Codycross Brazilian tour Answers

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Codycross Brazilian tour

Group 761

Puzzle 1 Answers

Become friends again after a fight: Reconcile

Burn tissue to stop bleeding: Cauterize

Charlie Brown’s exclamation: Good grief

Directing content to a specific demographic: Targeting

Equation that has been squared at least once: Quadratic

Holmes or Miss Marple: Detective

Just say what you mean, dish the dirt (3 words): Spit it out

Photo-based social network loved by influencers: Instagram

Queen loved by Lancelot, King Arthur: Guinevere

Thor __, Pacific sailor aboard the raft Kon-Tiki: Heyerdahl

Uptown Funk singer of 24K Magic fame: Bruno mars

Women’s flat shoes with a strap across the ankle: Mary janes

Puzzle 2 Answers

42nd president of the United States: Clinton

A short book that’s too long to be a short story: Novella

A small oily fish: Sardine

A spot or mark on the face: Blemish

Drag-reducing bar on the rear of a car: Spoiler

Grunge band fronted by Kurt Cobain: Nirvana

Huskies are known for calling in this manner: Howling

It creates a vacuum to unclog toilets: Plunger

Portrait of a criminal after they’re arrested: Mugshot

President of France from 2007 to 2012: Nicolas __: Sarkosy

Religion of the Jewish people: Judaism

Rodent phrase for fast-paced business world: Rat race

Strong fears about something, like confined spaces: Phobias

The most populous country in the UK: England

The world where the Warcraft games series is set: Azeroth

Wonderful, astounding, perhaps like a labyrinth: Amazing

Puzzle 3 Answers

A person who opposes war, violence: Pacifist

Barbary apes that inhabit the Rock of Gibraltar: Macaques

Caribbean isles, both Lesser and Greater: Antilles

First name of Italian artist Da Vinci: Leonardo

Hawkeye and Black Widow are these: Avengers

Melville’s Opus: Moby dick

Phrase for a complete, over the top mistake: Epic fail

Planned timeline of when things will happen: Schedule

Recitation of mantras, ritual singing: Chanting

The British call it “petrol”: Gasoline

To steal from one’s own company: Embezzle

Underground tubular structure for transporting oil: Pipeline

Puzzle 4 Answers

Card deck in Monopoly: Chance

Colombian capital with El Dorado airport: Bogota

Dead __; something identical, exact duplicate: Ringer

Florentine family associated with four popes: Medici

Heavy African mammals in Taipei Zoo sculpture: Hippos

List of questions to determine opinions: Survey

Mathematician with a namesake triangle: Pascal

TV series subtitled “The Last Airbender”: Avatar

They accompany dirty martinis: Olives

Verbose in a romantic way; written in verses: Poetic

Puzzle 5 Answers

A male chicken that crows loudly in the morning: Rooster

An impossible undertaking by Tom Cruise: Mission

Chorizo and bratwurst are types of this: Sausage

Hamlet’s wife to be from Shakespeare’s tragedy: Ophelia

Italian composer of Madama Butterfly: Puccini

Japanese martial art developed from the samurai: Jujitsu

Non-branded chemical name of a medication: Generic

Roy Lichtenstein pop art sculpture at Miami Beach: Mermaid

Solution that gives locks a new shade: Hair dye

Struck by an iceberg, this ship sank: Titanic

Ten-sided, flat shape: Decagon

Where a river connects to the sea: Estuary

Group 762

Puzzle 1 Answers

Biggest blood vessels that take blood to the heart: Arteries

Decorative accessory for keeping hair out of eyes: Headband

Glass-like minerals with a lattice structure: Crystals

Highest-ranking leaders in military: Generals

Like Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings: Cookbook

Move into a smaller property: Downsize

Played Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones: Sean bean

Someone who safely jumps out of a plane: Skydiver

To be unsure: Confused

Turnover or pasty with sweet or salty filling: Empanada

Vessels that carry blood away from the heart: Arteries

__ Modi, Indian prime minister in 2015: Narendra

Puzzle 2 Answers

City-view artwork, as painted by Canaletto: Veduta

Country setting for Mamma Mia!: Greece

Daffy Duck is a __ Tunes character: Looney

Describes a national saint adopted by a country: Patron

Extravagant, luxurious: Lavish

Great serpent in Greek mythology, son of Gaea: Python

If you get a silver medal, you came in __ place: Second

Salt’s common partner: Pepper

Twenty One __, Blurryface musical duo: Pilots

__ Flashlight; invented by Canadian Ann Makosinski: Hollow

Puzzle 3 Answers

A DIY shelter dug by soldiers in the ground: Foxhole

Athena, Aphrodite, or Hera: Goddess

Bat-and-ball sport played in the West Indies: Cricket

Edges of an exercise book for writing comments in: Margins

George __, played the James Bond who married: Lazenby

Nickname of Agatha Christie, Queen of __: Mystery

People who perform choreographed pieces to music: Dancers

Pivot or hinge, on a seesaw for example: Fulcrum

Planet named after a sea god: Neptune

Portuguese coastal resort west of Lisbon: Cascais

Puzzle played one letter at a time, drawing lines: Hangman

Saint celebrated on March 17th: Patrick

Singer whose real name is Robyn Fenty: Rihanna

Staple of New York City: Statue of __: Liberty

Strong and powerful taste, as of garlic, say: Pungent

The territory where a royal family reigns: Kingdom

__ bronco, highly spirited, kicking horse: Bucking

Puzzle 4 Answers

A stethoscope lets doctors hear this: Heartbeat

Largest animal known to have ever existed: Blue whale

Menacing winged serpents with dragon tails: Basilisks

Movie with Amy Adams as a lost princess in NYC: Enchanted

Oval arena for indoor track cycling: Velodrome

Pattern pasted or plastered in a house to decorate: Wallpaper

Pod coffee brand made by Swiss food giant: Nespresso

Related to the skin: Cutaneous

Scientist of matter and energy, Einstein was one: Physicist

They’re rarely changed with enough frequency: Passwords

Young woman introduced into society at a ball: Debutante

Puzzle 5 Answers

Battling on horseback with lances: Jousting

Common aquatic pets in glass bowls, breed of karp: Goldfish

Doing something nice for, e.g. buying a night out: Treating

Ellie __; Love Me Like You Do songstress: Goulding

Fashion designer behind Fifth Element costumes: Gaultier

Female student known for gossip, bullying: Mean girl

Paddington Bear is this nationality: Peruvian

Scam emails for tricking people into sharing info: Phishing

Seller to the public with shop or online presence: Retailer

Space __, old-fashioned arcade game: Invaders

Strong Roman demigod, son of Zeus: Hercules

Surgery involving incision into the brain: Lobotomy

What the French call a parapluie: Umbrella

Group 763

Puzzle 1 Answers

A type of sweater with a hat built in: Hoodie

Computer storage was on __ disks pre memory sticks: Floppy

Lord Voldemort’s snake sidekick: Nagini

Mythical nature spirits: Nymphs

Oxide found in quartz and used as a flow agent: Silica

Respect your __: Elders

Someone dangerously out of control: Maniac

Strong, distinct-smelling bulbs that vampires hate: Garlic

These beloved animals crave bamboo shoots: Pandas

__ du Luxembourg, Paris garden: Jardin

Puzzle 2 Answers

Active text on a webpage that leads to other pages: Hyperlink

An original signature from a famous person: Autograph

Area outside of a driver’s field of vision: Blind spot

Belgian cheese with distinctive strong smell: Limburger

Breaking headline on TV that usually interrupts: News flash

Darwin’s theory of ancestry through all species: Evolution

He won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in 2004: Jamie foxx

Person who misappropriates money: Embezzler

South African language with Dutch origins: Afrikaans

The world has 7 expanses of land with this name: Continent

Wooden shelled instruments used in Flamenco music: Castanets

Puzzle 3 Answers

A baby’s room: Nursery

Batman and Robin are the __ Duo: Dynamic

Curative treatment, positive thinking: Therapy

Don’t eat the pit of this green fruit: Avocado

Doorway, entrance, porch: Portico

Early performance at a cinema: Matinee

Florida city, once home to Ernest Hemingway: Key west

H Rider __; author of King Solomon’s Mines: Haggard

Highly intelligent and social sea mammal: Dolphin

Hourglass-shaped juggler’s prop: Diabolo

Log of past searches performed online: History

Moses got 10 commandments on these stone blocks: Tablets

Part of the inner ear needed for hearing: Cochlea

Player that strums or slaps low notes rhythmically: Bassist

Prestigious ancient Japanese warriors: Samurai

Vincent Van Gogh was this type of artist: Painter

Written record of a purchase: Receipt

Puzzle 4 Answers

A witch’s pot for making potions and spells: Cauldron

Daddy from Annie: Warbucks

Forest or bush flames that are out of control: Wildfire

Fried risotto balls stuffed with cheese: Arancini

Protective lower leg guards worn in sports: Shin pads

Robin is Batman’s this, War Machine is Iron Man’s: Sidekick

Smiling from ear to ear: Grinning

The C in UNESCO: Cultural

Tropical destination with over-water bungalows: Bora bora

Wild African cats with tufted ears: Caracals

__ peel, acidic facial treatment for glowing skin: Chemical

Puzzle 5 Answers

A device that converts motive power to electricity: Generator

A fashionably-arranged coiffure: Hairstyle

Agreement from all in a group: Consensus

City where the band known as ABBA originated: Stockholm

Dominant social system in medieval Europe: Feudalism

John __; director of The Hunt for Red October: Mctiernan

Material from which the Great Sphinx is sculpted: Limestone

Small motorboat ferry, like in Venice: Water taxi

Study of edible and medicinal aromatics: Herbalism

TV show starring Eva Longoria: __ Housewives: Desperate

To move a criminal to another country: Extradite

Written and sworn statement of fact: Affidavit

Group 764

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alannah Myles’ song about Elvis: Black __: Velvet

