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Group 261

Puzzle 1 Answers

Garments people wear regularly.: Clothes

Theft, stealing.: Larceny

Industrial suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.: Osborne

To avenge, usually by retaliating.: Revenge

Coarse sedimentary rock with angular fragments.: Breccia

Undecided or neutral in politics.: Mugwump

People who train others.: Coaches

2002 World Cup stadium, home of the Antlers.: Kashima

Cream-colored root related to the carrot.: Parsnip

It includes knowledge, art and beliefs of a society.: Culture

Nobody should rest on one’s own.: Laurels

Dumb and Dumber actor Jeff __.: Daniels

Business, organization, entity.: Company

Puzzle 2 Answers

Héléna __, French actress from mid 1900s.: Manson

Hammer with a barrel-shaped head.: Mallet

US vice-president who won the Peace prize in 2007.: Al gore

Giant luxurious residence of royals.: Castle

A government, especially an authoritarian one.: Regime

__ Hill, highest point on Christmas Island.: Murray

Home to so many philosophers.: Greece

Past participle of the verb fight.: Fought

Hormone that helps to regulate energy balance.: Leptin

Stadium Puskas __, named after Hungarian great.: Ferenc

Spider-Man’s mild mannered alter ego.: Parker

Opposite to start.: Finish

Puzzle 3 Answers

Kartvelian language.: Georgian

Aztec method of agriculture on rectangular patches.: Chinampa

Clay-based vases, bowls and ornaments.: Ceramics

Go all out, like a total pig.: Whole hog

Rupees are used in India and this Muslim neighbor.: Pakistan

Sequence of percussive beats raising anticipation.: Drum roll

__ Garner, US actress of Alias and 13 Going on 30.: Jennifer

European crisp, sweetened bread, a form of rusk.: Zwieback

Elimination game based on facial features.: Guess who

Belted __fish are bright gold with black belt.: Cardinal

Hitting the nail on the head.: Striking

Bag carried on back by walkers, from German words.: Rucksack

Small inflatable boats, often made of rubber.: Dinghies

Puzzle 4 Answers

Grounds and tenancies of a very large property.: Estate

Rusty orange hue.: Auburn

Sufficient evidences for the truth of a proposition.: Proofs

Antonín __, Czech New World Symphony composer.: Dvořák

Estadio Metropolitano de __, Venezuela.: Merida

Mel __, Lethal Weapon’s actor.: Gibson

Novel by Charles Dickens: “__ Twist”.: Oliver

Metal-coiled spring that travels down stairs.: Slinky

Sections of a river with a relatively steep slope.: Rapids

Something that happens each year.: Annual

Mongrels.: Scrubs

The late Natasha Richardson’s husband, Liam __.: Neeson

__ Farhi, French fashion designer.: Nicole

Castle strategically surrounded by water.: Moated

Popular in High Middle Ages, Knightly sword.: Arming

Type of wine used in a trifle.: Sherry

Of or relating to a disease or its characteristics.: Morbid

A silhouette or dark shape.: Shadow

Twin of Pollux and son of Leda in Roman mythology.: Castor

Puzzle 5 Answers

Collection of units into a body, mass or amount.: Aggregate

Duchy in central Germany in the Middle Ages.: Franconia

Wooden boy.: Pinocchio

Dog Day __, movie with Al Pacino as a bank robber.: Afternoon

West Germanic language from Dutch vernacular.: Afrikaans

Australian singer of 1000 Forms of Fear.: Sia furler

Original creation from the use of imagination.: Invention

Soft washed-rind and smear-ripened French cheese.: Reblochon

Sweet food made from cacao that comes in bars.: Chocolate

Empty sea vessel wandering without control.: Ghostship

A song by Kiss from album Unmasked.: Naked city

Group 262

Puzzle 1 Answers

Paired percussion instrument of seed-filled gourds.: Maracas

Chimamanda Ngozi __, wrote Half of a Yellow Sun.: Adichie

Les Demoiselles d’__, Picasso painting.: Avignon

Someone who bets money on games or races.: Gambler

It means “hell” in Italian.: Inferno

Nonbelief in the existence of God.: Atheism

Muhammad Ali’s birth name: __ Clay.: Cassius

Rock once molten.: Igneous

Fire-__ toads have bright red spotted stomachs.: Bellied

Roman King of the Gods.: Jupiter

To render something valueless.: Nullify

The opposite of lights.: Shadows

Blade fitted at the end of a musket.: Bayonet

Country where Belfast is located, Northern __.: Ireland

Will __, US actor of Anchorman, Step Brothers.: Ferrell

Medicine for upset stomach, indigestion or nausea.: Bismuth

Puzzle 2 Answers

Plundered place, such as a town.: Sacked

It means “thanks” in Italian.: Grazie

__-Loir, north French dept named after two rivers.: Eure et

Convex gardening spatula to transplant seedlings.: Widger

SpaceX’s launch vehicle.: Falcon

Spiritual, calm Chinese martial art.: Qigong

To suck the air and dirt from carpets or rugs.: Vacuum

__ ghost crabs live in the Indo-Pacific region.: Horned

The Girl with the Dragon __, book by Stieg Larsson.: Tattoo

Element used in x-rays and rat poison.: Barium

Greek Titan and the father of Zeus.: Kronos

First ruler of Akkad in Northern Mesopotamia.: Sargon

Puzzle 3 Answers

Sending an electronic communication.: Emailing

Shakespearean actress from Poland: Helena __.: Modjeska

Term for a hoofed mammal.: Ungulate

Channels on the radio.: Stations

To cut down expenses.: Retrench

A disordered, weakened or unsound condition.: Sickness

Ethnic groups living outside their homeland.: Diaspora

Capital of Vanuatu.: Port vila

Clamshell fixing used in jewelry making.: Callotte

Nickname of Australian swimming great Ian.: Thorpedo

US horror comedy film about mogwai pet.: Gremlins

In __, Latin phrase meaning “not present”.: Absentia

Stronghold.: Fortress

Amazon lily.: Eucharis

Via __, sorrowful route taken by Jesus to Calvary.: Dolorosa

Unsolicited sales attempt by telephone.: Cold call

Puzzle 4 Answers

British pop rock band named after Liverpool Doctor.: Lawson

__ Blecharczyk, cofounder of Airbnb.: Nathan

A __ of ants.: Colony

__ Dassler, founder of sportswear brand Puma.: Rudolf

Sea of __, divides Mexico; Gulf of California.: Cortes

Office machine for reproduction.: Copier

Kathleen __, US actress in Romancing the Stone.: Turner

__ bells, small metal bells with internal pellet.: Jingle

Area comprising rivers Ant, Bure, Yare, Chet.: Broads

Harry Potter’s pet owl.: Hedwig

Wedding dessert from Central Europe.: Kolach

Secure rectangular container to store things.: Locker

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient people who were the original mummifiers.: Egyptians

Welsh fruit loaf aka speckled bread.: Bara brith

__ method, studying the world using the senses.: Empirical

Animated film about ant Flik and his friends.: A bugs life

Elizabeth __, first woman in US to become a doctor.: Blackwell

Man in the moon with a cream cheese hat.: Aiken drum

Going with the flow.: Antegrade

Ghastly, dreadful.: Egregious

Czech-born tennis star who coached Andy Murray.: Ivan lendl

Scale used to measure flux.: Magnitude

Chant in church invented in the Middle Ages.: Gregorian

Group 263

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient gemstone used by pharoahs.: Peridot

