CodyCross Amusement Park Answers

Amusement Park Answers

Group 201

Puzzle 1 Answers

Medical term for inflammation of the ear.: Otitis

Largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.: Sicily

Feeling afraid.: Scared

Denmark’s town, “The Scaw” in English.: Skagen

Rankine, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Newton.: Degree

He is said to have founded the Church of Alexandria.: St mark

To give power over to an authority figure.: Submit

__ Eliot; actual name Mary Anne Evans.: George

Tough__; dolly bird, cutie; small sweet cake.: Cookie

Mad as a __.: Hatter

Ancient gate leading to the inner city of Babylon.: Ishtar

Puzzle 2 Answers

Hearer or disciple in Buddhism and Jainism.: Sravaka

Excursion, peregrination, trip.: Journey

The Mediterranean __ is good for growing fruits.: Climate

__ Palacio, president of Ecuador, 2005–2007.: Alfredo

Someone’s character; role played by an actor.: Persona

Artwork made with pencil or crayons.: Drawing

Nothing to __, quickest route through Customs.: Declare

They do not make the man.: Clothes

Yo-yos were first used as __ in the Philippines.: Weapons

Frederic __, French poet with a windy surname.: Mistral

Place or room where food is prepared.: Kitchen

The mimic octopus can mirror other marine __.: Species

KLM, United, Lufthansa, Air China.: Airline

Puzzle 3 Answers

The Amber __, written by Philip Pullman.: Spyglass

Smaller than a clutch; mini purse with a strap.: Wristlet

Broom __ males have numerous long spines.: Filefish

Portuguese for tiles, used on walls or floors.: Azulejos

Latin name of the greek demi-god, son of Zeus.: Hercules

Via __, Roman road from the capital to the sea.: Ostiense

Black hue based on barbecue necessity.: Charcoal

Something a beggar can never be.: Bankrupt

Substance or liquid used to treat diseases.: Medicine

Jean-Jacques __, French philosopher in Jacobin Club.: Rousseau

Three-dimensional picture made by lasers.: Hologram

To make something pretty.: Beautify

Knife for the outdoors with serrated side.: Survival

A river or canal route for travelling by water.: Waterway

Maker of beer and record books.: Guinness

Apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere.: Ecliptic

__ Theron, won an Oscar for Monster.: Charlize

Cooker patented by James Sharp in 1826.: Gas stove

Puzzle 4 Answers

The Yeti supposedly lives in the __ region of Nepal.: Himalayan

Sheaths for a sword, dagger or bayonet.: Scabbards

Night owl.: Nocturnal

She wrote a diary which became famous worldwide.: Anne frank

Pineapple-shaped British hand grenade.: Mills bomb

An expert in a finance-related social science.: Economist

COPD: Chronic Obstructive __ Disease.: Pulmonary

Dip made from avocados, created by the Aztecs.: Guacamole

Chamber of the heart, left or right.: Ventricle

Designed to serve food; buffet table; plural in UK.: Sideboard

This pursuit means no more privacy.: Limelight

Short-tempered; hard to manage or control.: Fractious

Wind instrument; French harp or mouth organ.: Harmonica

__ Arena, will be renamed Spartak for 2018 WC.: Otkrytiye

Puzzle 5 Answers

Indian lentil soup often eaten with a dosa.: Sambar

Person who selects and approves newspaper copy.: Editor

Ancient Egyptian goddess and consort of Amun.: Amunet

It cuts things into very small pieces.: Mincer

To break out, bunk, flight.: Escape

Camel-hump sign, late delta wave, hathook junction.: Osborn

Single-handed sword used in Northwestern Africa.: Nimcha

Style perfected by US artist Andy Warhol.: Pop art

Puts a damsel out of distress.: Knight

The map __ does not have scales.: Puffer

Romantic language and famous perfumes.: French

An exertion of power within something.: Energy

Rubber or metal ring used in a car engine.: Gasket

Group 202

Puzzle 1 Answers

Another name for ghost, phantasm.: Spirit

Swiss river in the Bernese Alps, also called Saane.: Sarine

Estádio do __, football arena in Recife, Brazil.: Arruda

Water __, you can also do it on snow.: Skiing

Magical themed land.: Disney

If not in this state, you don’t need to fix it.: Broken

Neither single nor triple.: Double

Military occupational title, artillery title.: Gunner

US fiction, The __and the Sea, Hemingway’s classic.: Old man

Enemies at war engage in this.: Battle

Something carried with difficulty.: Burden

Currency of Angola, replaced the escudo.: Kwanza

To withdraw from an organization; political.: Secede

Cooking in an oven.: Baking

Puzzle 2 Answers

Natural, formal and social are three types of this.: Science

Insulating storage vessel, keeps liquid hot or cold.: Thermos

Italian writer of Our Ancestors trilogy.: Calvino

Dressed up.: Prinked

Harmful, damaging, chafing.: Painful

This athlete is not an aerialist or trapezist.: Acrobat

Patron figure of dancers and actors.: St vitus

It is sweet.: Revenge

Creature with unconfirmed existence.: Cryptid

Kitchen appliance; it grinds and mixes.: Blender

Music performance by band, singer or orchestra.: Concert

World’s largest ocean.: Pacific

__ croucher is gray with red spots all over.: Spotted

Mediterranean plant, mustard like, used in salad.: Arugula

Appendages at the ends of your hands.: Fingers

Glassy materials; study of glassware.: Vitrics

__ Operations Executive, WWII espionage unit.: Special

Chinese __ and Peasants’ Army, red flag wavers.: Workers

Italian fashion house of colorful knitwear.: Missoni

Puzzle 3 Answers

The __ Story, Best Foreign Film 1985, Argentina.: Official

Italian, English, Spanish, French.: Language

Heavenly plant, giant ragweed.: Ambrosia

Spanish word for sponge cake, pastry or cookie.: Bizcocho

Car that runs on batteries, not gas.: Electric

A summary outline of a course requirements.: Syllabus

René __, Belgian surrealist artist.: Magritte

Red Mughal castle in northern India, Uttar Pradesh.: Agra fort

Pants.: Trousers

___ Book, Medieval literature taught you manners.: Courtesy

French general, nicknamed the Little Corporal.: Napoleon

Sport played with a ball and a bat on a diamond.: Baseball

Puzzle 4 Answers

Swedish tennis player won five Wimbledon titles.: Bjorn borg

__ Land, royal Norwegian Antarctic possession.: Queen maud

Having several possible meanings.: Ambiguous

Children’s game in which you play doctor.: Operation

Cooked bread and warm dairy liquid.: Milk toast

“Socializing” of computer hardware and software.: Interface

Novel by Anne Bronte about a governess.: Agnes grey

French general of the US Revolutionary war.: Lafayette

Ammonium __, salt, unstable compound.: Phosphate

Physicist shared 1933 prize with Erwin Schrödinger.: Paul dirac

TBA: To Be __.: Announced

Newborn baby bird.: Hatchling

Mythical Tibetan Buddhist kingdom.: Shambhala

Hollow tube with beans, pins inside to make rain.: Rainstick

Bette Davis cripples husband, wins Oscar.: Dangerous

Care and treatment of women during pregnancy.: Obstetric

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Olympic Stadium, 2004; Spyros Louis.: Athens

