CodyCross Seasons Answers

Seasons Answers

Group 61

Puzzle 1 Answers

Heated month of the French Republican calendar.: Thermidor

Instruments that sit to the right of bassoons.: Clarinets

Silent, without any noise.: Soundless

Religious ceremony involving oil.: Anointing

Longstanding way of doing something.: Tradition

Italian pasta sauce made with ground beef.: Bolognese

Muscle between the chest and abdomen.: Diaphragm

Black pool ball; can make you lose the game.: Eight ball

Boundaries that divide water flow.: Watershed

Optimistically, encouragingly.: Hopefully

Roman author of The Twelve Caesars.: Suetonius

Puzzle 2 Answers

Another term for the mind; psychologists study this.: Psyche

To hire someone.: Employ

Paris deserted her for Helen of Troy.: Oenone

Indian language along with Hindi and Bengali.: Telugu

A sausage in a bun.: Hot dog

Country that was part of the former Yugoslavia.: Serbia

Strong as an oak.: Robust

In line after third.: Fourth

Huge bay located in northern Canada.: Hudson

Classic symbol of the feudalistic society.: Castle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Famous dolphin movie; pinball “arm”.: Flipper

To burst, erupt, explode.: Blow out

East African country with Red Sea coastline.: Eritrea

Fortune seers use this ball to look into the future.: Crystal

Bold opposition; challenging.: Defiant

Friendly and easy to talk to.: Affable

Smooth singer of “Mandy” and “Copacabana”.: Manilow

Flora includes __, bushes and trees.: Flowers

Officer of the court; keeps the order.: Bailiff

Born in the country best known for pizza.: Italian

__ Las Vegas, the final days of an alcoholic man.: Leaving

Puzzle 4 Answers

A national symbol for Ireland.: Shamrock

Container holding school children’s meal.: Lunch box

To supply with water; to wash out.: Irrigate

American __, by George Lucas.: Graffiti

This pasta means “little tongues” in Italian.: Linguine

The heel was his only weak spot.: Achilles

Ancient military piece that throws objects.: Catapult

English Christian denomination.: Anglican

Oscar winner, demon voice, __ McCambridge.: Mercedes

Narcolepsy is a sleep __.: Disorder

Tends and herds ruminant mammals.: Shepherd

A quick and casual photograph.: Snapshot

Nonrepresentational art.: Abstract

Monstrous, strangely diabolical.: Ghoulish

Nearest star system from the sun, Alpha __.: Centauri

Puzzle 5 Answers

Physicist; offered the Presidency of Israel.: Einstein

Someone who lives in a building.: Occupant

English revolutionary leader of the Commonwealth.: Cromwell

Accused of adultery in Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale.: Hermione

__ Jolie, American actress and Oscar winner.: Angelina

Aquatic animal, 5 arms, regrows body parts.: Starfish

A special date, birthday, anniversary.: Occasion

Large chunk of land that rises up above the rest.: Mountain

Battle at which Gauls defeated the Romans.: Gergovia

Rock that when polished results into Jade.: Nephrite

A fellow member of a team.: Teammate

Group 62

Puzzle 1 Answers

Novel written by James Joyce.: Ulysses

A bunch of flowers; usually given as a gift.: Bouquet

Transamerica __ stands out in San Francisco skyline.: Pyramid

In charge of things to be used onstage in a play.: Propman

Short statement of advice; general truth.: Proverb

Spanish drink mixing red wine and fruits.: Sangria

To tell wrongdoings you’ve done.: Confess

LV stands for Louis __.: Vuitton

Used by referees in games.: Whistle

Without purpose, wandering.: Aimless

Barbara Millicent __ inspired a doll named Barbie.: Roberts

Rocks with high sodium and potassium.: Alkalic

Eli __, actor of The Magnificent Seven.: Wallach

Sailor song with solo and chorus.: Chantey

Puzzle 2 Answers

An accessory and a song by Rihanna.: Umbrella

Anticonvulsants are used to control this.: Seizures

Charles __, German-born American poet.: Bukowski

Obtain info online with fake credentials.: Phishing

Study of heredity of living organisms.: Genetics

Bean used to make hummus aka garbanzo.: Chick pea

Finnish capital with high standard of living.: Helsinki

Jewish expression for congratulations.: Mazel tov

__ Swimming, long distance, minimum 10k.: Marathon

Astronomical event that marks summer and winter.: Solstice

When life gives you lemons, make __.: Lemonade

Cowboy in charge of livestock.: Wrangler

Puzzle 3 Answers

Small ugly creature who is evil towards humans.: Goblin

__ Caulfield, character of The Catcher in the Rye.: Holden

Good __, day of betrayal and denial.: Friday

This scientist created a hierarchy of needs.: Maslow

Mad __, played by Johnny Depp in a Burton film.: Hatter

Formal agreement between two allies.: Treaty

Evergreen tree; to enhance oneself or something.: Spruce

Device to turn something on or off.: Switch

Endangered pygmy chimpanzee.: Bonobo

World-famous Jamaican sound.: Reggae

“Here He Comes to Save the Day” __ Mouse.: Mighty

Nonhistorical story handed down through the years.: Legend

Owed; unrewarded.: Unpaid

Landlocked Himalayan nation.: Bhutan

Puzzle 4 Answers

Tumor that spreads to other tissues, cancerous.: Malignant

They are always right.: Customers

Stanzas with no specific pattern.: Astrophic

The Federation’s deep space explorers.: Starfleet

Groundbreaking western, __ Mountain.: Brokeback

Small citrus fruit close to a mandarin orange.: Tangerine

British town that hosts a famous dancesport event.: Blackpool

IM: Instant __, or chatting.: Messaging

Fruity month of the French Revolutionary calendar.: Fructidor

Muscle located behind the thigh, sometimes pulled.: Hamstring

Formal legal document that supports a claim.: Complaint

Roll Over __, hit recorded by Chuck Berry.: Beethoven

Rural, agricultural residence.: Farmhouse

Puzzle 5 Answers

System that coordinates body’s actions.: Nervous

Seen as a model by others; prone to imitation.: Example

The first president of Turkey.: Ataturk

Kelsey Grammer played this role for two decades.: Frasier

Canadian hamlet since 1984.: Leipzig

Order prohibiting ships in or out of ports.: Embargo

Olympic sport, thin sword fighting.: Fencing

Transformers’ star, was married to Fergie, Josh __.: Duhamel

Feline singer now known as Yusuf Islam.: Stevens

To leave someone and never return.: Abandon

Area consisting of marshes or swamps.: Wetland

Group 63

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Maugham, the highest-paid author of the 1930s.: Somerset

South America’s largest city.: Sao paulo

Bacterial toxins in the blood.: Toxaemia

Breed of guard dog originally from Germany.: Doberman

Something not done on purpose.: Accident

Bewitched, __ and bewildered.: Bothered

Sunset.: Twilight

An essential herb to prepare the Béarnaise sauce.: Tarragon

Flower with orange, yellow petals; calendula.: Marigold

Hair pulled back, gathered and tied.: Ponytail

“Blue” mutant ninja turtle who uses swords.: Leonardo

Ancient Italian culture prior to Romans.: Etruscan

Center of a target, what the shooter aims for.: Bullseye

Puzzle 2 Answers

Miyagi taught the “kid” this martial art.: Karate

Object used to shred food, like cheese.: Grater

Far Cry __, a video game set in the Stone Age.: Primal

Mosquito-borne tropical disease aka breakbone.: Dengue

Cheques are made out to them.: Payees

Bono’s real name is Paul David __.: Hewson

At sixes and __, muddled up.: Sevens

Piece of land surrounded by water.: Island

This dramatic play is for reading, not acting.: Closet

Barrel-shaped herbivorous marine mammal.: Dugong

Royal family of the Netherlands.: Orange

Puzzle 3 Answers

Sailors feared harming this “legendary” bird.: Albatross

A __ Orange, by Anthony Burgess.: Clockwork

The leader of a clan or tribe.: Chieftain

Lenin’s party; led the Russian Revolution in 1917.: Bolshevik

Doing this is considered bad luck in circus.: Whistling

Person who offered Joseph, Mary and Jesus the barn.: Innkeeper

A farmer’s savings account.: Piggybank

Nut considered a delicacy in India.: Cashew nut

Container used to sterilize medical equipment.: Autoclave

Nation, capital Canberra.: Australia

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Abbey, British period drama.: Downton

