CodyCross Ancient Egypt Answers

Ancient Egypt Answers

Group 181

Puzzle 1 Answers

Small wax item placed on a cake for a party.: Candle

__ coral or hammer coral; it has bright colors.: Anchor

He flew too close to the Sun.: Icarus

Scuba __ is exploring underwater with air tanks.: Diving

Land of Pre-Columbian civilizations.: Mexico

To make marks by cutting, carving or engraving.: Incise

The __ Night, Van Gogh twinkly painting.: Starry

African fighting bracelet; larim.: Nyepel

__ Dome, famous geodesic Japanese stadium.: Nagoya

The __ Game, 1992 British-Irish-Japanese thriller..: Crying

__ bag. It carries your portable computer.: Laptop

Another word for the fall season.: Autumn

A person who makes custom-fitted clothes.: Tailor

1790 French fairy tale, __ and the Beast.: Beauty

Related to anything in the mind or the brain.: Mental

Living autopsy; examination of tissue sample.: Biopsy

Name of any stringed instrument of this family.: Zither

Official currency of Macau.: Pataca

Flexible tissue found inside bones.: Marrow

Money paid for work regardless of hours.: Salary

Nearly, but not quite.: Almost

Latter Day Saints’ position similar to a pastor.: Bishop

Austrian pastry roll that looks like a crown.: Kaiser

Puzzle 2 Answers

A list of individual items to discuss in a meeting.: Agendum

Flounced, ruffled, furbelowed.: Frilled

Set of online pages that make one destination.: Website

Brown confectionery liquid made by heating sugars.: Caramel

Secret hiding places for illegal goods.: Stashes

The Neapolitan __ is a ancient dog breed from Italy.: Mastiff

This person rules a ship.: Captain

System for venting gas from a car.: Exhaust

Grace Kelly’s Prince Charming.: Rainier

A table designed to be placed against a wall.: Console

Extreme fear and worry of danger or problems.: Anxiety

Puzzle 3 Answers

Qin __, the first emperor of unified China.: Shi huang

The science and study of joining or fastening.: Zygology

Small orange summer fruits with huge seed in middle.: Apricots

__ of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders, ancient.: Colossus

1985 European treaty to remove border controls.: Schengen

Car mirror allows driver to see behind him/her.: Rear view

A worm-shaped pouch attached to the intestine.: Appendix

Cold __, purposely ignoring someone.: Shoulder

Sport only debuted in the Summer Olympics of 1936.: Handball

An __ razor has a rotating or oscillating blade.: Electric

Clark Kent turns into him.: Superman

Strong coffee typically served in a small cup.: Espresso

Puzzle 4 Answers

Alfred __, British director.: Hitchcock

Blue __ is a native sea chub from Australia.: Knifefish

Athenian citadel, including the Parthenon.: Acropolis

Emissary of rabbis, charity collector.: Meshulach

A little of it is a dangerous thing.: Knowledge

British butler search engine.: Askjeeves

Individual bones protecting the spinal cord.: Vertebrae

South China city once known as Canton.: Guangzhou

Rich Tuscan bread with rosemary and raisins.: Panmarino

Not physically active.: Sedentary

For those passionate about archery.: Toxophily

Old term for a clerk, à la Melville’s Bartleby.: Scrivener

Knife with a detachable, self-propelled blade.: Ballistic

Synonym reference book.: Thesaurus

Puzzle 5 Answers

Egyptian creature that poses unsolvable riddles.: Sphinx

Japan’s third biggest island.: Kyushu

Francisco __, ruled Spain from the ’30s to the ’70s.: Franco

White, kidney-shaped nut that’s actually a fruit.: Cashew

Goods shipped to your country from another.: Import

Jewish baked good cut in diamond shapes.: Kichel

It makes sense.: Adds up

First feature film in Native American language.: Eskimo

Garth __, top-selling solo artist of all time.: Brooks

To attempt to counterbalance carbon footprint.: Offset

Search engine, jargon term for Internet search.: Google

__-mâché, soggy newspaper and glue, dries hard.: Papier

When water is solid.: Frozen

Teacher of All Saints, title for Sufi teachers.: Khwaja

Group 182

Puzzle 1 Answers

Female superior of nun community.: Abbess

Using salt to preserve foods, especially meats.: Curing

To want or like something above other similar items.: Prefer

Unter den __, Berlin road meaning under the limes.: Linden

The sidewinder is a type of __ snake from the US.: Rattle

Samuel __, father of the Industrial Revolution.: Slater

Professional horse rider.: Jockey

Late 19th century Austrian composer, Gustav __.: Mahler

Fan __, air conditioning with opposite effect.: Heater

Yellow citrus fruits.: Lemons

__ wrap, packing material fun to pop.: Bubble

Greek god of darkness and shadow.: Erebus

The __, shouty painting by Edvard Munch.: Scream

Puzzle 2 Answers

Astrological sign represented by a scary arachnid.: Scorpio

Blood-sucking beast, leaves two punctured wounds.: Vampire

Widely spread apart, skewed.: Asunder

Metal or porcelain plug for a cavity.: Filling

Cue sport which originated in Etawah, India.: Snooker

Gianni __, Italian industrialist, Fiat shareholder.: Agnelli

No man can serve two of them.: Masters

Modern design style first in France before WWI.: Art deco

Humans produce carbon __.: Dioxide

__ Khan, genocidal Mongol emperor.: Genghis

Baking soda is a general household __.: Cleaner

Sweet sauce made with milk, eggs and sugar.: Custard

Puzzle 3 Answers

A lycanthrope.: Werewolf

Official currency of Bhutan.: Ngultrum

Scientific study of man’s best friend.: Cynology

German term for wine from late-picked grapes.: Spatlese

Biting, poignant, sharp, burning.: Stinging

Electronic device to store and work with data.: Computer

Triple __, linked Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary.: Alliance

