Ness monster lives in a __ Lake.: Scottish

__ Man, white, puffy spokesman for a tire brand.: Michelin

Andy Samberg stars in __ Nine-Nine.: Brooklyn

__ nose, also called a Roman nose.: Aquiline

Act of tossing objects in a synchronized manner.: Juggling

2015 Ryan Reynolds Sci-fi movie.: Selfless

Battle won by Alexander the Great in the Punjab.: Hydaspes

Large pot for making stew over open fires.: Cauldron

Most __ contains fish scales.: Lipstick

Kind hearts are more than __.: Coronets

Easily deceived.: Gullible

Laboratories also do this besides testing.: Research

Inherited disorder resulting in lack of melanin.: Albinism

Othello’s motive for killing his love.: Jealousy

Puzzle 2 Answers

Boy who refuses to grow created by J.M. Barrie.: Peter pan

Fiber crop that is extremely healthy.: Flaxseed

Cobra is a common name for __ snakes with hoods.: Venomous

Agreement between two parties.: Contract

Bangkok is the capital of __.: Thailand

Outdoor slipper made of soft leather.: Moccasin

English king dubbed Lionheart.: Richardi

Period of grief following loss of loved one.: Mourning

Joe __, guitar player, teacher of the stars.: Satriani

A Summer Olympic sport.: Swimming

Somebody who is wildly irresponsible.: Tearaway

Transfer something to your computer.: Download

Canola oil comes from this plant.: Rapeseed

Puzzle 3 Answers

Suitcases and bags you check in at the airport.: Baggage

Role of a naive young woman.: Ingenue

Ozzie and __, post WWII sitcom started on radio.: Harriet

Part of the body between chest and pelvis.: Abdomen

Carnivores are __ that eat only meat.: Animals

Michael __, actor, married Catherine Zeta-Jones.: Douglas

Struck idiophone operated by a keyboard.: Celesta

Said to be the stepping-stone to success.: Failure

__ Bank, in the US the Federal Reserve.: Central

Virtual currency introduced in 2008.: Bitcoin

Plane returning to the ground.: Landing

__ up, don’t take things so seriously.: Lighten

To go somewhere without worrying about the risks.: Venture

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pitch interval, there are eight of them.: Octave

__ Mara, Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress.: Rooney

Chest pain, like pressure or squeezing.: Angina

Ceremonial blade used in Wicca religion.: Athame

Candy made by caramelizing sugar or molasses.: Toffee

Painting on wet plaster.: Fresco

Synonym of severe.: Strict

Latin term for festival or celebration.: Fiesta

__ Combined, includes ski jumping, cross country.: Nordic

__ régime, old French order of politics.: Ancien

Opposite of days.: Nights

Things that have value to an owner.: Assets

Capital of Greece.: Athens

The __ triggerfish is also known as Picasso.: Assasi

Puzzle 5 Answers

A kind of nut that combines with chocolate.: Macadamia

Alvin and the __.: Chipmunks

Someone in charge of the well being of others.: Caregiver

Someone who attends a lot of social events.: Socialite

Movie with Cary Grant and Sophia Loren.: Houseboat

Defined by a concern with beauty or good taste.: Aesthetic

Shape with 4 right angles, but not 4 equal sides.: Rectangle

Fish with long, needle teeth, huge fish.: Viperfish

Part of stage towards the audience.: Downstage

The secret WWII German codes were broken there.: Bletchley

Group 83

Puzzle 1 Answers

Book __, someone hostile to books, learning.: Scorpion

Skeet __ is the act of firing shells at discs.: Shooting

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of.: Malaysia

Reduction on a price.: Discount

Mudbugs, or __, are freshwater lobsters.: Crawfish

Paul __, Big Fat Liar actor.: Giamatti

To make more attractive by adding extra items.: Decorate

A woman’s tight undergarment.: Corselet

Starvation disorder caused by body image issues.: Anorexia

__ oblige.: Noblesse

Widespread loss of electricity in urban area.: Blackout

John Robinson means to __ a circus performance.: Cut short

This laughing candy will satisfy your hunger.: Snickers

The __, reality show of true love and roses.: Bachelor

King of serpents, causes death with a single look.: Basilisk

Puzzle 2 Answers

Juandissimo __ is a fairy on Fairly Odd Parents.: Magnifico

Can’t move around the house due to illness, age.: Bed ridden

Inflammation of artery walls.: Arteritis

Used to serve food and display or store dishes.: Sideboard

Allows soldiers to drop into war zones.: Parachute

Direction in which you turn a screw to tighten.: Clockwise

Outdoor grills filled with charcoal.: Barbecues

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and __.: Scientist

Art of carving something into surfaces.: Engraving

Cambodian temple complex built to Hindu god Vishnu.: Angkor wat

Type of story read to young children at bedtime.: Fairytale

Au __, fancier way to say on the contrary.: Contraire

The __ Before Christmas was released in 1993.: Nightmare

Puzzle 3 Answers

In Codenames, you try to find secret __ names.: Agents

Metal utensil usually used to shred cheese.: Grater

To win in a battle, complete __ of the enemy.: Defeat

Portable personal computer aka notebook.: Laptop

Loss of muscle coordination, usually in arms, legs.: Ataxia

Otters, playful mammals with __ feet.: Webbed

REIT, Real __ Investment Trust, mutual fund type.: Estate

Body of water; small river; brook.: Stream

Author of “Sense and Sensibility”: Jane __.: Austen

Assyrian goddess of love and fertility.: Ishtar

Mass departure; Genesis.: Exodus

Man who herds cattle, lives on a ranch.: Cowboy

Surrounds human nipples.: Areola

Sport played by Roger Federer.: Tennis

Light coat worn on upper body when it’s cool.: Jacket

Capital of Poland.: Warsaw

Temporary worker looking for experience.: Intern

Italian word for ice cream.: Gelato

__ Brown, was publicly criticized by Dan Quayle.: Murphy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Agricultural soils studied in this field.: Agrology

