CodyCross Science Lab Answers

Science Lab Answers

Group 301

Puzzle 1 Answers

Something open to everyone, not private.: Public

Stylized angel in art looks like a chubby toddler.: Cherub

Fertile farmland on which crops can be grown.: Arable

Elton John song about Cold War girl.: Nikita

Verdi opera about the Moor of Venice.: Otello

Agatha Christie’s spinster detective.: Marple

Stacey __, Tanya Roberts’ alias, A View to a Kill.: Sutton

Blue__, Icelandic thermal pool for bathing in.: Lagoon

Country that makes the cheese called Port Salut.: France

Compressed gases fire projectiles from this weapon.: Airgun

Picture puzzle broken up and then pieced together.: Jigsaw

Puzzle 2 Answers

Those who fled imprisonment.: Escapees

Mortadella and salami are these.: Sausages

Wealthy, prosperous.: Affluent

Poisonous or toxic.: Venomous

Military planning of war or a campaign.: Strategy

Trance-like state, taken from Greek god of sleep.: Hypnosis

Organized sailing or rowing events.: Regattas

Wilting, flopping.: Drooping

Black panther who is a mentor to Mowgli.: Bagheera

Soft-bodied cloth figures, sometimes homemade.: Rag dolls

Period of Palaeozoic when jawed fishes evolved.: Silurian

In or outdoor arenas upon which skaters perform.: Ice rinks

Creator of the Op Art movement, Victor __.: Vasarely

Puzzle 3 Answers

The O in IMHO, “in my humble __”.: Opinion

Killing a dragon.: Slaying

Play by Oscar Wilde: “The Importance of Being __”.: Earnest

Actor Fred __ was Ginger Rogers’ dance partner.: Astaire

Energy and strength shown over a long time.: Stamina

Michelangelo painted its ceiling: __ Chapel.: Sistine

The Moon covers the Sun in this Pink Floyd song.: Eclipse

Cancels out, counterbalances.: Offsets

A social blunder.: Faux pas

Term for a vascular land plant such as a spruce.: Conifer

Southernmost Scandinavian country.: Denmark

Bruce Willis stars in this action classic.: Die hard

Neptune satellite; nymph loved by Polyphemus.: Galatea

Puzzle 4 Answers

Display or exhibit.: Manifest

Study of wines, alcohol is part of the curriculum.: Oenology

Edible almond paste, can be shaped and dyed.: Marzipan

Queen’s star guitarist.: Brian may

Adoration, meaning you’d do anything for someone.: Devotion

Monty Python’s theatrical musical offering.: Spamalot

Enclosure that simulates a pet’s natural habitat.: Vivarium

Period of Greek decline after the Mycenaean era.: Dark ages

Traditional type of roof made of dried vegetation.: Thatched

High male singing voice, a la Bee Gees.: Falsetto

Town where Jesus lived as a child.: Nazareth

Denomination of reformer Martin’s followers.: Lutheran

Puzzle 5 Answers

Weapon wielded by David against Goliath.: Slingshot

Conflagration such as visited on Dresden in 1945.: Firestorm

Monarch who entrapped the Minotaur in a maze.: King minos

Colorful underwater habitat of tropical fish.: Coral reef

Lonely carnivore or character portrayed by Jackman.: Wolverine

Round, filled doughballs in Chinese cuisine.: Dumplings

Lucky.: Fortunate

Shakespearean family, enemies of the Capulets.: Montagues

To clandestinely listen to a private conversation.: Eavesdrop

Novel text read aloud, delivered in a recording.: Audiobook

Banned, prohibited.: Forbidden

Group 302

Puzzle 1 Answers

Liquid used to make one smell pleasant.: Perfume

Use this machine to render documents from your PC.: Printer

Cretan-born Mannerist painter.: El greco

Written in a way that can be read clearly.: Legibly

Word formed by rearranging the letters of another.: Anagram

Plead with someone, beg them.: Implore

Italian fashion designer murdered in Miami Beach.: Versace

Plants or animals, result of crossing breeds.: Hybrids

Chopping down a tree.: Felling

Young person with exceptional abilities.: Prodigy

Costly crimson spice, toxic if consumed in excess.: Saffron

Amazon river mammal, known as boto or bufeo.: Dolphin

Becoming less intense, like a dying hurricane.: Abating

Probe that dove into Saturn’s atmosphere in 2017.: Cassini

Former Soviet leader, __ Gorbachev.: Mikhail

Puzzle 2 Answers

Smearing or rubbing something.: Smudging

Enrolled members of an army.: Recruits

Glands in the roof of mouth fight off infection.: Adenoids

1982’s Gandhi film star, Ben __.: Kingsley

Harshly critical.: Scathing

Person involved in a lawsuit.: Litigant

Microsoft’s file-hosting service.: Onedrive

Deserted, isolated, forlorn.: Desolate

Hungarian capital with two combined cities.: Budapest

Relating to the arteries that surround the heart.: Coronary

Don __, opera by Mozart about libertine Don Juan.: Giovanni

Soluble shells of medicine, to be swallowed.: Capsules

Passing date of validity.: Expiring

Triumphs, wins through.: Prevails

Roman emperor began construction of city walls.: Aurelian

Puzzle 3 Answers

Ireland’s flag is green, white and this color.: Orange

Outdoor barriers for privacy.: Fences

Bizet opera about the fate of a gypsy girl.: Carmen

Large shrimp or prawns.: Scampi

Goddess; Greece’s capital is named after her.: Athena

To be extremely dirty.: Filthy

Orange metallic element Cu.: Copper

Notoriety for bad deeds.: Infamy

__ of the Sun, film about Japanese internment camp.: Empire

Character in “Treasure Island”: Long John __.: Silver

Country with the largest Catholic population.: Brazil

To sign a treaty to make it valid.: Ratify

“City of Music” where Mozart lived.: Vienna

Pablo __, Spanish cellist and conductor.: Casals

Puzzle 4 Answers

Midpoint.: Halfway

Doctor __, Pasternak tale of revolutionary Russia.: Zhivago

Ruling family.: Dynasty

__ if You Can, Frank Abagnale Jr. story.: Catch me

Small Australian marsupial.: Wallaby

Two dimensional figure with six sides.: Hexagon

Biblical giant killed by David.: Goliath

Ancient Greek foot soldier with shield and spear.: Hoplite

Dessert topping of flour & butter, like sand.: Crumble

Tibetan Plateau river flows into Andaman Sea.: Salween

Puzzle 5 Answers

A theorist or speculator.: Idealogue

Agatha Christie West End murder-mystery play.: Mousetrap

Attacker who causes physical injury.: Assailant

In a rush, quickly.: Hurriedly

Best Actress Oscar winner for As Good as it Gets.: Helen hunt

Storage space for rusty, unwanted vehicles.: Scrapyard

Steps down from power as a monarch.: Abdicates

In legal terms, an example that is then followed.: Precedent

Undefeated ancient military leader: __ the Great.: Alexander

Farm animals are __, usually sold at markets.: Livestock

” __ a Week”, sang The Beatles.: Eight days

Reckless young adult, a hellraiser.: Wild child

Sylvester and __, cartoon cat and bird adversaries.: Tweety pie

Asking forcefully.: Demanding

Dutch painter who created many self-portraits.: Rembrandt

Containers for screws and hammers.: Tool boxes

He Who Must Not Be Named.: Voldemort

Group 303

Puzzle 1 Answers

Surname of Spanish singers Julio and son, Enrique.: Iglesias

Italian city that its residents call Firenze.: Florence

Battle of 490 BC, and a running race in its honor.: Marathon

Highly regarded.: Esteemed

Queen who married Ferdinand and sponsored Columbus.: Isabella

One of eight babies from the same birth.: Octuplet

Making butter.: Churning

Flat wire clip for hair.: Bobby pin

Hand __, small explosive weapons thrown at enemies.: Grenades

Heroine of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.: Rosalind

Puzzle 2 Answers

Nickname of the Academy Awards for Film.: Oscars

Paris art museum with a glass pyramid.: Louvre

Smart.: Clever

Gone in 60 seconds.: Minute

Venomous snakes.: Adders

Secure place to leave clothes at the gym.: Locker

National flower of Mexico.: Dahlia

French form of the name Peter.: Pierre

Sacrificial move to gain advantage in chess.: Gambit

Capital city on the island of Taiwan.: Taipei

Interrupt a speech or on-stage performance.: Heckle

