Codycross Campsite adventures Answers

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Codycross Campsite adventures

Group 821

Puzzle 1 Answers

Accounting books: Ledgers

Animals commonly pulled from magicians’ hats: Rabbits

Daily canine exercise: Dog walk

Full first name of Phil’s twin in Rugrats: Lillian

Mozzarella and tomato salad; anagram of “escaper”: Caprese

New Mexico town with UFOs: Roswell

Of a skirt, containing small folds: Pleated

Platform that shares written code on any browser: Trinket

Satellite and a 60s pop classic by The Tornadoes: Telstar

The devil is in the __: Details

To dig up something from the soil: Unearth

Wizard leader of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings: Gandalf

Puzzle 2 Answers

Common building material, prone to erosion: Limestone

Entry point for actors in a theatrical performance: Stage door

Latin phrase for seize the day: Carpe diem

People native to Cairo or Alexandria, for example: Egyptians

Sewn together medley of fabrics into one: Patchwork

Shoes with a high and narrow heel: Stilettos

Squishy medusoid sea creatures with many tentacles: Jellyfish

The last name of Luke and Anakin from Star Wars: Skywalker

The time before adolescence: Childhood

Written when an author is unknown: Anonymous

__ Mountain High, hit for Ike and Tina Turner: River deep

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Ring-necked” bird hunted in North America: Pheasant

Balls of durum wheat semolina, come from Africa: Couscous

Decade in which Morgan Freeman was born: Thirties

Destination where tourists pitch tents: Campsite

In their hit song, Cypress Hill was insane in this: Membrane

Laundry liquid for fluffy fabrics: Softener

Major Canadian city located on an island: Montreal

NATO has a phonetic one: Alphabet

Slab for typing on, possibly QWERTY: Keyboard

Tragic Shakespeare character with three daughters: King lear

Undying: Immortal

What Cinderella went to the ball in: Carriage

Puzzle 4 Answers

A blue green semi-precious opaque stone: Turquoise

Ability to smell through receptors in the nose: Olfaction

Citizens of Giza and Cairo: Egyptians

Fish use gills for this process: Breathing

Greek philosopher and Plato’s student successor: Aristotle

Maurice __, French cabaret singer and movie star: Chevalier

Noise heard when breaking the sound barrier: Sonic boom

Perfume or cologne: Fragrance

Social media platform created by Kevin Systrom: Instagram

The location of Park Güell and La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona

They’re the superheroes’ assistants: Sidekicks

When older people go first: __ beauty: Age before

Puzzle 5 Answers

Author J. K. Rowling’s first name: Joanne

Cinnamon and nutmeg are these: Spices

Collie who starred in a classic TV series: Lassie

It takes two to do these dances: Tangos

Lucky charm such as a bracelet to fight off evil: Amulet

Mythological many-headed serpents: Hydras

Pacific Ocean US state that’s alphabetically first: Alaska

Positive, cheerful: Upbeat

String of beads for counting Catholic prayers: Rosary

Superhero famous for his cape and cowl: Batman

Term used for an older person’s crinkly thin skin: Crepey

The protective covering of the tooth: Enamel

__ Gardens, Florence’s open-air parkland: Boboli

Group 822

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alcohol often called the green fairy: Absinthe

Auction offer on behalf of another buyer: Proxy bid

Country in which The Killing Fields is set: Cambodia

Criminal who imports, exports goods and people: Smuggler

Decorative seed pod from a fir tree: Pinecone

Facial sprinklings seen most on redheads: Freckles

Fancy __, nifty dance steps: Footwork

Filled with vitality, sprightly: Youthful

Like the plates that shift along the Earth’s crust: Tectonic

One of the 7 world wonders, located in Agra, India: Tajmahal

Stretching is vital post-workout to accomplish it: Recovery

The faith founded by Siddhartha Gautama: Buddhism

The steam-powered animal in a book by Jules Verne: Elephant

__ Islands, the former name of Hawaii: Sandwich

Puzzle 2 Answers

Capt __, suitor of Louisa Musgrove in Persuasion: Benwick

Classic cocktail made with gin and vermouth: Martini

Collagen helps skin stay this: Elastic

Futuristic World Fair landmark in Brussels: Atomium

Get advice from a professional: Consult

Instrument played by Louis Armstrong: Trumpet

Listen in illegally to telephone conversations: Wiretap

Living quarters where one sleeps: Bedroom

Offer hints on what to select from a menu: Suggest

The Police song about a woman with a red light: Roxanne

The Police song originally banned from UK radio: Roxanne

The female lead in No Strings Attached: Portman

Used to unlock vehicle doors and start engines: Car keys

Puzzle 3 Answers

Al Pacino played a drug lord in this 1983 film: Scarface

Brush hair in the wrong direction for extra volume: Backcomb

Fastest cats on Earth: Cheetahs

John Keats’ poem about a beautiful Greek youth: Endymion

Male singing voice between tenor and bass: Baritone

Not required, do this if you want to do it: Optional

Operating knives: Scalpels

Restaurant for Italian cheesy pies: Pizzeria

Second-smallest of the Canary Islands: La gomera

Setting alight: Torching

__ Dream, US ideal of liberty and prosperity: American

Puzzle 4 Answers

A photo from the past on social media: Throwback

Athletic competition consisting of ten events: Decathlon

Author of The Grapes of Wrath and Cannery Row: Steinbeck

C-sections: Cesareans

David __, Ross on Friends: Schwimmer

Greek island also called Zante: Zakynthos

Maze-like puzzle with choices of paths to follow: Labyrinth

Neck and shoulder muscle: Trapezius

Women’s outfits of trousers and matching jackets: Pantsuits

Wrapped up like King Tut: Mummified

Puzzle 5 Answers

Food that follows Jewish laws: Kosher

Frisbee-like Olympic throwing object: Discus

Sensory membrane at the back of the eye: Retina

Short rest, like a sleeping feline: Catnap

Sixth planet from the sun: Saturn

Spouted vessel for brewing, serving hot drinks: Teapot

The other name of Jane Hopper from Stranger Things: Eleven

The world’s longest river is in this continent: Africa

Type of nose that Frosty the Snowman had: Button

Vessel to hold herbs and medicines to be crushed: Mortar

__ Earth; online map service with scavenger hunt: Google

__ Victory of Samothrace, sculpture in The Louvre: Winged

Group 823

Puzzle 1 Answers

Aegean islands that include Skiathos and Skopelos: Sporades

An ocean creature capable of pregnancy: Seahorse

Biannual celebration in Summer and Winter: Solstice

Classic ballad with an Irish tune written in 1913: Danny boy

Financial records of a business’ revenue: Accounts

Financial records of revenue for a business: Accounts

Listening device worn by an interpreter: Earpiece

Look after a property while the owner is away: Housesit

Mythological creature, bull’s head and human body: Minotaur

Personal folding shield from rain or sun: Umbrella

Small male sea equine that carries eggs in a pouch: Seahorse

Wizard who can transform into another creature: Animagus

__ Dogs, rom-com with Diane Lane and John Cusack: Must love

Puzzle 2 Answers

Common ice cream; slang for dull: Vanilla

Description for fashions that are timeless: Classic

Hugh Jackman plays the greatest one in a 2017 film: Showman

Jim Carey comedy film: Ace __: Pet Detective: Ventura

Medicine used to relieve heartburn or indigestion: Antacid

Quietly speaking messages to a deity: Praying

Rock type formed from hardened volcanic lava: Igneous

Through the Looking Glass primary hued royal man: Red king

Through the Looking Glass royal man: Red king

To be wary and timid due to dread: Fearful

Transport siren using compressed gas: Air horn

Types of cats with shortened appendages: Bobtail

__ Sea, largest enclosed body of water on Earth: Caspian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another name for a stock cube: Bouillon

