CodyCross Airport Answers

Airport Answers

Group 441

Puzzle 1 Answers

Wearing black clothes has this effect.: Slimming

People held hostage.: Captives

Unfairly, not in a morally right way.: Unjustly

Battle of 1642, the first of the English Civil War.: Edgehill

Revealed information, disclosed.: Divulged

Eating lightly.: Snacking

Unnerves, bothers.: Agitates

Main body section of an aeroplane.: Fuselage

Changing; anagram of triangle.: Altering

Prime number, the sum of two squares, 16 + 25.: Forty one

Losing density.: Thinning

Largest of the US Great Lakes.: Superior

Puzzle 2 Answers

Trademark for a non-stick plastic used in cookware.: Teflon

Floral glazed cottons used disparagingly in homes.: Chintz

Outdoor area, with plants, belonging to a house.: Garden

Seashell where you might find a pearl.: Oyster

Series of 8 notes in the interval between 2 notes.: Octave

For luck, avoid stepping on these small crevices.: Cracks

An involuntary response to a stimulus.: Reflex

London street on which the art deco Savoy is found.: Strand

Deep holes or cracks in the Earth.: Chasms

Largest country in area in the Northern hemisphere.: Russia

Puzzle 3 Answers

“Live long and __” said Mr Spock.: Prosper

Small waves that appear on the surface of water.: Ripples

Hunt around in an unstructured way.: Rummage

Turned away, rejected by a lover.: Spurned

Flowering herbaceous plant with lemon flavour.: Verbena

Make someone less angry.: Placate

Letters or postage sent by plane.: Airmail

Small case for face powder.: Compact

Sing-along entertainment created in Japan.: Karaoke

Tall waxy pillars create a festive glow.: Candles

Receptacles made from wicker, e.g. for logs.: Baskets

Puzzle 4 Answers

Forty-one twice.: Eighty two

Worshippers, believers or followers of a religion.: Adherents

Fight for Your Mind and The Will to Live artist.: Ben harper

State of the economy exhibiting a rise in prices.: Inflation

Battles with.: Struggles

Young female troop member who might sell cookies.: Girl scout

Progeny, children, kids.: Offspring

Designated landing areas for planes.: Airstrips

Unofficial game of 5-on-5 basketball.: Scrimmage

Site of the final battle of the Hundred Years’ War.: Castillon

Syndrome where the kidnapped trusts the kidnapper.: Stockholm

Director of the movies Psycho and The Birds.: Hitchcock

Anarchic animation with Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan.: South park