__ Seconds Over Tokyo, US movie, Doolittle Raid.: Thirty

To decipher, crack, decrypt.: Decode

Chinese daggers mounted on a detachable ring.: Emeici

Ordained minister below a priest.: Deacon

Article used at table to wipe lips or fingers.: Napkin

Shrub also known as wattles.: Acacia

Joseph __-Levitt, actor, filmmaker, producer.: Gordon

Three-wheeled motorized rickshaw-type vehicle.: Tuk tuk

Simple campfire Australian bread.: Damper

It is said that they use only 10% of their brains.: Humans

Arctic animals with huge tusks and whiskers.: Walrus

South American nation, “land of many waters”.: Guyana

Type of wall built by British band, Oasis.: Wonder

Formal black tie attire for men.: Tuxedo

Summer, fall, winter or spring.: Season

Group 203

Puzzle 1 Answers

Korean military sword.: Hwando

Dorothy L. __, UK writer, translator and humanist.: Sayers

Eating, feasting.: Dining

Patron of the blind, her name means light.: St lucy

German-style board game by Thomas Liesching, 2004.: Hinged

Emanuel __, French fashion and perfume designer.: Ungaro

Hidden __, an undisclosed aim or motive.: Agenda

This kind of airy candy comes from spinning sugar.: Cotton

Weaver is Ripley in 1986 military sci-fi movie.: Aliens

A very short period of time.: Moment

Italian kitchenware design company.: Alessi

Eastern European capital, home to Kremlin.: Moscow

Puzzle 2 Answers

On the __; honest and legal.: Up and up

The Flintstones was the first US primetime __.: Cartoon

Pope Urban II launched the first one in 1095.: Crusade

Hawaiian guitar meaning “jumping flea”.: Ukulele

Calendar.: Almanac

Spectacles to behold.: Glasses

The highest-ranking authority.: Supreme

In French it means “crème moulée”.: Custard

Quartier __, famous Parisian district, Moulin Rouge.: Pigalle

The Pekingese is also known as the __ or the Peke.: Liondog

Ancient abstract design used in art therapy.: Mandala

Russian author of War and Peace, Anna Karenina.: Tolstoy

Cover of vehicle engine, cars, aircraft.: Cowling

Fish that supports the Earth in Arabian mythology.: Bahamut

High plain, tableland, no longer rising.: Plateau

It soothes cough.: Lozenge

The total income produced by a given source.: Revenue

Like snowmobiles, but on water.: Jet skis

A type of shoe, same name as a university.: Oxfords

Facial air spaces can cause congestion, headaches.: Sinuses

__ Gump said: Stupid is as stupid does.: Forrest

Puzzle 3 Answers

Metal that prevents steel from rusting.: Chromium

Single string instrument created in Brazil.: Berimbau

__ flying, jumping with no chute or kite.: Wingsuit

Walk like one with The Bangles.: Egyptian

__ dervishes, white-clothed spinning sufi dancers.: Whirling

Name for a tin-mining area, South West Britain.: Stannary

Gloom; Without light.: Darkness

What pirates are after.: Treasure

Russian mystic who advised the Tsar Nicholas.: Rasputin

Hot __, US film with Cary Grant.: Saturday

Iconic English fashion brand.: Burberry

Airbrushing is the hobby of __ with air.: Painting

Judas __, disciple who betrayed Jesus.: Iscariot

1024 terabytes equal to 1 __.: Petabyte

Major snowstorm, can shut down cities.: Blizzard

Furniture holds your reading material.: Bookcase

He who handles a nettle __ is soonest stung.: Tenderly

One of the main deities in Greek mythology.: Poseidon

Puzzle 4 Answers

Of or relating to the skin.: Epidermic

Soft French cow’s milk cheese from Normandy.: Camembert

Stocky burrowing marmot that hibernates.: Groundhog

What secretive families hide in their closet.: Skeletons

Freshwater river discharges into Lake Eyre.: Warburton

Soft mineral used for carving.: Alabaster

The Virgin Queen.: Elizabeth

Cotton fabric like velour but no sheen.: Velveteen

__ Bowel Syndrome – IBS.: Irritable

Title given to the prime minister of Ireland.: Taoiseach

Alice is the main __ in Alice in Wonderland.: Character

A __ life is not good for mind and body health.: Sedentary

Shell-like percussion instruments from Spain.: Castanets

Puzzle 5 Answers

Someone playing without payment; inexperienced.: Amateur

Polygon with six sides and six angles.: Hexagon

__ Economy, class below Business on many US flights.: Premium

God of compassion and love in Hinduism.: Krishna

Korean car brand whose badge features a slanted H.: Hyundai

Species of marine fish with privileged sight.: Big eyed

Gastric means anything related to the __.: Stomach

Used to stop or prevent passage.: Barrier

Seats of kings and queens.: Thrones

Cone-shaped hard candy, multicolored.: Pirulín

__ Checkers or Chequers, strategy board game.: Chinese

__ Beard, goatee, moustache named after painter.: Van dyke

Group 204

Puzzle 1 Answers

Lights, camera, __!.: Action

Parakeet is a smaller sized __.: Parrot

Undercoat to prepare a surface for painting.: Primer

Silicate metal, can be used as gemstone, red.: Garnet

__ Shostakovic, Russian composer of symphonies.: Dmitri

Not so great in size or worth.: Lesser

White grape wine from Emilia-Romagna.: Albana

Mythological reptile in Europe and China.: Dragon

Male child of your brother or sister.: Nephew

Famous sword of The Three Musketeers.: Rapier

Foul smelling element used in fertilizers.: Sulfur

Princes and princesses; kings and __.: Queens

Puzzle 2 Answers

Italian sweet butter cookies.: Offelle

Fashion brand associated with tennis, gator logo.: Lacoste

Painkiller invented by Felix Hoffmann.: Aspirin

Black butterflyfish are white with black __.: Stripes

Moon of Saturn, known for its two-tone coloration.: Iapetus

Container used to have a garden in a balcony.: Planter

To watch closely, pay attention.: Observe

Impressions like the first ones.: Lasting

The Pink __ is one of the funniest cartoons.: Panther

Car that takes people to places, usually yellow.: Taxicab

Learning different types of moves for fun.: Dancing

The Hobbit, novel by J.R.R __.: Tolkien

Unknown.: Foreign

White water __, extreme river sport.: Rafting

Puzzle 3 Answers

Small round yellow bean for making hummus.: Chickpea

The ability to receive or contain, storage.: Capacity

Study of sight.: Optology

Indonesian layered cake with cardamom.: Spekkoek

Main gas in Jupiter.: Hydrogen

Priest of Ifa, word of Yoruba language.: Babalawo

__ Szabo, WWII Special Operations agent.: Violette

__ House, rooms to rent for extended periods.: Boarding

First and __.: Foremost

__ Cowboy, Jon Voight played a male prostitute.: Midnight

Joey __, actor, Blossom, Brotherly Love.: Lawrence

Financial years are divided by these.: Quarters

SE European country, capital Sofia.: Bulgaria

A general improvement in appearance.: Makeover

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Scottish” body of water in the Southern Ocean.: Scotia sea