Metal item for holding live coals for heating.: Brazier

Amount of money received per unit time in a job.: Pay rate

Eric is the evil and rotund South Park character.: Cartman

First lunar phase.: New moon

Graham Greene honorary consul, Charley __.: Fortnum

American __ is also the Bully.: Bulldog

Medicine without an active ingredient.: Placebo

Virtuous, holy.: Saintly

Philip Seymour __, US actor who passed away in 2014.: Hoffman

Al Pacino plays an honest cop against corruption.: Serpico

Wacky __, slang word for marijuana.: Tobacky

Rembrandt’s last name.: Van rijn

Instrument that uses shadows to tell the time.: Sundial

Type of poison that killed Socrates.: Hemlock

Tiny baked good, very popular with cream on top.: Cupcake

Puzzle 2 Answers

Study of light, wide array of applications.: Optics

Anakin Skywalker, __ Christensen.: Hayden

Of the eyes.: Ocular

Sikh symbol, a double-edged sword.: Khanda

Small inflatable boat, often made of rubber.: Dinghy

__ Summer, unseasonably warm autumn weather.: Indian

Fish that gave birth to the stars in Māori folklore.: Ikaroa

Author of the play “Blithe Spirit”: Noel __.: Coward

Greek poetess, symbolic of female homosexuality.: Sappho

Flavoring for a satay dipping sauce.: Peanut

__ Prince is the smart kid in The Simpsons.: Martin

Marilynne Robinson’s book about fathers and sons.: Gilead

To scribble aimlessly.: Doodle

Moving without anchor or mooring.: Adrift

Puzzle 3 Answers

Showy, frivolous; trifling thing of no consequence.: Frippery

Ben __, wrote Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.: Fountain

Model Gisele __ is married to Tom Brady.: Bundchen

Colorful mineral; Blue John is a variety.: Fluorite

Redeemable after 12 months.: Yearling

Mass movement by a fleeing crowd.: Stampede

Ziggy __ and the Spiders from Mars.: Stardust

Aircraft designed to land on the ocean.: Seaplane

Strategy game with turning cogs.: Downfall

__ Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time.: Muhammad

Describes a horse with a reddish-brown coat.: Chestnut

Piratical facial accessory.: Eyepatch

Dirty Harry’s last name.: Callahan

Puzzle 4 Answers

Call to __.: Action

Mitsubishi model sounds like a military leader.: Shogun

Telescopic __, optical zooming.: Vision

Add these to mulled wine to flavour it.: Spices

Country where the Negev Desert is located.: Israel

Jewelry or object covered with gold.: Plated

Ancient site, spring at Mount Hermon.: Banias

Gary __, UK actor, Dracula star.: Oldman

__ weight, boxing division less than middleweight.: Welter

Battle of 1389 where Ottomans defeated Serbs.: Kosovo

Alice __, wrote The Color Purple.: Walker

Art supporters.: Easels

Grimy rock music.: Grunge

An enzyme secreted by the stomach wall.: Pepsin

Puzzle 5 Answers

War memorial at Ypres; Last Post is played nightly.: Menin gate

Ras __, northernmost of the United Arab Emirates.: Al khaimah

Essential oil; bushy herb of the mint family.: Patchouli

US boxer Floyd, world heavyweight champ in 1950s.: Patterson

Antonym of limited.: Boundless

Uno, Snap and Pit are examples of __.: Card games

In a certain place.: Somewhere

Mr. __ Builds His Dream House, movie with C. Grant.: Blandings

Inflammation of the liver.: Hepatitis

Where to eat on a train.: Buffet car

German electronic band of the 70s with Autobahn.: Kraftwerk

Synchronized boot scoot.: Line dance

Traitor in GOT.: Turncloak

Hundred-footed insect.: Centipede

Philosopher, a boozy beggar said Monty Python.: Heidegger

Group 264

Puzzle 1 Answers

__-daro, rediscovered Indus Valley civilization.: Mohenjo

Corby __ Press, an iconic product from Britain.: Trouser

Famous WWII tank.: Sherman

Someone who investigates suspicious deaths.: Coroner

Another name for kettledrums.: Timpani

Greek goddess of corn and fruitfulness.: Demeter

South China Sea islands claimed by Vietnam, China.: Paracel

Amy __, aviatrix flew from Britain to Australia.: Johnson

Yarn measure equivalent to 18 hanks or 126 skeins.: Spindle

Company distilling Cordon Bleu.: Martell

What one cannot do if he/she can’t obey.: Command

Tiny glass balls for rolling or collecting.: Marbles

Certainly not strict.: Lenient

Fatty acid used in soaps.: Stearic

Player going first in __ 4 can win 100% of the times.: Connect

Large sledges traditionally pulled by reindeer.: Sleighs

Frosty’s genus.: Snowman

Underground stem that produces roots and shoots.: Rhizome

Retail __, shopping to make you feel better!.: Therapy

Machado __, Brazilian writer of realist novels.: De assis

Intensely deep red.: Crimson

Cash __, an ATM to dispense the notes for shopping.: Machine

__ Sorter, machine to separate unattractive foods.: Blemish

Stadio Artemio __, Fiorentina football home.: Franchi

A usually circular line encompassing an area.: Circuit

Diaphragm spasms.: Hiccups

Puzzle 2 Answers

To board a plane or ship for a journey.: Embark

__ Jack, notorious 18th-century pirate.: Calico

To turn into bone, to petrify.: Ossify

Fiji is an __ nation.: Island

Daisy __, Rey, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.: Ridley

Avoided, failed to be captured.: Evaded

Sound of a titter or giggle.: Tee hee

Traditional Ascot races headgear for men.: Top hat

Skeletally scanned.: Xrayed

The time of greatest successes.: Heyday

One who says, anagram of torque.: Quoter

The dark lord of Mordor.: Sauron

A __ of cubs and kittens.: Litter

Archery targets.: Bosses

Puzzle 3 Answers

One with hope.: Aspirant

Supreme self-confidence.: Chutzpah

When February has 29 days.: Leap year

He finished 2nd place in 2009 X Factor.: Olly murs

Property of the tape invented by Richard E Drew.: Adhesive

You got lucky girl, when he found you.: Tom petty

Crystallized green stems used as cake toppers.: Angelica

Deng __, leader of China from 1978-1989.: Xiaoping

Colourful allium that is actually purple.: Red onion

Area of north-west Italy with Turin as the capital.: Piedmont

Native from the South American city La Paz.: Bolivian

A bad workman blames these.: His tools

Unexplained series of designs at Nazca.: Geoglyph

Body organ that secretes glucagon.: Pancreas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pond __, insect that skims the surface of water.: Skater