A primer; used before the final painting.: Undercoat

Puzzle 5 Answers

Involuntary reactions to stimuli.: Reflexes

Collections of dwellings in the countryside.: Villages

Cutting hair with a machine.: Clipping

At this precise moment.: Right now

Action of sticking to a surface.: Adhesion

Specialist in the scientific study of plants.: Botanist

Support at the top of a seat, for the noggin.: Headrest

Contribution or gift, sometimes even burnt.: Offering

Pours downwards rapidly.: Cascades

Withdraw a claim, concede an argument.: Back down

Group 442

Puzzle 1 Answers

Fall over and over, like in gymnastics.: Tumble

__ in Pink, Brat Pack film directed by John Hughes.: Pretty

Carriage __, mechanism on a typewriter.: Return

Stopped the car.: Braked

Famous American blonde hotel heiress, Paris ___.: Hilton

Don’t walk under this climbing apparatus, for luck.: Ladder

Swiss international diplomatic meetings city.: Geneva

Still, not moving.: Static

Sound of excitement.: Squeal

Human bone often called the tailbone.: Coccyx

A pursuer, a predator.: Hunter

Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen were from here.: Verona

Spanish city with Real and Atletico football clubs.: Madrid

Puzzle 2 Answers

Iraq’s capital.: Baghdad

Smoke and __, a distraction technique or cover-up.: Mirrors

Fire-breathing, mythical beasts.: Dragons

Dark leafy green veggie; makes Popeye strong.: Spinach

Classifying waste into paper, glass, plastic, etc.: Sorting

Puzzling or enigmatic, e.g. crossword clues.: Cryptic

Art made from scratched metal.: Etching

With a leg on each side of a horse.: Astride

An expert who works in a lab.: Chemist

__ violet, potted plant also called Saintpaulia.: African

Money paid as recompense in legal cases.: Damages

__ blues, music genre from Illinois major city.: Chicago

Kate __, Titanic and The Reader actress.: Winslet

Distributing playing cards.: Dealing

One who tells fortunes by studying hands.: Palmist

Puzzle 3 Answers

Inexpensive, like earth.: Dirt cheap

Venetian canal boat operator.: Gondolier

Stomping off in an exaggerated or angry manner.: Flouncing

UFO __; reports of spaceships being spotted.: Sightings

Soft cover book, not hard cover.: Paperback

An expert in the human body; a dissector.: Anatomist

__ Prefer Blondes, a 1953 Monroe–Russell movie.: Gentlemen

Pick up burgers here without leaving a car.: Drive thru

Flat case for carrying artwork.: Portfolio

Michael Jackson has a star on the __ Walk of Fame.: Hollywood

Inspiration, guidance, impact.: Influence

This country has the Internet domain .SM.: San marino

Puzzle 4 Answers

Penalty __; decider when a soccer game is tied.: Shoot out

Constrain someone or something.: Restrict

Carves letters into.: Engraves

Animal whose diet includes both animals and plants.: Omnivore

“Familiarity breeds __”.: Contempt

Another word for a rhytidectomy.: Facelift

Left-handed.: Southpaw

Concrete pole in the street illuminated on top.: Lamppost

Meeting a watery grave.: Drowning

“__ when you’re not strong & I’ll be your friend”.: Lean on me

Ocean where the island of Ilha Grande is located.: Atlantic

They separate seats on a plane.: Armrests

Puzzle 5 Answers

Planned, strategic, calculated, of military moves.: Tactical

Whine, moan.: Complain

Worthy of being copied or aped.: Imitable

“__ at the bit” means impatient and raring to go.: Chomping

Hunger Games actress Jennifer __.: Lawrence

Lose.: Misplace

People capable of front crawl, breaststroke etc.: Swimmers

Flattened or crushed.: Squashed

Capital of Sierra Leone.: Freetown

Group 443

Puzzle 1 Answers

Long boots for fishing.: Waders

Akashi-__, longest suspension bridge in the world.: Kaikyo

Disappear as in a magic trick.: Vanish

A business’ consumer.: Client

Evening meal.: Dinner

Lions, and __, and bears. Oh, my!.: Tigers

A round shape.: Circle

Despot.: Tyrant

A cockatoo is this type of bird.: Parrot

Wooden storage boxes repurposed as furniture.: Crates

Puzzle 2 Answers

Irritable and bad-tempered.: Fractious

Speaking from the pulpit.: Preaching

The study of planets and other objects in space.: Astronomy

__ dog; one way to survive a hangover.: Hair of the

Prize given for excellence in Broadway theatre.: Tony award

An Italian cheese; anagram of “poor novel”.: Provolone

Term for a plant that lives more than two years.: Perennial

Group of musicians with metal instruments.: Brass band

Bit by bit.: Gradually

Very strong bonding liquid.: Super glue

Puzzle 3 Answers

One-handed sweeping basketball play.: Hook shot

Damsel in __, a cue for a hero to arrive.: Distress

Inputs the wrong number on a phone.: Misdials

Morris __; Russian inventor of the teddy bear.: Mitchtom

Cut of meat, sock puppet with TV show.: Lamb chop

Scavenger birds of prey.: Vultures

Heavy rainfall.: Downpour

Game of deducing the identities of people.: Guess who

Human gland that secretes insulin.: Pancreas

Extended journey in a motor vehicle.: Road trip

Pipe fitters or fixers.: Plumbers

Declared in law unable to pay outstanding debts.: Bankrupt

One half, one third, one quarter are all examples.: Fraction

Bearded, trendy folk.: Hipsters

World’s most widely used man-made material.: Concrete

Puzzle 4 Answers

Worked dough with hands.: Kneaded

Remuneration.: Payment

The carrying of goods from one place to another.: Transit

Without a break, incessant.: Non stop

Like rubbing a lamp, power to make dreams true.: Wishing

Government document allowing one to drive.: License

2014 FIFA World Cup winner.: Germany

Cut angles into a gemstone.: Faceted

Overlaying a new soundtrack to a movie.: Dubbing

Ranchers.: Cowboys

Hanoi is this country’s capital.: Vietnam

Puzzle 5 Answers

Flying toy discs.: Frisbees

Areas of thick skin on the hands from hard work.: Calluses

Area along the seashore, with crashing waves.: Surfside

An animal that stalks and kills other animals.: Predator

Approves, endorses.: Confirms

A dividing line.: Boundary

Left a job.: Resigned

Distorted representation of something.: Travesty

Elimination tournament at end of NBA season.: Playoffs

Most quick-witted tool in the box.: Sharpest

Makes ahead of time.: Prepares

Group 444

Puzzle 1 Answers

Homo sapiens.: Humans

Vestments worn by nuns.: Habits

Language where “mazel tov” means congratulations.: Hebrew

Fish sign of the zodiac.: Pisces

Himalayan person who guides climbers on Everest.: Sherpa

__ famine, Irish disaster of the 1840s.: Potato

Palm tree fibre used to weave mats and baskets.: Raffia

Walking aid to those with a limp.: Crutch

Country bordering Guatemala on the north.: Mexico

Inflated cushion invented for car safety.: Airbag

Song by Duran Duran: __ Like the Wolf.: Hungry

Hot and humid; passionate and attractive.: Sultry

Feel-good TV show with a hero rough collie star.: Lassie

Self-service dining option.: Buffet

People who make bread.: Bakers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Shocking; anagram of marginal.: Alarming

Leaving empty.: Vacating

__ Games, competition for injured ex-servicemen.: Invictus

Legendary king of Ithaca whom Homer wrote about.: Odysseus

Blessing in __: misfortune leads to good fortune.: Disguise

Study and treatment of tumors.: Oncology

The action of setting something on fire.: Ignition

Slap palms with another in celebration.: High five

On a long run you might stop to have one of these.: Breather

Five-armed sea creature.: Starfish

Personal set of clothes or furniture it’s kept in.: Wardrobe

Puzzle 3 Answers

Logical, well-reasoned.: Rational

Art templates with cut-out designs.: Stencils

Cowboy movies.: Westerns

Negligent.: Careless

Beginning of a symphony.: Overture

Freedom to travel, expanse of tarmac ahead.: Open road

Sign of the zodiac comes first alphabetically.: Aquarius

Suffered a technical malfunction.: Glitched

Ran rapidly.: Sprinted

Colourless alkaloid, active constituent of tobacco.: Nicotine

Throat tissues, can be removed with tonsils.: Adenoids

Chilling, putting one’s feet up.: Relaxing

Removing covering from peas.: Shelling

Sudden, unexpected good fortune.: Windfall

Avalanche of wet earth.: Mudslide

Slot __ are found in a casino.: Machines

Promising solemnly.: Pledging

Anagram of “the plane”; another word for pachyderm.: Elephant

Those holding unorthodox or sacrilegious views.: Heretics

Puzzle 4 Answers

Circling indentations on LPs.: Grooves

An act of moving slowly or heavily.: Trundle

Small Greek cafe or restaurant.: Taverna

A corridor in a building.: Hallway

Utter nonsense, or a pig taking a bath.: Hogwash

Moved away from the path.: Strayed

Elephant relative, wooly __.: Mammoth

Leader of the ship.: Captain

Marriage, matrimony.: Wedlock

The Ottomans replaced these in Asia Minor.: Seljuks

The second of Prince Harry’s four names.: Charles

Heavy objects lifted for muscle-building.: Weights

Puzzle 5 Answers

Vagueness, indistinctness, confusion.: Ambiguity

Naughtily enter the frame when the shutter clicks.: Photobomb

German city home to the European Central Bank.: Frankfurt

Original arcade Luigi game before it became super.: Mario bros

Ill, and confined to a sleeping place.: Bedridden

Some say it’s the sincerest form of flattery.: Imitation

Two __ of Verona, by Shakespeare.: Gentlemen

Steel __; 1989 comedy drama film with Sally Field.: Magnolias

Undergarments worn to give a smooth appearance.: Shapewear

Hired killers of important people.: Assassins

Mammal with a pouch.: Marsupial

He was pursued relentlessly by Elmer Fudd.: Bugs bunny

Group 445

Puzzle 1 Answers

Title of popular French-Canadian song about a lark.: Alouette

Ladies’ undergarments, often fancy and lacy.: Lingerie

Frank __, Jr; con man played by DiCaprio in 2002.: Abagnale

He won the 2018 men’s title at Wimbledon: Novak __.: Djokovic

Significant others.: Partners

Shook with fear.: Trembled

China’s biggest city.: Shanghai

Branch of biology cocnerning the function of cells.: Cytology

Fell apart like a dry cake.: Crumbled

Ascending a staircase.: Climbing

Buzz Lightyear’s famous phrase, To ___ and beyond!.: Infinity

Puzzle 2 Answers

Uniform worn by nurses in a hospital.: Scrubs

Often heard apology for swearing: “Pardon my __”.: French

An unimportant, unknown person, not a celebrity.: Nobody

Big tennis or golf tournament in North America.: Us open

St Francis of __, man who founded the Franciscans.: Assisi

__ beetles were sacred to ancient Egyptians.: Scarab

__-Elysees, famous tree-lined Parisian avenue.: Champs

Offer an explanation of.: Define

Scamper like a mouse.: Scurry

__ dipping, open-air bathing in the nude.: Skinny

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shortcut to make daily existence much easier.: Lifehack

Envious Queen song.: Jealousy

Laughing like a witch.: Cackling

Not looking forward to at all, scared of doing it.: Dreading

The __ Zone, TV sci-fi with a twist in the tail.: Twilight

Waste recklessly.: Squander

Debtor agreement on a house.: Mortgage

Moistened disposable towels for personal hygiene.: Wet wipes

They appear in snow, quartz and sugar.: Crystals

Official orders.: Mandates

Knife with a bumpy blade edge.: Serrated

Describes the horseman in Sleepy Hollow.: Headless

Musical shows.: Concerts

Jack __; psychotic hotel caretaker in The Shining.: Torrance

Puzzle 4 Answers

Replenishes battery life.: Charges

Song by the band U2: Where the __ Have No Name.: Streets

Finality, wrapping up loose ends.: Closure

Butterflies, beetles and flies are these.: Insects

Famous street in New Orleans.: Bourbon

Force by which the Earth keeps us grounded.: Gravity

A king or a queen.: Monarch

Garments.: Clothes

Gym worker.: Trainer

One-night stay between flights.: Lay over

Played a joke on.: Pranked

Favourite place for kids to buy playthings.: Toy shop

Puzzle 5 Answers

2006 Guillermo del Toro film: Pan’s __.: Labyrinth

Wireless technology that connects phone to watch.: Bluetooth

Final chuckle.: Last laugh

Replacement head covering like a wig or toupee.: Hairpiece

Medieval singers or musicians.: Minstrels

Final conclusive maneuver in chess.: Checkmate

Public transport worker.: Bus driver

New __, name given to New York by Dutch colonists.: Amsterdam

A widespread feeling of upset.: Shock wave

All-__; hotel, with meals as part of the package.: Inclusive

Mountains covering 75% of Nepal.: Himalayas

Lax in morals, self-indulgent.: Dissolute

Identity booklets for tourists.: Passports

Group 446

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mistakes, inaccuracies.: Errors