This Irish beer gave name to a record book.: Guinness

This 1st element has no odor, color or taste.: Hydrogen

__!, film based on a musical named after a state.: Oklahoma

Held to the bottom of the sea.: At anchor

Large wall that separates compartments in a ship.: Bulkhead

All My __, American soap opera cancelled in 2011.: Children

House of__, an influential royal house in Europe.: Habsburg

Individual bobsled event with small sled.: Skeleton

Someone who works promoting a product.: Marketer

British model once involved in a drug scandal.: Kate moss

Often removed along with tonsils.: Adenoids

Puzzle 5 Answers

World’s busiest airport in passenger traffic.: Atlanta

Homer __ loves donuts and beer.: Simpson

Not in favor.: Against

Hot, dry Calgary wind.: Chinook

Morgan __, financial company.: Stanley

__ and Isolde, a Wagner opera.: Tristan

Large worn rock, detached from the Earth.: Boulder

Molded Italian ice cream with layers.: Spumoni

An apparatus in which nuclear fission is made.: Reactor

Moe’s hairstyle, round shaped.: Bowl cut

Dental __, liquid metal filling for cavities.: Amalgam

This fish is used to make imitation crab meat.: Pollock

Became notorious for “breaking up a band”.: Yoko ono

Anagram of teacher.: Cheater

Person in charge of a department.: Foreman

Group 84

Puzzle 1 Answers

The capital of United Arab Emirates.: Abu dhabi

Maradona and __, Argentine soccer duo.: Caniggia

To look at or think with smug or malicious intent.: Gloating

A bed bug is a __ that feeds on blood.: Parasite

Act of occupying another place, country, etc.: Invasion

The ones who flip and fly in the air for show.: Acrobats

Canon law written in the medieval ages.: Decretum

Bounty hunter that caught Han Solo in Star Wars.: Boba fett

A person who looks after livestock.: Stockman

American __, friends enjoy one last night.: Graffiti

Plant from sunflower family, used as a herb.: Tarragon

Twelve o’clock.: Midnight

Puzzle 2 Answers

In art, an object associated with a saint or god.: Attribute

Unorthodox way of spreading news.: Grapevine

__ Four, 2015 movie reboot.: Fantastic

The __, TV show following two KGB agents.: Americans

Theater lighting, center of attention.: Spotlight

Swedish candy stick named after lively dance.: Polkagris

Famed as the rock and roll capital of the world.: Cleveland

Thunder and __.: Lightning

The U in USB.: Universal

Gelatinous sea creature; it might sting.: Jellyfish

Puzzle 3 Answers

Opprobrious, contumelious, invective.: Abusive

Gears of War is a science __ video game.: Fiction

To suffer serious mental pain, anguish, torture.: Agonize

One of the stories of A Thousand And One Nights.: Aladdin

Giant ice planet in our Solar System.: Neptune

He typically rules over more than one nation.: Emperor

Samuel __, wealthiest pirate in recorded History.: Bellamy

Kid between ages 10 and 13.: Preteen

Proudest of birds.: Peacock

Orange-yellow colored fruit, like a peach.: Apricot

It begins at home.: Charity

Don’t Pull __, don’t hold back.: Punches

Ornamental shoulder piece on military uniforms.: Epaulet

Renowned Russian ballet company.: Bolshoi

Puzzle 4 Answers

SEAT car model named after a palace in Granada.: Alhambra

Hollywood film director with Italian ascendance.: Scorsese

Children watch these.: Cartoons

Two books of Corinthians are Paul’s __.: Epistles

Home grounds for Russian national team.: Luzhniki

__ Island, salad dressing; Big Mac sauce.: Thousand

Unpaid, voluntary.: Honorary

Angular elevation of an object above the horizon.: Altitude

Tight-fisted, greedy.: Grasping

Chart with the days, weeks, and months of a year.: Calendar

These cells deliver oxygen to the body.: Red blood

Don’t Wake Daddy, game about __ to the kitchen.: Sneaking

Ear __ is done so jewelry is wearable.: Piercing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chimpanzees are humans’ closest __.: Relatives