Of or relating to rats or mice.: Murine

Militant anti-fascist political movement.: Antifa

A furious rant.: Tirade

__ Earring, 70s Dutch band with Radar Love.: Golden

Spend these in São Tomé and Príncipe.: Dobras

Full of lumps, not smooth.: Chunky

Metal sliding cylinder exerting pressure on fluids.: Piston

Martial artist and judo champion, Ronda __.: Rousey

Name of people from Barbados.: Bajans

The Adventures of Huck Finn (1993) starred __ Wood.: Elijah

__ Mahal, Shah Jahan’s wife and palace inspiration.: Mumtaz

In apothecaries’ weight: 20 of these in a scruple.: Grains

Puzzle 5 Answers

Journal for sticking in cuttings.: Scrapbook

Irish bread with sultanas and raisins.: Barmbrack

__ the Great, 18th C king of Prussia.: Frederick

__ Wake, James Joyce’s final work.: Finnegans

Classes where dogs are taught to behave.: Obedience

Using bizarre, illogical and incoherent settings.: Absurdism

Backbones.: Vertebrae

Barcelona public gardens designed by Gaudí.: Park guell

Festive scene encased in liquid-filled dome.: Snow globe

Russian author Boris __ declined the Nobel prize.: Pasternak

Swinging device marks time in music.: Metronome

Study focuses on the nervous system.: Neurology

World record-breaking marathon runner, Paula __.: Radcliffe

Group 265

Puzzle 1 Answers

Pandemic is a widely spread __.: Disease

Fellow feeling.: Empathy

Stanley __, painter of Cookham and nudes.: Spencer

Watery mythical lady with a fishy tail.: Mermaid

A city in western Uzbekistan.: Urgench

__Blake, English poet who illustrated his own work.: William

Asian cooking technique of roasted spices.: Baghaar

Obtained money from someone by swindling.: Fleeced

Simpsons’s physician, Doctor __.: Hibbert

Big __, sports idiom meaning more important.: Leagues

Deciphered.: Decoded

Trombone from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.: Sackbut

Seriousness, importance, significance.: Gravity

Polygon base with triangular faces.: Pyramid

Rapidly shrinking Central Asian body of water.: Aral sea

To shock, astonish.: Astound

Puzzle 2 Answers

Lender at high interest rates, old term.: Usurer

Clear of chin hair.: Shaven

Gerd __, German striker with knack for the goal.: Muller

Philosophy __, branch concerned with mental events.: Of mind

White collar workers work here.: Office

Scowl, knit one’s brow.: Glower

A dark sooty shade of brown or grey.: Bistre

Messy.: Untidy

To pay no attention to.: Ignore

A genus of colorful sea slugs.: Tambja

Movie of blue people; forum character.: Avatar

Honda car model, its name sounds like an agreement.: Accord

Julian Alps basin crossed by Sava Bohinjka river.: Bohinj

__ of Wales, Champagne drink by Albert Edward.: Prince

European river travels through ten countries.: Danube

Small piece that holds the end of a belt in place.: Keeper

Puzzle 3 Answers

Autocue helper.: Prompter

A UNESCO World Heritage site in Tunisia.: Kairouan

Needlework for dresses with honeycomb pattern.: Smocking

Body of water off Leghorn where Shelley drowned.: La spezia

Cast iron bread of Boers in South Africa.: Potbrood

Cook who works under the head in a kitchen.: Sous chef

Scientific prediction of upcoming weather.: Forecast

It means “fireplace” in Spanish.: Chimenea

On Futurama, __ Slim is Hermes’ rival.: Barbados

Cyd __, actress of The Band Wagon.: Charisse

Puzzle 4 Answers

Currency of Hungary.: Forint

Chief Inspector Wexford and DI Mike __.: Burden

Snow sliding sport’s practitioners.: Skiers

Way, mood.: Manner

Sentence structure study.: Syntax

Holy city in Saudi Arabia, burial place of Muhammad.: Medina

The Deer __, De Niro, Walken changed by war.: Hunter

Papers made from the stems of tall marsh plants.: Papyri

Espresso drink with milk and dollop of ice cream.: Freddo

Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire, Jack __.: Huston

Consolation, comfort.: Solace

To Increase prices abruptly.: Jack up

Winston Churchill’s mother, Jennie __.: Jerome

Some who enjoys going on foot.: Walker

Ted __, diagnosed with Cat Scratch Fever.: Nugent

Otherworldly apparitions.: Ghosts

Horse__, peppery root used to make wasabi sauce.: Radish

Puzzle 5 Answers

The __, reformed pirate rules Jamaica.: Black swan

Wooden or plastic circles twirl around the body.: Hula hoops

Recognized as “the wisest man in all of Oz”.: Scarecrow

Neolithic settlement on the Bay of Skaill.: Skara brae

Bean-shaped gland in the immune system.: Lymph node

A life-like doll who could really show her emotions.: Tiny tears

City in Germany that’s home to the Porsche Museum.: Stuttgart

French term for wine steward or connoisseur.: Sommelier

To construct a lie.: Fabricate

Learn about children by studying this.: Paedology

Daenerys __, is played by Emilia Clarke.: Targaryen

Group 266

Puzzle 1 Answers

To elongate.: Stretch

Board game with brain power required.: Cranium

Construction kit with metal strips, nuts and bolts.: Meccano

Herbert von __, Austrian musical conductor.: Karajan

Hoped.: Aspired

To disparage someone.: Put down

Investigating by asking questions or poking.: Probing

Saint __, French count who seemed to be immortal.: Germain

Trimming of strands on your head.: Haircut

Ignatius of Loyola, Spanish priest, founded these.: Jesuits

Vicomte seducer in book by Laclos.: Valmont

An addict’s worst friend.: Enabler

Recital.: Concert

__ Present, movie with Cary Grant.: Wedding

Puzzle 2 Answers

An opening move in chess involving sacrifice.: Gambit

Financially backed a gambler.: Staked

To provoke, start a reaction.: Fire up

Tie that doesn’t need to be tied.: Clip on

DJ’s creative song introductions.: Liners

First planet to be identified with a telescope.: Uranus

TV clown on The Simpsons.: Krusty

Dairy rejecters.: Vegans

__ acid, process aid in beverages aka tannin.: Tannic

__ Man, 1945 musical about identical twins.: Wonder

Iran, in ancient times.: Persia

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Le Rouge et le Noir” French author’s pen name.: Stendhal

Relaxing.: Chilling

Red North Italian wine grape with high tannins.: Nebbiolo

Historical rabbi, “a reasoner”.: Savoraim

Muscovite like mica with magnesium.: Phengite

Another name for the trachea.: Windpipe

The executive capital of South Africa.: Pretoria

One-person card game, not for the easily annoyed.: Patience

__ line, marker on the sides of ships.: Plimsoll

Dangerous __, period piece with Glenn Close.: Liaisons

Pirate ship loaded and ready for battle.: Man of war

Puzzle 4 Answers

Dust and rock ejected by a volcano.: Tephra

Noisy fight or punch-up; a brawl.: Fracas

The __ on the River Kwai, won an Oscar in 1958.: Bridge

A cow moos, a donkey brays, a horse __.: Neighs

Wealthy girl in Billy Joel’s classic song.: Uptown

__ kameez, traditional two-piece Indian outfit.: Salwar

Sad words to kids, __ school.: Back to

Virgil’s history of Rome.: Aeneid

Dorothy __, 1976 gold medal female skater.: Hamill

Crème __, French dessert of cold, set custard.: Brûlée

Long vehicle for transporting the deceased.: Hearse

Puzzle 5 Answers

1991 chart-topping album for REM.: Out of time

They make up half the casualties of war.: Civilians

To count or work out mathematical problems.: Calculate

__ green, color named after German city.: Brunswick

Toy car brand by Mattel.: Hotwheels

Civil War General Thomas J Jackson’s nickname.: Stonewall

Records details of your birth and can marry you.: Registrar

Modern-day name of the city of Stalingrad.: Volgograd

Bundner __, Swiss pastry of caramelised walnuts.: Nusstorte

Turning a ship on its side.: Careening

Person who takes care of insects that make honey.: Beekeeper

Piece of cloth used to dry fingers and palms.: Hand towel

Winston __, UK Prime Minister during WWII.: Churchill

Naga __, glowing phenomenon on the Mekong River.: Fireballs

Jeffrey __, Middlesex writer.: Eugenides

Group 267

Puzzle 1 Answers

Head of educational establishment.: Provost

Author of “A Brief History of Time”: Stephen __.: Hawking

They speak louder than words.: Actions

Flagship of the Decepticons in Transformers.: Nemesis

Salt lake bordering Jordan.: Dead sea

Real, authentic.: Genuine

Rats and mice.: Rodents

Action that pancake makers are involved in.: Tossing

Highly collectible stuffed toys on strings.: Puppets

__ Nakamoto, bitcoin digital currency designer.: Satoshi

The Flower __, Diego Rivera’s oil painting.: Carrier

__ Club, frequent flyer scheme of Monarch Airlines.: Vantage

The first Iraq war was known as the __ Gulf War.: Persian

Diameter of the bore of a gun, bullet measure.: Caliber

In Bizet’s Carmen, the soldier that kills her.: Don jose

Goat-antelope native to mountains in Europe.: Chamois

A small footstool.: Cricket

Puzzle 2 Answers

Grace __, invented early computer language A-O.: Hopper

Coulrophobia is a fear of __.: Clowns

Dictatorial order.: Diktat

Henry __, Cromwell’s son-in-law and general.: Ireton

Diverse, not all the same.: Varied

__ Page, 1950s pinup-inspired hair cut style.: Bettie

Workers’ rights groups.: Unions

Lapis __, blue gemstone found in Afghanistan.: Lazuli

High altitude wispy clouds.: Cirrus

Character created by A. A. Milne, __ the Pooh.: Winnie

The Road to El __, US drama with Kevin Kline.: Dorado

Pilot, anagram of marina.: Airman

Barley bread from Libya.: Bazeen

Lotion or emulsion to darken your skin.: Tanner

Roof tiles.: Slates

Real name of U2 lead singer Bono, Paul __.: Hewson

Puzzle 3 Answers

Lisbeth __, a girl with a dragon tattoo.: Salander

Unpleasant action of bees and wasps.: Stinging

Obi-Wan wants to take Luke to __ in Episode 4.: Alderaan

In the eye of the beholder, study of beauty.: Kalology

Turkish tribes from here founded Ottoman empire.: Anatolia

__ Moss, F1 driver with 212 Grand Prix wins.: Stirling

Jean __, Finnish composer of Kullervo.: Sibelius

Catch-all term for Germanic spirits and liqueurs.: Schnapps

To dwindle.: Decrease

Taking a little off the top or the side.: Trimming

Fancy handbag, especially one with a drawstring.: Reticule

Hand-held controller for flying a plane.: Joystick

Puzzle 4 Answers

They show guests to their seats at a wedding.: Ushers

Season of the year when the Titanic sank.: Spring

Physical or emotional movement.: Motion

Intact medieval city in German state of Thuringia.: Erfurt

To be aggressive with actions or words.: Attack

E-book reader from Amazon.: Kindle

Limbless slithering reptiles.: Snakes

Plastic on the ends of shoestrings.: Aglets

Japanese car company refers to the Pleiades.: Subaru

Blood type factor named after a monkey.: Rhesus

Decayed and rotten.: Putrid

Anise, licorice liqueur originally from France.: Pastis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Nickname for US city Detroit, Michigan.: Motor city