Arthur Miller play about Salem: The __: Crucible

Final destructive battle of the Norse gods: Ragnarök

First name of the man who painted the Mona Lisa: Leonardo

Giveaways, promotional offers with no cost: Freebies

In algebra, a letter with an unknown value: Variable

Invertebrates and cowards are both lacking this: Backbone

Move down in size: Decrease

Steel pincers for grabbing tiny hairs: Tweezers

Stretch also called the wheel pose in yoga: Back bend

The Bangles sisters Debbi and Vicki __: Peterson

The team of Marvel superheroes including Iron Man: Avengers

This was lost in John Milton’s epic poem: Paradise

Video or audio tape: Cassette

Puzzle 4 Answers

Branch of science that deals with crime scenes: Forensics

Brand of lip balm used by Napoleon Dynamite: Chapstick

Fashionable or in vogue terms: Buzzwords

Land bordered by water on three sides like Florida: Peninsula

Magical story that may feature a princess: Fairy tale

Mathematical formula used to suggest products: Algorithm

Seasonal movement, like of a Monarch butterfly: Migration

Tabletop toy with pawns and cards: Board game

Take apart piece by piece: Dismantle

What wine-making fruits grow on: Grapevine

Where tourists might keep valuables: Hotel safe

Puzzle 5 Answers

An extra soft wool from a specific breed of rabbit: Angora

Art on the ceiling of St. Mark’s Church in Venice: Mosaic

Belt of astronomical bodies beyond Neptune: Kuiper

Death __, US desert, one of the hottest in world: Valley

DreamWorks animation starring Justin Timberlake: Trolls

Fred Astaire’s dance partner, __ Rogers: Ginger

Fred’s crush on Scooby-Doo: Daphne

Move quickly, like a beetle: Scurry

Root vegetable idiomatically found on a couch: Potato

The 24 hours that employees’ wages arrive: Payday

The blue no 2 loco in Thomas the Tank Engine: Edward

The medal given to the person who finishes third: Bronze

Window covering like shades or shutters: Blinds

__ tiger, national animal of Bangladesh: Bengal

Group 824

Puzzle 1 Answers

A complete electrical network: Circuit

A time period of 100 years: Century

Ancient Italian city engulfed by Mount Vesuvius: Pompeii

Ancient currency used by the Maccabees: Shekels

Captain played by Chris Evans: America

Decorative technique of gluing scraps on a surface: Collage

Extreme sport on white water rapids: Rafting

Highest mountain range entirely in Europe: The alps

It’s said to be put over quantity: Quality

Oops, this ex-mouseketeer did it again: Britney

Print using raised dots for the visually impaired: Braille

Wailing Irish spirit: Banshee

Puzzle 2 Answers

Acid deposited by muscles into the blood: Lactic

Acting technique where one becomes their role: Method

Celery look alike veggie that tastes like licorice: Fennel

Come into sight: Appear

Comic book company known for The Avengers: Marvel

Groups of lions: Prides

Illustrated stories that can be read on a tablet: Ebooks

Number of sides of a hendecagon: Eleven

Priestess whose advice was sought by the gods: Oracle

Regal headgear worn by kings and queens: Crowns

Ross was “on a break” with her on Friends: Rachel

Snow __; Chasing Cars and Run rock band: Patrol

South Asian nation with a dragon on its flag: Bhutan

The __ Book, “The Bare Necessities” Disney musical: Jungle

Time of no food: Famine

Writing that uses cadence and rhythm abstractly: Poetry

__ Viaduct, French bridge created by Norman Foster: Millau

__ emptor, Latin term for “let the buyer beware”: Caveat

Puzzle 3 Answers

Blanket for outdoor summer meals: Picnic rug

Fictional British spy 007 created by Ian Fleming: James bond

North African city with bustling Djemaa el-Fna: Marrakech

Peaks, highest points: Pinnacles

Said of a computer file that has been damaged: Corrupted

Someone who pays taxes based on their property: Ratepayer

Spring-loaded loop common in mountain climbing: Carabiner

Stagnant, isolated place: Backwater

Superman’s human alter-ego: Clark kent

The shape of the faces of most boxes: Rectangle

What is said to be found at the end of a rainbow: Pot of gold

Puzzle 4 Answers

“The Pied Piper of Hamelin”: a poem by Robert __: Browning

A game where you act out the word to players: Charades

Adhesive labels with designs on them: Stickers

An organism that lives in or on a host: Parasite

Another name for the collarbone: Clavicle

Mouse replacement built into a laptop: Touchpad

Painful infection of the intestines: Dysentry

Pasta ribbons a bit like spaghetti: Linguine

Taylor Swift song about guy too pretty to look at: Gorgeous

Tectonic plates are doing this over time: Shifting

The Greek god who sports a trident: Poseidon

Type of exercise class with a stationary bike: Spinning

__ with pride, strong sense of satisfaction: Bursting

Puzzle 5 Answers

An organism that eats only plant matter: Herbivore

Fashionable complement in a style subscription box: Accessory

He stole from the rich and gave to the poor: Robinhood

Injury caused when skin is exposed to extreme cold: Frostbite

Mind-to-mind communication: Telepathy

Monopoly is an example of one: Boardgame

Populist leader, one who appeals to the people: Demagogue

Primary producer in a food chain: Autotroph

Using a rope to mark off territory: Cordoning

Weight loss program of eating the food of cavemen: Paleo diet

What goes in a VHS player: Videotape

Wonder of the world located in Rome: Colosseum

Group 825

Puzzle 1 Answers

A voice gets this way after a lot of coughing: Hoarse

Financial scope for a project: Budget

Howard __, central figure in The Aviator biopic: Hughes

Imitation or real calfskin paper: Vellum

Individual scenes in a stop-motion animation: Frames

Irish site of an international oyster festival: Galway

Look after kids temporarily, like a parent: Foster

Milk fat spread gathered from churning: Butter

Playground equipment with a pivoting beam: Seesaw

Promises, vows: Swears

Saint __, Paris station featured in Monet’s works: Lazare

Shakespeare’s Two Gentleman were from here: Verona

Team races where a baton is carried: Relays

The mythological Greeks used this wooden horse: Trojan

The world’s largest country by area: Russia

They are like the body’s electrical wiring: Nerves

Tree-dwelling marsupials native to Australia: Koalas

__ Jean, “Not my lover” hit for Michael Jackson: Billie

__ suit, decontamination garment: Hazmat

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actress __ Huffman, star of Transamerica and Cake: Felicity

British rock band fronted by Chris Martin: Coldplay

Day of national celebration in France, on July 14: Bastille

Everest, Fuji, Denali or Kilimanjaro: Mountain

Famous book of world records: Guinness

Influencer on a well-known video upload website: Youtuber

Lines that remain the same distance apart: Parallel

Pearl-shaped semolina wheat grain: Couscous

Puffy lion dog of northern China: Chow chow

Taken into police custody: Arrested

The mysterious Scottish river monster: Lochness

Town that the Grinch steals presents from: Whoville

Puzzle 3 Answers

A green fruit used to make guacamole: Avocado

A show or broadcast that forms part of a series: Episode

Colloquial farewell in England: Cheerio

Country whose capital is Mogadishu: Somalia

Do not __, mode to deter unwanted interruptions: Disturb

Fictional sultanate, home to Aladdin: Agrabah

Footboard on wheels, pushed along by youngsters: Scooter

Frightened, unnerved: Spooked

People who plan to marry are this: Engaged

Punk rock band fronted by Debbie Harry: Blondie

Roman emperor ordered the building of the Pantheon: Hadrian

Stephen the astrophysicist: Hawking

Puzzle 4 Answers

A collection of related info held on a computer: Database

Battle Royale video game released in 2017: Fortnite

Biblical book of stories to teach ethics: Proverbs

Measurement of the slope of a line: Gradient

Person with dark brown hair: Brunette

Poem where first letter of each line spells a word: Acrostic

Santa knows one with a very shiny nose: Reindeer

The movie franchise about dinosaurs, __ park: Jurassic

The official language of China: Mandarin

Three-movement composition with solo instruments: Concerto

Visible part of a hammerhead or great white: Shark fin

Puzzle 5 Answers

2010 sci-fi film starring Leonardo DiCaprio: Inception

Author of Tom Sawyer: Mark twain

Blue skies with no fluffy bits: Cloudless

Common pizza topping made of spiced beef and pork: Pepperoni

David Bowie song about sinking into deep questions: Quicksand

Famous lion cub bought from Harrods in 1969: Christian

Fictitious plant used to ward off lycanthropes: Wolfsbane

Spongebob lives in this tropical fruit: Pineapple

Stiffened paper product for packaging: Cardboard

The Titanic is an example of this maritime fate: Shipwreck

Waterway that Da Vinci tried to divert: Arno river

__ spared, cost doesn’t matter, even if it’s high: No expense

Group 826

Puzzle 1 Answers

Candidate, someone standing for election: Nominee

Certificate awarded to a university graduate: Diploma

Cross-body bag used to carry supplies: Satchel

Dog breed that looks like a tiny greyhound: Whippet

Element which names a Californian tech “valley”: Silicon

French country home often associated with wine: Chateau

Funny-sounding upper arm bone: Humerus

Large former German state on the Baltic Sea: Prussia

Lunch meat from Italian city, fried sandwiches: Bologna

Mythical creature representing Sagittarius: Centaur

Raphael is part of these mutant ninja creatures: Turtles

Shakespearean play whose title is bad luck to say: Macbeth

Snipped the ends or edges off something: Trimmed

Someone who pretends to be someone else online: Catfish

The country where Saint Patrick’s Day began: Ireland

Very famous vampire from literature: Dracula

Virtual or digital currency: Bitcoin

What comes after the lightning: Thunder

__ Mafia; nickname for Elvis’ closest associates: Memphis

Puzzle 2 Answers

A photographer’s primary tool: Camera

Batman’s butler: Alfred

Blood vessel connected to the heart, pulmonary __: Artery

French mathematician with a famous triangle: Pascal

Greek capital: Athens

James Bond movie: Quantum of __: Solace

Miserable, unhappy, sad: Woeful

Musical composition to highlight a soloist: Sonata

Pomodoro in Italian: Tomato

Spanish rice dish which originated in Valencia: Paella

The type of exercise that raises your heart rate: Cardio

Puzzle 3 Answers

Austrian producer of sparkly crystals: Swarovski

Below-ground levels for cool summer workouts: Basements

Chemical to keep insects from damaging crops: Pesticide

Five-line poems: Limericks

French for “have a good trip”: Bon voyage

Land of the __, Japan’s early morning nickname: Rising sun

Laws that protect intellectual property: Copyright

Military vessel that can go under water: Submarine

Plant food group including broccoli and potatoes: Vegetable

Scientific study of wasps: Vespology

Spies operate this way, with concealed identity: Incognito

Teeth also known as bicuspids: Premolars

Term for a pirate who raided Spanish colonies: Buccaneer

The __; Mel Brooks Broadway-based 2005 movie: Producers

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artistic technique of crossed lines to make shadow: Hatching