Divided into two, equally.: Halved

Said yes; was of the same mind.: Agreed

Mediterranean island invaded by Turkey in 1974.: Cyprus

Tiny rodent kept as a pet.: Gerbil

Fashionable garments to prevent cooking stains.: Aprons

In advance of, prior to an event.: Before

Player competing in his inaugural NBA season.: Rookie

Excessive admiration of one’s own appearance.: Vanity

Wile E. Coyote chased the Road __.: Runner

Brothers who invented planes.: Wright

Puzzle 2 Answers

For every action there is an equal and opposite __.: Reaction

Tiredness, lack of energy, fatigue.: Lethargy

Lasting for a very short time.: Fleeting

Treasured, priceless, valued and loved.: Precious

Our galaxy.: Milky way

Destiny’s Child member with Rowland and Knowles.: Williams

A piece of paper money.: Bank note

Demeans, cheapens.: Degrades

Belgium’s capital.: Brussels

Elephant-like sea mammals with tusks and flippers.: Walruses

Food traditionally eaten to observe Shrove Tuesday.: Pancakes

Puzzle 3 Answers

Windmill-like structure that generates electricity.: Turbine

Home city for the Maple Leafs hockey team.: Toronto

Santana’s 1970 album featuring “Oye Como Va”.: Abraxas

US whiskey made with corn.: Bourbon

England’s largest castle.: Windsor

Natives of Aleppo or Damascus, for example.: Syrians

Type of cuisine that often uses water chestnuts.: Chinese

Memorable phrases, used in advertising.: Slogans

Water bird, big beak, e.g. Nigel in Finding Nemo.: Pelican

Month when Three Kings Day is celebrated.: January

At last, ultimately, in the end.: Finally

Made a nuisance of oneself online.: Trolled

Puzzle 4 Answers

Greek coins until the euro was adopted.: Drachmas

Shoreline watery environment for crabs.: Rock pool

Indian Ocean island republic popular with tourists.: Maldives

sorrowful for one’s sins.: Contrite

the shortest of all jokes.: Oneliner

The abundant gas in Saturn’s atmosphere.: Hydrogen

Netflix series about British royals.: The crown

Fear and Loathing in __, Hunter S. Thompson tale.: Las vegas

In the manner of a female sibling.: Sisterly

Four-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle with handlebars.: Quad bike

Place where animated comic characters live.: Toontown

__ Rhapsody, Queen’s biggest hit and movie.: Bohemian

US motorways without tolls.: Freeways

Puzzle 5 Answers

Illumination at the front of a car.: Headlight

Doorway, entrance.: Threshold

Gaze of the populous.: Public eye

People who live on land masses surrounded by water.: Islanders

Insect pupa, especially of butterflies.: Chrysalis

Makeup for children at parties.: Facepaint

Diseases that spread far and wide.: Pandemics

Novel by Jane Austen: __ Park.: Mansfield

Facade, guise, pretense.: Semblance

Charm and beguile someone, enthrall them.: Captivate

Swimming-pool employee who saves drowning folk.: Lifeguard

False or artificial.: Synthetic

Strip around the top of trousers or a skirt.: Waistband

Group 447

Puzzle 1 Answers

Killing of a king.: Regicide

“__ like flies”, dying/being taken ill in numbers.: Dropping

Cons, anagram of windless.: Swindles

More familiar name for the trachea.: Windpipe

Intellectual, scholarly.: High brow

Broken or ruptured.: Breached

Italian region of Monza, Bergamo and Milan.: Lombardy

Religious places of worship for Christians.: Churches

Surprise, amaze.: Astonish

Making angry, provoking fury.: Enraging

Coffee made without hot water.: Cold brew

Puzzle 2 Answers

Varnish, gloss, glaze.: Lacquer

Thick soup/stew with corn, or prawn or clams.: Chowder

January in French.: Janvier

Peter Piper picked a peck of __ peppers.: Pickled

The state of being overweight.: Obesity

Hopelessness.: Despair

Berry-type fruit of a popular flower used in tea.: Rosehip

A small piece or fragment.: Snippet

Praise, lift high.: Glorify

He played James Bond in the film “Dr. No”: Sean __.: Connery

Singing on the streets for money.: Busking

Puzzle 3 Answers

Provide money by raising it through many people.: Crowdfund

Wanted, needed, something attractive and enviable.: Desirable

They built pyramids in Africa.: Egyptians

Eight squared.: Sixty four

Assembling information.: Compiling

Poke one’s nose in where it isn’t wanted.: Interfere

Furniture for playing bridge on.: Card table

Condition that makes people unable to see.: Blindness

Lawyer’s statement in court when they don’t agree.: Objection

Pomegranate syrup.: Grenadine

Fleet of cars for a president or dignitary.: Motorcade

Puzzle 4 Answers

Mischievous imp-like creature.: Goblin

Electronic novels.: Ebooks

Period when Mycenaean culture flourished: __ Age.: Bronze

__ Watchers, meetings and points help slim down.: Weight

British hard rock and heavy metal band: Deep __.: Purple

Motto, or advertising phrase.: Slogan

Craft of making T-shirts with string and colouring.: Tie dye

Usual, recurring, everyday.: Common

A dozen.: Twelve

Began a new day, the sunrise came.: Dawned

Positive and upbeat.: Cheery

Separate article or stipulation in a contract.: Clause

Puzzle 5 Answers

Misconstrued evil intent: “A wolf in sheep’s__”.: Clothing

Seeks, tries to find.: Searches

Where VIPs sit at Wimbledon.: Royal box

Deep open crack, like in a glacier.: Crevasse

Ralph Breaks the __, Wreck-It Ralph’s sequel.: Internet

Ten to the 12th power; 1 with 12 zeroes.: Trillion

Person who campaigns to bring about social change.: Activist

Of the Christian holy book.: Biblical

Mirage, hallucination.: Illusion

The length between two points.: Distance

Group 448

Puzzle 1 Answers

No longer useful.: Obsolete

Moved faster than a competitor.: Outpaced

Murderer of an important person.: Assassin

Graphical portrayal of statistical slices.: Pie chart

In-depth study or examination of research.: Analysis

Edie __, 60s actress-model, muse of Andy Warhol.: Sedgwick

Columbus voyage funders; monarchs Ferdinand and __.: Isabella

Strong Italian coffee in a small cup.: Espresso

Big, colorful ring for exercise and fun.: Hula hoop

Greek island, film location for Mamma Mia!.: Skopelos

Jean-Paul __, French haute couture designer.: Gaultier

Chinese interior decor rules for good luck.: Feng shui

Saturday Night’s Alright for __, Elton John.: Fighting

In the sky, directly above.: Overhead

Puzzle 2 Answers

Casino game also known as 21.: Blackjack

General name for paintings of people.: Portraits

Making someone lose courage, disheartening.: Unnerving

A state of anxiety or nervous excitement.: Agitation

Super fine, displaying grandeur.: Exquisite

Most robust and well built.: Sturdiest

__ Laurent, fashion designer who made female tux.: Yves saint

Famous cranky feline from the Internet.: Grumpy cat

Incinerating.: Cremating

Firm abdominals named after this laundry equipment.: Washboard

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ant-like insect that eats wood.: Termite

Whittling wood for a statue.: Carving

Slow thin stream of water.: Trickle

Ripped with a blade.: Slashed

The __ Machine, Scooby-Doo’s camper van.: Mystery

Wanted dead __, posters seeking fugitives.: Or alive

Finding a spot for the car.: Parking

Power or small position on basketball team.: Forward

Stirred an omelette mix.: Whisked

Cards requesting someone’s appearance at an event.: Invites

They performed A Hard Day’s Night, The __.: Beatles

Losing hair.: Balding

Puzzle 4 Answers

Chess piece also known as a rook.: Castle

Sign of the zodiac runs from April to May.: Taurus

Back teeth.: Molars

Also called green onions.: Chives

Modifies.: Alters

__ Brick Road, Elton John said goodbye to this.: Yellow

Only non-Scandanvian country bordering Finland.: Russia

Jason __, Ludlum’s character played by Matt Damon.: Bourne

Sign up to join the military.: Enlist

Exclusive group that excludes outsiders.: Clique

Spanish word for “name”.: Nombre

Name given to a rodent used in experimentation.: Lab rat

Revolt at sea.: Mutiny

Swap places with someone.: Switch

One enjoying a swim.: Bather

Puzzle 5 Answers

Holy battles or demonstrations for a cause.: Crusades

Frozen fruit on a stick.: Popsicle

Rookie, starter.: Beginner

Chucking or __ salt over the shoulder for luck.: Throwing

Space for children’s fun.: Playroom

Repeatedly pestered, like a black and white mammal.: Badgered

Powered by amps and watts.: Electric

Humanitarian society founded by Henry Dunant.: Red cross

French Impressionist of the Boulevard Montmartre.: Pissarro

Use something to maximum advantage.: Leverage

Become twisted or caught up in.: Entangle

What you wear.: Clothing

Group 449

Puzzle 1 Answers

Making a difference to someone.: Affecting

Michael Meyer’s killing spree film.: Halloween

Committee of minds reporting to a government.: Think tank

Boisterous fun and games or naughtiness; pranks.: High jinks

Thin slice of meat, breaded and fried.: Schnitzel

Huge, flightless birds with large eggs, big eyes.: Ostriches

A large number.: Multitude

Becoming thinner or less wide.: Narrowing

Dance of the __ Fairy; in The Nutcracker ballet.: Sugar plum

Shelf for flavourings such as cinnamon.: Spice rack

Rectangular panel behind basketball hoop.: Backboard

Ball-shaped.: Spherical

Stenographer, assistant.: Secretary

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blowin’ in the Wind writer/singer.: Bob dylan