A type of ballroom dance with upbeat melodies.: Quickstep

Worn under clothing to hide valuables in circus.: Grouch bag

Small vehicle with large tires for driving on sand.: Dune buggy

Comedy about a singer who pretends to be a nun.: Sister act

To set up something; to determine rules.: Establish

Electrolysis is __ hair and root removal.: Permanent

Lots of houses have this to keep warm during winter.: Fireplace

__, Blizzard’s first multiplayer FPS game.: Overwatch

Group 85

Puzzle 1 Answers

Practice adopted by Europeans in their colonies.: Slavery

Type of zoo designed for young children.: Petting

The __, most nominated film of 77th Academy Awards.: Aviator

__ keepers, losers weepers.: Finders

Organ that produces a new layer every 2 weeks.: Stomach

Islands in Caribbean, capital is Nassau.: Bahamas

Hollywood __, Disney’s movie theme park.: Studios

Event that cannot be explained by scientific laws.: Miracle

To struggle in opposition of something, someone.: Contend

Bare __, gloveless boxing, will leave scars.: Knuckle

Puzzle 2 Answers

More cases of a disease than expected.: Epidemic

Cassatt painted Under the Horse __ Tree.: Chestnut

A superordinate word.: Hypernym

Large rock that orbits the sun, __ belt.: Asteroid

Popular amusement park chain with banners.: Six flags

Famous tile word game.: Scrabble

Small cloth worn around the neck or head.: Bandanna

__ fan is a cone shaped sediment deposit.: Alluvial

Altitude __ is caused from high altitudes.: Sickness

Type of ancient weapon, shoots bolts or quarrels.: Crossbow

Very thin layer of tissue covering a surface.: Membrane

A plant louse.: Greenfly

__ & Tiaras, reality show about kids beauty pageant.: Toddlers

Amanda __, actress in Mamma Mia!.: Seyfried

Puzzle 3 Answers

Country colonized by the Portuguese in S. America.: Brazil

Metal element used in rechargeable batteries.: Nickel

A paper size.: Octavo

__ Plow, implement with large hooks, deep tillage.: Chisel

__ games are on demand games.: Casual

Name for a ghost in Scottish.: Wraith

__ Scissorhands starred Johnny Depp.: Edward

Mexican beer often spiked with a lime wedge.: Corona

All __ Day, post-Halloween holiday aka All Hallows.: Saints

A professional clown, joker, in medieval courts.: Jester

Food can only be tasted with this.: Saliva

__ horns have a long coiled tube and big bell.: French

Unidentified __ Object, aka UFO.: Flying

Stereotype, overused phrase, expression.: Cliche

Kitchen scissors typically used on poultry.: Shears

__ arrangements is art with flowers.: Floral

Condition of someone’s body or mind.: Health

A __ machine binds fabrics together.: Sewing

__ Higgenbottom is the Mighty B.: Bessie

Hair style with “party in the back”.: Mullet

Wretchedness of condition or circumstances.: Misery

Puzzle 4 Answers

South German car-making city on the River Neckar.: Stuttgart

Connected to another by blood or marriage.: Relations

Bartender, Sam Malone, Dr. John Becker actor.: Ted danson

__ Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.: Attention

One who delivers items or goes on an errand.: Messenger

Whapuku, or __: large prized fish from Australia.: Wreckfish

They obstruct progress; hurdles.: Obstacles

Communal dwelling of North American Indians.: Longhouse

Game in which participants shoot capsules of paint.: Paintball

To become something or someone else.: Transform

Being the same as something else.: Identical

Puzzle 5 Answers

One who fights for and promotes engaged citizenry.: Activist

One half of SS Minnow crew.: Gilligan

Fire __, circus staple spits flames for show.: Breather

Hattie __, 1st African-American to win an Oscar.: Mcdaniel

Baby duck.: Duckling

Not for the general public; meant for a select few.: Esoteric

Country that introduced $100 billion note in 2008.: Zimbabwe

Activated __ is used to absorb swallowed poison.: Charcoal

Anyone can do without them.: Luxuries

An art piece done with pigments and colors.: Painting

A broad-brimmed felt hat, typically worn in Mexico.: Sombrero

Advocate of a strict moral code.: Bluenose

__ Evil, PlayStation’s survival horror videogame.: Resident

Group 86

Puzzle 1 Answers

Digital __, photographic revolution, no film needed.: Cameras

Distress with bodily or mental pain.: Afflict

Chemical element with symbol U, atomic number 92.: Uranium

__ Under, HBO series about a morgue and family.: Six feet

Performer, walks on wires, swings above crowd.: Acrobat

Classic kids’ game involving small glass balls.: Marbles

Pufferfish __ into balloons when threatened.: Inflate

Cigar flat at both ends.: Cheroot

__ and Sullivan, opera composers.: Gilbert

When one thing partially covers another.: Overlap

One of the planets of the Solar System.: Neptune

Southernmost city in the world in Argentina.: Ushuaia

Muscular organ that is part of the urinary system.: Bladder

Slang for crazy, mad, insane.: Bonkers

Group of people with a common interest.: Network

Puzzle 2 Answers

Novak __, Serbian tennis player.: Djokovic

Dinosaur is a live-action/__ animated Disney film.: Computer

Board game for two players each with 12 pieces.: Checkers

Converts direct current into alternating currents.: Inverter

Diego Rivera’s famous painting, __ Leader Zapata.: Agrarian

Tags your reading place, saves sites on browsers.: Bookmark

Light azure hue associated with newborns.: Baby blue

Table corals are a type of reef-__ corals.: Building

One story cottage, gabled roof.: Bungalow

Large celebration; organized event.: Festival

UK country voted on independence in 2014.: Scotland

Blue Moon of __, recorded by Elvis Presley.: Kentucky

Puzzle 3 Answers

When you’re in a foreign country you’re said to be.: Abroad

The act of moving through the air above the ground.: Flying

Sean Mc__, actor, director, producer.: Namara

Virus protection software once owned by Intel.: Mcafee

You can find these in catacombs.: Skulls

Unwavering poise, assurance, position.: Aplomb

Funnel-shaped item for storing grain or coal.: Hopper

Distress caused by loss, heartache, misery.: Sorrow

A beautiful fragrant bloom from a plant or tree.: Flower

__ Dent, from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.: Arthur

__ seizure means losing strength, drop seizure.: Atonic

The capital of Kuwait, __ City.: Kuwait

__ Toast, breakfast dish, bread coated with eggs.: French

Misery and American __ Story actress, Kathy Bates.: Horror

Tissue that is used to make your body move.: Muscle

Greyhounds are mainly known for __ at dog tracks.: Racing

2013 Olivier award recipient: Helen __.: Mirren

Raingear inspired by Peruvian clothing.: Poncho

Quantity of an item, usually large.: Volume

Claustrophobia is a fear of __ spaces.: Closed

Puzzle 4 Answers

The head of a convent of nuns.: Abbess

An Irish __ is a dog breed with a dark red coat.: Setter

Something that can be eaten, food.: Edible

Snowman with corncob pipe and button nose.: Frosty

Temporary storage for holding data until ready.: Buffer

Purple dinosaur with catchy tune.: Barney

Small land surrounded by water.: Island

A tumor that is not spreading or cancerous.: Benign

In actuality, genuinely, truly.: Really

Building doll__ is a time consuming hobby.: Houses

Puzzle 5 Answers

Easy-to-make rice brand.: Uncle bens

Alcohol __, much more serious than being drunk.: Poisoning

Similar to entertainer.: Performer

Highest mountain of the Pyrenees.: Pico aneto

Pride of the royal navy in Pirates of the Caribbean.: Dauntless

Contesting, challenging.: Disputing

Not natural or spontaneous.: Contrived

Maria __, Russian tennis player.: Sharapova

Substance produced by body to regulate mood, pain.: Serotonin

__ Gorgeous, villain on Jimmy Neutron.: Beautiful

Taking someone else’s blame.: Scapegoat

Circus march tunes played really loudly.: Screamers

Group 87

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small bulb that resembles an onion.: Shallot

Ancient monotheistic religion from the Middle East.: Judaism

Pardon for offenses against a country.: Amnesty

Type of incandescent light bulb.: Halogen

City in California that hosts Disneyland.: Anaheim

Charged with a crime, offense.: Accused

Small, sharp blade used for surgeries.: Scalpel

French for good day.: Bonjour

Ruth __ created Chief Inspector Wexford.: Rendell

Sudden rupture of a car tire.: Blowout

A pointed beard.: Van dyke

Winter event of 2 or 4 people teams.: Bobsled

Screamride is a roller __ sim builder.: Coaster

World’s largest employer, started as small retailer.: Walmart

Not a war horse or a pack horse.: Palfrey

Puzzle 2 Answers

A landed freeman who is not a knight.: Vavasseur

Chemical that kills plants and weeds.: Herbicide

This includes all jams and jellies.: Preserves

Game played with a long stick and balls on a table.: Billiards

Dances using the tip of her toes.: Ballerina

Type of American roots music.: Bluegrass

The capital of Tennessee.: Nashville

The bowel is made up of the large and small __.: Intestine

Handy if you have to open a bottle of wine.: Corkscrew

Rich bad guy in movie Chinatown.: Noah cross

Astrological sign of someone born on Christmas Day.: Capricorn

Squatter is the most successful game in __.: Australia

Puzzle 3 Answers

A less busy, less expensive time to travel.: Off peak

Encampment of tents without protection.: Bivouac

Crisp, sharp noises.: Crackle

__ Hairless Dog is also called the Xoloitzcuintli.: Mexican

Vegetable with green or purple leaves.: Cabbage

Valet __, a benefit to have in crowded cities.: Parking

Membranous __ is the shortest and least dilatable.: Urethra

__ twice, cut once.: Measure

__: A Space Adventure 2005.: Zathura

Architect and engineer from ancient Egypt.: Imhotep

Carl __ is Jimmy Neutron’s best friend.: Wheezer

__ Man, temporary community erected in Nevada.: Burning

Puzzle 4 Answers

To gain possession of, gain through effort.: Obtain

Rating of how likely someone is to pay.: Credit

Foam while boiling.: Seethe

Used to pound nails.: Hammer

This person has the final say at a newspaper.: Editor

Utensil usually comes in salt, pepper combo.: Shaker

Author of Rip Van __ suffered from insomnia.: Winkle

Formal name for the white crown of Upper Egypt.: Hedjet

Kevin __, Frank Underwood in House of Cards.: Spacey

Finding the sum of two numbers.: Adding

The valley where the Dead Sea scrolls were found.: Qumran

Cover for the center of a car’s wheel.: Hubcap

Luis __, Surrealist filmmaker of Un Chien Andalou.: Bunuel

Jackie Joyner-__, multi-medal-winning US athlete.: Kersee

Anagram of master.: Stream

Bread that has used yeast or fermentation.: Raised

Puzzle 5 Answers

Life is __, Roberto Benigni’s Oscar winner movie.: Beautiful

Sea creature with angelic fins and movements.: Angelfish

A person who works backstage in theatres.: Stagehand

Work song on large merchant vessels.: Sea shanty

Urban land set aside to not be developed.: Greenbelt

Standstill, deadlock.: Stalemate

Persian creature part lion part human.: Manticore

This channel hosts Shark Week.: Discovery

Machine to hatch eggs.: Incubator

Everything must have a __.: Beginning

Sleep apnea causes pauses in __.: Breathing

Group 88

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mexican TV stereotype on the Simpsons.: Bumblebee

__ Western, a film genre.: Spaghetti

Field discusses sanitation, health.: Hygienics

Take a __, baseball game reference; a redo.: Raincheck

Jack __, starred One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.: Nicholson

Lemurs are __ primates from Madagascar.: Nocturnal

Neolithic stone settlement in Scotland.: Skara brae

They are prescribed.: Medicines

Cosmetic used to mask skin imperfections.: Concealer

Revert to old habits.: Back slide

Lucky talisman, tossing game with “ringers”.: Horseshoe

Puzzle 2 Answers

Long-necked onion with a small bulb.: Scallion

Space __, Disney’s futuristic indoor coaster.: Mountain

Someone you don’t know.: Stranger

Diaphanous, unsubstantial.: Ethereal

Abandonware are old games free to __.: Download

Immune protein in the body to fight disease.: Antibody

Small, striped fish that swim in schools.: Mackerel

Climb the Phoenician Steps to get there.: Anacapri

__ Cruz, Spanish actress and Oscar winner.: Penelope

The central concept of this religion is dukkha.: Buddhism

Gymnastics that includes ballet and dance.: Rhythmic

Puzzle 3 Answers

Able __; naval rating.: Seaman

Type of performance dance, Nutcracker.: Ballet

The capital of Argentina, __ Aires.: Buenos

To be in close contact with, affixed.: Adjoin

Small beard around nose, mouth, not on sides.: Goatee

Category for boxers weighing 115-118 pounds.: Bantam

__ filefish can change colors very quickly.: Radial

Space around printed words on a page.: Margin

__ Paine, English-American writer and activist.: Thomas

Moons that share an orbit but never collide.: Trojan

Tantalus’ son, whose flesh was eaten by the gods.: Pelops

How to Get Away with __, law drama with Viola Davis.: Murder

Tesla __, car and energy company.: Motors

This spoon removes the inside of the bone.: Marrow

Obi-Wan __ introduces Luke to Han Solo.: Kenobi

Reply to a question.: Answer

Dried grapes, eaten as a snack or in cooking.: Raisin

High pitched Japanese bamboo instrument.: Nohkan

Kid’s drawing tool made of pigmented wax.: Crayon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Liquid used to take off nail polish, thin paint.: Acetone