First-person video game in an underwater city: Bioshock

Hard Italian almond biscuits: Biscotti

Hidden object sought by GPS treasure hunters: Geocache

Long-term loan to purchase a home: Mortgage

Simple gags that a father might tell: Dad jokes

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective: Sherlock

Stimulant chemical consumed in a morning beverage: Caffeine

TV show where the tribe has spoken: Survivor

Units used to measure the intensity of sound: Decibels

Witchy sounding name for a bunch of bats: Cauldron

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dense, central part of an atom: Nucleus

Description of food cooked on a barbecue: Grilled

Extra, additional payments above a person’s salary: Bonuses

Fire breathing crossbred animal from Greek myth: Chimera

Isaac __, Russian painter of Autumn Day: Levitan

Jennifer Grey, Patrick Swayze movie: Dirty __: Dancing

Large tube carrying air to and from the lungs: Trachea

Long-haired domestic cat breed with round face: Persian

Patrick Swayze movie: Dirty __: Dancing

Regular feature on a radio show: Segment

Singer of Crazy in Love, she has a Lemonade album: Beyonce

Squishy, portable seat full of lentil-like balls: Bean bag

The last car of a train: Caboose

The residence of the pope: Vatican

These shakes help with muscle mass: Protein

Volcanic Icelandic island arrived fully formed: Surtsey

Group 827

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cardboard cutout design to trace through: Stencil

Cartoon-style icons used as profile pictures: Avatars

Frosty, Olaf, and Michael Keaton’s Jack Frost: Snowmen

Mononymed singer of I Think We’re Alone Now: Tiffany

Narrow strip of land with water on either side: Isthmus

Records of someone’s life experiences: Memoirs

Round or rectangular bundle of dried straw: Hay bale

Seeker says this when finding the hider: I see you

The brightest star in the Ursa Minor constellation: Polaris

There’s no time like it: Present

Vengeance, retaliation, reprisal: Revenge

War in which the Battle of Balaclava was fought: Crimean

Puzzle 2 Answers

Amusing initial encounter of two characters: Meet cute

An expert in illusions or sleight-of-hand: Magician

Burrito casing: Tortilla

Circus-style athletes who tumble: Acrobats

Form of carbon found in pencils: Graphite

Optimistic attitude; the nubbed side of a battery: Positive

Sahara Oryx species reintroduced to the wild: Scimitar

Small putting activity to get balls in holes: Mini golf

The P in PDF; __ Document Format: Portable

US president at the turn of the 20th century: Mckinley

-Partenkirchen, venue of 1936 Winter Olympics: Garmisch

Puzzle 3 Answers

Basil the Great Mouse Detective’s sidekick: Dawson

Gave clues as to something: Hinted

Joints that link feet to legs: Ankles

Mouse pointer indicator on a computer screen: Cursor

Musical A __ Line, focuses on Broadway dancers: Chorus

Outer casing for pies: Pastry

Person who hangs ten: Surfer

Punta della __; gallery in Venice customs building: Dogana

Solar tech lets people capture this from the sun: Energy

Statue near Cairo with woman’s head, lion body: Sphinx

City; oil rich capital with same name as state: Kuwait

__ Quin forms a partnership with Satterthwaite: Harley

Puzzle 4 Answers

80s singer called “The Queen of Pop”: Madonna

A __ in one’s cap, a symbol of achievement: Feather

An alloy of mercury with another metal: Amalgam

Ancient Egyptian script found on the Rosetta Stone: Demotic

Conflict, military action: Warfare

Fakes: Phoneys

Land that King Arthur ruled: Camelot

Maiden name of Lady Diana: Spencer

Paul the Provençal Impressionist painter: Cezanne

Smallish dog, can be Staffy, Border, Irish…: Terrier

Swirling wind storm in low pressure atmospheres: Cyclone

They fire arrows: Archers

Vein easily found on the neck: Jugular

Will Smith superhero movie comedy: Hancock

World’s largest pasta producer, founded in 1877: Barilla

__ Hearts, Disney multi-world videogame: Kingdom

Puzzle 5 Answers

Andrew Lloyd Webber hit: Jesus Christ __: Superstar

Catch-all term for a watch or a clock: Timepiece

Craters that open in the ground with no explanation: Sink holes

Doctor focused on sneezes, rashes, hives: Allergist

Heat for losers in rowing allowing them to advance: Repechage

Horizontal wooden support in a building: Crossbeam

Hunger Games sequel featuring snakes and this: Songbirds

Invertebrate with an exoskeleton: Arthropod

Nickname for Batman’s caped sidekick: Boy wonder

Plant scientists: Botanists

The private driver of a luxury vehicle: Chauffeur

When someone unexpectedly appears in a picture: Photobomb

Group 828

Puzzle 1 Answers

A sweet treat eaten at the end of a meal: Dessert

City that hosted the 2014 Commonwealth Games: Glasgow

Ending, finishing: Ceasing

Fata __, mirage named after Arthurian sorceress: Morgana

German who made continental drift theory popular: Wegener

Leading Mongol strategist of Genghis Khan: Subutai

Playwright George Shaw’s middle name: Bernard

Style of stitching, fabric for bedding: Quilted

This band member plays the lowest-pitch guitar: Bassist

US first lady Roosevelt or queen of Aquitaine: Eleanor

Puzzle 2 Answers

A desktop icon that brings you straight to a site: Shortcut

A medical sample for testing: Specimen

A washer does this to clothes to clean them: Agitates

Austrian born film actor and director Erich von __: Stroheim

French loaf, means stick: Baguette

High platform shoes worn in the 16th century: Chopines

Judas __ betrayed Jesus to the Sanhedrin: Iscariot

Legislative branch of the US government: Congress

Most south-westerly county of the United Kingdom: Cornwall

On a higher floor of a building, via steps: Upstairs

Place where goods enter and exit with no customs: Freeport

Puzzle 3 Answers

2015 Disney film about emotions, Out: Inside

A Swiss dish with melted cheese or chocolate: Fondue

Brightest star in the Aquila constellation: Altair

Every cloud has a __ lining: Silver

Fuel used by semi trucks; Italian denim brand: Diesel

Groups of boys and girls earning merit badges: Scouts

King and father of Merida in Brave: Fergus

Llama-like animal we can get silky wool from: Alpaca

Motorcycle riders: Bikers

Orville Wright’s brother: Wilbur

Promising hit for All-4-One in 1994: I swear

Scarcity, uncommonness: Rarity

Writing that uses cadence and rhythm abstractly: Poetry

a España; Spanish multi-stage cycling race: Vuelta

__ night, an oil canvas by Vincent van Gogh: Starry

Puzzle 4 Answers

A tall perennial plant with yellow petals: Sunflower

Christian sacrament reenacting the Last Supper: Communion

Dried salty strips of cattle meat: Beef jerky

Hit the nail __, come up with the exact answer: On the head

It’s what unused muscles become: Atrophied

Land surrounded by water on 3 sides, like Florida: Peninsula

Looney Tunes character who quacks: Daffy duck

Science fantasy genre inspired by Victorian era: Steampunk

Table and storage cabinet common among craftsmen: Workbench

Term used to adjust pictures; an editing software: Photoshop

The number above the line in a fraction: Numerator

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bach’s east Germany burial city: Leipzig

Category of literature about imaginary events: Fiction

Check these before buying a product: Reviews

Cher questions if people __ in life after love: Believe

Cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a poodle: Cavapoo

Edward __ Tylor, founder of cultural anthropology: Burnett

He plays Watson to Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock: Jude law