Footwear string.: Shoelace

Where drugs are bought with a prescription.: Pharmacy

Encompass, encircle.: Surround

Container has tiered compartments for art supplies.: Caddy box

Making a hole to find oil.: Drilling

Chuck Taylor basketball shoe manufacturers.: Converse

Practice of abstaining from animal products.: Veganism

An EEG reading indicating cardiac arrest or death.: Flatline

Sherlock Holmes’ adversary, the Napoleon of Crime.: Moriarty

Lifesaving first aid technique: __ maneuver.: Heimlich

Dozing, taking a nap.: Sleeping

Royal spouses.: Consorts

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arrogant, vain.: Conceited

Superfluous, no longer needed or useful.: Redundant

Baffled and confused.: Perplexed

Moving nervously because of embarrassment.: Squirming

Tears for Fears song: __ Wants to Rule the World.: Everybody

Sign of the zodiac runs from December to January.: Capricorn

Capital of Iceland.: Reykjavik

Malcolm X was assassinated in 19__.: Sixty five

TV-show host.: Presenter

Animals that prey or hunt.: Predators

Home for an agriculturist.: Farmhouse

Puzzle 4 Answers

Cut hair a little bit.: Trimmed

“To all __ and purposes”; in essence.: Intents

Changes back to original state.: Reverts

Stalking animals to kill for food.: Hunting

__ Valley, the nickname of Santa Clara Valley, CA.: Silicon

A family gathering.: Réunion

Circus performer who throws items in the air.: Juggler

Cellophane or plastic enclosing food or other item.: Wrapper

Large mythological apelike forest dweller.: Bigfoot

Trouble, torment.: Afflict

Edible oval-shaped nuts that are high in Vitamin E.: Almonds

__ Love; Soft Cell hit in 1981.: Tainted

Puzzle 5 Answers

Says hi, welcomes someone.: Greets

Describes a curve, an eyebrow say.: Arched

Sunday __ Sunday, U2 track about The Troubles.: Bloody

Wax burner for safely removing ear wax.: Candle

Male bees in a colony.: Drones

Mumbai before 1996.: Bombay

Money transfer brand once owned by eBay.: Paypal

City location of Red Square.: Moscow

Robert __, wrote The Bourne Supremacy.: Ludlum

Unripe fruit in the Thai salad called som tam.: Papaya

__ in distress, fairytale maiden needs saving.: Damsel

Sudden and involuntary muscle contractions.: Spasms

Group 450

Puzzle 1 Answers

Watching and noticing the details.: Observing

Technical term for bad breath.: Halitosis

Shocking and appalling.: Egregious

Policies, dogmas, guidelines.: Doctrines

Muscular partition between chest and abdomen.: Diaphragm

Very frightened.: Terrified

Three-sided structure that supports a portal.: Door frame

City at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge.: Sausalito

Treacherous; crafty.: Insidious

World’s largest island (in area).: Greenland

National bird of the United States.: Bald eagle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Insect with decorative wings.: Butterfly

Hump Day in Spanish.: Miercoles

The state of puzzlement or bewilderment.: Confusion

Very close-fitting clothing.: Skin tight

Russian Communist leader, Mikhail __.: Gorbachev

Device that creates electrical energy.: Generator

Large Spanish estates or ranches.: Haciendas

Debauchery, dissoluteness, degeneracy.: Depravity

Congeal, like blood.: Coagulate

Revolving device used to water lawns.: Sprinkler

Clickable text that leads to a website.: Hyperlink

The girl in Hunchback of Notre Dame.: Esmeralda

Music studios used by The Beatles (and crossing!).: Abbey road

The crispy skin found on pork.: Crackling

Long life.: Longevity

Puzzle 3 Answers

Discarded, threw away.: Scrapped

Float and raise, as in a magician’s trick.: Levitate

In mythology, the food of the gods.: Ambrosia

Rex __, taught My Fair Lady’s Eliza to talk proper.: Harrison

Interjection asking for more information.: Excuse me

YOLO, or you only __.: Live once

In golf, a do-over of a poor shot.: Mulligan

These animals pull Santa’s sleigh.: Reindeer

TV’s sci-fi mission aboard the USS Enterprise.: Star trek

Non-typical, different to the usual.: Abnormal

The __ Wives; Ira Levin’s satirical thriller.: Stepford

Like a boat that’s been turned over in the water.: Capsized

__ mile, a distance measure at sea.: Nautical

Puzzle 4 Answers

Made small changes.: Amended

Half of the music duo Wham: the late George __.: Michael

Cosmetic added to lips to make them look larger.: Plumper

Acute conjunctivitis.: Pinkeye

The __ Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.: Strange

__ McConaughey stars in Dallas Buyers Club.: Matthew

Like a flawed vase or shattered mirror.: Cracked

Books of Christian songs.: Hymnals

Sandy shores.: Beaches

Blue bird social media site with tweets.: Twitter

Line where the earth meets the sky.: Horizon

Risks, speculates, bets.: Gambles

Spanish word for “heart”.: Corazon

Cooked in an oven.: Roasted

Outdoor structure for flames.: Firepit

Puzzle 5 Answers

Break through a barrier.: Breach

Small horses.: Ponies

Rafter’s challenge.: Rapids

Disparage, denigrate.: Vilify

John __; Jigsaw killer in Saw horror franchise.: Kramer

__ Camera, first of the hidden camera shows.: Candid

Narrow tidal inlets.: Creeks

Song by Bryan Adams: ” __ of ’69”.: Summer

Fashionable, up to the minute, stylish.: Trendy

Job of fictional character Ebenezer Scrooge.: Banker

Maker of Barbie.: Mattel

Sign of the zodiac runs from February to March.: Pisces

Group 451

Puzzle 1 Answers

Moscow piazza.: Red square

What mascara is applied to.: Eyelashes

Accelerate progress or an application.: Fast track

Decorative cardboard outers for food and goods.: Packaging

Mission Impossible: Ethan Hunt, Top Gun: Maverick.: Tomcruise

Used to censor genitals on ancient statues.: Figleaves

Inventive, imaginative, inspired.: Ingenious

Basketball brand with Jumpman logo.: Air jordan

Commentators, critics, assessors.: Reviewers

Can be replenished, e.g. green energy sources.: Renewable

Mode of walking of a model down a catwalk.: Sashaying

Glee’s choirmaster; Will __, aka Mr Shue.: Schuester

Puzzle 2 Answers

Equines, big ponies.: Horses

Second wife of King Henry VIII: Anne __.: Boleyn

Known as the Aloha State.: Hawaii

__ late than never.: Better

Italian pies topped with cheese, sauce, pepperoni.: Pizzas

Least common.: Rarest

Look over.: Revise

Slang term for one who takes bets.: Bookie

Scooby Doo’s human companion.: Shaggy

Skill involved in playing charades.: Miming

Portuguese shrine, site of apparitions of Mary.: Fatima

Rock of __, seat of the Irish kings of Munster.: Cashel

Giving a weapon to.: Arming

Read aloud from memory, often of poetry.: Recite

Puzzle 3 Answers

50s nostalgia show with Richie, Joanie and Fonzie.: Happy days

Dangerous mire that sucks the unwary under.: Quicksand

Sci-fi genre devoted to the Industrial Revolution.: Steampunk

Best score available at each stage of a golf game.: Hole in one

Vehicle for the injured.: Ambulance

Second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands.: Karpathos

Punch the clock.: Start work

Non-furry, peach-like fruit.: Nectarine

Spoke out in support of.: Advocated

Canadian actor and comedian of Austin Powers hits.: Mike myers

Where businessmen might carry their documents.: Briefcase

Plastic or glass dome with wintry scene inside.: Snow globe

Russian astronaut, such as Yuri Gagarin.: Cosmonaut

Container for pen fluid.: Ink bottle

Hearing, e.g. a radio show.: Listening

Puzzle 4 Answers

Danish __, sweet dough snacks.: Pastries

Name of two recent popes.: John paul

Walt Disney tale of a rabbit joining the police.: Zootopia

Dirk __; German NBA power forward.: Nowitzki

A cancer of the lymphatic system.: Lymphoma

Capital of Hungary.: Budapest

Blowy, windy, gusty.: Blustery

Truncated, terminated ahead of time.: Cut short

Catching an animal.: Trapping

Pleasure-seeker.: Hedonist

Reduce in number.: Decrease

Throw shade at someone via Twitter.: Subtweet

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Pass, series of hairpin roads in Italian Alps.: Stelvio