__ Crusoe was all alone on an island.: Robinson

De __, famous Italian publisher.: Agostini

Lake __, is shared by four states in the US.: Michigan

Queen who married Ferdinand and sponsored Columbus.: Isabella

Patron of workers in some religions.: St joseph

Puzzle 4 Answers

Emergency vehicle equipped to treat people.: Ambulance

In this forest, the WWI armistice was signed.: Compiegne

Italian chemist and writer of If This is a Man.: Primo levi

Female patron of musicians.: St cecilia

Capital of Burundi.: Bujumbura

Flat land subject to overflow by salt water.: Salt marsh

Ape with much longer arms than a gorilla.: Orangutan

It is a homage that vice pays to virtue.: Hypocrisy

Language derived from old Norse.: Norwegian

They’ll keep you dry during storms.: Raincoats

The moon is a natural one.: Satellite

Wrestling type that has men’s and women’s events.: Freestyle

Brussels bread rolls, small and round.: Pistolets

Puzzle 5 Answers

He is known for his mathematical lithographs.: Escher

Fish best known for its spawning practice.: Salmon

Largest natural satellite of Neptune.: Triton

__ Africanus, Roman who won the Battle of Zama.: Scipio

Pastis, pomegranate cocktail from France.: Tomate

Dreamy or vague, as if drugged.: Spacey

Islamic law from Quran and Hadith.: Sharia

Astrological bull; Ford car model.: Taurus

To subject to fire or intense heat.: Ignite

Instrument played by Elvis.: Guitar

Populus trees that tremble.: Aspens

Group 183

Puzzle 1 Answers

Extrusive rock formed from cooling of basaltic lava.: Basalt

I come to bury Caesar, not to __ him.: Praise

Dana __; an FBI agent and doctor on The X-Files.: Scully

Fighting tool to defend blows.: Shield

Placing yourself by a fire or heater for __.: Warmth

Gas gives you a high-pitched voice.: Helium

Glam metal band warned about thorny roses.: Poison

French region between the Rhine and the Vosges.: Alsace

A hard felt hat with a rounded crown.: Bowler

Large tropical lizard, popular pet.: Iguana

Dryads are tree __ in Greek mythology.: Nymphs

Puzzle 2 Answers

A Deutsche Mark was made up of 100 __.: Pfennig

Bovine that gives its name to mozzarella.: Buffalo

Small but strongly-flavored fish.: Anchovy

Action taken to achieve a particular purpose.: Measure

Shirt or dress without sleeves.: Armless

Scapegoats.: Patsies

Fleet of warships, historical term.: Armadas

Greek sea named after mythical hero.: Myrtoan

Theologian and missionary, brother of St Methodius.: St cyril

Phyllosilicate mineral within the mica group.: Biotite

Indoor caretaker and cleaner.: Janitor

To inhale and exhale through the lungs.: Breathe

Halloween apparel, monsters, ghosts, princess.: Costume

Puzzle 3 Answers

Pole vault requires jumping with a __ pole.: Flexible

Someone who works with sheets of metal.: Tinsmith

Madonna __, Botticelli painting.: And child

Another name for a ghost.: Revenant

One who consecrates with oil.: Anointer

What laughter serves as best.: Medicine

Flame __, military weapons that shoot fire.: Throwers

A yellowish-brown pollen mixture by bees as food.: Beebread

__ gown, medical apparel.: Hospital

Clint __, world-wide known US actor and director.: Eastwood

Spanish philosopher also known as Ibn Rushd.: Averroes

One of the twelve apostles.: Disciple

Starchy vegetables; edible tubers; mashed __.: Potatoes

__ and Tobago are located in the Lesser Antilles.: Trinidad

Obsolete, antiquated.: Outdated

Center of a target.: Bullseye

Tiny, frayed threads from raw seam edges.: Whiskers

Prosodic foot consisting of four syllables.: Choriamb

Trans-__ Orchestra, rock Christmas cover band.: Siberian

Half man, half bull, son of the King of Crete.: Minotaur

Common household fuel, used in oil lamps.: Kerosene

Puzzle 4 Answers

The __, Renoir painting of rain shields.: Umbrellas

Biker moustache; goatee minus goat patch.: Horseshoe

Grumpiest.: Crankiest

Physical sports, games and exercises.: Athletics

Comes at the end of the joke, worth waiting for.: Punchline

Judicial academy started Beirut in the 2nd century.: Law school

Dutch province with protected North Sea islands.: Friesland

Musical instrument similar to the African marimba.: Xylophone

Horror mastermind of Birds, Psycho.: Hitchcock

Flour-based food flavored with alcohol drink.: Beer bread

Holy __; sharing of bread and wine in churches.: Communion

Childish expression for standing on pointed feet.: Tippy toes

Currency of Swaziland.: Lilangeni

UK science-fiction short stories by Eric F. Russell.: Deep space

Puzzle 5 Answers

Eunice Kennedy Shriver founded the __ Olympics.: Special

Book of __, ancient Egyptian funerary text.: The dead

Guglielmo __, considered the inventor of the radio.: Marconi

Dense chocolate square treat popular in the US.: Brownie

Person in charge of a department or team.: Manager

Great Leap __, Chinese economic reform in 1958.: Forward

Newton’s first law.: Inertia

Scottish music genre; Piobaireachd, Ceòl Mòr.: Pibroch

Uncle __ , “The richest duck in the world”.: Scrooge

Mary __, the most famous UK nanny who can also fly.: Poppins

Offensive to look at; visual hideosity or mess.: Eyesore

Fish in South America known for its teeth.: Piranha

A __ fan uses rotating paddles to circulate air.: Ceiling

Chosen in place of or in preference to an original.: Adopted

Brought up as evidence in an argument.: Adduced

Group 184

Puzzle 1 Answers

Indian motorcycle for ladies and girls.: Scooty

Flying fish roe at a sushi restaurant.: Tobiko

The only continent in all hemispheres.: Africa

To anger or upset someone with words or actions.: Offend

Crossed with a hammer on China’s Communist flag.: Sickle

An __ coral has a resemblance with a deer.: Antler

Belly feature that comes in “innies” and “outies”.: Button

“Mean”, loosely twisted tapestry yarn or fabric.: Crewel

Also known as pugilism.: Boxing

Egyptian cow goddess linked to fertility.: Hathor

Pixels described, bitmap.: Raster

Puzzle 2 Answers

Japan’s smallest main island; linked to Honshu.: Shikoku

The Chairman of the Board, Frank __.: Sinatra

Warrior goddess from Syria.: Astarte

Missionary given an epistle by St Paul.: St titus

Copy, duplicate, fake.: Forgery

African country, became an Italian colony in 1890.: Eritrea

Angelica __ is the bossy spoiled Rugrat.: Pickles

Wuthering __, 1939 film based on Bronte’s novel.: Heights

Diffusion through semi-permeable membranes.: Osmosis

Penny wise, pound __.: Foolish

Ultimate authority in any soccer match.: Referee

Opening for ventilation in a closed space.: Airhole

Small slender antelope with curved horns.: Gazelle

Violent riots aimed at a particular religious group.: Pogroms

Stop or transfer time in the middle of a journey.: Layover

Influenza caused by viruses adapted to poultry.: Bird flu

French pastry; thick enriched bread.: Brioche

A move in a board game to gain an opponent’s piece.: Capture

Born, congenital.: Natural

Room where babies sleep, play or get educated.: Nursery

Puzzle 3 Answers

Shaved flavored ice dessert, summer treat.: Snow cone

French orator, Constituent Assembly president.: Mirabeau

Optical __, eye’s perception, not reality.: Illusion

Leader of the pirate haven of New Providence.: Jennings

Sherlock Holmes’ nemesis.: Moriarty

Disease outbreak caused by pigs.: Swine flu

Famished.: Ravenous

French perfume brand, maker of Shalimar.: Guerlain

Weather prognostication.: Forecast

First name of Dalí.: Salvador

Tough tissue that connects bones.: Ligament

French dept, capital is Versailles.: Yvelines

Highway you pay to use.: Toll road

Priest who translated the Vulgate in the 4th C.: St jerome

Kickboxing and striking martial art from Thailand.: Muay thai

Puzzle 4 Answers

Skills, aptitudes.: Abilities

Dental operation that removes tooth contents.: Root canal

Mafia film trilogy directed by Coppola.: Godfather

Jump out of a plane with a parachute.: Skydiving

Someone who studies life and living organisms.: Biologist

__ of Assisi, patron of animals.: St francis

State not recognized by the Israeli government.: Palestine

Field that covers man’s need for personal space.: Proxemics

Device that records waves of alternating currents.: Ondograph