Mischievous tricks played by leprechauns.: Pranks

Helen __; social activist who was deaf and blind.: Keller

Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.: Kosher

Puzzle 3 Answers

__ bone, also stapes, found in the middle ear.: Stirrup

Sense Beethoven lost in his 30s.: Hearing

Tidal river mouth.: Estuary

A wide-brimmed hat, associated with cowboys.: Stetson

Fortress on high ground protecting a city.: Citadel

World-famous news agency based in London.: Reuters

Julia __, actress, won an Oscar as Erin Brockovich.: Roberts

Electric mixing machine with a powerful blade.: Blender

Raw fish, Japanese style (without rice).: Sashimi

Bent, dishonest.: Crooked

Ban a practice or law.: Abolish

Holds like a baby.: Cradles

__ Stone, helped decipher hieroglyphics.: Rosetta

More common name for Hansen’s disease.: Leprosy

Puzzle 4 Answers

Transmission mechanisms of motor vehicles.: Gearboxes

Forced removal of a child from school.: Expulsion

Officially agreeing, rubber stamping.: Approving

Large manmade water storage pool.: Reservoir

Fire and __ refers to the wrath of God.: Brimstone

Got rid of.: Discarded

Female star of La La Land.: Emma stone

Fruitfulness and fecundity.: Fertility

Woody Allen film, 1977 Best Picture Oscar winner.: Annie hall

Sociable birds that flock in murmurations.: Starlings

Invented language by Ludwik Zamenhof.: Esperanto

Puzzle 5 Answers

Greek sea god Poseidon took on this equine guise.: Stallion

Chucking, flinging, tossing.: Throwing

The early signs of dentition.: Teething

Steely nickname for Margaret Thatcher.: Iron lady

Unexpected attacks by soldiers.: Ambushes

Ellen Ripley’s spacecraft in Alien.: Nostromo

Thick pureed fruit or veggies energy drink.: Smoothie

British soldiers in the US War of Independence.: Redcoats

Ocean where the Falklands Islands are located.: Atlantic

Month of Valentines.: February

Sorcerer in “The Tempest”.: Prospero

Group 304

Puzzle 1 Answers

Opposite of casual.: Formal

Bring back to life.: Revive

Elton John song: “Tiny __”.: Dancer

Avoids, steers clear of.: Averts

World’s oldest and most widely used type of nut.: Almond

__ & Delilah, Biblical tale of a harmful haircut.: Samson

Olympic sword competitor.: Fencer

Two Young Girls at the Piano, by Pierre-Auguste __.: Renoir

Cried out like a wounded dog.: Yelped

Mother __, Albanian nun famous for charity work.: Teresa

Puzzle 2 Answers

Show of open disobedience; digging in.: Defiance

Removing the shell.: Shucking

What the Rolling Stones had for the devil.: Sympathy

Hound that keeps wooly ruminants in check.: Sheepdog

Magic hall where Odin keeps the dead he chooses.: Valhalla

Bogota is this country’s capital.: Colombia

Classification system of organisms in biology.: Taxonomy

Religion with a Festival of Lights called Diwali.: Hinduism

Puzzle 3 Answers

Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey.: Friends

Advisors, anagram of monster.: Mentors

Nationality of someone from Port-au-Prince.: Haitian

__Letter, tale of adultery by Nathaniel Hawthorne.: Scarlet

Followed secretly, illegally by someone.: Stalked

The act of making holes in the ground with a spade.: Digging

One of Seven Deadly Sins, means “greed”.: Avarice

Unsubstantiated rumor shared by others.: Hearsay

Medical term for lower back pain.: Lumbago

Country where women may wear a tunic called ao dai.: Vietnam

Where a Formula 1 car has a tire change.: Pit stop

Art of public speaking in an elegant, formal way.: Oratory

Touches hand to cap like a soldier.: Salutes

Perceive.: Discern

Puzzle 4 Answers

Kitchen tools with flat end for scraping out bowls.: Spatulas

Pretending, falsifying.: Feigning

Resignation, endurance of pain without complaining.: Stoicism

Crushes a piece of paper.: Crumples

Graphic illustrations that explain a concept.: Diagrams

Christ the __, Rio de Janeiro hilltop statue.: Redeemer

The big red dog.: Clifford

Mosaic tiles on the floors of villas in ancient Rome.: Tesserae

“Beauty is in the eye of the __”.: Beholder

Voting in somebody democratically.: Electing

Inflammation of the bladder.: Cystitis

Puzzle 5 Answers

Having an imposing frontage (of a building).: Edificial

Quip or clever remark.: Witticism

Breathed in, inhaled.: Aspirated

Astronomical instrument from Hellenistic world.: Astrolabe

Prescribed or required by etiquette or fashion.: De rigueur

Mixes eggs and cooks in pan.: Scrambles

Binding; supportive bandages.: Strapping

Watchfulness, alertness.: Vigilance

Business, commercial, trading.: Corporate

Heated box to keep fertilized chicken eggs warm.: Incubator

Group 305

Puzzle 1 Answers

Modest and shy.: Demure

Large garden spade used for planting a tree.: Shovel

Joining of two businesses.: Merger

TV series with laughs.: Sitcom

Seamus __, Nobel laureate famous for Beowulf work.: Heaney

For whom Miss Piggy pines.: Kermit

Groups of political plotters or conspirators.: Cabals

Set off a rocket.: Launch

Iron __, rockers named after a device of torture.: Maiden

Instructions for cooking, a list of ingredients.: Recipe

Pulled something heavy or cumbersome.: Lugged

Name for a group of tigers.: Ambush

To look over the items in a collection.: Curate

A duck’s walk.: Waddle

Largest island in Thailand.: Phuket

Puzzle 2 Answers

Tiny Tim’s surname in “A Christmas Carol”.: Cratchit

Intended as discipline, a hardship.: Punitive

Stubborn or obstinate.: Obdurate

In plentiful supply.: Abundant

Five-sided shape.: Pentagon

Seriousness, solemnity, sober.: Gravitas

Volcano that destroyed Pompei: Mount __.: Vesuvius

Banned or forbidden.: Outlawed

Greek hero of the Trojan War.: Diomedes

Essential ropes that release parachutes.: Ripcords

South African city, home to Table Mountain.: Cape town

Feeling happy, bright and buoyant.: Cheerful

Hard, Italian cheese for grating on pasta.: Parmesan

Time of day when roads are busy.: Rush hour

Puzzle 3 Answers

Broken, injured.: Damaged

The “Two Gentlemen of Verona”: Valentine and __.: Proteus

Hole in the ground for petroleum harvesting.: Oil well

Round ocular organ, positioned under a lid.: Eyeball

Ten-sided shape.: Decagon

A bird’s feathers.: Plumage

Rope used for lowering or raising a sail.: Halyard

A ruler of ancient Egypt, term means “Great House”.: Pharaoh

Greek city, the site of an ancient canal.: Corinth

Photos taken with the camera facing towards you.: Selfies

Seeing glass worn in one eye.: Monocle

Father of Odysseus; Penelope weaves his shroud.: Laertes

Country where Doberman Pinschers originated.: Germany

Solved a mystery, arrived at a conclusion.: Deduced

Venetian cocktail of Prosecco and peach nectar.: Bellini

French Post-impressionist created The Card Players.: Cezanne

Puzzle 4 Answers

Roman emperor with column and forum in Rome.: Trajan

Batter’s head protection in baseball.: Helmet

Father or mother.: Parent

Large bodies of water becoming polluted by plastic.: Oceans

Something that holds up well; strong.: Sturdy

Hang around in the air, like a bad smell.: Linger

Short-range cannon, sounds like brickwork element.: Mortar

Printer that fires droptlets of fluid onto paper.: Inkjet

Two-legged creatures.: Bipeds

King of the jungle, his consort is Jane.: Tarzan

Person after whom a discovery is named.: Eponym

Words in singing, rather than the instrumentation.: Vocals

Teeter totter.: Seesaw

Walt __, creator of Mickey Mouse.: Disney

River running through Amsterdam and a beer brand.: Amstel

Puzzle 5 Answers

Global.: Universal

Soldier paid to fight for a foreign army.: Mercenary

Amazon-owned website for book reviews.: Goodreads

Cooperative interactions.: Synergies

Gem term for pyrites, popular with the Victorians.: Marcasite

Filling with wind and moving like a sail.: Billowing

Fairy that dances in Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.: Sugar plum