Fatty, tasty British cheese.: Cheddar

__ wage, Bernie Sanders ran to have this raised.: Minimum

Hormone injected into diabetes patients.: Insulin

European country, its capital is Minsk.: Belarus

Author of The Waste Land.: Ts eliot

Time of enlistment in any military branch.: Service

Zeus counterpart in Roman mythology.: Jupiter

Not ambiguous, emotional conclusion.: Closure

Etymological meaning of zebra.: Wild ass

Clothing commonly used in farms.: Overall

Puzzle 5 Answers

Thinking about something way too much.: Obsessive

The Greek Muse of tragedy.: Melpomene

A utensil used for grooming.: Hairbrush

__ Day, Bill Murray’s repetitive holiday comedy.: Groundhog

Father of capitalism published book in 1776.: Adam smith

Klimt painted __ Frieze.: Beethoven

The uses of it are sweet.: Adversity

Long greenish reptile “cousin” to the crocodile.: Alligator

Ludo and checkers are a type of __.: Board game

This sport involves hitting a shuttlecock.: Badminton

Trained and licensed doctor.: Physician

Group 89

Puzzle 1 Answers

This word sounds like Caesar’s.: Scissors

A blessing in __.: Disguise

British singer of Baby, I Love Your Way.: Frampton

A chalk illustrator who draws on the sidewalk.: Screever

Common species of whale found around the world.: Humpback

City located in both European and Asian continents.: Istanbul

Considered one of the greatest male ballet dancers.: Nijinsky

Lying animal with head raised in heraldry.: Couchant

The leader of the Decepticons.: Megatron

An aura often occurs before a __ or seizure.: Migraine

They left England and found a colony in Plymouth.: Pilgrims

Flat, broad rubber equipment worn by divers.: Flippers

Decorative, if not practical.: Fanciful

Lusty, strapping.: Vigorous

Puzzle 2 Answers

Breed of cat known for playful attitude.: Burmese

Meat not prepared with salting or drying.: Uncured

Delivery of supplies by plane with a parachute.: Airdrop

Stops swelling; cools stings and bites.: Ice pack

It kills with a sweet scent of almonds.: Cyanide

Female actor.: Actress

__ Horn, usually made of an animal horn.: Blowing

Amount of money that is short of the needed total.: Deficit

Russian wrestler lost twice in nearly 900 matches.: Karelin

Unpretentiously cosy.: Haimish

Someone who brings evidence up in arguments.: Adducer

Last name of Family Guy protagonist.: Griffin

Throat hangers, sometimes removed.: Tonsils

__ come, __ go.: Lightly

Puzzle 3 Answers

Reaped when one sows the wind.: Whirlwind

Stand-up social critic, cancer victim.: Bill hicks

Kitty cat trying to get in Tweety’s cage.: Sylvester

Madagascar’s tiny, eastern neighbor.: Mauritius

__ Dogs, movie by Quentin Tarantino.: Reservoir

At rest, dormant.: Quiescent

__ of Scale, money saving economic principle.: Economies

Katherine __, New Zealand story teller.: Mansfield

It decides what is socially acceptable.: Etiquette

Trojan princess not trusted for her prophecies.: Cassandra

Louisiana Creole dish based on the Spanish paella.: Jambalaya

Puzzle 4 Answers

Something that balances for something else.: Offset

Small tool with a flat blade, used for planting.: Trowel

Landlocked African country, capital Lilongwe.: Malawi

Machine that makes a car move.: Engine

High-speed descent of a slope on skis.: Schuss

A medical professional, surgeon, specialist.: Doctor

Organ that makes urine.: Kidney

A Hindu hermitage.: Ashram

Money given back for a bad product.: Refund

Norwegian __ cats bred for cold climates.: Forest

__ and the Beast, 30th Disney animated classic.: Beauty

__ Hale, colonial spy during Revolutionary War.: Nathan

Feta cheese is used in salads from this country.: Greece

__ Twilight, Irish movement, revival.: Celtic

__, Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris police drama.: Walker

Metal spiral toy, walks down stairs.: Slinky

French dance featuring high kicks and splits.: Cancan

Royal title, male successor, future king.: Prince

Puzzle 5 Answers

Popular __, bi monthly, “nerdy” magazine.: Science

Oceans cover almost three __ of the Earth.: Fourths

Evel __, world famous stuntman.: Knievel

Without ending or beginning, forever, always there.: Eternal

Small entrance on most tent circuses.: Marquee

They speak louder than words.: Actions

Appliance used to cook food with hot vapor.: Steamer

Force __, clause meaning “superior force”.: Majeure

The Little __ Boy, Christmas percussion classic.: Drummer

Attacking, robbing someone in public.: Mugging

Tim Burton’s film about a gifted storyteller.: Big fish

Small breed of dog of pure white coat.: Maltese

Something that nourishes, sustains.: Aliment

Unitary parliamentary republic in Central Europe.: Hungary

Knife designed to cut heavy rope.: Rigging

Group 90

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small area where you grow food.: Garden

Timmy Turner loves __ Tang, who doesn’t like him.: Trixie

Control over several people in a company.: Manage

The capital of Colombia.: Bogotá

To sell church offices and roles in Middle Ages.: Simony

Person who gives wise, divine advice.: Oracle

Night __ Goggles, nocturnal optic function.: Vision

Cooked sausage, usually served on a bun.: Hot dog

No. 1 hit song by the Police: “Every __ You Take”.: Breath

Lance __, stage performer did over 15,000 shows.: Burton

Puzzle 2 Answers

Airway illness requiring an inhaler.: Asthma

__, Nintendo game for exercising.: Wii fit

Turn and cough to check for organ exiting.: Hernia

South American rodent related to guinea pigs.: Agouti

Egypt is located in __.: Africa

Nordic mythical sea creature; release the __.: Kraken

Red lead.: Minium

Sweet liquid created by plants, especially fruits.: Nectar

__ Brody, won an Academy Award at age 29.: Adrien

Short-necked bulging bottle.: Flagon

Shoot a person out of this at a circus.: Cannon

Vertical blade on the stern of a ship.: Rudder

__ of the Jungle was a popular 1967 cartoon.: George

Music made using cutlery, aka playing the bones.: Spoons

Yahtzee is a game of luck __ by rolling 5 dice.: Played

Puzzle 3 Answers

Patio, usually enclosed.: Courtyard

One __, band that has only one successful song.: Hit wonder

Non-surgical procedure of digestive tract.: Endoscopy

Commanded the starship USS Enterprise in Star Trek.: James kirk

A peddler of shoddy goods.: Cheap jack

__ crab are covered with orangish fine hairs.: Orangutan

It is said to be hidden at the end of the rainbow.: Pot of gold

Popular social media site, photos, filters.: Instagram

1942 is a vertically __ flight game from 1984.: Scrolling

Tissues connecting bones to other bones.: Ligaments

English queen who introduced tea-drinking in the UK.: Catherine

Puzzle 4 Answers

Person who claims fault against the other in court.: Accuser

Even among them there’s honour.: Thieves

Suspended bed normally placed outside.: Hammock

Student who quits high school before graduation.: Drop out

Sweet layered pastry with nuts and honey.: Baklava

__ Crane, enemy of the headless horseman.: Ichabod

A newly established company with few employees.: Start up

To contemplate or think carefully about something.: Reflect

Courageous behavior or actions.: Bravery

First King of England to go on a Crusade.: Richard

Marine animal with a shell and soft body.: Mollusc

The capital of Cameroon.: Yaounde

String instrument played with the mouth.: Jaw harp

A __ takes care of your teeth.: Dentist

Puzzle 5 Answers

Several pieces of artillery used for action.: Battery

Woven fabric with elaborate, raised pattern.: Brocade

Breastbone.: Sternum

__ Impossible, Tom Cruise movie franchise.: Mission

Of a classical building without decorative columns.: Astylar

Blood-__ frog shells have red colored tips.: Stained

Place for takeoff and landing of airplanes.: Airport

Eighths in music score.: Octaves

To put information into a code, to encipher.: Encrypt

Pie made with this citric fruit, eggs, and milk.: Key lime

Addictive substance from the coca plant.: Cocaine

What a teacher asks for in class.: Silence

A sport which is part of the Olympic events.: Sailing

South Asian language spoken in Bangladesh.: Bengali

The __ Loser, weight loss reality show.: Biggest

Group 91

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cephalopod mollusc with eight sucker-bearing arms.: Octopus