App that hosts images and videos for sharing: Flickr

False front on a building: Facade

Greek sun god, son of Theia: Helios

Reflective wall hanging: Mirror

Scottish king, murdered by Macbeth: Duncan

Strong material used in bulletproof vests: Kevlar

Surname of film brothers Sam, Harry, Jack, Albert: Warner

Tropical orange fruit with many small round seeds: Papaya

__ beetle, insect held sacred by Egyptians: Scarab

__ the World in Eighty Days: Around

Puzzle 2 Answers

A pen where ink is rolled through a metal sphere: Ballpoint

Add false details to an account, exaggerate, gloss: Embellish

Dog with short legs and long body, like a sausage: Dachshund

Home to Australian Open tennis: Melbourne

In New York, concrete jungle where dreams __: Are made of

Italian pasta whose name means “thin strings”: Spaghetti

Litter and smog: Pollution

Right side of a ship: Starboard

Stiff bag for carrying work files: Briefcase

Tall yellow plant of the genus Helianthus: Sunflower

Upset kitty that became an internet meme: Grumpy cat

Puzzle 3 Answers

A company’s advertising motto: Slogan

Animal head that Anubis has: Jackal

Another word for a rook in chess: Castle

Charlotte’s best swine friend: Wilbur

Decaying or rotting with a foul stench: Putrid

Dry, red and itchy skin condition: Eczema

George __, The Beatles producer at Abbey Road: Martin

Japanese box lunch that keeps rice separate: Obento

One bit Peter Parker and drastically changed him: Spider

Spherical rotating maps devised by Ellen Fitz: Globes

Sport of Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder: Boxing

Stars __, Gilmore Girls’ hometown: Hollow

Turkey’s capital: Ankara

White radish and a key sushi ingredient: Daikon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Archaic, outdated: Obsolete

Dutch machine that harnesses the power of air: Windmill

Famous battle where Napoleon was defeated: Waterloo

Fluid protecting a baby in utero: Amniotic

Gifts given on the 12th day of Christmas, in song: Drummers

Hamlet’s uncle: Claudius

Highest mountain in the British Isles: Ben nevis

Hole in a stage for performers to descend through: Trapdoor

LEGO toy line about cyborg warriors known as Toa: Bionicle

Sweet Danish treats: Pastries

Was biker Eddie in The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Meat loaf

Word to describe an animal that produces poison: Venomous

Puzzle 5 Answers

Burning resins and herbs for smell and ambiance: Incense

Car safety cushions that inflate in an emergency: Air bags

Don __ yelled at windmills: Quixote

Fast-car maker of the Cayenne and 911: Porsche

Food that gives Popeye his strength: Spinach

French doctor who invented the stethoscope: Laennec

Greece’s chief sea port: Piraeus

Liza Minelli film musical set in decadent Berlin: Cabaret

Nationality of a Persian: Iranian

Physical phenomenon that keeps us grounded: Gravity

Small round sweet commonly found in Argentina: Alfajor

The world’s highest mountain located in Nepal: Everest

Wax sticks that can be scented: Candles

__ Bernstein composed West Side Story: Leonard

Group 765

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cream for the face: Lotion

Don __ protagonist of Mad Men: Draper

First name of 38th US president Ford: Gerald

Flik Flak watchmaker with Swiss flag logo: Swatch

In the body, they send impulses to the brain: Nerves

Italian canal city with St Mark’s Square: Venice

Pet monkey that belonged to Ross in Friends: Marcel

Popular secure online payment system: Paypal

Reptile named Bill in Alice in Wonderland: Lizard

Scientific word for salt, __ chloride: Sodium

Term for a person who rents a home: Tenant

Violet flowers painted by Vincent van Gogh: Irises

Water-surrounded spot where pirates bury gold: Island

What enlisted folk do upon seeing superior officers: Salute

__ of bad news; messenger of doom: Bearer

Puzzle 2 Answers

An office card index before digital alternatives: Rolodex

Brunch drinks made of champagne and orange juice: Mimosas

Camilla Parker Bowles’ husband: Charles

Cold climate flightless bird that mates for life: Penguin

Domed US Congress building in Washington DC: Capitol

Exercise system that works the core: Pilates

Food group found in fish, eggs, meat: Protein

Home to the fictional Count Dracula: Romania

Italian luxury car brand founded in 1939: Ferrari

Share someone else’s post on Twitter: Retweet

Someone knowledgeable about good food: Gourmet

Swiss alpine town at the foot of the Matterhorn: Zermatt

Puzzle 3 Answers

50s machines that select discs for audience play: Jukeboxes

Acceptable or expected office comportment: Etiquette

Amphitheater in the middle of Rome: Colosseum

Any type of media being publically transmitted: Broadcast

Arena in the middle of Rome: Colosseum

Blue-green birthstone of December: Turquoise

Dark mark used by pirates in Treasure Island: Black spot

Dora, Columbus, Magellan, Earhart: Explorers

E.T.’s most famous line, “E.T. “: Phone home

Fat Tuesday, in other words: Mardi gras

One who verbally defames someone else: Slanderer

Place to buy tickets for a play: Box office

Scientific tool that measures atmospheric pressure: Barometer

Snow-capped Asian peak, highest summit in Japan: Mount fuji

The practice of stuffing dead animals: Taxidermy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Browsing and buying goods online or out and about: Shopping

