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Codycross Art museum

Group 721

Puzzle 1 Answers

A very large unit of image resolution: Megapixel

Animated film about a puppet whose nose grows: Pinocchio

Basic, rudimentary: Elemental

Circle in a meadow caused by fungi: Fairy ring

Clothing that is turned the wrong way around: Inside out

Known for being trustworthy and reliable: Reputable

Punishment, being kept in class after school: Detention

Step in to avert disaster: Intervene

Using spoons to get the right amount of flour: Measuring

Weighing out ingredients with spoons: Measuring

Wool sweater with twisted design: Cableknit

Puzzle 2 Answers

Aware or conscious of: Mindful

Budding young actress who longs for fame: Starlet

Coy addition on an invite, wife, husband, or other: Plus one

Foes, adversaries: Enemies

Hormone isolated by Frederick Banting: Insulin

Large dish for serving a meal for sharing: Platter

Single out, keep away from others: Isolate

Sticky styling product: Hair gel

The largest flightless bird: Ostrich

Those who work on ships: Sailors

Threesome including Moe Howard, Larry Fine: Stooges

Transit vehicle propelled by a person: Bicycle

Travel each day to a place of work: Commute

Puzzle 3 Answers

Adjective that means you can eat it: Edible

Argue over the price of something: Haggle

Artists’ overalls worn to protect clothes: Smocks

Book: The Girl with the Dragon __: Tattoo

Instructions on how to prepare a specific dish: Recipe

It’s the Cuban capital and a Camila Cabello song: Havana

Largest and most populous of Japan’s islands: Honshu

Pluto was formerly one: Planet

Rigid strip used to immobilize a broken bone: Splint

Rigid strip used to keep a broken bone stable: Splint

Small prawn: Shrimp

Step high like a horse: Prance

Wall-to-wall floor fabric: Carpet

Puzzle 4 Answers

Actor-comedian who plays Ant-Man and himself: Paul rudd

Basin in the garden that offers water to fowl: Birdbath

Boxing punch aimed at the opponent’s chin: Uppercut

Carved with initials, name or date, for example: Engraved

Do this to a manager when things go wrong: Complain

Girl from the North Country’s singer: Bob dylan

Little monkey with long tail: Marmoset

Nasty, vindictive: Spiteful

Parental __ help monitor kids’ online activity: Controls

Place to support heels while at a desk: Footrest

Reduced price: Discount

Strip of decorative paper, keeps a place in a book: Bookmark

Tiredness, lack of energy, fatigue: Lethargy

Top-of-the-range luxury hotel rating: Five star

Type of candy on a stick: Lollipop

Puzzle 5 Answers

Chemical element with the symbol K: Potassium

Defamatory, malicious and untrue: Libellous

Falling apart, breaking into dust: Crumbling

Finger and toe bones: Phalanges

Logical thinking to derive conclusions: Reasoning

Mass, horde, crowd: Multitude

Mythological maze, built to be hard to escape from: Labyrinth

Person who puts on a false appearance of virtue: Hypocrite

Promotional period when cheap drinks are offered: Happy hour

Religious ceremony or rite: Sacrament

Stuffing and mounting skins of dead animals: Taxidermy

Tiny oval superfood for sprinkling in smoothies: Chia seeds

Trough for blooms attached to a sill: Window box

Group 722

Puzzle 1 Answers

Board game of property trading: Monopoly

Covered padded squares on chairs for extra comfort: Cushions

Decorated with a raised pattern: Embossed

Department to call for tech support or assistance: Help desk

Mind __; confusing, unbelievable: Boggling

Motown trio that was fronted by Diana Ross: Supremes

Over full, jam-packed, stuffed: Bursting

Perfected a new skill: Mastered

Selecting representative parts of the whole: Sampling

Sum of money given to a good cause: Donation

__ rates measure equivalencies between currencies: Exchange

Puzzle 2 Answers

A double espresso coffee: Doppio

Celestial bodies with fiery tails: Comets

Female fairy-tale figure who needs to be rescued: Damsel

Gaps in TV broadcasts when commercials are shown: Breaks

Items of value owned by a company: Assets

Kin: Family

Prestige, distinction, worth, value: Cachet

Relative Sophie is searching for in Mamma Mia!: Father

Rich Renaissance family in Italy: Medici

Someone skilled at making counterfeit copies: Forger

Time keepers monitored for end of day release: Clocks

Tubes to relieve the build-up of fluids: Drains

__ Date is a rendezvous with two couples: Double

Puzzle 3 Answers

Aggression, antagonism: Hostility

Chaperone, could be romantic interest: Companion

Country whose name means little Venice: Venezuela

Dry out; remove the moisture from something: Desiccate

Entrance hallway in a public building: Vestibule

First operational space shuttle to be retired: Discovery

French for a small, bite-size cake: Petit four

Hesitant, unenthusiastic: Reluctant

Knight’s armor made of interwoven metal rings: Chain mail

Memphis mansion owned by Elvis Presley: Graceland

Multi-leg sports event with baton exchanges: Relay race

Quirky term for the speed of posted letters: Snail mail

Similar to a computer program, runs on phones: Mobile app

Surgical board game, try not to make it buzz: Operation

Thames-side revolving wheel, lit up at New Year: London eye

Thistle-like vegetable with leaves and a heart: Artichoke

__ hunt, a game where you collect a list of things: Scavenger

Puzzle 4 Answers

2016 musical that nearly won a Best Picture Oscar: La la land

Given a superior rank or position at work: Promoted

Natural ability, flair: Aptitude

On Star Trek, this means danger or under attack: Red alert

Prince sang about birds weeping, “When “: Doves cry

Retired luxury supersonic passenger jet: Concorde

Rough drawings: Sketches

Spanish sailing ships, such as Columbus’s Niña: Caravels

Sum of money given to a good cause: Donation

Teacher, mentor: Educator

Women’s very short hairstyle: Pixie cut

Worries, reasons to feel uneasy: Concerns

Puzzle 5 Answers

Blue-veined cheese with distinctive smell: Stilton

Eggs of sea creatures such as salmon: Fish roe

Fall rapidly, drop without warning: Plummet

Figurative writing that paints pictures: Imagery

Fine wood particles left over after cutting: Sawdust

Hard to hear accurately, an obscured sound: Muffled

Oily cream for the mouth in cold weather: Lip balm

Places to meet and play video games, pinball, etc: Arcades

Reserve, decorum, especially of dress and fashion: Modesty

Star of When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle: Meg ryan

Traditional, enduring style: Classic

Group 723

Puzzle 1 Answers

Adele sang the title theme for this Bond film: Skyfall

Bathroom attached to a bedroom: En suite

Blood-sucking undead creature, e.g. Dracula: Vampire

Inability to process smells, sounds, shapes: Agnosia

Initial business venture: Startup

Long sensor on an insect’s head: Antenna

Make-believe: Pretend

Number of miles away when completely distracted: Million

Speared upon something, like a fence spike: Impaled

The scientific study of life: Biology

awareness; understanding of your own position: Spatial

Puzzle 2 Answers

Altered something for the better, upcycled: Revamped

Arnold who goes with eggs and hollandaise: Benedict

Birds of prey, like turkey vultures: Buzzards

Bragging, immodest, showing off: Boastful

Dead in __, without hope of success: The water

Defeat, conquer, overcome in battle: Vanquish

Dental condition with protruding upper jaw: Overbite

Dig up, remove soil for building foundations: Excavate

Extra text added to a speech at a later stage: Addendum

Funeral __, person who arranges the final goodbye: Director

Japanese music festival on the side of a mountain: Fuji rock

Pieces of hair that fall in corkscrew curls: Ringlets

Starred opposite DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can: Tom hanks

Three-dimensional representation of a human: Hologram

Vocabulary banter used in crosswords: Wordplay

__ Mata, happiness and long life Hindu goddess: Santoshi

__ cap; imaginary hat worn when pondering: Thinking

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bamboozle or totally confuse someone: Baffle

Clammy, hot state after exercise: Sweaty

Fortune __; clairvoyant who predicts the future: Teller

Motto or catchphrase: Slogan

Needle that draws music from a groove: Stylus

Preparing and primping before a photo: Posing

Radiant and dazzling; clever: Bright

Rue de __, Parisian street, the site of the Louvre: Rivoli

Suit jacket or sport coat: Blazer

__ seeker; person seeking refuge or sanctuary: Asylum

Puzzle 4 Answers

A tourist destination in Dominican Republic: Punta cana

Ability to predict what will happen in the future: Foresight

Collective decision reached by a group: Consensus

Cover the seat of a chair with fabric: Upholster

Font or typeface used in an inscription: Lettering

Hard-shelled pupa of a moth or butterfly: Chrysalis

Major river flowing through Syria to Iraq: Euphrates

On a smartphone, you write in these: Text boxes

Organized and not wasteful: Efficient

Pain __; tolerance level of discomfort: Threshold

Paring down a piece of wood with a knife: Whittling

Steel that does not rust or corrode: Stainless

Well thought out and not wasteful: Efficient

Puzzle 5 Answers

A dive into water that ends up stomach first: Belly flop

Bodhi, or the activation of a Buddha’s wisdom: Awakening

Capital of Nepal: Kathmandu

Charity that makes kids’ dreams come true: Make a wish

Deeply sincere, earnest, profound: Heartfelt

General term for chemical that kills insects: Pesticide

Gesture of indifference using one’s shoulders: Shrugging

High-profile theater accolade for Broadway actors: Tony award

Medical device for stimulating the heart: Pacemaker

Music by composers like Mozart and Bach: Classical

Outgoing and sociable person: Extrovert

The final insult or piece of misfortune: Last straw

The most notable inhabitant of the Sherwood Forest: Robin hood

Group 724

Puzzle 1 Answers

Boundaries, limitations, restrictions: Confines

Cartridge with a recorded tape: Cassette

Debris that remains after a ship sinks: Wreckage

Formal written request against a motion: Petition

Patch of liquid petroleum spilled in ocean waters: Oil slick

Peer __, coercion or force from friends to conform: Pressure

Prepared fried squid, often eaten as a starter: Calamari

Preparing in advance for an event: Planning

Short news broadcast; an Internet noticeboard: Bulletin

Throwing and rotating three objects in the air: Juggling

Tiny handbag with carrying strap: Wristlet

Title given to a military or intelligence mission: Code name

Puzzle 2 Answers

“__ is bliss”: Ignorance

Accuracy, exactitude: Precision

Add this shiny makeup to the tops of cheekbones: Highlight

Attempts by politicians to win elections: Campaigns

Aussie decorative stick brought back from holidays: Boomerang

Canadian port named the world’s polar bear capital: Churchill

Enticing links that are a must-read: Clickbait

Fast craft that travels on water and sets records: Speedboat

Modifying rhythm by accenting the weak beat: Syncopate

Small drinking container used for measuring spirits: Shot glass

Sturdiness, durability: Stability

Puzzle 3 Answers

Author of the Origin of Species: Darwin

Bets, gambles, flutters: Wagers

Decorative clothes fastener: Brooch

Hypothesis, way of explaining something: Theory

Italian lagoon city famous for its carnival: Venice

Musical genre made popular by Nirvana: Grunge

N American desert with Death Valley at its edge: Mojave

Pressed Italian grilled sandwich: Panini

This type of club is interested in plants: Garden

Type of pipe the Caterpillar smokes in Wonderland: Hookah

Underground transportation system: Subway

Puzzle 4 Answers

Biblical giant: Goliath

Contract with real estate agent to sell a house: Listing

Cosmetic used to darken eyelashes: Mascara

Delivery driver who carries parcels and letters: Courier

Drawn edges around a figure: Outline

Fast car brand, including the Cayenne: Porsche

Make a knife less blunt: Sharpen

Make allowances or excuses for something: Condone

One of three babies born at the same time: Triplet

Patch of rough, hard skin on a person’s foot: Callous

Popeye’s preferred food: Spinach

Portable cassette player, popular in the 1980s: Boombox

With far-reaching consequences, pivotal: Fateful

Puzzle 5 Answers

Building used for fabrication of goods: Workshop

Button on a screen that adjusts clarity: Contrast

Every so often; at random times: Sporadic

Exact reverse of something else: Opposite

Foretells what is going to happen: Predicts

Invention of the Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel: Dynamite