Mythological king loved Aphrodite; play by GB Shaw.: Pygmalion

Volcanic explosions.: Eruptions

Talking about people and spreading rumors.: Gossiping

Group 306

Puzzle 1 Answers

Suddenly upsetting.: Shocking

Soldiers’ quarters, often temporary.: Barracks

Keats poem about a shepherd loved by Selene.: Endymion

Liticaphobia is the fear of these.: Lawsuits

Honest, candid.: Truthful

Censored, obscured, edited.: Redacted

A less scientific name for the coccyx.: Tailbone

Island nation south of India.: Sri lanka

Inspecting your financial accounts.: Auditing

Poured delicately over, e.g. on a cake.: Drizzled

Musical film, winner of six Academy Awards in 2017.: La la land

Meadows for cattle grazing.: Pastures

Not a cynic.: Optimist

Canine’s master and provider.: Dog owner

Washes clothes.: Launders

Puzzle 2 Answers

Place where theater and cinema tickets are bought.: Box office

Disastrous events.: Tragedies

Paris __; 2015 international climate change accord.: Agreement

Espresso coffee with a small measure of milk.: Macchiato

Vaccine.: Injection

Amazonian queen killed by Hercules.: Hippolyta

Unconventional, strange.: Eccentric

Digs up, removes earth from.: Excavates

Reaching a goal.: Achieving

__ chant, Roman Catholic sacred music.: Gregorian

Burst into flames, perhaps spontaneously.: Combusted

The most thin, most svelte.: Skinniest

Preserved in a sacred place.: Enshrined

The Hunchback of __, Hugo’s Parisian love story.: Notre dame

North by __, Hitchcock movie with a crop duster.: Northwest

The most northern capital city in the world.: Reykjavik

Puzzle 3 Answers

Calm someone down, e.g. give baby a soother.: Pacify

Capital of Colombia.: Bogota

Sum paid for capturing someone.: Bounty

Spring flowers from bulbs grown in the Netherlands.: Tulips

Zodiac crustacean.: Cancer

Portray, illustrate.: Depict

Three-headed giant; owned oxen stolen by Hercules.: Geryon

Authoritarian government.: Regime

Winners, victors.: Champs

Fastest type of gait for a horse.: Gallop

Gland that plays a key role in T cell maturation.: Thymus

The sailors betray their captain.: Mutiny

Song by the Beatles: “Strawberry __ Forever”.: Fields

Become invisible.: Vanish

Puzzle 4 Answers

Rubbish, trash.: Garbage

Legendary first king and founder of Rome.: Romulus

He keeps the riffraff out of night clubs.: Bouncer

Relating to earthquakes or other Earth vibrations.: Seismic

Dead animals collectors attach to a pinboard.: Insects

Baked breakfast cereal of oats, fruit and nuts.: Granola

Professional that fixes pipes and drains.: Plumber

Lack of success.: Failure

Team that changes tires on a racing car.: Pit crew

Country home to historical region of Transylvania.: Romania

To divide into three equal parts.: Trisect

Rules over people.: Governs

Puzzle 5 Answers

Interfering, poking one’s nose in.: Meddling

Fictional doctor who talks to animals.: Dolittle

French wine region stretching from Dijon to Mâcon.: Burgundy

Karachi was once capital of this Asian nation.: Pakistan

Attire for skinny dippers: __ suit.: Birthday

Major island of Indonesia, formerly Celebes.: Sulawesi

Very young trees.: Saplings

Brass instrument with a slide.: Trombone

Deep abyss and prison for the Titans in Greek myth.: Tartarus

Fighting.: Brawling

Obstacles or hindrances.: Setbacks

L-shaped hexagonal tool for furniture assembly.: Allen key

First female UK prime minister, Margaret __.: Thatcher

Weightlifting poles.: Barbells

Group 307

Puzzle 1 Answers

__ League; junior baseball organization.: Little

Pouches on either side of the face, for blusher.: Cheeks

Street musician who collects money.: Busker

Make larger or longer.: Extend

Method of trading before currency.: Barter

Records.: Albums

Explorer who discovered the Pacific Ocean.: Balboa

The republic at the center of The Handmaid’s Tale.: Gilead

Coniferous trees, maybe seen in Lebanon.: Cedars

Disappointment.: Dismay

First country to require unsold food be donated.: France

Uttered by Archimedes and the solution to problems.: Eureka

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bullying or annoying online.: Trolling

Music shows.: Concerts

Branch of science relating to the study of cells.: Cytology

Places where people live in groups.: Communes

Opposite of emptiness.: Fullness

Marks on the body resembling crucifixion wounds.: Stigmata

Almond paste, modeled or used to top cakes.: Marzipan

Carotenoid responsible for a tomato’s red color.: Lycopene

Blood protein that fights infections.: Antibody

Immense and gigantic expanse.: Vastness

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shrinking from a strike to the body.: Flinching