Category of fish includes gilthead and pink: Sea bream

Cylindrical glass vial used in science experiments: Test tube

Disparaging wording for a dirty, slovenly woman: Slattern

Emperor of Japan during World War II: Hirohito

Forgetting Sarah __ with Bell and Segel: Marshall

Hat, to a person who speaks Spanish: Sombrero

Object of sentimental value passed through family: Heirloom

Pain-relieving rub used by sportspeople: Liniment

Peoples of a country lying to the east of Italy: Slovenes

Songbird, where the male is mostly red: Cardinal

Topic that’s temporarily popular on social media: Trending

Puzzle 5 Answers

1st woman president of the Philippines: __ Aquino: Corazon

A swinging bed for sailors: Hammock

Blind readers use these raised dots: Braille

Container for hammers and nails: Toolbox

Diet where vegetables, fruits are eaten as liquids: Juicing

Hairy; describes dragons and collies: Bearded

High Renaissance artist of the Sistine Madonna: Raphael

Industry based on travel and visitors: Tourism

Leading innovation tech brand: Toshiba

Marksmen with powerful sights: Snipers

Material used to make the T-Birds jackets: Leather

Moderately hot, red pepper used in cooking: Cayenne

Nerve, extends from spinal cord to back of thigh: Sciatic

Norman king victorious in the Battle of Hastings: William

Percussion set with cymbal, snare and toms: Drum kit

Power form that’s atomic: Nuclear

The longest nerve in the human body: Sciatic

World’s largest ocean: Pacific

Written offers of work for contractual jobs: Tenders

Cortes, Spanish flamenco and ballet dancer: Joaquin

Group 766

Puzzle 1 Answers

Any crusty dish topped with cheese and breadcrumbs: Gratin

Begins, commences: Starts

Could be mushrooms or athlete’s foot: Fungus

Dance done at the Moulin Rouge: Cancan

First name of Elvis Presley’s father: Vernon

Giraffe in the Madagascar movie: Melman

Hagia __, Turkish museum, once a place of worship: Sophia

Historical car horn: Claxon

Mode of bathing by sprinkler; a short rain storm: Shower

Rogue, Phoenix, Magneto: Mutant

__ boxing, throwing air punches as practice: Shadow

Puzzle 2 Answers

Character who travels to Lilliput: Gulliver

Eastern kickboxing, aka the art of eight limbs: Muay thai

Element commonly used as a light bulb filament: Tungsten

French-Canadian city with an underground city: Montreal

Home owners in Monopoly are charged for it: Mortgage

Individual TV shows in a series: Episodes

Individual standing stone in Stonehenge: Monolith

Italian flatbread similar to pizza dough: Focaccia

Long-legged wading bird with pink plumage: Flamingo

Malaysia’s towering twin skyscrapers: Petronas

Maria __ von Paradis, composer of Sicilienne: Theresia

Medieval weapon used to fire bolts: Crossbow

Robin Hood’s weapon of choice: Crossbow

This is when teens angrily abandon a video game: Rage quit

Underwater missiles fired by submarines: Torpedos

Puzzle 3 Answers

Antonyms that perhaps attract: Opposites

Explorer who founded Quebec City: Samuel de __: Champlain

He voiced Mantis in Kung Fu Panda: Seth rogen

In the Birth of Venus the goddess stands in this: Clamshell

Jealous singer, did reunion tour with his brothers: Nick jonas

Master keymaker, helps you when you’re locked out: Locksmith

Microsoft Office design and DTP software: Publisher

Notre Dame bell ringer: Quasimodo

Scientist that studies organisms in nature: Ecologist

Sooty felines believed to bring bad luck: Black cats

Strong tasting Belgian white cheese: Limburger

Substances that ease bowel movements: Laxatives

The pulse of blood through a living thing’s body: Heartbeat

Yellow wildflower, seeds spread by floating: Dandelion

Puzzle 4 Answers

Celebratory Chinese pie with lotus seed paste: Mooncake

Featured on Clean Bandit’s 2016 hit Rockabye: Sean paul

Getting into a position to propose marriage: Kneeling

Group of people watching a play: Audience

Hard material made with cement: Concrete

Novel by Joanne Harris about a confectioner: Chocolat

Plastic-framed Ray Ban sunglasses: Wayfarer

Political party with the most representation: Majority

The populated lower area in a city: Downtown

This Jane appeared in Wild Bill Hickok’s show: Calamity

Traditional style of music and dance from Spain: Flamenco

What pencil lead is really made of: Graphite

What people hope fasting and a juice diet will do: Detoxify

Woman’s name or herb meaning remembrance: Rosemary

__ Duck, Drake Mallard’s alter ego: Darkwing

Puzzle 5 Answers

A mark left by the sun on the skin: Freckle

Aladdin’s love interest, Princess of Agrabah: Jasmine

Ancient Greek mythical white horse with wings: Pegasus

BNP __, French banking group that sponsors tennis: Paribas

Eggs done in a pot with vinegar: Poached

Hanseatic wharf district in Bergen, Norway: Bryggen

Medication used to treat malaria: Quinine

Online travel company that sounds fast: Expedia

Preview for a movie: Trailer

Rats, gerbils, and capybaras: Rodents

Ten-year blocks: Decades

__ Bloom; hero of James Joyce classic Ulysses: Leopold

Group 767

Puzzle 1 Answers

1995 film with Hugh Grant: An Awfully Big __: Adventure

Big Mac or Whopper: Hamburger

Connective tissue found in ears and nose: Cartilage

Country that boasts the world’s tallest waterfall: Venezuela

Dried petals used to add fragrance to a home: Potpourri

Explosive combination of chemicals once used in bullets: Gunpowder

It catches the worm: Early bird

Predatory winged insect that may be in distress: Damselfly

Rock and Roller front man of the Comets: Bill haley

Shakespearean rule breaker or villain: Miscreant

Swedish band; three dimensional laser images: Holograms

The study of family ancestry: Genealogy

To be polite and well mannered, thoughtful: Courteous

Puzzle 2 Answers

Accolades given by a crowd clapping their hands: Applause

Acrobatic Afro-Brazilian martial art: Capoeira

Another name for state of wedded bliss: Marriage

Back pain involving the body’s longest nerve: Sciatica

Ben __, Dustin Hoffman’s character in The Graduate: Braddock

Breed that serves as Seeing Eye Dogs: Labrador

Changeability of a situation: Fluidity

Christ the __; Rio de Janeiro’s towering sculpture: Redeemer

Crowning point on the top of Giza’s Great Pyramid: Capstone

Department that keeps track of the costumes: Wardrobe

Garden where trees are grown for scientific study: Aboretum

Julius Caesar was this type of leader: Dictator

Kitschy accessory that changes based on emotions: Mood ring

Literary governess in Charlotte Bronte novel: Jane eyre

Marvel comic and Netflix series with skull logo: Punisher

Person who works for a business: Employee

The study of inherited characteristics: Genetics

Units that show the energy value of food: Calories

When You __ a Star, Pinocchio song: Wish upon

Word for a rough estimate of cost, distance: Ballpark

Puzzle 3 Answers

A rainforest and an e-commerce giant: Amazon

Bitter leafy vegetable sometimes used in salads: Endive

Cuban capital: Havana

Daryl, who played a mermaid in Splash: Hannah

Doctor Who’s form of transport: Tardis

Fingernail parts also called the hyponychium: Quicks

Glass screw-top cylinder for preserving preserves: Jam jar

King who pulled sword from the stone: Arthur

Reflexive pronoun for the very thing in question: Itself

Ron and Russ Mael are the performers of this band: Sparks

Someone originally from the place you’re visiting: Native

They break up plays into parts: Scenes

To have two of something, ‘__ trouble’: Double

What tooth-brushers hope the dentist doesn’t find: Cavity

__ Moor, the isolated site of Jamaica Inn: Bodmin

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chemical pellets used in clothes storage: Mothballs

Diplomatic residences: Embassies

Dystopian film and Veronica Roth novel: Divergent

Galactic Empire’s superweapon in Star Wars films: Death star

Garment women wore under skirts to add volume: Petticoat

Handheld wind instrument used by Bob Dylan: Harmonica

Medical study of the nervous system: Neurology

This unpaid person often helps at soup kitchens: Volunteer

Tiny digital picture used to label files: Thumbnail

Venetian explorer __ Cabot, son of John: Sebastian

Word that sounds like another, like knew and new: Homophone

Puzzle 5 Answers

1985 charity pop concert in London: Live aid

Concern triggered by giving away info online: Privacy

Healing work both psychologically or medically: Therapy

Month whose name comes from Roman god of doors: January

Northernmost country in the European Union: Finland

Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon hatched by Hagrid: Norbert