Lie __, crime-fighting device aka a polygraph: Detector

Measure between high and low tides: Sea level

Reef predator named after king of the jungle: Lionfish

Searing food to make it turn darker: Browning

Signed up, e.g. to a course: Enrolled

Spreads like __; when news or gossip travels fast: Wildfire

Group 725

Puzzle 1 Answers

Baby ones of these fluffy camelids are crias: Llamas

Fire __; emergency exit invented by Anna Connelly: Escape

Leaf sugar substitute first used by the Guarani: Stevia

Leftovers, like food or metal: Scraps

Legal contract entered into before a marriage: Prenup

Pair of hand-drums often held between the knees: Bongos

Picturesque: Scenic

Scarlet effects from flash photography: Red eye

Sport in which each round takes three minutes: Boxing

Strong chemical for removing stains: Bleach

Puzzle 2 Answers

Altered states of reality: Trances

Announce openly and publicly: Declare

Bladdered device for blowing air into open fires: Bellows

Needle-drawn image created on a metal plate: Etching

Online audio show that can be streamed, downloaded: Podcast

Over a longer distance: Farther

Publicly support or voice approval for a candidate: Endorse

Rice __, baked milky dessert: Pudding

Single Ladies singer’s fan club name: Beyhive

Strips of fabric or leather under shoes’ laces: Tongues

The makers of Stop, CodyCross: Fanatee

Use a special bin to sort materials for reuse: Recycle

__ Portman; Padmé Amidala in Star Wars: Natalie

Puzzle 3 Answers

A guess based on a thought-out calculation: Estimate

A tiny bit, a particle: Molecule

Baton __; agile sport of majorettes: Twirling

Becoming better with age: Maturing

Former southern African state; modern-day Zimbabwe: Rhodesia

Hard rubber substance used in baking trays: Silicone

Online ID needed to access an account: Username

Process or key turn responsible for starting a car: Ignition

Surgical knives for facelifts: Scalpels

To put at risk: Endanger

Puzzle 4 Answers

After-school stay as punishment: Detention

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s partying millionaire: Jay gatsby