Does not have gametes.: Agamous

Won the 87th Academy Awards for Best Movie.: Birdman

Magnetic object used for finding directions.: Compass

Eliza __, playwright who published over 70 novels.: Haywood

Country in W. Africa, its capital is Abuja.: Nigeria

Something odd or different.: Strange

The Supreme __, the Pope.: Pontiff

Fire__, puts out flames.: Fighter

Hot red pepper named after a city in French Guiana.: Cayenne

Forage fish mostly belonging the Clupeidae family.: Herring

Puzzle 5 Answers

Pearls, choker, beads.: Necklace

Can be the result of a weakened blood vessel wall.: Aneurysm

The official European Union anthem.: Ode to joy

Oscar winning Cuckoo villain, Louise __.: Fletcher

Place where military units eat.: Messhall

Small body in inner Solar System.: Asteroid

Dangerous mineral once used in construction.: Asbestos

Herb with needle-like leaves used in cooking.: Rosemary

Spiral-shelled ocean animal.: Nautilus

Unbound booklet, brochure.: Pamphlet

Pilot who would intentionally crash the plane.: Kamikaze

In addition to normal working hours.: Overtime

An atomizer for spraying paint.: Airbrush

Group 64

Puzzle 1 Answers

The creator of Peanuts (comic strip, not food).: Schulz

Writing using rhythm, stanzas, verses, etc.: Poetry

Small close-fitting hat, skullcap.: Beanie

A pot used for boiling water.: Kettle

Allows you to fix mistakes made with pencil.: Eraser

Arabic noble title; “strength”.: Sultan

Place of worship for Christians.: Church

Opposite of rough.: Smooth

Horse-like animal, character in Shrek.: Donkey

Sea between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas.: Aegean

Puzzle 2 Answers

Kitchen utensil with a broad, flat, flexible blade.: Spatula

Dario __, Italian director of horror movies.: Argento

Group of interconnected computers.: Network

Place this rapper in your drink on a hot day.: Ice cube

Company that flies planes.: Airline

Written or spoken expression of regret; sorrow.: Apology

Alan __, played the bad guy Hans Gruber in Die Hard.: Rickman

Foot bench; Turkish Empire.: Ottoman

Bart Simpson loves to say “Ay __”.: Caramba

Wasting muscle mass due to the lack of use.: Atrophy

Waterfalls located between Canada and the US.: Niagara

State of inactivity, volcanoes stay this way.: Dormant

People who fish.: Anglers

Puzzle 3 Answers

Wanted his grave beside Beethoven’s.: Schubert

Automatic body responses to a stimulus.: Reflexes

Teacher, professor, lecturer.: Educator

Miscellaneous assortment.: Gatherum

Period of intense warmth; can be deadly.: Heat wave

Ugandan dictator, human rights abuser, Idi __.: Amin dada

Small object allegedly bringing good luck.: Talisman

__ Movement, a sleeping stage also known as REM.: Rapid eye

Ground beef shaped into a sphere.: Meatball

Phnom Penh is the capital of __.: Cambodia

Portuguese Nobel laureate in 1998.: Saramago

Itchy and __, Simpsons cartoon.: Scratchy

Item, object or land that belongs to someone.: Property

Puzzle 4 Answers

First man to walk on the moon.: Armstrong

Beatles birthplace.: Liverpool

Cheese from Southern Italy, often smoked.: Provolone

Website founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger.: Wikipedia

Hotel staff member in charge of assisting guests.: Concierge

Witticism, one-liner.: Wisecrack

Time period from conception to birth.: Gestation

Tree of __, found in the Garden of Eden.: Knowledge

A period of three months.: Trimester

Research and advocacy organization.: Think tank

A symbol depicting a serpent eating its own tail.: Ouroboros

__ Zeta-Jones, won an Oscar for Chicago.: Catherine

A __ Night’s Dream, a Shakespeare’s comedy.: Midsummer

Puzzle 5 Answers

Moral principles, standards of behavior.: Ethics

Reptile related to alligators and crocodiles.: Caiman

Short sword-like weapon used for stabbing.: Dagger

Sesame seed condiment popular in the Middle East.: Tahini

Epona is the Roman goddess protector of the __.: Horses

The call of __, the need to use the loo.: Nature

Most romantic man of the musketeers.: Aramis

Dwarf planet located beyond Neptune’s orbit.: Haumea

French for a Peeping Tom.: Voyeur

Agent Smith chased Neo in this trilogy.: Matrix

Group 65

Puzzle 1 Answers

Plant with poisonous leaves, used in pies.: Rhubarb

Proceedings of a learned society.: Memoirs

Eastern European stuffed dumplings.: Pierogi

__ Young, Alphaville biggest hit.: Forever

Farmer’s __, old fashioned weather predictor.: Almanac

A male witch or wizard, sorcerer.: Warlock

Used to surf the web.: Browser

Tape __, flexible ruler for checking sizes.: Measure

A bad __ always blames his tools.: Workman

Supposed, taken for granted.: Assumed

__ Candles, John Hughes coming of age 80s hit.: Sixteen

Nickname for the armed forces of the USSR.: Red army

Puzzle 2 Answers

Many pirates wear this accessory.: Eyepatch

A monstrous dog with 3 heads in Greek mythology.: Cerberus

Extended poetry; Iliad.: Long poem

Satyrs are usually depicted playing them.: Panpipes

Spring onion.: Scallion

In boxing, blow aimed at the chin from underneath.: Uppercut

Family of Austrian singers in a movie.: Von trapp

Patron saint of children.: Nicholas

Capital of the British Virgin Islands.: Roadtown

Makes and sells glasses and lenses.: Optician

Italian adventurer, synonymous with lover.: Casanova

The one who occupies abandoned buildings, land.: Squatter

Puzzle 3 Answers

One of the active volcanoes in Italy.: Stromboli

Government in which God supposedly rules.: Theocracy

Mexican dip made with avocados.: Guacamole

Person who ensures official regulations are obeyed.: Inspector

Describing word, found before a noun.: Adjective

Eternal.: Perpetual

Robin Hood’s clergy companion.: Friar tuck

Study of celestial movements, yet not scientific.: Astrology

Prominent author of the 1920s’ Lost Generation.: Steinbeck

A 1986 film with Tom Waits and Roberto Benigni.: Down by law

Gorillas, chimps & orangutans as a single group.: Greatapes

Disorder of sight; brain ignores an eye, “lazy eye”.: Amblyopia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Heard everywhere in Warsaw.: Polish