Spreading the digits in a Bob Fosse fashion.: Jazzhands

Characterized by repeated bouncing.: Ballistic

Similar to socks but longer.: Stockings

Sulphite mineral used in masonry.: Aluminite

“Canine” grapefruit cocktail, salty dog on rim.: Greyhound

The Beast’s right hand and pendulum clock.: Cogsworth

With Woodward he exposed the Watergate affair.: Bernstein

Name of the patient in the board game Operation.: Cavity sam

__ Mac, UK-US band with albums Tusk and Rumours.: Fleetwood

Nickname of tennis player John McEnroe.: Superbrat

Ship’s flag indicating it’s leaving port.: Bluepeter

Inca creator, responsible for Nazca Lines.: Viracocha

Trial period to assess fitness or readiness.: Probation

1987 Bond film The Living __.: Daylights

Stifled, asphyxiated.: Smothered

Agricultural sowing device invented by Jethro Tull.: Seed drill

Light blue gemstone.: Turquoise

Group 268

Puzzle 1 Answers

Peter __, French philosopher, lover of Héloïse.: Abelard

Nicolai __ is a villain on Danny Phantom.: Technus

Someone who likes to organize things with time.: Planner

A funny name for an earring.: Sleeper

Squares of filled Italian pasta.: Ravioli

One who thinks very highly of oneself.: Egotist

Lord Voldemort is played by actor Ralph __.: Fiennes

The other name for tungsten, symbol W.: Wolfram

To spread out a liquid, thin, scatter.: Diffuse

Heavy fabric interwoven with a rich, raised design.: Brocade

Professional card player.: Rounder

Land of Legos, famous pastry named after itself.: Denmark

Hatched, __ and despatched describes life stages.: Matched

The shape of a baseball field.: Diamond

Late replacement on the ill-fated Apollo 13 flight.: Swigert

Post-life ceremony.: Funeral

Bananensis Blennys are found in the __ Atlantic.: Eastern

Puzzle 2 Answers

Gin, lime and soda drunk by The Great Gatsby.: Rickey

__ stick, photo pole helps take your own image.: Selfie

Bram, who penned Dracula.: Stoker

Seal between engine block and cylinder head.: Gasket

To breathe with difficulty, rhymes with “cheese”.: Wheeze

__ at night, shepherd’s delight.: Red sky

Tool with two jaws for gripping, pulling.: Pincer

Star, also known as the Dog Star.: Sirius

Mrs. Wilson in “Gosford Park”: actress Helen __.: Mirren

Walls, barriers, hedges; usually picketed.: Fences

Primary language of Indian Andhra Pradesh state.: Telugu

First Prime Minister of Israel: David Ben-__.: Gurion

Not the top.: Bottom

An octopus has three of these.: Hearts

Composer of the “Messiah”.: Handel

Eye color determinant.: Allele

__ Garden, operation codename for battle of Arnhem.: Market

Tech brand that produces the Ideapad.: Lenovo

The youngest child in The Simpsons.: Maggie

A drink, a plant and a film.: Squash

Joe __, co-founder of Airbnb.: Gebbia

Beatles’ haircut.: Mop top

Strait that separates Russia and the US.: Bering

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rock-Paper-__.: Scissors

Aurora __, the proper term for the Northern Lights.: Borealis

Container for inhaled tobacco.: Snuff box

Covering a gift with paper.: Wrapping

Argentina footballer with the “Hand of God”.: Maradona

Statue worship.: Idolatry

Classic French white sauce flavored with bay.: Bechamel

Bangkok is capital of this Asian nation.: Thailand

Bugle call associated with warfare.: Last post

Greek philosopher looked to attain happy life.: Epicurus

Two-word term for vein carrying blood to the heart.: Vena cava

Seven Brides for Seven __, 1954 musical.: Brothers

Puzzle 4 Answers

There’s a ferry across it sang Gerry Marsden.: Mersey

Green __, Champagne and Midori make a firebreather.: Dragon

A Connecticut __ in King Arthur’s Court by Twain.: Yankee

Trial, anagram of Laredo.: Ordeal

Parked up on a canal or dock.: Moored

People who are related to you are your __.: Family

Marshall Mathers.: Eminem

Second largest planet in the solar system.: Saturn

Côtes-__, north French dept, was Côtes-du-Nord.: Darmor

Activity-tracking wristband, produces the Flex.: Fitbit

Filter-feeder system inside certain types of whale.: Baleen

__, Franklin’s ship lost and found in the Arctic.: Terror

Yoga pose with back raised like river crossing.: Bridge

__ Binks, comedic relief in Star Wars.: Jar jar

Feeling cold, damp and sweaty.: Clammy

Space __, bouncy orange toy for riding on.: Hopper

French word for chair.: Chaise

Puzzle 5 Answers

Rocky IV boxer-character played by Dolph Lundgren.: Ivan drago

Singer who didn’t want to go to rehab, Amy __.: Winehouse

A suburban neighborhood in Sembawang, Singapore.: Admiralty

Suit in a tarot pack, also known as coins.: Pentacles

She won America’s Most Talented Kids in 2004.: Tori kelly

An unbelievable tale.: Tall story

In the public eye.: Spotlight

Enclosure for steers.: Cattle pen

“Small oven” treat, mignardises.: Petit four

Place on athletics track where relay runners stand.: Check mark

Walking casually.: Strolling

He planned the Gunpowder Plot in England 1605.: Guy fawkes

Group 269

Puzzle 1 Answers

She wrote Frankenstein, Mary __.: Shelley

Alan Menken musical, Little Shop of __.: Horrors

Either a proton or a neutron.: Nucleon

Lanky flightless bird from Africa.: Ostrich

Extra helping of food.: Seconds

Honestly.: Frankly

Riding breeches named after an Indian city.: Jodhpur

To back up.: Reverse

Country that is home to the Maori people: New __.: Zealand

Oprah __, US talk show host.: Winfrey

Shakespearean comedy: “Much Ado About __”.: Nothing

The name of the 2014 World Cup ball.: Brazuca

The one who never quits.: Fighter

A minor skin mark or imperfection.: Blemish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blackboard __, film featured Rock Around the Clock.: Jungle

Begs, entreats.: Pleads

Peninsular site of the Yalta conference of 1945.: Crimea

Site of major Chinese earthquake in 2014.: Ludian

__ Lewis, boxer who memorably beat Tyson in 2002.: Lennox

Major __, the Electronic Organ.: Morgan

Possession is nine tenths of __.: The law

Pasta shaped like a very long tube.: Zitoni

Board game, candy bar, happy day.: Pay day

That is to say.: Namely

Yesterday’s tomorrows.: Todays

Equivalent of the Stock Exchange in France: La __.: Bourse

TV show about a rebel spy and assassin.: Nikita

Faulkner’s novel set in the 1930s: Light in __.: August

Puzzle 3 Answers

Auto safety feature.: Seat belt

Iron carbon alloy discovered during Zhou dynasty.: Cast iron

Checkers in the UK.: Draughts

Glacial danger.: Crevasse

Scene It? is a DVD __ game by Screenlife.: Question

__ Sense, Bruce Willis played a ghost.: The sixth

What goes up must __.: Come down

Castilla-__, Spanish autonomous community.: La mancha

A tall drink combining chilled white wine and soda.: Spritzer

Rebounding uncontrollably, like a fired bullet.: Ricochet

Brave __, science-fiction fable by Aldous Huxley.: New world

Puzzle 4 Answers

Turkish porridge for the Muharram.: Ashure

Shout loudly out of fright.: Scream

Compartment in furniture.: Drawer

British expression: A game of two __.: Halves

Capital raised through shares.: Stocks

Itchy, red skin condition.: Eczema

One of the many X Factor’s judge.: Cheryl

Deadly, fatal.: Lethal

Chess piece between the rook and bishop.: Knight

Site of major Peruvian earthquake of 1970.: Ancash

Inuit sealskin boot.: Mukluk

Washed out, anagram of iceman.: Anemic

Lost __ began as a board game before an Xbox one.: Cities

Puzzle 5 Answers

Italian cycling term for riders behind the peloton.: Gruppetto

They live beyond The Wall.: Wildlings

American Megafauna is a board game on __.: Evolution

Australian city with the biggest Greek population.: Melbourne

Was a “bugger for the bottle” said Monty Python.: Aristotle

To make unclear or confusing; darken.: Obfuscate

He claimed Canada for the British.: John cabot

(I’ve got a girl in) __, 1943 Oscar-nominated tune.: Kalamazoo

Juicy, square fruit, celestial fruit candies.: Starburst

Childhood pouches with sweets and small toys.: Lucky bags

Skeletal muscle separating abdominal cavities.: Diaphragm

Othello strangles her.: Desdemona

Rear end of a car’s dual exhaust system.: Tailpipes

Pondering, but change one letter.: Wondering

Marching style of many armies, esp the Nazis.: Goosestep

Group 270

Puzzle 1 Answers

Roman general and victor at Battle of Actium.: Agrippa

Mixer.: Blender

The __, Benicio del Toro 2010 lycanthrope movie.: Wolfman

Sea snails as food.: Abalone

Aluminum ore, a major source of aluminium.: Bauxite

Eyes closed then opened very quickly.: Blinked

Flat stands behind window, door in the set.: Backing

A female who is engaged to be married.: Fiancee

Enduring.: Lasting

Someone who goes up the mountain.: Climber

__ Bhutto, Pakistani PM assassinated in 2007.: Benazir

“Elder,” special witness of Latter Day Saints.: Apostle

Decorative wheel covers on a car.: Hubcaps

Amy __, actress of Parks and Recreation.: Poehler

Italian naval base port city in Apulia.: Taranto

Mythical Greek monster with lion’s head.: Chimera

Drawn tight, like a sail.: Frapped

__ism, art style with very little detail.: Minimal

Word meaning the same as another word.: Synonym

Stretchy PU fabric women love.: Spandex

Holbein’s portrait of famous Dutch humanist.: Erasmus

Way your hair looks when waking up.: Bedhead

Comprehensive health examination.: Medical

Spear-like instrument used in whaling.: Harpoon

Puzzle 2 Answers

Rub two of these together to start a fire.: Sticks

Brand of pastis and absinthe.: Pernod

Male honeybees.: Drones

Second farthest planet from the sun.: Uranus

Risky action, chess sacrifice.: Gambit

Mega capital city of the Khmer Empire.: Angkor

Degree of prominence in words, phrases.: Accent

Hannibal __, the Silence of the Lambs killer.: Lecter

__ Wolf, Blues singer born Chester Arthur Burnett.: Howlin

Nickname for doctors but not for ducks.: Quacks

Mobile enclosure to board planes.: Jetway

Emma __, wrote Elizabeth is Missing.: Healey

Australian Aboriginal monster lurks in water.: Bunyip

__ twist, yoga pose sitting down.: Seated

Edwardian era __ skirt narrows at the ankles.: Hobble

Cronenberg sci-fi horror about buzzy insect.: The fly

Puzzle 3 Answers

Winnie the Pooh’s donkey friend.: Eeyore

Accent typical of the upper classes.: Plummy

Messages sent electronically from computers.: Emails

Gas isolated by scientist William Ramsay.: Helium

Ancient Celtic priests.: Druids

Girdle worn by men in Ancient Greece.: Zoster

French Polynesian spot.: Tahiti

Chalk’s idiomatic antonym.: Cheese

__ Posey, Superman Returns actress.: Parker

One-percent milk.: Lowfat

French PM whose name is linked to Frank Kellogg.: Briand

Masters-winning German golfer Bernhard.: Langer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tiny town placed on top of a clover flower.: Whoville