Flowers known for fragrance, creamy-white blooms: Gardenias

Full of life: Vivacious

Island group of the Pacific meaning “many islands”: Polynesia

Landsteiner’s discovery means we are A, AB, B or O: Blood type

One who gets students to school: Bus driver

Outline, internal structure: Framework

People link like this to sing Auld Lang Syne: Join hands

Pyrotechnics used in holidays or celebrations: Fireworks

The great & good are placed on them, to be revered: Pedestals

Trial of an emergency evacuation procedure: Fire drill

__ Analytica, data firm in scandal with Facebook: Cambridge

Puzzle 5 Answers

An emery board by another name: Nail file

Artist who uses walls and the ground as canvases: Muralist

Fury and World War Z star: Brad pitt

How you say goodbye in French: Au revoir

Not cautious, negligent: Careless

Pie topping made of baked egg whites and sugar: Meringue

Romantic scarlet blooms, often sold by the dozen: Red roses

Tight tie or binding: Ligature

Uncontrolled mass running of wild animals: Stampede

Winter sport, sliding head-first down an ice track: Skeleton

Group 726

Puzzle 1 Answers

Ability to sustain physical effort: Stamina

Animals used for luck by sports teams: Mascots

Antipathy, aversion towards something: Dislike

Date each year when day and night are equal length: Equinox

Drive together as a group: Carpool

It delays progress, a holdup, a hindrance: Setback

Japanese ecommerce company, owners of Rakuten

Live music show, often at a stadium or arena: Concert

Pendants that contain treasured photos: Lockets

Prospero’s young daughter in The Tempest: Miranda

Smartphone operating system, not iOS: Android

Special anniversary, such as golden or diamond: Jubilee

To exceed expectations, over-deliver: Surpass

Puzzle 2 Answers

A bridge used to transport water: Aqueduct

Asian legumes used to make tofu: Soybeans

Beg, borrow, solicit, sponge: Scrounge

Cuddled warmly: Snuggled

Deliberately or intentionally included: By design

Mind your manners and say please and this: Thank you

Sheets of paper attached together, for writing in: Notebook

Small, stringed instrument similar to a lute: Mandolin

Spanish conquistadors founded it, Chile’s capital: Santiago

Stone statue often seen on a church roof: Gargoyle

Puzzle 3 Answers

Advocates of women’s rights: Feminists

Bond theme tune sung by Tina Turner: Goldeneye

Cate __, starred with Brad Pitt in Babel: Blanchett

Colonies of marine life and home of many animals: Coral reef

Deceitfulness, disloyalty, deception: Duplicity

Devices used to show magnetic North: Compasses

Dice-based cross-and-circle board game: Parcheesi

Evaluates art, writing of strengths and weaknesses: Art critic

Extreme or severe in a description of the weather: Inclement

Greenish colour used in medieval Italian frescoes: Verdaccio

Holding Back the Years band: Simply red

Holiday when it’s traditional to sing carols: Christmas

Isle of Wight sailing festival in August: Cowes week

Leo __; described the continent south of Europe: Africanus

Metalworker’s fuel-burning tool with flames: Blowtorch

Nonsense, it crosses a red flower and a chicken: Poppycock

Responsible for the Baudelaire’s guardianship: Arthur poe

Scoop for a newspaper: Exclusive

Small and insignificant person: Pipsqueak

Soothing balms: Ointments

They hold body joints together: Ligaments

__ razor, old-fashioned item for cutting whiskers: Cutthroat

Puzzle 4 Answers

Animals are trained to perform these: Tricks

Anxiety or nervousness, often screamed: Abdabs

Brand of two-wheeled motorized scooter: Segway

Composer of the opera Das Rheingold: Wagner

Filaments twisted together: Thread

Greer __, 1940s Elizabeth Bennet opposite Olivier: Garson

Groups of ships that travel together: Fleets

Joining together, like wires: Fusing

Knowledge possessed by Solomon: Wisdom

Male feline: Tom cat

Masculine version of mistress: Master

Mural painting laid on wet plaster: Fresco

Paper __; decorative circular links: Chains

Pull a con: Hustle

State of emergency: Crisis

Tiger Woods is one: Golfer

Undercover stooges placed in magic show audiences: Plants

Zlotys are the currency of this European country: Poland

__ road; alternative to a very busy route: Relief

Puzzle 5 Answers

Assign, set aside for a specific task: Allocate

Booty dancing craze: Twerking

Common bad guys in Minecraft: Creepers

Croissants, pains au chocolat are these: Pastries

Got one’s balance, found a firmer footing: Steadied

Lessen, reduce: Diminish

Marco __, tennis-playing younger brother to Novak: Djokovic

Movement/displacement of peoples around the world: Diaspora

Nothing but __ __ words demanded in court: The truth

Photographer’s device for viewing negatives: Lightbox

Resting and calming: Relaxing

Rocky islets: Skerries

Something that sucks up a liquid, like a sponge: Absorber

Spa treatment for feet: Pedicure

Splinter pickers: Tweezers

Springing movement of gazelles and antelopes: Pronking

They don’t cry, according to Frankie Valli song: Big girls

This is palming an extra ace or rolling twice: Cheating

Tidiness, orderliness: Neatness

What a letter is put in: Envelope

__ committee, those who decide upon agendas: Steering

Group 727

Puzzle 1 Answers

1995 album of romantic ballads, by Elton John: Love songs

Competition among others, like eating cinnamon: Challenge

Conceit, big-headedness: Arrogance

Elastic plastic headgear used to keep hair dry: Shower cap

Exaggerated visual comedy style, with props: Slapstick

Family members and their domicile: Household

Herbs used as a finishing touch on a dish: Garnishes

Islands where the world’s biggest tortoises live: Galapagos

Laid by the goose in Aesop’s Fables: Golden egg

Large white seabird nicknamed a gooney: Albatross

Mother of Mean Girls actress Lindsay: Dina lohan

Skill of making things from wood: Carpentry

Students who have completed university degrees: Graduates

Styling tool for locks: Hairbrush

Styling tool revolutionized by Lyda Newman: Hairbrush

Trip outdoors with fun things planned: Excursion

What candidates in the US must go through: Campaigns

__ Building, NY icon for a five-and-dime merchant: Woolworth

Puzzle 2 Answers

A, AB, B, and O are blood __: Groups

Act of putting a dead person in a grave or tomb: Burial

Additions to SLR cameras for arty purposes: Lenses

Extendable canvas roof for a tent or motorhome: Awning

Famous Raphael fresco: “The School of “: Athens

Fly under the radar, attempt to go unnoticed: Lie low

Fortune telling by the flight of birds: Augury

Giant dust cloud in space: Nebula

Hold out against: Resist

Horse’s head chess piece that moves in an L shape: Knight

It follows you everywhere: Shadow

Latex hand protectors: Gloves

Name of Paul McCartney’s Old English sheep dog: Martha

Near-human species from Iridonia in Star Wars: Zabrak

Nonprofit supporters: Donors

Repeated refrain of a song: Chorus

Ring-shaped bread rolls: Bagels

Scrubbing instrument that can absorb water: Sponge

Shiny description of well-conditioned hair: Glossy

Strand on a desert island: Maroon

Written draft of a play: Script

Harris dated Taylor Swift and got a hit song: Calvin

__ Sussex, Cambs college attended by Cromwell: Sidney

Puzzle 3 Answers

A being with the inability to die: Immortal

A photo collection showcasing a fashion line: Lookbook

A predilection or tendency to do something: Penchant

Can be counted on: Reliable

Classic Italian tomato sauce: Marinara

Complained about: Bemoaned

Decide the outcome before examining fully: Prejudge

Decisive battle in the Norman conquest of England: Hastings

Decorate, adorn, especially in heraldry: Emblazon

Describes a sudden occurrence of spotty skin: Breakout

Forename of Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway: Clarissa

Genuine, enduring affection: True love

Having been straightened, disentangled: Unkinked

Hinged blades used to cut paper, fabric etc.: Scissors

Papier-mâché satirical dummies or large heads: Effigies

Pictures created with scraps of colored paper: Collages

Publisher of Batman and Robin: Dc comics

Revolving fast: Spinning

Software that alters a singer’s off-key pitch: Autotune

Stealing multiple vehicles from drivers: Carjacks

Triathletes Alistair and Jonny the __ brothers: Brownlee

Wearing outfits that are the same: Matching

Puzzle 4 Answers

Broadcast of a Q&A session with a celebrity: Interview

Ceramic material used to make some figurines: Porcelain

Coloring agents: Dyestuffs

Dental pain: Toothache

Engraved with a name or other text: Inscribed

Food purchased at a store and kept at home: Groceries

Horse kept solely to produce young: Broodmare

Lady courted in the song A Bicycle Built for Two: Daisy bell

Making the surface of a cake flat: Smoothing

Quality of being able to be easily damaged: Fragility

Recognized as “the wisest man in all of Oz”: Scarecrow

Schedule and plan of things to do on a day trip: Itinerary

Substance that cleans up oily surfaces: Degreaser

That special something that bowls people over: Wow factor

The opposite of a hardcover book: Paperback

The sainted patroness of the city of Paris: Geneviève

Valuation, estimate of how much an item is worth: Appraisal

Puzzle 5 Answers

A snake is this type of animal: Reptile

Because you’re __; ad slogan of L’Oréal Paris: Worth it

Biography, a listing of attributes on a dating app: Profile

Dear Sir __; formal opening to a letter: Or madam

Fate or kismet: Destiny

Glimmer, gleam: Flicker

Gomer Pyle’s military rank: Private

Japanese puppet display with visible puppeteers: Bunraku

Like Dalí, Kahlo’s paintings were __ (bizarre): Surreal

Making models of hands or feet from plaster: Casting

Moreover, or more to the point: Besides

Nazis forced Jews to wear a Star of David on this: Armband

Noisemaker blown to attract attention in a crisis: Whistle

Parts of the body that can be affected by styes: Eyelids

Peter, Peter, -Eater, old English nursery rhyme: Pumpkin

Relies on: Depends

Ridge of coarse sediment formed by waves: Sand bar

Saint-, French city or English dance band: Étienne

Space or hole that one can enter: Opening

Steeping food in salt water before cooking: Brining

Take part in, participate in a sports race or game: Compete

Tight-knit social groups: Cliques

Train of __, a-ha ditty with puzzling lyrics: Thought

What models showcase on the catwalk: Fashion

Group 728

Puzzle 1 Answers

“Hands-off” control system on an aircraft: Autopilot

2004 sports comedy starring Ben Stiller: Dodgeball

A pattern made up of shapes: Geometric

Appointed role of a famous painter during conflict: War artist

Byzantine Emperor from 527 to 565 AD: __ I: Justinian

Conflict fought in East Asia from 1950-53: Korean war

Dart-firing weapons: Blowpipes

Device that blows hot air for styling wet locks: Hairdryer

Disgusting, revolting, nauseating: Repulsive

Early style of New Orleans jazz: Dixieland

Evil fairy in Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty: Carabosse

Fruits used to make guacamole: Avocadoes

Handheld game console, rival of the GameBoy: Atari lynx

He claimed Canada for the British: John cabot

Human __; recruitment department of a company: Resources

Japanese electronics company of TVs, cameras, etc: Panasonic

Large flightless bird native to New Guinea: Cassowary

Larynx spasm caused by object or bad thoughts: Gag reflex

Lead singer who formed Radiohead: Thom yorke

Michael __, host of a popular chat show: Parkinson

Outdoor game with guns firing what artists use: Paintball

Pecking order; ranking of needs: Hierarchy

Person who writes for a living: Wordsmith

Red roadside construction for posting letters: Pillar box

Reddened extremity caused by the cold: Chilblain

Strait between Corsica and Sardinia: Bonifacio

Thrust or pushed forwards: Propelled

Workplace canteen, somewhere to eat: Cafeteria

Puzzle 2 Answers

Endemic taro leaf-shaped winged-mammal: Hoary bat

Game using an underhand pitch to batters: Softball

Hot drink with leaves that have not been oxidized: Green tea

Hot drink with leaves that have not turned brown: Green tea

In a paternal way: Fatherly

Making artistic objects in a skilled way: Crafting

Most stark or depressing: Bleakest

Papers that have a pH of 7-9: Acid free

The Philippines’ second-largest island after Luzon: Mindanao

The Tool Man on Home Improvement: Tim allen

Tweezing hairs from the eyebrows: Plucking

William Goldman book The __ Bride: Princess

Puzzle 3 Answers

Assassinated British Prime Minister: Perceval __: Spencer

Coarse grained rock commonly used in buildings: Granite

Creator of the Statue of Zeus at Olympia: Phidias

Educated: Learned

First name of US composer Aaron: Copland

Hungarian-Spanish red powdered spice: Paprika

Indicated with a finger: Pointed

Italian astronomer; “father of modern physics”: Galileo

Long, usually black, garment worn by clergymen: Cassock

Occultist who did Good Queen Bess’s horoscopes: John dee

Pattern of stars in the sky: Asteism

Polite and ingenious irony: Asteism

Smallest planet in the Solar System: Mercury

The substance that gives inks or paints their hues: Pigment

Thief who breaks into houses: Burglar

__ Rift; brand of VR headsets released in 2016: Occulus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artistic craft of creating raised patterns: Embossing

Ask for money, often holding a bucket: Panhandle

Cinema building with several screens: Multiplex

Color of the sky in Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: Marmalade