Spiky, desert plant.: Cactus

Winged horse with dragon scales in Chinese folklore.: Longma

How loud something is.: Volume

Mix of flours and liquids to prepare foods.: Batter

Guarantee, make certain, secure.: Ensure

__ is an auto maker from Japan that makes Camrys.: Toyota

__ Miller, US comedian, actor, TV personality.: Dennis

Itching skin disease.: Eczema

Comic __, humorous moments in a movie, book.: Relief

Puzzle 5 Answers

Sean Penn married her in 1985.: Madonna

Whiskered water mammal that “barks”.: Sea lion

To refuse using a service or buying a product.: Boycott

Found in milk and cheeses, helps bones grow.: Calcium

Belief that all natural things possess souls.: Animism

Distress or excruciating pain.: Anguish

Shakespeare’s tragedy about racism and jealousy.: Othello

What Paris was called in Roman times.: Lutetia

Medicinal root sometimes found in energy drinks.: Ginseng

Line that separates North and South hemispheres.: Equator

Activity performed for payment, not a good.: Service

Thick skin surrounding fingernails.: Cuticle

A woman engaged to be married.: Fiancee

Casual gathering without plans.: Hang out

A race for boats.: Regatta

Someone who writes about love.: Amorist

Stump, bewilder.: Flummox

Illegally signing documents for someone else.: Forgery

Group 66

Puzzle 1 Answers

How to serve Bond’s Martini, not stirred.: Shaken

Long placard with an announcement.: Banner

The Hill F1 champion in the sixties.: Graham

Large enclosure for birds.: Aviary

A city’s stinky problem.: Sewage

Jewish state established in 1948.: Israel

Bomb developed by the Allies in 1945.: Atomic

Killing me __ with his song.: Softly

Home to the ancient culture of Athens.: Greece

Wish for, want, crave.: Desire

Spice that can be poisonous in large doses.: Nutmeg

Someone’s weak spot.: Foible

Emma __, title character of a novel by Flaubert.: Bovary

What bad news does fast.: Travel

Optometrists do this to check your eyes.: Dilate

Puzzle 2 Answers

Inane rambling, punch-drunk.: Slap happy

Novel by Nora Ephron based on her failed marriage.: Heartburn

Tasty white nut used in desserts, ice cream.: Macadamia

Gritty item used for smoothing before painting.: Sandpaper

American jazz trumpeter.: Chet baker

Cowboy mouthpiece; after meal dental cleaner.: Toothpick

__ Language, mixture of two languages.: Macaronic

Writes for the stage.: Dramatist

What the end does to the means.: Justifies

The season of good cheer.: Christmas

Semi-historical King of Uruk.: Gilgamesh

Mispronunciation of R as L.: Lallation

Protestants who put faith in Martin Luther’s ideas.: Lutherans

Puzzle 3 Answers

Act of living in a tent in an outdoor area.: Camping

Daytime cinema showing.: Matinee

Immeasurable experience, cannot be rationalized.: Sublime

To make a mess, create a problem.: Screw up

__ McDuck has always been stingy with his money.: Scrooge

Fabric you can see through.: Chiffon

Wagon wheel pasta.: Rotelle

East London famous accent.: Cockney

Receptacle for cigarette butts.: Ashtray

Jersey rockers, Sambora was on guitar.: Bon jovi

Child who is just learning to walk.: Toddler

Examination of a body after death.: Autopsy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Persian thinker, philosopher of Islam Golden Age.: Avicenna

The capital of Botswana.: Gaborone

The Chamber of __, lobbies for business interests.: Commerce

Argument, disagreement essential to a plot.: Conflict

Concise observation, general truth.: Aphorism

Partner who allows you to hit him to improve form.: Sparring

Sugary beverage made from sassafras.: Root beer

Limb that gave Daniel Day-Lewis an Oscar.: Left foot

Feeling of intense joy and delight.: Euphoria

Disdainfully or skeptically humorous.: Sardonic

Song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1956.: Hound dog

Puzzle 5 Answers

Just __, Moroccan born French forward legend.: Fontaine

Electronic device designed to accept data.: Computer

Asian mushroom believed to have medicinal effects.: Shiitake

Teeth substitutes.: Dentures

Very close to target, but not hitting it.: Near miss

What fine words can’t butter.: Parsnips

Red insects make you itch a lot when they bite.: Fire ants

My __, tale of an east London flower seller.: Fair lady

Comedian Jerry __ starred in a hit TV show.: Seinfeld

Analysis, evaluation, especially of literature.: Critique

Cosmetic treatment for feet and toenails.: Pedicure

Air zodiac sign; Age of __.: Aquarius

Italian region; 2nd largest Mediterranean island.: Sardinia

Ancient gold coin from Spain.: Doubloon

Eating disorder; avoiding food or eating.: Anorexia

Group 67

Puzzle 1 Answers

In Dover they are white.: Cliffs

Image created using small pieces of glass.: Mosaic

A misty and mystical island.: Avalon

Fruit symbolises temptation in Christianity.: Apples

Royal house that financed the modern piano creation.: Medici

Company, organization providing services.: Agency

Indian holy river.: Ganges

Unit with parents and children.: Family

Having manners, established set of conduct.: Proper

Part of a shirt that goes around the neck.: Collar

One born in a country, a __ to that area.: Native

Metal tube from which water comes out in a sink.: Faucet

Catch __, hybrid word guessing, hot potato game.: Phrase

Puzzle 2 Answers

Glenn __, reported Snowden’s story to the world.: Greenwald

Day of Atonement.: Yom kippur

Container for making and pouring a morning drink.: Coffee pot

Activity that is the end or the purpose.: Autotelic

Night __, when you can’t see well in the dark.: Blindness

This high walking is also called funambulism.: Tightrope

Blind superhero with enhanced senses.: Daredevil

Repetition of the vowel sound.: Assonance

Greeting among men in most western cultures.: Handshake

Collection of investments.: Portfolio

Variety of peach family with smooth skin.: Nectarine

Scientific study of rocks.: Petrology

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bird with a proverbial stomach.: Ostrich

People without pigment in their skin.: Albinos

Fashionable, made to measure apparel.: Couture

Behavior that’s not the norm, different, strange.: Deviant

Outermost bone of the middle ear.: Malleus

Person serving a prison sentence.: Convict

80s futuristic police enforcement movie.: Robocop

The Greek Muse of music and lyric poetry.: Euterpe

First book of the bible; Phil Collins’ band.: Genesis

A person who collects and delivers mail.: Postman

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sovereign state run by an elected individual.: Republic

Type of music balloons are scared of.: Pop music

Emetophobia is the fear of __.: Vomiting

Her mother’s __ image = very much alike.: Spitting

The surname of an Italian family depicted in films.: Corleone

Sweetened frozen dessert made from milk.: Ice cream

Only city located on two continents.: Istanbul

World’s deadliest animal.: Mosquito

Early followers of Jesus who spread his message.: Apostles

Body of water where the Isle of Man lies.: Irish sea

Decoration that is sewn onto a piece of cloth.: Appliqué

Album by progressive/power metal band Viathyn.: Cynosure

Gland that can only be found in male anatomy.: Prostate

Moon in Jupiter not affected by tidal heating.: Callisto

__ Safran Foer, author known for visual writing.: Jonathan

Puzzle 5 Answers

Atlantic-Pacific Ocean linking waterway: __ Canal.: Panama

Show off, parade.: Flaunt

Light and airy dessert.: Mousse

Stem glasses to drink champagne in; instruments.: Flutes

Agricultural tool with spiked teeth to level land.: Harrow

Waxy substance used to style hair.: Pomade

__ and Louise, feminist film with a young Brad Pitt.: Thelma

Cartoon about little blue creatures.: Smurfs

Fatigue and other symptoms from air travel.: Jetlag

To move text up and down on a computer’s monitor.: Scroll

Scarcely, sparsely, almost not enough.: Barely

Group 68

Puzzle 1 Answers

Round green vegetable; hearts are the best.: Artichoke

Raphael’s portrait of a baker’s daughter.: Fornarina

Shiva is also known as this in Hinduism.: Destroyer

Animals that attack prey; atop of the food chain.: Predators

Pakistani city meaning “City of Islam”.: Islamabad

She performs classical dance professionally.: Ballerina

Oily soothing substance.: Demulcent

Bespectacled mastermind behind Microsoft.: Bill gates

A kind of cosmetic used on the head.: Hairspray

Vortex.: Whirlpool

A vegetable slicer with adjustable cutting blades.: Mandoline

The film industry turned it into a glamorous item.: Cigarette

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ and the 40 Thieves.: Ali baba