Epic Roman film starring Russell Crowe.: Gladiator

Blue-veined French cheese, matured in damp caves.: Roquefort

__ crabs are considered the oldest living fossils.: Horseshoe

Puzzle 5 Answers

Swiss artificial canton defined by Napoleon in 1803.: St gallen

Renowned author of the 1920s’ Lost Generation.: Faulkner

Exciting, charged, exhilarating.: Electric

Of or related to rabbits or hares.: Leporine

__ da Vinci, Mona Lisa painter.: Leonardo

My __, film about an Irishman with cerebral palsy.: Left foot

Two-dimensional geometric shape with seven sides.: Heptagon

Type of money for a country.: Currency

Ancient Roman couch.: Accubita

They flare when you are angry.: Nostrils

Expression no longer in use, old-fashioned word.: Archaism

Steering a vessel away from the wind.: Bear away

__ shapes are for strength and life cycles.: Triangle

Key used to scroll down a computer screen.: Page down

Undecided.: Doubtful

__ biking, sport that takes place off road.: Mountain

Fashion accessory worn on forearm or wrist.: Bracelet

Theatre of __, Athenian site to the god of plays.: Dionysus

Cheese and __.: Crackers

Genre of television program.: Chat show

Daughter of Icarius and Periboea, faithful wife.: Penelope

What the devil takes __.: Hindmost

The French Revolutionary __ created new months.: Calendar

Group 185

Puzzle 1 Answers

French fashion house; singer __ Dion.: Céline

Number of maximum soccer players on field per team.: Eleven

Swiss city, United Nations’ headquarters.: Geneva

Someone who __ taxes will face criminal charges.: Evades

Parish officer of the Anglican Church, archaic term.: Beadle

To turn aside, flip, reverse or turn over.: Invert

Type of electricity that makes your hair stand up.: Static

Spray of water used to clean yourself.: Shower

__ is the leader of the Gorgons.: Medusa

Term meaning “nobles”, Indo-European people.: Aryans

Of or related to a primate; one went to the moon.: Monkey

Type of spread made from a legume, __ butter.: Peanut

__ LeZion, Israeli city founded by Russians.: Rishon

Patriarch of the family, dad.: Father

Farther than, outside or past the normal limits.: Beyond

Puzzle 2 Answers

Arabic mathematical creation from 9th-century Syria.: Algebra

Pablo __, Guernica artist.: Picasso

Indefinitely many, very numerous.: Umpteen

A municipality in the northeast of the Netherlands.: De marne

Large seismic ocean wave, causes great destruction.: Tsunami

Layered pastry often made with apples.: Strudel

Live musical performance; orchestra or rock.: Concert

__ Bulldogs have muscular build and a wrinkled face.: English

A varved __ can be found in non-glacial lakes.: Deposit

The __ web is a circus skill similar to corde lisse.: Spanish

Organized search to find a criminal.: Manhunt

Someone following the realization of a personal deity.: Sadhaka

Two equilateral triangles joined at their bases.: Rhombus

Brightest Star in the constellation of Leo.: Regulus

Cranial safety piece for construction site.: Hard hat

Yellow __, peasant revolt in Han dynasty China.: Turbans

Newly enlisted; drafted member of the military.: Recruit

Feelings of fear that cause problems in the body.: Anxiety

Wicket and stump game huge in India.: Cricket

Area in the plane where pilot sits and commands.: Cockpit

Give a man enough rope and he will hang __.: Himself

Puzzle 3 Answers

United Arab __, capital Abu Dhabi is vastly rich.: Emirates

Vampire werewolf from Slavic mythology.: Vukodlak

It protects from the rain; bad luck to open inside.: Umbrella

The __ shrimp-goby lives in mud or sand substrates.: Ambanoro

The fairest rose is at last __.: Withered

Benedict __, patron saint of Europe.: Of nursia

Material used in breast implants.: Silicone

Hugely popular frozen dessert.: Ice cream

Flip-flaps are __ handsprings done on the ground.: Backward

__ Committee, Chinese government legislative body.: Standing

Second airport in Rome, with the code CIA.: Ciampino

Really fond of reading and studying.: Bookworm

Attractive, winsome, charming.: Engaging

Puzzle 4 Answers

Document giving permission to go into a country.: Entry visa

Fairy tale character who tells lies.: Pinocchio

Ukranian boxing brothers Vitali and Wladimir.: Klitschko

Leftover quantity.: Remainder

A handsome Beatle.: Mc cartney

Succession from guru to disciple in Hinduism.: Paramguru

__ snake eel has a red head and lower jaw.: Crocodile

Australian nut used in desserts.: Macadamia

Variety of pyrope; raspberry-colored gemstone.: Rhodolite

An item of clothing you put on first.: Underwear

__ of Life, US movie with Lana Turner.: Imitation

Caesar’s wife who supposedly foresaw his death.: Calpurnia

Icy sled track near St Moritz in the Swiss Alps.: Cresta run

Muscular __, disease causing weakening of muscles.: Dystrophy

Puzzle 5 Answers

Towards the back of the ship.: Astern

Bone that connects the shoulder and the sternum.: Collar

Italian title adopted by Benito Mussolini.: Il duce

King __ VII Sea; Southern Ocean; Norwegian king.: Haakon

Colored wax stick for drawing.: Crayon

__ Street, children’s TV series featuring Elmo.: Sesame

Sesame paste used in hummus.: Tahini

Current Japanese period that started with Akihito.: Heisei

Of or related to wolves.: Lupine

Credo, dogma, doctrine.: Gospel

Group 186

Puzzle 1 Answers

Swiss canton between Lucerne and Zurich lakes.: Schwyz

Unfilled space within a mass; a hollowed-out space.: Cavity

To capture someone’s attention; to involve.: Engage

Organ in the mouth that helps you eat and speak.: Tongue

Transparent lemon and lime carbonated drink.: Sprite

Classic movie, The __ of Oz.: Wizard

Ancient Chinese hexagram text, Classic of Changes.: I ching

The feeling of having done something before.: Dejavu

Conspicuous device used to attract attention.: Beacon

__ Distribution, probability theory, statistics.: Normal

Of or related to bears.: Ursine

Puzzle 2 Answers

Bodily outgrowth or process, sometimes removed.: Appendix

Type of font being used.: Typeface

Someone with very creative skills.: Artistic

Lady Chatterley’s Lover, by D.H. __.: Lawrence

It is a sin as well as commission.: Omission

The Young __, 2009 film about the English queen.: Victoria

Sea that lies between Italy and the Balkans.: Adriatic

Infamous Prohibition era firearm.: Tommy gun

A land mammal that cannot jump.: Elephant

Children are afraid of them.: Monsters

Excited, frenzied, hectic, hyperactive.: Agitated

Study of living cells.: Cytology

Puzzle 3 Answers

Referred to as the Lion City or the Little Red Dot.: Singapore

Zeal without __ is a runaway horse.: Knowledge

Art technique usually done in pottery or clay.: Sculpture

A device that lets us view distant objects.: Telescope

Art of constructing catalogues.: Anagraphy

__ Candler, business tycoon who founded Coca-Cola.: Asa griggs

Number of Olympic swimming events.: Seventeen

Person or animal in a book, movie or play.: Character

Overalls made of thick cotton cloth, often blue.: Dungarees

Indian bat sword also used as a tool.: Ayda katti

Device used to open a tin.: Can opener

Flight attendants who look after passengers’ needs.: Cabin crew

Nobody wins when a game of chess ends this way.: Stale mate

Heretic, non-conformist.: Dissenter

Puzzle 4 Answers

Silicate minerals removed from buildings.: Asbestos

Astrologically wet sign.: Aquarius

Quick burst of plague conditions.: Outbreak

Novice male monastic in Buddhism.: Samanera

Marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity.: Prolific

Refreshing summertime beverage treat.: Lemonade

Game with bats, a ball and four bases on a field.: Baseball

Ornithorhynchus anatinus, semiaquatic mammal.: Platypus

Italy’s airline carrier based out of Rome.: Alitalia

A great city, a great __.: Solitude

The capital of Saint Barthélemy.: Gustavia

Puzzle 5 Answers

Indonesian sword with protruding notch.: Klewang

The __, Warsaw ghetto movie by Roman Polanski.: Pianist

When the seaside waters recede.: Ebb tide

Cousin of the tornado.: Cyclone

__ oxide, ancient weapon aka quicklime.: Calcium

Potato pasta.: Gnocchi

Organs that help cleanse your system.: Kidneys

Ancient Greek.: Grecian

Passengers who do not turn up for a booked flight.: No shows