Study of lighthouses.: Pharology

Periodical specializing in charts.: Billboard

Billionaire, top business news source.: Bloomberg

The uses of it are sweet.: Adversity

Variety of squash.: Crookneck

Wayne __, British fashion designer, Red or Dead.: Hemingway

Full of life, ready to be active.: Energetic

Hairy eight-legged creature with beady eyes.: Tarantula

US company that co-owns Hotpoint and Indesit.: Whirlpool

Gym class classic with rubber ball projectiles.: Dodgeball

Special Operations __, British WWII espionage unit.: Executive

__ Woman, Bacall, Peck quick marriage.: Designing

Puzzle 5 Answers

Letters and tiles, spelling board game.: Scrabble

Citadel, impenetrable stronghold.: Fortress

Having minute dots or spots.: Punctate

Alcatel mobile phone model range.: One touch

Those who illegally follow or harass others.: Stalkers

A slovenly woman.: Slattern

Field covers what leads to human reproduction.: Sexology

Large rock that orbits the sun, __ belt.: Asteroid

__ Strait, eastern channel of Korea Strait.: Tsushima

Actor John __ starred in 70’s musical Grease.: Travolta

Old town area of Hamburg, with ancient Deichstraße.: Altstadt

Substance needed for a healthy growth.: Nutrient

Aromatic spice, green pods with black seeds.: Cardamom

__ pass, paperwork issued by airline to check-in.: Boarding

A parrot with an erectile crest.: Cockatoo

BMW: The __ Driving Machine.: Ultimate

The daughter of a monarch.: Princess

Dessert eaten at China’s Mid-Autumn Festival.: Mooncake

Water activity with paddle and dugout boat.: Canoeing

Top of ship’s mast; title of newspaper.: Masthead

Group 205

Puzzle 1 Answers

Admission to a train, show, plane.: Ticket

__ in the Outfield is a 1994 remake of a 1951 film.: Angels

South __, Nelson Mandela, apartheid.: Africa

First muscle of the digestive system.: Tongue

__ and Jughead, US comics still out today.: Archie

Deep-fried vigna mungo Indian dessert, jhangiri.: Imarti

Ducks move this way.: Waddle

Gospel writer, patron of surgeons.: St luke

Mexican muralist, Frida Kahlo’s husband.: Rivera

Military fighting in battle; active __.: Combat

__ Sturluson, Icelandic writer of the Edda.: Snorri

Piece of cloth made by knitting or weaving.: Fabric

African tree with big hollow trunk.: Baobab

Canine with deadpan voice, in need of facelift.: Droopy

Mode of persuasion together with ethos and logos.: Pathos

The Great __, nose-less mythological statue at Giza.: Sphinx

Puzzle 2 Answers

Illusion of a person without substance.: Phantom

A __ shot is an additional dose of a vaccine.: Booster

A zebra Turkeyfish is a __ spiny tropical fish.: Striped

Restless, anxious.: Fidgety

US squared baked dessert, chocolate and nuts.: Brownie

Natural coloring matter in animals and plants.: Pigment

Spiritual guide in Sufism.: Murshid

__ Navratilova, former Czech tennis player.: Martina

African country, site of movie Black Hawk Down.: Somalia

The period of time between midnight and noon.: Morning

Large handkerchief worn on head or around neck.: Bandana

Puzzle 3 Answers

Poisonous, as a snake.: Venomous

Revelation of an embarrassing or damaging secret.: Exposure

A subdivision of Genghis Khan’s Mongol Empire.: Appanage

The __, US film about a flirtatious Mrs. Robinson.: Graduate

Month between January and March.: February

A type of endive.: Escarole

Type of yoga practice, energy raising.: Ashtanga

__ pudding, French, ladyfinger cold dessert.: Diplomat

A card suit.: Diamonds

US National park became World Heritage Site in 1984.: Yosemite

Gather ye __ while ye may.: Rosebuds

Puzzle 4 Answers

Soviet leader responsible for Great Purge.: Stalin

Red claw cuapetes __, mostly a clear crustacean.: Shrimp

Placed in front of word to change meaning.: Prefix

__ Tower, Parisian landmark.: Eiffel

Unidentified __ Oddball is a 1979 book adaptation.: Flying

Orbiting celestial body.: Planet

Sanguine, in heraldry.: Murrey

Where you keep things cold.: Fridge

The Battle of __, decisive naval combat in WWII.: Midway

Blended lambic, secondary fermented Belgian beer.: Gueuze

Tiny nutty seeds used to make tahini sauce.: Sesame

Puzzle 5 Answers

Public order offense, fighting or brawling.: Affray

Fish famous for leaping spawning ritual.: Salmon

__ Avogadro, Italian physicist with a constant.: Amedeo

Zone of high ground between two streams.: Divide

Usually, a small space to store clothes.: Closet

Greek personification of sleep.: Hypnos

Apple mobile device.: Iphone

Capital of Angola.: Luanda

To ship commodities to another country.: Export

Street styles of dance, break, lock, pop.: Hip hop

The only one of its kind, not typical.: Unique

Soviet space program for space exploration.: Venera

Martin Luther posted 95 to start the Reformation.: Theses

Gin, maraschino, orange bitters, lemon juice.: Casino

Jane __, English novelist.: Austen

Group 206

Puzzle 1 Answers

To board a plane or ship for a journey.: Embark

Trauma-causing sport known as “sweet science”.: Boxing

__ Merkel, Germany’s first woman Chancellor.: Angela

Jobholder, dogsbody, employee.: Worker

__ Burns, chairwoman of VEON.: Ursula

Hooded coats invented by the Inuit.: Parkas

He can put a spell on you.: Wizard

Europe’s highest peak, in Caucasus Mountains.: Elbrus

A virtue; the possession of knowledge.: Wisdom

Antioxidants treat damage due to __ in the body.: Oxygen

Soft tissue found in animals, makes movement.: Muscle

French general and leader of Vichy France.: Petain

US ’80 film about teleportation, man turns insect.: The fly

Slightly bitter Belgian beer made with wild yeasts.: Lambic

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ New Year, Spring or Lantern Festival.: Chinese