One-eyed corrective lens: Monocle

Platform for making political speeches from: Soapbox

Rum brand whose logo features a black and gold bat: Bacardi

Small flower arrangement worn on wrist or chest: Corsage

Streaming service for TV shows like The Crown: Netflix

The ability to understand another’s feelings: Empathy

What athletes do before competing: Stretch

Where a person can wipe their feet before entering: Doormat

Where gold was struck in the Klondike, in __ Creek: Bonanza

__ Olmedo, Mexican friend of Frida Kahlo: Dolores

__ imaging, detecting radiation through heat: Thermal

__ manner, nurses are meant to exhibit a good one: Bedside

Group 768

Puzzle 1 Answers

30 Rock lead character, played by Tina Fey: Liz lemon

Buck __, film, Abbott and Costello go to war: Privates

DC Comics supervillain, an alter ego of Hal Jordan: Parallax

Figurative, illustrative: Symbolic

Fluid that babies float in while in the womb: Amniotic

Glossy Japanese soy sauce marinade: Teriyaki

Name given to Ireland by the ancient Greeks: Hibernia

Phrase referring to enmity, especially in a family: Bad blood

Snake-fighting relative of the meerkat: Mongoose

The Merchant __; Shakespeare’s moneylender play: Of venice

The act of changing instantly before your eyes: Morphing

The largest and best store representing a company: Flagship

UK dependency and tax haven; capital is The Valley: Anguilla

Puzzle 2 Answers

“Great” Russian Empress: Catherine

2004 movie with Ben Stiller as a gym owner: Dodgeball

Beetles that glow during twilight: Fireflies

Biscuit base layered with nut meringue, cream: Dacquoise

Brazilian music of the 1950s, smooth jazz: Bossa nova

Electrons, protons, neutrons: Particles

Inflammatory condition of the lungs: Pneumonia

It’s said to have killed the cat: Curiosity

Land surrounded by water on three sides: Peninsula

Requires a lot of time and energy: Laborious

Short recording that acts as a tagline: Soundbite

Slick, flat surface used to ride waves for sport: Surfboard

To think on the spot, often as performance: Improvise

Puzzle 3 Answers

Fly under the radar, attempt to go unnoticed: Lie low

Followed a rule: Abided

Greek goddess of witchcraft and magic: Hecate

Green salad with croutons and parmesan: Caesar

Invasion of Privacy rapper and songwriter: Cardi b

Literal setting for Lawrence of Arabia: Desert

Mexican natives predating the Spanish: Aztecs

Money left after subtracting expenses from income: Profit

Person who is engaged to another: Fiance

Primary train station in the Spanish capital: Atocha

Quick spray of liquid or small and sassy kid: Squirt

Someone from Kathmandu: Nepali

Spring flowers for which Amsterdam is famous: Tulips

Substance that has mass and volume: Matter

The Diary of a __, humorous book by the Grossmiths: Nobody

Walking outdoors in the wild: Hiking

__ waves, 1920s fashion hairstyle made with tongs: Marcel

Puzzle 4 Answers

Big measure for computer data: Gigabit

Dr. Beverly __ has a son named Wesley in Star Trek: Crusher

Huge diamond mine in Kimberley, South Africa: Big hole

Japanese rice bowl dish with meat or seafood: Donburi

Juliet’s surname in the Shakespeare play: Capulet

Lymphatic pads in the throat, swell from infection: Tonsils

Nickname for the Beatles quartet: Fab four

Patterns made of small pieces of glass or tiles: Mosaics

Reasons why someone didn’t do homework or chores: Excuses

The rules and structure of language: Grammar

Water birds with pronounced throat pouch for prey: Pelican

Puzzle 5 Answers

A movement going against rules and authority: Rebellion

Chinese grain dish with egg, vegetables, meat: Fried rice

Device used to remove water after shampooing: Hairdryer

Form of insurance against loss or damages: Indemnity

Little Big Town hit big with this ode to jealousy: Girl crush

Presentation tool in classrooms and cinemas: Projector

Temple complex in Cambodia, World Heritage Site: Angkor wat

The length of the sides of a 2D shape: Perimeter

Tuneful nickname for the beluga whale: Sea canary

Vishnu is this, just as Brahma is the creator: Preserver

Group 769

Puzzle 1 Answers

90s band known for American Idiot: Green day

A male horse with the ability to reproduce: Stallion

Annoyance, irritation: Nuisance

Artist known for geometry and primary shades: Mondrian

Cold viruses cause coughing and this: Sneezing

Dance number from Rocky Horror Picture Show: Time warp

Devices that convert wind power to electricity: Turbines

Flights that have landed; not departures: Arrivals

Goddess-centric Hinduism, worships Adi Parashakti: Shaktism

Italian dessert with coffee and sponge: Tiramisu

Merry old soul nursery rhyme man: King cole

Silicon Valley city, headquarters of HP and Tesla: Palo alto

Supervising, with top responsibility: In charge

Thin paper shapes thrown after a wedding ceremony: Confetti

This Jamaican capital is also its largest city: Kingston

Type of economic “Package” to boost the economy: Stimulus

Puzzle 2 Answers

Australia’s national carrier: Qantas

Belts, as used in yoga for stretches: Straps

Dennis the Menace’s pet pig friend: Rasher

First British actor to be knighted (1895): John __: Irving

Hundred Acre Woods’ gloomiest resident: Eeyore

Indian Ocean inlet rich in coral: Red sea

Remembrance address delivered during a funeral: Eulogy

Singing Chili Peppers are this: Red hot

Stitches that close a surgical incision: Sutures

To select the one you want: Choose

Traditional style of sushi originating in Tokyo: Edomae

Writing that uses cadence and rhythm abstractly: Poetry

__ Opera House, Utzon’s “sailing” auditorium: Sydney

__ Whale, also known as an Orca: Killer

Puzzle 3 Answers

Annual April 22 event about environmentalism: Earth day

Capital of Sardinia: Cagliari

Cough also known as pertussis: Whooping

Creative, imaginative: Artistic

French dish of snails: Escargot

Margaret Atwood’s Offred is one: Handmaid

Olympic throwing spears: Javelins

On __ Tides; 2011 Pirates of the Caribbean film: Stranger

Place where illegal things happen are dens of this: Iniquity

Sharp and separated, in music: Staccato

This causes a boat to float on water: Buoyancy

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are two types of these: Consoles

__ Muray, Hungarian-US photographer and fencer: Nickolas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Boxers: Pugilists

Diluted espresso coffee, a tall black coffee: Americano

Gaining something through threats of defamation: Blackmail

Jointly owned holiday property: Timeshare

Often works in a lab or in the field: Scientist

Rodent with 30,000 quills covering its body: Porcupine

Shaw play that is the basis of My Fair Lady: Pygmalion

Slang for humans in Artemis Fowl books: Mud people

Tool used to keep tempo in music lessons: Metronome

Used for hand- or machine-smoothing of wood: Sandpaper

Written records of dates, holidays and moon phases: Calendars

Puzzle 5 Answers

All baggage brought with you on a plane: Luggage

Clear green gem, mainly produced in Colombia: Emerald

Earl __, brother of Diana, Princess of Wales: Spencer

Hindu Mother goddess of fertility, divine strength: Parvati

Language of Star Trek aliens with high foreheads: Klingon

Lead actor in “Shakespeare in Love”: Joseph __: Fiennes

Limb, from wrist to elbow: Forearm

Oye Como Va Latin rock band: Santana

Prison that held Rudolf Hess from 1947 to 1987: Spandau

Ready and eager to listen: All ears

Spicy pepper often powdered, like paprika: Cayenne

Subject you hope your doctor got an A in: Anatomy

What a bezoar is in a cat: Furball

Group 770

Puzzle 1 Answers

280-character social media site: Twitter

An arranged group of flowers: Bouquet

Anita’s pet and mother of pups in 101 Dalmatians: Perdita

Children of Espionage: Spy kids

Home country of Björk: Iceland

In hot __; following closely behind: Pursuit

Legumes; Charlie Brown’s clan: Peanuts

Mechanics who fix cars during a race: Pit crew

Mollify, placate: Appease

Month of fasting and prayer for Muslims: Ramadan

Produced by yeast fermentation of sugars: Ethanol

Roman goddess of the sea and wife of Neptune: Salacia

Smooth icing used to decorate cakes: Fondant

Structure with bars to safely contain a toddler: Playpen

Tanning makeup powder for pale skin: Bronzer

The eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II: Charles

Triumphant gesture at the end of a speech: Mic drop

William __, author of To the Ends of the Earth: Golding

Puzzle 2 Answers

A soft, loose-fitting garment worn after a shower: Bathrobe

Alien from Krypton who gets strength from the sun: Superman

Beijing’s Tiananmen means Gate of __ Peace: Heavenly

Degenerative shrinking of cell nucleus: Pyknosis

French quiche with bacon and sometimes cheese: Lorraine

Person who makes and supplies eyeglasses: Optician

Pop singer known for her song Poker Face: Lady gaga

Tennis shot not played across the body: Forehand

The __ of Catan, German board game: Settlers

Use them for cutting paper or even pizza: Scissors

Puzzle 3 Answers

A strong metal clasp designed for rock climbing: Carabiner

All of the people: Everybody

Aztec king with mysterious hidden treasure: Moctezuma

Celestial spot where people are really happy: Cloud nine

Electrical device used to remove water from hair: Hair dryer

Elvis’ home estate in Memphis, Tennessee: Graceland

Household pests that live on unwiped surfaces: Dust mites

Local anesthetic used in dental procedures: Novocaine

Local drug used in dental procedures: Novocaine

Shoshone woman who aided Lewis and Clark: Sacagawea

Tendon behind the knee needed to run and walk: Hamstring

Type of nuts in Hawaiian roll sushi: Macadamia

When cars slide because of water on the road: Aquaplane

Puzzle 4 Answers

40th president of the United States: Reagan

Angela Bassett’s character who got her groove back: Stella

Beach in LA California known for unique shows: Venice

Common insect that has hardened wings: Beetle

Elton John sang about a Tiny one: Dancer

Expensive fish roe with beluga and acipenser types: Caviar

First name of the author of To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper

Flat wooden boards used as flooring or decking: Planks

Greek god of beauty and Aphrodite’s lover: Adonis

Large singing groups entertain at Carnival: Choirs

Nuts with caps that fall from oak trees: Acorns

Protective headgear used in biking and sports: Helmet

To reach your destination: Arrive

Wearable health tracker brand: Fitbit

YouTube Conspiracy Series host Shane __: Dawson

Puzzle 5 Answers

180-degree turn for a soldier: About face

Angelina mouse is one of these: Ballerina

Blue stone symbolic of life to the Navajo people: Turquoise

Costing a lot of money: Expensive

Dwelling by an artificially made body of water: Lake house

Famous invention of Percy Spencer: Microwave

Mad Men character who made the finale’s Coke ad: Don draper

Marine creature that discharges water, a tunicate: Sea squirt

R&B singer of At Last and I’d Rather Go Blind: Etta james

Start of a hiking route: Trailhead

__ art, form pioneered by Paul Gauguin: Primitive

Group 771

Puzzle 1 Answers

“So proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last “: Gleaming

Actor or actress: Thespian

Describes fat on steaks and fancy book endpapers: Marbling

Figurative, represented by an image: Symbolic

Harry and Meghan won’t use this title any more: Highness

Innovative South African engineer of Tesla: Elon musk

Japan’s second-largest island; Sapporo is capital: Hokkaido

Larry __ wrote The Last Picture Show: Mcmurtry

Muscles on the sides of the abdominals: Obliques

Mythical lost city of gold in South America: El dorado

Rough crustacean found growing on boat bottoms: Barnacle

Some workers receive these on top of a salary: Benefits

Something you trade in on arrival: Currency

Three-wheeler ridden by Danny in The Shining: Tricycle

Turn one of these to pretend not to notice: Blind eye

When two words contradict each other: jumbo shrimp: Oxymoron

Puzzle 2 Answers

Army rank above major and lieutenant: Colonel

Brazilian who won the Golden Boot in 2002: Ronaldo

Couples __; 2009 Vince Vaughn holiday rom-com: Retreat

Crustacean order including woodlice: Isopods

Good __ we bring (We Wish You a Merry Christmas): Tidings

In dire __, a disastrous predicament: Straits

Most food storage tubs are made from this: Plastic

New Zealand’s skep-styled parliamentary home: Beehive

Photo-taking devices: Cameras

Roman God Neptune is always holding one: Trident

The original vampire novel by Bram Stoker: Dracula

Puzzle 3 Answers

Broadcast hit for R.E.M. in 1991: Radio song

Bull voiced by John Cena in film: Ferdinand

Chanel: Before going out, one should remove one: Accessory

Creamy, French blue cheese made by Bongrain: Saint agur

Land ruled by a Muslim sovereign, e.g. Brunei: Sultanate

Member of a fraternal group with lodges: Freemason

Online check to see how fast your internet is: Speed test

Period of the 19th century named after the Queen: Victorian

Saskatchewan city, a former temperance community: Saskatoon

Sir Andrew __, Twelfth Night’s foolish gentleman: Aguecheek

Study of nerves and the nervous system: Neurology

Superman and his League friends fight against this: Injustice

TV show about Hollywood, produced by Mark Wahlberg: Entourage

To be separated from everyone else is to be in __: Isolation

Puzzle 4 Answers

Asian religion with gods including Brahma, Vishnu: Hinduism

Body of water between Canada and Greenland: __ Sea: Labrador

Creating a masterpiece on canvas with brushes: Painting

Dance that won’t help gums but seems like it might: Flossing

Extra paid work hours: Overtime

Fingerprints, DNA, footprints, etc.: Evidence

Flat computer mouse alternative: Trackpad

Furry animal who likes nuts; some can even fly: Squirrel

Hit 1990s movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma: Clueless

Olympic gold-winning German figure skater Witt: Katarina

Person who tells the story in a book: Narrator

The last name of David Bowie’s alter ego: Stardust

Type of green citrus used in Earl Grey tea: Bergamot

Where genealogy buffs go digging: Archives

Yellow-tinted skin condition: Jaundice

Puzzle 5 Answers

Ancient calculating tool with beads: Abacus

Different hand positions during meditation: Mudras

Hitchcock classic starring Anthony Perkins: Psycho

Katherina’s sister in The Taming of the Shrew: Bianca

Largest feline in South America: Jaguar

Lung issue that causes wheezing, breathing trouble: Asthma

Metal the Statue of Liberty is largely made from: Copper

Popular search engine: Google

Purple dinosaur on a children’s show: Barney

Stubbornly, securely: Firmly

Tea that doesn’t have caffeine, made from plants: Herbal

The Cape of Good Hope was formerly Cape of __: Storms

Thin cotton fabric used in making summer dresses: Muslin

Wyvern, Hydra, or Cockatrice: Dragon

Mouse, pseudonym of hitmaker Brian Burton: Danger

__ Tiger, era of rapid economic growth in Ireland: Celtic

Group 772

Puzzle 1 Answers

Alyson __; Buffy and American Pie actress: Hannigan

Casino game played by James Bond in a novel: Baccarat

Collectible knick knacks, memorabilia: Ephemera

Dion song about a man who roams from town to town: Wanderer

Distance across a circle: Diameter

Distance across the middle of a circle: Diameter

Edible flower called the poor man’s saffron: Marigold

Essential nutrients such as A, C, and D: Vitamins

French aviation firm that made Mirage and Rafale: Dassault

In sport, getting the ball from an opponent: Tackling

In sport, taking down an opponent to stop the ball: Tackling

Largest state of Brazil: Amazonas

Phineas and Ferb’s pet Perry’s species: Platypus

Place of depravity, often linked to Sodom: Gomorrah

Sam, who played George W. Bush in Vice: Rockwell

San Francisco island that housed a famous prison: Alcatraz

Self-__ litter box, no poop scooping required: Cleaning

Shakespearean character that’s Romeo’s best friend: Mercutio

Wild horses of Robert Glen’s Las Colinas sculpture: Mustangs

Puzzle 2 Answers

18th-century Venetian painter of city views: Canaletto

City where the Sagrada Familia cathedral is found: Barcelona

Colloidal soil people sometimes get trapped in: Quicksand

Conifer trees produce these to protect their seeds: Pine cones

German fried meat dish: Schnitzel

Helen Fielding’s hero of Bridget Jones’s Diary: Mark darcy

Korean martial art focused on kicking and blocking: Taekwondo

Medical name for chronic bad breath: Halitosis

Movie musical about Elton John’s life: Rocketman

Phrase about chilled legumes that means awesome: Cool beans

Sign up, pay the fee and use the service: Subscribe

Singer of You Can Call Me Al and Kodachrome: Paul simon

The career of Mad Men: Marketing

Undying creatures; Fall Out Boy song: Immortals

Puzzle 3 Answers

Animal that builds dams: Beaver

Animal whose milk is used to make Pule cheese: Donkey

Cone-shaped tent, usually made of animal skins: Teepee

Cu on the periodic table: Copper

Doctor Who’s time machine: Tardis

Hardened plaque on teeth: Tartar

Nineteen Eighty-Four writer George: Orwell

Physical award given to the winner to display: Trophy

Pot calling the __ black: Kettle

Werewolves in Underworld: Lycans

Puzzle 4 Answers

Deadly sin of overeating: Gluttony

Frozen water cut with a blade with syrup topping: Shave ice

Greek god’s instrument made from reed tubes: Panpipes

Italian island above Sicily: Sardinia

J.D. Rockefeller was a captain of it: Industry

Japanese producer of photo mediums: Fujifilm

Leader of the Others in Lost, aka Henry Gale: Ben linus

London fashion designer with a focus on plaid: Burberry

Petty argument or row, most often between children: Squabble

Put a letter in one before sending it: Envelope

Repository of groceries for those in need: Food bank

Small __ Saturday: Business

Small organ of the skin where hair grows: Follicle

Sophocles’ Greek Tragedy about Oedipus’s daughter: Antigone

Study and use of technology, mechanics and science: Robotics

Throwing in the towel, quitting: Giving up

When cheeks heat up when embarrassed or shy: Blushing

When cheeks turn red when embarrassed or shy: Blushing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Afternoon naps in Spain: Siestas

Another term for tetanus: Lockjaw

Dirty clothes that need to be washed: Laundry

French word for a composed art scene: Tableau

Hill site of Christ’s Crucifixion near Jerusalem: Calvary

It’s such sweet sorrow, according to Shakespeare: Parting

Japanese monkey: Macaque

Long, thick corkscrew-shaped pasta: Fusilli

Person you’re friendly with but secretly dislike: Frenemy

Racing track championship, __ 1: Formula

Someone who deliberately spoils fun for others: Killjoy

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture uses these weapons: Cannons

Veiled, shrouded: Cloaked

What Dorothy’s friend the Lion was searching for: Courage

__ S Grant, Civil War general under Lincoln: Ulysses

Group 773

Puzzle 1 Answers

A boneless cut of fish: Fillet

A storage vessel or hideaway, usually underground: Bunker

Capital of Czech Republic: Prague

Celebration playwright Harold: Pinter

Ceremony to give a child its moniker: Naming

Electric guitar make or the front of a car: Fender

Japanese empty hand combat sport: Karate

Lake __, monster crocodile movie: Placid

Leg parts between the hip and the knee: Thighs

Particle representing a quantum of light: Photon

Sherlock’s crime-solving partner: Watson

Showed one’s feelings: Emoted

To be fast __ is to be dead to the world: Asleep

__ Neville, mother of King Edward IV of England: Cecily

__ devil; desert lizard with prickles: Thorny

__ tunnel syndrome, wrist impairment: Carpal

Puzzle 2 Answers

An eagle with 13 arrows appears on this symbol: Great seal

Big fish in a __, have influence over a tiny area: Small pond

Casual trousers associated with Levi and Lee: Blue jeans

Cat-like ballet step: Pas de chat

Cate __, starred with Brad Pitt in Babel: Blanchett

Collective words for whales and dolphins: Cetaceans

Game using tweezers to remove a funny bone: Operation

Salty __, confection enjoyed in Nordic countries: Liquorice

What parents say to a child who didn’t say please: Ask nicely

__ Airlines, tourist carrier with hummingbird logo: Caribbean

Puzzle 3 Answers

10-day international jazz festival held in Toronto: Beaches

A card certifying abilities to drive or a permit: License

Actress Gwyneth and CEO of Goop: Paltrow

Baked goods similar to cupcakes, but with fruit: Muffins

Bodies of stars: Astrals

Card game where one card cannot be paired up: Old maid

German city and scent: Cologne

In art, the side view of a face: Profile

James __; alter ego of Wolverine: Howlett

Precedes Dum and Dee in Through the Looking Glass: Tweedle

R in RSVP means this in English: Respond

Senior rank in the Royal Navy: Admiral

Sore, causing a person to say ouch: Painful

Tax __; people who dodge paying their taxes: Evaders

Where incoming electronic messages sit: Mailbox

Puzzle 4 Answers

A biblical and magical angel: Seraphim

Deep and meaningful: Profound

Ending contact, often romantic, with no warning: Ghosting

Fizzy celebratory Italian drink. Cheers!: Prosecco

Half-man, half-horse creatures: Centaurs

Highest rank in professional sumo wrestling: Yokozuna

Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael: Jacksons

Jawbone: Mandible

Nationality of someone native to Manila or Cebu: Filipino

Peaceful, calm: Tranquil

Petroleum commonly used as a household ointment: Vaseline

Princess Leia’s home planet in Star Wars films: Alderaan

Recommended but not compulsory: Advisory

The witch in TV series Bewitched: Samantha

Writer of vampire novels based in New Orleans: Anne rice

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bowie album, its title meaning “absolutely fine”: Hunky dory

Clove pink variety grown to have double flowers: Carnation

Element number 32 which is inspired by a country: Germanium

Extremely, messily inexpensive: Dirt cheap

Fighter whose style involves using their legs: Kickboxer

French flaky breakfast pastry: Croissant

Kurosawa historical drama aka Shadow Warrior: Kagemusha

My Fair Lady is based on this play: Pygmalion

Owner of Amazon and the Washington Post: Jeff bezos

Scientific term for trees that shed leaves in fall: Deciduous

The queen of England’s first name: Elizabeth

Topping up: Refilling

You might jump on or off depending on your mood: Bandwagon

Group 774

Puzzle 1 Answers

A superhero or villain double personality: Alterego

Bright, tropical, edible, Hawaii’s state flower: Hibiscus

French kids’ books about a girls’ boarding school: Madeline

Italian bread, its name means “slipper”: Ciabatta

John __, builder of the first marine chronometer: Harrison

Judas, Brutus and Benedict Arnold carried out this: Betrayal

Musical featuring Ol’ Man River: Show boat

Not stated, but understood because of context: Implicit

Piano musician of The Luckiest and Brick: Ben folds

The Black __ is a 1985 dark fantasy adventure film: Cauldron

They say this is a dirty business: Politics

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aggressive types who intimidate kids at school: Bullies