Mini burgers served as canapés: Sliders

Mythical winged horse: Pegasus

Olympic event involving slender swords: Fencing

Physical artform that trains you for combat: Martial

Route of cells that impulses travel in the brain: Pathway

Running late, not on schedule: Delayed

Saucer-style object in throwing game: Frisbee

Women stand out on one when serenaded: Balcony

Group 829

Puzzle 1 Answers

Caesar, ruler who was assassinated: Julius

Capital city of Germany, once divided by a wall: Berlin

Charlie Brown’s grubby, dust-covered friend: Pig pen

Chest: Thorax

Describes the goatherd in The Sound of Music: Lonely

Directions, dialogue for actors to follow: Script

Joe __ is the subject of a Tiger King documentary: Exotic

One who courts another: Suitor

Snow White’s dwarf friend who is always snoring: Sleepy

Surgical stitch to seal a wound: Suture

Very famous university in South East England: Oxford

Puzzle 2 Answers

Cheats, conmen: Swindlers

False teeth worn over the gums: Dentures

His porridge was just right for Goldilocks: Baby bear

Japanese dish of chicken grilled on a skewer: Yakitori

Leaves of a coriander plant, common taco topping: Cilantro

Most common element in the air we breathe: Nitrogen

Nationality of composers Mozart and Strauss: Austrian

Puerto __; underground river in the Philippines: Princesa

Rough drawings: Sketches

S African city founded by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652: Cape town

To leave one’s homeland for citizenship elsewhere: Emigrate

Up on your feet, not sitting: Standing

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arnold, Wong and Cumberbatch: Benedicts

Dedicated, handheld video recording device: Camcorder

Happens right before midnight on New Year’s Eve: Countdown

Ian McEwan novel turned Oscar-winning film: Atonement

Liver condition where scars replace normal tissue: Cirrhosis

MTV show of rockers playing acoustic songs: Unplugged

Mr. Arnold, Mr. Wong, and Mr. Cumberbatch: Benedicts

Prequel to The Conjuring, about a scary doll: Annabelle

Solve an arithmetic problem: Calculate

Strong-smelling herb made famous by hippies: Patchouli

This morning meal can be served in bed: Breakfast

__ on the vine, or slowly decaying through neglect: Withering

Puzzle 4 Answers

An enveloped pasta dish with meat and cheese: Ravioli

Any currently inactive volcano is this: Dormant

Child’s toy figure with a cloth body: Rag doll

Code cracked by symbologist Robert Langdon: Da vinci

In Wicked, Glinda decides to help Elphaba be this: Popular

In strata, having many sections, like an onion: Layered

Marine mammal also known as a sea cow: Manatee

Middle Age garments with draping sleeves: Bliauts

Scary creature common in children’s books: Monster

Skin condition of broken blood vessels and redness: Rosacea

Ten Commandments were written on these stones: Tablets

Web __, allows individuals to post a web page: Hosting

Words spoken to damage someone’s reputation: Slander

Puzzle 5 Answers

A thick sauce made by boiling: Reduction

Ancient water distribution system: Aqueducts

Carefree summer palace of King of Prussia: Sanssouci

Distracting thoughts that divert concentration: Daydreams

Five-point star used as a religious symbol: Pentagram

Got better after an illness: Recovered

Kevin Costner played one to Whitney Houston: Bodyguard

Like a close relationship between two organisms: Symbiotic

This device predicts weather by pressure changes: Barometer

Video game franchise with evil chaser monkeys: Temple run

Group 830

Puzzle 1 Answers

A red one of these fish leads a detective astray: Herring

Bronze Age capital of the Hittite Empire: Hattusa

Doctor Who aliens that cannot be remembered: the __: Silence

Don who plays Rhodes in Iron Man movies: Cheadle

Family name of Bilbo in The Hobbit: Baggins

Male bird known for its extravagant tail feathers: Peacock

Messaging forum or group for a business on Slack: Channel

Not yet discovered: Unknown

Prayers assigned after confession in Catholicism: Penance

Rabat is the capital of this country: Morocco

Singer-songwriter of Arms of a Woman: Amos lee

Strongly spiced Indian condiment: Chutney

Suntanned, like a third-place medal: Bronzed

US coin worth 25 cents or one-fourth of year: Quarter

Weakness or infirmity: Frailty

Where actors perform farthest from the audience: Upstage

Puzzle 2 Answers

1993 sci-fi comedy with pointy-skulled aliens: Coneheads

An Italian pasta often served with meatballs: Spaghetti

Belgian city named after King Charles: Charleroi

Clickable text that brings you to another website: Hyperlink

Greater she-bear in the sky: Ursa major

Lizard that changes its appearance by its mood: Chameleon

Nerve cell branches which transmit synapses: Dendrites

Simon’s music partner until troubled waters: Garfunkel

Studio 54 was a famous one in the 1970s: Nightclub

Symbols of St. Patrick: Shamrocks

Temporary covering to block someone’s sight: Blindfold

The moment of victory in chess: Checkmate

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Why so serious?”, asked this villain: The joker

Ab exercise done by raising limbs while lying down: Leg lifts

Ancient culture of north-western Italy: Etruscan

Arcade game hand control for steering: Joystick

Austrian lake with salt mines and ice caves: Halstatt

Bamboo weapon with darts: Blowpipe

Buyer, purchaser: Consumer

George Bailey’s angel in It’s a Wonderful Life: Clarence

J.Lo and Shakira headlined the Super Bowl __ show: Halftime

One single unit of precipitation: Raindrop

Samsung makes these phones: Androids

Snakes and spiders with toxins in their fangs: Venomous

Someone on a honeymoon: Newlywed

The homeland of Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal

The zodiac sign represented by a water bearer: Aquarius

These very hard gems are made from carbon: Diamonds

Woven design piece hung on a wall: Tapestry

__ stock, means the subject of much mirth: Laughing

Puzzle 4 Answers

A substance used to give a surface extra shine: Polish

French brandy and its birth town: Cognac

He is the older brother of Gretel: Hansel

Herb that felines love: Catnip

Home appliance; low pressure atmosphere in space: Vacuum

Large and flatish volcano type, like Mauna Kea: Shield

Meat from a sheep: Mutton

Secure bank boxes for keeping precious items safe: Vaults

The surname of the blonde bombshell, Marilyn __: Monroe

__ rack, to allow wet artworks to dehydrate: Drying

Puzzle 5 Answers

A series starring Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope: Scandal