Battlefield __ is a FPS console video game.: Hardline

Bluish markings from an injury.: Bruising

Diverged from the main path, like a tree.: Branched

Most abundant chemical element in the sun.: Hydrogen

Alpine glacial lake near Finsteraarhorn peak.: Lake thun

Italian music term for graceful.: Grazioso

Lordly, arrogant.: Cavalier

Door mechanism opened by key; a stalled situation.: Deadlock

Archbishop __, first president of Cyprus.: Makarios

Almond cookie pastry from Sicily.: Ciarduna

__ Story, a tale about two rival gangs in NYC.: West side

Puzzle 5 Answers

Lightning never strikes twice in the __.: Same place

Arrhenphobia.: Fear of men

Fashion choice displayed on your head.: Hairstyle

__ Blum, she loses her honor in a book by Böll.: Katharina

When a radio station is broadcasting right now.: Live on air

Korean shaved ice means “red beans”.: Patbingsu

Ranked classification of organisms, low to high.: Hierarchy

Small whirlwind that lifts debris off the ground.: Dust devil

Viewing __, balconies on buildings to admire views.: Platforms

Impulsive, rash.: Impetuous

Film musical that featured Don’t Rain on My Parade.: Funny girl

Facial disease from painting watch dials.: Radium jaw

Group 271

Puzzle 1 Answers

Auditory membrane shaped like a cone.: Eardrum

Term for a temporary military camp.: Bivouac

Doling out.: Issuing

More than half illuminated.: Gibbous

Game played on ice with flat stones and brooms.: Curling

Former Soviet country; all children play chess.: Armenia

Most common of this bird lives in farm structure.: Barn owl

Old term for being afraid of something.: Afeared

Three is a crowd, two is __.: Company

Samuel L. __, US actor.: Jackson

French bagpipes.: Musette

Not sick.: Healthy

Pink-eared poodle who wore sunglasses.: Poochie

__ Volcano, group cocktail with tropical twist.: Flaming

Wearable travel bag with numerous huge pockets.: Jaktogo

Puzzle 2 Answers

Pictures.: Images

Grapeskin compound that’s astringent to taste.: Tannin

Text copies made for examination or correction.: Proofs

Greek goddess to whom the Parthenon was dedicated.: Athena

A vice’s counterpart.: Virtue

French city, Maine-et-Loire dept head; maddening.: Angers

Bullet-point plan for a meeting.: Agenda

Soup can painter, Andy __.: Warhol

Temporary setback; fault in an app or program.: Glitch

Award winning director of Stand by Me.: Reiner

Easter Day in Italy.: Pasqua

Governor of a province in ancient Persia.: Satrap

Luggage hauler.: Porter

__ Safari, citrus juice African ride cocktail.: Orange

Gossipy disclosure of confidences.: Tattle

Room to move or margin of safety.: Leeway

Traditional fishing boat with four-cornered sails.: Lugger

__ Panettiere, US actress, activist.: Hayden

Puzzle 3 Answers

Angela played Jessica in Murder She Wrote.: Lansbury

Gt Ormond St hospital benefits from the royalties.: Peter pan

Applied force.: Battered

Sea that surrounds Indonesia’s Maluku Islands.: Banda sea

Gross__, Austria’s highest peak.: Glockner

Swiss watch company, anagram of “sling one”!.: Longines

Dance performed by Lola, as sung by Barry Manilow.: Merengue

Yankees player who married a Hollywood actress.: Dimaggio

__ Pony, equine toy franchise.: My little

Not a safe bet.: Long shot

Brazilian president impeached in 2016: Dilma __.: Rousseff

Official currency of China.: Renminbi

Transfer to one’s computer.: Download

Pull straws out, but beware of falling marbles.: Kerplunk

Yiddish equivalent of the Hebrew word “kippah”.: Yarmulke

Puzzle 4 Answers

KIm Jong Il wrote 6 of these, supposedly.: Operas

“Copacabana, the hottest spot north of __”.: Havana

Dishwasher __, small dishwashers.: Drawer

__-cell, mutated red blood cell.: Sickle

Primary river running through Amsterdam.: Amstel

Trashed, anagram of inured.: Ruined

Burns __, Scottish verse form.: Stanza

A company, a building society owned by the members.: Mutual

__ Gates, entrance to heaven covered in jewels?.: Pearly

Slopes, is at an angle.: Slants

Speed __ is solving Rubik’s cubes really fast.: Cubing

The __ Pump, popular shoe in 1989.: Reebok

Hot __, kid’s game of tossing tuber.: Potato

John __, Three’s Company star died at just 54.: Ritter

Fiesty son of strict father, 1931 pre code film.: Skippy

Martina Hingis’ sport.: Tennis

The largest of the foot digits, used for balance.: Big toe

Puzzle 5 Answers

Enter your user name and password.: Sign in

Gertrude __, the first woman to swim the Channel.: Ederle

__ Man, tarot card also known as the traitor.: Hanged

Fried pastry with variety of fillings in Brazil.: Pastel

Blows like a volcano.: Erupts

Immune to feelings.: Numbed

Thor’s weapon of choice.: Hammer

We’re a Couple of __, from Easter Parade.: Swells

War in which MASH is set.: Korean

__ eggs are hidden jokes or messages in games.: Easter

Group 272

Puzzle 1 Answers

Action films with Bruce Willis as John McClane.: Die hard

Walk wearily.: Traipse

French term for sweet fried dough.: Beignet

A very large baleen whale of cold waters.: Bowhead

Western port city on Ligurian sea, with La Venezia.: Livorno

Pair of Kings poker starting hand.: Cowboys

Chelsea __, no holds barred female comic.: Handler

Juliet’s clan.: Capulet

The __, pop group inspired by comic book.: Archies

Stiff, silky, transparent dress fabric.: Organza

Chinese title for supreme deity, creator god.: Shangdi

A troche.: Lozenge

Flowery month of the French Revolutionary calendar.: Floreal

1977 Bond film The Spy Who __.: Loved me

Seat car model named after an Andalusian city.: Cordoba

SI unit of luminous intensity, symbol cd.: Candela

__ punch, given in response.: Counter

It means black in German.: Schwarz

Puzzle 2 Answers

It rhymes with snoopy, floozy and snooty.: Spooky

Country with the largest orange production.: Brazil

Rum and fruit cocktail for the undead.: Zombie

Dating __, a matchmaking business.: Agency

Wild, mad behavior or panic.: Frenzy

Aeromodeling is __ and flight of model planes.: Design

Wodehouse Drones’ club member with a silent “p”.: Psmith

Country that won the Six Day War in 1967.: Israel

D in DTH.: Direct

Image or character to represent you online.: Avatar

Battleship was a __ and paper game until 1967.: Pencil

Scale used for measuring tornado strength.: Fujita

Popular beard style of the 1990’s.: Goatee

__ Party, Vettriano trio on a beach with parasols.: Picnic

__ Sulu, Star Trek character played by Takei.: Hikaru

Hip hop singer.: Rapper

White china clay used in paper, paint and drugs.: Kaolin

“Better be stung by a __ than pricked by a rose”.: Nettle

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ be Thy name, second line of Lord’s Prayer.: Hallowed

Neatness.: Tidiness

Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale: “The Ugly __”.: Duckling