Diabetics take this medicine by injection: Insulin

Fat from a sheep’s coat: Lanolin

George __, maker of Kodak film for the masses: Eastman

Ice Age’s woolly mammoth character: Manfred

Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökul, a fiery eruptor: Volcano

Islamic leader of the Crusades: Saladin

Ms. Portman, Wood, and Dormer: Natalie

Music passage where a soloist can show off: Cadenza

Only major character in Hamlet who survives: Horatio

Pardon a sin: Forgive

Passenger cabin on a Ferris wheel or cable car: Gondola

Popular mostly human-created Honolulu beach: Waikiki

Spongebob flipped patties with this tool: Spatula

Tasty crustacean, served thermidor: Lobster

Verdicts passed in a court of law: Rulings

__, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof: Sunrise

Puzzle 3 Answers

A method of chopping vegetables into strips: Julienne

A plant with distinctive, scented, purple flowers: Lavender

Annual celebration, such as Holi: Festival

Choreographer of Cabaret and Sweet Charity: Bob fosse

Dance routine in 13 Going on 30: Thriller

Family name of Romeo in the play: Montague

He defeated Marc Antony at the Battle of Actium: Octavian

Hygienic, very clean: Sanitary

Monkees hit __ Valley Sunday: Pleasant

Power, brawn: Strength

Team sport using a stick with a net to catch balls: Lacrosse

The Prime one is located at 0 degrees longitude: Meridian

When causing drama, one is __ the pot: Stirring

Puzzle 4 Answers

4 sided shape with 1 set of parallel sides: Trapezoid

Beneficial relationship between two species: Symbiosis

Famous Caribbean creator of Reggae Reggae brand: Levi roots

Fennel-like spice that comes from a pointed fruit: Star anise

Formal cessation of hostilities during wartime: Armistice

Front rows of the low balcony in a theater: Mezzanine

Hospital transport vehicle: Ambulance

Lacy headscarves worn by Spanish women: Mantillas

Lady Gaga and Beyoncé collaboration: Telephone

Male worker who operates points on a railway track: Signalman

Mythical personification of winter weather: Jack frost

Opinion piece in a newspaper: Editorial

Orange sandwich filling loved by Paddington Bear: Marmalade

Pellet of frozen rain: Hailstone

Software protection that might need updating: Antivirus

Puzzle 5 Answers

Australian city, home of a distinctive Opera House: Sydney

Broadway and West End play from The Wizard of Oz: Wicked

Bunny __, Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction: Boiler

Character created by Jacqueline Wilson: Tracy __: Beaker

Company known as the Mouse House: Disney

David, French DJ who recorded Titanium: Guetta

Not private, also area where everyone can see you: Public

Relating to the skin: Dermal

Rowan Atkinson plays this silent character: Mr bean

This burner is critical in chemistry labs: Bunsen

Tiny seeds on a burger bun: Sesame

Upper layer of habitat in a forest, tree tops: Canopy

Upper part of a dress to the waistline: Bodice

Webby, Streamy, Shorty: Awards

__ Melodies, series of Porky Pig and Daffy Duck: Merrie

__ San Marco; Italian name for St Mark’s Square: Piazza

Group 775

Puzzle 1 Answers

Cleaning with elbow grease: Scrubbing

Close Encounters of the __, 1977 sci-fi drama: Third kind

Come into existence and develop.: Germinate

Copper green gem with lighter bands: Malachite

Crumbly blue cheese made from ewe’s milk: Roquefort

Eighth and last leader of the Soviet Union: Gorbachev

First trip as a married couple: Honeymoon

Garden watering system: Sprinkler

Master patterns for stencils: Templates

Quick tempered, easily angered: Irascible

To be unaware of surroundings; spacey: Oblivious

Puzzle 2 Answers

Describes itinerant wanderers in the desert: Nomadic

Envious; resentful of someone for what they have: Jealous

Forces, applies influence in politics: Lobbies

Matrimonial, to do with a wedding: Nuptial

Meat patties in bread buns with garnishes: Burgers

Proof of purchase given when you pay: Receipt

Russian dictator’s territory: Tsardom

Samba is the most notable form of this at carnival: Dancing

Self-respect or pride in oneself: Dignity

Sound of __, 1965 hit for Simon & Garfunkel: Silence

Standing straight with an aligned spine: Posture

Technological gadgets that save time: Devices

Territory ruled by a Russian emporer: Tsardom

These aquatic flightless birds have Happy Feet: Penguin

Titanic construction city: Belfast

__ Manor; Thomas Land Staffordshire theme park: Drayton

Puzzle 3 Answers

A collection of written music for learning: Songbook

Evening star; another name for the planet Venus: Hesperus

Female counterpart to testosterone: Estrogen

Four-time Best Play Tony winner: Tom __: Stoppard

Jane Fonda made this exercise popular: Aerobics

Local paper or brochure including news and info: Bulletin

Not knowing information; lacking education: Ignorant

Thread-holding pins on sewing machines: Spindles

Way of saying hello: Greeting

Weddings and the celebrations that go with them: Nuptials

Puzzle 4 Answers

1969 rock concert held in New York: Woodstock

2014 heist movie with Ewan McGregor: Son of a gun

Air-dried cod from Norway: Stockfish

Bald enemy of Superman: Lex luthor

Bright beam that follows actors around the stage: Spotlight

Fair vehicle that is okay to crash: Bumper car

Glossy newspapers or online feature collections: Magazines

Lack of knowledge: Ignorance

Morning-after results of drinking too much: Hangovers

Not getting enough wages for work done: Underpaid

Sincerest form of flattery: Imitation

Thick, brown paper material used for packaging: Cardboard

Thin blood vessel that leads to capillaries: Arteriole

To have casual affairs: Philander

Whales, dolphins, and porpoises: Cetaceans

Puzzle 5 Answers

A disorderly house, with everything out of place: Untidy

Berry Gordy Jr. founded this record label in 1959: Motown

Beyoncé sings “__ than you, __ than we”: Bigger

Bucking horse, ridden at rodeos: Bronco

First real name of author Mary Westmacott: Agatha

Follower of Judaism: Jewish

Followers of Judaism are this: Jewish

French for pepper, it goes with sel: Poivre

Gas that fills party balloons so they float: Helium

Hail __ well met: Fellow

Hammers used by judges to call order: Gavels

Heaven Can Wait and Dick Tracy actor Warren __: Beatty

One of the Google search services, for pictures: Images

Sculpture of a person or animal: Statue

Ski pole attachment at the base of the stick: Basket

To be discreet and avoid drawing attention: Subtle

To open bent paper; revealing something hidden: Unfold

White __, label of worker linked to office jobs: Collar

You’re __ in line if seven people arrived first: Eighth

Group 776

Puzzle 1 Answers

A group of people getting together to hang out: Gathering

A pen where ink is rolled through a metal sphere: Ballpoint

Author of 1998 thriller novel Rainbow Six: Tom clancy

Canadian island located near to Greenland: Ellesmere

Crabs named after the Straits of Juan de Fuca: Dungeness

Depose, topple: Overthrow

Find this liquid in the entrance to a church: Holy water

Japanese noodle soup: Miso ramen

Kick __; idiom for passing away: The bucket

Liquid found in the entrance to a Catholic church: Holy water

Shows like Survivor, The Circle are in this genre: Reality tv

Star of Rebel Without a Cause and East of Eden: James dean

Strong personal attraction: Magnetism

Treatment and repair of teeth: Dentistry

Puzzle 2 Answers

Beverages: Drinks

Buildings for monks or nuns: Abbeys

Fabric wrapped around the body, as worn by Beckham: Sarong

Flaky crust that covers pies: Pastry

Shakespeare’s shortest play, The __ of Errors: Comedy

Skate under flashing lights in this kind of rink: Roller

Small green or black fruits, can be Kalamata: Olives

Surname of Irish rocker Bono: Hewson

TV drama, Edward Woodward plays a state assassin: Callan

Uninhabited islet near Oahu, aka rabbit island: Manana

Whale with bristles rather than teeth: Baleen

Puzzle 3 Answers

1950s TV show starring Lucille Ball: I love lucy

A white blood cell: Leukocyte

Actress played by Julia Roberts in Notting Hill: Anna scott

Ancient wonder of the world: __ at Halicarnassus: Mausoleum

Artform of carefully gluing paper cutouts as decor: Decoupage

Artform of carefully sticking paper cutouts: Decoupage

Devices used for directional orientation: Compasses

Ecuadorian islands famous for blue-footed boobies: Galapagos

Emperor Caligula’s most-loved horse: Incitatus

Long car driven by a chauffeur: Limousine

Name given to a espresso with a bit of foamed milk: Macchiato

Publication containing a collection of poems: Anthology

SI unit of measurement of radioactivity: Becquerel

Traditional Oktoberfest beverage container: Beer stein

Unicorn-like creature in Greek mythology: Monoceros

Puzzle 4 Answers

A fizzing ball of carbonation used for fun hygiene: Bath bomb

Edible Asian mushroom, meaning oak tree: Shiitake

First game with this controller was Sega Missile: Joystick

Grungy Seattle band headed by Eddie Vedder: Pearl jam

Harry Potter’s school: Hogwarts

Incorrect or wrong: Mistaken

Lane the Desperate Housewives lived on: Wisteria

Terms that are used frequently on search engines: Keywords

The digestive gland that produces insulin: Pancreas

Two movies, __ Park and World about dinos: Jurassic

Puzzle 5 Answers

A public display of disagreement or disapproval: Protest

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland writer Lewis: Carroll

Central character in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: Scrooge