House of __, trick reflections at amusement park.: Mirrors

Boat that has a cabin for the crew, cabin __.: Cruiser

The Elder __ Online is an MMORPG by ZeniMax.: Scrolls

Small pasta spirals.: Fusilli

A prison __ is sought after by law enforcement.: Escapee

A sport which is part of the Olympic events.: Archery

Menacing influences.: Baleful

80s movie classic depicting One-Eyed Willy.: Goonies

Roosevelt’s plan to front the Great Depression.: New deal

To acknowledge opponent’s victory beforehand.: Concede

Puzzle 2 Answers

Monopoly is an __-based game of wealth.: Economy

The act of ending a marriage.: Divorce

Art, photos, written works about sex and love.: Erotica

Sheet of clear plastic over a piece of art.: Acetate

__ Call, actors bow to audience at end of play.: Curtain

Peter __, famous portrayal of Hercule Poirot.: Ustinov

A strip of fabric gathered or pleated on one edge.: Ruffles

Halgerda batangas is a species of __.: Sea slug

Creature that sucks blood and lives eternally.: Vampire

Title character of Cervantes’ epic Spanish tale.: Quixote

Home to CNN, Coke and the world’s busiest airport.: Atlanta

Firearm for construction work.: Nail gun

To flog a dead horse is __.: Useless

Entertain at a party, making a website available.: Hosting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wealthy sport utilizing leisure ships.: Yachting

Colorful candy placed on top of a stick.: Lollipop

Don __, opera by Mozart.: Giovanni

Language spoken in the Polynesian state of the US.: Hawaiian

50 books on civil law compiled by order of Justinian.: Pandects

Band that recorded the hit Turn Turn Turn.: The byrds

Nerd gathering in San Diego, now mainstream.: Comic con

Mountainous region between Black and Caspian seas.: Caucasus

World’s largest rodent with a large boxy nose.: Capybara

Optical bruising from blunt force to face.: Black eye

Genie, voiced by Robin __, in Disney’s Aladdin.: Williams

Gross __ Product, usually referred to as GDP.: Domestic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Used on dry lips; popular brand.: Chap stick

The Bandicoot is a small __ omnivore in Australia.: Marsupial

Distance east or west from the Prime Meridian.: Longitude

Innumerable.: Countless

Colorless crystals used as insecticide.: Boric acid

Green even when ripe.: Avocadoes

Furniture designed to hold a basin or a jug.: Washstand

Popular 90s Bond film starring Pierce Brosnan.: Goldeneye

American who wrote The Old Man and the Sea.: Hemingway

Trolls are Norse monsters who live in the __.: Mountains

Group of working prisoners, Sam Cooke song.: Chain gang

Puzzle 5 Answers

The best laid __ of mice and men.: Schemes

A mayor with judicial powers as well.: Alcalde

Popular video website bought by Google in 2006.: Youtube

Official language of Tanzania.: Swahili

Small fish, joked-about pizza topping.: Anchovy

Powerful energy source, disastrous as weapon.: Nuclear

Containers that are used to drink out of.: Glasses

American musician, artist, and actor, __ Manson.: Marilyn

A bird and a play by Anton Chekhov.: Seagull

__ of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, 2006 film.: Pirates

Feeling of resentment, anger, offense.: Dudgeon

Group 92

Puzzle 1 Answers

Rock formation that slopes beyond vertical.: Overhang

Person who has the job of creating projects.: Designer

Striking an opponent unconscious.: Knockout

__ Hayden, actor of Johnny Guitar.: Sterling

In Castlequest, you rescue the __ Margarita.: Princess

Something that surrounds a border.: Cincture

It is not always gold, even if it __.: Glitters

Shift, motion; trend.: Movement

Black tetras are a common __ pet fish.: Aquarium

Medium-sized bag to take on a trip.: Suitcase

Napoleon made his brother __ king of Naples (ita.).: Giuseppe

Low level computer language; asm.: Assembly

Infectious disease also known by Variola.: Smallpox

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Magic __, animated TV series.: School bus

Christmas, peppermint walking stick.: Candy cane

Public walk by the seaside.: Promenade

Dali painted __ and Hand.: Apparatus

Extinct species of shark.: Megalodon

Helpful features of a product.: Utilities

Cukes.: Cucumbers

Text in the form of a picture.: Calligram

Coordinator of higher education classes.: Professor

State where Sinatra and Springsteen were born.: New jersey

Don’t outrun the __.: Constable

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tale As Old As Time, from __ and the Beast.: Beauty

__ dance, 4 couples in a rectangular shape.: Square

Inner mystical dimension of Islam.: Sufism

Piles of them fall from trees in the fall.: Leaves

Sado __, exile destination in Medieval Japan.: Island

Long, narrow mark, band, line.: Streak

__ and Geeks, 90s cult favorite, star platform.: Freaks

Bluespotted __tail ray has blue tail stripes.: Ribbon

Aesop’s short stories with a lesson.: Fables

Can move 3 spaces in chess, not in same direction.: Knight

__ operation, military plan carried out in secret.: Covert

__ charm will pass on power and regality to you.: Dragon

2 baseball games played on the same day, __ header.: Double

__ pork, slowly cooked, later shredded.: Pulled

A male parent.: Father

Founder of Zhe School of Ming Dynasty painting.: Daijin

City state on the French Rivera.: Monaco

To eat a lot in short period of time.: Pig out

Puzzle 4 Answers

Compound that doesn’t contain a closed chain.: Acyclic

__ of the Sea, seafood, not poultry company.: Chicken

__ trout is known for its colors.: Rainbow

Lingua franca of the Neo-Assyrian Empire and Persia.: Aramaic

A keyboard on an instrument.: Clavier

Small spotlight for special effects in theater.: Pin spot

India is the __ largest country in the world.: Seventh

Two-wheeled vehicle attached to a frame.: Bicycle

To see or create something in a person’s mind.: Imagine

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.: Trinity

Rhea __, married to Danny DeVito.: Perlman

Decorated, ornaments added to something.: Adorned

When the word is out it __ to another.: Belongs

Colored dot game once considered “sex in a box”.: Twister

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bavarian village location of Neuschwanstein Castle.: Schwangau

Fictional kingdom in Central Europe.: Ruritania

Korean car brand whose name means two dragons.: Ssangyong

Galaxy with high-rate star formation.: Starburst

A small towel for washing facial features.: Face cloth

Popular online language tool, Google __.: Translate

The __, 70s sitcom about opposing personas.: Odd couple

Instrument’s name that means good sound in Greek.: Euphonium

Musical movie with Travolta.: Hairspray

Sister of your grandpa or grandma.: Great aunt

Group 93

Puzzle 1 Answers

Large tract of land.: Acreage

Also known as Chinese cabbage.: Bok choy

Stimulant street drug, causes hallucinations.: Ecstasy

Ridge or mass of glacial drifts, boulders, sand.: Moraine

Starbase in Mass Effect.: Citadel

Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general.: Othello

Hard keratin cover on the tips of our feet.: Toenail

Shapes allegedly created by extraterrestrials.: Circles

Take a look at me now, Phil __.: Collins

Game of __, TV show adapted from a book series.: Thrones

Something separating two things.: Between

__ Western dancing has many forms.: Country

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ in the Grass, movie with Natalie Wood.: Splendor