End of year festivities cookies, Santa, reindeer: Christmas

First film in martial arts series, stars Van Damme: Kickboxer

Housing period famed for Skara Brae and Jericho: Neolithic

Penguin species with distinctive neck band: Chinstrap

People who take over & live in abandoned buildings: Squatters

Rolling terrain: Hilliness

Sikh worship places: Gurdwaras

Small triangular bone of the eye socket: Lachrymal

Toy such as Trivial Pursuit, played with friends: Board game

Puzzle 5 Answers

A wooden block tied to the feet of grazing horses: Logger

Action film had theme song You Take My Breath Away: Top gun

Cautioned about an impending risk: Warned

Cosmetics used to transform appearance: Makeup

David __; germ-phobic CSI lab technician: Hodges

Decorative ornament with knotted cord: Tassel

Diego __, Mexican painter married to Frida Kahlo: Rivera

Dwight Filley Davis donated a cup for this sport: Tennis

Formal words said to an audience: Speech

Himachal Pradesh city, once India’s summer capital: Shimla

This legume butter is a natural with jelly: Peanut

When the wind blows gently: Breezy

Group 729

Puzzle 1 Answers

12 constellations or signs in astrology: Zodiac

2019 TV Bachelorette or film actress Daryl __: Hannah

80s Daryl Hannah mermaid flick: Splash

Another word for cloth, especially in fashion: Fabric

Bah, ! Disgruntled cry from Scrooge: Humbug

Brings into line: Aligns

Canadian singer who wrote “Bad Day”: Daniel __: Powter

Carve a statue: Sculpt

Constantly worrying about something: Obsess

Dipping one’s upper body to show respect: Bowing

E-cigarette smoking: Vaping

Fix, perhaps a broken nail: Repair

Flat dining surfaces for eating meals on: Tables

Fragrant purple spring-blooming shrub: Lilacs

Giuliana __; developed flame-retardant textiles: Tesoro

High and __, is to be arrogantly superior: Mighty

Inhabitant of the country whose capital is Sana’a: Yemeni

Judo mat, traditionally made of straw: Tatami

Kitchen area on a ship or aircraft: Galley

Old term for the past participle of bind: Ybound

Queen __; Merida’s mother in Brave: Elinor

Starred with Monroe and Curtis in Some Like it Hot: Lemmon

Stay in pace with someone, don’t lag behind: Keep up

Stretched fabric used by painters for their art: Canvas

To purify fat by melting it down: Render

Type of songbird or fungal infection of the mouth: Thrush

Puzzle 2 Answers

Clenching in awkwardness: Cringing

Coated pulp for producing coffee table books: Art paper

Deceiving, deliberately misleading: Bluffing

Extraction industry for mining fossil fuels: Fracking

French bowling game with boules and a jack: Petanque

Green vegetable used for pickles or tea sandwiches: Cucumber

Hues made from mixing primary and secondary shades: Tertiary

Men, members of the lowest rank of UK nobility: Baronets

Mythological beasts, blended humans & horses: Centaurs

Putting the face over a bowl of boiling water: Steaming

Small shop catering to specific items: Boutique

Snubbing, deliberately ignoring: Blanking

The last __, A. Dumas’ unfinished novel, 1869: Cavalier

Puzzle 3 Answers

Another word for embarrassed: Ashamed

Artist who painted The Milkmaid: Vermeer

Changed the wording: Amended

Computer accessory for outputting documents: Printer

Crepe stuffed with cheese and with fruit: Blintze

Followed after someone, stalked: Pursued

Goes up a mountain: Ascends

Home to Montevideo: Uruguay

Paintings and sculptures appreciated for beauty: Fine art

Paintings and sculptures with aesthetic purpose: Fine art

Sir Wilfrid __, Canadian PM 1841 to 1919: Laurier

Sir Wilfrid __, Canadian PM 1896–1911: Laurier

Puzzle 4 Answers

African bird of prey; lives on river life: Fish eagle

Baroque Dutch painter van Rijn: Rembrandt

Blockage condition causing abdominal pain: Gallstone

Blowhards, boasters: Braggarts

Charles __ Floyd, a US public enemy of the 1930s: Pretty boy

City where the Rijksmuseum is located: Amsterdam

Countryside expanse of a yellow crop: Rape field

Espresso coffee with added steamed milk: Flat white

Examples of the various species of plants: Specimens

Floor accelerator that drives a sewing-machine: Foot pedal

Handmade greetings with a 3D surprise: Pop up card

I Left My Heart in San __, Tony Bennett crooned: Francisco

Knife __, device for keeping a true cutting edge: Sharpener

Large G&T from Spain in a balloon glass: Gintonica

Long astronomical distance: Light year

Novelist who penned The Godfather: Mario puzo

Olympic medal-winning NBA All-Star point guard: Chris paul

Period of darkness when Santa visits: Nighttime

Prana Mudra, or energy from a yoga hand position: Life force

Warning shout that a vehicle is ready to depart: All aboard

Witch, enchantress: Sorceress

Puzzle 5 Answers

24 hours off work and in bed: Duvet day

38th __, the boundary partition of Korea in 1948: Parallel

Best clothes, worn on evenings out and to church: Glad rags

Caribbean Codia shrubs or trees: Manjacks

Control, rule, dictate, take over: Dominate

Gulliver’s Travels author Swift: Jonathan

Hairs above the peepers, often plucked: Eyebrows

Having had the quality of something enhanced: Enriched

Medieval performer, often sang about heroics: Minstrel

Memento from a trip that a tourist might buy: Souvenir

Opportunities, e.g. through new doors: Openings

Ropes used to hoist sails on ships: Halyards

Shellfish that clings onto rocks, stubbornly: Barnacle

Small filled soup dumplings in Jewish cuisine: Kreplach

Someone not in the military: Civilian

Spanish city famous for architecture and paella: Valencia

Subterranean structure for storing vintage bottles: Wine cave

Sweat, leak from the pores: Perspire

Tree that grows mostly in coastal swamps: Mangrove

Triangular upper part of classical building: Pediment

court; mob tribunal, sham legal proceedings: Kangaroo

__ pens, artistic biros producing glittery inks: Metallic

Group 730

Puzzle 1 Answers

Animal that primarily eats fish: Piscivore

Artist of Charles II’s mistress Barbara Villiers: Peter lely

British architecture 1901-1910: Edwardian

Ferris wheel with capsules on the River Thames: London eye

Frank and Joe, brothers and crime solvers: Hardy boys

He won the Cheltenham Gold Cup twice, 2007, 2009: Kauto star

Illumination at night from our lunar satellite: Moonlight

Land around a town protected as conservation area: Green belt

Large measure of mothers’ ruin: Double gin

Legendary hoax featuring a rabbit with antlers: Jackalope

SpongeBob lives in one under the sea: Pineapple

Stamina, test of strength and commitment: Endurance

Stop an item before it reaches intended recipient: Intercept

The study of design and purpose in material world: Teleology

Vodka brand and symphonic poem by Sibelius: Finlandia

Woody Allen’s film about comedian and singer: Annie hall

Puzzle 2 Answers

A type of bitter orange often used in marmalade: Seville

Ben __, brand associated with the 60s Mod movement: Sherman

Bright red: Crimson

Buy in bulk, fill cupboards: Stock up

Country where the carol Silent Night was written: Austria

Cover something or fill with gray earthen material: Claying

Exhibit to show off goods: Display

Extinct elephant-sized cows: Aurochs

False names or identities: Aliases

French name of cleaner shrimp in Finding Nemo: Jacques

League of __, world peacekeeping body of 1920: Nations

Marine mammal that walks with large flippers: Sea lion

Metal finger cup; Sleeping Beauty needed one: Thimble

Plaything for dogs to bite on: Chew toy

Putting hair into a certain design for the day: Styling

Room where people try on clothes: Fitting

Roy __, Only the Lonely’s “Big O”: Orbison

Ship of __; thought experiment in identity study: Theseus

Shirley’s best friend, played by Penny Marshall: Laverne

Sport of catching the waves on a board: Surfing

Tangible, touchy-feely: Tactile

Temporary __, to pretend to mark the skin for life: Tattoos

Trivial objection: Quibble

Type of military jet that rhymes with “carrier”: Harrier

Well-known digital currency using blockchain: Bitcoin

Winding bend of a river or stream: Meander

Puzzle 3 Answers

Beware, be careful, stay vigilant: Watch out

Cheering excitedly: Whooping

Confessing one’s guilt: Owning up

Cosmetic procedure to raise up skin on cheeks: Facelift

Drafting of an intricate storyboard: Plotting

Figurative, representative: Symbolic

Forename of the wives of Kings George II and IV: Caroline

Gluing: Sticking

Holing a putt one over par: Bogeying

Making a home sparkling and dust-free: Cleaning

Menu options under different on-screen headings: Dropdown

Norwegian region and 1965 movie The Heroes of __: Telemark

Port city on the Gulf of Mexico founded by Cortes: Veracruz

Power of __; person who can make decisions for you: Attorney

Public addresses, said by orators at events: Speeches

Reddish-brown plover with white markings: Dotterel

Scepticism or suspicion: Cynicism

Sketches made with pens or pencils: Drawings

Star Trek opening: Space, the final __: Frontier

Violin makers from Cremona: Guarneri

Water that comes from the sky: Rainfall

Weapons worn on a belt, for example: Sidearms

__ Géromé, washed-rind French cheese: Muenster

Puzzle 4 Answers

A trip or excursion: Outing

Activate, make a tech feature operational: Enable

American football team from New York: Giants

Australia’s largest national park: Kakadu

Color of the sun and daffodils: Yellow

Common insect that has hardened wings: Beetle

Earl of Wessex, married Sophie Rhys-Jones in 1999: Edward

Famous figure who publicly promotes a charity: Patron

Germany city, once had a wall: Berlin

Laws of __; Newton’s theory of planetary movement: Motion

Lyricist collaborating with Elton John: Bernie __: Taubin

Police officer from Blyton’s Toyland: P c plod

Pronounced, enunciated: Voiced

Qualified with a set of skills: Ablest

Surprise! A contraction of God’s wounds: Zounds

Thandie __ of Westworld and Solo: Newton

The Nike logo symbol is this: Swoosh

They look after others’ needs, sympathetically: Carers

Three-legged camera stand: Tripod

Understand, with nautical measure allusion: Fathom

Vocalized, pronounced, enunciated: Voiced

Where children can visit a person dressed as Santa: Grotto

Who’s on First, What’s on __: Second

Written record of someone’s personal experiences: Memoir

__ Corridor, interwar Polish route to the Baltic: Danzig

__ bar, smooth milk chocolate from Mars: Galaxy

__ in the Park with George, Sondheim musical: Sunday

Puzzle 5 Answers

1956 Olympics site, the first in the S hemisphere: Melbourne

Canadian actor who voiced Shrek: Mike myers

Citrus trees producing small oranges: Mandarins

Dog __; expert who communicates with canines: Whisperer

Gets bigger, or higher in number: Increases

Grainy sheet for making surfaces smooth and flat: Sandpaper

Last name of the main character in Star Wars: Skywalker

Leader of Ireland’s Fine Gael party 2002-17: Enda kenny

Mayfair street famous for tailors Gieves & Hawkes: Savile row

Name of a well-known sans-serif typeface: Helvetica

Plucky and determined: Tenacious

Round metal disc worn around the neck: Medallion

Skin infection, pus producing: Festering

Small oranges: Mandarins

Strict and sudden implementation of laws: Crackdown

Toffee flavor in Hokey Pokey ice cream: Honeycomb

Worker who removes bituminous lumps from a mine: Coal hewer

Group 731

Puzzle 1 Answers

American __, cat with a short rear part: Bobtail

Female name that means honeybee: Melissa

Hold back, choose not to get involved: Abstain

Japanese paper-folding art form: Origami

Landlocked country sharing Lake Titicaca with Peru: Bolivia

Largest moon of Uranus; Shakespeare’s Fairy Queen: Titania

Musical, tells the story of New York’s melting pot: Ragtime

Not typical, unexpected: Unusual

Stolen sculpure by Michelangelo: __ of Bruges: Madonna

Tumor of the nerve tissue: Neuroma

Very small ball of sticky liquid: Globule

Puzzle 2 Answers

A person or thing that innovates: Developer

A series of four books or operas: Tetralogy

Alter ego of Eminem featured in 2000 hit Stan: Slim shady

Animal or bird distress signal response to danger: Alarm call

Charmian and Iras, maids to this Egyptian queen: Cleopatra

France’s second-largest city and Riviera resort: Marseille

Lead ship ransacked at the Boston Tea Party: Dartmouth

Reserved, playing one’s cards close to one’s chest: Secretive

Sea-based branch of the British military: Royal navy

Speaking from the pulpit: Preaching

The Virgin and Child with __, Da Vinci’s painting: Saint anne

The __ Itch, Marilyn Monroe comedy of 1955: Seven year

To take revenge, tit for tat: Retaliate

Trained vinous grower, beloved by Marvin Gaye: Grape vine

Puzzle 3 Answers

Arrangement of an image to make it pleasing: Design

Complete this room’s mental challenge to get out: Escape

Country where the artist Marc Chagall was born: Russia

Gas jet with flames to cook on: Burner

Grace, the “grandmother” of COBOL computer code: Hopper

In golf, the allowance for movement when putting: Borrow

Repress, set back: Impede

Revenge is a dish best __ cold: Served

Robbie Williams song popular at weddings/funerals: Angels

Weasel relative that preys on squirrels, rabbits: Marten

__ & Klement; initial name of Skoda Autos: Laurin

__ Santa, random surprise gift-giving tradition: Secret

__ and Maude, an unlikely love story: Harold

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aggravated, made angry: Provoked

Aide-memoire so as not to forget a date: Reminder

Causes anguish: Torments

Cutting, hacking: Chopping

Describes hardened, aged skin: Leathery

Fabrics, materials: Textiles

French author. wrote about the giant Pantagruel: Rabelais

Long-haired Siamese-type cat with blue eyes: Balinese

Made noise like a mouse: Squeaked

Mean girl who’s frenemies with Betty in Riverdale: Veronica

Olivia Newton-John song Let’s Get __: Physical

Polish process for feet: Pedicure

Russian caviar hors d’oeuvre served with vodka: Zakouska

Southernmost capital city of Europe: Valletta

Sugar CAe sauce from South America: Chancaca

The Barefoot __, sex symbol Maria Vargas: Contessa

The most expansive; largest: Broadest

The voice of Buzz Lightyear: Tim allen

Transparent sheets used on overhead projectors: Acetates

Tricks, attention-grabbing stunts: Gimmicks

__ host; TV presenter who gives away prizes: Game show

Puzzle 5 Answers

A sculptor’s medium: Alabaster

Big Aussie flightless bird; anagram of assay crow: Cassowary

Chief cryptographer and code breaker during WWII: Dilly knox

Courtesy, chivalry, thoughtfulness: Gallantry

Crawly bug with many legs, maybe even 100: Centipede

Fall Out Boy bassist and lyricist: Pete wentz

Famous luxurious South African locomotive: Blue train

Fancy and bubbly alcoholic beverage: Champagne

Person who rummages through rubbish: Scavenger

Planning finances: Budgeting

Preservations of beer in glass receptacles: Bottlings

Sarcastic phrase about something that is unlikely: Fat chance

Springfield’s judge in The Simpsons: Ray snyder

Stable owner who had room for Mary and Joseph: Innkeeper

Subhead in a newspaper article: Strapline

Sweeping, scenic, e.g. __ view: Panoramic

Those with idealized thoughts about life, people: Romantics

Unsolicited manuscripts received by publisher: Slush pile

__ rain, means to be perfectly ok: As right as

Group 732

Puzzle 1 Answers

A set with nothing in common: Disjoint

Apples and __: Oranges

Child of a highest-ranking nobleman: Dukeling

Clear, French soup made from seasoned stock: Consomme

Fishing mesh that floats off the side of a boat: Drift net

Food poisoning that can result in paralysis: Botulism

Fruits of __, Frida Kahlo still-life painting: The earth

Got rid of, threw away: Disposed

Humorous verse associated with Ireland county: Limerick

Main language spoken in Madagascar: Malagasy

Military toilets: Latrines

Repository for storing plant genetics: Seed bank

Ruby wedding anniversary marks this ordinal number: Fortieth

Southernmost country bordering Lake Victoria: Tanzania

Symbol that verifies the content of gold or silver: Hallmark

Women and __ first! Alert when abandoning ship: Children

Young, unmarried woman in German, e.g. __ Maria: Fraulein

__ Bull; Wall Street bronze sculpture: Charging

__ Son, Biblical parable about families: Prodigal

__ mask; worn in hospitals for infection control: Surgical

__ soul, fast-tempo music/dance for all-nighters: Northern

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Streetcar Named __, about Blanche DuBois: Desire