Short sleeps.: Catnaps

Lack of rain, causing environmental issues.: Drought

Came out from a hiding place.: Emerged

Holden Caulfield is the lead of The __ in the Rye.: Catcher

Calendar month of birth of John Lennon.: October

Building for processing lumber.: Saw mill

Mocking, poking fun at.: Teasing

“So, a needle __ thread” (Do, Re, Mi).: Pulling

A feeling or premonition.: Inkling

Group 452

Puzzle 1 Answers

When a thread goes OT, it means this.: Off topic

Grasping, holding onto something tightly.: Clasping

Male monarch with power over lesser monarchs.: High king

Surname of Spanish singers Julio and son, Enrique.: Iglesias

Aspirin and Warfarin, for example: blood __.: Thinners

The opposite of weakness.: Strength

Crowd at an entertainment venue; they clap a lot.: Audience

Loafer, waster, layabout.: Deadbeat

Insect-eating mammal with long nose and tongue.: Anteater

Two runners or horses finishing a race level.: Dead heat

Team game involving ale and table tennis balls.: Beerpong

A hot or cold drink.: Beverage

Ceramic container in which metals are melted.: Crucible

Spins around in a circle.: Revolves

Reboot of Conan Doyle’s tales starring Cumberbatch.: Sherlock

Italian island above Sicily.: Sardinia

__ Beauty, Aurora’s story.: Sleeping

Concerned with office work.: Clerical

Puzzle 2 Answers

Dates by which something should be completed.: Deadlines

Nut-eating mammals that you might see at the park.: Squirrels

Italian leader who joined forces with Hitler.: Mussolini

To the same scale as reality.: Life sized

To have an advantage, to be dominant.: Upper hand

Spreading, radiating from.: Emanating

Tiny plants just emerging from the earth.: Seedlings

Facebook-owned photo site.: Instagram

__ Express, Andrew Lloyd Webber show on wheels.: Starlight

Chocolate ice cream with nuts and marshmallow.: Rocky road

She guides you to a seat in a cinema.: Usherette

Two-piece garment worn by an athlete.: Tracksuit

Simon the __, Apostle of Jesus aka the Zealot.: Canaanite

Control mechanism for pressure or speed, say.: Regulator

Elvis __, rhyming nickname for the King.: The pelvis

Puzzle 3 Answers

Prevent someone from breathing, smother.: Suffocate

First name of first woman in space.: Valentina

Utterance of magician drawing a rabbit from a hat.: Hey presto

Outer layer of skin; the outer layer of a plant.: Epidermis

Renewable energy generated by air flow.: Wind power

The most powerful.: Mightiest

Buys.: Purchases

A reminder of the past.: Throwback

Twisting, hurting a joint, like an ankle or wrist.: Spraining

Penalties, often used in international politics.: Sanctions

Django __; 2012 Tarantino Western.: Unchained

Puzzle 4 Answers

Confesses.: Admits

Game __; guided safari excursion on wheels.: Drives

Sci-fi novel by H.G. Wells: The War of the __.: Worlds

Reproductive cells produced by fungi and plants.: Spores

A bicycle wheel has many.: Spokes

Bruce __, star of the Die Hard series.: Willis

From the Asian country where New Delhi is found.: Indian

Formal list of things to do in a meeting.: Agenda

Hangs sadly.: Droops

Damage someone’s reputation.: Defame

Flounce in a skirt, or to disturb a tot’s hair.: Ruffle

Puzzle 5 Answers

Wants, longs for something.: Desires

Wider.: Broader

Laugh quietly; giggle.: Chuckle

Large jug for water.: Pitcher

To be in __ with someone is to plot together.: Cahoots

The young narrator of Treasure Island: Jim __.: Hawkins

Forename of former British prime minister Attlee.: Clement

Movement downhill of water, as in a waterfall.: Cascade

Striking shade of magenta; Barbie’s colour.: Hot pink

Bull fighter.: Matador

Rigid devices to immobilise broken bones.: Splints

These must be kept and not told.: Secrets

Country that is home to the Southern Alps: New __.: Zealand

A legally recognized inhabitant.: Citizen

35th U.S. president, nicknamed “Jack”.: Kennedy

__ energy: what a body possesses while in motion.: Kinetic

Abandon, desert.: Forsake

Group 453

Puzzle 1 Answers

Mirror for checking what’s behind a car.: Rear view

Long passageway in a building such as a school.: Corridor

Amsterdam airport.: Schiphol

Generic description of a knight, pawn, bishop, say.: Chessman

The Sound of Silence : “Hello __ my old friend”.: Darkness

One who steers a ship.: Helmsman

Debatably, possibly, questionably.: Arguably

A vegetarian’s meal could be described this way.: Meatless

The queenly name of Hong Kong’s harbour.: Victoria

Disney classic music film, released in 1940.: Fantasia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nickname of any person from Australia.: Aussie

__ Crow sang the Bond theme Tomorrow Never Dies.: Sheryl

Back exercise started in a hanging position.: Pull up

Acid __, heartburn from regurgitation.: Reflux

Spock’s home planet.: Vulcan

Come __ look, a tempting, flirtatious invite.: Hither

Woollen round flat hats, linked to the French.: Berets

Video recorder for e.g. Skype calls from computer.: Webcam

Not showy or elaborate.: Low key

Sad, like a Greek play.: Tragic

Carry one of these squirrel nuts for luck.: Acorns

Compliment; anagram of Persia.: Praise

Puzzle 3 Answers

Find out for certain, establish something is true.: Ascertain

Drew __; Charlie’s Angels and Ever After actress.: Barrymore

Obsession with fire.: Pyromania

What plates get washed in.: Dishwater

Untreatable.: Incurable

Consensus, accord, unanimity.: Agreement

Stubborn, obstinate, porcine-skulled.: Pigheaded

On a __; quick to lose one’s temper.: Short fuse

Scientist specializing in the study of animals.: Zoologist

Program on the airwaves.: Radioshow

Shopping plastic, takes money from a bank account.: Debit card

Study of the history of words.: Etymology

When workers stop for refreshment.: Break time

Puzzle 4 Answers

Expensive watches (specific brand).: Rolexes

Language specific to a region or social group.: Dialect

A brief break from effort.: Respite

Regular tours made by security guards.: Patrols

Satin bows and ties for securing bouquets.: Ribbons

She mimicked Marilyn’s pink dress in Material Girl.: Madonna

Hebrew religion.: Judaism

Taco Bell made this Mexican wrap a breakfast item.: Burrito

__ Knot, a complicated problem according to legend.: Gordian

Spear thrown in athletics.: Javelin

Small dog of a breed that hunts & digs.: Terrier

A long hair growing from the snout of a cat.: Whisker

Puzzle 5 Answers

Operations to make visages look younger.: Facelifts

Raided.: Plundered

Unappreciated, unrewarded, generally of a task.: Thankless

The existing state of affairs.: Status quo

Biblical writing.: Scripture

Used in refusing to answer a question.: No comment

Person who possesses terrain.: Landowner

XXII in Roman numerals.: Twenty two

Length of time food is fit for sale.: Shelf life

Small French or German dog with curly hair.: Toy poodle

Young males employed in church singing.: Choirboys

Walked or moved unsteadily.: Staggered

Throat membrane that produces sounds.: Vocal cord

Group 454

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ride a bicycle without pedalling.: Freewheel

An anatomical part that’s not so amusing if hit.: Funny bone

Mysterious, like a puzzle.: Enigmatic

Offensive curse term.: Swearword

Skill of making things from wood.: Carpentry

Scientific study of all the water on earth.: Hydrology

TV’s fashion mag assistant who wore braces.: Ugly betty

State of not moving, quietness.: Stillness

Bad dream at night.: Nightmare

OTOH, translates to: on the __ __.: Other hand

A military unit.: Battalion

In Roman numerals, XXXI.: Thirty one

__ point, where two parallel lines appear to meet.: Vanishing

Loaves of French bread shaped like long sticks.: Baguettes

Puzzle 2 Answers

Sarah Ferguson’s royal title: __ of York.: Duchess

Egg-laying mammal.: Echidna

The least shallow.: Deepest

Wooden covering for patio.: Decking

Vending machine of music.: Jukebox

A small case or container that is cylindrical.: Capsule

To leave someone somewhere, e.g. kids at school.: Drop off

Crinkled hair, with waves from a styling iron.: Crimped

Country of the Thousand Lakes.: Finland

__-edge means at the forefront of a technology.: Cutting

Woman who receives or entertains guests.: Hostess

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Lagasse, US chef that says “bam!” a lot.: Emeril