Discovering.: Finding

Rifle invented by German Hugo Schmeisser.: Assault

Paint through the holes of this cut-out card.: Stencil

Marine fish belonging to the Carangidae family.: Pompano

Body of a lion, wings of an eagle.: Gryphon

One of the 13 words impossible to play in Scrabble.: Pizzazz

Mystic or prophetic trance.: Ecstasy

Filo-made pastry from the Ottoman Empire.: Baklava

British rock and blues artist who sang for Layla.: Clapton

You must control this to not gain weight.: Portion

Event during which people discuss business.: Meeting

__ Hook, Peter Pan’s archenemy.: Captain

La Santa Maria, la Pinta and la Niña.: Caravel

Distention is being __ from internal pressure.: Swollen

They like inflicting pain.: Sadists

Loud-sounding natural phenomenon.: Thunder

Placing possessions to move to another location.: Packing

New wine shouldn’t be put into old ones.: Bottles

__ Stadium 2002, Japanese soccer field.: Saitama

To make or create a fabric with a hooked needle.: Crochet

Capital of Guinea.: Conakry

Puzzle 3 Answers

Strong dark coffee, literally “pressed out”.: Espresso

Calcium __, salt used for dust control.: Chloride

Country bordered only by Spain, capital Lisbon.: Portugal

Short, musical play, often funny.: Operetta

Appropriate, suitable.: Apposite

A blessing in __.: Disguise

Some mysteries will always remain __.: Unsolved

An Ankh is an ancient __ good luck charm.: Egyptian

A shiny black substance that is used in pencils.: Graphite

Everyone celebrates this once a year.: Birthday

Ancient two-wheeled vehicle pulled by humans.: Rickshaw

A flap opening in a ceiling or into the floor.: Trapdoor

__ Review, major feature of Common Law.: Judicial

Encephalitis is __ of the brain.: Swelling

Puzzle 4 Answers

Handel opera and mother of Nero.: Agrippina

Educator, scholar, teacher.: Professor

Retreat of Chairman Mao’s Red Army from the KMT.: Long march

System of national highways in France.: Autoroute

This shark has a large black spot above front fins.: Epaulette

Bottom drawer in UK, glory box in Australia.: Hope chest

Medical science of feet.: Chiropody

Bread and wine ritual sharing in churches.: Eucharist

Fellini’s Italian movie, mythical tales set in Rome.: Satyricon

US fermented dairy product, baked potato topping.: Sour cream

Beecher Stowe lived next door to Sawyer creator.: Mark twain

__, home to Uttar Pradesh cricket team.: Green park

Country where the Tasmanian devil is found.: Australia

Puzzle 5 Answers

Six-line Spanish poem.: Shadorma

UK car brand with a griffin emblem.: Vauxhall

Ore of antimony used in firework production.: Stibnite

Invaders.: Usurpers

Annular __, Porgies, small silver tropical fish.: Seabream

Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece.: Mona lisa

Narrow strip of salt water in the seashore.: Tide pool

Sewn stitches that invisibly overcast a thread.: Couching

Sweet __, US famous song, Neil Diamond.: Caroline

Study of human settlement.: Ekistics

French sweet white wine.: Sauterne

In reality.: Actually

Curved sword, like a Sikh kirpan.: Scimitar

Stage between child and adult.: Juvenile

Assistance for a sudden injury or illness.: First aid

Group 207

Puzzle 1 Answers

To convert food into energy in the stomach.: Digest

Frankfurt __, busiest airport in Germany.: Am main

Comic strip popular in early 1920s by Walter Berndt.: Smitty

Spoiled brat in the Fantastic Chocolate Factory.: Veruca

Third-place metal found in ancient Mesopotamia.: Bronze

To go onto the beach or land from a ship.: Ashore

To cook just below boiling point.: Simmer

Large cage or enclosure for birds.: Aviary

Cheat the mob and you could be wearing __ shoes.: Cement

Rim or collar for strength or attachment.: Flange

Something that happens at this later time.: Future

Clayface is a villian in __ comics in 1940.: Batman

A penny saved is a penny __.: Earned

French fashion company founded by Coco.: Chanel

__ Freud, portrait artist.: Lucian

Magical medicine, a witch’s brew.: Potion

Full name of this card game is contract __.: Bridge

A bungled shot in golf.: Foozle

Supreme council of the ancient Roman empire.: Senate

Puzzle 2 Answers

Rum __, Bermuda’s national drink.: Swizzle

Carry-on, holdall; clutch, sports or duffle.: Handbag

Italian white goods brand, sister of Hotpoint.: Indesit

Gland that produces fight or flight hormone.: Adrenal

Belgian surrealist, nude painter.: Delvaux

Sorrowful drama; a Greek play.: Tragedy

The capital of __ is Hanoi.: Vietnam

Morphology branch, studies structure of organisms.: Anatomy

Roman general and victor at Battle of Actium.: Agrippa

Audi’s car name, means four in Italian.: Quattro

The process or period of gathering in crops.: Harvest

One of five “big cats”, comes in snow form.: Leopard

Entertaining, causing laughter, pleasant.: Amusing

Anything affected by time or power on computers.: Dynamic

Soccer referee uses this to expel players.: Red card

Puzzle 3 Answers

US fruit pastry, widely eaten.: Apple pie

Space in a house for children to have fun in.: Playroom

__ Tables, 1958 US drama film, Rita Hayworth.: Separate

Epipelagic fish inhabiting warm waters.: Halfbeak

El __, royal palace complex near Madrid.: Escorial

Nickname for the Boeing 747.: Jumbo jet

Bibles are souvenir __ at the circus.: Programs

In finance, the final cost or amount.: Net price

Professional term for a boxer.: Pugilist

Wolf, flow and fowl are all __.: Anagrams

Agatha __, world-known UK crime novelist.: Christie

Saturn is composed mainly of helium and __.: Hydrogen

As white as snow, as black as coal, as red as a __.: Beetroot

A car is a beauty in US but he is __ in UK.: Handsome

The art of chasing metal.: Ciselure

Puzzle 4 Answers

Former currency of Austria.: Schilling

Twice UK Prime Minister, won Nobel Prize in 1953.: Churchill

Coffee-making system, French press in US.: Cafetiere

Mountain range border between India and China.: Himalayas

Meeting not held due to insufficient attendance.: Inquorate

To decorate an object with paper cut-outs.: Decoupage

The study of the heavens.: Uranology

Italian secret revolutionary society in early 1800s.: Carbonari

Most common of these large, furry mammals.: Brown bear

Italian train station inside main airport for Rome.: Fiumicino

Simian-like creature, US folklore, Big Foot.: Sasquatch

The __ Club, 1980s US film, students in detention.: Breakfast

Another name for Tolkien’s Hobbits.: Halflings

Puzzle 5 Answers

It’s not worth crying over __ milk.: Spilled

Sam __, US actor known for cowboy roles.: Elliott

Muslim holiday of fasting, the ninth month.: Ramadan

Quark pancakes from Eastern Europe.: Syrniki

On or onto the bottom in shallow water.: Aground

__ Hicks, painful contractions but not real.: Braxton

Chisinau is the capital.: Moldova

Working space in a office.: Cubicle

Flowering plant, tastes like liquorice.: Aniseed

You can eat them.: Edibles

Double-edged Japanese sword.: Tsurugi

Group 208

Puzzle 1 Answers

___ Christie, best known for her detective novels.: Agatha

__ War, post WWII conflict on Asian peninsula.: Korean

The Japanese stock exchange index.: Nikkei

Bush with beautiful colors, blooms in spring.: Azalea

To clear a disc or drive on a computer.: Format

Baltic country, Riga is its capital.: Latvia

To long, want, crave.: Desire

Italian word for small cave.: Grotto

France’s tennis Grand Slam, Roland __.: Garros

To restore to good condition after damage.: Repair

Cadmium salts are toxic and cause __.: Cancer

The __ bird has an odd call, also a type of clock.: Cuckoo

The Great __, DiCaprio’s remake of a classic.: Gatsby

Puzzle 2 Answers

Publisher’s name placed conspicuously on a page.: Imprint

Fortune teller.: Palmist

Rock formed through the solidification of lava.: Igneous

Metal or plastic used to fix a hole in a tooth.: Filling

Eight-tentacled ink-spraying sea creature.: Octopus

South Korean tech giant, Apple rival.: Samsung

Study of the formation of the earth.: Geogony

Halloween’s favorite round vegetable.: Pumpkin

Something that has been changed or modified.: Amended

Long narrow boat with ornamental stem; Venice.: Gondola

Germanic region around the Dutch Rhine delta.: Batavia

Powerful comic league of super heroes.: Justice

Puzzle 3 Answers

Abundance of goods or material possession, wealthy.: Affluent

Structure in Western Australia, a petrified ocean.: Wave rock

Event that happens suddenly and unexpectedly.: Accident

Programs to keep a computer safe.: Security

Different, not the same, distinct.: Separate

Technical term for bone break.: Fracture

The __, John Wayne travels to Ireland.: Quiet man

Reform period of the Ottoman Empire.: Tanzimat

The art of being able to wait.: Patience

Device flattens the “wrinkles” in female hair.: Hair iron

The __ is a new cat breed with very short legs.: Munchkin

Crossvine.: Bignonia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Steven __, director of Jurassic Park.: Spielberg

French name for water bath in cooking.: Bain marie

The right to sell a company’s services or products.: Franchise

To get out or run away in panic.: Skedaddle

Historic British trading company, __ Company.: East india

It takes you to class.: School bus

Rock lover.: Geologist

Medical name for chickenpox.: Varicella

Little __, Andersen’s tale of a dying street child.: Match girl

Disguised, with false identity.: Incognito

Colorful US music style with banjos.: Bluegrass

Baby bird.: Hatchling

Traveler.: Passenger

Puzzle 5 Answers

The Wrath __, second original Star Trek movie.: Of khan

Dark-purple plum.: Damson

Man who is given the title of Sir in England.: Knight

Someone having great power or force.: Strong

Tool with steel head to hit nails.: Hammer

The longest Old Testament book with 150 parts.: Psalms

Half-human half-machine, bionic human.: Cyborg

Local agency of law enforcement.: Police

Pandemic; The Black Death.: Plague

Cotton cloth used as a surface for painting.: Canvas

1695 European tale, Little Red __ Hood.: Riding

Group 209

Puzzle 1 Answers

Turmeric, pepper and cardamom are all __.: Spices

Norway seaport and cruise ship terminal.: Bergen

To have something in mind as a goal.: Intend

Ancient city of Upper Mesopotamia.: Edessa

To fall down as a result of physical pressure.: Buckle

Group of countries against the Axis Powers in WWII.: Allies

Small knob used for holding clothes together.: Button

Name of place where a metal worker works.: Smithy

Mythical creature with man’s head and fish’s tail.: Merman

__ Airways, second-largest airline of the UAE.: Etihad

Added to table salt to prevent diseases.: Iodine

Volkswagen Type 1; it means “Käfer” in German.: Beetle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Emperor of Japan who came to power in 1989.: Akihito