A card game; also a place to play other card games: French

Annul, revoke a decision: Cancel

Area of the face that includes the glabella: Indian

Character created by Jacqueline Wilson: Tracy __: Beaker

Container used in laboratories; squeaky Muppet: Beaker

Early this is reserved for members: Access

Examine, evaluate: Assess

Exercise routine of crouching low and rising: Squats

Galaxy __, a twisted stick: Ripple

Indian city once known as Bombay: Mumbai

Instructions at the start of a knitting pattern: Cast on

Lunar __ Vehicle (LRV); moon buggy: Roving

Many dogs sleep in these metal rectangles: Crates

Nocturnal lizards with sticky foot pads: Geckos

Sentimental love poem: Sonnet

She sang the theme tune for Diamonds are Forever: Bassey

Ship’s steering place: Bridge

Silky cords used for trimmings and edgings: Braids

Small, compressed sphere from an airgun: Pellet

Stand-ins for missing doctors: Locums

Streaked rock used in sculptures: Marble

The Glenn __ Story, movie about band leader: Miller

__ Garden had a 1997 hit with To The Moon and Back: Savage

__ opener, a blade that duels with envelopes: Letter

Puzzle 3 Answers

A rip-__ success is a wildly exciting moment: Roaring

Arab cloak that is fully hooded and trimmed: Burnous

Blake’s dark __ mills has been applied to industry: Satanic

Boring, dull: Tedious

Celebrity, fame: Stardom

Central Asian sheep or common Afghanistan hat: Karakul

Ceremony to reaffirm your wedding vows: Renewal

Flower __; devices for preserving blooms: Presses

Gaming or VR technology with earphones and a mic: Headset

Less ornate, simpler: Plainer

Middle of the World Monument country: Ecuador

Mild acid condiment that can be used in cleaning: Vinegar

Planet that the Galilean moons circle around: Jupiter

Psychology pertaining to theories of Swiss Carl: Jungian

Respectful Hindu greeting: Namaste

Shakespeare’s Queen of the Fairies: Titania

Spell-casters who cackle over cauldrons: Witches

Tabletop surface for serving goods: Counter

Things that are stored in drawers or worn: Clothes

Tightrope walker who crossed Niagara Falls: Blondin

Type of further education institute: College

Unfortunate, cursed: Hapless

Yves __, Italo-French actor wed Simone Signoret: Montand

__ gum, thickening food additive: Xanthan

Puzzle 4 Answers

Acting in accord with divine or moral law: Righteous

Alternative name for carambola: Star fruit

Convenient, accessible: Available

Don’t __, since you can make acne worse: Pick spots

Emmeline, Christabel and Sylvia’s family name: Pankhurst

Frances __, who starred in Fargo: Mcdormand

Glass sphere filled with winter weather: Snow globe

Homeland rejectors, such as the Cambridge Spies: Defectors

Masonry structure that forms the side of a house: Brick wall

Period of declining prices as seen in the 1930s: Deflation

San Francisco monument with working-life murals: Coit tower

Similar to tusk material: Ivorylike

Sunken boat, perhaps filled with exotic fish: Shipwreck

Surname of Digory’s Uncle Arthur in Narnia books: Ketterley

Swedish pop group with All That She Wants: Ace of base

Term for someone who needs to hurry up: Slow coach

Tetchy, easily stirred up: Irritable

__ Anguissola, Italian Renaissance painter: Sofonisba

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bob __, Watergate newspaperman and novelist: Woodward

Diverts, causes something to change direction: Deflects

Driving adventure: Road trip

Fossil of prehistoric mollusc: Ammonite

Gondola mountain transport: Cable car

Greek protector of seafarers, son of Cronus: Poseidon

Happen at the same time, e.g. a crossover of plans: Coincide

Jelly doughnut named after a European capital: Berliner

Lute-like instrument: Mandolin

Mapping out tasks in advance: Planning

Munch painted Death in the __: Sickroom

On your __; totally without company: Lonesome

Richard __, British pop artist of the 1950s-1960s: Hamilton

She stars as Batwoman in new TV series: Ruby rose

Small cartilage bottle that holds writing pigments: Inkhorns

Title of a Christian minister: Reverend

Treatment to put on cheeks, forehead then wash off: Face mask

Where queens and their workers live: Beehives

With no conclusion, never finishing: Unending

Group 733

Puzzle 1 Answers

A __ of one’s imagination; something made up: Figment

A defeat, a thrashing, a drubbing: Pasting

Amazon retail service for spoken-word books: Audible

Charles __, formed the Bible Students’ Association: Russell

Conniving or underhanded: Devious

Cookings of breads and cakes: Bakings

Edits, revisions to a text: Changes

False names that disguise true identities: Aliases

Formal shoes with decorative perforations: Brogues

Freud, whose personality theory had three aspects: Sigmund

Havarti cheese if from this Nordic nation: Denmark

In a competent way: Capably

Insurance statistician: Actuary

Jack Harkness or Jack Sparrow’s rank: Captain

Joined two rope ends together by weaving: Spliced

Lip- and cheek-inflating cosmetic treatments: Fillers

Long woodwind instrument, with double reed: Bassoon

Make a movie with drawings, cartoons: Animate

Mythological elfin characters; two fizzy drinks: Sprites

Power source for a phone, for example: Battery

Ribbony badge won by ponies, and dogs at Crufts: Rosette

Rounded knobs on the handles of swords: Pommels

Umbrella sunshade: Parasol

__ tint, darkening dye instead of mascara: Eyelash

Puzzle 2 Answers

Art piece made of marble: Statue

Author of Good-Bye to All That: Robert __: Graves

Brutish tool for breaking up slabs of toffee: Hammer

Different from all others, like many polish names: Unique

Family symbol in heraldry: Crests

Joint presenter of a radio or TV show: Cohost

Measurement from the edge of circle to its middle: Radius

Minutes or hours to relax on one’s own: Me time

Naked Chef and restaurant chain owner Jamie: Oliver

Narrow paths between buildings: Alleys

Permanent or semi-permanent skin ink or makeup: Tattoo

Reddish-brown hair colour: Auburn

Screechy devices connect computers via phone lines: Modems

Second largest city in Pakistan, after Karachi: Lahore

Sharp prickles on the stems of roses: Thorns

Spotty South American cat; a UK car brand: Jaguar

Stoor hobbit, originally known as Sméagol: Gollum

Type of concertinaed bonnet of the 18th-19th C: Calash

Uprise against the rulers: Revolt

What Christian Slater was pumping up in 1990 film: Volume

__ Shuffle, New York track by The Rolling Stones: Harlem

__ bid; auction practice with closed envelopes: Sealed

Puzzle 3 Answers

A person whose job is to sell things: Salesman

African native flowering plant in coffee family: Gardenia

Cleaning brand with bulging biceps logo: Mr muscle

Curvy scrawl: Squiggle

Encouraged and roused: Inspired

Flying __, iconic British steam train: Scotsman

Goal __; netball players whose job is to score: Shooters

Hairy faced, also describes feline faces: Whiskery

James __; physicist who discovered the neutron: Chadwick

Make holes in, pierce: Puncture

Mary Mary’s personality type: Contrary

NZ actor who starred as Dr Grant in Jurassic Park: Sam neill

Neolithic Chinese culture around Yellow River: Yangshao

Nicholas __, portraitist of Queen Elizabeth I: Hilliard

Share the raising of a child: Coparent

Slippery cake-tin coating that’s easy clean: Nonstick

Space __, arcade video game for shooting aliens: Invaders

Staged entertainment by the Scouts: Gang show

Strokable small plaything for an Xmas tree: Plush toy

Thoroughly mix water and oil: Emulsify

Took off the talons: Declawed

Words associated with repeated actions: Commands

__ me! Polite expression of surprise: Goodness

Puzzle 4 Answers

Aka pill bug, house crustacean with a shell: Woodlouse

Arrange or plan a day’s activities: Structure

Brownish tint, redolent of old photographs: Sepia tone

Clear and Present Danger espionage novelist: Tom clancy

Diminish someone’s authority: Undermine

Jose __ had a hit with Light my Fire: Feliciano

Matthew __, voiced Simba in The Lion King: Broderick

Mysterious Scottish village appears each 100 years: Brigadoon

Peepers sooty with mascara, like Chinese bears: Panda eyes

Person that someone tells their secrets to: Confidant

Riccota-like cottage cheese produced in Salento: Marzotica

Six times nine: Fifty four

Thor __, Pacific explorer on Kon-Tiki raft: Heyerdahl

To be self-employed: Freelance

Towering summer bloom with yellow petals: Sunflower

Trail, fail to keep up: Lag behind

Vessel for Chablis or Burgundy: Wine glass

Puzzle 5 Answers

Country known as the land of smiles: Thailand

Doing lengths in a pool: Swimming

Famous French tapestry business: Gobelins

Final station at the end of a railway line: Terminus

Firearm brand used to assassinate Lincoln: Deringer

Henry __, invented a steel-making process: Bessemer

Henry, the gunsmith who gave his name to a pistol: Deringer

Individual hairs on a paintbrush: Bristles

Long lines feel like this endless time period: Eternity

Metal grabbers for pulling out facial hairs: Tweezers

Natives of Moscow or St Petersburg, for example: Russians

Put money (or sodium chloride) away for the future: Salt away

Salad fruits with plum and cherry varieties: Tomatoes

The __ (Die Walkure), Wagnerian opera: Valkyrie

Weak political office holder, a limping canard?: Lame duck

__ signs, another name for cardinal signs: Reacting

Group 734

Puzzle 1 Answers

A permit to do something, such as fish in a lake: Licence

Bivalves that the Walrus & Carpenter come across: Oysters

Break into many pieces, like broken glass: Shatter

Breed of dog, Spike was one in Tom & Jerry: Bulldog

Can of milk from a tropical fruit, for curries: Coconut

Composer of the sonata called Devil’s Trill: Tartini

Freddy __; horror menace played by Robert Englund: Krueger

Horse-racing length of 220 yards: Furlong

Humanitarian support delivered by a plane: Air drop

Metal clip for holding papers together: Bulldog

Nuts served to Greek wedding guests: Jordan __: Almonds

Packed, stuffed, filled, jam-packed: Crammed

Roman Catholic prayers for the Annunciation: Angelus

Second largest African nation after Sudan: Algeria

Someone aged between 40 and 49 is in their __: Forties

Torre __, Dalí’s house with eggs in Figueras: Galatea

Torre __, Salvador Dalí’s final resting place: Galatea

__ Pierce, medic played by Alan Alda in MAS*H: Hawkeye

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bacon-flavoured crispy snack: Frazzles