Dagger type weapon on the end of a gun muzzle.: Bayonet

Tiger Woods’ real first name.: Eldrick

Tiny marine crustacean with six pairs of limbs.: Copepod

Rectangular shaped hatchet used in the kitchen.: Cleaver

This poisonous plant killed prisoners in old times.: Hemlock

Something that is an advantage.: Benefit

Add liquid to food residue on a pan to make sauce.: Deglaze

Kill-joy, spoil-sport.: Marplot

It takes more than one to make a summer.: Swallow

Puzzle 3 Answers

Marine crustacean found on ship bottoms.: Barnacle

A person who teaches at a university.: Lecturer

A gift given, typically for charitable purposes.: Donation

One who raids and plunders.: Marauder

Art of making objects out of clay.: Ceramics

Permanent hair loss on the head.: Baldness

Containing a hidden meaning.: Oracular

A kind of slope.: Slippery

Electronic version of a piano.: Keyboard

Type of celebration with music and lights.: Carnival

Prehistoric structure of flat stones.: Cromlech

Highly concentrated coffee served in small cups.: Espresso

Puzzle 4 Answers

Robin Hood’s fellow outlaw, __ John.: Little

State of rowdy disorder.: Mayhem

Most expensive fruit, __ King cantaloupe.: Yubari

__ Horn, instrument primarily used in Austria.: Vienna

World’s largest volume freshwater lake, in Siberia.: Baikal

Vehicle fuel type; Italian fashion brand.: Diesel

Attractive older woman; a mountain lion.: Cougar

Title character of a controversial book by Nabokov.: Lolita

Precious metal; second place medal.: Silver

Preached in church.: Homily

These body parts make movement possible.: Joints

Heat of the Night detective; Poitier character, __ Tibbs.: Virgil

Puzzle 5 Answers

Old-time medicinal paste mixing honey and herbs.: Electuary

A synthetised substitute for sugar.: Aspartame

Patient in this board game is named “Cavity Sam”.: Operation

Spanish writer of Don Quixote.: Cervantes

Facial hair that extends below the ears.: Sideburns

Cemetery marker.: Headstone

A __, spell of hardship.: Lean patch

Large rodent with spines on the body and tail.: Porcupine

Himalayan capital, Mt. Everest starting point.: Kathmandu

A yes-man.: Sycophant

__ at Tiffany’s, movie with Audrey Hepburn.: Breakfast

Persian creature with human head, bat wings.: Manticore

Something that is priced very high; costly.: Expensive

According to the song, Johnny B. Goode is from __.: Louisiana

Group 69

Puzzle 1 Answers

Called South West Africa until 1990.: Namibia

Superman’s version of Mr. Hyde.: Bizarro

Animal, plant having no sex organs.: Asexual

Rummy-like game originally from Uruguay.: Canasta

Coffeehouse expert.: Barista

Harold __, sold his Academy Award at an auction.: Russell

__ and Cressida, a Shakespeare’s tragedy.: Troilus

Disease that causes production of too few steroids.: Addison

Flexible athlete.: Gymnast

The state of mind of a sad person.: Unhappy

Place where aircrafts take off and land.: Airport

Person who comes in between to facilitate things.: Liaison

There is no garden __ its weeds.: Without

Milanese dish with saffron.: Risotto

Puzzle 2 Answers

Historical record of events, yearly records.: Annals

Those born in the __, are among the privileged.: Purple

Anagram of ripens.: Sniper

__ Swift, singer who writes about her breakups.: Taylor

Jacket ending above the waist, worn open.: Bolero

This type of egg is boiled inside sausage meat.: Scotch

Not a gas or solid, in between.: Liquid

African nation north of Lake Victoria.: Uganda

The sun’s daily goodbye.: Sunset

Comedy of __, Shakespeare humorous piece.: Errors

Puzzle 3 Answers

Freshwater fish, most commonly kept as pet.: Goldfish

Chart that tells you the days of the month.: Calendar

Machete like one handed sword of Medieval Europe.: Falchion

Those who watch a show or play.: Audience

Writer of Civil Rights songs in the 1960s.: Bob dylan

Expression, indirect reference in writing.: Allusion

Long flat-bottomed sled used for sliding on ice.: Toboggan

It is formed by bones such as clavicle and scapula.: Shoulder

Multi-armed demonic being of Hindu mythology.: Rakshasa

Drug that calms, puts patients to sleep.: Sedative

Never the favorite cartoon dog.: Underdog

Asian spice, root of the ginger family.: Turmeric

Martin __, comedian starring in Bad Boys.: Lawrence

Puzzle 4 Answers

Mr Roget’s invaluable book.: Thesaurus

This 1980’s movie had Kevin Bacon in a lead role.: Footloose

Foster’s Home for __ Friends, cartoon about monsters.: Imaginary

World’s tallest waterfall is in this country.: Venezuela

Makes music sound louder.: Amplifier

Brand synonymous with airport luggage.: Samsonite

Make something known in order to sell it.: Advertise

Greek muse of tragedy.: Melpomene

Benito __, leader of the Italian Social Republic.: Mussolini

Language also known as Rusyn.: Ruthenian

Type of tree that never loses its leaves.: Evergreen

It has hairy skin and green flesh.: Kiwifruit

Puzzle 5 Answers

Father of modern physics and science.: Galileo

Serious in intention, purpose or effort.: Earnest

“Low” region known for tulips and windmills.: Holland

Otherwise known as the devil.: Lucifer

Example is better than __.: Precept

William __ is best known for playing James T. Kirk.: Shatner

It comes to an end.: Expires

Runs fast like a horse.: Gallops

First pocket book publishing house.: Penguin

Ancient Greek military formation of heavy infantry.: Phalanx

A place to keep things.: Storage

Group 70

Puzzle 1 Answers

Utensil used to give food a citric kick.: Zester

Island in Europe associated with cactus.: Sicily

The Greek muse of comedy.: Thalia

Permanent ink inserted into your skin.: Tattoo

Protects the leg from ankle to knee.: Puttee

Painful feeling from cold beverage, Brain __.: Freeze

Breed of domestic cat, the sacred cat of Burma.: Birman

Attractive, nice to look at.: Pretty

Japanese-named grid game of logical numbers.: Sudoku

Breakfast dish of raw oats, seeds, fruits.: Muesli

Surname of a bald supervillain.: Luthor

To sign up for something, classes.: Enroll

Family Guy diabolical toddler.: Stewie

Christ coming into the world.: Advent

Repeated parts of a song aka refrain.: Chorus

They stink after three days.: Guests

Puzzle 2 Answers

First urban civilization in modern day Iraq.: Sumerian

Carrying a developing baby inside.: Pregnant

Dauntless, gutsy.: Intrepid

The __ in the room: subject avoided for discussion.: Elephant

Literature on how to prepare food.: Cookbook

Susan __, won an Oscar for Dead Man Walking.: Sarandon

Person who helps actors when they forget lines.: Prompter

JJ Abrams’ teenage drama series.: Felicity

City of flowers, per eccellenza.: Florence

Life form individual.: Organism

An extreme sportsperson.: Skydiver

Puzzle 3 Answers

Capital of North Korea.: Pyongyang

Popular pizza topping, dried, spicy meat.: Pepperoni

Britain’s Atlantis in Arthurian legend.: Lyonnesse

The __, comedy directed by Billy Wilder.: Apartment

Asian mountain range, home to Mt. Everest.: Himalayas

Long extended area along waterfront for walking.: Promenade

Rich Uncle __, Monopoly wealthy relative.: Pennybags

Church instrument with monstrous sound.: Pipe organ

Used to treat snake bites.: Antivenom

A supreme ruler, especially a monarch.: Sovereign

Versed, well-acquainted.: Cognizant

Rarely known synonym for zoo.: Menagerie

Puzzle 4 Answers

Use this to avoid water rings on tables.: Coaster

Verdi’s opera with Va, pensiero.: Nabucco

Bed of a river or waterway, usually deep.: Channel

Process of creating a genetic copy.: Cloning

“Stay Gold, __”.: Ponyboy

It is half the battle, according to G.I. Joe.: Knowing

Sudden large amount of wealth, luck.: Bonanza

Urges Orestes to kill their mother.: Electra

Hammers used to strike percussion instruments.: Mallets

African country colonized by freed slaves.: Liberia

Aromatic delicate herb related to parsley.: Chervil

Travellers belongings.: Luggage

Blossom, __ and Buttercup: The Powerpuff Girls.: Bubbles

Anagram of senator.: Treason

Puzzle 5 Answers

Beach Boys asked help from this woman.: Rhonda

The roof of your mouth.: Palate

Creme __, creamy with glazed caramel layer.: Brulee

Customizable character controlled by the player.: Avatar

Last six lines of a sonnet.: Sestet

St. Francis of __, saint of animals.: Assisi

Sea __ hold hands while they sleep.: Otters

When in Rome, do as they do.: Romans

Solid surface of the Earth; dry land.: Ground

Monetary gain after business expenses.: Profit

Category or sex humans identify with.: Gender

Group 71

Puzzle 1 Answers

Anne __, Shakespeare’s wife.: Hathaway

Romance language spoken in East Europe.: Romanian

Apollo named a flower after him.: Hyacinth

Passed on, transmitted.: Imparted

Small type of accordion, reed organ.: Melodeon

Modern conservative movement; Boston event.: Tea party

Injury to the neck, usually from car accident.: Whiplash

This kind of dance may include tango and waltz.: Ballroom

Mexican round flat bread.: Tortilla

Henri de __-Lautrec painted In Bed.: Toulouse

To rest inactive during summer.: Estivate

The helmsman of a racing shell.: Coxswain

__ Mars, TV show about a teenage private-detective.: Veronica

Most abundant chemical element in atmosphere.: Nitrogen

Puzzle 2 Answers

Tropical fruit with a crown.: Pineapple

Leonard __, composer of West Side Story.: Bernstein

To get another company to do part of the work.: Outsource

Forewarned is __.: Forearmed

Congenital irregularity on the skin.: Birthmark

Used for treating inflammation.: Ibuprofen

Release, allow to leave; military dismissal.: Discharge

90s Christmas flick featuring Kevin McCallister.: Home alone

It has the largest number of active volcanoes.: Indonesia

Omission of conjunctions between clauses.: Asyndeton

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ Söze, Usual Suspects con artist.: Keyser