Putting text another way.: Rewording

Ancient Babylonian set of written laws: Code of __.: Hammurabi

Spoken with emotion or imagination.: Lyrically

Strengthened, reinforced.: Fortified

Winter projectiles.: Snowballs

2017 Best Film Oscar, and no, it wasn’t La La Land.: Moonlight

Latin expression meaning “seize the day”.: Carpe diem

Windy weather in the desert.: Sandstorm

Chanterelle, Criimini, and Portobello, for example.: Mushrooms

Happy and at ease.: Contented

Hidden by leprechauns at the end of a rainbow.: Pot of gold

Variety, assortment.: Diversity

Puzzle 4 Answers

Middle front waist, exposed in cut-off tops.: Midriff

Folded-over pizza with filling inside.: Calzone

Money given to a writer before a book’s completion.: Advance

French Mediterranean island.: Corsica

Tanned, sunkissed.: Bronzed

Indifferent, detached.: Offhand

Son of Uranus; also Saturn’s third largest moon.: Iapetus

Extreme irrational fears.: Phobias

Wedding anniversary celebrated after 60 years.: Diamond

“Like a Virgin” singer.: Madonna

Puzzle 5 Answers

External layer in an early embryo.: Ectoderm

Egg white desserts that rise and then fall.: Souffles

Conceit, complacency, arrogance.: Smugness

State of unconsciousness.: Oblivion

System of national highways in Germany.: Autobahn

Small, strong black cup of coffee.: Espresso

Trying hard, working hard.: Striving

Obsession, fascination with something.: Fixation

Without a cable.: Cordless

Order, command.: Instruct

Group 308

Puzzle 1 Answers

Country whose name means rich coast.: Costa rica

Breakdown of food in the body.: Digestion

Making a heartfelt request against a decision.: Appealing

Silver, shiny long fish with fang-like teeth.: Barracuda

Ecstatic, enthusiastic.: Rapturous

Dial 3 numbers for this medical emergency vehicle.: Ambulance

To dry completely.: Desiccate

Deeply upsetting.: Traumatic

Faulty, imperfect.: Defective

Thin slices of raw meat or fish, with lemon or oil.: Carpaccio

Verdi opera about a hunchback jester.: Rigoletto

Rivers and canals are examples of these.: Waterways

Puzzle 2 Answers

__ pants, MC’s baggy trousers, like harem pants.: Hammer

Of work or a job that doesn’t require much skill.: Menial

Throws, discards.: Chucks

Stephen King book, teen doused in pig’s blood.: Carrie

Addictive painkiller.: Opioid

Need for liquid.: Thirst

World’s second smallest continent in area.: Europe

Musée __, Paris museum with impressionist artworks.: Dorsay

Young birds of prey: tawny, little or barn.: Owlets

Legal.: Lawful

Snarl up, like hair.: Tangle

Language of the Communist Manifesto.: German

Puzzle 3 Answers

James Dean’s character in Rebel Without a Cause.: Jim stark

Projectile fragments that wound.: Shrapnel

A driver or putter.: Golf club

T-shaped device for washing windows.: Squeegee

Lazy like an Amazon creature or deadly sin.: Slothful

Repurposed, used again.: Recycled

Lover of Troilus, written about by Shakespeare.: Cressida

Hindu women wear a bindi on this part of the face.: Forehead

Warm whiskey drink with honey, lemon and spices.: Hot toddy

Clothing made of wool.: Knitwear

Hides something from sight.: Conceals

Capital of Botswana.: Gaborone

Puzzle 4 Answers

African country whose name means “free” in Latin.: Liberia

Sloping, inclined.: Slanted

Magi or three kings.: Wise men

It’s the early bird that catches __.: The worm

Tools for nailing.: Hammers

Human body part at front between wrist and elbow.: Forearm

Use these for crushing ingredients in mortars.: Pestles

Hot cream and chocolate sauce.: Ganache

Star Wars sandy pit with mouth and beaked tongue.: Sarlacc

A long bristle on a cat’s face.: Whisker

Puzzle 5 Answers

Preceded with an introduction.: Prefaced

Large and stately homes.: Mansions

Trapped on an island.: Marooned

Small pieces of wood used to start a fire.: Kindling

City from which Paul escaped in a basket.: Damascus

To remove a limb in a surgical operation.: Amputate

Fleet of ships or boats.: Flotilla

__ carrier, naval vessel that launches planes.: Aircraft

The Southern Hemisphere’s most populous city.: Sao paulo

Algebraic expression of the sum of two terms.: Binomial

Writer of song words.: Lyricist

Makes food in advance.: Precooks

Group 309

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dedicated.: Committed

One who doesn’t arrive on time.: Latecomer

Made larger or louder.: Amplified

One of six babies from the same birth.: Sextuplet

French term for a highly reduced stock.: Demi glace

Cheats, conmen.: Swindlers

Nations’ symbols hang from these.: Flagpoles

To enlighten or enchant.: Enrapture

Body of water between China and Korean peninsula.: Yellow sea

Belief that divine union is achieved by intuition.: Mysticism

Regretful, remorseful.: Repentant

Initial station on a baseball diamond.: First base

Puzzle 2 Answers

Straightens, removes the kinks.: Untwists

Booked tickets in advance.: Reserved

Omnipotent.: Almighty

Nemesis of the Smurfs.: Gargamel

Lofty tightrope.: High wire

Mythological serpent that kills with a stare.: Basilisk

Deep ditches used during war.: Trenches

Blessing in __, something that turns out ok.: Disguise

Band fronted by Chris Martin.: Coldplay

Only ancient Egyptians allowed to eat mushrooms.: Pharaohs

Part of speech: implicit comparison.: Metaphor

Disease-causing cells, found e.g. in your gut.: Bacteria

The right to vote in elections.: Suffrage

Puzzle 3 Answers

Mentally prepared someone for a task.: Psyched

Popular Italian chocolate spread with hazelnuts.: Nutella

Goes against someone.: Opposes

Last major taxonomic group, after genus.: Species

Too close for __.: Comfort

Long locks of hair.: Tresses

How Bond likes his martinis: shaken, not __.: Stirred

Land, topography.: Terrain

Treaty of __, sought WWI peace with Hungary.: Trianon

Verify.: Confirm

Used by Adam to hide his modesty.: Fig leaf

Puzzle 4 Answers

Written words for a theater play.: Script

Spoken intention of harming someone.: Threat

“I’m going to make him an offer he can’t __”.: Refuse

To have a strong effect on someone.: Impact

Helen __, who played The Queen.: Mirren

Nurse’s uniform; cleans the floor.: Scrubs

Hesitates, waits briefly.: Pauses

Where skiers ski.: Slopes

Specialist language, hard for others to understand.: Jargon

Syrian site of deadly earthquake of 1138.: Aleppo

Make __ when you say cheers/clink glasses.: Toasts

Al __, who starred in Scarface.: Pacino

Greek deities, companions of Dionysus, god of wine.: Satyrs

Plant affliction, plague.: Blight

Of a choir.: Choral

Italian city where you can take a gondola ride.: Venice

Puzzle 5 Answers

Later; at a subsequent time.: Afterward

It enables tots to sit at the table.: High chair

Damage to coral reefs by excessively warm water.: Bleaching

City that presents the Nobel prize for literature.: Stockholm

Unfastening, separating.: Detaching

Tennis court markings for doubles play.: Tramlines

Founder of Amazon.: Jeff bezos

Medical term for nerve pain.: Neuralgia

German pen maker and French-Italian mountain.: Montblanc

Explosives designed to be buried under the surface.: Land mines

Queen has an epiphany with this song.: Breakthru

Black-and-white spotted dog breed.: Dalmatian

Group 310

Puzzle 1 Answers

Polish capital with the Latin name Varsovia.: Warsaw

__ and blues, or R&B, music style out of the US.: Rhythm

Textile.: Fabric

Distort, disfigure.: Deform

Dangerous tricks on a movie set.: Stunts

Economical with money.: Frugal

Relating to or emanating from the stars.: Astral

Defeated country in the Battle of Buena Vista.: Mexico

“Smile, you’re on __ Camera!”.: Candid

Split into portions.: Divide

State of tranquility and calm.: Repose

Puzzle 2 Answers

Maya __; inspirational human rights poet.: Angelou

Longed for.: Yearned

Routes carved through rocks for cars.: Tunnels

Capital of the Falkland Islands.: Stanley

Jiminy __, friend of Pinocchio.: Cricket

One who makes bets.: Gambler

Provisons in a contract.: Clauses

Children’s Vitamin D deficiency disease.: Rickets

Nastro __, beer by the Italian Peroni brewery.: Azzurro

Groups of geese.: Gaggles

Try to achieve.: Attempt

Ounces in a pound.: Sixteen

Windows 10’s personal assistant by Microsoft.: Cortana

Word made from the letters of another.: Anagram

Puzzle 3 Answers

Australian capital.: Canberra

Mankind.: Humanity

London singer who saw the Writing’s on the Wall.: Sam smith

Engine part that supplies air or fuel to cylinders.: Manifold

Striking a bag with a fist.: Punching

Gas that constitutes almost 80% of Earth’s air.: Nitrogen

Vast groups of stars.: Galaxies

Harry Potter’s favorite gal pal.: Hermione

Entering a place unwanted, as an army.: Invading

Fiery Spanish dance.: Flamenco

Large, one-off payments, not small, regular ones.: Lump sums

Puzzle 4 Answers

Juliet’s family name in Shakespeare’s play.: Capulet

Odd, rare objects from foreign countries.: Exotica

Hotel refreshment box.: Minibar

Small immature tree.: Sapling

“Renaissance” literally means this.: Rebirth

Where the train pulls into.: Station

Material used in ancient Egypt for writing.: Papyrus

Italian dumplings of potato and semolina.: Gnocchi

Four players on court in tennis.: Doubles

A home-delivered shopping parcel.: Package

Greek goddess of the hunt; Diana to the Romans.: Artemis

Trinidadian dance music; also a sea nymph.: Calypso

Puzzle 5 Answers

Exactly the same.: Identical

Jamaican sprinter who retired in 2017.: Usain bolt

Substances put into food during processing.: Additives

Those responsible for wicked deeds.: Evildoers

Person whose power comes from their wealth.: Plutocrat

Blue-green color and gemstone used in jewelry.: Turquoise

Well-respected.: Reputable

Large autonomous community in southern Spain.: Andalusia

Play it in your VCR.: Videotape

Careful, these sea creatures can sting you!.: Jellyfish

Group 311

Puzzle 1 Answers

Smothering a noise.: Muffling

Objective, a balanced view.: Unbiased

__ Luke, Newman goes to jail in 1967 film.: Cool hand

Prolonged period of higher than usual temperatures.: Heat wave

French term for goodbye.: Au revoir

Obtaining from suppliers.: Sourcing

Nationality of Manny Pacquiao and Imelda Marcos.: Filipino

Throws away.: Discards

Contained areas for kids to have fun.: Playpens

Ex-British colony, Southern __; currently Zimbabwe.: Rhodesia

People responsible for a crime.: Culprits

Puzzle 2 Answers

Genesis album uses just three alphabetical letters.: Abacab

Raised up, elevated something.: Lifted

A noisy coward is all bark and __.: No bite

What the director shouts to start filming.: Action

Name of Angelina and Brad’s first biological child.: Shiloh

Repeat broadcasts of TV series.: Reruns

Stage of development of unhatched offspring.: Embryo

Outdoor eating excursion.: Picnic

Italian island used as a prison by Mussolini.: Ustica

Bent metal wire for fastening papers.: Staple

Monet painted __ over a Pond of Water Lilies.: Bridge

Pedaled on two wheels.: Cycled

Puzzle 3 Answers

Watery patches on the ground for splashing in.: Puddles

A flow of water in a particular direction.: Current

Plant that frogs sit on in a pond.: Lily pad

Doesn’t give in to temptation.: Resists

Italian crisp pastry filled with sweet cheese.: Cannoli

Vincent __, post-impressionist Starry Night artist.: Van gogh

Envious.: Jealous

Fictional setting of The Princess Diaries.: Genovia

Three-pronged fork carried by Poseidon.: Trident

Harbors where yachts are kept.: Marinas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Precious violet quartz used in jewelry.: Amethyst