Act cooler than one feels, play something off: Pretend

Elusive, avoiding the issue: Evasive

Flat-bottomed Venetian boat smaller than a gondola: Sandolo

Horse-drawn wheeled vehicle in ancient times: Chariot

Jimmy __ of Vertigo and The Philadelphia Story: Stewart

Measurement that’s not Fahrenheit: Celsius

Safety devices to absorb impact in a car crash: Airbags

Six-sided shape found in a beehive: Hexagon

Summertime Blues singer Eddie: Cochran

The main theme of Romeo and Juliet: Romance

Vodka __, tequila drink with vodka aka Russian: Sunrise

Wrap yourself in this for warmth: Blanket

Group 831

Puzzle 1 Answers

An optimist will see their glass this way: Half full

Careful observation of something: Scrutiny

Christmas play based on the birth of Jesus Christ: Nativity

Direction of prevailing trade winds: Easterly

Dress that’s a short, sleeveless type of nightwear: Babydoll

House of fish exhibits and moody lighting: Aquarium

Mix fat and vinegar together thoroughly: Emulsify

Prosciutto; thinly sliced Italian deli meat: Parma ham

Senders of junk emails: Spammers

__ Lopez, Aniston, and Hudson: Jennifer

Puzzle 2 Answers

Able to initiate change, forward-thinking: Proactive

And’ symbol, combo of et, the latin word for and: Ampersand

Black object on a pool table: Eight ball

Carl __, reporter played by Dustin Hoffman on film: Bernstein

Casino card game also called Twenty-one: Blackjack

Deliberate destruction of someone else’s property: Vandalism

Fellow members of a rock or pop group: Bandmates

Group that performs research & advocacy: Think tank

Implanted device that regulates heart rhythm: Pacemaker

Lower rear bone of the skull: Occipital

Many bears do this during the winter months: Hibernate

The home of tango; its capital is Buenos Aires: Argentina

The symbol &, which stands for and: Ampersand

This Johnny starred in stunt-based MTV show: Knoxville

This Spencer wed Charles, became princess: Lady diana

To kill a plant with excessive H2O: Overwater

Where copied text is stored on a computer: Clipboard

Young adult dystopian series by Veronica Roth: Divergent

Puzzle 3 Answers

A place where beer is made and sold: Brewery

Country bordering Luxembourg on the east: Germany

Daily process repeated for productivity and health: Routine

French detective created by Georges Simenon: Maigret

Gila __; American lizard with toxic saliva: Monster

Green sushi ingredient called nori in Japanese: Seaweed

Italian astronomer; “father of modern physics”: Galileo

Multiple options, like which restaurant to go to: Choices

Popular old VWs: Beetles

The lightest-known metal, used in batteries: Lithium

To take an image/record a moment: Capture

When dining partners pay for their own meal: Go dutch

__ sweep, “dark” first-footer with coal: Chimney

Puzzle 4 Answers

A hopping marsupial from Australia: Kangaroo

An expert in the design and repair of firearms: Gunsmith

Boxer Oscar who faced Pacquiao in 2008 superfight: De la hoya

He played a cat in Shrek 2: Banderas

Hindu denomination with supreme being Shiva: Shaivism

Last performance before retirement: Swan song

Legume from a Beech tree roasted for the holidays: Chestnut

Motif featuring combined letters or initials: Monogram

Printed work used in classrooms: Textbook

Purple, scented flower with relaxing essential oil: Lavender

Shallow, Bad Romance and Paparazzi singer: Ladygaga

Tags or keywords describing content of a web page: Metadata

Puzzle 5 Answers

“I’ll never be your beast of ” – Rolling Stones: Burden

A unit of measurement of an angle or temperature: Degree

Artwork made of many vivid glass pieces: Mosaic

Bryce __ Howard, Jurassic World actress: Dallas

Cartoon Inspector who was father to Penny: Gadget

Death __; highly venomous Australian land snakes: Adders

Grammatical unit that can be main or dependent: Clause

Grout-like material between bricks: Mortar

Hitchcock film with tie-killer Bob Rusk: Frenzy

Left or right motions on Tinder to find a mate: Swipes

Lessons taught at the end of many books: Morals

More divine than: Holier

Mythological male creature, half fish half human: Merman

Pedro Alvares __, European discoverer of Brazil: Cabral

Pre-dinner finger food: Canape

Group 832

Puzzle 1 Answers

1990s TV show about six buddies in NYC: Friends

Arrive there a few hours early to clear security: Airport

French ski resort linked to Avoriaz: Morzine

Gaming system like a PlayStation or Xbox: Console

Going bad, decaying: Rotting

Golden lampstand for seven candles in Judaism: Menorah

Irrigation trenches: Ditches

Made narrower, as with trousers: Tapered

Medical specialty of the ear: Otology

Polish for wood collected from hives: Beeswax

Portuguese fortified wine: Madeira

The fruit of a tree from the palm family: Coconut

The spice of life, according to a saying: Variety

To Venezuelans, he was “El Liberador”: Simon __: Bolivar

Fonda, star of Single White Female: Bridget

__ in the Deep, song by Adele: Rolling

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Greek creature that is half-man and half-bull: Minotaur

Broaden your __; expand your interests: Horizons

Grazing African mammals with permanent horns: Antelope

Headwear worn in the winter with two puffs: Earmuffs

Indian chicken dish made in a clay oven: Tandoori

Local paper or brochure including news and info: Bulletin

Method and strategy of adaptive teaching: Pedagogy

The end of the world: Doomsday

The partridge sits in this in 12 Days of Christmas: Pear tree

Tool that helps smooth photo images: Airbrush

Puzzle 3 Answers

A blockage in an organ or blood vessel: Occlusion

A substance that enhances food, like relish: Condiment

Adjective of Margery Williams’ picture book rabbit: Velveteen

Bones that make up the spinal column: Vertebrae

Colombian port named after Spanish naval city: Cartagena

Discuss and work through a deal: Negotiate

Dutch Golden Age painter of The Laughing Cavalier: Frans hals

Instrument used for stargazing: Telescope

Lowest female singing voice, like Cher’s: Contralto

Manual restraints used by police officers: Handcuffs

Pharaoh who started Aten worship: Akhenaten

Place of retreat for one seeking seclusion: Hermitage

Princely state, e.g. Oman or Brunei: Sultanate

Series of Van Gogh’s paintings featured these trees: Cypresses

The __ tuna is found in tropical oceans worldwide: Yellowfin

To transmit something via radio or television: Broadcast

Tomorrow __, Brosnan’s second outing as Bond: Never dies

Puzzle 4 Answers

A James Cameron movie with blue creatures: Avatar

Archers aim for one during competitions: Target

Beanie Babies dinosaur sent into space in 2020: Tremor

Domestic pet in the same family as a weasel: Ferret

Dr. Bruce who becomes the Hulk: Banner

Italian spicy cold sausage: Salami

Love me __; romantic 1956 Elvis hit song and movie: Tender

Making small, final changes to a design: Tweaks

Small nation located on Borneo: Brunei

Unit of measurement of pressure or stress: Pascal

When music is released illegally before planned: Leaked

Puzzle 5 Answers

Aromatic spice; she birthed the devil’s baby: Rosemary

Baseball star Joe __, married Marilyn Monroe: Dimaggio

Fish that live and feed on or near the ocean floor: Demersal

Leaflet; printed information booklet: Pamphlet

Name of the Iberian Peninsula in Roman times: Hispania

One of the very hottest curries: Vindaloo

Orange aquatic pet: Goldfish

Popular Netflix horror series: __ Things: Stranger

Saying or singing a ritual phrase repeatedly: Chanting

The body’s chemical messengers; cortisol & insulin: Hormones

Theatrical performance district in New York City: Broadway

Trinket that you hang on a Christmas tree: Ornament

Volume, largest amount that a container can hold: Capacity

__ and the Machine, flame-haired singer: Florence

__ of you, you’re in my thoughts: Thinking

Group 833

Puzzle 1 Answers

2020 horror film based on Japan’s Ju-On: The __: Grudge

Amazon’s hand-held e-reading device: Kindle

Commonly mixed with hops to brew beer: Barley

Country which owns the islands of Crete and Rhodes: Greece

Leader of the pack, in other words: Top dog

Related to the smallest component of an element: Atomic

Short-haired dogs that might be good at punching?: Boxers

Susannah __ wrote the memoir Girl, Interrupted: Kaysen

The F in sunscreen’s SPF: Factor

Venice’s glassmaking island: Murano

__ pekoe, Asian black tea from the plant’s tips: Orange

Puzzle 2 Answers

Actress who played Arwen in The Lord of the Rings: Liv tyler

Author of the novel Le Rouge et le Noir: Stendhal

Cabbage-like veg with space-age-looking antennae: Kohlrabi

Capital of Sudan: Khartoum

Hair trimming device for close-cropped styles: Clippers

Jazz festival on the shores of Lake Geneva: Montreux

Marvel superhero team: Avengers

Moist sheets for cleaning surfaces: Wet wipes

Number with a value less than zero: Negative

Pain from spinal or muscle injury: Backache

Programs for accessing the web; Chrome and Safari: Browsers

Ribbon-like parasite in animal intestines: Tapeworm

Spring __, annual super-spruce-up of a house: Cleaning

Swiss watch range for children, made by Swatch: Flik flak

Theseus rescued her from Creon: Antigone

To have been given bounty in exchange for work: Rewarded

Weapons and ammo used in combat: Munition

Puzzle 3 Answers

An X-Men superhero with retractable claws: Wolverine

Glass plate used to study microscopic organisms: Petri dish

Harm, damage, decline: Detriment

Headlamp wearing explorer of caves: Spelunker

Invertebrates including spiders and scorpions: Arachnids

Person or project with little chance of success: Lost cause

Photovoltaic source of power: Solar cell

Short clip from a speech on TV or radio: Soundbite

Spanish for motorway: Autopista

Storage building for large quantities of stock: Warehouse

Traditional cuddly toy that’s ursine: Teddy bear

Puzzle 4 Answers

Budapest’s epithet from its roots of Buda and Pest: Twin city

Businesses accounts that are overseas: Offshore

Latin name meaning seventh-born: Septimus

Moroccan liquid fat used on hair and skin: Argan oil

Pan-fried or grilled Japanese food: Yakimono

Policy of a political group: Platform

Roland __, The Day After Tomorrow director: Emmerich

Started a rocket on its journey: Launched

Swinging weight that tells time in a clock: Pendulum

The first emperor of France: Napoleon

Tongue __, phrases that are tricky but fun to say: Twisters

Vicious mythical snake born from a chicken egg: Basilisk

What foam rollers apply to release strain: Pressure

What is applied to foam rollers to relieve pain: Pressure

__ Beloved; famous Beethoven love letter: Immortal

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Chinese tile-based game played by four people: Mahjong

Beyond your __ dreams, better than you can imagine: Wildest

Exonerate or acquit a defendant: Absolve

Going without food or drinks before surgery: Fasting

Happy ones usually finish fairy tales: Endings

Hindu universal soul or binding unity of existence: Brahman

Language spoken by Ashkenzai Jews in Europe: Yiddish

Not frowning, showing pleasure: Smiling

Potassium-rich yellow fruits: Bananas

Styling cylinders for making hair wavy: Curlers

The Passenger’s James Newell Osterberg: Iggy pop

The personal home screen of a computer: Desktop

Tirana is its capital: Albania

When the sun covers the moon or vice versa: Eclipse

__ Woman: Picasso’s follow-up painting to Guernica: Weeping

Group 834

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Son of exhortation”, name for Dickens’ Rudge: Barnabus