Soaked up the sun, skin turned a shade darker.: Tanned

To soak up liquid, sponge or towel.: Absorb

Hordes.: Crowds

Not a veteran, often blamed for mistakes.: Newbie

Former name for potassium, used in fertilizers.: Potash

Socrates student, understanding the good.: Euclid

Material made from animal skin to write on.: Vellum

Everybody was __ fighting; Chinese martial art.: Kung fu

__ Talkie, two way radio, 80s toy essential.: Walkie

Position of the anchor just above the sea floor.: Aweigh

German who initiated the romantic literature.: Goethe

The Fourth __ stands for the media at large.: Estate

Puzzle 4 Answers

English writer known for his Arthurian novels.: Th white

These e-currency transactions cannot be reversed.: Bitcoin

To put an end to.: Abolish

It is a dish best served cold.: Revenge

Rock formed from various grained plutonic rocks.: Granite

Branch of science that studies bodies.: Anatomy

Baba __, Arabic dish of cooked eggplants.: Ganoush

Can’t think of the answer, no solution.: Stumped

Series of action movies starred by Bruce Willis.: Die hard

Acting unmannered, crude, rude.: Boorish

Glass used for drinking small amount of alcohol.: Snifter

Puzzle 5 Answers

Giant beast described in Job 40:15.: Behemoth

Band of __, HBO miniseries about World War II.: Brothers

A large waterfall.: Cataract

French lullaby.: Berceuse

Japanese video slot machine.: Pachinko

Dynasty that gave origin to the Holy Roman Empire.: Ottonian

A period during a massive power failure.: Blackout

Science of fermentation, beer lovers enrolled.: Zymology

Marijuana helps some with this seizure disorder.: Epilepsy

City where the escapologist Harry Houdini was born.: Budapest

Disney’s animation with classical music.: Fantasia

Boring, tedious.: Tiresome

Group 72

Puzzle 1 Answers

To fight by grappling and holding an opponent.: Wrestling

In the __ of an eye = very quickly.: Twinkling

A mathematical sequence that occurs in nature.: Fibonacci

A disaster-prone pedestrian.: Jaywalker

Highest rank of teachers in a college.: Professor

The bride in the Songs of Solomon.: Shulamite

Large group of horses, etc in a procession.: Cavalcade

Used for boiling water.: Tea kettle

Commercial building used to store goods.: Warehouse

Mishmashed recipe served in deep dish vessel.: Casserole

Puzzle 2 Answers

She herds cattle, rides horses.: Cowgirl

Boat sport using the wind to traverse.: Sailing

Not a brand name item.: Generic

Eldest son of Louis the Pious.: Lothair

Place of origin of the world’s best-selling stout.: Ireland

Audio-related membrane; not an instrument.: Eardrum

John __, a remarkable legal thriller writer.: Grisham

Straight Outta __, gangsta rap album by N.W.A.: Compton

Aquarium cleaning fish aka suckerfish.: Remoras

Painted View of Toledo.: El greco

Big __, surveillance-inspired reality show.: Brother

One of the many deities of Hinduism.: Lakshmi

Puzzle 3 Answers

Something that can be utilized more than once.: Reusable

Horse with a white mane and tail.: Palomino

Brief evocative account, shorter than a novel.: Vignette

Strong green spirit banned in most countries.: Absinthe

__ Leia, Luke’s sister in Star Wars.: Princess

Called Gorky from 1932 to 1990, Nizhny __.: Novgorod

A tie in a contest.: Deadlock

Hip-twisting toy invented in 1958.: Hula hoop

Tale or legend, passed on through speech.: Folk tale

Knack, bent.: Aptitude

Puzzle 4 Answers

Band worn around the leg to keep stockings up.: Garter

Entreat, beseech.: Adjure

Means to gain something, also a street.: Avenue

Faculty to encode, store and retrieve information.: Memory

Someone who has low red blood cell count.: Anemic

Workplace of artists, actors, musicians.: Studio

It is not __ science = it is not so difficult.: Rocket

In Africa, respectful form of address to men.: Bwanas

__ Globes, given by Hollywood Foreign Press.: Golden

Beetle who pushes the sun in Egyptian mythology.: Khepri

Root of a plant used as a spice or for tea.: Ginger

Happens quickly, unexpectedly.: Sudden

Grouped set of lines in a poem.: Stanza

French philosopher who refused a Nobel prize.: Sartre

Puzzle 5 Answers

Naïve Smith appointed senator in Capra’s film.: Jefferson

Science that shows how healthy a food is for you.: Nutrition

In French, this car structure means single shell.: Monocoque

Oldest reigning monarch in 2016, __ II of the UK.: Elizabeth

He created Cthulhu.: Lovecraft

Hip Hop necessity, DJ work station.: Turntable

School tool to bring pencil to fine point.: Sharpener

Second most popular language in China.: Cantonese

Land almost surrounded completely by water.: Peninsula

Individual precipitations during a shower.: Raindrops

Group 73

Puzzle 1 Answers

Steep downward plunge.: Nosedive

Man proposes, God __.: Disposes

Cat that is always disappearing in Wonderland.: Cheshire

Japanese cooking technique using soy sauce glaze.: Teriyaki

Queer Eye for the __ Guy: a makeover TV show.: Straight

Jamaica’s governor during the Golden Age of Piracy.: Hamilton

Party-poopers.: Killjoys

Person who performs sleight of hand tricks.: Magician

Placing decorative paper on presents.: Wrapping

Substance that boosts a chemical reaction.: Catalyst

One of Tchaikovsky’s most popular ballets.: Swan lake

Puzzle 2 Answers

Naturalist known for the evolutionary theory.: Darwin

Title character of Oscar Wilde’s masterpiece.: Dorian

Olive __, peace offering.: Branch

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1971.: Patton

Climb, go upward, move toward the top.: Ascend

Planned direction or route to travel.: Course

Also called oedema.: Dropsy

French kickboxing that allows shoes.: Savate

A bird of prey found in almost all continents.: Falcon

Boys Town hero played by Spencer Tracy, Father __.: Edward

Top award given by the music industry.: Grammy

Puzzle 3 Answers

Remaining food after a meal; to be consumed later.: Leftovers

Queen of the Australian desert.: Priscilla

Rubbery and flexible tissue between bones.: Cartilage

Can’t deny a kiss if caught under this.: Mistletoe

Fiction work that doesn’t follow the normal rules.: Antinovel

Formal name for doctor.: Physician

Formerly, a Venetian nobleman.: Magnifico

Capital of Cambodia.: Phnom penh

Get on this to glide on the snow.: Snowboard

Simon and __, duo of folk singers.: Garfunkel

Created The Feast of Herod.: Donatello

Practice of negotiating between governments.: Diplomacy

Type of promotion, attracts attention to people.: Publicity

Puzzle 4 Answers

Kids guessing game; may result in execution.: Hangman

John Constable’s birthplace.: Suffolk

One who renounces one’s beliefs under oath.: Abjurer

Ad __, argument attacks the person not idea.: Hominem

Great __ Reef, Australia’s ecosystem under threat.: Barrier

Isabel __, Chilean-American famous for magic realism.: Allende

Center of Scottish culture.: Glasgow

A person trained to assist women in childbirth.: Midwife

Area for keeping prisoners, usually for torture.: Dungeon

Medical pump used to inject medicines, vaccines.: Syringe

Puzzle 5 Answers