Toy __, small metal military men.: Soldiers

South American small pie with meat and veg.: Empanada

Don’t teach your grandmother how to __.: Suck eggs

Bart Simpson watches The Itchy and __ Show.: Scratchy

Nonhuman mammal with the longest lifespan.: Elephant

Anakin was 20 during the Battle of __ in Star Wars.: Geonosis

Notice of violation.: Citation

This Kid worked as a ranch hand in Alberta.: Sundance

__ Research Center, studying gorillas in the wild.: Karisoke

Canada’s two national sports: ice hockey and __.: Lacrosse

Puzzle 4 Answers

Baltic Sea island split between Poland and Germany.: Usedom

The male organ of a flower, usually with an anther.: Stamen

Author of “The Power and the Glory”: Graham __.: Greene

Duvall’s character loves this smell in the morning.: Napalm

Nikolai __-Korsakov, composer of Golden Cockerel.: Rimsky

Old French for “angel”; it means “lamb” in English.: Agneau

__ glass, a full-length mirror can be tilted.: Cheval

Tight or mean with money.: Stingy

Famous Spanish tennis player, __ Nadal.: Rafael

Exile island for Napoleon’s last years: Saint __.: Helena

__ wedding; two couples marry at the same time.: Double

Part of bullet that holds the powder.: Casing

__ Depp, portrayed Edward Scissorhands.: Johnny

Puzzle 5 Answers

Small Asian ungulate, like a rodent.: Mouse deer

Glossy periodicals on a variety of subjects.: Magazines

Game, aka Michigan, shares name with racecourse.: Newmarket

Rod Stewart song character, the older woman!.: Maggie may

Of common ancestry.: Ethnicity

Make this short to get to the point.: Long story

Lasting winter in Game of Thrones.: Long night

Fermented chewy bread.: Sourdough

Nuclear weapon element.: Plutonium

Led by Lord Beckett in Pirates of the Caribbean.: Endeavour

Police put these on criminals.: Handcuffs

All under control, like a clean boat.: Shipshape

Old-style flip-opening mobile phone.: Clamshell

Longest running London play (since 1952): “The __.: Mousetrap

False name, something an author writes under.: Pseudonym

Group 273

Puzzle 1 Answers

Creation of ornamental art from trees and shrubs.: Topiary

Fare __, boarding a train or bus without a ticket.: Evasion

French card game loved by Churchill.: Bezique

Latin phrase meaning proportionately.: Pro rata

Sleeping Beauty’s prince.: Phillip

__ stock: horses used for hauling baggage in circus.: Baggage

Inhaled, anagram of rodents.: Snorted

Trendy Japanese lima bean look-alike veggie.: Edamame

Little wheels on furniture.: Castors

Old Chinese tile game, usually with four players.: Mahjong

Ghost in English folklore that inhabits mines.: Bluecap

1970 movie directed by Alvin Rakoff.: Hoffman

Tough lawless person, bully, roughneck.: Ruffian

Post-Soviet state.: Belarus

Transport canine, typically a Husky.: Sled dog

Puzzle 2 Answers

A breed of short-legged cats.: Munchkin

Gustave __, Madame Bovary author.: Flaubert

Ancient Roman coin worth a quarter of a denarius.: Sesterce

White House area has Oval Office, Situation Room.: West wing

Movie where Steve McQueen escapes Devil’s Island.: Papillon

French term for a well done steak.: Bien cuit

__ International, airport code HKG.: Hong kong

La __, tomato-throwing festival in Buñol, Spain.: Tomatina

Part of a driver that strikes the golf ball.: Club head

Gambling game with a ball and a wheel.: Roulette

America’s Next __ , reality show about fashion.: Top model

Small beads of rainwater.: Droplets

Medical term for baldness.: Alopecia

Jewish minor prophet; his Book follows Nahum.: Habakkuk

Puzzle 3 Answers

A Hindu hermitage.: Ashram

__ wrap, another name for cling film.: Shrink

Large slave city on the continent of Essos.: Yunkai

Continent with the largest hippo population.: Africa

Influence or impact of something.: Effect

Fungal disease of potatoes.: Blight

Tear __, manipulative, sentimental film or book.: Jerker

Knit and __, social club for knitters and talkers.: Natter

Unpaid and unfree labor of vassals in Feudalism.: Corvee

Mythical character who flew too close to the sun.: Icarus

The __ Man, Woodward horror about burning effigy.: Wicker

How Beijing was once known in the West.: Peking

In music, quickly alternating notes, like birdsong.: Trills

Fry’s college roommate on Futurama.: Monkey

Largest Greek airline, named after a sea.: Aegean

Puzzle 4 Answers

Word for nonsense, and a boiled sweet.: Humbug

LDW, insurance waiver against loss and __.: Damage

Spoiled or rotten food oil.: Rancid

Hybrid of a zebra and a donkey.: Zonkey

Transvaal president, Boer leader against Britain.: Kruger

Argentine river flows into the Parana River.: Salado

“Addicted to Love” singer, Robert __.: Palmer

Bone of the middle ear, also called malleus.: Hammer

Parodies.: Spoofs

Straight road or path, lined by trees.: Avenue

__ Milano, child star, later became Charmed.: Alyssa

Wes __, Nightmare on Elm Street director.: Craven

Belle is a main character of __ and the Beast.: Beauty

Puzzle 5 Answers

Neolithic village settlement in the Orkney Isles.: Skara brae

The thinking behind an action.: Reasoning

UK flag nickname.: Union jack

Pillow stuffing from large bird.: Goose down

Space eater.: Black hole

Feeling trendy? Jump on this.: Bandwagon

Followers of the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama.: Buddhists

A turbine-driven plane engine with propeller.: Turboprop

Chronicler whose work was used by Shakespeare.: Holinshed

1979 Bond film featuring Jaws.: Moonraker

Deep water fishing boat using many baited hooks.: Long liner

Children’s toy, a pole for hopping around on.: Pogo stick

Group 274

Puzzle 1 Answers

French producer born William Grigahcine.: Dj snake

Aristocratic Japanese warrior.: Samurai

Dollar bill.: Ace note

2005 Disney superhero movie with Kurt Russell.: Sky high

Lower part of a river where it meets the sea.: Estuary

Software used to surf the web.: Browser

Major Siberian waterway, flows into the Arctic.: Ob river

Act of dropping explosives.: Bombing

The Animals lyric: There is a house in New __.: Orleans

It is ill __ with edged tools.: Jesting

Coarse cotton-linen cloth.: Fustian

Gary __, “What’chu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?”.: Coleman

Red condiment powder made from dried peppers.: Paprika

Puzzle 2 Answers

Post-apocalyptic film with Mel Gibson.: Mad max

Sailing ship such as the Endurance and Terra Nova.: Barque

Hair that is not smooth and neat.: Frizzy

Eurythmics singer who dreamt sweetly.: Lennox

Walkers in nature.: Hikers

Chess game piece that’s a position in the clergy.: Bishop

__ gardens, Florence park adjoining Pitti Palace.: Boboli

Old __ is a 1957 movie about a boy and his dog.: Yeller

To be no help whatsoever.: Hinder

Mandatory protein in a Ploughman’s lunch.: Cheese

Accustomed, anagram of ruined.: Inured

To rumple, dishevel.: Tousle

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ bird, “military” member of the stork family.: Adjutant

The Great __, son of music professor, musical.: Ziegfeld

Highly concentrated coffee served in small cups.: Espresso

Yiddish word for cloying sentimentality.: Schmaltz

Large natural lake in northwestern Spain.: Sanabria

Getting the better of someone.: Tricking

First discovered at Mount Vesuvius.: Idocrase

Basque separatist party, banned in 2003.: Batasuna

Lear’s true daughter.: Cordelia

Viral disease, variola, that leaves skin scars.: Smallpox

Whitewater __, extreme, double paddle sport.: Kayaking

Deny someone proximity.: Push away

Puzzle 4 Answers

Shows off, misbehaves.: Acts up

The roof of the mouth.: Palate

Hitchcock film known for freaky shower scene.: Psycho

The capital of Niger.: Niamey

Towards the center.: Inward

Arthur __, wrote Memoirs of a Geisha.: Golden

Gustav __’s music was banned by the Nazis.: Mahler

__ Lopez, US comedian had self-titled sitcom.: George

The king’s fool.: Jester

Yogurt served very cold, popular in South Africa.: Tuttis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Half-espresso, half-milk Italian coffee.: Antoccino