A photographer can use one to set a scene: Backdrop

Ancient language of Hindu scriptures: Sanskrit

Biology field focused on mapping DNA: Genomics

Having a jagged edge, like a bread knife: Serrated

Pagan god Satyr is depicted with this instrument: Pan flute

Portobello is an example of this fungus: Mushroom

Scottish city sometimes called Granite City: Aberdeen

Small houses, often in found in the countryside: Cottages

Sprinters, long jumpers and shot putters: Athletes

Sudden blast of hard rain: Downpour

Two-part glasses invented by Ben Franklin: Bifocals

Woodwind instrument whose name means small trumpet: Clarinet

__ Dalí, the famous Spanish painter: Salvador

Puzzle 2 Answers

A type of fairy; a clear soda: Sprite

Asian mountain dogs with reddish fur: Dholes

Demonstrates truth and fact: Proves

Jean-Luc of Star Trek fame: Picard

Maker of the first feature length animated movie: Disney

Record label with palm tree logo: Island

St Mark’s __; well-known public space in Venice: Square

The individual steps on a staircase: Treads

To work from home instead of from an office: Remote

Trading place with stalls for vendors: Market

Kong, Nintendo arcade game: Donkey

Puzzle 3 Answers

A celebration that is French for Fat Tuesday: Mardi gras

Also known as an ace in golf: Hole in one

London square, home to Nelson’s Column: Trafalgar

Math expressions with an equals sign: Equations

Notional point at the top of the globe: North pole

Slumber party: Sleepover

Tiny image representative of a digital file: Thumbnail

Tree species that stays alive through the winter: Evergreen

Writing surface used by students at Hogwarts: Parchment

You don’t want to be caught with your hand in one: Cookie jar

Puzzle 4 Answers

Angelica Pickles is this cartoon’s spoiled girl: Rugrats

Betty __, fictional maker of cake mixtures: Crocker

Bone in the knee: Patella

Fashion accessory used to hold belongings: Handbag

Flight operating company: Airline

Part of the browser with every site you’ve visited: History

Someone who posts regular videos to YouTube: Vlogger

The Disney character who found a magic lamp: Aladdin

The first artificial satellite sent into space: Sputnik

Tom Jones hit about a man who murders his lover: Delilah

__ up the wrong tree, means making a wrong choice: Barking

Puzzle 5 Answers

Coney Island is in this NYC borough: Brooklyn

Danish former tennis player Wozniacki: Caroline

Instrument that greets the New Year in Scotland: Bagpipes

Name of comic strip about a lazy orange cat: Garfield

Olden term for dating: Courting

Quiche made with cheese and bacon: Lorraine

Scarf made from orange animal fur: Fox stole

Scientists say this started with a big bang: Universe

Skin condition where pigmentation is lost: Vitiligo

Slow movement or stretching to end a workout: Cool down

The captive princess with extremely long hair: Rapunzel

To be without stress or inhibition: Carefree

Type of water snake; soft leather shoe: Moccasin

Where the Mean Girls recorded their mean comments: Burn book

Group 835

Puzzle 1 Answers

Company that makes cowboy hats: Stetson

Dan __, actor of The Blues Brothers and Caddyshack: Aykroyd

Force drawing mass to the earth’s core: Gravity

French president who married Carla Bruni: Sarkozy

Invisible barrier to progress: “glass “: Ceiling

Madonna sings __ My Love: Justify

Norse hero of William Morris’ epic tragic poem: Sigmund

Rapidly, smartly, energetically: Briskly

The website where you leave your tweets: Twitter

Wally __, led the British Trans-Arctic Expedition: Herbert

shears, scissors that create zigzag edges: Pinking

Puzzle 2 Answers

Ben Stiller film about model brainwashed to kill: Zoolander

Creole dish with spicy tomato sauce and seafood: Jambalaya

Deluge of snow; risk to skiers: Avalanche

Obsession with arsen and setting things on fire: Pyromania

Place in Los Angeles where movies are made: Hollywood

Spyware program that records a user’s typing: Keylogger

Subtropical tree with lilac flowers: Jacaranda

The stage of a caterpillar while in the cocoon: Chrysalis

To promote a brand or product: Advertise

Working tirelessly, like a semi-aquatic mammal: Beavering

Puzzle 3 Answers

Announce, proclaim: Declare

Bit by bit: Gradually

Broadway musical The __ of the Opera: Phantom

Country that has two capitals, Sucre and La Paz: Bolivia

Famous statue by Edvard Eriksen: The Little __: Mermaid

Folk music from Trinidad with improvisation: Calypso

Italian sheep’s milk cheese that means recooked: Ricotta

Judy __, actress who portrayed Dorothy: Garland

King and grandfather of Romulus in Roman mythology: Numitor

Long-eared scent hounds: Beagles

Night Fever band: Bee gees

North African country, independent in 1962: Algeria

Personal __, expert hired to make people fitter: Trainer

Piece of trivia: Factoid

River and Rain Phoenix’s little brother: Joaquin

Spreading outwards, e.g. nostrils: Flaring

The city where the Flintstones live: Bedrock

Underwater missiles fired by submarines: Torpedos

What is revealed when wearing a crop top: Midriff

X-Men villain who can control metals: Magneto

Puzzle 4 Answers

Appearance that is the opposite of aged: Youthful

David Copperfield performs this type of trick: Illusion

Digestive organ once considered vestigial: Appendix

Emotion personified by a green monster: Jealousy

Fourth film in the Mad Max movie series: Fury road

Greek cucumber dip: Tzatziki

Hosted service provider: Platform

Largest city in New Zealand: Auckland

One who summons spirits: Conjurer

Stone fruits commonly seen on slot machine reels: Cherries

These hairs help cats navigate: Whiskers

__ Rudolph; Austrian noble patron of Beethoven: Archduke

Puzzle 5 Answers

Band who talked about my g-g-g-generation: The who

Ceremony with a specific routine: Ritual

Fern or palm leaves: Fronds

Hard and brittle, like well-cooked bacon: Crispy

Indiana Jones wore this kind of hat: Fedora

Newton’s __, device with swinging spheres: Cradle

Small nibble to try something before buying it: Sample

Small silvery freshwater fish used as bait: Minnow

The person in charge of a newspaper or magazine: Editor

__ pill to swallow, an unpalatable situation: Bitter

Group 836

Puzzle 1 Answers

Administrative division of Canada, e.g. Manitoba: Province

Alternative name for Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9: New world

City of the first night race in Formula 1 in 2009: Abu dhabi

Dark straight grain wood, largest exporter is Peru: Mahogany

Queenly capital of Hong Kong during colonial times: Victoria

Ronald Reagan was the US president in this decade: Eighties

Small tuna species, seen leaping from the water: Skipjack

Support, encouragement, backing: Advocacy

The gorilla who climbed the Empire State Building: Kingkong

Trigger that starts a reaction: Catalyst

Vince __, head writer on Breaking Bad: Gilligan

Wave at a vehicle as a signal for it to stop: Flag down

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dessert like a brownie but without chocolate: Blondie

German form of the name Andrew: Andreas

Headache relief that may keep flowers fresh: Aspirin

Honeycomb home: Beehive

Line ahead of you where the earth meets the sky: Horizon

Physics and chemistry are areas of it: Science

Planet with a large crater named Beethoven: Mercury

Product used for washing hair: Shampoo

The __ Job; heist thriller with Venice boat chase: Italian

Truck with a load-carrying area: Flatbed

__ keepers, losers weepers; cheeky idiom: Finders

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ancient Hindu system of healing: Ayurveda