Country where the singer Bjork is from.: Iceland

George __ Shaw, Irish who won the Nobel Prize.: Bernard

Many use it to carry groceries.: Tote bag

The way one laughs when he does it last.: Longest

Hard-hearted person.: Callous

Balls-and-cord device thrown to bring down quarry.: Bolases

Butch __, played by Paul Newman.: Cassidy

John Dory is a __ fish with black marks.: Coastal

Group 187

Puzzle 1 Answers

Wood or plastic stick used to move a boat.: Paddle

Collision of two items together; strike.: Impact

Xanthophobia is the fear of the color __.: Yellow

Skilled shooter concealed from the enemy.: Sniper

Largest of Mars’ moons.: Phobos

Toulouse-Lautrec’s favorite venue, __ Rouge.: Moulin

Type of cheese pulled into filaments.: String

French writer who took his lobster pet for walks.: Nerval

Soft, porous artist’s tool from undersea.: Sponge

Autochthonous, domestic, endemic.: Native

Representative of someone else, interest of.: Behalf

Ruthless dictator Roman ruler; Julius __.: Caesar

__ Lang, Austrian fashion designer.: Helmut

Female Islamic spiritual leader.: Pirani

Strongest muscle in the human body.: Tongue

January birthstone; deep red.: Garnet

Spina __, birth defect prevented with folic acid.: Bifida

Deeply angered, openly furious.: Ireful

Air __, aerial motorsport.: Racing

Official currency of Malawi.: Kwacha

__ Planet, travel advice website.: Lonely

Wide-mouthed pipe; it makes it easy to pour liquids.: Funnel

Fantasy novel by J. K. Rowling, Harry __.: Potter

Puzzle 2 Answers

Month between September and November.: October

French Impressionist painter, Jules Robert __.: Auguste

The Chinese __ is a breed of hairless dog.: Crested

Popular painkiller; can help prevent heart attacks.: Aspirin

Twenty Thousand __ Under the Sea, J. Verne’s novel.: Leagues

Someone who writes online articles.: Blogger

Often confused with debt; costs exceed revenue.: Deficit

John the __, beheaded upon Herodias’ request.: Baptist

Symbol Li, silver metal used in batteries.: Lithium

It holds the aircraft engine.: Nacelle

Product for washing the hair.: Shampoo

Acrophobia is the fear of __.: Heights

Ancient Egyptian monarch; ruler of the dynasties.: Pharaoh

A __ arch is a rock formation with an opening.: Natural

A region in central Italy, Florence is its capital.: Toscana

Comparison of two things.: Analogy

Hugo __, considered Mexico’s best soccer player.: Sanchez

__ is the best policy.: Honesty

Puzzle 3 Answers

A __ key opens all sorts of doors.: Skeleton

In this country, people speak Lao dialects.: Thailand

Picture of a person usually showing the face.: Portrait

Acts of the __, book about founding of church.: Apostles

Where fliers wait for the fly bar in circus.: Pedestal

City that’s home to the Hagia Sophia.: Istanbul

Like urea, but with sulfur atom.: Thiourea

Nicknamed soundless dogs.: Basenjis

They make rings, bracelets and custom pieces.: Jewelers

Knee-length male skirt, it comes from __.: Scotland

Bloodsucker, leech, freeloader, hanger-on.: Parasite

Subversion of a constitution, major crime.: Sedition

Puzzle 4 Answers

“Flea” pepper aka Chiltepins.: Small hots

Bat these little hairs when you like someone.: Eyelashes

Bed and __.: Breakfast

Nocturnal mammal with a leathery armour shell.: Armadillo

Champers, shampoo.: Champagne

__ Square, Beijing site of Mao’s Mausoleum.: Tiananmen

Warhammer is a table top __ game.: Miniature

Arrangement where two airlines operate a flight.: Codeshare

Elevated, level area of land.: Tableland

Revolutionary French republican grouping.: Girondins

Ceres, Roman goddess of __, agriculture.: Fertility

__ Gorgeous, villain on Jimmy Neutron.: Beautiful

He plays Gale in The Hunger Games movies.: Hemsworth

Puzzle 5 Answers

Disposable utensils are made out of this material.: Plastic

Digits in the hand.: Fingers

To run a ship onto the beach or on land.: Aground

Frozen sweetened water, usually fruit flavored.: Sherbet

A near fall.: Stumble

Cat with non-retractile claws.: Cheetah

Aircrafts designed to attack by dropping weaponry.: Bombers

Frayed shorts made from jeans.: Cutoffs

Transition zone, where tides meet streams.: Estuary

Albrecht __, creator of the William Tell legend.: Gessler

Ask someone to marry you.: Propose

Number after fourteen.: Fifteen

Greek stallion with wings.: Pegasus

General seating area of a circus.: Gallery

Whole number, not a fraction.: Integer

The knight of the sorrowful countenance.: Quixote

Asthma treatment, reliever or preventer.: Inhaler

Makes a hard copy of your computer documents.: Printer

The eyes are the __ to the soul.: Windows

Cafe __ at Night, Van Gogh’s evening piece.: Terrace

Definitely gone.: Extinct

Room where the Last Supper happened.: Cenacle

Group 188

Puzzle 1 Answers

Developed wings and flew too close to the sun.: Icarus

Indonesian sea between Bali and Java seas.: Flores

Sandy flat floor of a __; basin that is dry.: Desert

“Volcanic” chocolate cake, souffle like.: Molten

Fiat sports car named after an arachnid.: Spider

HTML: HyperText __ Language.: Markup

Meryl __, one of the greatest actresses in the US.: Streep

__ flaw, trait that leads to protagonist’s downfall.: Tragic

Western Sahel sword with a tapering tip.: Takoba

__ Boat Festival, China’s Double Fifth celebration.: Dragon

This fast bird simply said “beep, beep,” Road __.: Runner

Livestock food made from plants; cheap resources.: Fodder

__ straw, perfect for hat-making.: Tuscan

Traditional Japanese flooring, sitting mat.: Tatami

__ snapper is a large red fish with huge teeth.: Cubera

St Jude, patron saint of lost __.: Causes

Trophies given at the Academy Awards.: Oscars

Criminal __, also known as an indictment.: Charge

Puzzle 2 Answers

A partial or total loss of memory.: Amnesia

To regard with displeasure, antipathy or aversion.: Dislike

Flavius __, first king of Italy.: Odoacer

A device for connecting two parts of an apparatus.: Adapter

Fat layer between skin and muscle in whales.: Blubber

Who __ not his gutters __ his whole house.: Repairs

__ Gogol, writer related to surrealism and grotesque.: Nikolai

Boating sport requiring understanding of wind.: Sailing

Largest river system that flows to the Arctic.: Yenisei

Excess __, luggage over the allowed amount.: Baggage

Venus, Roman __ of love.: Goddess

Hobby of making all different types of foods.: Cooking

Drinking glass with no stem or handles.: Tumbler

Puzzle 3 Answers

Lagoon shared by Poland and Germany; on the Oder.: Szczecin

Anything relating to ships, sailors or navigation.: Nautical

Priests and clergymen study this.: Theology

Tube connecting lungs to throat, trachea.: Windpipe

Small cabbage looks like Sputnik.: Kohlrabi

Deliberately running a ship aground.: Beaching

Oldest rugby stadium in South Africa.: Newlands

The Black __, stranded on island with horse.: Stallion

Toadstool.: Mushroom

Italian last name that symbolizes “womanizer”.: Casanova

Puzzle 4 Answers

Steel that does not rust or corrode.: Stainless

Device used in submarines to see above water.: Periscope

Disgusting study that examines vomiting.: Emetology

Genghis Khan’s subdivisions of the Mongol Empire.: Appanages

Longest reigning British monarch to date, __ II.: Elizabeth

Plant, legume; can be used as food.: Vegetable

Related to the organization of sounds in language.: Phonology

Italian car brand with flag and snake on its badge.: Alfa romeo

Theologian and missionary, brother of St. Cyril.: Methodius

2015 sci-fi thriller directed by Alex Garland.: Ex machina

The best is __.: Yet to come

Folk __, traditional form of this grappling sport.: Wrestling

The opposite of flat shoes.: High heels

Municipal station ready to help buildings in flame.: Firehouse

Despondent, forlorn, hopeless.: Desperate

A crypt, full of tombs.: Mausoleum

It protects cars, homes and lives against loss.: Insurance

German composer; went deaf in his later years.: Beethoven

Puzzle 5 Answers

Stubs of harvested trees.: Stumps

Brass, trumpet-like instrument.: Cornet

“Evil Eye” is an example of this protection.: Amulet

To force someone to do something.: Oblige

Peninsula shared by Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.: Istria