Basso __, the deepest of voices.: Profondo

Working out and physical activity as a hobby.: Exercise

The conservation of woodlands.: Forestry

This type of bleeding should cause alarm.: Internal

World’s largest pizza franchise, not found in Italy.: Pizza hut

The Minotaur’s mother.: Pasiphae

Grey __: his influence is underhand.: Eminence

Self-righteous, smug.: Priggish

In the __, becalmed.: Doldrums

Medieval knightly code; a gentleman.: Chivalry

Text translation for foreign movies.: Subtitle

Author whose girlfriend left him for Chaplin.: Salinger

Group 74

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ring of light surrounding a saint’s head.: Nimbus

Fixed expressions with figurative meaning.: Idioms

Your double never fails to be there.: Mirror

Arm muscles men like to show off.: Biceps

Something inherited through generations.: Legacy

80s George Lucas fantasy movie, also a tree.: Willow

Four keys that cover all cardinal directions.: Arrows

Guerilla movement of the French Resistance.: Maquis

Coulrophobia is the fear of __.: Clowns

Misprints.: Errata

Tiny nation on the island of Borneo.: Brunei

Avid eSports players.: Gamers

Puzzle 2 Answers

Comedy Central adult cartoon that killed Kenny.: South park

Found mostly between Mars and Jupiter.: Asteroids

Professional who selects and serves wine.: Sommelier

Unlawful guardian.: Vigilante

__ Clairy Batis, Princess of Yugoslavia.: Katherine

A __ Mind, won the Academy Awards in 2002.: Beautiful

A sort of hay mannequin found in open fields.: Scarecrow

Erratic, mercurial.: Vagarious

Treatment to repair a damaged tooth.: Rootcanal

The lead singer of the British band Joy Division.: Ian curtis

Puzzle 3 Answers

Babies are born without these.: Kneecaps

Sacred, first month of Islamic calendar.: Muharram

Mesopotamian city.: Seleucia

__ Away, Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli.: Spirited

Process of moving items from place to place.: Shipping

__ Durer painted Adam and Eve.: Albrecht

One of the most famous songs by The Ronettes.: Be my baby

Hidden dangers.: Pitfalls

Protein from hunted, not domestic animals.: Game meat

A large pad used mainly for sleeping purposes.: Mattress

Having brown or black hair.: Brunette

Puzzle 4 Answers

Allan Poe suggested a solution for this paradox.: Olbers

Opposite of wide.: Narrow

Unearthly, non angelic being of Western religions.: Cherub

World’s largest rainforest.: Amazon

Admiral __, Mon Calamari commander in Star Wars.: Ackbar

Global tea brand.: Lipton

Leading figure of the Pop Art movement.: Warhol

They also have striped skin.: Tigers

Someone who accepts bets on sports.: Bookie

Act of robbery or criminal violence at sea.: Piracy

__ holds a place for those who pray, Mrs Robinson.: Heaven

Puzzle 5 Answers

Arriving after the due time, expected.: Belated

He was fed by a wolf along with his twin brother.: Romulus

FOMO: Fear Of __ Out.: Missing

Person under the care of another; patronage.: Protege

Turn a murky liquid clear by straining items out.: Clarify

To make bigger, grander, expand.: Enlarge

Misleading, deceptive, false belief, notion.: Fallacy

Author of The Chronicles of Narnia.: Cs lewis

Moving by wind or air; playing wind instrument.: Blowing

Mammals with big incisors; groundhogs, squirrels.: Rodents

Explosive cocktail, used by some protestors.: Molotov

Delivered by politicians as a rule.: Screeds

Arnold Schwarzenegger is from this country.: Austria

Group 75

Puzzle 1 Answers

Study of matter, motion through space and time.: Physics

Military rhythmic song, used when running.: Cadence

__ City is the home of the Pope.: Vatican

__ Cage, actor of Leaving Las Vegas.: Nicolas

Money given for a service or goods.: Payment

Figure who brings good dreams through magical sand.: Sandman

To come down from a higher place.: Descend

The grass is like this on the other side.: Greener

Pocket of fluid under a layer of skin.: Blister

A sinister kind of humour.: Gallows

Web treats designed to remember who you are.: Cookies

Medium-sized wildcat found in Middle East, Africa.: Caracal

A fine lustrous silk fabric with a crisp texture.: Taffeta

They opposed the Ghibellines.: Guelphs

A disciple, despite his ill-famed job.: Matthew

The __, creepy Shirley Jackson short story.: Lottery

Puzzle 2 Answers

TV series that narrates the fate of Laura Palmer.: Twin peaks

A __ tune = a theme song.: Signature

Collection of poems or songs.: Anthology

__ of Lisieux, French “Little Flower” saint.: St therese

Device that delivers drugs in the form of a mist.: Nebulizer

Sample, model of product before release.: Prototype

A person or company that produces books.: Publisher

Very eloquent person.: Wordsmith

Cuts blocks of silage aka block cutter.: Shear grab

Italian topping made with chopped herbs and lemon.: Gremolata

Spherical tree nuts often used in praline.: Hazelnuts

China’s long brick defense structure.: Great wall

Puzzle 3 Answers

Media library for iPhone, iPod.: Itunes

The act, process, or industry of extracting ores.: Mining

The __ Way joined Rome to Capua.: Appian

A group of entertainers who tour together.: Troupe

Drink made with beans aimed to stay awake.: Coffee

Rot, rankle.: Fester

How I Met Your __, flashback sitcom.: Mother

Shoot the __, killing time; idle chit chat.: Breeze

__ Plath, American poetress who commited suicide.: Sylvia

Give instructions where to go, place something.: Direct

Drug company famous for Viagra.: Pfizer

Buddhist ceremonial knife.: Phurba

Sea that separates Sudan and Saudi Arabia.: Red sea

Wretchedness of condition or circumstances.: Misery

Area of muddy, soft, swampy ground.: Slough

Puzzle 4 Answers

Share of money to be distributed.: Dividend

In a bold unabashed way.: Brazenly

Severe headache with specific symptoms.: Migraine

Naturally occuring volcanic glass.: Obsidian

Collection of lined papers used by students.: Notebook

They can go longer than camels without water.: Giraffes

__ Utamaro, Japanese printmaker who died in 1806.: Kitagawa

Also known as Alcofribas Nasier.: Rabelais

James and __ Peach is a 1996 British-American film.: The giant

Construction workers.: Hardhats

Melon with yellowish peel, greenish flesh.: Honeydew

Monastery for Buddhist monks.: Lamasery

Puzzle 5 Answers

__ Paltrow, American actress and Oscar winner.: Gwyneth

First recorded Arctic explorers.: Vikings

Old valuable collectible.: Antique

Body tissue composed of fat cells.: Adipose

The type of plant where Homer Simpson works.: Nuclear

Michael Phelps regarding his occupation.: Athlete

Military formation of a few battalions.: Brigade

A vent in the Earth.: Volcano

Creator of the Middle Earth.: Tolkien

Cross-species animal; dishonest online friend.: Catfish

A tenet contrary to received opinion.: Paradox

What the early bird does to the worm.: Catches

Anagram of ratchet.: Chatter

Succeeded David in the throne.: Solomon

Ancient wind musical instrument.: Ocarina

Group 76

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ Crab, marine creature with hard shell.: Horseshoe