Bad guy in a story.: Villain

First commercial video game console for home use.: Odyssey

To move forward or ahead.: Advance

US daily comic strip, satirical office humor.: Dilbert

__ wall, ancient limestone holy place in Jerusalem.: Western

Wooden conical labrophone used by mountain dwellers.: Alphorn

Indian flatbread; many spellings, also called roti.: Chapati

Flawless.: Perfect

Norse seafarers, raiders and traders.: Vikings

Puzzle 3 Answers

The science of remedies or therapeutics; iamatology.: Aceology

Modern day state of the Khans.: Mongolia

Crumbly top on muffins, pies and cakes.: Streusel

Another name for a lawyer or counselor.: Attorney

Protagonist in Shakespeare’s King Lear.: Cordelia

This person plans and builds using math and physics.: Engineer

Most __ in the body are beneficial or harmless.: Bacteria

Musical piece by US composer Gershwin, __ in Blue.: Rhapsody

This agreement can be written or oral.: Contract

Hans Christian __, best known for fairy tales.: Andersen

What can go wrong.: Anything

Puzzle 4 Answers

Side of a coin with the monarch’s head on.: Obverse

__ del Toro, actor known for his role in Traffic.: Benicio

Middle Eastern drum with a rounded back.: Naqareh

Glass window on the ceiling of a car.: Sunroof

__ animal, kid’s plush toy, Teddy the most popular.: Stuffed

Small computer component with inputs, functions.: Circuit

Another word for police.: Officer

The __ Giraffe, hot Dalí painting.: Burning

Plumber suction tool.: Plunger

Do not wear out your __.: Welcome

Directions or position while flying.: Bearing

Longest river in Asia, Chang Jiang.: Yangtze

La __, French mail order company founded in 1837.: Redoute

Civil Disobedience is __ resistance.: Passive

One-eyed Greek creatures.: Cyclops

Emotionless humor.: Deadpan

A subcategory of a broader category.: Hyponym

__ corals are also known as flower corals.: Bristle

Mouth surgeon always asks if you’ve been flossing.: Dentist

Frodo’s last name.: Baggins

Puzzle 5 Answers

To make unclear or confusing; darken.: Obfuscate

Weather instrument invented by Torricelli.: Barometer

Taking God’s name in vain.: Blasphemy

Truism.: Platitude

Not capital letters.: Lower case

Ruler of the Aztecs, associated with a gippy tummy.: Montezuma

Interesting, amusing or biographical incident.: Anecdotal

The eldest son of the Russian highest monarch.: Tsarevich

Main dish, leftovers used as cold cuts.: Roast beef

Digit end.: Fingertip

Study or anything related to your ears.: Audiology

Master of Suspense.: Hitchcock

Athletic competition with ten different events.: Decathlon

Cate__, actress of Lord of the Rings.: Blanchett

Important for drivers, especially on hills.: Handbrake

Mesopotamian empire.: Babylonia

Group 210

Puzzle 1 Answers

To suddenly come into sight.: Appear

Purply, darkish red.: Maroon

Long curved blade on a handle carried by Death.: Scythe

Matured Kajmak in dried animal skin sacks.: Skorup

Blythe __, actress, mother of Gwyneth Paltrow.: Danner

Docket, timetable, items’ plan.: Agenda

Well done if you hoisted with your own __.: Petard

King __ II, lived in idyllic Neuschwanstein Castle.: Ludwig

Painting on moist plaster surface.: Fresco

Animal that builds dams, has long front teeth.: Beaver

Fabric like velvet but stretchy.: Velour

Mortar and __, stone device to make paste or powder.: Pestle

Puzzle 2 Answers

St Teresa __, 16th C Roman Catholic saint.: Of avila

The __ Day, US epic war film, Normandy landing.: Longest

A luminary from Rotterdam.: Erasmus

Software used to do operations.: Utility

The result of air blown through soapy water.: Bubbles

To be extremely angry.: Enraged

Sporting event of swordplay.: Fencing

A delta is a plain __ two river mouths.: Between

Green gemstone.: Emerald

Pilot whales are members of the __ family.: Dolphin

__ Cocktail, improvised WWII incendiary.: Molotov

Largest alpine glacier in Switzerland.: Aletsch

Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello.: Ferrari

Male partner in a marriage.: Husband

Puzzle 3 Answers

The __, superlative adjective, the most grandiose.: Greatest

A giving person is __.: Generous

New __ Yard, the London base for the Met Police.: Scotland

Hosea is one of 12 minor __ in the Hebrew Bible.: Prophets

__ paso, horse breed for a smooth ride.: Peruvian

Television binge effort, sounds athletic.: Marathon

Lower deck of a ship, for lowest cost travel.: Steerage

Largest English speaking city south of the U.S..: Kingston

Germanic people that ruled part of Italy in 568-774.: Lombards

Stick it beneath the carpet for insulation.: Underlay

Adieux.: Farewell

Going up a mountain or a rock.: Climbing

Unlimited extent of time, space or quantity.: Infinity

Energy from food comes from __ we intake.: Calories

__ acid, used in bleach and disinfectants.: Cyanuric

Hot Wheels competitor.: Matchbox

If superstitious, never open this indoors.: Umbrella

Losing my __, REM’s hit song from the 90’s.: Religion

Finely ground sugar, confectioners.: Powdered

The __ New Clothes, Danish fairy tale.: Emperors

A picture or painting of an ocean area.: Seascape

Puzzle 4 Answers

Pee-Wee’s __, Mr. Herman’s oddball junior show.: Playhouse

A deck behind the house.: Back porch

Quick-spreading respiratory disease.: Influenza

Captain Von Trapp sings about this Alpine flower.: Edelweiss

To make someone feel self-conscious.: Embarrass

Led Brazil to 1962 World Cup, after Pele.: Garrincha

Armored mammal with pointy snout.: Armadillo

Luke __, Star Wars’ protagonist.: Skywalker

Method to disseminate real-time content, live __.: Streaming

Fighter in an irregular war; Spanish origin.: Guerrilla

Ancient Roman heating system for buildings.: Hypocaust

In the US, drink mixer and server.: Bartender

Day of __, holy day also known as Yom Kippur.: Atonement

Scotch whisky and Amaretto on the rocks.: Godfather

So many __, so many customs.: Countries

Political ideology of communal ownership.: Socialism

A variety of gypsum, selenite.: Satinspar

A mythological, magical or folklore story.: Fairy tale

French enamelwork setting vitreous pieces in grids.: Cloisonne

Sydney __ Smith Airport, busiest in Australia.: Kingsford

Puzzle 5 Answers

Looming, impending.: Imminent

“Jack” cheese mixed with colby in marbled form.: Monterey

Male horse, used for breeding.: Stallion

Emperor of Japan from 1926 until 1989.: Hirohito

Done or existing alone.: Solitary

Maleficent star, __ Jolie.: Angelina

Medieval moral book with animals.: Bestiary

Fish that leaps above the surface of the water.: Skipjack

A large gathering of scouts, Country Bear __.: Jamboree

__ biking started in the 1970s.: Mountain

Defensive walls in battlements.: Bulwarks

Australasian waterbird, also called Pukeko.: Swamphen

A permanent alteration that changes a DNA sequence.: Mutation

The first step in this is discontent.: Progress

__ Palsy, movement disorder.: Cerebral

Group 211

Puzzle 1 Answers

Protester for change.: Activist

Anne __, US actress, The Graduate.: Bancroft

The Serengeti cat is half Bengal, half __ Shorthair.: Oriental

__ worship, veneration of deceased relatives.: Ancestor

Protection against hackers.: Firewall

Classic “aerial” cocktail includes violette.: Aviation

Country in South Asia, capital is Islamabad.: Pakistan

Old man’s beard climber with colorful flowers.: Clematis

Backyard is a circus trade __.: Magazine

Who __ to you will chatter of you.: Chatters

A pentathlon is five __ athletic events.: Combined

Benefits Supervisor __, by Lucian Freud.: Sleeping

Safe place to be in case of a tornado.: Basement

Puzzle 2 Answers

Medicine that reduces pain and fever.: Aspirin

Coastal region, people or language of SE Africa.: Swahili

To provide money for something or someone.: Finance

Eager but worried about an event, item.: Anxious

Aladdin’s kingdom in the 1992 Disney film.: Agrabah

Post-transition metal similar to lead.: Bismuth

Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs, __Hopkins.: Anthony

Poultry item brushed onto a pastry before baking.: Eggwash

Board game and Shakespeare’s tragedy.: Othello

Relating to Greek or Roman antiques, art, writing.: Classic

Bassist, lead singer of face-painted band KISS.: Simmons

__ act is an aerial act with long cloths.: Hammock

Kids __ to be someone else.: Pretend

Largest living primate, eats mostly plants.: Gorilla

Puzzle 3 Answers

Someone who admires intensely and often blindly.: Idolater

The slope of a raised area of land.: Hillside

__ to his taste.: Everyone

One of the months of the calendar.: December

Illegal, felonious, illicit, lawless.: Criminal

Spanish principality, Oviedo is its capital.: Asturias

When chemicals transform from one set to another.: Reaction

Kim __, US actress, Nine 1/2 Weeks.: Basinger

Sunrise, dawn.: Cockcrow

Process involving lead started in 6500 BC Turkey.: Smelting

This sport combines basketball and soccer.: Handball

Sideboard cupboard found in dining room.: Credenza

US comic strip about a lasagna-loving feline.: Garfield

Important to Quranic teaching, Tunisian city.: Kairouan

Female counterpart to Egyptian sun god.: Raet tawy

Woody, aromatic evergreen shrub used as herb.: Rosemary

Puzzle 4 Answers

Hospital transportation.: Ambulance

Woodwind instrument invented in Belgium in 1840.: Saxophone

An herbivore dinosaur with a pointy thumb.: Iguanodon

Gluten free loaf made from other staple food.: Rice bread

Area centers around study of symbols.: Iconology

Simulated and colorful combat.: Paintball

Scientist concerned with turning metals to gold.: Alchemist

A UK bay is named after this Medieval folk hero.: Robin hood

Unifier of Bhutan as a nation-state.: Shabdrung

Relating to the lungs.: Pulmonary

WWI campaign in Turkey with Australian involvement.: Gallipoli

Study of Earth’s lands, people and phenomena.: Geography

Victuals, food.: Provender

John Cleland’s epistolary novel.: Fanny hill

Country in Central America, capital is San José.: Costarica

Puzzle 5 Answers

Need for Speed’s __ installment was released in 2013.: Twentieth

A heroscape is a turn-based __ war game system.: Miniature

Best-known novel written by Jack Kerouac.: On the road

Someone you compete against, enemy.: Adversary

Benito __, Italian ruler during WWII.: Mussolini

Independent worker, self-employed.: Freelance

Round baked good; accompanies a meal.: Bread roll

Austin Powers, Shrek, Wayne’s World.: Mike myers

Rock used to sharpen agricultural blades on.: Whetstone

Sri __ Sahib, Amritsar’s Golden Temple.: Harmandir

Group 212

Puzzle 1 Answers

Geographic area atop of the world.: Arctic

Euphrates’ holy city near ancient Babylon.: Hillah

Soris, founder of the 4th Ancient Egyptian Dynasty.: Snofru

To neglect or pay no attention to.: Ignore

Family originators of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.: Gracie

The __ Deception, doc criticized US military.: Panama

__ Huxley, English writer, Brave New World.: Aldous

Puckering in cloth.: Gather

This study takes closer look at bird eggs.: Oology

Everyday Italian bread translates to “line”.: Filone

Air __, oxygen-providing Australian musical duo.: Supply

Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer.: Ducati

Fly larva, white worm-like larva.: Maggot

Tree or insect that came in a plague.: Locust

Official currency of Gambia.: Dalasi

Puzzle 2 Answers

One who has acquired representation.: Agented

Place where a ship stops to load people or goods.: Landing

New York is located in North __.: America

Merchandise to be taken back to the store.: Returns

Someone who can read your mind.: Psychic

A series of continued actions or operations.: Process

Warren __, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.: Buffett

Warm moments associated with menopause.: Flashes

Yard-long double-edged sword from Eastern Africa.: Kaskara

Long-beaked bird with a large throat pouch.: Pelican

Male magic practitioner, wizard.: Warlock

Study of life.: Biology

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capital city of India.: New delhi

To quickly increase in size or intensity.: Snowball

Study of natural or biological character.: Ethology

Famous German fighter pilot called “Ace of Aces”.: Red baron

It can be one man’s trash.: Treasure

The __ Sea Raven is bright yellow with prickly fins.: Atlantic

Greek “squeaky” cheese, grilled or barbecued.: Halloumi

Hubert de __, French designer for Audrey Hepburn.: Givenchy

This angel can make your business dream come true.: Investor

An __ In Paris, won the Academy Awards in 1952.: American

__ driving is a major traffic violation in the US.: Reckless

Bridge designer or app creator.: Engineer

Georgian Orthodox holy city near capital.: Mtskheta

Andersen’s tale of dancing feet in bright footwear.: Red shoes

__ of May 1808, Goya’s war artwork.: The third

Agitated, distressed, perturbed.: Restless

Mouse Trap is a 3D __ board game for kids.: Building

Musical instrument often linked to Scotland.: Bagpipes

This belt moves luggage at an airport.: Conveyor

Puzzle 4 Answers

Athletic supporter.: Jockstrap

Cha ching, study of material wealth.: Economics

Liquorice-flavored “heavenly body” spice.: Star anise

Common US food, buttermilk and __.: Cornbread

By the very nature of the deed.: Ipso facto

Insect with beautiful wings.: Butterfly

Repeating vowels in poetry; like alliteration.: Assonance

Mountain range between China, India and Pakistan.: Karakoram

Keira __, actress of Pirates of the Caribbean.: Knightley

Investment firm specializing in managing risk.: Hedge fund

The Y and the S in YSL, French fashion designer.: Yves saint

Puzzle 5 Answers

Joseph __, English inventor of Portland cement.: Aspdin

Largest number formed by one syllable in English.: Twelve

Slang for red-headed person.: Ginger

Knowledgeable spider from African folktales.: Anansi

Typical bread from Lunigiana region in Italy.: Sgabeo

Taxi Driver’s character played by De Niro.: Bickle

Sudden mass arrival.: Influx

To actively not notice someone or something.: Ignore

Custom-makes, repairs and alters clothes.: Tailor

You put a ring on it.: Finger

Copenhagen’s pleasure gardens.: Tivoli

George __, was Superman on TV.: Reeves

To accumulate, collect, amass.: Garner

Eight-legged sea creatures.: Octopi

Spiked shoes used in soccer to avoid slipping.: Cleats

Former currency of Finland, replaced by the euro.: Markka

__ Dahl, drummer of Norwegian hard rock band TNT.: Diesel

Tall black formal accessory mostly worn by men.: Top hat

Cyst or tumor that is not harmful.: Benign

Crashing this car is the goal.: Bumper

Group 213

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ancient calculator with moving beads.: Abacus