This common eye disease leads to loss of vision.: Glaucoma

__ dance is made of partner dances only.: Ballroom

And the like (in Latin).: Et cetera

Obtained by the destructive distillation of wood.: Methanol

Greek god of the sea.: Poseidon

Emperor of the French from 1804 until 1814.: Napoleon

A good that is sent overseas.: Shipment

Hand beauty treatment aka mani.: Manicure

Speedy __ was always too fast for Sylvester.: Gonzales

Forbidden fruit is __.: Sweetest

Type of ginger plant, used as a spice.: Turmeric

Puzzle 3 Answers

Magic Kingdom’s principal roadway, Main __.: Street

Limb of a tree, large or small.: Branch

Comes from Arabic “al zahr” which means dice.: Hazard

__ Brothers, country-influenced rock and roll duo.: Everly

__ Of the King, movie that won 11 Oscars.: Return

Dr. Remy Hadley on House, __ Wilde.: Olivia

Marie __, monthly health and beauty magazine.: Claire

Walking upwards, usually outdoors.: Hiking

It is composed by four countries, the __ Kingdom.: United

Assignees, representatives.: Agents

Come into being, change, grow to be.: Become

Lara Croft is the main character in Tomb __.: Raider

Customs charge on an import or export.: Tariff

A drop in the __, too small an amount.: Bucket

Etiology is the study of __ of diseases.: Causes

Sweet baked dough, eaten for dessert or breakfast.: Pastry

Puzzle 4 Answers

These “French” dogs are actually from Germany.: Poodles

Southernmost of the Virgin Islands.: St croix

Unsteady movements, wavering.: Stagger

Harry __, notable illusionist and escapologist.: Houdini

When two people are to be married.: Engaged

__ Wipes, moistened tissues for cleaning.: Surface

A man without a __ face must not open a shop.: Smiling

Barium is an __ with an atomic number of 56.: Element

Hitchcock’s movie with Laurence Olivier.: Rebecca

West Indian musical style, usually improvised.: Calypso

Popular name for Model T cars.: Flivver

__ Energy, wild drink with a tear mark on its can.: Monster

Cartoon about a group of toddlers and their lives.: Rugrats

Puzzle 5 Answers

Antibiotics are used to treat an __.: Infection

Double saucepan.: Bain marie

Tissue that is present in joints, rib cage, ears.: Cartilage

Wookiee with famous growl, Han partner in Star Wars.: Chewbacca

__ Time video game has Finn & Jake.: Adventure

Bright green copper mineral.: Malachite

Study is all about tissues of organisms.: Histology

Food or drink served before a meal.: Appetizer

The real name of the fashion designer Coco Chanel.: Gabrielle

Group 94

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Tropical” fruity drink packs a punch.: Hawaiian

Fenimore Cooper novel about the last of this tribe.: Mohicans

This big red dog is friendly and loyal.: Clifford

Clouding of the eye lens.: Cataract

__ Dad, adult cartoon led by CIA agent.: American

Rabble, populace.: Riff raff

Most dust particles in your house are made of __.: Dead skin

Ectopic means not the correct __ in the body.: Location

High School singing group that inspired a TV show.: Glee club

Rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano.: Volcanic

Toadlike animal’s legs are eaten in some cultures.: Bullfrog

On site journalist.: Reporter

Water animal amusement park.: Seaworld

Terrible creature only exists in the mind.: Phantasm

Puzzle 2 Answers

Sponge cake with egg whites and no butter.: Angel food

Building on campus with rooms where students live.: Dormitory

Outward signs of wealth.: Trappings

A poser, a brain-teaser.: Conundrum

A fault confessed is half __.: Redressed

Europe’s bicycle capital.: Amsterdam

Cars parading at a slow pace.: Motorcade

Welsh author famous for his children books.: Roald dahl

Not safe.: Dangerous

Name by which Mars is known.: Red planet

Puzzle 3 Answers

Seismic sea wave caused by earthquake.: Tsunami

Princess Procne was turned into a __.: Swallow

The Book of Lamentations is about __.: Sorrows

Freddy __, long-fingered monster that haunts dreams.: Krueger

Command solemnly under oath.: Adjured

Theatrical code to warn of fire.: Mr sands

What a bad compromise is better than.: Lawsuit

Mouth-like tool binds papers together.: Stapler

__ Girls, depicts a mother-daughter relationship.: Gilmore

__ Sachs, banking firm, helped cause 2008 crisis.: Goldman

Occurring in petroleum and natural gas.: Propane

Pop-rock musical genre created in the late 1970s.: New wave

“Green” country considered Halloween birthplace.: Ireland

A __ has a long neck.: Giraffe

Puzzle 4 Answers

When the saints go __ in, I want to be in that number.: Marching

A piercing of the skin.: Puncture

Main character of A Confederacy of Dunces.: Ignatius

Removes water, waste from home.: Sump pump

To approximate opinion, height, worth.: Estimate

Chief economist of the World Bank, won Nobel prize.: Stiglitz

Shapeshifting creature also known as lycanthrope.: Werewolf

Elbow pasta made of durum wheat.: Macaroni

Bird, runs fast, two black bands around its neck.: Killdeer

__ Spree, buying things until you drop.: Shopping

Negative aspect of something, handicap.: Downside

Old machine used for grinding or pumping.: Windmill

Puzzle 5 Answers

To illegally carry away a person, kidnap.: Abduct

__ vs Superman, a movie released in 2016.: Batman

Painful sores in the stomach lining.: Ulcers

You want to roll a seven or __ in craps.: Eleven

American word for “football” comes from the UK.: Soccer

Irish dish for leftovers.: Coddle

Of this South American mountain range.: Andean

Ambon __ is yellow with a spot on its fin.: Damsel

Stage of development to make a business bigger.: Growth

Hay __, haymaking machine.: Tedder

Fifty minus thirty eight.: Twelve

Small organ at the end of the stomach.: Spleen

Clay creatures in medieval Jewish folklore.: Golems

__ Belt, a circumstellar disc in the Solar System.: Kuiper

__ Ibsen, Norwegian 19th century playwright.: Henrik

The __ of Korra is a game based off the TV Show.: Legend

Group 95

Puzzle 1 Answers

Tina Fey started on __ Night Live.: Saturday

Brief comic Italian opera.: Burletta

Male child of a son or daughter.: Grandson

World’s largest rodent with a big nose.: Capybara

Shoes primarily designed for sports.: Sneakers

Not wanting to do anything, lack of motivation.: Laziness

Deceptively affable, for the Irish.: Sleeveen

Melissa __, Ghostbusters reboot actress, comedian.: Mccarthy

In the Sidney Lumet’s film they are twelve.: Angry men

The Greek name for Asia Minor.: Anatolia

A person who plays a musical instrument.: Musician

__ Inc. Pixar movie with Mike and Sulley.: Monsters

Great __, sparsely populated Australian desert.: Victoria

Puzzle 2 Answers

To listen to conversations without being noticed.: Eavesdrop

Item that seals off something; wall or fence.: Enclosure

A barrelman is a sailor __ in the crow’s nest.: Stationed

PSV __, top Dutch soccer side.: Eindhoven

__ cichlid has a large black spot on its face.: Spotcheek

Protagonist of My Fair Lady.: Doolittle

Escapade, emprise, experience.: Adventure

Don’t change horses in __.: Midstream

Someone who goes into space in a rocket.: Astronaut

Capital of the Netherlands.: Amsterdam

Puzzle 3 Answers

Candy fish is a __ delicacy created in the 1950s.: Swedish

Someone with two distinct types of cells.: Chimera

Enormous California redwood.: Sequoia

A snake is a __.: Reptile

This stone is kissed by upside down visitors.: Blarney

Feeling of joy, sorrow, fear, hate, or love.: Emotion

Every man has the __ of his own virtues.: Defects

Another name for a dendrite.: Dendron

One of the characters of Les Miserábles.: Cosette

Return of the symptoms of a disease.: Relapse

Art made of clay, fired, and glazed.: Pottery

Someone who works at a store’s register.: Cashier

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pre-nativity Christian celebration; candles.: Advent

Walt __ Pictures.: Disney

Capital of Cuba.: Havana

Something visible, tangible, stable in form.: Object

A cooking item, like a kettle, used for heating.: Boiler

Infectious, very contagious disease from bacteria.: Plague

Something now, not antique or old.: Modern

Eastern European crushed garlic clove sauce.: Mujdei

Exchange particles for color force between quarks.: Gluons

Blue __, US Navy acrobatic flying squad.: Angels

Anagram of signet.: Ingest

These flower particles cause allergies.: Pollen

Shonda __, writer behind several hit drama series.: Rhimes

__ Kong, Nintendo classic with climbing gorilla.: Donkey

Crazy __, Mattel sells game as Uno.: Eights

Puzzle 5 Answers

Forced out, removed, turfed out.: Ejected

Staying true to people, places and things.: Loyalty

A serious crime, threat of bodily harm.: Assault

__ Spoon, what looks like metal deformation.: Bending

Pancake-flipping utensil.: Spatula

Magna Carta is also known as The Great __.: Charter

Element that gives a color its hue.: Pigment

To perform an operation on a patient.: Surgery

Clothing worn by members of a group.: Uniform

Considered Shakespeare’s last play.: Tempest

European language formalized by Dante.: Italian

__ Hurt, actor of Into the Wild.: William

Pokemon that evolves into Alakazam when traded.: Kadabra

Elegant __ sea star has long thin legs.: Brittle

Group 96

Puzzle 1 Answers

French delicacy meaning edible snail.: Escargot

Surfing is __ on a board riding a wave.: Standing

Munch painted Death in the __.: Sickroom

Opposite of proton, unit of charge.: Electron

Ancient, pointy-nosed fish similar to a shark.: Sturgeon

Joey __, actor, Blossom, Brotherly Love.: Lawrence

Where prisoners are kept while awaiting execution.: Death row

A person whose job is to sell things.: Salesman

Hat type, newsboy cap or Jay Gatsby.: Baker boy

Child’s playhouse above ground, getaway.: Tree fort

__ Lights or Aurora Borealis.: Northern

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __, won the 84th Academy Awards.: Artist