Accidental clumsy fall, not disastrous.: Brodie

To state that something is true.: Affirm

Space __, portable warmer for enclosed areas.: Heater

Whistler’s __, grey and black oil painting.: Mother

They fear to tread where fools rush in.: Angels

Woodworking is the skill of __ wooden items.: Making

Where your umbilical cord was attached, belly __.: Button

Peter __, South African World Cup stadium.: Mokaba

Amazon’s eReader.: Kindle

__ crabs are small Mediterranean crustaceans.: Velvet

Chinese philosophy known as “The Way”.: Taoism

Group 189

Puzzle 1 Answers

Edible layer on Japanese candies.: Oblaat

Relative to King Arthur’s people.: Celtic

Pungent layered veggies; you cry when you chop them.: Onions

Holding straight, not moving or giving.: Steady

Provision, rig, furnish.: Supply

__ al-qadr, holiest night for Muslims.: Laylat

To trade goods instead of paying with money.: Barter

System that warms up the inside of a car.: Heater

Burns are __ caused by heat or chemicals.: Damage

The capital of Lebanon.: Beirut

Bowed stringed instrument having four strings.: Fiddle

Puzzle 2 Answers

Female deity.: Goddess

Extremely stupid or foolish.: Asinine

An allotrope of carbon like the graphite.: Diamond

Easily damaged, broken, shattered, flimsy, frail.: Fragile

You catch fewer flies with it.: Vinegar

__ Duncan, famous US dancer from 1900s.: Isadora

Travel to and from work, e.g. from the suburbs.: Commute

Versatile bean, can be turned into imitation meat.: Soy bean

Estadio Monumental de __, in Venezuela.: Maturin

To make artwork available for people to see.: Exhibit

Puzzle 3 Answers

Claudia __, German supermodel.: Schiffer

__ Webster, film character involved in labor union.: Norma rae

End of Christmas; the Three Kings arrive.: Epiphany

Sprawling, untidy.: Straggly

Flattened spaghetti pasta strands.: Linguine

Witch-hunting US senator of the 1950s.: Mc carthy

Small fish with an equine-like head.: Seahorse

The __ Festival, annual summer festival in Ontario.: Hillside

The sting of a __ is the truth of it.: Reproach

__ glycol, compound used in antifreeze formulations.: Ethylene

Spanish artist famous for painting The Farm.: Joan miro

One after January and three before May.: February

__ moons, orbit within Saturn’s rings system.: Shepherd

Fee paid in advance.: Retainer

Puzzle 4 Answers

Artificial sweetener made from aspartic acid.: Aspartame

Tool used to beat, whip, and combine ingredients.: Hand mixer

__ Dior, French fashion house.: Christian

From December to January, tenth zodiac sign.: Capricorn

__, stadium of rugby’s Central Cheetahs.: Free state

__ Revolution, Portuguese “flowery” coup of 1975.: Carnation

Bibi __, Swedish actress of Persona.: Andersson

Subatomic particles.: Electrons

__ of the Two Holy Mosques, Mecca, Medina.: Custodian

Heavy animals; Dalí made them light with stick legs.: Elephants

Savage, rude, uncivil, uncultivated, wild.: Barbarian

A perpendicular descent of a water stream.: Waterfall

Puzzle 5 Answers

It means “the snows” in Galician.: As neves

Long bone in upper arm, shoulder to elbow.: Humerus

Stormily or threateningly.: Angrily

__ Manet, French realist/impressionist painter.: édouard

For __, acorns protect against lightning.: Vikings

Basin-like depression in the center of a volcano.: Caldera

Hang __, flying a human paper airplane.: Gliding

Distributes, places, arranges.: Assorts

Game where players build words moving letters.: Anagram

Flat bread, its wedges are known as scones.: Bannock

“Colorful” women’s magazine.: Redbook

French department and estuary, Bordeaux wine area.: Gironde

Blackbird that lives on, by herds of cattle.: Cowbird

New __ is called “The Birthplace of Jazz” in the US.: Orleans

Seth Mac__, actor, director.: Farlane

United __, worldwide organization with 193 members.: Nations

Aba-daba is any __ served at the circus.: Dessert

Someone who owns, manages a bar.: Barkeep

Frame on which car body is mounted.: Chassis

Group 190

Puzzle 1 Answers

Sultan Mizan Zainal __ Stadium, Malaysia.: Abidin

Los __, National Security lab in New Mexico.: Alamos

Heavy, patterned table-linen fabric.: Damask

Long sickle; death’s tool.: Scythe

Food related; sort of gore, harpoon or jab.: Skewer

Tooth __ makes up the visible part of a tooth.: Enamel

Someone who locates things.: Finder

Skoda car sounds like an Alaskan brown bear.: Kodiaq

Famous centaur in Greek mythology.: Chiron

Freedom from danger or harm.: Safety

Tradesperson, specializes in fusing things together.: Welder

Slow-moving animal, can breathe through its rear end.: Turtle

Large sea which divides Australia and New Zealand.: Tasman

Organic compound used as fuel gas.: Butane

El __, luring golden metropolis.: Dorado

Puzzle 2 Answers

The Rat __ is a short-haired breed of farm dog.: Terrier

Clearly.: Plainly

Horus, major god of __.: Healing

Tool thrown in the works to cause delay.: Spanner

Pairc Ui __, Gaelic sport arena in Cork.: Chaoimh

Building where goods are made.: Factory

Altered granite with pink feldspar.: Unakite

Biancabella and the Snake is an __ fairy tale.: Italian

Albino traits are a lack of __ in the body.: Pigment

Mediterranean resort between Cannes and Nice.: Antibes

Ingrid __, Swedish actress.: Bergman

Planet; one of two gas giants in our solar system.: Jupiter

Ancient type of flute.: Ocarina

Parchment in Ancient Egypt.: Papyrus

Aristocracy, A-list, corps d’elite.: Royalty

A place on the coast where vessels find shelter.: Harbour

Game played on a special mat with colorful circles.: Twister

Puzzle 3 Answers

Legal process of taking parental responsibility.: Adoption

Opposite of negative.: Positive

__ English, dialect native to the United States.: American

Christ the __, famous statue in Rio de Janeiro.: Redeemer

Study of smells and olfactory processes.: Osmology

Horse riding foot supports invented in 4th century.: Stirrups

Les __ Dangereuses, novel on Revolutionary France.: Liaisons

Backsword found in Ancient Middle East.: Scimitar

Swiss-German surrealist “Fish Magic” painter.: Paul klee

George __, Canadian MMA fighter.: St pierre

Honorific style of Christian clergy.: Reverend

Inflammation of lymph glands in the body.: Adenitis

Clover sprig used to explain trinity to Irish.: Shamrock

Fictional monster that resembles a giant gorilla.: King kong

A woman who serves food or drinks to people.: Waitress

When two or more elements are chemically bound.: Compound

Zoo__ are eggs, larvae and animals drifting.: Plankton

Made unclean; contaminated.: Polluted

Everybody’s __ is nobody’s __.: Business

Puzzle 4 Answers

Green mineral, not actually from rainforest river.: Amazonite

Lounge where those about to fly wait.: Departure

Birthplace of literary greats, Doyle, Stevenson.: Edinburgh

Plays the kettledrums.: Timpanist

Italian volcano bread filled with cheese and herbs.: Stromboli

Pope Francis’ Surname.: Bergoglio

The Big __ of 1938, “Thanks for the Memory”.: Broadcast

Ancient African reptile with giant chompers.: Crocodile

Wooden board for walking into or out of a ship.: Gangplank

Under a spell.: Enchanted

Dutch Golden Age painter of The Night Watch.: Rembrandt

Use this to smooth out rough surfaces.: Sandpaper

Incomparable, no rivals.: Unmatched

Asian state won independence from Portugal in 1975.: East timor

Amateur radio is the private use of radio __.: Frequency

Austrian crystals company with swan logo.: Swarovski

Puzzle 5 Answers

To remain in a country after your visa has expired.: Overstay

Arc-eye __ has bright body and bluish tail.: Hawkfish

__ Gums Murphy, a musician in The Simpsons.: Bleeding

Profusion, over-abundance.: Plethora

Small spoon, measurement, not tablespoon.: Teaspoon

Central Asian river, Aral Sea basin.: Syr darya

What every law has.: Loophole

The __, 1935 film, Irish War of Independence.: Informer

Wooden “legs” to help the injured walk.: Crutches

Keith __, worst case for anti-smoking campaigns.: Richards

Bright green substance, discredited mineral.: Pimelite

Water activity with double-sided paddle.: Kayaking

Harvest month of the French Revolutionary calendar.: Messidor

Book that features annual world’s records.: Guinness

Joseon era molded, 35 in sword from Korea.: Saingeom

Secretary, cabinet member of monetary issues.: Treasury

Group 191

Puzzle 1 Answers

To add data to a computer or online.: Upload

One of the ice giants.: Uranus

Longest measure from end to end.: Length

__ Munch, painter of The Scream.: Edvard

Barry __, Kubrick’s Irish period drama.: Lyndon

Greek goddess of compulsion and necessity.: Ananke

Someone who moves their body for a living.: Dancer

To move upward, climb to a higher point.: Ascend

__ of Lima, patron of the Americas.: St rose

Sage teeth in the back of the mouth.: Wisdom

Renault car with picturesque name.: Scenic

Tropical fruit, orange flesh, tiny black seeds.: Papaya

Item used to give a shot with; adds to a syringe.: Needle

Hat made of strips of fabric wound around the head.: Turban

Atlantic African gulf heavy in oil deposits.: Guinea

Japanese military dictators.: Shogun

Itemized plan for spending money.: Budget

Puzzle 2 Answers

Quality or ability to be honest to others.: Decency

Items to enhance vision.: Eyewear

A person who educates others.: Teacher

Bulgarian city with millennial old ruins.: Plovdiv

Orange-yellow flavoring; food coloring.: Saffron

Act of beating, thrashing, whipping.: Bashing

Two hues.: Bicolor

Standing yoga pose, like a soldier.: Warrior

Not man-made.: Natural

Korean tech brand behind the Note and Tab.: Samsung

Puzzle 3 Answers

1942 battle, the first involving aircraft carriers.: Coral sea

__ Wheel, device used on thread, Indian origins.: Spinning

Like a cloud; vague concept.: Nebulous

Either the Martyr or the Confessor.: St edward

Spanish travel agency offering low-cost excursions.: No frills

Largest land mammal hunted for its ivory tusks.: Elephant

Cured beef found in many deli sandwiches.: Pastrami

Little ones have big ears.: Pitchers

Spiky plants often with purple flowers.: Thistles

Holes in the outer layer of your teeth.: Cavities

Pacino film about fictional Cuban drug lord.: Scarface

Barcelona monument to an explorer, on the Ramblas.: Columbus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Long and thin green vegetable.: Asparagus