Certainly, without a doubt, yes.: Surely

The __ Strikes Back, second Star Wars film.: Empire

Male swimsuit popular Europe, not so much in US.: Speedo

Battle of 1916 on the Meuse river.: Verdun

Part of olive tree given as peace offering.: Branch

One of the founders of modern political philosophy.: Hobbes

Portuguese archipelago in the North Atlantic.: Azores

Legendary creature, fire-spewing, with serpentine.: Dragon

Italian painter from 16th C, real name Tiziano.: Titian

Owner.: Master

Puzzle 2 Answers

Member of the 60s British rock band Cream: Eric __.: Clapton

__ Dance, Bruegel’s artwork of pastoral carousing.: Peasant

RPG is a Role __ Game.: Playing

With Jones made global non-stop balloon flight.: Piccard

Artist who parodied the Mona Lisa: Marcel __.: Duchamp

Shallow-rooted plants used in rockeries.: Alpines

Psionics relates to mental or __ powers.: Psychic

Hills with the TV zip code 90210.: Beverly

Thriller about a war veteran on a killing spree.: Targets

Men __, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones star.: In black

German layered pastry with sweet filling.: Strudel

Candy and treats on Halloween.: Goodies

French version of the Punch and Judy show.: Guignol

A near success is close but this.: No cigar

Puzzle 3 Answers

Amos __ , world-renown painter from the Bahamas.: Ferguson

Medicine that counteracts poisons.: Antidote

L’__ en Provence, cosmetics company.: Occitane

Candy-coated gum that resemble teeth.: Chiclets

Ancient mammoth.: Mastodon

Planets, asteroids, stars and comets live here.: Universe

The norm; average.: Standard

Sea of the __, off coast of western Scotland.: Hebrides

Gustavus __, king known as the Lion of the North.: Adolphus

Japanese motorcycle and jet ski brand.: Kawasaki

They could be called “the opposite of sisters”.: Brothers

__, reggae album by Bob Marley & The Wailers, 1979.: Survival

Table with days, weeks, months and year.: Calendar

Eyes __, Kubrick’s last motion picture.: Wide shut

Puzzle 4 Answers

Co-founded Apple with Wozniak and Wayne.: Steve jobs

Elder or senior priest in Catholicism.: Presbyter

Highest point of the Alps with a peak at 4,808m.: Mont blanc

Canadian film by Jean-Marc Vallé in 1995.: Blacklist

Crocodile’s cousin.: Alligator

Disgusting.: Repulsive

Calcium-rich feldspar mineral.: Bytownite

The month with the highest number of letters.: September

Anagram of arsenides.: Readiness

Hard natural ecosystem under the ocean.: Coral reef

US boxer who bit his opponent’s ear.: Mike tyson

Benito __, Italian fascist leader, 1922-1943.: Mussolini

Puzzle 5 Answers

First made in 1963 by rocket scientists in the US.: Astro pop

Coastal, on the shore of a lake.: Littoral

Whistleblower.: Informer

Trait of being obsessed with yourself.: Egomania

It is similar to a duck, but no duck at all.: Platypus

Say what your greatest __ is in a job interview.: Weakness

Fiction or drama with high degree of suspense.: Thriller

A baker’s dozen.: Thirteen

Substance or preparation used to treat a disease.: Medicine

Set __, stage scenery not used, more realistic.: Dressing

An artist whose canvas is a wall or a ceiling.: Muralist

Tractors powered by __ were created in 1892 Iowa.: Gasoline

Group 214

Puzzle 1 Answers

The second most populous continent.: Africa

The Pug is a small dog with a wrinkly, short __.: Muzzle

A concussion is an __ to the brain from a blow.: Injury

Shared name of six kings of Spain, Felipe.: Philip

Haulm __, agricultural machine that cuts potato stems.: Topper

A street musician who collects donations.: Busker

Indian monastery.: Ashram

Game played usually with raquets and a yellow ball.: Tennis

1960s science-themed children’s TV series on BBC.: Tomtom

Warning signal, usually elevated.: Beacon

Lapis __, deep blue stone found in NE Afghanistan.: Lazuli

Occurrences.: Events

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bar attached to two ropes used by acrobats.: Trapeze

Jackson __, US artist who painted The She-Wolf.: Pollock

Water zodiac sign coming after Libra.: Scorpio

Small, guitar-like instrument.: Ukulele

Fragrance, aroma, scent, spice.: Perfume

Fuel made from ethyl alcohol.: Ethanol

The lek is the official currency there since 1926.: Albania

The Doctor’s __, UK play by George Bernard Shaw.: Dilemma

The __ Movie, starring Snoopy.: Peanuts

Daughter of Necker and critic of Napoleon.: De stael

Room in house where best smells come from.: Kitchen

Puzzle 3 Answers

St Francis __, patron saint of animals.: Of assisi

Le __, Canadian newscast by Geneviève Asselin.: National

__ English, dialect of English spoken in the US.: American

Living species neither human nor domesticated.: Wildlife

Sholem __, Russian writer of Fiddler on the Roof.: Aleichem

Mountain chain that separates France and Spain.: Pyrenees

Cards Against __, US satirical non-PC party game.: Humanity

Popular singing competition with famous judges.: The voice

The Apple 1 __ was released in 1976.: Computer

One of the parts of the small intestine.: Duodenum

A person who works as a landscaper.: Gardener

Mincing, blending, grating; drilling.: Grinding

Activity requiring physical effort.: Exercise

It was nice doing __ with you.: Business

Puzzle 4 Answers

Antonym of knowledge, which is perhaps bliss.: Ignorance

Home to top British university, “Silicon Fen”.: Cambridge

Unplanned; a short piano piece.: Impromptu

Powerful lights attached to the front of a vehicle.: Headlamps

The study of stars and planets.: Astronomy

Richard the __, England’s brave king.: Lionheart

Arm of the Atlantic ocean, west of Greenland.: Baffin bay

Made from cacao beans, extremely delicious.: Chocolate

Longest-ruling female in Russia, __ the Great.: Catherine

__ Festival, famous Canadian theatrical gathering.: Stratford

In a boxing match, he usually coaches the fighter.: Cornerman

This animal can float when in water.: Porcupine

Condorman is a Disney __ comedy film.: Superhero

Puzzle 5 Answers

Shopping website and Brazilian river.: Amazon

Piece of cloth used as an emblem; online ad.: Banner

Old French for “angel”; it means “lamb” in English.: Agneau

Bright-colored flower from the sunflower tribe.: Zinnia

Eight notes, in music.: Octave

Byzantine with a dynasty created in his name.: Justin

Jhumpa __, wrote The Namesake.: Lahiri

__ oysters are sessile with very colorful mantles.: Thorny

Virtue is its own __.: Reward

A spiritual overseer.: Pastor

Group 215

Puzzle 1 Answers

Conical __ crab, also called Decorator crab.: Spider

Chinese portrait painter, __, born 1801.: Lamqua

Set of rules and principles that govern a sentence.: Syntax

To scribble or draw with no purpose on notebook.: Doodle

Prehistoric supercontinent.: Pangea

They are usually married to kings.: Queens

The most popular carrots used to be this color.: Purple

Wise centaur who trained Achilles; Kheiron.: Chiron

Salty, usually a solution for contacts.: Saline

__ City, 2010 FIFA World Cup Final; “The Calabash”.: Soccer

Halloween face paint, female fashion accessory.: Make up

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ oil, distillate of petroleum used in cosmetics.: Mineral

A humanoid robot, a mobile operating system.: Android

Cat __, UK 70’s singer today known as Yusuf Islam.: Stevens

Northern Russian sea near Kolguyev Island.: Pechora

Secret, occult, mysterious writing or language.: Cryptic

Animated caricature.: Cartoon

Coal __, nickname for German military helmets.: Scuttle

Morgan __, global financial services corporation.: Stanley

Expert ship builders between 8th C and 11th C.: Vikings

Green fruit with large pit, goes bad quickly.: Avocado

To have confidence in someone.: Believe

Mud __, off-road motor sport, mudding.: Bogging

Educator, mentor, coach.: Teacher

Computer key with a function.: Command

Pause in the middle of line of poetry.: Caesura

The study of past events.: History

Puzzle 3 Answers

Kia SUV model, name sounds a bit fit and athletic.: Sportage

The __ point of water is 0 degrees centigrade.: Freezing

Benevolence, the opposite of cruelty.: Kindness

Former spelling of the Chinese province of Sichuan.: Szechuan

Major Bible writer, “weeping” prophet.: Jeremiah

Times __, was default typeface of Microsoft Word.: New roman

Premier scuba diving locations in the Philippines.: Bohol sea

Defibrillation is an __ shock to the chest or heart.: Electric

__ Pie, 1999 US teen comedy film.: American

Revolution launched by Mao in China.: Cultural

Very light, sheer, gauze-like fabric.: Gossamer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Equine equivalent of a dalmatian.: Appaloosa