Beer made at your place.: Home brew

Intestinal parasite from eating infected pork.: Tapeworm

Backup plan.: Failsafe

Scary creature found on old cathedrals.: Gargoyle

Make the first move.: Initiate

Cosmetic surgery to alter the visage.: Facelift

High flat areas of land.: Plateaus

Low, stagnant mood.: Doldrums

Lloyd Webber Evita hit, Don’t __ Argentina.: Cry for me

Depraved Biblical place destroyed by God.: Gomorrah

TV series created by Gene Roddenberry, with Spock.: Star trek

Branch of math: points, lines, shapes, surfaces.: Geometry

Great victories.: Triumphs

A ball spins to land on black or red on this wheel.: Roulette

Quirky street fashion style of Tokyo fashionistas.: Harajuku

Puzzle 5 Answers

Device with spinning discs mounted on an axis.: Gyroscope

Tripwire.: Booby trap

Soaked meat in flavored liquid.: Marinated

Turn one on in the dark.: Light bulb

Ferocious dog such as in the Sherlock Holmes tale.: Hellhound

The holding of severe religious views.: Extremism

Coordination of a complex military operation.: Logistics

Another name for Shrove Tuesday; Fat Tuesday.: Mardi gras

Intense weather event with precipitation.: Rainstorm

Racing of bikes that run on gas.: Motocross

What you drink your morning brew from.: Coffee cup

Drooled, dribbled, slobbered.: Salivated

Small sacs, cavities that surround hair roots.: Follicles

Worship, veneration.: Adulation

Not clear enough to be read or understood.: Illegible

Vagrants or drifters.: Vagabonds

Narrow or taper to a point (e.g. of a leaf).: Acuminate

Group 312

Puzzle 1 Answers

Toughen, solidify.: Harden

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one.: Comedy

Precious gem; one of December’s birthstones.: Zircon

Small Balkan state declared independence in 2008.: Kosovo

Less cold.: Warmer

Basket for dirty clothes.: Hamper

Lexus is the luxury car division of this car maker.: Toyota

Edible bivalve found in rockpools.: Mussel

Swing the bat and miss a delivery in baseball.: Strike

Straw hat.: Boater

Green film over copper, appears over time.: Patina

Thinks deeply and sadly.: Broods

Long boards of wood, walked on by bad pirates.: Planks

Puzzle 2 Answers

Educational institutions for pupils.: Schools

Rotting plant matter enriches soil in the garden.: Compost

Rights a wrong on behalf of someone.: Avenges

A sea; largest inland body of water in the world.: Caspian

__ Fields, where virtuous Greeks spent eternity.: Elysian

Worried about something.: Nervous

Mysteries, puzzles.: Enigmas

To mark with many small dots, specks.: Stipple

River that Julius Caesar crossed to get to Rome.: Rubicon

The __, Spielberg’s movie with kids and pirates.: Goonies

Spice Girls debut single.: Wannabe

Lewis Carroll’s real surname.: Dodgson

Puzzle 3 Answers

You pull them; jokes, mottoes, party hats included.: Crackers

Canceled a law.: Repealed

Traditional Scottish instrument.: Bagpipes

Actions that boost one’s self-esteem.: Egotrips

Recorded line of ancestry.: Pedigree

International police organization based in France.: Interpol

Engravings, impressions, inscriptions.: Etchings

Augustus’ immediate successor.: Tiberius

Sequence of main events in a narrative.: Plotline

Electronic structured storage of information.: Database

Like a dog retrieving a ball.: Fetching

Goat and sheep’s milk grilling cheese from Cyprus.: Halloumi

Open storage for books.: Shelving

Puzzle 4 Answers

Planned schedule of events, lessons, flights etc.: Timetable

The state of being supplied with enough water.: Hydration

Sunken area where houses are sucked underground.: Sinkholes

Removing someone’s weapons.: Disarming

Of clothes that are exceedingly close-fitting.: Skintight

Sweet treat also known as cinder toffee.: Honeycomb

Detached using a tool to remove metal pin.: Unscrewed

English musician Thom Yorke’s band.: Radiohead

Declaring illegal.: Outlawing

Game to find a list of elusive items: __ Hunt.: Scavenger

Steamship that rescued passengers of the Titanic.: Carpathia

Statement of terms, final demand.: Ultimatum

Puzzle 5 Answers

Trimming a sheep’s wool.: Shearing

Captivating, entrancing.: Hypnotic

Desire for food, a healthy hunger.: Appetite

__ Jones, starred in Men in Black.: Tommy lee

Long and untidy, e.g. hair.: Straggly

Stunts pulled on a bike with its front in the air.: Wheelies

Cultural celebration; summer music event.: Festival

Climb over fortifications in a military attack.: Escalade

Jamaican capital with royal name.: Kingston

Harp-like zither from ancient Greece.: Psaltery

Group 313

Puzzle 1 Answers

Dance portrayed by Degas’ models.: Ballet

Insult for someone who isn’t smart.: Stupid

__ Spaniel or American __ Spaniel, sporting dogs.: Cocker

Dark, sultry eye makeup look.: Smokey

“The Barber of Seville” title character’s name.: Figaro

To shape by molding or carving.: Sculpt

Fruit of the vine, used in wine-making.: Grapes

Series of battle campaigns in 1941 in Libya.: Tobruk

Portuguese capital, on the River Tagus.: Lisbon

Pinocchio, a tale about a __ boy.: Wooden

Ruth Handler’s creation, named after her daughter.: Barbie

Demand’s better half.: Supply

Baseball player that faces the pitcher.: Batter

Propels with a finger.: Flicks

“Two __ don’t make a right”.: Wrongs

Excessive pride in one’s appearance.: Vanity

Puzzle 2 Answers

Jury decisions.: Verdicts

Affectionate but not romantic friendship.: Platonic

Took delight in or looked forward to a challenge.: Relished

Without any marks from healed wounds.: Scarless

Male horse used for breeding.: Stallion

Items that are won or earned, e.g. cups, awards.: Trophies

Edge-to-edge line going through the center of a circle.: Diameter

Burning via a hot or boiling liquid.: Scalding

Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride.: Buckle up

Trade show for publications.: Book fair

Furniture for sleeping one on top of the other.: Bunk beds

The Grand __ Hotel, directed by Wes Anderson.: Budapest

Belgian and EU capital.: Brussels

Lately, not long ago.: Recently

Main religion of the Philippines.: Catholic

Appointment of friends to positions of power.: Cronyism

Daughter of Helen of Troy and Menelaus in myth.: Hermione

Puzzle 3 Answers

The intrinsic quality of something.: Essence

Rachel __, actress of Mean Girls.: Mcadams

Got rid of, discarded.: Ditched

The bird where Hera placed the giant Argus’s eyes.: Peacock

Figure built outside in winter.: Snowman

Former stage name of Islam convert Yusuf: Cat __.: Stevens

Nervy, jumpy, on edge.: Jittery

Currency spent in Kabul and Kandahar.: Afghani