Of or relating to tortoises or turtles.: Chelonian

Woody Allen’s movie named after his neighborhood.: Manhattan

An exciting or remarkable experience.: Adventure

Being bewildered aka puzzlement.: Confusion

Braggart.: Swaggerer

Enormous WWI mine crater on the Somme battlefield.: Lochnagar

French painter of Liberty Leading the People.: Delacroix

Science of surveying.: Gromatics

Large board behind the basketball net.: Backboard

Encyclopaedic, user-generated article website.: Wikipedia

His feast day is the day after Christmas.: St stephen

Puzzle 5 Answers

Light rail vehicle, also called trams or trolleys.: Streetcar

One promised in marriage to someone.: Betrothed

Addition or change to a law or bill.: Amendment

Italian mountains, they run along the nation.: Apennines

Serbian secret group that backed a Greater Serbia.: Black hand

Anti-proverb created by Dickens.: Wellerism

Crescent-shaped French breakfast pastry.: Croissant

He/she helps people achieve personal goals.: Life coach

The act of loosing threads of cloth or rope.: Ravelling

Lower house of parliament in German government.: Bundestag

Areas where “black gold” is found.: Oilfields

Flight __; invented in Canada for pilot training.: Simulator

Group 192

Puzzle 1 Answers

Spain’s flag carrier airline.: Iberia

Plane company produced the Barracuda and Firefly.: Fairey

US-Canadian cartoon, The Ren & __ Show.: Stimpy

Sculpted representation of person.: Statue

A hound and a tec.: Sleuth

Shape-shifting water seal from Scottish folklore.: Selkie

Fred and __, gave Harry the Marauder’s Map.: George

Large, soft bag perfect for sports or travelling.: Duffel

Tobacco pipe with multiple flexible tubes.: Hookah

Flowering branches.: Sprays

Sea that stretches from Denmark to Netherlands.: Wadden

Mechanical model of the Solar System.: Orrery

Violet __, survived three ship disasters in 6 years.: Jessop

A __ Frise is a toy breed descended from a poodle.: Bichon

Puzzle 2 Answers

English poet of the modernist movement.: Ts eliot

Type of obsidian, cracking volcanic glass.: Perlite

Traveling on surfaces by dancing or racing.: Skating

First comes lightning, then comes __.: Thunder

Official headquarters for an ambassador.: Embassy

Donatella __, Italian fashion designer.: Versace

Picture cut or scratched into a metal surface.: Etching

Most portrayed horror blood-sucking movie villain.: Dracula

Agga Maha __, honorific title in Theravada Buddhism.: Pandita

Bartender or mixologist’s wooden pestle.: Muddler

__ swimming crab feeds on trash.: Harbour

Capital of Indonesia.: Jakarta

Monte __, prolonged WWII battle at Italian abbey.: Cassino

Knowledge of past events.: History

Tree nymphs protect __ and trees.: Forests

Back of the stage, away from the audience.: Upstage

Puzzle 3 Answers

In architecture, border, edging or baseboard.: Skirting

__ or Dorado, fish with long fin from head to tail.: Mahi mahi

This sort of gate hangs the longest.: Creaking

Compiled teachings and sayings of Confucius.: Analects

__ lotion is a treatment for itching.: Calamine

Bone structure that supports an organism.: Skeleton

__ Geographic, science magazine founded in 1888.: National

Rhetorical __, you know the answer already.: Question

A comedy writer or performer.: Humorist

Study of places and their natural features.: Topology

The Walls of __, French criminal falls in love.: Malapaga

Wonderland cat whose smile remains.: Cheshire

Omega-7 fatty acid found in dairy products.: Vaccenic

Single-track transport system, usually elevated.: Monorail

British royalty abode in Scotland.: Balmoral

Material in the middle of a pencil.: Graphite

Gnomes turn to stone in the __.: Sunlight

__ Stadium, famed Turin home of “youth” team.: Juventus

Baby mohawk, no shaved sides.: Fauxhawk

Puzzle 4 Answers

Anna __, Russian modernist poet in the Soviet era.: Akhmatova

Large flat case for carrying drawings, papers.: Portfolio

Western Plains Native Americans.: Cheyennes

A __ Orange, movie with Malcolm McDowell.: Clockwork

Siliceous sedimentary rock, can crumble into powder.: Diatomite

__ National Stadium, of SE Asian nation.: Singapore

Art style, rejected realism during late 19th C.: Modernism

Web-spinning spider.: Orbweaver

A person who directs the route or course of a ship.: Navigator

Espresso coffee liqueur from Italy.: Borghetti

Canada has the world’s largest __.: Coastline

Puzzle 5 Answers

Colorful, one-of-a-kind Japanese clothing label.: Uniqlo

Reflective invention found first in 400 BC Lebanon.: Mirror

Aromatic flower bud used in cooking.: Cloves

Opiate that is injected; extremely addictive.: Heroin

Committee of Public __, French Revolutionary group.: Safety

Colloquial rather than classical Latin.: Vulgar

Musical tones combined together.: Chords

Point of orbit where something is farthest from Earth.: Apogee

Amidships means the __ section of a ship.: Middle

Not successful; did not pass an exam.: Failed

Season opposite to summer.: Winter

Key used to scroll up computer.: Page up

Group 193

Puzzle 1 Answers

In a foreign country.: Abroad

AOC French brandy from the Charente region.: Cognac

Wealthy landowner who later became a pirate.: Bonnet

Draft drawing to represent chief features.: Sketch

Heavy __, dug deep, changed European agriculture.: Plough

Gianluigi __, longtime Italian goalkeeper.: Buffon

Snails can sleep for three __.: Months

Peter’s epistles were written while he was __.: Bishop

Device to capture photos; most cellphones have it.: Camera

Coiffure.: Hairdo

Dealer, usually in expensive fabrics.: Mercer

Robin Hood’s maiden.: Marian

__ Fire, indie rock band based in Montreal.: Arcade

Puzzle 2 Answers

Large body of ice moves slowly or spreads outward.: Glacier

Open-toe footwear usually held by straps.: Sandals

Leafy vegetable, eaten raw or cooked.: Spinach

Female opossums have 13 __.: Nipples

Medicine patented by Bayer in the early 1900s.: Aspirin

Kate Middleton is married to Prince __.: William

Decisive battle of the Chinese Civil War in 1940s.: Huaihai

Giuseppe __, Italian radical, founded Young Italy.: Mazzini

Of poor moral character, disobedient.: Naughty

Family of Italian Renaissance painters.: Bellini

Large flat pan used to fry foods.: Griddle

Puzzle 3 Answers

A negative turns out positive as a __ in disguise.: Blessing

Marcus __, Roman emperor, writer of Meditations.: Aurelius

To abhor, loathe.: Execrate

Sweet melon, sounds like moist nectar.: Honeydew

Italian crispy breadsticks.: Grissini

Feline anti-hero associated with Batman.: Catwoman

Small metal object used to remove unwanted hairs.: Tweezers

Place used for recreation, inside.: Game room

Woven textile art.: Tapestry

Traditional culture communicated orally.: Folklore

Tomb-__ Day, a national holiday in China.: Sweeping

Puzzle 4 Answers

German candy made of chocolate and coconut oil.: Ischoklad

Taking action to correct previous wrongdoing.: Atonement

Strong carnivorous mammal of the weasel family.: Wolverine

A temporary suspension of hostilities in a war.: Armistice

Boat that travels over water with underwater wings.: Hydrofoil

Famous 1969 US music and art festival.: Woodstock

Ghanaian diplomat and Nobel Peace Prize recipient.: Kofi annan

A Winter Olympic sport.: Bobsleigh

To cleanse, sanitize or kill germs.: Disinfect

Dorset model town developed by Prince Charles.: Poundbury

Personal driver.: Chauffeur

Field takes closer look at rocks.: Lithology

They make for wavy nights.: Waterbeds

Puzzle 5 Answers

Clothing worn to get into the water.: Swimsuit

To cut, tear; to hurt.: Lacerate

Country freed from Italian rule at Battle of Adwa.: Ethiopia

Not yet a sapling.: Seedling

__ Christmas is celebrated on January 7.: Orthodox

Influential, mighty, potent.: Powerful

Substance that is breathed into the lungs.: Inhalant

“Pregunta” means this, in Spanish.: Question

Most obvious star cluster seen on the night sky.: Pleiades

Includes bologna, turkey aka lunch meats.: Cold cuts

Reply or reaction.: Response

They help neurons talk to each other in the body.: Synapses

Picasso and Michelangelo were __ and much more.: Painters

Body of water in Indonesian Maluku Islands.: Banda sea

Open car for two persons.: Roadster

One shouldn’t make a mountain out of this.: Molehill

Romeo’s last name in Shakespeare’s play.: Montague

To plan appointments at certain times.: Schedule

Disinfectant soap.: Carbolic

__ Interest, interest on top of interest.: Compound

Tax-exempt shopping areas at airports.: Duty free

Pictionary is a __ game where you draw the word.: Guessing

Group 194

Puzzle 1 Answers

White __, savior bidder of hostile takeover bid.: Knight

Northern Swiss canton where German is spoken.: Zurich

To give someone a job, to have them work for you.: Employ

Sport played on a court with rackets.: Tennis

Washington __, author of Rip Van Winkle.: Irving

Javier __, won an Oscar for No Country for Old Men.: Bardem

Cheese-filled Catalan pastries.: Flaons

Renault Van range; sounds like a boss.: Master

Tool with pointed end used for writing/engraving.: Stylus

Mislaying, misplacing, not winning.: Losing

Since 1917, a Virgin Mary pilgrimage center.: Fatima

Agreement preceding marriage.: Prenup

Camels are __ animals.: Humped

Puzzle 2 Answers

Charles __, film industry icon.: Chaplin

East Indian city formerly spelled Calcutta.: Kolkata

Huldrych __, Swiss religious reformer.: Zwingli

Not in a wishy-washy way.: Rabidly

If you can’t escape, then you’re __.: Trapped

Someone responsible for counselling others.: Advisor

Popular political club during French Revolution.: Jacobin

The art of making an image, not with paint.: Drawing

Fine spray or mist, hair spray, odor spray.: Aerosol

Avoid a questioner, for he is also a __.: Tattler

A vacuum __ keeps carpets clean.: Cleaner

Status of peasants under the feudalistic system.: Serfdom

Puzzle 3 Answers

Garnish of almonds or Romanian dessert.: Amandine

Protestant churches that follow Calvin’s teachings.: Reformed

To steal money from one’s workplace.: Embezzle

Lion-headed warrior god worshiped by the Meroitics.: Apedemak

__ Holmes, character by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.: Sherlock

Polish WWII leader set up a government-in-exile.: Sikorsky

Largest city in Europe, Turkey’s cultural capital.: Istanbul‎

Done quickly and badly.: Slapdash

Place de la __, execution site of Louis XVI.: Concorde

Officially ranked as the “City of Spas” in 1934.: Budapest

__ expressionism, conceptual art style.: Abstract

Call for entire ship’s company.: All hands

Dead ball restart situation after foul in soccer.: Free kick

__ acid, only acid excreted as gas from the lungs.: Carbonic

Flights to and from places in the same country.: Domestic