Defibrillation for car battery.: Jump start

Spared by a grateful lion in the arena.: Androcles

Popular Nintendo driving game with steering wheel.: Mario kart

Balboa’s communist rival in Rocky IV.: Ivan drago

Literary style inspired by a Spanish poet.: Gongorism

Highest mountain in the Alps.: Mont blanc

Hometown for Harvard and the MIT.: Cambridge

A hit by The Beatles.: Yesterday

Everlasting condition, without change.: Permanent

A region in space with a strong gravity force.: Black hole

Puzzle 2 Answers

Sea separating Italy from the Balkans.: Adriatic

A common brooch design.: Sunburst

One of the days of the week.: Saturday

Type of catapult used in the medieval period.: Mangonel

Taster, treats and at rest are __ of each other.: Anagrams

Creator of the labyrinth in Greek mythology.: Daedalus

Vegetable-like fruit, eaten pickled or in a salad.: Cucumber

Chary, diffident.: Cautious

Author of popular Western adventure novels.: Zane grey

Mr. Burns’ loyal assistant.: Smithers

Incorrigible rogue in Shakespeare’s Henry IV.: Falstaff

They appear when one is clenching a fist.: Knuckles

Free reed windpipe instrument that has a keyboard.: Melodica

Excessive thirst when water in body isn’t normal.: Dipsosis

Puzzle 3 Answers

He painted Spirit of the Dead Watching.: Gauguin

Beware of Greeks __ gifts.: Bearing

Someone who brings something new into existence.: Creator

Small dents on the cheeks when someone smiles.: Dimples

Lead actress in the film Belle du jour (1967).: Deneuve

Needlework done with a hook and yarn.: Crochet

US actress of “When Harry Met Sally”.: Meg ryan

Small house; lumpy white cheese.: Cottage

Medieval term for desert dweller.: Saracen

Christian birth sacrament involving water.: Baptism

__ Garden, collection of plants.: Botanic

Cross __, long distance skiing.: Country

Wrinkles, spots of bother.: Hitches

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sum of all parts, quantity, measure.: Amount

Outer, thin bone in your lower leg.: Fibula

To run away.: Escape

Body of water; small river; brook.: Stream

State of a bone when it is put in a cast.: Broken

Peter __, brother of Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton-tail.: Rabbit

Rick __, Bogart’s role in Casablanca.: Blaine

Put a spoke in someone’s wheel.: Thwart

Minneapolis was hometown of this “royal” musician.: Prince

An electric generator, mainly for direct current.: Dynamo

He carries the golfer’s clubs.: Caddie

Puzzle 5 Answers

Liver disease; types can range from A to E.: Hepatitis

A storage area for supplies and goods.: Stockroom

Italian Baroque painter, Tommaso __.: Dolabella

Someone you know from work, coworker.: Colleague

Old term for a cat.: Grimalkin

Four-line stanza in poetry.: Long metre

Marvin Gaye sang about this source for gossip.: Grapevine

Float like a __, sting like a bee.: Butterfly

A neo-noir mystery film directed by Roman Polanski.: Chinatown

Sort of Arabian one-humped camel.: Dromedary

Share a secret with this trusting person.: Confidant

Group 77

Puzzle 1 Answers

Blood is __ than water.: Thicker

Much Ado About __, a Shakespearean comedy.: Nothing

Disbelief or lack of belief in gods.: Atheism

Variety of quartz ranging from yellow to brownish.: Citrine

Daily record of experiences, observations.: Journal

This snack cheese comes covered in a red wax.: Babybel

Flatfish, righteye flounder.: Halibut

John, Paul, George and Ringo.: Beatles

A majestic tree named after a great man.: Sequoia

Sugars containing aldehyde or equivalents.: Aldoses

Flower of the primrose family.: Fuchsia

He should have chosen a better wife.: Cuckold

George __, former boxer and grill endorser.: Foreman

Puzzle 2 Answers

Blemishes on the skin; unrelated to the liver.: Age spots

Celebration in which Magi reached their destination.: Epiphany

Doors singer who died young and is buried in Paris.: Morrison

Spirits of the constelations associated with rain.: Pleiades

Superhero team with Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and more.: Avengers

Berlin museum art lovers can’t fail to visit.: Pergamon

Someone whose job is to examine an area of land.: Surveyor

Old or vintage items.: Antiques

Cotton fabric with stiff ridges.: Corduroy

City with one of the largest zoos in the world.: San diego

40s, 50s thriller genre, detective movies.: Film noir

Moral fable; Aesop’s had animals.: Apologue

Group of important rock-forming inosilicate minerals.: Pyroxene

Puzzle 3 Answers

To read superficially.: Browse

Central American coastal country.: Belize

Responsible for the fall of the Aztec Empire.: Cortes

Round shape.: Circle

Traditional Egyptian and Palestinian instrument.: Arghul

Boat kept on a larger ship, used to get to land.: Dinghy

Study of how words are arranged in a sentence.: Syntax

Little girl demon, antagonist of The Exorcist.: Pazuzu

14 line poem written in iambic pentameter.: Sonnet

Metamorphed limestone.: Marble

Puzzle 4 Answers

Government by only a few.: Oligarchy

Written, spoken communication.: Discourse

The capital of Laos.: Vientiane

Inflammation of the lungs by viruses or bacteria.: Pneumonia

Bible is split into a new and an old one.: Testament

Bill Gates’s tech company.: Microsoft

Can easily catch on fire.: Flammable

Caesar’s wife must be above __.: Suspicion

Sleepwear.: Nightgown

A person or thing that innovates.: Developer

A Woody Allen film starring Diane Keaton.: Interiors

Puzzle 5 Answers

Christmas time celebration of African heritage.: Kwanzaa

Western European country; capital is Brussels.: Belgium

Closed __, text on a screen for hearing impaired.: Caption

Law enacted by a legislative body.: Statute

Angels’ boss on Fawcett’s detective show.: Charlie

Four __, hotel chain for summer, spring….: Seasons

Unimportant, meaningless.: Trivial

Ship featured in The Goonies.: Inferno

Rough noise made during sleep.: Snoring

90s grunge band, Buddhist state of final release.: Nirvana

Green variety of beryl used in jewelry.: Emerald

Being careful not to offend other people.: Tactful

Rainbow feathered bird, immortal by Greeks.: Peacock

__ Morris, author of Manwatching (1977).: Desmond

Night __, division of all-female USSR flight pilots.: Witches

Group 78

Puzzle 1 Answers

Part of the bodywork of a Formula 1 car.: Diffuser

Neil Diamond’s sweet muse.: Caroline

Big-mouthed, face-painted Batman villain.: The joker

System involves movement, posture, circulation.: Muscular

A type of cabbage that has a large, round stem.: Kohlrabi

What PB stands for in computing.: Petabyte

A guest that is never welcome.: Constant

Clapping Spanish dance performed by couples.: Fandango

Anagram of rain hard.: Harridan

Underhand interference; to deliberately destroy.: Sabotage

Train __, amateur interest in railroads.: Spotting

Taking wastes out of blood with a machine.: Dialysis

Gem literally meaning remedy against drunkenness.: Amethyst

Puzzle 2 Answers

Roses are susceptible to that.: Blackspot

She keep on burnin’ in Turner and Creedence’s tune.: Proud mary

Cold War Romanian dictator.: Ceausescu

Latin term that means the current state of things.: Status quo

Won Oscar at just 16 playing Helen Keller.: Patty duke

Soft, Normandy cheese.: Camembert

Ann __, author of The Mysteries of Udolpho.: Radcliffe

Large hairy spider found in tropical America.: Tarantula

Congenital means a __ present at birth.: Condition

Extortion of money, like a blackmail.: Shake down

Don’t Shoot the __, it is not his fault.: Messenger

Liz Taylor plays an Egyptian queen in this movie.: Cleopatra

Puzzle 3 Answers

Unclear perception, hard to express.: Elusive

Phoenician-founded Libyan capital.: Tripoli

A change of looks obtained with scissors.: Haircut

Stuffed pasta usually shaped like a square.: Ravioli

Comedy of __, satirizes upper class.: Manners

There were ten before Hebrews fled Egypt.: Plagues

Coiled tuba used in military bands.: Helicon

Large whale with a spiral tusk on upper jaw.: Narwhal

__ Ames, a CIA agent who became a KGB mole.: Aldrich

Meetings that aim to communicate with spirits.: Seances

Not straight, having several bends.: Crooked

This professional requires a steady hand.: Surgeon

A business’s income.: Revenue

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sport based on a graceful fall into a pool.: Diving