Amaze, impress, astonish.: Dazzle

Marksman.: Sniper

Siddhartha Gautama.: Buddha

Swan Lake is a famous one.: Ballet

Sordid, dirty, disreputable.: Sleazy

Elton John’s birth surname.: Dwight

Hat style that rhymes with a form of poetry.: Bonnet

Carl Sagan’s popular science show of 1980.: Cosmos

Facing and dealing with responsibilities, problems.: Coping

Bring into being.: Create

Useful container for building sandcastles.: Bucket

Sale of goods to the public.: Retail

Island with the Internet domain suffix TW.: Taiwan

Cup for winning at sport.: Trophy

__ fever, a severe form of malaria.: Jungle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Moving violently from side to side, as on a bus.: Lurching

Catches, seizes, apprehends.: Captures

Shade of brown; type of wood.: Mahogany

Fungi you grate over dishes.: Truffles

To transfer data from one computer to another.: Download

Earns, merrits.: Deserves

They come home to roost.: Chickens

In betting, a long-shot, not likely to win.: Outsider

Type of water-based interior paint.: Emulsion

Deep and meaningful.: Profound

Stripped off, undressed.: Disrobed

Nationality of director Akira Kurosawa.: Japanese

Puzzle 5 Answers

Soft pliable footwear worn in the house.: Slippers

Shadowing, following undercover.: Trailing

Individual iced sweet bakes, in paper cases.: Cupcakes

Conclusive, certain, for sure.: Definite

Make-believe, sham.: Pretence

First American Idol winner, Kelly __.: Clarkson

Medical disorder characterized by seizures.: Epilepsy

Heavy farming vehicles.: Tractors

Round metal container that holds chemicals.: Canister

Country where Satpara Lake is located.: Pakistan

City in Ireland; also a funny five-line poem.: Limerick

__ Prime, commander before Optimus in Transformers.: Sentinel

Natural illumination, not during night-time.: Daylight

Group 455

Puzzle 1 Answers

Arrival, of Christmas especially.: Advent

Largest city in Southern Italy.: Naples

Human organ that destroys old red blood cells.: Spleen

Image and video-hosting website.: Flickr

Racehorse with a good chance of winning.: Hot tip

Cornstarch and cold water sauce thickener.: Slurry

Eeyore is often associated with this mood.: Gloomy

Items, whatchamacallits, gadgets, stuff.: Things

Throwing game of small hoops over posts.: Quoits

Unqualified practising doctors, charlatans, frauds.: Quacks

Blue and purple painful mark on the skin.: Bruise

President __ Obama.: Barack

Tall formal headgear for a gentleman.: Top hat

Not tied or fastened, e.g. shoelaces.: Undone

“Say hello to my little __” – Scarface.: Friend

Brutus stabbed Caesar with this.: Dagger

Long, sharp hunting sticks.: Spears

Puzzle 2 Answers

Makes unhappy.: Saddens

Time of year when day/night are equal length.: Equinox

Scissor-like tools for cutting roses down to size.: Pruners

Frenchman who penned the play Tartouffe.: Moliere

Answering telephone calls: __ the phones.: Manning

“To err is human, to __ is divine”.: Forgive

Plastic to open the door of a hotel room.: Keycard

Vine-__ tomatoes, to be eaten at their best.: Ripened

Someone with privileged information; in-the-know.: Insider

Tooth doctor.: Dentist

Marx brother with moustache and cigar.: Groucho

Scotland’s biggest city.: Glasgow

Receptacles for drinking chai or oolong.: Teacups

Occupy the same space peacefully.: Coexist

Puzzle 3 Answers

Able to bend easily.: Flexible

Famous blonde British supermodel.: Kate moss

Female singing star of Calamity Jane.: Doris day

Auld __, Scots poem by Robert Burns.: Lang syne

Reptile with a hard shell, often lives as a pet.: Tortoise

Physical force, aggression, carnage.: Violence

Sweat, swelter.: Perspire

Red salad fruits, with cherry or plum varieties.: Tomatoes

__ Kant, German philosopher of the 18th century.: Immanuel

Gathering closely together.: Crowding

Brave, fearless, daring.: Intrepid

Knocking someone down, especially in football.: Tackling

__ return, typewriter part used at end of a line.: Carriage

Puzzle 4 Answers

Nat King Cole sang that they roast on open fires.: Chestnuts

Plays DiCaprio’s The Wolf of Wall Street co-worker.: Jonah hill

Self-assured.: Confident

Without strength or influence; defenceless.: Powerless

A container that holds a roll of film.: Cartridge

Inner human timer that adjusts to light and dark.: Body clock

Person hired to adorn a house.: Decorator

Never ending or changing.: Perpetual

To get off on the __ __ (incorrect limb).: Wrong foot

Luxury stretch car.: Limousine

Planet that orbits a star outside the solar system.: Exoplanet

Tropical fish with protruding teeth.: Barracuda

Number of the century we’re living in now.: Twenty one

Highlighting the key points.: Outlining

Ancient Greek author of the play Antigone.: Sophocles

Fusilade of big guns, like on the queen’s birthday.: Canonfire

Cosmologist and author of The Dragons of Eden.: Carl sagan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Consumer goods brand known for shaving products.: Gillette