Techniques for advantage without striking in MMA.: Grappling

Type of headaches.: Migraines

Having the characteristics of an uncle.: Avuncular

Prima __, the main dancer of a company.: Ballerina

Mona Lisa Descending a __, 1992 Oscar winner.: Staircase

Field about action of force on bodies.: Mechanics

Widely and unfavorably known.: Notorious

Swiss supper, pancake or “shredded, fried crepe”.: Cholermus

Monosodium __, better known as MSG.: Glutamate

Rate of death.: Mortality

The twelve primary followers of Jesus.: Disciples

Puzzle 5 Answers

Florence art gallery housing Renaissance art.: Uffizi

To improve or change form or condition.: Reform

Prophetic software and technology corporation.: Oracle

Country famous for being romantic.: France

Glass actually comes in this form.: Liquid

This insect’s bite can lead to sleeping sickness.: Tsetse

A person who practices or studies legal matters.: Lawyer

Volvo engineer who devised the seat belt.: Bohlin

Official currency of Israel.: Shekel

A specialized agency of the United Nations.: Unesco

Also known as the cucurbit flute.: Hulusi

Group 216

Puzzle 1 Answers

Coral reefs that have formed around sunken islands.: Atolls

__ red, pH indicator in labs.: Phenol

A __ control tells the TV what to do.: Remote

Citroën car model named after a spiky plant.: Cactus

To go to an event, lecture, school.: Attend

Georges __, French painter, helped develop cubism.: Braque

Image file format to store digital images.: Bitmap

His father built the Labyrinth for King Minos.: Icarus

This animal’s foot will bring you good luck.: Rabbit

An astronomical body orbiting a star.: Planet

European country, capital is Sarajevo.: Bosnia

Fresh, unripened curd cheese used in desserts.: Chhena

Not a veteran.: Rookie

Craft of attaching objects using stitches.: Sewing

Chess piece representing a clergyman.: Bishop

Puzzle 2 Answers

The study of alien spacecraft and similar phenomena.: Ufology

In the blind one the one-eyed man reigns.: Kingdom

Ancient Arabic dish made of durum wheat.: Freekeh

Noel __, UK musician, bassist for Jimi Hendrix.: Redding

Characteristic for one who struts with confidence.: Swagger

The guard hairs of an animal’s fur.: Top coat

A usually tall cupboard or wardrobe.: Armoire

Kuril Islands’ sea, between Russia and Japan.: Okhotsk

__ Centenario, football world’s classic stadium.: Estadio

Therapeutic manipulation of muscles for pain.: Massage

Level of authority in a hierarchy; rank.: Echelon

Alice Through the __ Glass, novel by Lewis Carroll.: Looking

Heavy balls are rolled to knock down pins.: Bowling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Cheat in video games to make you invincible.: Godmode

In this film Dustin Hoffman’s character has autism.: Rain man

A reprimand, a rebuke.: Wigging

European food fish from the Cod family.: Whiting

Percy Shaw invented this illuminating road feature.: Catseye

Residence of King Louis XIV: __ de Versailles.: Chateau

Rope for raising and lowering things, on ships.: Halyard

James Bond villain; an inspiration for Dr. Evil.: Blofeld

__ and lime.: Tequila

Adjective that describes the Tower of Pisa.: Leaning

Czech tennis champion 1 Jana __.: Novotna

Arthur __, illustrator of Edwardian books.: Rackham

The proper place for a crooner to sing.: Cabaret

Scientist who works with reactive substances.: Chemist

By cutting his hair she made him effete.: Delilah

Plot giveaway.: Spoiler

Puzzle 4 Answers

Vessel powered by a furnace and water.: Steamship

Lady of Lorién.: Galadriel

Long-distance race that consists of three parts.: Triathlon

Ruled by vanity, only interested in oneself.: Egotistic

Leonard __, American conductor and composer.: Bernstein

Superior first-class cabin on board of a ship.: Stateroom

The Fabulous __, US film, Pfeiffer and the Bridges.: Baker boys

Man who revolutionized the US car industry.: Henry ford

Flight routes that cover the least distance.: Short haul

The __, crafty lady by Vermeer.: Lacemaker

Indonesian yellow cake made of tapioca flour.: Bika ambon

Ridiculous, absurd.: Ludicrous

An irrational fear of animals.: Zoophobia

Chinese gooseberry, green flesh, furry brown skin.: Kiwifruit

German lake, also known as the Bodensee.: Constance

Puzzle 5 Answers

A period or state of decline.: Ebbtide

Used for babies struggling with breast-feeding.: Formula

Common low back pain.: Lumbago

Small area or group enclosed in a bigger one.: Enclave

The __ Pimpernel, Reign of Terror novel by Orczy.: Scarlet

Secondary roads or streets.: Bylanes

A 1940 car in Cuba, also known as yank tank.: Machina

A person who teaches or coaches.: Trainer

Personal computer not designed to be moved often.: Desktop

It is the smallest country in the world.: Vatican

Art made of various materials glued on a surface.: Collage

Ninety percent of all extinct __ are birds.: Species

Group 217

Puzzle 1 Answers

Anagram of please.: Asleep

He shovels fuel into a furnace on a steam train.: Stoker

__ Aires, city of tango, Latin America’s Europe.: Buenos

A result of something else; cause and __.: Effect

To be able to do something without a problem.: Afford

When stomach acid moves into your chest.: Reflux

Penguin named after French explorer’s wife.: Adelie

The Great __, Italian movie, 2013 Oscar winner.: Beauty

Dipping dish, usually made of cheese or chocolate.: Fondue

How tall something or someone is.: Height

The barred __, central Atlantic fish with stripes.: Hamlet

Partial darkness due to obstruction of light.: Shadow

John __, UK writer and polemicist, Paradise Lost.: Milton

Small utensil often used for peeling fruit.: Zester

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ peppers usually have rice as a filling.: Stuffed

The Atriolum Robustum is found in __ waters.: Shallow

Member of the upper house of Congress.: Senator

One of two components of starch.: Amylose

Smallest Nordic country, capital is Copenhagen.: Denmark

Lenovo range of tablets designed for home users.: Ideapad

Olympic event includes BMX, road, track.: Cycling

Ancient Greek city, Temple of Artemis.: Ephesus

Men strain at gnats and __ camels.: Swallow

Tall African animal, has dark-colored tongue.: Giraffe

Another name for this language is Castilian.: Spanish

Medicine that provides immunity to a disease.: Vaccine

Libra is assigned to this month.: October

US community folk dancing; square or line.: Hoedown

Amateur singer sings along with recorded music.: Karaoke

An inlet is a narrow __ between islands.: Passage

Puzzle 3 Answers

Don’t make __ a mouse, or the cat will eat you.: Yourself

A hemorrhage is an __ loss of blood.: Abnormal

__ Belt, between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.: Asteroid

The banded __ is a venomous Pacific marine snake.: Sea krait

__ Glory from Lilliput, Gulliver’s Travels novel.: Princess

The southernmost of Rome’s seven hills.: Aventine

Use this to never forget a birthday or a holiday.: Calendar

Yogurt with no whey, passed through filter.: Strained

Wide tubes of pasta.: Rigatoni

Zimmerman is this talented songwriter’s surname.: Bob dylan

Name given to 13 popes, meaning harmless and pure.: Innocent

Boy who can fly and never grows up.: Peter pan

Trifling, unimportant.: Footling

Area where news is written in a newspaper office.: Newsroom

Type of sky that is all gray.: Overcast

The Howards of __, US film with Cary Grant.: Virginia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Someone who makes or repairs footware.: Shoemaker

Not cell phones.: Landlines

Sport played on broomsticks in Harry Potter.: Quidditch

Pass-allowing train to travel around Europe.: Interrail

Estadio Olímpico __, Ecuador’s main stadium.: Atahualpa

Imaginary faraway place; Michael Jackson’s home.: Neverland

Unbearably tedious.: Ad nauseam

The scientific study of snakes.: Ophiology

Mellow-flavored soft cheese from Italy.: Provolone

Eleanor of ___, married to Henry II.: Aquitaine

To search about, ferret out; to rummage.: Fossicker

The Black Jack is a large __ tropical fish.: Predatory

Puzzle 5 Answers

George __, author of the classic 1984.: Orwell

Overjoyed, mega-happy.: Elated

Geri Halliwell, aka __ Spice.: Ginger

__ Sour, citric cocktail with melon liqueur.: Midori

__land Paris, Walt’s theme park in Europe.: Disney

African nature excursion.: Safari

US sprinter Flo-Jo’s married surname.: Joyner

Thank God It’s __, 1978 disco musical.: Friday

Main tributary of the Ob River in Russia.: Irtysh

Thin, brief and short, describes saucy clothing.: Skimpy

Wild and noisy Irish party; also “blowing a __”.: Hooley

Microblogging site; sounds like a drinking glass.: Tumblr

The Adams __, NES video game released 1992.: Family

__ Mussorgsky, humble Russian composer.: Modest

Group 218

Puzzle 1 Answers

Japanese __ crab, largest leg span of arthropods.: Spider

One that grinds grain into flour.: Miller

A book of first letters.: Primer

Thor’s weapon of choice.: Hammer

US famous and controversial low-carb diet.: Atkins

The Lord of the Rings: The __ of the King.: Return

Place where art or historical items are displayed.: Museum

Gustav __, Austrian composer of Romantic pieces.: Mahler

Silly talk, nonsensical.: Drivel

Amount of an item a business has on hand.: Supply

North French region, capital is Orléans.: Loiret

Work stoppage by a body of workers.: Strike

Hindu scholar; respected for his wisdom.: Pandit

Time frame after the Post-classical history period.: Modern

Puzzle 2 Answers

Organ that fills with waste fluid.: Bladder

Carbon __ is what we breathe out.: Dioxide

A green fruit used to make guacamole.: Avocado

Tom Hanks’ co-star, US film “You’ve got mail”.: Meg ryan

Secret scheme.: Stealth

Fictitious giant animal or plant, good or evil.: Monster

Diminishing __, profits don’t match effort.: Returns

Medical condition seen by the excess of body fat.: Obesity

Estadio __, soccer stadium in Mexico.: Morelos

The legislative capital of Georgia.: Kutaisi

Land by the waters, visited by daytrippers.: Seaside

Colorful, natural formation in the sky.: Rainbow

To have power over.: Control

US cartoon about an old man with big glasses.: Mr magoo

A bad __ never had a good sickle.: Shearer

Robert __, professor in Symbology in literature.: Langdon

Articles made of earthenware or baked clay.: Pottery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Life is just a bowl of __.: Cherries