The__ Connection, winner of the 44th Academy Awards.: French

Poet who guided Dante through hell.: Virgil

Ancient Israel; Middle Eastern promised land.: Canaan

17th century cloth with lace worn on the neck.: Cravat

Gray fish that sucks debris.: Mullet

Blood filtering organ.: Spleen

Rich lobster soup.: Bisque

Month to which Octavius added one day.: August

Nine-tailed fox of the Korean folklore.: Kumiho

__ Cash, famously entertained inmates.: Johnny

To distribute, arrange in groups.: Assort

Wild cats with tufted ears.: Lynxes

Puzzle 5 Answers

To reduce a number of employees in a company.: Downsize

Board game in which you can go to jail.: Monopoly

Goldilocks ate this at the bear’s house.: Porridge

Compare to show how different they are.: Contrast

Sarah __ Gellar, actress of Cruel Intentions.: Michelle

Small group of stars.: Asterism

The capital of Sudan.: Khartoum

His life is taking risks for others.: Stuntman

Process that waves undertake as they change form.: Shoaling

Inflammation of joint sacs.: Bursitis

A biting dog, a pecking duck , a __ bee.: Stinging

Greek god of dreams.: Morpheus

System used for the plantation in Middle Ages.: Rotation

__ Development, sitcom about a dysfunctional family.: Arrested

Group 79

Puzzle 1 Answers

Heart __, ship in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.: Of gold

Free-standing pavillion in parks and squares.: Gazebo

Sudden repetitive intake of air, irritating.: Hiccup

Point of beginning, first stage, source.: Origin

Soft type of silvery metal, used to make figurines.: Pewter

Worth 100 agorot.: Shekel

Dwarf planet named after a Tongva deity.: Quaoar

Measurement, grading, rank.: Rating

President of Afghanistan in 2016, __ Ghani.: Ashraf

__ Mermaid; hoax, monkey head sewn to a fish body.: Feejee

This country disputes Kosovo with Albania.: Serbia

Puzzle 2 Answers

Title character of Goncharov’s romance.: Oblomov

Purchase for less than retail price; great buy.: Bargain

Condition of extreme tiredness, weariness.: Fatigue

In this movie, Woody Allen becomes a revolutionary.: Bananas

Microscopic algae with silica on cell walls.: Diatoms

Famous Italian hazelnut spread.: Nutella

__ Grace, somber Christian hymn.: Amazing

May day festival among the Celts.: Beltane

Donations to aid poor, ill, animals, etc.: Charity

__ Carrington, original surrealist painter.: Leonora

He shoes horses.: Farrier

Office, home tool to clip papers together.: Stapler

Puzzle 3 Answers

Final performance of proverbial bird.: Swan song

Brazilian mythological being with backward feet.: Curupira

The name Wendy was made up for this story.: Peter pan

Someone who eats their own kind.: Cannibal

Neverending.: Infinite

Come Out __, not so subtle boxing idiom.: Swinging

French fashion brand; Hepburn ambassador.: Givenchy

Include hammer, anvil and stirrups; ear bones.: Ossicles

Fertile __, start of civilization in Middle East.: Crescent

Not extreme or excessive.: Moderate

Cat-like mountainous mammal from Asia.: Red panda

UN’s real power is in this council.: Security

A person who repairs machines (such as cars).: Mechanic

Bar of metal in a mathematical shape to make music.: Triangle

Puzzle 4 Answers

60s TV show about a modern housewife witch.: Bewitched

Cold cut marbled with plant known for oil.: Olive loaf

Characters used by Ancient Sumerians.: Cuneiform

K on periodic table, bananas have a ton.: Potassium

The eddaic poems were written in this language.: Icelandic

Between North and Greenland seas, covers Iceland.: Norwegian

India’s notorious sex guide.: Kama sutra

__ and Pyrrha, the Greek version of the flood myth.: Deucalion

Three-dimensional laser images.: Holograms

Benjamin __, 18th-century English pirate.: Hornigold

Robotic rover sent to Mars.: Curiosity

This kind of mind is a perpetual feast.: Contented

Mobile game where players catch pocket monsters.: Pokemon go

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anagram of please.: Asleep

Overcome with horror, dismay, fear.: Appall

Transaction arranger, most famous stock __.: Broker

Crown, headband with jewels from Asia.: Diadem

Mechanism to represent variable data continuously.: Analog

Common pet lizard with a long tail.: Iguana

In time it saves nine.: Stitch

Carrie __, Princess Leia actress.: Fisher

To preserve corpses.: Embalm

Registration of people in a city, country.: Census

Group 80

Puzzle 1 Answers

Brainerd female police chief in Fargo, Marge __.: Gunderson

A shallow, long-handled pan aka skillet.: Frying pan

The Scarlet Letter, by Nathaniel __.: Hawthorne

Sweet briar.: Eglantine

Drug available without a prescription.: Officinal

Adult cartoon about the Griffin family.: Family guy

Spiritual belief in posthumous existence.: Afterlife

Seize the Day.: Carpe diem

Also known as Brazilian jazz.: Bossa nova

Along with Tigris hosted Mesopotamia.: Euphrates

Period of peace during a war.: Ceasefire

Puzzle 2 Answers

Lacking courage, like the Lion in Oz.: Cowardly

Two lines with rhyming ends; Shakespeare’s sonnets.: Couplets

Famous racing family started with Mario.: Andretti

Mixture of sugar and whipped egg whites.: Meringue

Instrument whose name is derived from a Greek muse.: Calliope

Etymologically, a frightful lizard.: Dinosaur

Mike Tyson’s boxing Nintendo game.: Punch out

The capital of Belize.: Belmopan

Robin Hood’s outlaws live in this forest.: Sherwood

No __, sentence usually said to the press.: Comments

None but the brave __ the fair.: Deserves

TV show about a family living in Springfield.: Simpsons

Puzzle 3 Answers

Low quality counterfeit.: Brummagem

This George B. Shaw’s play inspired My Fair Lady.: Pygmalion

Drambuie, Scotch whisky “construction” drink.: Rusty nail

Loss, deficit.: Shortfall

What no money can buy.: Priceless

Construction equipment that can push loads.: Bulldozer

__ Empire, HBO Prohibition period drama.: Boardwalk

England’s tennis Grand Slam tournament.: Wimbledon

Art style very popular during the High Renaissance.: Mannerism

German philosopher; critic, poet.: Nietzsche

Puzzle 4 Answers

Added to table salt to ward off disabilities.: Iodine

A shorter word for a hubble-bubble.: Hookah

Tropical black bird with large beak.: Toucan

Won an Oscar for Goodbye, Mr. Chips, __ Donat.: Robert

Song or poem with short stanzas.: Ballad

No advertising to kids in this Scandinavian land.: Sweden

__ wheel, giant revolving fairground attraction.: Ferris

Person with strong religious commitment.: Devout

Fired actor who played politician Frank Underwood.: Spacey

Three consecutive strikes in bowling.: Turkey

Unavoidable danger, risk, peril.: Hazard

Beatles 60s “long” hair style.: Mop top

Pastry with fruit filling named after a country.: Danish

Spring that sends up jets of water into the air.: Geyser

Puzzle 5 Answers

Another word for plexiglas.: Perspex

These hold the wheels on your car.: Lugnuts

Duke of __, gave up throne for his love.: Windsor

Historic NYC hotel and a city landmark.: Chelsea

Laid her eggs on the waves.: Halcyon

Bogart’s role in The Big Sleep, Philip __.: Marlowe

Nutrient found in some foods and medicines.: Vitamin

Mark changing the sound of c (in Spanish).: Cedilla

Gentle, steady rain in a mist.: Drizzle

Vladimir __, writer of Lolita.: Nabokov

A toenail that digs into the skin is said to be __.: Ingrown

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