Nationality; a homonym of a synonym of “end”.: Finnish

Accumulates, stores up.: Accrues

Dark green lettuce typically used in Caesar salad.: Romaine

Metal spikes for cooking meat on barbecues.: Skewers

Sells meat.: Butcher

Stuck, glued.: Adhered

US state where Key Largo is found.: Florida

Electrical gizmos.: Gadgets

Puzzle 4 Answers

Moving up on the career ladder.: Promotion

Fluent, graceful manual skill.: Dexterity

The firsts, founding components.: Originals

Invisible UV rays transmitted by the sun.: Radiation

__ shift means working early hours or overnight.: Graveyard

Episodes or sudden occurrences of disease.: Outbreaks

Carving wood with a pocket knife.: Whittling

Henry Mancini won a 1962 Oscar for this lunar tune.: Moon river

How fast a gust or a breeze is blowing.: Wind speed

Pest control device for small rodents.: Mousetrap

Body position of a luge rider.: Feet first

Open dish for holding drink sweetener.: Sugar bowl

Strings go through eyes/hooks in winter footwear.: Bootlaces

Abandoning, fleeing.: Deserting

Puzzle 5 Answers

Type of charge carried by a proton.: Positive

Insulin secreting organ.: Pancreas

Frame for the feet attached to a horse’s saddle.: Stirrups

Birthplace of the entertainer Rihanna.: Barbados

The outer packaging of sweets.: Wrappers

Loyal, truthful daughter to her father King Lear.: Cordelia

Libyan city where 2 US facilities were attacked.: Benghazi

A matter of choice.: Optional

Verdi opera about a fallen woman, La __.: Traviata

Omission of part of a sentence.: Ellipsis

Short-legged cat named after French emperor.: Napoleon

Boasting.: Bragging

Group 314

Puzzle 1 Answers

Childe __, US impressionist, painted Geraniums.: Hassam

Protein found in wheat grains.: Gluten

Medical word for the womb.: Uterus

Gave back loan money.: Repaid

Ill-tempered and moody.: Cranky

Anger, annoy someone.: Enrage

Two equal or nearly equal parts of a whole.: Halves

Canadian capital.: Ottawa

Roman philosophical writer and orator.: Cicero

Turn the volume back on.: Unmute

Ice huts built by the Inuit.: Igloos

Horse rider.: Jockey

Value of the shares issued by a company.: Equity

Fifty Shades of Grey star, Jamie __.: Dornan

Musician who wrote “I Shot the Sheriff”: Bob __.: Marley

Peanut housings.: Shells

Ghostly character in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.: Banquo

Tropical palm stems used to make garden chairs.: Rattan

Puzzle 2 Answers

Film editor’s completed product.: Final cut

Solutions to soothe ocular aches.: Eyedrops

Limited guarantee or assurance on goods.: Warranty

Replaced ammunition in empty gun.: Reloaded

Like animal hide.: Leathery

Tuneful, melodic.: Harmonic

Country whose capital is Kuala Lumpur.: Malaysia

Bear, abide, endure.: Tolerate

All-seeing, 100-eyed giant of Greek myth, Argos __.: Panoptes

Grapes that are easier to eat.: Seedless

Puzzle 3 Answers

To give advice.: Counsel

Military gestures of respect given to servicemen.: Salutes

Attach it to your back and you can fly.: Jetpack

Wife of King Henry II of England.: Eleanor

Muslim holy period marked by prayer and abstinence.: Ramadan

Person in charge of a starship and crew.: Captain

Sicilian capital city.: Palermo

Spanish hotel run by the government.: Parador

Fast and close Brazilian dance.: Lambada

Groaned like a floorboard.: Creaked

Survive longer than someone else.: Outlive

Moscow citadel, the seat of the Russian government.: Kremlin

Headgear worn on a building site.: Hard hat

Unkindness, viciousness.: Cruelty

Ocean containing an area called Ring of Fire.: Pacific

Hesitation, being careful about proceeding.: Caution

Small rodent wrongly known for jumping off cliffs.: Lemming

Puzzle 4 Answers

Visually __; experiencing less than perfect vision.: Impaired

Wonderful, magnificent, extraordinary.: Fabulous

Paying no heed.: Ignoring

Lawless and unruly, against the system.: Anarchic

To do with the Christian holy book.: Biblical

Not quite the color of snow, slightly grayish.: Off white

Mountain range separating France and Spain.: Pyrenees

Hard Italian almond biscuits, for coffee dunking.: Biscotti

Type of bird that was Harry Potter’s companion.: Snowy owl

Dark purple vegetable, also called aubergine.: Eggplant

Equal to 1,024 kilobytes.: Megabyte

Mixing with water to make less strong.: Diluting

Son of Helios, killed driving the sun chariot.: Phaethon

To jump off a piece of equipment on gymnastics.: Dismount

Fine wool fabric from Kashmir used in shawls.: Pashmina

Puzzle 5 Answers

British explorer who met Pocahontas.: John smith

Branch of botany concerning seaweeds, other algae.: Phycology

Pedestrian lanes.: Sidewalks

Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is in this city.: Barcelona

German language encyclopedia.: Brockhaus

Cultivating again.: Regrowing

Unrefined, unpolished.: Inelegant

Oscar-winning director for A Beautiful Mind.: Ron howard

Pasta sauce with pancetta, egg, and grated cheese.: Carbonara

Describes music with a single melodic line.: Monophony

Weather ritual to induce precipitation.: Rain dance

People are often caught “between a rock and a __”.: Hard place

Female massage therapists.: Masseuses

Group 315

Puzzle 1 Answers

Sea creature of eight arms.: Octopus

Why apples fall.: Gravity

Tissues that work together to create movement.: Muscles

A Study in __, tale where Holmes and Watson meet.: Scarlet

Study of past events, a school subject.: History

Mollusc, rhymes with “phony”.: Abalone

Close-knit, unwelcoming groups of people.: Cliques

__ mori, in English “Remember: you will die”.: Memento

The four periods that a year is divided into.: Seasons

Brief cinematic shots showing passage of time.: Montage

Used to propel small boats, like oars.: Paddles

Flew somewhere quickly, in a group.: Flocked

Funny mistake by a broadcaster.: Blooper

Rescue parts of a wrecked ship.: Salvage

Mother of Persephone, sister of Zeus.: Demeter

Refined and polite, as for a royal audience.: Courtly

Puzzle 2 Answers

Drummer’s metal accessory.: Cymbal

Scoop mud out from the bottom of a river.: Dredge

Explosions.: Blasts

Pearl maker.: Oyster

Something incomprehensible or nonsense, __ Dutch.: Double

Sea between Russia and Alaska.: Bering

Strainers for flour.: Sieves

They built the first aqueduct.: Romans

Spanish rice dish, usually has seafood in it.: Paella

Borrower’s source.: Lender

Removed the seed.: Pitted

The first James Bond novel: “__ Royale”.: Casino

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advance payment to secure a holiday or a flight.: Deposit