Finger known as “the bird”.: Middle

Object used to stop, slow or hold a ship in place.: Anchor

Large tropical lizard, popular pet.: Iguana

Religious leader.: Cleric

Famous for writing speeches in Rome.: Cicero

Coming to a finish; opposite of beginning.: Ending

Discrimination based on how old you are.: Ageism

Berber language spoken in the Northeast of Algeria.: Kabyle

Pretoria is the capital of South __.: Africa

Established as the truth by evidence.: Proven

Superior, greater, improved.: Better

Tetradrachm’s face who knew it all.: Athena

Feeling of nausea, upset stomach.: Queasy

Storeroom for food in old houses.: Larder

Gain position in basketball beside free throw lane.: Post up

A type of dance originally from Cuba.: Chacha

Natural tarnish that forms on metals and stone.: Patina

Piece of clothing worn on legs during the summer.: Shorts

Battleship was a __ and paper game until 1967.: Pencil

An oasis is a green watery __ in a desert.: Refuge

Like chickens, they come home to roost.: Curses

Puzzle 3 Answers

College favorite involving juggling footbag.: Hacky sack

Allegedly, a mind reader.: Mentalist

Italian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor.: Primo levi

Photo-sharing site where you pin photos.: Pinterest

Messi played most of his career for this club.: Barcelona

Looking to the past in shows or movies.: Flashback

Swiss-based carbonated drink brand.: Schweppes

Fear of urine.: Urophobia

Where circus performers eat, not public.: Cookhouse

Spiderman.: Superhero

Puzzle 4 Answers

A bedroom for guests.: Guest room

Capital of Mauritius.: Port louis

Lustful, indecent.: Salacious

Early 20th century US swing dance.: Jitterbug

Circus general admission seats, usually blue.: Stringers

Someone in charge of an organization.: Executive

Aspartame is a man-made __ for foods.: Sweetener

Road going under a bridge.: Underpass

Escarpment is the __ of land.: Elevation

Puns or the like.: Wordplays

To be irritated due to indigestion.: Dyspeptic

Popular instrument during 2010 Football World Cup.: Vuvuzelas

Mental condition causes memory loss in elderly.: Alzheimer

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Scottish capital.: Edinburgh

Armed forces of Nazi Germany.: Wehrmacht

Protective as an uncle.: Avuncular

Big yellow tropical fruit.: Pineapple

Dangerous coagulated mass in arteries.: Blood clot

Large order of birds that perch and sing.: Passerine

Formation where water spills over an edge.: Waterfall

Fire and __.: Brimstone

Internet unlikeable, facial hair below the face.: Neckbeard

Equipment used to glide on water.: Wakeboard

Folkloric Bigfoot of the Northwestern Pacific coast.: Sasquatch

Group 97

Puzzle 1 Answers

Breast drill, a type of hand drill.: Egg beater

TV mogul: CNN, TBS, TNT and more.: Ted turner

Baseball accomplishment; Denny’s big breakfast.: Grand slam

Gas emitted from fuel combustion in a car.: Emissions

Known as India’s “Silicon Valley”.: Bangalore

__ Wars, series of 20th century Asian conflicts.: Indochina

A daily summary.: Newspaper

To be drained of strength or energy.: Exhausted

The common garden mint; a candy flavor.: Spearmint

Insecticide, __ used to kill insects.: Chemicals

Moon __ are found in most oceans.: Jellyfish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Paper chase.: Red tape

Maritime member of the Justice League.: Aquaman

__ quo: one thing for another in Latin.: Quid pro

In baseball, the team with control of the ball.: Defense

German noble house that ruled the Duchy of Anhalt.: Ascania

The Empire __ Back, a Star Wars movie.: Strikes

Web __ games are played without downloads.: Browser

__ blennies are also called reef blennies.: Big nose

__ Ajdukiewicz, Polish portrait painter.: Tadeusz

Country where Shakespeare was born.: England

Someone who sends unwanted e-mails.: Spammer

Dipsophobia is fear of drinking __.: Alcohol

Liquid used as flavoring for drinks.: Bitters

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tends to flock, Jesus to his followers.: Shepherd

Interested in others, not introverted.: Outgoing

Common North American freshwater fish.: Bluegill

Medium-green chili pepper, eaten on spicy foods.: Jalapeno

Country in Horn of Africa, capital is Addis Ababa.: Ethiopia

Mario __, Nintendo’s brethren hit.: Brothers

The __, animation about the heir of the jungle.: Lion king

__ Cassidy, fictional cowboy character, TV series.: Hopalong

Fine grit tool used to fix chipped nails.: Nailfile

Billy Budd, an opera by __ Britten.: Benjamin

In Frederick Forsyth’s novel, the Jackal’s target.: De gaulle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Item shipped in a box in the mail.: Package

Remove deposits of chemicals on a cooking item.: Descale

Twin to Apollo.: Artemis

Magic __, Disney’s top park; Cinderella’s castle.: Kingdom

Number of items in different sizes, colors, shapes.: Variety

Holthuis __ shrimp have purple spots.: Cleaner

An answering __ holds phone messages.: Machine

Covered structure used to park cars under.: Carport

Metathesiophobia is the fear of __.: Changes

__ Cove, Newfoundland. Named after soil, not hair.: Red head

David killed him with a slingshot.: Goliath

Communist icon who started out as doctor.: Guevara

Puzzle 5 Answers

Only continent located in all hemispheres.: Africa

Known for his role as The Joker, died in 2008.: Ledger

Gather liquid, gas, etc on a surface in a layer.: Adsorb

Professional that produces fabrics by threading.: Weaver

Balderdash is a game of __ and bluffing.: Trivia

Man in the __, Michael Jackson song.: Mirror

A medium-grade metamorphic rock.: Schist

Digital cell phone, __ phone, portable, moving.: Mobile

Food chain, the house of this breakfast item.: Waffle

__ Little Liars, TV drama set in Rosewood.: Pretty

Jaundice is a __ staining of skin.: Yellow

Large bone that holds lower organs in place.: Pelvis

__ chameleon: has a large cone on its head.: Veiled

__ Punch, last hit, knockout blow.: Sunday

Easy to bend, ductile.: Pliant

Group 98

Puzzle 1 Answers

Decreased oxygen to tissues, choking, also fatal.: Asphyxia

Hungarian __, has a long corded coat, like a mop.: Sheepdog

Place where trash is buried underground.: Landfill

SimCity is a city building and urban __ MMO.: Planning

Floating organism, some whales eat millions daily.: Plankton

This fork is used to consume seafood.: Cocktail

Small metal object used to remove unwanted hairs.: Tweezers

They resisted technology and smashed machines.: Luddites

Rear part of a truck or SUV.: Tailgate

Indonesia’s most popular language.: Javanese

Three-sided shape, musical instrument.: Triangle

Largest moon of Jupiter.: Ganymede

Comic verse in irregular rhythm.: Doggerel

Puzzle 2 Answers

Pills and creams used to make your health better.: Medicine

To decorate with a bold logo.: Emblazon

Semi-precious purple gemstone used in jewelry.: Amethyst

Time that a project has to be finished by.: Deadline

Flat, long-tailed sea creature kids love to pet.: Stingray

An apparatus for reducing liquids to a fine spray.: Atomizer

Nuclear country, heated neighbor of India.: Pakistan

Cereal claims to be breakfast of champions.: Wheaties

Car accident where a car turns on its side.: Rollover

A break in the middle of a game.: Halftime

Senet is an ancient __ board game from 3500 BC.: Egyptian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fictional planet of Masters of the Universe.: Eternia