Blizzard game World of __: Warcraft

Bragging about one’s achievements: Boasting

Cold pressed beef meat, from a bovine’s mouth: Ox tongue

Fourth day of the work week: Thursday

Introductory statement that starts a book: Preamble

Measurement across the midpoint of a circle: Diameter

Raised surface to put your foot on before entering: Doorstep

South of France region associated with lavender: Provence

Tears for Fears and Gary Jules recording: Mad world

This Picard meme is used to show exasperation: Facepalm

This bony image is popular around Halloween: Skeleton

Puzzle 4 Answers

Asian plucked stringed instruments of Ravi Shankar: Sitars

Bedside __, how a doctor interacts with patients: Manner

Capital of Saskatchewan: Regina

Cereus, Saguaro, or Prickly Pear: Cactus

Foot bone roughly shaped like a square prism: Cuboid

George __ created Big Brother in 1984: Orwell

Giant folkloric Norwegian squid that sank boats: Kraken

Musical about T Birds and Pink Ladies: Grease

Oldest game in history, play with string, Cat’s __: Cradle

Save a copy of a file or document, just in case: Back up

Stretched holes in one’s ears: Gauges

To disappear suddenly and without reason: Vanish

Type of calendar used before the Gregorian: Julian

What the tax office does to businesses: Audits

Puzzle 5 Answers

A Great Dane who solves mysteries: Scooby doo

Band known for I Want to Know What Love Is: Foreigner

Captain Haddock’s first name in Tintin series: Archibald

It takes a lot of this to finish a marathon: Endurance

Like Siamese twins: Conjoined

Space where official legal trials are held: Courtroom

Tool that improves memory through word association: Mnemonics

Tropical fruit found on Hawaiian pizza: Pineapple

Underground lab beneath Italian Apennine peak: Gran sasso

Vertical drop of a river, a tourism highlight: Waterfall

Group 837

Puzzle 1 Answers

A bird whose pink plumage is due to its diet: Flamingo

A chronic condition with high blood sugar levels: Diabetes

Caribbean island where Rihanna is from: Barbados

Cork surface on which notices are displayed: Pinboard

Flat style of shoe with a strap across the instep: Mary jane

French song about a lark about to be plucked: Alouette

Group of songs that motivates a workout: Playlist

Hitting or crushing an insect: Swatting

Individual divisions of a novel: Chapters

Sailor who travels the oceans: Seafarer

Select personally rather than automated by machine: Handpick

Short documentary piece about current affairs: Newsreel

Transition metal Ta, used in electronic components: Tantalum

When one’s upper jaw is farther out than the lower: Overbite

__ Sauvignon, red wine grape: Cabernet

Puzzle 2 Answers

Amphibious agent saved by Hellboy: Abe sapien

Ashton Kutcher was a pro __ in his show Punk’d: Prankster

Beatles song about the previous 24 hours: Yesterday

Collections of signatures demanding change: Petitions

Common dog breeds, labrador or golden __: Retriever

Johnny Depp plays a pirate from this region: Caribbean

Kids should pay this while being read to: Attention

Muscles of the chest strengthened by planking: Pectorals

Mythical rabbit with horns: Jackalope

Outgoing life and soul of the party: Extrovert

Prestigious New York drama school founded in 1905: Juilliard

Representative who keeps celebrities in the news: Publicist

Secret nightclub during the prohibition era: Speakeasy

Unformatted typing in a document, not rich: Plain text

Puzzle 3 Answers

A five-limbed sea creature: Starfish

He floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee: Mohammed

It borders Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala: Honduras

Italian salt cured pork belly: Pancetta

Minus or take away in mathematics: Subtract

Nathan Lane & Robin Williams nightclub film: The __: Birdcage

Paris education institute: Sorbonne

Protective structure as a defense from attack: Fortress

Puppet maker in the Pinocchio story: Geppetto

What Jeremiah was, according to Three Dog Night: Bullfrog

__ identity; confuse someone with another person: Mistaken

Puzzle 4 Answers

An invertebrate with six legs and a pair of wings: Insect

Faddish two-wheeled vehicle people balance on: Segway

Fox who steals from Dora the Explorer: Swiper

Music played on two speakers for full sound: Stereo

Round shape of a group of dancers: Circle

Southern Italy coastline, popular with tourists: Amalfi

The __ one someone selected by a higher power: Chosen

Vitamin B9: Folate

Windy, blowy; easy __: Breezy

Winnie-the-Pooh’s sad friend: Eeyore

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mexican pepper, mildly spicy and served stuffed: Poblano

Aristotle __; Greek shipping magnate: Onassis

Bart Simpson often rides one: Bicycle

Blue Pokémon that sleeps a lot: Snorlax

Burgeoning Hollywood actress: Starlet

Collect and edit into a single volume: Compile

Come As You Are band: Nirvana

Computer hardware that puts ink on paper: Printer

Criminal who breaks into homes: Burglar

Famous vacuum flask brand: Thermos

Gruesome, ghoulish, describes ghostly tales: Macabre

Half-human, half-bird females in Greek mythology: Harpies

Hobbyist learning a craft: Amateur

Nickname for rubber boots: Wellies

Silk shells made by moths: Cocoons

Strait separating Sicily from mainland Italy: Messina

Group 838

Puzzle 1 Answers

A small dent in the cheeks that shows when smiling: Dimple

Agatha Christie’s mystery-solving Miss: Marple

Greek deities overthrown by the Olympians: Titans

Insulated drink vessels for hot drinks on the move: Flasks

Parts of roses to make rosewater with: Petals

Placement after bronze: Fourth

Searches for knowledge, crusades: Quests

Space __, Seattle tower built for the World Fair: Needle

The rapper husband of Cardi B: Offset

This Michael played Batman in 1989: Keaton

Puzzle 2 Answers

A triangle with three sides of different lengths: Scalene

Arcade Fire’s It’s Never Over is known as Hey __: Orpheus

End of a romantic relationship: Breakup

Grand, spacious residence: Mansion

Light running outside for prolonged cardio: Jogging

Stiff but transparent fabric used in ball gowns: Organza

Strongest spotted jungle cat that climbs trees: Leopard

The British Royal family is the House of __: Windsor

The country where Butch and Sundance retreat to: Bolivia

Using high heat and oil to cook meat and veggies: Stir fry

What Stephenie Meyer’s vampires do: Sparkle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Alfred __, film director who popped up as an actor: Hitchcock

Clacking instruments used in flamenco dancing: Castanets

French isles also known as Desolation Islands: Kerguelen

Golf redos: Mulligans

Highest German military decoration: Iron cross

Inspirational targets to aim towards: Life goals

Medical conditions like Stockholm and Münchausen: Syndromes

Rainbow pieces scattered on cakes: Sprinkles

Soft metal (Nd), used to dye glass: Neodymium

These are asked: Questions

Puzzle 4 Answers

Asian orange spice of the ginger family: Turmeric

Dangle of sticky stuff to trap insects: Flypaper

German castle at which Martin Luther took refuge: Wartburg

Guilty; at fault: Culpable

Monetary incentive for making a purchase: Cashback

New world monkey also known as a zari: Marmoset

Pain experienced in the skull: Headache

Silk Japanese painted wall-hanging, left unframed: Kakemono

Steel who wrote more than 140 romance novels: Danielle

Stephen King’s evil car Christine was this make: Plymouth

Tennis swing across the body: Backhand

The largest city in China: Shanghai

Valuable, treasured: Precious

Volcanic glass used in some scalpel blades: Obsidian

What TLC doesn’t want, otherwise known as bustas: No scrubs

Witch’s sidekick in animal form: Familiar

__ father, male credited with creating a nation: Founding

Puzzle 5 Answers

A book that lists synonyms: Thesaurus

Cover furniture with padding: Upholster

Element with atomic number 12 and symbol Mg: Magnesium

Filmed tale of an innocent prisoner’s redemption: Shawshank

Ship crewmembers task with physical labor: Deckhands

Spun silk used to catch bugs: Spiderweb

The organ system responsible for processing food: Digestive

Tiny package of computer machinery in devices: Microchip

Wedged writing on tablets from ancient Mesopotamia: Cuneiform

When all runs perfectly as planned, it’s like __: Clockwork

Group 839

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bambi’s rabbit friend with a vivacious personality: Thumper