Lectures given in churches.: Sermons

Extend.: Prolong

Red pigment in beets used for food coloring.: Betanin

Catchy phrases used in advertising.: Slogans

Rainy season in south and south-east Asia.: Monsoon

Edible bivalves from the sea.: Mussels

Starkly, desolately.: Bleakly

Dwayne __, actor also known as The Rock.: Johnson

Fibrous tissue connecting muscles and bones.: Tendons

Character who decapitated Medusa.: Perseus

Critically endangered largest primate: Eastern __.: Gorilla

“When shall we three meet again” starts this play.: Macbeth

The art of imitating someone.: Mimicry

Billy __, played Harry to Meg Ryan’s Sally.: Crystal

Restriction on trade or release of news.: Embargo

Avoid in protest.: Boycott

Ruled like a queen.: Reigned

Citrus and champagne cocktails.: Mimosas

Puzzle 4 Answers

Able to adjust easily to changing conditions.: Adaptable

Detonating inwardly.: Imploding

Study of the physical characteristics of rocks.: Lithology

Active Italian volcano and Tyrrhenian island.: Stromboli

Vegetable that can easily take 20 minutes to eat.: Artichoke

Interrupts someone’s attention span.: Distracts

Yellow citrus fruit topping used in desserts.: Lemon curd

Go __; excessive, over the top.: Overboard

Certified, approved.: Confirmed

Kidnappers.: Abductors

Song title and national flower of Austria.: Edelweiss

Novelist Gabriel Jose Garcia Marquez’ nationality.: Colombian

Emitting the most perspiration.: Sweatiest

Failure to notice something.: Oversight

Brown skin pigmentation, develops in later years.: Liver spot

Puzzle 5 Answers

Dental margin between teeth and flesh.: Gumline

Slipped on a wet road.: Skidded

Fights, combat, conflicts — sometimes pitched.: Battles

Lawn game with balls, mallets and hoops.: Croquet

Rodent who enjoys company.: Pack rat

Well __, demonstrating good conduct.: Behaved

Skill, competence, expertise.: Prowess

__ gum, food additive, a thickening agent.: Xanthan

Silvery-white metallic element found in batteries.: Cadmium

Organized moving protests.: Marches

Art of paper folding.: Origami

Low-lying salty Middle Eastern lake.: Dead sea

Group 316

Puzzle 1 Answers

Faithfulness, loyalty.: Fidelity

Wall-mounted devices for turning lights on and off.: Switches

Disorders that affect plants or animals.: Diseases

Easy __, pleasant to look at.: On the eye

Instructing people of a plan.: Briefing

Manner of speaking by an actor on stage.: Delivery

__ Islands, British territory off Patagonian coast.: Falkland

Bruising and swelling over an optical organ.: Black eye

Leather bags for school books.: Satchels

Brazilian national dish of beans, pork and beef.: Feijoada

Squats down.: Crouches

Obelisk or column created from one block of stone.: Monolith

Puzzle 2 Answers

Chaos, unrest.: Uproar

Son of a queen.: Prince

Wettened with the tongue, like a cat bathing.: Licked

Blue Belgian humanoids with pointy hats.: Smurfs

Someone using a phone.: Caller

Sings in a sentimental, soft low tone.: Croons

Graphic representation, e.g. Christian cross.: Symbol

Metal Ni used in batteries; a US five-cent coin.: Nickel

Fashion brand or motor fuel.: Diesel

Severe flood.: Deluge

French term meaning “with milk”.: Au lait

Ran like a river.: Flowed

Compassionate and kind.: Humane

Capital of the Emerald Isle.: Dublin

By mouth.: Orally

Puzzle 3 Answers

Creator of the character Alfred Jingle: Charles __.: Dickens

You might give or receive a bouquet of these.: Flowers

Nonessential body parts in the throat.: Tonsils

Warm hugs.: Cuddles

Making beer.: Brewing

Latin: “vanity”, a still-life term from Dutch art.: Vanitas

1799 historic discovery near Alexandria: __ Stone.: Rosetta

Frozen pad applied to reduce swelling.: Ice pack

Luxury Italian sports car brand.: Ferrari

Inflated.: Swollen

African country whose capital is Abuja.: Nigeria

Little golden nuggets of corn.: Kernels

Making a noise like a snake.: Hissing

Puzzle 4 Answers

Spinning one’s thumbs around each other.: Twiddling

Acted on stage.: Performed

Boss of a type of emergency service station.: Fire chief

King murdered by Aegisthus in Greek mythology.: Agamemnon

Routes that take less time.: Shortcuts

Fighters who deliberately damage infrastructure.: Saboteurs

Guard, defender.: Protector

Lead sports instructor or team manager.: Head coach

Italian term for assorted savory appetizers.: Antipasti

Country that is home to Kangaroo Island.: Australia

Puzzle 5 Answers

Number of workers needed to do something.: Manpower

The cry of an avian.: Birdcall

Headaches and shakes the morning after.: Hangover

Katniss’ surname in The Hunger Games.: Everdeen

Verdi opera about Shakespeare’s corpulent knight.: Falstaff

Ringing in the ears.: Tinnitus

Type of neckline that shows a lot of décolletage.: Plunging

Location of tall rock-diving platform in Mexico.: Acapulco

Humorous story, a personal account.: Anecdote

Not-so-sweet banana, for cooking.: Plantain

Surname of one of the Fab Four.: Harrison

Decorative paper lights for Chinese New Year.: Lanterns

Group 317

Puzzle 1 Answers

Warmly admitted to someone’s house.: Welcomed

Steals goods during wartime.: Plunders

Joined together, like bricks.: Cemented

Sourness, acidity.: Acerbity

Very weak and in need of food.: Starving

Italian sparkling wine found in a Bellini.: Prosecco

Sudden reflex to clear breathing passages.: Coughing

Type of animal from which shatoush shawls are made.: Antelope

Pet __, Stephen King book and film.: Sematary

Tormented, suffering.: Agonized

Anonymous.: Nameless

Cut-outs for drawing designs.: Stencils

Saintly.: Virtuous

Run past; swim past.: Overtake

Nearby, surrounding area.: Vicinity

Lost fictional island in the middle of the ocean.: Atlantis

They have calm eyes; hurricanes.: Cyclones

Puzzle 2 Answers

Popular gin, vermouth mix, “elixir of quietude”.: Martini

Felt deep respect towards something.: Revered

Memorably.: Notably

Sculptors’ tools.: Chisels

Another name for the Cote d’Azur: French __.: Riviera

Injured, in pain.: Wounded

Vexation, irritation, humiliation.: Chagrin

Less wide, slimmer.: Thinner

Smart jackets, often with shiny buttons.: Blazers

Physician in the OR.: Surgeon

Goddess of the Labyrinth in Greek mythology.: Ariadne

Largest stadium in the UK.: Wembley

Packages left at your doorstep.: Parcels

Puzzle 3 Answers

Flat-topped movables for eating or working on.: Tables

American word for what Britons call a nappy.: Diaper

Country with the most 2018 Winter Olympics medals.: Norway

Less constricting, not as tight.: Looser

Zodiac twins.: Gemini

Rapacious, gluttonous.: Greedy

Work experience trainee.: Intern

For deskinning vegetables.: Peeler

Capital and largest city of Albania.: Tirana

Tyrannical leader.: Despot

Puzzle 4 Answers

Youth, naivety, purity.: Innocence

Large Irish dog, a symbol of nobility and loyalty.: Wolfhound

Story titles in a newspaper.: Headlines

Alaskan city that’s well grounded.: Anchorage

This type of fat has high levels of fatty acids.: Saturated

Nike trainers line named after a basketball player.: Air jordan

Taking up space within.: Occupying

Used for storage on a horse or motorcycle.: Saddlebag

It’s rolled out for dignitaries and movie stars.: Red carpet

Strong winds over dry lands.: Duststorm

A place for visitors to leave comments.: Guest book

Professional who works with precious metal.: Goldsmith

Puzzle 5 Answers

The best, most favorable.: Optimal

Produce a reaction.: Provoke

Sunday in Spanish.: Domingo

Sloping or vague and circular argument.: Oblique

Volkswagen is an auto maker from __.: Germany

Home of the British Prime Minister: 10 __ Street.: Downing

Nationality of Isabel Allende and Pablo Neruda.: Chilean

Cheese with mozzarella outside, cream inside.: Burrata

Serrated teeth at the front of an ice-skate.: Toe pick

Savior of mankind.: Messiah

Group 318

Puzzle 1 Answers

Younger daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier.: Stephanie

Incorrect.: Erroneous

Finding a solution, settling an argument.: Resolving

Atlantic sea North of Venezuela.: Caribbean

Astonished, dumbfounded.: Stupefied

Poignant, moving.: Emotional

Achieving victory over the other side.: Defeating

Meeting prior to a job offer.: Interview

Not going out.: Staying in

Describes, with a number, all the world’s oceans.: Seven seas

Dies, no heart beat.: Flatlines