What one should do for war when in peace.: Prepare

__ Neverland, movie depicting JM Barrie’s life.: Finding

Black __ model, mathematics of financial markets.: Scholes

A shallow pan, a frying pan.: Skillet

Chocolate brand, amusement park in Pennsylvania.: Hershey

__ frogfish can change to match habitats.: Painted

It literally means desert dweller.: Bedouin

Japanese paper folding art.: Origami

Duck __ is a video game based on the show.: Dynasty

Keister is a circus wardrobe trunk or __.: Luggage

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sweet topping found on cakes and cupcakes.: Frosting

Long arm of the sea __ by steep cliffs.: Bordered

Lego __ World is based on movie with same title.: Jurassic

Mexican-American oil painter, __ died 2000.: Escalera

Two-player board game, goal is to capture a flag.: Stratego

__ is the main character of Tangled.: Rapunzel

Diathermy uses heat to destroy __ cells.: Abnormal

To keep going.: Continue

This martial art uses clinch, knees and elbows.: Muay thai

In the weakest link of the chain you can find it.: Strength

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ While You Work was sung by Snow White.: Whistle

Area where pitchers warm up in baseball.: Bullpen

Swept off one’s feet.: Smitten

Polish folk dance in a triple meter tempo.: Mazurka

Utensil made to steep or soak items in liquid, tea.: Infuser

Snakes and __, classic worldwide game from India.: Ladders

Item covering birds, not fur or skin.: Feather

Clans may be identified through them.: Tartans

Friction firelighters created by John Walker.: Matches

From the __ to the ridiculous.: Sublime

World Wide Web writer.: Blogger

In 1986’s Castlevania, you defeat __.: Dracula

__ dentures cover a couple of teeth.: Partial

Dessert: Rice, bread, chocolate.: Pudding

Group 99

Puzzle 1 Answers

Blood __, is related to blood in the arteries.: Pressure

Longshoreman.: Dockhand

Latin American stuffed pastry.: Empanada

Primate with bright blue and red face.: Mandrill

You’ve probably been told not to crack these.: Knuckles

Deciduous tree with dark purple berries.: Mulberry

Quick, public assembly of people doing an act.: Flash mob

Val __, a Tartan noir writer.: Mcdermid

Lower fabric of two overlapped pieces in a garment.: Underlap

Also known as horse trials.: Eventing

World of __, video game made into movie in 2016.: Warcraft

Garbage __ Unit, found under kitchen sink.: Disposal

Puzzle 2 Answers

Terraria is a sandbox action-__ game.: Adventure

Scottish philosopher, British empiricist.: David hume

Negative balance in your bank account.: Overdraft

Frigid, dairy mixed treat.: Milkshake

They are the devil’s tools.: Idle hands

The day before today.: Yesterday

Storytellers with profound knowledge of Hadith.: Muhaddith

Swiss Alps “white” peak near Zermatt.: Weisshorn

Natural scenery; painting genre.: Landscape

Otto __, filmmaker and director of Exodus.: Preminger

Rabelais’s story of giants: __ and Pantagruel.: Gargantua

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tony Hawk’s Pro __ 5 released Dec 2015.: Skater

__ shaping corrects small problems in teeth.: Enamel

80’s band that made a hit about Big Brother.: Police

Beam Me Up __, Star Trek personality.: Scotty

The capital of Republic of Macedonia.: Skopje

Deep and narrow __ from a stream or river.: Ravine

UFO: Unidentified Flying __.: Object

Chili __, dried, crushed mixture of chilis.: Powder

Boat made by hollowing out a log; also in baseball.: Dugout

Stir one’s __ = hurry up.: Stumps

__ Peet, American actress.: Amanda

This type of hair can be a follicle annoyance.: Facial

Feline stimulant.: Catnip

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sirens lured sailors in ancient Greek tale.: Odyssey

More people are killed by __ than plane crashes.: Donkeys

Human duality foe of the Caped Crusader.: Two face

Device sends medicine to lungs for asthma sufferer.: Inhaler

An effort to do something.: Attempt

Outline of a body or figure.: Contour

Social media, post limit of only 280 characters.: Twitter

Final stages of a game.: End game

Vertical Scrabble.: Upwords

Hardest known natural material.: Diamond

Getting more irritated.: Angrier

What makes the man, according to Shakespeare.: Clothes

This country’s flag is the oldest in the world.: Denmark

Puzzle 5 Answers

Study of the history of words.: Etymology

This trumpeter imagined a wonderful world.: Armstrong

Someone who studies life scientifically.: Biologist

Kicks off, launches, goes live.: Activates

East Slavic language.: Ukrainian

Warren Buffet’s holding company, __ Hathaway.: Berkshire

Famous sitcom with funny lead lady, Cuban husband.: I love lucy

Thin “hair” pasta that has angelic version.: Capellini

Tall constructions.: Buildings

Powerful newsman from Sweet Smell of Success.: Hunsecker

Space inside vehicle where motor is located.: Engine bay

Group 100

Puzzle 1 Answers

Female with the body of a bird in Russian folklore.: Alkonost

Down Under government seat.: Canberra

Wheeled object commonly used in the circus.: Unicycle

Lower in rank, station, degree, grade.: Inferior

EEG studies __ currents in the brain.: Electric

GridIron Master combines chess with __.: Football

Edible fungus with stem and domed cap.: Mushroom

Cost of running a business.: Overhead

Carnival ride with horses going up and down.: Carousel

One __ the Cuckoo’s Nest, with Jack Nicholson.: Flew over

The first metal __ was invented in 1874.: Detector

The Sphynx is a __ breed of cat.: Hairless

Puzzle 2 Answers

Tube that connects the throat and stomach.: Esophagus

Super goblin, Puck from Midsummers Night’s Dream.: Hobgoblin

To live in a new country for permanent residence.: Immigrate

Holy Spirit descent fifty days after Easter.: Pentecost

Tissue damage caused by extreme cold.: Frostbite

Illegal act in the Royal Forest under English law.: Assarting

Connects ship to pier, pirates, to walk the __.: Gangplank

British actress known as M in James Bond’s films.: Judi dench

Wireless tech for short distance data exchange.: Bluetooth

Reef __ is a carnivore with venomous spikes.: Stonefish

Puzzle 3 Answers

Memory loss caused by brain damage.: Amnesia

Muscular security at a nightclub.: Bouncer

Glands in the body that produce different hormones.: Adrenal

13 __ Drive is a 1993 board game by Milton Bradley.: Dead end

Slang term used for methamphetamine.: Crystal

Tea, juice drink with facts on inside of cap.: Snapple

Strong cotton cloth for mattress covering.: Ticking

Giant Panda, a __ bear that is black and white.: Chinese

Safe container for firing gun during a play.: Pyropot

Sci-fi film about eternal youth with Rock Hudson.: Seconds

Geological structure for conducting ground water.: Aquifer

Once largest social media, now musician platform.: My space

Puzzle 4 Answers

Uninterested, indifferent.: Apathetic

A rich brown color, also a dessert and flavoring.: Chocolate

Tyler Durden is the main character of __.: Fight club

Study tool, answers, questions on different sides.: Flashcard

Composed the Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.: Piazzolla

TV drama about gladiators in Ancient Rome.: Spartacus

Redhead primate, found in Asia.: Orangutan

Underwriters evaluate risk for this industry.: Insurance

Character based on Jazz age flapper.: Betty boop

The Devil is a __ evil entity.: Religious

Eclampsia is seizures during __.: Pregnancy

The one who decides where tents go in circus.: Layout man

Puzzle 5 Answers

Public Display of __, also known as PDA.: Affection

Gary Cooper’s role about a born-again marksman.: Alvin york

Performer on a trapeze or above the ground.: Aerialist

Malefiz, or __, is a descendant of Pachisi.: Barricade

Giant slayed by Heracles in Greek mythology.: Alcyoneus

Blowing device dries follicles post shower.: Hair dryer

Performance made to seem ridiculous, not serious.: Burlesque

The one who wrote Decameron.: Boccaccio

Traditional Christmas cake.: Fruitcake

Largest church buildings.: Basilicas

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