Cheese of choice for a French onion soup garnish: Gruyere

Common __; social convention of respect: Decency

Cut up and inspect an organ: Dissect

Eagle and lion hybrid creature in mythology: Griffin

Facility for searching the Web, e.g. Chrome, Opera: Browser

Golf tournament that awards a Green Jacket: Masters

He played the 60s Mad Man Don Draper: Jon hamm

In song, the last day of Christmas: Twelfth

JFK, Robin Hood, The Bodyguard actor, Kevin __: Costner

John, Paul, Ringo, and George: Beatles

Knitting technique with a hook: Crochet

Lagos and Abuja are in this country: Nigeria

Month Halloween is celebrated: October

Most populous city in Pakistan: Karachi

Not the official US language, but many think it is: English

One of these destroyed Pompeii: Volcano

Pair of soft tissue lumps in back of the throat: Tonsils

Reduce, reuse, __: Recycle

Richard Branson is one for Virgin Group, Ltd: Founder

Smokestack on a roof: Chimney

Spanish prince other than the heir to the throne: Infante

Spin-off of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant series: Teen mom

Surface for Japanese martial art: Judo mat

Tequila __; 1988 Mel Gibson thriller: Sunrise

The angel who visited Mary before she gave birth: Gabriel

Unit of measurement for edible energy: Calorie

Wooden rice paddle used in Asian cuisine: Shamoji

World famous British primatologist: Dame Jane __: Goodall

Dream, song by Katy Perry: Teenage

Group 777

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another name for Academy Awards: The oscars