Begin, launch: Commence

Cat breed, a serval/domestic cross from the desert: Savannah

Creating feelings of gratitude; making contact: Touching

Dart weapon: Blowpipe

First Beatle to release a solo album: George __: Harrison

German system of federal motorways: Autobahn

He wrote Bond tune The Writing’s on the Wall: Sam smith

Invisible stitch made by specialist sewing machine: Overlock

Long-running feud: Vendetta

Norwegian Islands famous for tourism and stockfish: Lofotens

Ordinary, like something encountered routinely: Everyday

Powerful and fascinating; magnetically attractive: Alluring

Religious rhyming exclamation said in surprise: Holy moly

Singer who wrote The Writing’s on the Wall in 2015: Sam smith

Super cute, extra charming: Adorable

Surname of the children who visit Narnia: Pevensie

Sweet, flat pastry filled with fruit: Turnover

The first period of the Mesozoic Era: Triassic

Theatrical practice with marionettes: Puppetry

__ cracker; Ayla Hutchinson’s wood-splitting tool: Kindling

__ domes, Buckminster Fuller shapes for buildings: Geodesic

Puzzle 3 Answers

Desolate environment attacked by gales: Windswept

Intelligence: Smartness

Knives in battle, especially bayonets: Cold steel

Listen in secretly or overhear: Eavesdrop

Orange tree fruit: Persimmon

Pre-1800 European established painter: Old master

Real-life court cases resolved on TV by Sheindlin: Judge judy

Scottish uni of A Conan Doyle and RL Stevenson: Edinburgh

Several sentences make one of these: Paragraph

Study of stars, space and the universe: Astronomy

Territorial extent of an animal: Home range

Tourist who looks at points of interest: Sightseer

Treat hair with a creamy lotion after washing: Condition

Unscrupulous or brazen, e.g. a __ lie: Barefaced

Very strong bonding liquid: Super glue

Viking oared vessels used in invasions: Longships

__ Coming, Bob Dylan’s evangelical album of 1979: Slow train

Puzzle 4 Answers

Abuse, hurt, damage: Maltreat

Action painting popular in 40s-50s France: Tachisme

Aristocrats from the Middle Ages: Noblemen

Beauty is but __, shallow: Skin deep

Capital and largest city of Queensland: Brisbane

Darning __, used to place socks over when mending: Mushroom

Express __, Madonna song, if you believe in love: Yourself

Expresses shock and offence about: Deplores

Harmless growth on neck and armpits in the elderly: Skin tags

Keats epic poem about the fall of the Titans: Hyperion

Luxurious or rare food: Delicacy

Part of the highway where you can pick up speed: Fast lane

Person who goes AWOL from military service: Deserter

Staying power needed to endure heavy shopping: Patience

Subjugated, dominated, forced: Enslaved

Three goals: Hat trick

Puzzle 5 Answers

Asking forcefully: Demanding

Card frames to display photos in: Mounts

Fitted in an apt way: Suited

Fruit drink, maybe fresh-squeezed: Juices

His birth name is Marshall Mathers: Eminem

James __; author who created Shangri-La utopia: Hilton

Opposite of “on one’s last legs”: “fit as a “: Fiddle

Person who models for a portraitist: Sitter

Sharp tools once used to catch fish: Spears

Shoulder __, the scapulas: Blades

USS __(SS-267), WWII sub named after Anisot fish: Pompon

Wilco frontman Jeff __: Tweedy

Dearest, book written about Joan Crawford: Mommie

Group 735

Puzzle 1 Answers

70s band with Peter Frampton and Steve Marriott: Humble pie

A wine-bottle opener: Corkscrew

Automated set of rules to come up with an answer: Algorithm

Bad luck with condiments: Spilt salt

Blank album used to collect photos, memorabilia: Scrapbook

Building material made of a mix of substances: Composite

Circle of fabric holds a garment to your middle: Waistband

Curls or a wine-bottle opener: Corkscrew

Drugs for treating illnesses: Medicines

Element grouping of Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo: Earth sign

Fly __, documentaries with real-life people: On the wall

Flying Boxcar military aircraft manufacturer: Fairchild

Glistening, shiny: Sparkling

Moving on or freeing your mind from past hurts: Letting go

Mumbai is the focus of this Indian film industry: Bollywood

Shelter for guardsmen outside royal residences: Sentry box

Sticky, glue-like: Glutinous

Term for an everyday object elevated to an artform: Readymade

Warn, chastise: Reprimand

Water power generation of under 5 kW: Pico hydro

Water vortex, circling in spirals: Whirlpool

Workmate, collaborator: Colleague

Puzzle 2 Answers

Alcoholic drink served before a meal in France: Aperitif

Asian bamboo percussion instrument: Anklongs

Author of Interview with the Vampire: Anne rice

Buyer, purchaser: Consumer

Clock for cooking used in board games: Egg timer

Diamond anniversary: Sixtieth

Dublin prison: Mountjoy

Fabric shapes sewn on to a bigger fabric piece: Appliqué

For twanging a guitar string: Plectrum

Forced entry by aliens onto Earth: Invasion

HM revenue’s demand for annual payments: Tax bills

Half of the musical duo Wham: Andrew __: Ridgeley

Heat balm rubbed onto skin to relieve stiffness: Liniment

Increasing, e.g. confidence or self esteem: Boosting

Invertebrates including snails, slugs and mussels: Molluscs

Laundry bubbles: Soap suds

Loving thoughts and atmosphere: Romantic

Mexican __ dog, or Xoloitzcuintli: Hairless

Monetary tip: Gratuity

Old-fashioned, no longer current: Outdated

Padding that offers gymnasts a soft landing: Crash mat

Raising upwards, using a pulley system: Hoisting

Ringlets created by using thin barrettes: Pin curls

The __; TV show culminating in the Rose Ceremony: Bachelor

They tidy and scrub offices at night: Cleaners

Uncomfortable pains during exercise: Stitches

We celebrate love during this month: February

Where scouts roast marshmallows: Campfire

Word books containing vocabulary lists: Lexicons

Puzzle 3 Answers

A two-dimensional shape: Polygon

Banquo’s son and heir in “the Scottish play”: Fleance

Con trick: Swindle

Eye __; being able to meet someone’s gaze: Contact

Feline-sounding ocean bottom swimmer: Catfish

Gru would be lost without his army of yellow __: Minions

Intuitions, premonitions: Hunches

Kicks a ball through an opponent’s legs: Nutmegs

Maxim or adage; the Bible has a chapter with many: Proverb

Musical of Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Pal joey

Nickelback lead singer and guitarist: Chad __: Kroeger

Odd, out of place: Strange

Orange variety whose main use is to make marmalade: Seville

Perform again, recreate a historical event: Reenact

Textile made from interlaced threads: Weaving

Underground defensive position used in war: Foxhole

Very old, from a previous civilization: Ancient

Puzzle 4 Answers

Agreed to give up or relinquish: Forsworn

Frocks to be worn at the races or a tea party: Day dress

Military ranking above corporal: Sergeant

Painting of an enigmatic woman made by an Italian: Mona lisa

Podium, stage: Platform

Process of cutting vegetables very finely: Julienne

Socialist politician, three times the PM of France: Léon blum

Taking a nap: Snoozing

To put down, to disparage or demean: Belittle

Tomaso __, Vivaldi contemporary, Italian composer: Albinoni

Watery underground chamber for human waste: Cesspool

With no visible joins or edges: Seamless

__ Seedorf; Dutch footballer who won several cups: Clarence

Puzzle 5 Answers

A tree hit and damaged by lightning: Litten

Afternoon nap: Siesta

Ammunition shells, cartridges: Rounds

Blows own trumpet: Boasts

Bread often found with cream cheese and lox: Bagels

Can be private or public in the business world: Sector

Cubicles for taking photos at parties: Booths

Eat too much food: Pig out

Group of stars such as the Milky Way: Galaxy

Last Emperor of India, the British monarch __ VI: George

People-less rabbit head-shaped island near Oahu: Manana

Pipe with wide opening at top for decanting liquid: Funnel

Reveal, uncover: Expose

Romeo and __, Prokofiev ballet: Juliet

The subtitle of Frankenstein, the __ Prometheus: Modern

Those who are below the age of consent: Minors

__ Fisher, from Princess to General Organa: Carrie

Group 736

Puzzle 1 Answers

Avid fan of The Doctor: Whovian

Baby goose: Gosling

Barista tool that crushes coffee beans: Grinder

Chopping down a tree: Felling

Clothes pouches in which to carry objects: Pockets

Deny someone of something: Deprive

Device for discharging hot adhesive: Glue gun

Evel __, motorcycle daredevil leapt London buses: Knievel

Fassbender and McKellen play him at different ages: Magneto

Female reflexive pronoun: Herself

Fizzy, sharp and sweet powdered sugar: Sherbet

Genuine, backed up by verifiable details: Factual

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Germanic middle name: Wilhelm