Still, bad pond water.: Stagnant

Rocket launchers that are short tubes.: Bazookas

Alpinists.: Climbers

Keep __; don’t lose your temper.: Your cool

Essence of big bird for cooking roast potatoes.: Goose fat

Not elderly, sprightly.: Youthful

__ are Forever, a gem of a hit for Shirley Bassey.: Diamonds

Widespread disease.: Epidemic

The most resilient and tough.: Hardiest

Plastic named for its inventor Leo Baekland.: Bakelite

Ghostly.: Spectral

Profile of soffits, gutters, tiles, gables.: Roofline

Pots made from clay hardened by heat.: Ceramics

Disciplines a person for a crime.: Punishes

Group 456

Puzzle 1 Answers

A person who expresses disagreement with something.: Objector

Sore loser.: Bad sport

Adjective describes agricultural and rural life.: Agrarian

Italian motorcyclist with the most world titles.: Agostini

__ de Compostela, shrine and capital of Galicia.: Santiago

Dark purple fruit, called aubergine in the UK.: Eggplant

Summarised again.: Recapped

Powerful ruler who governs with force.: Dictator

Long ago, unsolved crime.: Cold case

Fabric piece worn to keep hair off the face.: Headband

A Knight’s religious and moral code.: Chivalry

He voiced Woody in Toy Story.: Tom hanks

Puzzle 2 Answers

Show of floats and marching through a town.: Parade

Go from A to B.: Travel

Bad-tempered, like the Internet cat.: Grumpy

Worldwide.: Global

Arrange, categorize, classify.: Assort

South __, US state, the location of Mount Rushmore.: Dakota

Partition between the nostrils that can be pierced.: Septum

The offspring of a lion and a female tiger.: Ligers

An exit for a pipe or sewer.: Outlet

Describes a rough or harsh-sounding voice.: Hoarse

Puzzle 3 Answers

Dextrous board game, sees removal of body parts.: Operation

Division.: Partition

Hypersensitivities caused by fur, food, pollen etc.: Allergies

Taking someone into custody.: Arresting

Pizza with crispier base/edge.: Thin crust

Completely soaked.: Saturated

Cloth used to cover someone’s eyes.: Blindfold

Horrified, utterly embarrassed.: Mortified

Pisces, Libra and Virgo are all these.: Star signs

Debt __, person who gathers outstanding payments.: Collector

Holy bovine.: Sacred cow

Water vessel propelled by vapor.: Steamboat

Process of removing something; authorization.: Clearance

Alanis __, singer who released Jagged Little Pill.: Morisette

Term for a short-lived insect.: Ephemerid

With varying, changeable moods.: Up and down

Brad Pitt film about illicit boxing group.: Fight club

Puzzle 4 Answers

A stitch in time does this.: Saves nine

Flat surface for religious observance.: Prayer mat

A room used for communal meals.: Refectory

Subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin.: Cellulite

Generic cartoon character with extra-special power.: Superhero

Made stronger.: Fortified

Note-taking system like Isaac Pitman’s.: Shorthand

Soft animal toy named after American president.: Teddy bear

Musical and film that centre on Tracy Turnblad.: Hairspray

Fatty underside of pig.: Pork belly

La __, pearl (meaning pilgrim) owned by Liz Taylor.: Peregrina

Queens of the jungle.: Lionesses

Film studio whose name is above all.: Paramount

Satisfaction, bliss, contentment.: Happiness

Simon and __, musical duo sang Scarborough Fair.: Garfunkel

A monarch.: Sovereign

State of delicate breakability.: Fragility

Puzzle 5 Answers

Beauty treatments and massage for the visage.: Facials

English translation of “Rauchen Verboten”: No __.: Smoking

Ten lords a-__ in The Twelve Days of Christmas.: Leaping

Strong desire for a certain food.: Craving

British __, the UK’s carrier.: Airways

Untidy, messy.: Scruffy

Metal pole with weights on it.: Barbell

Makes possible for someone to do something.: Enables

Swiss buildings, often ski lodges.: Chalets

Shoes without ties, laces, buckles or straps.: Slip ons

Forgives.: Pardons

Plant leaves, collectively.: Foliage

Spring __; young poultry, or even a young human.: Chicken

Straight line touching a curve but not crossing it.: Tangent

Took evasive driving action to go around something.: Swerved

Yellowy egg/milk sauce for a variety of puddings.: Custard

Group 457

Puzzle 1 Answers

Refreshing drink of citrus juice and sugar.: Lemonade

Makes it out alive.: Survives

Disposable drinking vessel.: Paper cup

Eavesdrop, listen in on.: Overhear

Jungle Book panther.: Bagheera

In The Aristocats, O’Malley was proudly one.: Alley cat

Afflictions, illnesses.: Maladies

Slope, incline.: Gradient

Sit on eggs to hatch.: Incubate

__ Aniston, Rachel Green from Friends.: Jennifer

Mythical island speculated about by Ancient Greeks.: Atlantis

Puzzle 2 Answers

Tattered, scruffy.: Raggedy

__ Palace; Monaco venue of Grimaldi weddings.: Princes

Likely to snap easily.: Brittle

Closing a long fastening on a coat.: Zipping

Avoided, steered clear of.: Averted

Long, thin rice used in Indian cuisine.: Basmati

Pressed button on a computer mouse.: Clicked

Natalie Portman’s nationality at birth.: Israeli

__ Road, Bangkok, home to global backpackers.: Khao san

Fabric window covering.: Curtain

Person who looks after passengers on a ship, plane.: Steward

Road that goes nowhere.: Dead end

Puzzle 3 Answers

Luxuriously and expensively stylish.: Swanky

The seven __ sins include greed, sloth, wrath.: Deadly

Capital of Gambia.: Banjul

Large public sculpture.: Statue

Perfume company with interlocking back-to-back Cs.: Chanel

Sign of the zodiac runs from May to June.: Gemini

Third place metal in an Olympic event.: Bronze

Provide with goods.: Supply

Dial M for __, Hitchcock film with Ray Milland.: Murder

Stradivarius made this instrument.: Violin

Disease that was once known as hydrophobia.: Rabies

__ pork, dish where cooked meat is shredded.: Pulled

Number; two ones, side by side.: Eleven

Loss of the football without being tackled.: Fumble

Not in view, hidden, unnoticed.: Unseen

Puzzle 4 Answers

Counting on.: Depending

Newspaper scoop.: Exclusive

Europe’s highest active volcano, on Sicily.: Mount etna

Term for a draw in chess.: Stalemate

Comb with narrow and very close together teeth.: Fine tooth

Excessive sideways curvature of the spine.: Scoliosis

Garments worn beneath clothes.: Underwear

Exactness, meticulousness.: Precision

Manmade lake behind a hydroelectric dam.: Reservoir

Our Lady, in French.: Notre dame

What you need to have to avoid being easily hurt.: Thick skin

Large chamber of the heart.: Ventricle

Bananas that can be cooked.: Plantains

Don’t Stop ‘Til You __, 1979 MJ hit.: Get enough

Close Encounters of the __; 1977 UFO film.: Third kind

Not a long flight.: Short haul

Caracas is this country’s capital.: Venezuela

Viral pet disease of coughing, fever.: Distemper

Puzzle 5 Answers

Sacrificed, someone who died for a cause.: Martyred

With impurities removed.: Filtered

To draw something with no supplementary tools.: Freehand

The ability to move.: Mobility

__ fathers; key figures in early US history.: Founding

Spread, scatter.: Disperse

Be in bed at night unable to sleep.: Lie awake

Easily persuaded or controlled.: Amenable

Born to __; Grease soundtrack hit.: Hand jive

Peter Pan’s friends in Neverland.: Lost boys

Hair that comes again after removal.: Regrowth

Company that brews Amstel beer.: Heineken

Closed __, subtitles on a TV show.: Captions

Solidified, e.g. a friendship.: Cemented

Marvel mutant with the powers of Phoenix Force.: Jean grey

Group 458

Puzzle 1 Answers

Swaps something around.: Switches

Characteristic of low-pressure whirlwind.: Cyclonic

Cover or seal paper with a layer of plastic.: Laminate

This number comes after thirteen.: Fourteen

Competitive buying of weapons by nations.: Arms race

US term for military leave.: Furlough

Unoriginality.: Banality

Feminine, behaving like a well-to-do female.: Ladylike

Fetus nourishment.: Placenta

Peaky __, gangster show starring Cillian Murphy.: Blinders

Skin abrasion left by an attacking dog.: Bitemark

The __; 1983 reunion film by Lawrence Kasdan.: Big chill

Important to the way it works; anagram of triangle.: Integral

Field ball sport that uses netted sticks.: Lacrosse

Just one can spoil the whole fruit barrel.: Bad apple

Give an actor a role based on their appearance.: Typecast

Person who finances a film.: Producer

Sound emerges from these in a music system.: Speakers

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ flu pandemic of 1918, left over 50 million dead.: Spanish