Bubbles just before boiling: Simmers

Common term for synchronous diaphragmatic flutter: Hiccups

Costa de __, Spanish holiday coast in Andalucia: Almeria

Day break, when light begins to show behind clouds: Sunrise

Delicate Italian sponge used in French patisseries: Genoise

Faithful, loyal: Devoted

If you do this, you might get pinned to the mat: Wrestle

Metal used in nuclear control rods, atomic no. 72: Hafnium

Pre-Raphaelite who created a painting of Ophelia: Millais

She wins the 74th Hunger Games: Katniss

South African river with hippos and crocodiles: Limpopo

Suggested, theorised: Posited

Toots’ backing band: Maytals

Trendy skateboarding brand with a red logo: Supreme

Young dogs born in litters: Puppies

Puzzle 2 Answers

A surfeit of __ led to the demise of Henry I: Lampreys

Alleged, presumed: So called

Another name for the Spice Islands: Moluccas

Ascending: Climbing

Dark comedy about a high school with Winona Ryder: Heathers

Denim jeans with straps attached for utility: Overalls

Digital security depends on choosing a strong one: Password

Don Quixote’s perfect female: Dulcinea

Fruit that spells out Eat Me on Alice’s cake: Currants

Illustrating a book page with brushes and oils: Painting

Indian religion, followers practice meditation: Hinduism

Large Hadron Collider is a huge __ accelerator: Particle

Large species of marmot found in northern Asia: Tarbagan

National dance of the Dominican Republic: Merengue

Notes of a chord played in ascending order: Arpeggio

Ocean that separates North America from Europe: Atlantic

One who violates an oath on purpose: Perjurer

Outer territory ruled by the Qing dynasty: Mongolia

The staging and movement of actors: Blocking

They keep your feet warm while you sleep: Bed socks

Thick pile carpet fabric: Moquette

Way to get to top of stairs or mountain: Climbing

-Ferrand, the capital of Puy-de-Dome department: Clermont

Puzzle 3 Answers

A French crescent-shaped pastry: Croissant

A job or activity that makes a lot of money: Lucrative

A pronoun that refers back to the subject: Reflexive

Chemical that helps in attraction: Pheromone

Daily vitamins that can be eaten like candy: Chewables

General Giuseppe who helped unite Italy: Garibaldi

Hematocyte: Blood cell

Name of the ship that Darwin famously went on: Hms beagle

Planetary opposites: Antipodes

Quick photographs: Snapshots

Ride __ over; domineer, mistreat: Roughshod

Small flat cake, a batter cooked on a griddle: Drop scone

Somewhere over the rainbow, __, first line lyrics: Way up high

State located between Arizona and Texas: New mexico

The fruit Violet became in Willy Wonka’s factory: Blueberry

Unwilling or uncertain about committing: Reluctant

Puzzle 4 Answers

An official accounting of events or results: Report

Ancient Indian city, site of the Great Stupa: Sanchi

Animal feed provided for livestock: Fodder

Clutch at these in times of desperation: Straws

Doric, Ionic or Corinthian; pillar in a building: Column

Glass bead like an eye worn as an __ to protect: Amulet

Grandfather or alarm __, household timekeepers: Clocks

Japanese word for egg: Tamago

Scooby-Doo’s unkempt buddy: Shaggy

Small wildcats linked to both perfumes and coffee: Civets

Surname of Bobby who went to sea in a rhyme: Shafto

Tea __, 1950 film starring Doris Day: For two

The wizard of the Legend of King Arthur: Merlin

This country was once home to the Aztec Empire: Mexico

Touch __, using a keyboard without looking: Typing

Traveling band of performers and animals: Circus

US designer __ Klein known for Brooke Shields ads: Calvin

What Christian Slater was pumping up in 1990 film: Volume

Widely regarded as father of genetics, Gregor __: Mendel

Mara; African wilderness area rich in wildlife: Maasai

Puzzle 5 Answers

A life insurance provider might make you get one: Physical

Advice or counselling: Guidance

Agatha who wrote classic mysteries: Christie

An airtight seal is also known as this: Hermetic

Beekeeper: Apiarist

Coastal edible vegetation similar to asparagus: Samphire

Floor covering invented by Frederick Walton: Linoleum

Giant Biblical beast mentioned in the Book of Job: Behemoth

Meaningless small talk: Chit chat

Old Dominion country tune about brief encounter: Hotel key

Pulpy, sour tropical fruit used in cooking: Tamarind

Reading level required of most picture books: Beginner

Robin was this for Batman: Sidekick

Something’s height in relation to sea level: Altitude

The Disney-Pixar film with Buzz and Woody: Toy story

Toothed circle forms part of a mechanism: Cogwheel

__ Studios, filmic home to Carry On and James Bond: Pinewood

Group 840

Puzzle 1 Answers

2009 Sonya Hartnett young adult novel: Butterfly

African national park with large animal migrations: Serengeti

Botticelli’s painting of the Allegory of Spring: Primavera

Business addresses kept on separate small entries: Card index

Countryside expanse of a yellow crop: Rape field

Deep-rooted, inherent: Hardwired

Fighter: Combatant

Gandalf’s white horse in Lord of the Rings novels: Shadowfax

Heroine cousin of Kal-El in DC Comics: Supergirl

Human beings have these kinds of thumbs: Opposable

Lana Del Rey says “hope is a __ thing”: Dangerous

Lord Sugar’s aide and Countdown presenter: Nick hewer

Mixed up; way to serve eggs: Scrambled

Mysterious Scottish village appears each 100 years: Brigadoon

Norwegian cruise shipping line with a family name: Fred olsen

Old system of racial segregation in South Africa: Apartheid

Philippe __, French chef of Cauchemar en cuisine: Etchebest

Place that’s deserted or without residents: Ghost town

Private browsing mode on Google Chrome: Incognito

Scheduled hours when movies are playing: Showtimes

She’s Robin in Stranger Things Season 3: Maya hawke

Small cylinder of tobacco made for smoking: Cigarette

Smelly whale waste prized by perfumers: Ambergris

The country home in the film Love and Friendship: Churchill

Puzzle 2 Answers

A smaller subgroup in a culture: Minority

Author of The Buddha of Suburbia: Kureishi

Avenue with a current in an Eddy Grant song: Electric

Feline wee: Cat urine

Fully sealed, e.g. container for safe food storage: Airtight

Getting down on bended knee to ask for marriage: Proposal

Hideous, appalling, nightmarish: Horrific

Horse breed with golden coat and white mane: Palomino

Huntley’s partner on a classic NBC news show: Brinkley

Large, tropical flower that can be eaten: Hibiscus

Location where clocks display the same hour: Time zone

Mathematical symbol whose value never changes: Constant

Matthew McConaughey was Dazed and this: Confused

Microphone usually clipped to the shirt or collar: Lavalier

Music by Grieg: In the Hall of the __ King: Mountain

Rituals where males assemble to dance for mates: Lekkings

Scatters about: Disjects

The Greek mythological hero with a vulnerable heel: Achilles

The riches of the past owned by a country: Heritage

What an ABC book might help teach: Spelling

Puzzle 3 Answers

A stove in American English is a __ to Brits: Cooker

Anagram of dynamo: Monday

Cartilage lining one’s shoulder joint: Labrum

Country where Mount Logan is located: Canada

Detector on e.g. a lamp to switch off in daylight: Sensor

Down __; shabby, unkempt: At heel

Freshwater fish with orange-pink meat: Salmon

Funny television show: Sitcom

Glued, adhered to a surface: Bonded

Golden pass to Wonka factory won by Charlie Bucket: Ticket

Greek god of beauty and desire: Adonis

Large natural space deep underground: Cavern

Martin __ started the Protestant Reformation: Luther

Multi-colored cat coloring: Tortie

Muscle ache from overuse, such as typing: Strain

Profession of Sweeney Todd: Barber

Rocket __, Bradley Cooper’s bounty-hunting role: Racoon

Safe, trusted, e.g. a reliable browser: Secure

Said when clinking glasses together: Cheers

Seller, supplier of goods: Vendor

Silas __, George Eliot book about a weaver: Marner

Spanish dance in triple time with foot stomps: Bolero

Sports teams, groups of players to pick from: Squads

State of matter along with solid, liquid, and gas: Plasma

Tunic originating in Asia, worn as an overcoat: Kaftan

Venomous snakes with big hoods: Cobras

__ alley, throwing game involving stacked pieces: Tin can

__ expedition, Shackleton’s trip of 1907-9: Nimrod

__ of Choice; award-winning Fatboy Slim hit: Weapon

__ paneer, Indian dish of peas with cheese: Mattar

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aberdeenshire site of major Highland Games: Braemar

Ancient Greek soldier, won in a battle with Athens: Spartan

As of 2018, only UK Prime Minister for 20 years: Walpole

Bird of prey with long tail like a sparrowhawk: Goshawk

Boozy fiftieth birthday celebration Wine __: Country

Death __ Her, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn comedy: Becomes

Era of British history after George III: Regency

Fell by the __, lost popularity, became disused: Wayside

Filmed material that does not make the final cut: Outtake

Island known to natives as ‘Waladi’ in West Indies: Antigua

Japanese puppet theater of Osaka: Bunraku

Large serving plate or sharing dish: Platter

Magnetic Resonance __, or MRI: Imaging

More than one of what Wendy sewed on for Peter Pan: Shadows

Rufus __, Wacky Races lumberjack with beaver: Ruffcat

Song by Cardi B, J Balvin and Bad Bunny: I like it

Stringed instrument native to Hawaii: Ukulele

To move something up by force, such as suspense: Ratchet

Visitor to another country: Tourist

Whale species with long, protruding tusk: Narwhal

What boxers throw: Punches

__ for Godot, difficult play by Samuel Beckett: Waiting

Puzzle 5 Answers

Adrenal hormone released to regulate metabolism: Cortisol

Animals who can’t dance, per the children’s book: Giraffes

Art and craftsmanship of carpentry: Woodwork

Bomb __ expert, person who makes explosives safe: Disposal

Cow’s milk farmhouse cheese from Cork: Milleens

Endangered deer-pigs found on Indonesian islands: Babirusa

Gems are put in these on rings: Settings

Germ with the potential to cause infections: Pathogen

Guided weapons armed with explosives: Missiles

Like a sagging balloon, with all confidence gone: Deflated

Rapper and Fast and Furious actor from Atlanta: Ludacris

Roman goddess of prophecy and childbirth: Carmenta

Slicing technique of making very fine slices: Julienne

Spiral seed pod from a fir tree: Pinecone

The Big Red cartoon dog: Clifford

The foundation can also be called the __ stones: Stepping

This means movable, able to go wherever you go: Portable

To receive and save data onto your computer: Download

Traffic symbol that instructs vehicles to stop: Red light

What the C in Washington, D. C. stands for: Columbia

__ Seedorf; Dutch footballer who won several cups: Clarence

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