Victorian writer and lord, In Memoriam.: Tennyson

Small nation state in Europe, capital Ljubljana.: Slovenia

Aion, Greek god of __; foreverness.: Eternity

Part of ethics dealing with pleasure.: Hedonics

Walking supports.: Crutches

Opposite of negative.: Positive

Satoshi __, bitcoin designer, real identity unknown.: Nakamoto

Purple-colored gem; February birthstone.: Amethyst

Hard candy or water-ice mounted on a stick.: Lollipop

Lustrous transition metal resistant to corrosion.: Titanium

Body’s frame.: Skeleton

Roller coaster, also known as Tsunami.: Thriller

Puzzle 4 Answers

Saint Thérèse __, the “Little Flower of Jesus”.: Of lisieux

Not a planet; political economy, study of wealth.: Plutology

Women want to have them very long.: Eyelashes

Cabinet-maker renowned for his chairs.: Hitchcock

Power.: Knowledge

The capital of Palau.: Ngerulmud

Became president of China in 2013.: Xi jinping

The __, UK murder mystery play by Agatha Christie.: Mousetrap

Submissive, obliging.: Compliant

Soft, moist calcite originally found in Poland.: Lublinite

It can’t stick its tongue out.: Crocodile

Estadio __, largest Central American stadium.: Cuscatlan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Decongestants shrink __ membranes in noses.: Swollen

Wreath that is worn or hung decoratively.: Garland

To draw in by appealing to the senses, emotions.: Attract

The Boxer breed comes from __ in Europe.: Germany

2013 outer space US film starring Sandra Bullock.: Gravity

Sort of Italian creamy rice dish.: Risotto

Army rank below a brigadier general in British Army.: Colonel

A vent in a volcano, narrow fissure in two rocks.: Chimney

She’s been called a material girl.: Madonna

Son of Aegeus, slayer of the Minotaur.: Theseus

__ gas, chemical agent used in the WWI trenches.: Mustard

Group 219

Puzzle 1 Answers

Bernardus __ was a Dutch historical painter.: Accama

Beer to which lemonade is added.: Shandy

Keeper of a British royal park or forest.: Ranger

Machu __, famous ancient Incan city built on stone.: Picchu

The Komodo __ is the largest lizard in the world.: Dragon

A female sibling.: Sister

One who tends cattle or horses.: Cowboy

Chemical components that contain oxygen.: Oxides

French film festival gives away Golden Palms.: Cannes

Bets.: Wagers

__ Pirlo, Italian midfielder with great vision.: Andrea

William __, aviation mogul, company has his name.: Boeing

Tradesperson who fuses metals using a torch.: Welder

Christmas song, __ Night.: Silent

Puzzle 2 Answers

The __ Spider Man, US comic book by Stan Lee.: Amazing

Country in Europe, Helsinki is the capital.: Finland

Different or distinct from the one first considered.: Another

Thin Italian flatbread made with lard.: Piadina

Difference between debits and credits in accounts.: Balance

Patron of Wales whose feast day is March 1st.: St david

It can result in redness and blisters on skin.: Sunburn

To place things in a desired order.: Arrange

The origin or coming into being of something.: Genesis

Elves are said to have __ powers.: Magical

The opposite of sister.: Brother

Natural occurence, results in melted rock.: Volcano

To make a change in the direction of light.: Refract

Puzzle 3 Answers

Stirrer of political ideas or liquids.: Agitator

Launched.: Released

Male horse that has not been gelded.: Stallion

Scottish catholic missionary of the Pictich peoples.: St ninian

Machine that is able to fly.: Aircraft

__ item, annoying detail prevents job completion.: Snagging

One who does not believe nor disbelieve in a God.: Agnostic

2016 Canadian-Spanish science fiction black comedy.: Colossal

Brass instrument with long slide.: Trombone

Healthcare institution where patients are treated.: Hospital

Height above sea level.: Altitude

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rough surface for driving or ice cream.: Rocky road

Areas of trees growing in brackish waters.: Mangroves

Nationality of the fashion model Gisele Bündchen.: Brazilian

Operation __, first submerged circumnavigation.: Sandblast

The movie Fantasia is set to pieces of __ music.: Classical

Science about improving living conditions.: Euthenics

Christina played Kelly in Married… with Children.: Applegate

Cheery US sitcom with the Fonz.: Happy days

Type of country dance done in a sequence.: Line dance

Canine who works with the constabulary.: Police dog

Shooting opponents with balls filled with paint.: Paintball

British supermodel nicknamed “The Shrimp”: Jean __.: Shrimpton

The process of breaking down food in the body.: Digestion

Original copy of a product.: Prototype

Style of songs that started in the US in the 1940s.: Rock music

They that sow the wind, shall reap the __.: Whirlwind

Device for measuring amount of precipitation.: Rain gauge

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pete’s __, 1977 Disney film, remade in 2016.: Dragon

Gorge and river in south-eastern France.: Verdon

Digital representation.: Avatar

Stadium officially known as Stadion Feijenoord.: De kuip

A stoat during winter.: Ermine

Former currency of Portugal.: Escudo

__ Washington was the first US president.: George

Positive or optimistic.: Upbeat

Small eggs in flowers.: Ovules

Long form of can’t.: Cannot

Urban __, macabre folklore, part of pop culture.: Legend

__ pie: extra jobs done for extra pay in circus.: Cherry

Hugely popular dairy product, many varieties.: Cheese

Group 220

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ & blues has its origins in blues and jazz.: Rhythm

Human tailbone.: Coccyx

Tropical fruits with pink flesh and green outer.: Guavas

Seal __, known for attacks by great white sharks.: Island

The consequence of an action; outcome.: Result

French city, sounds like a Greek mythical city.: Troyes

__ the Great, King of Wessex from 871 to 899.: Alfred

Phobos and __ are the moons of Mars.: Deimos

In tales, they live in lamps and grant wishes.: Genies

Academic document granted by university.: Degree

Shin __, protections for lower leg in soccer.: Guards

Prairie wolf; golden jackal.: Coyote

Treated honestly, impartially.: Fairly

Companion to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.: Watson

Puzzle 2 Answers

Long, flat bone in middle of chest, breastbone.: Sternum

Sale where items are sold to highest bidder.: Auction

Another name for aardvark.: Antbear

Infection caused bacterium Bacillus anthracis.: Anthrax

__ for a Dream, 2000 US psychological drama.: Requiem

Appliance used to cut and mix food.: Blender

Italy’s eastern neighbor.: Croatia

Fine, crisp, luxurious silky fabric for dresses.: Taffeta

Before now.: Earlier

Large white fruit, green or brown on the outside.: Coconut

Where nuns, monks or friars live.: Convent

Illness with specific signs, symptoms, diagnosis.: Disease

Puzzle 3 Answers

Biogenic gemstone from the US Rocky Mountains.: Ammolite

Charitable, giving.: Generous

Al Pacino’s movie, means “Cara Cortada” in Spanish.: Scarface

Where arm and torso meet, joint.: Shoulder

Criminal, racketeer.: Gangster

Cosmos.: Universe

Brazilian form of martial art, won first UFC.: Jiu jitsu

Music produced without electric amplification.: Acoustic

Knowledge in conducting military operations.: Warcraft

__ island, French dessert, on crème anglaise.: Floating

__ Husky dog, thick fur, light eyes, cold climates.: Siberian

__, legendary martial artist, actor and director.: Bruce lee

East of Spain; Iberian Sea.: Balearic

Red-like color in Spanish; a US river.: Colorado

Puzzle 4 Answers

The study of bones.: Osteology

Patron of lost belongings and possessions.: St anthony

Thistle-like vegetable with leaves and a heart.: Artichoke

India’s film industry.: Bollywood

One who examines to ensure standards; police rank.: Inspector

Gentleman’s __, not enforceable by law.: Agreement

French writer and famous practitioner of naturalism.: Emile zola

Meeting, reunion.: Gathering

Typographic recourse to emphasize a word or phrase.: Underline

Based on the number twenty.: Vigesimal

To detail carefully.: Elaborate

Pointy nose mammal with armor shell.: Armadillo

Korean martial art developed in the 1940s.: Taekwondo

Puzzle 5 Answers

They go camping, learn skills, even sell cookies.: Scouts

German officer known as the Desert Fox in WWII.: Rommel

First computer __ game was created in 1971.: Arcade

Honorary title conferred upon mounted warriors.: Knight

Roman god of light, music, healing, poetry.: Apollo

Laurence __, UK writer and dramatist.: Binyon

Physician.: Doctor

This piece can move diagonally in chess.: Bishop

The capital of Lesotho.: Maseru

Preserved objects of religious significance.: Relics

Panda’s food staple; eco-friendly flooring.: Bamboo

Pluricentric language spoken in West Africa.: Yoruba

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