Gentle exercise like yoga, invented by Joseph __.: Pilates

Michael __, lead figure in dance troupe Riverdance.: Flatley

Large pebbles secured in concrete paths.: Cobbles

A scheduled stop on a metro or railway journey.: Station

__ Isles, series of islands off northern France.: British

Vincent __, The Starry Night painter.: Van gogh

Mr. Chipping’s profession in Goodbye Mr. Chips.: Teacher

Remarkably stupid, idiotic.: Moronic

Fashion designer mentioned by Peter Sarstedt.: Balmain

Poor man’s pudding in Quebec: pouding __.: Chomeur

Leisure vehicle originally associated with gypsies.: Caravan

Alert, notification of danger.: Warning

__ Sachs, global financial services corporation.: Goldman

Puzzle 3 Answers

Antonym of knowledge.: Ignorance

Child’s small shed built in the boughs.: Tree house

Miniature wooden stick for cleaning after meals.: Toothpick

A birthstone for December.: Turquoise

Italian for appetizer.: Antipasto

Acknowledgement of truth; entrance fee.: Admission

Tired and completely drained.: Exhausted

Perform music without access to a score.: Play by ear

Structure of hexagonal cells in a hive.: Honeycomb

Protection against a loss or a financial burden.: Indemnity

The Haunting of __, Netflix spooky horror series.: Hill house

Destructive spinning column of air.: Whirlwind

Unanimity, agreement, accord.: Consensus

Potterworld village where no Muggles go.: Hogsmeade

Puzzle 4 Answers

South Asian religious retreat; anagram of Marsha.: Ashram

Clothing, dress, clothes.: Attire

First name of George Washington’s wife.: Martha

US music award.: Grammy

Wholesome and substantial.: Hearty

Claws or nails, like on a bird of prey.: Talons

Attraction.: Allure

Pats down for contraband.: Frisks

Small room for prayer.: Chapel

Capital of Bavaria.: Munich

Teased, made fun of someone.: Mocked

Liam __; plays DiCaprio’s dad in Gangs of New York.: Neeson

Puzzle 5 Answers

Where avians can drink/take a wash in the garden.: Birdbath

Flavor of fennel, star anise, and absinthe.: Licorice

With no joins; something that goes without a hitch.: Seamless

Goodbye in French.: Au revoir

Attending a party uninvited.: Crashing

States of no change after a period of progress.: Plateaus

Processing plant for crude oil.: Refinery

Jewellery worn around the wrist.: Bracelet

Creatures with body of a lion & head of an eagle.: Griffins

Making a hollow bubbling sound.: Gurgling

Opening of a cinema run or theatre season.: Premiere

Thick stick with a heavy end, used as a weapon.: Bludgeon

Educators.: Teachers

Midway break in many sports.: Half time

False belief or notion, figment of the imagination.: Delusion

Group 459

Puzzle 1 Answers

Jerking involuntarily.: Twitching

Light wind from the ocean.: Sea breeze

Sitting lazily.: Slouching

Expert in the field of chemistry or physics.: Scientist

Plunged, plummeted from a height.: Nosedived

Moves from one’s home country to live in another.: Emigrates

Piercing headaches with nausea.: Migraines

Six-sided frozen ice cluster.: Snowflake

First ancient people known to use hieroglyphics.: Egyptians

Elephant-type creature in Winnie-the-Pooh.: Heffalump

Move towards, be drawn to.: Gravitate

Anthony __-Jones, wed Princess Margaret in 1960.: Armstrong

Neat, like a tidy boat.: Shipshape

Place for art or museum exhibitions.: Galleries

Failed 1961 attempt to unseat Cuban leader Castro.: Bay of pigs

Puzzle 2 Answers

Those marooned on a desert island.: Castaways

One __, former boy band.: Direction

Arsenal FC plays in this South American country.: Argentina

Being bereft of money; completely broke.: Penniless

Nutrition specialist who prepares meals.: Dietitian

Foiling, standing in the way of.: Thwarting

Confused, puzzled, questioning.: Quizzical

German city, scene of post-WWII trials.: Nuremberg

Chinese seed-based cooking liquid.: Sesame oil

Car door security to protect kids.: Child lock

Drinking establishment during Prohibition.: Speakeasy

This number comes directly after a quarter century.: Twenty six

Version or performance.: Rendition

Puzzle 3 Answers

To support something or make it stronger.: Bolster

Devices for warming rooms.: Heaters

Film where nobody puts Baby in a corner; Dirty __.: Dancing

Den, safe house.: Hideout

__ tape, adhesive used to mark off painting areas.: Masking

Drizzling to pouring.: Raining

Their hands are raised at auction.: Bidders

Desirable or useful feature or service.: Amenity

Reptiles including geckos.: Lizards

Very big armaments on castles.: Cannons

__ your breath, a way of stopping hiccups.: Holding

Liquid to lower temperature of an engine.: Coolant

__ Navratilova, tennis star.: Martina

Placebo recipients in a research study: __ group.: Control

Makes someone happy by good actions.: Pleases

Examining, investigating.: Vetting

__ Road, Bruce Springsteen song on Born to Run.: Thunder

Sausages and potatoes in the UK: __ and mash.: Bangers

Puzzle 4 Answers

Enclosed by brick or stone boundaries.: Walled

Container for several animals to drink from.: Trough

Word used to describe the UK leaving the EU.: Brexit

Root with a zing, used in teas, curries, cakes.: Ginger

Film depicting blue humanoids living on Pandora.: Avatar

Don Draper is center-stage of the 60s ad agency.: Mad men

Four-leaved ones are lucky.: Clover

Gives plants essential liquid to live.: Waters

Lebanon’s largest city.: Beirut

Edgar’s scheming brother in King Lear.: Edmund

Physically weak, frail or delicate.: Feeble

Puzzle 5 Answers

Clenches, clings to.: Clutches

Devastating, severe, often of emotional blows.: Crushing

Wooden house in the forest.: Log cabin

Measuring with a device, anagram of regiment.: Metering

Twisting, spinning – especially with a ribbon.: Twirling

Summer biter, and not just of equines.: Horsefly

Martin __; directed DiCaprio in Gangs of New York.: Scorsese

Spartan King who insisted on fighting Xerxes.: Leonidas

Places where baseball pitchers warm up.: Bullpens

The wide sleeves on 80s garments.: Batwings

Edible part of clawed crustacean.: Crabmeat

Mental fever, confusion or disorientation.: Delirium

When the heart muscle relaxes and lets blood in.: Diastole

Herman __; author of whaling novel Moby-Dick.: Melville

Taken in by the police.: Arrested

Group 460

Puzzle 1 Answers

Describes ink that can’t be removed or altered.: Indelible

Medical description of a tumour likely to spread.: Malignant

Hunter, scrounger, bird who feeds off carcasses.: Scavenger

Is more important than something else.: Outweighs

Thrown for a loop; challenging pitch.: Curveball

Lamp pointed at an actor on stage.: Spotlight

To do with the body.: Corporeal

Someone who is popular and fashionable.: Socialite

One who studies the past.: Historian

Dorothy __, star of Porgy and Bess, Carmen Jones.: Dandridge

He is nipping at your nose in The Christmas Song.: Jack frost

Puzzle 2 Answers

Oceans bordering on Indonesia: Indian and __.: Pacific

Venus, Jupiter and Mars are these.: Planets

Largest planet in the solar system.: Jupiter

To ruin; the opposite of build.: Destroy

Plot revelation in advance.: Spoiler

Doctor __, Marvel superhero, Sorcerer Supreme.: Strange

Increase the volume.: Amplify

O __! My __!, poem by Walt Whitman.: Captain

Sharp bend in a road.: Hairpin

Stove-top coffee-making container.: Moka pot

Words that describe actions.: Adverbs

__ bread, leavened, cooked in clay oven.: Tandoor

Cancels a law.: Repeals

Miraculous, amazing, beyond belief.: Magical

Walter __, partnered Jack Lemmon in The Odd Couple.: Matthau

Puzzle 3 Answers

Forget time or purpose.: Lose track

Flattering words designed to inveigle or persuade.: Sweet talk

Strip of road edge dedicated to bikes.: Cycle lane

Something having the shape of a cross.: Cruciform

Geological terms for scratches on a rock surface.: Striation

Lamb casserole from the Emerald Isle.: Irish stew

Deer-like African and Asian animals.: Antelopes

UK money-making factory.: Royal mint

Horror director, creator of Freddy Kreuger.: Wes craven

Arnold __, supposed fixer of the 1919 World Series.: Rothstein

Mid-range hotel rating.: Three star

Mineral gemstone used as a diamond substitute.: Zirconium

Ill days, away from work.: Sick leave

Laurel wreath is the symbol of this sports company.: Fred perry

Greek Island known for its white coastal houses.: Santorini

Person who adds words to TV shows for the deaf.: Subtitler

Absolute __, post-war London portrait by MacInnes.: Beginners

Taut strands of an archer’s weapon.: Bowstring

Puzzle 4 Answers

Illegal hunting for game and fish.: Poaching

Sweet or savoury patties cooked in batter.: Fritters

__ Ford, acted with Pitt in The Devil’s Own.: Harrison

Month when Father’s Day is celebrated in Thailand.: December

What Nellie the Elephant packed.: Her trunk

Goes with fear in Hunter S Thompson’s tale.: Loathing

He abandons allegiance to his home country.: Defector

Goes with fixtures, part of the make up of a house.: Fittings

Aldous Huxley quote: “To his dog, every man is __”.: Napoleon

Termination, discontinuation, closure.: Stoppage

Straight-sided tubes for holding liquids in a lab.: Cuvettes

Owner of the film that caught the Kennedy killing.: Zapruder

Dig out earth with a large machine.: Excavate

Used ears to pay attention to something spoken.: Listened

As happy as a __; filthy porcine.: Pig in mud

Cable-stayed/suspension bridge in New York City.: Brooklyn

Leftovers, often said of fabric.: Remnants

The __, like Dorothy’s footwear for Kate Bush.: Red shoes

Puzzle 5 Answers

Sign of the zodiac runs from June to July.: Cancer

__ Street is Europe’s busiest shopping street.: Oxford

Kampala is the capital of this country.: Uganda

Ancient Indian city, site of the Great Stupa.: Sanchi

__ Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday.: Shrove

Books for photographs.: Albums

Categories of film type, like horror or comedy.: Genres

Slang for face, anagram of skiers.: Kisser

French word for cake.: Gateau

Vicar; anagram of aprons.: Parson

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