In a __ = concisely.: Nutshell

Puzzle 4 Answers

Sugary garnish for cakes, cupcakes or ice-cream.: Sprinkles

Shine a light on this banknote security feature.: Watermark

__ system, software directing computer actions.: Operating

It means “Sign of Allah” in Arabic.: Ayatollah

Teacher in a university or faculty.: Professor

Medical term for lung-related issues.: Pulmonary

Act of infiltrating somewhere to acquire secrets.: Espionage

Variety of grossular, cinnamon-colored gem.: Hessonite

Italian who wrote The Decameron.: Boccaccio

Japanese city hit by a nuclear weapon.: Hiroshima

Carbon __; impression left on the environment.: Footprint

Irish fashion designer known for retro prints.: Orla kiely

Large crocodilian with short snout.: Alligator

1922 German movie about a vampire.: Nosferatu

Puzzle 5 Answers

Avenue, boulevard, road, highway.: Street

Green stems of allium used in salads.: Chives

Only __ mosquitoes bite you.: Female

Not private.: Public

William __, superb Irish storyteller.: Trevor

Former name for the Chinese city of Guangzhou.: Canton

Soft and delicate; Elvis’ song “Love me __”.: Tender

__tooth, doggy-broken check fabric pattern.: Hounds

Hard, mottled, white stone used by sculptors.: Marble

Brazilian cocktail, fruit juice, national alcohol.: Batida

No holds __, no restraint.: Barred

Wax containing a wick and burned to give light.: Candle

Group 195

Puzzle 1 Answers

A Bigger __, Hockney pool painting.: Splash

Breakfast bread cooked in dimpled irons.: Waffle

Pedal used to change gears on a vehicle.: Clutch

Formal order, judicial order.: Decree

__ C. Clarke, British Sri Lankan writer.: Arthur

Dhirubhai __, founder of Reliance Industries.: Ambani

Personal place to keep valuables safe.: Locker

To quit.: Resign

Owls can __ their heads as much as 270 degrees.: Rotate

__ Rogers, governor who ended piracy in Nassau.: Woodes

Chinese-American tech brand behind the ThinkPad.: Lenovo

Stockholm is the capital of the Kingdom of __.: Sweden

Puzzle 2 Answers

Island nation by Greenland, capital is Reykjavik.: Iceland

A __ squid has webbed legs and light-emitting spots.: Vampire

Canada’s Prime Minister in 2016, Justin __.: Trudeau

Crusading king of France, who was later sainted.: St louis

Historical Czech land, state of Holy Roman Empire.: Moravia

These funds invest in “dead” companies.: Vulture

Will __, Merry Men’s skilled swordsman.: Scarlet

Frugal with money.: Thrifty

Dewey’s pre Internet book categorizing system.: Decimal

Club mate, rum and limes in this German drink.: Tschunk

Puzzle 3 Answers

Official language of Indian Assam state.: Assamese

An imp is a goblin creature in English __.: Folklore

Professional who designs structures and systems.: Engineer

Solanum melongena, aubergine.: Eggplant

A kind of man who will clutch at a straw.: Drowning

Programs on a computer; removable.: Software

Little girl hairstyle, hair divided in two.: Pigtails

A place where you can take a shower.: Bathroom

__ sulfoxide, colorless liquid, solvent.: Dimethyl

Typically blue gemstone that is a mineral corundum.: Sapphire

Queen Elizabeth’s only sister.: Margaret

One of four Jewish holy cities, Sea of Galilee.: Tiberias‎

Mall activity.: Shopping

Conical hat students were made to wear.: Dunce cap

__ carriers allow planes to take off in the ocean.: Aircraft

Puzzle 4 Answers

Air transport agreement for international flights.: Open skies

Anna Karenina for her occupation.: Socialite

Magnesium-rich chamosite.: Delessite

Type of park with rides and games.: Amusement

Military dictatorship in Japanese history.: Shogunate

This chair helps you stand up.: Lift chair

“Colonel” who managed Elvis Presley’s career.: Tom parker

End of year sweet bread loaf.: Panettone

Patron saint of France burned at the stake.: Joan of arc

Bones that make up the spinal column.: Vertebrae

Separating liquids from solids.: Straining

Fashioned like a hood.: Cucullate

Bast, Egyptian protection goddess, __ of Bubastis.: Patroness

Puzzle 5 Answers

Large Belgian coastal city and port.: Ostend

To have the ability to pick one of two things.: Choice

Duplicate version, in case of damage.: Backup

The Reverend Mother Superior, Eastern Orthodox.: Abbess

Iranian flour bread cooked in clay oven.: Taftan

__ Baiul, Ukrainian won ’94 Olympic gold.: Oksana

Chemical element found in the Sun, stars & comets.: Carbon

Female sibling.: Sister

A dash, a crumb, a tiny part of something.: Tittle

The __ sea snail is purple, lives in the tropics.: Violet

“Whitened” Filipino sword, guava wood handle.: Pinuti

__ Bonnard, French artist.: Pierre

Group 196

Puzzle 1 Answers

Highly prominent Khatri surname found in India.: Oberoi

Mr __, Oscar-winner for Luxembourgish short film.: Hublot

__ jack, a game fish, same family as yellowtail.: Almaco

Stick this spice in oranges at Christmas’ time.: Cloves

“About” means to __ course of the ship by tacking.: Change

Scullions did this sort of task.: Menial

Feminine courtesy title.: Madame

French high-end brand; No. 5.: Chanel

Central European river, flows through Bratislava.: Morava

One rotten apple spoils the whole __.: Barrel

Religious texts in Jainism.: Agamas

Ottoman sultans’ groups of wives, helpers, eunuchs.: Harems

Borg __Stadium, Africa’s second largest.: El arab

Islamic steward, successor of Muhammad.: Caliph

__ Virgins, in ancient Rome, priestesses of Vesta.: Vestal

Scarcely, only barely, little likelihood.: Hardly

Jorge Luis __, famous Argentine short-story writer.: Borges

Italian-style ice cream.: Gelato

Grandiose, powerful, all __.: Mighty

__ crater, in the Phaethontis quadrangle of Mars.: Keeler

Something adding a zestful flavor; a condiment.: Relish

Puzzle 2 Answers

Fear of wasps is __phobia.: Sphekso

Princess taken by Achilles as a war prize.: Briseis

This character greatly underestimated David.: Goliath

A chewy anagram of Pinchas.: Spinach

World’s fastest land animal.: Cheetah

Estates __, French political system pre-1789.: General

Reaches, accomplishes, achieves goals.: Attains

Country in southern Africa, capital is Windhoek.: Namibia

To keep your teeth from getting damaged.: Protect

Opposite of western.: Eastern

Vessel formerly used in distilling.: Alembic

Spurge plant with starchy root, tropical.: Cassava

Puzzle 3 Answers

Author of Interview with the Vampire.: Anne rice

Upholstered chair that leans back.: Recliner

Confection of ice cream, espresso and cream.: Affogato

The __ has twice the bathrooms it needs.: Pentagon

Unscrupulous seizers.: Grabbers

Patron of Scotland, his feast day is November 30.: St andrew

Prosperous Qing emperor, grandson of Kangxi.: Qianlong

The ling is a long thin fish from the North __.: Atlantic

The __, oil-on-canvas of a kitchen maid, by Vermeer.: Milkmaid

One hot pepper.: Habanero

Gulf space across Banks, Victoria islands.: Amundsen

Titanic is a romance __ film from 1997.: Disaster

Unit that equals one million gigabytes.: Petabyte

Puzzle 4 Answers

Impasse.: Stalemate

Very dangerous dog’s parasite.: Heartworm

Stage of development before birth or hatching.: Embryonic

Strings of Italian pasta, with Bolognese sauce.: Spaghetti

Bullock won an Oscar for this feel good movie.: Blind side

Traders, storekeepers, business dealers.: Merchants

Another name for the Prime Minister of Ireland.: Taoiseach

Traditional children’s song of English origin.: Muffin man

Your head won’t stay wet after you use this.: Hairdryer

Battlestar __, popular science fiction series.: Galactica

Superior to a navy captain, below a rear admiral.: Commodore

Dental replacements discovered in Etruria 750 BCE.: Fake teeth

First novel written on a typewriter.: Tom sawyer

Where the ocean meets the land.: Coastline

Iconic film studios in Rome.: Cinecitta

A fighting sport.: Wrestling

Puzzle 5 Answers

To be given a prize.: Awarded

Clara __, Mussolini’s mistress, died by his side.: Petacci

Types of crustaceans with hard exoskeletons.: Isopods

Female patron of young girls and chastity.: St agnes

__ speak louder than words.: Actions

These glands produce a baby’s first meal.: Mammary

Calligraphy is an elegant way of __.: Writing

King of the gods in Roman mythology.: Jupiter

Grandstand, the __ area facing the circus center.: Seating

Charge incurred on a business trip.: Expense

Plant that eat insects, Venus __.: Flytrap

Italian tire makers, with red and yellow logo.: Pirelli

Title of the king of France’s eldest son.: Dauphin

Nazi secret police force founded by Hermann Göring.: Gestapo

Group 197

Puzzle 1 Answers

To get something with effort.: Obtain

__ Aba, third King of Hungary from 1041 to 1044.: Samuel

Old-fashioned term for the flu.: Grippe

Winter sport, not snowboarding.: Skiing

__ Fox was the nickname given to Erwin Rommel.: Desert

Coffee-flavored liqueur.: Kahlua

Unlawful killing of another human.: Murder

While George Harrison’s __ gently weeps.: Guitar

Holds baby at Brit Milah ceremony.: Sandek

Central French dept, capital is Nevers.: Nièvre

Walt __ was scared of mice.: Disney

Puzzle 2 Answers

Placed on the side by the axis, stem.: Adaxial

Paris __, the city’s government, 1789 to 1795.: Commune

Cotton-like, fluffy clouds.: Cumulus

It holds the guts.: Abdomen

Louis __, 1st pilot to cross the English Channel.: Blériot

Interpretation, rendition, account.: Version

The __ of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde.: Picture

Suitable arrangement of parts, colors or sounds.: Harmony

It cannot change its spots.: Leopard

With Gibson, developed industrial polyethylene.: Fawcett

To turn a liquid into a substance resembling jelly.: Congeal

Country in North Africa, capital is Rabat.: Morocco

Long, thin with elongated jaws and sharp teeth.: Garfish

Netted holes on a pool table.: Pockets

90s Star Trek TV series, NASA space program.: Voyager

Birth surname of Pope John Paul II.: Wojtyla

Insulin device from Eli Lilly.: Humapen

Appliance with slots to cook your bread.: Toaster

Puzzle 3 Answers

The meaning of the Spanish word ‘negativo’”.: Negative

Document giving permission to leave a country.: Exit visa

A small cooking measurement, not a table.: Tea spoon

Nocturnal arachnid, elongated body and a stinger.: Scorpion

Method called pot roasting when using meats.: Braising

Hot tubs.: Jacuzzis

Ocean divides the Americas from Europe.: Atlantic

Small, drop-shaped edible seeds of a cone tree.: Pine nuts

Long sled made of wood slats.: Toboggan

Those who enter to conquest or plunder.: Invaders

It never did anyone any good.: Worrying

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is a famous German __ station.: Railroad