Island in the Svalbard archipelago, Breibukta bay.: Helgoland

A in ATM.: Automated

Capital of Pakistan.: Islamabad

Land used for grazing.: Pasturage

Informal name for American dollar bills.: Greenback

Distress device shown in the sky to alert Batman.: Bat signal

Treasure-carrying engine buried in Polish tunnel.: Gold train

Absurd talk, sounds like a flower-chicken cross.: Poppycock

Term for the crime of killing one’s father.: Patricide

Architect who built the London 2012 aquatics centre.: Zaha hadid

Mechanized device created by Jethro Tull.: Seed drill

Early 20th Century (pre WWI) England, the __ Age.: Edwardian

New Year’s Eve in Germany.: Silvester

Group 275

Puzzle 1 Answers

Skill level or talent.: Ability

Light-up bedtime buddy who was never glum.: Gloworm

Meat pastry and hat type.: Pork pie

Nationality of Muppet chef.: Swedish

Small sailing boat carried on a war ship.: Pinnace

Wool crafter.: Knitter

The ability to be quick and graceful.: Agility

Misfortune.: Bad luck

Director of the original Ghostbusters.: Reitman

Hierarchy, __ order.: Pecking

Facial feature that is arched.: Eyebrow

Puzzle 2 Answers

Haley Joel __, plays troubled boy in Sixth Sense.: Osment

Rules royally.: Reigns

Keyboard made to be superior to standard one.: Dvorak

Country that once had three presidents in one day.: Mexico

Parcheesi is an adaptation of __ cross and circle.: Indian

Servant, an obedient follower, a footman or valet.: Lackey

Jerry’s wacky neighbor on Seinfeld.: Kramer

Dining table chair with arms.: Carver

Backgammon is one of the __ board games.: Oldest

__ in distress, stereotypical girl in trouble.: Damsel

ESA’s probe that rendezvoused with Halley’s Comet.: Giotto

Black __, the chronicle of a horse’s sad life.: Beauty

Sparkly headband used as a crown.: Diadem

Puzzle 3 Answers

__, 1943 propaganda film, the Mary Ann.: Air force

__ Airlines flight MH370 has never been found.: Malaysia

Hot Wheels competitor.: Matchbox

Zuckerberg’s platform.: Facebook

Amphibious landing place at Gallipoli in WWI.: Suvla bay

2 words having the same spelling or pronunciation.: Homonyms

Feeling of impending doom.: Dreading

Japanese sweet bun looks like melon.: Melonpan

Biblical woman who became salt.: Lots wife

Before the molar.: Bicuspid

Kids’ card game involves assault.: Slapjack

Irish featherweight boxer, Barry __.: Mcguigan

The __ Karamazov was Dostoyevsky’s final novel.: Brothers

Lerner and Lowe musical set in London, My __.: Fair lady

Member of a discussion group.: Panelist

Puzzle 4 Answers

Primed, containing ammunition.: Loaded

National airline of Belgium from 1923 to 2001.: Sabena

Conspicuously uncouth, graceless.: Gauche

Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom __.: Parker

50s men’s hairstyle upbrushed and set at the front.: Quiffs

Highest peak on Antarctica.: Vinson

__ It Out is based on the Nickelodeon TV show.: Figure

__ Kate, Cole Porter musical based on Shakespeare.: Kiss me

First Kid in 1996 starred comedian __.: Sinbad

Japanese peach jelly eaten in the summer.: Hakuto

Someone who creates masterpieces.: Artist

Puzzle 5 Answers

Capital of Slovenia.: Ljubljana

Christian study focuses on the Virgin Mary.: Mariology

Pail that holds the frozen stuff.: Ice bucket

Surname of Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader.: Skywalker

Card game for gamblers using five cards.: Draw poker

Metal single outershell of a plane.: Monocoque

Hospital attendants responsible for moving patients.: Orderlies

Scoundrels of Skullport is a 2013 game __.: Expansion

Follow the yellow __.: Brick road

Agitator, a rabble-rouser (no matches required).: Firebrand

Gray rabbit, famous trickster of Looney Tunes.: Bugs bunny

Group 276

Puzzle 1 Answers

__, matched and dispatched describes life stages.: Hatched

To prepare for sleep.: Kip down

Skin lesion disease of sheep, cattle and humans.: Anthrax

The meat of a deer.: Venison

Plant of the daisy family, anagram of wagered.: Ragweed

South Australia famous winemaking region, __ Valley.: Barossa

Place where the Golden Fleece hung from a tree.: Colchis

Three-dimensional Sudoku.: Tredoku

Wise and learned, showing good judgment.: Sapient

__ 4, aim to get four discs in a row.: Connect

South African country with the loti as currency.: Lesotho

Yoga with props; furniture yoga.: Iyengar

Smallest planet in the Solar System.: Mercury

Flag-waving communist followers of Chairman Mao.: Red army

Puzzle 2 Answers

Toxic disease from infection, also septicemia.: Sepsis

Monotonously talks on and on.: Drones

Amazon river aka Caqueta River.: Japura

Pie __ medieval courts that sat in market squares.: Poudre

Industrial process for producing sodium carbonate.: Solvay

Kid’s drawing tool made of pigmented wax.: Crayon

Ethical lessons.: Morals

LeVar __, young Kunta Kinte, Geordi La Forge.: Burton

Inheritance.: Legacy

Mega toy brand owns Playskool, Parker Brothers.: Hasbro

Pungent small bulb, good for roasting.: Garlic

Leafy shelters in a garden.: Bowers

__ bells, ringing device on a harness or horse.: Sleigh

Fluffy, dry creature in Gremlins.: Mogwai

Oneirophobia: the fear of __.: Dreams

Merchant vessel that transports liquids, gases.: Tanker

A turophile is a __ lover (think dairy).: Cheese

Puzzle 3 Answers

Campbell’s __, food tins by Andy Warhol.: Soup cans

Receptacle that rustles.: Paper bag

Mont Sainte-__, Cezanne artworks of Provence.: Victoire

Two-player card game evolved from “whisky poker”.: Gin rummy

Good wishes for a traveller starting a journey.: Godspeed

Ancient microcontinent in Indian Ocean.: Mauritia

__ World, former family sitcom of TGIF.: Boy meets

Disposable drinking vessel.: Paper cup

40s menswear with broad-shouldered drapey jackets.: Zoot suit

Scrabble is a __ for two to four players.: Word game

Country that is home to Serengeti National Park.: Tanzania

French president during the unrest of 1968.: Pompidou

Inflatable supports worn to aid swimming.: Armbands

“Bridge Over __ Water”, written by Paul Simon.: Troubled

Slang for someone who fails to open their wallet.: Tightwad

Stark pet in GOT.: Direwolf

Head of the hive.: Queen bee

Discounted ticket price for a large group.: Bulk fare

Founder of SpaceX.: Elon musk

Puzzle 4 Answers

A variation of baccarat: __ de fer.: Chemin

Black __, beer cocktail with Champagne.: Velvet

State and former kingdom and duchy in east Germany.: Saxony

Folding table for tube watching.: Tv tray

Toy for two kids, one at each end, up and down.: Seesaw

Sabre-toothed tiger from the plains of Africa.: Ennedi

7th __, silent film, 1 of first 3 Oscar nominated.: Heaven

Months that start on __ will have Friday the 13th.: Sunday

Social news/discussion site; “perused it”.: Reddit

Singer who wrote “Imagine”: John __.: Lennon

Accommodation for ship passengers.: Cabins

First European nation to have an elected president.: France

Samuel Richardson novel subtitled virtue rewarded.: Pamela

Puzzle 5 Answers

Navigable airship.: Dirigible

Italian composer of 1950s stringed arrangements.: Mantovani

Cold War Romanian dictator.: Ceausescu

Compressed fuel block, especially for barbecues.: Briquette

A strong reaction to something unexpected.: Shockwave

Millennium & __, global hotel group.: Copthorne

30 Seconds is a general __ game.: Knowledge

Sixth Bond film, You Only __.: Live twice

Game for playing on your own.: Solitaire

Fatty portion of milk.: Butterfat

In good order, like an organized boat.: Ship shape

Large pine species, common across North America.: Ponderosa

Group 277

Puzzle 1 Answers

Pirate, buccaneer, barbary.: Corsair

English inventor of the flying shuttle for looms.: John kay

In The Simpsons, __ Skinner is the Principal.: Seymour

Reduction in rate, quantity, money.: Cutback

Chinese board game of matching tiles.: Mahjong

A long-standing enemy.: Nemesis

Benchmarks, criteria.: Metrics

Barrier reef __ is silvery with yellow dorsal.: Chromis

The ability to make others well.: Healing

Aircraft with two sets of wings.: Biplane

A strong and tough man.: Bruiser

Haitian voodoo male priest, female is mambo.: Houngan

Perfume family with herbaceous, green scents.: Fougere

Movable or immovable property, no real estate.: Chattel

__ National, Ugandan arena, South African president.: Mandela

Author of “The Sport of Queens”, Dick __.: Francis

Meteorologist’s study.: Weather

Archaic expression for news, such as “glad __”.: Tidings

__ Biel, married to Justin Timberlake.: Jessica

Noted French art nouveau glassmaker: Rene __.: Lalique

The Last __ Show, black and white coming of age film.: Picture

A garden with plants growing among stones.: Rockery

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cards suit chosen so as to beat all the others.: Trumps

Microblogging social media.: Tumblr

__ apple, thinly cut with a knife.: Sliced

Film and radio actor, Citizen Kane, Orson __.: Welles

To distribute, arrange in groups.: Assort

The part of an insect between head and abdomen.: Thorax

Ms. Muffet seat, low stool, pouffe.: Tuffet

Hanoi __, prisoner camp used by North Vietnamese.: Hilton

Mother of Jacob’s sons Dan and Naphtali.: Bilhah

__ pea, used for making rice and peas.: Pigeon

Area of low pressure in meteorology.: Trough

According to song, where to Pack up Your Troubles.: Kit bag

It precedes winter.: Autumn

Super __, water gun developed by Lonnie Johnson.: Soaker

Puzzle 3 Answers

William Herschel discovered this type of radiation.: Infrared

__ nervosa, eating disorder.: Anorexia

Inferior; not legitimate.: Spurious

Film with guns, explosions, suspense and mystery.: Thriller

Theatre of war in WWI, now called Thessaloniki.: Salonika

Chewy Italian dessert like florentine.: Panforte

Casino game with option to bet on bank or player.: Baccarat

Russian republic, Elista is the capital.: Kalmykia

Autumn berries are __ in hedgerows.: Ripening

Small rectangular harpsichord, often legless.: Virginal

Roy __, Jaws police chief.: Scheider

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Goldthwait, actor, comedian, voice actor.: Bobcat