Metal grille in the pavement: Grating

Painter from a wild art movement: Fauvist

Patricia __, Molly Peters’ steamy Bond girl: Fearing

Salted and roasted treats loved by elephants: Peanuts

Tinted lotion for the face: Bb cream

Title of female ruler in Ancient China: Empress

Ugly sight, unattractive view: Eyesore

__ Arch, St Louis edifice designed by Saarinen: Gateway

Puzzle 2 Answers

A house falls on the __ Witch of Oz: Wicked

Accessory chain worn above the foot: Anklet

Arrogantly, conceitedly: Smugly

Author of The Joy Luck Club: Amy tan

Bejeweled accessory worn above the foot: Anklet

Chilean island known for moai statues: __ Island: Easter

French meat cut also known as a hanger steak: Onglet

Gertrude __, Arts & Crafts garden designer: Jekyll

Ground-in dirt marks that are hard to remove: Stains

John __, had No 1 hit with Annie’s Song: Denver

Knitted or netted device to confine long hair: Snoods

Liar, teller of tales: Fibber

Loosen up, release the day’s events from the mind: Unwind

Made in __, 1990s Queen song about up above: Heaven

Male parents of cousins: Uncles

Muggy, stale, fetid: Stuffy

Napoleon represents this Russian in Orwell’s tale: Stalin

Pen-shaped device for “writing” on touchscreens: Stylus

Sacred objects belonging to saints or martyrs: Relics

Small garden ornaments with beards: Gnomes

Tall building site machinery used for heavy loads: Cranes

Tall building site machinery used for winching: Cranes

Type of job where the person works from home: Remote

Puzzle 3 Answers

“My __ will not be repressed”: Jane Austen quote: Feelings

A __ board is a spread of food or large buffet: Groaning

Button, oyster, portobello: Mushroom

Carved, etched, e.g. with a name or message: Engraved

Container with gas under pressure: Canister

Facial lines, like cheekbones: Contours

French for Mister: Monsieur

Honest, not lying: Truthful

James __; Canadian-American inventor of basketball: Naismith

Played by Attenborough in 10 Rillington Place: Christie

Pressurized container with gas: Canister

Reign name of Puyi, China’s last emperor: Xuantong

Relating to finance or currency: Monetary

Shaft of illumination from the Earth’s satellite: Moonbeam

Take matters into your __; tackle issues directly: Own hands

The Pretenders hit, Brass __: In pocket

Trick-taking card game, named after a Frenchman: Napoleon

Warbling sound made by birds: Trilling

__ Apgar; developed Apgar Score scale for infants: Virginia

Puzzle 4 Answers

Argued or bickered: Squabbled

Art that has a shape and isn’t on a canvas: Sculpture

Beloved toy in books about The __ Rabbit: Velveteen

Bucolic English poet of April Rise and Winter Poem: Laurie lee

Business addresses kept on separate small entries: Card index

Contest between yachts of a similar design: Match race

Country whose mythical creatures include bunyips: Australia

Dropping trash in the streets: Littering

Edges or outer limits: Periphery

Elvis’s character in Love Me Tender: Clint reno

Hem __, distance between raw edge and hem: Allowance

Identifies the location of a computer online: Ip address

Liver disease; types can range from A to E: Hepatitis

Liver infection; types range from A to E: Hepatitis

Nagging, pestering: Chivvying

Person who buys and sells paintings and sculptures: Art dealer

Radio slot when listeners are returning from work: Drive time

Seasonal festive broadcast at the New Year: Tv special

To improve the appearance of an area of land: Landscape

Traditional Milanese Christmas bread: Panettone

WALL-E’s insect friend Hal’s species: Cockroach

Puzzle 5 Answers

Bassoon + trombone =: Tromboon

Ceremony to ban evil spirits: Exorcism

Collectable adhesive labels: Stickers

Cross-country motor-sport at which the Finns excel: Rallying

Ended, cancelled, written off: Scrapped

Ended, written off: Scrapped

Fault or defect; opposite of strength: Weakness

Legally becoming parents to someone else’s child: Adopting

Made less hard, like room-temperature butter: Softened

Mass of throat tissue alongside tonsils: Adenoids

Material in the middle of a pencil: Graphite

Petting a dog or cat: Stroking

Rainy __, Childe Hassam evening painting: Midnight

Soldier with a long-barrelled gun: Rifleman

Tag often applied to nurses, who go the extra mile: Heroines

Term used for female nurses who go the extra mile: Heroines

This shows the page where you stopped reading: Bookmark

Those who listen to radio shows: Audience

Group 737

Puzzle 1 Answers

Brothers or men in general of the same church: Brethren

Caribbean staple, like a starchy banana: Plantain

Coin-operated public call box: Payphone

Expression for asserting one’s authority: Pull rank

Got to the line: Finished

Head and shoulders painting or drawing of a person: Portrait

Illness or disease: Sickness

Interrogative expression to request an answer: Question

Lightweight metal kitchen strainer: Colander

Merida’s clan in Disney movie Brave: Dunbroch

Moving backwards and forwards on a roped bench: Swinging

Nationality of someone native to Bucharest: Romanian

Nuptial separations: Divorces

Opportunity to impress talent show judges: Audition

Places for beehives: Apiaries

Point __; mystery-solving video-game genre: And click

Post, detail: Stations

Pumps that fire fighters can use to access water: Hydrants

Purple __; Horrid Henry’s club: Hand gang

Revealing new subscription items, often filmed: Unboxing

Sound-producing organ also called the larynx: Voice box

Spanish dance sung about in Bohemian Rhapsody: Fandango

Speak impulsively: Blurt out

Special price for a main, fries and drink: Meal deal

Stately home central to the Profumo Affair: Cliveden

Thank you, in Portuguese: Obrigado

Those who learn from a teacher: Students

Puzzle 2 Answers

A perfect copy: Facsimile

Actor who played Jesse on Breaking Bad: Aaron paul

Ballroom dance, fast by name and nature: Quickstep

Burgess, Maclean, Blunt, Philby were the __ Spies: Cambridge

Copyright stamp embedded in an image file: Watermark

Dripping slowly, like a thick liquid: Trickling

Elephant-type beast in the Winnie-the-Pooh tales: Heffalump

Former region of South Africa settled by the Boers: Transvaal

Group of newspapers under the same owner: Syndicate

Identifying pattern on paper, like on a stamp: Watermark

In a rush, quickly: Hurriedly

Keep people amused, like a magician or singer: Entertain

Person with an outgoing, sociable personality: Extrovert

Sarah __; Madame C J Walker hair products inventor: Breedlove

Short audio clip to promote a news story: Sound bite

Sirloin or T-bone cuts of cow meat, for example: Beef steak

The adjective used to describe Biggie Smalls: Notorious

Thick paper shield that diffuses an electric light: Lampshade

To showcase a product for purchase: Advertise

Puzzle 3 Answers

Bane was his nemesis in The Dark Knight Rises: Batman

Beer and lemonade mixed drink: Shandy

Confiscated Van Gogh painting: Portrait of Dr. __: Gachet

Cued billiard balls into pockets: Potted

Dull and humdrum: Dreary

Human __; civilians used to protect a target: Shield

Jack __, author of White Fang, tale of a wild dog: London

Jim __, country singer of Welcome to My World: Reeves

London public school, as famous as Eton: Harrow

Permanent inking of the skin: Tattoo

Posh musicals with classically trained singers: Operas

Silver __, term ascribed to an older internet user: Surfer

Sleeping surfaces that live mostly in couch form: Futons

Transferring belongings from one house to another: Moving

Wriggle or twist in pain or discomfort: Writhe

Puzzle 4 Answers

A thick tuft of grass on moorland: Tussock

Comic strip character with a fairy godfather: Barnaby

Find a solution to a difficulty or argument: Resolve

Going somewhere in a vehicle, taking the wheel: Driving

Leather made from the hide of a porcine: Pigskin

Lewis Carroll’s illustrator: cartoonist John __: Tenniel

Tear the skin when itching: Scratch

The __, Buster Keaton’s Civil War-set film: General

Town near Dresden, Germany famous for porcelain: Meissen

Track or trail for walkers: Pathway

Transparent dead skin above nail: Cuticle

Warming chocolate so it turns into liquid: Melting

Way to get back at someone: Revenge

Whittling wood for a statue: Carving

__ Ice, US rapper from the 1980s: Vanilla

Puzzle 5 Answers

American novelist known as Papa: Hemingway

Beat through superior strength: Overpower

Entry through a locked door, not with a key: Forceable

Expressions of gratitude e.g. for gifts: Thank yous

Extra; surplus to requirements: Spare part

Jane Austen’s sister, who created her portrait: Cassandra

Las Vegas female dancers; cult classic film title: Showgirls

Makeup product used to hide dark circles: Concealer

Place where people are buried after death: Graveyard

Preposterous, ludicrous: Laughable

Snappy reptile that will see you after a while: Crocodile

To and fro motion of seas according to the moon: Tidal flow

Weatherproofed, polished: Varnished

Wide underskirt worn with full 50s skirts: Petticoat

Group 738

Puzzle 1 Answers

Artist whose painting self-shredded at auction: Banksy

Circular paint brush: Roller

City that is home to the Bolshoi Ballet: Moscow

Cylindrical tool for painting walls: Roller

Emphatic or ironic interjection: No less

House of ill __, also known as a brothel: Repute

Huey __, lead singer of the Fun Lovin’ Criminals: Morgan

Lauren __, 40s actress who could whistle: Bacall

Mr Spock’s ethnic origins (as well as human): Vulcan

Posted a letter: Mailed

Potential danger: Hazard

Pressed folds on a kilt: Pleats

Terminates a procedure prematurely: Aborts

Territory that ants create, and their social group: Colony

The Gare Saint-__, station by Monet: Lazare

Timon’s warthog buddy in The Lion King: Pumbaa

Triangular pastry snack popular in Indian cuisine: Samosa

Well-mannered, courteous: Polite

Yellow fine powder created by flowering plants: Pollen

Yellow smileys with various expressions: Emojis

__ Islands, Spanish islands including Lanzarote: Canary

__ del Conde, Mexican art critic and art historian: Teresa

__ the Fringe, 60s West End and Broadway revue: Beyond

Puzzle 2 Answers

A “feel good” brain chemical: Dopamine

Advantages; pros, not cons: Benefits

Alex Garland novel about a backpacker in Thailand: The beach

Amends errors or rights wrongs: Corrects

Architecture tradition based on pagodas and stupas: Buddhist

Benchmarks, standards to evaluate against: Criteria

Brain chemical blamed for addiction: Dopamine

Composer of the Chariots of Fire score: Vangelis

Densely populated Dutch megalopolis: Randstad

Describes the noise made by tennis players: Grunting

Enameled Japanese style of ceramics: Kakiemon

Foolishly, impulsively: Unwisely

Founder and first emperor of the Roman empire: Augustus

Hired assassin to take out Snow White: Huntsman

Kindness or compassion shown by people: Humanity

Medical condition, like Down __: Syndrome

Preliminary model for sculptures: Maquette

Sequence of tasks to get a job done: Workflow

Soften by soaking, to steep: Macerate

Spinner is a common type of these friendly mammals: Dolphins

The D of EGBDF, a mnemonic for memorizing scales: Deserves

Puzzle 3 Answers

Accomplishment of a goal: Success

Altered an image to remove unwanted areas: Cropped

Art movement of truthful representations: Realism

Assortment of devices used by a diy-er: Toolkit