Dog comes in 3 types: giant, standard, miniature: Schnauzer

Expression that hides one’s true fears or worries: Brave face

Felons, offenders, lawbreakers: Criminals

Fitness app that tracks training routes with GPS: Runkeeper

Former Irish prime minister 2011-17: Enda kenny

Game of balls on velvet hit by cues: Billiards

Historical, large, hooped petticoat: Crinoline

It can be risky to do this in the stock market: Speculate

Obelisk in South Africa: __ Language Monument: Afrikaans

Of __; compos mentis, lucid: Sound mind

Parent show of Green Acres: __ Junction: Petticoat

Singer Carrie with an album called Cry Pretty: Underwood

The state of being alive: Existence

Water area for visitors to stroke rays at aquarium: Touch pool

What leprechauns leave at the end of the rainbow: Pot of gold

Puzzle 2 Answers

1920s fashion movement: Flapper

1980s TV show, The Dukes of __: Hazzard

Always eternal; a very long time: Forever

Animal’s burrow used as shelter by soldiers: Foxhole

Biology, chemistry, or physics: Science

Blood-sucking wormlike parasites: Leeches

Breathe Again singer-songwriter, Toni __: Braxton

David, who married Spice Girl Posh: Beckham

Dry biscuit for cheese: Cracker

Extra or leftover goods: Surplus

Fast-drying artists’ paint: Acrylic

Fastest wildcat that can’t climb trees very well: Cheetah

Feeling guilty about having done a bad deed: Ashamed

First point earned in tennis, __ love: Fifteen

Henri -Bresson, French humanist photographer: Cartier

Italian island group between Malta and Tunisia: Pelagie

Long, slender-grained aromatic rice: Basmati

Mountain in Greece, thought to be home of the Gods: Olympus

Mr. Peanut of the Planters logo used this eyewear: Monocle

Not the fruit, but with one letter added, a scarf: Bandana

Ordained ministers ranked below priests: Deacons

Person who adamantly denies the existence of God: Atheist

Playwright George Shaw’s middle name: Bernard

Popular scouting campfire song: Kumbaya

Rent, 1776, or Dear Evan Hansen: Musical

Selecting dancers or models for a show: Casting

Site of ancient cave drawings in France’s Dordogne: Lascaux

Street __; Florence Parpart’s road-cleaning device: Sweeper

Surface __, elastic appearance on top of water: Tension

They join bones and muscles: Tendons

Welsh Hannibal actor, __ Hopkins: Anthony

You get a lot of them from life: Lessons

egg; collectors’ item from Russia: Faberge

Puzzle 3 Answers

An underground cemetery: Catacomb

Athletes often hurt this, the L in ACL: Ligament

Clawed insect with a curved, poisonous stinger: Scorpion

Declan MacManus’ better known stage name: Elvis __: Costello

Inflatable latex toys: Balloons

It took this Greek hero 20 years to get home: Odysseus

Navigational instrument, quarter of an astrolabe: Quadrant

Overstitching that prevents fraying: Whipping

Something that has to do with the Good Book: Biblical

Stimulant found in coffee: Caffeine

The study of tumors and cancer: Oncology

Valuable, treasured: Precious

Victorian (Australian) town founded by gold miners: Ballarat

Puzzle 4 Answers

Baby insects or worms in grub form: Larvae

Brain __; challenging clue or word puzzle: Teaser

Brothers who created Stranger Things: Duffer

Central area of the retina: Macula

Former comms process using a modem and phone line: Dial up

Genie’s house, according to Christina Aguilera: Bottle

Key ingredient in marzipan: Almond

Large painful lump on the big toe: Bunion

Paulo __, Brazilian best-selling author: Coelho

Taxonomic rank between life and kingdom: Domain

Think of a __; mathematical mind-reading: Number

Where openly emotional people wear their heart: Sleeve

Women’s head and neck covering of the Middle Ages: Wimple

Yearly wage paid for work: Salary

Puzzle 5 Answers

Brendan Fraser’s Egyptian tomb romp film: The mummy

Creaky, frail, infirm: Decrepit

Forename of the wives of Kings George II and IV: Caroline

Italian cow’s milk cheese made in square blocks: Taleggio

Month during which Thanksgiving falls in the US: November

Musical by Eric Idle based on the Arthurian legend: Spamalot

Often compared by PC gamers: Hardware

Scout’s older brother in To Kill a Mockingbird: Jem finch

Small, decorative statue of a person: Figurine

Snitches get these: Stitches

Soldier with three stripes on the arm: Sergeant

Spanish lace or silk shawl worn over the hair: Mantilla

These created the Hawaiian Islands: Volcanos

To walk on a person’s land without permission: Trespass

__ Mars: played by Kristen Bell: Veronica

Group 778

Puzzle 1 Answers

Buyer, counterpart of a seller: Purchaser

Chilled legumes; popular 90s phrase for awesome: Cool beans

Classic Neil Simon comedic play, The __: Odd couple

Heater made specifically for Italian pies: Pizza oven

Illegal whiskey made in southern US: Moonshine

Ms. Bach’s TV character, and her very short denims: Daisy duke

Olympic sport of ice track racing in a __: Bobsleigh

Periodical found online or in print: Newspaper

Small sour fruit used for making jelly: Crab apple

Wobbly sea creature with fronds: Jellyfish

Puzzle 2 Answers

BoJack’s last name: Horseman

Bridge that carries water: Aqueduct

Cultural stories that exist through word of mouth: Folklore

District of Central France known for red wines: Burgundy

Emulsifier in both egg yolk and cooking spray: Lecithin

Geometric shape with three sides and three angles: Triangle

Google’s parent company: Alphabet

Makes appear magically: Conjures

Medical care of the whole being to fix problems: Holistic

Military structure to block enemies and hide: Fortress

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder __, 2007 film: Emporium

Russian and really strong X-Men: Colossus

Sam __, Sun Studio boss where Elvis first recorded: Phillips

Succulent plant with healing gel: Aloe vera

Vegetable name for a bean bag game: Cornhole

Puzzle 3 Answers

A box of chocolates delivered with a song: Candygram

Air Force units of roughly 12 aircraft: Squadrons

Bands that holds cartilage and bone together: Ligaments

Day-Lewis’s character in There Will Be Blood: Plainview

December 26 in the UK and Canada: Boxing day

Home town of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern: Coast city

In one __; with a single blow: Fell swoop

Preserving animals for a lifelike display: Taxidermy

Prince Harry’s grandfather’s title; the Duke of __: Edinburgh

Red card repercussions: Ejections

Sirloin or T-bone cuts of cow meat, for example: Beef steak

Technical drawing for an architect’s plans: Blueprint

The body’s system of hormone creation: Endocrine

The time following a disaster: Aftermath

US dance that Wham! sang about: Jitterbug

Wood-carving occupation of Master Geppetto: Carpenter

Zodiac sign represented as a goat, Dec. – Jan.: Capricorn

Puzzle 4 Answers

Ca’ Vendramin __; palace on Venice’s Grand Canal: Calergi

Celine Dion’s late husband: Rene __: Angelil

Delicate French cookie sandwich: Macaron

Framework with two mattresses, one above the other: Bunk bed

French beauty chain, named after Zipporah: Sephora

Held, brandished: Wielded

Main shortcut key on a Mac: Command

Miss Piggy and Gonzo are these: Muppets

Provisions or conditions in a contract: Clauses

Sailors supposedly once mistook this for a mermaid: Manatee

The big win after gambling; a grand prize: Jackpot

To be or __, wrote Shakespeare: Not to be

US president on the right of Mount Rushmore: Lincoln

When a kid asks why, a parent says: __ I said so: Because

Puzzle 5 Answers

A.C. __ often finds trouble with Zack Morris: Slater

Breakfast food made with a honeycomb-shaped iron: Waffle

Brendan Fraser’s character George hung out here: Jungle

Challenging activity such as a Rubik’s Cube: Puzzle

Charm that brings good luck: Amulet

Dancing penguin in Happy Feet: Mumble

Dior perfume in purple bottle, sounds toxic: Poison

Hood of a car or the hat worn at Easter: Bonnet

Instrument sometimes called a fiddle: Violin

Performances by Evel Knievel: Stunts

Sea mammals with blue, sperm and humpback types: Whales

Sharp or quick-witted: Clever

Short song used in an advertisement: Jingle

Small recessed section of a room: Alcove

Sounds reverberating in caves or wide open spaces: Echoes

South American country with Carnival celebrations: Brazil

Wall is a famous one in New York City: Street

Yelled warning of a falling tree by Lumberjacks: Timber

__ shrine, basilica and colonnade in Portugal: Fatima

Group 779

Puzzle 1 Answers

“You are __ no matter what they say” says Aguilera: Beautiful

Cold-blooded vertebrate that is born as a tadpole: Amphibian

Decorated half-mask worn at Venice Carnival: Colombina

Gaining something through threats of defamation: Blackmail

German supermodel with intimate lingerie brand: Heidi klum

Island where Central Park is found: Manhattan

Particle accelerators in physics research labs: Colliders

Premier of China, 1998-2003, followed Li Peng: Zhu rongji

Someone who takes risks, sometimes foolishly: Daredevil

This X-Men character also goes by Logan: Wolverine

Witch at Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft: Pansy __: Parkinson

Puzzle 2 Answers

An angle that’s more than 90 degrees: Obtuse

Australian slang for a woman: Sheila

Both a frozen dessert and mid-meal palate cleanser: Sorbet

Britney who sang Baby One More Time: Spears

Cry of approval for Shakespeare: Huzzah

Easy card game for kids that requires memory: Go fish

Equal __, unbiased basic entitlements: Rights

Fashion designer Vanderbilt: Gloria

Fish avatar of Hindu deity Vishnu: Matsya

Hitchcock made a movie about a rear one: Window

J.D. and Sacred Heart’s TV residency adventures: Scrubs

Last name of the pioneer artist of Pop Art: Warhol

Massachusetts place, the Athens of the New World: Boston

Melon __, creator of perfect spheres for starters: Baller

Recording on video or cassette: Taping

Ring __, person who carries the ring at a wedding: Bearer

Two people together, eg doing a surf on same board: Tandem

__ cough, respiratory condition of dogs: Kennel

Puzzle 3 Answers

2007 movie with a character named McLovin: Superbad

Ability to keep things decluttered and tidy: Neatness

Adding sealant between ceramic tiles: Grouting

Body of water on which Sochi and Varna are located: Black sea

Connects cervical to lumbar spine: Thoracic

Detective agency TV show investigating infidelity: Cheaters

Doberman __; black and tan watchdog breed: Pinscher

Element number 1 in the Periodic Table: Hydrogen

Measuring out ingredients using scales: Weighing

Part man part bull creature of the labyrinth: Minotaur

Prank that involves Never Gonna Give You Up: Rick roll

Red bird or red-robed church official: Cardinal

Sea animal treading on the whiting’s tail: Porpoise

State of independence and self-government: Autonomy

The Beatles sang “They say it’s your “: Birthday

Towers, Kuala Lumpur’s double skyscraper: Petronas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Avian that catches the worm: Early bird

C. Ponzi scammed people of millions, a known __: Charlatan

French Canadian deep dish meat pie: Tourtiere

Grind or crush down to powder: Pulverize

Place in Alaska beneath the Chugach Mountains: Anchorage

Say sorry, make amends: Apologize

Slippery table game with paddles and a puck: Air hockey

Smaller blood vessel that connects veins: Capillary

Software that protects a PC from infected files: Antivirus

Puzzle 5 Answers

A rapper; makes your drinks cold: Ice cube

Business in the front, party in the back hairdos: Mullets

By flicking through the tv, you’re __ surfing: Channel

Charge of the Light __; action during Crimean War: Brigade

Chris __; lead vocalist of Soundgarden: Cornell

East African country, setting for Black Hawk Down: Somalia

Fortified area at the heart of a settlement: Citadel

Lakshmi, Kali, or Artemis, for example: Goddess

Math with letters and numbers making equations: Algebra

Obvious, flagrant: Blatant

Online check to verify that a user is not a robot: Captcha

Slang for ventriloquist puppets: Dummies

The bearer of __; messenger of doom: Bad news

Tomato sauce condiment: Ketchup

__ Hicks, contractions that aren’t the real thing: Braxton

__ Hicks, contractions that may be a false alarm: Braxton

Group 780

Puzzle 1 Answers

A feeling of losing your balance for a moment: Dizziness

A sudden change of perspective; to open one’s eyes: Awakening

Big old nag used to pulling wheeled vehicles: Carthorse

Brewer, sponsor of global yacht race before Volvo: Whitbread

Change to a lower gear or simpler way of life: Downshift

Cylindrical sponge with jam filling: Swiss roll

Fancy dishware only used on special occasions: Fine china

Friend of King Richard and robber of the rich: Robin hood

Listen Without __ Vol 1; 1990 George Michael album: Prejudice

Move towards, be attracted to someone: Gravitate

Person who understands without conscious reasoning: Intuitive

Pseudonym with same initials for Emily Brontë: Ellis bell

Squid-headed sailors’ devil from bottom of the sea: Davy jones

Star, famous person: Celebrity

The essential skeleton of a building: Framework

The quality of gaining knowledge from feelings: Intuitive

What pops up when characters have an idea: Light bulb

Work out sums, do subtractions, assess weight, etc: Calculate

Puzzle 2 Answers

An authority on how languages work: Linguist

Corvette racing car that came out in 1959: Stingray

Footwear hung over the fire at Christmastime: Stocking

High __; superior quality of sound reproduction: Fidelity

Light singing production pioneered by Offenbach: Operetta

Making things such as cards, or sewing: Crafting

Person talented at languages: Linguist

Putting a seat on a horse: Saddling

Reality TV show where couples exchange partners: Wife swap

Special Weapons and Tactics squad in the police: Swat team

To take someone’s attention away: Distract

Puzzle 3 Answers

60s film with David Hemmings as a photographer: Blow up

Ammunition shells, cartridges: Rounds

Extraction of cells to test for diesease in a lab: Biopsy

Portuguese capital city: Lisbon

Processed Japanese fish paste: Surimi

State when the truck is full or slang for rich: Loaded

Term for enlightenment in Japanese Buddhism: Satori

Tiny insect found in flour: Weevil

Type of musical piece; Moonlight is a famous one: Sonata

Unpiloted aerial vehicles used in spying: Drones

Watches from Switzerland; sample of fabric: Swatch

What the prince did to wake the sleeping princess: Kissed

Writing typified by verses and stanzas: Poetic

__ Service Announcement; important broadcast: Public

__ license, writing convention to misuse the rules: Poetic

Puzzle 4 Answers

Book that contains lists of synonyms: Thesaurus

Destructive storm of heavy wind and rain: Hurricane

Dirtiness, filthiness: Griminess

Feeling of love, offering kisses and tenderness: Affection

Having six sides: Hexagonal

Low-pitched brass instrument like a tuba: Euphonium

Plaque on an office for giving occupant details: Nameplate

Platform for feeding feathered garden visitors: Bird table

SMERSH operative with dangerous footwear: Rosa klebb

Small oven that goes ping: Microwave

Smelly prank beloved of schoolkids: Stink bomb

Sticky and fruity, they used to be Opal Fruits: Starburst

Tall top hat associated with Abraham Lincoln: Stovepipe

The most prominent (fruity) person in a group: Top banana

Venice citizen who explored North American coast: John cabot

When a television series ends: Cancelled

Where a batter heads after hitting the ball: First base

Puzzle 5 Answers

A black jungle cat with yellow eyes: Panther

Aid or donations for benevolent purposes: Charity

Alexander __, British boundary-pushing designer: Mcqueen

Come into a bequest: Inherit

Current Spanish royal house: Bourbon

Exterior scenes shot outside a film studio: Backlot

Horseshoe-shaped waterfall in North America: Niagara

Long strings of dough in Italian and Asian cuisine: Noodles

Olivia Newton-John is Hopelessly __ to You: Devoted

Outdoor area in a movie studio for exterior shots: Backlot

Prince of Monaco, married Grace Kelly: Rainier

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