Afghan sword of the Pashtun people.: Pulwar

Foul, disgusting.: Cruddy

Jonathan __ Foer wrote Everything Is Illuminated.: Safran

Lockable storage chest.: Coffer

Powerful and tyrannical ruler.: Despot

Wild and ferocious.: Savage

The voice to Marge Simpson, Julie __.: Kavner

Javier __, Spanish actor, the villain in Skyfall.: Bardem

Second most important basis for Islamic Law.: Hadith

Bob __, Jamaican performer backed by his Wailers.: Marley

Animal that moves slowly.: Crawly

The capital of Philippines.: Manila

Dairy product used as a pizza topping.: Cheese

Puzzle 5 Answers

An Englishman’s home is __.: His castle

Antonym of roughest.: Smoothest

Medieval Portuguese castle and heritage site.: Guimaraes

Tiny pieces of wood.: Chippings

The mathematical symbol for taking away.: Minus sign

Common name for alcea flowers, with hairy leaves.: Hollyhock

Raised skin prickle, in fear.: Goosebump

Fictional character whose nose grows when he lies.: Pinocchio

Office chamber where the directors meet.: Boardroom

Surface that the French Open is played on.: Clay court

__ Tea, hot toddy variety with small fruit.: Blueberry

Liev Schreiber, villain, X-Men Origins: __.: Wolverine

Troggs and Jimi Hendrix song.: Wild thing

A major holiday and anagram of “shirt scam”.: Christmas

Group 278

Puzzle 1 Answers

The plastic tips on the end of shoelaces.: Aglets

He serves food to people.: Waiter

To begin a journey or quest.: Embark

Character in One Thousand and One Nights.: Sinbad

Requiescat __, Latin phrase meaning rest in peace.: In pace

Ice houses built by the Inuit.: Igloos

__ Jones, US musical mentor, producer.: Quincy

Japanese battle cry.: Banzai

Figure of enlightenment in ancient Indian religion.: Buddha

Very poor person supported by public charity.: Pauper

Without any difficulty or problem.: Easily

Sand __, wind toy used to surf on sand.: Kiting

Large gate or entrance; gateway on a website.: Portal

Leveraged __, management buying control.: Buyout

Puzzle 2 Answers

Receptacle for flicking cigarette detritus into.: Ashtray

Branch of medicine concerned with the ear.: Otology

German city controversially bombed in WWII.: Dresden

Sinclair Lewis’ archetype of conformism.: Babbitt

Low-level gray cloud; near ground, resembles mist.: Stratus

Wooden post to support beer’s raw ingredient.: Hop pole

Took power by force.: Usurped

To reproach, berate.: Upbraid

__ F, first console to use a microprocessor.: Channel

__ room, where conferences are held.: Meeting

__ De Vil tried to catch 101 Dalmatians.: Cruella

Lego range for building complex machines.: Technic

Puzzle 3 Answers

German river, flowing through Stuttgart.: Neckar

Allegiance to a feudal lord.: Fealty

A heavy wooden hammering or ramming instrument.: Beetle

A tube and rubber ball utensil for moistening food.: Baster

The __ Dog is a black and white Walt Disney film.: Shaggy

Long dress worn by medieval women.: Kirtle

Method.: System

Passengers moved off an overbooked flight.: Bumped

Famous composer honored annually in Salzburg.: Mozart

Saul __, winner of three National Book Awards.: Bellow

Not cautious of danger.: Unwary

“Football” in most places.: Soccer

Identity parade, anagram of lupine.: Lineup

Puzzle 4 Answers

Possessing a steeple.: Spired

__ Pennyworth, Batman’s faithful butler.: Alfred

Dinosaur, anagram of parrot.: Raptor

A chess piece that jumps over all others.: Knight

To lose strength or power.: Weaken

To take on more responsibility.: Step up

The world’s largest non-polar desert.: Sahara

Marked Irish accent.: Brogue

An illness or problem, from the French language.: Malady

Tantamount to eight pints.: Gallon

Get your earnings during this 24-hour period.: Payday

Barchester __ features the chaplain Obadiah Slope.: Towers

Religious magic and sorcery.: Voodoo

Jazzy music style rhymes with woogie.: Boogie

Travelling on horseback or bicycle.: Riding

Puzzle 5 Answers

Young friend of Lyra in His Dark Materials.: Will parry

David Bowie’s final album.: Blackstar

Country that was part of Malaysia until 1965.: Singapore

A depraved person.: Miscreant

__ yogurt, Eastern European fermented milk product.: Bulgarian

Period of wooing, or elaborate mating display.: Courtship

Kiwi Rugby Union side.: All blacks

Poker expert, gambler or hustler.: Card shark

Played Mad Max in the original series of films.: Mel gibson

On ship it is measured by a pallograph.: Vibration

Neurotransmitter; levels are related to depression.: Serotonin

Maryland city in which The Wire was set.: Baltimore

Group 279

Puzzle 1 Answers

Eight legged denizen of the sea.: Octopus

Medicine used in your ear to prevent infections.: Ear drop

Study of versification, poetry subcategory.: Prosody

Service dress.: Uniform

This cubist was no square.: Picasso

The Man Who Skied Down __, documentary.: Everest

Sarah __, American Horror Story actress.: Paulson

Where a select or favored group holds power.: Elitism

Belonging to angels, angel-like.: Angelic

Actor William __, played Captain Kirk in Star Trek.: Shatner

A low mound or ridge of Earth; a knoll.: Hummock

Figures that wobble but don’t fall down.: Weebles

Black __, vodka combined with coffee liqueur.: Russian

Puzzle 2 Answers

Term commonly referenced to filmmakers or directors.: Auteur

Sacred river flowing into the Dead Sea.: Jordan

The __ Cried Wolf.: Boy who

Eastern European circled bread used in rituals.: Kalach

__ was here! Graffiti meme from WWII.: Kilroy

A treeless northern region with frozen subsoil.: Tundra

Unyielding, obdurate.: Flinty

Designated locations for boats in a harbor.: Berths

Zigzagging ski race around poles.: Slalom

Eddie __, cross-dressing comic.: Izzard

Top __, collectible cards.: Trumps

Puzzle 3 Answers

Much Ado About Nothing heroine.: Beatrice

Spoken in the island where Napoleon was born.: Corsican

Body manipulation.: Piercing

Bin liner.: Trash bag

Creator of Garfield’s comic strip.: Jim davis

Fourth installment in the Mad Max film series.: Fury road

Edouard __, France’s PM at the start of WWII.: Daladier

Car lights used in poor visibility conditions.: Fog lamps

World’s most popular sport.: Football

Try not to overload the donkey, he might kick!.: Buckaroo

Colored feline that means good or bad luck.: Black cat

Small, edible seeds that come from a tree cone.: Pine nuts

Prominent ice-covered mountain in Ellsworth Land.: Anderson

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, Send in __.: The clowns

Won the 6th Academy Awards for Best Movie.: Cavalcade

Where to hit the nail to be accurate.: On the head

Terraria is a sandbox action-__ game.: Adventure

King, father of Imogen, who banishes Posthumus.: Cymbeline

Parasite studied by winners Campbell and Omura.: Roundworm

Area ruled over by sovereign princes of Austria.: Archduchy

Crowdsourced encyclopedia.: Wikipedia

Plum brandy from Eastern Europe.: Slivovitz

Without any feeling or point.: Senseless

How dinosaurs evolved to become so huge.: Gigantism

Puzzle 5 Answers

First leader of Nationalist Party (KMT) in China.: Sun yatsen

Philandering fictional ad man on a TV series.: Don draper

Device to capture rodents.: Mouse trap

Ursine soft toy.: Teddy bear

Canadian 1942 documentary about the life of miners.: Northland

__ Games, French war drama hit outside France.: Forbidden

US songwriter responsible for Wichita Lineman.: Jimmy webb

Nerve-shredding event.: Nail biter

Controversial issue, and lunch.: Hot potato

Chew one’s food.: Masticate

Compound of unnatural origin.: Synthetic

Revealing details.: Divulging

Wooden devices for attaching washing to a line.: Dolly pegs

Group 280

Puzzle 1 Answers

Shape of a red “Stop” road sign.: Octagon

Getting wet for an apple.: Bobbing

Noise some people make when sleeping.: Snoring

Drink includes creme de menthe, spirit.: Stinger

Two __ Knights, comedy produced by Howard Hughes.: Arabian

__ Stade de Bordeaux, French soccer field.: Nouveau

To talk nonsense like a face cloth.: Flannel

Ready and willing to listen.: All ears

Dam-making river creatures.: Beavers

__ Australia Fair, the Aussie national anthem.: Advance

Shoe production technique developed by Matzeliger.: Lasting

Character who “loved not too wisely but too well”.: Othello

Absence of rain for a prolonged period of time.: Drought

Ethereal, like a ghoul.: Ghostly

__ Rebellion, revolt by Samurai against reforms.: Satsuma

Pekoe means white down in __.: Chinese

In the pipeline.: Pending

Cuddling or embracing.: Hugging

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cocktail similar to Manhattan; Scottish outlaw.: Rob roy

Dee __, lead singer of drag band Twisted Sister.: Snider

A Bar at the __-Bergère, Manet painting.: Folies

Tex is a 1982 Disney film starring Matt __.: Dillon

Black eye.: Shiner

Moved in for a close-up on a camera.: Zoomed

Money maker.: Minter

Tracy __, appears in books by Jacqueline Wilson.: Beaker

World’s deepest lake, in southern Siberia.: Baikal

__ was the Plow King in The Simpsons.: Barney

Congress of __, 1815 meeting of European minds.: Vienna

Opossum shrimp, technically.: Mysids

Puzzle 3 Answers

Small group of stars.: Asterism

Another name for Greece: the __ Republic.: Hellenic

Term used to describe working extra hours.: Overtime

Surname of Norm in Cheers.: Peterson

Smythe’s comic character.: Andy capp

Fabric that has been sprayed and stiffened.: Starched

Also called double-magnum.: Jeroboam

Field focuses on old age.: Gerocomy

Not within what is legal.: Unlawful

François __, Gargantua and Pantagruel writer.: Rabelais

You can make a mountain out of one.: Molehill

Wendy Schaal voices __ in American Dad.: Francine

Highest part of a dress.: Neckline

Slovenian body of water with ancient island church.: Lake bled

Puzzle 4 Answers

Queen of Soul, __ Franklin.: Aretha

Ancient country to the west of the Black Sea.: Thrace

Gallows.: Gibbet

Sickening; it sticks in your __.: Gullet

Common assemblies of witches.: Covens

Dark and shadowy.: Gloomy

__ Rockwell’s World, An American Dream.: Norman

“Red” Italian lager brewery.: Peroni

Jamaican music style favoured by Marley.: Reggae

Spain’s top-level football league.: La liga

Laboured or processed.: Worked

Evergreen trees; oil repels moths, mosquitoes.: Cedars

Puzzle 5 Answers

Emu country.: Australia

The cheap seats in sports.: Bleachers

John Candy is the title character in this ’89 film.: Uncle buck

Generous; giving unselfishly.: Bountiful

Tavern in The Merry Wives of Windsor.: Garter inn

High __, female tarot card.: Priestess

Someone who acts quickly and irrationally.: Hot headed

Relating to the production of cold temperatures.: Cryogenic

Big fat fishy neckwear from the 70s.: Kipper tie

Where bands hang out when not performing.: Green room

Chinese wedding cake.: Marry girl

__ Reserves, network of protected ecosystems.: Biosphere

When a woman ceases having menstrual periods.: Menopause

Gershwin musical, includes the song “S’Wonderful”.: Funny face

UK lewd comedian with slapstick 70’s TV show.: Benny hill

Decorative coverall for base of festive conifer.: Tree skirt

Flirtation, casual relationship.: Dalliance

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