Addition to cocktails: cherries, sprigs, curls.: Garnishes

Leave one if they don’t answer the phone.: Voicemail

Greek myth’s river god; author of Fantastic Beasts.: Scamander

Person responsible for promotion and advertising.: Publicist

White Wedding singer born William Broad.: Billy idol

Visual measure of petrol tank fullness.: Fuel gauge

Puzzle 2 Answers

Rare, in short supply.: Scarce

Literary adjective for a forest.: Sylvan

Police operations to catch the bad guys.: Stings

Cheerleading accessory.: Pompom

__ Festival; a seasonal name for Chinese New Year.: Spring

Add alcohol to a hot pan to create this effect.: Flambe

Royal home.: Palace

American __: Bret Easton Ellis’s Patrick Bateman.: Psycho

Soak or steep; fancy way to say “drink alcohol”.: Imbibe

Alfred __, landscape painter of Haystacks at Moret.: Sisley

Eight notes in a scale.: Octave

Puzzle 3 Answers

Quality of being tense, irritable.: Edginess

Keep under control.: Restrict

Killer of an important figure.: Assassin

Kelly __, British tv host, daughter of Ozzy.: Osbourne

Herb also known as coriander.: Cilantro

Deliberately sank a ship by cutting a hole in it.: Scuttled

Central heating apparatus, fixed to a wall.: Radiator

This ocean covers about 20% of the Earth’s surface.: Atlantic

Old unsolved crime opened for reinvestigation.: Cold case

System that allows water to disperse.: Drainage

Mixed, varied.: Assorted

Puzzle 4 Answers

Simon __, led South American Independence movement.: Bolivar

Starch from the roots of the manioc plant.: Tapioca

Entwines and knots.: Tangles

A common conjunction; for reason that….: Because

__ Prime, the leader of the Autobots.: Optimus

Walking under these is considered unlucky.: Ladders

Able to stretch and go back to its original shape.: Elastic

In Christianity, person Jesus raised from the dead.: Lazarus

Capital of the People’s Republic of China.: Beijing

Paintings on plaster.: Frescos

Duties levied on imported and exported goods.: Tariffs

Infectious red skin rash seen in babies.: Roseola

Ray of natural light.: Sunbeam

Horse’s straps to allow it to pull a vehicle.: Harness

Proves a belief to be wrong.: Debunks

Puzzle 5 Answers

Panel to shade a vehicle driver’s eyes from glare.: Sun visor

Waste money carelessly.: Squander

Rods for spinning wool.: Spindles

Lakeland, Yorkshire or Westies are all this.: Terriers

Unfastens, separates.: Detaches

Salty Asian condiment.: Soy sauce

Transparent rocks, perhaps with healing powers.: Crystals

Looked around new territory.: Explored

Author of the Da Vinci Code.: Dan brown

Revelation of a secret identity.: Exposure

Group 319

Puzzle 1 Answers

Quote from Keats: “A thing of __ is a joy forever”.: Beauty

Type of vision, comes from lost peripheral sight.: Tunnel

Tim Burton directed Michael __ in Beetlejuice.: Keaton

Apportions.: Allots

Sheer chaos.: Mayhem

Country whose capital is Riga.: Latvia

Machine for cooling food.: Fridge

Full metal __, movie title and bullet.: Jacket

In baseball, MVP stands for Most Valuable __.: Player

Filtering system in the mouths of humpback whales.: Baleen

Taxi driver.: Cabbie

Vandalize.: Deface

Thumb; the innermost digit.: Pollex

Delight someone.: Please

Marvel character born on Titan.: Thanos

Waltzes, sambas and foxtrots.: Dances

Crunchy veg of the parsley family.: Celery

Puzzle 2 Answers

Lost balance on a slick surface.: Slipped

Chopping down trees for wood.: Logging

To comfort.: Console

Artist with a brush.: Painter

Non-venomous African snakes.: Pythons

Gods and immortals.: Deities

Country whose capital is Zagreb.: Croatia

What a Christmas bell does.: Jingles

Declare again.: Restate

Gets older and wiser, like a cheese or wine.: Matures

A glass that sounds like a gymnast.: Tumbler

Hopkins and Foster won Oscars for __ of the Lambs.: Silence

Puzzle 3 Answers

Complete.: Absolute

Religious voyagers to North America.: Pilgrims

Wall hanging for outerwear.: Coat hook

Loss __, an insurance company employee.: Adjuster

Protected an army against attack.: Defended

Gnaeus Julius __, Roman governor of Britain.: Agricola

Collections of old, important documents.: Archives

A neutral facial expression when playing cards.: Game face

Sticking, gluing.: Adhering

Amount of precipitation.: Rainfall

Thank you in Portuguese, by a woman.: Obrigada

All across the metropolis.: Citywide

Aquatic creature that inflates itself.: Blowfish

Glasses with two lens powers.: Bifocals

Runs in the buff.: Streaker

A brief plot summary.: Synopsis

Puzzle 4 Answers

Long-eared hoppers.: Rabbits

Backed up with hair and debris.: Clogged

Fourth wife of Marc Antony and sister of Augustus.: Octavia

Road perforation.: Pot hole

Complaining petulantly.: Whining

Hotel greeter.: Doorman

Modified, made amendments to.: Altered

Plant leaves.: Foliage

Long cold periods of an Ice Age.: Glacial

Sleeping in a tent.: Camping

Tomato & mozzarella salad with basil and olive oil.: Caprese

Puzzle 5 Answers

Cracks in bones.: Fractures

Track for cycling races.: Velodrome

Listing sent by a bank itemizing spending.: Statement

Active Sicilian volcano.: Mount etna

Timber found on the beach.: Driftwood

A detailed plan of the activities on a trip.: Itinerary

Without basic life necessities.: Destitute

To butt in while someone is talking.: Interrupt

Last name synonymous with crystal embellishments.: Swarovski

An orchestra’s leader.: Conductor

Dramatically, drastically.: Radically

Group 320

Puzzle 1 Answers

Oily fish often smoked, salted or pickled.: Herring

Late for the deadline.: Overdue

Preventing from speaking or writing freely.: Gagging

Austere and strict.: Spartan

Something usefully delivered, from a Deity perhaps.: Godsend

Curved entrance.: Archway

Indonesian capital, on the island of Java.: Jakarta

Height, or reputation.: Stature

__ 6, Disney movie about a superhero team.: Big hero

French term for additional performances.: Encores

Paid no mind to.: Ignored

Term for diseases far from the site of origin.: Ecdemic

Flying plastic plate toy.: Frisbee

John Entwistle’s role in The Who.: Bassist

Car, bus or truck.: Vehicle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Extinguishing a candle’s flame.: Snuffing

Universities.: Colleges

Congregations of seabirds living together.: Colonies

Large-headed stud used on old wooden portals.: Doornail

Impetus, thrust, continuing motion.: Momentum

People who hate Christmas.: Grinches

China’s former policy of no siblings allowed.: One child

Star-like symbol in text, directs to a footnote.: Asterisk

Without any harmful, addictive toxins.: Drug free

Wheat flour used sometimes in gnocchi and pasta.: Semolina

Can be satisfied or appeased.: Satiable

Tennis hit, where the ball lands just over the net.: Drop shot

Orange-colored flight recorder.: Black box

Puzzle 3 Answers

Look out!.: Beware

Drags a weighty object.: Heaves

George Michael song: “__ Figure”.: Father

An order from higher up.: Decree

Coffee-flavored liquor used in a Black Russian.: Kahlua

Thick humid forest, e.g. The Amazon.: Jungle

Barnes __, inventor of the bouncing bomb.: Wallis

An overhaul or restructuring.: Revamp

Lady in a fairy tale, often in distress.: Damsel

__ at Ivry, end of day painting by Guillaumin.: Sunset

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aegean island famous for blue-domed white houses.: Santorini

Long green and white vegetables from onion species.: Scallions

Radioactive element Pu, sourced from uranium ore.: Plutonium

Heroic, Lycra-clad female comic character.: Supergirl

Mozart and Elgar were these.: Composers

Pleasurable facilities or services.: Amenities

E.g. thumbs that move.: Opposable

Participant.: Contender

Removing financing from.: Defunding

Thickness, stickiness; opposite of fluidity.: Viscosity

Puzzle 5 Answers

Perhaps, maybe, feasibly.: Possibly

Tossing a pancake so that both sides are cooked.: Flipping

One note; dreary, flat delivery of a speech.: Monotone

Palestinian territory, left of the River Jordan.: West bank

All the DNA of a population.: Gene pool

Shouting at a comedian.: Heckling

Michel __, author of Madness and Civilization.: Foucault

Pain on hip and leg, caused by pressure on a nerve.: Sciatica

Went before.: Preceded

Water-based paint for houses.: Emulsion

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