Waifish British supermodel and Rimmel London face.: Kate moss

__ biking, extreme sport performed in nature.: Mountain

Cleric of secular institution, prison or hospital.: Chaplain

Epic poetry muse, musical instrument at circus.: Calliope

The __ starred Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca.: Rescuers

Puzzle 4 Answers

Buckwheat-based bread from Slovenia.: Ajdov kruh

Yes, this is the study of bird’s nests.: Caliology

Mimicry of someone or something.: Imitation

Spiny __ are poisonous and ray-finned.: Devilfish

Large garrison town in Lower Saxony, NW Germany.: Osnabruck

First to make mainland America landfall in 1497.: John cabot

Some suggest not to ask too many of these.: Questions

Common European sword with cruciform hilt.: Longsword

NASA rover that is conducting a mission on Mars.: Curiosity

Albert Einstein was a world-known __.: Physicist

Christian __, shoe designer known for red soles.: Louboutin

Eldest of the Brontë sisters.: Charlotte

Bearing is the __ between two objects.: Direction

Tibetan Buddhist Tenzin Gyatso is the 14th __.: Dalai lama

Lotion protects against ultra violet rays.: Sunscreen

Oceans are filled with this type of liquid body.: Saltwater

First-class, bonny, superb, outstanding.: Excellent

Wassily __, Russian abstract artist.: Kandinsky

Puzzle 5 Answers

Sony brand of smartphones and tablets from 2012.: Xperia

Boga is known as piapara in __.: Brazil

__ belly is a storage box under a wagon in circus.: Possum

Still life fruit painted by Cézanne.: Apples

A small church.: Chapel

Shape-shifting water horse from Scottish mythology.: Kelpie

Medical personnel wear them.: Scrubs

Reflexive pronoun, first person singular.: Myself

Public house.: Boozer

Colombia claims to grow some of the best.: Coffee

Carpal __ syndrome is in the hand and wrist.: Tunnel

Gianni __, Italy’s “golden boy”, 1960s and 1970s.: Rivera

Time you are supposed to come home.: Curfew

Spanish city, three cultures: Christian, Arab, Jew.: Toledo

The floor of a fireplace.: Hearth

To agree upon, close out an account.: Settle

__ sulfate, white crystals used in paint pigments.: Barium

Group 198

Puzzle 1 Answers

to cause to stop sleeping.: Arouse

Kidney-shaped drupe; tasty nut treat.: Cashew

Italian county with no coastline or country border.: Umbria

Two businesses coming together as one.: Merger

Churchill’s __, WWII propaganda made in Canada.: Island

The Fourth __ or Power, today “the press”.: Estate

The power of recalling what has been learned.: Memory

Codified the three laws of robotics.: Asimov

Small, docile hound with a great sense of smell.: Beagle

Burning the __ at both ends.: Candle

Another name for a violin.: Fiddle

Greeks and Romans lounged and dined while on them.: Klinai

Michel__, Sistine Chapel painter.: Angelo

Someone who annoys others by persistent criticism.: Gadfly

FC __ Munich, successful Bavarian football club.: Bayern

Descendant of Muhammad through daughter Fatima.: Sharif

Percussion instrument, produces sound when shaken.: Rattle

The opposite of male.: Female

Piercing, typically in the center of the lower lip.: Labret

Badger-like yokai from Japanese mythology.: Mujina

Puzzle 2 Answers

Study of medical remedies.: Acology

To finally find a wanted person.: Capture

Xavi and __, Barça and Spain soccer duo.: Iniesta

Terror of Asians, Genghis Khan’s people.: Mongols

The Dalmatian is known for its __ coat.: Spotted

Sweet roulade, Christmas dessert looks like wood.: Yule log

__ Echeverría, Argentine writer, cultural promoter.: Esteban

The Torah is the book of this religion.: Judaism

Nottingham official, Robin Hood´s nemesis.: Sheriff

Province in western China famous for food.: Sichuan

Woman with a __, Monet’s sun umbrella.: Parasol

__ To War, first of Capra’s propaganda films.: Prelude

Low-cost Spanish airline, merged with ClickAir.: Vueling

Puzzle 3 Answers

Tooth __ is used to make your smile shine.: Whitener

Father of the theory of relativity.: Einstein

Every horse thinks its own pack __.: Heaviest

These blood vessels carry blood away from heart.: Arteries

Field focuses on mummies.: Momilogy

Aker, __ earth god of the horizon.: Egyptian

Spanish dance with clapping and stamping.: Flamenco

Moon of Saturn identified by its chaotic rotation.: Hyperion

White wine and carbonated water chilled drink.: Spritzer

The Lady from __, movie with Rita Hayworth.: Shanghai

Women’s undergarments.: Lingerie

Plan of procedure, series of planned events.: Schedule

Emotions through different elements, __ art.: Abstract

A rooster not yet one year old.: Cockerel

Song recorded by the Beatles.: For no one

Private path connecting the street to a house.: Driveway

The legislative capital of South Africa.: Cape town

Lothar __, captain of 1990 German WC winning team.: Matthaus

Puzzle 4 Answers

Direct competitor of Atari 2600 in the late 1970s.: Astrocade

Conflagration such as visited on Dresden in 1945.: Firestorm

__ Desert; Great Basin arid ecoregion.: Escalante

Study of origins of races or peoples.: Ethnogeny

__ Goya, Spanish Romantic painter.: Francisco

Bottom round cut cooked in crock pot.: Rump roast

To sew a design on a piece of cloth.: Embroider

The study of space and the universe.: Astronomy

Has more money.: Wealthier

Swiss mountain, second-highest in the Alps.: Monte rosa

Founder of Friars Preachers, patron of astronomers.: St dominic

__: The Golden Age, sequel to the 1998 film.: Elizabeth

He/she is worth twenty pressed men.: Volunteer

Woodwind instrument invented by a Belgian designer.: Harmonica

Firefighter 101 spotted helper.: Dalmatian

Counterattack with numerical advantage.: Breakaway

Strong item to keep someone out.: Barricade

No syllable in the last line of a verse.: Catalexis

UK housebuilders who sound like an exotic fruit.: Persimmon

Puzzle 5 Answers

The __ hydroid is in the family of fire corals.: Stinging

German sweet roll filled with Powidl jam.: Buchteln

It is ill __ against the stream.: Striving

Financial institute’s promise, 7th century China.: Banknote

Sudden attack into hostile territory.: Invasion

Anything pertaining to the bones.: Skeletal

Miracle of __, servant art by Tintoretto.: The slave

Related to the father and/or mother.: Parental

Violet quartz, used as decoration or jewelry.: Amethyst

British actor who played Kenobi in Star Wars.: Guinness

Cartoons are __ movies or shows.: Animated

Group 199

Puzzle 1 Answers

Anatomical term for womb.: Uterus

Gets a coin for each soul he brings to Hades.: Charon

Playboy’s founder, notorious bachelor.: Hefner

Historical name for Indian soldiers.: Sepoys

Muhammad’s daughter’s lineage title.: Sayyid

Area in a yard for growing fruits and vegetables.: Garden

Hard, glossy substance applied to ceramics.: Enamel

Protects the front and back of a car.: Bumper

Home is a 2015 film where __ come to Earth.: Aliens

__ wheel boat, Mississippi boat from Rome.: Paddle

Small, not big.: Little

Range of Huawei smartphones, launched in 2010.: Ascend

Name of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU in 2016.: Brexit

__ Sport, square chocolate blocks.: Ritter

Goat Simulator is a popular third-__ video game.: Person

Puzzle 2 Answers

Persian hard candy.: Abnabat

Anything relating to the skull.: Cranial

Closest planet to the sun.: Mercury

Wailing woman’s spirit heard when someone dies.: Banshee

Soybeans in the pod, steamed and salted.: Edamame

Appliance that can be found in a kitchen.: Toaster

To bring together, attach.: Connect

__ in Arles, Van Gogh’s sleeping quarters.: Bedroom

Small vessel moved with oars.: Rowboat

Your mother and father.: Parents

__ acropora coral forms large plates.: Cuneata

The L in YSL, French fashion house.: Laurent

Puzzle 3 Answers

German artillery cannon, such as Big Bertha.: Howitzer

Periodic table of __.: Elements

Forming or entertaining thoughts or images.: Ideation

Teacher of Sunnah, title for Pirs.: Makhdoom

Bald.: Hairless

The capital of Norfolk Island.: Kingston

Scottish screeching wind instrument.: Bagpipes

William Osler is known as the Father of Modern __.: Medicine

__ DiCaprio, star of Titanic and The Great Gatsby.: Leonardo

Moved clumsily.: Lumbered

Puzzle 4 Answers

__ Cotton, 1st Viscount Combermere, British Army.: Stapleton

Loathsome, extremely unpleasant.: Revolting

Surname of Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader.: Skywalker

Time when someone is a kid; usually a memory.: Childhood

__ Le Pen, Marine’s father and French FN head.: Jean marie

Italian starter comprising meats and cheeses.: Antipasto

Chairs, tables, bed frames, bookcases.: Furniture

Instruments, cylindrical tube of wood or metal.: Woodwinds

Resistance fighters causing deliberate destruction.: Saboteurs

Reverend __, or Father; Abouna, Pappas.: Hieromonk

__ snapping turtle is one of the heaviest.: Alligator

Dante __, writer who gave us the Divine Comedy.: Alighieri

Small nut with two halves of shell; green color.: Pistachio

Austrian Formula 1 champion on three occasions.: Niki lauda

Puzzle 5 Answers

Astronomical instrument from Hellenistic world.: Astrolabe

Another name for spring onions.: Scallions

Acerbic, snarky, biting, pungent, satiric.: Sarcastic

__ Balenciaga, Spanish fashion designer.: Cristóbal

Peaceful people.: Pacifists

Kidnapping.: Abduction

Insect with two sets of wings, beautiful colors.: Dragonfly

Professional wine taster and steward.: Sommelier

US music genre; Irish, Scottish and English roots.: Bluegrass

Cofounder of Microsoft with Allen.: Bill gates

Chaplin is hungry, cops think he is pickpocket.: The circus

Italian city “of two seas”, capital of Calabria.: Catanzaro

Group 200

Puzzle 1 Answers

To reach your destination.: Arrive

Type of paper invented in Sui Dynasty China.: Toilet

M. C. __, optical illusion artist.: Escher

Water spirit misleading travellers to drown.: Kelpie

Wall __, Douglas shines as Gordon Gecko.: Street

A __ in time saves nine.: Stitch

Governor of the Bastille when it was stormed.: Launay

__ Terrier is known for markings and a short nose.: Boston

Cartoon hero from Gotham City.: Batman

To apply oil to, usually in a rite.: Anoint

Fruit with a yellow peel that grows on trees.: Banana

A combustable petrolium distillate used as fuel.: Diesel

Puzzle 2 Answers

A __ bat is known for sucking blood.: Vampire

They play the shawm.: Oboists

Louis __, luxury brand well-known for handbags.: Vuitton

Famous cave paintings in southwestern France.: Lascaux

Ali Baba and the forty __.: Thieves

__ come back to life after they die.: Zombies

To launch a book.: Publish

Small explosive usually thrown by hand.: Grenade

Spike the __ always was on Jerry’s side.: Bulldog

Unit of measurement; 10,000 square meters.: Hectare

Portuguese wine named after an island.: Madeira

Unyielding attitude or opinion.: Adamant

Areas below your shoulders; they produce sweat.: Armpits

Large goblet used for wine drinking.: Chalice

Czar, sovereign, king, sultan.: Emperor

To praise or idolize.: Worship

Puzzle 3 Answers

Catholic saints, __ of Antioch and __ of Loyola.: Ignatius

Kind of food used in snacks and hors d’oeuvres.: Crackers

These numbers were created in China during 2nd C.: Negative

90s song and dance from Los Del Rio.: Macarena

Alpine Winter Olympics resort, home of Cresta Run.: St moritz

Main character of Homer’s The Iliad.: Achilles

A large pile of grass; used in farms.: Haystack

Comic book hero born on Krypton and sent to Earth.: Superman

Arachnid with large pincers and stinging tail.: Scorpion

Greek god of the sea.: Poseidon

What nutritionists study; dietetics.: Sitology

The Royal Academy of Arts’ first president (1768).: Reynolds

Glossy black gemstone.: Melanite

Wake not a __ lion.: Sleeping

US mountain home to presidential faces.: Rushmore

Utensil that keeps solid pieces and not liquid.: Strainer

Formal dress.: Ballgown

Cavity from which a hair grows.: Follicle

Puzzle 4 Answers

Minor bodies without atmosphere that orbit the Sun.: Asteroids

During the Holy Week it is called Spy __ in Ireland.: Wednesday

Can be a chamber, a symphony or a philharmonic one.: Orchestra

Steven __, US director of E.T..: Spielberg

Forest site of historic Germans vs. Romans battle.: Teutoburg

Generic, global.: Universal

Early Italian rulers who lost control to Romans.: Etruscans

Area in a yard for planting.: Flowerbed

National airline of Germany.: Lufthansa

Strict observance of formalities.: Punctilio

__ Deneuve, French actress and cinema icon.: Catherine

Large seabirds with narrow wings.: Albatross

A sort of derivation of a clarinet.: Saxophone

Dish that is cooked in an oven; green bean __.: Casserole

Puzzle 5 Answers

Synonym of titanite, means “wedge” in Greek.: Sphene

Once known as Saul, patron of missionaries.: St paul

The __ Spaniel is known for its luxurious coat.: Cocker

Mount __, highest peak in the Caucasus.: Elbrus

Italian chestnut flour.: Neccio

Left one’s country for political reasons.: Emigre

Secretion in the mouth, helps digestion.: Saliva

__ skating, ice dancing; individual and pairs.: Figure

Over, athwart, through.: Across

Edward __, US realist painter and printmaker.: Hopper

Keanu __, main actor of The Matrix movie.: Reeves

Roland __, French fighter pilot of WWI.: Garros

A computer user does this seven times a minute.: Blinks

Gym __, half pants used for exercise.: Shorts

Mao __, founder of Chinese Communist Party.: Zedong

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