Birgit __, Swedish soprano of Wagnerian songs: Nilsson

Bovine leather: Cowhide

Butchery, mass slaughter: Carnage

City in Florida, home to Ernest Hemingway: Key west

Current name of Western Poland’s largest city: Wroclaw

Event with opportunities for employment-seekers: Job fair

Extreme tiredness: Fatigue

Hair removal: Shaving

Hairstyle seen in sumo wrestling, aka chonmage: Top knot

Irish city, home to the Titanic Quarter: Belfast

Notable family of politicians hit by tragic events: Kennedy

Order of songbirds: Oscines

Person accused of committing a crime: Suspect

Stanley __; director and producer of The Shining: Kubrick

Strawberry trays: Punnets

Stumped, baffled, puzzled: At a loss

Tasty nibbles of food: Morsels

The questioning villain in Batman comics: Riddler

__ Cortes, Spanish flamenco and ballet dancer: Joaquin

Puzzle 4 Answers

A result of dripping nasal passages: Runny nose

Acts of political violence for a stated aim: Terrorism

Amazon-owned book review and recommendations site: Goodreads

Anticipated milestone for young teens: First kiss

Avian metaphor for amorous types: Lovebirds

Baffled and confused: Perplexed

Brass instrument sometimes called the tenor tuba: Euphonium

Chemically broken down, pickled: Fermented

Cleared of all charges: Acquitted

Eager, ready and willing, a horsey analogy: Hot to trot

First person to fly solo around the Moon: John young

Innocent, free from blame: Guiltless

Kitchen tool for chopping, combining ingredients: Food mixer

Lover of words: Logophile

Method used to perform a dance: Technique

Noteworthy, well known: Prominent

Performer’s pseudonym: Stage name

Quilt made from scraps of fabric sewn together: Patchwork

SW German city, a centre of the car industry: Stuttgart

Sovereign’s protector, may wear a bearskin: Guardsman

Sports including throwing, running and jumping: Athletics

Underwater boat for military or viewing fish: Submarine

__ sightings, verified identifications of species: Confirmed

Puzzle 5 Answers

Anna __; Tolstoy’s beautiful Russian aristocrat: Karenina

Bend elbow and snap out to side with knuckles: Backfist

Flopping and sagging: Drooping

Greek god’s instrument made from reed tubes: Panpipes

John who is behind the music of Star Wars: Williams

Marchers’ signs: Placards

Old collectables: Antiques

On-air mention by a radio presenter: Shout out

Rigorous and conclusive check, like assessing gold: Acid test

Ryan __; radio host and American Idol compere: Seacrest

Scale for measuring heat of peppers: Scoville

Send someone away from danger to place of safety: Evacuate

Sesame seeds: Jinjilis

Shape or design of a garment’s collar: Neckline

Short 1950s nightdress with ribbons and bows: Baby doll

Slippery film on oceans, discharged from tankers: Oil slick

Stamp of authenticity on a precious metal: Hallmark

Surfers’ resort in France, on the Bay of Biscay: Biarritz

Term for Carnival season in Greece: Apokreas

Treatment for stress, involving total time off: Rest cure

Treatment to raise up the eye-line hairs: Lash lift

Was abundant, existed in large quantities: Abounded

__ fracture; barely visible crack in a bone: Hairline

Group 739

Puzzle 1 Answers

City nicknamed the “Athens of Ireland”: Belfast

Dull, complimentary hue such as grey, beige: Neutral

Egg and sugar sauce put in pastries: Custard

Fall apart at the seams: Unravel

In an angry manner: Crossly

Mosaic wooden floor synonymous with art deco: Parquet

Painting by J.A.D. Ingres: “The __ Bath”: Turkish

Protective garment worn by a scientist: Lab coat

Small iceberg that sounds like a bear: Growler

Song you can’t get out of your head: Earworm

Word meaning university or university sports team: Varsity

__ Tracy; patented sewing machines and an elevator: Harriet

Puzzle 2 Answers

1970s disco dance made famous by John Travolta: Hustle

Cylindrical foam column to massage sore muscles: Roller

Extraordinary abilities like strength or telepathy: Powers

Grope clumsily: Fumble

Japanese era that began with Emperor Yoshihito: Taisho

Laced/boned undergarment creates an S silhouette: Corset

Life-threatening infection that damages tissue: Sepsis

Meaningful sayings or wise words: Quotes

Meaty Scottish delicacy: Haggis

Money or bond held as collateral: Escrow

Painter of The Yellow Christ and The Green Christ: Gaugin

Protagonist of the movie Coco: Miguel

Scotoplane marine cucumber species: Sea pig

Search engine owned by Alphabet: Google

Small slice or splinter: Sliver

Spanish for man; a tough guy: Hombre

Subatomic particle with a positive electric charge: Tuvulu

Tutti __, Little Richard’s preferred ice cream: Frutti

White fungus that grows on damp walls: Mildew

__ Söze; mystery crime lord in The Usual Suspects: Keyser

__ lines; these are drawn when it’s time to fight: Battle

Puzzle 3 Answers

1969 road trip drama directed by Dennis Hopper: Easy rider

African term for a foreigner; a Brit in Boer areas: Uitlander

Annual yachting festival off the Isle of Wight: Cowes week

At Christmas, the bird found in a pear tree: Partridge

Babbling nervously, e.g. a __ wreck: Gibbering

Being the one who is in charge, chairing meetings: Presiding

Cleansing, restorative: Cathartic

Device for washing dust out of eyes: Water bath

Garden feature, a rocky cascade: Waterfall

Guess a possible answer or solution: Speculate

Hot-water dish for cooking food gently: Bain marie

Meat that is not fully cooked: Underdone

Money set aside for illicit activities or payments: Slush fund

Most-famous expressive painting by Edvard Munch: The scream

Philosophy of loving more than one person: Polyamory

Precious items, valuable pieces of art: Treasures

Spur of the moment: Impulsive

This is fat, juices from cooking meat: Drippings

Unbalanced, out of kilter: Disturbed

What defendants need to prove: Innocence

Where Apprentice hopefuls are hired and fired: Boardroom

Puzzle 4 Answers

Battle of Britain single-seater fighter aircraft: Spitfire

Board game where you can Go To Jail by Chance: Monopoly

Broadcast, send out radio signals: Transmit

Brushing and combing hair: Grooming

Chopper’s home base: Heliport

Domestic bleaches brand from Unilever: Domestos

Earl-invented dish, fillings surrounded by bread: Sandwich

Gap in the law, allows an issue to be circumvented: Loophole

Geoffrey of __, early English historian: Monmouth

Great historical lover linked to Venice’s carnival: Casanova

Name for group of pairs of golfers or card players: Foursome

Refined, pleasant to look at: Tasteful

Refined, showing good aesthetics: Tasteful

Statue in memoriam: Monument

Subscriber, adherent: Follower

US state home to Wilmington: Delaware

__ a dead horse, persisting with a futile situation: Flogging

__ along; carrying on with no clear purpose: Muddling

__ of May 1808, Goya’s war artwork: The third

Puzzle 5 Answers

2018 alien movie starring Luke Hemsworth: Encounter

Absolutely not the darkest: Brightest

Beyond exhausted: Overtired

Chinese explorer who established the Silk Route: Zhang qian

Dirty canard, gentle admonishment for a filthy tot: Mucky duck

Finely milled copper and gold used in crafting: Metal leaf

Liquid gargled to freshen the breath: Mouthwash

Monroe-inspired play by Miller, __ the Picture: Finishing

Representative government with elected officials: Democracy

Rise and fall irregularly, as in a market: Fluctuate

Sea edge of a country: Coastline

Swiss hotelier of luxe hotels in Paris and London: César ritz

Technical drawing of architects’ designs: Blueprint

Traditional proposal pose: On one knee

Wood-eating animal: Xylophage

alcoholic drink taken at sunset: Sundowner

Group 740

Puzzle 1 Answers

A small, fast moving but graceful African antelope: Gazelle

Copper __, Sherlock tale of an imprisoned daughter: Beeches

I Saw Mommy __ Santa Claus: Kissing

Ibn __, Arab author, toured in Africa and Asia: Battuta

Kind-__; having a generous, selfless personality: Hearted

Leafy, aniseed-tasting herb: Chervil

Leaking, oozing of liquid: Seepage

Less fancy, simpler: Plainer

Polish that has flaked off: Chipped

Software company, owners of Firefox web browser: Mozilla

Solutions for keeping skin hydrated: Lotions

Solutions for keeping skin moisturized: Lotions

Someone excluded by a group: Outcast

Taking time out for the body to recover; relaxing: Resting

Toronto’s NBA side, founded in 1995: Raptors

Two Young __ Women, by Pissarro: Peasant

__ City, self-evident nickname for Washington DC: Federal

__ Dance, was Lord Havelock in Going Postal: Charles

__ ware, earthenware after the first firing: Biscuit

Puzzle 2 Answers

“A common cormorant or shag lays its eggs in a “: Paper bag

An American colonist who supported the British: Loyalist

Artisans who make and repair shoes: Cobblers

Beards are made of these: Whiskers

Desert plant adaptation reaching down to water: Tap roots

Finding a new family for an unwanted pet: Rehoming

French word used in English for a hairstyle: Coiffure

Hurried: Hastened

Italian pork belly meat that is cured with salt: Pancetta

Leave with a neighbor in case you get locked out: Spare key

Paint spraying device; to cover up, expunge: Airbrush

People who rouse others from sleep: Wakeners

Rock solid, real: Concrete

Safe, indoor shooting game with bright lights: Laser tag

The Way of __, banker on train, silent film: All flesh

Unconscious, out for the count: Comatose

What Helen of Troy’s face did to 1,000 ships: Launched

Woo with romantic songs: Serenade

You feel this when a situation weighs you down: Pressure

Puzzle 3 Answers

16th C art form with distorted human figures: Mannerism

A wet obstacle in a steeplechase event: Water jump

Attending through the ears: Listening

Buildings for manufacturing goods: Factories

Folk music genre from the Appalachian region: Bluegrass

He robs from the rich and gives to the poor: Robin hood

Limit or restrict: Constrain

Night light activated by the sun’s rays: Solar lamp

Reduce a certain food in a diet: Cut down on

Strongly spoken, written or verbal attack: Broadside

The PV in PVA glue: Polyvinyl

The king, queen and jack of each suit: Court card

When on fire, Modest Mouse calls it a good party: Lampshade

Puzzle 4 Answers

Clinging on for __, holding on by one’s fingertips: Dear life

Fee barriers to web content: Paywalls

Flood __ alert people of high water levels: Warnings

Former Florentine prison, now a museum: Bargello

Friar responsible for the Annunciation in Florence: Angelico

London tube station, site of a 1975 rail disaster: Moorgate

Pontificate or talk pompously: Bloviate

Quiche or Alsace __: Lorraine

Referring to the bones in the human body: Skeletal

Searching or hunting thoroughly: Scouring

The act of doing a gesture or motion: Movement

conditions, legalese on a website, or T&Cs: Terms and

Puzzle 5 Answers

Country where the Battle of Batoche took place: Canada

Glamorously attractive: Glitzy

Keke __, rapper-actress, sang Keep It Movin’: Palmer

More blonde or pale than someone else: Fairer

Nureyev the dancer: Rudolf

Truthful, not deceitful: Honest

__ League, alliance of ancient Greek city-states: Delian

__ card, slim digital piece captures photos: Memory

__ of Love, Bruce Springsteen’s album: Tunnel

__ seeds, found atop a burger bun: Sesame

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